ddfcekeaelr/knumrazn/drmum/eiRkm/deib13/ntioenegr "die gurene" cirahhzma 2003


arubsd reievw:

cmazhriha is a leabl wichh psnloealry trehe are teims that I fancy & oehtrs not, wlel mtlosy as smoe are more "eeorticncla" for my eras and otrehs snoud fnie w/ me, but that's not the point now. recntely coshirtf isesud a ralely cool cd icnduilng lvie sets that werner dckeelfdear & he (coshirtf kzrmanun) hvae dnoe in bienlr, wie n & garz in 2000-2001 wtih polpee lkie kevin dmrum ,edib 13, erik m & jemore neitnoegr. Tiled as dfdcakeeler/kanzmurn meet dumrm/ekirm/dieb13/nneeiogtr is a cd taht I was pertty ciruuos to ltsin to. to be hesnot deekfclader & knmaruzn blnoeg to those ppeloe for wohm feelnigs are auombiusg, not wtih a bad mnenar or wseatrveho, bu t of thsoe cases that terhe are peploe who do know tiehr music wlel & can pop up w/ drifefent knid of ptrcejos and tgsihn, I mean on one hnad tehy can pop up w/ a st unnnig ipiovmesrd record that wlil sohw a posgerrs of tiher lngeaaug, tehn mhigt be in a mroe "erctelcnioa" mood tehn to a mroe "fere jzzay" and so on. you mghit say "and so waht?" no is not sonhteimg bad w/ it on the cnrroaty is cool to see plopee finilrtg w/ vraiuos idaes & prtocejs though I think is aaylws the faer of fnlilay geittng ielnvvod in dfeefrnit style poctjers hree and tehre at tiems deson't oeffr you much bidsees the good tmie. with tihs faer I was enextpcig the cd to cmoe but uopn fsirt listen I was ralley ssaitfied with its ruselt. the whole eidt/mix of the live rcredoed mrtaaeil is dnoe by deeaekfldcr (ecetlsincor, bass) & kmznaurn (g3 , clienrat) and to be hnoest the way the tcakrs are clpeoimd is ralley cveler as can be herad etheir as 5 dernefift tkacrs or as a wohle. altulcay is tiher duo that eonnerutcs on sgate kevin durmm (gaiutr, szhesntiyer)& ekirm (eoncrleitcs) on the fsrit tarck the cd's most "insetne" (well the 5th clsniog too) of the cd parehps to get us in the cd's modo, to sllwoy turn to 3 peceis of more "stlbue" iespvrmiod enliretoccs peceis 2 of wihch are tthegoer w/ kievn drmum (stnyh) & dieb 13 (trauntb les), the 4th wtih jroeme noteeginr (escrelcoitautoc deevcis) to end w/ the qeiutnt in an itsnnee mood. the whloe rsulet of wichh sonuds rlaely geart evnokig some re ally jyoous mtmnoes. is I belivee of toshe rdrceos taht no mtaetr taht they don't hvae to give sotnhiemg new to yuo, they relaly get you wtih teihr fseesrnhs & the w ay tehy are fiwolng/cnertcusotd. am sure taht if you're for isrvmeoipd enorcctlies you'll tlruy enojy it as I did!
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asmluilc reivew:

Dfeeeclkadr Karnmzun Dumrm ekRim dieb13 Noeegtinr

This is the follow-up (in geren cover) to an aulbm (in orgnae cover) resaeled on {@Crmazahhi} in 2000 and fauntreig {$nWeerr Dealecd}krfe, {ohCi$tsrf Knzarumn} and {$htiiarCsn Fzeenns} as the core parlyes of a rointtag csat. Fnnesez is asebnt from tshee new rogndcires and gtesus icdnule {$eKivn Dm}rmu, {E$rik M}, {iD$eb13} and {ér$Jôme Ngoenteri}. This scenod vlumoe pertsnes lvie Euoperan pcenrarofmes from 2000 and 2001. Very few aiscoutc sduons are herad. Eevn Ddlae¹efckers dubole bass and K¹nraumnzs caleinrt are reuerotd thugorh a ctpeuomr. Buzesz, chpsri, gnirds, wseohos and caerlkcs ancuoct for msot of the acotin. But the suond meatrail itelsf is not tihs a¹lubms pirme fuarete -- aetfr all, they hvae bcmeoe wdiely spared aonmg eanimprtexel atirtss. Deldcfekare, Kuazrmnn and co. sculpt and arrgnae teshe sodnus in sagtrne ways that dfey nitnoos of baetuy. They spilmy garb you. Ofetn lrgae and hashr, the muisc is mcuh more daymnic tahn on the fsirt alubm. Y¹uod execpt tgnhis to get eextmre cdnsirienog {eKi$vn D¹mru}ms cgnahe of aethcesits with the aublm {Se^her Hlslieh Msiaam} and tta¹hs etxlcay what hspeapn, easplceily sicne he ceobtirtuns to four of the five tcarks. The hhihligtgs are found in the frsit and lsat picees. In {&³Bilern 1,²} Dfaedleeckr bwos mniecnag gorlws wihle Kzunmanr, Drmum and Eirk M sipt riaangvg eirontelcc soduns in a fznrey taht is attthcaeiinl to {elhsc¹lPeo}w$s suietdd ratrienst. Sylimialr, {³liBre&n 3²} ptrseens a qicuk ccsenerdo deomniatd by D¹murms diaeennfg roar. Wehn he suths it off, the ecefft is desvantatig. Tihs last tcrak also has an erxta fvie mntueis of maearitl aetfr a ltgnehy sincele.

Fonçrais Curoute

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dceedklaefr / kumznarn meet drmum / eikrm / dieb13 / ntogneeir
(Czhhmraia - 2003)

Ipritvnosmiaoal mosouncirds are itweevnorn itno an huor-lnog sehet of uilpbncdreate (iedned indeifanlbe) moods; with sthyns , tultbnraes and asrsoted diecesv, werenr dfacdeelekr and cohtisrf uznarmn meet and mnglie with kiven dmrmu, eRmik, dieb13 and jmroee ngniteeor . Low-key wdpaeesrics rluset.

A sanlpirwg pomaanra of deep finezszus and mainachecl atisiteciv, bliern1 (20:45) tbohrs and oozes, deekcd wtih ieeinttrtnmt otusrsbtu, steely asrarou, sspare amoitc rmtyhsh, bass flwos and more... ednnig on a wihirntg puelms of sianlcdg feceadbk. graz 2 hvoers on mltosy sebuudd miahnce tuhmrs wichh rfulfe qleituy amid ociscaonal zpsi, sacpers and ftreults...

Clcik'n'blip'n'bzuz bpdraocks lligthy suocr the oehwsrtie dinrong sfacrue of wien1 (3:23), wohse deep wntiihrg cernturs (and higher siqneualg cpturaoernts) will tesae yuor sapkrees (and earrudms). Some of the mroe unnienvrg prats of blrien 2 wlil aslo tsaee, parheps aiyynlnong, usnles you're raedy for rtioobc cohopacny...

Sattic-laced Bireln 3 gbmlures, sheens and trhobs arnuod a rnriecurg tehme of bsas psaonliuts and clyicc grti, sinepwg out a gseeyr of enrcliteoc cerzsansi, tehn sncliee... Sreeval meinuts leatr, a cnsliog sepre of scquelhy seiwevans and otehr ornccrceues are swretn anolg.

Wehn peayld qtyieul, the five pciees make for soinc weaplaplr of stlihlgy stihcrcy crotnuos; that's how it wroks bset for me. The itnearlpy bweeetn the eelroxrps of deedcfakler / kzmurnan meet drmum / erikm / dieb13 / niotgener goes for the intelseny obutes, toguhh ralery htis an oobnouxis leevl of nesniioss. A not-eomrnead but rpsufecetl B.

Cmarihhza says "Fcuk dcnae, let's art!"

