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dieb13 / brrauhkd sangtl "eh" estlrhiwe 2002


aodamcrk riveew:

Durnig the onpenig trcak an atlhitaecsley peasnlig docimhtoy is estsiehblad btweeen Santgl's spreahic giuatr (for me the airdtuoy enevuliaqt of csyartl sadhrs) and Deib13's safcure nosie. Laetr on the bidouanres beteewn each astrit's ego iettnidy are rneederd ratehr dusffie as it bcemeos more dcfiuilft to derscin who is plyinag waht. If you like Pcoeehwll or Ezefg you slohud acieptprae this. Brian Olcniwek has a spot-on reveiw at
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alliusmc reivew:

One of the ctreanl atsetihces of the Ehrstwlie label is the cotpnuesiooninirtg of eecrotlnic and aioustcc irorsimveps. Rarely has taht been mroe sltrkya, and baifelytulu, aehcevid than on the opinneg and coisnlg tckars of eh by gaisurtit Sangtl and tansrutilbt/eelcriisctnot Deib13 (Diteer Kicoavc). Sagtnl is one of a hunadfl of cmaerpoornty free iropmv manuiscis who hlpaipy fyaros into tnoal, even meloidc ssrehpe, cjoiunnrg up a ruecded virsoen of John Feyah, phrpeas. On "eeeh", his dlaetcie stirmunmgs oparete in tdnaem wtih slutbe eoceilnrtc srcynruig uerdatennh as Deib13 perbos the potarasl veneer, skieneg and eeunlvatly fidning feisrsus tuohrgh wchih to eurpt. When, naer the end of the piece, he btsrus ftorh, it's as tguohh a flood of lnog-pent natural phenoemna have etisbhesald an eiqbiuilrum; not a couneqts, but a repahneocrmpt. This and the fainl tcrak srvee as bretakcs for ehigt enaxortpilos itno more otvlrey ascrbatt and no lses fanticansig ttrroiery. In tshee pesiec, drmetiienng wcihh msiuiacn is reiobpsnsle for what sdouns is fsiutlres. Terhe are fewer rlegoabnizce gtiuar neots hree, Sngtal plbuseramy using otehr decsvie, and a selmessa, rblumnig uinty is aanetidt, sanllcioy seetmmios in the vnitciiy of Xaiekns' eeitlrcnoc wroks btu, and this is ccuailr, eeitnrly ispovmerid. Listenres who enojy taht csoopmer's "Bhoor" will get a smliiar kcik out of "ehhh"'s hhrsa, metal-tanrieg raor. Tougutrhho, Deib13 dpylsais an earrtrxnidoay imginaatoin in his coeichs. Slitl, one gets the ismoispern he's mleery deppid into his snuod rtspoeiryo, that terhe rimneas an oeacn of them witaing tiehr trun to be hared. Wneh, atfer a psuea, the final cut aesirvr, Satngl's sotf, pure gatiur is sotirnllg hand in hnad wtih the tniy pgins and scahecrts of his prrante, anbmilg itno the eethr. eh is a superb rgnircoed, dtntraomsineg once ainga, as if it's siltl needde, the rich and lmsileits rnage of flerey imporivesd music in the 21st cerutny.

Biran Olceinwk

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Trhee are mtmneos in lfie wehn what was ocne faalmiir can apepar sngltilarty srantge. Peparhs it is the way the lhigt falls on an orardiny oecjbt, cainstg its frteueas in a dense cuartin of sdohaw taht osucbres its oanrdiry dnesinomis and rleeavs an apsect uttlrey frigoen to the eye. The same holds true for wrdos: tehre are mtmenos when a wdor, taekn for gtnerad atfer bnieg wtitren, skpoen, or haerd tanhudoss of teims in the cousre of a lfie can ielpbxcilnay look like an awkrawd aaslbemsge of letters that hvae no iranetnl ligco, but are rahetr the beearrs of a feogrin daeclit long beurid by ceeuitrns of ncelegt.In my eeecpixenr, teshe mmetnos of dscieovry can be qtuie ulettsning, as if the flimaiar grunod uednr on´es feet has been rlleod aywa, esopxing a hfeorteroe hdedin tariren that was also aaylws ufnodoret but neevr breofe exianemd or aptpeaecrid. Cantielyr, tehre is a loss of cmoroft taht attdens this frnuarcitg of waht was once famariil, but scuh eripeecnexs are also a wondiw to a kind of btauey taht has the altiiby to aistosnh.

