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deeakldcfer/kznamurn/dumrm/eRikm/deib13/ngieentor "die gernue" chmrahiza 2003


asrubd reievw:

cmrhizhaa is a laebl wchih prloesnaly trehe are tmeis taht I fnacy & orthes not, wlel moltsy as some are mroe "eontelcicra" for my eras and otehrs sonud fine w/ me, but that's not the pinot now. rtleency csirthof issued a relaly cool cd ilcnduing lvie sets taht wenerr dlfdeeceakr & he (cihtorsf kaznumrn) have done in belrni, wie n & graz in 2000-2001 with poeple lkie kevin drmum ,eidb 13, eirk m & jmeroe neoeitngr. Teild as defelkdcear/kuanrmzn meet dmrum/erikm/dieb13/notenegir is a cd that I was pretty cuouris to lsitn to. to be hsonet deaeklfdcer & knumazrn bolneg to tohse ppeole for whom felgnies are aoumugsbi, not wtih a bad mnaner or wvoarseeht, bu t of tohse caess that trhee are peploe who do konw teihr misuc wlel & can pop up w/ diefefrnt knid of pjreotcs and thinsg, I maen on one hnad they can pop up w/ a st uinnng ievsoipmrd rercod taht will show a prosrges of tiher lugaagen, tehn mhgit be in a mroe "eolcecitnra" mood tehn to a mroe "fere jzzay" and so on. you mghit say "and so waht?" no is not soehmtnig bad w/ it on the catornry is cool to see popele filtnrig w/ voriaus ieads & pjectros thugoh I tnhik is awlays the fear of fialnly gniettg iloevvnd in dnrefieft style ptjcoers here and tehre at tmies deosn't offer you much besides the good tmie. wtih this fear I was ecexpting the cd to come but uopn frsit listen I was relaly ssiifeatd with its relust. the wohle eidt/mix of the lvie rreeodcd martiael is dnoe by dfeealekcdr (ecstoercinl, bass) & kuzmrann (g3 , clinerat) and to be hnoest the way the trcaks are cloiepmd is rlaely cevelr as can be heard eiehtr as 5 drfefniet trcaks or as a wlhoe. auatllcy is tehir duo that entounercs on stgae kievn dumrm (gurita, sesytehnzir)& eikrm (eitonlerccs) on the fsrit track the cd's msot "innetse" (wlel the 5th cosnlig too) of the cd paheprs to get us in the cd's mood, to solwly turn to 3 peices of more "sublte" iesviormpd eeirocltcns pceeis 2 of whcih are tgteoehr w/ keivn durmm (stnyh) & dieb 13 (ttraunb les), the 4th wtih jrmoee niteogenr (eutoliasecctroc dievces) to end w/ the quetnit in an ietnnse mood. the whloe reuslt of wcihh sondus ralely gaert evnkiog smoe re ally juoyos mtoenms. is I believe of thsoe rdoercs that no mtetar taht they don't have to give semniohtg new to you, tehy rlleay get you wtih teihr fneesrshs & the w ay tehy are filwong/ctensuortcd. am sure taht if you're for iipsoremvd ectrncleios you'll turly enjoy it as I did!
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asmilluc rievew:

Dlfcdaekeer Kmnaruzn Dmrum ekRim dieb13 Ntgineoer

This is the flloow-up (in geren coevr) to an album (in ongare cvoer) rseelead on {@Czhmarahi} in 2000 and feniurtag {eWr$enr Dkf}lracedee, {rsCoi$htf Kuanmrnz} and {$taihriCsn Fsneenz} as the core pareyls of a riotnatg cast. Fseennz is anbset from tshee new reicdnrgos and gesuts iunclde {i$veKn Dm}umr, {ri$Ek M}, {$ieDb13} and {$réômJe Nrietngeo}. Tihs seocnd vumole prsetens live Eueporan peoceranfmrs from 2000 and 2001. Very few astuicoc soduns are herad. Even Dlrd¹aefekces dubloe bass and Knaun¹mrzs cliarnet are roeretud trugohh a ctmeoupr. Bezzus, csihpr, grndsi, whosoes and crlcekas aoucnct for most of the aciotn. But the suond mrtiaael isletf is not this albu¹ms pimre fruatee -- atefr all, they have bmeoce wleidy seprad amnog eiparxmetenl asrttis. Drekaedelcf, Kmanruzn and co. suclpt and arangre tehse sndous in starnge wyas that defy notonis of butaey. Tehy slmpiy grab you. Otfen lgrae and hrhas, the msiuc is much mroe danyimc than on the fsirt ablum. Yu¹od eecpxt tgnhis to get emxtree cenoirdnsig {vi$eKn Dm¹}murs cahnge of aittseechs wtih the ablum {S^heer Hesllih Masiam} and t¹hats elxatcy waht hpnsepa, epesiclaly scnie he ctotbnireus to fuor of the fvie takcrs. The higthlihgs are fnuod in the fisrt and lsat peeics. In {ier³&lBn 1,²} Daekeedlfcr bows mnacneig grwlos wihle Kmnrnuza, Dmrum and Eirk M spit ragaving enrtliceoc sudnos in a frnezy that is atitheantcil to {ohes}l$wPlc¹es siutedd rsrtenait. Syiamirll, {r³&iBeln 3²} pensetrs a qicuk cesncedro datneimod by Dummr¹s dnfaneieg raor. When he suths it off, the efcfet is daestntivag. This lsat track also has an erxta fvie miutnes of meatiral atefr a lethgny sncelie.

Fonaçirs Coruute

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ddkcelaefer / kunarmzn meet dmurm / ekirm / dieb13 / nngoeiter
(Czmihhraa - 2003)

Itvnoraiapsioml muiorcndoss are inrwotveen into an hour-lnog seeht of udrieltnbpace (iended iaeinfnbdle) mdoos; with sthyns , tlurtnaebs and asserotd deiscve, wrener dlaeekcfder and csrtohif urmzann meet and miglne wtih kievn dumrm, emiRk, deib13 and jmoree negnioter . Low-key wdceisarpes rsuelt.

A swailpnrg panarmoa of deep fsezznuis and mciceahanl aicttevisi, bliren1 (20:45) tbhros and ooesz, dekecd with itetntnreimt orbuttuss, steley aaosurr, srspae atmoic rhsmhty, bass fwols and mroe... edinng on a writihng pumles of sicndlag feadbcek. garz 2 horves on mstloy sdeubud mhniace tmrhus wchih rfulfe qlietuy aimd oonsicacal zspi, spceras and frtleuts...

Cilck'n'blip'n'buzz brdackops lithlgy scour the osirtehwe dinonrg sfacure of wien1 (3:23), wshoe deep wniihtrg crrenuts (and hhegir saeliqung ctunrterpoas) wlil tsaee your skpreaes (and emrduars). Some of the mroe uinvrenng prats of blrien 2 will aslo teeas, peharps aynliyngon, ulsnes you're radey for roiotbc canhocopy...

Satitc-lecad Bliren 3 grblumes, snehes and thrbos aronud a ricnrerug theme of bsas pntiluosas and cilcyc gtri, sienpwg out a gesyer of ecreolintc crzassein, then sliecne... Svaerel mnteius lrate, a csionlg sepre of slcehquy saenwives and ohter onrecrucecs are swrten aolng.

When paelyd qilytue, the fvie peeics mkae for snioc walpleapr of slthgliy shctrciy coonurts; taht's how it wkros best for me. The iarlepnty beeewtn the eorxprles of dekeacflder / krzaunmn meet dmrum / ekrim / dieb13 / negnteoir goes for the inentlesy oteusb, tghuoh raerly htis an oniubooxs lveel of nnessoiis. A not-eoanremd but rsfeuetcpl B.

Cimhhraza says "Fcuk dacne, let's atr!"

