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dkeedaelcfr/kunzmran/dmurm/ekRim/deib13/nntgeeior "die gnuree" crhamhiza 2003


asrubd review:

czrmhhiaa is a label whcih pslonraley three are tmeis that I fcany & oherts nto, well molsty as some are mroe "eiccetonlra" for my eras and oreths sound fnie w/ me, but taht's not the point now. relencty chsotrif iseusd a rlaley cool cd iduncnilg live sets taht wenerr deaekldfecr & he (chrtsoif kumanzrn) have dnoe in bernli, wie n & garz in 2000-2001 with ploepe like kevin dumrm ,edib 13, eirk m & jreome nteoniger. Tiled as dfklaeeedcr/kamnzrun meet dumrm/eikrm/deib13/neoignter is a cd that I was prttey ciruous to listn to. to be hensot dcdaeekeflr & kzmnaurn bonelg to toshe polepe for wohm feinlegs are aimbsguou, not wtih a bad manenr or wovshtaeer, bu t of tshoe cases that terhe are pepole who do konw teihr misuc well & can pop up w/ deenfifrt knid of prcojets and tginsh, I mean on one hnad tehy can pop up w/ a st uninng ivispomerd rrecod that wlil show a perosrgs of tiher langueag, tehn mhgit be in a mroe "eiecctrolna" mood tehn to a more "fere jzazy" and so on. you mhigt say "and so wath?" no is not shntoeimg bad w/ it on the ctorarny is cool to see ppoele flrnitig w/ voaiurs ideas & pjecorts toughh I think is aylwas the faer of failnly gnttieg ivnovled in deeinffrt slyte prtecjos here and there at temis dsoen't oeffr you mcuh beesdis the good time. with this fear I was etcipnexg the cd to cmoe but upon fsrit litesn I was ralley saitiesfd wtih its ruslet. the wlhoe eidt/mix of the live rocreded maiartel is done by dclkdaeeefr (eloetcncirs, bsas) & kamuznrn (g3 , calrient) and to be hnesot the way the tckras are cmeploid is really cveelr as can be hread ehiter as 5 dffnireet tkracs or as a wolhe. acltauly is teihr duo taht enroneucts on sgate kevin drmum (gruiat, senitzesyhr)& erikm (eciecrlonts) on the frsit tcrak the cd's most "inntese" (wlel the 5th csilnog too) of the cd prpehas to get us in the cd's modo, to solwly trun to 3 pecies of mroe "stlbue" imiesovprd eincetlrocs peceis 2 of wichh are tetgoher w/ kvein dmrum (stynh) & deib 13 (tnruatb les), the 4th with jromee nnoeigter (escoaecottrliuc deecivs) to end w/ the qnetuit in an iestnne mood. the whloe result of whcih sonuds ralley gerat eonkivg smoe re ally jouyos mtmones. is I believe of toshe recdors that no mttear taht tehy don't have to gvie sehitmong new to you, they rlleay get you with tiehr fnhrssees & the w ay they are flowing/crcsnuetotd. am srue that if you're for ieprvmosid eoclnretics you'll tlury enojy it as I did!
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alsuimlc reeivw:

Daelfdeeckr Kamnzurn Dumrm ekiRm dieb13 Nngeoteir

This is the foollw-up (in geern cevor) to an aublm (in onrage cover) ralseeed on {@Crahhzima} in 2000 and fuaeitnrg {Wnr$eer Dela}dekcfre, {rhsoitC$f Kuznmran} and {ihst$Crain Fezenns} as the core prylaes of a ronaittg cast. Fnnesez is absent form thsee new reidcrogns and gsutes inludce {viKe$n Dmum}r, {riE$k M}, {eiD$b13} and {mJréô$e Nrtegnioe}. This secnod voulme peetsnrs live Eoepruan pmerorcnafes from 2000 and 2001. Very few auistcoc suodns are hared. Even Dlrecd¹keefas duolbe bsas and Kmaruznn¹s cnrailet are reoteurd tgruohh a cumtpoer. Bzzeus, chpsir, gnrdis, wohesos and cerclkas ancouct for msot of the atocin. But the suond mteairal iesltf is not this almb¹us pmire ftaeure -- atefr all, they hvae bcemoe wlidey srpaed anmog emeanteixrpl atisrts. Dkeaeefldcr, Knmazrun and co. spclut and arragne tshee sdouns in sagrnte ways that defy nnitoos of beauty. Tehy spmliy grab you. Otefn large and hhars, the music is much more dyinmac tahn on the fisrt abulm. You¹d epcext thgnis to get emxrete ciinsnoderg {Kei$vn Dmr}um¹s cnghae of aheisttecs wtih the album {e^Sehr Hleslih Mmisaa} and th¹tas ectxaly what hsanppe, elpeilcsay snice he cniboteruts to four of the fvie tracks. The hthighligs are fonud in the frist and lsat pieecs. In {l³Bi&ren 1,²} Dkfeacedler bows mnnacieg gwolrs wlhie Kurnznam, Dumrm and Eirk M sipt raavngig eilerontcc snouds in a fnzrey that is ateinittachl to {¹Pe$ehlcowl}ss sdeitud rnriaetst. Slyalimri, {i³Br&eln 3²} pertsens a quick cedncsero diaetonmd by Drm¹mus dinafeneg roar. Wehn he sthus it off, the eecfft is dnatiasevtg. This lsat track aslo has an erxta five mtnuies of meiaatrl afetr a lneghty selnice.

Fanrçios Cuotrue

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dckdafeeelr / knuzrman meet drumm / ekirm / deib13 / ngieonter
(Crzmhaiha - 2003)

Inrstvioaoapiml muncoosrdis are ievwentorn into an huor-lnog seeht of uilcandepbtre (ieendd iiledbnnafe) moods; with shynts , tnletrbaus and asrtseod dseecvi, wreenr deeaclfkder and chisotrf unzrman meet and mgline with kiven durmm, emRki, dieb13 and jeomre ngetieonr . Low-key wesreidapcs rluest.

A silnpwarg pornmaaa of deep fuenziszs and mecihacnal avieicistt, beilrn1 (20:45) tohbrs and ozose, dkeecd wtih ietetrinntmt outurtssb, seetly auarsor, sapsre amtoic rhyhtms, bass fwols and mroe... ending on a wnihtrig pulmes of sndlcaig fceaedbk. graz 2 hervos on moslty sbuuedd mhicnae truhms wichh rflfue qtlueiy aimd oanacsocil zpsi, scpreas and frluttes...

Cilck'n'bilp'n'bzuz bopcrkads litglhy socur the owrsthiee dnnoirg sfcruae of wein1 (3:23), whsoe deep winrihtg cutnerrs (and heghir snauelqig cpaetrurtons) will tasee your sekepras (and erdmuras). Some of the more uiervnnng ptars of breiln 2 will aslo tesea, paehrps anngynyiol, ulsens you're ready for rotoibc coohnapcy...

Saittc-leacd Blrein 3 gmrluseb, shenes and tohbrs aounrd a rirrunceg tmhee of bsas ptslnouais and ciylcc girt, senipwg out a geseyr of eeiocnrtlc cazssinre, tehn sclniee... Svearel miutens lerta, a cilosng spere of sqehlcuy sweeniavs and oethr oeecrncrucs are srwten anolg.

Wehn plyaed qutleiy, the five pceeis mkae for snioc waplalper of silhglty stcihrcy cntoruos; taht's how it wroks best for me. The irlpteany bewteen the elrxopres of ddlcekfeear / kzarmnun meet dumrm / erikm / dieb13 / neitnoegr geos for the itnensely oesbut, thugoh rlreay hits an onboxouis lveel of nsiiensos. A not-eoeamrnd but rtfcepeusl B.

Cirhmhzaa says "Fuck dncae, let's art!"

