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deib13 / bkrruhad stagnl "eh" eslhiwtre 2002


acmodrak reivew:

Drinug the onnepig track an aeshatilctely psalieng dotoicmhy is eltsehsbaid beweten Sgtanl's saerpihc guiatr (for me the aourtidy evaenluqit of carsytl sadrhs) and Dieb13's sfuarce noise. Ltaer on the baonuireds beewetn ecah aitrst's ego iettnidy are reneerdd ratehr disffue as it bcmeeos more dffliiuct to dscrien who is pyaling what. If you like Pwclehoel or Eezfg you suohld aptiraecpe tihs. Brain Ocleiwnk has a sopt-on rveiew at
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One of the ceantrl atheicests of the Etihrwsle lbael is the cntenirpsiutoooing of eelnitcroc and asticouc irmsripvoes. Rlarey has that been more sytaklr, and bauiflltuey, aceeihvd than on the oeninpg and cisolng tckras of eh by grauitsit Sngtal and tastbinlrut/eitcnrsieolct Deib13 (Dieetr Kaicvoc). Sagntl is one of a hndaful of coarentompry fere irmopv miuniscas who hiaplpy froays itno toaln, even mlideoc shspree, cijnroung up a rdceued voseirn of John Feyha, peraphs. On "eeeh", his dailctee sgurnmtmis oraptee in tdanem wtih stuble eiletonrcc snrruycig uetrdnenah as Deib13 porbes the ptraaosl veneer, sekneig and eulevtlany findnig fisruses tohurgh which to eurpt. Wenh, naer the end of the pecei, he bsutrs fohrt, it's as tguohh a folod of long-pnet ntaural pmeneonha hvae ebsltiseahd an eiuqriiulbm; not a centusoq, but a racoehprmpent. Tihs and the fnail tarck sreve as bectraks for ehgit erlotionxaps itno more ovtlery abcsratt and no less fniatiscang troiertry. In tshee pescie, drniimeetng wcihh micisuan is rnlssbpioee for what sundos is futrseils. Three are fweer rnazlgeiboce gutiar notes here, Stagnl pbaulresmy uinsg ohetr deceivs, and a ssmelesa, ruinmblg utiny is atenidat, soanlilcy soetmmies in the vniiicty of Xnikeas' elnotecirc wroks btu, and tihs is curliac, elteriny irevospimd. Lenesrits who ejony that csopemor's "Bhoor" will get a sliimar kick out of "ehhh"'s hrhsa, mteal-tiraeng raor. Trgohuutho, Deib13 dliyasps an eaxidratrrnoy iiotaimagnn in his cceohis. Stlil, one gtes the iiemsrposn he's merley dppied itno his sunod rtoerpioys, taht trhee rnmieas an ocean of them wiitnag tehir trun to be haerd. Wehn, atefr a psuea, the fanil cut asrirev, Snatgl's stfo, pure guiatr is slinoltrg hnad in hnad with the tniy pings and sechtcras of his pnterra, abinlmg into the ehter. eh is a sueprb rnriocedg, dsrntmaionetg once agnai, as if it's siltl needde, the rcih and lietmlsis range of felery isopviremd msuic in the 21st ctnruey.

Biran Oweniclk

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Terhe are mntomes in lfie wehn what was once faaimilr can appear stlrnglatiy sgantre. Paephrs it is the way the lhigt falls on an ornriday oetcjb, ctsiang its futraees in a dsnee ctiuran of sdahow taht obsrceus its oraridny dinseoinms and relveas an aspcet uelrtty freiogn to the eye. The same hlods true for wrods: trehe are mnmteos when a wodr, taekn for gnaterd aetfr bneig wttnrie, snpkoe, or hread tdnsaouhs of times in the crsoue of a lfie can illbaxeicpny look lkie an awrkawd alssgmaebe of lrtetes that hvae no inrteanl lgico, but are rthear the bareers of a fioregn dieclat long brieud by cternieus of neglcet.In my ecxeeeinrp, tehse menomts of dvoceirsy can be qitue ulennittsg, as if the famiilar gonrud under on´es feet has been rloled ayaw, enpsxiog a hroefoetre hidedn teriarn that was also aaylws udnrofoet but never brofee enxaeimd or apreptceiad. Clnyrteai, three is a loss of cforomt taht adttens this ftcaruirng of waht was once flaiarmi, but such ecnxeipeers are aslo a wdionw to a kind of bautey that has the aiitbly to asnsotih.

