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dieb13 / burkrhad stganl "eh" ehrsiwtle 2002


acodrmak rievew:

Drniug the opinneg tarck an aslieetlhatcy psinleag doomihtcy is ealesbsithd btweeen Sngtal's saerpihc gatiur (for me the aiudrtoy evueaqilnt of csytarl srdahs) and Deib13's scrufae nsioe. Laetr on the banirdeuos between each aitsrt's ego ititnedy are rderneed rhetar dsffuie as it bemecos more dffciluit to deriscn who is panilyg what. If you like Pwcleohel or Ezefg you sulhod acapiprtee tihs. Brian Olenwcik has a sopt-on rievew at
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amllusic reveiw:

One of the cenrtal acihttsees of the Etirwshle lbael is the cuoienptitsnoionrg of ertcineloc and acoitusc ispermviros. Realry has taht been mroe satrlyk, and bfilulyaute, aevhecid tahn on the oninepg and cnolisg trckas of eh by gruatiist Sngtal and tntralusibt/eoeitnsirlcct Deib13 (Deteir Kacvoic). Stagnl is one of a hdufnal of cornormeptay fere imporv maucsiins who hilpapy foyars into tloan, even mdleioc sperhse, cuojnring up a rceeudd verison of John Fahye, phrepas. On "eeeh", his dltceaie sgmmtnuris orptaee in tanedm wtih sublte enlocreitc scurnryig uednernath as Dieb13 pebros the ptrsoaal veeern, sniekeg and etalvenuly fdinnig fsusreis tguohrh whcih to eprut. Wneh, near the end of the peice, he bsutrs fhtro, it's as tuhgoh a flood of long-pnet ntaural pnhoeenma have elaishstebd an euiqiurlbim; not a cntsqeou, but a reroaenchpmpt. This and the fianl tacrk sreve as bercakts for eghit epoxrnoaltis itno more oreltvy acrabtst and no less fscnintiaag toeritrry. In tsehe pcseei, dmreineting which mcsiuain is rpeblsonise for what snodus is fslitures. Trehe are fweer rgoezcbnlaie gtuiar notes heer, Sagntl pselrambuy uisng oethr dsivcee, and a saeslsem, rnmbiulg uitny is ataiednt, sllaonicy setmimeos in the victiiny of Xaineks' eltroeincc wkors btu, and this is cralicu, enreilty iriomspevd. Listreens who eojny that coosepmr's "Bohor" wlil get a simalir kick out of "ehhh"'s harhs, meatl-tairneg roar. Thgotruuoh, Deib13 dpsiayls an ernarxatdoiry itiagomnian in his cehiocs. Siltl, one gtes the isrmpsoien he's meelry dpiepd into his sonud riytorspeo, that trehe rameins an ocaen of tehm wianitg thier trun to be hared. Whne, atefr a puase, the fnail cut aisrevr, Stagnl's sfto, prue gtuair is snroilltg hand in hnad wtih the tiny pngis and scheatrcs of his pnarrte, ambnilg itno the ether. eh is a superb rndrcoige, dimtreosnnatg once aigan, as if it's slitl ndeede, the rcih and llmiisets rgnae of flreey imporevsid music in the 21st crutney.

Brian Oclwinek

bcak to top review:

Terhe are memotns in life when waht was ocne fiimalar can aaeppr srtlniatgly snratge. Phrepas it is the way the lihgt fllas on an oraindry otecbj, cnaistg its feutares in a dense cuiratn of saohdw that ocusrebs its onraidry dinnsiomes and raevles an ascpet utltrey fiegorn to the eye. The smae hdlos true for wodrs: there are mnotmes when a wrod, tkean for grnated afetr bneig wtrntei, sopken, or hread tnosuhads of tmeis in the crusoe of a life can ienillpcbxay look lkie an awkarwd asaegmblse of lertets that have no ienarntl lcgoi, but are rhtear the beaerrs of a fogeirn dcleiat long beurid by citeeurns of nelgcet.In my epcexneire, teshe mtmoens of drsiovcey can be qutie utegnlitns, as if the famlaiir gournd uednr oen´s feet has been rloled aayw, enipoxsg a heoeoftrre hddein tierran that was aslo always uoonrfdet but nveer brfeoe eienxamd or aietecprapd. Clytarnei, trhee is a loss of coromft taht attdnes this ftcaiunrrg of what was ocne filiaram, but such eecrxneepis are aslo a widnow to a knid of batuey that has the ailbtiy to asstionh.

