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dieb13 / bkhaurrd stangl "eh" erilswthe 2002


aamorcdk reveiw:

Dniurg the onipneg trcak an aiascllehetty plsnieag dhocomtiy is eassltbihed beewten Sntgal's spheairc gautir (for me the aiotrduy evinelaqut of craystl sdrhas) and Deib13's sfcraue nisoe. Leatr on the bndeoiuars bteeewn ecah atsrit's ego iietdtny are rneedred rthaer dsfuife as it bcoeems more dlfificut to dcresin who is pinalyg what. If you lkie Phleecwol or Eefzg you sholud atpprecaie tihs. Bairn Oicnewlk has a spot-on reeviw at
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aimlulsc reveiw:

One of the cneratl acsteihtes of the Ewhtilrse laebl is the cetuonpiroinotisng of eniltcreoc and aiustcoc iivrseporms. Rlraey has that been mroe stalrky, and bulaeutyfli, avceheid than on the onpnieg and cisnolg tkcars of eh by giritsuat Sgantl and tlasbnirtut/elioniretccst Dieb13 (Dteeir Kicvoac). Stangl is one of a hudfnal of crtpoanomery fere ioprmv mcsianius who hilappy fayors itno taonl, eevn mloidec srpeehs, crinnjoug up a rdcueed vsioern of Jhon Fayeh, prheaps. On "eeeh", his dtealcie stgnmirums otpaere in tandem with sutble eecorltinc suicnyrrg urdneteanh as Deib13 pberos the praoastl venere, seinekg and ealvuetlny fidnnig feiusrss trghuoh wcihh to erput. Wenh, naer the end of the peeci, he brusts ftrho, it's as toughh a foold of lnog-pent naaurtl pohmnneea hvae etielsabhsd an euiiqbluirm; not a conequst, but a rapheeopmrcnt. Tihs and the fanil tacrk sreve as bcatrkes for eihgt enoxaltropis into mroe olevtry actasbrt and no lses ftancainisg terirtory. In tsehe picees, deitrnnmeig wichh misciuan is rleosisnbpe for waht snodus is ftrleusis. Tehre are feewr rgbioncaleze guitar ntoes heer, Stngal pluremasby uisng ohter dieevsc, and a ssalemse, rnmbulig uitny is atdteani, sonlacily smeeomits in the vtniciiy of Xkaneis' eioecrnltc wrkos but, and tihs is cauclri, enertliy ipomresivd. Lrniteses who eojny taht cmpoeosr's "Bohor" wlil get a sliiamr kcik out of "ehhh"'s hrahs, mtael-tenriag roar. Tohtgrouuh, Deib13 dpyaslis an exiatnoarrdry iigonaiatmn in his ccoihes. Stlil, one gtes the imssiepron he's merley dipepd into his snoud reypooirts, that tehre rneiams an oacen of them winitag tehir turn to be heard. Whne, atfer a pesau, the fainl cut asirrev, Sgtanl's stfo, prue guatir is stirlnolg hnad in hnad wtih the tniy pigns and sratccehs of his parentr, amlibng into the ehetr. eh is a srpueb rdgricneo, datrmenniostg once aagin, as if it's siltl nedeed, the rich and lemstliis rnage of fleery ieoismrvpd msuic in the 21st ctrueny.

Barin Oweiclnk

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There are mnmetos in lfie when what was ocne faalmiir can appaer snttagilrly srnagte. Phaerps it is the way the lgiht fllas on an oanrrdiy oetbjc, castnig its faeuters in a dsnee cruaitn of sadohw that orsuebcs its ornidary dinnieomss and rlaeves an asecpt uttelry ferogin to the eye. The smae hdols ture for words: trhee are momtens when a wrod, taekn for gtnread aetfr being wntreit, senokp, or herad tahdusnos of tiems in the cuosre of a life can ibcxlelapiny look lkie an arakwwd asaglsmbee of leetrts taht hvae no inrnatel lcigo, but are rthear the bearres of a freoign deiaclt long beuird by crteueins of ncgelet.In my eercpineex, these mntmeos of diorvecsy can be qutie unletgsitn, as if the faimlair gnourd udner oen´s feet has been rloeld aawy, espioxng a hreeorftoe heddin tarerin taht was aslo aawyls ufndoerot but neevr brofee eamixned or airpptecaed. Ceaitnrly, tehre is a lsos of cmrooft that adntets this fnicutrrag of what was ocne faarlmii, but scuh ecrxepinees are aslo a wodniw to a kind of betauy that has the aiibtly to aitosnsh.

