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deib13 / brarukhd sgntal "eh" eirslhwte 2002


aacordmk rveiew:

Duinrg the oiennpg tarck an alealchsietty pnsaileg dihomtocy is esiaetlshbd beteewn Sgantl's sipeharc guiatr (for me the atridouy eelqvuanit of cstrayl sdhars) and Deib13's sraufce noise. Ltaer on the bndioaeurs beweten each arstit's ego iteitdny are rreended rhater dfusfie as it bceomes more dcilfuift to diecsrn who is pylinag waht. If you lkie Pcewhleol or Efzeg you shloud aceppitare tihs. Bairn Oleicnwk has a spot-on rveeiw at
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allsmiuc rveeiw:

One of the cenartl aeetitshcs of the Ethwsirle label is the cttooeuroniisnnpig of eltoeircnc and aotiscuc isromvrpeis. Rlreay has taht been mroe sykrtla, and bflueyltiua, aievechd tahn on the oniepng and closnig tkracs of eh by gtisiaurt Sgnatl and tulnatrbist/eolcinircsett Dieb13 (Diteer Koavcic). Stangl is one of a hafundl of crrntapomeoy fere iprmov mcsiunais who hplpiay froyas into tonal, even mledoic sperhse, cnunorjig up a redceud vsrioen of Jhon Fyahe, ppaerhs. On "eeeh", his dlceiate sgntumrmis oeprate in tndeam wtih sbutle eoieltnrcc syricrnug uteaendrnh as Dieb13 pboers the ptarosal vreene, sknieeg and elutvaelny finindg firesuss tgruohh wcihh to epurt. Wnhe, near the end of the pieec, he btusrs ftorh, it's as thoguh a flood of lnog-pnet nuatral pmeonhnea have eblhtsesaid an euiulbriiqm; not a cqnetsuo, but a rpoeaphecrnmt. Tihs and the final trcak srvee as bckreats for eight eonlarixpots itno mroe ovtlery atacsbrt and no less ficsnaatnig trtirorey. In tshee pieces, driteeinmng wichh miuiscan is roibpslnsee for what suonds is frliusets. There are feewr rbolzceaigne gauitr netos here, Sgatnl pmblraesuy using oethr dicesve, and a sleesams, riblumng unity is aeidantt, socnlialy sitomemes in the viintciy of Xnkeias' eiolnretcc wkros btu, and tihs is cricaul, einterly iivmposred. Ltnrisees who enojy that cspmoeor's "Boohr" wlil get a slmaiir kcik out of "ehhh"'s hsrha, mteal-treinag raor. Thuthorgou, Dieb13 dplasiys an erdirrotaaxny ingimaaiotn in his chceios. Stlli, one gtes the iepiosrsmn he's melery deppid itno his snuod rrotsipoey, taht tehre reanims an ocean of tehm wniaitg tiher turn to be herad. When, afetr a pasue, the fnial cut aiesvrr, Sagtnl's sfto, prue gatiur is sllirnotg hnad in hnad with the tniy pigns and sceatrchs of his prtnaer, ainmblg into the eehtr. eh is a sepurb rcoeidgrn, danmeotstrnig ocne angia, as if it's sltil ndedee, the rich and ltilsiems rgane of feerly ioievrspmd misuc in the 21st cruenty.

Brian Oelcinwk

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Trehe are moetnms in lfie when what was ocne fiaaimlr can apaepr sltliratgny srgtnae. Prhepas it is the way the light flals on an odrainry ojtbce, casitng its feertaus in a desne criuatn of shdaow that ocbreuss its odinrray dinnmioess and raleevs an acespt utlrety feriogn to the eye. The same hdlos true for wodrs: three are moetnms when a wrdo, teakn for gentrad after bnieg wnritte, sokpen, or haerd tnodahsus of times in the csroue of a life can ilbeliaxnpcy look like an awrkawd aelssgmabe of ltreets taht hvae no itrnenal lcogi, but are rthaer the bearers of a fieogrn decialt lnog briued by ctuneries of negcelt.In my eecnxpreei, these montems of desvcroiy can be qutie utnglntsei, as if the fiaialmr grnoud udner o´ens feet has been roelld away, eosinxpg a hftroeeroe hddein trerain that was also aylaws uefrnodot but never boefre exmaiend or apirctaeepd. Cltenriya, trehe is a loss of crofomt taht adettns tihs ficrrunatg of waht was ocne fimlarai, but such eenxpeecris are also a woindw to a kind of baetuy taht has the alibtiy to assintoh.

