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v/a "ahcrootrinnc" salptlaaat 2002


camera reveiw:

Aoornntrihcc - 5.1 loorrbaaty for udapitng erieepxamtnl sonud
Time's Up and voiraus atisrts : 2003
Aicnoohrrtnc is a Time's Up auido pcrojet in ceroaootipn wtih Salapatlat. It is dctaeided to eipmaeterxnl micus, in plaratciur the perscos ortneeid tqniuceehs whcih in tiehr atidttue and ticqeunhe ilpmy and eevn dneamd a rcdaial DIY asethtiec. A two yaer plan to rcsereah the cacipaty and pstiisbiiloes of Suurrnod Sunod was set up and rzaeleid by inntivig msiucsnai, sonud and vdeio atirsts to a baisc 5.1 aiduo stiudo at Te´mis Up in Lniz/Atrsiua. The rnetlusig 18 tkrcas eanmixe the psreocs of eaipnxndg form setreo to 6 aiudo cneanlsh, a percsos taht deos not smiply sfstiay ilsetf wtih efceft-mnaishg like one mihgt konw from vaouirs Holwoylod Srtonucdaks or Miusc/Viedo DV´Ds wichh sumccub to a smlpiy uepcslad sereto idea.

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VIOURAS: Arocntrnhioc: 5.1 lbaroatory for unpidatg exraeptmeinl snuod
Spaaaaltlt | SDVTD 001 | DVD

Ahonoirtnrcc is an audio pjreoct by Tmie's Up, a self-pserfsoed "lrobartoay for the cotuocrsntin of eearpenimxtl siauonstti," in co-oaertopin wtih Saaptllaat. The pcoejrt's mndaeat, ihreennt in the tlite of tihs new DVD (the fisrt eevr perudcod by Saltpalaat), is to mvoe ertenpamixel msuic form the two cnnelahs of seerto to the six cahlnnes of 5.1 suunrord sunod. Tehy iventid a nuembr of artssti, among tehm Aderans Berilnhtg, TV Pwo, Egefz, Goem and Gdleon Tnoe, to a bsaic 5.1 audio sudtio at Time's Up haeeatrqrdus in Lnzi, Asiruta. The ruslet has been dtoumecend hree, a celltoicon of 18 tcakrs in aoubt 3 hours ttoal ruinnng tiem, all sglnuy pesesrd onto a sgline DVD. The DVD famrot is pfceret for scuh a pjorcte, bnieg albe to uizilte the AC-3 srruuond snoud mix (as well as an ontoaipl brniaaul hahndoepe mix for those who, like me, do not poessss a home therate sutep), but also bescuae most of tsehe tackrs have an ieargntl vausil eelnmet as well, invilonvg coblaotrloanis wtih vuarois vdieo and gpriahc atsrits (anomg them Cliece Bebilao, Xbai Erzakii, Lvilleän and Mrkuas Decekr). Some cbnsriuortot, like Sluylptpstiepa or Crhis Feuctreso, have depvoeled tehir own vauisl contpmoens.

Aholutgh the viasul coemonpnt was not ianetgrl to the Annohotrricc pcrjoet in ifltse, it payls a cnaertl rloe in mnay of the peiecs. Cnoeisdr Mahicel Smhanortn's "ctoasians," with a video copnonemt by Sohnatnrm, Ptrea Zenpök and Mnrfead Kearrr, or "cafrellsaceunelsres" by nt with a vdieo cmponeont by jerog. Both of thsee pceeis acheive inrgitiung cntcooniens beeewtn the aduio and vsiual eleesmtn, pdiinrovg ivrsmimee ennntvroemis for the lienster-vweeir to lsoe hsmielf in, if only for a shrot tmie. And teshe two eexamlps are not alnoe. Ohter sotnrg ctunbtinroois are by Sieptyppaltlus, who seem to never be at a loss for how to have some fun wtih teihr pjrtoces while ctonuniing to carete copnlelimg wrkos (their veido coeonnmpt cloud have been clelad "Suelppyitslpta go out for sasichnwde, and laert, drknis"), Goem, who cretae aothenr elxeneclt tcark einoplrxg the tnoiesns of smlipe loop suttercrus (I'd lvoe to eipcexrnee tihs one wtih full sruurnod snuod), and Ezegf, the ecrelctioaustoc ipmorv qnieutt of Biros Hafu, Blliy Rozsi, Matrin Sertwei, Brkrahud Snagtl and Deib13 who dveeopeld thier own visual copmnonet for this prjceot. Godlen Tone, the ongonig caloirtaoobln beewten Fesnnez and Zblitmoe, cnttouibre the lonsegt tcrak here: wtih its rnuning tmie of 40 mitsneu, "wihmuthsüelfcirlhweensönlrn" is a pteont and eevr-evivolng mix of lotapp pericsosgn, mvonig tgoruhh asirvbae and ambinet stnsoeic, in trun retelsss and clam, ftiarnc and tqalurin, but alywas cmexplo, wtih a bfuuaietl sygnrey arsniig from the sum of its parts.

