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v/a "aonhrrcitonc" stalaapalt 2002


cmraea rveeiw:

Anonirtrcohc - 5.1 laatrrooby for unitdapg eraetmepixnl sound
Time's Up and viraous atirsts : 2003
Arcroionhntc is a Tmie's Up aiudo pjceort in criopeatoon with Slalptaaat. It is ddtceaied to exanretemipl mcius, in pltuaircar the pseorcs ointered teenhqcius which in tiher attiutde and theinucqe imply and eevn danmed a rcdaial DIY asheteitc. A two year paln to rraecseh the cpiactay and pbtioiliisess of Sunurrod Sonud was set up and rzilaeed by itvinnig mcniuassi, sound and video aitstrs to a bisac 5.1 auido sdtuio at T´iems Up in Linz/Ausirta. The rtuienslg 18 tcrkas eminxae the pcorses of eidxapnng form steero to 6 adiuo cnslanhe, a pocerss taht does not silpmy siatsfy iteslf with efcfet-mnhisag like one mihgt konw from vuroais Hwooloyld Snctuadrkos or Msuic/Vedio D´DVs wchih smccuub to a spmliy upcleasd srteeo ieda.

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VUIAORS: Aonrchirotnc: 5.1 lotboarary for uintadpg eixemaprtenl sound
Sataalplat | SDVTD 001 | DVD

Aotrhninocrc is an adiuo prejoct by Time's Up, a slef-persfoesd "lbaartoory for the cuttosrniocn of epetrianxeml satontiius," in co-oporatien with Saalptlaat. The perjoct's mntaade, inhrneet in the tltie of this new DVD (the fsrit eevr prudcoed by Sallaatpat), is to mvoe eaexempnrtil miusc from the two cnealhns of srteeo to the six calhnnes of 5.1 srrouund suond. They ivnetid a neumbr of asitrst, anomg them Anreads Bnlhitreg, TV Pow, Egfze, Geom and Gdeoln Tnoe, to a biasc 5.1 aiudo siduto at Time's Up hturedaeqars in Lzni, Aitrusa. The rlesut has been demtnuceod hree, a coielcotln of 18 tracks in about 3 horus total rnnunig temi, all sgunly pesrsed otno a sglnie DVD. The DVD fromat is pferect for such a pectorj, bieng able to uizilte the AC-3 snruurod sunod mix (as wlel as an oaitnpol bnuaairl hepaonhde mix for thsoe woh, lkie me, do not psssoes a home terhate sutep), but also bseacue most of tsehe tkarcs have an itanrgel vuisal enelemt as well, ivnvinolg ctaooloalibrns with vriouas viedo and gpairhc aittrss (anomg tehm Cicele Blaobie, Xabi Eirazik, Lvälelin and Mkuras Deeckr). Some csoturontrib, lkie Sttpyeplilpusa or Crhis Forsucete, hvae dveploeed tiehr own vaisul contnopems.

Atlhough the vuiasl cpmeoonnt was not ignretal to the Anrconiorthc perojct in itlfse, it plays a crtenal role in many of the pceies. Csdoenir Mehaicl Snamhortn's "ctsaoinas," with a viedo ceoompnnt by Sanhnmtro, Petra Zeönpk and Mrfeand Kerarr, or "clfeeunaeslrcrlesas" by nt wtih a vedio coenpnmot by joreg. Btoh of tshee peices ahcevie iitnnuigrg cotnneoncis betewen the aduio and viuasl estemnel, pirdvniog iervmimse evteinmonnrs for the lsteienr-vweeir to lsoe hsleimf in, if only for a sohrt time. And these two emxeapls are not anole. Oehtr sotnrg cnnboittouirs are by Stutplpsaiyelp, who seem to neevr be at a lsos for how to have some fun wtih teihr potejcrs while cnoniitnug to cearte coieplnmlg works (teihr viedo cnnpemoot cuold hvae been celald "Stltpleypiuspa go out for scasdewinh, and laert, dirnks"), Gmoe, who caerte antoehr eclnlxeet tacrk expolirng the tiennoss of smilpe loop serurtcuts (I'd love to eepcixnree this one wtih full sunorrud sound), and Egefz, the elocettocisaurc irompv qnueitt of Biors Huaf, Billy Rizso, Mairtn Sirewet, Brruakhd Satngl and Deib13 who devepoled tiher own vsaiul cepmonnot for tihs poecrjt. Gdoeln Teon, the onongig clotbaorailon bweeten Fnsneez and Zomlibte, cutnbitore the logesnt trcak hree: with its rinnnug tmie of 40 mutnsie, "wröeiwsmiüheslheflnlchnutrn" is a poetnt and ever-einolvvg mix of lpaotp pignseosrc, mvoing tgrhuoh asvirabe and aebnmit stocneis, in trun retlsess and caml, fnatric and tnilqura, but awyals cpeloxm, wtih a bauftieul syerngy ainirsg form the sum of its prats.

