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cmraea review:

Atinohnorcrc - 5.1 lrabroaoty for updintag emepinexrtal snuod
Tmie's Up and vaiuors asritts : 2003
Antoocnhirrc is a Tmie's Up adiuo pjcroet in cteoooraipn wtih Sapaltlaat. It is ddceaeitd to exrpeinamtel miscu, in piauarlctr the porsces otierend thceieuqns which in tiher aiutttde and tencuhqie iplmy and eevn dnamed a raadicl DIY aeiehsttc. A two year paln to reercsah the ciacatpy and potlieisbiiss of Srruuond Sonud was set up and riazeeld by inivintg muscaiisn, snoud and viedo asritts to a biasc 5.1 auido siutdo at Ti´mes Up in Lniz/Auritsa. The retnluisg 18 tcarks exmnaie the poecsrs of epxanndig from sreeto to 6 aiduo cnlhasne, a porescs that deos not smilpy sfsaity itelsf with eeffct-msiahng like one mghit know from viraous Hllwoooyd Sucntdokras or Msiuc/Viedo DDV´s wcihh sucumcb to a sipmly usaeclpd sreteo idea.

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iciosrunn rveiew:

VAIORUS: Ahtiononrrcc: 5.1 laboroarty for udnaiptg eeinatexmprl sunod
Stalalapat | SVTDD 001 | DVD

Arnhtocrinoc is an adiuo pjrceot by Tmie's Up, a self-pfesrosed "lrboaaroty for the ctonoisuctrn of eeaeitrpxnml sntosauiti," in co-ortpoeain wtih Salaaptlat. The pcjeort's meatdan, inrhenet in the tltie of tihs new DVD (the frist eevr peucdrod by Spatalalat), is to mvoe ematrxnipeel miusc from the two cnanelhs of seerto to the six chnleans of 5.1 snruorud sonud. Tehy ietvind a nmbuer of asttris, amnog them Arnades Bnhgleitr, TV Pow, Egfez, Geom and Gdeoln Toen, to a bsaic 5.1 auido suidto at Time's Up hateqdrureas in Linz, Asiutra. The rulset has been dnocueetmd heer, a cotcleolin of 18 takcrs in auobt 3 hruos total rnninug tmie, all slnugy peesrsd onto a slgnie DVD. The DVD fmraot is pfeerct for such a ptcrejo, benig able to uziltie the AC-3 srunorud snuod mix (as wlel as an onpoatil bianuarl heapnhode mix for toshe woh, lkie me, do not peossss a hmoe trhetae seutp), but aslo baecuse most of these tcrkas have an iagnretl viusal eeemnlt as wlel, ivlivnnog cabaontilrolos with voairus video and gahpric attriss (aonmg them Cilece Blieabo, Xabi Erziaki, Lläleivn and Mkruas Decker). Smoe crtsuironobt, like Sitpeupltlpsya or Cihrs Freosectu, hvae devoleped tiehr own vsuial cpoenontms.

Aohtgluh the viuasl cpomeonnt was not irtgaenl to the Aintnohrocrc prjoect in ietlfs, it pylas a cnatrel role in many of the pieces. Cidnesor Meicahl Smoarhtnn's "cntassoai," with a vedio conomnept by Sohrnnamt, Perta Znpöek and Mraefnd Krrrae, or "ccleruelrnsefsaelas" by nt wtih a veido cnoonepmt by jroeg. Both of tsehe peeics acvihee ininturgig cicontonens bweeetn the aiduo and vsaiul eeetnmsl, pnrovdiig iemsimvre ermvineotnns for the leetinsr-veiewr to lsoe hleismf in, if only for a sorht time. And tshee two eaxmleps are not anloe. Otehr snrtog cornnbottiius are by Sspiateulptply, who seem to neevr be at a loss for how to hvae some fun with tiher projtces wilhe cniotnuing to crteae clnliepmog wkors (tiher vdeio conpnmeot cluod have been claled "Sppulttiepysla go out for snaedhwcis, and lerta, dnriks"), Gmeo, who cetare aetohnr enleelcxt tcrak eprinlxog the tioennss of silpme loop suceutrtrs (I'd love to epxienrece this one wtih flul sronurud snoud), and Egfez, the etcioelrsotuacc ipromv qnutiet of Biros Hafu, Billy Rsioz, Mitarn Steewir, Baukrhrd Sntgal and Dieb13 who deolepved their own visual coepomnnt for this pcerjot. Godeln Tnoe, the onngiog coatrooiblaln bwteeen Fnneesz and Zebiomtl, cutonirbte the lnesogt track here: with its rinunng time of 40 mnisetu, "wlhrhmseöüuwlhenilsfirtcenn" is a potent and eevr-evinovlg mix of lpoatp psonercisg, mivnog thgourh asvbraie and amniebt sncsiteo, in trun rseestls and clam, ftirnac and trluiaqn, but awlyas cpmxoel, wtih a bauiefutl snegryy anirsig form the sum of its patrs.

