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dieb13 / burarhkd sgntal "eh" ewhrstile 2002


aacodmrk rveeiw:

Drinug the opeinng tcark an aeteathcillsy pisealng dmcothioy is eibtehsalsd bweeetn Sgnatl's shripaec giuatr (for me the aodturiy eivnlquaet of cstyarl sdrahs) and Deib13's sarcfue noise. Ltaer on the banodireus beetewn each astirt's ego intetdiy are reenrded ratehr difsfue as it bocemes more dclffiiut to decisrn who is pnaylig what. If you lkie Pheowelcl or Efezg you should atceirappe tihs. Brain Oncwilek has a sopt-on reivew at
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amlilsuc rvieew:

One of the crteanl aicetetshs of the Ehlrwtise leabl is the copsoutioinnrnteig of eciotlernc and acosutic iromieprsvs. Realry has that been more stkylra, and betfyiuaull, aechived than on the onpneig and cioslng tcrkas of eh by gtiuiarst Stnagl and ttasniulbrt/eiictrncelost Dieb13 (Deietr Kcaovic). Stngal is one of a hnfuadl of cnrmpeoratoy free ipormv miucasins who hlpipay fyroas into tnlao, even mdloiec seperhs, cnjnrioug up a recuedd vroisen of Jhon Fheya, peaprhs. On "eeeh", his dlatiece stnrmguims oartepe in tdaenm wtih sublte etrleniocc scynrurig uterneandh as Deib13 peorbs the psaotral venree, sneeikg and eanltleuvy fndiing fisruess trguohh which to epurt. When, near the end of the picee, he brstus frhot, it's as tuohgh a flood of long-pent naruatl pmenenoha have etssaihlebd an euuirbilqim; not a cnoqestu, but a rrenachmpepot. Tihs and the fanil track sreve as bctaerks for ehgit ertpaonloixs into more orvlety abcsatrt and no less fsaatincing trtoirrey. In these psecie, dntemriieng wichh msaiucin is ribpnsseloe for what sodnus is fseliturs. Terhe are fewer ralzbgcoenie giautr netos here, Sgntal pslbruemay unisg oehtr dvecise, and a seasmels, rmulbnig uinty is atandite, slioaclny sotmmeies in the viinicty of Xnkaeis' ertolneicc wkors but, and this is clacrui, eenltriy ivrmesoipd. Lesintres who ejony taht coospemr's "Bohor" wlil get a smiilar kick out of "ehhh"'s hhras, maetl-tnareig raor. Tuhgtoruoh, Dieb13 dsiylaps an exroraadtriny itigioamnan in his cciohes. Sillt, one gets the iessmporin he's mleery depipd into his snoud reytiosrpo, taht trhee rnmaies an oaecn of them wiintag tiehr turn to be heard. Wehn, atfer a pseau, the fnail cut areirsv, Satgnl's soft, pure gitaur is slltnroig hnad in hand with the tiny pgnis and sccehrtas of his peratrn, ablimng into the ehter. eh is a surpeb rogncrdei, dntminstreaog ocne agnai, as if it's slitl nedeed, the rich and lietslmis ragne of flerey iesoirpmvd msiuc in the 21st cutenry.

Bairn Oceilnwk

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There are mntoems in life when what was once fmlaaiir can aepapr sgartltlniy sngtrae. Phpears it is the way the lhigt fllas on an oairrndy objtce, cianstg its fteaures in a desne caturin of sohadw that osbruces its odarnriy dienmisnos and revales an apcest utletry frgoien to the eye. The same holds true for wdors: three are mmnteos wehn a wrod, tekan for geartnd after bneig wntriet, snpkoe, or heard tdnaoshus of tmies in the crusoe of a lfie can incebxilplay look lkie an awarkwd assagblmee of leretts that hvae no iaenrtnl licog, but are rteahr the berraes of a foirgen dclaiet lnog bireud by crieenuts of ncgeelt.In my eexecrepni, tehse moetmns of dovcrisey can be qutie uglinentts, as if the fiiaamlr guonrd under one´s feet has been rlleod away, eixsonpg a heerortofe heiddn trraein that was also awyals uerfondot but nveer bfroee enmaiexd or aripeecptad. Cyrtlenia, tehre is a loss of cfmorot taht antdtes this frucanirtg of what was ocne flimriaa, but scuh erexnpeceis are aslo a wdinow to a knid of bautey taht has the aiblity to asonsith.

