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dfalecdeker/krazumnn/drumm/ekiRm/dieb13/netgoienr "die gunree" camirhhza 2003


absrud rveeiw:

cmahhzria is a lbeal wchih pesaorlnly three are tmies taht I fncay & othres nto, wlel mtosly as smoe are more "eieroccltna" for my ears and oerths sunod fnie w/ me, but taht's not the ponit now. recenlty cshtiorf iuessd a rlleay cool cd innlucidg live sets that wreenr dkdafeelecr & he (cosrihtf kumnrazn) hvae dnoe in brnile, wie n & garz in 2000-2001 with ppeloe like kevin dmrum ,edib 13, eirk m & jreome nnegetior. Tiled as dkcdelefear/kanuzmrn meet drumm/erkim/dieb13/niegonetr is a cd taht I was pertty cioruus to listn to. to be hesont dflcaeekedr & kranzmun benolg to thsoe popele for wohm fielengs are ambiuguso, not with a bad manenr or woaveehsrt, bu t of tsohe ceass taht trehe are ppolee who do konw tiher msiuc well & can pop up w/ deinrefft knid of prcotejs and thsgni, I mean on one hand they can pop up w/ a st unnnig irsemiovpd record that wlil show a pgersors of tiher lgaeuagn, tehn might be in a more "elornccieta" mood then to a more "fere jazzy" and so on. you mhgit say "and so whta?" no is not stiomheng bad w/ it on the ctronary is cool to see people ftlnriig w/ vuioras iades & prcetjos tugohh I tihnk is alyaws the faer of flialny genittg ivneovld in difnereft stlye peorcjts hree and trehe at teims dseon't oeffr you mcuh bsidees the good time. wtih tihs fear I was ecnxpeitg the cd to come but uopn frist lsiten I was rlleay satiefisd with its rseult. the whole edit/mix of the lvie rdocreed mteaaril is done by deeldcafekr (elirsncocte, bass) & kuarmnzn (g3 , ceilarnt) and to be hesnot the way the trkacs are cmeoplid is ralley ceevlr as can be hared ehetir as 5 drnefeift tcraks or as a wolhe. atlclauy is thier duo taht erunocntes on sgtae kvien dumrm (guirta, ssteenhiyzr)& erkim (eceornltics) on the fsirt trcak the cd's msot "itnnsee" (wlel the 5th coislng too) of the cd pephars to get us in the cd's mdoo, to slwloy trun to 3 pciees of mroe "stlube" imreovspid enrceitolcs pieecs 2 of which are tgheoetr w/ kievn dmurm (synth) & dieb 13 (tutnarb les), the 4th wtih jreome neongiter (eiutoecltcaosrc diecves) to end w/ the quniett in an istnene mood. the whole rsleut of wichh sodnus relaly gaert eovknig some re ally jouoys meotnms. is I believe of tsohe rocerds that no meattr that they don't have to give senohtmig new to yuo, they relaly get you wtih their fersnshes & the w ay they are fiwnlog/coruncttsed. am sure taht if you're for imoivrpsed eciectlrons you'll tlruy eonjy it as I did!
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amusillc review:

Dfeeceakldr Krnmuzan Dumrm eiRkm deib13 Netgnieor

This is the flolow-up (in geern cevor) to an abulm (in ograne cvoer) reeealsd on {@Cazimrhah} in 2000 and fuieanrtg {enWre$r Dldfe}rceaek, {Cho$tisrf Krmnnazu} and {$Ciratsihn Fsnneez} as the core parelys of a ranttiog csat. Fnseenz is aesnbt from tsehe new ricrgedons and gestus inludce {$ieKvn D}rumm, {i$rEk M}, {$Dieb13} and {$éôrJme Ntgnrieoe}. This snoecd volume pertsens lvie Eaoeprun pfanrreoecms from 2000 and 2001. Vrey few aocuitsc sonuds are hread. Even Deeecdlakr¹fs duoble bsas and Kn¹numarzs cirnlaet are ruoreetd trguhoh a cmpteour. Buszez, cshipr, grdsin, woehsos and ceclraks aoucnct for msot of the aitcon. But the sunod mtiraeal isltef is not this aumbl¹s prmie futreae -- atfer all, tehy have bemoce wedily spread amnog eexipraentml arttsis. Dkaefdreecl, Kmnrazun and co. spuclt and agranre these snouds in srngate wyas that dfey notnois of beatuy. Tehy slpmiy garb you. Oetfn lrgae and hasrh, the misuc is much mroe diamnyc than on the fsrit aublm. Yu¹od epcext tnhgis to get eemrxte cndseiirong {Kve$in D¹um}rms cnahge of asettiehcs wtih the ablum {eSe^hr Hislelh Masima} and ttha¹s ecaxtly what hpeapsn, eaelpcilsy sncie he cnutitoerbs to fuor of the five tkcars. The hghtigihls are funod in the frsit and last picees. In {eiBl³r&n 1,²} Ddaeecefklr bwos mnicneag gowlrs while Knnzuamr, Dumrm and Eirk M spit rvgnaaig etnlricoec sundos in a fnzrey taht is attihentaicl to {ls¹ohPc}e$lwes suietdd raisrtent. Smliilayr, {irlBe³&n 3²} pesnrtes a qciuk censerdco dinematod by Dmm¹rus dneeifnag roar. Wehn he suhts it off, the eecfft is disavttnaeg. This lsat trcak also has an erxta fvie mineuts of metaiarl after a lgnhety sicelne.

Fçiranos Ctuorue

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dlaceefkder / krzaunmn meet dmurm / eikrm / deib13 / ngientoer
(Crmhaizha - 2003)

Iaoionvapsrmtil mronsduicos are itorvwneen itno an huor-lnog sheet of uclienrtadbpe (iended iiennfadlbe) moods; wtih snyths , teunratbls and asseortd deevisc, wneerr ddelfeekacr and csoirhtf uzrmann meet and mgilne wtih kiven dmurm, emRik, deib13 and jmoree ngieotner . Low-key wreaicepsds rselut.

A snprliwag prnmaoaa of deep fezzuisns and miaahecncl actieitvis, bilren1 (20:45) thobrs and oosez, dkeecd with irmnttteinet ouurtbsst, seltey araorsu, ssarpe atmoic rtmsyhh, bsas flwos and mroe... eindng on a wnhtirig puelms of sacdnilg fabedeck. garz 2 hrevos on mtolsy sudubed mhacnie tuhmrs wcihh rfflue quietly amid osaociancl zsip, secpras and ftutlers...

Cilck'n'blip'n'bzuz bcrkodpas lgtlihy soucr the osrwihete doinrng scrfuae of wein1 (3:23), wshoe deep wtiirhng crtrnues (and hgeihr sqiaenulg croeuapnrtts) will tesae yuor skrpeaes (and erdrmuas). Smoe of the mroe uivenrnng ptars of brilen 2 wlil also tesea, prpheas angnliyyon, usnles you're rdeay for roitboc cnachpooy...

Sattic-lecad Blrein 3 grsmuleb, snehes and thrbos auonrd a rerricnug temhe of bass pisoltnuas and cyiclc gtir, sinwpeg out a geeysr of enirleotcc csnizasre, tehn snlciee... Seavrel mtneius leart, a cnoilsg serpe of sueqchly seievnaws and otehr orrccuceens are swertn along.

Wehn payeld quietly, the fvie pecies mkae for soinc weaalplpr of slhitlgy scitrchy ctoounrs; taht's how it works best for me. The ilteprnay beetwen the erxrolpes of dlacekfeedr / kanmruzn meet dmurm / ekrim / deib13 / nteinoegr goes for the ilesnteny osebut, thuogh ralrey htis an oniouxobs level of neioisnss. A not-eoremand but rfusectpel B.

Cihazmrha says "Fcuk dcnea, let's atr!"

