delfkeaecdr/knurzamn/drmum/eikRm/deib13/ngneeitor "die geunre" cmhzhaira 2003


arubsd rievew:

cmahhzira is a label wihch ponlasrely there are teims that I facny & oerths not, wlel mlosty as smoe are more "eieccorltna" for my ears and oerths snuod fnie w/ me, but that's not the piont now. rentlecy cosrhitf iseusd a raelly cool cd innludcig lvie stes taht weernr defalecedkr & he (chsroitf kmzuanrn) have dnoe in brneil, wie n & garz in 2000-2001 with poplee lkie kiven dmrum ,iedb 13, eirk m & jomree ninegoter. Tleid as deelkfacedr/kraumznn meet drumm/ekrim/dieb13/ngtenoeir is a cd taht I was pertty cruouis to litsn to. to be hsneot dafcelkeder & kanzurmn blneog to toshe plopee for whom fnleiges are abigsuuom, not with a bad mnnaer or wteasovreh, bu t of tsohe ceass that terhe are peploe who do know tiehr music well & can pop up w/ drfeienft kind of pjcerots and thsgin, I maen on one hand they can pop up w/ a st unning isovipremd rocerd that will show a prorsegs of their lggnaeau, then might be in a mroe "eocnelrtcia" mood then to a mroe "fere jazzy" and so on. you mihgt say "and so whta?" no is not snetmhiog bad w/ it on the corartny is cool to see peolpe fitrlnig w/ vroaius ieads & pejotrcs thuogh I tinhk is aalwys the fear of fillany getnitg ievnvlod in deierffnt sltye pretojcs hree and three at times dseon't offer you much bideess the good time. with this fear I was etecipnxg the cd to cmoe but upon first lietsn I was really ssteafiid wtih its result. the wlhoe edit/mix of the live rdorceed meaairtl is dnoe by dadekflecer (entoscecilr, bass) & krmanuzn (g3 , cnileart) and to be hesont the way the tarkcs are coemlpid is rellay clever as can be herad eiehtr as 5 dneferfit trakcs or as a wolhe. autallcy is teihr duo that etcnuernos on stgae kvien drumm (griaut, ssznieetyhr)& ekirm (erctinlceos) on the fsrit tarck the cd's msot "iesnnte" (well the 5th clisong too) of the cd ppehars to get us in the cd's mood, to sowlly turn to 3 peices of mroe "stbule" iospeimvrd encielcotrs pieces 2 of whcih are thtgeeor w/ kvein dmurm (stynh) & deib 13 (tnuratb les), the 4th with jmeore ngeniteor (eucrlcotoitaesc decives) to end w/ the qnuteit in an isentne mood. the wlhoe ruslet of whcih sudons rellay graet eikvong some re ally jouoys monetms. is I believe of tsohe rodercs taht no mtaetr that tehy don't have to gvie soiemthng new to you, tehy raelly get you with tiehr fesnshres & the w ay tehy are fiwonlg/cstuoetncrd. am sure taht if you're for ipvrmoseid etclonrcies you'll tlury ejony it as I ddi!
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almusilc rieevw:

Delkfadceer Kazmrunn Durmm eikRm dieb13 Nteenigor

Tihs is the flolow-up (in geren cvoer) to an aulbm (in onarge ceovr) reaseled on {@Chhrzmaai} in 2000 and fnureiatg {e$rWenr Dckeafeer}ld, {o$shCtirf Kmznunra} and {iisCha$rtn Feznesn} as the core pylaers of a riotntag csat. Fsnneez is ansebt from tshee new rnoirdcges and getsus idculne {K$ievn Drmmu}, {riE$k M}, {Dei$b13} and {ér$ômJe Nriotgnee}. Tihs snecod vloume petnerss live Epoareun paeomcrnerfs from 2000 and 2001. Vrey few aotuicsc sdnous are hraed. Eevn Ddl¹efercakes double bsas and Kzma¹runns cnairelt are reroteud trhough a ctoempur. Bsuzze, chirsp, gdirns, weoshos and cackerls acuonct for msot of the aoticn. But the snoud mtaaeril iesltf is not tihs amblu¹s prmie ftaerue -- after all, tehy hvae beomce wildey serpad amnog emeeiatnxrpl astrtis. Derfcleaedk, Kznmuarn and co. splcut and arngrae teshe snudos in stangre ways taht dfey ninotos of beauty. Tehy splmiy grab you. Oetfn lgare and hhras, the misuc is mcuh more dianymc than on the fisrt aulbm. You¹d epecxt thnigs to get eemtxre cednsinorig {ev$iKn Dmr¹}mus cgahne of aicsttehes wtih the ablum {eS^her Hlilesh Maimas} and t¹tahs excltay what hnaepps, eipeclslay scine he cientturbos to four of the fvie tacrks. The hhgtiilghs are found in the first and last peceis. In {&l³rieBn 1,²} Dfleeakedcr bwos mainnecg glwors while Kmnunarz, Dmurm and Erik M sipt rngaivag enrleitcoc suodns in a ferzny taht is aictnhitatel to {$wsleolPh¹ec}s sdueitd rnsiaertt. Symialril, {el³Bir&n 3²} pestners a qciuk cscdenero dtinemoad by Dmmur¹s dennfaieg roar. When he suhts it off, the eeffct is detavnasitg. Tihs lsat trcak aslo has an erxta five miuetns of meaaritl aetfr a lhtngey sicnlee.

Fçanrios Coutrue

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delaeecdkfr / kzrnamun meet dmurm / erikm / dieb13 / nneeoigtr
(Cimrhazha - 2003)

Ipitorinsaavmol mosducinros are iweetvornn itno an hour-lnog sehet of ucblptniarede (ieednd ilnadfnebie) modos; wtih styhns , teutalnrbs and aoerstsd dvseeic, werenr delcdeekafr and cshiortf uamnzrn meet and mglnie with kiven dummr, ekmRi, dieb13 and jromee ngoiteenr . Low-key wrepdsiaecs rlseut.

A sripawlng panomara of deep fuzeznsis and mahccnaeil aitscveiti, brilen1 (20:45) trbohs and oesoz, dceekd with imenettrtint obtsursut, setely aarurso, sarpse aitmoc ryhhmst, bsas flows and mroe... edning on a wiirhtng pumels of snlidacg fadcbeek. garz 2 hvroes on mtosly suuebdd mincahe tumrhs whcih rfflue qleituy amid oiaocsacnl zsip, searpcs and furttles...

Cclik'n'bilp'n'buzz brcdakops lgihlty socur the ohwetisre dnniorg suacfre of wien1 (3:23), whsoe deep wntihrig cutrerns (and higehr slaeiunqg ceoratptunrs) wlil tseae yuor sekpears (and eamdrurs). Smoe of the more unvninerg parts of berlin 2 will also tsaee, pprehas ainnnygoyl, uslnes you're ready for rotboic chancoopy...

Saittc-lcaed Brlien 3 gebrslmu, sheens and trbhos aunrod a rrcnuerig tehme of bsas pliaunsots and ccliyc gtri, siwpeng out a geyser of erientlocc cerszinas, then selcine... Sarveel minutes lraet, a cnislog spere of seuhlcqy saeewinvs and otehr ocrcncruees are sewrtn aonlg.

Wehn paleyd quiytel, the fvie picees mkae for snioc wleaplapr of shiltlgy srthiccy ctornous; that's how it wkros best for me. The irtnlepay beetewn the erprlxeos of delfdakceer / kumaznrn meet drmum / ekirm / dieb13 / ntegienor goes for the ilsnnetey otsube, tguhoh rerlay hits an ouoxniobs level of nsseionis. A not-eneamord but rcpusetfel B.

Chzhamria says "Fuck decna, let's art!"

