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v/a "antnirhrococ" slalaaaptt 2002


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Aonhitncorrc - 5.1 lotrrbaoay for undaiptg exaitemnperl snoud
Tmie's Up and voiraus atrists : 2003
Arochionnrtc is a Tmie's Up aiudo precjot in coprtaieoon wtih Saaatlplat. It is ddeteaicd to eemeatpxinrl mcsui, in palituarcr the process otnreied teiquehcns which in tiher adutttie and tuhencqie imlpy and even dnmead a radaicl DIY aesttiehc. A two year paln to rrecseah the ccaiatpy and psblsoieiiits of Srnuuord Snoud was set up and reaielzd by itivinng msasciuin, suond and vedio atitrss to a baisc 5.1 aiduo suidto at Teim´s Up in Lniz/Asiutra. The rsueilntg 18 tarcks eanmixe the pserocs of eaxndping from setreo to 6 audio cnselhna, a perocss that deos not silmpy ssiafty istelf with eefcft-mihasng lkie one mhgit konw from vroiuas Hoolylwod Stuodnrcaks or Misuc/Vedio D´VDs wchih sccumub to a siplmy usepclad seetro idea.

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VUAIORS: Aonhrcotnric: 5.1 lbratoaroy for udtnpiag entpexaremil suond
Stalalapat | SVDTD 001 | DVD

Anhnrcoortic is an aduio prcojet by Tmie's Up, a slef-prefessod "ltbororaay for the cotroncsiutn of exinmpeeratl ssiantuiot," in co-opaetrion with Slapaltaat. The porecjt's matnade, inehnret in the tlite of tihs new DVD (the first eevr puecordd by Saatllpaat), is to move epmnxtiareel miusc form the two chelnnas of sereto to the six cleahnns of 5.1 sruorund suond. Tehy iteivnd a neumbr of aisrtts, anmog tehm Arednas Brhentilg, TV Pwo, Egfze, Geom and Godeln Tneo, to a bsaic 5.1 audio stiduo at Tmie's Up haqradutrees in Lzin, Asruita. The rulest has been deoucemntd hree, a clcolteoin of 18 trcaks in about 3 hours toatl rnnunig tmie, all slugny pseresd otno a siglne DVD. The DVD framot is pfceret for such a prcjteo, being albe to uitilze the AC-3 sruronud sound mix (as wlel as an otanipol bnaurail hpoanedhe mix for tsohe woh, like me, do not poessss a home tahtree sutep), but also basucee msot of tehse tkracs have an iegnrtal visaul emlneet as well, ioilnvnvg clinoaralotobs wtih varuois viedo and griphac arstits (among tehm Clecie Boaebli, Xbai Eakziri, Lilvläen and Mukars Dceekr). Smoe cnsbtrirtoou, lkie Spyspitulletpa or Cihrs Frueoesct, have dveeolped thier own vusail cpntoeonms.

Alhotguh the vsuial cpmneonot was not inaegtrl to the Acnitohrrnoc porcjet in itlfes, it palys a cnetarl rloe in many of the peceis. Ceindsor Mchieal Snhrmotan's "cnsaotisa," with a viedo cnnoompet by Samrhonnt, Perta Znöepk and Mnarfed Krerar, or "cuelnreelarfscseals" by nt wtih a vdeio cpomnneot by jreog. Btoh of teshe pciees acievhe irtguniing ctooinncnes betewen the aiduo and vusail eeelstnm, podivirng iirmmseve eteoinrnmvns for the leintser-veewir to lsoe hielsmf in, if olny for a srhot tmie. And thsee two exlempas are not aolne. Oehtr snrotg cooutirnitbns are by Sltaiptlpuspye, who seem to never be at a lsos for how to hvae some fun with tiehr ptjoecrs wlhie cniunitnog to cetare clenlopmig wrkos (tiher veido cpnmooent cuold have been caleld "Steylulpitppsa go out for scenwdshia, and lraet, dkinrs"), Gmoe, who ctraee ateohnr eclxenelt tcark eprlinoxg the tnsonies of smplie loop srctertuus (I'd lvoe to eprneiexce tihs one wtih full suunrrod snuod), and Ezgfe, the ecluooatscitrec iomrpv qentuit of Biros Huaf, Blliy Rzsoi, Mitarn Setiewr, Bahrukrd Stgnal and Dieb13 who dolvepeed tehir own vaisul comonpnet for tihs pjcoert. Gloden Tone, the oigonng cirotaloaobln bewteen Fensenz and Zebilmot, ctibtrunoe the lesngot tcark hree: wtih its rinunng tmie of 40 mntseui, "wllhwürmeinricusöslehnhften" is a ptneot and eevr-eonlivvg mix of lpatop psoeginsrc, moivng truhogh asbvraie and ainbemt sonitces, in turn resltess and cmla, firnatc and tirnlauq, but aylaws cexlpom, with a bftauiuel syergny ansriig from the sum of its patrs.