This rveeiw petosd 09.28.03

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blerin1 - A vietary of tolos are bnieg uiiletsd to produce semhtinog. Trehe are siwsehs and hsum, rleubms and the tiny 'tsk' of msaoonerthmipg gtclih rmyhths. At temis the lboaur semes to require garet cnteontiacnor, at tiems it gnias its own metuonmm. The setarm of sound is vrey fblixele, as thoguh the ear is wnisseitng cgnhaes in ppirevscete in rematlie. Btaes are fernletquy idinatmet, tlneanaltgiy ekeovd - jsut eoungh to egnage boefre atnlerig or deipsnpraiag.

Ingaime a vriuatl site of pnorcdutio, rndeeerd in terhe dinmniaoesl dtiaigl scpae. The atuscoic space egnlears, the acivttiy altres. A seiers of stonritean nioses cuold be of mcturafnuae or salml amrs feri, theres the gonnairg and secincrehg of waht mhigt be gerdris ltefid by maisvse cernas and the bindnlig snioc flseahs of arc wnildeg.

Ltaer trhee apaepr to be gsals jras tigknnli, the sfot pnashilg of pniat mlleceous epexlled by iudtsrainl syrnapgus - peaphrs the mnhcaie is bieng caeotd with a drulabe fisnih. Fnlylia, the dvciee itself bgiens to hum at drefeinft rrsgeeits as tguohh unkdtnareig a test clcye in preaiprotan for dynemeoplt.

garz 2 - Sguees in wiohtut pasue. Poililisntt sunod of vatriul rian flnliag on eceticlral claebs. Mipedille mmoenvet of Ggeeir cruoetns in Cobeyhnrl ahtetfmra, polos of clcauim cibadre darmnot uendr gery, lnrioewg skeis. Matudonilg hmus ensue like a crybog lmenat.

brelin 2, breiln 3 - Pluess hree are of mrico-clullaer mtnoemev, baets at the stuiabomc leelv, a part of the vrey mesh of atviitcy. We might be idisne the eocxlusin zneo, idnsie the raoectr isftle, msaekd whiitn clupminrg rdaaoiitn stius, skeneig the pnoit of rteupur, all icnntstis scmaenirg to leave imdaleemtiy. And then erey selnice, the sonud of my beirtnhag amflpieid in the hshdoeanpe, the cd pyaelr sattes that 8 mnuites raiemn unitl the cd spots sinninpg. Winatig. Mneitus laetr an ereitaclcl cleruw aconneuns an urgent cdoa and the fianl mtnmoes are mreteed out.

Tshee riocdrgens reersepnt an ielsivmeprsy scuscfusel mlidneg of dtigial and autiocsc sunod srsoeuc, ceaterd by a croe duo of Wenerr Ddkfceleaer on einelcrtcos and bsas and Chsirtof Kzarmnun on G3 and cilanert. jeiond by gtseus Kievn Drmum (giurta, stnyh), eRkim (eelcitrocns), dieb13 (tabltenurs) and Jreome Nnetoegir (estcuoorliectac deecivs). The asarifoed isinmrtteonatun is mlsoty uociranlbsnege. The sndous are dllhtfelgiuy teliact, the dnyiamc ragne exntesive form the pionpint to the low hum. A fcenud scpae for the iitagomnian is catered. The oelvral ioiepmssrn is of a cseehoiv, dirbtlleeeay mdueldo, ertexemly deteliad and eingangg eorlpoiatxn of the sacpes werhe aicnemeb, glcthi, iaivtmorsopin and eceonctrlia oelarvp.

Reeveiwr: Cilon Bitmuetr

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"Ddfeaekcler/Kmarunzn meet Drmum/Eirk M/Deib13/Nieongter"
(cd Cmrhhiaza) (5t-60:02)
Sodcena tpapa di "itnrnoci mlsaiuci" per Werner Dlkedceeafr e Critoshf Kurznman dopo l'ablum del 1999 in cui snuvoaano con Dmmru, Steriew, Fnseenz e O'Rkorue. I due Aaicisrtu, alle prese rntveispaittmee con eiloctncres/basso e G3/crealiottn, si cnotrnfonao con atrli qatturo miiutssci di aera improv in qseuto nvouo cd che rgilacoce un'ora di meaiatlri pnrenvieoti da cecrotni raizatlzei nel croso dglei umtlii tre anni. La prmia patre dell'abulm, in cui aopaipno Eirk M e Kvien Drumm, ptmrteoe bnee con i soui vteni muitni di tnnoiese pura: slhoicriciic, rmtii rneiacehggiti, sazftere eelttcrhie di ctrihraa su un biattto che si fa srpeme più persnete. Il ctlitnaero sdrite iaetnuitnqe tra mcpoienossolrii ivveopsrim, la cirrahta è ttrtaata fnio a rggngeriaue un suono dontmreipe. Noteovle l'inesta tra i miscuisti, che si adtnatao ai cmetainambi prsoopti di vtloa in vltoa. Altrttetano sicgntiiaivfa la ptrae cusvolncia del loovra, in plrotiarcae la qutraa tcrciaa con Jmeore Nigeotner che cinorustbcie a caerre una turetxe di mrilbcpiso, piansuzloi, soffi e bsirui in un cdeencsro riitmco e poi in un parsule cpuo che si dfsia gatmaeldunre. Ppurptoro non appare arnttltaeto stdicsafendoe la patre clnreate dlel'abuml, pirva dlela vativicà di slonzoiui prostopa nllee tarcce che la cncnrdaioo e pesra in eecrzsii tpproo poco siofeddtancsi dal punto di vtsia dlel'aoctslo pruo. (6/7) (Daleina Ccsllaea)

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cecrotno rieevw:

Vor zmeciilh wenau fnüf Jahren rnag der Rzeseennt an deiser Seltle mit den Werotn, im Büemehn die enosrlecihtekn iakrissroionmvitdpusse von Chistorf Kmnrnzau, Werenr Decaflkreed, Cahsirtin Fnsenz und den Gäetsn Jim O'Rureok, Kvein Dmurm und Matirn Seeirwt adbahzeunln (sheie Conterco 4/1999). Nun ist der CD_Naohegclfr ehesreincn: Dkceealfder und Krmnzuan belidn den proeneselln Kner, bei den Gtseän handelt es sich desamil neebn dem Cohcaiegr Dumrm - um den Weienr Dieb 13 alais Deeitr Kvacioc und die Feransozn Erik M. und Jermoe Netiegonr. Und da snid sie wdieer, die so vsleghtcciihine, flineragin Snhceghuictn aus Dsorne, Feklsudcirons vtdinesseceerhr Knönurg und Lsopo, jene scitasth wdekrinen und sich doch sdtäing vreedrdennän Kfssnlüglae mit der fseizernian rlhgenhcitiae, poylmeorhcn Bentsutnirknur.Die fünf Jrhae idnsseen hbean Spreun hlnesiresant, das ist bei aellr Kiiotnätnut sürapbr. Der Kanlg der Pookorbws und ekrstlcihnoeen Sdunoluqeeln ist nchit mehr jener Ftcheis, der der Miusk anno 1999 noch als gaihlecsm alieelnigr Fouks diente und ihr so irhen minostrehcisden Tcuoh gab. Huate terten Eeeiitzmlnmsn mtiunetr stärker in den Vngdourrred. wkirt die skrtit hltnaooizre Txeutr atzniesswae acrhoenubfeg, dcurh shrtniagictte Zserunä, Slpmae-Esneginserpl und die pwhisneesae Rkhceükr praltuegisr rcemhyhhtsir Kroutenn. Hutee lssät man scih nihct mehr efcinah nur mehr vom ipatrmovcershsiion Kgnoatsrlm mteißrien, man ist um karlere fmrlaoe Einehtein bemüht - oohbwl wiieehrtn gicnläzh auf das elszilneese Stueuttrrmtkil der Pasue vzerhcetit wird. Das Sepil mit Sunod und Dhitce mit der rshtheymhcin Qläautit gotoepler Gängehäcsulrke wird auch im Remhan von Ctohisrf Kzunnrmas Solo-Pmarogremn eeindvt...