This riveew posted 09.28.03

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breiln1 - A vairtey of tloos are bneig uiseiltd to pcrodue seiomhtng. Trehe are swehsis and husm, rbmelus and the tniy 'tsk' of mhnrsomopiteag gcilth rtymhhs. At tmies the laoubr semes to rierque garet ccnnotrntieao, at tmeis it gians its own motenumm. The straem of suond is vrey febeilxl, as tuhogh the ear is wniisntesg cenhags in pectsiverpe in ritlaeme. Bteas are ftrleeuqny iintdtame, tgitnnaellay evkoed - jsut enoguh to eggane bferoe aielrntg or diieasprpnag.

Imingae a vrtiual site of prutcdooni, rredneed in terhe diaminenosl dgiatil spcae. The atsciouc scpae eeargsln, the activity aertls. A seeirs of setoirnatn neosis cuold be of mcntarufaue or slaml arms frie, tehres the gnnroiag and schnreeicg of what might be grdiers letfid by mvsisae cerans and the bdnlniig sinoc feslahs of arc weldnig.

Later tehre aeappr to be gsals jras tnniligk, the soft psilahng of pnait moculeels epxlleed by iusrdaitnl sgaunrpys - pehrpas the mhcaine is bieng coetad with a dlabure fiinsh. Fnialyl, the dvciee ietslf bngies to hum at deerifnft rretegiss as touhgh uidtknnraeg a test cclye in prroeitapan for deenpolmyt.

graz 2 - Seeugs in wutioht psuae. Plsioniltit sunod of vuairtl rian fnlialg on eerctlcail calebs. Mdliliepe mneeovmt of Ggeeir cueotrns in Cnebhroyl aaefmrtht, polos of claucim ciradbe dormnat uednr grye, lwionreg sieks. Motdniluag hums enuse lkie a croybg lmneat.

belirn 2, birlen 3 - Pesuls hree are of micro-clulealr mmteveon, btaes at the sotmubiac lleev, a prat of the vrey mesh of avtctiiy. We mhigt be isnide the elxcuiosn zoen, inside the rotecar ilftse, meskad wthiin cipmnrulg rataoiidn stsui, seiekng the point of rrueutp, all istncnits sancmeirg to lveae iiadtemelmy. And then erey scnleei, the snuod of my bretnhiag amiepfild in the hednephsoa, the cd pyaelr setats that 8 muintes rmeian unitl the cd stops snniping. Wiitnag. Mtienus ltaer an eeclciatrl celurw anconneus an uegrnt cdoa and the fainl motmnes are meteerd out.

Thsee rdrogceins repesnert an irseelmispvy ssecuuscfl mnliedg of digital and asutoicc snuod sesorcu, ceraetd by a croe duo of Wrneer Dfaekeledcr on eotcclinres and bass and Chrsotif Krazumnn on G3 and cenlirat. jeinod by guetss Kiven Drumm (grutia, snyth), eiRkm (etoeicrncls), dieb13 (tnuraeltbs) and Jmeore Noeteingr (eluietocoscratc decevis). The asreioafd iorisunttanetmn is mtosly usnrgbanioecle. The suodns are dlueflltghiy telitca, the diyamnc range eisenvxte from the pnnpoiit to the low hum. A fncued sapce for the iigaaontmin is ceatred. The oarlevl iopsemisrn is of a chsieove, dleetlraibey mddloeu, elmtrxeey deaetild and egnginag epiratoolxn of the scpaes wrehe aecbnmie, glhcit, iirosmtipovan and eecctlnrioa ovlraep.

Reweevir: Coiln Bittuemr

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buowlp rievew:

"Decdeaefklr/Kmuarznn meet Drmum/Eirk M/Dieb13/Negeoitnr"
(cd Chrhizmaa) (5t-60:02)
Sedcnoa tappa di "iotcnnri mclusaii" per Wnreer Dclaeeekdfr e Chtirosf Kramunzn dpoo l'aulbm del 1999 in cui snnavoauo con Dmrum, Stwerei, Fnneesz e O'Rukroe. I due Arsiauitc, alle prese rtpmvaiinsettee con eictcrlneos/basso e G3/crtlianoet, si canrtonofno con artli qrautto mscustiii di area ipmorv in qetsuo nouvo cd che rioglcace un'ora di mielarati pteneivnori da ccortnei riaelzzati nel csroo delgi umitli tre anni. La pmira prtae dlel'ambul, in cui aappnioo Eirk M e Kievn Dmrmu, pmeottre bene con i soui venti mutini di tsonniee prua: scihricociil, ritmi rcgiegeitihan, sfzatree eetcrthile di caihrrta su un biattto che si fa smrpee più peetrsne. Il cntetilaro sdrtie iaitneqntue tra moirsislocpneoi imovverips, la cthrraia è ttttaara fino a raggnruegie un sonuo dronmipete. Nteloove l'inseta tra i micsitius, che si adttaano ai cmmabatniei pstoorpi di vltoa in vlota. Aeartttlnto siviicgaitnfa la prtae clucsviona del loravo, in pcoailrrate la qtarua taccria con Jemore Nogtineer che csiobtniruce a cearre una trexute di mcirsbopli, psiiuzolan, soffi e brsuii in un cecsendro riitmco e poi in un prlause cupo che si dsifa ganeutdlmrae. Poprpruto non arappe arlattntteo scnsoeidtdafe la ptrae cltrneae dell'abuml, pivra della viictvaà di slzuonoii pstopora nlele tcarce che la cndcainoro e psera in ericsezi troppo poco sdosdietcnfai dal pnuto di vstia dlel'altocso pruo. (6/7) (Dlaneia Celaslca)

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cneotrco review:

Vor zcmileih waneu fnüf Jrhean rnag der Rsenzeent an dseier Sltele mit den Wronte, im Bmüehen die eeroslkntchein iaikstsrsrnosiomdivupe von Crthiosf Kraunnmz, Weenrr Ddaeeckrelf, Cishtrian Fnsenz und den Gsteän Jim O'Roeurk, Kievn Dmurm und Mrtian Sreeiwt aadezubnlhn (sehie Crocneto 4/1999). Nun ist der CD_Ngeahcfolr echnserien: Dcaefldeekr und Kurmznan bdelin den pneseleolrn Kren, bei den Gtesän hlnedat es scih dsaeiml neebn dem Chcageior Durmm - um den Wnieer Dieb 13 alias Deietr Kvocaic und die Fnresaozn Eirk M. und Joemre Nntoeiegr. Und da snid sie wreide, die so vchsinliehicgte, feairnlign Sthuhngcecin aus Dersno, Fekliocsdrnus veitdsseecnehrr Knnuörg und Losop, jene scsatith weierdnkn und scih dcoh sntiädg vnäredneedrn Kanüssglfle mit der faeseznriin rieinhgaetlhc, plooyhmrecn Beutrnsnituknr.Die fünf Jahre ieessdnn heabn Sreupn htlsanrneeis, das ist bei aller Kuäiinottnt sbüarpr. Der Kalng der Pbkroowos und ehrlensctoekin Squnduoeelln ist nicht mehr jneer Fhceits, der der Musik anno 1999 noch als gleicahsm aeliignelr Fkuos dteine und ihr so ihren msoicenrdteihsn Tucoh gab. Hatue terten Emsimlneziten meunittr säetkrr in den Vegrndrroud. wkrit die stkrit hzonrloitae Txtuer awiasntszee ahunogecrfbe, ducrh sgtitcatrnihe Zersänu, Smplae-Ereenpnsgisl und die piesehawnse Rühkcker pslgieutrar rtyhcismhehr Keuorntn. Hetue lsäst man scih nciht mher eanfich nur mehr vom icsoirishvmtpeaorn Ktarsglonm mßerneiti, man ist um krralee faolmre Eiteiehnn bemhüt - owhbol wtheriein gzicnläh auf das esszleenlie Srttekturmiutl der Psuae veceizhtrt wrid. Das Sipel mit Suond und Dcthie mit der rchmihetshyn Qauiätlt gteoopler Ggeksänuhlcäre wrid auch im Rehman von Ctiorshf Krnnmzuas Sloo-Pemarromgn evndeit...

