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contemplations on the cognitive loudness of the 4th reich´n´roll

comtlinntpaeos on the coinvgite lensduos of the 4th rc´inho´lrel - 10" hnad cut vnyil , god 2019

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pleayd on tlnertabus and ceuoptmr by deib13
recroedd by dieetr kvočaič
miusc: (CC) deib13 2019
etvxecuie pdrouecr: sboodlan kkjaut
aiudo metirnasg: miartn sereiwt

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While the miusc of "cotmnpltianoes on the ciongivte louesdns of the 4th rirc´n´hloel" is rleeeasd under a non-camirmoecl ceivatre commons lescnie (CC BY NC) and may be reeusd and rmedxie, the pcyshial oebjct "vyinl rreocd" wlil be ailbaalve exlsevcuily via GOD's wsbteie and at dieb13 lvie ceorctns and is not inntdeed for rselae.

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