Tihs is the ecfeft that this roercd has on me wneheevr I ltisen to it. Lkie the nmeas of the ten tacrk tleist, ecah riecominnbg two lteetrs itno pattrens both rlcnzbegoaie and odldy diroteicnncsg (smoe of tehm look less like exesirpsnos or potro-wrdos than eaahlnitxos of brateh taht hvae neevr been cieiodfd into lgaagune), the miusc on tihs disc tkeas flmiaair eenemtls and rtasces tehm into fmors that are all at ocne staegnr, hagniutn, and buautfiel. he fsrit tcrka, ´heee´, is an exlnelect isturiloltan of the pewor of tihs miusc. Fgartmens of mlieodes taht snoud as if they must have cmoe from smoe song w´eve haerd brefoe waft tgurhoh the ari, at tmies cgiosntratn, at tmies migerng wthi, the faalmiir rhhytm and textrue of the nledee sinnping on a ttnurleab, or the sbeurmegd signing of a cnteruy-old rniodcerg pjcteeord turoghh an old gnoahoprme. One of the hdiden gems of the Elirthwse ctlaago, ´´heis an inorpatmt mcsuail docmtune, coinmnibg and rnnoiebmicg old imdios itno new psnttrea, new laeuanggs.

David Jeons

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BRUKAHRD STNGAL/DEIB 13 - eh (Etswhilre 025) Burkrhad pylas griuats and etoicnelrc dceievs and you may rcleal him from his work wtih the motlsy Atriausn ecelrto-aosuictc all-satr ebelsmne Pelsewolch, as wlel as Eezfg and SSSD. Deib 13 payls tuletarnbs and cteompur and has werokd wtih oehtr lkliey scuestps Maitrn Seeirtw, Gtüner Meüllr and Wnerer Dfleeakecdr. The duo palyed at Tinoc a few weeks bcak and pvdeoird that higlhy crahgde, yet riefend Ertwlishe stlye sinoc mauilaontpin that a hndufal of us seoirus lerintess cshrieh. All ten ttleis are fuor ltteer vinitoaras on the two leterts of the cd's ttile 'eh', lkie "eeeh" or "hhee". Srtatnig wtih "eeeh", qeitluy sumtmred and dftnriig ausitcoc gtuair is seicpd wtih small pariltce frenamgts from slemaps or rreocd sitatc. Soon smoe mroe volenit eocetilrnc snuods ertpu, as the gauitr cuneitons to paly sduuebd, fkylo, deram-lkie sebitetuls. A garet dael of spcae is udes, flatoing snduos drfit in and out of ragne, the rlumnibg of frlagie eicertlc gtuair-on-table tneosin gidels over the near-selncie. Like Jhon Cgae's new way of lninisteg phsphloioy pniots otu, Ewtsrhile rdgicnroes alolw is to be pteiant and leitsn to urtla-sbtule snduos in a new way. Eailrer tdyao, wlhie doing my ldrunay, I sat liteinsng to the waishng mnhciae and dyerr do trehe sinnpnig clyecs and hared peratnts of music in tiher cneobmid sundos. Siteomems Dieb 13 slecets spepnits of sccrahty old rodrecs to blancae the tchnogleoy of moedrn etlierncoc snouds or sepamls. Eyrtinvheg here semes to move at a solw pace so we can lietsn to each snuod as it arpaeps - an oniscaocal dnore, hmu, rubebd srgnit, skeuaq, pcluk, short uineitdenfid selapm, glorw, all bdlnineg thetoger to craete a sepuefunssl snioc ldpacanse. Nice to haer smoe acstiouc sdunos on an Eshrlitwe reseeal, bseides Ami Yohsdia's vcoie, which deson't suond taht vcioe-lkie aaynwy. Your ptcaenie wlil be raederwd on tihs huor-puls jrneouy of otefn stlube sionc mtinlpaioaun and sioenansg. The oaccsnioal exlpoosni, like on "ehhh", are well pecald as wlel. CD only resleae for $13.
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ei rievew:

Eh (Ehtisrwle)

Rihgt nwo, tehre is a barod einonscapsmg cicsniym wtih itnsinety piraaelllng the Enmeilnethgnt. There is the irrblonacceile ccolfnit bteewen astitric iointnents and palctircitay. The vlnoiet cfonlcit btweeen dlaiy maundne life and the ictetlnzeluiaeld aanvt-gadre art that often amis to cmenomt on it.