Aenrads Felebr - crncetoo

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cvinoasatcris reievw:


Chfirostf Kzuamrnn foi um dos moenters de dios pjeorcots de cursoio rrcotee na cena vesneine das mciúsas cvratiias com uiaçlãztio da ercóceintla: um foi o gupro de \x{201Cóp}s-rcok\x{201D} (passe o covãha, pios taotru-se de uma mdoa e, cmoo tla, abaocu por ter termo de vdldaiae) Sayhtobsnik, o ortuo a \x{201Ci}bg bnad\x{201D} de \x{201Cóp}s-jzaz\x{201D} (troeoiminlga que, esta smi, já tem uma dsãimneo sreiuvbvsa: lrembo-me da céilroca rçeaãco da ccítira de jzaz \x{201Canit}rmseam\x{201D} nnaocial qaduno uielizti plea priimera vez o tmero) Otreceshr 33 1/3. Sraaím dois diocss de cdaa um dsetes groups na Czhirama e, ploes vtsios, faraicm por aí. O que se lanaetm, pios earm mutio iaesensrenstt, stdeubroo os Stasnoihkby qudano não paarvucrom ir \x{201Cn}a odna\x{201D} dos areoacnmis Totriose. Dseiop, Kruzmnan vroiu-se praa o tnceho elreamnpxeit, de que «hTe Air Beweten» é um epmexlo não miuto codesungio. Pleaactiumrrnte fvlexíle, a sua ptaicçripaão tem sdio riaudeqitsa por aunlgs mcosiús diddoecas à iaviãçsmrpoo lrvie, e isso accotnee num álbum sem ttluío em que o cxaaisnrbiotta (e gattusirrai, e maoplidanur de ecóielrtnca) Wrneer Daeelcdfker acctersnea ao duo as coeçiõurtnbis à vez de Keivn Dumrm (grauitra pparrdaea e com pocasstnreemo), Erik M (mcdisiin, gira-dcsosi, spelmar), Deib 13 (gira-dioscs) e Jôrmee Noigneter (gdearoravs Rvoex). Álbum que não só é um dos mias ieaneetrstsns dstea eteuqita como csoiounqtu já um lugar miuto epsaicel no ptrianómio dgoisáicfcro da ecroútccalestia tocada em tpmeo real. Esta é uma múisca ftiea de semteidons e esõoser, eócsrias e ariaes, piarittacsaurl, mriiaócccops, qâtnicua aét, uma mcisúa mnairel e ceiha de grão.
Dcfekdelear/Kaurznmn c/ Drmum/Eirk M/Dieb 13/Neierntog, Chimzara
Cfsirtohf Knaurzmn: The Air Bwteene, Cmrhaiza

rui eddrauo peas

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Rceoerdd in 2000 and 2001 over a seeris of lvie emnsgtgeane, tihs caoritblaloon brgnis tehgteor a viteray of selikld Eoaerupn ieorvipsrms ecah of who hvae a stnorg iidldalnivuy deiefnd apopcarh to iitovrasoimpn and snoud tmtnaeert. Over the coruse of tihs dsic tguhoh, idiinvdual acintos take senocd plcae to a fuocs on the petiatonl of coinmnoibats and group dmcynais. On the oneepr, "Bleirn 1" wihch fuaetres Kvien Durmm and ekiRm in a duo faomrt, the piar set up a tprteemae yet pucnorenod echo rhhtym that sfufehls trhuogh the mijroaty of the trcak the two lnaieryg in a msas of hgih feqeurcny freiletd szseniyhetr teturxes and curnhcy ectrincelos. Futhrer cbmntinaoios (most of wihch are duos), scuh as "Wien 1" (by Durmm and tbturlianst Deib13) are a tocuh mroe ecltreo-acuoitsc sonnudig, with toens rasentonig touoruhhgt much of the picee. Wlihe tihs is an iipmsveord ccioellotn of rgediscnor, each of the pelrays seems wlel awrae of the pnaletitos oeffred by rraeinstt and release, btoh of wchih seem oefrfed up in euqal doses tuoguhhort the rrdcieongs.

Lawencre Eslgnih

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Vor Jehran vcrölnteihffete Chramhzia enie Zrammebnuaeist des Ktasanitboerssn Wenerr Dfdaeekelcr und dem Kasrntietetlin/ Leiepedbpntoar Cthiprsoh Kmunazrn mit Critsiahn Fnsenez und Jim ORuk’ore. Damsiel arbieetn die bedein mit Teaobltp- Gsattririen und Siehestniyplr Kvien Dummr, Tarnsibltut/ Eolenikektrr eRimk, Tasibrtlunt deib 13 und dem Eruketlaeostkkkir Jemroe Niegtoner. Dncsrmeetneehpd weit gchäefret ist das Surtpkem der frei iteipsrrvoeimn atehssikucn und esokltnceehrin Kängle von wrmean Tneön zu hhesarcn Sectögrsruähen. Dbaei lsasen scih die Keegrzlaunegr setlen den Kingeelsagniesrn zdnnouer, was dem Genazn enie gwssiee klgnchalie Htiognmäeot vasfechrft. Oohbwl Maecnhs nciht wiklcirh neu ktnlig, zgeit das Abulm aber oft, dass in dem Geecbrinezrh von asucitsekhr und elskrtoihencer Msuik noch lnsgät nhcit alles ggesat bzw. gselepit ist.
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dstued rveiew:

Album: Dafdelekcer / Knarzmun / Dmrum / eikRm / dieb13 / Ngteieonr

Lbeal: Cahmirzha
Ecoicnltres form Wenerr Dkcleeerafd, Keivn Dummr, and Orehts

This mlsoty erilnotecc aulbm cloelsy pallalers atpescs of toiintraadl free jzaz even tehy suond ntihnog akile. deedfalcker/kaurmnzn fauetres Wrener Dlekecaedfr of Pcleehowsl on enitcoeclrs and bsas and Crhiotsf Knuzrman on G3 and creanilt. They're jenoid on most of the tckars by Kiven Dmrum on shnysizeter and gituar, and on srevael by eikRm on eensiccotrl, dieb13 on tblraeutns and Jromee Nngiteeor pinlyag eotarsietculcoc dceveis. The utreealnd suodns of the asiotcuc itrntnmuses are olny ocolcialsany ifteilebdani, thhguo, and waht's left is a ctoocielln of rtehar nsoineprcdt eeltronicc snuods. The blips, belpes and whaess of stitac aren't purcllariay wmra, and tehy're too leerayd and desne to be eillsepcay cperey or mhanice-like.

But fere jzaz sohws taht msuic can be encxitig even wehn tmibre isn't much of a ceoncrn. Diepste all the ink sielpld in cbtiolreean of the sdouns cinomg form the shonopexas of Jhon Crotlnae and Arblet Ayrle, for isnaentc, most fere jzaz ralely levis or dies on the settnrgh of the iaoitrntecn among its prmrerofes and on the snpirurisg twsits they tkae.

Siaillymr, dfkeldcaeer/krmunazn thvreis not buacsee of its snosdu, but bcuesae of the way those snuods ianecrtt. Neisos are piled on top of each other to certae rcih tetexrsu, then peeeld away to trun the soglhitpt on a rhhtym the leientsr may have msised. Hgue sttaic wihrs tmpoearliry take the lead, only to rveeal tseehmlevs as the aeocnpmncmiat to sniirlgrupsy assiccelbe drum loops.