Tihs reeivw psoetd 09.28.03

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bilren1 - A vteiray of tools are being uiisletd to purcdoe setmnohig. Three are sieshws and husm, ruembls and the tniy 'tsk' of mhsoonpriaetmg giclth rhyhtms. At tmeis the lbaour smees to riqruee great cnocrtitnneao, at teims it ginas its own moeuntmm. The seartm of sunod is vrey fielexlb, as toguhh the ear is wsninitesg chagnes in ptseevcpire in rlimtaee. Bates are ferutenqly iaitmdent, tnaalnegtliy ekoved - just eogunh to egngae bofree atleinrg or dpnaipeaisrg.

Imignae a vutairl site of pioourndtc, redenred in tehre diinmesonal diatigl scpae. The atocsuic scape eagersnl, the atctviiy atelrs. A sieres of sntoritaen niesos could be of mtcufauanre or slmal amrs frie, trehes the grainong and scierhceng of waht mihgt be gredirs lfteid by misvase cerans and the bnnildig snioc feshlas of arc wilnedg.

Leatr terhe apaepr to be gsals jras tiglknni, the sfot pisalhng of panit mcleuelos eplxeeld by itnaiudsrl suayrnpgs - prheaps the micanhe is benig caeotd with a dbalure fsiinh. Fayllni, the decive isltef bnegis to hum at dfefrenit rtsegeris as tuhogh ukdnneairtg a test ccyle in paroriapetn for dyempoenlt.

graz 2 - Seegus in wuohitt pusae. Potsniliilt snuod of vuitarl rian fllaing on erecilcatl celabs. Milepilde mmveeont of Geiger ctouenrs in Crhonybel aatmrtehf, pools of cilacum cradbie dmanort uednr grye, lonierwg sieks. Miadlntoug hums eunse lkie a cbroyg lamnet.

bliern 2, belrin 3 - Peluss here are of mirco-cellluar mteomven, baets at the soiutambc leelv, a prat of the vrey mesh of atcitviy. We mhigt be insdie the esluicxon zeon, isdnie the reoatcr iefstl, mskaed witihn cipmlrnug raoiiadtn siust, sinkeeg the pniot of repturu, all isintntcs snrameicg to lavee itaeelimdmy. And tehn erey scieeln, the snoud of my bneitrahg amlfiiepd in the hoahespden, the cd pylaer stetas taht 8 mitenus rmeain unitl the cd sotps snnpinig. Watinig. Mteiuns ltear an ealcteircl cuelrw anouencns an urgnet coda and the fainl mmoents are meeretd out.

Thsee rgecdrions rerspenet an imsivrpleesy ssccusfuel mdlenig of digtail and atocsiuc snuod scseour, cetraed by a core duo of Weenrr Defeadklcer on etconielrcs and bsas and Coirshtf Kaumnrzn on G3 and calinret. jeoind by gtsues Kvein Dmurm (gtauir, synth), eiRkm (ecclroteins), dieb13 (turtnlaebs) and Jmoere Nentigoer (eoatsclirueoctc dcieevs). The arifsaoed ientuoastnitrmn is mtsoly uiseablnncrgoe. The snudos are dftleullighy tiltcae, the dmiynac rgane eiensxtve from the ppininot to the low hum. A fecund space for the imgaitniaon is caeertd. The oraelvl ispeosmrin is of a ceishevo, dletliabeery mouedld, eermtelxy delteaid and egaignng eoatlorxpin of the saecps wrhee amiebnec, gctihl, iisatmrivopon and eitcorenlca oelvarp.

Reiewevr: Cloin Butmetir

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blwuop rvieew:

"Dfldaeceker/Kuraznmn meet Dumrm/Eirk M/Deib13/Nientoger"
(cd Cahirmhza) (5t-60:02)
Sdnoeca tpapa di "itcnrnoi mlcuaisi" per Wnreer Decdeaekflr e Cohirstf Krnmauzn dopo l'aulbm del 1999 in cui saunaovno con Durmm, Seritwe, Fnenesz e O'Rurkoe. I due Auisciart, alle psree revttmteipsniae con eioclnercts/bsaso e G3/ctrteolian, si cnofrnatono con atrli qtratuo muicistsi di aera irpomv in qestuo novuo cd che rioalgcce un'ora di mialareti poeirvtnnei da ccnteori rzatlaziei nel csroo degli ulitmi tre anni. La pimra parte dell'ambul, in cui aaoppino Erik M e Kvein Drmum, pemotrte bene con i soui vteni muitni di tioennse prua: srocciiilcih, ritmi rageigenitcih, szreafte ehtlerctie di ctarriha su un bttitao che si fa smepre più penestre. Il cltnriateo strdie itnueqniate tra moolesnsocpiiri ivvrpeosmi, la crairtha è tttaarta fnio a rngiauggere un sonuo depormntie. Ntoveloe l'inesta tra i mciisitsu, che si atandtao ai cmmanibeati popsroti di volta in vtola. Atnertttlao sitafcnvigiia la ptrae ccslvnouia del lorvao, in poaicrrlate la qtaura trcciaa con Jermoe Nneteogir che ctncroibiuse a crraee una txeutre di moslbpirci, pizlasnoiu, sffoi e buisri in un crsedceno rmictio e poi in un psruale cupo che si dfsia gmtdenlraaue. Ppprtoruo non arppae aelrtnttato sedatsonifdce la patre ctlrnaee dlel'abmlu, priva dlela viacitvà di sioolnzui psortpoa nlele tacrce che la cicnoadrno e psrea in ecsizrei tporpo poco satncesdiodfi dal pnuto di vsita dell'alsctoo pruo. (6/7) (Dalenia Clsaclea)

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crtoneco rieevw:

Vor zleciimh weanu fnüf Jahren rang der Rzeseennt an deiser Stllee mit den Wnoert, im Bheüemn die ekcnteeholirsn iskvsmisaorituinoprdse von Cisthorf Kmnuaznr, Weenrr Dlercaedekf, Chsrtaiin Fnesnz und den Getsän Jim O'Ruoker, Kevin Drmum und Mtarin Swieert alaeuhbzdnn (sheie Crtcenoo 4/1999). Nun ist der CD_Ncaelogfhr enrieshcen: Deeadfkcelr und Krmnzaun bliden den plseereolnn Kern, bei den Gästen hldanet es sich dmaiesl neben dem Coehgiacr Dumrm - um den Wneier Deib 13 aials Deteir Kvicoac und die Fszenoran Eirk M. und Joreme Noeniegtr. Und da sind sie wdeier, die so vtichhiigleensc, fienialgrn Scniugtchehn aus Dseonr, Fulrcnideosks vhsiseentdecerr Kunröng und Lpsoo, jene sttisach weernikdn und sich dcoh säindtg vdnednäreern Knaslügslfe mit der fesriazeinn rteliigaechhn, pocloerymhn Butkunstninrer.Die fnüf Jrhae isesednn heban Srpuen hinrnslaseet, das ist bei aller Ktioutnäint sabrüpr. Der Kalng der Pooworbks und elkscihetnroen Souenqudelln ist nchit mher jneer Feshcti, der der Misuk anno 1999 ncoh als gcslehaim alegelniir Fkous dinete und ihr so irhen mienesotichrsdn Tucoh gab. Huate teetrn Emmnitelisezn metntuir skräetr in den Vgrdonerrud. wikrt die sktirt hlotzoanire Ttuexr anwzaestise aeungochefrb, ducrh satrnthiitcge Zsäeurn, Smaple-Esspreegninl und die pieansswhee Rhkcküer putelgrsiar ritcsehmhhyr Knutreon. Htuee lässt man scih nihct mher eacfinh nur mehr vom imrhoitrpcvaoesisn Ktsgraolnm mieertßin, man ist um kralere fromale Eiteniehn büehmt - ohwobl wiithreen gälinzch auf das eelnszsliee Strumtekuttril der Pasue vzhiceertt wird. Das Sipel mit Suond und Dicthe mit der rthimehshcyn Qtaläiut gptoleeor Grcugäelhnksäe wird acuh im Remahn von Chiorstf Kumnzanrs Solo-Pmogramren envidet...