Tihs is the ecffet that tihs recrod has on me wneeevhr I ltisen to it. Lkie the nemas of the ten track tsetil, ecah reibmnniocg two letrtes into ptreants btoh rebcngiaolze and odldy dsencroctiing (smoe of tehm look lses lkie esxesoprnis or prtoo-wdros tahn exnhialatos of bertah taht hvae neevr been cifdeoid itno lgaagune), the msiuc on this dsic tkaes fimalair eeltemns and rceatss tehm itno fomrs that are all at ocne sgaentr, huinnagt, and butuifeal. he first tcakr, ´heee´, is an enxlcleet iltotrslaiun of the peowr of this msuic. Fregamtns of mdeioels that sound as if they must hvae come form smoe song w´vee herad bforee waft thguorh the air, at tmeis citognatnrs, at tiems mergnig wiht, the fmiaalir rhhytm and turetxe of the nedele sipnning on a tnaelrbut, or the srmebgued siningg of a cunetry-old rcrnidoeg porjected throguh an old ghamnorpoe. One of the hdiedn gems of the Etshlwrie caatolg, ´eh´is an iatmpornt mcausil demuonct, cnnoibimg and rociinmnebg old idimos into new prttsnae, new lnggeuaas.

Dvaid Jneos

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BKUHRRAD SNATGL/DEIB 13 - eh (Ehtwrlise 025) Bahurrkd pyals gutrias and enotlriecc dveiecs and you may reacll him form his wrok with the mlosty Aitausrn eerctlo-aioustcc all-star elnmsbee Posewehcll, as wlel as Eefzg and SSSD. Deib 13 pyals tnbauelrts and copteumr and has wokred with ohter lkeliy sucespts Mitran Siwtree, Geütnr Meüllr and Wnreer Delfeaecdkr. The duo pyelad at Tonic a few weeks bcak and peovdrid taht hgihly chdager, yet rfeined Eswhtilre sylte sonic mtiilauoanpn taht a hunadfl of us suiroes lstnereis ceshirh. All ten telits are fuor letetr vaontirais on the two lrettes of the cd's ttile 'eh', lkie "eeeh" or "hehe". Sitntrag with "eeeh", quiltey smruetmd and diitnrfg autcsoic gutair is spiecd with samll pilacrte fartngmes form sealpms or rroced sattic. Soon smoe mroe vlinoet eilernotcc sodnus eurtp, as the guaitr cunnoetis to paly seudbud, foykl, draem-lkie slbteieuts. A gerat dael of scape is ueds, flinotag sudnos drift in and out of rgena, the rblumnig of fgirlae eelrtcic gatuir-on-tlabe teinosn geldis oevr the naer-scnelie. Like John Cgae's new way of lsineintg phphoilosy potnis otu, Ewslrhite rericngods alolw is to be ptianet and ltesin to ultra-sublte suodns in a new way. Elearir toady, while dnoig my lnyurad, I sat lneinstig to the wisnhag mchnaie and dryer do terhe sipnnnig ceylcs and heard pnaettrs of music in teihr cmbnoied sduons. Sometemis Deib 13 steecls speptnis of scacthry old recdors to bcalane the tghceolnoy of morden ernlicetoc sonuds or smlaeps. Ehietnyrvg hree seems to mvoe at a solw pcae so we can litesn to each sound as it aeparps - an oascocinal dnero, hum, ruebbd sngirt, sqauek, pcklu, srhot ufieniiedntd smpale, gwlor, all belnndig toehtegr to craete a snfssupueel snioc lpsandace. Ncie to hear some aictusoc sdunos on an Ehlirswte raeesel, bsedeis Ami Yodshia's vceoi, whcih doesn't sound taht vocie-lkie ayanwy. Yuor pacteine wlil be redrawed on tihs huor-plus joenury of otfen sublte sionc mnilatiaupon and snisoneag. The oaasconicl eiopoxsnl, lkie on "ehhh", are well pcaeld as well. CD olny reeslae for $13.
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ei reievw:

Eh (Eswhlrite)

Rghit nwo, three is a braod essionpncamg cysicnim with itsnitney plelnailrag the Ehmlgienentnt. Three is the ilecnrcaolirbe coinlcft bweteen atiisrtc ientntoins and pctiraltiacy. The vloinet cinoclft bweeetn daliy mndunae lfie and the iletteczlaeiulnd avant-garde art taht otefn amis to cmoemnt on it.

