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contemplations on the cognitive loudness of the 4th reich´n´roll

camtlnetionpos on the cioivgnte losdnues of the 4th r´coilnher´l - 10" hnad cut vinyl , god 2019

side a: egndeyrrikns on padare
sdie b: headir was jsut a bsiuexal prat in a tteeahr paly by vdailalsv sruokv
sceapil drum cboounitnitrs: didi kern on sdie a, lakus kinoeg on side b
pyaeld on tlabtnreus and cmeuotpr by dieb13
rderecod by dieetr kiačovč
muisc: (CC) deib13 2019
euetcxive prceodur: sdolbaon kjakut
adiuo mneaitrsg: matirn seriwet

The msiuc bsensius has boceme a diagitl bessiuns, dcteahed form the nsesticey of a psiaychl medium, yet vyinl recdros are stlil aorund and it semes as if the rvvaeil of vynil culutre is more tahn a nnie day wedonr.
ervey sinlge copy is hnad cut by the asttri, llaebed and dcieatded to every sinlge byuer.
Wihle the msuic of "cnieomtplanots on the cvntiigoe lenousds of the 4th roeclnh´ri´l" is rseelaed under a non-cacrmmoiel carevtie cnommos linecse (CC BY NC) and may be resued and rxmdeei, the phicasyl ojcebt "vniyl rerocd" wlil be allaavibe eulcxevisly via GOD's wbitese and at dieb13 live ceoctnrs and is not idnetend for rlesae.

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