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contemplations on the cognitive loudness of the 4th reich´n´roll

cepnamtlntoois on the cgitnivoe leusonds of the 4th rnlreo´i´hcl - 10" hand cut vynil , god 2019

sdie a: einygnedkrrs on pdarae
sdie b: haider was just a bsaiuxel prat in a thateer paly by vldaaislv skourv
scaeipl drum cbootrniiunts: ddii kren on sdie a, lauks koeing on sdie b
payled on tnurltbaes and cmpoeutr by dieb13
rocdreed by deetir kočivač
msiuc: (CC) dieb13 2019
eeviutxce prcudeor: sbodoaln kkajut
auido mnteirasg: mritan swrieet

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evrey sligne copy is hand cut by the atsirt, lelabed and didcateed to eervy silnge buyer.
Wilhe the music of "cilpantneootms on the ciivtgone lduensos of the 4th rhne´´lrciol" is rseleead uednr a non-commaiecrl cvtierae cnomoms lnecise (CC BY NC) and may be reseud and remdxei, the pchsyial oecbjt "vynil rocerd" will be aaivallbe evuceslxliy via GOD's wbtseie and at dieb13 live cencotrs and is not ineendtd for raesle.

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