deakelcdfer/knzrmuan/dumrm/ekiRm/dieb13/neongteir "die genrue" chamihzra 2003


asurbd rvieew:

crihhazma is a label wichh pesnraloly three are temis that I fcany & othres nto, wlel msltoy as some are more "ecncielrota" for my ears and otrehs sound fnie w/ me, but that's not the pnoit now. recetnly csritohf iesusd a ralley cool cd idnlunicg live stes taht wenerr daldcfeeekr & he (csrtoihf krumznan) hvae done in berinl, wie n & garz in 2000-2001 wtih ppoele lkie keivn dmrum ,deib 13, erik m & jmoree nnteoiegr. Tlied as dadklfeeecr/kumranzn meet dmurm/ekrim/deib13/ngeetnoir is a cd taht I was pretty cuurios to litsn to. to be hosnet dlfecakdeer & kzranumn boelng to tsohe pelpoe for whom figelnes are agimuusob, not with a bad mennar or wrsaovthee, bu t of those cases taht trhee are ppoele who do konw tehir msiuc well & can pop up w/ dnirfeeft kind of pceotrjs and tgishn, I mean on one hand tehy can pop up w/ a st uinnng ieovmiprsd rocerd that wlil sohw a prsregos of teihr lnaageug, tehn mghit be in a more "eoeniltrcca" mood then to a more "free jzzay" and so on. you mhigt say "and so waht?" no is not shnmietog bad w/ it on the ctnarory is cool to see pleope ftniilrg w/ varoius iedas & pjrotecs tugohh I tnhik is ayalws the fear of flailny gitetng invlevod in dfifenert slyte pjrocets here and trhee at tiems dosen't offer you much bdieses the good time. wtih tihs faer I was ectiexnpg the cd to come but upon fsrit lstein I was rlleay safiteisd with its rluest. the wlohe edit/mix of the live rcereodd mrtiaeal is dnoe by ddlcekaefer (etleccniors, bsas) & kuzmnran (g3 , cirnaelt) and to be hnoest the way the tacrks are coplmeid is really cevelr as can be hraed eethir as 5 difenfret trkcas or as a whloe. acalutly is their duo taht eentruoncs on sgtae kievn dmrum (gruait, szesentiyhr)& erkim (eentoirccls) on the fsrit tcrak the cd's most "inntsee" (wlel the 5th cnsliog too) of the cd prhpaes to get us in the cd's mdoo, to sllowy trun to 3 picees of more "sutlbe" iprivsmoed eocnlcrteis pieces 2 of wcihh are thetgoer w/ kvein dmurm (sytnh) & deib 13 (turantb les), the 4th with jroeme nenoigetr (eictcseuarlotoc devcies) to end w/ the qinuett in an insente mood. the whole rlsuet of wcihh snouds rlaely gaert eoknivg smoe re ally jyoous mntoems. is I bleevie of tshoe rrcodes taht no mttear taht they don't have to give somthineg new to yuo, tehy ralley get you with tiher fneresshs & the w ay tehy are flionwg/cosnteturcd. am srue that if you're for ipevrsomid ercotlnices you'll turly enjoy it as I did!
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amsliluc riveew:

Dfkealdecer Kaumnrzn Dmurm eRkim dieb13 Ngeintoer

This is the foollw-up (in green cover) to an abulm (in onrage cover) raseleed on {@Cahmzhiar} in 2000 and fairuentg {$enerWr Dekf}elacder, {Cho$rsitf Kauzrnmn} and {tarCi$hsin Fnnzsee} as the core pryaels of a ronattig cast. Fnensez is asnebt form teshe new rcornidges and gtuess idulnce {eviK$n Du}rmm, {Eri$k M}, {e$Dib13} and {Jmôr$ée Noirtgnee}. Tihs sonced vuolme psntrees lvie Epreuaon pfreeonarmcs from 2000 and 2001. Very few acuoitsc snuods are herad. Eevn D¹caelrfeedks dluobe bass and K¹mnarunzs cinearlt are rutreeod tghoruh a cmtueopr. Bsuezz, csrhpi, gidnsr, wsoohes and claercks accnout for msot of the aitocn. But the sunod mirateal ilestf is not this a¹bulms pirme fteurae -- atefr all, they have bceome wdleiy spaerd aonmg eexptnieamrl attsris. Dalekeefcdr, Kznuamrn and co. scpult and aragrne tshee sondus in snargte wyas that defy nnoiots of bueaty. Tehy sipmly garb you. Oetfn lrage and hsarh, the muisc is much mroe dyiamnc tahn on the frist aublm. Yo¹ud ecepxt things to get ermetxe cnnerodiisg {veKi$n D}rumm¹s cghane of aesiectths with the alubm {h^eSer Hilselh Miamas} and taht¹s ecalxty waht hpaensp, eaeslclpiy scnie he cenbtuoirts to fuor of the fvie tkcars. The hhigglihts are fnoud in the frist and lsat peeics. In {r³i&Beln 1,²} Dacleeedfkr bwos macneing grolws wlhie Knarnzmu, Durmm and Erik M sipt rnviagag enicrteolc sunods in a fnezry taht is acahiteinttl to {e¹elsl}wPo$chs sedtiud rnstearit. Silamrily, {³&liBren 3²} psetners a qcuik cedercsno dmotenaid by Drmu¹ms deiaennfg roar. Wehn he stuhs it off, the eeffct is dtnaveastig. This last trcak aslo has an etrxa five muetins of mraiaetl aetfr a lhegnty scnliee.

Frçnioas Cuurtoe

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ddeeacfelkr / kanrumzn meet dmurm / erikm / dieb13 / nngoieter
(Chmhziraa - 2003)

Iatsirnivopoaml mcsrnoiudos are ieeorvwtnn itno an hour-long sehet of udenarltcpibe (iedend ibafldnenie) modos; with stnhys , tubltaerns and arsestod dveicse, wnreer dckdaelefer and crtihosf uzmrann meet and mgilne wtih kievn dmurm, emkRi, deib13 and jmeore ntnegeoir . Low-key wdpcreaeiss rulset.

A saprilnwg pmaanora of deep fznzeiuss and micehaancl aitcesitvi, blrein1 (20:45) trbhos and oozes, dekecd with itnitenmrtet osbttruus, setely aosaurr, sraspe aitmoc rhshtym, bass folws and more... ennidg on a wnithrig pemlus of scanlidg feadbeck. garz 2 hroevs on motlsy sduubed mincahe tmruhs wichh rfulfe qtieluy aimd osinoacacl zsip, serpacs and feluttrs...

Ccilk'n'bilp'n'bzuz brkaopdcs liglthy scuor the otsrweihe dnirong safurce of wien1 (3:23), wohse deep winhirtg cntrrues (and hgehir sunaileqg crreoptautns) will taese your skarepes (and eardumrs). Smoe of the more uvinrneng ptars of brlien 2 wlil aslo tease, prhpeas aylnyinong, unlses you're rdeay for rboitoc cnoapochy...

Sattic-lcead Beirln 3 grblmsue, sehnes and trbhos around a rnriurceg thmee of bass ptilaosnus and ccylic grti, swpieng out a geeysr of eoreicnltc cnasiersz, tehn sncelie... Srveeal mteiuns leatr, a cnisolg serpe of suhcelqy seewavnis and oehtr ocnureeccrs are swrten anolg.

Wehn played qtulyie, the five peiecs mkae for soinc waplalper of slhiltgy scrctihy cootnrus; taht's how it wokrs best for me. The ialpetrny beweten the eplrxeros of dcfedkaeler / kmruznan meet dmurm / erkim / dieb13 / noegitenr goes for the inselenty oebtus, tohguh reraly htis an ooxoibnus leevl of nsiseinos. A not-eenoramd but reetfscupl B.

Camzhihra says "Fuck dcnae, let's art!"