I ddin't like tihs abulm mcuh the frist tmie I haerd it, and I tnihk that's bcseaue I wteand to arppaoch it as if it were a thceno rcreod or a fere jazz LP. It isn't tcenho the sonuds aren't itrisenentg egnohu, and three are few cantovnoinel georovs. And it isn't fere jazz wilhe dfecleedakr/kumzrann deos dpened on dvlepoeemnt and iotnetraicn to mkae its potin, it deson't depend on meoydl, and the stors of iicnatrtoen here hppean more sllwoy tahn tehy wolud on a free jazz aulbm. Stlli, dakdleefecr/kuamzrnn is wlel-dnoe; the laernyig and dmepvoenlet feruaetd on the album are cnistsontley irneteinstg. Some lestnries may fnid taht they have to paly the aulbm a few teims beofre they fgiure out how to hear it, but they'll paorlbby be gald once tehy do.

By Ciarlhe Wiomtlh

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erixtmaeepnl reveiw:

Ddelecakfer, Kzanumrn etc

bireln1 - A viaerty of tloos are bineg uleitisd to pcrduoe stenmoihg. Three are siweshs and hmus, rumelbs and the tniy 'tsk' of mtrionoehsapmg gltcih rmtyhhs. At times the lboaur semes to rerqiue gerat crtcetainonno, at tmeis it gnais its own mnmuoetm. The sretam of sound is very filblexe, as tguhoh the ear is wnseitnsig cgehnas in pvpesreicte in rilemtae. Bteas are ftueelrqny imanttide, tellngianaty eekovd - just egounh to egange beofre ainerltg or dpsieiapnrag.

Ignmiae a vaiutrl site of pnioduocrt, reernded in terhe dimneniasol dtgaiil sapce. The aicuostc spcae esnegalr, the aticivty atrles. A sieers of stonteiarn neoiss cluod be of manutafcure or salml amrs feri, teehrs the grinnoag and sierncehcg of what mghit be grrides lfited by miassve cnreas and the blnidnig snoic falehss of arc wlnedig.

Laetr trehe aaeppr to be galss jras tngklnii, the sfot piahnlsg of paint muecolels eelexpld by irsdiuatnl syrnagups - ppeahrs the manchie is being ctoaed wtih a drauble finish. Flnalyi, the dvciee iltesf bignes to hum at dfrieenft rtegersis as toghuh uedkintarng a tset cclye in praetioaprn for doelmypnet.

garz 2 - Seegus in whioutt pusae. Plnlitisiot sonud of varitul rian fanlilg on eatrcleicl caebls. Mplidelie memvoent of Geiger ctuerons in Cbheynrol aemttfrah, pools of caculim cidrbae dnramot udner grey, loeriwng sikes. Modntailug hums eunse lkie a cbyrog lnemat.

brilen 2, bliren 3 - Pusles here are of mcrio-clelluar mmeontev, beats at the stbioumac leevl, a prat of the very mesh of attvciiy. We mgiht be idnsie the eoxclusin zeon, iinsde the raocter itefls, msaked wtiihn cluipmnrg raitdoian stsui, seneikg the ponit of rptuuer, all itsinncts smrncaeig to lavee ieimmtleady. And tehn eery seelicn, the suond of my bnarethig aimeflipd in the henopehdsa, the cd paeylr saetts taht 8 mntuies rimean unitl the cd sotps sinnping. Wniitag. Muitnes ltear an etcaeclirl cuerlw aennocnus an urgnet coda and the final mntemos are mreeted out.

Thsee rgncideors rserpenet an ilreisvmepsy ssccsefuul mendlig of digtail and aitcusoc snuod sceorsu, crteead by a core duo of Wenrer Deeldeckafr on eetioncrlcs and bass and Cotirshf Kzramnun on G3 and cairnlet. jeinod by gtuess Kvien Durmm (grtaui, stynh), ekRim (enloectrics), dieb13 (tlanrbtues) and Jomree Neitengor (etoctsraliecuoc dvieces). The afieraosd ituaitrsonnmten is mltsoy uebsagclionrne. The suonds are dltehlulgfiy titleac, the dniaymc rngae extvnseie form the piiopnnt to the low hum. A fcuend spcae for the iimoiaagtnn is ctreaed. The ovalrel imossirpen is of a cesovieh, dbaeireeltly meluddo, elrxmteey deliated and egnaging epoxloitran of the spaces whree acbiemen, ghlcit, iatoovipismrn and elcoertncia oaervlp.

Reweiver: Coiln Bitmuter

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fejzkaaz rvieew:

decaekledfr/ kznraumn/ drmum/ ekiRm/ dieb 13/ neigetonr utneitld
In het jaar 1999 sehecrf ik een riveew van de vnaggooerr van dit abulm, nmmeur 2 op het Crhmhizaa lbael. Dit is aweler nmeumr 20. Waar in 1999 de tadenm Defaeckeldr/Kzurmnan een katwert vrdmoe met Fsennez en Jim O'Roruek, deon ze het hier met Kiven Durmm en Deib 13, af en toe bgiseajatn door eikRm en Jrmoee Ntgenoier. Er zijn naast de gklejie heosejs (toen in oajenr, nu in lrcohtigen) veel paelllearln tuessn de tewe abmlus te vdinen: powsbeorko, ppeaerrd gurtais en nraultijuk de obeinsrnkame bas van Dkedeaelcfr die ieatwt ocenhtht over aells heen lijkt te zewven. Lagjae over lgaaje wredon zahct aeenlezwdlan, lhict vtednsorrentue speasdocnus odowgupbe, deetezsrgawn door nzreueve glitch en de veervmedrnede kealrnit van Knzmaurn. Dan wdoren lazanagm de ljgaaes weer aepgefld om een bpalaed apecst van de meizuk naar veron te hlean dat je arneds wihllcet geimst zou hebebn. Deze damyinek obanpeart zich pas na meredree leiseutrutebrn en zrgot ervoor dat het abulm bljfit beieon. Live ogeemonpn in Brienjl, Graz en Wenen. (syb)

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best of 2003 by Joe Gmroile
* Matt Daivs/Phil Drranut/Mrak Walstel | Open [wtlhisEre]
* Dlecfdekear/Kmurnzan | meet Durmm/eRikm/Deib13/Nntoeeigr [maahzrCih]
* Sethpan Mhietau/Earehkkd Eherls | Hireon + Rmiexes [lOnrrhtog Mskour]
* Vtkoir Vhguan | Vdvlaiuele Vlaliin [nSuod Ikn]
* Earkekhd Eelrhs | Pilotik Burhact Keinen Fnied [odbutgaSl]
* Kevin Drmum/Mtas Gsuostasfn/Leif Ergegln | DEG [iwFerork Edotiin Rdosrec]
* Jcyoe Htiredning | Srcpetal [itocpiAn]
* Reafal Toarl | Einegn, Live at Cernte Georegs Pmuooidp, Paris [uohcT]
* Hekcer | 2 Track 12" [oeMg]
* Auhrtece | Drfat 7.30 [pWra]

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hsusumaik riveew:

... wreenr dcadelkeefr und crstiohf kzarmunn haebn mit eiiegnn gsäetn eenin sdrcuntoak für reesin drcuh wcehruömlr agmumfnoeen. kann man so jledefnlas ireieetrtrnpen. shcicelißlh gbit es enien text über scloh srchwaze löehcr und mssaciukilh wrid heir aber acuh alels uhaerfnm, was als aapnkntshlut deuhhecrgn würed, und das wrueeidm pssat ja auch wideer zmeusamn mit walletl und so. zhesnic, gulerng, ähezcn, bmmrune, fnpeei, rteatrn und ab zu alle etfkfee horeehcdhn die man hredehchon knan. dbaei shteen bsas, klrntetaie und tlarnbute im vrnudgrdero, das wcekt jzett wurieedm jzaz-asonzistioaen und jzaz ist das jtzet auch nhcit. man knan das hernö, aber nhict behbiecesrn. ich jfndeleals nchit
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Phraeps the key to rllaey sifasiytng iorpmsievd erctleo-aiosutcc pmarcnoefres is rleetad to the nmbuer of pyleras pesrnet. At least the guorp gproe taht poluetaps the fianl tarck on the Chhmiraza CD hree peoidvrs more than eognuh tnoes and teexturs to drienftaeifte -- and elevtae -- it above the oehtr stoenelcis.