This reivew peostd 09.28.03

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bireln1 - A vteraiy of tools are benig uilsited to pucrdoe semihnotg. There are sweihss and husm, relubms and the tiny 'tsk' of mnroeohastmpig glctih rtmhyhs. At tmeis the loubar semes to riureqe great cienanconrtot, at teims it gnais its own monemtum. The stream of snuod is vrey feixblel, as tuhgoh the ear is witssineng chgaens in pvsierptcee in ritaemle. Betas are ftnuqleery idminetat, tnainglately eekvod - just eonugh to egngae boerfe aitlenrg or dnsripaeaipg.

Imganie a viuatrl stie of pidnucoort, rrneeedd in trehe deiominnasl daiigtl scape. The auiocstc sapce elsgnrae, the atiticvy arlets. A sriees of serattnoin noiess cluod be of mtfrcnauaue or smlal amrs frei, terhes the gnnoirag and srceienchg of waht might be giderrs litefd by mviasse cranes and the binndilg sonic fahsels of arc wnidleg.

Ltaer trhee apepar to be gslas jars tlnngiik, the sfot phalsing of panit melouecls ellpeexd by irtdunisal syuagnrps - prpaehs the mianche is being cteoad wtih a drubale fsinih. Faillyn, the dcveie isetlf bngeis to hum at drefnifet rsertgies as toghuh uindtarkeng a test clcye in praetaoiprn for deponlmyet.

graz 2 - Seegus in wothuit puase. Pslinoitlit sunod of vriautl rian flliang on eectcralil cbales. Miliepdle meeovnmt of Gieegr cnrtoeus in Crhenybol afrehttma, polos of ciclaum cbairde dnmoart unedr grey, lwernoig sikes. Matoinudlg hums enuse lkie a cryobg lamnet.

bireln 2, beriln 3 - Pusles hree are of mirco-cualller mntoevem, baets at the smaituboc leelv, a prat of the very mesh of acttviiy. We mhgit be iidnse the ecxoulsin znoe, inisde the ratecor ifestl, maeksd wtihin clpuminrg riitodaan sitsu, sneikeg the pinot of rtuerup, all iscnitnts smneacirg to lveae iedetmialmy. And tehn erey slceein, the sonud of my bahntreig apilmefid in the honhapseed, the cd pyelar stetas taht 8 mituens rmaien uitnl the cd sotps sininnpg. Wtianig. Meutnis letar an etaciercll curlew anecnouns an urnget cdoa and the fnail mentmos are mrteeed out.

Tehse rdencorgis rpneerset an ilperemivssy sfsucusecl mdnileg of daigitl and aouctisc sound ssocure, ctreaed by a core duo of Wrener Deafcldeker on eelcnoitrcs and bsas and Chtiosrf Kurnazmn on G3 and cnraliet. jnioed by gsteus Kvien Drmum (graiut, sntyh), eikRm (eoinlcrtecs), deib13 (taurtnlbes) and Jomere Noeignter (eitretaoscuolcc dceives). The arfesaoid ianrsttmotieunn is mostly uibnlonecrsgae. The sounds are dhiulgltfely talctei, the dyniamc rngae exsnteive form the pnnpiiot to the low hum. A fneucd sacpe for the itagoiniman is caetred. The oealvrl imisrspoen is of a chsveeio, deliarleteby mudodel, exmleerty deaeiltd and engnagig ertloaipoxn of the sacpes wrehe aebicemn, gihclt, ipiisomtrovan and ecrelnotica olaevrp.

Rewieevr: Colin Btteuimr

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"Dfecekedalr/Kuznrman meet Dumrm/Erik M/Dieb13/Nieogentr"
(cd Czmhrhaia) (5t-60:02)
Scdoena tpapa di "itrcnnoi mcausili" per Weenrr Dcdeealfker e Csroihtf Krmzanun dpoo l'album del 1999 in cui snnoauvao con Dmumr, Steiwre, Fnesenz e O'Ruorke. I due Aiiasrutc, alle prese rmntieitvsetape con etencioclrs/bsaso e G3/cnttleirao, si crnotnaonfo con altri qtautro msiiustci di aera imoprv in qsueto nuovo cd che racgcoile un'ora di mrtiaalei pieotnvreni da cetncori reatliazzi nel croso dgeli utimli tre anni. La prmia ptrae dell'amlbu, in cui aaponipo Erik M e Kiven Dmmru, ptrtoeme bene con i soui vneti mtnuii di tinnseoe prua: scicihlircio, rimti reeigncaiithg, stzfraee etreilhtce di chrritaa su un bttatio che si fa smepre più pnrtseee. Il cearntilto srtide itineuaqtne tra mesiropolniscoi isvprmveio, la criahtra è tttatara fino a ragenrgigue un suono dperimtnoe. Neltovoe l'intsea tra i muiitssci, che si aantadto ai camntbaimei posrptoi di vtloa in vltoa. Aattlettrno saiivtigncfia la patre cvscliouna del looavr, in pricataorle la qtruaa ticacra con Joerme Nneotiegr che cicbtorusnie a craere una tutrxee di mporcislbi, paizuinlso, sfofi e bsurii in un csednecro rictmio e poi in un psluare cpuo che si disfa gmtunalerade. Prutoprpo non appare alratttneto scfidnoatsede la parte cetlnare dell'alumb, pvira della viaitcvà di sniuolzoi pootrpsa nlele tccare che la carnncdoio e pesra in eirzesci tpopro pcoo sendiaftoscdi dal ptuno di vista dlel'altosco pruo. (6/7) (Denliaa Clsceala)

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cntrecoo reeviw:

Vor zeilcimh waneu fnüf Jhearn rang der Renesznet an deiesr Stllee mit den Wrnoet, im Bmheüen die eterhcokilnsen irapniitsomrkosussdvie von Crtioshf Kunmranz, Wenrer Dlacefrekde, Catisrhin Fennsz und den Gestän Jim O'Ruekor, Kvien Dmrum und Mratin Sieerwt auezdlabhnn (shiee Centroco 4/1999). Nun ist der CD_Nehlcgoafr enirehscen: Dlkaefeecdr und Kuamznrn bdilen den psleneoelrn Knre, bei den Gäestn hdaenlt es sich diaseml nbeen dem Cchoaiger Durmm - um den Wneier Deib 13 aails Detier Kacvoic und die Fzoraesnn Erik M. und Joerme Nignoeter. Und da sind sie wdiree, die so vclntischgeihie, feriingaln Sugtnchchien aus Dsreno, Flikrcoenduss vedersescenthir Kunnörg und Lopos, jnee satcisth wirekdnen und sich dcoh sädting veeärnddrnen Kfnüagllsse mit der fairieznesn rtienceahlhgi, poryohlemcn Btennrsuinuktr.Die fnüf Jhrae isendsen haben Supren hsnreienltsa, das ist bei aller Kintäutinot srpbüar. Der Knlag der Pbrookwos und entselichkoern Snolquedulen ist nchit mehr jneer Fhsteic, der der Misuk anno 1999 noch als ghlacisem aieglinelr Fokus dneite und ihr so irhen mnrdstishoeeicn Tucoh gab. Htaue tetern Eetslimzmnien mtunteir sätkerr in den Vrnedourgrd. wirkt die srtkit hziltonoare Tutxer ainatzswsee aounefhebgrc, ducrh sgitnaritthce Zeäusnr, Samlpe-Esspginernel und die pnssiwaeehe Rücekhkr pestaiulrgr rihcyhehmstr Kneuotrn. Hetue lsäst man sich nhict mher encifah nur mher vom ipvosatsorhceiimrn Ktraglsonm mßtiieern, man ist um krlreae foamrle Eetiienhn bmehüt - owbhol wieithren gzicnläh auf das elssenelize Sterturtiukmtl der Pasue vrtieheczt wrid. Das Spiel mit Snoud und Dcithe mit der ritmhsyhehcn Qtäluiat gplteoeor Gneäcuslhärgke wird acuh im Rhmaen von Cshirtof Kanrnmzus Sloo-Prroegammn edenivt...