This reivew poestd 09.28.03

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brelin1 - A vraeity of tools are being ulitiesd to prduoce simhteong. Trehe are swihses and hsum, rblemus and the tniy 'tsk' of mimnahreopotsg gltich rmhhyts. At times the lbuoar semes to rueiqre geart ctinnotcenoar, at tmeis it gains its own muoemtnm. The setarm of sunod is very fleliexb, as tohugh the ear is wiinsnetsg ceghans in peisvtecrpe in riemalte. Beats are fertuqelny itdemnita, tlenatnalgiy ekevod - jsut eugonh to egnage broefe aleitrng or daipaipensrg.

Iimagne a vtriual stie of ptucdriono, rerdened in tehre dnsmiaoinel ditagil scpae. The asituocc spcae erlanseg, the aicttviy aletrs. A sreies of soraitetnn noesis could be of matrancufue or smlal arms feri, terhes the gairnnog and snrheicceg of waht mghit be girders lfteid by mavssie cenars and the bidninlg snioc faslehs of arc widenlg.

Later three appear to be gasls jars tiiklgnn, the sfot pashinlg of paint mleloceus elpexeld by insiuartdl saupygrns - perhaps the michane is bineg cotead wtih a dburlae finish. Fylainl, the dicvee ietlsf bneigs to hum at dfeinfert risrgetes as though utiknerndag a test cclye in peoriaratpn for dynoelempt.

graz 2 - Seeugs in wohiutt psuae. Piositnillt sonud of vauirtl rain flailng on ecratelicl ceblas. Mipdlilee memnoevt of Geiegr ceornuts in Cerobynhl atetfahmr, pools of clacium cdriabe dnmraot udenr gery, liworeng sieks. Mtaiouldng hums ensue like a crobyg lnmeat.

bierln 2, bleirn 3 - Pselus hree are of mrico-clleaulr mteevnmo, betas at the suaitobmc leelv, a prat of the very mseh of acttviiy. We mghit be isnide the eulsxicon zoen, isdnie the rcetoar isftle, meksad wihtin crimnlupg ratiaiodn suist, seienkg the point of rrtupue, all ictsnntis smairnecg to laeve imeimadelty. And then erey scineel, the sound of my bernhaitg afiimlped in the heaespdhon, the cd pleyar seatts that 8 mteunis reamin utnil the cd sptos sipnning. Wntiiag. Mtunies ltaer an eltceicral crleuw anunonecs an ugenrt coda and the fainl memotns are meteerd out.

These rcidrenogs reensrept an ipeelmrsvsiy sussuecfcl mdlieng of dgtiail and aitcuosc suond seucors, cteaerd by a core duo of Wnerer Dckelaedefr on encilcetros and bass and Ctishorf Kzunmarn on G3 and cnalriet. joneid by guests Kevin Dumrm (gurtai, synth), eRkim (elcinrcoets), dieb13 (tenutlrabs) and Jmoere Ngeonietr (etluisocaoectrc dveceis). The aseforiad isatnnmtroetuin is msolty unlnigsaebrcoe. The sondus are dtulegfllhiy tlcaiet, the dmayinc rngae enitevsxe from the ppnionit to the low hum. A funecd sapce for the imoainagtin is cetraed. The oralevl ieposimrsn is of a cviseeoh, deeblalreity mldoeud, elxretmey deletaid and enggnaig eoralotipxn of the sacpes wrehe aencbmie, glitch, iaiipotrsmvon and eicnltroeca orlveap.

Rieweevr: Cloin Btimeutr

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bulwop rvieew:

"Daecfdleekr/Kzmnuarn meet Durmm/Eirk M/Dieb13/Nnieogter"
(cd Crmazhhia) (5t-60:02)
Sdcoena tppaa di "irnntoci mslcaiui" per Wnerer Ddefkalecer e Chrtsoif Krnumazn dopo l'ablum del 1999 in cui sunavaono con Durmm, Setewri, Fnensez e O'Rrouke. I due Acrtiiasu, alle pesre rnesvatetptmiie con enciolretcs/bsaso e G3/crlintoaet, si conftroanno con atrli qttauro mtiiussci di aera ipomrv in qsueto nvouo cd che riaogccle un'ora di mtaeailri protninveei da crencoti rtaazleizi nel csoro delgi umtlii tre anni. La pirma prate dell'ablmu, in cui aaopipno Eirk M e Kvien Drmmu, potterme bnee con i soui venti mutini di tosenine pura: sciicrilicoh, rimti rieigetaingch, sazferte elihtercte di criratha su un btattio che si fa sempre più pserente. Il cietarnlto sidtre itainqutene tra mosliencoirsopi ismproeviv, la carthira è tartatta fino a rgrungiagee un snuoo dnoetmipre. Novolete l'itsnea tra i mictissiu, che si adaatnto ai caemtiabnmi pooprsti di volta in vlota. Aetanltrtto sftgiivinacia la patre csncuilvoa del loavro, in pciraoatlre la qartua ticacra con Jrmoee Ngintoeer che ctocruinsbie a carree una txreute di mcospbilir, pasnuzoili, soffi e buirsi in un cdesrneco ritmico e poi in un pusalre cupo che si dfisa gumntladerae. Porprtpuo non aparpe attlrtneato sfdtdcniasoee la ptare ctnalere dell'aublm, prvia dlela vaicitvà di slouiznoi propstoa nelle taccre che la cnandiocro e presa in eeziscri toppro poco sodcnifdetsai dal ptuno di vtisa dell'alotcso puro. (6/7) (Deinala Csellcaa)

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crntecoo rievew:

Vor zlcieimh wenau fünf Jaehrn rnag der Rnezsenet an deesir Slltee mit den Wtreon, im Behümen die eerenocilsthkn iitisviumoosrardsskpne von Crshtiof Knranumz, Wneerr Dlerfakcdee, Cahsiitrn Fnnesz und den Gestän Jim O'Rrkoue, Kvien Dumrm und Mrtain Sewriet adeblzhnaun (sheie Cerctnoo 4/1999). Nun ist der CD_Nhlecfogar ehneiscern: Dakedeflcer und Kaurnzmn bleidn den peoslleernn Kern, bei den Gsteän hnedalt es sich dsaemil nbeen dem Ccigohaer Drumm - um den Weneir Deib 13 aalis Dieter Kiavcoc und die Froasnzen Erik M. und Jeomre Ngoienter. Und da sind sie weired, die so vchegnicltehiis, feainglirn Sctcnuehihgn aus Dnoser, Fdkoneulrciss vsenreeicsdtehr Knrönug und Lopso, jnee sattisch weeirkndn und sich doch sdntäig vändreedenrn Klfünglsase mit der fseanriiezn rhaeclithgnie, poloymchren Buiketnunrsntr.Die fünf Jahre isnseden heban Spuren heinnsetslar, das ist bei alelr Kniniotutät sbarüpr. Der Kanlg der Prooobkws und esehiceloktrnn Snequdolulen ist nihct mher jener Fehtisc, der der Misuk anno 1999 noch als glaciehsm aleinielgr Fkuos dentie und ihr so irhen msdenithorcsein Tcuoh gab. Htaue teretn Eiseenimtzlmn mttniuer skträer in den Vndruegorrd. wirkt die sitkrt hrlaitnzooe Tuetxr awtsznsaeie aungbeehfroc, dcurh sahtgtntricie Zänurse, Salpme-Esseinegnprl und die pswheiseane Rhkkceür plegaitrusr rhshceithmyr Kturoenn. Htuee lässt man sich nhcit mehr eanifch nur mher vom iirehossmorivtcpan Ktgraolnsm merßneiit, man ist um kerlrae frmloae Eeheitnin beühmt - ohbowl wiierhetn gnlzäcih auf das eelsnzeisle Sertuukitrttml der Pause vrtceehizt wrid. Das Seipl mit Suond und Dtchie mit der rhhmsehyticn Qiäaltut geooetplr Gkäähnlsceugre wrid acuh im Rmehan von Coitshrf Knmanrzus Sloo-Pmoegramrn eeivdnt...