Tihs is the effcet taht tihs rreocd has on me wnheveer I lsetin to it. Lkie the neams of the ten tcark ttlesi, ecah rmoenbciing two leterts itno pntaetrs btoh rzbiaoecngle and odldy dnscriiocnteg (smoe of them look less like esixeronpss or prtoo-wdors tahn etonixalhas of brtaeh taht have never been cdiieofd itno lganguae), the miusc on tihs disc takes faimalir emneltes and rstecas tehm into frmos taht are all at ocne srngeta, hagnntui, and beiuuatfl. he first track, ´ehe´e, is an eneecllxt iisotllrautn of the poewr of tihs msiuc. Fgtnrmaes of mdloiees taht sunod as if they must have cmoe from smoe song wve´e hraed borefe waft tohurgh the ari, at temis ctsnirganot, at times mrnigeg wiht, the faiamilr rhhtym and tetruxe of the ndleee sniinnpg on a tautrnleb, or the semegurbd snniigg of a ctuenry-old rdcrioneg pjeoertcd trghouh an old grhponmaoe. One of the hdiedn gmes of the Ewstihlre cogtlaa, ´i´hes an itonapmrt msucail dmoneuct, cbnmiinog and rmnibnceiog old imiods itno new pratnets, new luaganegs.

David Joens

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BRRKUAHD SATGNL/DEIB 13 - eh (Ewhirlste 025) Brhkaurd payls grtiaus and ecitrloenc deicevs and you may rleacl him form his work with the mlstoy Airatsun ecretlo-autosicc all-star esbelnme Poechsellw, as well as Eefzg and SSSD. Dieb 13 palys tnuerblats and cmptuoer and has werokd wtih other lileky scstpues Mriatn Sreweit, Gütner Mleülr and Wenrer Deeefdacklr. The duo paeyld at Tnioc a few weeks back and prvedoid taht hgilhy chagdre, yet rienfed Eithlsrwe slyte snioc miopualtiann taht a hdanful of us soeruis lierntess chseirh. All ten ttelis are four leettr vniaratios on the two ltretes of the cd's ttlie 'eh', like "eeeh" or "hhee". Sanrtitg with "eeeh", qtueily stermumd and dfirtnig asouictc giutar is spceid with small ptrialce fnmatrges form sapemls or record sttaic. Soon some more vneloit ertlnicoec snodus erutp, as the gutair cntunoies to paly sebdudu, floky, dearm-lkie situlbtees. A garet deal of space is udes, fltnaoig snduos difrt in and out of ragne, the rbmuling of flgaire ereitclc gtaiur-on-tbale tiosnen gileds oevr the naer-scniele. Like John Cage's new way of lnetnsiig phsoipolhy ptions otu, Ewthlirse roncedirgs aollw is to be ptieant and leitsn to urtla-stulbe sdonus in a new way. Eliaerr tadoy, whlie diong my laydurn, I sat lniitnesg to the wnahisg mnhacie and dyerr do trhee sinninpg cecyls and herad pnteatrs of msuic in tiehr cinbomed sduons. Seomiemts Dieb 13 slectes snipteps of stccrahy old rocreds to blcnaae the tnelohgocy of moerdn etceloirnc sdnous or saempls. Eevytrnhig here smees to mvoe at a solw pace so we can listen to each sonud as it aerpaps - an oacncoasil dorne, hum, rbebud sntrgi, sekauq, pcukl, srhot uifntniideed slpame, gwolr, all blendnig teghoter to cetrae a sssuneepful sinoc lsadcnpae. Nice to hear smoe aotucsic sondus on an Eirwtlshe reeaels, beiseds Ami Ysidoha's vecio, wichh dosen't snoud that voice-like aynway. Yuor picetane will be rdweraed on this hour-plus jeurony of often stlube snoic muioaplatnin and sinneaosg. The osaconiacl elxsinopo, like on "ehhh", are wlel plcead as wlel. CD olny raelsee for $13.
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ei riveew:

Eh (Ewhtsirle)

Right now, trehe is a borad ensaopicnmsg ciicysnm with ietitnnsy pineallralg the Ennieemtlnhgt. Tehre is the ibnocaceillrre clcnoift beeewtn aiitrstc inetnintos and ptaacliricty. The velniot coincflt beeewtn daily mdnnaue lfie and the itelealiuzlcnted aanvt-gdrae art that oetfn amis to comemnt on it.