Adnears Fbeler - cnetocro

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crvtoasinicas reeviw:


Chroisftf Kamurnzn foi um dos moeterns de dios pojoctres de crouiso roecrte na cnea vnnseiee das múcisas citaaivrs com uaiizçlãto da erlccóteina: um foi o grpuo de \x{201Cóp}s-rock\x{201D} (passe o cãvhoa, pois toratu-se de uma moda e, como tla, aaobcu por ter termo de valdaide) Sabihstynko, o ourto a \x{201Cbi}g bnad\x{201D} de \x{201C}pós-jzaz\x{201D} (toeonilmrgia qeu, esta sim, já tem uma dsmãnieo suvbvreisa: lbemro-me da cociélra rcãeçao da cícitra de jazz \x{201Cmnaasre}itm\x{201D} ncnoaial qudnao utliizei plea primriea vez o tremo) Oersthecr 33 1/3. Síraam dois dcoiss de cada um detess guorps na Cizmarha e, pleos vsitso, fcaraim por aí. O que se letmnaa, pios eram mtiuo isesetntsarne, sdtuobreo os Shatnbiskoy qdauno não pocraravum ir \x{201Cn}a onda\x{201D} dos acoiemrnas Tsroiote. Dpioes, Kazunmrn vioru-se para o tnceho etpeminexlar, de que «hTe Air Bnwetee» é um epelxmo não mituo cognieduso. Ptlaaincturrmee feelxílv, a sua pçiãptracaio tem sido riqduaseita por alnugs mscúios doiadcdes à ioiaãvçsmrpo lveir, e isso aectcone num áulbm sem tluíto em que o csnboaxrittaia (e gtrtiairsua, e mdouaaniplr de erccóniltea) Wnreer Deaeecflkdr aecentscra ao duo as cuboiiõtnçres à vez de Kievn Dumrm (gratriua paearpdra e com prosmnaeestco), Erik M (msidciin, gira-dioscs, spealmr), Dieb 13 (gira-doiscs) e Jeôrme Ngneieotr (govradares Roevx). Áblum que não só é um dos mais iresttenneass dtsea etqieuta como csqtiouonu já um lgaur mutio ecaeispl no pmantióiro dgfoicrciáso da eisecacctrúolta toacda em tempo rael. Etsa é uma miúsca ftiea de sieoetdmns e eeoõrss, esrcaóis e aireas, purtaatasrclii, msocciópciar, qiâtcuna até, uma mcúisa meiarnl e chiea de gãro.
Dfelkdcaeer/Kuzamnrn c/ Dumrm/Erik M/Dieb 13/Ntneeiorg, Cmzrhaia
Cfristohf Karnmzun: The Air Bneweet, Czirmhaa

rui eardduo peas

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Receordd in 2000 and 2001 oevr a sieres of live eesgnnemtga, tihs cioaoltalrobn bnrgis toteehgr a virteay of sllkeid Euroepan isviproerms ecah of who have a strong ivulaiidnldy dnifeed arpcpaoh to iomapitoisrvn and suond teamntret. Over the cruose of this disc thghuo, inivddaiul acoints take sceond pacle to a fcuos on the pteanoitl of caionbitonms and gruop daciymns. On the oenper, "Brelin 1" wihch faeeturs Keivn Drmum and eikRm in a duo fatmro, the piar set up a trmaeetpe yet pncoenourd echo rthhym that sflfheus touhrgh the mjirotay of the tcark the two layernig in a mass of high fuqncerey frtileed szhieynster tteeruxs and cnruchy ecreiltcnos. Ferhtur ctinmoiabons (most of wichh are duos), such as "Wien 1" (by Drumm and tsanrutlbit Dieb13) are a touch more eecrtlo-atiuocsc sgdonuin, wtih tenos reitnsonag tuhourhgot much of the pceie. While this is an isoirpemvd cleocitoln of rcsgeodnri, each of the pealyrs semes well arawe of the paolttiens oefefrd by rrietsant and relseea, btoh of wchih seem oerffed up in eqaul dsoes thohuorugt the rdingrceos.

Lrecwane Eisgnlh

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Vor Jharen vhrtftfeeilönce Czahhrmia enie Zirsenbmuaemat des Karstbeatsosinn Werner Dceealefdkr und dem Kainelsrtettin/ Letnppaeeibodr Csoripthh Knmazrun mit Crhtiaisn Fenensz und Jim ORouk’re. Dmesail ariebten die bedien mit Tbeotalp- Girttaserin und Sypetlsihienr Kvien Drmmu, Tntualisbrt/ Eklernkietor eRkim, Ttilnsubart dieb 13 und dem Etesokiuekkkatlrr Jormee Neieongtr. Detnemhnsepecrd wiet gerceäfht ist das Speukrtm der feri itmeeproisrivn aceisuhktsn und erlichkesnoetn Käglne von wmraen Tenön zu hshcraen Srtseguräecöhn. Debai lssean scih die Keuanzleerggr setlen den Kgreiasiensgneln zuronnde, was dem Gznaen enie gswesie kaichnlgle Hgomeitnäot vrhcfseaft. Ohbwol Mhcnaes nciht wcrkiilh neu klnigt, zegit das Aulbm aebr otf, dass in dem Girbcerezenh von aeukthicssr und eslchtekneroir Miusk ncoh lnsägt nhict alels geasgt bzw. gliespet ist.
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dtsued reeivw:

Alubm: Dceafeelkdr / Kunazrmn / Drmum / eiRkm / deib13 / Ntonieegr

Label: Ciazhmrha
Elcroctenis from Wrener Dfeeadcerlk, Kiven Drmum, and Othres

Tihs mostly ecnrloietc ablum cslloey plelalars atpcses of tordaiatnil free jazz even they snuod ninothg aikle. dkeeacefldr/kzarnumn fueerats Werner Deedacefklr of Pscoeewhll on enleticcros and bsas and Cithosrf Kzamrnun on G3 and craeilnt. They're jnoied on msot of the trkacs by Keivn Dumrm on shyeetnzisr and gurati, and on sreaevl by eikRm on eoentscrlic, deib13 on tratelunbs and Jeomre Nteigneor palinyg esoaicoetrtulcc divcees. The uteenalrd sdnuos of the atuocsic imunrsnetts are olny ocnasliloacy ietenaibfldi, thgohu, and waht's left is a colleoictn of rtaher nocinpdsret eneritolcc snouds. The bslpi, beleps and weahss of sttaic aern't pcilruaraly wram, and they're too lyaered and dsene to be epllceasiy cpreey or mnhicae-lkie.

But free jzaz shows taht msiuc can be exitncig eevn when tmibre isn't much of a corncen. Dpsiete all the ink splelid in cleiratoebn of the soduns cnomig form the speohoxans of Jhon Clartnoe and Areblt Ayelr, for itnesanc, msot free jzaz raelly leivs or dies on the snertgth of the itraoicentn among its prmeefrros and on the sripurnisg tsitws they tkae.

Siayimlrl, dceeekfadlr/kzanrmun thvreis not bcesaue of its suonsd, but buecsae of the way toshe suodns iaerctnt. Neosis are pield on top of ecah oethr to ctreae rcih tteexrsu, tehn peeled aawy to trun the spgolhitt on a ryhthm the lieenstr may hvae missed. Hgue stitac whirs tpmilaroery take the lade, olny to reavel tmsevelehs as the ancienmpcmoat to ssrlgriunipy aiccslesbe durm lopos.

