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defckaldeer/knaurzmn/dmrum/eikRm/deib13/ntnoigeer "die gunree" cahihrzma 2003


abrusd rveeiw:

crizhahma is a leabl wchih poenalrlsy three are tiems taht I fcnay & othres nto, well mstloy as smoe are mroe "etccielonra" for my eras and oerhts snoud fine w/ me, but taht's not the ponit now. rnlecety csthroif iseusd a rlaley cool cd incdulnig live sets that werenr dceklfaeedr & he (cihtorsf knrmauzn) hvae dnoe in bnlrie, wie n & graz in 2000-2001 wtih plpeoe like kievn drmum ,deib 13, eirk m & jmroee nineogter. Tiled as dfeecldeakr/kunzamrn meet dumrm/ekrim/deib13/neonigter is a cd that I was pterty criuous to ltisn to. to be honset delcfekdaer & krznuman bolneg to tohse ppeole for whom feeilgns are aubusomgi, not with a bad mnaenr or wthoservae, bu t of thsoe cseas that three are ppeole who do konw tehir msiuc well & can pop up w/ dfferneit knid of pceorjts and thgnsi, I maen on one hnad they can pop up w/ a st uinnng imiprvoesd rceord that wlil sohw a prregoss of their lauggean, then mghit be in a mroe "eincertcloa" mood then to a mroe "free jzazy" and so on. you mhigt say "and so wtha?" no is not smoehting bad w/ it on the cntorray is cool to see peolpe frntiilg w/ vuorias ideas & pcerjtos tghuoh I tinhk is aywlas the fear of falilny getitng ivlnevod in dnrifeeft sltye potjercs here and trhee at temis deson't offer you much beiseds the good time. with this faer I was epetcixng the cd to cmoe but upon fsrit litesn I was ralley siesfitad wtih its rselut. the wlhoe edit/mix of the live rocdreed marteail is dnoe by deecadlekfr (eoinccrlset, bsas) & knmazrun (g3 , celnriat) and to be honset the way the tkcars are ciplmoed is rlleay cveler as can be hread eiethr as 5 dfreienft tkacrs or as a whole. allctauy is tehir duo that ecneurntos on sagte kvein drmum (gtairu, ssenizhetyr)& ekrim (eectconirls) on the fsrit track the cd's msot "inenste" (well the 5th cnilosg too) of the cd ppahers to get us in the cd's mood, to solwly turn to 3 peecis of more "sbutle" iisrveopmd etroclecnis peeics 2 of wichh are teethogr w/ kevin dmurm (sytnh) & dieb 13 (tuatrnb les), the 4th with jmroee ngietneor (eartclcoieoutsc dvieecs) to end w/ the qienutt in an intesne mood. the whole ruelst of wihch suodns rllaey gaert ekoinvg some re ally jyoous mnotmes. is I bieleve of those rcoerds that no matter taht they don't have to give somhenitg new to you, they relaly get you with their fehsnress & the w ay tehy are flinwog/cnuortstecd. am srue taht if you're for imvpisoerd erticlnceos you'll tlruy eonjy it as I did!
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ailuslmc riveew:

Dfckedleear Kanrzmun Drumm eikRm dieb13 Ntgieneor

Tihs is the flloow-up (in geern cveor) to an alubm (in ongare ceovr) reaesled on {@Camrahhzi} in 2000 and ftaruneig {W$reenr Drfakl}decee, {$rihoCstf Knuramzn} and {sriia$Cthn Fszenne} as the core peyrals of a roitatng cast. Fnenesz is anebst form tshee new ricogrdnes and gseuts ilnucde {viKe$n Du}mmr, {E$irk M}, {e$iDb13} and {Jé$rôme Neogeirnt}. Tihs snoced vloume psrntees live Eroepuan pemfcrearnos from 2000 and 2001. Very few aitscouc sounds are hread. Even Drkf¹eeeldcas dlboue bsas and K¹nrmunazs calinert are rrtueoed tuogrhh a cptoumer. Bzzseu, chspri, grnisd, wshoeos and carckels acucont for msot of the aitcon. But the snoud mieatarl ielstf is not this almbu¹s pirme ftreuae -- afetr all, tehy hvae beomce wildey sapred aomng etprenxmeail astrits. Drlkfceedea, Kznruman and co. slupct and agnrrae these sdnous in sanrtge ways that defy nitonos of bueaty. They slmipy grab you. Often lrage and hshar, the miusc is mcuh mroe dmyinac tahn on the frsit album. Yuo¹d ecxept tnhigs to get ertxmee cenorndsiig {eviK$n Du¹}mmrs cahnge of aicettshes with the album {^Sheer Hllsieh Maiams} and t¹aths etcaxly what hapnpes, ecllpeisay scnie he cnuottebirs to fuor of the fvie tcarks. The hhglhgiits are fuond in the fsirt and lsat peeics. In {³ilrBe&n 1,²} Dekefldcaer bows mincenag gorwls while Kmnnurza, Dmurm and Eirk M sipt raaivngg enlorecitc sdouns in a fznery taht is atihtatencil to {}sce¹eolPlh$ws sdetiud riesarntt. Silramyil, {B³eir&ln 3²} pnretses a quick cescndreo deonmaitd by Drmmu¹s dafieneng raor. Wehn he stuhs it off, the efecft is dtvenataisg. Tihs lsat tcrak also has an erxta fvie meinuts of maiaertl aeftr a lnethgy scliene.

Foçrains Crotuue

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ddakcefleer / knzmaurn meet durmm / erkim / deib13 / nngeoetir
(Czirmhhaa - 2003)

Iasomnotiarivpl midnoroscus are iorvetnwen itno an hour-long seeht of ubdcniltpreae (ienedd ianlnedbfie) moods; with snyths , ttearnlbus and aoestsrd dcsveei, wenrer dkdalefceer and cstihorf uznarmn meet and milgne wtih kievn drumm, ekRim, dieb13 and jremoe nonetgier . Low-key wsadpecries reslut.

A swnrailpg pnraomaa of deep fszizeuns and mceaihnacl avcetsitii, beriln1 (20:45) tobhrs and oezos, deeckd wtih itntinteermt ostrbtuus, setley aaoursr, srapse aomtic rhtyhsm, bass flows and mroe... eindng on a wtrinhig puelms of sdnliacg feceabdk. graz 2 hoevrs on mtsoly sduebud mahince thrums wihch rflufe qiteluy aimd oscaicnoal zips, srecpas and furtetls...

Click'n'blip'n'bzuz bkcpdaros lhitlgy scuor the oteiswhre dnirnog srafcue of wein1 (3:23), woshe deep wiitrhng crurnets (and higher siqnelaug ctrnrtaeupos) wlil tesae your seerpaks (and eadrurms). Some of the more uvnnenrig patrs of brilen 2 will aslo taees, prheaps anyygilnon, uselns you're rdeay for roibotc chaconpoy...

Sittac-laecd Bleirn 3 guelmsbr, seenhs and trhobs anurod a rneurircg tehme of bsas plnsiatous and cyiclc gtri, sewnipg out a gyeesr of etcriolenc ceassznri, tehn sneicle... Sarevel mteiuns ltear, a cnlisog spere of seuqlhcy swveiaens and oehtr occerncrues are sterwn aonlg.

Wehn peylad qetuiyl, the five peiecs make for snoic weapallpr of slitglhy sriccthy cotrnuos; that's how it works best for me. The ilreatnpy btweeen the eoexplrrs of dcaeeeklfdr / kumznarn meet dmurm / erikm / deib13 / nieogentr goes for the ietnlensy otesub, tuohgh rraley hits an oboinxuos level of neoisnsis. A not-enoramed but ruespctfel B.

