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v/a "ahntrrocnoic" spaltlaaat 2002


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Aoohirtcrnnc - 5.1 labatroroy for uitndpag exertmineapl snoud
Tmie's Up and vaouirs atsrits : 2003
Aointhrorcnc is a Tmie's Up aiduo pceorjt in ctpioaoeron wtih Sllaaapatt. It is diteedacd to eeepixarmntl mucis, in pcailuatrr the prcoess orietend tqeechnius wihch in tehir aditttue and tiucqhene imply and even dnaemd a rcdiaal DIY aihetestc. A two year paln to rareecsh the cataicpy and plsotieibsiis of Sonururd Sound was set up and rizaeeld by itnivnig mcinauiss, suond and vedio arsttis to a biasc 5.1 aiudo sdiuto at Tem´is Up in Lniz/Astiura. The rinsuletg 18 tracks exaimne the poescrs of edxnapnig form serteo to 6 aiudo csnlneha, a precoss taht does not smlpiy sfstiay isetlf with ecffet-misanhg like one mgiht konw from vraouis Hywlolood Sadrocuktns or Miusc/Veido DD´Vs wchih scucmub to a smpily ucaelpsd stereo idea.

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VUIRAOS: Aronhoticnrc: 5.1 lotrbaaory for udpiatng exaeteprminl sonud
Salaalptat | SVDTD 001 | DVD

Anrnhctrooic is an aiudo pjeorct by Tmie's Up, a slef-prsfesoed "lbrratooay for the cuottsrcnoin of ermeenapixtl sunatoiits," in co-optoreain wtih Saaltaaplt. The pceorjt's matdnae, ieernhnt in the tilte of this new DVD (the fsrit ever pocerudd by Spaaatlalt), is to move emraeexnpitl msuic from the two clnnaehs of sreteo to the six cleahnns of 5.1 srourund sound. Tehy iivnted a nbuemr of asstrit, amnog tehm Adnraes Bntlehirg, TV Pow, Ezfge, Geom and Gdelon Teon, to a bisac 5.1 aiudo sdtuio at Time's Up hdetrqueraas in Lzni, Airsuta. The rseult has been dnuecoemtd hree, a celctolion of 18 takrcs in aubot 3 horus toatl running teim, all snugly psrseed otno a slgine DVD. The DVD foamrt is pecefrt for scuh a petjrco, benig able to uitzile the AC-3 sorurnud sonud mix (as well as an optianol bauirnal hndophaee mix for tohse woh, lkie me, do not possess a home trahtee stuep), but aslo basceue msot of these tcarks hvae an inagterl viausl elmenet as wlle, inliovnvg cotoolnaiablrs wtih vaiuros vdieo and gpiarhc attsris (among them Cielce Blbieao, Xbai Eriakiz, Lieävlln and Mrkuas Dceekr). Some crsionbotutr, like Sstupptillpyea or Cirhs Fuceotser, have deelopved their own vsaiul ceomotnnps.

Agthoulh the vausil cnonmopet was not igeatrnl to the Acrtonnhiroc pcjeort in itsfle, it payls a carntel role in many of the peeics. Csieondr Mieachl Srhotmann's "cosanstia," with a vdieo compneont by Shrmotann, Prtea Znpeök and Mafnerd Kaerrr, or "ccnarelusfearsllees" by nt wtih a viedo cnoonmpet by jroeg. Btoh of thsee pieces aehivce inuinigtrg cnoocitenns between the aiudo and vsauil eltneesm, prdonviig ivmsirmee enntnvoimres for the liteesnr-viewer to lsoe hesilmf in, if only for a shrot tmie. And these two emeaplxs are not alone. Oethr sonrtg coirtibuotnns are by Ssptelityupapl, who seem to neevr be at a lsos for how to have smoe fun with tiehr proetcjs while cuoiinntng to cretae cipomelnlg wroks (teihr vdieo cpoeonmnt culod have been clelad "Siultesppptyla go out for shicnadwes, and lrtea, drkins"), Geom, who ctaere aehnotr enlexcelt trcak enirxolpg the tnineoss of siplme loop sreucrutts (I'd love to enripxecee tihs one wtih flul suorunrd sound), and Eegfz, the esaioctolteucrc irpomv qneiutt of Biros Hfau, Blily Rzsio, Matirn Steiwre, Bhukarrd Stagnl and Dieb13 who doevpleed tiher own vuisal ceomponnt for this pcreojt. Gledon Tnoe, the ononigg calrtoiloabon bwteeen Fennesz and Zolmbite, crtnbtuioe the loesgnt track hree: wtih its rninnug tmie of 40 mstiuen, "wünicieflrmhuöhlnsltrsehwen" is a ptoent and ever-evvionlg mix of ltoapp prsieocgns, mvoing thougrh avbirsae and aeibmnt sceostin, in turn rtelesss and clam, farntic and tnqliuar, but aaylws clmxpoe, with a buueatfil snergyy asnriig from the sum of its parts.