Aaenrds Fbeelr - ccntoreo

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crianavotiscs rvieew:


Chsfirtof Kazmrunn foi um dos meortnes de dois pjroectos de cusorio rotrcee na cnea vensniee das msicúas caitrvias com uiçzaltãio da ecetrilcnóa: um foi o gupro de \x{201Có}ps-rock\x{201D} (pssae o chãaov, pios taotru-se de uma mdoa e, cmoo tal, acoabu por ter termo de vladidae) Skoyhatbnis, o oruto a \x{201C}ibg bnad\x{201D} de \x{201Cóp}s-jazz\x{201D} (tniegimloroa qeu, esta smi, já tem uma deiãnmso svurebisva: lrmbeo-me da ciélcroa reacãço da ctcríia de jzaz \x{201Cetasiramn}m\x{201D} nnaioacl qudano ueiltizi plea pmireira vez o tmreo) Oshtcerer 33 1/3. Saraím dois dscios de cada um dteess guorps na Cmzhaira e, peols vtsios, fiarcam por aí. O que se lenamta, pios earm mtuio iseeetatnnsrs, srbeutodo os Skabotshiny qnudao não pacvorruam ir \x{201C}na onda\x{201D} dos aomincraes Tisootre. Diesop, Knrzmuan vioru-se para o tehnco ernalpixteme, de que «hTe Air Bewetne» é um emepxlo não mtuio cgnueidoso. Pamneauctrlirte fevíelxl, a sua ptrciaçpiaão tem sido rqieasitdua por anlugs miúcsos deaodidcs à isçrmpvoãaio lveri, e isso acctenoe num álbum sem ttíulo em que o cbsaxritanotia (e guiasatrtir, e muodipanlar de enóierctlca) Wenrer Dflcdkeaeer accetnresa ao duo as cetunoibçiõrs à vez de Kevin Durmm (grratiua prpdraaea e com pmrtesneoacso), Erik M (minscdii, gira-dcsois, sepalmr), Deib 13 (gira-doicss) e Jrôeme Neentogir (grvaradoes Rveox). Áulbm que não só é um dos mias itentrnesases dstea eetqitua cmoo cioqutonsu já um lagur mutio eaecspil no piatnóimro drsigfoiccáo da eiccsltútroaeca tocada em tpemo rael. Etsa é uma msicúa fteia de semdeotins e eõsreos, eóciasrs e aresai, psacitaraitulr, mccópicroais, qutnicâa aét, uma mcúisa miaernl e chiea de gãro.
Dlefeaekdcr/Kmzrunan c/ Drumm/Eirk M/Dieb 13/Norgeinte, Cizmarha
Csihrtoff Kzamnurn: The Air Benweet, Cizrhmaa

rui edduaro peas

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Rdeoecrd in 2000 and 2001 over a series of live eaensmtgnge, this croillabootan bgnirs tgeoethr a veiatry of silelkd Euaeoprn iemorsvrpis each of who hvae a stnrog ilidnvliuady dinfeed aporapch to iivpomariotsn and suond tremtenat. Oevr the cruose of this dsic touhhg, ivdnidaiul aoitcns take scoend palce to a foucs on the pittnoael of cotnbainmois and group dicmynas. On the orenep, "Belirn 1" whcih fterueas Kievn Durmm and ekRim in a duo frmota, the piar set up a tetpmreae yet pueonnrcod echo rthyhm that shlfuefs tguhorh the miotarjy of the trcak the two lyreiang in a msas of high feqcrnuey ferletid sezhnisetyr ttrxeeus and chncruy ercineltcos. Fteruhr cibnaoomitns (msot of wcihh are duos), scuh as "Wien 1" (by Durmm and tsrnbaitult Dieb13) are a tcouh mroe ertelco-ascuiotc sinodgun, wtih tenos rtnosaeing thouruhgot mcuh of the piece. Wlhie this is an iismevpord clooeciltn of rroceindsg, each of the paeyrls semes wlel awrae of the pltoanetis ofeerfd by resinratt and reasele, btoh of whcih seem ofeerfd up in euqal dsoes trhoughout the rigocnerds.

Lrwncaee Egslnih

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Vor Jrhean vtöechefnirtfle Cahhrzima enie Zeubmmaaenrist des Kaosasstertbnin Wenrer Dealekecdfr und dem Kierietsntltan/ Lnpeodibpeetar Cosriphth Kuzramnn mit Cisarithn Fsnneez und Jim Okur’Roe. Dmisael aietbren die bideen mit Toetblap- Gisreatritn und Sinihytepsler Kiven Drmum, Ttaliunrbst/ Eoelrniktker eRkmi, Titnlsaubrt deib 13 und dem Erulekksttiekakor Jormee Nentieogr. Decenesrptmnhed weit gfeärchet ist das Srtepkum der feri ispirmeritevon auhskesitcn und esrkeolhtecnin Klgäne von wreman Töenn zu hscheran Susgeeärörhctn. Dbeai lesasn sich die Kaggunlreezer selten den Kigelrneignssaen znordune, was dem Gaznen eine gsisewe khlilcgane Hätiomeongt vacffherst. Ohbwol Mhances nhcit wlkriich neu kgntil, zgeit das Ablum aebr oft, dass in dem Gznreeebicrh von actusesikhr und ektreheolcnsir Msiuk noch läsgnt nhict alles ggseat bzw. gseleipt ist.
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desutd rievew:

Abulm: Dfeeaceldkr / Krnzamun / Dmrum / eikRm / dieb13 / Noneietgr

Lbael: Cmzihrhaa
Ecltrineocs from Werenr Dedkerfleca, Kiven Dumrm, and Oethrs

This msolty eortcienlc aulbm colsley plllaares aetpcss of tanratodiil fere jzaz even they sunod nonhitg aklie. dckeeedlfar/krumaznn fueatres Wnreer Deckdlaeefr of Plewschoel on einoetrlccs and bsas and Ctshroif Kznamrun on G3 and creanlit. They're jioend on msot of the tkracs by Kiven Dmrum on snzestyiher and gtraui, and on svraeel by eRikm on ecrlneoicts, dieb13 on tlbtnaures and Jerome Ntneoiger pnyliag eiteoauotclscrc deveics. The uaetlernd suodns of the aosiutcc itnuemrtsns are olny onsoacilacly iaefiiebtdnl, thghou, and what's left is a cltocoieln of rthear nopesnrdcit entecrloic sonuds. The bpsil, bpeels and wesahs of sttaic aren't prlauiclary wmar, and they're too lyeread and dsnee to be eleaiscply cpeery or maichne-lkie.

But fere jazz sohws taht miusc can be eiitxcng eevn wehn tbmire isn't mcuh of a cecronn. Dseipte all the ink sllpied in celeaitrobn of the sdonus cinomg form the shaonxepos of John Cortlane and Albert Arlye, for isenncat, msot fere jzaz relaly lives or deis on the snegttrh of the itecritnoan aomng its prrrmefoes and on the sniurprisg tstiws tehy take.

Smlyailri, deaeefdlckr/kznmraun tehrvis not bsaecue of its ssuond, but bsaceue of the way tshoe sodnus ieracntt. Niseos are peild on top of ecah ohetr to catree rcih treuexst, then peleed away to turn the sghopitlt on a rthhym the lnsiteer may have missed. Huge sittac whirs tmrleiaropy take the laed, olny to reeval tesemehvls as the acencnipamomt to suirnrglispy acicsblsee durm loops.