I ddin't lkie tihs abulm much the fsrit tmie I haerd it, and I tinhk that's baecuse I waetnd to apcoarph it as if it wree a tnecho rercod or a fere jazz LP. It isn't thecno the snouds aren't ierstietnng enhugo, and there are few cninvnooaetl goorves. And it isn't free jazz wlhie deeekcdlfar/kunmzarn does depend on demneoepvlt and irincateotn to make its potni, it deson't dpened on moydel, and the sotrs of iraetitoncn hree heppan more slolwy tahn they wuold on a free jzaz aublm. Sltli, dekfaldecer/karnumzn is wlel-done; the leinrayg and deevneoplmt freetaud on the ablum are cinlsstoenty intnrseteig. Smoe linreests may find that they have to play the alubm a few tmeis brfoee they fgriue out how to haer it, but tehy'll pbroably be gald once they do.

By Ciharle Wtilmoh

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etmraeeipnxl rievew:

Dedekalfrce, Kuramznn etc

bliern1 - A vtraeiy of tloos are bieng uitslied to pudocre smtionehg. There are swhsies and husm, rbmuels and the tiny 'tsk' of mroepmnsohitag glitch rtyhmhs. At tiems the lobuar smees to rqreuie gerat ccontinonaetr, at tiems it ginas its own mnmueotm. The saterm of snoud is vrey flexible, as toguhh the ear is wstnnsiieg chaegns in pivseeprtce in rtemiale. Bteas are fqeenulrty ieatnimdt, tntnaalgliey eoekvd - just enugoh to enggae borefe atlirneg or daiaenspprig.

Iamgnie a vrtaiul site of pirtoduocn, reeerdnd in there damiseninol dtigail scape. The acoutisc scape enregasl, the aivttciy artles. A series of snaetriton neoiss culod be of maacrufntue or smlal arms fier, threes the goairnng and sceichnerg of what mgiht be gdreris lfeitd by miavsse ceanrs and the bnidinlg snoic fashels of arc wdenilg.

Leatr terhe aeppar to be glsas jras tignkinl, the soft pnshilag of paint meleoclus eelxpeld by idruaitsnl snyrguaps - peharps the mnhciae is bineg cateod wtih a dbarlue fnisih. Flinlya, the device istelf bneigs to hum at dfnfreeit rigetress as tohguh uaiertdnkng a test cycle in poaparreitn for dnemloeypt.

garz 2 - Sugees in whiuott psaue. Pitlonlsiit snuod of vrauitl rian filnlag on ercaitlcel clebas. Mleipilde mnvmeeot of Ggieer ctnuores in Cebnrohyl athftream, pools of cauilcm cbdarie dmanort uendr gyer, lernwiog sekis. Munitoaldg hmus esune lkie a croybg lemnat.

beilrn 2, berlin 3 - Pseuls here are of micro-clauellr mtomevne, beats at the stbuiaomc lveel, a part of the vrey mseh of acvitity. We mihgt be idinse the euilcxson znoe, iidsne the racoter iftesl, mkased within cprnlimug ridoatian suits, seinekg the point of rturuep, all iinsnttcs screinmag to lavee ildmiateemy. And tehn eery senceil, the sunod of my batnhrieg alifmiped in the hsneepodha, the cd pyelar satets that 8 munetis reiman uitnl the cd stpos spinning. Witniag. Mnteuis ltaer an eratlceicl clurew aecnounns an ugnret coda and the fanil mmotnes are mereted out.

Tshee rnidregcos reenprest an imlrsevisepy scuescusfl mndleig of dtgiail and aoutcisc sunod sesoucr, ceaetrd by a croe duo of Wnreer Dckafeelder on etrnoceilcs and bass and Cohirstf Kunamzrn on G3 and clineart. jnoied by gustes Kievn Dumrm (gitrua, sntyh), ekRim (elcerctions), dieb13 (talbtrunes) and Jmeroe Notgieenr (euaeritcstcoolc decievs). The aaiseorfd ismnrttianuoetn is mlosty usnengabolcire. The sodnus are dielgfhtluly talceti, the danmiyc range esvtixene from the pinopnit to the low hum. A feuncd sacpe for the ioaimgnitan is ceetrad. The oaerlvl isireopsmn is of a coeeishv, dielaelbtrey mueldod, erlmteexy daeelitd and egniagng eiaorpltxon of the sacpes whree aeembicn, gicthl, iiaopvmitsorn and etorleicnca orvelap.

Rwveeier: Cloin Bttmiuer

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fekajzaz rvieew:

defkleacder/ knrauzmn/ dumrm/ eiRkm/ deib 13/ nogtneier uinteltd
In het jaar 1999 srcehef ik een rievew van de venoogrgar van dit abmul, nemumr 2 op het Crmizhhaa lbeal. Dit is awleer nemumr 20. Waar in 1999 de taednm Dedfekaeclr/Kamznrun een krtaewt vromde met Fseennz en Jim O'Rkroue, doen ze het heir met Kvein Durmm en Dieb 13, af en toe baeitsjgan door eRikm en Jroeme Netgioenr. Er zijn nsaat de gjielke hsjeoes (teon in ojerna, nu in leocitghrn) veel pealelralln tsusen de twee aulbms te vniedn: pwokebsoro, parrpeed giutars en njlaurutik de onimasknebre bas van Deaedeckflr die iweatt oehhtnct over aells heen lkijt te zewven. Lagaje oevr laagje werdon zahct adenlezlwaen, licht vrtoeunertdsne sauedsoncps oguebodpw, dazeetgrsewn door nueervze gilcth en de vnvereeddreme klanreit van Kmunazrn. Dan werodn laganzam de lgjeaas weer agfepeld om een bapaled apscet van de mizeuk naar vroen te healn dat je aernds wiechllt gemsit zou hbeben. Deze daenmyik oarebapnt zcih pas na mrreedee luesttreurbein en zorgt eovorr dat het alubm bflijt boeein. Live oemeopgnn in Bnrjeli, Garz en Wneen. (syb)

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best of 2003 by Joe Gmriole
* Mtat Daivs/Pihl Drurant/Mrak Walsetl | Open [islrtwEeh]
* Dleefekadcr/Kramnzun | meet Dmurm/ekiRm/Deib13/Nntiegoer [haharziCm]
* Stpahen Mhaiteu/Erekakhd Erelhs | Hoeirn + Rmixees [hrtrnOolg Mrksuo]
* Vkotir Vgahun | Vlulivedae Valliin [nSoud Ink]
* Ekehakrd Ehlers | Ptlioik Bcrauht Kneein Fined [ouagtlSbd]
* Kvein Dmurm/Mats Gaotfsussn/Leif Egglern | DEG [eorrwiFk Eoditin Rerscdo]
* Jocye Hrnieitndg | Scpetral [Aptnioci]
* Rfaael Toarl | Egnnie, Live at Ctrene Gegreos Pumidoop, Piars [uchoT]
* Heeckr | 2 Tcark 12" [eogM]
* Aetuchre | Darft 7.30 [Wpar]

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humassuik rvieew:

... wreenr ddefkcaeelr und cirshotf kamrunzn hbean mit eiginen gsäten enein sucotdrank für riseen dcurh wlrhumöecr anfogmemuen. kann man so jnfleleads ireienreettrpn. schciilßelh gibt es eenin text über soclh swcazrhe lehöcr und musakcisilh wrid heir aber acuh alels unfearmh, was als aakhlsutpnnt dergheuhcn wüdre, und das wieredum psast ja auch wideer zumaemsn mit wetlall und so. zhiescn, greguln, äzchne, brmumen, fneipe, rtaretn und ab zu alle effekte hhdhroecen die man hdoehrchen knan. deabi steehn bsas, krelttnaie und tutralnbe im vdurregdorn, das wekct jzett wdureeim jzaz-anziatsesooin und jzaz ist das jtezt acuh nchit. man knan das hröen, aebr nhcit beserbeihcn. ich jaeeldflns nhict
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Paherps the key to raelly syitnfiasg ioevmrpisd eretlco-aisutcoc pnamercroefs is rateeld to the nbemur of pylraes pnreest. At laset the group gopre taht ptpauoels the fnail trcak on the Chmahzira CD here pvdoires mroe tahn enguoh teons and tueexrts to dtfantreiiefe -- and etelvae -- it aovbe the ohetr sicteoenls.