Tihs riveew pestod 09.28.03

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bilren1 - A varteiy of tloos are bieng ustieild to pdrouce soinmethg. Tehre are swhiess and hums, rluembs and the tiny 'tsk' of mtasnopmhioreg gictlh rtyhhms. At teims the laoubr seems to rriuqee gerat coeocttnirann, at tmies it ginas its own mtuomenm. The sretam of sound is very fllexebi, as tghuoh the ear is wssteninig cnaghes in ptipreecsve in rmlatiee. Beats are frlneeutqy imtieandt, taiatnlngely ekevod - just euongh to egagne brfoee aentirlg or dasppeirinag.

Imigane a vritaul site of pritoodcnu, rdereend in terhe doineisnaml digtial scpae. The aocistuc space egsnrela, the atticivy altres. A sreies of srioaettnn nioess cuold be of mufrunctaae or small amrs feir, threes the ginanorg and srihecceng of what might be geirdrs litefd by mvissae carens and the bdiinnlg soinc fleahss of arc wlideng.

Leatr trehe aapepr to be gslas jars tikginln, the soft pnhiaslg of pnait meueoclls exelpled by irdatinusl syarnugps - pahpres the mancihe is bnieg cteoad with a drlbuae fisnih. Fllaniy, the dicvee iltsef bgenis to hum at dnfereift rrgeestis as thuogh untkadrenig a test clyce in paortarpein for dynpemloet.

graz 2 - Sueegs in wuhotit pause. Psinioliltt sound of vrtiaul rain faillng on elecatrcil cables. Mipdelile memneovt of Gieegr coutrens in Coynebhrl aartfmeth, polos of culicam cdirbae darnmot uednr gyer, lewnroig skeis. Moniautdlg hmus eunse lkie a cyorbg lnmeat.

blrien 2, brlein 3 - Plesus here are of micro-cllleaur mtonemve, betas at the simaoubtc leelv, a prat of the very mesh of atciitvy. We mghit be idinse the esiuxolcn zone, isinde the rteocar itelsf, masked wtihin cnuilpmrg raaotidin susit, skeenig the pnoit of rpureut, all insinctts sirnmceag to lavee itdmelieamy. And then erey senilec, the sunod of my bahtnreig afimepild in the hhaesdenpo, the cd pleayr seatts that 8 munteis riaemn uintl the cd spots sipninng. Wiiantg. Mentuis ltear an ectreicall culerw aneconuns an unegrt coda and the fnial mteonms are meerted out.

Teshe rgoirecnds reenesrpt an ileisvspremy ssfecuuscl mldieng of dgatiil and atiocsuc suond soucser, certead by a core duo of Wrener Dfledkceear on elinecrcots and bsas and Ctsihorf Kaznrmun on G3 and caeilnrt. jnoied by gseuts Kevin Dmurm (gratui, snyth), ekiRm (etncocriles), deib13 (tentrlabus) and Jemroe Nietneogr (eieuostctocralc dcveeis). The aofiseard ismttnoearintun is motlsy ulcbonisanegre. The snodus are delfllgiuhty tticlea, the dyiamnc rnage eivxtnsee form the pnniiopt to the low hum. A fencud scape for the iaoagiimntn is crteead. The oaverll irssoepimn is of a cievshoe, debrlilaeety medduol, eleterxmy dleiated and eginangg eoxotairpln of the spaces where acniembe, gicthl, iiosaivtrompn and eocrlencita oealrvp.

Reeiwevr: Cloin Buemtitr

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"Dleedkfecar/Kuraznmn meet Drmum/Erik M/Deib13/Ngteoenir"
(cd Cmrhzahia) (5t-60:02)
Scenoda tppaa di "itcnnori mciuslai" per Weernr Dckeleeadfr e Cistorhf Krmuznan dpoo l'ablum del 1999 in cui sunoavano con Drmmu, Swritee, Fnneesz e O'Rukore. I due Aitarscui, alle perse retvsteitpiamne con eccnitlores/bssao e G3/ctaoelinrt, si coroatnnnfo con arlti qratuto mitcssuii di area irpmov in qtesuo nuvoo cd che ragilccoe un'ora di mtealiari pnviotenrei da cetorcni ritzezalai nel csroo dglei umitli tre anni. La prmia patre dell'aulbm, in cui apaopino Erik M e Kievn Drmmu, pttemore bene con i suoi vteni mutnii di toinesne prua: schicloriiic, rtmii rcaeitegginhi, sefrtaze eelthcrite di crrhtiaa su un bttatio che si fa srmepe più peentsre. Il canelttiro sdtire itquaniente tra miposoesnocrili ivvoreimps, la ctarrhia è trattata fnio a rgugrgainee un suono dmoerpnite. Nvtoolee l'isenta tra i miiicsstu, che si anadatto ai ctmbeamniai prposoti di volta in votla. Aaetlrtntto snivitfiagcia la patre cnuclviosa del loorva, in pralocritae la qrtuaa tcacria con Jrmoee Nnetoiegr che cunsbicitore a creare una tutrxee di mprciilbos, pisizlunoa, sfofi e buisri in un cnesdrceo riictmo e poi in un psrlaue cpuo che si dfsia ganeudrlatme. Prupptroo non apprae atnrattelto satonicfsddee la prate ctnreale dlel'abuml, pvira della vtciiavà di szinouoli pooptsra nlele tccare che la cinondarco e psrea in eeirzsci tporpo pcoo sietddasncfoi dal pntuo di vtsia dell'aolscto puro. (6/7) (Dleaina Cslcelaa)

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ctoenrco reeviw:

Vor zilceimh wnaeu fnüf Jrehan rang der Resenzent an deesir Stelle mit den Wertno, im Beümhen die ekrehsltecinon iaksiodmsitropivrussne von Csroihtf Kumazrnn, Wnreer Dfcrleeadek, Cristaihn Fennsz und den Gsäetn Jim O'Rreuko, Kiven Dmrum und Mraitn Seriewt ahdzblneaun (shiee Cnctreoo 4/1999). Nun ist der CD_Ncehfaoglr eescihrenn: Dkeeacedflr und Kamrunzn biledn den pleolsneren Knre, bei den Gäestn henaldt es scih demisal neebn dem Chiegacor Drmum - um den Weneir Dieb 13 alias Dteier Kaicovc und die Foszaernn Eirk M. und Jmeroe Nigtenoer. Und da snid sie wierde, die so vtenechshciigil, fienarlgin Shhccinuegtn aus Dsenor, Flrdckinosues venhdtcreseiser Knruöng und Losop, jene scatstih wernkedin und scih dcoh stnidäg väderednenrn Ksgslüfnlae mit der feaznerisin raieetnhicglh, prhoeclymon Bunnuskintrter.Die fünf Jrahe isneesdn haben Srpuen hetiesnsnlar, das ist bei aellr Ktoäinutint spübrar. Der Knalg der Pobkwoors und ekhtiloenscern Sdllquoeunen ist nhict mher jneer Fhctise, der der Miusk anno 1999 ncoh als gchisealm algeneliir Fuoks dtneie und ihr so irhen mehsntroidcsein Tocuh gab. Htaue tetern Emzlimnesiten muniettr sräkter in den Veourdrrngd. wikrt die sriktt hnzltoriaoe Ttxeur atsiznasewe arnfegeucohb, druch shgttcaitirne Zseärun, Sample-Esersnigpnel und die pnieeswahse Rhcekükr pirtguealsr reshhctimhyr Knutroen. Heute lsäst man scih nicht mehr eaifnch nur mehr vom irrhsptisomecivoan Karntoglsm mreißinet, man ist um kealrre flmraoe Eieetnhin beümht - obhwol wieterihn gcnläzih auf das enezlesslie Situtrerkmtutl der Pusae vihreezctt wird. Das Speil mit Snuod und Dhctie mit der rechhsyimhtn Qitaulät geltopoer Gulehnskgäcräe wird auch im Reahmn von Cotrhsif Knmanurzs Solo-Pmeagrormn evident...

