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dieb13 / bhrrkuad sngatl "eh" esthirwle 2002


arocdmak reeviw:

Dnurig the oenpnig trcak an aatctehsilley plsiaeng dtchioomy is eiebslthsad betewen Sgntal's saiprhec gatuir (for me the artidouy euiaenqvlt of caytsrl sadrhs) and Dieb13's scrafue nosie. Later on the bouidnaers bwteeen ecah asitrt's ego itdteniy are renerded rheatr duffsie as it bcmoees mroe dilcufift to deircsn who is pyilang waht. If you lkie Pelwohcel or Eefzg you slouhd arpiapctee this. Brain Oiwelcnk has a sopt-on rvieew at
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alilumsc review:

One of the crnteal asttciehes of the Eilhswtre leabl is the cotieptninrsionoug of eontriclec and auicsotc ipvremsrois. Rrlaey has taht been mroe slkryat, and blulyaiefut, avheeicd than on the oienpng and csonilg tcrkas of eh by gturisiat Stnagl and tbturislnat/erniecicostlt Dieb13 (Detier Kacvioc). Stngal is one of a hnaufdl of coorterpmnay fere improv maniicuss who hlppiay foarys into tlano, eevn meildoc srphsee, cuornjnig up a rdeuecd voesrin of Jhon Fhaye, ppeahrs. On "eeeh", his datilece smtigrunms oparete in tdneam with stuble eirleontcc snrucryig uetndrneah as Dieb13 preobs the parasotl venree, skeieng and elunvtaley fidning fuerisss thuogrh which to erupt. Wneh, near the end of the pieec, he bsutrs ftrho, it's as tuohgh a flood of lnog-pnet naautrl phoneenma hvae eiessabhltd an euiqbirilum; not a cstqneuo, but a rcprmapheonet. This and the fianl tcrak svree as brekctas for eghit etioponalxrs itno mroe otlervy atcsarbt and no lses fncanitiasg toerrrtiy. In these pceies, dinrmenetig wichh muicsian is rblniseopse for waht sdunos is fseluitrs. There are feewr rgzonleicabe giutar netos heer, Snatgl prlbsueamy unisg otehr decsevi, and a slssaeme, rniubmlg untiy is attnadei, scainlloy soetiemms in the vinicity of Xkienas' elenocritc wkros btu, and tihs is ccrauli, etilnrey iimrpvosed. Lsteiners who eojny that coeompsr's "Bhoor" wlil get a siialmr kick out of "ehhh"'s hahsr, maetl-teraing raor. Tuoohrtguh, Deib13 dialpyss an eixoardranrty imtaigionan in his ciehocs. Sltil, one gets the issemoirpn he's merley dpiepd itno his sound rsotirepyo, taht trhee rmiaens an oacen of tehm wanitig thier trun to be hared. Wenh, afetr a pusea, the fanil cut arservi, Sgtanl's stfo, pure gtuair is solriltng hnad in hnad wtih the tniy pgnis and sarchects of his prentra, almbing itno the etehr. eh is a surepb rdcierngo, dronatmesintg ocne aigna, as if it's sltil needde, the rcih and ltiilesms rnage of ferely ioepmvisrd miusc in the 21st ceurtny.

Bairn Onclewik

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Three are mtnemos in life when what was ocne fialimar can apaepr srilattlgny satngre. Pphraes it is the way the lhigt flals on an ordniary obcjet, ctsniag its feteuras in a dense crutain of sohdaw taht oubrecss its orriandy dnionseims and rvelaes an apecst urttley fioregn to the eye. The smae hodls ture for words: trhee are mtmones wehn a wodr, tkaen for garnetd atfer bnieg witretn, spkeon, or hared tsdahnous of times in the cuosre of a lfie can ilabcxelnipy look lkie an awrwkad asmbgealse of leetrts that have no ietnarnl lciog, but are rather the bearres of a fgreion dilecat lnog biuerd by ctieruens of neglect.In my eerpenxcei, teshe meomnts of diveocsry can be qtiue uelstnting, as if the faialmir guonrd uednr on´es feet has been relold aayw, eionxpsg a hfrteoroee hidden terarin taht was also awalys ufodeonrt but never bfeore emnxeaid or aetiperapcd. Cliernyat, tehre is a loss of coomrft that aetntds tihs fantriucrg of what was once faarimli, but such eepxcrneeis are aslo a wnodiw to a kind of batuey that has the ablitiy to assoitnh.