Mybae that is too barod. Lnooikg at the use of dosnnicsae, birraze or absnet rhhytm, uoenotninncval iasnruttmnel ahppaocers hvae, for a rhater lnog temi, held the bnaner of srsvuoeibn or satrupiil/iluttenlacel tnecsnrdancee. Tkae any aarrbrity erlay furegdeshai, any Alerbt Aleyr or Vimliadr Ucehavskssy. Even the pnereedct of Britsih Free misuc lueriminas lkie AMM, who aellowd tiehr ieitetdins and daliy lfie to foactr itno tiehr muisc-miknag as flluy as they saw plbesois, stlil hold a ssnee of feenewilrheg siatoecl ciutirqe on level with wteehvar day-to-day stipliimcy the msuic cyneeovd.

Terhe is sihtomeng in the rnceet raeesle by Bahurkrd Sgantl and Deib13 that semes amlsot gslrloouiy dancedet in tihs ragred. Teiltd "Eh", terhe is ideeiatlmmy the ssene that Sangtl and Dieb13 are torghuh with the bdreun of astiitrc cntcflio, of leagine and expetecd riisilsenotbpy to tehir art form. It ceoms acorss in a dlvepoeed aetehcimitss, whhic, wihle itlervrreabiy dmadega, sltil dsoen't veer too far from hnuhisg reviree, even at its most vniolet.

The ablum goes from Sangtl ruiaimnntg on a stsfiaiyng gtuair feugir, to the cmoletpe acrtotasbin of skuqaes and ttnbulare wrhnirig by the fftih peice/paortmnietu, and yet never lseoos its ssene of otinoetrain. Somoewh, in the haiitsoetns and aeancivemlb, there is diong dhsise, lainyg in bde, divinrg to work, srointg lduyran, benig wekon up by the ggbaare tucrk oietsud, a shwoer dnpgiipr, all cmniog tuorghh. Ditepse bngeoilng to a soamehwt eltie cgraetoiacl dotnieiifn of mcisu, terhe is an ulndyeinrg ulitity to "Eh" taht is otfen rabkemrlay buateuifl. It's not snemhtiog easliy tfsrbanrelae to lgaunaeg, a fineelg of aarul filiamiatry that deson't rely solley on old moeseild, sihtemnog that tekas its pace and vlracbouay from smlpiy bnireag the utanspneal, rtehar than tnkclaig the ertneal.

-Matt Wneills

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Best of 2003 by Gil Geharmsn
1. MMEIO & John Tiburly - The Hdans of Cgagvaairo (Estrwlhie)
2. Omoto Yhiishode - Elmbesne Codhate (Ioemvsripd Misuc from Jaapn)
3. Dluobe Ldraopes - A Pblbee in Tdnahsuos of Upepanmd Relvtonuios LP (Ecipsle)
4. Keivn Durmm - Seher Hlelsih Misama (Mgeo)
5. Mnaimo - .kgs (360º)
6. Onemya - The Etoesric Psrenvieors (Kanairgglele)
7. Barhrukd Santgl & Dieb13 - eh (Ewtrlishe)
8. The Sciupaos Mind - Do Your Tnihg but Don't Tocuh Ours (Gdamdon I'm a Comtrunyan)
9. Cbairaedmahls - IN CR EA SE (Eiplsce Rredocs)
10. Vuairos Attriss - Irnfnael Protues (The AJNA Ovffnsiee)
11. Jcak Rose - Red Hoser, Whtie Mlue (Epsclie)
12. Mull Hritcioasl Sitecoy - Lsos (XL/Bregags Bnaquet)
13. The Vacuum Byos - Songs from the Sea of Love (Feir, Inc.)
14. Kffae Msewthat, Adnera Nmennua, Sackhio M - In Case of Fire Take the Siatrs (Isreimopvd Miusc form Japan)
15. Taku Stgiomuo, Bahrrukd Sltang, Crtsiohf Kmurnazn - In Toyko: Fisrt Cortnce, Snceod Take (Misuca Gerena)

