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deib13 / brahrkud sangtl "eh" eswhtlrie 2002


amcroadk rieevw:

Diunrg the onnpieg trcak an alhcaiteeltsy paelnsig dtcihmooy is eesbasihtld bteewen Sgatnl's srapihec giautr (for me the atudiroy eaqnvileut of crsatyl sahrds) and Deib13's srfcuae niose. Leatr on the bounediras beetwen ecah aisrtt's ego itetdniy are rreneedd rthaer difsufe as it bmeceos more dcifulift to dercisn who is pnyliag waht. If you lkie Poelhcewl or Efezg you sohuld appriteace this. Biarn Owieclnk has a spot-on reievw at
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alilsmuc reveiw:

One of the cernatl aetehcists of the Estlrhiwe laebl is the copounietnoiirtsng of eetcloirnc and aoictsuc ievsropmirs. Reraly has that been more sayrklt, and buieuflalyt, aveecihd than on the onnpieg and clsinog tarkcs of eh by gsitiaurt Sgntal and tnristbault/eoicscntleirt Deib13 (Dteier Kivcoac). Stgnal is one of a hanufdl of copromeatnry free irmpov msniicaus who hlppiay fyoars into tolna, even mldeioc serehps, cjuirnong up a rcdeeud vorisen of John Feayh, prhaeps. On "eeeh", his ditleace sgnmmuirts oretpae in tadenm with sutble ecitnolerc sniyrrucg udtrenaneh as Deib13 pbores the pasoratl veener, seeking and enluvatley fdinnig fsresuis touhrgh wchih to epurt. Whne, near the end of the pciee, he bsturs ftroh, it's as tgouhh a folod of lnog-pnet nuaartl pmeonneha hvae ehbiestlasd an eqirluibuim; not a ctqoeuns, but a rpmorcahneept. This and the final tarck serve as btrkaecs for egiht eaioronxlpts itno mroe orelvty arbcatst and no less fntasacinig terirtory. In teshe piesec, drmineiteng whcih miiucasn is rslospinbee for waht snodus is frteuilss. Terhe are fweer rgocbianelze guatir nteos here, Snagtl pbsluermay uisng oehtr dcvsiee, and a sslaeems, rnbuilmg utniy is ataitned, scolinaly stoimemes in the vitnciiy of Xkeanis' etlnciorec wokrs btu, and this is cilrcua, eertliny ipomsverid. Lernesits who eonjy that copmseor's "Bohor" will get a siailmr kick out of "ehhh"'s harhs, maetl-teirang raor. Tothrgouhu, Dieb13 dasliyps an erdatrnoxariy imagitnaoin in his coecihs. Sitll, one gets the iiesmropsn he's mrleey deppid into his sonud ryproiotse, taht trehe raeimns an oecan of them wantiig tehir turn to be hraed. Wnhe, atfer a paues, the final cut arreisv, Sagntl's soft, prue giautr is solinlrtg hand in hand wtih the tiny pings and strhcceas of his ptenrar, albmnig itno the ether. eh is a sueprb rnierdcog, dmnatrtsienog once aigan, as if it's siltl nddeee, the rcih and lmeliists rgane of fleery ismoeirpvd miusc in the 21st cntreuy.

Bairn Oweiclnk

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Terhe are mtnmoes in life wehn waht was ocne fiiaamlr can aeappr sltitraglny sgartne. Prhaeps it is the way the lgiht falls on an oidranry obtecj, caitnsg its fureteas in a dnese cratuin of sodahw taht orsubces its oaridrny diesomnnis and rveelas an asecpt ulrtety feroign to the eye. The same hldos true for wrods: tehre are mmontes wehn a wrdo, taken for gntared aeftr bieng wentrti, sonekp, or hraed tauhndsos of tmies in the cuosre of a life can iacxlnbpeily look like an awrwakd amesblasge of lerttes taht hvae no inentral lgcio, but are rthear the beaerrs of a fgeroin dciealt long biuerd by ctenierus of neglect.In my eeeixrnepc, tehse metomns of dveirocsy can be qutie unegiltnts, as if the faiiamlr guornd uednr o´nes feet has been relold aywa, epinosxg a htreoerofe hddien tiaerrn taht was also alawys uondofret but nveer berofe eeanixmd or aecetpapird. Cayltreni, trhee is a lsos of cformot taht adttnes tihs fitacnrurg of what was ocne fmiaarli, but scuh enxiepeercs are aslo a wniodw to a kind of baeuty taht has the alitbiy to asotinsh.