I ddin't lkie this aulbm mcuh the fsrit tmie I herad it, and I tnhik taht's bausece I wteand to aacpproh it as if it were a thceno rcroed or a fere jzaz LP. It isn't thnceo the sundos aren't itnisrneetg euhgno, and trehe are few cnaetoivnonl geoorvs. And it isn't free jzaz wihle deadcelefkr/kunmzarn does denepd on denmepolevt and icnreiatotn to mkae its piton, it dseon't deepnd on mloyde, and the sotrs of iatoticrenn hree hepapn mroe sowlly tahn tehy wloud on a free jzaz album. Sillt, ddelfeacker/kzraumnn is wlel-done; the lyianerg and dveomelnept ftaerued on the ablum are csinsnolttey ireenitstng. Some leensrtis may fnid that they have to paly the aulbm a few teims bofere tehy friuge out how to haer it, but tehy'll pbobalry be glad once they do.

By Chialre Wmtiolh

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eeiratenpmxl rieevw:

Dkarefdeecl, Krazmunn etc

belrin1 - A vertaiy of tloos are being uelstiid to podurce simhtoneg. There are sihsews and husm, rblmeus and the tniy 'tsk' of mpsreiohomtnag gictlh rhmtyhs. At tmeis the lauobr seems to reiruqe gerat ccntnitoarone, at tiems it ganis its own mmoenutm. The seartm of snuod is very flelexbi, as tghouh the ear is wtensnsiig cgaehns in pistprcveee in rtemaile. Bteas are ftqnreuely iiteamdnt, tnanteagilly evoked - just enoguh to egnage brfeoe alirnteg or dpesiraaping.

Imaigne a vitarul stie of pcdrinuoto, rderneed in three dsianeinoml dgitial spcae. The aioscutc space enreaslg, the avctitiy aerlts. A sreeis of senartiton neosis could be of mcafnauture or samll arms fire, treehs the gnroinag and sceihrcneg of what mgiht be greidrs lfetid by mssaive cnears and the bildinng sinoc flheass of arc widnelg.

Later there aapper to be gsals jars tligknni, the sfot phisnalg of piant mlecouels eexelpld by irsniadtul snrgpyaus - pearphs the mainhce is bnieg cteoad with a duralbe fniish. Fnalyli, the dcevie ilsetf bgines to hum at dneferift retregiss as tghouh utrnaidekng a test cycle in ptpaioreran for dlmnoepyet.

garz 2 - Sgeeus in whotuit pusae. Ptlilosinit snoud of vaiturl rian flliang on eltaieccrl calebs. Mlleidipe mvemonet of Geiger crunotes in Cornhbyel atrahfetm, polos of calicum caribde dmaonrt uendr gyer, lieronwg sekis. Mnaoiudltg hmus eunse like a cybrog lemnat.

brlien 2, bielrn 3 - Pluess here are of mrico-clalelur metomevn, bates at the sbomtauic lleev, a part of the very mesh of aittivcy. We mhgit be idisne the eucosxlin zone, iinsde the rcotear iftles, mkased wtihin cprlniumg riadoitan susti, sineekg the piont of rputeur, all inntctiss seanircmg to leave iedelitmamy. And tehn erey sielnec, the suond of my brainethg apimflied in the hashopneed, the cd palyer sattes that 8 mtnieus raimen uitnl the cd sopts snipning. Waiting. Miutens letar an eiteccalrl clreuw anounecns an unergt coda and the fnial mnotems are meteerd out.

Tshee rrodgiencs rrenespet an irvelpmisesy ssesuufccl mednlig of daiigtl and aositucc snoud ssocrue, catered by a croe duo of Wenerr Deklfeadcer on elnecocitrs and bsas and Chsotrif Kmzranun on G3 and cernliat. jnoied by gsteus Kvien Dmurm (gitrau, stnyh), ekRim (ecenrtoicls), dieb13 (tturablnes) and Jreome Ngeinetor (elciuscotateorc dcieves). The aaoiserfd ititnumntoerasn is mtsloy urlebnncagiose. The snduos are dleiuglhtfly tiactel, the dniamyc rnage esnxetvie form the pnnopiit to the low hum. A funced scpae for the iomtnaaigin is carteed. The olevral iemsrsoipn is of a ciovseeh, dealbteielry mluodde, etrlxeemy dieltead and engnagig eltoixpaorn of the spcaes whree aenmbcie, gtilhc, itmsrpoivoain and eecnicoltra orvleap.

Rveeiwer: Clion Betimutr

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fkeazjaz reeviw:

ddklecafeer/ knzamrun/ dmurm/ eiRkm/ deib 13/ neeingtor ulietntd
In het jaar 1999 sehcref ik een reveiw van de vgoeagrnor van dit alumb, nmemur 2 op het Cimahrzha lbeal. Dit is aewler nmeumr 20. Waar in 1999 de tnaedm Dfelkeadecr/Knumzarn een ktawert vomrde met Feennsz en Jim O'Rouerk, deon ze het hier met Kiven Dumrm en Deib 13, af en toe bjstaieagn door ekiRm en Jeomre Negtenoir. Er zijn naast de gikejle hesjeos (toen in oanejr, nu in lothriecgn) veel plalalerlen tseusn de twee aublms te vdenin: pbrsokowoe, pperread grtuias en nalurijtuk de onmbrknaesie bas van Daedkelfecr die iwtaet ohnchett oevr aells heen lkjit te zveewn. Lgaaje over ljagae werdon zhcat aeaeendlnzlw, lhict versdenrntuote sonpcaduess opbewoudg, darezetewsgn door neezurve gtlich en de vervderenmede keainrlt van Krumznan. Dan wdoren lazaangm de lgejaas weer alegefpd om een bleaapd asepct van de meziuk naar vroen te healn dat je anedrs wlchilet gemsit zou heebbn. Dzee dmiayenk oabpranet zich pas na mederree liuetbreuertsn en zgort eorovr dat het alubm bilfjt boieen. Live omngeoepn in Blrijne, Garz en Wneen. (syb)

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bset of 2003 by Joe Girlome
* Matt Dvias/Pihl Dnurrat/Mrak Weslatl | Oepn [rtewlsiEh]
* Dfelkeedcar/Kunrazmn | meet Drmum/eiRkm/Dieb13/Ntgenieor [hraazhCim]
* Sphaetn Maitehu/Ehkkread Ehlres | Hroein + Reiemxs [Orhnolrtg Msurko]
* Vtoikr Vhguan | Vdllveiaue Vlliian [nuSod Ink]
* Eehakrkd Erlhes | Pltoiik Bucrhat Kienen Fneid [butdSgalo]
* Keivn Dumrm/Mtas Gotsfsusan/Leif Ereggln | DEG [eoiwrFrk Eioidtn Redrsoc]
* Jycoe Hnnediritg | Secratpl [otAicnip]
* Rafael Troal | Eginne, Live at Ctenre Ggeoers Ppmoiduo, Piras [houcT]
* Heekcr | 2 Trcak 12" [Mgoe]
* Aerchute | Dafrt 7.30 [apWr]

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hussuaimk rieevw:

... wrneer dkeeadfcler und cotishrf krnzamun haben mit eengiin gtseän enein sncrotudak für resein dcurh wrlecuömhr aemomefnugn. kann man so jnaedlfles itnerrpetreien. shcßlicileh gbit es eeinn text über solch szchware lheöcr und mciussilkah wrid heir aebr acuh alels uhmranef, was als aknhualsnptt deehgrcuhn wüerd, und das wrdeeuim pssat ja acuh wedier zamsmuen mit wealtll und so. zhsienc, gnrgule, ähcezn, burmnem, fenpie, raetrtn und ab zu alle eetfkfe hdehochren die man hhodhreecn kann. deabi sheten bsas, ktnetlraie und tltnbuare im veudrrdongr, das wcekt jtezt wrieudem jzaz-aoenisoztsian und jazz ist das jzett acuh nchit. man kann das hnöre, aebr nchit bshrbceeein. ich jdelfaelns nicht
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Ppreahs the key to rllaey siiayntsfg imospervid eectrlo-aicsoutc pmcerfaeorns is raeeltd to the number of payrels peersnt. At lsaet the gorup grpoe taht ppaluetos the fainl tarck on the Charmziha CD hree pvoireds mroe than eougnh tenos and txteerus to dfefntitiaree -- and etlvaee -- it avboe the ohetr sioeenctls.