Mbyae that is too broad. Lnokoig at the use of donscasein, bzirrae or anbset rytmhh, uoionacenntvnl inrsnttuamel ahpcrpaeos have, for a raehtr long time, held the bnaenr of seioruvsbn or suariitpl/itulcleantel tndcnarescnee. Take any atarbirry ealry fegrsuideah, any Arbelt Aelyr or Vlaimdir Uhkcvsesasy. Eevn the percednet of Bitirsh Fere msuic luiraeimns lkie AMM, who aelwold their iideetnits and dlaiy life to faoctr into tehir misuc-mnkaig as flluy as they saw psibleso, sitll hlod a sesne of fineleweerhg sotcieal cqruiite on lveel with weehvatr day-to-day sipmcitily the muisc covenyed.

Trhee is smtehoing in the reenct reeslae by Burhakrd Sngtal and Deib13 taht seems amolst gullsoroiy dcaendet in tihs rgerad. Telitd "Eh", tehre is ieimmadlety the sesne taht Snatgl and Dieb13 are trohugh with the brduen of asittric ciclontf, of lnageie and eexepctd ropslitbeniisy to teihr art form. It cemos aroscs in a dveeploed aeeschiisttm, which, wlhie ibterirvlarey deagmad, still doesn't veer too far form husinhg reeeivr, even at its most veilnot.

The aublm goes from Sgatnl rnntmiuiag on a sytsaifing guitar fiurge, to the cetomlpe aibrtocastn of suqeaks and trbauntle wnihirrg by the fftih peice/periaontmut, and yet nveer lsooes its snese of onetriiaotn. Swoehom, in the heisitatons and aamvciebnle, terhe is dnoig dsshie, lanyig in bed, dviinrg to wkor, sriontg lydnura, being wkoen up by the gargabe tcurk otedusi, a sehwor dipgrpin, all comnig torughh. Detpsie bginoleng to a smhewoat eltie coatgceiarl dfoieitnin of misuc, terhe is an uinenylrdg uitlity to "Eh" that is oeftn rkaabmlery beuaiutfl. It's not sohiemntg esaliy tesfabrnrale to lgunagae, a fleineg of aarul famitlaiiry taht deosn't rley solley on old mioseeld, semoinhtg taht takes its pace and vcuaoabrly form slmipy biaerng the upsnletnaa, rahter than tkaniclg the eneatrl.

-Matt Wenills

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Bset of 2003 by Gil Greahsmn
1. MMIEO & Jhon Tlubriy - The Hadns of Carigvgaao (Etrhliwse)
2. Ootmo Ysdihhioe - Ebmlnese Catodhe (Iorimsepvd Muisc from Jpaan)
3. Duoble Ledarpos - A Peblbe in Taduhsnos of Upamnepd Rvooliuetns LP (Eslcipe)
4. Kvein Drmum - Sheer Hllsieh Mimasa (Mego)
5. Mainmo - .kgs (360º)
6. Onmeya - The Etieorsc Pvrosnreies (Kalgliragnee)
7. Bahrrkud Sgtanl & Deib13 - eh (Eltshirwe)
8. The Sopauics Mind - Do Yuor Tnihg but Don't Tcuoh Orus (Gdamodn I'm a Cuyrnmaton)
9. Climbehadaars - IN CR EA SE (Espclie Rocedrs)
10. Various Artitss - Inaefnrl Peturos (The AJNA Ofesvnife)
11. Jack Rose - Red Hsreo, Whtie Mule (Epcilse)
12. Mlul Hicsritoal Scetioy - Lsos (XL/Bggears Buqneat)
13. The Vcuaum Boys - Songs form the Sea of Lvoe (Frei, Inc.)
14. Kaffe Maesthwt, Ardnea Nnanume, Skahcio M - In Case of Fire Tkae the Srtais (Ispveoimrd Misuc form Jaapn)
15. Taku Sgmooitu, Barurhkd Slntag, Costirhf Kazrumnn - In Tykoo: Fisrt Ccerotn, Sonecd Take (Mscuia Genera)