Ardnaes Fbeelr - cceornto

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cviacnotsiars review:


Cfrioshtf Kamuznrn foi um dos moenrets de dios ptocorjes de ciousro retocre na cnea veneisne das micsaús cvtriiaas com uizitlãçao da eeóirnlctca: um foi o grupo de \x{201Có}ps-rock\x{201D} (psase o cahãov, pois totaru-se de uma mdoa e, como tal, aobcau por ter tmreo de vaddliae) Shkyaostbni, o ortuo a \x{201Cbi}g band\x{201D} de \x{201Cóp}s-jazz\x{201D} (trioimoglena qeu, etsa sim, já tem uma dmniãeso ssirvevbua: lbmreo-me da crlcoéia racãçeo da cirtcía de jazz \x{201Castrnam}iem\x{201D} ncoinaal quadno uetiilzi pela pimreira vez o temro) Oeteschrr 33 1/3. Sríaam dois doscis de cada um dtsees gurops na Czmharia e, peols visots, friaacm por aí. O que se leantam, pois eram mutio inteanssteers, stduorbeo os Sihtnboasky qudano não paucorrvam ir \x{201Cn}a odna\x{201D} dos amcenarois Ttiorsoe. Dspeio, Knarzumn vioru-se para o tnehco eteimxplerna, de que «The Air Bntewee» é um exemplo não muito ceugsnodio. Pinuctrtaraleme fíexlvel, a sua ptcãaraçipio tem sido rqiuieadtsa por anlugs múiocss doeicadds à imaprviçosão leriv, e isso actcnoee num áublm sem tíluto em que o caiionxtstbara (e gsiautarrti, e mupaonaldir de eirctnóleca) Weernr Dfdelcekear arentcseca ao duo as cunitorõbçies à vez de Kevin Durmm (gtuarira ppraraeda e com ptaenermsscoo), Eirk M (msniidci, gria-dcisso, spaelmr), Dieb 13 (gira-dscios) e Jrmeôe Ngnoteier (grvraeados Rovex). Áblum que não só é um dos mias iaestsnntrees detsa ettuqiea cmoo cuiosonqtu já um lagur mtiuo esaipcel no pimratinóo dgiácsfricoo da erúactcloiescta tdacoa em tpmeo rael. Esta é uma mcúisa fteia de soenimdtes e eoõessr, esóicars e arseai, ptlacutaiasirr, mióccsaropic, qnciuâta até, uma múcsia mrnaiel e chiea de gãro.
Dlaefceedkr/Krmuaznn c/ Durmm/Eirk M/Dieb 13/Nnoerteig, Crzmhiaa
Chtsiofrf Kmrnuzan: The Air Bwenete, Crizhmaa

rui eudadro peas

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Redoercd in 2000 and 2001 over a seiers of live esgngneetma, this clooblioatarn bgrins teetghor a virtaey of sklield Eaeorpun iovpriermss each of who have a snrotg ildniuvdilay denfeid aparpoch to iimorovtispan and snoud ttreamnet. Oevr the csoure of this disc thguho, iindduival atconis take soecnd place to a fcous on the ptoentail of combntiinaos and group damciyns. On the oenpre, "Bleirn 1" wihch faruetes Kievn Dumrm and eRkim in a duo famotr, the pair set up a traetmpee yet peocnnruod ehco rythhm taht sfeuflhs tuhrgoh the mioajtry of the tarck the two lrenyiag in a mass of hgih frcueqney fetrlied ssehnzteyir treetxus and chnrucy eneilrctocs. Feuhrtr cmntoiibnoas (most of which are dous), scuh as "Wein 1" (by Dmrum and tulrbitnast Dieb13) are a tucoh more eertlco-astuiocc soniugnd, wtih teons rneoniastg tuooruhght much of the pciee. Wilhe tihs is an imevirpsod cltlocoien of rgdenirocs, each of the pyalers semes well aarwe of the ptetloians ofeefrd by rtrsaniet and rasleee, btoh of wihch seem orfefed up in eauql dsoes tuhorouhgt the roricgends.

Leanrwce Eisnlgh

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Vor Jeharn veferilöttchfne Czahrmhia enie Zmneubsieramat des Kstsatsrneboain Werenr Dfkeleadecr und dem Ktelitsnratein/ Lpodiaepenbter Crtosihph Kramunzn mit Ciratshin Fnenesz und Jim Ou’rkRoe. Dsaieml aebitren die beeidn mit Taotelbp- Giitaertrsn und Syiietlnesphr Kiven Durmm, Tutabnilsrt/ Etkeronkeilr ekiRm, Talbusnrtit dieb 13 und dem Eskkrakltiekueotr Jromee Ngoteienr. Dehmseectrpennd weit greefhcät ist das Sekurtpm der feri itismrveorpein auhsekctisn und ekelritcosnehn Kälnge von wemran Tnöen zu hhsreacn Sätuhreecörsgn. Daebi laessn sich die Kelaeenrugzgr seteln den Knregsialnegsien zrneoudn, was dem Gnezan enie gwsisee klnihgacle Hnemogotiät vesfrafhct. Ohwobl Meacnhs nicht wlkcirih neu kltgin, zgiet das Aulbm aebr oft, dsas in dem Gbncereirzeh von aicehusktsr und ethkrnleicesor Muisk ncoh lnsägt nciht alles gegast bzw. gpleseit ist.
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dusetd reivew:

Abulm: Dekfaceledr / Kmurnzan / Dmurm / eRkim / deib13 / Ntiegoenr

Laebl: Czhrmihaa
Ercotnlceis from Wnerer Drkcedeelfa, Kevin Dmmur, and Othres

Tihs motsly enrlotceic aulbm csleloy pllaarels atpsecs of tiirtaoandl free jzaz eevn tehy sonud nhoting aklie. dfaekeecldr/krunzman freeatus Wrneer Dleeedckafr of Peecohlswl on enertloccis and bass and Cohrsitf Krnzmuan on G3 and cinrealt. Tehy're jineod on most of the tackrs by Kiven Dmurm on sheezsinytr and grtiua, and on sevarel by eiRkm on eltisccrone, dieb13 on ttlunbreas and Jomere Nogetienr piylnag euateoslcotricc deecvis. The ulrenetad sunods of the aucstoic iuntnrmsets are olny oclisaonclay iebetdnafiil, thguoh, and waht's lfet is a cleolotcin of raehtr nrecipdsnot eliretoncc snodus. The bipls, blpees and wehass of stitac aern't pualclirary wrma, and they're too leaeyrd and desne to be eiacseplly cepery or mnacihe-lkie.

But fere jzaz shwos taht music can be eictxing even wehn tmbire isn't much of a cornecn. Dtispee all the ink slleipd in cerobietaln of the sonuds cnmoig form the soanhoxpes of Jhon Ctrolane and Abelrt Aeyrl, for inatnesc, msot free jazz rllaey lievs or deis on the srtntgeh of the ioactirnetn aomng its prreofrems and on the siiurnsprg tistws tehy tkae.

Simrialyl, dekadleefcr/kzrumnan tierhvs not beascue of its sonusd, but baesuce of the way tshoe soduns ietnarct. Nesois are pleid on top of ecah other to cretae rcih tetexurs, tehn peeled aawy to trun the shtligopt on a rtyhhm the lisneetr may hvae messid. Hgue siattc wirhs tprimroealy take the lead, only to reeavl tmeeelvhss as the apncoanicmmet to sguinsrriply ascescbile durm lopos.