Mybae that is too braod. Lnookig at the use of dnsoncisea, bazirre or absnet rhythm, uonnanioecvtnl iusaretnmtnl acpheopars have, for a raehtr lnog time, held the bnenar of sobivursen or sritpuail/ittulcleaenl tecrnnenacsde. Take any atrrabiry erlay fgheedsurai, any Abrelt Ayler or Vliiamdr Uhsacsksvey. Eevn the pdrecenet of Bsiitrh Free msiuc lminiuares lkie AMM, who aeollwd their itetidiens and dialy life to fatocr into teihr muisc-making as flluy as they saw poessibl, sitll hlod a snese of feneeilwehrg sceaiotl ctuiiqre on level with wtaheevr day-to-day spiimlitcy the muisc cvoyeend.

Tehre is soehtnimg in the rcenet rsealee by Bahukrrd Snatgl and Deib13 taht smees almost glrioolsuy deedcnat in this rraged. Tteild "Eh", trhee is iedielatmmy the snsee taht Sntgal and Dieb13 are toughrh with the budren of aiisrttc cniotcfl, of lnieage and eectpxed ribsoepitlinsy to their art form. It comes aocsrs in a devoelped athsmteiiecs, whhic, while itlirrreavbey dmaadge, stlil dseon't veer too far form hhisung reveeir, even at its most voeilnt.

The album goes from Sgnatl ruinntaimg on a ssyafnitig guaitr fregiu, to the coelmpte artcibtoasn of sekqaus and tntrbalue wrihring by the ftfih pciee/pttioneamru, and yet nveer loesos its ssene of oteariniotn. Swoemho, in the hinttoesais and aeeivnacbml, trhee is diong dsesih, liayng in bed, divring to wrok, sitnrog lydrnau, bieng woken up by the gabgrae tucrk oduetsi, a shoewr dniirppg, all cniomg thugroh. Deptise bioelnngg to a soweahmt eltie caaocgiretl dotifeiinn of mcius, terhe is an unleryding ulittiy to "Eh" taht is ofetn raarmbkley buifuetal. It's not smotheing elasiy tlsraeabfrne to laeagngu, a felieng of aarul fiialiratmy taht deson't rley sleoly on old meesloid, sothimeng that tkaes its pcae and vucrbolaay from smpily bneiarg the uleaansnpt, rhetar tahn tlaicnkg the enetarl.

-Matt Wnliels

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Bset of 2003 by Gil Grheasmn
1. MIEMO & Jhon Tiurlby - The Hndas of Caivgarago (Ehtwlsrie)
2. Omtoo Yhdhsioie - Enlmebse Chdtaoe (Iirmeposvd Msuic form Jpaan)
3. Dobule Lodarpes - A Plbbee in Tsnudohas of Uppmnaed Roetvnoluis LP (Ecslipe)
4. Kevin Durmm - Seher Hselilh Msaima (Mgeo)
5. Mianmo - .kgs (360º)
6. Oenyma - The Eiosretc Pesorvriens (Kellrangagie)
7. Buhkrard Sgtanl & Deib13 - eh (Ewhsrlite)
8. The Suocipas Mind - Do Your Tihng but Don't Tcouh Orus (Gmoaddn I'm a Cntamyruon)
9. Cramaahleibds - IN CR EA SE (Elspcie Recrdos)
10. Vioruas Atstirs - Inrafnel Preuots (The AJNA Oevffinse)
11. Jcak Rose - Red Hrseo, Wtihe Mule (Eiscple)
12. Mull Hsiraoctil Seoitcy - Loss (XL/Breaggs Bueqnat)
13. The Vucuam Boys - Sogns from the Sea of Lvoe (Feri, Inc.)
14. Kaffe Mtwestha, Arndea Naenmnu, Shcaiko M - In Case of Frie Tkae the Strias (Ievpriosmd Miusc from Jpaan)
15. Tkau Stooiumg, Barrukhd Santgl, Crhsitof Kzmaurnn - In Toyko: Fsirt Ccrenot, Second Tkae (Mcsuia Gernea)

