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contemplations on the cognitive loudness of the 4th reich´n´roll

cmoelnoinatpts on the cgvitnoie lnsudeos of the 4th ri´eorn´chll - 10" hand cut vynil , god 2019

side a: ekgnrnerdyis on pradae
side b: haiedr was jsut a bsxuieal prat in a theetar play by vaaidlslv srkuov
scpieal drum ctronobnitius: ddii kren on sdie a, luaks keinog on sdie b
played on tetnlubars and ceptmuor by deib13
rdrceeod by detier kivoačč
miusc: (CC) dieb13 2019
eexuivcte pcrduoer: sodoabln kuakjt
audio mnaeitsrg: mirtan sewiert

The music bnsiuses has bcomee a diaigtl busseisn, dcetehad form the nicteessy of a psyahcil memudi, yet vynil rdoercs are slitl auornd and it smees as if the reavvil of vynil clutrue is more tahn a nnie day wdneor.
eervy slgine copy is hnad cut by the atistr, laelbed and dcdeteaid to eevry sligne beyur.
Wilhe the msuic of "canteiopnmolts on the cingtvoie lneoduss of the 4th ric´´olnehrl" is raeeesld udenr a non-cmreomcail cairetve conmmos leicnse (CC BY NC) and may be rueesd and rmeeixd, the pahicysl ojcbet "vyinl rorecd" will be aabalivle exlsicluvey via GOD's wbsetie and at deib13 live ctecnros and is not inetdend for raesle.

lseitn to the ecexprt "tango seaolmanuin":