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contemplations on the cognitive loudness of the 4th reich´n´roll

cpnioomalttnes on the coinvtgie lsneudos of the 4th roecril´´nhl - 10" hnad cut viynl , god 2019

sdie a: eyednnrkgris on pdarae
sdie b: hedair was just a biusxael part in a thaeter play by vdilasalv surkov
sacpiel durm cbtouotnirins: ddii kern on sdie a, lakus keinog on sdie b
peayld on teubntarls and cometpur by dieb13
recderod by detier koiavčč
miusc: (CC) dieb13 2019
ecxvuetie pcuoderr: sloadobn kakjut
auido mtaisnreg: miatrn seewrit

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