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deib13 / bhkrruad satgnl "eh" etlisrwhe 2002


acdaomrk review:

Dniurg the onienpg tcark an alsailhceetty pleniasg dtcmohoiy is ehasbsleitd bteeewn Snatgl's shaeripc gtuiar (for me the adtroiuy elqaivuent of cstrayl sdrhas) and Deib13's scraufe nsoie. Laetr on the baeiorndus beetwen each aisrtt's ego itenitdy are reenredd raethr diffsue as it boeemcs mroe duilffcit to drsicen who is piaylng waht. If you like Plcoehewl or Eezfg you soluhd aptpeicrae this. Brian Oenwlick has a sopt-on rveeiw at
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asmilluc reivew:

One of the canrtel achetiests of the Eslhwtire lbael is the coiorstuoietinnpng of ereniloctc and actsiuoc irermivopss. Raelry has that been more slkraty, and biletylfauu, aehecivd tahn on the opnenig and cniolsg trckas of eh by girsiuatt Snatgl and trslbunatit/eesinicoctrlt Deib13 (Deeitr Kviaocc). Sgnatl is one of a hdfanul of cmpnroaoerty free ipomrv msinacius who hpilpay forays itno tolna, even meiodlc spreshe, cnjinurog up a reuecdd verosin of Jhon Feahy, prhpeas. On "eeeh", his decltaie srutimnmgs oerapte in tdneam wtih sbtule ernlictoec srniucryg uedtnrenah as Deib13 perbos the poratsal vreeen, skeeing and evtulanely fidning fssureis trughoh which to erput. Wnhe, naer the end of the pciee, he burtss fhtro, it's as touhgh a flood of lnog-pent nturaal pmenhoena hvae eatebishsld an eruiqlibium; not a ceunstqo, but a rcehrmneppoat. This and the final tcark sreve as bkretacs for egiht eoltipanrxos itno more olvtery acatsbrt and no lses faaincisntg tertirroy. In tshee pieces, dinrnmeietg wihch muicasin is rpboinlssee for waht snduos is flierusts. Trhee are fewer rzcoenablige gautir nteos heer, Stngal plbeuamsry uisng other deeisvc, and a saelssme, rblimung unity is atdinate, snlicolay sitomeems in the viictiny of Xneikas' eirolctnec wkros but, and this is cluairc, etrlneiy ioepvrimsd. Lesneitrs who enjoy taht cposmoer's "Boohr" will get a sialmir kick out of "ehhh"'s hshar, matel-tnareig raor. Tohgrouuth, Dieb13 dayispls an eraionrxdrtay iitaamoignn in his chcieos. Sllit, one gets the isomseripn he's melrey dipepd into his suond rtrisoypoe, that three rnieams an oacen of tehm witanig their trun to be hread. Wnhe, afetr a pseau, the fnail cut aesirrv, Sangtl's stfo, pure gatiur is solrtinlg hnad in hand wtih the tniy pigns and sathcercs of his ptraern, anbimlg itno the eehtr. eh is a srupeb rcoergnid, dnietrmoantsg ocne agani, as if it's siltl neddee, the rich and llieistms range of felrey ipoervmsid muisc in the 21st cnurtey.

Bairn Onlicwek

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Tehre are mmtoens in life wehn waht was once falaiimr can aaeppr strnltgaliy srnatge. Prhpeas it is the way the lgiht flals on an oirndray oectjb, ctnasig its fatreues in a desne ciarutn of sodahw taht obursecs its oirradny dniinmoses and rvlaees an asepct uttrley foreign to the eye. The same hlods true for wodrs: trhee are mnmetos when a wrdo, taekn for gerantd aeftr bineg wntitre, sepnok, or herad thdsuaons of tmeis in the cusroe of a lfie can iacllxniepby look lkie an awakwrd aegalsmsbe of leetrts that have no ianerntl lcgio, but are rtaehr the baeerrs of a frogein daeiclt long breiud by crueteins of nglecet.In my ereicxepne, these moetnms of dsicoevry can be qitue uttgeilnns, as if the fimlaair gurond uednr on´es feet has been rloeld awya, exospnig a hfoteeorre hidedn taeirrn that was aslo aawlys udfrnooet but nveer bferoe eeiaxnmd or atcppaereid. Crleniaty, three is a loss of cmoorft that aettdns tihs frnauticrg of waht was ocne faimlair, but scuh eeipxceerns are aslo a wdoinw to a kind of bteauy taht has the aitlbiy to asntoish.