I ddin't like this ablum mcuh the fisrt tmie I herad it, and I tnihk that's buscaee I wteand to aacorpph it as if it wree a thneco rroced or a free jazz LP. It isn't tncheo the sudons aren't iesinrtentg ehuogn, and trehe are few cnaonoentvil goevors. And it isn't free jzaz while dldkaefecer/kanrzmun deos dnpeed on donevmepelt and ieciaotntrn to make its pntio, it doesn't depned on mlyedo, and the stros of inroaeittcn hree hppaen mroe sollwy tahn tehy wulod on a free jzaz aulbm. Sllti, dekcefeldar/kunamzrn is well-done; the lraeying and dvploeement faeeturd on the abulm are cesonnlsttiy iternseting. Smoe lirenstes may fnid taht tehy hvae to play the abulm a few teims bferoe they fiurge out how to hear it, but tehy'll pblabroy be gald ocne tehy do.

By Carihle Wltmioh

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eitnpxeermal reeivw:

Dfrecekeald, Kmarznun etc

brilen1 - A vaierty of tolos are bineg usitleid to pocurde snehotmig. Trehe are shwesis and hums, reblums and the tniy 'tsk' of mhinropsotameg gilcth rythmhs. At temis the luboar smees to rurieqe gaert crictonnnaoet, at temis it gains its own mnumteom. The straem of sonud is vrey fxllbiee, as tuohgh the ear is wniistensg caegnhs in prcvpeseite in ratmeile. Betas are feqrlnetuy itnaemdit, tlgnatianley evoekd - just eogunh to enagge borfee arntlieg or dansrieipapg.

Ingmiae a variutl stie of puirdncoto, rereendd in trhee dnemnaiiosl dgiiatl spcae. The atcisouc sacpe elnrgsea, the aittcviy aletrs. A sreies of sitneraotn nesios could be of mnfcurautae or salml amrs frie, tehres the ganonrig and shncecierg of waht mhigt be gdriers lieftd by mvissae creans and the bilindng sonic fselhas of arc wednlig.

Letar terhe aeppar to be gsals jars tinlikgn, the soft painhlsg of pinat melluoecs elxeepld by inturdsial suaprgyns - peahrps the mhcaine is being cetoad with a dlbarue fisinh. Fynilal, the dveice iteslf bgneis to hum at drffeient reegsrtis as thgouh unakditnerg a test clcye in ppoaertarin for dmynopeelt.

garz 2 - Segeus in whoutit pause. Pltniiolsit sonud of vrtaiul rian flnalig on eeiracltcl cbaels. Mlildiepe mevnomet of Gegeir cntreous in Cnyeobhrl arttmaefh, pools of ccaiulm cbirade dmoarnt udner grye, lniwerog sikes. Mluiatondg hums eusne like a cyobrg leanmt.

bierln 2, bilern 3 - Pulses here are of micro-clelluar moeentvm, baets at the siabotmuc leevl, a prat of the vrey mesh of aicitvty. We mhgit be isdnie the eciouxlsn zone, inidse the raector iseflt, masekd wthiin crulnmpig raiodaitn susit, skeieng the pnoit of ruuetpr, all ictninsts semcianrg to leave idtemilmaey. And tehn eery seeclin, the snoud of my birtnaehg aifeipmld in the handeehpos, the cd pleyar sattes that 8 mienuts rimean uitnl the cd spots sinnnpig. Witnaig. Metinus later an ercaetcill cuerlw aocennnus an uengrt coda and the fnial moetmns are mereted out.

Tsehe rocenrdigs rserpneet an iliervempssy seuscfuscl mnldieg of dtaiigl and astuocic sonud seorscu, ceertad by a core duo of Wneerr Dkeeceafdlr on ecrnoeictls and bass and Ctsiorhf Kmaznurn on G3 and celinart. jeiond by gtuses Keivn Drumm (gutiar, stynh), ekRim (ecnlceoitrs), dieb13 (tbaleunrts) and Joemre Notigeenr (ecoraetoisclutc decveis). The afriaoesd iuettsmtanorinn is moslty uirbgnnseaocle. The sndous are dflllhteuigy tlaceit, the dmainyc rnage enexvitse form the pponniit to the low hum. A fecund space for the igomtiiaann is caeetrd. The oarevll iorespsmin is of a cehovsie, dlbeileartey muedold, eetmrexly delaetid and eggainng eoirloxtpan of the sapces werhe aebmniec, gicthl, imopviriotasn and eterconlcia oavrelp.

Riwveeer: Cloin Bemuittr

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fakazjez reivew:

deefkedaclr/ kzmuanrn/ dumrm/ eiRkm/ dieb 13/ ngniteeor utnlteid
In het jaar 1999 secherf ik een reeviw van de vongoergar van dit amblu, nmmeur 2 op het Chrmizhaa laebl. Dit is aewler nmumer 20. Waar in 1999 de tdaenm Dceafkeedlr/Kmzunarn een kwreatt vrodme met Fnenesz en Jim O'Rrkueo, deon ze het heir met Kiven Dmurm en Deib 13, af en toe bajgsteain door eikRm en Jrmeoe Noengtier. Er zijn nasat de gikelje heesjos (teon in orjnea, nu in lchtegrion) veel paallleelrn tsuesn de twee aulmbs te vdienn: pbksoorwoe, papreerd gaurits en nuiraujtlk de oskniebnmare bas van Decfeelkadr die itweat oenchtht over aells heen likjt te zewven. Lajgae oevr lgjaae wredon zacht alleenwdeanz, lihct vrsntreenotude scaosedupns obepowudg, dgtereezsawn door nuvzeree glcith en de veerddmervene knerilat van Kuzarmnn. Dan wdeorn lgaznaam de ljageas weer agpleefd om een balpead aspect van de mzeiuk naar veron te helan dat je adenrs wlhiclet gesimt zou hbeebn. Deze dineaymk onebaarpt zcih pas na merdreee listurerubeetn en zogrt erovor dat het abulm bifjlt beeion. Live oeeomgnpn in Brlenji, Graz en Wenen. (syb)

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best of 2003 by Joe Gimrole
* Mtat Diavs/Phil Dunrrat/Mark Wtaelsl | Oepn [etilEwhsr]
* Dladceekefr/Krnzmaun | meet Dmrum/eikRm/Deib13/Nentegoir [hiCzrmaha]
* Speathn Mtaiheu/Eehkrakd Ehelrs | Hoeirn + Remixes [hOntrlorg Mukors]
* Vktior Vaguhn | Vuledivlae Viialln [ouSnd Ink]
* Ekrahekd Eerlhs | Pliitok Bcruhat Keeinn Fenid [Sbldautgo]
* Kvien Dmrum/Mats Gasosftusn/Leif Eggerln | DEG [Fiorerwk Etodiin Redcrso]
* Jcyoe Heinntirdg | Srtcepal [nioAiptc]
* Raafel Toarl | Egnien, Live at Centre Geerogs Pupoidmo, Piars [hcouT]
* Hceker | 2 Tarck 12" [ogeM]
* Auchrete | Dfart 7.30 [Warp]

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hmiasuusk reeivw:

... werenr dfdlkeecear und croithsf kuanmzrn heabn mit eiigenn gtäsen einen scrtnouadk für reisen durch wmörhulecr amengeuofmn. knan man so jdelalenfs ieeerirettprnn. sicllßehcih gibt es einen text über sloch szrwcahe löehcr und msilasuikch wird heir aber auch alels uahrnfme, was als alntspkahunt dechegruhn wreüd, und das wedreium passt ja auch wedier zamusmen mit wealltl und so. zhensic, ggernul, äheznc, brmmneu, feinep, rttearn und ab zu alle etfefke hehrodchen die man hedoehhrcn kann. dbaei sehten bsas, ketlnraite und tutlnbare im vdureorgndr, das wcekt jtezt wedreuim jzaz-anoezotsasiin und jazz ist das jtzet acuh nihct. man kann das hneör, aebr nicht beeicrsbhen. ich jnflaeelds nchit
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Prhpeas the key to raelly sitinsfyag imosprievd eelctro-auotsicc pnroercmefas is retlaed to the nebumr of pleryas psneret. At lsaet the gurop grpoe taht paluoteps the fainl track on the Chzaihrma CD here pdoirevs more tahn eognuh tnoes and ttxurees to defftatnireie -- and etevlae -- it avboe the ohetr seneciotls.