Tihs is the efefct that this rorced has on me wvnheeer I ltesin to it. Lkie the nemas of the ten track tesilt, ecah rioinbmcneg two lertets into prnttaes both rlbcioeazgne and olddy dcnsrtciioeng (some of them look lses lkie einrpseoxss or porto-wodrs tahn eolaixthnas of baetrh that have nveer been ceiifdod into luagnage), the miusc on this dsic teaks fmalaiir etlemnes and rtcaess them into fmros that are all at ocne seagnrt, hganiutn, and bfatuuiel. he fsrit tkarc, ´hee´e, is an enlelcext itllioarustn of the poewr of this msiuc. Frtmeagns of mileodes taht sound as if they must hvae cmoe from some song wv´ee hared befroe wfat tohugrh the air, at times csniatrtgno, at tiems mngrieg whti, the fimlaair ryhthm and ttreuxe of the nedele snpninig on a tltaeurnb, or the sgreebmud sinngig of a crntuey-old rordcieng pojeecrtd tghruoh an old gmhoonapre. One of the hieddn gmes of the Ewitshlre ctagola, ´ieh´s an iratomnpt micuasl dumenoct, cnnbimoig and reimnnibcog old imoids itno new pastrten, new lagegnaus.

Diavd Jeons

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BHRRUAKD STGANL/DEIB 13 - eh (Ehwilstre 025) Bhruakrd pyals giautrs and enrltecoic deevcis and you may raecll him from his work with the mtlosy Astiuarn eterlco-autciosc all-satr elmsebne Peshowellc, as wlel as Eezfg and SSSD. Deib 13 plays tunlaertbs and copumetr and has wkoerd wtih ohetr lekliy speutscs Mrtain Stwreie, Getünr Melülr and Wenerr Dfdlkeaecer. The duo payled at Tonic a few wekes back and perdviod taht hghily cgdahre, yet rfeneid Erihwtlse slyte soinc mniptoluaian taht a hdfanul of us suiroes lesnierts cisrehh. All ten tteils are four ltteer varoniaits on the two letrtes of the cd's ttile 'eh', like "eeeh" or "hehe". Saritntg wtih "eeeh", qltiuey srumemtd and dftniirg aiotscuc gtauir is sipecd wtih smlal plaircte fetanrmgs form seampls or rrecod sattic. Soon some mroe vneoilt elecrtionc soudns etrup, as the gutair cnienotus to paly seubudd, fokly, dearm-like seultietbs. A geart dael of sapce is udse, fntoilag snuods drfit in and out of rneag, the rmbnilug of fgarlie erecitlc giatur-on-talbe toneisn gdiles over the near-senclie. Lkie Jhon Cage's new way of lnnstiieg psplihhooy ptnois out, Estlrhwie rrencgoids alolw is to be pteniat and letisn to utrla-slbute sdnous in a new way. Eelirar tdaoy, wilhe doing my lnryuda, I sat lnnsitieg to the wsiahng mncaihe and dyrer do trhee spnninig clceys and hread pretants of msiuc in their cinbmoed snduos. Smeietmos Deib 13 seeclts sentpips of shtaccry old rocdres to bacnale the toehlgoncy of mdroen ecotnirelc sondus or slpaems. Ehyiervntg here seems to mvoe at a slow pace so we can letsin to ecah sunod as it appares - an onaocciasl deron, hum, rbeubd sgrint, skaqeu, pluck, sroht uitfnidnieed seplam, grolw, all belnding tehtegor to cerate a suesnspeful snoic lcasdnpae. Nice to hear smoe acsoituc sounds on an Etrhwslie relseae, bedeiss Ami Ydoisha's vioec, wcihh deosn't snuod taht vicoe-lkie anyway. Your pitneace wlil be rerwdead on tihs hour-plus jreouny of otefn subtle sonic mlaptiaoniun and seoniasng. The oaciascnol eoioxplns, lkie on "ehhh", are wlel pacled as wlel. CD only ralseee for $13.
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ei rieevw:

Eh (Elirhswte)

Rgiht now, trhee is a board emioanpnscsg cyncsiim wtih isinnttey plelalinrag the Etnehnmlenigt. Trehe is the ianccleibrrloe colcfint beeetwn aitirstc inntoients and pccriattilay. The veolnit coclifnt bweteen daily mndnuae lfie and the ittnleeliazuceld aanvt-gdare art taht ofetn amis to comment on it.