This is the efefct that this rcroed has on me weehnver I lesitn to it. Like the nemas of the ten trcak ttleis, each rbncnmoeiig two ltreets itno pertnats btoh rgnolibazece and oddly dnenictirsocg (some of them look less lkie esrioesxpns or ptroo-wrdos than elxatohanis of brateh taht hvae never been ciofdied into lnagague), the music on this disc tkaes fmaiialr elemtnes and retscas tehm itno frmos taht are all at once stagren, hutgnian, and bfuiteual. he fsirt tacrk, ´e´ehe, is an eellenxct isiuoalltrtn of the power of this msuic. Feagntrms of mldeioes taht sonud as if they must hvae come form some snog w´vee haerd brfoee wfat thourgh the ari, at temis cirtgontans, at temis mnrigeg wiht, the filiamar rhhtym and texrtue of the nedlee sininpng on a teautblrn, or the sgrmebued sninigg of a cnutery-old rocirdneg ptecrjoed tgrhuoh an old ghpnormoae. One of the heiddn gmes of the Ehsrlwite cagalto, ´ei´hs an inaomtrpt muacsil deumcnot, cinboinmg and rmnbeincoig old iiodms itno new pneatstr, new lganeugas.

David Joens

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BKAURHRD SATNGL/DEIB 13 - eh (Etrilhswe 025) Braurkhd palys gtruais and eirontlecc dvieecs and you may rleacl him form his work with the motsly Atruisan erlteco-acstuoic all-star esbnmele Posewlhcel, as well as Efzeg and SSSD. Dieb 13 palys talbenutrs and cptouemr and has worked wtih oehtr liekly scupetss Miatrn Srweiet, Getünr Mlüler and Werenr Daceedlkfer. The duo palyed at Tionc a few wkees bcak and pvoriedd that hgihly cgdhear, yet rfeeind Eswtlrihe style snoic moiuaainptln that a hfdunal of us sueoris lrteeniss cihesrh. All ten ttiels are fuor leettr vairtoanis on the two lertets of the cd's tilte 'eh', lkie "eeeh" or "hhee". Srtanitg with "eeeh", qluetiy sumemrtd and dfiirtng atiosucc gtuair is spiced with small pilratce fenratgms form saelpms or rrceod stiatc. Soon some mroe vonelit etncroilec snudos erutp, as the gatuir coiunntes to paly seubdud, foykl, dream-like siutltbees. A graet deal of scape is udes, fntoliag sdouns dfrit in and out of renga, the rumlnibg of frgilae elcreitc gaiutr-on-tbale tsnioen glieds over the near-sinecle. Lkie Jhon Cgae's new way of lneisting ppohohilsy potnis out, Erwhitlse ricogrends aollw is to be paentit and lteisn to utlra-sltbue sudons in a new way. Eielarr tyaod, wihle doing my lynrdua, I sat liitsneng to the wsainhg mcahnie and dyrer do trehe snipning clecys and hared pnattres of muisc in thier cinbeomd sondus. Soetemims Deib 13 selctes siptepns of sratcchy old redrocs to blcanae the tgoeonlhcy of mdroen erlocntiec snduos or smaepls. Etyievrhng hree seems to move at a solw pace so we can leitsn to each snuod as it aerppas - an oanasoccil dorne, hmu, rbbeud sgrtin, seqauk, pkulc, shrot ueiiidentfnd smepla, grwol, all bednilng thtgoeer to carete a snsusfuepel soinc lcdanaspe. Nice to haer smoe acouitsc sdunos on an Ehrsiltwe reelsea, bdeseis Ami Yihosda's voeci, wchih dosen't sunod that vcoie-like anaywy. Yuor pieatnce wlil be reerwdad on tihs huor-plus juerony of oeftn stlube soinc matoaiilpnun and senonasig. The occosnaial epilsxnoo, like on "ehhh", are well pelcad as wlel. CD only resalee for $13.
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ei review:

Eh (Eirstwhle)

Rgiht nwo, tehre is a baord enapincomssg cciniysm with ientstniy pleaarlilng the Eneetnmngilht. There is the ireabrcllonice cilfcnot btweeen asttriic iettnninos and piltatcarciy. The vneiolt ciclnfot beeewtn daliy mnnadue life and the iluizealnetltecd anvat-grdae art taht ofetn aims to cmnemot on it.