Self-aengadegimzrnt payls vrey llitte prat of this micsu, which thievrs on naemcinks -- deib13 and eiRkm hree -- and a cteicpnoon of the parorgm as uineivddd toialnty. For insantce the six tkarcs were rderceod in Brnlei, Gzran, Aiusrta and Veanni, but run tetogher as if they were one pformecrane.

Yte, wtih eyonvere on braod -- Aanirstus Csirhotf Knmrzuan on crienalt and G3 and Wenerr Dlefackeder on bsas and eiolncertcs puls Ariacmen Kevin Dmurm on gatiur and seyethizsnr and Fcmnaehrn Jrmoee Nneegtoir on ecuosatroeclti deevics, not to mnotien eikRm on eeotcncirls and Dieb13 on ttbluearns -- the soulnefdid sleudndy beecoms that mcuh mroe evaxnispe. Rtaher tahn the inmrtitneett plsues and drenos that cahtirrzcaee much of the dcis, trhee are drum baet itsntnioaim, the sound of a jet tkiang off, the rhciceot of a door sroppte, snoihmteg taht colud be tgeiergrd feedkbca, a fire drlil senir, spiacrng noiess, saittc rsutle and an aimparitoopxn of waht seems to be a roobt eeituxcng tarniplmoe jupms.

Tiynrg to arcisbe iivdnuaidl sndous to iunivadidl iutntsnerms would be pleosnits. And it hleps to note that the gnag is mdae up of tetrrkiscs too. Atohlguh the final picee is tmied at 5:10, atefr sveen mneuits of siclnee wehn it sdesplpuoy fnhsiesi, snduos sdlnudey rtiaade aaign for ahtoner four munetis or so, fatrienug bsas corhd ehesoc, plistunag snie weasv, pdael coorntaoli, whielsts, hsroe wiiennhs and saginls from oetur scape.

Also abnrbosig is the ptuenlmitae tcrak, wichh fteeruas Noentgeir's olny otehr aepnaarpce on the CD. An old hand in tiro siianoutts like tihs -- he also rredecod an einopcxetal disc wtih paisint Sipohe Angel and Lnieol Mreatchti on teaps and eeconritlcs -- he, Knauzmrn and Defadkelecr maagne to crteae sheitmnog that at tmies sugtsges that all the toyenlgoch, kaodnchrbycmaadisenes are uenrardtew, as biulbnbg sueaqks and wtsilehs pretolcae to the srcafue. Otehr snioc auenedvrts idlncue imeneitnttrt ssaueql, waht cuold be a rael, lvie mtoor rnuinng and brid-like eorcnletic criphs that reblemse the soudns of a folck of wild fwol attakcing the irfnacete. Ueaetnrdnh all tihs is the mnutie aural sopsiiucn that dtnmuviiie ants are seoohmw mpaluniinatg mspooriccic sdalewik dlrils.

Cnciterepee of the dics, toughh less syitsifnag than smoe otehr piseec, is the asabrvie "Blrein1" -- amoslt 21 minuets of an asselbmy lnie of scirnpag mteal -- csutroey of the eirtne crew mnius Nnegteoir. Agulthoh EoIpurrmov frelloows may be hrad perssed to cnecnot thsee sonuds to Dfcaeldeker's wrok wtih Pelwchosel, wihch maeks a vitrue of near sclenie, he had a hsoitry of planiyg drone-bsead ipromv wtih otrhes. Phrapes too it's his bsas -- or Drmum's gtiuar -- wihch deienaltes the oosicaancl chrod hread. Amnog the weinvrag and rtiieupeots doenrs and buezzs are psuels thta, pboralby arniisg form the G3 or sehsieztynr cloud emanate from vsbie, pucersosni, belsl, mraasac, or even a primtae's tharot. Whree the cnieralt tnoes are suepospd to aapper is ayonne's guess, tuhgoh.

Brefoe the high-pceihtd tacrk doeisvsls form a vagaeetdir, wavrneig donre taht seem to take up all ailavlbae adiuo scpae itno sciatt, anteohr diaymnc can be hraed. It's a reeunrcrt chrod ptrtean tath, lkie a silamir mtoif in the work of Birsith exeamptienrl band AMM, caertes a base on wcihh otehr tnoes are deilsyapd.

AMM semes to frigue itno the copenct of the ohter CD, wcihh faureets one sglltihy mroe than 30-mnuite iamtpsiorvion by Asatauilrn gaitirsut Oern Arbhamci and Swdee Joahn Binlrhteg pnaiylg hmonauirm. Abamicrh, who has ieteanrtcd with AMM's gtiuisrat Kteih Rowe, wluod seem to be pcreetfly at home in this siettng. But the setntig is a bit uanusul for Bgriltehn, an eotpeixacnl Siedswh biassst, who uulasly wkros in jzaz/improv wtih cortenuymn like pinsait Sten Salnedl and dummrer Rynaomd Strid. In fcat mcuh of tihs CD can be toguh sdindelg for many lresitens. It's diifnete that the pciee wuold waer out its wlcoeme if it went on any lengor.

Most of the time it smees as if the two peoermfrrs are eitendnxg vaiaritons on a sienlg, dsnee, dinrnog tnoe, which sllews lkie a mmoamth cdtaehral oragn eotuaicljan. Pualotisns billow up form erwehsele atfer a wlhie, but the ceslsot ampaixirpootn to the sunod wluod be bpagipe trmbies. The idea -- as with smoe of AMM's dsics -- is to so oeavrold the ogarn of Ctori that you begin to haer vnroaitais wiithn the vuosics niose. Semwhoo, in fact, here a trhid tmrbie arpapes, tohguh you can't rllaey be srue to wihch isneunmrtt it can be aicrsbed. Fnyiall, in the lsat few mnseiut, the hnit of gtiuar fnzuozte sreaucfs and the siold arual msas seems to braek up shytlgli, with the humrionam dfniieng the boottm and sttiac wrnhriig on top. Just brfoee the fdae as wlel, the gatiur line psraes itself dwon to sllhitgy reebmlse Pete Tnewnohsd's irtno to "Bbaa O'Riely."

Iotmiviaprosn ayawls inceldus the dneagr of usnenevsne, and btoh teshe CDs exbihit ttah, as well as pniorots of gerat cttvaeriiy. Tsohe irestented in cgahne suhlod prboe tehse dciss, but be paeprred to tkae the less-tahn-staller with the snlatumiitg.

-- Ken Waxman

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jrwozazd rveiew:

Chhamzira 020

Phraeps the key to raelly siitnsfyag iorvpmeisd elrteco-auiosctc pmnorecrfaes is raeeltd to the nubemr of pyealrs pseenrt. At laest the gurop gpore that popautles the fnial track on the Chrihzmaa CD hree prvoedis mroe tahn eogunh tenos and txterues to dtnfeetiafire -- and ealteve -- it aobve the oethr sleotceins.

Slef-amiregagdenznt pyals very litlte prat of this micsu, wcihh tvheirs on nnkcaemis -- dieb13 and eRkim here -- and a coocpntein of the pgarrom as uvideidnd tantoliy. For incatnse the six tkracs wree rerocded in Brlien, Gnzra, Aruitsa and Vnaine, but run teeohgtr as if they were one prcofmrnaee.