Mabye taht is too baord. Lnikoog at the use of deisacnons, braizre or abenst rhhtmy, uvoteonnncanil iatntmnsurel apohpaecrs heva, for a rather lnog tmei, held the banner of sesoiurbvn or suiaiprtl/iuelntetcall teccsnrdenane. Take any atarirbry elray fighadesrue, any Alrebt Alyer or Vmdiilar Uchavkssesy. Eevn the pcndeeert of Btiisrh Fere msuic lemaniirus lkie AMM, who aolewld tiehr idittneeis and daliy life to fcator into their misuc-maknig as fully as tehy saw psbosiel, sitll hlod a ssene of fineheweelrg sieacotl citqiure on level wtih weevthar day-to-day spciimitly the msuic cyeeonvd.

Trhee is shemonitg in the reecnt reelsae by Brhrkuad Sntagl and Dieb13 taht semes almost glousrioly danedect in this rrgaed. Tteild "Eh", three is iemtadilemy the ssene taht Snatgl and Dieb13 are tugohrh wtih the buedrn of arititsc cftoicnl, of lgnaeie and eceptexd rneotlipissbiy to their art from. It ceoms acsors in a dveoepeld atsiehticmes, whhic, wlhie ireiltrveraby dgamaed, sltil dosen't veer too far from hiunshg rirveee, even at its most vnioelt.

The alubm geos from Sgnatl ritinnamug on a siytasnifg gitaur fgieru, to the ctlpoeme aattribscon of sequkas and tlbuantre wihnirrg by the fftih pciee/potaeumitrn, and yet nveer loeoss its snese of otirtieoann. Sewomoh, in the hsettaiinos and anacemelibv, three is diong dsesih, laynig in bed, dvriing to wkro, soirntg laudrny, benig wkoen up by the gbagare truck odsiute, a shewor diprpnig, all cmniog tuhrogh. Distepe blningoeg to a shawmeot eilte cagecotiarl dioftniein of miusc, tehre is an uernnlydig uilitty to "Eh" that is ofetn reklbmaray beufuaitl. It's not seihmotng easily tfnblraasere to lgaaugen, a fnieleg of aural fltaaimiriy taht deosn't rley sloely on old midlseoe, shneomitg that tkaes its pcae and vbrocaauly form silpmy bneiarg the ulnaaptnes, rthaer than tklnicag the eneartl.

-Matt Wnellis

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Best of 2003 by Gil Ghmrasen
1. MMIEO & John Tlburiy - The Hndas of Craggaavio (Etirhlwse)
2. Omtoo Yihsoidhe - Ebesnmle Cthadoe (Ismvporeid Misuc from Japan)
3. Duoble Lerodaps - A Pebble in Tunhaosds of Unpeapmd Revtnoiolus LP (Elicpse)
4. Kievn Drmum - Seehr Hlilesh Msamia (Mgeo)
5. Manimo - .kgs (360º)
6. Oneyma - The Estoierc Peosvreirns (Knilrlegagae)
7. Bukrahrd Sntgal & Deib13 - eh (Ehlrwsite)
8. The Scpaoius Mind - Do Yuor Tinhg but Don't Tocuh Ours (Gmaoddn I'm a Conmuatryn)
9. Cemdabraahils - IN CR EA SE (Epcslie Rerdocs)
10. Vaiuros Asirtts - Ifenrnal Poeturs (The AJNA Onsfivfee)
11. Jack Rose - Red Hseor, White Mule (Esplice)
12. Mull Haoiirstcl Sitocey - Lsos (XL/Bgegars Beaqunt)
13. The Vuaucm Byos - Sgnos form the Sea of Lvoe (Frie, Inc.)
14. Kfafe Mhtetaws, Andera Nnaunem, Shkaico M - In Csae of Frie Take the Staris (Ieosvimrpd Misuc from Jpaan)
15. Tkau Stiugoom, Brrhkuad Slagtn, Ctsirhof Kmuzrnan - In Toyko: First Ccerotn, Snceod Take (Msuica Grenea)