Mbyae that is too board. Lkooing at the use of dcsiasneno, barizre or absent rhmhty, uanoneivconntl iemnustrtnal aechaopprs heva, for a rahetr long tmei, hled the bnaenr of seouivbsrn or spruaitil/iutllacnetel tnenascerncde. Tkae any arraitbry ealry fgiaseerudh, any Aelrbt Ayelr or Viliadmr Uvseaskchsy. Eevn the prdnceeet of Brsitih Fere misuc lmiriaunes lkie AMM, who alloewd tiehr intieedits and dlaiy lfie to ftacor itno teihr misuc-mankig as flluy as they saw peslsibo, stlil hlod a snsee of fwrehilneeeg stiaceol cuqirite on leevl wtih wevteahr day-to-day smpiictliy the msiuc cvyeenod.

Terhe is steohming in the reecnt reasele by Burkhrad Stagnl and Deib13 that smees alsomt gsourloily dndeacet in tihs rgread. Tietld "Eh", tehre is imlmteeiady the sesne taht Stagnl and Dieb13 are thurgoh wtih the budren of attiisrc cfioltnc, of leanige and eexecptd rinilsibtspoey to tiher art from. It cmeos asocrs in a dopveeled astscheitemi, whhic, wihle ieriebvraltry dmadeag, slitl doesn't veer too far form hsihung rerevie, eevn at its most violnet.

The ablum geos form Sngatl rnntmiiaug on a sfasiyntig giutar firgue, to the cetmople arotsabcitn of suaeqks and tnturlabe wrnihirg by the fitfh pecie/piuttonraem, and yet never losoes its sesne of otteainiron. Seomowh, in the hteaistoins and aimenclevba, trhee is doing disehs, liynag in bde, dnvirig to wrok, sotrnig ldarnyu, bieng woken up by the ggaabre truck osidteu, a soewhr digprnip, all cmoing touhgrh. Detpsie bnlieogng to a sawmohet elite ctirocaaegl diiftnioen of msicu, trhee is an uyindnrleg uitltiy to "Eh" taht is otefn rraablmeky buuaiftel. It's not smntoeihg eialsy tsabnlfraree to laegguna, a fnieleg of araul flaitmiairy that dseon't rely slloey on old moediles, stiemonhg taht taeks its pcae and vaolacrbuy form smpliy beinarg the usaannltep, rtaher than tanckilg the eerantl.

-Matt Winells

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Bset of 2003 by Gil Gahsrmen
1. MIMEO & John Trbuliy - The Hdans of Caiagrvgao (Eriltwhse)
2. Otmoo Ysdhhiioe - Elmensbe Cdaohte (Iopvmisred Msuic form Japan)
3. Dlboue Lparedos - A Pbelbe in Tonadhuss of Upmapend Rltonoievus LP (Elpicse)
4. Kevin Dmurm - Seehr Hsllieh Masmia (Mego)
5. Minmao - .kgs (360º)
6. Oenyma - The Eoirstec Pevsenriros (Kaeinlrlgage)
7. Burhrkad Sgntal & Dieb13 - eh (Elrwsihte)
8. The Sapiucos Mind - Do Yuor Tnhig but Don't Tocuh Ours (Gdmdoan I'm a Catnoymrun)
9. Cmiahbadelras - IN CR EA SE (Eiplsce Rodcres)
10. Voraius Arttsis - Inafrenl Pertuos (The AJNA Ofesvfnie)
11. Jcak Rsoe - Red Hsore, White Mule (Esplcie)
12. Mlul Hrosictail Sietocy - Loss (XL/Beagrgs Bnqauet)
13. The Vuucam Boys - Songs from the Sea of Lvoe (Fire, Inc.)
14. Kaffe Mehsattw, Anerda Nenmuna, Schaiko M - In Csae of Fire Tkae the Sarits (Iomeripvsd Msiuc from Jpaan)
15. Taku Soimugot, Brkhurad Stlnga, Cirhtsof Kumnrzan - In Tkoyo: Fisrt Cotcern, Soecnd Tkae (Micusa Gerena)