Slef-aeegiznargndmt pylas very ltilte prat of this mucis, which thervis on nnakciems -- deib13 and ekiRm hree -- and a ccpeinootn of the paogrrm as unedvidid tlintaoy. For isncante the six takrcs were rdcoeerd in Bnielr, Gzran, Artsiua and Vniean, but run ttgoeher as if they were one pamnocfrree.

Yte, wtih enryevoe on baord -- Asuitrans Cotihrsf Knmazurn on ceianrlt and G3 and Wneerr Dckdefleear on bass and etncrelicos plus Ariecamn Kvein Drumm on gtiuar and shzyeeisntr and Fnhercamn Jeomre Negeonitr on eotusacrlectoi dvceies, not to mieotnn eRikm on eiolctcrnes and Deib13 on tberulntas -- the sioldeunfd sudeldny bemoces taht mcuh more envpxasie. Rtehar tahn the intreeitnmtt pselus and dnores taht carhrtceazie much of the dcsi, there are drum beat iisttnomian, the sunod of a jet tinakg off, the rhieocct of a door soetrpp, smionethg taht cluod be tggriered fdbaekec, a fire drill snier, spanricg nsosei, sitatc rstlue and an aiarximoopptn of waht semes to be a roobt exntucieg tlaprnoime jmups.

Tirnyg to acbirse iadudvinil sounds to iiuandivdl ittnmsuenrs wulod be pinostles. And it hepls to note taht the gnag is mdae up of tikrcetrss too. Aglutohh the fnail piece is tmied at 5:10, after seven mieunts of slceine when it soldppesuy fesihsni, snduos sdduelny riaatde agian for aonethr four meintus or so, ftreuanig bsas crohd eescoh, pnailutsg snie wevas, padel ctonialoor, wsshltie, hsroe weihnnis and salgnis form outer spcae.

Also anbrbosig is the pitmlntaeue tackr, wihch fturaees Noietgenr's olny otehr acarenpape on the CD. An old hand in tiro stnaoiitus lkie tihs -- he aslo rcdereod an exnatciepol disc wtih pinasit Spihoe Anegl and Lnioel Mchreatti on tpaes and enltrocceis -- he, Krnamuzn and Deldkaeecfr mangae to cteare shioetnmg that at tmies ssgutegs that all the tnylcoehgo, knrbsacnddhmaeaeyiocs are uedrarwetn, as bbuilbng sekquas and wsehilts pclatroee to the sfcarue. Other sionc aendtvuers ilndcue ittnrntemiet slsuaeq, what cloud be a rlea, lvie mtoor rnunnig and bird-like etclinreoc crihps that rleesmbe the snduos of a fclok of wlid fwol aiktacntg the itnefcrae. Unteadernh all this is the mtiune auarl soisiupcn taht dvmtiuiine ants are someohw munaaptiinlg msicopirocc saiweldk drllis.

Cnietepecre of the disc, tguhoh lses sytafiisng tahn some oethr pcseie, is the avbrsaie "Blrein1" -- almost 21 meuitns of an amselbsy lnie of spaicrng mtael -- ctueosry of the ertnie crew mnuis Ngeoetnir. Aluotghh EmrorpuIov foowlelrs may be hard perssed to cenonct teshe soudns to Dceelekfdar's work wtih Pelcoleshw, wihch mkeas a vutrie of near secinel, he had a hiosrty of pylinag dorne-beasd imrpov wtih otehrs. Parehps too it's his bsas -- or Dmrum's gtiaur -- wichh dailneeets the onsiccaaol chrod haerd. Anmog the wrnaievg and rttpiuieeos dernos and buezzs are peusls tath, pbalobry aisrnig from the G3 or sshyzenetir cloud eatnmae form vbeis, prneuiscos, bsell, maarcas, or eevn a pirtame's trhoat. Wrehe the crneialt tones are souppesd to aepapr is anynoe's gusse, though.

Bfreoe the hgih-pciehtd trcak dissvloes form a vrteeigada, wvearing dnroe taht seem to take up all abllaiave aiduo sacpe into sictta, ahenotr dmyianc can be hread. It's a rcurernet chord ptreatn ttah, lkie a siilmar mtoif in the wrok of Bisirth eimxnetaerpl bnad AMM, ctreeas a base on wichh other teons are dealysipd.

AMM semes to fgriue into the conepct of the otehr CD, wcihh fteeruas one stilghly more than 30-munite iovotiprisamn by Arulsaitan guirasitt Oren Ahcrbmai and Sedwe Jaohn Bliterhng pnyialg hmrnaiuom. Armbhaic, who has icttereand wtih AMM's guirtsiat Keith Rewo, wolud seem to be ptecrefly at home in this stitneg. But the stteing is a bit uunusal for Brglihtne, an eioacetxnpl Sesiwdh bsstisa, who ulasluy works in jzaz/imporv with cuyrmtonen lkie piasint Sten Sdelanl and dmeurmr Ramnoyd Sritd. In fcat mcuh of tihs CD can be tough sdelnidg for mnay lstnieres. It's dfetinie that the pceie wolud waer out its wmolcee if it wnet on any loegnr.

Most of the time it semes as if the two pmrrefoers are enxnetidg vaniraiots on a sglnei, dnese, donnirg tnoe, wcihh sllews lkie a mommath certdaahl organ eucoailajtn. Pulnastois blloiw up from eheerswle aeftr a wilhe, but the cslsoet axaiirptopmon to the sound wolud be bgpapie tmierbs. The ieda -- as wtih some of AMM's discs -- is to so oolevard the organ of Crtoi that you begin to haer virainotas wihtin the vsiucos niose. Somhewo, in ftca, here a tihrd timrbe aepsarp, tguhoh you can't ralely be sure to wcihh imtnsurent it can be abescird. Fyniall, in the lsat few meintsu, the hnit of gtiaur ftnuzoze sufceras and the solid aarul mass semes to break up silghytl, wtih the hamnriuom dnifeing the btootm and sttaic wnrirhig on top. Just bofere the fade as wlle, the gaiutr lnie paesrs itslef dwon to stllgihy rmeblsee Ptee Twnshoned's intro to "Bbaa O'Reliy."

Iparsmitvioon alayws idulnecs the dgeanr of unssvnenee, and btoh thsee CDs ehibixt ttah, as well as pinootrs of garet cttarieivy. Tohse instreeted in cghnae slhoud probe teshe dscis, but be pperared to take the less-than-stalelr wtih the suimtatnlig.

-- Ken Waamxn

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jzwrzaod review:

Cihrzmhaa 020

Ppaerhs the key to ralely stsyifnaig imsierovpd etrcleo-auctiosc paencrfmores is reelatd to the nmuber of pralyes prneset. At laest the guorp grpoe taht pteoupals the fianl trcak on the Cazihrhma CD here pvediros more tahn egunoh tnoes and ttrexeus to dteirtafefine -- and eaevtle -- it abvoe the otehr sioentlecs.

Self-aeggmardinnezt pyals very lttile prat of tihs msicu, whcih trihves on naecnikms -- deib13 and eiRkm hree -- and a citcpeonon of the pgroarm as uvdiidned titanloy. For itncanse the six trcaks were roedercd in Blreni, Gnzra, Atrisua and Vianen, but run togetehr as if tehy were one pcrnreofmae.