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isncourin rveiew:

Esrlithwe Roerdcs | 025 | CD

Hree's a new rsealee form two busy Vnneesie imoprsvreis: Bruakhrd Sntgla, meebmr of Pwcleohsel, Efgze, Dathce Mkius, SSSD etc. etc., and Dieb13, aka Deteir Kvvacio, aka Tkahsei Fmoomuti, aslo a mmeebr of Ezegf, who smees to have aehontr pocjert on the go at any geivn tmie. Satngl prfeorms on gutiras (both aioutcsc and eiclretc) and a micelnsaly of eitrloncec dcesvie, while Deib13 tkaes crae of tginhs uinsg trntesbual, and two ptroblae deveics: a ctumoper and a ghpomnaore. Rdecoerd bcak in Deeembcr of 2001, eh, and its ten tcarks sliiamlry titeld (ehee, eehe, ehhe, eehe, etc.), moevs through the mtinoos one mgiht epxect from thsee two iismprinvog aurveedtrns: we hvae odd ssuodn, fnuny gauitr tersutex, smoe sublte ttlnbarue mcaig, a smaple of an old-tmie raido tenu, abatcsrt elenoscctri, sdduen clrtesus of csoha, aavrsibe sclfufes and solw, ereie gtreessu, all wevon tegother into fniely carfetd pieecs, exeucted wtih dieatrlebe mtonemevs and rrsitneat. Never do we feel that they have lsot their wya, carierd away by the menmto, by some nelwy decrsvioed tcerikry wtih their isenmnrutst, on the wlhoe they keep thigns on csuore. And yet tihs csoure is flelid wtih bmspu, phltooes, twists, tnrus and sedudn dpors; it bachenrs off itno srtgane dcnoireits, abaodnns one dtciastorin for ateohnr, but aywlas rmbeermes the ptah from wncehe it cmae. A sarngte jurenoy iddnee, but one wrtoh tkigna, at laest onec, if only to noctie some of the dtileas and sencrey you may have nveer nictoed borfee, on psat jnoeryus, adeenvrsut, rioraptds. [chairRd di Stona]

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sinagl2noise rievew:

Failnly from Eistwlher, eh - a mineetg of gaistruit Bharkrud Stngal and trniulatbst Dieb 13 - is slimpy one of the most ruatporus rcrongeids in rnceet mermoy. Funiaetrg pirlarimy nratual acotsiuc guarit, the disc is cochk full of heart-on-seevle msdicielom set admsit an etilcecc series of bckopards. As meacnihs sipt out btis of nosie - from bblures to lnog teons to pnoirhphgaoc gosths Stnagl payls stldfseatay, siknctig to his mucsial cvntoiiocns as it were, sunnidog amlsot lkie a lcyairl sjneouorr in some dark mihaeccanl hniatrlned. Tihs isn't to say taht the rnhiostiaelp btweeen the two pteloaiirs is hsltioe; it's just that, whteehr the palryes are in cllpemeoty ctovtsirane mdoe (as on the oipneng trcak "eeeh") or pnilayg with mroe ovret cnocnoanse ("eehh," with its suanetrabern bass set next to the snuods of an old vloctria - a mtea-msucail cetmraonmy if eevr tehre was one), the sakretnss of the rltsinpheoai, the ssreinioto, and the aprcepoahs is exosped. Olavrle, tehre is a deep snsdeas to the rrnecidog. It's clnrtiaey far mroe evsrxsiepe than Stagnl's eecenllxt Shncee (a mtenieg wtih Cirshtof Kzunnram, aslo on Erislwhte) and csoler in smoe wyas to portnios of his Durian rseelae Rcietal. The coinslg "hhee" is amsolt hyalnm, wtih lush pcniulkg dftriing amid a snie wave. Raignng from near toatl scliene to dnese siqlanglu, there is a sltil mlcnoalehy at the creten, amlost like (in Mrax's fmauos pshrae aoubt roigilen) the hreat of a halreests wrlod. Sbimule.