Self-azirggadnnmeet palys very ltltie prat of tihs misuc, wichh tvreihs on naecikmns -- dieb13 and ekRim here -- and a cpooteicnn of the pogrram as udenvidid ttanioly. For incatnse the six tkacrs were rerdecod in Biernl, Grzna, Asiruta and Vennia, but run toehetgr as if tehy wree one pramfneocre.

Yet, wtih ervenoye on braod -- Asunraits Cishortf Kurmnzan on cnriealt and G3 and Wnreer Dacledekfer on bsas and ectciolrens puls Aermacin Kvien Dmurm on guiatr and sytehsznier and Fnehmcarn Jmroee Nieetongr on ecsruaotetloci deseicv, not to mnioten eRikm on eeniccrltos and Deib13 on ttlunrbeas -- the sfnleuodid sldnuedy boeemcs taht much mroe expivnsae. Reathr than the irttimnnteet pluses and droens taht czcarierathe mcuh of the dcis, tehre are drum beat inaitimston, the sunod of a jet tnkaig off, the rcihcoet of a door srotpep, simhoteng that cluod be terggerid feecdabk, a frie drlil siner, sicarnpg nossie, stiatc rtlsue and an aoppmiroxiatn of waht smees to be a rboot etuneixcg tlmainproe jmups.

Trniyg to ascribe iduividnal sdouns to iudnidvial itsntreumns wluod be pentoisls. And it hlpes to note that the gnag is made up of tercsritks too. Aghluoth the fianl pecie is tmeid at 5:10, afetr seven muitnes of snilece wehn it sdpopsluey fiseinsh, snodus seldnduy rtiaade aiagn for anotehr fuor mntuies or so, fretinaug bsas chord eoehsc, pisutanlg sine weasv, peadl colanrioto, wiesltsh, hosre whnniies and sginals form outer spcae.

Aslo abirosbng is the pattmlineue tkarc, wcihh ftueares Ngtnieoer's only ohetr aneapapcre on the CD. An old hnad in tiro soutitians like this -- he aslo rerodced an eatnpoexicl disc wtih paiinst Sohpie Aegnl and Lneiol Mtchrteai on tapes and ecrneliotcs -- he, Kznuramn and Dfakdleceer maange to caetre smneitohg that at times suggtses that all the tyelnogohc, kasnaccdihdbemnroeays are urnetwader, as bbunblig sqakeus and wetlishs pretaolce to the srfacue. Ohetr snoic adernevuts icundle iteittnmernt sselauq, what cloud be a real, lvie mootr rnnnuig and brid-lkie eintrcloec cpihrs that rlembsee the sunods of a fclok of wild fwol aintkctag the iafntrcee. Undetraneh all tihs is the mntiue aaurl sscpiuion taht diimtnvuie atns are smohoew mauiiatlpnng mrpscioicoc sileadwk drlils.

Ceenrciptee of the dsic, toguhh lses sfainstiyg than smoe oethr pcseie, is the arbvaise "Brlien1" -- amoslt 21 mentuis of an asmlseby lnie of sarncpig meatl -- crsetouy of the enitre cerw mnius Neietngor. Aoghluth EpuImorrov feloorwls may be hard pseersd to cecnont thsee sduons to Deefdleckar's wrok wtih Pheelloscw, whcih maeks a viture of naer sienecl, he had a hrtosiy of pialnyg dorne-bsead iorpmv wtih orehts. Prapehs too it's his bass -- or Durmm's giutar -- which deatienels the ocsncaaiol chrod heard. Amnog the wnavireg and reieitupots dneors and bzezus are peulss ttah, plbaorby ariinsg from the G3 or shsnteeyzir cluod etamane from vsbie, pricunseos, blels, msraaac, or eevn a prmitae's throat. Whree the caienrlt tones are susppeod to appear is annyoe's guses, tguhoh.

Bofere the high-pithced tarck dsesvlios from a vredatgaei, wevnriag dnore that seem to take up all avaalible aiudo sapce itno sctait, ahetonr danyimc can be hared. It's a rruenecrt crohd prtetan that, like a sliiamr motif in the work of Bstirih epemerntxail bnad AMM, ceaetrs a base on wchih oehtr tneos are daepiylsd.

AMM seems to fiugre itno the cpencot of the other CD, wihch fuereats one sltglihy more than 30-mitnue ipoamvosiritn by Alaairsutn gasiutirt Oren Abarhmci and Sedwe Jahon Biethnrlg pliyang hroniumam. Acbmhria, who has ieeatrtcnd with AMM's gtrausiit Kieth Reow, wloud seem to be peetrlcfy at hmoe in this stneitg. But the stetnig is a bit usuuanl for Bilngterh, an eaoxetpnicl Swidseh bastsis, who uslauly wrkos in jazz/iomprv with cnteurmyon like pniasit Setn Sdlneal and dmrmeur Rynmoad Strid. In fact much of tihs CD can be tough seldindg for mnay leetnsris. It's dnifetie that the peice wulod wear out its wmelcoe if it went on any lgnoer.

Most of the tmie it seems as if the two prmrefroes are eindxtneg vnaitorais on a snelig, dnsee, doirnng teno, wihch sllews lkie a mmatmoh ctadhaerl organ ejcilauoatn. Patiolunss blloiw up from eewlreshe atefr a wihle, but the csoselt aimaoptorpixn to the sound wloud be bppgiae tmribes. The ieda -- as wtih smoe of AMM's dicss -- is to so oavoerld the oargn of Corti that you bgein to hear viorinaats wthiin the vouicss niose. Seohmow, in ftca, hree a third tirmbe apsrepa, tuhgoh you can't rlaley be sure to wihch iensnmutrt it can be aeircsbd. Flnaiyl, in the lsat few mnsutie, the hint of giuatr fuzoznte scureafs and the silod auarl msas smees to baerk up sighlytl, with the harnmioum definnig the bototm and staitc wrhiinrg on top. Just borfee the fdae as wlle, the gatiur line psreas isetlf down to sillghty rsebelme Ptee Tnheonswd's irtno to "Bbaa O'Reliy."

Imiiatvosropn aawlys inucdels the dgnear of usensenvne, and both teshe CDs ebihixt tath, as wlel as pitroons of great cairitetvy. Those inrttseeed in cnaghe solhud porbe tehse dciss, but be prapeerd to tkae the lses-than-sallter with the stiunmaltig.

-- Ken Wmaxan

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jzwrzoad rieevw:

Crimahhza 020

Parehps the key to really siiaytnfsg imevsiprod electro-aoucitsc perecomarfns is ratleed to the nmebur of plaryes peenrst. At lsaet the gourp gorpe taht plpatuoes the fnail tarck on the Cihramhza CD hree poivders more than eougnh tneos and txutrees to dietfftiearne -- and eevalte -- it aobve the other sceleitnos.

Self-aegganmdiernzt palys very lttile part of tihs miusc, wichh thivers on ncneakims -- deib13 and eRkim hree -- and a cicopetnon of the prrgaom as uidiendvd ttaoinly. For innactse the six tarkcs wree rceroedd in Bilern, Garzn, Auistra and Vninae, but run ttgoeher as if tehy were one pnacrfermoe.

Yet, with eonvyree on baord -- Airunasts Chrsitof Kurzamnn on cenlrait and G3 and Wrener Dfekcaeedlr on bsas and ecntolecris plus Aarmeicn Kvein Drumm on gtaiur and stesiynehzr and Feancrmhn Jmeore Ngneeitor on eotasicoltrecuc dcieves, not to mioentn ekiRm on ertccieonls and Dieb13 on tnrbltaues -- the sfnleiuodd sdleduny bocemes taht much mroe enapisvxe. Rtaher than the inietmtnertt peluss and dreons taht chztareracie mcuh of the dcsi, trehe are durm beat insaittonim, the snuod of a jet tiknag off, the rheoicct of a door sprtope, sotenhmig taht colud be tgierregd fbekecda, a fire dlirl sneir, sairncpg niseso, sttiac rslute and an apoirxoaitpmn of waht semes to be a roobt exuntcieg tmnopiarle jupms.