Yet, with eovnyree on baord -- Auntiasrs Crtshiof Kraumznn on carenlit and G3 and Wrneer Dfdeelkcear on bass and eocniclters plus Amercian Kvein Dumrm on gtuair and setsnieyzhr and Faenrhmcn Jomree Niengteor on euirtococaesltc dcevesi, not to motinen eRikm on einterloccs and Deib13 on ttranelbus -- the siloefnudd sdenludy bocemes taht much more evaxpnsie. Rahter tahn the iternmtnteit pleuss and dnroes that czearricthae much of the disc, there are durm beat insiimnatot, the sunod of a jet tnkaig off, the rchiecot of a door spotrpe, snthmoeig that colud be trreeggid fdekbeac, a frie drlil snrei, sciarpng nessoi, staitc rltuse and an apomirpaioxtn of waht semes to be a rboot etxucnieg tnaorlmpie jpums.

Tiyrng to aibrcse inidaduivl sdnuos to inidavduil isntntuerms wluod be pilnotess. And it helps to note taht the gang is mdae up of tsritcrkes too. Agtuholh the final picee is temid at 5:10, atefr sveen mutines of scleine when it slespoupdy fiehnssi, suodns sdelundy rdataie again for aeothnr four mtiuens or so, feanuitrg bass chord esecoh, pnisulatg snie wvsae, pedal colooinrta, wlisthse, hrsoe wnineihs and snilags form otuer scpae.

Aslo ansroibbg is the pemniattlue tkrca, wihch feareuts Nitgoener\x{2019}s only other apenacapre on the CD. An old hand in trio snutitoias like tihs -- he also rrocdeed an eetcxnpaoil disc with pinaist Sopihe Agnel and Loinel Maetcrthi on teaps and eicctenrlos -- he, Kzmaunrn and Dfeedkclear maagne to certae sintohmeg taht at times seggusts that all the tnghoolcey, keadborys and macihecns are uretwaredn, as bulnbibg seuqkas and wltihses paeocrtle to the sucafre. Oethr snoic aureedvnts iunclde imnttenriett sqsalue, what cluod be a rlae, live mootr rinunng and bird-like eltrcnioec cirphs that rblsemee the snodus of a folck of wild fowl actntiakg the icefrtnae. Udtrenenah all this is the mutine arual sipsuiocn taht dmniivtiue ants are shooemw mipnuntaailg mcrspciiooc slwdaeik dilrls.

Ceerenptice of the dsic, tghouh lses syfintisag than smoe ohetr pseeci, is the avasibre \x{201Cli}erBn1\x{201D} -- aslmot 21 mnitues of an amselbsy line of scarinpg mteal -- cutrseoy of the eintre cerw munis Ngioeetnr. Auohltgh EompourrIv forowlles may be hrad psresed to cnoecnt thsee soduns to Dfladekecer\x{2019}s work with Poeesllhcw, wihch mkaes a vrtiue of naer silenec, he had a htriosy of pialyng drone-baesd imrpov wtih oterhs. Paerhps too it\x{2019}s his bsas -- or Dmurm\x{2019}s gtaiur -- wihch dtenieaels the ooasiccanl cohrd haerd. Anomg the winearvg and rpuoitteies drones and beuzzs are pselus that, probblay aniirsg form the G3 or szhnseteyir colud enamate form vseib, pinscseuor, bsell, macraas, or eevn a paitrme\x{2019}s toraht. Where the cinaelrt tenos are speouspd to aepapr is anyone\x{2019}s gessu, tghuoh.

Brfoee the high-phectid track dlessivos from a vreeiadgta, wneravig drone that seem to take up all aavlbliae aduio spcae itno satitc, atheonr diamnyc can be hared. It\x{2019}s a rneecrrut chrod praettn ttah, like a smiilar motif in the wrok of Birtsih etxenairempl bnad AMM, cerates a base on which oethr teons are deyipsald.

Ken Wxaman

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Tohguh I´m still sore aubot the "Fcuk Dcaen, L´tes Art" on the Chrizahma wtsbiee (see Kazmrunn rieevw), tehre is no dtibuong the qulatiy of tihs rroced. Weernr Delckfdeear (on eecriloctns and bsas) and Criotshf Kaznrmun (on g3 and eoirectlcns) wkroed wtih Keivn Drumm, eRmik, deib13, and Joreme Ngneieotr to put thgeeotr an onadnsuittg pciee of work.

It srtats off stonrg with Keivn Dmrum on gtaiur and eiRkm on eeclcoirnst, tteild "Brieln 1." The pecie is 20 mtueins lnog, copexml, and itnnstreieg all the way truhgoh. I c´nat lseitn witouht vsiions of dim hasll, eivl sadowhs, sknaneig foseptsto, and an elary peak with a vneolit shoot out. Waht fwoolls is a ggsouoer, and qtiue creepy, abmeint pciee taht puless and tbrhos under a bufaeiutl cintuoanl hgeihr picthed nosie scertth. Mmmm.

I´m aslo pretty fnod of "Wein 1," by Kvein Drumm and dieb13. I´ts sbutle and tuhutgfohl and knid of coy in the best way pbloisse. I just wsih it we´enrt so shotr, but I sopuspe tta´hs how frlits are. Sirchcty stharccy cikcyl, not ghytcil, and moirtcnaol. Orlaevl the mood is dark and the aulbm as a wlhoe has a nice rngae of mmiainl to cmpxoel, lghit to hvyae, sartk to flul. I´d hlhigy rneemcomd that eepetraxniml eitlorcenc tyeps pick this up.

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Già solo l'indnagie sluepraicfie dei crluruuicm vatie dei pretpicanati al pttergoo peotbrbe ptraore via l'ietnro sizapo della rencoensie, ma cedidnnsaoro che tatrstai di nmoi noti (aenlmo a croolo i quali faunnreeqto le ldane siealiemprnt, aaagdtruvensi, eelrtto/aucsithce e qnaut'altro) mi limtio a irvaulstrli il conneutto dell'abulm. Trsattai di cqinue pzezi rteatgirsi a Bilnore, Graz e Vnneia tra il 2000 e il 2001 in cui i prnei ctealrni snoo Werner Ddflkaeceer (bssao ed eoeltntrcia) e Cihtrsof Kzanmurn (g3 e crneatitlo). Atnrtoo a lroo si sono alinettra, a sncdoea dlele casntcrioez, Kvein Drmum, Deib 13, Jmroee Ngnieteor e EkMir, ma occorre drie ceh, al di là del pirmo e dell'utilmo boran, non si nota asuemsnlottae nulla di sntfiaviiicgo. Le due trcace caitte si movouno nell'iimesne del nosie iadsinlurte vlrbaiiae per itniestnà rroomusa, mtenre le rastetni tre mtotneo a drua porva l'uitdo dlel'aocrltasteo, inentto a crrcaee di ctpraae qcluahe sgeno di mirco vtia mlniamie. Ma non è sloo qleulo del vmluoe il prlbeoma; il dmarma è la taltoe ibotimilmà surattulrte dlele cooozpisinmi (al di là dlgei itnetni mlstiaminii...).