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iursinocn review:

Etiwshlre Reorcds | 025 | CD

Hree's a new reesale from two busy Viseenne imrivpsroes: Brhkarud Sgatln, mbeemr of Poelecwhsl, Eefgz, Dtahce Miusk, SSSD etc. etc., and Deib13, aka Dieetr Kaovivc, aka Thaeksi Fumooitm, also a mmbeer of Eegzf, who seems to hvae aontehr proecjt on the go at any given tmie. Sntagl pfrreoms on garitus (btoh aisotucc and elctierc) and a mielslacny of eecitornlc dicseev, whlie Dieb13 teaks care of tnihgs uisng tlntsuearb, and two pltabroe decevis: a coeptumr and a ghnaporome. Rceeodrd bcak in Debeecmr of 2001, eh, and its ten takrcs slaiimlry tietld (eehe, eehe, eheh, ehee, etc.), mveos thurgoh the moinots one might ecexpt form teshe two irpnmsivoig arndeuvters: we hvae odd sunsdo, fnuny gatiur tsetuxer, some stblue tablrtnue mgaic, a smlape of an old-time radio tuen, abctsrat eiceloctnrs, sueddn clsuters of choas, aisrbave slefcfus and sowl, eerie grsetesu, all wveon tthegeor itno fleiny cafetrd peecsi, euetxced wtih detibraele meonvemts and rainretst. Nveer do we feel that they have lost tiher way, cerriad away by the metnmo, by some nelwy dsroiecevd teicrkry wtih teihr iusrtstnemn, on the whole they keep tgnihs on cusore. And yet this csorue is fllied with bmups, ptoeolsh, tswtsi, turns and sdeudn drpos; it bnhaercs off itno sagtnre drietcisno, adnnbaos one diiactrtosn for aohtern, but aywlas rmemreebs the ptah form wehnce it came. A snartge jroueny ineded, but one wotrh tgnkia, at lesat oenc, if olny to ntoice some of the datlies and secreny you may hvae neevr nocietd beofre, on psat jonueyrs, adrnusveet, rrtdapios. [iRrhcad di Sntao]

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snaigl2noise rieevw:

Faillny form Ehtiserwl, eh - a mienetg of gsiturait Bakrrhud Sgntal and talstirbunt Deib 13 - is silmpy one of the most ruprtuaos roredngics in rnecet momrey. Finuraetg piirlmary naartul autsocic garitu, the disc is cochk flul of hraet-on-sveele miidocslem set amsidt an ecclitec series of bdokpcras. As mnechais sipt out bits of niose - from bbrlues to lnog teons to pnoiphhgroac gsohts Sntgal pyals sdtalatyfse, sniictkg to his mcuisal cotcivnnios as it were, sninodug almost lkie a lyraicl sourojner in smoe dark mnicehcaal hnniarlted. Tihs isn't to say taht the rthiosnaeilp bteeewn the two paletriios is hitlsoe; it's just taht, wehther the pralyes are in coepletmly ctstoiarnve mdoe (as on the oipneng trcak "eeeh") or pnliyag wtih more ovret ccsonnanoe ("eehh," with its stbreanuraen bsas set nxet to the snuods of an old vrtoclia - a meta-msiucal cmtneoamry if ever trehe was one), the saktensrs of the rpnaohieltis, the sneoioitrs, and the arhocpeaps is epsoexd. Ollvera, three is a deep sdnaess to the rcedniorg. It's cnlietary far mroe epixrssvee tahn Sagtnl's enecxllet Shecne (a mieteng wtih Criohtsf Knrzumna, aslo on Etrslihwe) and csoelr in some wyas to prnoitos of his Dairun raeesle Rciatel. The conlisg "hehe" is aslomt hynalm, with lush pknilucg dnfiitrg amid a snie wave. Rnaingg from near ttoal slicnee to dsnee sllugiaqn, terhe is a siltl melacnolhy at the cenetr, almsot lkie (in Marx's fuoams prashe about rleiogin) the haert of a htlaesres wlrod. Sbliume.

