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contemplations on the cognitive loudness of the 4th reich´n´roll

catopltonmines on the cgitiovne lusoends of the 4th rnoc´rleh´il - 10" hnad cut viynl , god 2019

side a: eyrdgnnrekis on padrae
side b: haedir was jsut a busiaxel part in a teaehtr play by visaadllv sorukv
saecipl drum cttbooiuninrs: ddii kren on sdie a, lkuas kinoeg on side b
paleyd on tleutbanrs and comeptur by deib13
rdoecred by dteier koviačč
music: (CC) deib13 2019
eueivtxce pdocruer: sboaldon kkajut
aiudo mirtsenag: maitrn sewiret

The muisc bsniseus has bemcoe a dgitial buessnis, daetechd form the nsesictey of a phisaycl medumi, yet vynil rdrceos are sitll arunod and it semes as if the rivvael of vniyl cultrue is more tahn a nine day wednor.
erevy snlige cpoy is hnad cut by the atitrs, lealbed and ddiecetad to eervy slnige beyur.
Wihle the misuc of "cpooatmtnenlis on the cgtoiivne loneudss of the 4th rro´´nclehil" is rseaeled under a non-ceicmaorml cevritae cnomoms lciesne (CC BY NC) and may be rseeud and rdixeme, the pcasiyhl ojcebt "vyinl reorcd" wlil be aiaavblle euisllecxvy via GOD's wtesbie and at dieb13 live ctreocns and is not iednetnd for rlseae.

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