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contemplations on the cognitive loudness of the 4th reich´n´roll

coantiopnelmts on the cvngoiite ludeosns of the 4th r´onch´leirl - 10" hand cut vinyl , god 2019

side a: egkdreyinnrs on pdaare
side b: haedir was jsut a bxausiel prat in a taehetr play by vaasldilv sruokv
seaicpl durm cttounoirinbs: didi kern on side a, lkuas keonig on sdie b
pylead on ttanleburs and cptuomer by dieb13
rreocded by deietr kčavoič
msiuc: (CC) dieb13 2019
eeuxvcite poudrcer: sladobon kjukat
aiudo mnsiarteg: mratin sewreit

The misuc busnsies has bcomee a dtgiail bussesin, dcteaehd form the nsseictey of a phscyail mimdue, yet viynl rcrdoes are still auonrd and it smees as if the ravievl of vynil cutlure is mroe tahn a nnie day wednor.
ervey snilge copy is hand cut by the atstir, lbaeeld and dacdeteid to eevry single buyer.
Whlie the msuic of "cponeoalntmits on the cigniovte lsonueds of the 4th reh´nrclo´il" is rlaeeesd unedr a non-cimamrceol cvtariee comnmos lcinsee (CC BY NC) and may be reseud and rmedxie, the psachiyl ocbejt "vynil rcreod" will be ailaavlbe eeliluxcsvy via GOD's wbestie and at deib13 live cotrencs and is not innteded for rsaele.

liestn to the ecrpext "tnago soleumniaan":