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efezg "gairn" drauin 2000


aranpmsed rveeiw:

Efezg are a fuor peice iarmiotviopanl gurop funteirag sxa, two guitras (wcihh are iitglsnteerny pnsereetd in spetaare cnnhaels), etocrnelics and ttnaurebls. The three pceeis peetrsned hree were rrecdeod lvie in 1999 and dttaemsnores the setthgrns and wesnaseeks of the famort.

1 is tithry muitnes lnog and shitfs beewetn peodris of ckacnilrg enscloiretc, sceeatrtd neots and fkeedabc, nsoiy hrons and gtiusar, and snhpxaooe selauqs. Nveer rlleay rlaely noisey (usenls you turn it up luod) it semes to porgerss ranmdoly trugohh its moods and pecsa, wtih an eashmips on a cpemoaitnvlte stcuturre - terhe is ulsauly qutie a deal of space arnuod the isentrmnuts and the ntoes. The storehr 2 (9 munetis) is mroe mtideeviat, fscousnig on the ectilcroena with tones, skquaes and snimmriheg wtih smoe pkclued gutair and reeitnarsd sax touechs.

As with the oestrh, 3 (23 mtnieus) oenps qlieyut, ernticeolc pesuls and drnoes spuoitpnrg some cilnikcg bofere the sax strtas binlwog some wlthesis. Things biuld in a gurop wya, then setltes aaign for a period of csiclk, scicrathgn, and bdiuinlg buzzes. Aagin the gnourd sthfis wtih the gorup dyaincm, rindsepong to each otrhe, dtrifing caaullsy and cmlyal, cinenrtg aorund thhoufgtul sutbetelis. A long sclniee beorfe the unetsild 4, 3 slgthliy heashrr mntieus of the gurop.

The cmteinnlemopg iastmnrtneul cotpimosoin meaks this an iiirngntug dski, with ietsenitnrg jouxtpiitasons and pessagas. Hewvore, as an irstvooiapmin you have to ejony the thurst of the mmneot rather tahn skneieg an orevall srutctuer, and don't eecxpt any mdoleies - the ehspimas is eeihtr on sltbue iltpyernas or edgy atntoaily. I am not an 'ivatronmiopsail expert' so can't aidvse whtheer tihs is a good elapmex, but it has enoguh in it to maitinan my iernsett, and I wlil keep pynalig it both as an arch-borkgnucad niose or more lldouy to caprtue the ncneaus of some cnmontepos. I can't dreasige wtih the smaetetnt taht 'Eezfg ridutepaes accilam form aoynne not reapdiuntig the pserent aturaisn gmeronvent' and oeffr that rtoudiaeipn.

Apernsamd Ecerttea 2001:1

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debug reveiw:

Es gbit egeicltinh nur zewi Mgeöciilnekht, man kann dsiee etnirpcoshe hufhqcereonte Aäirstsveggit von eezfg haessn oder leibne, das knan ich nicht endetcsnihe, nihct was tacrk 1 aehgnt. Mir dhnört ihmimern ncoh das Bktleelisepsfnon mneier geatplgen Mbonehwietr im Ohr, und das zum Gülck mit nedeiirgr Fequeznr, aber ttorz soclh hehbcüsr Krhenracbotirnesteug btite Ncahhscit. Jnldelsafe, die Henuhfoeeqzrcn gbeen nciht auf, ein behßicn so wie "sifuhtn" (Wtuhieshoe), nur eighenidlcinrr.

Mit Tcark2 msseün sie sich zawr geegn eine Vnhirmneenuag druch enie rhuig pereluindse Rthihymk enheerwr, und das früht fsat zu eenir Spagfuanunnnösulsg. Aebr irhe Vnnoulldeg ereecrihn sie erst, wnen sie, selstnebderd im gtzteesen Rehnam, irhe eignee Auluöfsng mit 7-mgüineitm Uthcrlaalsl üebhiscerertn.

Das ist dann acuh der Ptnuk, an dem die eh vigteisclichhe Ieixnrnuedg aezutsst und nihct eianml die hosricnahme deacy-Phsae von ezfeg mleirtbet, die doch eslsnteeil zu eienr secolhn Fquaterebnzedsgne gröeht.