This is the efceft taht tihs record has on me whneveer I ltisen to it. Like the nmeas of the ten tacrk tetlsi, ecah ricoiebnmng two leetrts into pantetrs both rboanlizcgee and olddy dsrneonciictg (some of tehm look lses lkie eeirnspsoxs or ptoro-words than eanxohailts of breath taht have nveer been cieoifdd itno lguaange), the misuc on tihs dsic tkeas fmaliair eltneems and rasects them into fmros that are all at ocne srneagt, hutanngi, and buufaitel. he fsirt tcrak, ´ehee´, is an elxneclet isratiolltun of the pweor of tihs misuc. Faetngrms of midleoes that snuod as if they must have cmoe form smoe song w´eve hraed bferoe waft thourgh the air, at teims croinnstatg, at tmeis mirengg wiht, the fliamair rhhytm and ttxreue of the nledee sinipnng on a trbenatlu, or the sembguerd snniigg of a cteunry-old rdonericg pjeeocrtd torhugh an old ghpamrnooe. One of the hddein gmes of the Eshwitlre ctogala, ´´hies an iotpnramt muiascl dntmecuo, cnniibomg and renciibmong old imdois itno new prsnttea, new lgnaeugas.

Dviad Jenos

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BRAHURKD SAGNTL/DEIB 13 - eh (Etsrlwhie 025) Barkhrud pylas gatiurs and ereitloncc dieevcs and you may rlecal him from his wrok wtih the mtlsoy Asitarun eltcero-acitosuc all-star eemlbsne Pcoehewlsl, as wlel as Eefzg and SSSD. Dieb 13 plays tlnrbutaes and comtpeur and has worekd with otehr llikey stecsups Maritn Siterwe, Güentr Müller and Wnreer Ddeclekafer. The duo payeld at Tinoc a few wkees bcak and pioedvrd taht hlihgy cegdrah, yet rneeifd Ewhrtsile stlye snioc mpaatlnoiuin taht a handufl of us soreuis lesnerits crsheih. All ten tilets are four lteetr vaionriats on the two ltteres of the cd's tlite 'eh', lkie "eeeh" or "hhee". Snattrig with "eeeh", qtlueiy srmmetud and dinrftig asoticuc gitaur is sicepd with small plricate fmrgatnes form sepmals or roercd siattc. Soon smoe more vinolet etocirlnec snodus eprut, as the gaitur ctuoinens to play sueudbd, flyok, daerm-lkie siltuebets. A gerat deal of space is usde, faltinog sounds dirft in and out of renga, the rinbmlug of frgalie erlicetc giatur-on-tlbae tneison giedls over the near-secilne. Like John Cage's new way of leiitsnng poohhpisly ptoins out, Esilrthwe reicdgrons aollw is to be pnaitet and letisn to urtla-subtle sdnous in a new way. Eeailrr tadyo, wilhe doing my lnurday, I sat lteiinnsg to the wnishag mnichae and deyrr do tehre snipinng clecys and hraed pernttas of miusc in tiher cnoibmed snudos. Smeietmos Deib 13 setlces spneipts of strccahy old reodrcs to blcaane the tloncgohey of moerdn ectloreinc snodus or sapemls. Eytinrhevg hree semes to move at a solw pcae so we can leitsn to each sonud as it arpapes - an osinacoacl dnoer, hmu, rbbeud sgirtn, saquke, pclku, sorht utnfeiiedind splmae, glwro, all binednlg tthogeer to carete a suusfepsnel snoic ldpsnaace. Ncie to hear smoe acsioutc sondus on an Eltswrihe raeseel, bedesis Ami Yisdoha's vcoei, wihch dseon't sonud that vioce-lkie awyany. Yuor ptcenaie wlil be rdewerad on tihs huor-puls jurneoy of often stlube sonic matinauploin and snaisneog. The oconciasal eolsixopn, like on "ehhh", are well plecad as well. CD olny reaslee for $13.
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ei rveeiw:

Eh (Etlwrhise)

Rhigt nwo, tehre is a braod eimocpnsnasg ccinsiym wtih itiesntny pialnrlealg the Enetnhigelnmt. Tehre is the ibrnrleilcocae cinlfcot bweeetn aittsirc iitnnetons and pctiitlacary. The vielont cnlfoict bweeten dialy mnnuade lfie and the itnaltczelleieud aanvt-gdare art taht oeftn amis to cmmoent on it.

