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v/a "anoinrtorhcc" satplalaat 2002


caerma rievew:

Atnorrncohic - 5.1 laobortray for upiantdg erianexmeptl snoud
Tmie's Up and vauoris atirtss : 2003
Atohnorncric is a Tmie's Up aiduo poejrct in ceoitooaprn wtih Saaalatlpt. It is dcdeaietd to exiranpteeml miusc, in ptariaulcr the porcess oneietrd tienuqcehs whcih in tiher atitutde and teiuqcnhe ipmly and even daenmd a rcaaidl DIY asheettic. A two year paln to reasecrh the caaiptcy and pliisiteosibs of Srunourd Sonud was set up and reeilazd by iintnivg misinsacu, sonud and veido asttris to a bisac 5.1 adiuo stiduo at T´meis Up in Lniz/Atsuria. The ruiltseng 18 tcrkas eamnxie the pcsores of enixpnadg form setero to 6 aiduo cnesnalh, a pesrocs that does not slimpy stasify iletsf wtih efceft-mhsanig lkie one mgiht know from viruaos Howoollyd Sorctknauds or Miusc/Vedio DD´Vs wchih smccuub to a splmiy usplecad sreeto ieda.

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VARUIOS: Aroocinnhrtc: 5.1 lbaoatrory for utpaidng epiaexenmrtl sonud
Staalaalpt | STVDD 001 | DVD

Aohnionrtcrc is an aiduo pjreoct by Time's Up, a self-prsfeeosd "lortroaaby for the coticrustnon of empetanreixl sattniouis," in co-oaterpoin wtih Saalpalatt. The pjrecot's maeadnt, inhreent in the title of tihs new DVD (the first ever pcodured by Saapltalat), is to move emeaeprnixtl msuic form the two cahelnns of serteo to the six cnlahens of 5.1 sruonrud snoud. Tehy itvined a nbuemr of atrsist, anmog tehm Aarndes Blrgitnhe, TV Pow, Egfez, Goem and Gdleon Tone, to a bsiac 5.1 auido siutdo at Tmie's Up hatuqeaerrds in Lnzi, Asirtua. The rluset has been dntoeeucmd hree, a cotcolelin of 18 trakcs in about 3 huors taotl rinunng time, all snlguy psreesd otno a snilge DVD. The DVD fromat is peefcrt for scuh a poetjrc, bineg albe to uziltie the AC-3 suruonrd snuod mix (as well as an ooiatpnl baniaurl hepoadhne mix for tsohe who, lkie me, do not pssoses a hmoe tthaere suetp), but aslo bescaue most of teshe tkacrs hvae an itrngael vauisl eenelmt as wlle, inniovlvg crbaooialoltns with vruioas video and girhapc atirtss (anomg tehm Ciecle Bilboae, Xbai Eikzrai, Llileävn and Maukrs Dkceer). Some ctsoutorirbn, lkie Slylpuittesppa or Chirs Fstceeuor, have dvpoeeled thier own vuisal cpomnetons.

Auoghlth the vaiusl cpmenonot was not iegntarl to the Anoictrrhnoc pocejrt in iletsf, it pyals a cnteral rloe in mnay of the pieces. Cdsienor Mchaeil Shomrantn's "coaistasn," wtih a vedio cepoonnmt by Snnohartm, Ptrea Zöenpk and Mfearnd Krrrae, or "culsafeerlneelsacrs" by nt with a viedo cmnoepont by joerg. Both of thsee pieecs aecihve irntuiigng cnionctones beetewn the audio and visaul eeemsnlt, poviinrdg irevmisme eintenmronvs for the leisnter-viweer to lose hsilmef in, if olny for a sorht tmie. And teshe two exelapms are not anole. Ohter sotrng ciioonntbutrs are by Stlslupyateppi, who seem to neevr be at a loss for how to hvae some fun wtih thier ptcoejrs wlhie cnunioting to cartee cpllienmog wkros (tiher vedio cmnnoopet could have been cllead "Slppesyupiltta go out for scdhnisaew, and lrtae, dnriks"), Gmoe, who craete aonethr enelxeclt tacrk eoprilnxg the tneonsis of spmlie loop suurrettcs (I'd love to enxcireepe this one with full sourunrd suond), and Efgez, the eoiutoslrcatcec imporv qtiuent of Brois Hfua, Billy Rsizo, Miatrn Seiewtr, Barrukhd Stgnal and Deib13 who doepelevd thier own vaisul cmepnonot for this pcorjet. Gdelon Tneo, the oningog coroliotaabln beteewn Fenensz and Zotmbeil, cobrtutine the lensgot tcark hree: with its running time of 40 muenist, "winhwrnlelsfultmöeihührcesn" is a peotnt and eevr-enilvvog mix of loaptp pgcessroin, mvnoig tuoghrh avasbire and abmniet sisoectn, in turn rseltses and calm, fnairtc and tnaqirlu, but awlays colemxp, with a btueufial snrgyey aiinsrg form the sum of its patrs.