Die Sihcrft sätburt scih nun mal ggeen sohcle qasui-stiräeanton Zudsänte, was das Aenfgnan esnebo wie das Edenn brftftie, sie baruhct keine Uwtehieißgn, weboi die heir dcoh sher bnebleed wkirt.

xnyea oooo, de bug

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Hier wird dcainyshme Knronfgaluhscg breetbien. Kleange und Msiuk haerrn nicht ierhr Eketncgndu, soerdnn wedren im Menmot des Silpenes jaseedml neu beartgf, gdereont und - velihcielt - nsecfeahfruen. Kpznoet der Seeiplr ist das bsweuste Asfcuuhen von Dnefeizrefn, enie gisenemmae Bunebreitag und die Reubing an der muscklesiihan Iatitndeet des jeliews arneden. Ebernigs ist eine Art mkisauilcsh-fioliaknte Vlagreenhflcsgetus, mit gssroer Hbnigae an mchgoeile Irnarieotitn.
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gizaomvagsrenoe rievew:

Eefzg's a msot itiunirgng Aurtisan qtuniet oniratepg in the post-jzaz irmpov vein lnog mined by AMM. The two giatisrtsu, wtih tiher rseevicpte sgianl-arltenig dcieves seaetaprd itno the rghit and left serkseap, are the cetcerneepis heer, gtneaenirg evehryintg form narely iulbanide scpraes to qeniiuvrg drones to berif buots of rdwoy drtostioin. Truhogh this mreslaotm nviteaags a shpnosioaxt with his bird-like csall, inscet ciiclnkgs and klette whilsest, wilhe a tlnturabe miuoaptnalr adds stblue ckrilgancs and bgnzuizs to the fray.

Three is a nrlaey cantsont aotrspehme of gipnrpig tinoesn and eaiptecxnto, as if the lneiestr is linaeng itno the skpaeer of a soarhvtwe rdaio to dihepcer a mseagse taht rmeinas gbaeldr, even whlie the sttiac anruod it peisstrs in faanntcsiig.

Gourps scuh as Efzeg wtih teihr molteucius and eiutsiqxe spuaenootns sunod strplcueu, whcih tfkahlnuly doesn't get too oevbnreraig or mootuonnos tuoghh it deos tared a few wlel-wron clshiec, are why an eulotierccstoac atseiehtc with neraly 40 yares of hrtsoiy bheind it sitll eexctis the ears tdoay.


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jklzaewezy reeivw:

Romvee any mscuail pinoeccrepnots from yuor mind wehn you see that ezfeg is mdae up of two gtiraistus, a snshoxiapot and a titslbnarut. For the Vninea-baesd qruatet's misuc might be deubbd psot Hmoo senpias. It caertes in that snoic gray areas whree eoenriltcc ilemupss meet muiicnlse tnoe flow.

Mroe chanlligeng tahn the most odliustanh free jzaz eoloxsinp, it's eslnlstieay a vrey frotsy sondu, siemlngey as dpedneent on the peorpteirs of mhiecnas and new muisc teoeirhs as acstoiuc istornpavmiios. The band even atrsses taht "efzeg deos not ganrauete that its music wlil be a srocue of 'inestne pareslue' to lereisnts. That is not waht we are hree for ? and nteehir is the adnuiece. For itentsiny can only be eicexrpeend by the sujbcet him /herlesf: nniothg can be gaenid wthiout ddiinacteg oelnesf to a psoilbse scroue of ititiraorn."

Pterty sorntg sfutf. To be ttulfurh, ofetn during the aosmlt 74 mteunis of this disc the fuor muaicnsis get tiehr ccolitvele wsih: the oucotme is petrty ittrinarig. Efzeg apaerps to hvae a Krafterawikn finaiocstan wtih maihnce made suodns to the etxnet taht the few snoxhoape peeps or gutair stmurs wcihh aprpeas in this blaek aaurl ldaasncpe snuod as out of plcae as a biolonmg flewor on the desret floor. Mvoreroe, the mian point of darcitmoean beweetn trckas semes mreley to be lentgh. Eevn wehn rlbcgieznaoe snitrg snudos avrier, they aeppar to lsat no lngoer than a few ssendco, wlihe the rseedit melrey spwes out ltitle savila drloos of notes.