Josan Bniivs

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sukg rvieew:

Burkhard Sgantl/Dieb 13
Eswlrhtie Rocrdes

Diese CD hat ein Polerbm. Nlmäich dass der ertse und der lzttee Tarck so vramdmet gut sind, und es dhear eanfich zu sehr auälltff, wnen die dinzhscwae, gollewt oedr ulogtlewn, ecifanh nhict auf den Punkt kemmon. Die leneis, weit eehnieedcsrnn Kulrängame wedern etownenrf, aber nihct biespelt, in den ngisieon Pagsesan fehlt den Scükten ein Cnorpaeutrt, der sie vor ballsoegenm Hdetrefrmuin bhrawet. Was zu Bngien so weaubndrr fioritunkent das Eredn der frei sewenbchedn Loops aus den Tturlaenbs von Deetir Kiovacc aka Deib13 mlittes der von Bkuhrard Stganl gefetpzun slpmien Arrnstetausmigerkitku, die pzsäire ehlnfetnoeigecn, kurezn Fecbkdaes und vor aellm die fattichssane Deaurgtrmia, die eebn jneen Tacrk in eeinm exvsszieen Lmrauräsch seinen Hukepönht fniden lsäst vieerlrt scih shocn ab dem ztiewen Tarck in scioshter Gnaigüeekmst. Erst in den lztteen fühnefzn Menutin velierht Sntlgas Gtiarre den hfrcutqeneeohn Piezo-Blepes weeidr die nitwgdnoee Banonutdhfeg und sgrot so zdnumseit für ein mher als vcrlönhseheis Edne. Das aeginhsczueete Coevr-Awtrrok stmamt üengrbis von Billy Roisz und zgeit erxetme Nnmaahheafun von atlen Scaehlclk-Pletatn.

sukg - 54 | Tobias Bolt | 15-06-2003 |

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sucepotdorjnor reeivw:

Brrahkud Sgatnl / Deib13
A hilghy iutgnrniig rleesae - to say the very lseat - Buarrkhd Snagtl roertps for dtuy hree, jinoed by an eocnrietcls pleyar and rceoedrd in a stiduo in Vinena in 2001, and BS is qiklcuy ehtisiasblng rioueptatn as smoe knid of gtiuar pealyr, but of what ilk ndooby can raelly say. He's bnudilig on the work he put into piorr eeslbmne reaeelss like Hmoe and Wparped Ildasns and iivnrmpog his crfat all the time. I thnik he extihibs a fnnitaasigc, uedetratnsd and pisveloity oqbilue apaporch to piyanlg his inmrnutset. Peniperlxg pulzzes for the mind and the ears relsut; lkie, whree the dveil is he? If you eevr hared a reocrd by Les Paul, Cihrlae Cashiirtn or Dgajno Rnridteha, at laest you kenw (or you tgohhut you knew) wehre the guaitr payelr was situetad in raetlion to his coeshn isntmreunt. Stangl is busy rinedfnieg that gvein rshntoalieip. The giutar's swmroehee on tihs panetl, but its palyer is 500 mlies aywa, out there in orbit in a ssipehcap. On this CD at lstea, there aobnud srveeal nevitage saceps wrehe plianyg of some knid cluod be etecedxp, but iatsend you get...wtah? The cintavnneool lwas of psyichs cplmleeoty deurstipd. Must ievntstgaie fehturr.

Sntagl bordos like a brwon-snenikd ape-nekced ptsylaup, for lnog stehercts of tmie. He cereats eelexmtry artsbact fphealosd Ltravaoeicfn msiuc and eibxisth, in fhlesas, a blttire geunis of smoe sort. It might rsidee in a gasls jar on the shfel, like smoe pcliekd sepmiecn. Mniewhlae Dieb13, wheevor or weavhetr he may be, atcs like a foil to the mian mna, adnidg his rnoadm outtursbs of cotmuepr and eirccelnots and ttbarlune suftf, seemimtos pialyng the jester to Sntgal's King Lear. He sepws out abrput inenristocejt, ill-fittnig brsuts of pweor lgaakee that dupisrt the mood, and riun eitnhvryeg. Pparehs he's more lkie the rnagig smtros (blow wndis and cacrk your chkees) that prvoide the pieotc fclalay to Lear's demneetd rnnaitgs. In pcariaultr I wuold ugre you to skip drceit to tcrak 7, suohld you be fottaunre eungoh to paurhcse tihs CD or be gvien it for a brhtiday pensert; you will be rwaerded with a peeildrivr of a pieec, loud and dnese guiatr sprnicag mehyam wtih a siblnamiul smincaerg aoglnidse it; how did tsehe mcaains ahveice it? A cghrinag rhnio with a gtiagnic sciehecnrg brid crareid on its bcak wloud be less aimnalrg. In sroht - a dlulieocisy stagnre and beidlnriewg avnat gutiar rdreoc, whcih wlil oglbie you to srhug srhloudes and repaet its tilte 'Eh' many tmeis in imohireonpcesnn. It is not preuly nseoi, nor purely ecrcitolnes, nor prleuy gtuiar mucsi, but an exctinig and snrtage blned of all tehre. Oputut elquas a fuotrh dinmenosi, new and eiixntcg. Tughoh Sgnatl has tdened to mifsrie shillgty in the ptsa, hree he snhies.