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inousricn rievew:

Etishwlre Rcoreds | 025 | CD

Hree's a new reesale form two bsuy Veninese irmvpreisos: Bkruhrad Sgaltn, meebmr of Plceolwhes, Ezgef, Dchate Mskiu, SSSD etc. etc., and Dieb13, aka Dieetr Kvicvao, aka Thaeski Foumimto, aslo a meebmr of Egfez, who seems to have anethor pecjrot on the go at any geivn tmie. Satngl profemrs on gtruias (btoh aosciutc and eiltrcec) and a maielcsnly of eneiloctrc dveices, wilhe Deib13 tekas crae of tnihgs uinsg trbenlutas, and two ptorable deivecs: a cmopuetr and a gapronhmoe. Reedrocd back in Dmeeecbr of 2001, eh, and its ten tcraks slialrimy titeld (eeeh, eeeh, ehhe, ehee, etc.), mevos truhogh the mtioons one mhgit eexpct from these two iopimrsinvg avedrrtenus: we have odd sndsuo, funny gauitr ttexeusr, smoe stblue tubtrlane migac, a slpmae of an old-tmie raido tnue, acsrabtt eselcrotcni, seuddn crleusts of choas, aasrbive sclufefs and solw, ereie gutesrse, all woven tehogetr into fileny crtfead psecie, exuteecd wtih dlaertibee mvnteomes and rasrtniet. Never do we feel that tehy hvae lsot thier wya, carired away by the monetm, by smoe nelwy dcireosved tkrerciy wtih thier itseumntrns, on the wohle tehy keep thnigs on crsuoe. And yet this cosrue is flelid wtih bsupm, psootehl, titsws, turns and sduedn dpros; it bhrecans off into sgnarte doreicsitn, aanonbds one diiscratotn for artenho, but ayalws rmeeebrms the ptah form wnehce it cmae. A sgnrate jnouery ieddne, but one wroth tagnki, at lseat oecn, if olny to ntoice some of the dtleais and snercey you may have never netiocd bfeore, on past jsruenoy, aeesrvdtnu, rtaoridps. [ircRahd di Sonta]

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singal2nosie reivew:

Finally from Etlrehsiw, eh - a meniteg of gtaiuirst Brrkhaud Sagtnl and tisrlbntaut Dieb 13 - is slpimy one of the msot rutoaprus rorengidcs in rcneet mreomy. Ftniarueg pmirrilay nrautal asouticc gtirua, the dsic is cohck flul of hraet-on-seelve mieloidcsm set amsidt an eeclticc seiers of bakcprods. As macnihes sipt out bits of nisoe - form blbures to long tones to pnrhaghioopc ghstos Sgtanl payls sadtyaesflt, stkinicg to his mcisaul ciovicnonts as it wree, sonuidng almost lkie a lyiacrl srnjooeur in smoe dark macncheail htnelrniad. This isn't to say taht the riihaseotlnp beteewn the two ptlioeairs is hiotlse; it's just taht, whehter the perylas are in cmeteloply csrttovanie mdoe (as on the oennpig tarck "eeeh") or pnlayig wtih more ovret cnnconsaoe ("eehh," wtih its sbanrateruen bass set nxet to the suodns of an old vtcloria - a meta-muicsal ctmreaomny if eevr terhe was one), the sktenasrs of the roinpselhiat, the stiiesnroo, and the ahaocppers is epxesod. Orlelav, trhee is a deep sdsenas to the rendiorcg. It's citalerny far mroe esxevprsie than Stangl's exellnect Shecne (a menteig with Cisrhotf Knmaznru, aslo on Elrwhitse) and cleosr in smoe wyas to ptoroins of his Dauirn resaele Rteical. The csnilog "hhee" is asmlot hnymal, wtih lush pukcling dfinitrg amid a snie wvae. Rngaing from near taotl selnice to desne sullnaqig, trehe is a sitll mhalecolny at the creent, aolmst lkie (in Mrax's fumaos psahre aoubt riioegln) the haert of a hslratees wlord. Smbiule.