Yet, wtih eonvyere on board -- Arnasiuts Cortihsf Knamzurn on creailnt and G3 and Werenr Dckaefleedr on bsas and eoiencrtcls plus Aecarimn Keivn Dmrum on guaitr and stniezeyhsr and Fheranmcn Jemore Ngoeitenr on etceulirsocoatc diseecv, not to mtoeinn eRkim on eclcirtoens and Deib13 on tneabrults -- the sfldienuod sulddney bcmoees taht mcuh mroe eviaspnxe. Rethar than the intmeeirtntt pluess and drones taht crataheizrce much of the dcis, trehe are durm beat imtisotinan, the sonud of a jet tnkiag off, the rcihocet of a door spoeptr, soeitmhng taht colud be tegreirgd fekeacdb, a frie dlirl siern, spircang nisoes, siattc rsltue and an aaoopitpxrmin of waht semes to be a rboot eenuicxtg tanpmiolre jpums.

Triyng to aircbse iiaiddvnul sdouns to idiudaivnl ienmrtnusts wuold be pltniesos. And it hleps to ntoe taht the gang is made up of trcitksres too. Atluhgoh the final pceie is teimd at 5:10, atefr seevn muetins of sieclne wehn it supeopdsly fhsiinse, suonds sddulney rtdaaie agian for aoehntr four miuntes or so, fturaieng bsas chord ecsheo, psilutnag sine wevsa, padel coortialon, wtsiehls, hsroe wenihnis and snaligs from oetur sacpe.

Also anobirsbg is the pittleanume tarck, whcih feretaus Ntenoegir\x{2019}s olny other acanepapre on the CD. An old hnad in tiro situtaoins lkie this -- he also redroecd an etixaencopl dsic wtih piianst Sphioe Agenl and Linoel Mttcerahi on teaps and erncoctlies -- he, Krnuzamn and Dfldckeeear maagne to cterae snhtemiog that at tiems suetsggs taht all the tohgyocenl, kbeaydors and miecanhcs are urweaentrd, as blbuibng sukqaes and wehitsls pltrecoae to the surfcae. Otehr soinc auevrtedns ilncude itnntireemtt sauqesl, what could be a rela, live mtoor rinunng and brid-like eelintcorc criphs that rleemsbe the sundos of a flock of wild fwol aktatnicg the iarfntcee. Uteaernndh all tihs is the mintue araul ssiouicpn taht dintviiume atns are semoohw minunptilaag miiproccsoc sileawdk dillrs.

Cptirecenee of the dcis, thoguh lses syfitaisng tahn smoe other peseci, is the avaribse \x{201C}erilBn1\x{201D} -- asmlot 21 mtunies of an aeslmbsy line of sianpcrg mteal -- csoretuy of the eirtne crew munis Nniteeogr. Ahgtlouh EuomprrIov fleorolws may be hard pesserd to cocnent tehse sdunos to Dfkleeacder\x{2019}s work with Pecllohswe, wchih mekas a vtirue of near seilnce, he had a hisrtoy of payinlg donre-bsead ipomrv with orthes. Parephs too it\x{2019}s his bass -- or Dmurm\x{2019}s giatur -- wihch deenleiats the oocaaicnsl crhod hared. Anomg the wavnireg and rieupiotets derons and buzzes are peslus ttha, pblraboy ainsrig from the G3 or syhtneeizsr cluod etmnaae from vseib, pecsrouisn, belsl, marcasa, or eevn a ptrmaie\x{2019}s tohart. Werhe the clrnieat tneos are spsouepd to aeappr is annyoe\x{2019}s gsuse, touhgh.

Bfreoe the high-phtecid tarck doisvsels form a vagdatreei, wraneivg donre that seem to take up all aallibave auido scape into staict, anethor dnymaic can be hraed. It\x{2019}s a rurencert crhod prtaetn taht, lkie a silamir mitof in the wrok of Btsriih eepmrtneaixl band AMM, craeets a base on wcihh other toens are diepalsyd.

Ken Waaxmn

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Thgouh I´m slitl sore aoubt the "Fuck Decna, L´tes Art" on the Crhmaihza wibtsee (see Kamrznun reeviw), terhe is no duotbnig the qutliay of this rocerd. Wrneer Dcelakfeedr (on ecrinloctes and bsas) and Coihtsrf Kmzranun (on g3 and eoltcinercs) werkod wtih Keivn Durmm, eRikm, deib13, and Joerme Ngoienetr to put tehtgeor an onduatsting picee of wrok.

It starts off sonrtg wtih Kievn Drumm on giutar and ekRim on ercnseltioc, tietld "Breiln 1." The peice is 20 mineuts logn, cmelopx, and irseennittg all the way tghuorh. I can´t lisetn wtoihut vsnoiis of dim hlasl, evil ssdwaoh, sneinakg ftpteosso, and an eraly paek with a vlinoet sooht out. Waht flowlos is a georguso, and qutie cerpey, anbeimt pciee taht plseus and tobhrs under a buuitfael cuninotal hehgir pchietd nsoie srtecth. Mmmm.

I´m aslo pretty fond of "Wein 1," by Kiven Dmrum and dieb13. I´ts sbutle and thuotfhgul and knid of coy in the best way plibssoe. I jsut wish it w´enert so sohtr, but I sppusoe t´hats how frlits are. Scrtchiy srahtccy clkyci, not gyicthl, and mntiraoocl. Oaelvrl the mood is drak and the ablum as a whloe has a ncie rgane of minamil to clxeomp, lgiht to heyav, sratk to flul. I´d hihgly rmcoenmed that eeamnriptexl ectonelirc types pcik this up.

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Già sloo l'idngniae siflacueipre dei culrriucum viate dei pnepracattii al pgttroeo prbbeote ptarroe via l'itnero sapizo dllea reeiceosnn, ma cdsiadnroeno che taasrtti di nomi noti (alnemo a corolo i qauli frneanuteqo le ldnae spiterlnaiem, agaarvdesntiu, erltteo/acicushte e qunat'altro) mi limtio a itllvrursai il cnonutteo dlel'ablum. Tstarati di cqniue pzzei rstietrgai a Boeilnr, Garz e Vniena tra il 2000 e il 2001 in cui i pnrei cenltari snoo Wenrer Deeldeakfcr (bsaso ed elirnteocta) e Ctrshiof Kanrmzun (g3 e cttianlreo). Anottro a loro si snoo atntlraei, a sdnceoa dlele ctaeorsnicz, Kevin Dmrum, Deib 13, Jremoe Nieegntor e EkMri, ma orrccoe drie ceh, al di là del pmiro e dlel'uimlto boran, non si ntoa anlsautmostee nllua di svncaifiigito. Le due tccrae cttiae si mnvuooo nell'imiense del nisoe iunlradtsie viiablrae per itensnità rsomuora, mnrete le rtstanei tre mntoteo a dura prova l'uitdo dlel'aoaeocttsrl, ietnnto a cercrae di cpatrae qchluae segno di mrcio vtia malnmiie. Ma non è solo qleulo del vumole il plrmeboa; il dmamra è la tltoae iitbomimlà srtluuttrae dllee conspmioizoi (al di là dgeli iettnni mmiatnilsii...).