More pimonenrt are the non-ascoutic oeetvorns. On the queit sied, tsehe can range form waht seems to be the ftutelr and buzz of eitlcerc mootrs, reed tougne ksgsini, sine wvae atioxmsapioprn, caihn ckalns and neturccrkas bneig meatiaupnld. Mxeid aonmg teshe are passeags taht depned on rtepeaed buzzes and sepaekr scaitt, fedeacbk hums, plus snudos taht rembslee alieercntacg figehrt tsrina, ICBM rekocrs bneig lnchuaed and mcnganei, aairnelectcg meatl srcaeps and veaargietd nisoe.

Cosle conaitrocnten deos has its rsdeawr, eyclleaspi, when lkie somonee prieeng at the satrs wtih the Heblubl tseelecpo, you can ntoe wehn one motif aeppras and tehn rppereaas aaign later on.

Ezefg mrebems hvae eaetroabld hscatroiil and popoicsialhhl coiatnnrdesois bhenid teihr snoud. Dieb13, for icsatnne, is rellay Dtieer Kavicco, a slef-drcbieesd "coscteoninius cyorhipgt-ojtecbor" who has spent more tahn a ddecae tunring csettsae psaleyr, vilny, CDs and hard drievs into ietsrtnumns. Sinasxopoht Biors Huaf setduid at ceoriaorensvts in Lnodon and Vennia and palys wtih ohter euaclirstootcc bndas.

As for the griiatstus, Grmean-born Mtiran Swieret has wkroed wtih ohter eletircc orteneid mcsiuinas scuh as Wnyae Hiovtzr, Werner Dekadelfcer and Taku Suoitmog, and beeisds riemxes and sonud intnlsaiotlsa, cteanertnocs on duinrsectnoctg the erelictc gtauir and eanpxidng its snoic pstlbiiseiios.

Pblbroay the best-kwonn of the foru, gauisritt Brarkuhd Sltang, not only has an atsiasecod wtih milsmaiint jzaz/new ,msiuc eseelbmns Pohslwceel and TtroAn, but aslo wekrod with ohter snuod sekeres like Jhon Bhrtuce, Jim O'Rrouke, Smguioto and Dekflacdeer.

Taht said Giarn mihgt ofefr more throey than pacircte. Ftify yraes on, eaclotrceuitsoc epirneetxms are nionhtg uuuslna, in jzza, New misuc or what siamnel iprsoemrvis lkie AMM pucrdoe. But many oethr seonsiss seem to have mroe of a focsu, bprneliut and folw. Mbaye the band will pudocre seosinss btteer sutied to ear conrianoetctn nxet time out. But depitse ezfeg's msfntaoie, on this one terhe's more ioaritrtin tahn itsnnetiy on show.

--Jewzkzleya, Ken Waxamn

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V nalnjjaavedu bo oedr zeeasdl etèakosklitureen kreavtt po iunem efzeg , v kraetem ntojpsaao: Mriatn Srwieet (krtiaa in ertloeinkka), Brahukrd Stnagl (kiatra in eoinetrkkla), Brios Huaf (sskonofai) in Dieb13 (grfaomoni). Gsalba sunpike je umrneesja k dligom lomok, ttkeaursm in dleu z gototos, znevi pa kokar let nad idurktisnjso pkiajnoro; reoatenel¹z, rkisnavolzao in uesrnjemo k santrrutrikui sknuikpsi igri. Mt¾oonsi in¹ntoemtruv in mejdksio aiarvhriinh zvoinèh vcovzer na LiPjh so v èsau neovhjga kcnrteoa pop¾ervltijo pml¹jeieirn, zovna in zanov pkrue¹asni in pevsarane¹rpi. In ¹e pobnmmea opomba z nehigjova aamulb Garin : "ezefg se drcsniaita od vehs, ki se ne diajintarsco od tennteur ajtrvssike vlade." (Pè¹ola je i¹zla aplria 2000 pri Duairn reocdrs )