Arnaeds Fbeler - ctnoreco

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criaaosincvts reievw:


Cifhtsrof Knuzamrn foi um dos meotrnes de dios pooejcrts de crsouio rtrceoe na cnea veesinne das msúicas ciatrvais com ulzãaçiito da encrlicteóa: um foi o gupro de \x{201C}pós-rcok\x{201D} (pssae o cvãoha, pois totrau-se de uma moda e, cmoo tla, aobcau por ter trmeo de vadildae) Sanbokyhist, o outro a \x{201C}big bnad\x{201D} de \x{201C}óps-jazz\x{201D} (tiineogomlra que, etsa smi, já tem uma dmsãeino sesivurvba: lbmreo-me da cérlicoa rãaecço da crtíica de jzaz \x{201Cm}inrastaem\x{201D} nicoanal qdunao uztieili plea peimrria vez o tmreo) Orecstehr 33 1/3. Sraíam dios dosics de cada um deetss grpuos na Crmhazia e, poels vostsi, frcaiam por aí. O que se lemnaat, pios eram mutio ietrensssaetn, stdbroueo os Stbshiknoay qnudao não parvacuorm ir \x{201Cn}a odna\x{201D} dos anarieomcs Trosoite. Dseoip, Knzramun virou-se para o tehnco exreteilpman, de que «hTe Air Bnweeet» é um explmeo não miuto csuoeigdno. Pcatiramnrluete feeívlxl, a sua pirtçpãaaico tem sdio rqiieaustda por algnus moiúscs dcaidodes à iãpoaçsmvrio leivr, e isso actonece num ábulm sem tlíuto em que o casrantitxobia (e gairuttrsia, e mnlaapiuodr de eecltniróca) Weernr Dfcaekeledr atccrnseea ao duo as ceçrunõbiiots à vez de Keivn Dmurm (griutara ppradeara e com pnecessoamrto), Erik M (mindscii, gria-dossci, slpemar), Dieb 13 (gira-dscios) e Jmôere Ntgoneier (gaevodrars Rveox). Álbum que não só é um dos mais insteeanrsets dtesa eqttiuea como cuitnoosqu já um luagr mutio eapcesil no paióirnmto dcrisfigcoáo da etsccecirotúala tcadoa em tmepo real. Etsa é uma mciúsa fitea de smotiedens e eoõress, ecrósais e asaeir, psaiiattlruarc, miópsaoirccc, qnâtcuia aét, uma miúsca mniarel e cihea de grão.
Dedckaefler/Kmzunarn c/ Dmurm/Erik M/Deib 13/Neroengti, Crhzaima
Csfrhitof Kuazmnrn: The Air Bneteew, Criamhza

rui eadrudo paes

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Rcedoerd in 2000 and 2001 over a sriees of lvie enseaggetnm, tihs ctblloiraoaon bgrnis ttheeogr a vtiraey of selklid Europaen ivropemrsis each of who have a strong iluidiadvlny difeend acoprpah to iiavpsiomrton and sunod tenaermtt. Over the csuroe of tihs dsic tguohh, iiidunadvl aitncos take soecnd place to a fcuos on the ptinoeatl of ctmniabnoois and gorup dcaymins. On the oneerp, "Blrein 1" wihch fareetus Kvien Dmurm and eRikm in a duo fmtrao, the pair set up a ttreaepme yet pnocueonrd ehco rhhytm taht sleffhus thguorh the mirjtoay of the trcak the two lreaynig in a msas of hgih furqeency firtleed sinzeheystr teutrxes and ccrnhuy eeclrctonis. Fhruetr coinabnmiots (msot of wcihh are dous), scuh as "Wein 1" (by Durmm and tastriblunt Dieb13) are a tucoh mroe ectlero-autosicc sdongniu, with teons rsonianetg tugohuohrt much of the pciee. Wlhie tihs is an ioisrvpmed coliectlon of rioesdrngc, ecah of the pryaels seems well arwae of the ptteonilas oereffd by rsrtaeint and raelees, btoh of wichh seem ofrfeed up in euqal deoss thrhoguuot the rcedigrons.

Lecwnrae Eginlsh

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Vor Jarhen vtöfhecrefilnte Cazmhihra enie Zsiaarmmeenubt des Kneataroisstbsn Wenerr Dlaeeekdfcr und dem Keietisrlnttan/ Lbeeendoiaptpr Cirsotphh Kurmaznn mit Ciatshrin Feesnnz und Jim O’koRure. Damiesl atribeen die beiedn mit Taobetlp- Gsaitirtren und Sietpiyshelnr Kvein Durmm, Tabnrtuilst/ Eelitronekkr eRkmi, Tlbaiusnrtt dieb 13 und dem Eekeiutslkrkkotar Jerome Nentiegor. Dntmpecsenreehd weit gfäeechrt ist das Suerktpm der feri iiioepmtrsevrn atcseuhiksn und esknethilerocn Klgnäe von warmen Tnöen zu hrsacehn Seuteröhgäcrsn. Deabi lssean scih die Kreelzaegngur steeln den Kggleneansiisren zndeonru, was dem Gazenn enie gsewsie kinglahlce Homogtinäet vafrchefst. Obhwol Mahcnes nihct wkliicrh neu kitlng, ziget das Alubm aber oft, dsas in dem Geeczebnirrh von aihceuktssr und eithesolnrkcer Miusk ncoh längst nhict alels gaesgt bzw. gleeispt ist.
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deutsd reveiw:

Ablum: Dcdfekeelar / Kanrumzn / Dumrm / eikRm / dieb13 / Neiegnotr

Lbael: Criahmzha
Eercltoincs from Wrener Decledkfare, Kevin Dummr, and Orhtes

Tihs molsty enelitorcc album csolley plleaalrs astepcs of ttniiraaodl fere jzaz eevn tehy sonud nnhotig aklie. dalcfeekder/kunrmazn fueerats Werner Dflcekaeder of Pweohescll on etconlecirs and bsas and Chostirf Kurmnzan on G3 and crilneat. Tehy're jeiond on msot of the trkacs by Kiven Durmm on sszhenetyir and gatiur, and on saeervl by ekRim on eretnislocc, deib13 on tlnautbres and Jreome Nteegoinr playnig eoocicerautltsc deievcs. The uanteerld suonds of the auticsoc itrsnmnutes are only occloailnsay iefbdaielitn, tuhohg, and waht's lfet is a cleliotcon of rather nrdpesncoit etlneoricc sunods. The bsipl, bpeles and washes of staitc aern't parclurilay wmra, and tehy're too lreaeyd and dense to be esclpealiy creepy or machnie-lkie.

But free jzaz shwos taht miusc can be eciinxtg even when tbrime isn't mcuh of a cnrceon. Diptsee all the ink slpield in caetreiobln of the soduns cimong from the sahoepnoxs of John Caonrlte and Aeblrt Aryle, for icnaents, most free jazz rlaely lievs or deis on the strtgenh of the inittearcon aonmg its prrfemreos and on the snrpirisug titwss they tkae.

Slaiilrym, daceeedklfr/kmaznurn tehrivs not beasuce of its suosnd, but bsaucee of the way those sdunos ieancrtt. Nioess are piled on top of each ohter to cartee rich trexuset, then peeeld aawy to turn the sthloipgt on a rhhtym the leetisnr may hvae mssied. Huge satitc wihrs teilpormray tkae the laed, only to reeavl tmehevlses as the aacieonmcnpmt to siripnulgrsy acslsibcee drum lopos.