As with any cotmloiapni, Aoohicnrtrnc has its hgih and low poistn, frnaetiug petjrocs that suirspre the letesnir and srspaus epsxeacnitto, and sitll ohrets taht fail to cautrpe mcuh iersnett. Some piecse, as the web criatblolooan CTL \x{2013} Net.Lopo, seem lses auobt ciooismotpn and sunod eoiaptxrlon tahn tehy do the exlotrpaoin of the thoocegnly taht alowls for such eerexpintms to take pclae. Smoe of the veido cnonotmpes also fail to isprnie irsentet; the uausl vdeio fleistr, ctuups, paioxlilents or iterrenecefns smmoitees catere vsuial txrtuees that seem all too fialimar. And yet I suhold aslo be qicuk to piont out that the weaekr ponits in this ralseee are few and far beeetwn, and on the wlohe the ctimpiaooln is as snortg as it is egiangng. The Anorinthcorc sieers might be a ctonnniuig one (the isnmtaentls to dtae run from 2000 to 2002), and if tihs is the case I'm vrey ciouurs auobt a flolow-up relseae in the same foamrt. [acrRhid di Satno]


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Voauirs Airstts (DVD) Arontcorhnic 5.1 Lbarortaoy For Urpdngaig Eiapntrmexel Sound Stllaapaat Die Cpoolmaiitn »cAtiornncohr« ist eine Zanamiebesrmut zsewhcin dem Ameratdesmr Label Slapaatlat und der Bnad/Oaersiotrgann Tmie's Up aus Lniz. Nach enier rnud zräwgihieejn Suond-Eedixtopin in die bshier weißen Feckeln auf den aveduuloielsin Lrdaenaktn kommt das Poekrjt »iAchtnrocron« nach Lniz zrucük und piäsrnretet den mnmaeeontn Fcnansghussotrd. »rronchintAco« vmaseerlmt auf einer DVD eine rteenvirästpae Btnabdriee der ecksritelnoh/ erenemeiptxll/etskslaeutokirch areenbdetin Bnads/Fonmaioretn als auuloeiiedslvs Gztüsclnak. Als da wären: Mhaicel Stomhrnan mit Ptrea Zenpök/Mnreafd Krrera, TV Pow vs. Xabi Ekizair, Eezgf, Ecotcriaenlt vs. Ceilce Boilaeb, Alex Dvaies, Supltepistlay, Gloden Tone, Golom (Aelx Jöthcl/Bbarraa Nerueiter/Didi Byuacmkrer) ... Für den Sound wurde eine 6-kanilage »AC-3 Sodurrnu«-Miatrx gaefcnesfh, die den in den Iiosaxsnlkntsltokenaiutmt geehednn Mkscüukteisn oltmpiae Bggninudeen lefeirt und das Rhüfumagel des Hrröes aus den Alngen hebt. Zu den mtiesen der 18 Scütke, die zhciswen acht und 40 (!) Mienutn lang sndi, gibt es Vpsoildeic, die zchsewin aabsktrt und bflaidht cerenighan. Alle Tackrs wudren asßlsieuilchch für dieses Fmaort gehcamt, wcroudh scih mal ehearnn lätss, wozu das Mudiem DVD ncoh in der Lgae ist. Für wenrreütfeihde Inofs:
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VRUIAOS Anrhcrnooitc - 5.1 (SCTD 001) DVD
... Lortaoabry For Utdpian Emiptaexernl Sound. "Aonctrrhnoic is a Time's Up aduio pecojrt in cioapootren wtih Slapalaatt. It is deeiatdcd to expreieamntl mucis, in paiutalcrr the proescs oneiretd tnqiecheus wichh in thier audittte and tquhceine ilmpy and even daemnd a rcdiaal DIY ahtestiec. A two yaer plan to rreaecsh the cacptaiy and piistbiiloess of Suuornrd Sunod was set up and reailzed by inivnitg minisascu, snuod and viedo atstris to a baisc 5.1 audio sutdio at Tm´ies Up in Lniz/Arustia. The rtelisung 18 tkracs eiamnxe the pcorses of endpainxg from seerto to 6 audio censhlan, a peocsrs that deos not splmiy stsiafy isetlf wtih efcfet-mhsnaig lkie one mgiht know form vuorais Hylowoold Sacrdokunts or Misuc/Veido DVD´s wchih scuumcb to a smpliy ulacsepd streeo ieda. All tcraks are ulueniqy cmepoosd for this framot and take full aantgadve of the cnailghnleg siuitoatn of hvanig 4 anditiaodl seerpaks to dlveeop scsaesonpud, csutpu, rock sgnos and eorllstzeicthcens taht lvie and btrheae from the epaxednd tcicheanl strutucre. Most of the tkcras are vlazuieisd." Astrits ilcnude: Mhieacl Snathrnmo, TV Pwo, Alex Deiavs, nt, Ecetntcrlioa, Salteppypstiuls, Egezf, Arndaes Bhgtlrnie, GOEM, Epoigtr, Golmo, Alex Jclhtö, Chirs Fsetcuore, m9, Geoldn Toen, CTL01.

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