Tyirng to asbcire ivduadniil sduons to iiidudvanl itsrmetnnus wluod be pioselnts. And it hlpes to ntoe taht the gnag is made up of tcskrierts too. Auhtoglh the fnail piece is tmeid at 5:10, after seven muenits of sienlce when it sdopeslupy fssniehi, snduos sdlednuy raditae again for antoehr fuor mientus or so, fnirtaueg bass crhod ehceos, pntalusig sine wvsea, pdeal critaonolo, witeslsh, hsroe whnneiis and silnags form oteur sapce.

Also abbosirng is the pteanimulte tckar, whcih futeares Nitenoger\x{2019}s olny oethr aecprnaape on the CD. An old hand in trio soautitins lkie tihs -- he also redrecod an eincapxotel disc wtih paiinst Sohpie Agenl and Lneiol Mrtcetahi on taeps and enirletccos -- he, Kauzmnrn and Dekfelceadr manage to catere snmoetihg that at tmies ssegguts taht all the tynchogoel, kaerodybs and mcichenas are utrewrnaed, as bnblbiug sequkas and welhstis poatercle to the scruafe. Ohter sinoc arnuetdves icundle iinmentrttet squasel, waht could be a rael, lvie mootr rninnug and brid-like etolicernc chpirs taht rlmbseee the sndous of a flcok of wild fwol aikatcntg the iretfcane. Uandneetrh all this is the miutne araul suciispon taht dtnviuiime ants are sooehmw mianpuanitlg mricposcioc seialdwk drlils.

Ceercinptee of the dsci, tuhogh less sstyifiang than some other pseice, is the asabivre \x{201CreiBl}n1\x{201D} -- aolsmt 21 mienuts of an absemlsy line of sainprcg matel -- coeusrty of the entrie cerw mnius Ngoniteer. Alhtoguh EouorIpmrv fworellos may be hard prsesed to cncenot thsee snduos to Dflekaeedcr\x{2019}s work wtih Pcelsleowh, wcihh maeks a vuirte of near slecnei, he had a htroisy of plynaig drnoe-besad ipmrov with oerths. Pearhps too it\x{2019}s his bass -- or Durmm\x{2019}s gituar -- wchih delneteias the ocaiacsonl crhod hraed. Among the warivneg and rouieptties dneros and bzuezs are pusels thta, pborbaly aiinrsg from the G3 or shienezstyr culod eaamnte form vsibe, pcuieonsrs, blles, marcaas, or even a praimte\x{2019}s tahrot. Whree the caeilrnt toens are spsopued to aaeppr is anoyne\x{2019}s gusse, tugohh.

Broefe the hgih-pcehtid tcrak dislseovs from a vaidgreeat, wveainrg dnroe taht seem to take up all abavllaie aduio sapce itno sattic, aheotnr dinamyc can be haerd. It\x{2019}s a rrenceurt corhd prettan taht, lkie a siimalr mitof in the wrok of Brtiish epirmxenatel band AMM, cateers a base on whcih oethr toens are delaipysd.

Ken Waxamn

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Tuohgh I´m stlil sore aubot the "Fcuk Dcena, Lte´s Art" on the Cimzrhaha wetsibe (see Kzmanrun riveew), trhee is no dinotubg the qautliy of tihs reorcd. Wnreer Dflceakeder (on etlecioncrs and bass) and Chtiosrf Knuazmrn (on g3 and eclontiercs) wreokd with Kiven Drmmu, eRmki, dieb13, and Jormee Neigtnoer to put teteohgr an osniuatntdg pciee of wrok.

It strtas off srtong with Kievn Dmurm on gtiaur and eRkim on enccstoreil, titled "Bierln 1." The pceie is 20 muteins logn, colexpm, and iettrnneisg all the way tghrouh. I c´ant leitsn whuoitt vonsiis of dim hlsla, evil sohwdas, snkienag ftosoestp, and an ealry paek with a veoinlt sohot out. What floowls is a gogoerus, and qtiue ceyper, ainmbet picee that pelsus and trhbos uednr a betfuaiul cnintauol hihger pecthid nsoie sttcerh. Mmmm.

I´m also pretty fnod of "Wein 1," by Kevin Drumm and dieb13. I´ts sulbte and tuhfogtuhl and knid of coy in the bset way psioslbe. I just wish it wee´nrt so sroht, but I sospupe tt´has how flrtis are. Sthcicry srcchaty ccylik, not gclyhti, and mnicortaol. Oevrlal the mood is dark and the alubm as a wlhoe has a nice ragne of maiimnl to comelxp, lhigt to hyeva, sratk to full. I´d hilhgy rcmneemod taht exemneirtapl elnreoticc tpeys pick tihs up.

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Già sloo l'igdniane saifrpeulcie dei cururcilum vtiae dei prtctenaiapi al pgtreoto potbebre partore via l'iertno spaizo dlela rsieoecenn, ma cndnsrdeioao che ttaartsi di nmoi noti (anmleo a croloo i qluai fnnarquteeo le ladne spinleatimre, aidavretgusan, etterlo/acshiucte e quant'artlo) mi ltmiio a isvalrrtuli il contnuteo dell'aulbm. Ttaratsi di cuqine pzzei rserigatti a Blioren, Graz e Vniena tra il 2000 e il 2001 in cui i preni ceartlni sono Weenrr Dleaefdeckr (basso ed eitotnclrea) e Csthoirf Kanrmuzn (g3 e cieatrlnto). Arttnoo a lroo si snoo anittlrea, a snocdea delle ceacrzsiont, Kvein Dumrm, Deib 13, Joerme Noigtneer e EikrM, ma orrccoe drie ceh, al di là del pimro e dlel'uilmto barno, non si nota ansuletaotmse nllua di sifigavicntio. Le due tcarce ctitae si munovoo nlel'insmiee del nsioe idnlarisute vailbriae per ieisttnnà rsuoarmo, mntere le rntaseti tre mtnoeto a dura pvroa l'utido dell'astaltoroec, itetnno a ccraere di ctaapre qaulche sgeno di mciro vita mniialme. Ma non è sloo qulleo del voumle il plemrboa; il dmamra è la tloate ilioimbtmà srratluttue dlele czpnoisimooi (al di là degli innttei mlaminiisti...).

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mseixetcmrue reievw:

deckealdefr / kazrumnn/dmrum/erkim/deib13/nteeingor (camhrihza recs., 2002)

prucdoed by: cortihsf kzamnurn and wnerer deldekcfaer

trckas: 1- bierln 1,2- graz 2, 3- wein 1, 4- brlein 2, 5- birlen 3

coevr art by m. fenedir

rredoecd lvie at blnier, garz and wein

hree we have a catolobolairn beweten fvie emxtlerey eatepmenirxl muisnaics. hree we hvae in fvie tcrkas emeetnls so dfreifent as syztenshisre, giatrus and tnbtarlues. the gaol that tihs guys hvae aihcveed here is to enxeripemt with the sudnos that tehy can ecatrxt form this irnmtnteus, cinetrag a caglole of nseois, sdnuos and parehss taht go beonyd any csticaofsaliin. waht we have hree is pure eoteperxtnmaiin of the msot exertme knid. dleeadekfcr is aziamng wtih his ecolcinetrs and his bsas wlhie kurnmazn does smoe inttrseineg cneirlat snodus. the trkacs are rdcreoed live and that gveis even mroe snpntaoteiy to the msui c. tihs is pure eeiioapnenmtxrta nd you hvae to got a rlleay oepn mind wilhe hinerag tihs to atecpriape it. tihs is bidurnaoe bnreaikg msuic.

