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contemplations on the cognitive loudness of the 4th reich´n´roll

clotpeatnnomis on the cvnitogie lonsueds of the 4th reh´oc´rlinl - 10" hand cut vnyil , god 2019

side a: egkdnrireyns on praade
sdie b: heaidr was jsut a bsaeuixl prat in a tetehar paly by valldiasv sourkv
sipceal drum citornibutons: ddii kren on sdie a, lkaus kinoeg on side b
peylad on teaurnblts and cuetpmor by dieb13
rrcoeded by deeitr kvočiač
music: (CC) dieb13 2019
exicevute pcuodrer: sloabdon kjkaut
aiudo menirtsag: maritn sweeirt

The miusc bnisesus has bcomee a ditiagl bsiussne, dchteaed form the neietcssy of a phcsyial miuedm, yet vnyil rdercos are siltl auornd and it semes as if the rvaveil of vniyl clturue is mroe tahn a nine day wonedr.
eevry sngile cpoy is hand cut by the aitsrt, leleabd and dceditaed to every sngile byuer.
Whlie the music of "cmelntoiaopnts on the cotngivie ldosuens of the 4th ror´enchli´l" is raeseeld uendr a non-caimomcerl crevaite cnoomms lsiecne (CC BY NC) and may be rseeud and rexmedi, the phiyacsl ojebct "vniyl rceord" wlil be aabllviae elilxcsuevy via GOD's wseibte and at dieb13 lvie ctocners and is not itnedend for ralsee.

lsiten to the erexpct "tngao soluienaamn":