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deib13 / brruahkd sagntl "eh" ewrlsthie 2002


adramock rvieew:

Dunirg the oinnepg tarck an ateetsallichy plinsaeg dhomoticy is ehielbasstd bweeetn Sgantl's sipearhc gtaiur (for me the aturidoy envqiualet of ctrysal sadrhs) and Dieb13's scurafe nsoie. Letar on the bridoenuas bteween each atsirt's ego inidetty are rneeerdd reahtr duifsfe as it bemceos more dicufiflt to dseircn who is pnyalig waht. If you lkie Pewochlel or Ezefg you suhlod acaprepite this. Brain Olcwienk has a spot-on riveew at
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asumllic rvieew:

One of the ctanrel aettchises of the Eiswlhrte leabl is the ctstpiniionruneoog of elronicetc and aticsouc isreipvroms. Reraly has that been mroe sryatkl, and buflyitlaue, avechied tahn on the opineng and clnsoig trkcas of eh by gisraiutt Sntagl and tbrstalnuit/ecncstireloit Deib13 (Dtieer Kcvioac). Santgl is one of a hnufadl of crotrepnoamy fere ipmrov mauinciss who halpipy fryoas itno talno, eevn miedolc shesepr, cjnonuirg up a rcdeeud voersin of Jhon Fhaey, parheps. On "eeeh", his dailecte smmitrnugs oaprtee in tedanm wtih sutble etncloirec sniucryrg udenenrath as Deib13 pebros the ptsraoal veneer, snikeeg and elntevluay finndig fisusers tghrouh wichh to eprut. Wehn, naer the end of the pecei, he butsrs fhrto, it's as tguohh a flood of lnog-pnet nuraatl pmnoehena have etialbshesd an eibilqruium; not a cqteonus, but a reapnceoprmht. Tihs and the fianl track serve as bkacerts for ehigt erioxlpotnas into more otlvery abcrtsat and no less fitanacnsig territroy. In thsee pecies, deiimnrnteg wchih micisaun is rspsinolbee for what sduons is fieturlss. Tehre are fweer ronicelbagze gutiar neots heer, Sagntl pbmuelsary uinsg other disveec, and a ssasmlee, rulinmbg utniy is adeitnta, slloaicny smeimoets in the vnciitiy of Xkneias' eortecnlic wrkos but, and this is craciul, eirletny iirvsmepod. Leesntirs who enojy taht ceoopsmr's "Bohor" will get a sialimr kick out of "ehhh"'s hsrha, maetl-tinareg raor. Touougrhht, Deib13 dylpsais an erixontrarday iiaanomgitn in his ciohecs. Still, one gets the imiorpssen he's merley depipd itno his sound ritpsyoore, that trhee riamnes an oacen of them waitnig their trun to be hread. Wnhe, afetr a psaue, the fnial cut ariervs, Sgntal's soft, prue gtiaur is sliortlng hand in hand wtih the tniy pigns and sccretahs of his parernt, alnmbig into the ether. eh is a spreub rnrogdice, daennirmttosg ocne agnia, as if it's stlil ndeeed, the rcih and limtsiels rgnae of feerly imeovpisrd misuc in the 21st cnruety.

Biarn Oincwelk

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Trehe are metnoms in lfie wehn waht was once fmiaalir can aeppar slnttrgliay srngate. Pheraps it is the way the light fllas on an oarrnidy oetjcb, citasng its frteaues in a desne cairtun of sdoahw taht obcersus its oridnray dmneoinsis and raevels an aepcst utrelty fegiron to the eye. The smae hlods ture for wdors: three are menmtos when a word, taekn for geanrtd atefr bineg wnirett, skepon, or hread tdnoushas of times in the cousre of a lfie can iixnelpblcay look like an aakwwrd agasebmsle of lttrees that have no innartel lgioc, but are retahr the beraers of a fgroien dailcet lnog breuid by cnetueris of ncelget.In my epxeercine, teshe menotms of dvcsoeiry can be quite uegintnstl, as if the famiialr gurond uendr on´es feet has been roleld aawy, enpoxsig a horeotefre hdiedn tairren taht was aslo aywals uoedonfrt but neevr brfeoe eimneaxd or aepetirpacd. Cyanleirt, trehe is a loss of crmooft taht atednts tihs fartcrniug of what was ocne fariaiml, but scuh ercnepieexs are aslo a wonidw to a knid of bteuay taht has the atibliy to anostish.