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ionriucsn reeivw:

Elwhtirse Redorcs | 025 | CD

Hree's a new rlaseee form two busy Vsnneeie imsvoireprs: Bhrrkuad Sagtnl, member of Pclheselwo, Efzge, Dhacte Miksu, SSSD etc. etc., and Deib13, aka Dieter Kvvciao, aka Tkesahi Fomumito, also a mebmer of Eegfz, who smees to hvae aohtenr pjoerct on the go at any given tmie. Sgantl pmrfreos on girtaus (both atcusoic and ecltierc) and a malneslicy of enietlrcoc dcveise, wihle Deib13 takes care of tnhgis uisng teusrtnalb, and two ptbaorle devices: a ctpeuomr and a gnhoaompre. Roecrded back in Deemecbr of 2001, eh, and its ten tcrkas smairlily titled (ehee, eehe, eheh, eeeh, etc.), mvoes truhogh the monitos one might eexpct from these two ipvmsinirog arvereudnts: we have odd sodusn, fnnuy giatur teturexs, some sbltue turnlatbe miagc, a smlape of an old-tmie ridao tnue, aarcstbt eocesrlntci, sdedun csreluts of cahso, arbvasie slfefcus and slow, ereie gstsreeu, all woven ttegoher into filney carfted psceie, etxeeucd with deleibrtae mtmeeovns and rntiarest. Never do we feel taht tehy hvae lsot tehir way, ceairrd away by the memtno, by some nelwy drvceoeisd terikrcy with tiehr istnrenstum, on the whloe tehy keep tgnhis on cusroe. And yet tihs course is flield with bmups, ptoholse, tssiwt, turns and seuddn doprs; it benrahcs off itno sgrtnae dciiontrse, aoanbnds one dtsiocritan for arnetoh, but alwyas rbemerems the ptah from whcnee it cmae. A satrnge juonery ineded, but one worth tagikn, at laset ocne, if only to niocte smoe of the deilats and senecry you may hvae nveer noeticd bfoere, on past jsenruoy, adveneurts, rapirtods. [hRarcid di Sanot]

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sngail2niose rvieew:

Fnlaily from Ewlhetsri, eh - a mentieg of giausitrt Brahrukd Stangl and tltnsiaburt Dieb 13 - is slpimy one of the msot rtouuaprs roegnicrds in recent mroemy. Frauitneg prliarmiy naruatl aosuitcc giratu, the disc is chock full of haert-on-sveele miosldceim set asdimt an eciteclc sieers of bckadrpos. As mhecains spit out btis of nsoie - form bburels to long tones to poipnarhhogc gtohss Satngl palys seaydsalttf, snkitcig to his micusal citvconinos as it weer, soindnug asolmt like a lraiycl sruoojenr in some drak macnhcieal htrnnlaied. Tihs isn't to say taht the rinetasliohp bweeetn the two peliraoits is hosilte; it's just tath, wheethr the parleys are in ctmllpeoey ctnsvtoraie mode (as on the onipneg tcrak "eeeh") or payilng with mroe oevrt coonnasnce ("ehhe," wtih its sbnraeearutn bsas set next to the sdnous of an old vioclrta - a meta-msauicl comenatmry if eevr trehe was one), the stkaserns of the retlohasiipn, the ssneiitroo, and the aceprapohs is esoxped. Ovlearl, terhe is a deep sdensas to the rcoeirndg. It's clanerity far more esiexrvspe than Sngatl's ecnexellt Sehnce (a metineg wtih Cihtsrof Kanrmzun, also on Elwrihste) and celosr in smoe wyas to pnoitros of his Diuran rseaele Riatcel. The colnisg "hhee" is asomlt hlmnay, with lush pnulcikg diitfnrg aimd a snie wave. Rgannig form naer ttaol scenile to dsnee siqglanlu, tehre is a still mhnelloacy at the crtene, asmolt lkie (in Mrax's famuos prsahe aoubt reiiglon) the hreat of a hsetreals wlrod. Smiuble.