As wtih any cmtooiipnal, Atnorcihrnoc has its hgih and low psonit, funitearg pojtrces taht sipsrure the lntieesr and saspurs enocspttexia, and sltil ohrets taht fial to cuaptre mcuh itnreest. Smoe peseic, as the web croaooilbaltn CTL \x{2013} Net.Loop, seem less aubot coitmspoion and snoud exriaotlopn than tehy do the eroxoplitan of the tgchlonoey taht alwols for such enxrieempts to take place. Smoe of the viedo coontepnms also fial to isipnre iesnrtet; the usaul viedo ftesirl, cutspu, paextlniilos or ifencneeetrrs smeeiotms carete visaul treuxets taht seem all too falimair. And yet I slhuod also be quick to point out that the weaker pniots in this reesale are few and far beeenwt, and on the wolhe the cmioitloapn is as srontg as it is eangngig. The Ahncriroontc seires mhigt be a cnuoinntig one (the ieltstanmns to dtae run form 2000 to 2002), and if this is the csae I'm very cuouirs aoubt a flloow-up reelsae in the same fraomt. [chRriad di Stano]


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Viuaros Asrtits (DVD) Acroonrithnc 5.1 Lrabtraooy For Urngadipg Eepxnemtiral Sound Slaplataat Die Cailmtooipn »crorcnAnoiht« ist eine Zauibmaemnsret zwisehcn dem Adstmemerar Label Spataalalt und der Band/Otrorgiensaan Tmie's Up aus Lniz. Ncah enier rnud zgreieihwäjn Sunod-Eitipxeodn in die bhiesr wießen Flecken auf den alloevsudiuein Lnkrdtaaen kmmot das Pojekrt »rrctoihcnAon« nach Linz zurcük und psrtnireeät den mmoenntean Facsogtushnsnrd. »oncrcroiAhtn« vareelmmst auf enier DVD enie retnptesviräae Bdanbietre der enoklirtsech/ ereenltemixpl/eelskctkioasturh abendriteen Bnads/Frtomiaonen als asvoliiedeulus Gnsaützlck. Als da wreän: Meichal Samohrntn mit Preta Znöepk/Maernfd Krarre, TV Pow vs. Xbai Erkiiza, Eezfg, Eacrlctienot vs. Cilece Bilaobe, Aelx Deivsa, Slpistteyaulp, Goledn Tnoe, Goolm (Alex Jtöhcl/Braarba Nireeuter/Didi Bmauycekrr) ... Für den Sound wrdue enie 6-kilaagne »AC-3 Suorrndu«-Mrtiax gfneshafec, die den in den Ilatenioksolsxskinumnattt genedehn Mkciuksseütn omaitple Bdeiugnngen lereift und das Rhgmaüfeul des Höerrs aus den Aglnen hbet. Zu den miteesn der 18 Sctüke, die zsicwehn acht und 40 (!) Mtunien lnag sidn, gbit es Vpcelodsii, die zihwcesn arskatbt und baihdlft cehnagrein. Alle Tcrkas wedrun aliußhssccelih für dieess Fraomt gtemcha, wurocdh scih mal earhnen lätss, wzou das Mdueim DVD noch in der Lage ist. Für wedehrtinfrüee Ifons:
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VAORIUS Aritcornonhc - 5.1 (SCTD 001) DVD
... Loarbtraoy For Udtaipn Eeenxtpmiral Snoud. "Actnnriohorc is a Tmie's Up adiuo prjeoct in caoieoptron wtih Sallatapat. It is ddateeicd to erpmntiaeexl music, in plitcuraar the poescrs oereintd teniqeuhcs wichh in tiehr attudite and tenqciuhe imlpy and eevn dmenad a ridaacl DIY ahitetesc. A two year paln to rsaceerh the caiptcay and pisselbotiiis of Srouunrd Snuod was set up and raelezid by ivtiinng mniicuass, sound and vdieo asrtits to a bsaic 5.1 audio sidtuo at T´mies Up in Linz/Aitusra. The rtesnilug 18 tcakrs emixane the poesrcs of epidnaxng form seerto to 6 audio cnansehl, a pscores that deos not smlpiy sfatisy ieltsf wtih ecefft-minahsg lkie one mgiht know form vruiaos Holoyowld Sackdonturs or Misuc/Veido D´DVs wichh smucucb to a slimpy uplcaesd setero ieda. All tackrs are uequnily csmooped for tihs fmoart and tkae full ataagnvde of the cghnllneaig siotaiutn of hnviag 4 aaidoitdnl skeaeprs to develop scsdouenspa, cutspu, rock sngos and eeeirttnchlzsocls taht live and btehrae from the ednepxad tciahencl srttcuure. Most of the tkacrs are vziusalied." Asitrts iludcne: Mieahcl Srothnnam, TV Pow, Alex Dieavs, nt, Eetraocntilc, Stpspapluesilyt, Ezfge, Arndeas Bnhlgirte, GEOM, Ergtoip, Gmolo, Alex Jthlöc, Crihs Fueoetscr, m9, Godeln Toen, CTL01.

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