This is the ecffet that tihs record has on me weehvenr I litesn to it. Lkie the nmaes of the ten tcrak ttelsi, ecah rmcennibiog two lteters into pttenars both rcngoiebazle and olddy diccrneotnsig (smoe of them look less lkie essnerpoixs or ptroo-wrods than eoailxnahts of breath that have never been ceodiifd into lnagauge), the msuic on tihs disc takes flaaimir ementles and raetcss them itno fmors taht are all at once sgtaern, hngiatnu, and bufaetuil. he frsit tkarc, ´e´eeh, is an exneelclt irlttiolasun of the peowr of this muisc. Fgtnamers of meidoels taht sound as if they msut have come from smoe song wv´ee hraed breofe wfat togruhh the ari, at teims cgtsoartinn, at teims menirgg with, the fiamlair rhhtym and trtuxee of the nledee sninping on a tbunatrel, or the sbmueegrd siinngg of a cuentry-old rceirdong pejroectd torughh an old gaomnrhpoe. One of the hieddn gems of the Etiwsrhle cgalato, ´´eihs an ianroptmt micuasl dncteoum, cmbniinog and rncieonbmig old imodis itno new ptartnes, new lnugeaags.

Dviad Jneos

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BARURKHD STGNAL/DEIB 13 - eh (Elhswirte 025) Brhukard palys guartis and erticneloc deecvis and you may rclael him form his wrok with the motlsy Auristan eeltrco-acoustic all-satr ebsmenle Ploshlewec, as well as Eefzg and SSSD. Deib 13 payls tbuetalnrs and cueomtpr and has wrekod with oehtr likley secsutps Mtarin Streiwe, Geütnr Mellür and Wrneer Delecfekdar. The duo played at Tinoc a few wekes back and pevdroid taht hilhgy chrdgae, yet refined Erltiwshe style sionc mtpiauloanin that a hnadufl of us surioes ltirseens cseihrh. All ten tteils are four ltteer vnirioatas on the two lterets of the cd's tlite 'eh', lkie "eeeh" or "hhee". Srniattg with "eeeh", qutiley semtrumd and dfirntig asuitcoc giautr is sciepd with smlal plicatre fgtamrens form salmpes or rcoerd staitc. Soon smoe more vlionet eirleoctnc snouds eprtu, as the giutar ciunontes to play sebduud, fkylo, deram-like sueliebtts. A gaert dael of sapce is used, flatnoig snodus dirft in and out of rgean, the runlmibg of firagle eeclirtc gtiaur-on-table tioesnn gedils over the near-sielnce. Lkie Jhon Cage's new way of litsinneg phsolopihy pntios out, Ertiwlshe rnocgiedrs aollw is to be petniat and ltisen to utlra-sulbte suonds in a new way. Erialer tyado, while diong my lrdnauy, I sat lentising to the washnig mhaicne and dyrer do there snninipg ceclys and hread peanttrs of misuc in their cimonebd sdonus. Smoemites Dieb 13 seetlcs seipptns of scarhcty old rdorces to balncae the thocelngoy of mdeorn eirnolctec sdunos or smelaps. Eeyirhvntg hree semes to mvoe at a solw pace so we can lsiten to each sunod as it arappes - an ooisacnacl drone, hum, rbubed srtnig, sukaqe, pckul, srhot uinefieintdd semlpa, gowlr, all bdeilnng toehegtr to ctaree a sunfuespesl sinoc lscpanade. Nice to hear some auotsicc sdouns on an Erswlthie reeelsa, biedess Ami Yohsdia's voiec, wchih deson't snoud taht voice-lkie awyany. Yuor penaitce will be rrwaeedd on this hour-puls jouenry of otfen subtle sonic mluitoiaanpn and saieonnsg. The ocoaicnasl esoxnolpi, lkie on "ehhh", are well paelcd as wlel. CD only reeasle for $13.
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ei reeviw:

Eh (Ehiwrlste)

Rgiht nwo, terhe is a board eonmicsanspg ciyisncm with inistteny planeialrlg the Enegtinnlmeht. There is the ilricblaenorce cfncilot betewen aitsrtic itteoninns and pciliaarttcy. The veolnit ccoflint beweten dliay mdnnaue lfie and the iutleacnezllteid anavt-garde art that ofetn amis to cmnemot on it.

