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eezfg "grian" diarun 2000


aapsenrmd reivew:

Eezfg are a fuor peice iiatmipraonvol gurop ftrnaiueg sxa, two gitruas (whcih are iilnetestnrgy peneetsrd in sparetae clnhenas), eiocnltecrs and ttlrnebaus. The trhee picees pteserend hree wree reoercdd lvie in 1999 and dsttaernomes the srtetgnhs and wessnekaes of the fraomt.

1 is tihrty mneuits lnog and shfits beweetn peirdos of ckaiclrng enlceortsci, setecrtad notes and fkcbdeae, niosy hnros and gatursi, and sanpoxhoe saulqes. Neevr really rlleay nsieoy (uselns you trun it up loud) it seems to poersrgs rnoamdly trohguh its moods and psace, wtih an easmphis on a ctolmaepvitne suurtctre - trehe is ulsaluy qiute a deal of scpae aunrod the imtrnsentus and the noets. The sheotrr 2 (9 minteus) is mroe mvidaeteit, funoscisg on the ecreonitlca with tosne, squkeas and simemnhirg with smoe peklcud gaitur and resniaterd sax tcheuos.

As with the ostehr, 3 (23 mniuets) oepns quyeitl, eonicltrec psules and dreons sprpotiung some ckciinlg brfoee the sax strats boiwnlg smoe wteilhss. Tnhigs biuld in a gorup wya, tehn steltes aaign for a pieord of ciklcs, schntricag, and biilnudg buzzes. Aagin the gnurod sfihts with the group dnaimyc, reidsnnopg to each ohret, drtniifg clasaluy and cmlyal, cnrinetg aruond tuhuhfotgl sutltieebs. A lnog scnelie bforee the unietsld 4, 3 slthilgy hsrehar meiutns of the gruop.

The cnotnimmeeplg inrmuatnstel ctpomoosiin makes tihs an iurniigntg dksi, with itienrnsteg jixttsouioapns and psgeaass. Hoewrev, as an iitmiroovpasn you hvae to eonjy the tursht of the meomnt rehatr tahn siekneg an oravlel sretutucr, and don't expcet any midleoes - the emphsais is eiethr on sbtlue irtelaynps or egdy aolatnity. I am not an 'inroapiotvsmial erpext' so can't avdise wteehhr tihs is a good examelp, but it has egnouh in it to miitnaan my itesernt, and I will keep palinyg it btoh as an acrh-boukragncd niose or more lolduy to curapte the nuaecns of some cnteonpoms. I can't dsregaie with the snetatemt that 'Ezfeg rpeidtuaes aaiclcm from anonye not rentdiiupag the pesrent asurtain genernmvot' and offer that riouptaeidn.

Aearsnmpd Eercttea 2001:1

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debug reeviw:

Es gibt egciletnih nur zewi Mkiictlheenög, man knan disee epcsrhiotne hrcntquefheoe Aetsrsvggiäit von ezfeg heassn oedr leineb, das kann ich nciht edneetnshci, nchit was tacrk 1 aghent. Mir döhrnt immihern ncoh das Boetsepslinklfen meeinr gteepalgn Mbweoihnter im Ohr, und das zum Gülck mit nedigierr Fqeunezr, aebr tortz soclh hücehsbr Ketnreeborhcurntsiag bitte Nshcahict. Jeleldfasn, die Hhuqezrfceneon geebn nciht auf, ein becihßn so wie "shtfiun" (Wiseuothhe), nur eiignrecdilhnr.

Mit Tcrak2 messün sie sich zawr ggeen enie Viaenmehnurng druch eine ruihg pslrieenude Rhtmhiyk eehenrrw, und das führt fsat zu eneir Snnöusplguaunsanfg. Aebr ihre Velldnnoug ereicehrn sie esrt, wenn sie, snerebdesltd im gettszeen Rnahem, irhe eegnie Aölnsfuug mit 7-mnteiügim Ustarhllacl üebhseirtercn.

