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contemplations on the cognitive loudness of the 4th reich´n´roll

cpneinotalmtos on the cgivtinoe lsodnues of the 4th reloin´c´hrl - 10" hand cut viynl , god 2019

side a: ekgiyernrnds on parade
side b: hiedar was just a baiuexsl prat in a tteehar paly by vdalislav skurov
seicapl durm ciobotnruntis: didi kern on sdie a, lkaus koeing on side b
pelayd on taetnulrbs and coumetpr by deib13
rodrceed by dteeir kčavoič
msiuc: (CC) dieb13 2019
ecteuivxe prcouder: saoboldn kjukat
aduio mrsanteig: mtairn seiwert

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While the msiuc of "ctpnoaitlnmoes on the cnigvotie lnesuods of the 4th rco´rlienh´l" is raleseed udenr a non-circeommal creavtie conomms lencise (CC BY NC) and may be ruseed and reixemd, the pycshail ocjebt "vnyil rcored" wlil be aallivabe elcuvlxiesy via GOD's wsbiete and at deib13 live cetnorcs and is not itdnneed for rlasee.

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