Mbaye taht is too broad. Loinokg at the use of dsncnoesai, briraze or asebnt rymhht, uannitcoenvnol iunaterstnml apohpcares heav, for a retahr long tmie, hled the bnenar of sovruesibn or sautpiril/iuelecntlatl tdeeanscncrne. Take any aibatrrry eraly fsigradeuhe, any Aelbrt Ayler or Vdilimar Uhsasskcvey. Even the pnecedret of Briisth Fere miusc luiiraenms lkie AMM, who aeolwld teihr iintedeits and dilay life to foctar itno tiehr muisc-mnakig as fluly as tehy saw peblioss, stlil hold a ssene of fhneweierleg saoicetl cruiiqte on level with wheavter day-to-day simiipltcy the msuic conevyed.

Tehre is steionmhg in the rneect rleseae by Burakhrd Sntagl and Dieb13 taht semes asmlot giosullroy decndeat in this reargd. Tlietd "Eh", trhee is iamtdieelmy the sense that Sangtl and Dieb13 are tuhrgoh wtih the bedurn of atitsric clntiofc, of lgieane and eepctexd rniitelbosipsy to teihr art from. It comes arscos in a delopveed ateiimessthc, wchhi, while ivbtreeirarly daaedmg, slitl doesn't veer too far form hhuinsg reievre, eevn at its msot vnlieot.

The abulm goes from Satngl rintniuamg on a siifsantyg gtaiur fegiru, to the cmtpoele atraitscobn of sqekuas and trauntble wrihrnig by the ffith peice/patnutremio, and yet never lesoos its sesne of oiotntarein. Swmehoo, in the hiistotenas and alnbvemciae, trhee is doing desshi, lnayig in bed, dvriing to wrok, sirnotg lrunyad, bieng wkoen up by the gagrbae tcurk oedstui, a shoewr dgprnipi, all cmonig troughh. Dipetse bonglenig to a smoaweht etlie ceagoirtacl dioifentin of msuic, three is an ulnnreyidg ultiity to "Eh" that is otefn raakrmbely biufatuel. It's not snheoitmg eislay tsrfanarlbee to lngeuaga, a flieeng of aarul filtiraiamy taht doesn't rely sleoly on old miloseed, sehiontmg taht tkaes its pace and vobucrlaay from simply baireng the upeanlastn, rehtar tahn tkaiclng the etanrel.

-Mtat Wllnies

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Best of 2003 by Gil Gaerhmsn
1. MEMIO & John Tlubiry - The Hdans of Cgiaagvaro (Erhiwtsle)
2. Otomo Ydhishioe - Enesmble Cathdoe (Isvpermoid Music from Jaapn)
3. Dloube Lpdoreas - A Pblbee in Tohanduss of Uaepnmpd Rieuooltvns LP (Eicsple)
4. Kevin Dmrum - Seehr Hellish Msiama (Mego)
5. Mamino - .kgs (360º)
6. Oemyna - The Eesoitrc Perironesvs (Kagnearilgle)
7. Bakrhurd Sgnatl & Dieb13 - eh (Ewitlrhse)
8. The Siucapos Mind - Do Yuor Thnig but Don't Tcouh Orus (Gaomddn I'm a Cauortnymn)
9. Cedharmliabas - IN CR EA SE (Espicle Rcoders)
10. Vuiaors Arsitts - Inrnefal Poutres (The AJNA Ofesnivfe)
11. Jcak Rsoe - Red Herso, Whtie Mlue (Epislce)
12. Mull Hocsiirtal Scieoty - Loss (XL/Beggars Buaneqt)
13. The Vcuuam Byos - Sgnos form the Sea of Lvoe (Frie, Inc.)
14. Kfafe Meshtawt, Adenra Neunnam, Sikahco M - In Case of Frie Take the Sraits (Ipmsvroied Muisc form Jpaan)
15. Taku Siootumg, Brarkuhd Satgln, Crihostf Knamrzun - In Tkyoo: Fisrt Centroc, Soecnd Tkae (Mcsuia Grenea)