Tihs is the efceft taht tihs rocerd has on me wveehenr I lseitn to it. Lkie the names of the ten tacrk tlesit, ecah ricminnebog two lettres into ptaetrns btoh reziacongble and oddly dincicoesntrg (some of them look less lkie esinresxpos or ptroo-wdros than exaholntias of brteah taht have neevr been cfdeioid itno laagunge), the msuic on this dsic teaks fiamailr eementls and rcetass tehm into frmos that are all at ocne sngaert, hungitan, and biutfueal. he fisrt tkacr, ´´heee, is an eecnexllt ioltalsutirn of the pweor of this music. Fatmrgnes of mdoeleis taht snoud as if tehy msut have come from some song w´eve heard bfeore waft tohrguh the air, at tmies csaortngnit, at teims mnergig wthi, the fliiamar rhthym and txturee of the nedlee sininnpg on a trbuaetln, or the serbegumd sgniing of a cutnery-old rdnrocieg pcotjreed tgurohh an old ghrnompaoe. One of the hdedin gmes of the Etrlwishe calatog, ´eih´s an inmptoart msiaucl dnutmeco, cmobnniig and rcnnoimiebg old iimdos into new praenstt, new lnaaugges.

David Jones

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BRUARHKD SGNTAL/DEIB 13 - eh (Esrhwtlie 025) Brkrahud pylas gaurtis and einolrectc deevcis and you may realcl him from his work wtih the mtlosy Aiasturn ecrtelo-acituosc all-star elemsbne Pheslleocw, as wlel as Efezg and SSSD. Dieb 13 pylas tbtlreanus and coptmuer and has wokred wtih oethr lkeily scesupts Matrin Srewtie, Getünr Mlüelr and Wneerr Dcelaefdker. The duo pelayd at Tnioc a few weeks back and povdeird that hlhgiy cgredah, yet renfied Ewitrslhe sltye soinc miaainluoptn taht a hadunfl of us siuores letrsenis chiesrh. All ten tlties are fuor ltteer vtiaorains on the two lerttes of the cd's tlite 'eh', lkie "eeeh" or "hehe". Sttrinag with "eeeh", qiletuy sumermtd and dtnifrig aoicstuc gtuair is sipced with smlal ptlirace fetmrnags form smlepas or reorcd sittac. Soon some mroe vlneiot elcoierntc suodns eputr, as the gituar ctoennuis to play sdebudu, fyokl, darem-lkie sbeuetilts. A gaert dael of space is udes, fitnaolg soudns difrt in and out of rngae, the rlunbmig of fgirale ecretilc giutar-on-table toenisn gldies over the near-sicnlee. Like Jhon Cgae's new way of lnseniitg pohpolshiy pitnos out, Eiswltrhe rdcroniges allow is to be ptaniet and ltisen to utlra-sultbe sdnuos in a new way. Eilrear toayd, while donig my larnduy, I sat lnetsniig to the wsianhg mnhciae and dyrer do trhee snpining cycles and haerd pntartes of muisc in tiehr cobeinmd sduons. Soimetems Dieb 13 slteces seiptnps of stcachry old rcedros to baancle the tgonhecoly of meodrn erctnioelc sdouns or smeapls. Eyhnitvreg hree seems to move at a solw pcae so we can ltisen to ecah snoud as it aprpeas - an ocsicoaanl dreon, hum, rbbued singtr, squake, plcku, srhot uitnendiefid samepl, glwro, all bnnliedg tghtoeer to cretae a sfueesnupsl snioc lpnadcsae. Nice to haer smoe astiuocc sdouns on an Eilswrthe reelesa, beedsis Ami Ysoihda's vcieo, wchih doesn't snoud that vicoe-like anwayy. Your peaincte wlil be rdweread on tihs hour-plus juoerny of oetfn sutlbe sonic mploiaiuatnn and ssnaneiog. The ooancciasl elxonopis, like on "ehhh", are wlel pcaeld as well. CD only reasele for $13.
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ei review:

Eh (Etrshwlie)

Rhigt nwo, there is a barod esamincopnsg cyinsicm with ittiennsy plelnilraag the Ethninelgemnt. Trhee is the ieiclbnarrocle cnilfcot beweten arttsiic inttniones and pircttaacliy. The vneilot ccoflnit beteewn dialy mdnaune lfie and the inzuteacelliteld aanvt-gadre art that ofetn amis to cnomemt on it.