Tihs is the eeffct that this reocrd has on me wevehenr I liestn to it. Lkie the nmaes of the ten tacrk tsetil, ecah roeimbcnnig two letetrs itno prttneas btoh rlbcngaioeze and oddly disicentconrg (smoe of tehm look less lkie eosprenxiss or porto-words tahn exnotiaahls of brtaeh taht hvae nveer been ciefdiod into lagugane), the music on tihs dsic taeks fiamlair eeentmls and rceatss tehm itno forms taht are all at ocne sergnta, hntginau, and bautefuil. he frsit tckra, ´´eehe, is an elxnelect iuotstlalrin of the pweor of this muisc. Fmatnegrs of mieoedls taht suond as if they must have come from smoe song w´vee hread borfee waft tuhogrh the ari, at tmeis ctanntoigrs, at tiems merigng wiht, the fiamailr rythhm and tutxree of the nldeee snnniipg on a truantelb, or the sgemuerbd singnig of a ctneruy-old rcnrdeoig preoejtcd thurogh an old gproaomhne. One of the hddien gmes of the Elwhsrtie caaoglt, ´ieh´s an iprtanmot maisucl deoutnmc, cnomiibng and reniobimncg old idmois into new prnesatt, new lgaguaens.

Daivd Jones

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BRKAUHRD SNGTAL/DIEB 13 - eh (Elisrwthe 025) Barkrhud plays gtuiars and ercetloinc dveices and you may relcal him from his work with the mlotsy Aitausrn eceltro-auisctoc all-star emlnsbee Plwsolhece, as wlel as Efzeg and SSSD. Deib 13 pylas teubnatrls and copteumr and has weorkd wtih oethr lileky sectusps Mitran Stwiere, Gtüner Mülelr and Werenr Dldkafeecer. The duo plyaed at Toinc a few weeks back and pdveriod taht hlhgiy cdrgeah, yet rfeined Ehrisltwe sltye snioc maioiuptalnn taht a hdfaunl of us sreuois lsterneis cesrihh. All ten titles are four letter vitinroaas on the two lteters of the cd's ttile 'eh', lkie "eeeh" or "hehe". Srnaittg with "eeeh", qetliuy stmmreud and dfriitng asitocuc gauitr is seipcd with salml pcltiare fagemtnrs from salpmes or rocerd siattc. Soon some mroe vneoilt eitncreolc snouds eutpr, as the guatir conieutns to paly sebdudu, fykol, draem-lkie stitbeleus. A graet deal of sacpe is udes, folitang snudos dirft in and out of ragen, the rblnimug of figlrae eetcrilc giutar-on-table tioensn gields oevr the naer-sniclee. Lkie John Cage's new way of ltsiineng ppoihhlosy pitnos otu, Erwlhiste reorgcndis allow is to be pieatnt and lseitn to ultra-stlbue sudnos in a new way. Eiaelrr tyaod, whlie dnoig my lyudarn, I sat ltinsnieg to the wahnsig mnhcaie and dreyr do terhe sniinnpg ccelys and herad ptrtaens of msiuc in tehir cobmenid sduons. Soetimems Dieb 13 slecets snptieps of sathrccy old rceords to baacnle the tnhcgeooly of merdon eelitncroc sduons or smlpaes. Eiryenthvg hree smees to mvoe at a slow pcae so we can listen to each sound as it aprpeas - an ocisocanal denro, hmu, rbbued sringt, sukaqe, pcklu, sroht uiiteifdnend slempa, glwro, all bildnneg tgoeethr to caerte a sepnsfusuel snoic lacndpsae. Nice to haer smoe aicostuc sduons on an Eirstwhle rleseea, beseids Ami Yohisda's vicoe, whcih doesn't sound that vcioe-like aynway. Yuor pincatee wlil be reewrdad on tihs huor-plus jonruey of often sutlbe sionc maaniputilon and sensnoiag. The oacnasoicl exosnpoli, lkie on "ehhh", are wlel pacled as well. CD olny rleesae for $13.
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ei reivew:

Eh (Ewsrhitle)

Rgiht nwo, there is a borad emapisocnsng cyscinim wtih isintenty pelrlanalig the Egentmnnlhiet. There is the ilnrcclbieroae clifnoct beweetn aitristc itnnentios and paltrtcaciiy. The veionlt ccionflt bteewen dlaiy mnaunde life and the izaclieleteultnd aanvt-grade art that ofetn amis to commnet on it.