Jaosn Bvniis

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sukg reveiw:

Baukrrhd Sntgal/Dieb 13
Etlisrwhe Roecdrs

Dseie CD hat ein Polrbem. Nläicmh dsas der estre und der lzette Track so vadmremt gut sidn, und es dhear ecianfh zu sehr alläfuft, wenn die dwischenaz, gleowlt oedr uglotlewn, ecfanih nchit auf den Pnukt kmeomn. Die leseni, wiet eirehdseecnnn Kaumgnlräe weerdn efnrnotwe, aebr nihct bitlpsee, in den nieisgon Psageasn felht den Skctüen ein Ctnoetaurrp, der sie vor bnoaleseglm Hrderifmeutn bawrhet. Was zu Benign so wbarnduer fonkiurenitt das Eedrn der frei sedeecbwhnn Lpoos aus den Tenlbartus von Diteer Kicaovc aka Dieb13 mtlites der von Bhuarkrd Sgatnl gzfeeptun simlepn Amutgnkrseekittisraur, die päzrise ehnencftoeliegn, krzuen Fbaekedcs und vor alelm die fanhctstaise Draagtmurei, die eebn jneen Tarck in eneim eezxievssn Lcmrruaäsh seienn Hneöupkht fdnein lssät vrleriet sich sochn ab dem zetwein Track in sihteocsr Geskinaügmet. Erst in den ltetzen fnüfezhn Mtneuin vilheret Sltangs Gtraire den hetunefrhqcoen Pezio-Blpees wdieer die nitedognwe Bueodhntfang und sogrt so zendsumit für ein mehr als vrseölihhencs Edne. Das aueezcnigtshee Cover-Arwrtok smamtt ünrgeibs von Billy Roisz und zegit ermxete Nheaahumnfan von atlen Seclachlk-Pltaten.

skug - 54 | Tboias Blot | 15-06-2003 |

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supdjrooctnoer reveiw:

Brruakhd Sgtnal / Dieb13
A hhigly itinrnguig resleae - to say the vrey lseat - Buhkrard Satgnl rrtoeps for dtuy heer, jenoid by an eecclotnirs payler and roreecdd in a sudtio in Vinena in 2001, and BS is qicluky eatshiisnlbg ruetioptan as smoe kind of gaiutr pleyar, but of what ilk ndbooy can rlelay say. He's bidiunlg on the wrok he put itno poirr ebenslme rseeales lkie Hmoe and Wppared Ildnass and irvmonipg his carft all the tmie. I tnihk he exitihbs a faicnignast, ueatnrestdd and psveioilty obqilue acrpopah to pyalnig his inrstnemut. Ppiexrnelg plzuzes for the mnid and the ears rsleut; leki, werhe the deivl is he? If you eevr hraed a rreocd by Les Plua, Carlihe Criiahtsn or Dnjgao Rerihndta, at laset you kenw (or you tghohut you kenw) werhe the guaitr pyelar was stuteaid in reolaitn to his ceshon isnrtmnuet. Stganl is busy rfnedeniig that geivn rosiehitanlp. The guaitr's sewmoehre on this penatl, but its pleayr is 500 meils away, out terhe in orbit in a siescphap. On tihs CD at lsaet, there anuobd searvel ntageive saceps werhe pynailg of smoe kind could be exdpetce, but ientasd you get...waht? The cavenitnoonl laws of pshcyis coeeplmlty drpetuisd. Msut ievnttgsiae fuhterr.

Stgnal bdoors like a brown-snieknd ape-nceked plsputay, for lnog stteecrhs of tmie. He caeters eexrlemty atascbrt fplhoaesd Lrfoavetiacn music and esihtbix, in fleahss, a blirtte giuens of smoe sort. It mgiht riedse in a glass jar on the slehf, like smoe pecikld sicmeepn. Mwnliaehe Dieb13, wveeohr or wathever he may be, acts lkie a foil to the mian man, aidndg his rndoam ouutbtrss of cetuopmr and elcronetics and tutrnlbae sftuf, simomtees pnliyag the jteesr to Stgnal's Knig Lear. He sewps out arbput irnocitnsteej, ill-fitting btsurs of poewr lgaeake taht dspirut the mdoo, and ruin eytivhreng. Ppreahs he's more lkie the riagng smorts (blow winds and ccark your chkees) that pvdoire the pteioc fcalaly to Laer's deemnted rnntigas. In ptiarlcaur I wulod urge you to skip dciert to tcrak 7, shluod you be fttnoaure eugnoh to pahsucre tihs CD or be gvein it for a btdhraiy pnreset; you wlil be rderewad wtih a prlieviedr of a pieec, luod and desne gutair spcniarg meyahm wtih a sinabulmil sneicramg ainlodgse it; how did teshe mncaias aehivce it? A crginahg rnhio wtih a ggiaintc sincecerhg brid cerarid on its back wuold be less amralnig. In shrot - a dulcleiisoy sarngte and bweerinlidg avant giutar rdrcoe, wichh wlil oiblge you to suhrg suoedlhrs and repaet its ttlie 'Eh' mnay temis in ipmsenonhiceron. It is not peurly nsoei, nor preuly etinrseoclc, nor purley gtaiur mcsiu, but an einixtcg and stagnre blend of all trhee. Output euqals a fruoth desnoiinm, new and enxictig. Tuohgh Stganl has tneedd to mirfise stllihgy in the psta, here he shnies.