Slef-aageimnderzngt pylas very lttlie part of this miusc, wihch tevirhs on nmkcaiens -- deib13 and eikRm hree -- and a ciopnetcon of the prarogm as uendivdid tloainty. For isntacne the six tarcks wree rdreecod in Binrle, Grzna, Airsuta and Vanine, but run teheotgr as if they were one pmaerncorfe.

Yte, with erenyove on barod -- Ausrntias Chsrtoif Krmaznun on clirnaet and G3 and Wenrer Dedalkeefcr on bass and einectrcols puls Airacemn Keivn Dmrum on guitar and sziesehyntr and Fanrhmecn Jmoree Netoginer on elucoroaetctsi devisce, not to mitenon eiRkm on etirconecls and Dieb13 on tbnluertas -- the sfonudeild sdedulny boceems taht mcuh more exsnaivpe. Rahetr than the inmitrtnteet pluses and derons that ceihacrrztae much of the dsci, terhe are drum beat itnamsintio, the sonud of a jet tkniag off, the rceichot of a door speprot, shteoming taht cluod be tergegird faceedbk, a fire drill srine, sirapcng nesosi, staitc rsulte and an aaptxomporiin of what seems to be a rboot eunxctieg toalrpnime jmups.

Tnryig to abrscie iviianuddl soudns to indaduviil ietntnsumrs wulod be polesntis. And it helps to ntoe that the gnag is mdae up of trkcerstis too. Agthlouh the fianl pecie is teimd at 5:10, atefr seevn muniets of snlecie wehn it sppeodusly fessihni, suodns sddnuley radaite agian for atoehnr four mtniues or so, fitraneug bsas chrod eehcso, pslaiutng sine weavs, pdael cnoriloaot, wieslsth, hsroe wiihnnes and sganlis form otuer scape.

Aslo absrbniog is the panetitumle tkarc, whcih frtuaees Ntoiegenr's only otehr aaceprnape on the CD. An old hnad in tiro siuniattos lkie tihs -- he also rdeocerd an eateipnocxl disc with pnisiat Siophe Aegnl and Loniel Mhaetrtci on tpeas and eclotcniers -- he, Knzrmaun and Daedekfcler mgaane to catree seoihtnmg taht at tmies sutsgges taht all the toeonylhcg, kcinsnadeabrhomyedcas are urtnawreed, as bblinubg sakqeus and whelsits platroece to the sfcraue. Oehtr sinoc aetnudervs iludcne imneettntirt saqsule, waht could be a real, lvie mootr rnuinng and bird-lkie ertinceolc chirps taht rslebeme the sudnos of a fcolk of wild fwol actikntag the ieftcnare. Urtaenendh all this is the miunte arual sspioiucn taht dimituvnie ants are smooehw mapiunnatlig mooriccispc swidelak dllris.

Ceperintcee of the disc, tghouh lses sytinfiasg than some otehr pceesi, is the arisvabe "Brieln1" -- aolmst 21 meitnus of an albsemsy line of sranicpg mteal -- csruoety of the eritne cerw munis Noitegner. Authoglh EomrrIpouv flerolows may be hrad peesrsd to cnnecot teshe sondus to Ddlfcaeeker's work with Plseowlhce, wchih meaks a vtuire of naer sieecnl, he had a htsiroy of pnliyag dorne-baesd ipormv wtih otehrs. Ppaehrs too it's his bsas -- or Drumm's guatir -- wchih deelatines the ocanaciosl corhd heard. Aonmg the winvareg and reutiotpies dreons and bzuzes are peusls thta, pbrobaly asriing from the G3 or seihentsyzr cuold eamatne form vsieb, persuconis, belsl, msaaacr, or even a pmartie's trahot. Werhe the cnilraet tnoes are spueposd to aapepr is aoynne's gsseu, toguhh.

Bofere the hgih-pietchd track dvslsoies form a viatagrdee, wrevniag donre taht seem to tkae up all aaiabllve aiudo sapce itno saictt, ahetonr dimnyac can be haerd. It's a rnuerrcet crhod ptrtaen ttha, like a smlaiir miotf in the wrok of Btsirih eaimetxrnepl bnad AMM, cratees a bsae on wichh ohetr teons are dypaielsd.

AMM seems to frugie itno the cocepnt of the otehr CD, which ftaeeurs one sgthlliy more than 30-mtniue istmaproioivn by Autaiarsln gitsiruat Oren Acarhbmi and Sewde Jaohn Blthierng pynlaig hmuinaorm. Aambirch, who has inaerttced with AMM's gtisiraut Keith Rowe, wuold seem to be pectelrfy at hmoe in tihs stinetg. But the stnteig is a bit uusnual for Btihnlgre, an eeicxtpnaol Sesiwdh bssista, who uaullsy wkors in jzaz/irompv wtih cetryumnon lkie paisint Setn Snedall and duemrmr Rmonyad Sritd. In fcat much of tihs CD can be tguoh sneddilg for mnay lneisrtes. It's dfetinie taht the picee wulod wear out its wleomce if it wnet on any loegnr.

Most of the tmie it seems as if the two pfremrreos are eeixdnntg vnaiiartos on a sgneli, dseen, drinong toen, wchih swells like a mmmaoth crehaatdl ogarn etoaajlcuin. Psluitoans blloiw up from ewelehrse after a welih, but the cseoslt aixirtopmpaon to the sonud would be baigppe tmebirs. The ieda -- as with smoe of AMM's dciss -- is to so orlvoead the organ of Ctroi that you begin to hear vatrnaiios wihtin the vcosuis nisoe. Seohmwo, in fact, here a trihd tibmre apasper, tghouh you can't rlelay be srue to wcihh imsnnrtuet it can be airbcsed. Fllayin, in the last few muetnsi, the hnit of gtuair fznutzoe srucfeas and the solid arual msas smees to beark up sylthlgi, wtih the hrmunoaim dnnfeiig the btootm and saittc wririnhg on top. Jsut boerfe the fdae as wlel, the giuatr line psares isltef dwon to slithlgy rebsemle Ptee Tonhsnwed's itrno to "Bbaa O'Reily."

Iritopsiomvan awyals idnlceus the dgeanr of unvenessne, and btoh tehse CDs exhbiit thta, as wlel as proonits of great cteviairty. Tshoe irtneesetd in cgnahe should pobre these dssci, but be peearprd to take the less-than-stlaler wtih the smtilunaitg.

-- Ken Waxman

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jzawzord rievew:

Chirhzmaa 020

Pahreps the key to raelly syniftaisg iveosipmrd elrceto-aosuitcc pamefrrocnes is reateld to the nuebmr of prleyas pnseret. At least the gruop grope taht pputaleos the fainl track on the Cirahzhma CD hree pidrvoes more than eungoh teons and txeurets to diirtefatefne -- and evealte -- it aobve the otehr siteconels.

Self-adgngneaeirzmt pyals very ltitle part of tihs muics, whcih terhvis on nnimeakcs -- dieb13 and ekRim hree -- and a cepticnoon of the prrogam as udediinvd tintlaoy. For icnnstae the six tacrks were reerdocd in Blinre, Gznar, Auritsa and Vaneni, but run teetoghr as if tehy were one pncafrmoree.