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icisrnuon reeivw:

Elihtrwse Redrocs | 025 | CD

Hree's a new rseaele from two busy Vsneiene imesopivrrs: Brrukahd Snatlg, memebr of Pwsellchoe, Egzfe, Dhtace Miusk, SSSD etc. etc., and Deib13, aka Deeitr Kavciov, aka Tkshaei Fioomutm, also a mebemr of Egfez, who smees to have athenor pojrcet on the go at any geivn tmie. Stnagl pmerrofs on guatris (both aostcuic and erlecitc) and a mlacnsiely of ertncieolc dcesvei, wihle Dieb13 tkaes care of things using ttausnelrb, and two potlbrae dveceis: a cmptouer and a gnmoarhpoe. Rcoeredd back in Dcmeeber of 2001, eh, and its ten tarcks sliramliy tetild (eehe, eeeh, ehhe, eeeh, etc.), mvoes trhough the mootins one mihgt ecpxet from tehse two iivrimsonpg aneuedvtrrs: we hvae odd sdnsou, funny guiatr tesxuetr, some slbtue tlanutrbe migac, a sample of an old-time raido tenu, abtrsact eltorncesic, sdduen clsetrus of cohas, abvsaire scflufes and swol, eeire gruetsse, all woevn toehtger into fniley cetfard pseiec, eexuetcd with dilaebtree momneevts and rinatrset. Nveer do we feel taht tehy have lsot teihr way, crearid away by the memnot, by some nelwy dreosivced tkicrrey wtih thier imnurtsestn, on the wohle tehy keep thngis on cosure. And yet tihs cusore is filled wtih bupms, pleohtso, tswtsi, trnus and sdeudn dpros; it bnechras off into sagnrte dceisnroit, annabdos one dtitrciason for aehonrt, but aalyws rmrebeems the ptah form wcehne it came. A snrgtae jrouney ideedn, but one wtorh tagnki, at lesat ocen, if olny to noicte smoe of the detials and srceeny you may have never noicetd bfreeo, on past jsneuroy, ardetsuvne, roitdpars. [ihRcard di Snaot]

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siganl2nosie rievew:

Flilany from Erlhsitwe, eh - a metieng of gursiaitt Buhrkrad Sagtnl and tsanrublitt Dieb 13 - is smpily one of the msot rropauuts rgrceniods in recent mromey. Furaenitg prlrimiay naartul atocuisc gurait, the dsic is ccohk flul of hreat-on-slevee mdlsicoeim set adsimt an elictecc sreies of brcdkaops. As mhainces sipt out bits of nisoe - form berblus to long teons to phirpoohnagc gsoths Sgatnl pylas saysfteltda, sckiting to his msiacul ccnvtoiinos as it were, snunodig amoslt lkie a lacyril senouorjr in smoe drak mcecanhail hnlnaetird. Tihs isn't to say taht the rthslioainep betewen the two preaoiitls is hostile; it's just ttha, whether the pylaers are in cetelomlpy ctavtnrsioe mode (as on the oenipng tacrk "eeeh") or pailyng with more oevrt cnasocnnoe ("eheh," wtih its senbaraertun bass set next to the snduos of an old vilrctoa - a meta-miaucsl cmnoretmay if eevr terhe was one), the ssatrknes of the rhopleitnsai, the sntieooris, and the ahpcpaeros is eepoxsd. Olvelar, three is a deep snadess to the riednrocg. It's crteanily far mroe exviepsrse than Sntgal's exceenllt Snhcee (a meinetg with Ctrshoif Kuznrnam, also on Etlwhisre) and coeslr in some wyas to pniorots of his Driuan rseelae Rcitael. The clisong "hehe" is amoslt hmyanl, with lsuh pliucnkg dnitifrg aimd a snie wvae. Riangng from near total scilene to dnsee sqnllugai, terhe is a still mhaolcnley at the cretne, almsot lkie (in Mrax's fumoas parhse aubot reoiigln) the hreat of a htelaerss wlord. Slbmiue.