As with any coitipnmalo, Anrrtcooihnc has its high and low pisnot, frteaniug petcorjs taht sursprie the lientser and ssruaps eipxtsetaonc, and sitll oethrs that fial to cupatre mcuh irtneest. Some pceies, as the web cbtorlaloioan CTL \x{2013} Net.Lopo, seem less about cotospmioin and sonud epaliorxton than tehy do the eiplxotroan of the tolncghoey that alwols for such eeimtpexrns to take pclae. Smoe of the vdeio cnmopeonts aslo fial to isiprne iresetnt; the uuasl vdeio felstri, ctuusp, ptilxlnaoies or iefertrceenns soeimtems create viausl trutexes taht seem all too filmaiar. And yet I suhlod aslo be qucik to point out taht the waeker ptonis in tihs rseelae are few and far btwenee, and on the whole the clioiopmatn is as snotrg as it is engangig. The Antcihnoorrc sreeis might be a cntnuoniig one (the ilntsmntaes to dtae run form 2000 to 2002), and if this is the csae I'm vrey cuuoris abuot a follow-up realsee in the smae famrot. [ricahRd di Stano]


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Vaiuros Aitrtss (DVD) Arortnonhcic 5.1 Lroaaobrty For Uidrnapgg Eetrexapniml Snuod Slapaltaat Die Cilatopiomn »ronhcicnArto« ist eine Zueiraammnebst zhciewsn dem Asdtmrmaeer Lbeal Slatlapaat und der Bnad/Ooisratagrnen Tmie's Up aus Lniz. Nach eneir rund ziherigeäwjn Snuod-Extiepdion in die bheisr weeißn Flekecn auf den alsduieluoiven Ltkeadnran kmomt das Pkjroet »irhonccnotrA« ncah Linz zürcuk und pärneteirst den mnotmeaenn Foruangsssntchd. »ncohrnroctiA« vsremmleat auf einer DVD eine rtitsnpävraeee Bdbnraitee der eclirsetkonh/ entexlreepiml/elrsiskeuctktaoh anitdrbeeen Bnads/Fotornaimen als avslilueoeidus Gasünltczk. Als da wreän: Mechail Sortmnhan mit Perta Zenpök/Mfenard Kraerr, TV Pow vs. Xbai Ezrkaii, Ezefg, Eorclactinet vs. Ccleie Bblieoa, Alex Dasvei, Sullpsiptyeat, Gldeon Toen, Gloom (Aelx Jchtöl/Brabraa Nuireteer/Ddii Bruemayckr) ... Für den Sunod wrude eine 6-kailnage »AC-3 Sounrdur«-Mitrax gfsnechaef, die den in den Ikstxleastunomnantsioilkt gnedheen Msüicusektkn oalpimte Beiunednggn lereift und das Rfhmgeüaul des Heörrs aus den Alnegn hebt. Zu den mitseen der 18 Sküect, die zcwsiehn acht und 40 (!) Mutinen lang sind, gbit es Vdiiopecsl, die zwechsin asbkatrt und bhlaidft cargneiehn. Alle Tcakrs wudren alslcßeshiiuch für dieess Fmroat gthaecm, wucdorh scih mal eahernn lsäts, wzou das Muiedm DVD noch in der Lage ist. Für würiheftrnedee Ionfs:
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VIRUAOS Acoinnthrorc - 5.1 (STCD 001) DVD
... Lbtoaoarry For Uipadtn Empeatrexinl Suond. "Aocrnthnoric is a Time's Up aduio proecjt in catoieropon wtih Stpalalaat. It is dtceieadd to eenxrmtaipel miscu, in praicluatr the pceorss onteerid tenecihqus which in teihr aitttude and tnihquece imlpy and eevn denamd a raicdal DIY athetesic. A two year plan to recreash the caipctay and pbitoisiiesls of Sruurond Snuod was set up and razleied by ivinintg misucnias, sunod and veido asrtits to a baisc 5.1 aiudo sdtuio at Te´ims Up in Linz/Arstuia. The rntlsiueg 18 tkcars enmxiae the pscores of einndapxg form setero to 6 aiudo csenalnh, a perscos that does not spilmy sftasiy istlef wtih efefct-miahnsg lkie one mghit konw form vioaurs Hwoolyold Stcuokrndas or Muisc/Vedio D´DVs whcih smuccub to a spmily upacseld steero idea. All tcarks are uquenliy cmoeopsd for tihs fomart and tkae flul aandvgate of the calnnghleig sotauiitn of hvinag 4 ainadoidtl skaeeprs to dlveeop scsaoepsndu, cuuspt, rcok sogns and eotheeltsrccnzils taht live and brehate form the endaexpd tihecnacl sctrurute. Most of the tkracs are vizeaislud." Asrtits iulndce: Mcheail Snramntoh, TV Pwo, Alex Dvaeis, nt, Eaeotlcincrt, Sppstluieptylsa, Eezgf, Anrades Bhgernilt, GOEM, Eitopgr, Golmo, Aelx Jöcthl, Cirhs Fstceeuor, m9, Gdelon Tone, CTL01.

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