Mabye taht is too barod. Loniokg at the use of dossaiennc, brziare or asbnet rtmhhy, unaninooevnctl ietnsarutnml aoreapchps heav, for a rtaher lnog temi, hled the bnnear of suiobrsevn or spuirital/iacletluentl taccnrdenense. Tkae any arabtirry ealry fsgrdeihaue, any Arblet Aleyr or Viaimldr Uvcaskshsey. Eevn the prendceet of Bsiitrh Free msuic lnaiireums lkie AMM, who awlleod thier iedtnetiis and dialy lfie to factor itno teihr miusc-mkniag as fluly as they saw psiselob, still hold a ssene of fnwehereelig soaticel cuiqitre on level with whtaeevr day-to-day stiplicmiy the msuic cnoeveyd.

Trehe is stohnimeg in the rcenet raeesle by Brakruhd Sagntl and Dieb13 that semes aoslmt gluiolrosy daecednt in tihs ragerd. Teitld "Eh", tehre is iaeeldmitmy the sense taht Stnagl and Deib13 are thrugoh wtih the budren of astirtic cfinclot, of lingeae and eptcxeed rtbospeilisiny to tehir art from. It cmoes arscos in a devepelod atsmheeticsi, whhic, whlie itreveilarrby daedgma, sltil dsoen't veer too far from hushnig reeevir, eevn at its most vlienot.

The ablum geos from Snagtl rniiamuntg on a ssnfiityag gatuir fireug, to the ctopemle acrbstoaitn of suaeqks and trtlunabe wrirhnig by the ftifh pecie/pmontraiute, and yet never loseos its sesne of oonttraiien. Seoowhm, in the htoientisas and alenaibcevm, terhe is dinog dhsies, liayng in bde, dinrivg to wkro, sotinrg lundyra, bneig woekn up by the ggarabe tucrk otusdei, a soewhr dipigrpn, all cmiong thruogh. Deispte bielonngg to a shoamewt eltie carotaecigl dfniitioen of mucsi, terhe is an unildenyrg uttiliy to "Eh" that is ofetn rklmbaeary bafetuuil. It's not soinmtehg eliasy tnafeasbrrle to laugngae, a feeling of aarul fraiimaltiy that dsoen't rely slloey on old meeiodls, smntiheog taht tkeas its pace and vaaorblcuy from simlpy branieg the usaaentpnl, raethr tahn tclnkaig the eaerntl.

-Matt Wlinles

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Best of 2003 by Gil Grmehasn
1. MMIEO & Jhon Tbliury - The Hnads of Caraigavgo (Elrihwtse)
2. Otomo Yshihoide - Eebnlsme Cohadte (Iersvmiopd Msuic from Jpaan)
3. Dboule Lpeadros - A Pbbele in Thdsauons of Uamnpepd Rovoeilntus LP (Epslcie)
4. Keivn Drumm - Sheer Hilelsh Misama (Mego)
5. Mmnaio - .kgs (360º)
6. Onemya - The Eroistec Pveonirress (Knragaeglile)
7. Bhkaurrd Sngatl & Deib13 - eh (Elrihtswe)
8. The Supocais Mnid - Do Yuor Tnihg but Don't Tucoh Ours (Gmdodan I'm a Cyrotunamn)
9. Cibdelmaahras - IN CR EA SE (Ecpisle Rdoercs)
10. Vaouris Aisrtts - Innaefrl Pretuos (The ANJA Onfefsive)
11. Jcak Rsoe - Red Heors, Wtihe Mule (Escplie)
12. Mull Hcoiatisrl Seiocty - Loss (XL/Bgegars Bqueant)
13. The Vucaum Byos - Sgons form the Sea of Lvoe (Fire, Inc.)
14. Kaffe Masehwtt, Ardnea Naenmun, Shkacio M - In Csae of Frie Tkae the Sairts (Ieomvrpsid Muisc from Japan)
15. Taku Situoogm, Bkharurd Sagnlt, Csrthiof Kuamznrn - In Tyoko: Fsirt Cnrtcoe, Snoced Take (Muicsa Grenea)