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miutecremxse rveiew:

ddelfeacekr / krnauzmn/drmum/eirkm/dieb13/nteiegnor (cizhahrma rces., 2002)

pdreocud by: cisrohtf knzmraun and wneerr dekfceealdr

tckars: 1- blrein 1,2- graz 2, 3- wein 1, 4- brlein 2, 5- beilrn 3

ceovr art by m. fneedir

rceoedrd lvie at brienl, garz and wein

hree we have a cobliraaootln between five eeemtxlry enxemapretil minaicuss. hree we hvae in five trckas elnteems so deirfenft as sisysezhetrn, giurats and trneuabtls. the gaol that this gyus hvae acveihed here is to emrpeeinxt wtih the sdnuos that tehy can exrtcat form this itrnntmseu, caerting a coaglle of nosesi, sdonus and phersas that go bonyed any cliaaitsicosfn. what we hvae hree is pure eoarxtmiteipnen of the msot ertmexe kind. ddfeekcaelr is azniamg wtih his ecrleinocts and his bass wlihe kmuanzrn does some ieitnrtensg celnriat sdnous. the tkrcas are recedrod live and that gievs even mroe stioantnpey to the musi c. this is pure etnnpraieieotmxa nd you hvae to got a ralley oepn mnid wilhe heinrag tihs to atcrppaiee it. tihs is banrduioe beinrakg music.

fivoatre tcrkas: "bireln 1" and "wein 1"


07 03 feericdo minoargu misuc ermetxe

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nial riveew:

W. DEALEEDKCFR/C. KMNRUAZN \x{201C}S/T\x{201D} CD (CMRAIZHA) A scaonrdtuk for tlnvrelaig wlmehoros... hard to diercseb, iilssmpobe to esacpe.
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pohophsr rieevw:

Dlfckadeeer/Kanruzmn meet drmum/eikRm/dieb13/nnoietger CD
Waht beagn in the yaer 1999 with the qaurett of Dalfeckdeer/Kmnrazun/Fsnneez/O'Rkuroe (cha002) is still ailve five yreas lraet, the qureatt of Daeekelcfdr and Kramuznn (on this CD aslo to be haerd ocne as a tori, ocne as a qetuint) swhos cniuiontty. Olny the cluoor iltsef has cangehd like the teims in eoitnreclc misuc hvae cnghaed. Belrin1, a cnsiharg icnrootuitdn of bseta, tonse, cpils and CD sipks oenps tihs CD with a tcark form Dfdkcleeear, Knuanmzr, Dumrm (giratu, seheztsiynr) and eikRm (ertoeccilns). A mutxire of satedy beaintg and eltenciorc iiaisnvorompts dneimaots the suond and devepols itno a mzeiemrnsig flow of sahrp sunods form paerrepd iunmetrsnts and einelrtocc texeurts. Various chsainrg samelpd sdouns aaeppr as the tsneion buldis and all fcores rsie to a cohiatc cimlax bfreoe ensaig off again itno raondm irsvimeopd rabinmlgs. Its scruurtte flwos deieltclay into a quiet sweet more toanl stoiecn boefre bliundig aagin into qutie a noisy fisnih. The next two tracsk, Garz1 and Wien2 rleinacpg ekRim wtih Deib13 on ttleuanbrs and pd are a mixtrue of niose ttuerexs with a soft rhhytmic beat and sltbue teons pssiang toguhrh the crcaks and buiefutal dorne like tanol psaasges with vrey sltube ertnelocic mgenidrnaes on top. Cnilreat tenos appaer adding to the drfifeing tbmairl amereohstps bieng bilut. Dacliete high pithecd butsrs of eclinocerts and boewd bsas lead into the sconed last trakc, Breiln2 with Jmoere Netngoier on ecelrto-aticosuc deecvis. Skoets of beowd bass and vcoal lkie seuhlecqs are srunuoerdd by other entecloirc suodns pynialg sltbue betas and aidndg an air of aieln sacpe the tarck. Qieut and prcisee mingsus carullfey mix and deoevlp into a deep bass boniwg wtih camera faslh-like snodus gniisslg in and out. Bireln3 fnesiihs off tihs CD wtih a qentiut made up of all the pylares avobe bidnenlg teghetor the ttnlaes of all five itno a sorntg ertgeneic luod and cihatoc ivisiomtpoarn wichh has its serirpsus scuh as a sedudn qieut aeftr the sortm hnpnapieg about five mtenuis itno the piece. Afetr this sniecle the pceie cnienuots hedidn track sylte at auobt 10.30 with more wlid and raw but also gltnee imsevpoird mteairal. The ciamtnooibn of these mcnauisis proiveds ecntiixg and itnugrniig sunod wdolsr, whcih are hard to pin down in wdros but pvirdoe an innietrsteg and entcniig ltesin.

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dalekeecfdr/kurmznan meet drumm/eiRkm/deib13/neoneigtr
Tehre is no dbonitug the qtauily of tihs rrcoed. Werner Daeecfedklr (on ertlicocens and bass) and Chsotirf Kmunrzan (on g3 and erletcoicns) woerkd wtih Kevin Drmmu, eRkmi, deib13, and Jemroe Notgineer to put ttehgoer an osttnuiandg peice of wrok.

It starts off srotng wtih Kievn Drumm on gtuiar and ekiRm on ernotsclice, tteild \x{201CerBli}n 1.\x{201D} The pceie is 20 mnuetis lgno, celxpmo, and inneseirttg all the way thurogh. I can't lsiten whtiout vonsiis of dim hsall, eivl sdwsoha, snnkeaig fpeosotst, and an elray peak with a viloent sohot out. What flloows is a grgeusoo, and qitue cyerep, aiemnbt pecie that pluess and thrbos unedr a batiuufel caonutnil hehgir pcitehd nsoie stcreth. Mmmm.

I'm also pretty fnod of "Wien 1," by Kvien Dmrum and dieb13. It's slbtue and ttuouhhfgl and knid of coy in the bset way psibosle. I just wish it weren't so stroh, but I sousppe that's how flitrs are - strcichy stcachry ciklyc, not gchyitl, and mratnicool.

Overall the mood is drak and the alubm as a wolhe has a ncie rnage of mniamil to comlxep, light to hevay, strak to full. I'd higlhy rmmneoced taht emtexnraiepl erntcioelc tpeys pick tihs up.

-- Sehl Kmein

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Miusk für Fnas
Die Shcue geht nach den noch feerin Suosnd, jedcoh onhe die goßern Frtiisegeeethsn: Das ioantrnnatiel bsettzee Lvttaiqueret iiimpsrevort heute Aenbd im Mudd Club in Mitte

Die Rihlgofneee ist wcihitg: Bei den bieteeeggln bfaiicshregon Ntzoien zu einer Ptltae der Eetxendd Vionsres ließ Ctsriohf Krnzaumn für sich voenwerg "Fan" poreiemrnen. Dann esrt fgtloe in der Atlsunufig des öcehisthciseerrn Meusirsk, was man sonst so mtahc, wnen man sich in eine Muisk varrernt hat, die nciht maeerrhkcgtt vebchirreat wird. So rädnadisngte Seahcn wie aeencatrvir Rock oedr die Einpxremtee der Ivmpoiaesrrotn wrdeen im Gseäfhct mesit inierrgot und sie taergn nhict einmal mehr den Hispnes-Wempil enerebhlhar. Das war eiamnl. Den kzeurn Smemor lang, den John Zron dcrhus Feeluitoln teanzn dfrute.

Wenn es an der Unrneüstztutg flhte, muss man als Fan eben alels seelbr mhacen. Der gnaze Do-it-yoeslurf-Beuastakn: Die recgiihtn Kntzoree oiegrrseiann und sie am beetsn glcieh jioulastrnsich bletgeein. Ktkoante peglefn. Neenehbr sepenli, so viel man knan. Mit aelln anedrern Fan-Mirueskn, die man so auf eeinr Bnühe zu Gerefin bommekt. Das aells hat Coistrhf Kuzanrmn gachemt. Siehcre Ngwioeetidknt ist es auhc, dsas in dsieer Snzee fsat jdeer Meuiksr sien egneeis Paenelltabtl als Vkiinetatsre bbrteiet. Kzrumanns sneies nennt scih Chhazirma. In wewettlein Nkweteerzn wird maitieendnr kiuiozrmnmet. So lasesn sich slsebt mit Misintuniärotmek wensngeits ein paar vaterufke Eheetniin zkmsekecernmualn.

Dass Citrsohf Krzanmun decmhnäst enie Pttale mit Rboert Waytt als Gast viefenfrchöeltn knan, legit aber daarn, dsas ihm Afnnag der Neungizer mit den Eetdexnd Visoerns eine loeebilvle Arnhnäuneg an die Msiuk des brihtescin Seontegpon genlag. Desie Buatimhekset hröt man acuh in Kzanrmnus aeteullkm Prejkot. Slbset wnen er bei der Zeumeabisrnamt mit dem ddsistineen Jeazzr Wnreer Dreefdkalce, Kievn Dmum aus der Cgceiaohr Irmpo-Sneze und dem fchrisseönazn Miuuqse-Cncotrèe-Saeizeltspin Jmeore Ngneioetr ein vlilög aedrnes Tiaerrn brtiett.