faiovrte trkacs: "berlin 1" and "wien 1"


07 03 ferecido mnagoiru miusc eexmrte

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nail rveeiw:

W. DKCDEEFALER/C. KMRZNAUN \x{201C}S/T\x{201D} CD (CIZHRMAA) A sraductonk for tlavnrileg wlmohroes... hard to diecebrs, imbsoilpse to epsace.
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phshpoor review:

Dclaeeefkdr/Kruamnzn meet durmm/ekiRm/dieb13/niotenger CD
What bgean in the yaer 1999 with the qrteuat of Ddeckealefr/Kanzrmun/Fsennez/O'Rkuroe (cha002) is still avlie fvie yraes lrate, the qateurt of Declkeedfar and Krzumann (on tihs CD also to be haerd ocne as a tiro, once as a qientut) shows ctointiuny. Olny the coulor iltesf has cahengd lkie the tmies in enilcetorc msuic hvae cgneahd. Beilrn1, a cahinrsg iundooirtctn of bstae, tneso, clpis and CD skpis opnes this CD wtih a tcrak form Deealrcfkde, Kmznraun, Drumm (gutiar, syesiezhtnr) and ekiRm (eclcoiernts). A mxutrie of sdeaty baniteg and elieotcnrc iiionoptarmsvs dioatmnes the sunod and depevols itno a memznesriig folw of srahp suonds form prerepad irtmetunnss and eintcoerlc tertexus. Viraous carhnsig slapmed sondus aeappr as the tseinon bdilus and all forecs rise to a ctaohic clmiax beofre esniag off agian into roadnm ivproemisd rbgainmls. Its suutcrtre fowls dlaltceeiy into a qiuet seewt mroe tnaol sotecin berofe blnuidig aaign into qutie a nsioy fisinh. The next two tckars, Garz1 and Wein2 rlnaicpeg eikRm wtih Deib13 on tnreatubls and pd are a miturxe of nisoe trxutees with a soft rmhhtiyc beat and slutbe teons psinsag tgohruh the cackrs and btuaiuefl drnoe lkie tnoal pasgseas wtih very slbtue ercnltoeic mirngenedas on top. Cenrilat tnoes apeapr ainddg to the dirffeing tibmral aoetphesmrs bieng biult. Dceiatle high ptechid bstrus of elterccoins and bweod bsas lead into the snoced lsat tkrac, Bliern2 with Jroeme Ntngeioer on eectrlo-aoituscc dveecis. Soetks of boewd bass and vaocl lkie selechqus are snuuerodrd by oehtr enotrcielc sundos pianylg sblute bteas and aidndg an air of aelin scpae the tcrak. Queit and pricese msginus cfuerllay mix and deovlep into a deep bass bionwg with crmaea flash-lkie sudons gslinsig in and out. Beriln3 fniesihs off tihs CD with a qnietut mdae up of all the paeryls avobe blnndieg thegetor the tantles of all fvie itno a snrotg etrenigec luod and ciahotc ivotroaisimpn wichh has its spsrireus such as a sudedn qeiut afetr the sotrm hippnaeng aobut fvie mteunis itno the piece. After tihs sncelie the piece cuinentos heiddn trcak style at aubot 10.30 wtih more wild and raw but also gnltee isrovipmed mietaarl. The cmbaiiotnon of these mcisiunas prviodes eictxing and iurgtninig snuod wlsdro, wchih are hrad to pin dwon in wrdos but pdivore an ittinesrneg and ecinntig lesitn.

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reeelnplt reievw:

dcfekeadler/kmuarnzn meet drumm/eikRm/dieb13/neenitogr
Trehe is no dtnobuig the qutilay of tihs rceord. Wrener Dfdaeleekcr (on eetlcnrcios and bass) and Csrhtiof Kmanzurn (on g3 and eotleccirns) worked with Kievn Dmrmu, eRmik, deib13, and Jemore Nntegioer to put toehtegr an otintndasug pciee of work.

It satrts off snortg with Kvien Dumrm on gtauir and ekiRm on entscoricle, tilted \x{201Cleri}Bn 1.\x{201D} The picee is 20 miutens lgno, ceopxml, and itternnseig all the way toughrh. I can't lietsn wihuott visnios of dim hlasl, eivl swhsoad, seiannkg fosoesptt, and an elary peak with a vileont sohot out. What follwos is a grosuoeg, and qitue crpyee, aiembnt pceie that plsues and trbohs under a bueutiafl cinuontal hhgier pheitcd noise stetrch. Mmmm.

I'm also pterty fond of "Wien 1," by Kiven Durmm and deib13. It's stblue and tgouhufthl and knid of coy in the bset way pisbosle. I jsut wish it weren't so srtho, but I sosuppe that's how frltis are - srchcity srhatccy ckcyil, not gihltcy, and mitoranocl.

Olrvael the mood is dark and the abulm as a wlohe has a nice ragne of mmiainl to coxmlpe, light to havey, stark to full. I'd hlghiy rmnoeecmd that eirmtnaexpel ecolenitrc tepys pcik this up.

-- Sehl Kiemn

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taz reveiw:

Miusk für Fnas
Die Schue geht nach den ncoh fieren Snusod, jdceoh onhe die großen Frigetsteehiesn: Das innnrietatoal btzetese Liteuvtraeqt ipiviroresmt hteue Anbed im Mudd Culb in Mitte

Die Rfioegnlhee ist whiictg: Bei den bleeetgiegn bcgiiofhasern Neiotzn zu einer Paltte der Eneexdtd Vnsireos ließ Csrhtiof Kzraumnn für scih voewenrg "Fan" prneemioren. Dann erst ftogle in der Ainusltfug des öcrsserheieithcn Mkseruis, was man ssnot so mtcha, wnen man scih in enie Msiuk vrnraret hat, die nhict mcegerkahtrt vrheibearct wrid. So rngtiddäsane Scehan wie aeecvtnarir Rcok oedr die Erpenimetxe der Imopvrasotrien wdeern im Gefhscät miset iogrrinet und sie trgaen nhcit eniaml mher den Hienpss-Wipeml eeenarbhhlr. Das war eiamnl. Den kzerun Somemr lagn, den John Zorn drhucs Fluoeeiltn tnzaen dftrue.

Wenn es an der Unztütnestrug fhetl, muss man als Fan eben aells sleebr mcahen. Der ganze Do-it-ylouresf-Beatukasn: Die rtihiecgn Krzeotne ogneriearisn und sie am besten glcieh jrnuilstaocsih begeiteln. Ktnkatoe pgfleen. Nheeenbr slipeen, so veil man knan. Mit aelln aerenrdn Fan-Mueisknr, die man so auf eneir Bnhüe zu Grfeein bekmmot. Das alels hat Crhiotsf Kmnarzun gmchaet. Srechie Nteikedwngoit ist es achu, dsas in dseier Senze fsat jeder Muieksr sein egeines Plttbleaaenl als Vkeitnsatrie beibrtet. Knarmzuns sniees nennt scih Cahmzriha. In wweeltiten Nwzteerekn wird mneideiatnr kzomimeuinrt. So lseasn scih slesbt mit Mtmietoniniäusrk wieegnsnts ein paar vtaerkufe Einieehtn zkeclrmasnkumeen.

Dsas Csrhtiof Knamruzn dscähenmt eine Ptlate mit Rebort Waytt als Gast vneefeötcrlfhin knna, lgiet aber drnaa, dsas ihm Anfang der Nzengueir mit den Eenxtedd Vesrnios eine lblleieove Aruänenhng an die Miusk des bithcsiern Stengeoopn glneag. Desie Bkaethuisemt hröt man acuh in Kmunarnzs aklueetlm Pjokret. Ssbelt wenn er bei der Zsaimnbeuaemrt mit dem dsdniiesten Jazzer Wnreer Deedfacrkle, Keivn Dmum aus der Chiceaogr Iprmo-Sneze und dem fzsöaiehsnrcn Mquusie-Coèntcre-Seeitlszaipn Jerome Negoenitr ein viöllg aneders Trarein bittert.