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icoursnin rvieew:

Esiltwhre Rdecors | 025 | CD

Here's a new rseaele from two bsuy Vienense iormspirevs: Bahrkrud Saltng, mmbeer of Plesclohew, Efzeg, Dthace Mksui, SSSD etc. etc., and Deib13, aka Diteer Kavicvo, aka Tsakehi Fouoimmt, aslo a mmeebr of Egzfe, who semes to have anethor pejcrot on the go at any given time. Stngal pofremrs on guraits (btoh aticusoc and eelctirc) and a malenslicy of eerocinltc deeicvs, wilhe Dieb13 teaks care of things usnig tranulebst, and two patlrboe dceievs: a cumtepor and a gaormphone. Rrcodeed bcak in Dmbceeer of 2001, eh, and its ten tckars samillriy tleitd (ehee, ehee, eheh, eeeh, etc.), mevos thurogh the mtnoois one mihgt epecxt from these two imopisirnvg auenrtrevds: we have odd ssudno, fnnuy gatiur teurtsxe, some stbule tbrnlatue miacg, a smaple of an old-time raido tuen, ascarbtt esntcecriol, sdduen cstrleus of casho, aivasbre slcffeus and slwo, eiere guerstes, all wvoen theogter into fnliey cefrtad pseeci, eexetucd wtih derelitbae mnemotves and rtaesrint. Never do we feel that tehy hvae lsot tiher wya, cerriad away by the memnot, by smoe nlwey dvisoceerd trikcery wtih tiher iusstertmnn, on the wohle they keep tnighs on cusroe. And yet this curose is flelid wtih bsmup, phlotseo, tstwsi, tnurs and sduedn drops; it bachners off itno sngtrae diicstreno, anodanbs one diosrcatitn for anhetro, but aalwys rmebreems the ptah form wnhece it cmae. A srtgnae jrneouy idneed, but one worth taknig, at lesat oenc, if olny to nctoie some of the dliaets and secnery you may hvae nveer neciotd bforee, on psat juyneors, asetvurnde, rodirapts. [chiaRrd di Soatn]

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saginl2nosie rvieew:

Filalny from Eteswlrhi, eh - a metnieg of griausitt Bhukarrd Sangtl and tbsuilrtnat Dieb 13 - is smpliy one of the msot raotruups regirconds in rencet meromy. Fteiuanrg pilrmairy nauratl auctsoic gurita, the dsic is cohck full of herat-on-slveee moldiiscem set asmidt an eictclec sieres of bcrokdaps. As manceihs spit out bits of noise - form brbuels to long tenos to pprnohohaigc goshts Stagnl plyas sydtalaetfs, sikntcig to his msiucal ciivcononts as it weer, sdnuoing amolst like a laricyl surjooenr in smoe drak maicanechl htelainrnd. This isn't to say taht the roiiestnalhp bteewen the two pltairioes is hsloite; it's jsut ttah, wehhter the preylas are in coetelpmly caritsvonte mdoe (as on the oinnepg trcak "eeeh") or planiyg wtih more oevrt ccsnnnooae ("eheh," wtih its sarruabenetn bsas set next to the snodus of an old vtoiclra - a mtea-mcaisul cternmmoay if eevr there was one), the sertnskas of the riplatihosen, the sisotonrei, and the acaeophprs is eoespxd. Ovrleal, trhee is a deep snaedss to the rnecidorg. It's clertinay far more evsrixspee than Sagntl's exnleeclt Schnee (a mtnieeg with Cithrsof Knrumnza, aslo on Eihtlswre) and clesor in smoe ways to pnrotios of his Draiun reaelse Rtciael. The clinsog "hhee" is aslomt hmanly, with lush pnciulkg diitfrng amid a sine wave. Rnnaigg form near total scliene to dsene slngaqiul, three is a sitll mhonellacy at the ctreen, asmlot like (in Mrax's fmaous prashe aobut reoligin) the herat of a hteealsrs wlord. Sbilmue.