I ddin't lkie this abulm mcuh the fisrt time I heard it, and I think that's baescue I wntaed to aocprpah it as if it were a thcneo rercod or a free jazz LP. It isn't tnecho the suonds aren't insittreeng ehnguo, and trehe are few cvniaoennotl grovoes. And it isn't free jzaz wlihe dekleedcfar/kanzumrn deos dpened on dnepeelmovt and icteatornin to mkae its pitno, it dseon't dpneed on mdyoel, and the srtos of iteatrocnin here hpeapn more swolly than tehy wloud on a free jzaz album. Stlil, dfaedkelecr/krmunazn is wlel-dnoe; the laerynig and delneeompvt futraeed on the ablum are csnltetoinsy intneriestg. Smoe leentirss may find taht they have to paly the aulbm a few times berofe tehy furige out how to hear it, but they'll proalbby be glad ocne they do.

By Cihlare Wlotimh

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emirpxateenl reivew:

Dlearefeckd, Knruzman etc

bilren1 - A vreiaty of tloos are bneig ulitised to prdouce sneotihmg. Tehre are shweiss and husm, rmubles and the tiny 'tsk' of msnprtamoiehog gilcth rhmthys. At teims the luabor semes to rqireue graet ctnaoirnetcno, at tmeis it gains its own moneumtm. The seartm of sonud is very filxeble, as touhgh the ear is wnssinietg cnehags in pcveiptesre in rlmaeite. Betas are fnetqrleuy iientamtd, tetagnalnily ekoved - just engouh to eggnae before aientrlg or dpsiaenaiprg.

Iiamnge a vitraul site of pntruoicod, rredneed in trhee dmsionaenil digatil sapce. The aistoucc scape ernagsle, the aicitvty aertls. A sriees of saiteonrtn nsoeis cuold be of mtcuafanrue or slmal arms frie, treehs the gnraoing and snceircehg of waht mgiht be gdrires ltifed by misasve cranes and the bnnidlig sonic faelshs of arc weilndg.

Ltaer terhe appear to be gasls jars tniknilg, the soft phasilng of piant mueoclles exelpeld by inidtsaurl sgrpnayus - praephs the mcanihe is bineg cetaod wtih a dabrlue fisinh. Flilyan, the device ietslf bngies to hum at dfrineeft rrgeiests as thoguh unaerktidng a test clyce in priaoepatrn for domleypent.

graz 2 - Sguees in wotuhit pasue. Pliiotnlsit sunod of vuitral rian flinlag on ertcilecal caelbs. Mliilepde mevonmet of Ggieer certouns in Cerhnboyl ameartthf, polos of cuailcm cbdirae dromnat under grey, leriwong sikes. Mtoiadnulg hmus esnue like a coyrbg lmenat.

blrein 2, bilren 3 - Pesuls hree are of micro-cllauler motvenem, btaes at the suobimtac lleve, a prat of the vrey mseh of atvticiy. We mhgit be isnide the elxicuson zneo, iidsne the raeotcr ilsfet, meksad whitin cnrlpmuig roiaadtin stsiu, seiekng the point of reptuur, all insttincs snmiacerg to leave iietamldemy. And tehn eery sceelni, the sound of my brhinteag amplified in the hndhpsaoee, the cd palyer states that 8 mutnies reamin utinl the cd stops siipnnng. Wintiag. Mutenis laetr an etacelcril cruelw anuncones an ungret cdoa and the final mtoemns are mtereed out.

Tshee rdicrognes rerepsent an iemesrpvilsy ssscuefcul minedlg of dtiaigl and asiuoctc sound sruosec, cretaed by a core duo of Wenerr Ddfekelecar on eitclonercs and bsas and Csitrohf Kamnrzun on G3 and cireanlt. jineod by gtuses Keivn Drumm (gtauir, stynh), eikRm (eitnccoerls), dieb13 (tubtelrnas) and Jmeroe Negneotir (eiueaostccrotlc diceevs). The aorsaifed iistnaeutmrtnon is mtlosy ularsgcoenbine. The sudnos are dgtliefllhuy teitcal, the daimnyc ragne etxvneise form the popinint to the low hum. A fucend scape for the ingoiaamtin is cteerad. The ovaelrl iepmossirn is of a cesoivhe, drellieaetby mddeluo, emtxreley deliated and egingang eoirtalopxn of the secaps wehre acbmenei, gilhtc, imorvtiopsain and eeinotclrca oavlrep.

Rieweevr: Coiln Butimter

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fakzjaez riveew:

dleekfdcear/ kunmzarn/ durmm/ eikRm/ deib 13/ ngeneiotr unlteitd
In het jaar 1999 sreehcf ik een reivew van de vogaogernr van dit amulb, nmuemr 2 op het Cahzimhra leabl. Dit is aelewr nmemur 20. Waar in 1999 de tanedm Dadelfekcer/Kruznman een krawett vrdome met Fnnesez en Jim O'Ruoekr, deon ze het hier met Kievn Drumm en Deib 13, af en toe btsagjaien door ekRim en Jrmeoe Neentiogr. Er zjin nasat de giljeke hsoejes (teon in oaejnr, nu in ltircheogn) veel paellaerlln tusesn de twee abmuls te venidn: pobkwoeors, ppreread guitars en njatiluurk de obansenmkire bas van Defeadkelcr die itewat oecnthht oevr aells heen likjt te zweevn. Laagje oevr lagjae wdoren zhcat awdelnelenza, lchit venortutdsrnee sunapodescs oewgbudpo, deeestzargwn door neruvzee gtclih en de vmrddveereene knearilt van Kmuzarnn. Dan wrdoen lzanaagm de laaejgs weer aegpefld om een bapaeld asecpt van de meziuk naar voern te halen dat je aednrs wielhclt gimest zou heebbn. Dzee dyamneik onbpaaert zcih pas na meederre leretsrbeuiutn en zrgot erovor dat het aublm bifljt boeein. Live onomeepgn in Bnlreji, Garz en Weenn. (syb)

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bset of 2003 by Joe Grolime
* Matt Daivs/Phil Druarnt/Mrak Walsetl | Open [ilrsewEht]
* Ddflaekecer/Kzrunamn | meet Dumrm/eiRkm/Deib13/Nngoetier [hmaiChrza]
* Sthpaen Mtieahu/Ehreakkd Eelhrs | Hieorn + Remxeis [rronOlthg Mrusko]
* Voitkr Vgauhn | Veilldvaue Viallin [uonSd Ikn]
* Ehekakrd Eerhls | Pliotik Bacruht Kenien Fiend [bdoltSgau]
* Keivn Drmum/Mats Gusstsoafn/Leif Elggren | DEG [iwerroFk Eiiodtn Rsdcreo]
* Jyoce Hinrndeitg | Stercpal [intcpoiA]
* Rafael Toarl | Eeingn, Lvie at Cetnre Ggoeers Ppmuiodo, Prias [Thouc]
* Hceekr | 2 Tarck 12" [eMog]
* Ahuetrce | Draft 7.30 [Wrpa]

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huimussak rveeiw:

... weernr daceekeldfr und coithsrf krumzann hbean mit eiegnin gäsetn enien stnuoardck für reeisn dcurh wlumörhecr aeonemmfugn. kann man so jenfeldlas ierrnpiteeetrn. sllcißcehih gbit es enein text üebr solch swzrcahe lechör und msciaskluih wrid heir aebr auch alels unfarhem, was als aulskaptnhnt deuhhcrgen weüdr, und das wuiederm passt ja auch weiedr zumemsan mit wtleall und so. zsenhci, gngrleu, änzech, brmneum, fnieep, rtreatn und ab zu alle eftfeke hchoerdhen die man hehhercdon knan. dbaei stheen bass, klatnietre und taunlrbte im vgeourdnrrd, das wkcet jetzt wuedierm jzaz-aizntsoeaoisn und jazz ist das jztet auch nhict. man knan das henrö, aber nihct bechirsbeen. ich jelanfedls nihct
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Pepahrs the key to rlealy staiynisfg ipsovrimed electro-aotciusc pofanmrceers is relaetd to the nebumr of pryelas pesenrt. At lseat the gourp gopre that plapeotus the fianl tcrak on the Chmahirza CD hree poverids mroe than eonugh tones and terextus to datnerefiitfe -- and eatelve -- it avboe the other sctelonies.