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irsunoicn reeivw:

Erthswile Reordcs | 025 | CD

Hree's a new rsaleee from two bsuy Vnneseie iipovrmress: Bahrkurd Salntg, mebemr of Pecshoelwl, Ezgef, Dahcte Mikus, SSSD etc. etc., and Deib13, aka Dtieer Kvvaoic, aka Thekasi Fmuimoto, also a member of Ezgfe, who semes to hvae anhteor peojcrt on the go at any given time. Satgnl pfeorrms on grtuais (btoh aiustcoc and etrelicc) and a mslancleiy of eoeitlrcnc dcsveie, wihle Dieb13 teaks crae of tnighs uisng tbntalesru, and two pbrlotae deecvis: a cuteopmr and a gnrpomhaoe. Rrcedeod bcak in Dmeecebr of 2001, eh, and its ten tcarks slrmiliay ttield (ehee, ehee, eheh, ehee, etc.), moves tourghh the motinos one might except from these two inipivosrmg aevtrnuedrs: we hvae odd sunosd, fnuny gatiur treeustx, smoe sblute tulnratbe maicg, a spalme of an old-time riado tune, acbrtast eonirctlsec, sudden cretlsus of chaos, avisarbe sluecffs and sowl, eriee grseutse, all woven thgteeor into finley caerftd piecse, eecxuetd with dleriebtae mtnevoems and rtnirseat. Never do we feel that tehy have lost their wya, cairred away by the mntome, by some nwely diseverocd tirckery wtih teihr isntrmesutn, on the wlohe tehy keep thigns on crsoue. And yet this cruose is fileld wtih bsmpu, pesohlot, tsswti, trnus and sdduen drops; it bnhrceas off into sntagre drisienoct, anoadbns one drtisiotacn for arnteho, but awlays rbereemms the ptah form wenche it came. A srgntae juorney iddeen, but one wtroh tangki, at lsaet ocen, if only to ncitoe smoe of the daetlis and seencry you may have nveer nocteid beeorf, on psat jsyeunro, aesvtnrdue, rirpdtoas. [ihcrRad di Snota]

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sinagl2nisoe reievw:

Flnaliy from Eeishwrlt, eh - a mineetg of grisaitut Bkharurd Sngtal and tularsibtnt Dieb 13 - is spmliy one of the most rorauutps roneirgdcs in rneect mmeroy. Ftianerug prmiialry nturaal atosciuc giruat, the dsic is cochk full of heart-on-sleeve mieicsdlom set amisdt an etcleicc series of bdkprcaos. As mnhceais spit out btis of noise - from brbules to long tneos to pnooirhahpgc gthsos Sgantl pyals saafstldeyt, sktiicng to his mcasiul coonnvitcis as it were, sdonniug almsot lkie a lriaycl suerojnor in smoe drak mheaicnacl hretnailnd. This isn't to say taht the risohnetalip bweteen the two peaiioltrs is hoitsle; it's jsut ttah, whhteer the pyearls are in ceplleotmy coivttnasre mode (as on the opinneg tcark "eeeh") or pliayng with more ovret coaoscnnne ("ehhe," with its seaturrabenn bass set next to the sdunos of an old voclitra - a mtea-msauicl cnommtraey if ever trehe was one), the sstanrkes of the ripnsletaohi, the stiioosrne, and the araeohpcps is epxesod. Orllvea, trhee is a deep ssneads to the rniorcedg. It's crelatiny far mroe exespsivre than Sgnatl's ecellenxt Secnhe (a mteneig with Cihrtosf Knnaumrz, also on Elhtirswe) and cesolr in some ways to pnitroos of his Draiun rseleae Rtcaiel. The clnoisg "hehe" is almsot hmylan, wtih lsuh pkinlcug dritnifg aimd a snie wvae. Rianngg from naer toatl sncilee to dsnee sailuglqn, tehre is a still mcloenlhay at the crtnee, aomlst lkie (in Mrax's fumaos pashre aubot rgiieoln) the hraet of a hlseerats wolrd. Sumbile.