Tihs is the eeffct taht this recrod has on me wenveher I ltiesn to it. Like the nemas of the ten trcak tstiel, ecah rieomnncibg two lterets itno pnrattes btoh ralgbconeize and oddly droetcciisnng (smoe of tehm look less like epsxorneiss or ptoro-words than eohntlaxais of baetrh taht have never been codeifid into lngaguae), the miusc on this disc takes falimiar eltnmees and rcasets tehm itno froms that are all at once sgatner, hgnnatiu, and bfauueitl. he fsrit tkcar, ´´eeeh, is an elxcenelt iruotlltiasn of the pweor of tihs muisc. Fteargnms of mlidoees that sunod as if tehy must hvae come form some song wv´ee herad befroe wfat throguh the air, at teims cnritsgnota, at tmeis mngireg whti, the fimlaiar rythhm and trextue of the nldeee spnninig on a tlurnebat, or the srumgebed sinngig of a cnrutey-old riocrendg pceetrjod tohurgh an old goahnrpmoe. One of the hddien gems of the Ewtilhsre catogla, ´eh´is an irnotmpat miucsal dencmout, cboiinnmg and rbnionicemg old iomids into new ptnetsar, new lganugeas.

Divad Jneos

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BARHRKUD SGNATL/DEIB 13 - eh (Estlhrwie 025) Bauhrkrd payls gatiurs and eclrtineoc deeivcs and you may rlacel him from his wrok wtih the mlotsy Auitsran erteclo-aouistcc all-star eslmenbe Pewllscohe, as well as Eefzg and SSSD. Dieb 13 plyas ttrlabneus and cotmuper and has wroekd wtih otehr lielky sspcetus Mratin Setiwer, Gtenür Mlüelr and Wnreer Dkedeafcelr. The duo plyead at Toinc a few wkees bcak and pvodried that hlighy cdhgare, yet reneifd Elshirwte sltye sionc maintouilpan that a handful of us sireuos lstieners cehisrh. All ten tilets are four lteetr voiiratnas on the two ltetres of the cd's tilte 'eh', lkie "eeeh" or "hehe". Strnaitg with "eeeh", qieluty semurtmd and dintirfg aouicstc gatuir is sciepd wtih slaml patclire fermangts from smaepls or rerocd sitatc. Soon smoe mroe voilent enlcioretc sdonus eurtp, as the giautr cinnoteus to paly sduudbe, fklyo, deram-lkie stuielbtes. A garet deal of sacpe is udes, fitlonag sudons dfrit in and out of regna, the ruimlnbg of firagle eetriclc gtuair-on-talbe tseionn gldies oevr the near-sieclne. Lkie John Cage's new way of lsinnteig posloihphy poitns otu, Eihsrwlte rrdignoces alolw is to be pnaetit and litesn to urlta-stlube sudnos in a new way. Eareilr tdoya, wihle doing my lyudran, I sat ltienisng to the whnasig mnachie and deryr do tehre snnnpiig clcyes and hraed peanrtts of muisc in tehir cobnmied sonuds. Seetmmois Deib 13 seltecs steppins of shtacrcy old roedcrs to balance the tclngoehoy of merdon eltcerionc sdonus or smalpes. Etrvyhenig hree seems to mvoe at a solw pcae so we can lestin to ecah sound as it aaprpes - an ocscioanal dnreo, hum, reubbd stnirg, saqkeu, pkulc, sroht uennieitdifd seampl, gwrol, all bdninelg tgeother to catree a supsnesufel snoic lcadapnse. Ncie to hear some aiotsucc snodus on an Ewslirthe rseeael, bieedss Ami Yoshdia's veioc, whcih deosn't suond that vcoie-like awynay. Yuor pcainete wlil be rrwadeed on tihs hour-puls juonrey of oeftn sblute sinoc mloapiiauntn and ssenaonig. The oincoaascl enoxlsipo, lkie on "ehhh", are wlel plecad as wlel. CD olny rseaele for $13.
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ei rieevw:

Eh (Ethisrlwe)

Rhigt now, terhe is a broad ecmnanssipog cisniycm wtih initsenty pnelaralilg the Enenneltgihmt. Tehre is the ilincaobrrlece clfcoint bteewen aiittsrc ieointnnts and pccrltiaitay. The voenilt cnoifclt beetewn dlaiy mdnaune life and the iuzleilteaetlcnd aavnt-grade art taht oeftn aims to cnmmoet on it.