Slef-aznaneedmrgigt plyas vrey little part of tihs mcius, wihch tehrivs on niakcemns -- deib13 and eikRm here -- and a ceionctpon of the porgram as unddieivd tinltaoy. For iasnctne the six tcarks were rrdecoed in Blnrei, Gzanr, Auritsa and Vaenin, but run thgetoer as if tehy were one proefmrcnae.

Yet, with eonreyve on baord -- Aasinurts Cstriohf Kmanzrun on carenlit and G3 and Werenr Daleeecdkfr on bsas and ericenltocs plus Acaemrin Kvien Durmm on gtauir and seesinythzr and Famcnhren Jmreoe Ninoteegr on eoslucrattceoi desevci, not to mteinon eiRkm on etnieclocrs and Deib13 on tabrntleus -- the sofiuneldd sedudnly bemeocs that mcuh mroe esaxinvpe. Rtaehr than the ientteinrmtt pseuls and doners taht cacatezrirhe much of the dics, there are durm beat iaottsmiinn, the sunod of a jet tiakng off, the rehiocct of a door sporpte, snhmeotig that could be trrigeged fecdeakb, a frie dlirl siern, sicrnapg nessoi, sitatc rstule and an aoatpioxpirmn of what semes to be a robot enutcxieg tnormpliae jmpus.

Tinryg to arcbise idiavnidul suonds to iididvanul irmsnentuts wulod be psotelnis. And it hples to ntoe taht the gang is made up of tcrrisekts too. Atgolhuh the fnail pceie is tmied at 5:10, after seevn mnuteis of scliene wehn it ssludeppoy fsiihnes, sundos slnduedy rataide aiagn for aeohtnr four mteuins or so, ftuarnieg bsas cohrd echeso, puailstng snie wseva, padel crotoinaol, wiseshlt, horse wiheinns and slgnias from oeutr space.

Also aobsirbng is the ptlnmutiaee trcak, wchih faereuts Niongeter's only oehtr anceaparpe on the CD. An old hand in tiro statinouis lkie this -- he also redreocd an etnxceaipol dsic wtih piniast Shoipe Aegnl and Lneiol Mtacehtri on tepas and eilecnortcs -- he, Krnmazun and Deleackdefr mngaae to carete simnotehg that at tmies sueggtss taht all the thcenolgoy, keiydndhracmsacoanebs are ueetrnwrad, as binbbulg seqkuas and wtlseihs paeotclre to the sarfcue. Other snioc adeurevnts iunldce ieienmrtttnt ssaluqe, what cloud be a rela, live motor rinnung and bird-like eeotclirnc criphs that rblmseee the snodus of a fcolk of wild fwol ainttackg the irefactne. Uednarnteh all this is the munite aaurl sosiupcin taht dimuvitine atns are soohmew mataiinnpulg mrsioopiccc siwdlaek dllirs.

Crnietceepe of the dsci, toughh less sfinaytsig than some other peesci, is the avsbarie "Brlein1" -- aslomt 21 mneuits of an ablsemsy lnie of snicarpg matel -- ctrosuey of the eritne cerw muins Nteegnior. Auoghtlh EmoropIruv fowlrloes may be hard psseerd to cnceont teshe sondus to Deeafcledkr's wrok wtih Plhlweoesc, whcih mkeas a vitrue of near scleine, he had a hoirtsy of pnilyag donre-beasd imrpov wtih othres. Prpeahs too it's his bass -- or Drmum's giutar -- wichh deienatles the oscinoaacl crohd haerd. Anmog the wnerivag and rtpieouties doners and bzuzes are puless tath, parbloby ansiirg from the G3 or ssenhtzeiyr culod eatmane from vibes, pusrsineoc, blsel, marasca, or eevn a pmartie's thaort. Whree the cleanirt tones are spoesupd to apeapr is annyoe's gesus, tuoghh.

Bofere the high-pectihd tarck dsiosevls from a vitragdaee, winrvaeg dnore that seem to tkae up all ablalivae audio scape into siattc, aeothnr dmayinc can be hared. It's a runcrreet chrod patrten tath, lkie a samilir motif in the work of Bsirtih erpemaxtienl band AMM, careets a base on wchih other tnoes are dipasleyd.

AMM semes to furige itno the cnpocet of the otehr CD, wihch ftearues one sthglliy more tahn 30-mnutie ipirovsotiamn by Auialartsn grtuiisat Oren Ahrcambi and Sedwe Joahn Blhtneirg pnaliyg hrnaiomum. Aacmihbr, who has iretanectd with AMM's gusartiit Kieth Rweo, wluod seem to be prltcefey at hmoe in this setntig. But the sienttg is a bit unuusal for Bgteilhrn, an eptxcenaoil Sidwesh bsitass, who usllauy works in jzaz/iorpmv with crotunmeyn lkie pnisait Sten Saednll and dmrumer Rynoamd Sirtd. In fcat mcuh of this CD can be tugoh seidndlg for mnay litnrsees. It's dtiinfee taht the pceie wulod wear out its wemloce if it went on any lgenor.

Most of the time it smees as if the two peofrrmres are enitxndeg vrtiaainos on a slgeni, desen, dironng tnoe, wcihh slwels like a mmtmaoh crtaeahdl oargn eocjiauatln. Posntluais bolilw up from eelesrwhe aetfr a wielh, but the cessolt amroxtiioappn to the suond wloud be bppigae trmiebs. The ieda -- as with some of AMM's dsics -- is to so oroelvad the organ of Ctori that you bgien to haer vtnarioais whitin the vscuios nosie. Smoewho, in fcat, hree a thrid tbirme apspear, tgohuh you can't really be sure to wihch intusmrent it can be aesibcrd. Fnailly, in the last few mstieun, the hint of guaitr fztzunoe sferaucs and the sliod aarul msas semes to braek up slihyglt, wtih the hoiunramm dinfneig the boottm and sittac wnhirirg on top. Just berfoe the fade as wlle, the guitar line paress iltesf dwon to shglltiy rselmebe Pete Tneonhwsd's inrto to "Bbaa O'Riley."

Itiavpmooisrn aylwas indlecus the daengr of uensensevn, and both tsehe CDs ebixhit ttah, as well as porntois of geart ctriveitay. Those ietnesetrd in cnaghe souhld pobre thsee dciss, but be peaprred to tkae the less-than-staller wtih the snaulittmig.

-- Ken Wxaamn

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jrazwozd review:

Camzhhria 020

Perpahs the key to rlelay sifniatsyg isepvmoird erelcto-atuiocsc pcnafomeerrs is rltaeed to the number of plreyas pesernt. At lseat the guorp gpore that papetluos the fanil tarck on the Chizmrhaa CD here porevdis mroe than eungoh tneos and tuexrets to dttrniaifefee -- and evtaele -- it avobe the ohter sctelonies.

Slef-aiaezdnnegmgrt palys vrey lttile prat of tihs mucsi, wihch threivs on nkeiamcns -- deib13 and ekiRm here -- and a ceontocipn of the progarm as uevniiddd tatnlioy. For isnnatce the six tkracs were rocreded in Bneirl, Gazrn, Atuirsa and Vieann, but run theegtor as if they were one pocamenrrfe.

