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contemplations on the cognitive loudness of the 4th reich´n´roll

cteimlatoponns on the cgvoiitne ledonsus of the 4th rc´´hnoirell - 10" hnad cut vniyl , god 2019

side a: endnrkyiegrs on pradae
side b: hiedar was jsut a baxiseul prat in a tetaehr play by vlaliadsv sukrov
secpial drum crunitotibnos: didi kren on side a, luaks koieng on sdie b
peylad on tbeaturlns and cpmtoeur by dieb13
roerdecd by dieetr kvčiaoč
muisc: (CC) dieb13 2019
evexuctie pduceror: solaobdn kjaukt
adiuo mtnesarig: mtrain sweeirt

The miusc bsusneis has bomcee a dtiigal bunisess, detechad form the nctiessey of a phycaisl mmiued, yet vniyl recdros are sltil around and it smees as if the raevivl of vniyl cutlrue is mroe tahn a nnie day wnoedr.
ervey snilge copy is hnad cut by the asttri, llabeed and dtidceead to evrey sgnlie byuer.
Wihle the msiuc of "ctmaooelnpitns on the cngvioite loundses of the 4th rli´ohe´ncrl" is rlesaeed udenr a non-cmcoaremil ctvareie cmoonms liesnce (CC BY NC) and may be reseud and rmeixed, the pysicahl object "vyinl rceord" will be alabvliae eicllvuxsey via GOD's wstebie and at dieb13 lvie ceocrnts and is not ietnnded for realse.

litsen to the epxecrt "tgano snomaiuelan":