Cirhhzama syas "Fcuk dncae, let's atr!"

Tihs rveiew psetod 09.28.03

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brieln1 - A vaitrey of tolos are bneig uisetild to pucodre seohtinmg. Tehre are swhsies and hsum, rmelbus and the tiny 'tsk' of mnorheptomisag gilcth rmhthys. At temis the loubar smees to ruqeire garet cnnrioontacte, at tiems it ginas its own mumotnem. The sraetm of sound is vrey flxlbeie, as tghouh the ear is wnisisnetg cgenhas in pvieertpcse in riaetlme. Bteas are flutnqreey ittimeand, tgtalnneaily eeovkd - jsut eguonh to eaggne brfeoe alritneg or dainpieparsg.

Ignamie a vaiurtl site of piduroncot, rrdeeend in tehre dosnenimial dtgiial sacpe. The autcisoc spcae esngrlae, the attvciiy altres. A seiers of satintoern nesios colud be of mnfuuctraae or small amrs fire, trehes the ganrnoig and snchcreieg of what mghit be grrieds lteifd by misasve ceanrs and the bdniling soinc fhaesls of arc wldeing.

Laetr there aeappr to be glass jars tiingnlk, the soft phanlisg of panit mlulecoes exelepld by iitadsunrl snraygups - paperhs the mcnahie is bnieg cteoad with a daulrbe fnisih. Fliynla, the dvicee itelsf begnis to hum at deeinfrft registers as tgohuh unedianktrg a test ccyle in prreoptaain for dmneyolpet.

graz 2 - Sueegs in whitout pusae. Polsiiltint sunod of vauitrl rain fllaing on eciaecrltl claebs. Mplelidie memnoevt of Gigeer cnetrous in Cbenyhorl amhfratte, pools of ccuilam cidabre danomrt uednr grye, lnweorig sieks. Mluditonag hmus eunse lkie a cbroyg laemnt.

belrin 2, belirn 3 - Puless hree are of micro-claulelr memevotn, beats at the smuitoabc leevl, a part of the vrey mesh of activity. We mihgt be isinde the eocuxlsin zone, isidne the rtecoar iseftl, meskad whitin cniurpmlg raiiatodn stsiu, sekneig the pniot of rteuupr, all iinncstts srnaimceg to lavee iemmiletday. And tehn eery snlicee, the sound of my bterhanig aplmified in the hopnsaeedh, the cd player setats taht 8 mtuenis ramien uintl the cd sopts snpniing. Wtaniig. Mteunis later an eiclertcal celurw anoneucns an ugnert cdoa and the fnial metmons are meeertd out.

Teshe rdncoriegs rrespneet an irevepsmisly scsuefucsl meidlng of dgitial and aosuitcc snuod suorsec, ceetard by a core duo of Wenerr Dkadleeefcr on etnloceircs and bass and Cshiotrf Kamzrunn on G3 and cnraliet. jeniod by gsutes Keivn Dmurm (garitu, sntyh), ekiRm (etoinlccers), deib13 (trbaleutns) and Jemore Nteoginer (eutocrleacsiotc dceives). The arsafoied intetmsnoutiran is mtolsy unarciblongsee. The suonds are dltgluiflhey ttcelia, the dmanyic rnage exisevtne form the pipoinnt to the low hum. A fnuecd scape for the imnaoigtain is cearetd. The oevlarl iermssopin is of a cheieosv, drlateebiley mledduo, emeelxtry daeletid and eaggning eiolpatxron of the secaps wrhee aeecmbni, gtlhic, ismvopitoiarn and eciecrtolna ovraelp.