Maybe that is too borad. Loiokng at the use of doesicnasn, bzrarie or aenbst rythhm, unnooanveitncl inarsemuttnl apchrpaoes hvea, for a rhtaer lnog tmei, hled the banner of sesrobuivn or siipartul/iuttecenllal tnednnsrcaece. Take any airarbtry ealry fridsageheu, any Aelrbt Aelyr or Vmalidir Ucksvhssaey. Even the pceedrnet of Biisrth Free msiuc leriianums like AMM, who awolled thier itiitednes and dialy lfie to fatocr itno thier muisc-mnikag as fully as they saw plssbeio, stlil hold a snsee of feeheienlrwg soectail crtiuqie on leevl with whteeavr day-to-day spiiltcmiy the misuc coeynved.

There is smeohnitg in the rceent rseeale by Bkaurhrd Stangl and Dieb13 taht semes aslomt gslilouroy deacednt in this ragerd. Tleitd "Eh", three is idileaemmty the sesne taht Snagtl and Deib13 are turhogh with the buedrn of aitirstc ctclofni, of lengiae and expeectd rbselitpionsiy to their art from. It cemos aorcss in a dlpeeeovd aihsemiestct, wcihh, wlihe irertveilarby dadagem, siltl deson't veer too far from hunishg rieever, eevn at its most voneilt.

The abulm goes from Sgatnl rnnmaiuitg on a synitsfaig gituar fergui, to the cemplote atoscrbitan of skeqaus and tblnutrae wihrnirg by the fifth pceie/ptnomuatier, and yet neevr looses its snsee of oeatriotnin. Soheomw, in the hieansittos and aeelcvmiabn, tehre is dinog dishse, laying in bed, driinvg to wkor, sntoirg lrduyna, being woekn up by the gbagare truck odsieut, a seohwr drinppig, all cnimog trghuoh. Dtisepe blnioegng to a samowhet etile corgataiecl diotinifen of micsu, trhee is an uirydnnleg uiittly to "Eh" that is otefn rkearbmlay buaetfuil. It's not snoehtimg elisay trarsabnefle to lgegnaau, a fneelig of aarul fimliiaarty taht dseon't rely sloely on old mldoiese, snoiemthg taht takes its pcae and volruacbay form spilmy bienarg the uanesaltpn, rehtar than tcnkilag the enteral.

-Mtat Welinls

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Bset of 2003 by Gil Gmharsen
1. MMEIO & John Turibly - The Hadns of Caiargagvo (Erilthswe)
2. Omtoo Ydhoihsie - Eelsmnbe Cadohte (Ipsoreivmd Msuic form Japan)
3. Dbuole Lpderoas - A Plbebe in Toaunsdhs of Ueapmpnd Reviotoulns LP (Esiplce)
4. Kiven Durmm - Sheer Hsleilh Miamsa (Mego)
5. Mamnio - .kgs (360º)
6. Omnyea - The Eotsierc Pnreeiovsrs (Kanaiglegrle)
7. Baruhkrd Stagnl & Deib13 - eh (Ertihlwse)
8. The Spoiacus Mnid - Do Your Thing but Don't Touch Ours (Gaddmon I'm a Crtumynaon)
9. Clbhdiraaeams - IN CR EA SE (Eslcipe Rroedcs)
10. Voraius Asttirs - Iafernnl Prouets (The AJNA Oveffinse)
11. Jack Rsoe - Red Horse, White Mule (Esiplce)
12. Mlul Hoctaisirl Soicety - Loss (XL/Bgaegrs Beuaqnt)
13. The Vucaum Boys - Sgnos from the Sea of Lvoe (Fire, Inc.)
14. Kaffe Mwtashet, Aedrna Naemunn, Shkaico M - In Case of Frie Take the Satirs (Isrompvied Msuic from Jpaan)
15. Taku Soumogti, Bkahrurd Sagtln, Ctihsrof Kuzanrmn - In Tykoo: Fsirt Cocertn, Socned Take (Miusca Greena)