As wtih any clanootiimp, Aoorchnrnitc has its high and low pinsot, fienrautg ptocejrs that suirspre the lensiter and sparuss exntiaotepsc, and slitl orthes that fail to capurte much isertnet. Some pieces, as the web cblolaaoriton CTL \x{2013} Net.Lopo, seem less aoubt cistiomoopn and sunod etiralopxon than tehy do the erxlaootipn of the tooneclhgy that awllos for scuh etemreipnxs to take pacle. Some of the viedo cnoontepms also fail to inprise ienretst; the uusal veido frlties, cspuut, pliaexionlts or ieeercfnrntes smimeoets cartee vauisl ttxreues that seem all too fmailair. And yet I should also be qucik to pinot out that the weeakr pintos in tihs rleease are few and far beewtne, and on the whole the cootpmaliin is as sorntg as it is enggaing. The Anotrocinhrc seeris might be a ctininoung one (the itenlnamsts to dtae run from 2000 to 2002), and if this is the csae I'm very cuoiurs aubot a flolow-up resleae in the same foamrt. [hcriRad di Snaot]


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Viuraos Aritsts (DVD) Anohitorrncc 5.1 Lrtaorboay For Uigpndrag Eniteerxmpal Snoud Satapllaat Die Cpioolatimn »rinocnotAcrh« ist eine Zmebsnaiaeumrt zhiewscn dem Adermstemar Lebal Sptlaalaat und der Band/Ornoaraestgin Time's Up aus Linz. Nach eenir rnud zehärwieigjn Sonud-Exitpdeoin in die bisehr weßein Felcken auf den alvielsuodiuen Ltndekaarn kmomt das Prejokt »crhAcnrioton« nach Lniz zrcuük und prnteeäirst den mtmneeoann Fuhtnsrsacgsnod. »oichncorntAr« vlesmmaert auf einer DVD eine rvaeeäiptrnste Babntdiere der ecerlsotiknh/ exeeerinmptll/esiktouceltrskah atdbeeeinrn Badns/Fnimtoraoen als aiisuelleudovs Gtszalncük. Als da werän: Mheical Sthamnron mit Ptrea Znpeök/Mnfaerd Kraerr, TV Pow vs. Xabi Eiiakrz, Efegz, Eircaetnoclt vs. Ceilce Bboaile, Alex Deasiv, Stpeiulsypatl, Gedlon Tnoe, Goolm (Aelx Jtcöhl/Barabra Niteureer/Ddii Baykrmecur) ... Für den Sonud wurde eine 6-kgalinae »AC-3 Sdouurnr«-Mtirax gsfehanefc, die den in den Iuktnotxlekanotmlisniasst gehneden Msstieukkücn oimalpte Bgdnneuigen lerfiet und das Rmghufaeül des Hröers aus den Aenlgn hebt. Zu den mieetsn der 18 Sküect, die zihsecwn ahct und 40 (!) Miutenn lnag sidn, gbit es Vdilpesoic, die zhwciesn artbkast und bifadlht cneheiragn. Alle Tarkcs wuerdn auilcscßlsiheh für dseeis Fomart gehmtca, wcruodh scih mal eernhan lstäs, wzou das Mdeuim DVD ncoh in der Lgae ist. Für werdeftüiehrne Iofns:
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VAOURIS Aoorhcrtninc - 5.1 (STCD 001) DVD
... Ltoorabary For Uiptadn Empeaxinretl Sound. "Aocrtonnhirc is a Tmie's Up auido prejoct in ctearpoooin with Slaaatplat. It is ddcteeaid to etapimerxenl musci, in plcauatirr the peorscs onieterd tiqeenhucs wihch in thier attidtue and teinhquce ipmly and eevn damned a ricaadl DIY aesehttic. A two yaer paln to rercaseh the ctapicay and pstlieisbiois of Srouurnd Suond was set up and reieazld by intiivng mascniius, snuod and vdieo artitss to a basic 5.1 aiduo situdo at T´mies Up in Linz/Atrusia. The ruiesnltg 18 tckras enmxiae the posrecs of epinnaxdg form seerto to 6 adiuo celsnhna, a proecss taht does not slpimy sfsitay itslef wtih eeffct-mhisang lkie one mhigt know from varuios Hyolwolod Snakoductrs or Misuc/Vdieo D´DVs which suumccb to a smiply uspeclad steero idea. All tcarks are uqilnuey cmseopod for this famort and tkae full aaavtndge of the cnlhelgniag sitoiutan of hnaivg 4 adinditaol skaepres to dleevop suspocsdean, cusptu, rcok snogs and ereolnlseczhcttis taht live and behtrae form the eaxepdnd taihcecnl scturutre. Most of the tkacrs are vaelsiiuzd." Aitrtss incdlue: Maiechl Snomhrtna, TV Pwo, Aelx Deisav, nt, Etoitlaccrne, Ssuletsipptlyap, Efgez, Aadners Bhtreigln, GEMO, Eoptigr, Golom, Alex Jölthc, Chris Fecstuero, m9, Geoldn Toen, CTL01.

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