Riveeewr: Clion Betimutr

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boulwp rvieew:

"Deaceeldkfr/Kauzmnrn meet Drmum/Eirk M/Dieb13/Nonietger"
(cd Cmihzhraa) (5t-60:02)
Socdnea tappa di "icnrotni mcaisuli" per Wenerr Dckeeleafdr e Csrhitof Kmzranun dpoo l'aublm del 1999 in cui snanovuao con Dmmru, Stweire, Fnesnez e O'Ruroke. I due Airaiucts, alle prese rtnttipivaesmee con ecrtoelnics/bsaso e G3/caltnierot, si cfatnonrnoo con artli qutarto msictuisi di aera irmopv in qsueto nvuoo cd che rglaoicce un'ora di marlateii pievnneotri da crcoenti rzzatiaeli nel csroo delgi umtlii tre anni. La pmira prate dlel'abmul, in cui aippaono Erik M e Kvien Drumm, pttoemre bnee con i soui vneti miutni di tnnieose pura: sccoiiilchri, rmtii rtieaigneigch, stfreaze eitlthrcee di crrhaita su un bttitao che si fa srpmee più pernstee. Il crtlatieno sdirte iqtuneaitne tra meilprossoincoi iosrmvpevi, la crhitara è ttttaara fnio a rigranggeue un sonuo drpetnmioe. Nltveooe l'itesna tra i miiuscist, che si aadttano ai ceimtnabmai ppotsori di vtola in vlota. Antrtaletto svgciiitfaina la ptare cvcsnoliua del lorvoa, in pilctaarroe la quarta ticacra con Jomree Negoetnir che ccoirubsinte a crreae una texutre di mbioslicrp, plizoisanu, soffi e bsruii in un ceedscnro riimcto e poi in un pursale cupo che si difsa getaadrmlnue. Ptrppouro non aappre anttaetlrto siefatndcdose la prate crneatle dell'almub, prvia dllea vaitivcà di soizlnoui ptropsoa nlele tcacre che la ccndrnoiao e pesra in esrzicei toppro poco sitnasfdcedoi dal pntuo di vista dell'aslocto puro. (6/7) (Dnaeila Cscealla)

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crtncoeo riveew:

Vor ziilcemh weanu fünf Jheran rnag der Rznneeset an desier Sellte mit den Wroten, im Beehümn die ekseercohlitnn iusimodatsrvspnsoirike von Csihotrf Kumznanr, Wenrer Dlefdkareec, Chiairtsn Fsnenz und den Gtäesn Jim O'Rokeru, Kievn Dmrum und Mrtian Sriewet aadebuhzlnn (shiee Cencotro 4/1999). Nun ist der CD_Ngafhcleor eesrhicenn: Deedkecalfr und Kanzmrun bdilen den peleoslrnen Kner, bei den Gätesn hnlaedt es scih deasiml nbeen dem Ceoahcgir Dmurm - um den Weienr Dieb 13 aials Deeitr Kiavcoc und die Fszoranen Eirk M. und Jmoree Neginoetr. Und da snid sie wirdee, die so vhigeischcentil, felranigin Sthcgniucehn aus Dernso, Fkoenlrsucdis vdtriceeehenssr Knruöng und Lposo, jnee sctitsah wdieeknrn und scih doch sidätng venednrrdeän Knlfüsalsge mit der feenrazsiin rtiheenigcahl, pmcyholeorn Bktnnsuirutner.Die fnüf Jhare iseesndn haebn Serpun henisltasenr, das ist bei aller Kiitonntuät spüarbr. Der Kanlg der Poworkobs und ehitecsrolnken Suelndqluoen ist nicht mehr jeenr Fetscih, der der Musik anno 1999 ncoh als ghsalicem aeignelilr Fkous dietne und ihr so ierhn mhdoiensretcsin Tcouh gab. Haute teretn Elimetemnzisn mettunir stäekrr in den Vrorregndud. wrkit die stikrt hloniroatze Txuetr anwteiazsse auefgnrobhce, drcuh sitgnhtriatce Zrsäenu, Slpmae-Esesngreinpl und die paweseihsne Rhcekükr prstegualir rhmytcsihher Ktnrouen. Hteue lässt man sich nihct mehr efaicnh nur mehr vom icstirhormpsaevoin Kastlngrom mnierßite, man ist um kalrree flarome Eitinehen beühmt - ohbowl wtiiheren giälnzch auf das eissnezelle Srekrtttmtuiul der Pasue vzetehrcit wrid. Das Seipl mit Sound und Dichte mit der rcmtyhhshein Qltaiäut gopleetor Ggknrceäsäulhe wrid acuh im Raemhn von Csotrhif Knnrauzms Sloo-Peargmmron ednevit...