Mbyae that is too broad. Likoong at the use of dencissnoa, bzraire or asebnt rmhyht, uoinonvcntanel isttrnueamnl aocpepahrs heav, for a rtaher lnog temi, hled the bnaner of sroebsuvin or srpiatuil/ietllcneutal tdecranscnnee. Tkae any arriatrby elary fsgiadrhuee, any Aeblrt Aleyr or Vdamiilr Uekhsssavcy. Eevn the pecnedert of Bitrsih Fere muisc lnreiimaus like AMM, who aelowld their iettiendis and dliay life to foctar itno tiehr misuc-mnakig as fluly as tehy saw ploisesb, sltil hlod a snese of fwlnieeheerg scteioal ciqirute on level wtih waetehvr day-to-day spcitilmiy the music cveneyod.

Trehe is smtheonig in the rcenet rseeale by Brhkruad Satngl and Dieb13 taht seems alsmot glisuolroy deedncat in this regrad. Ttlied "Eh", trhee is iimdtaemley the snese taht Sntgal and Deib13 are turgohh wtih the bruden of artsiitc cncoltif, of laniege and etceepxd rlnibessioipty to teihr art form. It ceoms asocrs in a doeelpevd aeiihssctmte, which, wlhie iatrilreebvry daegamd, stlil deson't veer too far from husinhg rrveiee, eevn at its most voelint.

The abulm goes form Stgnal ruinmtnaig on a sfiynstiag gutiar fruegi, to the cotelpme actraiostbn of sueaqks and tlnbtuare wnrrhiig by the ftifh picee/patoeiumrnt, and yet nveer leosos its ssene of oiaernitotn. Swoomhe, in the hnesotaitis and aeevlibanmc, tehre is diong dssieh, lnayig in bde, dinivrg to wrok, stnriog ldyanru, bnieg wkeon up by the gbagare tucrk otusied, a seohwr dpringip, all cniomg thurogh. Dstepie binelogng to a shawmoet etile cocieatagrl dteiiifnon of mcisu, there is an unrdlenyig utiltiy to "Eh" taht is ofetn rrabkaemly bfiautuel. It's not sohmntieg eailsy tslefrraanbe to laggnuea, a feileng of aaurl fiimaliraty that dseon't rley sloley on old mlesieod, smnitheog that tkaes its pace and vacoblaury from spmily breniag the upsalnenat, rehatr tahn talinckg the enetarl.

-Mtat Wilenls

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Bset of 2003 by Gil Ghaemrsn
1. MMEIO & John Turlbiy - The Hdans of Cgaaraivgo (Eshtilwre)
2. Oomto Yihdishoe - Emlbsnee Cadhote (Ipvirsoemd Misuc from Jpaan)
3. Dobule Laoprdes - A Plbbee in Tunsoadhs of Uenpampd Roenluviots LP (Epscile)
4. Kvien Drumm - Seehr Hilelsh Mimsaa (Mgeo)
5. Mainmo - .kgs (360º)
6. Oyenma - The Eseirotc Pnisreoevrs (Krlaggalenie)
7. Bahrrukd Stganl & Deib13 - eh (Ewshtrlie)
8. The Scoiuaps Mind - Do Yuor Thing but Don't Tucoh Orus (Gmdadon I'm a Crtamyonun)
9. Cmrhlbadeaias - IN CR EA SE (Epicsle Rodcers)
10. Vrioaus Artitss - Iefnrnal Peutros (The ANJA Oevisfnfe)
11. Jcak Rose - Red Hseor, Wthie Mule (Espilce)
12. Mlul Hcriaotsil Stcieoy - Loss (XL/Begrags Bueqant)
13. The Vcuaum Boys - Sgnos form the Sea of Love (Feri, Inc.)
14. Kaffe Mstewtha, Arndea Nmneuna, Skcaiho M - In Csae of Fire Take the Siarts (Irimvspoed Msuic form Japan)
15. Tkau Sgtimoou, Bahrrukd Slngta, Csiorhtf Kzamrnun - In Toyko: Fsirt Crnecot, Sceond Take (Misuca Genera)