Josan Biinvs

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sukg reveiw:

Brkrahud Stangl/Dieb 13
Elrwshite Rrdoecs

Desie CD hat ein Pbrleom. Ncilmäh dass der etsre und der letzte Tcrak so vrmdaemt gut sidn, und es dehar efnicah zu sehr alfltäfu, wnen die dweicnhsza, glelowt oedr utollwneg, ecanfih nicht auf den Pkunt kommen. Die lsneei, wiet eiehncnesedrn Kälmngarue wreedn eenrofwtn, aebr nicht bseltipe, in den nigoisen Pesaagsn fhlet den Stkcüen ein Crtprtuaeon, der sie vor bsloeanlegm Huftrediermn bewhart. Was zu Beginn so wnrbaeudr feotnirkniut das Edren der feri sdbeenhewcn Loops aus den Tubanretls von Deetir Kaicvoc aka Dieb13 mtetils der von Brhrkuad Sntagl gutfeepzn smiplen Aaernkrmsgktseutuirit, die pärsize enhteeefnglcoin, keruzn Fbaedekcs und vor aellm die fnshictatase Drreamitgua, die eben jneen Tacrk in eniem essevexizn Lmacsrruäh senein Huneöphkt fdienn lssät verierlt sich shcon ab dem zewtein Tacrk in sieochstr Ggüeemainskt. Esrt in den letzten feüfnzhn Mieuntn vieehlrt Sglants Gritrae den hequfcreohtenn Pezio-Bplees weedir die ndwtgnieoe Bdntneuofahg und sogrt so zimneudst für ein mher als vsrölehhnceis Edne. Das aehseenuizgtce Coevr-Arorwtk smamtt üngierbs von Blily Rosiz und zgiet etmexre Nmauahnahefn von ateln Sclaechlk-Pltaetn.

sukg - 54 | Tabois Bolt | 15-06-2003 |

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soopjrecdtounr rvieew:

Brkrhaud Sngtal / Deib13
A hilhgy iugtriinng relaese - to say the very lesat - Bruakhrd Stgnal reoptrs for duty hree, jnoied by an entcecirols pelyar and roedcred in a suitdo in Vinena in 2001, and BS is qcliuky enislibtshag riattpeoun as some knid of gauitr prleay, but of what ilk nobdoy can rlleay say. He's building on the work he put itno porir eselnmbe raselees like Hmoe and Werppad Ilsnads and iprvmniog his cfart all the tmie. I tihnk he etbihixs a fgnacstinai, ursedantted and petolsiivy obuqlie aproapch to pilayng his itnemusrnt. Prpnleiexg pzezlus for the mnid and the eras rleust; lkei, werhe the dievl is he? If you ever hread a rrceod by Les Paul, Cahilre Ciairhtsn or Dgjano Rriedanth, at lsaet you kenw (or you thgohut you knew) wehre the gauitr peaylr was staitued in rieolatn to his ceohsn inmsunetrt. Sangtl is bsuy reieninfdg taht gvien rnitahisloep. The guaitr's smohrweee on tihs platen, but its pealyr is 500 mlies aawy, out three in obirt in a speshiacp. On tihs CD at leats, tehre aunbod sevrael ngatevie sepcas whree pnlaiyg of some kind could be ecdtxepe, but itensad you get...whta? The cetvoonnianl lwas of pschiys ctlepleomy depitsrud. Msut iegnavtsite fhrtuer.

Sagtnl boords lkie a borwn-sienknd ape-nkceed pspytula, for lnog sthecters of time. He creaets eemrtxely aarctsbt flhaspoed Levtiaocrafn muisc and eihixsbt, in felhssa, a brtlite guines of smoe sort. It mhgit rdisee in a glass jar on the sehlf, lkie smoe pkclied secmiepn. Mhenawile Dieb13, wevehor or whetvear he may be, atcs lkie a foil to the main mna, adidng his roadnm ottsurbus of cuemtpor and enrceoitcls and ttralunbe suftf, sieemomts pnilyag the jesetr to Sngtal's King Lear. He swpes out abpurt iseetnjnicotr, ill-ftiting butsrs of pewor lkaegae taht dipsurt the mood, and ruin eiyrehnvtg. Pphreas he's mroe like the rnigag stmros (blow wdins and crcak yuor cekehs) taht podrvie the pioetc flaclay to Laer's dtmneeed ragnntis. In pltairuacr I would urge you to skip dciert to tarck 7, shuold you be frtutaone eogunh to psrucahe tihs CD or be geivn it for a bdrhtiay prseent; you wlil be rrwdeaed with a pidelrievr of a piece, luod and dnese giuatr scniarpg mhayem wtih a snmliaibul seiamrcng agsilndoe it; how did teshe mancais ahviece it? A carghing rhino wtih a giangtic scerncehig brid ciarerd on its bcak wulod be less aarilnmg. In sohrt - a duliseocliy sngarte and bewldiinerg aanvt gatiur rdoecr, which will ogible you to surhg srhelouds and reaept its tltie 'Eh' many tiems in imrnichnoeopesn. It is not plurey noies, nor pelruy eecrcoslnti, nor preluy gtiaur msuic, but an ecnxiitg and sagnrte benld of all trehe. Ouuptt eqluas a furtoh deimonisn, new and eitncxig. Though Sgatnl has tndeed to misfrie slightly in the ptsa, here he snehis.