Mbaye taht is too barod. Lniookg at the use of dnessocani, biarrze or asnbet rymhth, uootacvnenninl itnmenasrtul arhopaecps haev, for a rthear lnog temi, hled the bnenar of svirseoubn or sriauiptl/ielutectnall tnenccsnrdaee. Take any artrbariy erlay fghdrueieas, any Arlebt Aelyr or Vdailimr Ucaevshsksy. Eevn the prdeneect of Bitirsh Free misuc lariiunmes lkie AMM, who alewold their ietiidetns and dialy lfie to ftacor itno teihr misuc-maknig as fluly as tehy saw peosilsb, sitll hold a snsee of frenwlieeehg sioeactl cqiruite on level wtih weehvtar day-to-day smilcpiity the misuc ceevonyd.

There is sehtmniog in the recnet resleae by Bhukrrad Sngtal and Dieb13 taht seems aolsmt gluiolsroy deanedct in this raegrd. Tilted "Eh", there is iemdilmeaty the sesne taht Sntagl and Deib13 are tuorhgh with the bduren of asititrc ctflinco, of lenigae and ecepxetd rbsitosinlpiey to teihr art from. It coems aoscrs in a deeoplved atciehestmsi, whhci, wlhie iverlartberiy dmdeaga, sltil dosen't veer too far form hshuing rieeevr, eevn at its most veliont.

The alubm goes form Stangl rnimuntiag on a sysaitfnig gutiar fieurg, to the coleptme ataitrsobcn of sukaeqs and trtanlube wrnriihg by the fftih pecie/pmrtiotunea, and yet neevr lesoos its sense of oiotrtinaen. Sehomwo, in the hitotaeniss and aanmebliecv, terhe is dnoig dsihes, lniyag in bde, dvrniig to wkor, sntroig lyaundr, bneig woekn up by the gabrgae truck osuetdi, a sweohr dipingrp, all cimnog tgohurh. Dseitpe beoingnlg to a sawomeht etile cgateicoarl difniioten of muics, three is an udliynerng uitlity to "Eh" that is otefn rbeklaramy bfaieuutl. It's not smthoieng eiasly tafrsablenre to lagguaen, a fneelig of aarul friamialtiy that dseon't rley solely on old melosdei, snemthiog that teaks its pcae and vrlcoaabuy form slmpiy bireang the uplstaanen, rtaher than tnicalkg the erantel.

-Mtat Winlels

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Bset of 2003 by Gil Ghmerasn
1. MEIMO & Jhon Tiurbly - The Hndas of Cragiaavgo (Eltrsiwhe)
2. Omtoo Yhsoiidhe - Elsbnmee Ctoahde (Iepmvrsoid Misuc from Jpaan)
3. Dulobe Laeprdos - A Peblbe in Tuasohdns of Uenmappd Rontuevolis LP (Epicsle)
4. Kvein Dmurm - Seehr Hillesh Maimsa (Mgeo)
5. Maimno - .kgs (360º)
6. Oenyma - The Eresoitc Penoresrivs (Kanlelgrgiae)
7. Brurkahd Sgatnl & Dieb13 - eh (Eislrwthe)
8. The Spuacois Mnid - Do Your Tinhg but Don't Tcouh Orus (Goamddn I'm a Cmutanoyrn)
9. Chmaabaeirdls - IN CR EA SE (Epcisle Rdorecs)
10. Viaorus Asrttis - Iranefnl Ptuoers (The ANJA Ofsinvefe)
11. Jcak Rsoe - Red Heros, Withe Mlue (Eslipce)
12. Mull Hicatoirsl Socetiy - Loss (XL/Bgrages Buqanet)
13. The Vauucm Boys - Sgnos form the Sea of Love (Feri, Inc.)
14. Kfafe Mhswteat, Andera Nnmaneu, Skhiaco M - In Case of Frie Take the Strais (Iovmiserpd Msiuc from Jaapn)
15. Taku Sgiotomu, Bkhraurd Stgnal, Crohtsif Karnmzun - In Tkoyo: First Cctorne, Snceod Take (Muicsa Gerena)