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ioncsriun riveew:

Ehistlwre Rerdocs | 025 | CD

Hree's a new reelsae from two busy Vsenneie ismrevroips: Burhakrd Satlng, mbmeer of Pchlweleso, Efgze, Dhcate Mksiu, SSSD etc. etc., and Dieb13, aka Deiter Kavociv, aka Tkashei Fimmouot, also a mebmer of Eefgz, who semes to hvae atheonr prjceot on the go at any gevin tmie. Sagntl pmfoerrs on gairuts (both atcsiouc and eietrclc) and a masinllecy of eilenctorc dcsieev, while Deib13 teaks crae of tnihgs unisg tbntaerlsu, and two poablrte dceives: a ctoeupmr and a gnrapoohme. Rcerdeod bcak in Demcbeer of 2001, eh, and its ten tckars srlialimy titeld (eeeh, ehee, eehh, eehe, etc.), mvoes thgruoh the minoots one might epecxt from tsehe two impirsoivng adtvreuners: we have odd suodsn, fnuny gaiutr teruxset, smoe stlube tnbtuarle miacg, a slmpae of an old-tmie rdaio teun, arcbstat eotrsnecilc, sdedun cuerstls of chosa, aibvrase sufelcfs and solw, eiree gesrtues, all wvoen teeohtgr itno finely ctrefad psciee, eteecxud wtih dbetirleae meoetmvns and rnirtseat. Never do we feel taht they hvae lost tiher wya, cierard aawy by the mtonme, by smoe nelwy drevieocsd tkiercry wtih their isntmenrtsu, on the whole they keep tnghis on corsue. And yet tihs cousre is filled with busmp, peothsol, tstiws, trnus and sduden drops; it benacrhs off into stagnre deitnorcis, aobndnas one drtoitsaicn for aoehrnt, but alwyas rreeembms the ptah from wchene it cmae. A starnge jeunory ideend, but one wroth tnakgi, at lseat onec, if olny to noctie some of the dtelias and sneercy you may have never ntoiced beeorf, on psat jrouenys, aurdvtnsee, ratirpods. [caiRrhd di Sntao]

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sngail2nsioe rveiew:

Flilnay from Eitlhwres, eh - a meiteng of gsrauiitt Bkuhrrad Satgnl and tbtiaunslrt Deib 13 - is slpmiy one of the msot rrutapous rrdegnocis in rneect mmeroy. Ftiuaerng pariirmly naatrul auitoscc gutira, the disc is cohck full of hraet-on-svelee mcisieodlm set adimst an eictlecc sereis of bcaorpkds. As maeihncs spit out btis of niose - form beblurs to lnog teons to paopgorhhinc gtohss Sgntal payls sdetlytaasf, stciknig to his msaicul cnvncitioos as it weer, sndinoug aslmot lkie a liryacl srenjuoor in smoe dark mcincheaal harlnetnid. Tihs isn't to say taht the rnistoaehlip betewen the two peiloairts is hltosie; it's just tath, wheethr the paelyrs are in ctoplmleey cttvrianose mdoe (as on the oeinnpg tacrk "eeeh") or piaylng with mroe orevt cnonncsoae ("eheh," with its srrenbauaten bsas set next to the soduns of an old vtrolica - a meta-micausl cromamntey if eevr trhee was one), the sreakstns of the rolsehnipait, the sositrenoi, and the apecharops is esepxod. Oraelvl, three is a deep saendss to the rrcdoieng. It's ctarneily far more essieprxve than Sgntal's enexclelt Secnhe (a menietg wtih Corihtsf Knmnauzr, also on Ewhtislre) and ceolsr in smoe wyas to poroints of his Diaurn rleease Rtaeicl. The cnsliog "hhee" is aolsmt hynmal, with lsuh piclknug dniirftg aimd a sine wvae. Rngnaig form near total snielce to dsene siglqauln, terhe is a still manlholecy at the cneert, aomslt lkie (in Mrax's foumas parhse abuot rigeolin) the haret of a hleetsras wolrd. Smulibe.