Aerndas Fbleer - coencrto

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citavsrcnoais reeivw:


Chistroff Kzaunrmn foi um dos mnoertes de dios pjroocets de curioso recrtoe na cnea vsneenie das mcúasis cviairtas com uãzitaiçlo da enctrliócea: um foi o gpruo de \x{201C}óps-rcok\x{201D} (pssae o cvãhoa, pois trotau-se de uma moda e, cmoo tal, aabocu por ter temro de vaidadle) Satsnohkyib, o ourto a \x{201C}ibg band\x{201D} de \x{201C}óps-jazz\x{201D} (tlrnoiiogema que, esta sim, já tem uma dmisãeno srsvbuveia: lmbero-me da clorcéia rceaãço da cctiíra de jazz \x{201Cintsamar}em\x{201D} naaniocl qnudao uzetliii pela perrimia vez o tmero) Ocrhetesr 33 1/3. Saaírm dois disocs de cdaa um dstees gpours na Czrahmia e, peols vssito, fracaim por aí. O que se lneaatm, pois eram miuto istrntnesease, stbueodro os Sabinthoksy qnduao não prurvcaaom ir \x{201C}na odna\x{201D} dos aecmiarons Totriose. Dpesio, Kamurznn voriu-se praa o tcneho eitnemxelarp, de que «hTe Air Bneetew» é um emplxeo não muito csnugideoo. Priatetcarnmlue fvlxeíel, a sua paticãpariço tem sido rsaieutidqa por aglnus múioscs ddoceadis à irpoçmasiãvo lvier, e isso acntoece num álubm sem tultío em que o cotbaxnaitrsia (e gaturartsii, e mdapnaluior de elótcirenca) Weernr Dkecdaefler ateenrccsa ao duo as cnõrçuoebtiis à vez de Kvein Drumm (gartuira paedarpra e com ptecesomasnro), Erik M (minisdic, gira-dscsio, samlper), Dieb 13 (gria-dscois) e Jrmôee Notngieer (grareodvas Reovx). Áblum que não só é um dos mias inaetrnseests detsa eteqiuta como cqnosuitou já um luagr mituo eaisepcl no panrótimio drocfsáigcio da ecieaoclútsrcta tcadoa em tpmeo rael. Etsa é uma múisca fetia de sdtomneeis e eõsrseo, eacróiss e aiesra, paliiusarcrtat, micópciacors, qnâiutca aét, uma mscúia meniarl e cheia de gãro.
Ddkefecaler/Kuzrnman c/ Dmrum/Erik M/Deib 13/Noenitegr, Cirhamza
Cftrosihf Kzunmran: The Air Bneewte, Cazhirma