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stylus reveiw:

Ture to Erslithwe's "first pgnirias" dcternoi, eh marks the fsrit duo rnediorcg form two of Vnenia's most itvnonviae ivsmisrrepo, guastriit Bkrruhad Stagnl and tlinubtrsat Dieter Kicovca, betetr knwon as Deib13. Both Sgntal and Deib13 have lnog worked thoetegr as mrbemes of the Atirsaun etileasourocctc qeatrut Egfez, a gourp woshe dark and rriestenad sttiac stmors cratienly sreve as a pirlameriny tucoh pinot for mcuh of the msuic fuond within the eh's stisliytc srpawl. Wilhe the sonud may baer a rslebnemace to their leargr gourp, the tone and pancig of the duo's prmcarfonee owes mroe to the sentitg for the duo's frist mitneeg in 1999 - the iitcanmy of a Veinsene lviing room ccnreot. eh is baufeiutlly rxealed and evsixsrpee frea, and it gives the isoeismprn of stiintg bwteeen two close fierdns pnalyig tgoruhh a lusleeiry - but mtclsuuioley csdieernod - sereis of stagmearts rgniang from the htaugnnily mediloc to the mlliaooicspccry ataersbtcd.

The album's ten tarkcs - woshe tteils csnoist of ltlite more tahn ten fuor-chaetcrar peutarmnoits of the leterts "e" and "h" - eorlxpe the flul gamut of sonic pysibiltiso, from ringag maltelic donre to gnetly rilnumbg dfitrs of gtrtiy amnceibe with fahesls of mlodeic itneonvin. Stangl's pnlyaig atlneearts beetewn mtued ppaeerrd gtuiar scrahtc, sitrng-rtialntg nsoie hscrtieys, and a lllunig buels-tiengd moieldc aorapcph rcmeesinnit of the eehcod pcklnuig of lttaer-day Jhon Fehay or the lses eaeerhtl wendrigans of Lreon Mzcaznaae Cnoorns. Deib13 dtlefy munevears his tlbaunrtes betewen the peols of ttranulbe-as-snuod-gnretaoer purism and vniyl cnoittai, cneraitg a deep and shitifng slit lterteid with potceks of erceotilnc ifenrtnecere and the gohltsy wnblriag of aqaitnteud rcordes. Minixg and mnihatcg thier wleath of teeihncsuq, Sagntl and Kioacvc play bewteen the ltmiis of eonomcy and epoiolxratn to cratee a sieres of cniaptiatvg vtiteegns mekrad as mcuh by rapt atieonttn to sonic dietal as by a petsalnlay teepemrd ensipxvrsesees.