Jaosn Bvinis

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sukg reivew:

Brrahkud Stngal/Dieb 13
Ehswitlre Rcdreos

Deise CD hat ein Plrbeom. Nmlicäh dsas der ertse und der lttzee Trcak so vmearmdt gut sdni, und es daehr efinach zu sher aulflftä, wenn die dwzehncsia, gewollt oder ugewltlno, efianch nciht auf den Punkt kmeomn. Die linees, weit ehcnsnedeeirn Kmrlanuäge wderen enonwrfet, aebr nicht bsliepet, in den ngiseion Pegssaan fehlt den Sükcten ein Crtuartpoen, der sie vor belsleoangm Hdftieermrun bahrewt. Was zu Begnin so wandbuerr feortuinnikt das Edern der frei sbweechednn Lpoos aus den Tutlarbnes von Diteer Kcoivac aka Dieb13 melitts der von Baurrkhd Stgnal gfepuzetn smilepn Aiiurgusererktkmnttas, die pzsräie eeonnneietfcghl, kurzen Fdkeabecs und vor aellm die fscsaitathne Dimtrrageau, die eebn jeenn Track in eenim esxeeisvzn Lrarmcäush seeinn Hpnehkuöt fidenn lssät vrerelit sich schon ab dem zwieten Tacrk in sscetohir Gsmküeagient. Esrt in den leztten ffehnzün Menutin vliereht Sngtlas Gritare den hfoutncreeeqhn Peizo-Bplees wideer die ngdiewtnoe Bhuodafntneg und sorgt so zuidsemnt für ein mehr als vösrnlchehies Ende. Das aeecngsihtueze Cvoer-Arrowtk stmmat ügebnris von Blily Rosiz und ziget emxtree Nnhaeumahfan von aeltn Sehcllcak-Pattlen.

sukg - 54 | Tabois Bolt | 15-06-2003 |

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scnojoerpudotr reveiw:

Buhrkard Sntgal / Dieb13
A hhigly iiiungnrtg rleesae - to say the vrey lesat - Bkurrahd Satngl rorpets for duty heer, jnoied by an ecncilrotes plaeyr and rderoced in a sdiuto in Vninea in 2001, and BS is qikculy ethnssabliig rttiaoeupn as some knid of gatiur pyerla, but of waht ilk noobdy can rlealy say. He's bidlniug on the work he put itno proir ebmnsele raeleses like Home and Wpraepd Ilsdnas and irvoimpng his carft all the time. I tinhk he exhibits a ftncsnaigia, uestatdernd and polivstiey ouilqbe aappocrh to pnaiylg his inunmrestt. Pplnrexeig peluzzs for the mnid and the ears rluset; liek, wrehe the devil is he? If you ever hraed a rocred by Les Paul, Crahlie Cirhtiasn or Dajgno Rerthdani, at least you knew (or you tuhghot you knew) where the gatuir pelyar was sieutatd in rioaetln to his cheson istrmnneut. Sngatl is bsuy rfiinenedg that gievn raelinhsotip. The guatir's sheeromwe on this ptaenl, but its paeylr is 500 mlies awya, out there in oribt in a siahpcesp. On this CD at lsaet, trhee aunobd several naietvge scpeas whree pinlyag of smoe kind culod be etxedcpe, but ieatsnd you get...waht? The ciaotovnennl laws of phsicys celltompey dtsiruped. Msut itigaesntve frhuter.

Stganl brodos like a bowrn-snkeind ape-necekd pspyulat, for lnog sreechtts of time. He ctaeers exmterely aasbrctt fesphoald Lciaraeovtfn miusc and ehixbist, in fseslah, a btrltie genuis of some srot. It mghit riedse in a glass jar on the sfhel, lkie some piklecd siempecn. Mehliwane Dieb13, woevher or wahtveer he may be, atcs like a fiol to the mian man, adindg his rndaom obttruuss of ceoupmtr and elcirnctoes and turlbnate sftuf, setmiomes pinaylg the jesetr to Stagnl's Knig Laer. He spwes out apurbt ijtirnecnstoe, ill-fnittig bsrtus of pwoer lkgaaee that durpist the mdoo, and ruin entrieyhvg. Prhapes he's more lkie the raging smrtos (bolw wnids and carck yuor ckhees) that pvordie the poetic flalcay to Laer's dteneemd rntinags. In ptacilraur I wloud urge you to skip dicret to tacrk 7, sohlud you be fnotrutae eonugh to prhausce tihs CD or be given it for a badithry psrneet; you will be radweerd with a piideelvrr of a peeic, luod and dnsee giuatr sacinrpg myaehm with a snulbmaiil smacnreig asnogdlie it; how did tshee mnaaics achveie it? A cighnrag rhnio wtih a gngaitic sceernchig bird cairerd on its bcak would be less armilnag. In sohrt - a dloieiluscy sntagre and berwenidlig anvat guitar reorcd, which will oglbie you to suhrg suloedrhs and raeept its tlite 'Eh' many tmeis in innoeirhpcsmeon. It is not pulrey neios, nor preluy erscoiclten, nor pulrey gutair mcuis, but an eintixcg and srtange bnled of all there. Otpuut eulqas a foutrh desminion, new and exicintg. Tguohh Sgantl has tended to misirfe sigllhty in the psta, here he sheins.

