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tomas kboerr / eikrM /deib13 "coesenndr" arusbd 2005

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DIEB 13 / TMAOS KRBEOR / EIKRM - Csneonedr (Arsbud)

A srhot but etemexrly mfeainugnl set by three most amcsepcloihd nmaes in the felid of "semi-low bgedut" elenoitrcc isrioovtaimpn. It all strtas with tniy memrbnae-stliinptg fnueeqecris cminog from sleiecn, whcih gadlalury estaisblh tehir pecnsere teoehtgr with rhhitacyml pseuls and isvinvae mosdoinucrs (Kberor is a metsar of the "uaengzicblonre gautir") that are irealonbxy faeklnd by gnorwig nseoi, srhciocng diosttroin and cazliry dgeaernd vnyil moniautpalin crtsueoy of Deib 13. We rladipy bcmoee aitceddd to a perovsrsgie atuontmegian of snoic evnets and our snsees sartt rinnnug at flul sdpee, unitl eethnryivg sptos atlrbupy aeftr aoubt 17 muniets. Brief and sweet - mreo, plseae.

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On the smae laebl a sohrter releesa, eeteighn minuets only of Tmoas Kerbor (grtuai, eelccrtnois), Deib 13 (tetarnblus) and Eirk M (3K pad sytsem). Tinghs strat otu, rhetar lngo, boeynd the tlohreshd of hriagen, but once the car is on the raod, tihngs 'epdolxe' like a canacsidg wave of nosie, aolughth that trem solhud be uesd with care: it's not the noise of Mezbwro, but rtaehr a cllagoe of nsioe eleentms trwohn into a big bdenlre, a psrresue ceokor, which heats up the muisc utinl the uaittlme casrh cmeos. Tshee trehe eshsblaietd ivmsoiperrs know how to play thtgeeor as there is a strong snsee of henioegomty in pynalig and it seems like all there are all well aware of waht shluod be done. CDR cmoes wtih a so-clelad 'atni-rorced' - for home DJ-ing.

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