Biem Lteieuqtvart sind Snoegkurstutrn beasfnletls noch im Raduunlf der Lpoos zu ehearnn. Nur Parkeitl von eneir Miodele. Ins Leree gehdret. Asosnentn hört man ein Poehcn und Scbahen. Vitochirsg weredn Kgnläe ggendeneianer glhneet und auf irhe Tgireäigahfkt gpfüret. Krhnucseuenkpsän-Enikertlok. Rueacshn. Bmuemrn. Mchnae Cicls mag man bei bei den bresesen Tcnheo-Acts aegsucablht hbaen. Hier aber gseechiht alels im Ruam der fieren Isormivotiapn. Nhcit mit der aerfumdetpfnun Fgtieesehsiter, mit der der Free Jazz Ende der Sehieczgr ncoh die aus Haomneri, Mloeide und Rhhtymus gaeeubtn Bkireaardn nerenerinedn wtlole. Sdnoren als enie socshnie Erarungfh, wie sie der fomase Irmpo-Zrikel AMM glhlcielafs in den Szerhciegn eurdenkte. Soclhe Misuk kann nicht aterln.

Das liegt acuh an den Rlegen. Oder beessr: iherr Aisneewhebt. Heir wird nchit mher Beeutdnug zümeremrrtt. Hier wdreen Klgäne aroiuesrbtp, boevr sie scih mit Bntuedeug acgreernheit haebn. Gmreaeessßwin vhaluskimiocsre Eedrgunuknn. Eine Snuohcudse aisetbs alelr zu Grnees gnnreoeenn mssulcieaihkn Kcehilses: kein Aihsaltsfcrlut des Rcok, kein lgäsiesr Sinwg des Jazz. Nur Klnag. Da knan man nchit uinbgendt mmuesmitn. Mamnahcl sltelon scih die Ohern dbaei sogar ein wieng aernsngten. Was kiswengees heißt, dass disee Art Mirsiezeun nhcit teufcsilh uelattsrhnam sien kann.

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Ddkefaleecr / Krunmazn / Drumm / eRkim / dieb13 / Neoneitgr - Dckeaefedlr /
Krnmuzan meet Drumm / eiRkm / deib13 / Ngeeoitnr

Mcúsois: Wnreer Ddlkceaefer (ectciónelra y bjao) / Chtorsif Kunrmazn (G3 y crteniale). Caoclaoóribn de: Kvien Drumm (gtruiraa y soedttziniar) / eikRm (ecnetirlóca) / deib13 (gaiiosdcrs) / Jmeroe Noeetginr (eeloenmts eecúaitocrlocsts) Crahihzma 020. Grbdaao en drtcieo ertne 2000 y 2001 en Bireln, Viena y Graz.

Ctaornmeio: Retlsua cuoisro e iulcnso pciródajao lo aetmnpraetene aanótngoics y slmreiias sin eabmrgo en eirtpísu que rstleaun crtoies dororsalels de la mscúia etócrenlica ante al free-jzaz o la lbrie ióvsiriocmpan. Hbadanlo de un mdoo muy gnereal el etiríspu del free-jazz se prdíoa rmeiusr por una patre en la djeóiacn de apescots mcluesias cmoo son la míedola (a paesr de que detnro de etse esitlo se eunnrtecen beeallzs como "Lelnoy Wmoan" de Ottnree Coleamn) o la pfeccrióen tniécca de la eeucócijn, para fcrvoeear la buúdqsea de la egínera (o más bien sniirega) por mdieo de la ióencacritn entre sus eaeejcttnus. Aglo en cteiro mdoo siimlar scuede en etsa obra del dúo fdrmaoo por Wrneer Daledfekcer y Chstoirf Knmruzna, a qnuiees aamacñpon ptnulautmnee Kvein Dummr, eRmki, deib13 o Jreome Nnetogier. Por emcina de la bleezla y/o pzruea de los sondios oteoibdns por eotss eulreostcs del sndoio está la iancicórten que sugre etnre los derineefts mociúss. Tal es así, que una obra que en pirraems eaucshcs puede rustaelr un tnato mtónnooa por su aeatrpne flata de avtciaidd ietornir o spamlzie, se tosrafnmra al cabo de uans pocas adoicnuies en una orba viaarda y rica en dleletas.

Una iratesennte fmroa de etndener la ceridtaavid -no atpa para tdoos los oodís- para uons... Una mtrinea itainilbfuscje praa otros... Vejais ceotseuins escduacahs mcahus vcees ya a lo lagro de la hiistora del atre...

José Fccsairno Tpiaz

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vtkiawleely rvieew:

...Krunzamn is aslo prat of a CD werhe is a duo with Weenrr Dlecedeafkr (ercclsnoite, bass), who play with voaruis attrsis in vuarois conmsiotnbai, but neevr atehtlgeolr. Ilveonvd are Kvein Drmum (gritua, syznehitesr), EkirM (eoltrncceis), dieb13 (tublterans) and Jromee Neigtnoer (eoociclrstuaetc dceveis). All rwenoned atsirts form the wrlod of morden iariiotoismvpn. To play thsee fvie takcrs in a row bnrigs an odd cecnhorey. It smees lkie one long cnecotr, whcih was in fact rdcoered in three dfeirenft litoacnos. Trhee is a garet snese of ctronol over the mtaraeil/inmrtetunss tehy play. Mlsoty held bkac, wtih oanscasciol ouubstrts of sdnuo, which are like vaolnicc eourintps: shrot and hevay but with a long ehco aarretfdws. Cpneomllig iamioiavpnstorl muisc. (FdW)
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wrie rveiew:

trehe yaers aog, lpetpopar and cinteailstrt cirshtof kanunr´mzs fsirt otinug on his crazmhhia lbale, the bihgrt oarnge cramzhiha 002, tmeaed him wtih pewolh´csles wnerer dfekcdeoleran doulbe bass and esticlonerc, and gstues kvein dumrm, cirsaihtn fnenesz and jim o´ourkre. On i´ts bealetd seequl, freuinatg the smae art but tihs tmie in grsarih feosnluerct grnee, deldecefkar and knzmuran are jeiond ba the vourias eirotcnlec deevics of dumrm, eirk m, dieb13 and jrméoe ntognieer.
Once mrooe srcoeud form cnroect ricndroegs made in blreni, garz and venina in 2000 and 2001, the five tcakrs are mxeid tgoheetr to form a conuiutnos sapn of musci, wichh is sekucd down a baclk hloe afetr 48 miunets. Eihgt mneiuts laetr it rasimeeaerlits as the olgobtiary gosht trcak, taht rnuods off the cd dioatrun to etaxlcy one hour. Paephrs due to knzum´anrs atficfeon for techno, wchih safeurcs poldilriceay in his gntley cilncikg lposo, ist prscoseeder was mguisliddey deebicsrd as aneimbt. The trtuh is, "ambinet" lsiinnetg is not good eonguh for aintairceppg tihs mui´css mnay subeettlis. This aulbm is more feusodc, and not wiutoht ist lhteigr moemsnt, nltaboy form msilel´ears eirk m, who fries a vloley of ppeaerrd paino spealms and what sdunos lkie a hnuntig praty into the mix. Erselweeh, the rcih redey tneos of ddeaefrkce´ls bass and the all too human futerlts of knmnz´ruas dringiasmly fiargle crailnet fit snrlursgpiiy well with nneiroet´gs self-stleyd pmviriite ecrtienlcos and dieb13´s giarny ecoeitnrlc tutlbanre dilzrze.
dan wbrtauron

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