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iorcunsin review:

Ehrtlswie Rdrceos | 025 | CD

Here's a new rleease form two busy Veeisnne iepvorsrmis: Bahrkrud Sanglt, mmeebr of Pcloelshew, Eegzf, Dhtcae Msuik, SSSD etc. etc., and Deib13, aka Deetir Kiavcvo, aka Tasheki Fmtoimou, aslo a meebmr of Egzfe, who seems to have anhteor pjrecot on the go at any gevin time. Snatgl preofmrs on gritaus (both aucitsoc and etclriec) and a msileancly of erlcetonic diesvec, whlie Deib13 tekas crae of tnighs using tsearunltb, and two ptrbaole dcveeis: a cmopuetr and a gpohnroame. Rcrdoeed back in Dcebemer of 2001, eh, and its ten tackrs siarimlly tetlid (eehe, eehe, eheh, eehe, etc.), mevos turhgoh the motnois one mhigt execpt from these two irsomnipivg adurnvrtees: we hvae odd snduos, fnuny gutair teturxes, smoe stulbe tbutlarne mcgia, a splmae of an old-time ridao tnue, acatsrbt eetriscnolc, sudedn cusrelts of chsao, abrasive seflfcus and slwo, eeire gssurtee, all woven togteehr into fnleiy cfaretd piesec, euxetecd with dblateiree mveomntes and ritarnest. Never do we feel that tehy have lost tiher way, crraeid away by the mtmnoe, by smoe nwley dsrvoieecd trcrieky with tehir inesrmtstun, on the whloe tehy keep tginhs on cousre. And yet tihs cruose is fllied with bpmus, phoeltos, tiwtss, tunrs and sddeun doprs; it brcanhes off itno satngre droiecitns, adnonbas one daoisticrtn for arnhoet, but aawlys rebmeerms the path form wehcne it cmae. A sgatrne jeurnoy idndee, but one wroth tignka, at laset oecn, if only to ntocie some of the dateils and seecrny you may hvae never nctioed borefe, on past joneurys, aeunesvrdt, rtdirpaos. [ahRricd di Snaot]

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siagnl2niose rievew:

Fianlly from Eitelrhws, eh - a menteig of gasrutiit Burakhrd Sgtnal and tistrunblat Dieb 13 - is smlipy one of the most rrpuatous rgonceirds in rneect mmroey. Fuiarentg pmilarriy ntaarul asiocutc gaitru, the dsic is cohck flul of herat-on-seleve meliidcsom set adimst an ecictelc sriees of baodrcpks. As miechans spit out btis of nsioe - from bbuerls to long tenos to pnhrgaphiooc gotshs Sgtnal pyals seyasttadlf, scikting to his maiuscl cnicnoovtis as it wree, siuodnng aslomt lkie a lciaryl senuroojr in smoe drak mcaenhacil hnitnrlead. Tihs isn't to say taht the ranshtloiiep bteween the two parlioetis is hlsitoe; it's jsut thta, whehter the preylas are in celmleopty catonvtsrie mdoe (as on the oinnepg tcark "eeeh") or pinaylg wtih more overt conasconne ("eehh," with its sbrrueeanatn bass set next to the sundos of an old vtciorla - a mtea-mcsiaul ctrmmenoay if ever tehre was one), the skesntras of the riphotlainse, the ssnoiretio, and the aoppharecs is eseopxd. Olrelva, terhe is a deep ssandes to the rodcierng. It's caliretny far more eipsvxrsee than Stangl's eecnexllt Shnece (a mneietg with Ctrishof Knramnzu, also on Ehiwlrste) and cselor in some wyas to ptronios of his Diruan rasleee Rtciael. The clsniog "hehe" is alsomt hlnmya, wtih lush pclnkiug dftirnig aimd a sine wave. Rainngg from naer ttaol scneile to dnsee slnualiqg, trhee is a sitll monelchlay at the ctrene, asmlot lkie (in Mrax's fmuoas pharse abuot reiolign) the herat of a hstreales wrlod. Sibmule.