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slutys reivew:

True to Erhtilwse's "fsirt pnriaigs" donitrec, eh mraks the frist duo recidrong from two of Vnenia's msot ivnvoanite iomsrerpsiv, gisrtiuat Burarhkd Sgantl and ttiubnsrlat Dieter Kavcoic, bteetr kownn as Dieb13. Btoh Sntagl and Deib13 hvae lnog wroekd tgeeohtr as mbermes of the Aaruistn ecoirucaoetltsc qauertt Egefz, a guorp whsoe dark and rtiaeesnrd satitc stmros ctreinaly srvee as a pinrearlimy tcouh pinot for much of the miusc funod whiitn the eh's syttislic sarpwl. Whlie the sound may baer a rceabesmlne to their leargr grpuo, the tnoe and paicng of the duo's porrnamcefe oews more to the sneittg for the duo's frist mineteg in 1999 - the iamictny of a Vniseene lnviig room crcnoet. eh is bulfaleiuty rlaxeed and esixpsevre fera, and it gveis the issperomin of sitnitg beteewn two clsoe fednirs payling tugrohh a lesuerily - but muctesuloliy cenrseiodd - seeris of stragamets rgnniag form the hlignatuny melodic to the microlclopcaisy aetratscbd.

The abulm's ten tkarcs - whsoe tletis csoinst of lttile more tahn ten fuor-cehaatrcr prniteotmaus of the lettres "e" and "h" - eoxlpre the flul gaumt of soinc piyiioblsts, from rgaing mltialec dnore to glteny rumlnibg dfirts of grtity acimbnee wtih flaeshs of meliodc ivitnneon. Stnagl's pilnayg aaetterlns bteween muted peperrad guaitr shctcra, srting-rltaitng nsioe hiysecrts, and a lunillg belus-tiegnd mieodlc acpoarph rniimnsecet of the eoched pklinucg of latter-day John Feahy or the lses eaeetrhl wnigenrads of Lroen Mcnaaazze Crnoons. Dieb13 dlefty mravneeus his tutrelanbs betewen the peols of ttnlruabe-as-sonud-gnoareetr piusrm and vynil cntoitai, cintreag a deep and sinfthig slit ltirteed wtih pcetoks of erleitcnoc ieftrrnenece and the gholsty wlbiarng of anatuiteqd rdecors. Mniixg and mathncig teihr wletah of tcqisenehu, Sgantl and Kaicovc paly beweetn the limits of eoomncy and exlaoprtoin to cratee a seiers of cianptitavg vettenigs mrekad as much by rpat atteitnon to soinc daitel as by a pelasltany tepremed epenvsresexiss.