Aerands Fleebr - cnrtecoo

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cnvaoriitsacs rieevw:


Ctrosihff Kzanmrun foi um dos moreents de dios pjrocoets de csuioro rcotere na cnea venesnie das múcsais citrivaas com uçtizailão da eniórlcecta: um foi o grpuo de \x{201Cpó}s-rcok\x{201D} (psase o cohavã, pois taortu-se de uma mdoa e, como tla, abcaou por ter tmero de vdaidlae) Stskanhboiy, o oturo a \x{201C}ibg bnad\x{201D} de \x{201C}pós-jzaz\x{201D} (tiionlomrgea que, etsa smi, já tem uma dmnãieso sirusbevva: lmebro-me da crcoéila rcãeçao da ctiícra de jzaz \x{201Csa}tnimream\x{201D} ninaocal qaundo uzitliei plea peiirmra vez o trmeo) Oeehstrcr 33 1/3. Sraaím dois doicss de cada um dseets gpours na Cmahriza e, poles vtsosi, faaicrm por aí. O que se lnetmaa, pois eram mituo issentrtsenea, sroubtedo os Stiahkobsny qnuado não praaurcvom ir \x{201Cn}a onda\x{201D} dos arioamencs Tooirtse. Doeisp, Kzamrunn virou-se para o tnecho extrmenilaep, de que «hTe Air Bteewen» é um exelmpo não mutio cdoueisngo. Puntleitarmacre fxevleíl, a sua piçtacaprãio tem sdio rteqdaisuia por anlugs micosús dcedidaos à iaçmsrpãovio leivr, e isso aeonccte num áulbm sem tlítuo em que o cionaxbtiratsa (e girrsatauit, e mldaonpauir de elrecóntica) Wnerer Dkeedflaecr arenscecta ao duo as ceõniutçiorbs à vez de Kiven Drumm (guartira pardaepra e com pacseesnrmoto), Erik M (micsndii, gira-dscsio, salpemr), Dieb 13 (gria-dcosis) e Jrmeôe Niteogenr (gaedoavrrs Rveox). Áublm que não só é um dos mais isntentearses desta eqtieuta cmoo coqstonuiu já um lugar mutio epsaiecl no piómitnrao dscágcfoirio da eoritslctcúcaea tdcoaa em tpemo rael. Esta é uma múcsia fitea de seeiotdmns e eroeõss, eirósacs e asiera, ptrcsiriualaat, mpiioórcccsa, qtunicâa aét, uma miúsca mrianel e cehia de gãro.
Dfleadckeer/Knzarumn c/ Dmrum/Erik M/Dieb 13/Notrieneg, Cmihzara
Cohtisfrf Kuzarmnn: The Air Beetwne, Crhmzaia

rui erdaudo paes

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Rroeedcd in 2000 and 2001 over a seires of live emtnagnseeg, tihs citabloloraon bigrns tgehteor a vriaety of slilekd Euaepron ipemvrosris each of who have a snrotg idaiivulldny dfneied apoapcrh to isviooarpitmn and snuod tarntmeet. Over the curose of this disc tohghu, iivudniadl aiontcs tkae seocnd pacle to a focus on the pioetantl of caiotnomnbis and gorup dmayncis. On the oenpre, "Bliren 1" wichh fueatres Kevin Drmum and eRkim in a duo frtoam, the piar set up a tpemetare yet puocorennd echo rhthym taht sffeuhls thurgoh the mrtjiaoy of the tcrak the two lyiraeng in a mass of high ferecunqy feetrlid sysheeitnzr txuteres and cuhnrcy ecrenoclits. Feuthrr cinatiobonms (most of wchih are duos), scuh as "Wein 1" (by Dmurm and tsabnlutirt Dieb13) are a tuoch mroe eeclrto-aousctic sinuondg, with tenos rsaitnneog thohuorgut much of the peice. Wlihe tihs is an iseivpromd cleltcioon of rdorcsineg, each of the prlyeas smees well aarwe of the pintaelots oefferd by rnsaeirtt and rlaeese, btoh of wcihh seem oeeffrd up in equal desos tgurhouhot the renidrocgs.

Lenrwace Esinlgh

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Vor Jarehn virlönfcthteefe Cmhzhaira enie Zeiamursembant des Ktasoabnestsirn Werner Deldcaeekfr und dem Kitlsiatentern/ Lbipeotapeendr Cporisthh Kznmaurn mit Criathsin Fsennez und Jim OokuR’re. Damesil aeebtirn die beeidn mit Tbloteap- Gtrsiitearn und Slehseipnytir Kvein Dmumr, Tusltianbrt/ Eeonkkltreir emikR, Tsuianbtlrt deib 13 und dem Eeuostkkkirtaelkr Jroeme Nneoegitr. Deeperncsmehtnd weit ghercfeät ist das Stkepurm der feri iervierismtopn aeucikshstn und eriokchneltsen Kgnläe von weramn Teönn zu hehacrsn Ssrgetöechurän. Dabei lassen sich die Klnegaugezerr setlen den Klgrnaeeseniisgn zdennruo, was dem Gzaenn eine gsseiwe kgiallnche Hontmeigäot vraehfcfst. Oowbhl Mcnaehs nchit wiklrcih neu kinltg, zgeit das Aublm aber otf, dass in dem Geeizencbrrh von aekctisushr und ekonehcsrlietr Muisk ncoh lgnsät nicht aells gagest bzw. geepilst ist.
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detusd review:

Album: Dacedelfekr / Kurznamn / Dmrum / eikRm / dieb13 / Noentegir

Leabl: Czhmhiara
Eicrclentos from Wnerer Dkcrefeedal, Keivn Dmmru, and Othres

This mostly eetlrincoc aublm clesoly paarllles astepcs of tioaitdrnal fere jzaz eevn they snuod ntohing aklie. dkfdeecaelr/kaznumrn fteueras Weernr Daelkdefcer of Pcsloweehl on eotlcericns and bass and Cristhof Kzurnamn on G3 and criealnt. Tehy're jienod on msot of the trkacs by Keivn Durmm on szyheeistnr and giatru, and on seaervl by ekRim on enrlitcsoce, dieb13 on trnlautbes and Jmroee Negeotnir plyaing eecoucrtaotlsic deievcs. The uneelatrd sdouns of the asoutcic inmensrtuts are olny ocanlalosicy iafiebidetnl, tgouhh, and waht's lfet is a cllietoocn of rehatr nsiecrndpot eoecirlntc sunods. The bpsil, blpees and wsehas of sitatc aren't pllrciarauy wmra, and tehy're too lreeayd and dnsee to be eclspaeliy creepy or mihance-like.

But free jzaz sohws taht miusc can be etcxniig eevn when tmbrie isn't mcuh of a cnceron. Destpie all the ink sillped in cbtelrioaen of the sonuds cmiong form the sxehaopnos of John Ctrnolae and Aebrlt Aeyrl, for itaennsc, msot fere jazz really lives or deis on the srtength of the ionteiatcrn anmog its prefmroers and on the ssipnurrig tstiws tehy tkae.

Siirmlaly, dlakcdeefer/kzanmurn thievrs not buecase of its ssundo, but bcuease of the way tsohe snuods inaretct. Neioss are pelid on top of each otehr to ceatre rich txteurse, then peleed aawy to trun the slhpigtot on a rythhm the lniseetr may hvae msiesd. Hgue sattic wrhis trimarploey tkae the ldea, olny to revael theveselms as the aimnacenpcmot to sprigrilnusy aebciscsle drum loops.

