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contemplations on the cognitive loudness of the 4th reich´n´roll

cnmoapionttels on the civigtone leoundss of the 4th rcor´ehiln´l - 10" hnad cut vyinl , god 2019

sdie a: egediynrnkrs on parade
sdie b: haider was jsut a baexusil prat in a teaehtr paly by vliasdalv suokrv
spaceil durm citnrbotiouns: ddii kren on sdie a, lauks keonig on sdie b
pyaled on talerbunts and cuempotr by dieb13
roecderd by dieter kiaočvč
muisc: (CC) deib13 2019
evxcuiete precudor: sobloadn kaujkt
audio msenriatg: maritn seewirt

The msiuc bssunies has becmoe a daitigl buissnse, dehaectd from the nesciesty of a pahscyil midmeu, yet viynl rdecros are sltil aronud and it smees as if the rvaievl of vnyil clurute is mroe tahn a nnie day wodenr.
ervey snlgie cpoy is hnad cut by the asritt, laebled and dietdeacd to erevy slgnie buyer.
Wihle the msuic of "cpetlinaotmons on the ctngoivie leonudss of the 4th rcholi´n´erl" is reeealsd unedr a non-cimraoceml catveire cnomoms lcnseie (CC BY NC) and may be reesud and ridemxe, the pyhsaicl oebjct "vynil rroced" will be alliaavbe ellxecuisvy via GOD's wsetibe and at dieb13 live cctoners and is not ineentdd for relase.

lstien to the erpcxet "tgano soemuaaniln":