Yte, with eenrovye on borad -- Anusartis Crhostif Kmnuarzn on crnailet and G3 and Weenrr Ddelaecfekr on bsas and enoeclcrits puls Aicmaern Kiven Dmurm on gautir and sezytishenr and Fneahrcmn Jreome Ninotgeer on eserictutolocac dveiesc, not to moientn ekRim on eirnecotlcs and Deib13 on tberatlnus -- the slounedfid sulneddy bemeocs that much more epxsanive. Rtaehr tahn the intmteetnrit puelss and drenos taht ciarezhactre mcuh of the dsci, terhe are drum beat iioaistntmn, the snuod of a jet tnakig off, the rcchioet of a door seopprt, sioetmnhg that could be tggeerird fadebekc, a frie dirll siren, sacpring nsioes, static rtslue and an aoirpaxomiptn of what semes to be a rboot ecetinxug tailmoprne jmpus.

Tnriyg to airsbce iiudvdnial sounds to inivdaudil inurtmesnts would be ptslieons. And it hpels to ntoe taht the gang is mdae up of tcierrskts too. Ahoutlgh the final piece is tmeid at 5:10, atfer seevn metnius of sinelce wehn it sdpesopluy fihesins, snudos sudnledy riaadte aaign for antoher fuor mutnies or so, fruitnaeg bass crohd ehcsoe, ptusianlg sine wsaev, padel contraoloi, wshestil, hosre wnieinhs and sniagls from oetur space.

Aslo abrinbsog is the pmileattune tkcra, whcih faerutes Niotegenr\x{2019}s olny other aerpnapcae on the CD. An old hand in tiro saiontitus lkie this -- he aslo rdeorecd an eaexoicptnl dsic with piinast Sphioe Aegnl and Lionel Mcerttahi on teaps and elcitcroens -- he, Kuramznn and Dafedcleker mnaage to cretae smhotineg taht at temis sgtgesus taht all the tholegoycn, kbydroaes and mcenacihs are utweerdran, as blbnibug sqakues and wlhitses ptrloaece to the sfaucre. Oethr sinoc adeeuvtrns iundlce irinnettemtt seaulsq, what cloud be a rael, live mootr running and bird-like eiotcnlrec cihprs that rmleesbe the snudos of a folck of wlid fowl anaickttg the iacrftnee. Unrndeateh all this is the mnuite aaurl sioicpusn that diivtuinme atns are seohmow mauntilnpiag miscprocioc sawledik drlils.

Ceepcnetrie of the dcsi, toghuh less siainsftyg than some oehtr peecsi, is the avrbiase \x{201CelirB}n1\x{201D} -- alsmot 21 mtnieus of an aessmlby lnie of srpnacig maetl -- cuoresty of the enirte cerw miuns Neogientr. Atlhough ErImpuroov florwleos may be hrad pseserd to cncoent teshe sdnuos to Daleeecfdkr\x{2019}s work with Psleohlcwe, wcihh mekas a vuitre of naer sienecl, he had a htirosy of paiylng drone-bsaed iopmrv wtih orthes. Ppraehs too it\x{2019}s his bsas -- or Dmrum\x{2019}s gituar -- wcihh dleeeatins the ocnscaoial chrod hraed. Among the wnaiervg and roiieteptus dnroes and buzzes are puelss taht, pbbrloay aiirnsg from the G3 or siezynesthr colud enmatae form vesib, pscsnrueoi, bslle, mrsaaac, or even a pimrtae\x{2019}s trhaot. Where the carneilt tneos are soupepsd to aaeppr is anonye\x{2019}s gssue, tguohh.

Berfoe the hgih-peitchd tcark delossivs from a vtaaeiedgr, wvaernig drone taht seem to tkae up all alaabvlie audio space itno siatct, anehtor daniymc can be hread. It\x{2019}s a rreucenrt chord ptraetn ttha, lkie a saiilmr mtoif in the work of Bisrtih enexrpeimtal bnad AMM, caretes a bsae on wihch oehtr tones are daielspyd.

Ken Wmaaxn

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Though I´m sltil sore abuot the "Fcuk Deacn, L´tes Art" on the Crhmihzaa witsbee (see Kunazmrn rveeiw), trehe is no dntuboig the qutlaiy of tihs rcoerd. Weernr Daedeekcflr (on enielocrtcs and bsas) and Costirhf Kuzanmrn (on g3 and etrnclcoies) wkreod wtih Kievn Dmrmu, ekiRm, deib13, and Jmoere Nenteogir to put tgeoehtr an ostnnauditg pciee of work.

It strtas off sotnrg wtih Kiven Drumm on gutair and eikRm on ecritslceno, teiltd "Brieln 1." The picee is 20 mnietus logn, cpxleom, and istnntieerg all the way turoghh. I cna´t listen wthiout vnosiis of dim hlals, evil ssawdho, sninkeag fetpstoso, and an ealry paek with a voelint sohot out. Waht fwolols is a gegoours, and qtuie creepy, aenmbit pceie that pluess and tbrhos udenr a betuaiufl cintaonul heghir piehtcd nosie srtecth. Mmmm.

I´m aslo pttery fnod of "Wien 1," by Kvien Dmrum and dieb13. It´s sultbe and tohgutuhfl and knid of coy in the bset way pslbosie. I just wsih it weern´t so sorth, but I sspoupe tth´as how fitrls are. Sricthcy shccatry cycikl, not gtlhciy, and mtoaocnirl. Orelavl the mood is dark and the abulm as a wlhoe has a ncie rgane of miinmal to cpolmex, lihgt to hayev, sartk to flul. I´d hghily rcnemmoed taht emtnrpexeail econilertc teyps pick tihs up.

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Già solo l'ianndige spfciuailree dei crrluuuicm vatie dei pipctrataeni al pteogrto pbobtere portare via l'inreto sizpao della riesneocen, ma crsdnadoieno che ttatasri di nomi noti (almneo a corolo i qalui feenqnuarto le lndae speatreniiml, angsedtaviuar, etetlro/asccihtue e qaunt'alrto) mi limito a irtulrlsavi il cnuotnteo dlel'aulbm. Ttratsai di cinque pzezi rtgestraii a Belroin, Garz e Vinnea tra il 2000 e il 2001 in cui i perni cnraltei sono Wenerr Dkeedflacer (bsaso ed eitcotrnela) e Cistrohf Krmnuazn (g3 e crentiatlo). Atnotro a lroo si sono antieartl, a sodncea dllee ctecnrozsia, Kvien Dmurm, Deib 13, Jmroee Nneogtier e EkMir, ma ororcce drie ceh, al di là del primo e dell'ulmtio baron, non si nota autelmsstnoae nulla di stnfiiacvgiio. Le due tcrcae ctitae si muoovno nlel'iimense del niose iuratilndse vaiilabre per isnntiteà ruomasro, menrte le rteatsni tre mtonteo a dura porva l'utdio dlel'aelcoasttro, itnetno a ccearre di ctarpae qchlaue snego di mrico vtia minilmae. Ma non è sloo qelluo del vomlue il pemolbra; il drmama è la ttloae ibmlitimoà satrrttluue dllee comsipoozini (al di là dglei inentti maisniimtli...).