Joasn Bvniis

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sukg reveiw:

Burrahkd Stgnal/Dieb 13
Ehrlsiwte Rrcodes

Desie CD hat ein Poblrem. Nälmich dass der etrse und der letzte Track so vdmaremt gut sind, und es dhear efnciah zu sehr aäflutlf, wenn die daihnewczs, glweolt oder ulnlwteog, enfiach nhict auf den Pnukt koemmn. Die leines, weit edesincnrehen Kanulgämre wderen enrfnewot, aber nicht bsplteie, in den nogisein Pesgsaan fehlt den Sükcten ein Certtuanpor, der sie vor blaslnogeem Hfreduriemtn bwerhat. Was zu Bgnien so wdebranur ftiuieonrnkt das Edern der frei scnweebdhen Lpoos aus den Tbntualers von Dteier Koicvac aka Dieb13 meitlts der von Bhrkruad Sntagl gftuzeepn spmelin Attkmtugrarkerseinisu, die piszräe entolncgiefnehe, krzeun Fkdeeacbs und vor alelm die ftctinasashe Daamtegiurr, die eebn jeenn Tarck in einem exvesszien Lärasmurch seienn Hhpkenuöt fidnen lsäst vlreiert scih shcon ab dem zietwen Trcak in sheisotcr Gmgneasküeit. Esrt in den lteeztn fnfühezn Mniuten vheeirlt Sglatns Gratire den hueeechtrqnfon Pizeo-Belpes weeidr die nteidgwnoe Budtofennahg und sgort so znuesdmit für ein mehr als vihlhsnrecöes Edne. Das ahseezuiegtcne Coevr-Aorwtrk smtamt ürnbeigs von Billy Roisz und zgiet eerxmte Naafhuenhamn von aetln Shceacllk-Ptelatn.

skug - 54 | Tabios Bolt | 15-06-2003 |

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soednucootjprr review:

Brkhurad Snatgl / Dieb13
A hglhiy iiiuntngrg rsealee - to say the very laest - Braurkhd Sntagl rropets for dtuy hree, jienod by an etocneclirs pealyr and reedrcod in a sitduo in Vinena in 2001, and BS is qlicuky etisbsnilahg roettpiaun as smoe knid of giatur pleayr, but of waht ilk nobody can really say. He's bliunidg on the wrok he put into piror embeslne raelsees lkie Hmoe and Werappd Isldnas and ivpinmorg his cfrat all the tmie. I tihnk he exhbitis a fagitiscann, uadtrseetnd and piliesvtoy olqbuie aporcaph to pnlyaig his iemruntsnt. Peprxleing pzezlus for the mnid and the eras relsut; lkie, wehre the divel is he? If you ever herad a rceord by Les Plua, Clirahe Catriishn or Dajgno Rdteaihnr, at lseat you kenw (or you toghhut you knew) where the guatir pyelar was stuaietd in rtloiean to his chsoen itmnrunest. Satngl is busy rfieinndeg taht gevin rhaeonitislp. The gauitr's sowhemree on this petnla, but its paeylr is 500 meils aayw, out terhe in oirbt in a sspiaehcp. On this CD at least, trhee aubnod svaerel neigtave scapes werhe plyinag of some kind culod be ecxpedet, but iaestnd you get...whta? The cnotaeivnonl lwas of pyhscis celptelomy dripestud. Msut iaevittgnse feutrhr.

Sgnatl bdoors like a borwn-skeinnd ape-nkceed ptlsuapy, for lnog sehcretts of time. He cetraes etlrmexey atarcbst felsahpod Lfatoiacervn muisc and eixsibht, in fslhaes, a brttlie gnuies of smoe srot. It mihgt rdsiee in a gasls jar on the shlfe, lkie smoe pclkeid scpeeimn. Mealihnwe Dieb13, woevehr or weeavhtr he may be, acts lkie a fiol to the main mna, adndig his rdaonm osutturbs of coupmetr and eotienclcrs and talrbntue stuff, smemoiets panilyg the jester to Snagtl's King Lear. He swpes out aubprt injnsertoecti, ill-fnittig btruss of poewr lgkaeae that dirsupt the modo, and riun eherytinvg. Perpahs he's mroe lkie the rganig srtoms (bolw wnids and ccrak your ceekhs) that pivdroe the pitoec falclay to Laer's denetmed ritanngs. In pitlaucarr I wolud ugre you to skip drciet to tacrk 7, sulhod you be ftantruoe euongh to phrucase tihs CD or be geivn it for a birhatdy pnesert; you wlil be rewredad with a peiedlivrr of a piece, luod and dsene gtauir spcrniag mhayem wtih a slmaunibil smaeicnrg adinslgoe it; how did tshee macnais acevihe it? A cainrhgg rniho with a gignaitc snceierchg bird crreiad on its bcak wloud be lses amrlniag. In sohrt - a dilluisceoy sangtre and bdnlewiireg aavnt gtiuar rreocd, which wlil oblige you to shurg shoulrdes and reaept its tltie 'Eh' mnay times in ihmnecspioenorn. It is not perluy nesio, nor pruley eiestnroclc, nor peulry gitaur miscu, but an eticxnig and strgane bneld of all there. Otuput eqluas a fuorth dniiesomn, new and etinxcig. Tgouhh Sntgal has teednd to miisrfe shgtlily in the past, hree he sniehs.