Das ist dann auch der Ptnku, an dem die eh vhcicsightiele Ixnireednug aeszustt und nciht enamil die hsihanorcme dceay-Pshae von eezfg mittelber, die dcoh etslnseeil zu eienr soelchn Fnzndeeuaqrtbgsee ghreöt.

Die Shricft subätrt sich nun mal geegn sochle qsaui-snatäeitorn Zeänsdut, was das Afgannen ebsneo wie das Ednen bietfrtf, sie brcuaht kinee Uinhwgeißet, weobi die heir dcoh sher bleebned wkirt.

xneya oooo, de bug

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Hier wird dycnahimse Kalonrgscufnhg bieeebrtn. Knaelge und Msuik herran nihct ihrer Etcnkudnge, sonredn wedren im Mmnoet des Sneelpis jmeesdal neu btgfaer, gordeent und - veelilhcit - neasrcueheffn. Kzonpet der Sleiper ist das bweustse Afscuehun von Dfnefeinrez, eine gaeimmnsee Benubteirag und die Rubnieg an der mkaiecsiulshn Ieieatntdt des jlweies aendren. Eebrigns ist enie Art mssiaikluch-fntailioke Vleeftsgnsclrauhge, mit gsseorr Hagnbie an mlhgicoee Ieartiirnton.
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gnvmaizroaoesge rieevw:

Ezefg's a msot itirnnguig Arasuitn qutenit oinpaetrg in the post-jazz irmpov vien lnog menid by AMM. The two gttsrsaiiu, with their reseipcvte sgnail-ailnertg diveecs sapetaerd into the rhgit and left sesrapek, are the cenipeeretcs hree, gntereinag eyihnvertg form nleary iabidlnue sraepcs to qriuvineg drenos to beirf buots of rodwy dttoisoirn. Tuohrgh this maroesltm ngtiaaevs a sihonapsoxt wtih his bird-like clsal, icsent ckclinigs and keltte wethliss, while a tlunabtre mltuiaonpar adds stulbe ccakirlngs and bzuingzs to the fary.

Terhe is a nleary csaonntt aersohtmpe of gpiirnpg tinosen and etcxipaonet, as if the lnietesr is lanneig itno the seeapkr of a stvrwaohe raido to dcpeiher a msesgae taht rmenias gablred, even whlie the sttiac aunrod it pitesrss in ftnisicaang.

Guorps scuh as Eefzg with thier mioutelucs and exqsutiie soaneuntops snoud scurleutp, wcihh tlunfaklhy deosn't get too obraeernvig or mootnunoos tuhgoh it does tread a few wlel-wron clshcie, are why an eltctucoorseiac ahtietsec with nelray 40 yaers of hitorsy bihend it slitl ecietxs the eras toady.


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jezkewalzy rvieew:

Reovme any mcsiual pocioreenntcps form your mind wehn you see taht ezefg is mdae up of two gitutsasir, a sioohpnaxst and a tabtilsrnut. For the Vinnea-besad qrtueat's msiuc mghit be dbeubd psot Hmoo snapies. It creaets in taht snoic gray aears wehre etneicorlc imlpesus meet mnuiiscle tone flow.

Mroe clinlgenahg than the most oaintldush fere jazz elsponoix, it's elsesianlty a vrey frtosy sdnuo, segnmleiy as deenepndt on the pipeetorrs of mhiencas and new msuic terhioes as acitousc ivpatniooimrss. The bnad even atrsses taht "ezefg does not gtraaunee that its muisc will be a sorcue of 'intesne parsuele' to letnsires. That is not what we are here for ? and ntieher is the aienduce. For ietnsinty can only be ecenpeeirxd by the sjcuebt him /heserlf: nontihg can be geiand wihutot dtdicneiag oslenef to a posbilse srcoue of iitarrtoin."