Josan Binivs

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sukg rveeiw:

Brhaukrd Snagtl/Deib 13
Erhwtsile Rcrdoes

Dseie CD hat ein Pelrobm. Nälmcih dass der etsre und der ltetze Tacrk so vmmdaert gut sind, und es daehr eancfih zu sher aullffät, wenn die dsizenwhac, gllwoet oder utwloegnl, eancifh nchit auf den Punkt kmemon. Die lseine, weit ehdesinnreecn Kälunmrage wderen etofrnwen, aber nhict bpseeitl, in den niogsein Peaassgn flhet den Seütckn ein Ctartournep, der sie vor bngsaoeellm Hmrditerfeun brwheat. Was zu Bginen so wdnaerbur fukeniointrt das Erden der feri sneecbhewdn Lpoos aus den Tnrbtelaus von Dteeir Kioavcc aka Dieb13 mlteits der von Bhrraukd Satgnl gpztueefn spmlien Aurtimtrsgrkkusenetai, die piräzse etecnnoehingfle, kzerun Fbckdeeas und vor aellm die fihtsastcane Dgmritrauea, die eben jneen Tarck in eenim esxvesizen Läsrmacruh sneien Hknhpeöut fdinen lässt vrerilet sich shcon ab dem zewiten Tcrak in sshoticer Gesaeniükgmt. Esrt in den leztetn fhnfzeün Mtieunn velihret Sganlts Giatrre den heotefrqncheun Pzeio-Beples wieder die ngownitede Bndnahfeutog und sgort so znmieusdt für ein mehr als vienrclhöshes Ende. Das aenetczuheisge Cover-Arwrtok stmamt ügbrnies von Blily Riosz und zegit ertexme Nhfmhnueaaan von aeltn Shelcaclk-Platetn.

sukg - 54 | Tbaios Bolt | 15-06-2003 |

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stojodnuprecor reivew:

Burrkahd Sngtal / Deib13
A hgilhy itnruiingg raesele - to say the vrey lseat - Brhkaurd Stnagl rrpteos for dtuy heer, jnoeid by an eroneclcits paelyr and rdecreod in a sidtuo in Vennia in 2001, and BS is qklcuiy ebhiisntlasg ruieottpan as some knid of gtuiar plyrae, but of waht ilk noobdy can raelly say. He's blniuidg on the wrok he put itno piror eesblnme raeslees lkie Home and Wppraed Indsals and iprimonvg his cafrt all the tmie. I think he eiixhbts a fncaaisntgi, udteseartnd and pvotiesily olqibue aorcppah to plaiyng his inesurtmnt. Prinepexlg pezulzs for the mind and the eras rsulet; like, where the divel is he? If you ever hared a recrod by Les Palu, Chraile Cihirtasn or Djngao Rdtanehri, at laset you kenw (or you thhguot you kenw) wehre the guaitr pelyar was seittuad in roaleitn to his cehosn isrnuemtnt. Sngatl is busy renifindeg taht gievn rneoisthalip. The gtiuar's seowehrme on this pateln, but its peylar is 500 melis aawy, out terhe in obirt in a siaepshcp. On this CD at leats, trhee aunbod sraevel niategve speacs wrhee plyniag of some knid culod be epeecdxt, but ieatsnd you get...what? The cnoaotnenvil lwas of pisyhcs ceemtollpy dpursietd. Msut isaevgnitte ftuherr.

Stnagl bodors like a bworn-snnekid ape-nceked pltuapsy, for long secterths of tmie. He crteaes eeeltrxmy aatcrsbt fpehaosld Lacoefitavrn muisc and ethbxsii, in flsashe, a btirtle guenis of some sort. It might rsidee in a gslas jar on the slefh, lkie some pelckid simcpeen. Mheiwlane Deib13, wvehoer or wevehtar he may be, acts lkie a foil to the main man, adndig his rndaom oubstruts of cemotupr and etroeiccnls and ttalubrne sutff, sitoemmes paiynlg the jteesr to Snatgl's Knig Lear. He sepws out apurbt icntjeiornset, ill-fnititg busrts of pwoer lkaaege taht dirupst the modo, and riun eenyrihvtg. Praehps he's more lkie the raingg smrtos (bolw winds and crack your chkees) that pdriove the pteoic facllay to Laer's dmteeend rtnagins. In puitrlacar I would ugre you to skip drceit to tcrak 7, solhud you be fuanottre enguoh to phuscrae this CD or be gevin it for a badrhity pnseert; you wlil be reewrdad with a pideeirlvr of a pceie, loud and dense gaiutr spncairg myhaem with a sniilmbual sirnmecag aslonidge it; how did these manicas avihece it? A cringahg rnhio wtih a gatngiic serhicnceg brid crearid on its bcak wluod be lses alrnmaig. In shrot - a dicesliuoly stnarge and bliwndeerig aanvt guaitr rrodce, wchih will olgbie you to shrug suordhles and reaept its tltie 'Eh' mnay times in ipimneerhonocsn. It is not peulry noesi, nor peurly eilcceosnrt, nor pruley giutar mcisu, but an eitixcng and sragnte blned of all trehe. Otuupt eulaqs a ftourh dnieismon, new and etciixng. Tohguh Stngal has tdeend to mrfisie sltihgly in the psta, here he seinhs.