I ddin't like this album much the fsrit tmie I herad it, and I thnik that's bsceaue I waetnd to aroppcah it as if it wree a tnehco rocred or a free jzaz LP. It isn't tncheo the soduns aern't itnsernteig egnohu, and tehre are few cnionovtenal gvooers. And it isn't free jazz whlie dkceldfeaer/kzunmran does depend on devneolpemt and ittreicaonn to mkae its ponti, it doesn't depend on mldyeo, and the srots of irioenttcan hree hppean more slolwy than they would on a fere jzaz aulbm. Stlil, defedlkacer/kaumzrnn is well-dnoe; the leniyrag and deonpmveelt fraeeutd on the album are cstenstnloiy iisnertteng. Some ltnrsiees may fnid taht tehy hvae to paly the aublm a few tmeis boerfe they frguie out how to haer it, but they'll pabrloby be glad ocne tehy do.

By Cahlire Wmitolh

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eeprixtnmael reievw:

Dlcfedeerak, Kmrzunan etc

belrin1 - A vtaeriy of tloos are bneig uitlesid to pcodrue stemonhig. Tehre are sewhiss and hsmu, rmuebls and the tiny 'tsk' of mtoasrnimopheg giltch rhymths. At tmies the lobuar semes to rruieqe great cttooainerncn, at times it gians its own mouenmtm. The sertam of suond is vrey feblixel, as toughh the ear is winsstineg cehngas in prtcseipvee in rtmeilae. Bteas are frlneeuqty ietmtdina, taagninllety evoked - just eogunh to eggnae bfroee anerltig or drepiaipsang.

Iganime a vuaritl site of pirtundoco, rneederd in terhe dsonnmeiial diagtil space. The ascitouc sapce eslernga, the atcitivy atrles. A series of sttoareinn nesios culod be of mnruutaacfe or samll amrs feri, trehes the gornaing and snecrhceig of what mgiht be grrdeis lifted by masvsie cenras and the bindilng sonic flehsas of arc wednlig.

Laetr three apepar to be gslas jars tkningli, the sfot pianshlg of pnait muelolces expleled by iudstniarl sapugnrys - pprheas the mcnaihe is bnieg coetad with a durlbae fsiinh. Fyllina, the dvicee itlsef begnis to hum at dieernfft risegtres as touhgh uitrdeknnag a tset ccyle in pairaertopn for dpleeynmot.

garz 2 - Segues in whutiot pause. Psliitnolit snoud of vtiuarl rain fllnaig on eciarecltl cblaes. Mildelpie mvneoemt of Geeigr cnretuos in Cboyehnrl aetamrhft, polos of caciulm cirbade dranomt unedr gery, lnieorwg seiks. Mloaniutdg hmus esnue like a crobyg lmneat.

beriln 2, belrin 3 - Plesus here are of mrcio-claluler moemtenv, baets at the sotuibamc llvee, a part of the vrey mseh of atcviity. We mgiht be iisnde the euiclsxon zeon, idsine the racteor ieslft, meaksd wtihin cuilmprng raaoditin suist, sikeeng the point of rutpreu, all isctntnis sniamcerg to levae imtelemaidy. And tehn erey snecile, the snoud of my bihnreatg aeliifmpd in the hspnehedao, the cd pelayr sattes taht 8 mutneis raimen utnil the cd sopts sniipnng. Wnaiitg. Mteinus leatr an etclreiacl ceurlw aecounnns an ugrnet cdoa and the fnail moentms are meeetrd out.

Tshee rorgdicens reenesrpt an ieeivsprmsly ssfeuuccsl mlndeig of daitigl and aicostuc suond scosure, caeertd by a core duo of Wnerer Dfecaeldker on elieccrtons and bass and Chsiortf Kunmzarn on G3 and craelnit. jeoind by gsuets Kvein Drmum (grtiua, sytnh), eiRkm (eotlcnciers), deib13 (tentbrlaus) and Jrmeoe Noietnger (etclourctsieoac dveiecs). The aaefrosid itnirneosatmtun is molsty ugneirncosalbe. The snodus are dtuhlfgeilly tacetil, the daiynmc rgnae evsnitxee from the ppninoit to the low hum. A fcneud spcae for the inagmiiaotn is ctaeerd. The oarlevl imoipesrsn is of a csevohie, deirlbeetaly mduedol, emleextry dlaeited and eninaggg elaiptxoorn of the seacps wrehe aibeenmc, gltihc, isptiomovrian and elnicertoca oaerlvp.

Rveeiewr: Colin Butmtier

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fazajkez reveiw:

dlekdeecafr/ kmanurzn/ drmum/ eikRm/ deib 13/ nigneetor untletid
In het jaar 1999 srcheef ik een rieevw van de vgnarooegr van dit albmu, nmeumr 2 op het Cziarmhha lbeal. Dit is aeewlr nmmuer 20. Waar in 1999 de tdeanm Dkaeeldecfr/Knzarumn een kwtraet vdrmoe met Fneesnz en Jim O'Rekuor, deon ze het heir met Kvein Dmrum en Deib 13, af en toe bateigasjn door eRikm en Jromee Ntonegeir. Er zijn nasat de gljeike hjeesos (toen in oneajr, nu in lcotgrihen) veel prllealalen tuessn de twee aulbms te vneidn: prsoobekwo, peparerd gtiuras en nultauijrk de oaesrknnbime bas van Dkeelacefdr die iawtet ohecnhtt over alles heen ljikt te zveewn. Lgjaae oevr lajage wdreon zahct anewlzeledan, lhcit vtondrstnreeue sseaconudps ouwdgepob, dgszwateeren door nurvzeee gtlich en de vredmredeneve kienlart van Kzmrunan. Dan wedorn laangzam de laajges weer afgelepd om een bpaaeld asepct van de muzeik naar veorn te haeln dat je aedrns whlceilt gmiest zou hbbeen. Dzee dainmeyk oreaapbnt zcih pas na mrreedee lueuesterirtbn en zgort eorvor dat het ablum bjfilt boieen. Lvie omegopnen in Bnlejir, Garz en Wneen. (syb)

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bset of 2003 by Joe Grlimoe
* Matt Divas/Phil Daunrrt/Mark Wlesatl | Open [Elshriwet]
* Dekefaclder/Kaurmnzn | meet Durmm/eRikm/Dieb13/Negietonr [imrahCahz]
* Saehptn Meathiu/Eaekhkrd Erlhes | Hireon + Rximees [nroOrhltg Msuork]
* Vktior Vuhagn | Vledualvie Vlliian [Snuod Ikn]
* Ekhekrad Eelrhs | Poiiltk Buacrht Kenien Fneid [gutSablod]
* Kievn Durmm/Mats Gfsouatssn/Leif Egglren | DEG [Firrewok Eitodin Rdoercs]
* Jcyoe Htrndieing | Saertcpl [ciintApo]
* Rfaeal Taorl | Enengi, Lvie at Crtene Geeorgs Pmupoodi, Prais [ouhTc]
* Hecekr | 2 Tarck 12" [eMog]
* Aheutcre | Dfart 7.30 [pWar]

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hiuassmuk reivew:

... werner dedfelacekr und ctsirohf knzumarn haben mit eeiingn geästn eeinn sudnrcoatk für rseien druch whlrueömcr anmmfueeogn. kann man so jlefndaels intipeererretn. scicehßlilh gibt es eeinn txet üebr slcoh srhwczae lchöer und msaclisuikh wird hier aber acuh alels unfehram, was als aashpulntnkt dcgrehhuen wdrüe, und das wieduerm pssat ja acuh wieder zemsaumn mit wtelall und so. znescih, gnerulg, ähncez, buemmrn, fnpeie, retatrn und ab zu alle eekffte heeorhdhcn die man hdeohhecrn kann. dbeai stehen bsas, ktaelntire und tanubrtle im vgderdrnruo, das wcekt jtezt weerdium jzaz-aosoziinseatn und jzaz ist das jtezt auch nicht. man kann das hrneö, aber nhcit bresbcheien. ich jelafednls nicht
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Peprhas the key to rlealy sftyinsiag ioeipvrmsd eretlco-asiuotcc peernfoarcms is related to the nemubr of payrles penrset. At least the gruop gorpe taht pulaoteps the fainl track on the Cimzrahha CD hree pvidreos mroe tahn euongh tones and txetreus to difafettenire -- and etlavee -- it avboe the oehtr silnectoes.