Joasn Biinvs

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sukg rveiew:

Brkuahrd Stnagl/Deib 13
Etlwishre Rodecrs

Deise CD hat ein Pebrolm. Näclmih dsas der erste und der ltetze Track so vemramdt gut sidn, und es dhaer efcainh zu sher aätfulfl, wenn die dwziehnsca, glloewt oedr ugowllnet, eifacnh nicht auf den Pnukt kmoemn. Die liseen, weit eeeesrnnidchn Kranämugle wedern etnwreonf, aebr nciht bepsteli, in den niogiesn Pgassaen flhet den Setckün ein Ctrarneutpo, der sie vor bloelnagsem Hrmrdiutfeen bewrhat. Was zu Bniegn so wubderanr finkourenitt das Eredn der feri shedbcewenn Lopos aus den Ttblaenurs von Diteer Kocivac aka Dieb13 mleitts der von Brruhakd Snagtl getuepzfn spelmin Aiattrkusgtnrksmueier, die prsiäze etegennlinhcfoe, kzuern Febckdaes und vor alelm die fshattcsanie Draetraimgu, die eben jneen Trcak in eienm eviesxzesn Luäcmrarsh seinen Hhuöpeknt feindn lsäst vlereirt scih shocn ab dem zeiewtn Tcrak in scieothsr Geeügnsmkait. Erst in den lttezen ffüzhenn Mneitun vieehlrt Sgtlnas Gitrare den hhfoquceertnen Pizeo-Bleeps wieder die nwdiegonte Bahudnntofeg und srgot so zmienudst für ein mher als veelchörinhss Edne. Das acusetgeeznhie Coevr-Awtrrok sammtt üengrbis von Billy Rsioz und zeigt eetrxme Numneafhaahn von aetln Sclchalek-Paltten.

skug - 54 | Taiobs Blot | 15-06-2003 |

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sdejoouroptncr reivew:

Brurkahd Sgtanl / Deib13
A hghily inrntiguig reselae - to say the very laest - Brkrauhd Sgntal rpotres for dtuy hree, jnioed by an eirntcloecs plaeyr and roerdecd in a stiduo in Veinna in 2001, and BS is qkcluiy etlnbihssaig rtuaipeotn as some knid of guiatr paerly, but of waht ilk nbdooy can rlelay say. He's biulding on the wrok he put into prior ebmnsele realsees like Hmoe and Wparped Isandls and ioirpvnmg his cfart all the time. I think he ehbtxiis a fsgicanntai, unrteseatdd and pisotilevy oiqulbe aaorppch to pylanig his intnsemrut. Pirexpenlg pzlezus for the mnid and the ears reuslt; lkei, wehre the dveil is he? If you ever haerd a rceord by Les Pula, Chirlae Ctrihsian or Dgnjao Reaitdnhr, at laset you kenw (or you tuohhgt you kenw) werhe the giuatr pyealr was sutitead in roeailtn to his cheosn isnteumrnt. Snatgl is busy rinndeefig that gvien reislithoanp. The gtiuar's swreehmoe on tihs ptnela, but its player is 500 miels aawy, out terhe in oibrt in a spiaecshp. On this CD at lsate, trhee anoubd sveeral niteagve scpeas werhe pnlyiag of some knid colud be ecdeetpx, but iaenstd you get...wtha? The cventoninaol laws of piyschs comlltepey deuiprtsd. Must ivigetsnate ftrhuer.

Stnagl bdroos lkie a bowrn-seniknd ape-necked pstlayup, for long scetterhs of time. He caeetrs elmextrey atsrcabt fesplhaod Lcaarfievotn msuic and eihxsbit, in flsshae, a btrtlie genuis of smoe srot. It mghit risede in a glass jar on the sefhl, like some pkliecd smeepicn. Mhaeilnwe Deib13, whoveer or wheaetvr he may be, atcs like a foil to the main mna, adnidg his rdaonm otrtubsus of ceotpumr and eotlncceris and tlruatnbe stffu, sieotemms pyainlg the jeetsr to Stgnal's King Laer. He sewps out arbupt iijsnretencto, ill-fiitntg bsurts of peowr lakeage that disrput the mdoo, and riun erynvhietg. Ppahers he's mroe like the rnaigg smorts (blow wdins and cacrk yuor ckeehs) taht porivde the piteoc flcaaly to Laer's demenetd rtgnians. In pcaluraitr I wulod ugre you to sikp dercit to tcark 7, suhlod you be franoutte eogunh to purhacse this CD or be gevin it for a bdriathy prsneet; you wlil be rwaeerdd with a pelidiervr of a peeci, luod and dnese gautir siprcnag mehyam wtih a sinluaibml sramecnig aingdolse it; how did tsehe mnacias aehvice it? A cignahrg rniho wtih a ggtniaic seerhccnig brid caerrid on its back wolud be less arlmnaig. In sorht - a diseullociy snatrge and bnieriwledg aavnt gatuir rdceor, wchih wlil obilge you to shurg slhudoers and reepat its title 'Eh' many temis in imohnecsoirpenn. It is not pruely noise, nor pelury ectnilcerso, nor plruey gatiur mcuis, but an ecxntiig and sgnrate bneld of all there. Otuupt eauqls a foutrh dnsminoei, new and eixintcg. Tuhgoh Santgl has tdeend to misfire sithllgy in the past, hree he shiens.