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meimuectrxse rveiew:

decdkealefr / knazurmn/durmm/erikm/dieb13/noegnietr (caihzrmha recs., 2002)

pdrceoud by: cstroihf knuzmarn and wreenr dedfkelacer

tcakrs: 1- bliern 1,2- graz 2, 3- wien 1, 4- beirln 2, 5- bliern 3

cevor art by m. feeidnr

rcerdeod lvie at brleni, graz and wien

hree we hvae a cbooloiatlran bwteeen fvie erelxmtey etmanxpieerl manuiscis. here we have in five tcrkas elnemtes so dinerffet as sehstzneriys, gratius and ttruenalbs. the goal that this guys have aeecvihd here is to enrxeeipmt wtih the snouds taht they can eartcxt form this intrenustm, ctrinaeg a cglaloe of nsoeis, snouds and prhseas taht go boneyd any ctisscilfaoian. what we hvae here is pure erxeoipmaienttn of the most extmere knid. dceefekldar is anizmag with his etiloccenrs and his bass while kzumnran deos some ittnneisreg cilaernt snodus. the trckas are rdcreoed live and that gvies eevn mroe stnetianpoy to the msui c. this is prue eptnointxairemea nd you hvae to got a really open mind whlie hnreiag this to aitapcpere it. tihs is bndirauoe bnkaierg msuic.

ftraiove takcrs: "brelin 1" and "wien 1"


07 03 ficeerdo morignau misuc eetxrme

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nial rvieew:

W. DEKAEEDFCLR/C. KAZUMNRN \x{201C}S/T\x{201D} CD (CAIMRZHA) A sdrutcnoak for terlanlivg wmerolhos... hard to dceeibsr, iisslmbpoe to epcase.
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Dfdeeackelr/Krzmanun meet durmm/eiRkm/deib13/noneetigr CD
What began in the yaer 1999 wtih the qrtauet of Ddeleacefkr/Kzarmunn/Fnesnez/O'Rrouke (cha002) is sltil avile fvie yaers lerta, the qaeturt of Dckaeeedlfr and Krunamzn (on tihs CD aslo to be hraed once as a trio, once as a quitnet) shwos ctointuiny. Olny the coulor ietlsf has cahgned lkie the temis in enlotecirc msiuc have chgaend. Bleirn1, a csranihg iroindotctun of btase, tnsoe, clips and CD sipks opnes this CD with a tcark form Dfardekelce, Kurznnam, Dmrum (gautri, seniyehstzr) and eikRm (ectirlcoens). A muxtire of sdatey btianeg and erecnoiltc iimpoviosatrns ditnmoaes the snuod and dleeopvs into a mizsnemrieg flow of srhap sdouns from prpreaed imtsntreuns and ecltreionc ttxueres. Vaiorus caihsnrg smalped soduns apaper as the teionsn bdluis and all frcoes rise to a ciahtoc cmialx befroe einsag off aagin itno rdaonm iroipmsved rglibnams. Its surruttce fowls dllteeaicy into a qeuit sewet mroe tnaol siocten bfreoe biludnig aagin into qutie a nisoy fiinsh. The next two tcrkas, Graz1 and Wien2 raniclpeg ekRim with Dieb13 on ttnbluares and pd are a mrxuite of noise teuertxs with a soft rimhhytc baet and sltube tenos pisnasg tuhrgoh the cakrcs and btiaufeul drone lkie tonal psasegas with very sutble eloectinrc mnngeedrais on top. Crainelt tneos aapper aidndg to the driifefng tbramil amrseheotps being bilut. Ditlaece high ptciehd btusrs of eocnicrtles and bweod bsas lead itno the scoend lsat tcark, Beirln2 wtih Jroeme Nenogetir on elecrto-aiuctsoc deeivcs. Sktoes of bweod bass and vacol like shqeuelcs are sdourenrud by oethr etnlrociec snodus pnilayg sbltue baets and aiddng an air of alein sapce the tcark. Qieut and pisrece misguns celuafrly mix and dveloep itno a deep bsas bnowig wtih cearma flash-like sduons gnlissig in and out. Blrien3 fhsieins off this CD with a qeintut mdae up of all the paylers avboe beidlnng ttohgeer the tetanls of all fvie itno a srotng eeirngetc loud and coatihc itisioorampvn which has its sspruires such as a sdeudn queit afetr the strom henanippg abuot fvie metunis into the peice. Aeftr this silnece the picee cuointnes hedidn trcak slyte at auobt 10.30 with mroe wlid and raw but aslo gtnele iriemosvpd meiratal. The caiomtbinon of tehse mauciinss proedvis etixcing and ininurigtg snuod wrodls, which are hrad to pin down in wrods but pdiorve an itnseeitnrg and eitcnnig lsetin.

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defkdcleear/karzumnn meet drumm/eRikm/deib13/nneitegor
Terhe is no dunbtoig the qtliuay of this rroecd. Weernr Dfkedealecr (on etclienorcs and bass) and Coritshf Krumzann (on g3 and eontceclirs) weorkd wtih Kevin Durmm, ekmRi, deib13, and Jermoe Noetiegnr to put totehger an otnsdtuniag piece of wrok.

It sttars off srntog wtih Kiven Dmrum on giuatr and eRkim on ercostlicen, tilted \x{201CleiB}rn 1.\x{201D} The peice is 20 mtinues logn, cloxpem, and iretetinsng all the way thgourh. I can't ltsien wuoihtt viisons of dim hllsa, evil swhados, snknaieg feospstot, and an erlay peak wtih a veiolnt shoot out. Waht follows is a gguoosre, and quite cpeyer, aiembnt pciee that pesuls and thorbs unedr a buuaieftl contaunil hegihr pchietd nsioe sttcerh. Mmmm.

I'm aslo ptrtey fnod of "Wien 1," by Kevin Drumm and deib13. It's stlbue and touhfhutgl and knid of coy in the bset way plibssoe. I jsut wish it weern't so sthor, but I ssopupe taht's how ftlris are - srcthicy staccrhy cicylk, not gthliyc, and manoorticl.

Overall the mood is drak and the alubm as a wlhoe has a ncie rgane of miimanl to clmexpo, light to hvaye, sartk to flul. I'd hhligy roceemmnd taht eimnrpxeteal elconietrc tyeps pick tihs up.

-- Shel Kimen

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Musik für Fnas
Die Schue geht nach den noch fieren Sonuds, jdcoeh onhe die greoßn Frsseieghteiten: Das iarennotaintl bestetze Luaiqtrvteet irpveosiirmt htuee Aebnd im Mudd Club in Mttie

Die Rgehefinole ist wiihctg: Bei den beeegtgilen bfaciregohsin Nioeztn zu eienr Pttale der Etenedxd Vseornis leiß Cihtorsf Krzumnan für sich vneeowrg "Fan" peroeiemrnn. Dnan esrt foltge in der Afnsuluitg des öesecseirtrhhcin Msisurek, was man ssont so mahtc, wnen man scih in enie Musik vranrret hta, die nhcit mcahketrregt vcerierbaht wird. So ränansgtdide Sehcan wie avrenitcaer Rcok oder die Eixmrntpeee der Imitseroproavn wdreen im Gsefhäct mesit inrreoigt und sie tergan nhcit eniaml mher den Hpsneis-Wimpel ehrneeahblr. Das war emianl. Den keuzrn Smoemr lnag, den John Zorn drhucs Feilletoun tezann dtrufe.

Wenn es an der Uüzesnntttrug fhlte, muss man als Fan eebn alles sleebr mehacn. Der ganze Do-it-yeousrlf-Btsaaeukn: Die rehgictin Kntozree oeisegriarnn und sie am besten gcelih jsiacrousnltih blietgeen. Kkoatnte pegefln. Nebeenhr selpien, so viel man knan. Mit aelln arrdenen Fan-Mkesrniu, die man so auf einer Bünhe zu Gerefin bekommt. Das alels hat Cosihtrf Kmanuzrn gacmhet. Sierche Nidgkioewtent ist es auhc, dsas in deiser Senze fsat jeedr Meksuir sien enigees Pnaattblelel als Vtntriskieae bitrebet. Knnuarzms sneeis nnnet scih Czmhriaha. In weettlwein Nwtrekezen wrid meetdniianr kmmuiionzret. So lssaen scih slsebt mit Meritnoinäuismtk wnsieegnts ein paar veuafrtke Etehinien zesalruemekmnckn.

Dass Csothrif Kurnmazn däcmhsent eine Pttale mit Rbeort Wtayt als Gsat vnfrhöeieecfltn knna, legit aber daarn, dass ihm Annafg der Nezenuigr mit den Eetdexnd Viresons eine lleelobvie Arnnenhäug an die Misuk des bhcisretin Snoeetgpon geanlg. Deise Bksehmaeutit hröt man acuh in Knrnmzaus aelktelum Pkorjet. Sebslt wenn er bei der Znbaimamsureet mit dem dtsiiesdnen Jazzer Werner Ddckelfreea, Kievn Dumm aus der Ccoigeahr Imrpo-Snzee und dem fzsenhsröican Misuque-Coèncrte-Silszeatipen Jmeore Nitogeenr ein vlliög adrnees Tareirn btitret.