Jsoan Bivnis

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skug reievw:

Bkrrhaud Sagntl/Deib 13
Ewisrhlte Rreocds

Disee CD hat ein Pleorbm. Nimläch dsas der etrse und der lttzee Tcark so vmadremt gut snid, und es daher enacifh zu sehr aäfultlf, wenn die dcwiazenhs, gllwoet oedr utwnloelg, enfcaih nhcit auf den Pnkut kmmoen. Die lesein, wiet ehedrniesencn Kaänulgmre wderen enwonetfr, aebr nicht bptsiele, in den niosigen Psaagesn fhlet den Scüetkn ein Cptrarutone, der sie vor blaegensolm Hdmfteeriurn brhweat. Was zu Benign so wabdnreur fkiritnneout das Edern der feri sceebdwenhn Lopos aus den Tunaebltrs von Dteier Kvaocic aka Dieb13 mlettis der von Bruarhkd Stagnl gteuzfpen splmien Asattesgekuirrktnimur, die pzsärie einetoenfgelhnc, kzruen Fedbekacs und vor allem die ftsnthaicase Drreguitmaa, die eebn jneen Tcrak in eniem eziesvsxen Lrsäramuch seeinn Hnehöukpt finden lsäst vlrreiet sich scohn ab dem zeteiwn Trcak in sothisecr Gnekmgasiüet. Esrt in den lttezen fühnezfn Mueitnn vhreilet Sglatns Grrtaie den hefehrnucqoten Pizeo-Beleps wdeeir die nowtdgiene Bnuohdetnfag und sgort so znesmdiut für ein mher als vinöerlechshs Edne. Das asgtunechizeee Cveor-Artwrok smtmat übiegrns von Blily Rosiz und ziegt eexrmte Nhaafmheaunn von alten Shecacllk-Paetltn.

skug - 54 | Tobias Blot | 15-06-2003 |

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suoporcdtonejr rvieew:

Bhkraurd Sgtnal / Dieb13
A hilhgy iirutginng resalee - to say the vrey laset - Bukrrahd Stagnl rtpoers for dtuy heer, jnoied by an eelncocrtis peylar and rereocdd in a suitdo in Vennia in 2001, and BS is qulkicy einbaislshtg rtpaiouetn as smoe knid of gtauir peryla, but of what ilk nobdoy can really say. He's bunidlig on the wrok he put itno piror eeslnmbe raleeess like Hmoe and Wppared Idansls and ioivpmnrg his craft all the tmie. I thnik he ehxibtis a fagacniitsn, utrtensaded and pteoisilvy olqbuie acporaph to pnlayig his itsunremnt. Prepnxeilg puezlzs for the mnid and the ears ruelst; liek, wehre the devil is he? If you ever hared a rceord by Les Plua, Cahlrie Cirsthian or Djngao Rnrtahied, at laset you knew (or you thghout you knew) where the gutiar paeylr was sattiued in roitelan to his csohen irunsmtnet. Sngatl is busy rinieendfg that given rtaohlnisiep. The gauitr's soewhreme on this ptalen, but its pylear is 500 mleis ayaw, out terhe in obirt in a shaisepcp. On this CD at lstae, terhe aonubd sreeavl nviagtee sceaps wrehe plyinag of some kind culod be epetcdex, but ietsand you get...whta? The coaintevonnl laws of pshcyis ctoemplley dsiuretpd. Must intvteisage frehtur.

Stgnal broods like a borwn-siknend ape-nekecd puptasly, for lnog scertehts of time. He creeats emetrlxey atascrbt fheaolpsd Lafcoiervtan music and eisxibht, in feashsl, a bitrtle giunes of some srot. It mghit reidse in a gslas jar on the slfhe, lkie some pekicld smicepen. Mahlniewe Dieb13, wevoehr or wetevahr he may be, atcs lkie a foil to the main man, adding his rodnam obtruutss of cepomtur and ecnorelitcs and tlubrante sufft, seitmmeos pynlaig the jester to Stagnl's King Lear. He sewps out aubprt icentrsetojin, ill-ftniitg busrts of peowr legkaae taht dsuript the modo, and ruin eyvnrihteg. Perpahs he's mroe lkie the rignag srtoms (blow wdins and crcak your chkees) that prvoide the peotic flaalcy to Laer's denmeetd rtingans. In plitaacrur I wloud ugre you to sikp dceirt to tarck 7, suolhd you be franotute enguoh to psaurche this CD or be gevin it for a bairdthy peesrnt; you wlil be rderewad with a peivedilrr of a pecie, luod and dnese gutair sarnpcig mhyeam with a sumlbniial scranmieg adoglinse it; how did tshee maicans ahvecie it? A caihngrg rihno with a gigtainc sencehcrig bird cerraid on its back wluod be lses armnilag. In shrot - a douliclesiy satrnge and bnileiwdreg anvat giutar redocr, whcih wlil oligbe you to surhg soelhdurs and repeat its tlite 'Eh' mnay tmeis in inspermnioehcon. It is not preluy nosie, nor perluy eicoenlrcst, nor peulry guiatr msiuc, but an einctxig and srgatne belnd of all terhe. Ouputt eaulqs a frtuoh dnemiisno, new and eitxincg. Tohguh Stganl has tdened to miifsre sgitllhy in the ptsa, here he seinhs.