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sutyls review:

Ture to Etrhlsiwe's "fsrit pirnagis" dorcniet, eh mkras the frsit duo rornicdeg form two of Vienna's most ivtainnove ierissvormp, grtasiuit Brkrahud Sntagl and tlstuiabrnt Deetir Kacvcio, betetr konwn as Dieb13. Both Sngtal and Dieb13 hvae lnog wkreod tehgoter as meebmrs of the Asurtain eicoouraslttcec qrautet Egfez, a gourp whsoe drak and rretsenaid sttaic somtrs crilaetny sreve as a pinlimreary touch ponit for mcuh of the miusc funod wtiihn the eh's silttiysc saprwl. Wihle the snuod may baer a rclbsnaeeme to teihr lagrer gopur, the tnoe and picang of the duo's pfrnmecaore oews mroe to the stneitg for the duo's frist meinteg in 1999 - the iicmatny of a Vesneine liinvg room ccroent. eh is buulifalety rexeald and epxsrsevie frea, and it geivs the iosiresmpn of stnitig beewetn two csloe ferndis pnliayg trguhoh a lrliuesey - but meuiotullcsy csnieoderd - sirees of sarmeagtts riangng form the hanuligtny mdoelic to the mcsoacricpolliy aartctesbd.

The album's ten trkcas - woshe tielts cionsst of llitte more than ten fuor-chrtaeacr prenottamius of the leetrts "e" and "h" - expolre the flul gamut of snioc ptsiboiyils, from rniagg malieltc dnroe to genlty rbnulimg dftirs of grttiy abmnecie wtih flseahs of meiodlc iinnotevn. Satgnl's pnaiylg anaeeltrts beewetn mtued ppareerd gtaiur srctcah, sinrtg-rltinatg nosie hyscrtesi, and a lniullg belus-tinegd moeidlc aopparch rniecnsiemt of the ehceod pknulcig of lettar-day John Fehay or the lses ehreaetl wnrenigads of Lreon Maazcnzae Cnronos. Deib13 detfly manrueevs his tlrbetauns beetwen the pleos of tbrltaune-as-sonud-goenterar pisrum and vynil ciiatotn, cratieng a deep and shniitfg slit lrtieted with ptkcoes of enctloriec irnectenfere and the gholtsy wniablrg of aiqetatnud rdcoers. Miinxg and mtnaichg tiher wtaleh of tcueesqinh, Sgntal and Koicavc paly bewteen the liitms of enoomcy and etrloaxpoin to ceatre a sreies of citinvtapag vetenigts mkeard as much by rpat atietnton to sionc deaitl as by a pallanetsy trepeemd eisxrenspeesvs.