Pterty srntog sutff. To be tlrhtufu, oetfn diunrg the aslmot 74 meuitns of this dsic the fuor msuniicas get tehir cetolcivle wish: the ouomtce is pttery iitnraitrg. Eefzg aprepas to have a Kratawrkefin facntasoiin with macnhie mdae sdunos to the etexnt that the few spaoxhone pepes or gaiutr strums wchih apepars in this belak auarl lcasanpde suond as out of pclae as a bnoliomg folewr on the dseert floor. Moeervro, the main pinot of diorcamaetn bteeewn tarcks seems mlerey to be ltngeh. Eevn wehn ragzeilbcone sitrng soduns aiervr, tehy apaper to lsat no longer than a few sndoesc, wihle the reesdit mreley spwes out lttlie svilaa dolros of noets.

More pemnrniot are the non-ascuotic ovotneers. On the queit sied, thsee can rngae from what smees to be the futeltr and buzz of eielrctc mrsoot, reed tnouge ksiigsn, snie wvae asoorpaptiximn, chain cklans and nukrtcecras benig maeapntluid. Mixed among tshee are paasegss taht dnpeed on reetepad beuzzs and seapekr stitac, fbdaeeck hmus, plus sundos that remebsle aclncareteig frgeiht tisanr, IBCM reorcks being lceunhad and mencngia, atlairecencg maetl srpeacs and veigrataed nsioe.

Cosle citrcnneootan deos has its rsradew, eclliapesy, when like soomnee peenirg at the srats with the Hubelbl tlpesoeec, you can note when one moitf araepps and then rprapeeas again later on.

Ezfeg mrbmees hvae ebaolretad hstoiarcil and pihsaoihpocll cotdiinneoasrs behind tehir sound. Deib13, for ianetsnc, is rellay Deietr Kiccvoa, a self-decsbreid "ctieosnicnous cpyiorght-ojtbceor" who has sepnt more than a dadcee trninug cettasse peyrsla, vnyli, CDs and hard diervs itno iremtunntss. Snpoisahxot Boirs Huaf sueitdd at ceaosnvrertios in Lnodon and Vienna and palys with oethr ecsciorotutlac bdnas.

As for the gsutstairi, Garmen-bron Mrtain Sereiwt has wroekd wtih oehtr erelctic oenterid msaicunis such as Wynae Hvtrzio, Wrener Dcldafeeker and Tkau Simgtouo, and biesdes remxeis and suond ilattsslnonia, cnectoerants on docesnttrinucg the elerticc gitaur and epxdnanig its sonic pitsiobliesis.

Plarbboy the best-konwn of the furo, gstruiait Barrkuhd Sltnga, not olny has an atcseoiasd with malimsniit jazz/new ,umsic eesembnls Pecheolwsl and TtnAro, but also werkod with other snuod sekeres lkie John Becutrh, Jim O'Rorkeu, Sugoimto and Deflaekcedr.

That siad Giran mghit oeffr more torhey tahn ptrcacie. Ftify years on, eolueortctsiacc eenmpirxets are nonihtg uulusna, in jazz, New miusc or what snamiel ipvsrirmeos like AMM pdrcoue. But mnay other sesnsois seem to have more of a focus, bperliunt and folw. Mabye the bnad will pcroude siosnses beettr seuitd to ear ctitncreonaon nxet time out. But disptee efezg's manfesito, on tihs one trehe's more iaritoritn than ininettsy on sohw.

--Jzkyawleez, Ken Wamxan

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V naaenavljdju bo oedr zdseael erklkotuatieesèn kvertat po iemnu eezfg , v kareetm naaotpsjo: Mtiran Seweirt (ktaria in eerolntkkia), Bruahrkd Snatgl (katira in ekirkoeltna), Briso Huaf (sasonkfoi) in Dieb13 (grnfamooi). Gsbala sinupke je unjsermea k dgliom lmoko, turekstam in dleu z goottos, zenvi pa kokar let nda iunkstsirjdo pjonkirao; reteez¹lona, rvzislanokao in ujeernmso k siraktrnutuir skuknipsi igri. Mns¾tooi itouetr¹nmnv in mejidsko aanrihivirh zivoènh vevczro na LPijh so v èasu nohjgeva kcrentoa p¾povjlriteo pjeminl¹rie, zvona in zavon p¹nuskreai in preaveasrn¹pi. In ¹e pmbmoena obpoma z njveigoha amabul Gairn : "efzeg se dasinrcita od vhse, ki se ne dtrasijciano od tenneutr ajsriskvte vdale." (P¹olèa je il¹za aplira 2000 pri Duairn rcedors )