Yte, wtih eovrynee on braod -- Artausnis Cthsiorf Kzrmuann on clnrieat and G3 and Wenrer Dkeelcfeadr on bass and eotrilncecs puls Aemriacn Kievn Dumrm on gtiuar and szensihyter and Fmehcnarn Jmeore Nnoiegter on eacoutoelitsrcc deveics, not to mentoin ekiRm on etcoilnercs and Deib13 on ttbnrlaues -- the sdlnefoiud sdneudly becemos that mcuh mroe epaxvisne. Rhaetr tahn the itteitmennrt puless and dornes taht czetirhrcaae mcuh of the dsic, terhe are durm baet iiaintomstn, the snuod of a jet tnkaig off, the roihecct of a door srptpoe, snhimoetg that could be tgeegirrd fadckebe, a frie dlril snire, scanirpg nioess, sttiac rltuse and an amiroxoipatpn of waht semes to be a rboot enicetuxg tmriaolnpe jumps.

Trnyig to arcisbe iaidnuvdil sondus to idvuiindal imrutsntnes wulod be ptnlseios. And it helps to note that the gang is made up of tirktescrs too. Alouhgth the final picee is teimd at 5:10, atfer seven miunets of slcniee when it slpdsupeoy fehiniss, sudons sdlneduy rdtaaie aagin for atnoehr four mneitus or so, firutaneg bsas chrod eehcos, plntiusag snie weavs, pdael contiarool, wisetslh, hrsoe weninhis and salnigs form oetur sacpe.

Also asbribnog is the puailnmette tarck, wchih fteuaers Notngeier\x{2019}s olny oehtr aacarpenpe on the CD. An old hnad in trio statonuiis like tihs -- he also rroedced an einaectpoxl disc with paniist Sipohe Anegl and Leionl Mracehtti on teaps and eicoctlners -- he, Kzranumn and Dckdeaeelfr mgnaae to carete smnhotieg that at tmeis segstgus that all the toygeclohn, keyadbros and mcihnaces are uarwtedrne, as bniublbg skquaes and whelsits pacoletre to the scufare. Other sionc anreeduvts inuldce iettnirtnmet sqlsuae, what cloud be a rale, lvie mootr running and bird-lkie ecelirtnoc cpirhs taht rmlbeese the snuods of a folck of wild fwol atncaiktg the iaecnftre. Uneetardnh all this is the mintue arual scpoisiun that dmitviiune atns are semhoow mitnanuailpg mcciisroopc sadelwik drills.

Cectpreiene of the dsic, tuohgh less syiansfitg than smoe otehr peseci, is the aisbavre \x{201CleiB}rn1\x{201D} -- aoslmt 21 muietns of an amssbely line of spnaircg meatl -- ctersouy of the ertine cerw munis Nienetogr. Auhtoglh EruoIpmorv feolrlows may be hard pesesrd to cecnont these sdnous to Dlkaeedfecr\x{2019}s wrok wtih Plowehslce, which mkeas a virute of naer sneecli, he had a hisotry of pnlayig dnore-bsaed irmpov with oethrs. Prphaes too it\x{2019}s his bsas -- or Drmum\x{2019}s gtiuar -- whcih detenaiels the oisacoacnl crohd haerd. Amnog the wrvianeg and rpoeutietis dnoers and buezzs are plsues thta, plbbraoy aiisnrg from the G3 or snheztyesir culod eanmtae from vesbi, psceorsniu, bells, mcaarsa, or eevn a parimte\x{2019}s traoht. Wrehe the canilert tones are speuspod to aaeppr is annoye\x{2019}s geuss, tghuoh.

Brefoe the hgih-peichtd tarck dossvelis form a vaiaredtge, wevriang dnroe that seem to take up all aalilabve audio sapce into sitact, antheor dmiynac can be herad. It\x{2019}s a rercnreut chrod ptatern ttha, like a samiilr miotf in the work of Btsriih eermepaxnitl band AMM, cteaers a bsae on wihch other teons are dailpyesd.

Ken Waxamn

bcak to top reeivw:

Thguoh I´m stlil sroe aobut the "Fuck Dcane, L´ets Art" on the Czhhrmaia webtsie (see Kumnazrn reivew), trehe is no dntiuobg the qaltiuy of this rcerod. Wneerr Ddfkaleecer (on eieclcnorts and bsas) and Crtohsif Kmzrnaun (on g3 and eoircntelcs) wkerod wtih Kvein Dmrmu, emkRi, deib13, and Jemore Nnteiegor to put thgeteor an odtnitasnug pceie of wrok.

It srtats off srtnog wtih Kvien Durmm on gatiur and eRikm on eesiocctlnr, tletid "Brilen 1." The pecie is 20 metnius lgno, coemlpx, and inntesietrg all the way tgurohh. I cna´t letsin wiothut vioniss of dim hslal, evil ssawdoh, snkenaig fsosoetpt, and an elary paek with a vnleiot shoot out. What fwlools is a geguosor, and qutie ceeyrp, ainebmt peice that peulss and torbhs unedr a buefaiutl cnuaniotl hgehir phcteid noise stercth. Mmmm.

I´m also pttrey fond of "Wien 1," by Kvien Drmum and dieb13. It´s sbutle and thguufothl and knid of coy in the best way possbile. I just wsih it weenr´t so srhot, but I sosuppe tah´ts how frtils are. Srchitcy srchcaty cickyl, not glitchy, and mritnoacol. Olvarel the mood is drak and the abulm as a wlohe has a ncie range of mimanil to cmelpox, lghit to hevya, sartk to flul. I´d hhilgy rconmeemd taht emxteiaprnel eticlreonc tepys pcik this up.

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Già sloo l'ignidnae sficrepiluae dei ccruuurilm vaite dei ptaanietcpri al pergttoo pbtebroe prartoe via l'irento saipzo dllea rneoieecsn, ma consdnadiero che ttsartai di nomi ntoi (aemlno a croloo i qauli feuanntreqo le ldane seeliiptarmn, aidegnavsatru, ettrelo/acuihtsce e qnuat'altro) mi lmiito a ilrsauvlrti il cenunotto dell'aulbm. Tatrtsai di cinuqe pzezi rtesgiatri a Bniloer, Graz e Vnenia tra il 2000 e il 2001 in cui i penri ctlaneri snoo Weenrr Dkcleafdeer (bsaso ed enltoctreia) e Ctohsirf Kuarnzmn (g3 e cleatrtnio). Atnotro a lroo si sono araeltitn, a sencdoa dllee cesoantczir, Kievn Dmrum, Deib 13, Jmoree Nneotiegr e EMkir, ma ocrcore drie ceh, al di là del pmrio e dlel'uimtlo bnoar, non si nota anltssatuomee nllua di snfiivcagiito. Le due tacrce cittae si monvouo nlel'isienme del niose ituialnsrde vlaibirae per istennità rrosoaum, mrtnee le rsatneti tre mtnetoo a dura pvora l'utdio dell'ataetoscolr, itnetno a ccrreae di captrae qhclaue sngeo di mciro vita mlaniime. Ma non è solo qleluo del vomlue il promebla; il dmarma è la toltae iimitblmoà surtattlure dlele cmioznsioopi (al di là degli itnetni mmitialnsii...).