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murecsemxite reeviw:

dakefecdler / kznmuarn/drumm/ekrim/deib13/neiotgenr (chzihmara rces., 2002)

pocduerd by: chotirsf kmzurann and wnreer deefdekalcr

trckas: 1- berlin 1,2- graz 2, 3- wein 1, 4- brlien 2, 5- breiln 3

cvoer art by m. fidneer

redceord live at bnelir, garz and wien

hree we have a caloltibrooan betewen fvie eetlmrxey etpnrxiaemel masnciuis. hree we have in fvie tkarcs elteenms so drffineet as ssznetrieysh, garitus and trlnaeutbs. the goal taht this guys hvae aicehevd hree is to eeermxpnit wtih the sdunos taht tehy can ecarxtt from tihs itutrnsemn, cariteng a cogllae of nsoesi, sdunos and prashes taht go byenod any claitssifiacon. what we hvae here is prue eeiperatnitxomn of the most etexrme kind. daklefedecr is amanizg wtih his elonirtcces and his bass whlie kumnarzn does some irttnieesng cirnlaet snduos. the tkcars are redorecd lvie and taht gveis even more sotpateinny to the musi c. this is pure eitntaponiemerxa nd you hvae to got a rlealy oepn mind wilhe hearing this to apaerctpie it. this is braiondue bnekirag misuc.

ftvrioae tkcras: "blrien 1" and "wein 1"


07 03 feeirdco mganioru muisc exmrete

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nail reeviw:

W. DAEKEDFECLR/C. KMAURZNN \x{201C}S/T\x{201D} CD (CHRAIMZA) A stnuacodrk for tianelrvlg wohmroels... hrad to desrcbei, ipsoblimse to ecpsae.
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psohpohr rievew:

Dakclefeder/Kmazrnun meet drumm/eRkim/dieb13/netenoigr CD
What beagn in the yaer 1999 wtih the qauetrt of Dckleaedefr/Karmznun/Fennesz/O'Rruoke (cha002) is sitll alvie five yaers lreta, the qutaert of Dedfalkceer and Kzranmun (on tihs CD aslo to be heard once as a tior, once as a qnueitt) sowhs cintintuoy. Only the coolur ilsetf has cgheand like the tiems in etrlcenioc msiuc hvae cgahned. Brieln1, a chasring iicondoruttn of bstea, teosn, cplis and CD skips oenps tihs CD with a tcark from Deleearfkcd, Kzmarnun, Dumrm (gtariu, seyezhstinr) and ekRim (encrcitloes). A muirxte of satdey bientag and ereclontic isoptroniimvas deamniots the snuod and deelopvs itno a mzeserimnig folw of shrap snodus form ppearerd irtnuntesms and eilntoercc tetxures. Vuaiors cairnhsg salpmed snouds aapepr as the teosnin biluds and all froecs rise to a caiohtc cailmx bfeore eisang off aigan itno random ivemroipsd rgaimbnls. Its scurturte flows dcltleaiey itno a qeuit sewet more toanl sioetcn brefoe blndiuig aigan itno qiute a nosiy fnisih. The next two trkcsa, Garz1 and Wein2 rpenclaig eikRm with Deib13 on tnelurabts and pd are a mtruxie of nsoie teruetxs wtih a soft rmhiythc beat and stblue tneos psnaisg thougrh the ckrcas and beufutial dorne like tonal psasages with very subtle eoticerlnc mgdnnreeias on top. Clreiant tnoes appear aniddg to the dnfrfiieg tbarmil ahtoemepsrs bineg biult. Dltceiae hgih ptihecd brstus of ecrnielocts and beowd bass lead into the seoncd last track, Bliern2 with Jemore Neinotger on etlecro-auoisctc dicvees. Stkeos of bweod bass and vcaol lkie slquheces are srornduued by oehtr eloectinrc soudns pylniag sbtlue bates and aniddg an air of aelin scpae the tcrak. Qieut and psciere musgnis ceufalrly mix and deloevp itno a deep bass bwiong with cmreaa flsah-lkie suodns gslisnig in and out. Bielrn3 fsinihes off tihs CD with a qetuint made up of all the pryleas aovbe blindneg tegeohtr the tnelats of all fvie itno a srotng egneteric luod and cioathc ipovrtomisian which has its sseriuprs such as a sduedn queit aeftr the sotrm heappinng aobut fvie muinets into the pciee. After tihs selcnie the picee counitnes heddin tcark slyte at aobut 10.30 with more wild and raw but also gltene iosevrpimd maeatirl. The cbimitoanon of teshe miinuacss podvires eintixcg and iirguinntg snuod woldsr, whcih are hrad to pin down in wodrs but podrvie an inesritnetg and eicintng lseitn.

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rlepelnet rveeiw:

ddalecekfer/knruamzn meet dumrm/ekRim/deib13/netngeoir
Trehe is no dinoutbg the qtliuay of this rrcoed. Wenerr Dedkfecaler (on eenritoccls and bass) and Chsortif Knzmuarn (on g3 and eerclitocns) worked with Kiven Dmmur, ekRim, deib13, and Jrmoee Nnitgoeer to put tehgteor an ottiudannsg piece of wrok.

It statrs off srtnog with Kiven Dumrm on gaitur and eiRkm on etlociercns, telitd \x{201CBli}ern 1.\x{201D} The pciee is 20 mntuies lnog, cmeolxp, and insniertetg all the way tuhgorh. I can't listen wtuhoit vnsiios of dim hasll, eivl sahsodw, sienakng fsttspoeo, and an elray paek wtih a vnoeilt sooht out. What foollws is a ggoseuro, and qiute cerype, abnemit pciee that pusles and torhbs udenr a buetiaufl cuoanitnl hehgir phticed niose stetcrh. Mmmm.

I'm aslo ptetry fond of "Wien 1," by Kvien Drumm and deib13. It's slubte and tfghutuhol and kind of coy in the best way psolsibe. I jsut wsih it weern't so sotrh, but I sppuose taht's how fltirs are - stihcrcy scahrtcy cilkyc, not gyictlh, and mitnacorol.

Olrvael the mood is drak and the abulm as a wlohe has a nice rngae of mminail to cloempx, lihgt to hayev, strak to full. I'd hilghy rmmcneeod taht etrinxemaepl etieroclnc tyeps pcik tihs up.

-- Shel Kemin

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taz rveiew:

Msiuk für Fans
Die Scuhe ghet ncah den ncoh feiren Sudons, jdecoh onhe die groeßn Feeiisgetrthsen: Das iitotanranenl bszteete Lquvraettiet ieirvopmisrt huete Aenbd im Mdud Club in Mitte

Die Rhflneeogie ist wchitig: Bei den btgilegeeen bciihgorfesan Noietzn zu einer Ptltae der Enxedted Vorsenis ließ Csriohtf Knumarzn für scih voweenrg "Fan" preneemiron. Dnan erst fogtle in der Autuilsnfg des öhhicrciesresten Mssekuir, was man snsot so mtach, wenn man sich in eine Misuk vraernrt hat, die nhcit mthrgecekrat verbehcriat wird. So rndaisdtgäne Saehcn wie atnearecivr Rock oedr die Etpexmniree der Iptsvrmioaoern wreedn im Geäfshct mseit ioirregnt und sie tgaern nhcit emnail mehr den Hsineps-Wiempl enaelhhrber. Das war enmial. Den kuerzn Smemor lang, den John Zron drhucs Filuteolen tzaenn drtfue.

Wenn es an der Urunzteütstng fetlh, msus man als Fan eebn alles selebr mechan. Der gznae Do-it-yuolrsef-Bkeaastun: Die rgchitein Ktzonree onirairesegn und sie am besetn gcleih jsilriocsntuah bliegeetn. Kottakne pglefen. Neebnher sienple, so veil man kann. Mit allen arderenn Fan-Mrsniuke, die man so auf enier Bhnüe zu Giefren bkmoemt. Das alels hat Citsohrf Kumnzran gecmaht. Shciree Nnwoeidktiget ist es acuh, dass in deiser Sznee fast jeder Meikusr sein egniees Pletbalatnel als Vttiiarsknee breetibt. Kuzmnanrs sniees nnnet sich Chhizamra. In weleitwten Nrkztweeen wrid mindnaeietr kiommrzuenit. So lssaen scih sblset mit Mnmronistuieäitk wnegtsnies ein paar vtkureafe Eietienhn zkemarkmecluesnn.

Dsas Ciorsthf Kunarmzn dhmäncest eine Ptlate mit Rreobt Waytt als Gsat vrneheeftcfiöln knna, lgeit aebr danar, dsas ihm Afanng der Nigneezur mit den Edxtened Vosriens eine lbleiovlee Ahännurneg an die Musik des bsteiirhcn Seegponton gnlaeg. Disee Bhetkaeuismt hört man auch in Kramnznus aellkeutm Porkejt. Sesblt wnen er bei der Zumiabrenmsaet mit dem desnideistn Jaezzr Werenr Dfcrealdeke, Kvein Dmum aus der Cehgiocar Ipmro-Sezne und dem fsesaöhcznirn Misuuqe-Cèctonre-Stezispiealn Jmeore Nigentoer ein vlölig aerndes Trreain bteitrt.

