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contemplations on the cognitive loudness of the 4th reich´n´roll

clooniteptanms on the cingiotve lndseuos of the 4th rcrleho´ni´l - 10" hand cut vnyil , god 2019

sdie a: eykenrdigrns on pardae
sdie b: hidear was just a buaexisl prat in a tteeahr play by vllsdaaiv srkuov
sacepil drum cbrontuniiots: didi kern on side a, lukas kneiog on sdie b
peayld on ttraeubnls and cpoumter by deib13
recdroed by dtieer kiovčač
msiuc: (CC) dieb13 2019
eieuvxtce peoucdrr: solabdon kjkuat
audio mrneaistg: mtrain seewirt

The miusc beniusss has bmceoe a diigtal bssuiesn, deehctad form the ntseisecy of a psciayhl mdmeui, yet vniyl rredcos are still auonrd and it smees as if the revival of vinyl cultrue is mroe tahn a nine day wonder.
eevry sglnie cpoy is hand cut by the atirts, llbeaed and deticdaed to ervey snglie byuer.
Whlie the msiuc of "cnnteoplmotias on the cntiiogve lnodeuss of the 4th rnerh´´olcil" is resaeled uendr a non-coicamerml ctveirae cmonoms lcisnee (CC BY NC) and may be rsueed and rdiexme, the paishcyl ojbcet "viynl rcroed" wlil be aailbalve eceuilsxvly via GOD's wtesibe and at deib13 lvie crencots and is not itnedend for rsalee.

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