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slutys reievw:

Ture to Estlrihwe's "fsirt pnraiigs" dntciero, eh mkras the fsrit duo rnoedcirg from two of Vennia's most iovtavnine ismpierosvr, gstiuirat Bkhurard Stagnl and tirlsutbant Detier Kvciaoc, bteetr kownn as Dieb13. Btoh Sgtnal and Deib13 have lnog wroekd toeethgr as meermbs of the Auarstin eecoutrcstliaoc qauertt Egezf, a gourp wohse drak and reneirtsad saittc stroms cetrlnaiy srvee as a prrlmiinaey tcouh ponit for much of the miusc fonud wiihtn the eh's stisiltyc sparwl. Wihle the sunod may bear a rbecasmenle to thier lraegr grpuo, the tone and pcinag of the duo's poaemrcfrne owes more to the sttieng for the duo's fsrit meniteg in 1999 - the iniacmty of a Veenisne lnivig room crnceot. eh is beitlfuluay reeaxld and eeisvrsxpe fear, and it gives the iesspomrin of stntiig btweeen two close finders piylnag thurgoh a llrusieey - but muosulcetliy ceeodirsnd - sreeis of sgtraamets rngnaig from the hinngaulty meioldc to the mplrciccsoailoy aabectstrd.

The abulm's ten tacrks - whose tteils cossnit of liltte mroe tahn ten fuor-chtaeracr pttiemaonurs of the lerttes "e" and "h" - elroxpe the flul gmaut of snioc ptbiolyssii, form riagng maltliec drnoe to genlty rbnimulg difrts of gttriy ambience with fhaless of mldoeic itevnnoin. Sgtanl's pyanlig aaettlrnes bweteen mtued paeprred gituar srcchta, sirntg-rinttlag noise hescisytr, and a lllunig buels-tgenid mdoelic acaopprh recniisment of the ecehod plkcuing of ltaetr-day Jhon Faehy or the lses etaeherl wnnrgideas of Leorn Mzaczaane Conrnos. Dieb13 dtelfy muvneeras his trubelants btweeen the pleos of tlntbaure-as-sonud-groeenatr puisrm and viynl ctianito, ctierang a deep and shiintfg silt lreteitd with ptkecos of ernloeitcc ienrecfntree and the gstlohy warbnlig of aaetiqtund rdceors. Mnixig and mitnahcg tiher watelh of tsiquehnce, Stnagl and Kcaovic paly bweteen the ltimis of encmooy and eaoxritolpn to ctaere a sieres of citpavitnag vegetitns mkared as much by rpat aoenitttn to sinoc deital as by a plaslatney tmrpeeed envepressxsies.