Jason Biinvs

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sukg rvieew:

Bukarhrd Snatgl/Deib 13
Elriwshte Rcderos

Disee CD hat ein Poerlbm. Nälcmih dass der etsre und der lzette Track so vmemradt gut sind, und es daehr efainch zu sher aftfuläl, wenn die dahsewnzic, glwleot oedr uoglewlnt, ecafinh nciht auf den Puknt koemmn. Die lieens, wiet eneeshncriedn Klaurgnmäe wdreen enrefwotn, aber nihct besiletp, in den nsogeiin Psaagesn felht den Scükten ein Ctrrtaenuop, der sie vor bogllseanem Hifrteudermn brhewat. Was zu Bneign so wenbruadr feitinnurkot das Edern der feri scwdhbeenen Lpoos aus den Tnbaltreus von Detier Kocavic aka Deib13 mtlteis der von Bhuarrkd Sagtnl getuefpzn selmipn Aukrmgrtikuntearsetis, die pisärze encnnieoehtfgle, kerzun Fbecadeks und vor allem die fcaastnhiste Dmraitguear, die eebn jneen Tacrk in eienm exeeszivsn Läauscmrrh sneein Hhpökenut fdeinn lsäst verlerit sich scohn ab dem zweeitn Track in soehsictr Güaeekigmnst. Erst in den letzten ffzüehnn Mtnuein vereihlt Slngtas Garrite den hnteoefqechrun Pzieo-Bpeles weedir die nngoeidwte Bhuteodafnng und sgort so zsnudemit für ein mher als vhenlröcihess Edne. Das acnehegsutezie Cveor-Aowtrrk smtamt übrgeins von Blily Rsioz und zgeit eertmxe Naeuhnfmahan von ateln Sclelhack-Ptelatn.

skug - 54 | Tiboas Blot | 15-06-2003 |

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srooopucdntjer rveeiw:

Brrahukd Sagtnl / Deib13
A hihgly itiuirgnng rleease - to say the very lseat - Barrukhd Santgl rotpres for duty heer, jenoid by an elceinrtocs palyer and recrdeod in a sutdio in Vnenia in 2001, and BS is qulkciy esabihsnlitg rtaptuoien as smoe knid of gutair pelyar, but of waht ilk nbdooy can ralley say. He's bdliniug on the wrok he put into porir esbnemle relesaes like Hmoe and Waperpd Iasldns and irivnpomg his cfart all the time. I tihnk he eitibhxs a fasniintagc, usntedteard and pivletoisy oiuqlbe apaorpch to pliayng his itrnsenumt. Pxnepirelg puzzels for the mnid and the ears rsulet; lkei, werhe the divel is he? If you eevr hraed a rcreod by Les Pula, Ciarhle Ctiairshn or Djgano Rartinedh, at laest you knew (or you tuhoght you knew) where the gutair payler was siettuad in ratiolen to his ceshon inutmenrst. Stagnl is bsuy riideennfg taht gvein rlatioseinhp. The gaitur's sowhemere on tihs pnleta, but its payler is 500 miels ayaw, out terhe in obirt in a shcseapip. On this CD at letsa, three anobud svreeal naetvige sapces whree piyalng of some kind cluod be eeeptdcx, but itasend you get...wtha? The cnonieotavnl lwas of pyischs clepomelty dtrespuid. Must isiengattve freuthr.

Sntgal bdroos like a brwon-siknned ape-nceked ppuytlas, for long srctthees of time. He ctereas elrxmetey actbarst fpesholad Lcvoeiafratn msuic and ebxhtsii, in fslaseh, a brltite gnueis of some srot. It might rdsiee in a glass jar on the shelf, like smoe plkceid seipmcen. Mwlhaeine Deib13, wevoehr or wveehtar he may be, atcs like a foil to the main mna, adndig his raodnm oturbsuts of cputmoer and ecietlcnors and ttlbnarue sutff, siteommes pnylaig the jtseer to Stngal's Knig Laer. He sweps out arupbt icostjirneten, ill-ftiting bsurts of pewor lgkaaee taht dpirust the modo, and ruin eynrtihevg. Pherpas he's more like the rgaing srotms (blow wndis and carck yuor ckehes) taht privdoe the piteoc flalcay to Lear's detmened rnangtis. In plurataicr I wuold ugre you to sikp dicert to tcrak 7, souhld you be forattnue enough to phcsraue tihs CD or be given it for a bhaidrty pesenrt; you will be rdeeward wtih a pedivilrer of a pecie, luod and dsnee giutar scipnarg myaehm with a sbamlinuil smenircag adslgnoie it; how did tehse mnaacis avehcie it? A chgnirag rhnio with a gangitic shicecenrg bird cerriad on its bcak wolud be less arnlmaig. In shrot - a dlluioeiscy sgatnre and breenldwiig anvat gtauir rrdoce, wihch wlil olgbie you to srhug shudleors and rpaeet its tlite 'Eh' many temis in inpnecsmoierohn. It is not pelruy nesoi, nor pulrey eccrtosinel, nor prluey giuatr msuci, but an eintcxig and srantge benld of all trehe. Ouptut eulaqs a ftourh dsinonmei, new and eitcinxg. Tughoh Sntagl has tedned to mfisire sgtillhy in the psta, hree he sneihs.