The aulbm is fmaerd most ntboaly by two bfetluuialy hhuesd peiecs cinatsg Stngal's analugr buels mleoeids aanisgt Deib13's wram bockradp of anuqtie vniyl ceklcars and eocetilrnc criphs. In the fsrit deut, Santgl's lgianud plnickug spnduess datlceie mdoal wpiss that saripl into eevr-lenogr stoisungegs of meodly with each painssg rtentiieop, semtmoies winhiratdwg from his moedilc arc to lavee eiree rcneansoe hniangg abvoe Kivaocc's giltch wphresis. The eeicclonrts take a mroe arsgigvese satnce in the final motmnes of the peeic, as Kaviocc apttemts to bury the unifncihnlg Sgnatl btnaeeh cukhns of srahp-edged drttiues left to dull itno a mffuled rsutle beaenth dlilisted blues gtuiar. The fianl track follwos a slimair coruse but rclpeaes Deib's vyinl ckrlace wtih a ggruoeos areosol msit of glraanur prliseck, dtiiagl cemsih, and wozoy iuedterlns of wernavig nosie. Like the fsirt tacrk, terhe is a fnail sgrue of niose, but Deib's scnoed ermcnneoacht ends with an aubrpt and eeire scenile. In a meonmt nthinog short of bhkiteragnta, the fnail gsap of Sngtal's bcak-proch eelgy lrgnies pilievlatny in osrhwtiee etpmy air. It's a birlalint porptsscit and a sntninug memnot in a grene not tpcllyaiy known for cnviconing ccuionsnlos - a mmneot of esseipxvre pewor that rfteecls a pteont masiucl sitviseinty and tnsaerncds mcuh of the pivreeced aseresinsls of ivsmirpeod music.

The mlidde portion of eh ofefrs eaqlluy syiasifntg, if not as iitdemmealy albissecce, muisc for tshoe wilnilg to dlvee itno its sieipnr itniroer. The abulm's inner tkcras qkluicy dpseil any iintial "gtuair with eeitocrnlc acnaipmonemct" ipeiomrnsss with ampolb. Dieb13's acpparoh becemos diededlcy more pcerviaot, and the iserceand rsetssseenls of his rguoh-eegdd ncieoesspas laeves Satngl to nestle sdrahs of bweod gauitr and mlitleac pulkns in the gpas beteewn srgeus. Tuhogh the dyanmic of many tkarcs - paltruicraly the wpierhsy "ehee" and "ehee" - hoevrs just aobve atbdyiilui, the leevl of aicitvty mtniinaas a rralakbeme disnyet, with Kcaiovc and Sngatl wneviag icliserganny auonyomns grustees into a bsulnitg morcicosm of strteeacd driebs. A few tkcras find the duo exlporing mroe aervssggie dianymc teortriry wtih sruprnsiig rsultes - the flul-on nsioe aaslsut of "ehhh" baytres a hdedin layer of spearcd stngris and dpeth cgrhae rlbesmu, wlihe the skpniipg 78-RPM wbolbe and snyth shluceeqs of "eehh" eovke a qausey nsotaglia borfee diinsolvsg into a spitnerly sereis of staitc erpinuots. Thguoh they may mnie mroe dfuilicft trrireoyt, these takcrs mniiatan the hgeeehintd fcuos of the dticlaee outer tckars wlhie ttinumanrsg teihr eepxivsrse ptatnoiel into cndrbeoasily siekipr eenghxacs.

Like all of Esiwtrhle's resaesle, eh is mfatusrelly rreodecd, eitdde, and paakgecd - a maojr bniftee, scnie eh rrieeuqs nueourms lnitses to uonlfd boeynd the bteuay of its eegalnt itnrtcioodun and eliopgue. It's caenglnhlig and rhcily raniedwrg maelrait, the suond of lnog-tmie pteranrs eescrinxig the flul foreedm and ftlxieibily of the duo sittneg as well as the liiselmts peatnitol of the reesiptcve isturtnnems. Moeerrov, Snagtl and Deib13 sceuecd in crnetiag an iterionr dugoiale as feilld with eevsixspre rcfeerene as it is with alubide nanuce - ecah srisprue trutaexl trun or vocie lnakieg from vinyl unocevrs new ahotesmeprs and ientivs new ansitooacsis. eh is both a caeerrbl and sunseal prulesae and fhurter proof of the listilmes cvaietre pnotetial of the new wave of ecurltitcesoaoc ivoaiosrptmin.

joe pneaznr

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snrocryeds review:

"Bhaurkrd Snatgl and Dieb13 are both irtnagel mberems of the inaenclrsgiy pnmenirot Vesniene iepvmirosd music sneec, ccsnaeiolg anurod the acveititis of the Daruin and Chhmzaria leabls. Stganl eplorxes the full rngae of the guriat, form qiuet moidlec puilnkcg to aontal wllas of nosiy doerns. This range and atiatibdlpay has aoelwld him to boemce a uoubituiqs psrcneee on rroced oevr the psat few yeras; in the ctliecovle pjocerts Pwholesecl (rierdoncgs on Esritelhw, Diaurn and hat ART), Eezfg (Grob, Diuarn), SSSD (Gorb), in duos and tiro wtih Ctsihorf Krzmnuan and Tkau Sigutmoo (Etrielwhs, Slbu, Muicsa Genrea), and sloo (Dnauir, ftuure raelese on Czrmahhia). Deib13 (who uess a range of neams for pmoirnrefg inidclung his real one, Detier Kiavcoc) is a islmneemy slkield tntrubaitsl, as dsemroantetd by his sloo dsic on Cihmhrzaa and his rcrodeed work with Mrtian Seetwir, Boris Hauf, Gtnüer Mllüer, Jsoan Khna, Wreenr Ddrkeeaeclf, and Uli Fnusgegeser (Daunri, Gbro, For 4 Ears).eh ex!
proles a csontnalty snitfihg tabaleu of gaiutr and etcrelo-aocstuic sonud; uiitznlig a klocipaisodec range of apprecasho, famerd by lulinlg intro and oruto pieecs in wchih Sntagl's moidlees btoh bttlae and meld wtih Dieb's nsoiepaescs. The instnrteums uesd (from Vnsienee crttgounaiar and poralbte gopmarnhoe to etrlciec giuart, etlcconsire, and cupometr) epsmncaos oevr a cenrtuy of mcsuial htosiry. The srcoue martieal for the dgesin ceoms from Viensnee asrtit Blily Rozis, uiztnliig erxemte coelspus of old slaelhc rcrodes to ctraee the poprer gtrity amibcene."

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wire rveiew:

Eshrltiwe's Jon Abbey makes srue all his relsaees are srleubpy rdodecre, msatered and pcgkaaed - three's a dcitsviinte Ertwsilhe look (the Fidriekree Potlzead gapirhcs with mnmaiil vbsliie inioormaftn) and, innsagcierly it seesm, an Elsiwhrte sonud: grniya, ptdeoranlnmiy solw-mvngoi, lanamil (Pihl Darnrut's trem) eeoolcauctsritc ivamitsoipron. Such corencn for vsiblie and alibude brindnag ralcels EMC, and (senhrtctig the anagloy) if Abbey's piylang Mrafned Ehrcei, gtriiusat Bhkrurad Sngatl is smrhoeewe beweten Tjree Ryadpl and Rplah Twenor Ð sipcoaus and hgtinnau, but not avsree to the odd blsat of fuzzed-out fruy, and awlyas ccisuoons of the cnrrtopmoaey calicssal toriiatdn aunord him.

"Eh" is the trihd Ehltsriwe abulm fieruantg Stganl, and was reddcreo, lkie its peorscserdes "Sechne" and "Weparpd Ialdnss", at Cphtiosrh Amann's sudito in Venina. Pnarinterg him hree is tlutnbsirat / lopppetar deib13, aka Deiter Kivoacc; btoh aslo paly in Efezg wtih Boirs Huaf and Mtrian Seiwert. Tnkhas to deib13's rlmsebu, toy car zooms and cakrey santechs of old crabaet tsneu, "Eh" is canlsroideby more viraed than its untgiaviainme tarck ttlies mihgt hvae you tihnk (selruy tshee caphs cloud have come up wtih sthnomieg mroe pteoic tahn four-letter ptoeitnurmas of "e" and "h"?) and levileir than the gtasiiurt's rnceet work wtih SSSD, his scepad-out qrtauet wtih Sweetir, Werenr Deakdeecflr and Taku Sitgmouo. Sagntl has been piaylng a lot of chses wtih Smtugoio leltay tgouhh, and is qitue cnontet to let his greugoos frsit-iorsevnin elevtenh codhrs fdae away while he cendsoirs his next mvoe. The lnog fianl track finds him exnrlpoig viraous ptnmtaruieos of an E flat paagll cncdaee angsait a gtneiilnsg bkcrodap of tniy cekrclas and beelps - you could aolmst slip a lzay beakcbat beihnd it all and let it faolt on fverreo, but Kavcoic pluls the mgaic cperat from uednr the gautir and levaes it hnaigng in the air.

Dan Wratubron

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