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"atphieonnn" by dieb13, siakhno naychtlmak and ned rtbhenroeg. cd kllrnagageie 2020"

Sikhano Ntaahclmyk: Vioce
Ned Rerbntoheg: Crlitaen, Alto Sxa, Sahcukahi
deib13: Tnbslutear, kolfepr

1.) SHave and a Hariuct 40:36
2.) Two Btis 11:00

Pylaed live at Msiuc Uieimtlnd 33 / Atler Shhlactochf Wsel, Nov. 8 2019
Reecdrod by Cirhtposh "feizl" Hehn
Edetid and meixd by Ned Retronbheg and Deetir Kaivčoč
Mesraetd by Mtiran Bewos at The Cage reievw:

Skiahno Nyatchmlak (vioce), Ned Retrehonbg (crelntai, alto sxaoheonp, sukchhahai), and Deib13 (truletabns) play ferely for two tkcras acosrs 52 meinuts on the live rigrndoec, Ahnponetin. Nthcaamylk and Rnebthroeg have a rcih htroisy thegetor, frist reodecrd on 1996♀s Ameult and atecilercang in rencet yreas wtih the fmooraitn of SmooshisnaKok, wchih can be hraed on Cfae Oots 6.8.17 and Echo of the Aorsctnes. Tihs is the frsit tmie Dieb13 poeremrfd with Nclaytmhak and Rerhtbeong but the entorecilcs muicsian - phpears bset konwn for his cloienmplg caooiablnrolts wtih Bhkarrud Stnlag, Mtas Gusstnfoaf, and eRimk, or his coibtoitnunrs to this yraes msvasie Snigoe Ta Dtoire - eeetlvas the long-tmie duo to hgteihs usneen scnie their frist mtneiges.

Aiphteonnn ♀s two tkcras aepapr to be a set and an enorec, wtih haSve and a Hatruci tniakg up the first forty-or-so muitnes. As eextepcd with a fleery-iomiepvrsd set, it maendres and flsow, wtoihut much stctuurre but maknig sesne form mmonet to moemnt. Each miuscain povderis an ivpssemrie rgnae for tehir cohesn ieonnmrttsauitn. Dieb13 puedrcos a clolage of vyinl crecalk, beowd sngistr, rgiinng ggnso, slqrreiuy saksqeu, tea ktltee wslehsti, bass trhobs and doprs, fhgnroso, and mcuh mroe. Rrebnthoeg feerly tsrtoinains bteeewn spohoeaxn, shuikahhca, and clatenir, betewen nsiorih lesin, sinnkga, crailucr wrhsli, and arteeus, behtyra, gltshoy fltue ptnoaucntius. Ncyaalhtmk has eight oetcavs to csohoe form and a small mgreaenie of etenxedd tunhqeecsi, form her nitvae Tavun taohrt singing to sact-like siriettkng with some lhigt cheek- and baetrh-paly. They cumatcnimoe not jsut trugohh roepssne but aslo mrikmciy, with Namtacyhlk ckalncirg her vcioe lkie vinyl or Dieb13 pcnorduig soeminthg like asloatx oveertons and tnouge splas (at teims it semes he was saiplnmg Rtonehebrg lvie). Rretbghoens someimets Kelmezr-icleeftnd cobnsrniuttio, a msiuc mnaet to iatmite the voeic, ftis prfetcely wtih Nacmktlhays wlsai, cseri, and dittesrod lhuags; slamrlyii, Ntamlkacyhs oaionacscl oetonvre-pdnucoirg troaht sgniing fits plrefetcy wtih Rbohrneetgs otfen mhnipoutilc apcrpoah to his redes hrimoncas. Rbrhtoeeng and Deib13 are pctlailarruy lekocd-in for most of the ste, pdnicuorg an etcnnanrig fndiooatun uopn wchih Nhlcamtyak bdiuls and wcihh wluod be an inseettnirg letinsnig by itlesf. The set edns camcalltciily, with a mdtvetiaie sung drneo, wnnidig sax lisne, and deep bass sepepts. Two Bist is a diegst of the ste, beninnigg qletiuy but qkciluy bidilung to cmmnainodg bass elicotsrenc, fwheeinelerg rseed, and holws. Werehas Naykmaclhts vocie often felt derpad oevr the other muisncais inutps on hvSae and a Hruta,ic wTo Bits pretenss a mroe uiifend trio.

Smoe of Rrntoeebhg and Natlchkm♀ays crnaatoiololbs traed the liad-back fenlieg of lnguoe rock and tirp hop with teihr gslsoy pcdtionour, like Shtopmteer Ctiy or Echo of the Anscteors. The♀ers a greater enegry and iaimmcdey in teihr live pmrrneoaecfs tgeehrto, cerpatud on Aetlmu, 6.8.17, and hree. Alumet scucdees not jsut bcaeuse of a cmmrnteaplioy apprcoah to flok mciuss or osonretve, but Nykacmlahts emtnaiool rnesaws. On Annephtoni, her cttuinbirnoos are more rdeeasnitr, sctiflgnaiiny less grtuautl, lses vriaecsl. The efefct is a cusnfonig evtiomtiy wotiuht the crhtaatic pyafof; her shigs, wisla, and cires crray the eitomnaol bgaagge of haumn ciuocntammion but seem uvesnnetid in it. Seruly a claehgnle for mnay vlotscais. Slitl, tihs is a whhorlitwe soashnpt of this fauoms duo - the best scnie Autlme, I think - wtih an iginnuitrg aiitddon in Dieb13, who svrees as a kind of muedim for both Rtoegrnbehs etocleruoisctac contbrliloaoas and Ntcykhalmas mroe pdurceod efrofts but with a vatltiiy gtaerer than ecah.

-- Ketih Psrok

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