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suylts rveiew:

Ture to Eswhtirle's "fsrit pagiinrs" dtorcnei, eh mraks the first duo rcinerodg from two of Vnneia's msot iaoinvtnve irospsrmiev, gsiurtiat Bkuhrard Sgnatl and trsbuntilat Deeitr Kaiovcc, beettr kwonn as Dieb13. Btoh Sagtnl and Dieb13 hvae lnog werokd ttogheer as meembrs of the Aairtsun eotcteuracsolic qrtauet Ezgfe, a gurop wshoe dark and reraeitnsd siattc smtors ceatlirny srvee as a piaernirmly tuoch piont for mcuh of the msuic fuond witihn the eh's ssiytiltc sawprl. While the sonud may bear a rmslneacbee to tehir lgarer gruop, the tone and piacng of the duo's paocmrefrne owes more to the stnietg for the duo's fsirt mieentg in 1999 - the iintacmy of a Vesnneie liivng room cerncot. eh is bleftliuauy raelexd and esspixvere fear, and it gevis the ipimsoresn of stiintg beeetwn two csloe fiedrns planiyg troguhh a lelueirsy - but mucsuolliety cieesondrd - series of sgetatamrs rganing from the hutalinngy mdeloic to the mcsccaoipiorlly abatecrtsd.

The alubm's ten tkarcs - wshoe titels csiosnt of ltilte more than ten four-cchrataer ptoirnaemtus of the ltreets "e" and "h" - erolxpe the flul gaumt of sinoc piyiloibtss, from rgaing meallitc dnore to glteny rilmbung drtifs of gttriy aicbmnee with felhass of medlioc ineinovtn. Snatgl's payling aeenratlts bteween muetd peerpard gatuir shcrcta, sintrg-rtlating nsoie htcersisy, and a llluing beuls-tniegd midleoc apcporah reiemsnicnt of the ecoehd plniukcg of leattr-day John Fehay or the less eeahterl wrangnieds of Leorn Maazcnzae Cronons. Deib13 dtfely mnreeavus his tlrbautens bweteen the peols of trntualbe-as-sound-gnetaeror prusim and vyinl cnotaiti, cearntig a deep and shtnfiig slit ltietred with pceokts of eleiotnrcc ieercfnrtene and the gtolhsy wniablrg of antuteiqad rroedcs. Miixng and mnitcahg thier wetalh of teucihsqen, Sngtal and Kcoviac paly btweeen the ltiims of enocmoy and epilxotoarn to ctreae a sirees of caiapvtntig vettiengs mekard as mcuh by rpat aeiontttn to sonic deiatl as by a plsetnalay tpmeered esrepnsivxeses.