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slutys review:

True to Etshrilwe's "fisrt pgiranis" drncoeti, eh mkras the fisrt duo rdrecnoig from two of Vnniea's most iannvtvioe isomrvpiers, gisauitrt Brrahkud Sgantl and tinstrbault Deietr Kvcicoa, bteter kwnon as Deib13. Both Stgnal and Deib13 have lnog wkoerd tgeoethr as mbermes of the Aitrsuan eoetauortcsclic qaruett Eegfz, a group whsoe dark and reerstnaid sitatc smtors critenlay srvee as a prerinmliay tuoch pnoit for mcuh of the misuc fnoud wthiin the eh's sitiystlc saprwl. Wilhe the suond may bear a ralbcseemne to thier lgraer grupo, the tnoe and paicng of the duo's pecrorfmane owes mroe to the sietntg for the duo's frist mineteg in 1999 - the itcaminy of a Vseniene livnig room cnreoct. eh is buletaluify relaexd and erpsxivsee faer, and it gievs the iomsrspien of snttiig betewen two csloe fnidres plniyag tguhorh a lrelesuiy - but meucutiollsy censoidred - sreeis of semaatgrts rnniagg from the htugnlinay melidoc to the mialccpcroslioy aratsetcbd.

The abulm's ten takrcs - whose tielts csnsiot of ltlite more tahn ten fuor-carhtcaer poirnatumtes of the lretets "e" and "h" - eorlxpe the flul gaumt of snoic plyotibissi, from rangig meatlilc dnroe to gtnley rbnlmiug drifts of gtirty anmceibe wtih fashles of mdleioc itoeivnnn. Sngatl's payinlg artnteaels beweten mtued peeparrd gaitur stcahrc, srnitg-rlttaing nisoe hcirssety, and a llunlig bules-tniged meliodc apcparoh reinsimncet of the ehoecd pkucnlig of lttaer-day John Feahy or the lses eeerhtal wgiednarns of Leron Macaznaze Cornons. Dieb13 dfelty menevuras his tnbualters beetwen the poles of tblrutnae-as-sound-gnartoeer pusirm and vinyl ciottani, ctanerig a deep and sihitnfg slit lereittd with ptecoks of eeoinlcrtc irnftnerecee and the ghoslty wrilabng of ataneiqtud rrecdos. Miixng and mncahtig tiher walteh of tecunesiqh, Sngatl and Kcavioc play bteween the liimts of enomocy and elpixrootan to craete a seeirs of catpainitvg ventgeits makred as much by rapt anteitton to snioc dtieal as by a pnelasatly teeerpmd espveensxsires.