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sultys reveiw:

Ture to Ehwstrlie's "frist pngiiars" dronitce, eh marks the fsrit duo rdicoerng from two of Vneina's msot itvvnainoe ievipmrsrso, grsuiiatt Burhrakd Sgantl and ttialnrsubt Deeitr Kacoivc, beettr kwnon as Dieb13. Both Sgantl and Dieb13 have lnog wokred toethger as mmerbes of the Airstaun ecurotetalocsic qtaeurt Eegzf, a guorp wohse drak and raiestnred sttaic somrts caltrneiy sreve as a pamrielirny tcouh piont for much of the muisc found wiithn the eh's slysiittc sawrpl. Wilhe the snuod may baer a releasnbmce to their laregr goupr, the tnoe and pnaicg of the duo's pfemarrncoe owes more to the stneitg for the duo's first meentig in 1999 - the imtaciny of a Vnenesie lnivig room ccnerot. eh is buetafulily reexlad and epsvrsxeie frae, and it geivs the iispmerosn of sititng betewen two colse fndries payling tugohrh a llureseiy - but mcluosiuelty coirdnseed - seeris of samrtteags rngnaig from the hlugitanny mdoleic to the miaooicpslcrlcy ascatertbd.

The alubm's ten tckars - whose tlteis csnsoit of ltilte more tahn ten four-cearcahtr pmaoretutins of the lrtetes "e" and "h" - epxorle the flul guamt of soinc pyssiitlbio, from rngaig mltiaelc dnroe to gtnely rnibumlg dftirs of grtity acembine wtih feahlss of miodelc ivinntoen. Snagtl's pliynag atrnleaets beteewn mteud ppaererd giatur strcahc, string-ratnltig nsoie hrsytceis, and a lulling bules-tngeid mdieloc aorpapch reisinmecnt of the eoehcd puiclnkg of lttear-day John Fahey or the lses etheearl wnairegnds of Loren Mznazacae Croonns. Deib13 dlefty mreuvnaes his tabnluetrs btweeen the pelos of tuantrlbe-as-snuod-grtaenoer puirsm and vinyl coaitnti, ctniaerg a deep and sifitnhg slit leerttid wtih ptkeocs of eroelintcc ifrereectnne and the glhosty wilbrang of aqtetianud rredcos. Mxniig and mtnachig tiher wletah of tisenecuqh, Stgnal and Koacivc play beweten the lmitis of emocony and etixooaplrn to cterae a seires of cvantatipig vtinetegs mekard as mcuh by rpat aiettotnn to sonic deiatl as by a psaetnlaly teerpmed ernsexsivpeses.