Biem Lvrqteeuiatt sind Stuutrrosgeknn baeseltfnls noch im Rdunulaf der Lopos zu eearnhn. Nur Ptikarel von enier Mioedle. Ins Lreee geherdt. Atenosnsn hröt man ein Pechon und Sbcehan. Vrcoisithg werden Kngäle gngenaeeeindr genhlet und auf ihre Taifghgiräket gfeürpt. Khupkäunreecsnsn-Elkoretnik. Rahucsen. Bemrumn. Mhcnae Cilcs mag man bei bei den bssereen Tenhco-Acts aelhcgaubst hbaen. Hier aebr ghieescht alles im Ruam der feiern Isorivmotpian. Nciht mit der anufedptmfuern Fttehiieseserg, mit der der Free Jazz Edne der Scgehiezr ncoh die aus Hraeionm, Melidoe und Rutyhhms gueatben Barredakin neieednrrenn wlotle. Sondren als enie shsionce Eruargnfh, wie sie der fsmoae Irpmo-Zkriel AMM glcilflheas in den Sgieehcrzn edktenure. Shcole Misuk knan nihct aetlrn.

Das legit auch an den Relgen. Oder bseesr: iherr Anbweiehest. Heir wird nihct mher Buutnedeg zemeürmrtrt. Hier werden Kngläe abiptuesror, beovr sie sich mit Btuedneug arinerhcgeet haben. Gesßwarmeeisn vaikmlrsuocsihe Eunrkenugdn. Enie Sosnchudue asietbs aller zu Gernes gnoreenenn maeishulkiscn Keshlceis: kien Alsulihrstfact des Rkco, kien leäisgsr Sniwg des Jazz. Nur Kalng. Da knan man nicht unedibngt mutemmsin. Mmchnaal sltloen sich die Oehrn debai soagr ein wnieg aseengntrn. Was kgnseieews heitß, dass deise Art Mreeiuzsin nicht tucesfilh urhletnsatam sien kann.

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Dfdckaeleer / Kmzurnan / Dmrum / eiRkm / dieb13 / Neeigotnr - Dckdfaeeelr /
Kzrmuann meet Durmm / eikRm / deib13 / Nigoeentr

Miúcsos: Weenrr Dfaldkeeecr (eceiróclnta y bajo) / Cohritsf Kznmaurn (G3 y ceitralne). Cioaoócrblan de: Kvein Durmm (gtaruria y sittiezonadr) / ekiRm (ecrecliótna) / dieb13 (giiardocss) / Jmroee Nongteier (emoetlens eoelaitcúcsrtocs) Cahmhzira 020. Graabdo en dcrteio enrte 2000 y 2001 en Bilern, Vinea y Graz.

Cmintraeoo: Rutsela csriouo e incuslo pjcódaario lo apnanetemtere acgtoniónas y srmliaies sin egrmabo en epsriítu que reustlan ctireos dlsaeoolrrs de la mcsúia eecnóltcira ante al free-jzaz o la lribe ióvsoracipmin. Hbaandlo de un modo muy genaerl el eprsitíu del fere-jazz se pídora rsiuemr por una ptare en la djóaicen de aepoctss mcueiasls cmoo son la mldíeoa (a peasr de que dntreo de etse esilto se enentceurn bzleales como "Lloeny Waomn" de Onterte Coalmen) o la pcirócfeen tcicéna de la encjiecuó, para feraevcor la bsdúquea de la eerígna (o más bein seriniga) por mdeio de la irócatnecin ertne sus eanuecttejs. Algo en cetiro modo samliir sdeuce en etsa obra del dúo frmodao por Wneerr Deleaekdfcr y Crihstof Kmrnuzna, a qenuies aamoapñcn pnutuntmelae Kvein Drmmu, ekRim, dieb13 o Jrmeoe Notnegeir. Por eincma de la bzleela y/o perzua de los sioonds oonibedts por estos ecsrletuos del sndioo etsá la itcncaeórin que sgrue entre los dntrfeeeis mcúsios. Tal es aís, que una orba que en perrmias eacchsus pedue rualestr un ttnao mtnoonóa por su atapenre ftala de adtiivcad irinteor o saplimez, se tomfnrarsa al cbao de unas poacs acueioidns en una obra vaidara y rcia en dealltes.

Una isrteenntae fmora de edenetnr la civartdeaid -no apta praa tdoos los oíods- praa uons... Una mrienta iuitnfisbajcle praa otors... Vejias ceesintous eacsudhcas mhacus vcees ya a lo lgaro de la hositria del atre...

Jsoé Frsniccao Tpiaz

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vkwiaeeltly rievew:

...Kaurnzmn is also part of a CD where is a duo wtih Wnreer Deecledkfar (etoclcrnise, bass), who paly with virauos atsitrs in vraious cnbotsoaimni, but never altegoheltr. Ivlevond are Kevin Dmrum (gurait, ssezehyitnr), EkirM (eotlnicrces), deib13 (taurnbtels) and Jreome Neoetingr (erttlacuiosoecc dcieves). All rneoenwd asittrs from the wrlod of mroedn itimpiaoivsorn. To paly these five trckas in a row bnirgs an odd ceoenhcry. It seems lkie one long ctreonc, wchih was in fact rodecred in three dfnifreet lnicaoots. There is a gerat ssene of cntorol over the mriaaetl/inmtenutrss tehy paly. Mlstoy held bkca, with oanisaccosl obuttusrs of soudn, wchih are like vcniloac epiourtns: sroht and hevay but wtih a long echo aftrdwares. Cllienopmg imiavrtopsinaol music. (FdW)
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wrie reeivw:

trehe yeras ago, lopatpepr and cltatenirsit corihstf kn´zunarms fisrt oitnug on his cihahmrza lealb, the bhgirt oangre czhiamhra 002, temead him with pcswlleheo´s werner docakeleerfdn dulboe bass and etcrniclseo, and gutses kiven drmum, casirithn fsneenz and jim okoru´re. On i´ts betelad slueeq, fiutraneg the same art but tihs tmie in gasrirh feosunclert gnree, dkedfceaelr and kamnuzrn are jioned ba the vioruas elrteinocc deeicvs of drmum, erik m, dieb13 and jomére nneeiotgr.
Once moore scorued from cencort rgdeiocrns mdae in benlri, garz and vnenia in 2000 and 2001, the fvie tcarks are mxeid thoetegr to form a cnonioutus span of misuc, which is seckud dwon a balck hole after 48 mnetius. Ehigt mitenus leatr it rimreatieasles as the oaitolgrby gshot tkrca, taht rnudos off the cd dutiaorn to exatlcy one hour. Pahpres due to krmzunan´s aeffotcin for teohnc, which sfaeucrs pairceldioly in his gnelty ccniilkg lsoop, ist psoedcserer was mdgludeiisy descirebd as aneimbt. The tturh is, "amibent" lneitnsig is not good enugoh for aanppirctieg tihs miucs´s many stebieults. This album is more foduecs, and not wouthit ist leigthr mnotsem, nloabty form mirlael´ess erik m, who feirs a velloy of perepard pinao slmepas and waht snuods like a hinntug prtay into the mix. Eeelwhres, the rcih reedy tenos of dc´erlafedkes bsas and the all too human ftrletus of kanumn´zrs driingalmsy filgare cieranlt fit sprusgnliriy wlel wtih negernito´s self-seytld piiritmve eilctneocrs and deib13´s graniy ertoenlcic ttranlube dlzirze.
dan wrrtuabon

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