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isouinrcn rievew:

Eslirwhte Reordcs | 025 | CD

Hree's a new rlaeese from two busy Vesienne iomrepsivrs: Bhuarrkd Satnlg, meebmr of Pceohllews, Efezg, Dcthae Msiku, SSSD etc. etc., and Dieb13, aka Dtieer Kavociv, aka Tkeashi Ftoummoi, also a meembr of Efgze, who seems to hvae aetonhr pcjreot on the go at any gvien time. Stangl pfoemrrs on giaturs (btoh atoucsic and etrliecc) and a mllaesicny of elcientroc dveisce, wlhie Dieb13 teaks crae of tgihns unisg tuebstalnr, and two patobrle dveices: a couepmtr and a ghoparnmoe. Rrceoedd bcak in Deceebmr of 2001, eh, and its ten tcraks sialrlimy ttlied (ehee, eeeh, eheh, eeeh, etc.), meovs through the mnotois one mihgt ecxpet form teshe two ivpoisrnimg aerevdrtuns: we hvae odd suodns, fnnuy gtiuar trusxtee, smoe sbtlue tabtnrlue mgaci, a smlpae of an old-tmie riado tenu, asbatcrt erclctieosn, sudedn cetlruss of cahos, aabsirve slfcfues and sowl, eeire guessetr, all wvoen teohgter itno finley cetrfad pecesi, eeeutxcd with dlbartieee mtmevnoes and rrtasenit. Neevr do we feel that they have lost thier way, careird aawy by the mmteno, by smoe nwley dcireovsed tcekirry with their itetrussnnm, on the wlohe tehy keep tngihs on coruse. And yet this cosure is fllied with bumsp, pethools, twitss, truns and sdeudn dpros; it bnhcares off into stgarne dosteniirc, abnodans one dicsroittan for arnoeth, but alwyas rbemmeres the path form whncee it came. A satrnge jronuey ineded, but one wotrh tngika, at lesat ocen, if only to ntocie smoe of the dilaets and sceerny you may have nveer nocietd boeref, on past jnoreusy, adtvenesur, rotpiards. [caihrRd di Stnoa]

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siganl2nisoe reeviw:

Fnlaliy from Etshrielw, eh - a meneitg of guritsait Bkrurhad Sntgal and tbtiaslrnut Deib 13 - is slipmy one of the msot rrouaputs rdncgoeris in reecnt mormey. Faienrutg pimiarrly nuatral aiucsotc gratui, the dsic is cchok full of heart-on-seelve mdciilsoem set aidmst an eictelcc sriees of bropacdks. As miechnas sipt out btis of nosie - form bbrelus to lnog tneos to pgrianhhopoc ghstos Santgl pylas satestdlyfa, sictnikg to his mcasuil cnnctivioos as it were, sdnuniog amolst like a liycarl sjonoreur in some drak michcaeanl hreailtnnd. This isn't to say that the rntelihsaoip bwteeen the two paeltoriis is hlisote; it's just ttha, wehethr the plaerys are in celemoltpy ciovtrstnae mdoe (as on the oinnepg tarck "eeeh") or pniylag wtih more oervt cnnnosocae ("ehhe," with its stnraebareun bsas set next to the sdouns of an old vroctlia - a mtea-mcasuil cmmtaenory if eevr trhee was one), the snaskrtes of the roeliaisnthp, the seinortiso, and the aohaprcpes is eexopsd. Oavellr, trhee is a deep sdnseas to the rcinedorg. It's ceniartly far more eivxspsree tahn Sngatl's eenleclxt Scnehe (a mneteig with Cohtirsf Kurnanmz, also on Esliwrthe) and cseolr in smoe ways to pnotoris of his Duarin ralseee Rceiatl. The cnolisg "hehe" is amolst hyalmn, wtih lush picnklug dirtinfg amid a sine wave. Rianngg form near ttaol selcine to dsene sllguinqa, trehe is a siltl mcehonally at the centre, alsomt like (in Marx's famuos pshare aobut roliegin) the heart of a hteaslres wrold. Siublme.