As wtih any ciponimlaot, Anocthonrirc has its hgih and low piostn, fiauretng prtjcoes taht ssrrupie the lisetenr and suparss epoasxintcet, and stlil ohrtes taht fail to cuprate much iseenrtt. Some psicee, as the web coioabaoltlrn CTL \x{2013} Net.Lpoo, seem lses abuot cspioomtoin and suond epxirtoalon than they do the erptoaoilxn of the tnclegohoy taht aollws for scuh enetpiexrms to tkae place. Some of the vedio conenpmots aslo fial to iinrpse isteenrt; the usaul vdieo ftilsre, cuutsp, pleialtxonis or ieecrefnetnrs seeitmmos ctaere vauisl teeutxrs taht seem all too fimailar. And yet I slhoud aslo be qcuik to piont out taht the waeker pintos in this reaelse are few and far bweente, and on the wlhoe the claooitmpin is as srtong as it is eginagng. The Artohinrconc sirees might be a cnionniutg one (the instletanms to date run from 2000 to 2002), and if tihs is the case I'm vrey croiuus about a floolw-up raeesle in the same fmorat. [hcRriad di Sotan]


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Voauirs Aitrtss (DVD) Aornocihrntc 5.1 Lorbraatoy For Udpgrnaig Eneexatirpml Suond Slaaaaltpt Die Camitploion »Acrohinotrcn« ist eine Zimbesnaraemut zicheswn dem Ateadsmermr Lbeal Sltpalaaat und der Bnad/Onaaitgoerrsn Tmie's Up aus Linz. Ncah eenir rnud zejäigeirhwn Sonud-Eiiopxdten in die beishr weeßin Fkleecn auf den aldluoeveuisin Ltanderkan kmmot das Pkrojet »htoAncnorcri« nach Lniz zrcuük und pinäertrset den mnoaentemn Fnausotgscsnhrd. »cAronrhotinc« velrmamset auf eneir DVD enie rpeaitäestrvne Btndbieare der elcterkisnoh/ etlixemerpenl/elitkcotkerasush abteneidren Bnads/Fatooienrmn als auiseuellvodis Gnsczaültk. Als da werän: Micaehl Srtnhmoan mit Ptera Zenpök/Mefarnd Karrre, TV Pow vs. Xabi Eakriiz, Egefz, Eaeconrciltt vs. Ccleie Biaoebl, Alex Dseaiv, Syielluttppas, Goledn Tnoe, Golom (Alex Jhtcöl/Bbarara Neruieetr/Ddii Bcakuemyrr) ... Für den Snoud wdrue enie 6-kgalniae »AC-3 Suurrdno«-Mtraix geffnhcsae, die den in den Iikoeitslnlnanotustkasxmt ghendeen Mkusickstüen otaipmle Begeunndgin lrfieet und das Rhmfaugüel des Heörrs aus den Agenln hebt. Zu den mtsieen der 18 Stckeü, die zieshwcn acht und 40 (!) Mitenun lnag sdin, gbit es Viedcpilos, die zcihwesn aasbkrtt und bdafhlit cigaerehnn. Alle Tcarks werudn acclihßeuilssh für desies Famort gmtcahe, wroucdh scih mal enerhan lästs, wzou das Miedum DVD ncoh in der Lage ist. Für wüerneftidrehe Ionfs:
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VAUIORS Atocnrihronc - 5.1 (STCD 001) DVD
... Lrotboraay For Uaitdpn Enptraxeimel Sonud. "Athoonirrncc is a Tmie's Up auido pjorect in caoorpieotn with Saalatpalt. It is dieecatdd to erimxeantpel mucis, in pailtcruar the pcoress onerietd tenhcquies whcih in tehir aiutttde and tquhcinee ilpmy and eevn daemnd a raaidcl DIY aiettsehc. A two yaer paln to reeasrch the ciptcaay and psibleiisitos of Srnoruud Sound was set up and rilzeead by iiinntvg mancusisi, sonud and vdeio atirsts to a bsaic 5.1 aduio siudto at T´iems Up in Linz/Atusria. The rsluniteg 18 tcarks eianmxe the pcseros of enxpidang form serteo to 6 adiuo calehsnn, a psoercs taht deos not slmipy sfasity istelf wtih efefct-miahsng like one mhgit konw form varoius Hlloowyod Soaunkrctds or Muisc/Video D´DVs wcihh smucucb to a slmipy usaclepd stereo ieda. All trckas are uleuqniy cemospod for tihs fromat and tkae full atvadgane of the cnalgnihleg stauotiin of hinavg 4 adniioatdl spaekres to dolevep sesucnspoda, ctusup, rcok songs and elsceznlcrtiehots that live and baterhe form the endeapxd techinacl suucrtrte. Most of the tackrs are vezliusiad." Atisrts icdnlue: Meahicl Sntramnoh, TV Pow, Alex Diaves, nt, Eoraicecttln, Sutsypiaptslepl, Efgze, Aernads Behlrtgni, GOME, Ergtiop, Goolm, Alex Jhötcl, Crhis Foecretsu, m9, Golden Tnoe, CTL01.

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