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contemplations on the cognitive loudness of the 4th reich´n´roll

cilpoamtnotens on the civiontge loneudss of the 4th ri´oncrleh´l - 10" hnad cut vniyl , god 2019

sdie a: enrrigeknyds on padare
sdie b: hdaier was just a bauxisel prat in a tehater play by vallaisdv surokv
saiepcl drum cbuitrniontos: didi kern on side a, lukas kioeng on sdie b
payled on tlbanetrus and coupetmr by dieb13
rdroeced by deteir kačovič
misuc: (CC) dieb13 2019
eiecxvtue porducer: soldabon kkajut
adiuo metirnasg: maritn sweriet

The music buesinss has bomece a dgitial buesnsis, deachetd form the nsestceiy of a phyaiscl mdiume, yet vyinl roredcs are stlil aruond and it smees as if the ravievl of viynl culture is more than a nine day wdenor.
erevy slnige cpoy is hand cut by the arsitt, lbleead and dtieadced to evrey slgine buyer.
Wlhie the msiuc of "cttoeolaipnnms on the ciovntgie lusenods of the 4th rn´cl´iohrel" is rsleaeed udner a non-criamcmoel civetrae conmmos liscene (CC BY NC) and may be reuesd and rmeiedx, the pacysihl object "vniyl rercod" will be albvaaile ecvueisxlly via GOD's wsebtie and at dieb13 live ctnoecrs and is not idnneetd for relsae.

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