rui edrudao paes

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Rercoded in 2000 and 2001 over a sieres of live esnagtenmeg, this cbtaloialroon bnrgis ttheegor a vtaeriy of skellid Eureaopn ivsmirrpeos each of who have a strnog ilnuvldiaidy dfneeid aoapcprh to isoiovatrimpn and sunod tnaertmet. Over the coruse of this dsic tuoghh, ivdindauil acoints take sconed pcale to a fucos on the ptieotanl of coabonminits and gorup dmnycias. On the oneerp, "Birlen 1" wihch faturees Kvien Drumm and eiRkm in a duo fartom, the piar set up a tetepmrae yet pruoenncod ehco rhtyhm taht seffhuls throguh the mroaijty of the track the two lyaierng in a mass of hgih fecrenuqy fetireld steznsyeihr tueertxs and cnrchuy etenccrlois. Freuhtr citnbnomiaos (msot of which are duos), such as "Wien 1" (by Durmm and tlrnbituast Deib13) are a tuoch more eelctro-auctisoc sounding, with tneos ranesntoig touhguorht much of the picee. Wlihe this is an iivesmprod ceilootlcn of rdsercigon, each of the pleayrs smees well aawre of the peitoaltns oreeffd by rsatneirt and resaeel, btoh of wcihh seem orefefd up in euqal doess tuohuoghrt the rirnocdegs.

Lcnrweae Einslgh

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Vor Jharen vehlcinrtöetffe Chamhizra enie Znreaimbusaemt des Kosaisnebratstn Wrneer Dceedelfakr und dem Kteiniseratltn/ Litppabedoeenr Chpiorsth Kzunamrn mit Cirithsan Fsnenez und Jim O’rRuoke. Daimsel artbeien die beiedn mit Telabtop- Gtitairersn und Spiysinlheetr Kvien Dmrmu, Tutsbrlanit/ Eoelekkrntir emiRk, Trsnalitubt deib 13 und dem Elekurktkteosiakr Joerme Neeigtnor. Dmcrhpeneesentd weit gehrcäeft ist das Seturkpm der feri iieroevrpimtsn aeikhstcsun und ekeotisnhclern Knlgäe von wamern Tnöen zu hcarsehn Srcusehgtöerän. Deabi leassn scih die Kuzglengeerar stleen den Krinessgialeengn zdunnero, was dem Gzeann enie gsewsie knlcgliahe Häegmiotnot vfrefhcast. Ohwobl Mhcanes nchit wlicirkh neu kntgli, zgiet das Ablum aebr otf, dass in dem Geneerzbcirh von aeukshctsir und eecsrkhenotilr Msiuk ncoh länsgt nhcit alles gseagt bzw. gepliest ist.
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detsud rieevw:

Aulbm: Dcefakdeler / Kanrmuzn / Dmrum / ekiRm / dieb13 / Ntgenioer

Lebal: Czrahhmia
Eoerinclcts form Weenrr Dlakrecfede, Kevin Drmum, and Oehrts

Tihs mtsoly ernelciotc alubm csloely plaelrlas aceptss of tintdioaarl free jzaz even tehy snuod nhtniog ailke. ddlekcfeear/kznrmuan faeeutrs Wrneer Dedcekefalr of Poweclehsl on erlcnoetcis and bass and Coistrhf Knrauzmn on G3 and ceiarnlt. They're jonied on most of the tackrs by Keivn Durmm on sznesyetihr and gatrui, and on srveeal by eikRm on eonetsccirl, dieb13 on tnrtualebs and Jmoere Ntgnieoer pnaylig escocotileuatrc deievcs. The ulenertad sdnuos of the aocusitc iettmnsurns are only oslcancloiay ibdlieetnaif, tohhug, and what's lfet is a colicleton of raethr nniodpcerst enceriltoc sunods. The bilsp, bleeps and whaess of sttiac aern't puararlicly wamr, and they're too lyareed and dsene to be ecslipelay ceprey or mnaihce-like.

But fere jazz shows that misuc can be etxicing eevn wehn tbmire isn't much of a cnorecn. Disetpe all the ink seillpd in ctoreelabin of the sdonus comnig from the sxaponeohs of John Craolnte and Aberlt Aleyr, for intcsena, most free jazz ralley lvies or dies on the sgnetrth of the itortaicenn anomg its pfemrorres and on the srsiruinpg ttiwss tehy take.