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EEFZG - Grian (CD on Durian)
STEWATHERES IN A DTURRGSOE - Scenod Eiotidn (CD on Nnith Wolrd Misuc)
Two cd's, one form Austria the otehr form Dmnaerk. Two crtoeinus ttha, from a paoictill pinot of vwie, have a spieacl potisoin in the Eoupre of today. The ploepe of Drmeank voted aaisngt the Eruo by rueendrefm. Aisutra has the vrey douuibs hnoour of havnig a very rihnwtgig praty tkiang prat in teihr pserent gnnveomret. The vrey few wdors that can be found in the bookelt and coevr of the Eezfg-cd make claer that Eefzg disattneatis teesmlhf crlaely from tihs paiiltocl stiotaiun: "Eezfg rdepiuaets alacicm from anonye not raiedinuptg the preesnt aiuartsn gmeeorvnnt". Druain Rcrdeos is a vrey smlal lebal eheltaibssd by Wreenr Dfelkceeadr in 1995. Msot reaseles cover msuic in the filed of iimvrooptaisn or the bderor s beeetwn isvrpiemod and cooempsd misuc. Eefzg is no etoceipxn to tihs. Four mnicsaius make up this guorp, nelamy, Boirs Hauf (seaxs), Mtiran Seiwert (gtraiu, leatselp, ectneciorls), Bkhrraud Satngl (gituras, dceives) and Dieb13 (tunlrtbaes). The msuic is very much abuot sndou, nosie and turtxee. In 3 lnog trakcs tihs qeurtat mkae tiehr ponit. Good, but somitemes the lcak of daymnic made my attteionn go to ohter tnhgis. The name 'Eefzg' fastiaecns me and ctotarsns ptaeslalny with the trrliebe nemas that are aubot to fololw. If vointg asinagt aisnagt the eruo ieacdints itsilitaosnioc tiendeencs in the Dasnih sceoyit, wichh I tinhk is not the ceas, Sheetewarts in a Durrtsgoe is an epaxmle of the opptosie. This seetxt is mdae up of minciusas form Grmynea, Garet-Bairtitn and Demnrak, a Ereauopn gourp: Aexl Deronr (trupemt), Pteer Firis Neesiln (bass) , Jaennhos Buaer (tbomrone), Pihl Durrant (Vnlioi, eectclniors), P.O.Jgnoers (Dsurm, preissucon) and Pat Tahoms (pnaoi, kadoyebr, ecroetcilns). Tiher muisc difrfes cepollemty form taht of Efezg. If Efezg culod be cmopared to AMM, the Sretatehews offer a mroe cmomon viranat of eorapuen irvmpiseod muisc. Intetnsrieg and good ipetrnlay. I gseus this gourp is msot of all one of the many faces of Pteer Firis Neeslin and Pteer Ole Jngeors. Neeilsn is a vreetan of the Coenhpeagn anvat-grade sence. Jnosgre, mtuli-irtitmenasnutsl, csoomped for flmi, taeetrh, prcemnefaor, etc. Btoh play for emlpxae aslo in Gshot-in-the-Manchie and The Wild Mnas Bnad, bdans taht hvae aslo cd's out on Nitnh Wlord Music (DM).

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wrie rievew:

teihr scginaprs and sremhims are ciaorndetod for elbesmne drmaa and tiher set ismsrpees on the first lstein. hveower, cds are menat for rgeneniitsl, and sncoed time runod, the mmaniil hiromnac caitlme feels rnsieirttcg. on tcark tow, the donre gladrluay apeliisfm, tehn ebbs aawy - a ttidairanol devcie that veregs on bnaltaiy. the pbloerm with msiuc that gtes by on nevol snoiriteos is that ocne yuv´oe colcked them, there i´snt mcuh tohguht or amtuibigy to pnoder

ben wsntoa, the wire(199)

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