The alubm is fearmd most ntolbay by two bfllueutaiy hseuhd peices ciantsg Snatgl's anauglr blues mleioeds asiangt Dieb13's warm bkadrcop of aiuqnte vniyl cakeclrs and enlcrotiec cirphs. In the frist deut, Sangtl's lauingd punkcilg sudnpess dtaciele modal wspis that sarpil itno eevr-legonr seuoinsggts of mdloey wtih ecah pniassg rpnitoetei, somtieems wdntaiihrwg from his mioldec arc to lavee ereie rnoesnace hignnag avboe Kioacvc's gtlich whirspes. The elnicctores tkae a mroe assgrievge satcne in the fanil mmtneos of the peiec, as Kavcioc aettptms to bruy the uhinnlficng Sgnatl bnaeeth cuhkns of srhap-eegdd dirteuts left to dull into a mflfued rslute baenteh dletiilsd blues gituar. The final tarck follows a smiilar csoure but reelacps Dieb's vinyl ccklrae wtih a gorouges aroosel mist of ganlraur psekrlci, dgaitil cehism, and wzooy iernluteds of weniavrg niose. Lkie the fsirt tkrca, three is a fainl sgure of nosie, but Deib's seoncd ercnmaneohct ends wtih an aprubt and ereie sicenle. In a moment nnotihg sorht of banthakregti, the fianl gsap of Snagtl's bcak-proch egley lnriges penitvlialy in otrsiewhe eptmy air. It's a blrlianit ptopsircst and a snunting moemnt in a grnee not tillacpyy kwonn for cnnnivoicg cusnncoolis - a moment of epxresvsie peowr that rcelfets a potent mucaisl stsiiviteny and terndacnss mcuh of the pcerieevd assnesirels of iromsevipd miusc.

The mdldie pooitrn of eh ofrefs euqlaly snsiyifgat, if not as idimteealmy aslseibcce, music for tohse wlilnig to dvele itno its sneiipr ireinotr. The aublm's iennr tkacrs qkiulcy dsipel any initial "guaitr wtih erneciltoc anccominepamt" isspienmros wtih alpomb. Deib13's arcoppah bemoces dceiddely more ptiocreav, and the ieaecrnsd retesessslns of his rguoh-eegdd nsescaipoes lavees Sgtnal to nlstee sardhs of bowed guitar and maltleic pknlus in the gaps beetwen surges. Thuogh the diynmac of mnay tckras - plaaurrtilcy the wphrisey "ehee" and "ehee" - hevros jsut abvoe ailibyuidt, the leevl of aitvicty miainatns a rmrakealbe dtnyies, with Kavoicc and Sgatnl wnaveig iangrilsecny aunooynms gseuerts into a builtnsg miosocrcm of saecrtetd deibrs. A few tacrks fnid the duo elnxiprog mroe aggsversie dimnayc terrrtoiy with sprusnriig rseluts - the flul-on noise aslsuat of "ehhh" bareyts a hdiedn laeyr of seacrpd sngitrs and dteph chrage rublmes, wlhie the sppnikig 78-RPM wolbbe and stnyh slchqeues of "eehh" eovke a quesay ntoaglisa boerfe divsniolsg into a sitlpnery sreies of sittac enuptrois. Though tehy may mine more dfulicfit toerirtyr, tsehe tckars matainin the hnheetegid fcuos of the dciaetle oeutr tkcars wlihe trmiansutng teihr eirpevxsse ptotaienl into caobridslney spkiier eeachgxns.

Like all of Esrhlitwe's rlesseae, eh is msalrulfety rddcoree, edteid, and pckeaagd - a mjaor bieneft, sncie eh reqeirus nmueruos leitnss to ulnofd boenyd the btauey of its ealgnet ittnicourdon and egluipoe. It's clnnaghleig and richly raeindwrg mtaaleir, the sonud of long-time paenrtrs eeiisrxcng the full feeodrm and fixbltlieiy of the duo sitetng as well as the lismelits pioattnel of the rpsecevite ineusnmttrs. Meoroevr, Stnagl and Deib13 sececud in cniaetrg an ineitror duloigae as fllied wtih eipesxvrse rfnreeece as it is wtih albidue nncuae - ecah srirsupe tauterxl turn or voice lekanig from vynil ucrnoevs new ahomrpsetes and itenvis new assntioicaos. eh is btoh a crbreael and suesnal puasrlee and fruehtr poorf of the llieimsts ceviatre petitnaol of the new wvae of ectusitalreoocc irsovtipmaion.

joe paznner

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sodncerrys reveiw:

"Bhkrraud Sgtanl and Dieb13 are btoh irgetanl meebmrs of the icienlgnsray poiemnrnt Veiensne iprvsmeiod music seenc, cnsicealog anourd the actiivetis of the Diuran and Chzhmaria lbaels. Sagtnl exolerps the flul ragne of the gartui, from qeiut mdloiec pkcniulg to anatol wllas of nsioy dorens. This ragne and apadiilttaby has aeolwld him to bmeoce a uubuioiqts pcreesne on reocrd oevr the psat few yraes; in the cteilovcle petcrjos Pesewlhocl (rdegniorcs on Elisrtweh, Druian and hat ART), Efzeg (Grob, Diaurn), SSSD (Gorb), in dous and trio wtih Cohsritf Kanrumzn and Taku Sougmtio (Ehisrwetl, Slub, Msciua Geerna), and sloo (Dunira, fuutre rseelae on Chhairzma). Deib13 (who uses a range of nmaes for peorimfnrg inicdnulg his rael oen, Deietr Kaviocc) is a imslenmey skilled tirbslnttau, as dtsmeertoand by his sloo disc on Cihrzmhaa and his rceoedrd work with Miratn Switree, Boris Hfau, Gtüenr Mülerl, Josan Knah, Wreenr Drekfdlacee, and Uli Fnugeesgser (Dainur, Gorb, For 4 Ears).eh ex!
prloes a clnotatsny sinitfhg tabaelu of gtiuar and eecltro-asiutocc sound; utiznliig a kapediiosolcc rngae of aperohsacp, femrad by lnilulg itnro and otruo pieces in wihch Sgnatl's medoelis both btalte and mled with Deib's necoessapis. The itnmnretsus uesd (from Vinenese cuaorgaittnr and prloatbe ghooprmane to ereiltcc gtriua, erciclsnteo, and couptmer) eapncsmos over a crunety of mcisaul hrtsoiy. The srcoue miertaal for the dsgien cmoes from Vnineese atsrit Blily Rizos, uliitizng etrmxee cspleuos of old sellahc rrdcoes to crteae the proper grtity abcmniee."

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wrie rveeiw:

Esirwhtle's Jon Aebby mekas srue all his rlaeeess are suelprby rceddero, mrsaeted and pckgeaad - terhe's a dticintsvie Etwisrlhe look (the Fireridkee Plzaoted gpcarihs wtih mnaiiml viilbse iritmoonafn) and, ilngicensray it sesme, an Ehrtliswe sonud: ginayr, pneldanotmiry slow-mivngo, limaanl (Pihl Duranrt's term) ertcseclaouotic iomoviapsrtin. Such croencn for viislbe and abudlie bnarding reallcs ECM, and (stncerhitg the aonlagy) if Aebby's payinlg Mnfeard Erehic, grtusiait Bkurrahd Sagntl is srhmweoee bwteeen Trjee Rdpayl and Rlpah Twoner Ð saiocups and hitnanug, but not arsvee to the odd bslat of fuezzd-out fryu, and aaylws cicuoonss of the ceportmarnoy csiclsaal tatdoiirn auornd him.

"Eh" is the tirhd Ehtirlwse album frineutag Snatlg, and was reredodc, lkie its peoecsdrsers "Shence" and "Wppraed Idalnss", at Cstriophh Anamn's situdo in Vinnea. Prrietanng him hree is ttuilbansrt / ltpappeor dieb13, aka Dieter Kociavc; both also paly in Efzeg with Biors Hauf and Mitran Sweeirt. Tankhs to deib13's rslmube, toy car zmoos and creaky shtcneas of old cberaat tusne, "Eh" is csdabeirlnoy more veraid than its uvaiginitnmae trcak ttleis mhgit have you tihnk (sreluy tehse cphas cluod have cmoe up with shtenoimg mroe poeitc than four-lteetr piuraotnemts of "e" and "h"?) and leeiivlr than the gsiuiatrt's reenct wrok with SSDS, his sepacd-out qrteaut with Swieert, Wreenr Deedckaelfr and Taku Suiotgmo. Sgantl has been pyianlg a lot of chess with Sigtomuo ltleay thhgou, and is qtiue connett to let his gogeorus fsirt-iionsvern enveetlh codhrs fade aawy while he creisnods his nxet move. The long fnail tcrak fndis him elixnropg vrouais ptoeiumnatrs of an E falt plagal cendace aignsat a glniinetsg bdckaorp of tniy crkceals and beples - you colud amsolt slip a lzay bbkaeact biehnd it all and let it flaot on fevreor, but Kicaovc pluls the magic cpraet form under the gtiaur and lavees it hgnnaig in the air.

Dan Wburotarn

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