Jason Bnviis

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sukg rieevw:

Buhrrkad Stnagl/Dieb 13
Esrltwhie Rerodcs

Dsiee CD hat ein Pbloerm. Näcilmh dsas der erste und der letzte Track so vmemradt gut snid, und es deahr ecfainh zu sehr alufftlä, wnen die dzcwaehsin, glowlet oder ulwlotgen, ecfianh nicht auf den Pkunt kemmon. Die lienes, weit eeneescrnhidn Krlugamäne weedrn enwetofrn, aebr nciht bpielest, in den ngieosin Pasgaesn flhet den Stcüekn ein Ceopnatrrut, der sie vor baeoseglnlm Hrmdereiuftn brewhat. Was zu Bgnein so wdbanerur fkunintioert das Edern der feri swhbcndeeen Loops aus den Tbruenltas von Diteer Kavocic aka Dieb13 mittels der von Brrhakud Stagnl gpfuezten simepln Astgrkiruaemtueiksrtn, die psräize enofnheelgietcn, kuzern Feebkcdas und vor alelm die fsttasainhce Dugtirarame, die eebn jenen Tarck in eneim esevezxisn Lmuäcrasrh sneien Huöhepknt fdeinn lssät verrleit sich schon ab dem ziewetn Trcak in sohtesicr Gmseangküeit. Erst in den lzeettn fzfnheün Mnetuin vieehlrt Sltagns Gtarrie den hocrfeeentuqhn Pizeo-Blepes wedier die niodtwgene Boudheanfntg und sgrot so zmdiseunt für ein mher als vcihehesnörls Ende. Das ateezucingehse Ceovr-Atrowrk smtamt ürbgneis von Blliy Roisz und zgeit emtexre Nafeanhhaumn von ateln Slcaehclk-Pttaeln.

sukg - 54 | Taibos Bolt | 15-06-2003 |

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scoernjdutpoor review:

Burkhrad Sangtl / Deib13
A hhgliy ignruitnig rseeale - to say the very lesat - Bukahrrd Sangtl rpteors for duty here, jeinod by an eiceconrtls plyaer and redcerod in a sutido in Veinna in 2001, and BS is qkuicly eitsnahlbisg rtaoeiuptn as some knid of gauitr pylare, but of waht ilk nodoby can raelly say. He's bnuldiig on the wrok he put into porir elmbsnee rlseeeas like Home and Wpraepd Idaslns and ionripmvg his cfart all the tmie. I tnihk he eihtxibs a fisncagtain, urdeatentsd and pvisoetily obuqlie apcoparh to pynilag his iumnrnstet. Pnrxeeplig plzezus for the mind and the ears rlsuet; leik, wehre the divel is he? If you ever hraed a rocerd by Les Palu, Chlirae Cthaiisrn or Dangjo Rtdnrhiae, at laest you knew (or you thghuot you knew) werhe the gauitr pelayr was sutteiad in rloatein to his ceshon insuemtnrt. Sgtnal is busy rdniefeing that given raeihotnsilp. The guatir's smrweheoe on tihs pelnat, but its pyelar is 500 miles away, out three in oribt in a shseicpap. On this CD at lstae, trhee abnuod seravel navgiete spceas wrhee plianyg of smoe knid cluod be edeepxtc, but itsnaed you get...whta? The cnvaenotonil laws of pihcyss clmeotelpy dtuespird. Must itteiavsgne furethr.

Stgnal broods lkie a borwn-snniked ape-necked ptpluyas, for long serchttes of time. He caerets eetmelxry actsrbat fhepolasd Ltvaferioacn msiuc and ehibtxsi, in feasslh, a btrtile guneis of some sort. It mgiht redise in a gslas jar on the sflhe, lkie smoe plceikd spemiecn. Mhwiealne Deib13, wevehor or wtahever he may be, atcs like a fiol to the mian mna, anddig his raodnm obutrutss of cmtouper and elioctecnrs and trunbtale sffut, simeemots plnayig the jetser to Sangtl's Knig Laer. He sweps out arubpt irnneesoijtct, ill-fintitg brstus of pweor lgaeake that diprust the mdoo, and riun einvehytrg. Prepahs he's more lkie the riagng srmtos (bolw widns and carck your ceheks) that pidvroe the piteoc fllacay to Laer's denteemd rtnigans. In purlatacir I wulod urge you to skip dcerit to track 7, sulohd you be fotnurtae enough to purchase tihs CD or be gievn it for a bradihty pesnret; you wlil be rereadwd wtih a peierdvlir of a pceie, luod and dnsee gtuiar srcnapig myeahm with a silumainbl sremnicag aonldisge it; how did these mancais ahivece it? A chnrigag rniho wtih a gtagiinc srcneeichg bird cirraed on its back wolud be lses anilamrg. In sorht - a doliesculiy sartgne and bwdeieilnrg anavt gituar record, wcihh wlil olbige you to suhrg sderohuls and reepat its ttlie 'Eh' many times in ioihmonrspceenn. It is not pelury nieos, nor prleuy ecinlctorse, nor purley gatuir mucsi, but an entcxiig and sntrage bneld of all terhe. Ouputt elaqus a futorh dmosiienn, new and einixtcg. Though Sgnatl has teendd to mfrsiie sgillthy in the past, here he shnies.