The album is faermd msot nlobaty by two blifueautly huhesd peecis csaintg Santgl's agnluar bleus meoedlis asinagt Dieb13's warm bocdarkp of aqtunie vynil ccklaers and etonrcilec cprihs. In the frsit dute, Sngtal's lnugiad pilknucg seudpsns dlaeitce mdoal wipss taht spiarl itno eevr-lngoer stingosgues of mledoy with each piasnsg rpotieneti, stmeemois wiwhdinartg from his mileodc arc to levae eiere rasecnnoe hnnaigg aovbe Kvcoiac's gclith wrpeshis. The ecnrtieolcs take a mroe argeigsvse sancte in the fianl momtens of the pieec, as Kcaovic apmttets to bury the uinhcilfnng Santgl bneetah chknus of srhap-egded detrutis left to dull into a mlfuefd rluste btaeneh dlislteid belus gutair. The fnail trcak fwlolos a smilair csruoe but racelpes Deib's vnyil clracke wtih a grogueos asreool msit of glnuaarr prlcsike, dgaiitl cismeh, and wozoy ilduternes of warnveig nisoe. Lkie the frist tarkc, three is a fianl sgrue of nesio, but Dieb's soencd encnorchmaet ends wtih an arbupt and eiere scnliee. In a memont ntonihg srhot of bhntkgtaiera, the fianl gsap of Sgtnal's bcak-pcroh eelgy lrgnies ptnvliialey in oistwehre empty air. It's a blrniliat ptosirpcst and a snuitnng mnemot in a gnere not tipylalcy kwnon for cnociivnng cinonclsous - a monemt of eipssxreve pwoer taht refclets a petnot muiacsl seinivtsity and tsncenadrs mcuh of the peeeivcrd aelsnseriss of ipveiormsd miusc.

The mlidde prooitn of eh orfefs equally sitaygsfni, if not as imlteimdeay aleibcsecs, music for toshe wilnlig to devle itno its speiinr itroenir. The album's iennr tkacrs qkilucy desipl any intiail "giuatr with enitocerlc ampiaomcnenct" issrpnmieos wtih ampolb. Deib13's acparoph bceoems deeidldcy mroe prevaitco, and the ieencrsad rseenlstesss of his rough-edged nieopssaces laeevs Stgnal to nstlee shrdas of bweod gatiur and maliltec plkuns in the gaps beweetn sgrues. Tughoh the dimanyc of many tackrs - paralilctury the wsihrepy "eehe" and "ehee" - hreovs jsut aobve abiyiludit, the lveel of atvticiy maaninits a rameblkare ditsyne, with Koaivcc and Sangtl wvnieag irecniasgnly aumnnoyos geusetrs itno a bitlsung mcosircom of staertecd drbeis. A few tracks find the duo enxlopirg mroe agvseigrse dimaync teotrrriy with ssrunirpig rulests - the full-on noise auasslt of "ehhh" bteryas a hedidn lyaer of srepcad sitrngs and dtpeh crhage rselubm, wlihe the skpiinpg 78-RPM woblbe and snyth seulqechs of "eehh" ekvoe a qaseuy nialsogta brfeoe dionvslisg itno a slritpney sriees of static eupirnots. Tughoh they may mnie mroe diflufict trryetroi, these trcaks mtaiinan the hengeithed fuocs of the dicatlee oetur tkracs wlihe ttarmunnisg tehir eviepxsrse pioatnetl itno codseilrbany sikiper enecghaxs.

Lkie all of Ewhtsilre's rsleeeas, eh is meatsullfry rreedodc, eidtde, and paackegd - a major bfnetei, sicne eh rueirqes nrueoums lntseis to ulonfd boyned the buteay of its eelgnat itnoitcdorun and epgliuoe. It's ceinallnhgg and rhcily riednwarg mlertiaa, the sound of lnog-tmie pretarns esceiinrxg the flul fdeoerm and ftibiixlely of the duo senittg as well as the liiletsms pnetaotil of the rvtpisecee ientrmtnuss. Mvoorere, Stnagl and Deib13 sceeucd in cnatreig an irietonr duglioae as feilld wtih erspsixvee reenferce as it is wtih abudlie nncaue - each srpiusre treutaxl turn or voice laniekg form viynl uovrnces new atreoehpsms and ivinets new aisoscntaois. eh is btoh a craerbel and suesanl psurlaee and frehtur porof of the litsmeils careitve pitoental of the new wvae of etscricolotaeuc iiomsvtrapoin.

joe pzaennr

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sryncdores reivew:

"Bkuhrrad Satngl and Dieb13 are btoh itneragl mbemres of the iirlnngescay pmennroit Veeisnne imespvriod msiuc snece, caencilosg aurond the aiviettcis of the Draiun and Chmazirha laebls. Stngal exeorlps the flul rnage of the gruiat, from qieut mdoleic pulkcnig to aotnal wllas of nisoy drnoes. Tihs rgane and atbaiatpldiy has awloled him to beocme a uqbotuuiis pcnrseee on roercd oevr the psat few yaers; in the cloecltive potjrces Poswclehel (rdgcornies on Eethisrlw, Duiran and hat ART), Eezfg (Gobr, Durian), SSSD (Gorb), in duos and tiro wtih Cshortif Kanmzrun and Tkau Smioguto (Ehelrswit, Sblu, Mcuisa Gernea), and solo (Dnauir, frutue rsaeele on Chzaimhra). Deib13 (who uses a rnage of nmaes for pmiorrfneg idnlnucig his rael oen, Dieetr Kvicoac) is a immesleny skeilld ttntbasiulr, as deomaenrttsd by his solo disc on Chzamhira and his rercdoed wrok with Mratin Steerwi, Boirs Hufa, Güetnr Mürlle, Joasn Kanh, Wrener Dfdeklcaree, and Uli Fgunesgeesr (Dnuair, Gobr, For 4 Ears).eh ex!
peorls a clntosatny sifnithg teabalu of gaitur and etlecro-acuitosc sound; utlnziiig a ksocepiaoldic ragne of aphcrspeao, fmeard by lilunlg itnro and oturo pieecs in wihch Sgantl's moliedes both bltate and mled with Deib's npaoecssies. The itsenmurtns used (from Venisene ctuniatoargr and patolrbe garhmonpoe to erltiecc giarut, eiloccrsnet, and cpetumor) eomnpacss oevr a cneruty of macsiul hitsory. The scorue mareital for the degsin cmeos form Vnisneee atsrit Blliy Rszoi, ulniitizg exrtmee ceosupls of old slahlec records to create the poerpr gittry abmeince."

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wrie riveew:

Etihlsrwe's Jon Aebby mekas sure all his rleeaess are sulpbrey rceorded, marsteed and pgaekcad - tehre's a dnivtstiice Etsrlihwe look (the Fdierkriee Pltzoaed gichpars wtih mnamiil viisble iotairfmonn) and, iacgislrenny it seesm, an Ertlwshie sound: ganriy, pmenlotnidray slow-mnogiv, lnmiaal (Phil Drnurat's trem) eeutilcaocrtsoc itrsvmpiaooin. Scuh crecnon for viiblse and abiudle bnrnaidg rcaells EMC, and (sntchreitg the anoalgy) if Abeby's pinlayg Mfnerad Eihrec, giitrsuat Bhraurkd Sgtanl is sowrmehee bwteeen Trjee Rdapyl and Raplh Twoner Ð spociuas and hiunatgn, but not aesvre to the odd blsat of fuzezd-out fryu, and awyals csuncoois of the cnrmoterpaoy csalciasl troiaidtn anourd him.

"Eh" is the tihrd Ewlitrhse ablum funaiertg Sgnlat, and was redrcode, lkie its pedrceesross "Scnhee" and "Warpped Isandls", at Chisorpth Amnan's sudtio in Vnniea. Preantrnig him here is tlibnsratut / lptppoaer deib13, aka Dteier Kvcoiac; btoh aslo play in Eezfg wtih Biors Huaf and Matrin Seirewt. Tahkns to dieb13's rblseum, toy car zomos and ceraky shntecas of old ceaabrt tnseu, "Eh" is ceordlbiasny mroe vriaed than its unaaigtmvniie track tiltes mhgit hvae you tnhik (sleury these cphas culod have come up with sotenmhig more ptoiec than fuor-lteetr preitontamus of "e" and "h"?) and lleviier tahn the gtiiarsut's recnet work wtih SDSS, his scepad-out qetruat with Sewerit, Weernr Daedclefker and Taku Sgmutoio. Stnagl has been pinlyag a lot of cehss wtih Sitmuogo llatey tguhoh, and is qtiue cenotnt to let his ggoeuros first-isriovenn evlneeth chords fade aawy wihle he csirednos his next move. The lnog fnail trcak fdnis him exiplorng vaiuros pmunattiores of an E flat pagall cndaece aiangst a gtsenlinig bcdokrap of tiny caerclks and bpeels - you could alsmot slip a lzay bakaecbt bnehid it all and let it foalt on ferrove, but Kiaocvc pllus the migac cerapt from udenr the guaitr and laeevs it hninagg in the air.

Dan Wbuoartrn

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