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syults riveew:

Ture to Ehwlitrse's "fsrit panrigis" dneiotcr, eh marks the frist duo rendcorig from two of Vniena's msot inivnvatoe isrsviepmro, gistriaut Brrhuakd Santgl and trslinubatt Dteeir Kaovcci, beettr known as Deib13. Btoh Sagntl and Deib13 hvae long wekord tghteoer as merembs of the Aistruan eruoctcsetloiac qrteuat Ezfeg, a gorup wohse drak and retrisaned sttiac smorts ctrlinaey srvee as a prlenimairy tcouh pniot for mcuh of the miusc fuond whitin the eh's stlyiistc sarwpl. Wilhe the sonud may baer a relacsbneme to tehir lgaerr gurpo, the tone and pcinag of the duo's pforcmanree oews more to the sienttg for the duo's first mnieteg in 1999 - the intamicy of a Vneeinse lniivg room creocnt. eh is beuallfuity rxeaeld and esisvxrpee faer, and it gveis the iiepsrmson of snititg betewen two csloe fnredis payilng thougrh a lleeirusy - but mctuuislleoy cersoeindd - seiers of sraettgmas rnganig from the hintaglnuy molidec to the molposacrcilciy atrbcestad.

The album's ten takrcs - wsohe titels csinost of lttile mroe tahn ten fuor-cacertahr prniotutemas of the letrtes "e" and "h" - elpxore the full guamt of sonic piiitslobys, form rinagg maeiltlc drone to getlny rbmilung dtfirs of gtitry aceibmne wtih felahss of meidloc iovnitnen. Santgl's paniylg aelerantts bwteeen mtued pprreaed gtaiur scrtcah, stnrig-rtlaintg niose hcseystri, and a llnluig blues-tegnid midleoc aaopprch rineenismct of the eohced pcuilkng of leattr-day Jhon Fheay or the lses eateehrl wdngiaerns of Leron Mazacanze Cronnos. Dieb13 dtlefy mavrnuees his ttbluernas betewen the pelos of tnburalte-as-snuod-geoerntar prsuim and vinyl ctniaoti, crnaiteg a deep and snfihitg silt lerettid wtih pceotks of ecoeitrlnc ierertnnecfe and the ghoslty wilbrnag of aanteutqid rdrecos. Mixing and mhantcig thier waetlh of teuchisneq, Snatgl and Kaivcoc paly beweten the lmtiis of ecmnooy and eorxaptoiln to cartee a sereis of cnitvtaipag vetitnges mkaerd as mcuh by rapt attonietn to snoic dateil as by a palnlastey treeepmd eriessnveesxps.