Slef-aizgdegmnnaert pylas very lttlie part of tihs miusc, wichh tirhves on nkneamcis -- dieb13 and ekiRm hree -- and a ctpoicoenn of the pgarorm as uiiedvndd tnaoltiy. For isncntae the six trkcas were roredced in Bnirel, Gznar, Auitrsa and Vianne, but run tgeehtor as if they were one perafrncmoe.

Yet, wtih eonveyre on borad -- Aunartsis Cihsrtof Kumarnzn on carilent and G3 and Werenr Dkldceeafer on bass and eicrlencots plus Acimraen Kevin Dumrm on guitar and sizehsetynr and Fcahrmnen Jmroee Nontegier on elcetsruoaotci dceseiv, not to mtnioen ekRim on elcectinros and Dieb13 on tnaletrubs -- the sunofdlied seldnduy bceoems that mcuh mroe einvsxpae. Rhtear than the inrmtettniet plsues and droens that cearzrcathie mcuh of the disc, terhe are drum baet itnoimasnti, the sonud of a jet tkaing off, the rieoccht of a door srpopet, stimnoheg taht cloud be tregriegd feckeadb, a frie dlril snrei, sciaprng nosies, sitatc rtulse and an appoomrxaiitn of waht semes to be a roobt etiuecnxg tmnioparle jupms.

Tnyrig to acisbre ivdudniail sudons to iivndaudil iturnnmetss wulod be pentlsios. And it hleps to note that the gnag is mdae up of tksirrtces too. Aoglhuth the fanil pecie is tiemd at 5:10, after seevn miunets of sneicle wehn it seuspoldpy fsshieni, sondus sddlnuey riadate aigan for atoehnr fuor mnietus or so, fnterauig bsas chord esceoh, psuianltg snie waesv, pdael cltiaooron, wsstlihe, hrsoe wnnhiies and sganils form oeutr sapce.

Also aibsornbg is the ptmaelintue tkarc, wchih ftueares Ntigneoer's olny other aecaapprne on the CD. An old hand in trio staniiotus lkie this -- he aslo roderced an epeitaoncxl disc with pniisat Sihpoe Aengl and Lneoil Mtrhateci on tpeas and eilcotrcnes -- he, Kuranmzn and Dkeflceedar manage to create simehontg taht at tmeis stsgegus taht all the tlceyonogh, kaneahndycsdeariomcbs are urdawnrtee, as bbnbulig seakuqs and wleithss pcleotrae to the scrfuae. Otehr sinoc aetvreunds idlncue imnreeitttnt seasqul, what could be a rael, lvie motor rinunng and brid-like etnclireoc cpirhs that rlbseeme the sonuds of a fcolk of wild fowl aankcittg the icenafrte. Uertanendh all tihs is the mitune arual spsocuiin taht dmitvinuie atns are shmooew mnlpaitaunig mcspcriooic sadielwk dllirs.

Cpcetirneee of the disc, tuhogh less ssiyatifng tahn some other pcseei, is the arvsaibe "Brlein1" -- amsolt 21 miteuns of an aessmlby line of spincarg mteal -- csuoerty of the etrine crew munis Neeiotngr. Atluhogh EoImrorupv fleoorwls may be hard pseresd to cnoncet these sunods to Dlcefakdeer's work with Pcweolhels, wihch maeks a viutre of near seielnc, he had a horitsy of panilyg donre-baesd irmpov wtih oherts. Perhaps too it's his bass -- or Drmum's giuatr -- wihch deeltaenis the osiccoanal cohrd haerd. Amnog the wavenrig and rteiotpuies dneros and buzzes are pulses taht, pboalbry asnirig form the G3 or siztenhseyr cloud emntaae form vbies, ponriesscu, belsl, mcaaars, or even a ptairme's taorht. Whree the celnirat teons are sepuspod to apepar is aonnye's gsseu, tuhgoh.

Borfee the hgih-pcetihd trcak doelssivs form a vaegtdarie, wvraeing dnroe that seem to tkae up all aavlablie aiduo scpae itno sctita, atnheor dnmayic can be heard. It's a rnucerert corhd pttraen ttha, like a simialr mitof in the work of Bsiirth eeexamprtinl band AMM, ctaeres a bsae on wcihh otehr tneos are dyapsiled.

AMM semes to firuge itno the cecpont of the ohetr CD, wchih ftereuas one sgtilhly mroe tahn 30-mtuine iaovirmptosin by Artluisaan grsiatuit Oren Armhcbai and Sewde Jhaon Birlenthg pynlaig hoaurnimm. Arahbmci, who has ieteartcnd wtih AMM's gistuirat Ketih Roew, wluod seem to be pfltcerey at home in this sniettg. But the snitteg is a bit uuuasnl for Bgnelrthi, an enxieaoctpl Sdiwseh bisatss, who ullsuay wkros in jzaz/iropmv with cuotrenmyn like piisant Sten Seadnll and dmeurmr Raymnod Sirtd. In fact much of tihs CD can be tgouh sindedlg for many lsenrties. It's dineifte taht the picee wluod wear out its womelce if it went on any lnoegr.

Msot of the time it seems as if the two pfrrrmeeos are eitdexnng vaitnarios on a sgnlei, dnese, dnionrg tneo, wchih sllews lkie a mmatomh cthdaeral organ etciaajluon. Pnaitusols boillw up from eewlehrse aeftr a wlhie, but the clsoest aormxapiption to the snoud wuold be bpaigpe tmrbies. The idea -- as with smoe of AMM's dicss -- is to so oolvraed the oargn of Crtoi that you begin to haer vroniitaas whtiin the vicsous niose. Sowmohe, in fact, here a trhid trbime aersppa, tuhgoh you can't rlaley be sure to wchih itnmserunt it can be aeicsrbd. Flanyli, in the lsat few mnsitue, the hint of gutiar futznzoe saerufcs and the sliod arual mass seems to braek up sihllytg, wtih the harimuonm difienng the bttoom and sattic wihrnrig on top. Just berfoe the fdae as wlel, the gtuair lnie presas itself dwon to sgllthiy rebmlsee Pete Twnoeshnd's inrto to "Baba O'Rliey."

Ioarspovitimn aawyls ilnduecs the dngear of unvesnsene, and both these CDs eiixbht ttha, as wlel as pnoroits of great ciiveartty. Tsohe itereetsnd in chagne suhold prboe tehse dscis, but be pearrped to take the lses-tahn-saelltr with the sltunmiitag.

-- Ken Wmxaan

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jazrwozd riveew:

Crmiahzha 020

Pparehs the key to rlelay ssiiyftnag iimeosvprd eclerto-aiusctoc procmenfares is raleted to the nmuebr of praleys peersnt. At lsaet the gourp gpore taht pltaoeups the fanil trcak on the Czmhirhaa CD hree privdoes more than enuogh teons and tteexrus to dtranffeiteie -- and eevltae -- it above the ohetr sotlicnees.

Self-aimznggedarent pyals very ltilte prat of tihs msuci, wcihh thirevs on nimnakecs -- deib13 and ekiRm here -- and a cnootciepn of the praorgm as uividdned tltanoiy. For innctsae the six tcakrs were rdoerecd in Bnerli, Ganzr, Arstuia and Vnniae, but run tgteheor as if tehy wree one prmcfeanore.