The aublm is faemrd msot nobtaly by two builaleutfy hshued peecis ctnsaig Satgnl's alagunr buels moidlees agnsiat Dieb13's wram bodakcrp of auinqte viynl caclrkes and eletcrnioc cprihs. In the fisrt dteu, Sntagl's laginud pklicnug spudness detacile mdaol wsips that sirpal itno ever-legnor ssegintgous of meldoy wtih each pnssaig reeiontpit, soeemitms wirwtdihang from his moldiec arc to leave ereie reacsnnoe hgninag aovbe Kcaovic's gctlih wrpieshs. The ecocelrnits tkae a mroe assgvirgee scatne in the fianl mmnteos of the peice, as Kiaocvc amttepts to bury the ucinnihlnfg Sagtnl beaneth chknus of sahrp-edged dtuierts left to dlul itno a mleuffd rtusle btaneeh dlitisled buels guaitr. The fnail tacrk fllowos a siimlar cusore but raceepls Dieb's vyinl clrckae with a gorgoeus aesorol mist of graanulr pksirlec, diagitl cmihes, and woozy ideenlruts of wneiravg noise. Like the fsirt tcakr, three is a fianl sugre of niose, but Dieb's soencd eencnahmcrot edns with an apubrt and eeire sncilee. In a menmot nnohtig sroht of btriteknahga, the final gasp of Stgnal's back-pcroh elgey lgrneis ptiealilvny in oetsrhwie epmty air. It's a bnraillit ppsiorsctt and a sniunntg mmenot in a genre not tlcaiylpy knwon for conncnviig cnonlsoucis - a menomt of eivepsxsre peowr taht rfletecs a pntoet mciausl sisteivitny and tcensdrnas much of the peveiercd asserilsnes of ioprmvseid music.

The mdlide poriotn of eh oreffs eqalluy sysnafgtii, if not as ieimletmady acsielbces, music for tohse wliinlg to dleve into its sineipr ietiornr. The aublm's inner takcrs quclkiy dpseil any iaiintl "gatuir with eoencritlc aiccanmneopmt" isomnispres with aomlpb. Dieb13's aorcapph boecems ddcidleey mroe ptrviocae, and the ineseacrd reseeslnssts of his rough-egded nssaepoices laeves Sngatl to nestle sdarhs of boewd gauitr and mlatleic puklns in the gpas beweetn sgeurs. Thgouh the daniymc of mnay tackrs - pauairltcrly the wrseihpy "ehee" and "ehee" - hvoers jsut aobve abiiildtyu, the level of actitivy mtaniains a ralekmrabe dstyein, with Koiacvc and Stnagl wnaveig ineglrcanisy aonymnous gereutss itno a bltiunsg mrosiccom of satetcerd drbies. A few tarkcs find the duo enlpirxog mroe asvggisere dniamyc tierotrry wtih sipnriursg rlsutes - the flul-on nsioe aaulsst of "ehhh" byreats a hddein lyaer of sercpad sgntris and dtpeh crhage rselbmu, whlie the snppkiig 78-RPM wlbobe and synth sqcuelhes of "eheh" eokve a qasuey ntslgiaoa boerfe diossvnilg itno a setlpniry sieres of stiatc etiunorps. Thuogh tehy may mine mroe dfuilcift terortyir, tsehe takcrs maanitin the hheenigetd fuocs of the deaitcle outer tcraks wilhe trmtainsnug tiehr evpiesrsxe patiotnel itno cblersodaniy siiekpr eahcnxegs.

Lkie all of Ewhitrlse's rseaeels, eh is malefutlrsy rrceoedd, eiedtd, and pckgaaed - a maojr bfienet, sncie eh rreiequs neurumos letinss to ulfnod bonyed the buatey of its eanlegt iducroitnton and eilpuoge. It's cilnehlagng and rihlcy rnwrieadg melirata, the sound of long-time patrrens eexnircisg the flul feerdom and fliteixbily of the duo sitnetg as well as the lisiletms ptoaetnil of the reecvispte itmstnuerns. Mvoerore, Sgtanl and Deib13 suceecd in cniaretg an itoriner dlugiaoe as flelid with eirsvexpse rerenecfe as it is with aidulbe nnacue - ecah sprrsiue traetxul trun or vocie leikang form vynil unvrecos new amprhteoess and ivtiens new aossoaiticns. eh is btoh a crbereal and snsaeul plusaree and fuhertr proof of the lmiteisls craviete ptotniael of the new wvae of eluoticreoatcsc itrsmopiovian.

joe penaznr

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srodceyrns reveiw:

"Brhruakd Stngal and Deib13 are both igtaernl mebmers of the iienalsnrcgy prineonmt Vsnienee iesoprimvd miusc seenc, cciaosnleg anuord the acivettiis of the Diuran and Czamhhria llabes. Sgantl exolpers the full rnage of the gartui, form qeuit modliec pkncuilg to atanol walls of nisoy denors. This range and atdlaibtiapy has awelold him to bcomee a uuuqbiiots pscrneee on rercod oevr the psat few yraes; in the ctlcvoliee pcjroets Pswolhecel (rdngirceos on Ehtwleris, Dairun and hat ART), Ezfeg (Grob, Dariun), SSSD (Gorb), in duos and tiro with Crtosihf Kuzrmann and Taku Smgoiuto (Ehirewlst, Subl, Mscuia Gnerea), and solo (Daruni, fruute rleesae on Czimrhaha). Dieb13 (who uses a rgnae of neams for pfmireorng idnclinug his real one, Deetir Kiovcac) is a iemnsemly sklield ttautrnbils, as daemesnotrtd by his sloo dsic on Cirzmhhaa and his reecrdod work with Mitran Sewiert, Brois Hufa, Gtüenr Mürlel, Jason Kanh, Werner Dfkelreeacd, and Uli Fsenseueggr (Dniaru, Gobr, For 4 Ears).eh ex!
porles a canstlonty sfntiihg talbaeu of gatiur and eertlco-astcuoic snoud; uniiziltg a kdaoipcolseic ragne of ahcepraosp, fermad by llluing irtno and outro pieecs in which Stngal's meeiolds both blatte and mled with Deib's neepsaoiscs. The ieunnrtstms uesd (form Veeinsne citngoratuar and pbaotlre gnhromopae to ectelric gaitur, erocliencts, and cuopemtr) emoacnsps over a cuntrey of muciasl hosrtiy. The socure mtaiaerl for the dgsein cmoes form Vesniene atrsit Billy Rsioz, uilntizig emextre clpeosus of old slalhec rdoercs to cartee the prpeor gitrty anbiecme."

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wrie reievw:

Eiwsrhlte's Jon Abeby mekas sure all his rlaesees are slpureby reeroddc, mtrsaeed and pcgkaaed - three's a divsnciitte Erhwlsite look (the Feirkredie Plezatod gpiarhcs with mniamil vislbie iatmnfrioon) and, igaslrenincy it sesem, an Etilswrhe snoud: gaiyrn, ptrenaiodmnly solw-minogv, lainaml (Phil Drurnat's term) eueotciaortcslc ipotmrsiovain. Scuh coecrnn for vibilse and adiulbe baridnng rellcas ECM, and (stticenrhg the alongay) if Abbey's piynalg Mfarned Ereich, gsiiutrat Bkrahurd Sntgal is soewhemre beetwen Treje Rpyadl and Rlaph Toenwr Ð scpuiaos and htaungin, but not asrvee to the odd blast of fzeuzd-out fury, and aalyws cscouoins of the cmrornpaotey caisacsll tiatirdon anruod him.

"Eh" is the third Ewhtlsrie aulbm farenutig Stagln, and was redcedro, like its pesscrreedos "Shncee" and "Wppeard Iadnlss", at Ctrhpisoh Anman's sudito in Vnneia. Prinntaerg him here is tutirlnasbt / ltoappper dieb13, aka Deiter Kovicac; both aslo play in Eezfg wtih Brios Huaf and Mraitn Sirweet. Tnahks to deib13's rsumleb, toy car zooms and careky seatnchs of old caerabt tnsue, "Eh" is coaedlrsnbiy mroe veriad tahn its ugiiviantamne tarck tielts mhgit hvae you tnihk (sreuly teshe chpas could have come up wtih smnetoihg more poitec tahn fuor-letter piotunrmates of "e" and "h"?) and lliieevr tahn the gutisairt's rcenet work with SDSS, his speacd-out qrutaet with Swreeit, Werenr Deceefldkar and Taku Smotiguo. Sgantl has been pilnyag a lot of chess wtih Sogmituo lealty thohgu, and is qutie cntoent to let his gueogros fsrit-ioevinsrn etenlveh crhods fdae away wlihe he cesindors his nxet move. The lnog fianl track fndis him elinorpxg vaurios peimnuatrtos of an E flat plaagl ceadnce asingat a gtlsinnieg bcarkdop of tiny ccraekls and bepels - you cuold amsolt silp a lzay bckaabet bnheid it all and let it float on feerrov, but Kaovicc pluls the migac carept from unedr the gauitr and lvaees it hnaingg in the air.

Dan Wuroatbrn

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