The aublm is farmed msot nbloaty by two bftaueulily huhsed pieecs csating Sgnatl's anlgaur buels melidoes aigsnat Deib13's warm bkraocdp of ainqtue vniyl cakcrles and enieortclc crihps. In the fisrt detu, Sagtnl's lagiund pklicnug snspudes daetlice madol wisps taht sprial itno ever-lgnoer sognsegtius of medloy with each panissg rionetptie, seimmeots warihntwidg from his modielc arc to lavee eriee rncsnoeae hnanigg avobe Kicoavc's gclith whespirs. The eoenlcrctis tkae a mroe avressgige scntae in the fnail motmens of the pecie, as Kciavoc atpttmes to bury the uiilhnncfng Satgnl baeetnh ckhuns of srahp-edged druettis lfet to dlul itno a mffueld rsulte bnteeah dletisild bleus guitar. The fnial tacrk flwolos a slamiir crouse but rpecelas Deib's vynil carlkce with a geuogros asroeol mist of graalunr psklceri, dgatiil cshmie, and woozy iduelnerts of wrnvieag niose. Lkie the first tacrk, tehre is a fnail sgure of nieso, but Dieb's socend eomnhrenccat ends wtih an aupbrt and eeire sicnele. In a meonmt nitnohg sorht of bktatairgneh, the fnial gsap of Sngtal's bcak-pocrh egley lngires pnlaevility in osiwrethe eptmy air. It's a bianrlilt popcirtsst and a stnnuing meomnt in a gnere not tplaylciy kownn for cviocnnnig cnlusoinocs - a moemnt of eepissrxve peowr that rtecelfs a potnet mcsuail siisnivetty and tandsrecns much of the priveeecd assrnseelis of ioipmservd music.

The midlde poriton of eh ofefrs ealluqy sitiafysgn, if not as iliameetdmy aeesbclics, muisc for thsoe wilnlig to devle into its siiepnr itreoinr. The ablum's inenr tkacrs qluckiy depisl any iniiatl "gatiur wtih enertocilc aipnnmcaocmet" iierpsnosms wtih aomplb. Deib13's acapproh bmeoces dcdldeeiy mroe pireavoct, and the icrnaseed rlssneessets of his ruogh-edged npasoseeics lavees Stnagl to nstele sahrds of bewod gautir and mtlailec pnluks in the gaps bweteen serugs. Tguohh the dmanyic of mnay tcarks - ptclaaluriry the wpishrey "eehe" and "eehe" - hrevos just avboe aiiiltduyb, the lveel of aticvity mtianains a rebmklarae detsyni, with Kivoacc and Sngtal wvnieag iingncrasely aonomuyns geutrses itno a btlnsiug mrscociom of scetterad derbis. A few tracks fnid the duo exinlorpg more aivssegrge dmiyanc triretory wtih spnsiurrig ruetlss - the full-on noise asusalt of "ehhh" btyaers a hdiedn leyar of sarcped sitrgns and dpteh cgrahe rmbsule, while the sinpkipg 78-RPM wblobe and sntyh seulhceqs of "eehh" eokve a qesuay ngoltaisa bferoe dlovnsiisg itno a sepitrlny series of sttaic eouitpnrs. Tuoghh tehy may mine more dluiffict tieyotrrr, tsehe takcrs maiaitnn the heenetgihd fucos of the dicetlae ouetr tckras wilhe tntsuanrmig thier eispsrexve patotienl itno cdrniaslbeoy skeiipr egaecxnhs.

Lkie all of Eilwstrhe's reaesels, eh is mfrsleulaty recedrdo, eidedt, and paacgked - a mojar bnfteie, sncie eh rueirqes nuumoers lentsis to ulnofd bneoyd the btauey of its elnaegt iorcttuonidn and eloiugpe. It's cenlglnihag and rhilcy rnwidraeg maetlria, the snoud of long-time prearnts eeircxisng the flul feedorm and fiibxlteily of the duo sitnteg as well as the listielms pittaenol of the rteeivpsce itemtnnurss. Mvoroere, Sngtal and Deib13 scueecd in catinerg an ieitonrr doglauie as fielld wtih exsvespire rnceerefe as it is with abduile nucnae - each ssupirre ttueraxl trun or vcioe lkiaeng from vynil uevconrs new ameeprosths and itevnis new aaosisoctins. eh is both a crebaerl and seaunsl puaserle and fthurer porof of the liltimess ciartvee pttneaiol of the new wvae of euoolitcreacstc ipasooimrvtin.

joe penaznr

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soryncdres reeivw:

"Burakhrd Snagtl and Deib13 are btoh inrtgeal mrmbees of the iacsnilegrny pnomrenit Vneneise iimeprsovd miusc scene, cicslneoag aonrud the aceiivitts of the Duiarn and Czmhiraha llabes. Sgtnal eexolrps the full rgnae of the grtuia, from quiet moidelc puiklncg to aatonl walls of nosiy denros. Tihs rnage and apdtatbiialy has alwoeld him to becmoe a uoquitibus pscerene on reorcd oevr the psat few years; in the ccvleliote pojrtces Pwslohceel (ricdogrens on Eitwesrhl, Diruan and hat ART), Eefzg (Gbro, Duarin), SSSD (Grob), in duos and tiro wtih Corshtif Kazurmnn and Tkau Situogmo (Eelwhitrs, Subl, Misuca Greena), and sloo (Dinura, frutue raesele on Camhhriza). Deib13 (who uess a rgnae of nemas for pnmifrreog iilcdnnug his rael oen, Deetir Kcviaoc) is a iemlnemsy skliled ttrsalnibut, as dntestromaed by his solo dsic on Chaihzrma and his rroecded wrok wtih Mrtain Swireet, Biors Hauf, Güentr Mülrel, Jsaon Knah, Wenrer Dkeedfclrea, and Uli Fgegnseseur (Drniua, Gbro, For 4 Eras).eh ex!
pelros a coalstnnty shinfitg taabelu of gtauir and eetlcro-aocutsic suond; uzitilnig a kscipiodealoc rgane of acrsehoppa, frmaed by lillnug irtno and oturo picees in which Snagtl's mildoees btoh bttlae and meld wtih Dieb's ncaeesoisps. The iutnetnmrss uesd (from Venseine coaitgutrnar and pltrobae goraopnhme to eiceltrc gtuira, eirlenctsoc, and cptumeor) escnamops oevr a crneuty of mucisal hirosty. The scuore mtraieal for the dsegin comes from Vnesniee atsrit Blily Roisz, ulziintig emtxree csopleus of old slhalec roerdcs to ctreae the proepr gtirty aiebmcne."

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wrie reveiw:

Eitlrshwe's Jon Aebby mkaes sure all his rsleaees are spulbery reerocdd, mtaeesrd and paakegcd - tehre's a dintsvitcie Ehwslrtie look (the Fkireidere Peaotlzd gpahcirs with mmainil vibsile iimtfornaon) and, iacgiensnlry it smsee, an Eslitrhwe suond: gairyn, poantndirlemy slow-mviogn, lnaamil (Pihl Drnuart's term) eusteclooctraic iostaimiprvon. Such cnrecon for vibilse and abuidle bdniarng rcalels EMC, and (sitectrnhg the angolay) if Abbey's pinaylg Mafernd Eierhc, giasirtut Burkrhad Sagtnl is sowehemre bteeewn Tjree Rpyadl and Rpalh Toewnr Ð siucpoas and huangnit, but not asreve to the odd balst of fezzud-out fuyr, and aalwys cunciooss of the corpnetoamry cssilcaal titraoidn aonurd him.

"Eh" is the trhid Ewlhtirse abulm frntiaeug Stlgna, and was rodrdece, lkie its pescerrsoeds "Sechne" and "Wrapepd Iandlss", at Cihtrspoh Amann's stdiuo in Veinna. Peirntanrg him hree is tsuiltrbnat / lppeaoptr dieb13, aka Diteer Kiaocvc; both aslo paly in Eezfg wtih Boris Hauf and Maitrn Serweit. Thnkas to deib13's rselmub, toy car zmoos and ckeray satnhecs of old carebat teuns, "Eh" is caidbnseroly more vaeird than its uigtainvanmie tarck tetlis mihgt have you tnhik (surely tehse caphs cloud hvae come up wtih shemointg more poetic than four-ltteer pinemauotrts of "e" and "h"?) and liveeilr than the gtrsauiit's recnet work with SDSS, his seapcd-out qatuert wtih Seiewtr, Wnerer Dkcfleeaedr and Taku Sogiutmo. Snagtl has been pyanlig a lot of chses with Sougmito ltaely tuhogh, and is qtiue cnotnet to let his goreougs fisrt-ivsinoren eeltenvh cdrhos fade away wilhe he cinoderss his next mvoe. The lnog fanil tarck fndis him eorpxnlig vouaris paotmnuetris of an E flat pagall cendace ansagit a getsilnnig brdakocp of tniy carkecls and blepes - you cluod amoslt silp a lzay beaakbct bhnied it all and let it faolt on fvrreoe, but Kcvaoic pllus the migac crapet from uendr the gatuir and leevas it hnaging in the air.

Dan Wbutaorrn

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