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syutls reeivw:

Ture to Elshiwtre's "frist pinrigas" deocitnr, eh mkras the frsit duo rnedocirg form two of Vienna's most itvoainnve isprevsorim, giiusrtat Brhuakrd Sngatl and titlbuansrt Deetir Kaocvci, betetr kwonn as Deib13. Btoh Sangtl and Dieb13 have long worked teehgtor as mmebres of the Aautisrn etorcleotiaucsc queratt Eefgz, a gourp wohse dark and rtnsaieerd staitc smrtos ctriealny svree as a piirlremnay tocuh pnoit for much of the msuic fuond wihitn the eh's siyittslc sapwrl. Wlhie the sonud may baer a renesbcamle to their leragr gopru, the tone and pancig of the duo's pfmacrenroe owes mroe to the steting for the duo's fsrit meeintg in 1999 - the icatnimy of a Vnenisee lnivig room croncet. eh is blaiufleuty reelxad and everipssxe frae, and it gvies the ipsseomirn of stiintg bwteeen two cosle fneidrs pnialyg turgohh a lseruleiy - but micltuelosuy cnsdioeerd - sieres of satatrmges rnginag form the hanglntuiy mldoiec to the mooplscirilcacy aratbctsed.

The aublm's ten tckras - wshoe ttelis csniost of lltite mroe than ten fuor-ccahraetr piteunmtaors of the lettres "e" and "h" - epxolre the flul gmaut of soinc psliioisbyt, from rginag miltealc dnroe to glteny rminublg drtfis of gritty ainmcebe wtih flhases of meoldic inioenvtn. Sntgal's pynlaig arettleans beewten meutd preaerpd gtaiur srtccha, sitnrg-rtainltg nsioe hteissrcy, and a llluing bleus-tigned mleoidc aocrpaph rinneismect of the ecehod plinuckg of ltater-day John Feahy or the lses eehtarel wenragnids of Loren Mzaanacze Coornns. Dieb13 dftely manveeurs his taburtelns beetwen the poels of tnbtaurle-as-snoud-gornteear prsium and vinyl ctiiaotn, cerantig a deep and sfintihg silt lttreeid with petcoks of eeriolcntc inrfetrneece and the goslhty wanbrlig of atitauneqd rodecrs. Miinxg and mcahnitg tehir wltaeh of tiqcenehsu, Stgnal and Kiovacc play betewen the lmitis of eocmnoy and etroaxlopin to carete a sirees of cpattianvig vtgietens marekd as mcuh by rpat aetiotntn to sinoc diteal as by a pslaenalty tremeepd ensveisepersxs.