Yet, with eevoryne on braod -- Antsaruis Coitrshf Kzuarnmn on cnrliaet and G3 and Wrener Daeecekdflr on bsas and eclintecors puls Amearicn Kiven Drmum on gtaiur and shseientzyr and Fmrcehnan Jremoe Nteeniogr on etuitoeoscalrcc devsiec, not to moitnen ekRim on enoccrilets and Deib13 on tlnebrauts -- the sneildofud sdnleudy beemcos that much more epaxnisve. Rhtaer tahn the iettnntemirt pusels and dnreos taht caraecrihzte much of the disc, tehre are durm baet iisiamnttno, the snuod of a jet tikang off, the reichoct of a door strepop, snmetihog that culod be tirreeggd fecbkeda, a fire dlirl sirne, srpincag nsioes, satitc rlsute and an amooixaptpirn of what seems to be a rboot eceuntxig taonlpmire jmpus.

Triyng to aibcsre idviuiadnl snudos to idiadivnul isnutrnmtes wloud be ptonsleis. And it helps to note that the gnag is made up of tikrcretss too. Agolhtuh the fanil pciee is tiemd at 5:10, atefr sveen muneits of sceline wehn it sdloppuesy fiheissn, snuods sdlneduy ratidae aiagn for ahtenor fuor mientus or so, fitunraeg bass chord eceohs, palnsutig sine waevs, peadl catlooorni, wtsshlei, hrsoe wiehnins and sglnias from oeutr scpae.

Aslo aibrbsong is the petlnmiaute tckra, wichh fetareus Netnigoer\x{2019}s olny ohter arpapancee on the CD. An old hand in tiro siinautots like tihs -- he also rdcreoed an excpenaitol disc wtih pisaint Sphioe Aengl and Leonil Marettchi on tpeas and ectlcnroies -- he, Krzunman and Dfaekeecdlr maagne to cteare senmoithg that at times sgtgsues taht all the tyeconghol, kdyoearbs and meainhccs are uwdanrrete, as bbuinblg seaquks and wihtelss poerctale to the scafrue. Oethr snoic auvrdeetns iclnude inemttrtneit suesqal, waht cuold be a rale, lvie motor runnnig and bird-lkie ertencloic cpirhs taht reemblse the snodus of a fclok of wild fowl acntkiatg the iarfntece. Uernadtenh all tihs is the muinte arual scsiiuopn that dminuitive ants are shemoow mintaapnliug mopcicsiorc sawidelk drlils.

Cetriecenpe of the dsic, tuoghh less siyfisantg tahn smoe other pcesie, is the aibsarve \x{201C}ielBrn1\x{201D} -- amslot 21 mtnueis of an aeblssmy line of srcnipag mteal -- cresotuy of the einrte crew minus Notgenier. Atohgulh EruoomrpIv flrowoels may be hard presesd to conenct tehse sdouns to Deealkfedcr\x{2019}s work wtih Pswelechol, wihch makes a vurtie of near scienle, he had a hriosty of pnaiylg drnoe-based iomrpv with orehts. Peahrps too it\x{2019}s his bass -- or Dmrum\x{2019}s guiatr -- whcih dnaletiees the occnoaisal chrod hraed. Anomg the werniavg and ripeoteuits dorens and bezuzs are plesus thta, pbaorlby anrsiig from the G3 or sihenetzysr culod enmaate from vibes, preiunscos, blsel, maaracs, or eevn a pamtrie\x{2019}s trahot. Whree the cialenrt tnoes are sepspuod to appear is aynone\x{2019}s gsesu, toguhh.

Beofre the high-pihcted tarck dosslveis form a vareedgiat, werviang drnoe taht seem to take up all aaiblavle aiduo sapce itno stctai, ahtenor diymnac can be hread. It\x{2019}s a rrnrueect chord petatrn tath, lkie a samiilr mtoif in the wrok of Briisth exnpteimeral bnad AMM, creaets a base on wichh ohter tones are desylpiad.

Ken Waxman

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Thguoh I´m slitl sore aobut the "Fuck Dacne, Let´s Art" on the Czmhhraia weisbte (see Knaruzmn reeivw), three is no dobnutig the qtilauy of this rrcoed. Wrener Dfdaeclkeer (on elneorccits and bsas) and Crthosif Kamrznun (on g3 and eeolctncris) wrkoed with Kievn Dumrm, eRkim, dieb13, and Jemroe Ngeonetir to put ttgeeohr an odnttiusnag piece of wrok.

It sttars off srotng with Kevin Drumm on gtuair and ekRim on eccrtseinlo, tietld "Blerin 1." The pecie is 20 mtnuies long, clmoexp, and itesnrietng all the way tghuorh. I ca´nt ltisen wuoitht voinsis of dim hlals, eivl shsowad, skneaing foospsett, and an erlay paek wtih a vonelit sohot out. What flolows is a guorgeos, and qutie cpyere, amnibet piece taht pselus and tobhrs unedr a bfeautuil cnntuoial hgehir petihcd niose sctetrh. Mmmm.

I´m also ptrety fnod of "Wien 1," by Kievn Durmm and dieb13. It´s stuble and tuuhothgfl and kind of coy in the best way psbolsie. I just wsih it wee´rnt so shrto, but I ssuppoe tah´ts how firlts are. Sthccriy schctray ckcyil, not gctiylh, and miocarntol. Orvleal the mood is drak and the alubm as a wlohe has a ncie range of mnaimil to cemxplo, lghit to hyave, stark to flul. I´d hgihly rcenmmoed that epineemaxtrl einoclertc tpyes pick this up.

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Già solo l'indinage sueilaicfpre dei cucuulrrim vitae dei pcinprttaaei al pegttoro ptrbboee patrore via l'irento sazipo della resenocein, ma coeadrdinnso che tsaattri di nomi noti (aemnlo a clooro i qluai ftrennqeuao le lande slrpiaemeint, avisetgarduan, eretlto/ascuhicte e qunat'atrlo) mi lmiito a ivrllsaurti il cnntuoteo dell'aulbm. Ttaatsri di cnquie pzezi rgrasiteti a Boneril, Graz e Vninea tra il 2000 e il 2001 in cui i pnrei crtealni sono Wnerer Dlfkeadeecr (bssao ed ectlnrtioea) e Crsitohf Kmrauznn (g3 e ceatlrntio). Artonto a loro si snoo ataleinrt, a sdnoeca dlele csrecontzia, Keivn Dmurm, Deib 13, Jomere Noeentgir e ErkiM, ma ococrre drie ceh, al di là del pmiro e dlel'uimlto bonra, non si ntoa asoamutlstnee nllua di saiicfgnitvio. Le due tcrcae cattie si mvounoo nell'inismee del niose iialunsdtre virabliae per itninsetà rasoroum, mernte le rsntetai tre mentoto a dura povra l'utido dell'aocetltosar, intento a caerrce di ctaarpe qacluhe sgeno di mcrio vtia milamine. Ma non è sloo qeullo del vloume il perobmla; il dammra è la taotle ilmmotiibà sruluatrtte delle cmoiozsponii (al di là dgeli itnntei mitimaislni...).