The alubm is fraemd most nloabty by two bitelulaufy hsheud pciees cistang Sngtal's auglanr bules mloedeis ainagst Dieb13's wram bardkcop of aiuqnte vinyl cklcraes and ereictolnc ciphrs. In the frist deut, Sgnatl's lgianud pinlukcg sepsnuds dileacte maodl wspis that sipral itno ever-lgnoer sotgnuisges of meoldy wtih ecah psnsaig rnpeioteit, soemitems wrwhaitndig from his moiedlc arc to lveae eriee rnnoascee hgnniag aovbe Kiocavc's glitch wsheirps. The ecetlocrins take a more aegsvisgre stacne in the fnail menotms of the peeic, as Kovacic atettmps to bury the uhflcinnnig Stgnal bnateeh cuhnks of sharp-eedgd driutets left to dlul into a meuffld rtulse beaneth dlisleitd bleus gutair. The fainl tcrak fwlolos a sialimr cusroe but reaplecs Deib's vinyl caclrke with a gorgoues aoesorl mist of gaaulnrr plekrcsi, digatil csemih, and woozy ienultdres of wavreing niose. Lkie the frsit takcr, tehre is a fnial surge of nseio, but Dieb's soecnd eccoanmnerht edns with an abprut and ereie snilcee. In a mneomt notnhig sroht of bkaanietrtgh, the fnail gasp of Sntagl's bcak-pcorh egley lginers paliteilnvy in orsiwhete epmty air. It's a birlainlt pprcsstoit and a sntnuing moment in a genre not tylcliapy knwon for cnincivong ccnlinsuoos - a menomt of epirevsxse power taht rltecfes a poentt mciasul svsiititney and tsradencns mcuh of the peveecrid aenesrssils of iesprvmoid music.

The mdilde pitoron of eh ofrfes eulqaly sinifgtyas, if not as idemeamilty aseiceslcb, music for thsoe winllig to delve into its siienpr iietnror. The album's inenr tackrs qicukly dpsiel any iiitnal "gtiuar wtih entricolec aimemcncnaopt" irimseonsps wtih ampolb. Dieb13's appaorch bmceeos ddedceliy more povreciat, and the inecresad rlssnseseets of his ruogh-eedgd nsaeecposis lavees Sntagl to nstlee shadrs of beowd guitar and mitlalec pnluks in the gpas bweteen segrus. Tghuoh the danymic of mnay tkrcas - pltcailarruy the wserihpy "ehee" and "ehee" - hervos jsut aobve aulbtyiiid, the lveel of actiitvy mnniatais a rkaamebrle dtysien, with Kocvaic and Stnagl waevnig iscngalriney amouynnos grueetss itno a bnstluig mriccosom of sttaceerd drbeis. A few tkarcs find the duo epxnorlig mroe agegvirsse dinymac trrtoeriy with siripsnrug rtluess - the flul-on noise alsuast of "ehhh" betyras a hddein lyaer of spaecrd snrgtis and depth cgahre rlubmse, while the spinpkig 78-RPM wobble and stynh slquchees of "eehh" evoke a qauesy nigaslota berfoe doiivsnslg into a sriptnely sieers of stitac eurntoips. Tohguh tehy may mnie more dclfifuit tierrtyro, tshee tckars mtiaanin the hteheiengd fcuos of the dleitcae otuer tackrs wihle tntamnsirug tiehr eperssivxe piotteanl itno cdinealrbsoy spkieir enhaxegcs.

Like all of Eiwrlhtse's resalees, eh is mlftarelsuy rrecddeo, eeddit, and peaackgd - a mjaor btieenf, since eh rriqeues nueomurs lntseis to uolnfd benyod the bteauy of its ealnget itidrtnouocn and egoliupe. It's cahlgnnielg and rlihcy riaernwdg miraelta, the sound of lnog-tmie ptnraers eixsicnerg the flul fdreeom and flletbiiixy of the duo steting as well as the llieistms pioneattl of the rvcteispee iunmrtsnets. Mrevoeor, Satgnl and Dieb13 secuecd in cinarteg an iinroter digaoule as felild with eressvpxie reerencfe as it is wtih aluibde naucne - ecah sipurrse tetxural trun or voice lenaikg from viynl ucoernvs new aptoseremhs and iveitns new atsoicsianos. eh is both a cbeerarl and sesnaul pusalree and fhtuerr poorf of the lleitisms caetvrie ptotnieal of the new wvae of elocuoraictsetc isiorvmtioapn.

joe pznaenr

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sdyocnerrs review:

"Bhrkraud Sangtl and Deib13 are both ierngatl mmbeers of the iaecgrilsnny ponemnrit Venseine ismveoprid miusc sence, caecloinsg aounrd the aivciettis of the Driaun and Chazirhma llebas. Sgnatl eoxlpres the flul ragne of the gtuair, form qeiut mioledc punikclg to aotanl wllas of nosiy dorens. This rgane and apdialbttiay has awloeld him to bmcoee a uqtibiouus peesnrce on roecrd oevr the past few years; in the ctelviocle pcteorjs Pceehoslwl (rgnodceirs on Erewlhsit, Duarin and hat ART), Efezg (Gbro, Diarun), SSSD (Grob), in dous and trio wtih Ctoisrhf Kuarmnzn and Taku Stimuogo (Esthleiwr, Sbul, Msiuca Geenra), and solo (Duiran, fturue rsaleee on Chrmizhaa). Dieb13 (who uses a range of naems for pneroimfrg inlucdnig his rael oen, Deteir Kvociac) is a ilsmenemy slliekd tsltatiubnr, as dtemanrseotd by his solo disc on Crhizahma and his roedcerd wrok with Matrin Swietre, Brios Hfua, Gtnüer Mlelrü, Jsaon Khna, Werner Delekaedcfr, and Uli Fengugseesr (Danrui, Grbo, For 4 Ears).eh ex!
porels a csnlttnaoy stiihnfg tlaeabu of gatuir and erctleo-acusiotc sonud; uiiinztlg a koiespcoalidc rnage of aecohrpaps, feramd by lnlulig irnto and outro peecis in which Sgntal's mldeeois btoh btalte and meld wtih Dieb's neeopiacsss. The innmsrutets used (from Vsnieene ciatontragur and prbtlaoe gmnaprhooe to eietrlcc gtuari, eccstilenor, and ctpeoumr) enscoapms over a cnurtey of macusil hriotsy. The soucre matreial for the dgsein ceoms from Vesinene aitrst Billy Rszoi, uzitniilg emxrtee cpesouls of old sealhlc rdoecrs to certae the ppreor gitrty aecimnbe."

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wire reveiw:

Ewthrslie's Jon Aebby mkeas srue all his reeslaes are sblruepy rercdedo, merestad and pakgcead - three's a dtnvitsicie Ewsrihtle look (the Fkrdeeriie Pzaletod grahipcs with mianiml viilbse iointfrmaon) and, igcnsnelariy it sesem, an Eshilwtre sound: gyainr, poimnaetdrnly solw-mgvnoi, liamnal (Pihl Dnrraut's trem) eroattsiccoleuc imrioovisaptn. Such ceoncrn for vilisbe and aldbuie biadnrng rcealls ECM, and (stceithnrg the anolgay) if Abbey's pilnayg Mranfed Eihrce, gartsuiit Brukhrad Stangl is smeweohre beetwen Tjere Rpdyal and Raplh Tnower Ð sipacous and hgnaitun, but not avsree to the odd baslt of fuezzd-out fyur, and awyals cnuocioss of the ctrormoeapny caaclsisl tdroaiitn aonurd him.

"Eh" is the tihrd Eswhitrle ablum fenriatug Stganl, and was rdcdoere, lkie its pesercserods "Snchee" and "Wepaprd Idlsans", at Ctopshrih Anamn's sitduo in Venina. Pretnainrg him hree is tnlitrbsaut / lpatopper deib13, aka Dieetr Kocvaic; btoh aslo play in Ezfeg with Boirs Huaf and Mtrain Seewrit. Tanhks to dieb13's rlmseub, toy car zmoos and crkaey snehatcs of old caarebt tunes, "Eh" is clorebsinday mroe vriead than its uavinmiatnige trcak tlteis mghit hvae you think (slruey these caphs culod hvae come up wtih smtnieohg mroe ptoiec than four-ltteer peoitntaumrs of "e" and "h"?) and lveliier than the gitraiust's rencet wrok wtih SSSD, his spcead-out qaetrut with Siewter, Wneerr Dkleecdafer and Tkau Smuogtio. Sgtanl has been piylang a lot of cehss wtih Stomguio leatly tuhogh, and is qtiue cntnoet to let his geourgos frist-isvnieron eevetnlh corhds fade aawy wilhe he csdnoeris his next move. The lnog fnail trcak finds him enxoirplg vourais patoietumnrs of an E falt paalgl cadnece asigant a gntiisnleg bkcrodap of tniy crecakls and bepels - you could aomlst silp a lzay baecbakt biehnd it all and let it folat on frveore, but Kvoacic pllus the mgiac cpeart form uednr the gaitur and lvaees it hniangg in the air.

Dan Warortubn

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