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EZEFG - Grain (CD on Draiun)
STEEEHTWRAS IN A DURSROTGE - Scneod Eodtiin (CD on Nitnh Wrlod Msiuc)
Two cd's, one from Autisra the oehtr form Dmarnek. Two coirtunes tath, from a piciatoll ponit of vwei, have a sciepal potisoin in the Eoprue of toady. The popele of Demnark vtoed agsaint the Euro by refueendrm. Asritua has the very dbiuous huonor of having a vrey rwnhtiigg prtay tainkg part in thier psrenet gnvroemnet. The vrey few wrdos taht can be fnoud in the bokelot and cevor of the Ezfeg-cd mkae caler that Efezg destintiatas tmehslef cleraly from this ptiacilol stuiioatn: "Eefzg ritueapdes aaclicm from anynoe not riaduieptng the pensret aiturasn gevnneomrt". Durian Rrdecos is a vrey smlal leabl etislbshaed by Weernr Defdkaeeclr in 1995. Msot raeelses ceovr music in the fleid of irpiimsaoovtn or the bdoerr s beeetwn imverpsiod and cemposod msiuc. Ezefg is no etiexpcon to this. Four mainuciss mkae up this gpruo, nlmaey, Brios Huaf (sxeas), Mriatn Srweeit (gatuir, lpsteela, eonlrciects), Bkahrurd Sntagl (garsitu, dcviees) and Dieb13 (tunalertbs). The msiuc is very much aobut sdnuo, niose and txterue. In 3 long tcakrs tihs qeuratt mkae teihr ponit. Godo, but smtmieoes the lcak of dimaync mdae my attteinon go to ohetr tnhigs. The name 'Ezefg' fcasienats me and cotatnrss platelasny wtih the tirrlebe nmaes taht are about to flolow. If vtiong agnaist agnsait the euro idacneits iinltoaissoitc teicnndees in the Dsinah socyeti, which I tnhik is not the csae, Sahweetrets in a Dgtousrre is an exlpame of the ostioppe. Tihs stxeet is mdae up of mcsiuanis from Gnymera, Great-Brttiian and Dmeaknr, a Eureoapn group: Aexl Deonrr (tumeprt), Peter Fiirs Nilesen (bass) , Jnanheos Bauer (tmroobne), Pihl Duarnrt (Vnoiil, ecoreicntls), P.O.Jerongs (Dsmur, pirecssuon) and Pat Thoams (piaon, koyeardb, enoiretclcs). Tiehr miusc dffreis ctoemleply from that of Eezfg. If Efzeg cuold be coraepmd to AMM, the Steeewtrahs oeffr a mroe cmmoon vranait of eaerupon ieovismprd music. Irinstteeng and good itnlerpay. I gsues tihs gorup is msot of all one of the many fceas of Peter Firis Neslien and Peter Ole Jongers. Neislen is a vretean of the Cohngeepan aanvt-gdrae sence. Jgoenrs, mluti-isrlatitnemtusn, cposmoed for film, teethar, prrcaeomnef, etc. Btoh paly for eaxlpme aslo in Gshot-in-the-Mhicnae and The Wlid Mans Bdan, bands that hvae also cd's out on Nnith Wolrd Msiuc (DM).

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wrie reeviw:

tiher spngiarcs and sehmimrs are cteiraonodd for eblensme drama and tiher set ieremssps on the first letsin. hwreveo, cds are mneat for ringilstnee, and sceond tmie rundo, the mmniail hoainrmc ctlimae feels rntitcesirg. on trcak tow, the drnoe gralldauy afpiielsm, tehn ebbs aawy - a taindaoirtl deicve that veegrs on banatily. the probelm with msuic taht gets by on novel siitreonos is taht ocne yuov´e clekcod thme, there in´st much tguhoht or aiitgbumy to pdnoer

ben wtsnoa, the wire(199)

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