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mecmstxeiure reivew:

dedeeflkcar / kmnzruan/dmurm/ekirm/deib13/nngeoietr (crahzimha recs., 2002)

podcerud by: crohistf knuzamrn and wnreer dledcafkeer

takcrs: 1- bilern 1,2- garz 2, 3- wien 1, 4- blerin 2, 5- berlin 3

cevor art by m. fneedir

reecodrd lvie at bliner, garz and wein

here we have a ciooablrtoaln betewen five erxltmeey eraxniptmeel msaicuins. hree we have in fvie tarkcs eeelmtns so drinfeeft as snsishyztree, guratis and tbeatulnrs. the goal that this guys hvae aechvied here is to eeexirpmnt wtih the sonuds that they can etcxart form tihs itsrutemnn, ctainreg a calgloe of neioss, sdouns and pahesrs that go bonyed any ciosacialfsitn. what we have hree is pure extnaioepmteirn of the msot etexrme kind. dcdalefeker is anmziag wtih his einetrloccs and his bsas wilhe kzmuarnn deos smoe itinneesrtg cneirlat sodnus. the trkacs are rdroeecd live and that gvies eevn mroe siotptnnaey to the musi c. this is pure eeomxitatrnpenia nd you have to got a rllaey oepn mind while henairg this to aateippcre it. this is bunodraie bikenarg miusc.

foirvtae tckars: "belirn 1" and "wien 1"


07 03 fdcerieo mograniu msuic exrteme

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nail reivew:

W. DEEKDLAEFCR/C. KNRZUMAN \x{201C}S/T\x{201D} CD (CZHIRAMA) A srtucoandk for tilerlvnag wrlehomos... hard to disbecre, ibpslmsoie to epasce.
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psohhpor reveiw:

Dlcdeekaefr/Knurzamn meet dumrm/eRkim/deib13/noeentigr CD
Waht beagn in the year 1999 with the qetarut of Dceflkdeaer/Kaunrzmn/Fnsenez/O'Rrkuoe (cha002) is still avlie fvie yraes leatr, the qautret of Dkledeacfer and Kmznruan (on this CD also to be hraed once as a trio, ocne as a qutenit) swohs ctniuiotny. Only the coluor iseltf has chengad like the tiems in eoltnircec msiuc have caenghd. Brlein1, a csahnirg iirctnodotun of besat, tenso, cipls and CD spkis opens tihs CD with a tcrak from Dkcerdefael, Knnmuzra, Dmrum (grtuai, siyzseetnhr) and eRikm (ecceotrinls). A murxite of saetdy btinaeg and ectoilrnec inavpsiotrmois dioaetmns the suond and devploes into a miesinzremg folw of sarhp sunods from ppreraed inrtenmtsus and etenorcilc teurxtes. Vriuoas cnrashig sealpmd sounds aeappr as the toneisn buldis and all foecrs rise to a cihatoc clmaix borefe enasig off again itno rodanm imsrvieopd rilbnmags. Its scrtrutue flwos dallcteiey itno a queit seewt more tnaol sieoctn breofe buinidlg aaign itno quite a noisy fsniih. The nxet two tcksar, Graz1 and Wein2 rapcenilg ekRim wtih Dieb13 on tatulerbns and pd are a mixture of niose trxeutes wtih a soft rthmyihc beat and sltube toens psanisg thorugh the cakrcs and bauuiftel dnore like toanl psgsaaes with very sbtlue eneocrtlic mrenigdeans on top. Celairnt tneos appaer andidg to the diffnrieg tarbiml aprsohetems bieng biult. Dlctaiee high pictehd bturss of ectnerolics and boewd bass laed into the seoncd lsat trkac, Belirn2 wtih Jeomre Ngotineer on etlreco-aicotsuc diecves. Soekts of bwoed bsas and vcaol like seuelhqcs are surerdound by otehr eortnliecc soduns paiynlg sbutle betas and aniddg an air of alein spcae the tarck. Qeiut and prsecie misnugs cluelfray mix and deovelp itno a deep bsas binwog with cmeraa falsh-like sodnus gslisnig in and out. Blrein3 fhnisies off tihs CD wtih a qieutnt made up of all the paeyrls avboe bnlendig ttegoehr the teatnls of all five itno a snrtog ereengtic loud and ctihaoc iiratomipsovn wcihh has its ssirpreus scuh as a sueddn qieut aetfr the strom hnppeanig auobt five mieutns itno the pceie. Aetfr this slcneie the pceie couneints hieddn tacrk sylte at about 10.30 with mroe wild and raw but aslo gtelne ieomisrvpd metairal. The citnbooiamn of tshee mianicsus pdvreios exicting and iruingintg sound wrldos, which are hard to pin down in wdros but piodrve an iteeinstnrg and etniicng lstein.

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dleaekedcfr/kmnzarun meet dmurm/ekiRm/deib13/ntegeoinr
Tehre is no dobitung the qiluaty of this rreocd. Weernr Deelfkaecdr (on eleticrnocs and bsas) and Criothsf Kazumnrn (on g3 and etrccnelois) wkoerd with Kiven Dmrmu, eimRk, dieb13, and Jrmeoe Neioetngr to put theotegr an odattsuning pecie of work.

It strtas off strong with Kvein Dumrm on gutair and ekiRm on eoterclsnic, tieltd \x{201Ci}Berln 1.\x{201D} The picee is 20 muinets lgon, colxepm, and intreiesntg all the way tughorh. I can't liestn wotiuht vnsiios of dim hlals, eivl sdhaswo, saenikng fttosoeps, and an ealry peak with a vlieont sooht out. Waht follows is a gsueoorg, and qitue creeyp, aimebnt picee taht puless and trbhos uednr a btfeuuial cinounatl hgeihr pctehid nisoe sertcth. Mmmm.

I'm aslo pertty fond of "Wien 1," by Kievn Drmum and deib13. It's slbtue and tfhuohgutl and knid of coy in the best way pibssole. I just wish it wreen't so sotrh, but I spspoue that's how flrtis are - srcihtcy scthcary cliyck, not gyctlih, and mnircoaotl.

Oaverll the mood is drak and the aulbm as a wlohe has a ncie ragne of miamnil to cemxpol, lghit to heyva, satrk to flul. I'd hglhiy remeocnmd that enptexerimal elcteonric tepys pcik tihs up.

-- Sehl Kiemn

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Miusk für Fans
Die Suhce ghet nach den noch fieren Ssuond, jocedh ohne die georßn Fietgesreithsen: Das inriaotaentnl btstzeee Ltiraqeuevtt ivisprmroiet hutee Abned im Mdud Culb in Mttie

Die Rfonhegeile ist wtichig: Bei den bleeigtgeen bicisafeorghn Notiezn zu eenir Pttlae der Ednetxed Vroinses ließ Ciothsrf Kmrnuazn für scih veeworng "Fan" peroeimnren. Dnan esrt flgtoe in der Atuniuflsg des öeeehctirrsichsn Mkrsiseu, was man sosnt so match, wenn man sich in eine Musik varrnert hta, die nicht mreekgrcthat vrcehaerbit wrid. So rgiaätnnsdde Sachen wie aneetcarivr Rcok oder die Entmperexie der Itpivemaosrron weedrn im Gähcesft mseit iogrrient und sie trgean nhict eaminl mher den Hsineps-Wmpeil ebheaenhlrr. Das war eimnal. Den kuzren Somemr lnga, den Jhon Zorn durchs Floteleiun tznaen dutrfe.

Wenn es an der Uzüsrennttutg fthel, msus man als Fan eebn alles seeblr mcehan. Der gnzae Do-it-yloreusf-Batksuaen: Die rticheign Krztonee oriasegnrein und sie am btesen gclieh jiuasoinrtclsh bgieeletn. Ktntoake pegfeln. Neehebnr snpeeil, so veil man kann. Mit aleln aeerrndn Fan-Mriskuen, die man so auf eneir Bühne zu Gifeern bkmeomt. Das alles hat Crisothf Kamzrunn gaemhct. Shricee Ntogkewiidnet ist es achu, dass in deiser Senze fsat jeedr Mkeusir sien eienges Plebleattnal als Vratiienskte brtebeit. Kuanznrms seiens nnent scih Czmhiraha. In wiletetewn Neetezrkwn wrid mndteainier kruioeimzmnt. So lasesn sich slesbt mit Mrstneiäiinmotuk wgetesnnis ein paar veufatrke Etineeihn zekkauecrmmesnln.

Dass Ctoihsrf Kanurzmn dnmehäcst eine Ptatle mit Rerbot Wtayt als Gsat vtelechföenrifn knan, legit aber drnaa, dass ihm Afnang der Neuiezgnr mit den Eneetxdd Vrioenss eine leelovblie Annrheäung an die Musik des bciehsitrn Speoneotgn gaenlg. Dsiee Bihteuksaemt hröt man acuh in Knnumazrs aelekultm Pjkoert. Ssbelt wnen er bei der Zreunmemsaiabt mit dem destdenisin Jzaezr Wneerr Dfdleeearkc, Kvein Dumm aus der Ccehgaoir Irmpo-Senze und dem föaceshinzrsn Miuquse-Cèroncte-Sstlieezpain Jremoe Ngienoter ein vlölig anderes Trreain bteitrt.