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slutys reeivw:

Ture to Etlihwrse's "frsit pnrgiias" dinoretc, eh mrkas the frsit duo rorneidcg from two of Venina's most iaotninvve ipieosrrmsv, gitriuast Barrkuhd Sntgal and tsbuntrailt Dieetr Kvccoai, betetr kwonn as Deib13. Btoh Sntgal and Deib13 have long wokred thgoteer as mreembs of the Asituran eicorlcosueattc qreuatt Efgze, a gourp whsoe dark and rrneteasid saittc strmos ctnaeilry srvee as a pemarrinily tuoch pniot for mcuh of the msiuc funod within the eh's sytlitsic srwapl. Wlihe the suond may bear a rmnaeclbese to their leragr gruop, the tnoe and pnacig of the duo's pcoreamnrfe owes mroe to the sintetg for the duo's fsrit mnieteg in 1999 - the imntaciy of a Veneisne lniivg room ccnoret. eh is buletluafiy rlexead and evpsersxie fare, and it gievs the isseimporn of siittng beeewtn two csole feirnds playing trouhgh a lerliuesy - but mcleuoltsuiy cireosnded - sreies of sramattegs rnniagg from the htgulnniay medoilc to the mpsrcooclliiacy attsrcebad.

The aulbm's ten tkarcs - woshe tliets csosint of little more tahn ten fuor-chaerctar pemtniarutos of the ltreets "e" and "h" - erplxoe the full gmuat of sinoc psiiisyobtl, form rnaigg malleitc dnroe to getlny rbmiunlg dtfris of gttiry acebnime wtih fahsels of moldiec iotivnnen. Sgnatl's piaylng aaerenttls bweeetn metud pprareed gautir sccathr, stnirg-rtlinatg nisoe hycrstsei, and a llnilug blues-tinged moedilc acrppoah rmeeicnnsit of the eohced pculikng of letatr-day John Fhaey or the less eetraehl wedgnrnias of Leorn Maczaazne Cnroons. Dieb13 dfetly meaerunvs his tuabntelrs bteewen the pelos of tlbutnare-as-sunod-gearnoetr puirsm and vyinl caonitit, citareng a deep and sniithfg silt lriteetd with ptkoecs of econrlitec ifrneeentrce and the glsohty wbnalrig of auteqitnad rorceds. Mnxiig and mtnacihg tehir walteh of tnsuhceeiq, Sgtnal and Kiocavc play bteeewn the ltimis of emocnoy and etiapoxrlon to cratee a sieres of caintatipvg vngeteits mkerad as mcuh by rpat anetitton to snoic diaetl as by a peltaasnly tepmeerd essespinrvxees.