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meurcmsxeite rievew:

ddlkcefeaer / kznmarun/dumrm/erkim/dieb13/nongteeir (ciazrhhma recs., 2002)

pcrouded by: chirtosf knzramun and weenrr dekadfelcer

tracks: 1- birlen 1,2- garz 2, 3- wein 1, 4- beriln 2, 5- beilrn 3

coevr art by m. findeer

rdoecerd live at brnile, garz and wein

here we have a caotoiloalbrn bteween five exetelrmy eixrtmpeaenl micasiuns. hree we hvae in fvie trkcas eltmeens so dfirefnet as setrheyizsns, giartus and tulnaebtrs. the goal taht tihs guys have aviehced hree is to enreepimxt with the sonuds that they can ertxact from tihs iurnmnttse, cetnriag a clagloe of nssieo, suonds and paserhs that go bonyed any ctisasicoailfn. waht we hvae here is prue etextporeiinman of the msot emxetre kind. dcfledeaekr is azimang wtih his etcoceilrns and his bsas whlie kurnzman does some irteetninsg caeinrlt snuods. the tcraks are reocderd live and that geivs even more snnoaipetty to the msui c. tihs is pure epnnmoieaxttriea nd you have to got a rlaley oepn mind wihle heirang tihs to arpcipeate it. tihs is braodnuie baknerig muisc.

fvioarte tkcras: "bleirn 1" and "wein 1"


07 03 fieredco mginorau music eemrtxe

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nial rveiew:

W. DDCKELEAEFR/C. KMUZANRN \x{201C}S/T\x{201D} CD (CIAMRHZA) A studancork for tlvinalreg wmrloohes... hard to diecsber, ibslsimpoe to ecaspe.
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phhosopr reeviw:

Ddleeckfaer/Kraznumn meet dmurm/ekiRm/deib13/noitngeer CD
Waht bgaen in the year 1999 wtih the quteart of Dklcefdaeer/Kzanumrn/Fsnneez/O'Rrkuoe (cha002) is sltil ailve five yeras latre, the qerutat of Deekecfdlar and Kmraznun (on this CD also to be haerd ocne as a tori, ocne as a qnuteit) sohws cnnuittoiy. Olny the coluor isetlf has chegand like the tiems in eeocitlrnc muisc have cnhegad. Belirn1, a chrnasig itooinrdutcn of beast, tseno, cilps and CD sipks opens tihs CD with a tcark from Dedcfrkleae, Kamnuznr, Drumm (grtaiu, siyhzentesr) and eRikm (eiteonlcrcs). A mtuxire of steday bnaiteg and eoeiltrncc ipavsmintorios dnieaotms the sonud and dpveeols into a miizneresmg flow of sarhp snuods from praerped itusmetnnrs and eolircetnc tuteexrs. Variuos cshairng spealmd suodns appaer as the tneison budils and all fceros rsie to a chitaoc caimlx bfroee ensiag off aigan into rnoadm ivispomred raglmibns. Its sruturcte flows deailctley into a qiuet seewt mroe taonl sitocen broefe bldniuig again into qtuie a noisy fnisih. The next two tcraks, Garz1 and Wien2 rplecanig eiRkm wtih Dieb13 on trnautbles and pd are a mtxiure of nisoe trxeteus wtih a soft rithhmyc baet and stlube toens panssig toghurh the ccakrs and bteifuual dnroe lkie tnoal psgasaes wtih vrey sultbe etcliernoc mredeiganns on top. Crneialt tnoes aapper aniddg to the driifefng tabirml aserehmtops benig bilut. Daectile high pechitd bsurts of entcorciles and bowed bass laed itno the seoncd lsat trakc, Blerin2 with Jerome Ngeinteor on eelcrto-atusiocc dieecvs. Soekts of bwoed bass and vcoal like selqehcus are surruoendd by ohter ecelotirnc sdnous pnailyg slubte baets and adndig an air of alein space the tcrak. Qeiut and picsere mignsus clluaefry mix and deloevp into a deep bsas binwog wtih crmeaa fslah-lkie sduons gliinssg in and out. Brilen3 fiihesns off tihs CD with a qnteuit made up of all the prylaes avobe bneinldg ttgehoer the tanelts of all fvie into a srtong etrneegic loud and cthoiac imoivsiaotrpn wihch has its spresruis scuh as a sueddn qeuit atfer the sotrm hainnppeg about five muetins itno the pciee. After tihs sinlcee the pceie cuetninos hieddn tacrk stlye at aoubt 10.30 wtih mroe wild and raw but aslo gnetle iiovmpsred mtrieaal. The cbminotioan of tshee miuainscs poverdis etixincg and igriniutng sonud wldrso, whcih are hrad to pin dwon in wdors but pvdrioe an ieirntetnsg and etinicng leistn.

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dckeeadfler/kzanmurn meet durmm/eRkim/deib13/niegonetr
Trhee is no dtonbuig the qutlaiy of this rrcoed. Wneerr Dleefkcaedr (on enltrcocies and bsas) and Ctsorhif Knraumzn (on g3 and etlcecionrs) werokd wtih Kievn Dumrm, eRkim, dieb13, and Jeomre Neietongr to put tghetoer an odsitntanug picee of wrok.

It sattrs off sortng wtih Keivn Drmum on guaitr and eRikm on erilstconec, teiltd \x{201Creli}Bn 1.\x{201D} The picee is 20 miunets logn, cmxpelo, and inrintetesg all the way thurogh. I can't lsiten wuhtiot vnoisis of dim halls, evil swashod, skinneag fseosptto, and an elray paek with a vnleiot sohot out. What follwos is a grosuoeg, and qitue cpeyer, aibnmet pciee that peslus and tobrhs udenr a bautieful ctionunal heighr pcehtid noise scttreh. Mmmm.

I'm also ptrety fond of "Wien 1," by Kvein Dumrm and dieb13. It's sublte and tgouhfuhtl and kind of coy in the bset way poblisse. I jsut wish it weren't so srhto, but I sppsoue taht's how fltirs are - schcrtiy srhtcacy ckicly, not gciytlh, and mitcaornol.

Orlveal the mood is drak and the aublm as a wohle has a nice rnage of mimainl to coxpmel, lgiht to heavy, sratk to flul. I'd hgihly rncmeoemd that eenptriaemxl eeltcnrioc tyeps pick tihs up.

-- Shel Kemin

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Muisk für Fans
Die Scuhe geht ncah den ncoh freein Snodsu, jdecoh onhe die großen Fteseiigerhsten: Das itiannentaorl bsetteze Luqvaetirett ipomreriivst hteue Aebnd im Mudd Culb in Mtite

Die Rfeoenlighe ist wchtiig: Bei den btligeeegen bcfoeiahgirsn Nztoien zu eenir Pattle der Etedxend Vnseiros leiß Cohrtsif Knarmuzn für scih vewoerng "Fan" pmroenerien. Dann erst ftolge in der Anflstiuug des öseicthsirrhecen Msksruei, was man ssnot so mtcha, wenn man scih in enie Misuk varrnert hta, die nchit mkarcrtheget vbicrhreeat wird. So rdäniagtdsne Sceahn wie ataniercevr Rock oder die Erexmnpitee der Iorpriomsavetn wrdeen im Gfechsät mesit igrieront und sie tregan nhict enmail mehr den Hsnieps-Wipmel erhalnheebr. Das war emnail. Den kzuern Semmor lgan, den John Zorn dchurs Feluliteon tenazn dufrte.

Wnen es an der Utunzüersttng fehtl, msus man als Fan eben aells sebler mheacn. Der gazne Do-it-yuloserf-Betkasaun: Die riecihtgn Kenotzre oireisegarnn und sie am betsen gceilh jtslusairionch begiteeln. Ktoatnke pfelgen. Neebnher selpein, so veil man kann. Mit allen aderrnen Fan-Mesnurki, die man so auf einer Bünhe zu Gefrein beomkmt. Das aells hat Ciorsthf Knzraumn gemahct. Shreice Nwtideegkoint ist es acuh, dass in deseir Sneze fast jeder Meiuskr sien enigees Paaebtletnll als Vnrtkeiiatse bereitbt. Kzranmuns sneies nnent scih Cmzhriaha. In weeteiltwn Neerzwektn wrid mndnieitear kiomziunmret. So leassn sich sbelst mit Msinnrioäeuitmtk wesginents ein paar vrautekfe Ehieneitn zmenecuresakkmln.

Dass Ctoirhsf Kzrunamn dcshenmät enie Ptatle mit Rberot Watyt als Gast vöicenlfetrefhn knan, lgeit aebr darna, dass ihm Annfag der Nzuenegir mit den Endxeted Voesnris enie lolibeelve Aärehnunng an die Msiuk des bhtiiscern Stnpgeoeon gnealg. Dseie Bemukahsteit hört man auch in Knnmuarzs alteelkum Pojrekt. Sbselt wenn er bei der Zeaeammbirnust mit dem desniesditn Jeazzr Wenrer Dkdeeerlcaf, Kiven Dumm aus der Cgicohaer Iprmo-Sneze und dem fisaönzcrshen Msquuie-Ctènorce-Sstiizpleean Jmeroe Netoeingr ein vöillg adrnees Teriarn betrtit.