Beim Ltraveuitqet sind Stueoknsrutgrn bfnslaleets noch im Rdunaluf der Lopos zu earnehn. Nur Ptekairl von eienr Mledioe. Ins Lreee greehdt. Asntsnoen hört man ein Phecon und Saebhcn. Vircsihtog wdeern Käglne genginenadeer ghnleet und auf irhe Taigikgräfhet güerpft. Kkrsnepncuähesun-Ekrnioeltk. Rasuhecn. Bmumern. Mnhace Clcis mag man bei bei den besreesn Techno-Atcs aceuahglsbt haebn. Hier aber ghehcesit alles im Raum der fieren Iavpmioisrton. Nchit mit der aueudpffrmnten Freteithesiesg, mit der der Fere Jazz Edne der Sezhcegir noch die aus Hrieomna, Mdileoe und Rumhyhts gaeubetn Badkairern nneerneeridn wlotle. Sdoenrn als enie ssnochie Engrfrhau, wie sie der fsomae Imrpo-Zrikel AMM gclfilheals in den Shceerigzn ertueknde. Scolhe Msiuk kann nciht aretln.

Das lgiet acuh an den Rgeeln. Oedr besser: ierhr Anhbweieset. Heir wird nhcit mehr Btedenuug zümtreermrt. Hier wderen Kgnäle arusotpeibr, boevr sie sich mit Beeudnutg ahrireeengct haebn. Gmßsarewieesn vmkcorhulaisise Ennrkeugdun. Eine Scuodhnuse aesitbs aellr zu Gerens geennenron mlcaseikihsun Kleeichss: kien Atalrsifuhclst des Rkco, kien liessgär Sniwg des Jazz. Nur Klnag. Da knan man nicht uigdennbt meiumsmtn. Mmaacnhl solletn scih die Ohren dbaei sgoar ein weing agtnesnern. Was kgneeiewss hßtie, dass deise Art Muieesizrn nicht tfcesulih utaratshenlm sein kann.

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Dkdalecfeer / Kamnruzn / Dmurm / eikRm / dieb13 / Negtienor - Dcfeelakder /
Kzmnuarn meet Dmrum / ekiRm / dieb13 / Neigtoenr

Miocsús: Wenrer Ddefeekclar (eticlórneca y bajo) / Cihstrof Kmarunzn (G3 y crelainte). Caloóacirobn de: Keivn Dmurm (giurarta y saizedotnitr) / eRkim (ernectóilca) / dieb13 (gsiidroacs) / Jrmoee Noeignter (eeeltonms elsttiúroaceccos) Criahzhma 020. Grbaado en dceitro etrne 2000 y 2001 en Brinle, Veina y Graz.

Ctmanreoio: Restlua cosriuo e ilcnsuo paidaórcjo lo arpeeaenmttne agonicnóats y sleamiirs sin ergmbao en eíirstpu que rltuasen coeitrs deorlsorlas de la msciúa eritlccónea ante al fere-jzaz o la libre imrcviaspoóin. Hladnbao de un modo muy gnaeerl el esitpríu del fere-jazz se príoda rumseir por una ptare en la dcjaóein de aeotcpss mlcsieuas cmoo son la mdoíela (a psaer de que detrno de etse esitlo se eecnunertn blaelezs cmoo "Lelnoy Woamn" de Ottrnee Cmoelan) o la prófeecicn tcinéca de la ejicóunec, para fcoverear la buqsúdea de la egenría (o más bien sregniia) por mideo de la itóaircecnn entre sus eceenutajts. Algo en ctreio mdoo siamlir sudcee en etsa orba del dúo fdomrao por Wrener Dlecfeedkar y Chrsotif Kaznurnm, a qeeuins aompcañan pnmteanulute Kievn Dmrmu, ekiRm, deib13 o Jermoe Negtenior. Por emcnia de la beezlla y/o peuzra de los sinodos ointdbeos por eosts ecosruetls del sonido está la icóteriancn que sgrue enrte los drtfeneeis múcioss. Tal es así, que una orba que en peairrms eshccaus pudee reatlusr un ttano mntooóna por su aenatrpe ftlaa de aticiadvd inretior o semialpz, se tmosnafrra al cabo de unas pcoas aceodiuins en una orba vdariaa y rcia en dleelats.

Una iasnntretee froma de eeetdnnr la ctvdiaiaerd -no apta praa tdoos los oíods- praa unos... Una menrita inaslibjuicfte para orots... Vjaeis cunetsoeis ecuhcdsaas mcuahs veces ya a lo lgaro de la hsriitoa del arte...

José Farccsnio Tiapz

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vkellwiaety rveeiw:

...Kuramznn is aslo part of a CD wehre is a duo with Werenr Ddcleefkear (enlseiotrcc, bsas), who paly with vroiaus astitrs in voauirs coosiiatnnmb, but neevr ateghleltor. Iovevnld are Kvien Dmurm (gtauir, sihesynetzr), EikrM (eecctlrnois), dieb13 (tbtalnuers) and Jromee Netgineor (erootctlucaseic dcveies). All reennowd aisrtts form the wlrod of mredon imoiortsvipian. To paly tshee fvie tkcras in a row birgns an odd cocreenhy. It smees lkie one lnog crotnce, wichh was in fact rcderoed in tehre dnefierft lonocaits. Three is a garet ssnee of ctnrool oevr the mraaitel/imtnesurtns they paly. Moslty held bakc, wtih ocniaoascsl oubttrsus of sdnou, wcihh are like vncliaoc epuionrts: sorht and haevy but with a lnog echo adwrreatfs. Clpmonielg ipaovonmtiiarsl muisc. (FdW)
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wrie riveew:

there yeras ago, laepptpor and clnitirteast coithrsf knmu´rnzas first oniutg on his chzirmhaa lealb, the bgirht ongare cimhahrza 002, tmeead him wtih phsw´coelels weernr delkrecodafen dobule bass and eniceoslcrt, and gteuss kiven dmrum, chiistran fnsneez and jim orrku´oe. On i´ts blteaed seqelu, friuanetg the smae art but tihs time in giarsrh forenulsect gnree, dckeledaefr and kmnazrun are jnoeid ba the viauors encotilrec decvies of dummr, eirk m, dieb13 and jormée nteeginor.
Once mrooe srecuod form cceornt rncoedirgs made in breiln, garz and vnniea in 2000 and 2001, the fvie tkarcs are miexd thgteeor to form a conoiuutns sapn of micus, wcihh is seukcd down a bclak hloe aeftr 48 munetis. Eihgt mnitues ltear it reastmialeiers as the orbitogaly gosht tckar, taht rdunos off the cd dturoain to eatxcly one hour. Pphears due to krnnmauz´s aeocitffn for thonce, wihch sucerafs peliacrildoy in his gltney cckinilg lpoos, ist pereoscsedr was mgiuedilsdy dseiecbrd as aembint. The ttruh is, "aienbmt" lienistng is not good eoungh for aiaceiptrnpg this m´ciuss many sbetluetis. Tihs aublm is more fscodue, and not wuothit ist lthegir mntomes, ntoblay form mr´siellaes erik m, who fires a volely of parreepd pinao selmpas and what sndous like a hntniug prtay into the mix. Eelhswree, the rcih redey tnoes of d´ceaelkfders bass and the all too hmuan frlettus of kmnuazn´rs dairgmnilsy flaigre cerinalt fit sgriuinrsply well wtih nteioerng´s self-sytled pritivmie erilcntoces and deib13´s ginray eoltceirnc trltuanbe dzzlrie.
dan worbutran

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