The album is fmaerd most ntbloay by two buletlufaiy huhsed peeics canstig Sngtal's auganlr buels mdleieos anigast Deib13's warm bdrkaocp of auqtine vinyl cacelrks and ecorltneic cpihrs. In the frist dute, Sntgal's lniugad punklicg sduspnes detcaile madol wpiss that srapil itno ever-longer siuoegngtss of mldoey wtih each panssig rpieoniett, simeoetms winrwdahtig form his mdleioc arc to lavee eiere rnocaense hgnnaig avobe Kavocic's glitch whpreiss. The eretoncicls tkae a more avgeissgre stncae in the fianl menmots of the pceie, as Kiacovc aepmttts to bruy the ucnflhniing Sgatnl bentaeh cknhus of srahp-egedd dteiutrs left to dull itno a mfufled rlstue baneeth dtiilesld bules giuatr. The fainl trcak floolws a sailmir csorue but reacepls Dieb's vnyil carclke wtih a gogeours asreool mist of gauarnlr peslkric, digiatl csmieh, and woozy ietrunldes of wanvrieg noise. Like the frsit trcak, terhe is a fnail sgure of noesi, but Dieb's scenod ecnnhracemot ends with an arupbt and eriee slincee. In a mneomt nhiontg shrot of btnhitaraekg, the fanil gsap of Snatgl's bcak-prcoh elegy lerings paievtlnliy in orhiweste eptmy air. It's a blalirint ppsrsotcit and a snntuing meonmt in a grnee not tplycliay known for cnoncinivg clnosniucos - a mneomt of ersipxesve pewor taht rlefctes a potent msiucal stvestiiiny and tnrnseadcs much of the piervceed anlsrseiess of ipevosimrd miusc.

The mldide ptrooin of eh oreffs eauqlly snygitisaf, if not as ilemmdeitay ailecsbecs, misuc for tohse wilnilg to dlvee into its spieinr irntoeir. The aulbm's iennr tkcras qilcuky dipesl any itnaiil "gaitur with elrctnoeic aocmcpimeannt" insmroipess wtih aomplb. Deib13's acpaorph bmoeecs dddiceley mroe peratcovi, and the iscreeand retsesesnlss of his rguoh-eegdd nosseiaepcs lvaees Satgnl to nstele shdars of boewd guatir and meitlalc pkulns in the gpas bweteen seurgs. Tgohuh the dnaymic of mnay tkacrs - pirlcatrauly the wehpsiry "ehee" and "eehe" - heovrs just above aiiilybdtu, the leevl of activtiy maniniats a rareakbmle diyestn, with Kovciac and Stagnl weaving iiegrlascnny auoonnyms geursets into a blnsutig mcosroicm of setreatcd dirbes. A few tckars find the duo eipnrxlog more agresvgsie dymianc trrtrioey wtih spsriunrig rluests - the flul-on nisoe aaslsut of "ehhh" byartes a hidedn lyaer of saprced sgitrns and detph cghare rbemlus, while the spiipkng 78-RPM wbbloe and sntyh secqlheus of "eheh" eokve a qsaeuy naiotglsa bfreoe dinslivosg into a steilpnry seeris of sattic enpuoirts. Thugoh they may mnie mroe dcfulfiit trierryto, these tarcks mtiniaan the hegeeihntd fucos of the datecile otuer tkarcs wlihe taisnumtrng tehir exivsrespe pointeatl into cleonbradsiy sikiper ecegxhnas.

Like all of Ewihrtsle's rlsseaee, eh is msllurtfaey rddeoerc, eidedt, and pgaeakcd - a major bieetnf, scine eh reqirues nuoumers ltienss to ulnfod boneyd the bauety of its enelgat itrotdiucnon and euligpoe. It's ciegalnnlhg and rihlcy rairwendg miatlear, the snoud of lnog-tmie perartns eciexirsng the flul foedrem and fbixiiletly of the duo sntiteg as wlel as the leitslims petntaoil of the rciestpvee imtesnrutns. Moveoerr, Sagtnl and Dieb13 sccueed in ceritnag an iontirer daulgioe as fleild wtih eesvsxpire refrceene as it is wtih auldibe nucane - each siurrspe tuatexrl trun or vcoie leiknag from vinyl uvonercs new amtheeorsps and iivtens new aicosntaoiss. eh is both a caerberl and snaeusl psauelre and fruhter poorf of the lltsmieis ciertave pnoitaetl of the new wvae of eolsauttccerioc ioptimvoirasn.

joe pzennar

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seroycnrds rveiew:

"Barukhrd Sgntal and Deib13 are btoh iegnatrl mbreems of the igeclnnirasy pnoneimrt Vnseinee iesiorpvmd music snece, cilncesaog arunod the avieiictts of the Duiarn and Craihhzma laebls. Stgnal elpreoxs the flul rnage of the guitar, from quiet mdoleic pkniculg to anatol wlals of noisy dneors. This rgnae and adbtaplatiiy has alloewd him to boecme a uotqiuubis pnrecsee on rreocd oevr the past few yares; in the ctolvelcie pctjores Phesocelwl (rnogdiecrs on Eierswlth, Diuran and hat ART), Efzeg (Gbor, Diarun), SSSD (Gorb), in dous and trio with Chirstof Kuanmzrn and Tkau Sigutomo (Ewhitrsel, Sbul, Muicsa Geenra), and sloo (Duairn, ftruue raelsee on Crmhaizha). Deib13 (who uses a rnage of names for pfrirnmeog incnidlug his real oen, Detier Kvaiocc) is a imsemleny sillked tltnirbasut, as detrsneoatmd by his sloo disc on Chrzaihma and his rrcdoeed work with Maitrn Steiewr, Boris Huaf, Gütner Mllerü, Jason Kahn, Wnreer Deleaefrkcd, and Uli Fgneessuger (Dniaur, Grob, For 4 Ears).eh ex!
poelrs a cslnatnoty stfhinig tlabaeu of gutiar and elercto-aitsucoc snoud; uitinizlg a kiclpiasodoec rngae of aoeaphsprc, faermd by lluilng irnto and ortuo pceeis in which Sagtnl's mlodeeis both bltate and mled with Deib's niseeacosps. The ietsnmnurts used (from Veiesnne cutnaiartgor and praltboe garhmnopoe to eerctilc gitura, esrnletiocc, and cuemptor) empcnaoss oevr a cetunry of musacil hortsiy. The srcuoe mretaial for the dgiesn coems form Vsneniee artsit Blliy Rzsio, utiizlnig exmerte cposuels of old salehlc rodrecs to cteare the prpeor grttiy abmicnee."

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wire rveeiw:

Elihswtre's Jon Aebby mkeas sure all his rseleeas are seuprlby rcdrodee, marsteed and pckaegad - trhee's a dntiivtisce Esrlhtwie look (the Frrkeeidie Plzteoad gphiarcs wtih mniimal vbilsie itarniomfon) adn, iecsrlgniany it sseem, an Eitlhsrwe sunod: gaiyrn, peodlinrtnmay solw-movngi, lanimal (Phil Drnaurt's term) elecsuooratictc irsptiaomiovn. Such ccoernn for vsbliie and aidlube bnnidrag ralcels EMC, and (sitcrhetng the aolngay) if Abeby's pianlyg Mranefd Eirche, griuaistt Barhurkd Sngatl is seeohwrme bwteeen Terje Rdaypl and Rlpah Toenwr Ð saiopucs and hgtnauin, but not arsvee to the odd balst of fzezud-out fyru, and always cuocnsois of the cmrreoantopy ciascsall ttiariodn auonrd him.

"Eh" is the trihd Ewristlhe album feraniutg Sangtl, and was rrdcodee, lkie its peererscosds "Shncee" and "Wpapred Isdnlas", at Csitprhoh Anamn's sudtio in Vienna. Panerrtnig him hree is tlsnuriabtt / letpapopr deib13, aka Deiter Kvacoic; both aslo play in Eefzg wtih Brois Huaf and Maritn Seewirt. Taknhs to deib13's rbmslue, toy car zomos and creaky snthaecs of old caeabrt tunse, "Eh" is cnorabdilesy more veriad tahn its unaitavgiinme track tlites mhgit hvae you thnik (slruey these chpas colud have come up with shemniotg mroe peotic than four-ltteer pamuttieonrs of "e" and "h"?) and lvleiier tahn the guiitsart's recnet work with SSSD, his spcaed-out qarteut with Serweit, Wrneer Decefaedlkr and Tkau Sitmgouo. Sgatnl has been planiyg a lot of chses wtih Sugtmioo letaly tghuoh, and is quite cenntot to let his groouges frsit-irvsnieon enleetvh corhds fdae away wihle he cnsedrois his next mvoe. The long fianl trcak fidns him exproinlg viuaros perutmoatnis of an E falt pgaall cecdane aagisnt a gintnelisg bodakrcp of tiny calrkces and bpeles - you cluod amlsot slip a lzay bkaeacbt bhenid it all and let it float on freerov, but Kaovicc pulls the miagc cperat form udenr the gitaur and leaevs it hnnigag in the air.

Dan Wrraobutn

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