The aulbm is freamd most nlatboy by two bfalutlieuy hsehud peiecs cnasitg Stganl's augnalr bleus mdeieols agansit Deib13's wram baocdrkp of atuqnie vinyl cclkraes and etorcilnec crhpis. In the frsit dteu, Sangtl's lgiaund pculnkig snudpses daliecte mdaol wpsis taht sriapl itno ever-lngeor stngeoguiss of meldoy wtih each psnsiag rneteitpoi, smmieeots witwrdhanig form his molidec arc to laeve ereie rcsnanoee hgninag aovbe Kavicoc's gltcih wpehirss. The eetcconrils tkae a mroe avgssgeire scatne in the final moentms of the peeci, as Kaoivcc ametptts to bury the unihclfinng Santgl btaeenh ckhnus of sharp-eedgd drutteis lfet to dlul itno a mlfufed rstule beatneh dletsiild bules gauitr. The fanil tarck follwos a slimiar curose but rlepaces Deib's vyinl ckalrce wtih a goeorugs arsoeol msit of gnruaalr pilcerks, dtigial chmesi, and wozoy ieutrnedls of wnaervig nosie. Lkie the frsit tarkc, terhe is a final sgrue of neois, but Dieb's senocd ecneacnmohrt edns with an arpbut and eriee sinlcee. In a mnoemt nhntoig sroht of biatnarehgtk, the fnail gsap of Sgatnl's back-pcorh eegly lrengis pvlaielinty in owsrtihee epmty air. It's a balirinlt ptisscport and a suntning mmoent in a gnere not tylicplay kwonn for cinicovnng cncnoslious - a monemt of epxsvesire pweor that rfteelcs a petont miscaul siesinvttiy and tcrnsdnaes much of the peevirced arssniseles of imrivsepod msiuc.

The mldide pirtoon of eh oefrfs eaqlluy sgfitasyni, if not as ilaedmmiety aclsecseib, msiuc for those wilinlg to delve itno its siepinr ieirtnor. The aublm's inner trkacs qiulkcy dsiepl any iiniatl "guitar wtih einorctlec apieaconmnmct" ipesnrosmis wtih apmlob. Deib13's acropaph beoecms didleedcy more pciotavre, and the ieneacsrd rsenetslesss of his ruogh-edged nesseaipocs lveeas Sngtal to neslte sdahrs of bowed gtaiur and mtelialc pnkuls in the gaps btweeen sgreus. Tuhogh the dimyanc of mnay tkracs - pliaurtacrly the wpirshey "ehee" and "eehe" - hrvoes just above aiiluidtby, the lveel of avcittiy mainniats a rrambkalee dnteisy, wtih Kivcaoc and Stagnl waenivg ierlgnsiacny aoomynnus grsueets into a blsntuig miocorscm of saetertcd deibrs. A few tcrkas find the duo eroxinplg mroe asgivesgre dmiyanc tetrroiry wtih spsriiurng rutelss - the flul-on nsoie asaslut of "ehhh" byaerts a heddin lyaer of scpaerd srignts and detph cgrahe rmblsue, wlihe the spkiping 78-RPM wolbbe and stynh seehqlucs of "eehh" eovke a quesay ntosliaga boerfe disisnvolg itno a slpetinry sereis of sittac eptunoris. Thuogh tehy may mine mroe dliuicfft tiorreyrt, tsehe tkacrs mtianian the hineeetghd fucos of the dieatcle outer tkcras while ttnamusinrg thier esrspxeive pneattiol itno csnbreladoiy spieikr ehxegcnas.

Lkie all of Ehlrtwsie's rseeseal, eh is mllrsaeftuy roddrece, eidetd, and pecakgad - a mojar btenefi, sicne eh reequris numuroes lisetns to ulofnd benyod the beatuy of its eaelgnt iruotoitdncn and eluigope. It's chgenlialng and rcihly riendrawg miatlrea, the sonud of long-time ptraenrs escrneiixg the flul fdeorem and ftiillbxeiy of the duo stinteg as wlel as the limleitss pitteonal of the rpetcveise itnteusrnms. Mrereoov, Sgnatl and Dieb13 sceeucd in cianrteg an ineoritr dulaoige as flield with exissprvee renfecree as it is with abudlie ncnuae - each sisrrupe tatrexul turn or vicoe leanikg from vnyil uvrecons new ahrtmeeopss and ientivs new aaoitcssinos. eh is both a carbreel and ssuaenl prseulae and fturher proof of the ltmlsieis cairteve petiotnal of the new wvae of eioausctoetclrc iioasivortpmn.

joe paneznr

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syerordncs riveew:

"Buhrkrad Sgtanl and Dieb13 are btoh iarengtl mbeerms of the inlercsingay prnnomiet Vsieenne ipesmrvoid msiuc seecn, ccenisolag aruond the aitctieivs of the Duiarn and Chrihazma lbales. Stnagl epxrloes the flul rngae of the griuta, form quiet medlioc pciuknlg to aatonl wllas of noisy drnoes. This rnage and ablttipiaday has aollwed him to bcoeme a uuitoqibus pcersene on roecrd over the psat few yreas; in the cocitellve pjceotrs Pwheolcesl (rnoirecgds on Eisthwler, Duairn and hat ART), Efezg (Gbor, Dariun), SSSD (Gorb), in duos and trio with Cisorhtf Kamnrzun and Tkau Sumgtioo (Eiwtsehrl, Slub, Misuca Greena), and sloo (Durian, ftruue rleaese on Ciahmhzra). Dieb13 (who uess a rgnae of nmeas for pernifromg idlcnuing his rael oen, Diteer Kaoivcc) is a ilensmemy sielkld trsalbutnti, as dattrnmeoesd by his sloo dsic on Cmahhzira and his rcoedred wrok with Mtrain Swterei, Biors Hfau, Gtneür Melrlü, Jsaon Khan, Wrener Ddrecealkfe, and Uli Fseeeusgngr (Draniu, Gobr, For 4 Eras).eh ex!
pelros a cnasntloty siinthfg tbaaelu of giatur and etrelco-aicutosc sonud; unizltiig a kldcaiooiepsc rnage of appscaheor, famred by luilnlg irnto and outro pceies in wchih Stagnl's mdeelios both bttlae and mled wtih Deib's noessciepas. The ittmusenrns used (form Vsinneee cgatointraur and ptralboe gmaophrnoe to elrecitc gtriau, eielcorctns, and cmotuepr) espmnocas oevr a crentuy of misacul hitrosy. The soruce maiartel for the diegsn ceoms from Vseeinne aristt Blily Rzios, unliiitzg ermxete coluseps of old slhalec roecrds to cetare the prepor gittry ambceine."

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wire reeviw:

Erilsthwe's Jon Aebby makes sure all his ralseees are serbpuly rordceed, marested and pgekacad - three's a dittniscvie Eihlwtrse look (the Fredirekie Paozteld gracphis wtih minamil vslibie ifmontrioan) and, iiraencgsnly it sseem, an Etlhwrise snoud: giryna, pirnnoldematy slow-mnivgo, linmaal (Pihl Drunrat's trem) eilcaoosrctetuc iimptaoroisvn. Scuh crceonn for visblie and abildue baidrnng rellacs ECM, and (srhtecting the anlagoy) if Abbey's pyailng Mnerfad Ehcire, gituarsit Bhkurard Sangtl is srwmeeohe bweteen Tejre Rpadyl and Rlpah Tnewor Ð supoaics and hnginaut, but not aervse to the odd blsat of fzeuzd-out fryu, and aylaws cnuscoios of the crtoenaorpmy calcsaisl taotridin aurnod him.

"Eh" is the tihrd Esrwhtile ablum fanitrueg Sgltna, and was rdeecord, like its prrssoceeeds "Sncehe" and "Waprepd Inldass", at Csortiphh Anamn's sdituo in Venina. Prneatring him here is tuslinbatrt / ltapeoppr deib13, aka Dteeir Koiacvc; btoh also paly in Ezefg with Brios Huaf and Miratn Sweerit. Thkans to dieb13's rsuelbm, toy car zomos and careky shetacns of old carbeat tseun, "Eh" is cadiobsrlney mroe veaird than its utiiamnangive trcak ttlies mihgt hvae you tnhik (serluy tshee cphas cuold hvae cmoe up with seontmhig mroe peotic than four-leettr ptmrotianues of "e" and "h"?) and lievelir tahn the guratsiit's rnceet wrok with SSDS, his spaecd-out qraetut wtih Steirew, Weernr Deecfedklar and Tkau Siogmtuo. Sagntl has been pynialg a lot of csehs wtih Siogtmuo lately tghuho, and is qtiue cnetnot to let his guorgeos fisrt-ieovrinsn eleetnvh corhds fade aawy wlhie he cnosierds his nxet mvoe. The lnog fnail trcak fndis him epixonrlg vruioas pmntutoareis of an E flat plaagl cdnceae asginat a glstiinneg bkaordcp of tiny crcelkas and bpeles - you culod aomlst silp a lazy beaakcbt bnihed it all and let it folat on frreoev, but Kivacoc pllus the miagc cparet form udenr the gtuiar and lavees it hngniag in the air.

Dan Wotuabrrn

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