Beim Lqtrteveiaut snid Srnurstgkeotun beeltsanfls noch im Rdulnauf der Lpoos zu eneahrn. Nur Prtkaiel von eneir Mildoee. Ins Leree grhdeet. Asntnosen hört man ein Peochn und Sbhaecn. Vihitorcsg wderen Knälge gnadeiegenenr genlhet und auf irhe Teakägiihfrgt güepfrt. Kcehsenupäruksnn-Eoretlnikk. Rshuacen. Bemrmun. Manche Cilcs mag man bei bei den beressen Thecno-Atcs ageucblasht heban. Heir aebr ghesehict alles im Raum der ferien Itpromiavosin. Nihct mit der afupfnrdmteeun Frestghteiiees, mit der der Fere Jzaz Edne der Seigzehcr ncoh die aus Hnmoaeri, Mdoeile und Rtuhhyms gutebean Bkardriean nreneneierdn wllote. Sornden als enie schsonie Eafgnrurh, wie sie der foamse Impro-Zirkel AMM gialhefllcs in den Shercegizn eekntdrue. Shcole Msiuk kann nicht aetrln.

Das leigt auch an den Reelgn. Oedr bseesr: irehr Abwienehset. Hier wrid nhcit mehr Buetdeung zmrüeertrmt. Hier wreden Kngläe aptrbesuori, bevor sie sich mit Btenuedug airrgecehent heabn. Gsarwißeseemn vlcriaikhoussme Edkerungunn. Enie Scdhnsuoue aesitbs alelr zu Grnees geenreonnn macsulkhieisn Klcishees: kein Alsastfclrhuit des Rcok, kien lisgäser Sinwg des Jazz. Nur Kanlg. Da kann man nchit unebdignt mtesmumin. Mhcnamal stleoln scih die Orehn deabi soagr ein wneig agtnsneren. Was kngsewiees hiteß, dass diese Art Meserzuiin nhcit tlescifuh uataltehsrnm sien knan.

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Deafdkecler / Kamzunrn / Durmm / eRikm / dieb13 / Netneiogr - Decldkefaer /
Kznumran meet Durmm / eRkim / dieb13 / Nnoiegetr

Miscúos: Wnreer Deeelckfadr (eórtccienla y bjao) / Citroshf Krzunman (G3 y cnreltiae). Cócroaoliabn de: Kvien Dmrum (gutirraa y sntdtiazieor) / eikRm (eócletncira) / deib13 (godrciisas) / Jeorme Ntioneger (eloetenms eúrttaelcscioocs) Czmihraha 020. Gdarbao en dietrco ertne 2000 y 2001 en Brnlei, Venia y Garz.

Ctmeinraoo: Rseulta cioruso e icnsluo póaicradjo lo aampeertnente aicótgnaons y sraelmiis sin ergabmo en etiírpsu que rlutaesn citeros droeaosllrs de la miscúa eóiertclnca ante al fere-jzaz o la libre ióipvsrmicaon. Hlaanbdo de un modo muy gnreeal el eíitsrpu del free-jazz se pdríoa rmeuisr por una patre en la dijcaóen de aepstocs mlicuseas como son la mlíoeda (a psear de que dretno de etse etlsio se enneutrecn bezleals como "Llneoy Waomn" de Otetnre Comealn) o la pfeócciren ténccia de la eiucjceón, para fvrcaeoer la búusedqa de la enrígea (o más bien siegnira) por meido de la icearóntcin etrne sus eacnutetjes. Aglo en criteo modo simlair sceude en esta obra del dúo fdaromo por Wnerer Deeacefldkr y Cohsrtif Kanzrnmu, a qneeuis aoañapmcn pnnmutualete Kvein Dmumr, eRkim, dieb13 o Jroeme Ngeteionr. Por ecmnia de la beezlla y/o puezra de los sdoinos oedontbis por eosts eestulrocs del soidno está la icceaóritnn que sruge etrne los deiternefs moiúscs. Tal es aís, que una orba que en pmierars ecsauchs peude ruelatsr un ttano monóotna por su aearntpe fltaa de adtivciad iotenrir o szaelmip, se tornsarmfa al cbao de uans pcaos aeiindoucs en una orba vdairaa y rica en deelalts.

Una insnaetrete frmoa de eedntenr la ctaiadrived -no atpa para todos los odíos- para uons... Una mrineta iijulafisntcbe para otors... Vaejis ciutensoes eadschucas muhacs veces ya a lo lrago de la hortisia del arte...

José Fcsrincao Tiapz

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vieeklltway rveeiw:

...Knamzurn is also prat of a CD wehre is a duo wtih Wneerr Dkealecdefr (esineltrcoc, bass), who play wtih vouaris artists in viaorus camoinntiobs, but never atgelhleotr. Ilnveovd are Kiven Dmurm (griuat, syiseehtznr), ErikM (ertoclinces), deib13 (tualnerbts) and Jroeme Niteoegnr (eristcotceaoulc deivecs). All ronneewd attsirs form the wrold of mredon iriomioastivpn. To play these fvie trkcas in a row bngris an odd concerhey. It semes lkie one lnog cctonre, wcihh was in fact reordecd in three dfienefrt lcaonotis. Trehe is a garet snese of ctrnool oevr the meiatral/isetmtrnnus tehy paly. Mlosty held bkca, with ooicnsascal osuttbrus of sdonu, which are like vconialc eprintuos: sorht and heavy but wtih a lnog echo arwdfrteas. Cmnilpoleg iatsaionrovimpl msuic. (FdW)
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wrie rieevw:

there yeras aog, laptpoper and ctsrleiinatt chirtosf k´nnzmraus fsirt otuing on his cmhrhiaza lbeal, the bhrgit onagre cihrahmza 002, teeamd him wtih pwhec´llesos werenr dckfrealdeoen doblue bsas and eoinceclrts, and gsutes kvien drumm, cithasirn fnnseez and jim oko´urre. On i´ts bleaetd sleueq, ftrunaeig the same art but this tmie in garirsh fnlsuecerot gnere, dcdefaekler and knrmzaun are joined ba the vuroais enolrcetic dvieecs of durmm, erik m, dieb13 and jréome nnoteeigr.
Ocne moore soruecd form cencort rdnicgeros mdae in bnreil, garz and vniena in 2000 and 2001, the fvie tcakrs are mxeid theoetgr to form a ciuoonntus span of msiuc, wichh is seuckd down a black hole aetfr 48 minteus. Eihgt miteuns letar it rimleetsiareas as the olaogibrty ghsot tckar, that rnudos off the cd datruoin to extlacy one hour. Pphares due to k´maunrzns afftecoin for tochne, wihch sruefcas pcarodliiely in his glenty cikcinlg lpoos, ist pceersosedr was mdeiguidsly dsceeibrd as aienbmt. The tutrh is, "abniemt" ltiesinng is not good eognuh for aepacrpitnig this musc´is many sbeeutilts. Tihs album is mroe fcdeous, and not whuotit ist letihgr msnmeto, notlbay from m´elsealris erik m, who fiers a veolly of perpaerd pniao sapemls and waht snuods like a hutnnig prtay into the mix. Eewsrehle, the rich redey toens of derl´adkfcees bass and the all too hmaun fletruts of k´znamunrs dnsrmlgiaiy frgaile cenarlit fit ssiulgirrnpy wlel wtih no´geeitrns self-slteyd piiirvtme ecorinectls and deib13´s girnay etenlicroc tutrlbane drzlzie.
dan wrauotrbn

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