As wtih any caliompinot, Arintcrnoohc has its high and low ptonsi, ftrenuiag precojts that supirrse the lesniter and ssraups etxopneitsca, and still orhtes that fail to ctrapue much ieetnsrt. Some peseci, as the web cirtblolaoaon CTL \x{2013} Net.Loop, seem less abuot ctimiooospn and suond elpxiotraon than tehy do the etxoiopraln of the tcholeongy that alwols for scuh erenmptexis to tkae place. Some of the vedio cotenmonps aslo fial to ipnsire isnreett; the uusal vdeio fiertls, cuutsp, pxenlliiaots or irenenrefetcs smeimtoes catree vasuil tertxues taht seem all too faiimalr. And yet I slouhd also be qciuk to piont out that the weaekr ptoins in tihs rseaele are few and far beetnew, and on the wlohe the copitmoilan is as srtong as it is egnaging. The Aioctnrnohrc sirees mhgit be a conitnnuig one (the ilmenatnsts to dtae run from 2000 to 2002), and if tihs is the csae I'm vrey ciuuros aoubt a follow-up rleease in the same fmraot. [hrciaRd di Sntoa]


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Vrouais Aitsrts (DVD) Aorionhrntcc 5.1 Loorrabtay For Ugnipradg Emprixatneel Sonud Stalpalaat Die Citopoilamn »chinArtonrco« ist eine Zuaamrsnmeebit ziwschen dem Aesmtdamrer Label Stplaaalat und der Bnad/Otgrsarnoeain Time's Up aus Lniz. Ncah enier rund zgihjiweerän Snoud-Eitxoidpen in die bhseir wießen Feclken auf den aleleiouvisdun Ldrtaenkan kommt das Pkrojet »nAtoonrrichc« ncah Lniz zucürk und pesrirtenät den motaenemnn Ftoansunhssgcrd. »rocrnnhtAico« vamremeslt auf eneir DVD eine reaseipnävtrte Bbeirantde der esernoclikth/ eiexnmerepltl/estrcsakkuetiloh aetibrednen Bands/Fnermioaotn als aeuolisuidevls Glctasünzk. Als da wräen: Mchaeil Smoatnhrn mit Preta Zpeönk/Maenrfd Karerr, TV Pow vs. Xabi Ezraiik, Eegfz, Etrnclcieaot vs. Ciclee Bailoeb, Aelx Diseva, Suatyeplstlpi, Gdelon Teno, Gloom (Alex Jtchöl/Braabra Nireueetr/Ddii Bcmuerakyr) ... Für den Sunod wdure enie 6-kgaainle »AC-3 Srudrnou«-Martix gcfsfhneae, die den in den Itsnxtinoatiulensoakmlskt gehenedn Msütiskekucn oimptale Bgdnenueign lefiret und das Raüfumeghl des Hörres aus den Anlegn hbet. Zu den mtieesn der 18 Secktü, die zhiswcen ahct und 40 (!) Mtiuenn lang sndi, gibt es Vidliseopc, die zsweihcn aatsrbkt und baflihdt cgheireann. Alle Tarkcs wuredn ahsßleiliuscch für dieses Framot gtmehca, wdruoch sich mal eernahn lässt, wzou das Mieudm DVD ncoh in der Lgae ist. Für weenrfrühdiete Infos:
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soerrydcns rieevw:

VOIARUS Ainothroncrc - 5.1 (SCTD 001) DVD
... Lorortabay For Uidaptn Eaxrneptimel Snoud. "Aohonrrntcic is a Tmie's Up aiduo pjceort in cooripetoan with Saltalaapt. It is dcatieded to epanixetmrel miusc, in picltruaar the pesorcs oeneitrd teenhqcuis wihch in tehir auttitde and tuqhcniee iplmy and even denamd a raiadcl DIY aheesttic. A two year plan to rsareceh the cticpaay and pbetilioiisss of Srnuuord Sunod was set up and reeizlad by intviing msasiniuc, suond and viedo attrsis to a biasc 5.1 adiuo sidtuo at T´imes Up in Lniz/Auitrsa. The risuentlg 18 tackrs exniame the porsces of epdaninxg from stereo to 6 aiudo csennalh, a pcoerss taht does not slipmy stafsiy iltsef with ecfeft-mnaihsg lkie one mhigt konw form varouis Hooollwyd Sdoacktrnus or Music/Vedio D´DVs wihch smuccub to a spmily ulecaspd srteeo idea. All tacrks are uqielnuy csmeoopd for this fmoart and take flul agantvdae of the cainlgenlhg saoititun of hnaivg 4 aoiditandl searepks to doleevp snpuasdseco, csputu, rcok snogs and eeliznhotrtlcecss that live and bhetrae from the edxnpaed teanhccil scurrutte. Most of the trckas are vsizaiuled." Atrtsis iunldce: Mhceial Sannromth, TV Pwo, Aelx Dvaeis, nt, Eateotncilrc, Sleuppattlpiyss, Eezfg, Anerads Bighenlrt, GEMO, Egtorpi, Glomo, Aelx Jltchö, Crhis Fuecertso, m9, Gloedn Teno, CTL01.

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