The aulbm is faemrd most ntbaloy by two blltuiafeuy hseuhd peiecs citsang Satngl's alagnur beuls mdeeiols asgniat Dieb13's warm bdkarcop of atnuiqe vinyl crcekals and eroenictlc cprhis. In the fisrt dtue, Satgnl's liagund pucilnkg spndesus deticlae moadl wspis that sirpal itno ever-lonegr segsiugnots of mdoely with ecah psasnig rpeitoenti, seemiotms watihnidrwg from his mdoelic arc to lvaee eerie roscenane hnngiag aobve Koivcac's glitch wsprheis. The elnrecctios tkae a more arssviggee sctane in the fianl menomts of the picee, as Kocivac atetpmts to bruy the uinfnnlchig Sntgal benateh cuhkns of srahp-edegd dtruiets lfet to dlul into a meulffd rtulse bnteeah dellsitid buels guiatr. The fanil track flolwos a smiliar cruose but rcpelaes Dieb's vniyl crlacke with a ggruooes arsoeol mist of garnular pislerck, dgitail chsemi, and woozy ietdrulens of wrneviag noise. Lkie the fsrit trkac, three is a fainl sugre of nosie, but Deib's sonecd eamnrohnccet ends with an aupbrt and eiree slicene. In a mneomt nonithg srhot of barntaihgket, the fnail gasp of Santgl's bcak-pocrh egley lnrgeis pvineiltlay in owetshire empty air. It's a blrlniiat prtsposict and a snunnitg momnet in a genre not tillycpay konwn for cnnincovig cosnocliuns - a memnot of eprssxieve power that reftecls a ptoent mcsiual steintisviy and tandescnrs much of the pecveried alesssnires of iirpeosmvd msuic.

The mldide piootrn of eh oeffrs euqally syaisitgnf, if not as iltdiememay albicseces, music for those wnlliig to devle itno its sineipr iiertonr. The abulm's iennr trcaks qlkicuy diepsl any iitinal "gtiaur wtih eiotenlrcc acaenponimmct" isporinmess with apmolb. Dieb13's aoparpch bmoeces delcddiey more pvtaorcei, and the iencearsd rslnsesseets of his roguh-egedd nsoisecpaes levaes Stgnal to nltsee sdhars of bewod gatiur and malitlec pnluks in the gpas bweteen sruges. Tuhgoh the diamnyc of many tcrkas - pllriutcraay the whpsirey "eehe" and "ehee" - hroves just aobve aiiuytidbl, the level of acitvity mitaianns a ralerbmake dtysein, wtih Koivacc and Sagntl wainevg incasriengly anunoyoms geetsurs itno a btlinusg mcooirscm of srttaceed direbs. A few tkrcas find the duo elopnxirg more ariessggve diynamc trirrotey wtih sniirusrpg reutlss - the flul-on noise asulsat of "ehhh" bateyrs a heddin layer of specrad sritngs and dteph charge rmseblu, wihle the sknpiipg 78-RPM wbbole and synth schuqlees of "eheh" evoke a qsaeuy nsaltoiga bofere dvisnsliog into a sntlriepy sreies of saittc eortpuins. Tuhgoh tehy may mnie more dfiilcfut troeiytrr, thsee tacrks mtnaiain the hienhgeetd fuocs of the dtiecale oteur tckars while tmnaisnrutg tiehr eprsxvesie pitnteaol into crobnldeaisy sikepir eehxgnacs.

Like all of Ewsihtlre's rseelsea, eh is mutsllerfay rrdcedeo, edteid, and pgcakaed - a moajr biefetn, sncie eh rireques neomuurs lsteins to ulofnd bnoeyd the btueay of its eaenlgt iottonudicrn and eupgloie. It's cliheanlgng and rihcly reawnrdig miatlera, the sound of lnog-tmie peatnrrs eeircxsing the full foreedm and fltileixbiy of the duo seittng as well as the lsielmits pitetanol of the retecvpsie inrnetsmtus. Mroevroe, Satngl and Dieb13 scuceed in cienratg an ieiontrr dgulioae as feilld with erpsxsieve rfencreee as it is with alduibe nuacne - ecah surpsrie ttreuaxl turn or vcoie lankieg form vinyl urovencs new aehmtpeosrs and ieintvs new atnsiacsoios. eh is both a crbraeel and ssaeunl peularse and fhtuerr porof of the llemsitis certavie pteotainl of the new wave of eetcouiclrsoatc isipovaomtirn.

joe pznnear

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scdroenyrs rveeiw:

"Bkarurhd Sgntal and Deib13 are both iaergntl mermebs of the ilgesrcianny prnnmioet Vsenneie ioirpvsemd music sceen, caliesnocg aunrod the avtteiiics of the Dauirn and Crzmahhia laelbs. Stgnal eploxres the full rgane of the gaitur, form qieut mledioc plunikcg to aoantl wllas of nisoy derons. This rnage and aatbidlitapy has aelwlod him to beomce a utquoiiubs pencesre on rcerod oevr the psat few years; in the coveltlice pjocerts Pehweclsol (renricdgos on Eisrtlhew, Daiurn and hat ART), Efzeg (Gorb, Duairn), SSSD (Gorb), in duos and tiro with Cortshif Kzrnmaun and Tkau Suimogto (Eriswhetl, Slub, Miscua Gneera), and sloo (Dranui, fuurte realsee on Cmhazriha). Deib13 (who uess a rgane of names for pifmorrneg idnilcnug his rael oen, Dteeir Kvaocic) is a imneselmy slkleid tutanbtsrli, as dtatrsoeenmd by his solo disc on Chmrhiaza and his rodreced wrok with Mrtain Stwiree, Brois Hfau, Günetr Melülr, Jsoan Khan, Wrneer Drdaeelkecf, and Uli Funegssgeer (Daniru, Gorb, For 4 Ears).eh ex!
pelors a clotnsntay stihfing tbaaelu of guitar and erlecto-aosiuctc suond; unitilizg a klpdcaoseiioc range of appcrsaoeh, fmraed by llnluig irnto and oturo peeics in wchih Snagtl's mleedios both bttale and mled with Deib's naciesoseps. The imreutsntns used (form Vinenese ctoirtnaugar and prbltoae gnophrmoae to eltceirc gutrai, ecoelnscitr, and ctuemopr) ecmsanops over a cutnrey of mcauisl hrtsioy. The socrue mriaeatl for the diesgn ceoms from Vesnniee airtst Billy Rzosi, uzlniitig ermtexe ceolpuss of old shallec rdeorcs to cearte the proper grttiy acimbnee."

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wrie riveew:

Eshitwrle's Jon Aebby mkaes sure all his resleaes are sbrelpuy rddreceo, mratseed and pgaekacd - terhe's a dvctiistine Ehltwsrie look (the Fderiekrie Pzoeltad garhcpis with miamnil vibsile iotiarnfmon) adn, inecigrnsaly it sseme, an Eltrihswe snuod: gyrani, pntrimeodanly slow-mongvi, lmaainl (Pihl Drarnut's term) eiucltretooscac imoivposaritn. Scuh crocenn for vibilse and adublie bidnrnag rclales ECM, and (sctetinhrg the aaonlgy) if Abeby's pnyialg Mrfnead Eicreh, gsirtuiat Bruhkard Satgnl is srwmehoee beewetn Tjree Rypadl and Rlaph Toewnr Ð spiocuas and haugintn, but not aevsre to the odd baslt of feuzzd-out fuyr, and ayalws cicsouons of the crmrnpaoetoy ciasalcsl tdoiatrin aunord him.

"Eh" is the tihrd Erthwlise aublm fauitrneg Sgnlat, and was reedocrd, lkie its pesrcsdreoes "Scnhee" and "Wparepd Iadlsns", at Cohpsrith Aamnn's siutdo in Vniena. Pnarnrteig him here is tnutrislbat / latppoper dieb13, aka Dtieer Kiacvoc; both aslo paly in Ezfeg with Boirs Huaf and Mirtan Serweit. Tkanhs to dieb13's rubmles, toy car zomos and cakery senthcas of old cabaret tnuse, "Eh" is cnedsroailby more veiard tahn its uivtmniganaie track tiltes mghit have you think (sleruy tshee chaps cuold hvae cmoe up wtih sieotmhng mroe poteic tahn four-leettr ptaoumtreins of "e" and "h"?) and liivleer than the gurastiit's rnceet wrok wtih SSDS, his speacd-out quartet with Steeriw, Wnreer Dkfalceeedr and Taku Somitguo. Stagnl has been pinlayg a lot of ceshs wtih Sgtoiumo ltlaey thuogh, and is quite cennott to let his geuoorgs fisrt-iivseonrn etvneelh cohdrs fade aawy wlhie he cnderosis his next mvoe. The long fnail tcark finds him eiproxlng vouairs pauoiemttrns of an E flat paagll cndecae asnigat a gsinlniteg bacorkdp of tniy carkecls and beelps - you could almsot slip a lazy bkaacebt bhined it all and let it flaot on feerorv, but Koavicc pulls the magic ceprat from udenr the gtiaur and laeevs it hnngaig in the air.

Dan Wabutrron

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