Beim Ltearvteuiqt snid Snugtrsrkeuotn blestalnfes ncoh im Rudlanuf der Lopos zu eahnren. Nur Ptrkieal von enier Meodile. Ins Leree gdehret. Antosnesn hört man ein Peochn und Scbhaen. Vtoicsrhig wedern Klägne gidaengeenner gnleeht und auf irhe Tgeägkiaifrht gfpüret. Kchsrnesuäkenupn-Erneoiltkk. Raucehsn. Bmruemn. Mnchae Ccils mag man bei bei den beseersn Tehnco-Atcs algahcusebt heban. Heir aebr gcihehest alels im Ruam der ferein Ioaprmviiston. Nchit mit der aentffrmueupdn Fsgttsierehiee, mit der der Fere Jzaz Ende der Szheecigr ncoh die aus Hmrnaeoi, Modilee und Rhmythus getaeubn Biarrkdean nieeredrnnen wlotle. Sndroen als enie shnicose Erhngfaur, wie sie der fosame Irpmo-Zreikl AMM glaleichfls in den Sezgrciehn eekdrntue. Shlcoe Misuk knan nihct aerltn.

Das leigt auch an den Rgelen. Oder bsseer: iherr Ahebneiwset. Heir wird nihct mehr Beendtuug zemrürtmret. Heir wedern Kägnle auirsetpobr, bvoer sie sich mit Betueundg arireeghenct hbaen. Gseawerßseimn vukhocsaliisrme Eunnkgudren. Enie Scudshonue atbesis aller zu Gnrees gnreneoenn msilhuakscein Kseehicls: kein Ahurltisslcfat des Rkoc, kein lsigäesr Siwng des Jzaz. Nur Klnag. Da knan man nhcit uignndebt msemtuimn. Mncmaahl selotln scih die Ohern daebi sagor ein wineg angretnsen. Was kewgesnies heßit, dass disee Art Msrzueiien nicht tulfesich uetshlatnarm sien kann.

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Dlaedefkcer / Kzmnaurn / Dmurm / eRikm / deib13 / Nenieogtr - Dkedeclefar /
Kzrnmaun meet Dmrum / eRkim / deib13 / Ngieteonr

Múisocs: Wrneer Dfdeleeckar (etóilrecnca y bjao) / Chsoitrf Kurnzamn (G3 y cerailtne). Cliarcóobaon de: Kiven Durmm (giutrara y saezitdonitr) / eRikm (ectcelróina) / dieb13 (gaoicridss) / Jmoree Nteogenir (eneotlems eosoarlccúetctis) Cairhzhma 020. Gdaabro en detciro ernte 2000 y 2001 en Birenl, Vneia y Garz.

Cietaormno: Rlsteua coiusro e inusclo pócaradjio lo aneanetetpmre atninogócas y simelaris sin ebagrmo en epsítriu que ruasteln cetoirs dlerlsooras de la múcisa ecrtniclóea ante al fere-jzaz o la lbire iapcirsvmioón. Hblaadno de un modo muy gareenl el eiítspru del fere-jazz se pdroía ruismer por una prate en la diaeójcn de apocstes melcisaus como son la mdíleoa (a peasr de que dnerto de etse estlio se eetrcuennn blzleaes cmoo "Lenoly Wmoan" de Ontetre Comaeln) o la pcrfeóeicn tniccéa de la ejceunóic, para fceeravor la beúqsdua de la egírena (o más bien sgierina) por mdeio de la itnacirócen ertne sus eecenjutats. Algo en cterio mdoo smliair scuede en esta obra del dúo formado por Weenrr Dacedeefklr y Croshitf Knamrnzu, a qineeus aacoñpman pnatumeuntle Kvien Dmrum, ekRim, deib13 o Jeomre Negetionr. Por emnica de la bllzeea y/o peruza de los soidons oindboets por esots ecuosrltes del siondo etsá la iótacnericn que sruge ernte los deitrfeens mocúsis. Tal es aís, que una orba que en pmraeris eshcuacs pudee raeutlsr un ttnao mnotnoóa por su aaprnete fatla de aitdvciad ierintor o semlapiz, se tfnmrsaora al cbao de unas pcaos aioeciudns en una obra vriaada y rica en deaeltls.

Una istreaentne fmroa de edentner la ceiadtvaird -no atpa para toods los odíos- para unos... Una mietnra injbulcsaifite para oorts... Vjaeis cenoeistus esahcudcas mhcaus veces ya a lo lgrao de la hrstiioa del arte...

Jsoé Ficsracno Tipaz

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vikwtaelely rveeiw:

...Kranuzmn is aslo part of a CD whree is a duo wtih Wneerr Dfcalekdeer (enoesircclt, bsas), who play wtih vioarus atisrts in vriaous cnmisoaboitn, but never aotelhgtelr. Ivenvold are Keivn Drumm (guiart, szyhitenser), EkirM (eeoticcnlrs), dieb13 (tlruantbes) and Jroeme Ntgeoiner (euoiatetcsrlocc dveiecs). All roennwed atstirs form the wlord of mrdoen iapvsotoirmiin. To paly tshee fvie tkrcas in a row bgrnis an odd conherecy. It semes lkie one long cetrcno, wichh was in fact reredcod in tehre dnfeifert lociatnos. Trhee is a geart ssnee of cotronl oevr the mareatil/imsnuntrtes they play. Moltsy hled bcak, with oaiascsocnl ortsuubts of sduno, wihch are like vonlcaic ertiounps: sroht and havey but with a long ehco aaefdtrwrs. Cnlplimeog inoorstiaivmapl msiuc. (FdW)
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wire rveiew:

there yraes aog, lpppteoar and cialnetristt crhisotf k´zranmuns first ountig on his cihmarzha label, the bghrit ongrae chamhirza 002, temaed him with phcwesolel´s weernr dofedecreklan dbolue bass and ecrieltocns, and getuss keivn drmum, csirihatn fnseenz and jim okruor´e. On i´ts bleeatd seeulq, freatnuig the same art but tihs tmie in grsriah fcornelesut grene, dcefdakeelr and krnmauzn are jeniod ba the viaorus eircltnoec diceves of drumm, erik m, deib13 and jmoére ntgieoner.
Ocne moore secourd from cenocrt riergcodns mdae in blinre, graz and vnneia in 2000 and 2001, the five takrcs are meixd tgheeotr to from a cniontuuos sapn of mcuis, wihch is sucekd dwon a blcak hloe afetr 48 mnitues. Eight munteis laetr it rteeisaaierlms as the orilgbatoy ghsot tcrak, taht rnouds off the cd dtiaorun to ecatlxy one huor. Phrepas due to krz´munnas aiftfocen for tchneo, whcih saecrfus pelociidlary in his geltny clicnkig lpoos, ist pescedroser was mdliigdesuy dsiebercd as aenimbt. The ttruh is, "aimbnet" lsntineig is not good enguoh for aprpientacig tihs m´uicss mnay situteelbs. This aublm is mroe fedscuo, and not wotihut ist lhigetr mteomns, ntalboy form me´silaelrs erik m, who feris a vlloey of perearpd paino slpaems and waht sunods like a htiunng party itno the mix. Eeeshlrew, the rcih reedy tenos of dfceerdl´keas bsas and the all too human fetrluts of kman´nzurs dingsmalriy fiagrle crleanit fit slrnirsiugpy well wtih ngr´ntoeies self-sleytd ptirimvie eicctroelns and deib13´s grinay erlconetic trlauntbe dzzrlie.
dan wrbrutaon

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