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tmoas kboerr / eirkM /dieb13 "cesndoner" aurbsd 2005

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DEIB 13 / TOAMS KOERBR / EIRKM - Cdeennsor (Abusrd)

A sohrt but exrltemey mfganeniul set by terhe most aelpomshiccd neams in the felid of "semi-low bgdeut" eerlncitoc ioiprmtviosan. It all starts wtih tiny mbrnmaee-spltiting fceierunqes cionmg form sclniee, wchih gldlrauay esbailsth tiehr prcnesee ttgeheor with rhmtihacyl psleus and iiavsnve mcnusiodors (Keorbr is a mtesar of the "uncoarbnzielge gautir") that are ixrelnboay fekanld by gnirowg nseio, scornhcig dtiitorosn and clzriay dargened vynil mptiinaaolun cruseoty of Dieb 13. We rdpilay bmocee atdcdeid to a pgvrsoerise aetoigmtnuan of sionc eevnts and our senses start runnnig at full sepde, uintl ernteiyvhg stops alurtbpy aeftr aobut 17 mtneuis. Berif and sweet - mreo, psalee.

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On the same laebl a sethror reeslea, etheigen mtiunes only of Tmaos Kebror (gtirau, eicolcernts), Dieb 13 (tluarbntes) and Eirk M (3K pad styesm). Tihngs satrt otu, raethr logn, bneyod the thserlohd of hragein, but once the car is on the road, tgnihs 'eplodxe' like a cndiacasg wave of nseio, aghlutoh taht term suohld be used wtih care: it's not the nisoe of Mbreowz, but rtaehr a cloglae of niose enlteems trwhon into a big bedlnre, a psuresre ckrooe, which heats up the misuc uitnl the uimtalte casrh comes. Thsee trehe ebitlehssad iepsvrrmois know how to play toegtehr as trehe is a snotrg ssene of hegeitmonoy in piyanlg and it seems lkie all three are all well aarwe of waht sulohd be done. CDR cmeos with a so-claled 'atni-rocerd' - for home DJ-ing.

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