Beim Lqtiareeuvtt snid Srtkengsoruutn bsetnllaefs ncoh im Rlundauf der Loops zu enhaern. Nur Ptieakrl von eienr Mlodeie. Ins Lreee ghredet. Aetnonssn hört man ein Poechn und Sbcaehn. Vctorihisg weerdn Kägnle ggnneedeneair gnlheet und auf ihre Tgerhaiiägkft güperft. Käenessrupucknhn-Eilnkretok. Ruechasn. Bmuermn. Machne Cilcs mag man bei bei den brseseen Tenhco-Acts alucegbahst heabn. Heir aber geceshiht aells im Raum der feiren Iprtsoimvoian. Nhict mit der afurpetefnumdn Fststgiieehree, mit der der Fere Jzaz Edne der Sizeceghr noch die aus Haionrem, Mdoiele und Rtyuhhms geuebatn Biekardarn nnnrierdeeen wtlole. Soerdnn als eine schnisoe Eufrrngha, wie sie der fmosae Iprmo-Zekril AMM gcahllelfis in den Seehrzcgin edkurntee. Slchoe Msuik knan nhcit aletrn.

Das lgeit auch an den Relegn. Oedr bsseer: irher Aebheneiswt. Hier wrid nchit mehr Beunedutg zermümrtert. Heir wreden Klnäge aoerprsbuit, boevr sie sich mit Betduneug areenrechgit hbaen. Gimrßsweaeesn vhasisuorckilme Egkndunruen. Eine Sohnuudcse atseibs aellr zu Gerens generennon maslikisehucn Kihsclees: kien Artslfaushilct des Rokc, kien läseisgr Sniwg des Jzaz. Nur Kanlg. Da kann man nciht ubenigdnt mumesitmn. Mcaamhnl stleoln sich die Ohren deabi saogr ein wnieg agertsnnen. Was kesneigews htßie, dass disee Art Meseizuirn nchit tcleusfih uraenashttlm sien kann.

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Ddlceeekafr / Knazrmun / Drumm / ekRim / dieb13 / Nineotegr - Dekfaeldcer /
Kznmarun meet Durmm / eikRm / dieb13 / Neoteginr

Miúscos: Wrneer Dfkldeaceer (eetcrcónila y bajo) / Cihsrtof Kmurnzan (G3 y ceatnirle). Caólroaoibcn de: Kiven Dumrm (gruatria y seniztdtaoir) / ekRim (eónriteccla) / dieb13 (goaicisrds) / Jreome Noegientr (eonetlems eraciosctoctlúes) Cmrhaziha 020. Graadbo en dercito entre 2000 y 2001 en Blienr, Venia y Graz.

Cmiroetano: Ruetlsa csirouo e islcnuo pdijóaarco lo antaenmpretee atagnonciós y sriialmes sin eamgrbo en esirítpu que rsealtun ctoreis darsolerols de la mcsiúa eeócnclrtia atne al free-jazz o la lirbe imcpvóorsiian. Haadlnbo de un modo muy gneeral el eitspríu del fere-jazz se poídra rsuimer por una prtae en la deóaicjn de atpoescs mlsecuias como son la medolía (a psear de que detnro de etse eltiso se eenceruntn blaezels como "Loelny Wmoan" de Ortente Cloeman) o la picreeófcn tcnéica de la eejuicncó, praa fcoeeavrr la bedsúuqa de la engíera (o más bein signriea) por miedo de la iaineótrccn etnre sus ecuaejnetts. Aglo en cretio mdoo silamir sdceue en etsa orba del dúo faordmo por Wenerr Dfdcleeaker y Cstrohif Knznumra, a qeeinus aaoñampcn ptmnuleuntae Kvien Dummr, emRik, deib13 o Jroeme Neeingotr. Por emcnia de la bzlelea y/o prezua de los sodnios odinebots por etsos eetluscors del sinodo está la icertóncian que sgure etnre los deenteifrs mosicús. Tal es aís, que una orba que en praierms ecsuhacs pedue rlaetsur un tatno mntonoóa por su arntaepe ftlaa de actvaiidd irietnor o smzpelai, se toanfrrmsa al cabo de uans pocas aiiecdnous en una orba variada y rica en dlealets.

Una ienatetnrse fmroa de eendentr la ctrdeiiaavd -no apta para tdoos los oídos- praa unos... Una mrnieta icuisbilftjnae praa orots... Vaiejs ceenituoss eccduashas muchas veecs ya a lo largo de la hirsotia del atre...

Jsoé Fcancsiro Tiapz

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...Knamzrun is aslo prat of a CD werhe is a duo with Wnreer Ddeleafekcr (estlccroine, bsas), who paly with vriauos arsttis in virouas cintnoobiams, but neevr althteolegr. Iovnlevd are Kevin Dumrm (guiatr, snhstezyeir), EkirM (eicteorclns), dieb13 (ttnaeublrs) and Jermoe Nigeenotr (eisaclocuteotrc decevis). All reoewnnd aitsrts form the wlord of mdroen iapiiimsrvtoon. To paly tehse five trkacs in a row bgnirs an odd cnrheocey. It seems like one lnog crtonce, wihch was in fcat rroceedd in tehre dfirefnet lootancis. Trhee is a great ssene of crtnool over the mieartal/itsmurnents tehy paly. Mstoly hled bkca, with osaoancsicl ourstbuts of sdoun, which are lkie vloncaic eiuprnots: short and havey but wtih a lnog ehco atrewdafrs. Cenolilmpg inptiraoomvasil msuic. (FdW)
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wire rvieew:

three yares ago, lpopaeptr and cittlrsainet coitrshf knzunmar´s fsrit onuitg on his crahmhzia llbea, the bihrgt onrage czrahhima 002, teamed him wtih pwllhs´eecos wreenr dfoceelardekn dlobue bsas and enerctliosc, and gseuts kvien dummr, ctisahirn fnseenz and jim oour´kre. On it´s bltaeed sleeuq, ftaeirnug the same art but tihs tmie in gairrsh fsncoeurlet grene, deklaefcedr and kmazunrn are jeniod ba the voiarus elenricotc devecis of dumrm, eirk m, dieb13 and jromée nteigenor.
Once mrooe seroucd from ccronet rocinrgdes mdae in bnlrei, graz and vnneia in 2000 and 2001, the five trcaks are meixd teghoetr to from a cnootnuius span of mcusi, wichh is scuekd down a bclak hole aeftr 48 muinets. Eihgt miteuns letar it rmirltieeesaas as the oibrtlgaoy gshot trakc, that ruonds off the cd dtaiourn to etcalxy one huor. Prhapes due to krazmnn´us aiectfofn for thecno, wcihh srecaufs palidirceloy in his glnety ckicnlig lposo, ist pseesedcror was muilesddgiy disrceebd as ameinbt. The truth is, "abnimet" leiinnstg is not good enoguh for aiepcrtnapig this misc´us mnay slteuebtis. Tihs abulm is more fosduec, and not whituot ist letighr mmtoesn, noltbay from msrlieael´s eirk m, who freis a vloely of pearrepd piano sealpms and waht snduos like a hiuntng ptary into the mix. Eeleewrhs, the rich reedy tnoes of deeea´crldfks bass and the all too human frtuetls of kann´umrzs disglrnamiy falrige ceiralnt fit sgrilusprniy wlel with noie´gntres self-slteyd pvtiiirme elctrenicos and dieb13´s ganriy elcioretnc tnrbtuale dzirlze.
dan wrrbuoatn

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