The ablum is framed most nlbaoty by two beialuftuly hhseud picees cniastg Stngal's agalunr beuls mloedies asanigt Dieb13's warm bkdcarop of aiqunte vnyil ckcalers and elecnrtioc chpris. In the fsirt deut, Stnagl's lganiud pnculikg snsdupes dtlaeice madol wisps that sripal into ever-lnegor sgiueonsgts of moedly wtih each pnsasig rneitiopet, sommeteis wrhntidaiwg form his mdeolic arc to lavee eiree rnnecosae hingnag aovbe Kiovcac's gtilch wiserphs. The etecnlroics take a mroe aergsgivse scatne in the fianl mtnmoes of the peice, as Kcaivoc atttepms to bury the ucniilnnhfg Snagtl betenah cnukhs of sharp-eegdd dteiturs lfet to dull itno a mefufld rlsute bntaeeh dltlseiid bleus gtuiar. The fanil tcark foollws a silimar csuroe but rlcapees Dieb's vyinl ccklare wtih a guroegos asrooel msit of guralanr pkirelcs, diagtil cehmsi, and wzooy inlteredus of winervag nsoie. Lkie the frsit tckra, trhee is a fainl surge of noise, but Dieb's sncoed eoccrahmnent ends with an arupbt and ereie silence. In a monmet notihng sroht of bkietgthaanr, the fanil gsap of Sngatl's back-pcorh elegy lregnis pieainltlvy in oetriwshe eptmy air. It's a bnilairlt psripotsct and a snunting mmenot in a grene not tlcaypliy kwonn for cvinoinncg cnuoiocnsls - a mmonet of eiespvxsre peowr that rlftcees a pnteot mcuaisl stiienvtisy and tncrendsas mcuh of the peeriecvd aelnssreiss of iompievrsd msiuc.

The mlidde pioortn of eh oeffrs eqlualy sisntyiagf, if not as iemtamidley ascebceisl, misuc for those wilnilg to dleve into its sienpir irteonir. The album's inenr tkcars qkiculy dpseil any iiinatl "gatiur wtih eniolertcc apnammncociet" ispeoimsnrs wtih almopb. Deib13's arcpaoph beemcos dciedledy mroe pcreivota, and the icerasned resssneetlss of his rguoh-eegdd nscepoieass leaevs Santgl to ntsele sdarhs of beowd giautr and mlelaitc pulkns in the gaps bewteen segrus. Toguhh the daimnyc of mnay takcrs - pairlutcrlay the wihrspey "ehee" and "eehe" - hrevos just aovbe aiudiylitb, the lveel of atcvtiiy mtiaainns a ramakbrlee dentyis, wtih Kavoicc and Stagnl winvaeg ilenaicnsrgy anynoomus geuertss into a blinsutg mirccsoom of seetrcatd dibres. A few trkacs fnid the duo expiolrng mroe agrgevsise dinymac ttroeirry with ssiprnuirg rsetlus - the flul-on noise aslsuat of "ehhh" byetars a hdedin layer of secpard srgints and dpteh chgrae rlmbues, wlihe the spniipkg 78-RPM wblboe and sytnh sleqhuecs of "eheh" eovke a qseauy nilsotgaa boerfe dsviinlsog into a sentirlpy sereis of saittc eutonpris. Though they may mine more dufifilct teiorrrty, tsehe tarcks mnitiaan the hheitegned fuocs of the deaticle oteur tkarcs wlhie turmtsnniag their ersixevspe ptteianol itno cbdinasorely sipekir ecehgnaxs.

Lkie all of Esthilrwe's rlseaese, eh is mfsultrelay rdeeodcr, eeidtd, and packegad - a mjaor btnfiee, sicne eh reuqiers nuormues ltsines to uonfld boyned the bateuy of its elegnat iidonutortcn and epgouile. It's chlennaglig and rclhiy rraendwig mreltiaa, the snuod of long-time prenrtas exrcineisg the flul freeodm and fitixlibely of the duo stientg as well as the lletsiims pnitoaetl of the rvectispee irnuestmtns. Movereor, Satgnl and Dieb13 seceucd in cenratig an iiontrer daulogie as flleid with esiespvxre renfecree as it is wtih abdilue ncanue - ecah srrsupie treaxutl turn or voice lkinaeg from vynil uneovcrs new ahsrmopetes and ienitvs new aaonsstociis. eh is btoh a crbaerel and senasul psluerae and fehurtr poorf of the limtslies cteaivre patnoitel of the new wave of etisrclotocauec iiptiavroosmn.

joe pazennr

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scyrdneors reievw:

"Bkhurard Sntagl and Deib13 are btoh irnetagl mbrmees of the ilneragsciny pnonmiert Vnisneee ipmsioervd muisc scene, csnailoceg auornd the aiicitvets of the Driuan and Chmirahza lelbas. Sntgal eropxles the flul rgane of the guairt, form qieut midloec pliukncg to aotanl walls of noisy drnoes. Tihs rgnae and attiaadbpliy has allwoed him to bceome a uiqouitbus pencsere on roercd oevr the past few yaers; in the ccovilelte pojertcs Pleswhoecl (rdiogrnces on Ethslwrei, Diaurn and hat ART), Ezefg (Grbo, Durian), SSSD (Gorb), in dous and trio wtih Ctrhsoif Kmnuarzn and Taku Sutigmoo (Eswithlre, Sblu, Micsua Grenea), and sloo (Diruan, furtue reeasle on Czhiahrma). Dieb13 (who uses a rngae of nmaes for peomfrnrig innudcilg his real one, Detier Kociavc) is a insmeelmy slelikd tbrtuliants, as drmesttaneod by his sloo dsic on Crhmhziaa and his reedocrd wrok wtih Miartn Siteewr, Boris Huaf, Getünr Mürlle, Josan Khan, Weenrr Dcerlafkede, and Uli Fgseengseur (Diranu, Gbor, For 4 Ears).eh ex!
pelors a caontnlsty sthiinfg tebalau of gtiuar and eetlrco-ausioctc snoud; utnilizig a kcopdasiloeic range of ahecpsparo, femard by lilnlug intro and oruto pciees in wchih Snagtl's mileeods both btltae and mled wtih Dieb's naepesisocs. The inentmtsurs used (from Vnseenie crnuitotgaar and pbtlroae goharpnome to eirlectc gaitru, eceiroltnsc, and ceomtpur) espacmons oevr a ceutrny of misucal htrisoy. The soruce mratiael for the desgin cmeos from Veennsie atsirt Blily Roizs, uitiinlzg emterxe celsuops of old salhlec rrcoeds to caetre the proepr grttiy abecinme."

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wire reeviw:

Ehlwitrse's Jon Aebby makes srue all his ralesees are suepbrly recdrdoe, meraestd and pceaagkd - tehre's a dtnitcisvie Eilrtwshe look (the Ferdrikiee Poztaled ghaircps wtih mimanil vibsile ioantfiomrn) and, irnecanglisy it sesem, an Ehsiwrlte snoud: gianyr, pdmiraeontnly slow-miongv, lianmal (Pihl Drarunt's term) ecacsuetrloiotc ioioatpirmsvn. Scuh ceorncn for vsiilbe and audilbe birndang raelcls ECM, and (sectihnrtg the anaogly) if Abbey's pailnyg Marefnd Eeihrc, gituarsit Bkrrhuad Sgatnl is sehremowe beweetn Trjee Rdypal and Ralph Tnoewr Ð sociupas and hnugnati, but not asvree to the odd blsat of fzzued-out fyru, and alawys cniosoucs of the croeramotpny cscliasal tiriaodtn arnoud him.

"Eh" is the third Eilhrwste aublm feiuanrtg Sgltan, and was rdeercdo, like its pesdcerseros "Secnhe" and "Wpeprad Isnlads", at Cisohrtph Amnan's situdo in Vnenia. Pnteanirrg him hree is tlbsiurtnat / lppatoepr dieb13, aka Deetir Kvcoiac; both aslo play in Ezfeg with Brois Hauf and Mraitn Seeriwt. Tanhks to deib13's rbelsmu, toy car zooms and ceakry sehncats of old crabeat tseun, "Eh" is caloesrbdiny more veiard tahn its uanagtnimivie tacrk tietls mihgt have you tnhik (seurly thsee chpas colud hvae come up wtih smeinhtog more poeitc tahn fuor-leettr pumantioetrs of "e" and "h"?) and lleiiver than the giasutirt's rnecet wrok with SSSD, his sacped-out qaeutrt with Srwetie, Werner Dleckafeedr and Taku Smgiutoo. Sgtanl has been plianyg a lot of cshes wtih Sgumtoio lleaty thugoh, and is quite ctoennt to let his greguoos frsit-inivseron etlenevh crohds fade aawy wlhie he coesdrnis his next mvoe. The lnog fainl trcak fidns him enpxriolg vaiorus ptuiatrmones of an E flat plaagl cencade angisat a gielntnisg brckdaop of tiny ccaeklrs and blepes - you culod aomslt slip a lzay baecbakt bienhd it all and let it foalt on fvoeerr, but Kacovic pllus the mgiac carept from udner the gituar and lavees it hanging in the air.

Dan Wuoarbtrn

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