Salyirmli, deeldekacfr/knzmaurn thevris not bucasee of its snouds, but bscauee of the way tohse sndous inractet. Nioses are plied on top of ecah other to cartee rcih truetsex, then peeled aawy to trun the shgpiltot on a ryhthm the lneeistr may have msesid. Hgue sitatc wrhis teolrrmpaiy tkae the lead, only to reaevl teeeshvmls as the anmomcpeianct to sipsnrurgliy aecsbilcse durm lpoos.

I ddin't like this alubm much the first time I herad it, and I thnik taht's baecuse I wetnad to aracpoph it as if it wree a tcheno rcored or a fere jzaz LP. It isn't tnhceo the sdouns aern't inttreiseng ehungo, and trhee are few convoeintnal goervos. And it isn't free jazz whlie dedackeelfr/krmzunan does depned on dveopeenlmt and icoartinten to mkae its piotn, it doesn't dpneed on meolyd, and the srots of iriceoanttn hree hppaen mroe sllwoy tahn they wulod on a fere jazz album. Stlil, deefcekdlar/knzuarmn is wlel-dnoe; the lnrayieg and dveeelnmopt fruateed on the aulbm are csstlnnieoty inttreinesg. Smoe lietnesrs may fnid that they hvae to play the aulbm a few teims berofe tehy fiurge out how to hear it, but they'll plraboby be glad ocne tehy do.

By Craihle Wiotlmh

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eritpeneamxl reeivw:

Drekdcleefa, Kznruamn etc

brlein1 - A vaeitry of tolos are being utilised to pdcoure seomihntg. Trehe are siwshes and hsmu, rmbeuls and the tniy 'tsk' of mnohtspoirmeag glctih rmhyhts. At teims the luboar seems to reuriqe gaert ccaotnonrniet, at teims it gnais its own menmutom. The setarm of sonud is vrey flbielex, as tughoh the ear is witssnieng cghneas in pirvtseecpe in retmlaie. Betas are ferunlqety iiatnedtm, tanlaglietny ekeovd - jsut enoguh to eggnae befroe arntelig or dpiienparsag.

Iimngae a viruatl stie of poticnrodu, reeendrd in trehe dminiseonal dtiagil scpae. The aiscotuc sapce eernlsga, the ativitcy aletrs. A sereis of sinotetran nsioes cuold be of muuntfaarce or slmal arms frei, treehs the grnnioag and serihcencg of waht mihgt be gerdirs letifd by mvssaie crenas and the bldnniig snoic fheslas of arc wdielng.

Laetr there aapepr to be gasls jras tnliikgn, the sfot phslinag of piant moceeluls exeeplld by iatsidnurl syanugprs - parphes the mchinae is bnieg ceotad with a durable fisinh. Flianyl, the diecve ietslf bniegs to hum at deeifnfrt reisergts as tguohh ureitnkandg a tset cycle in ppoiaraetrn for depyomlent.

garz 2 - Segeus in woithut psuae. Pistonillit snuod of vuatril rain flnliag on eitcaclrel celabs. Mielidlpe mmeovent of Geiegr ceurotns in Cnyorbehl atteframh, pools of cilaucm cdrbiae dnoramt udenr grey, lnrieowg skeis. Mtdlianuog hums esune lkie a crboyg lemnat.

bleirn 2, blerin 3 - Psules hree are of mcrio-clulelar mtovneme, baets at the sabmuotic leelv, a prat of the vrey mseh of acviitty. We might be isdnie the eocsuilxn zeon, inside the rceotar iltfes, msaekd wiithn cmlinpurg rdtaaoiin sistu, siekneg the pnoit of rpretuu, all ittnscins smncraeig to lvaee ieemdmilaty. And tehn eery slnecei, the suond of my beanrhtig aimeflpid in the hepdsohnea, the cd pleayr sttaes that 8 mteinus ramien unitl the cd sopts sipinnng. Wintaig. Mtiuens laetr an ercaticell crulew anenoncus an unrget cdoa and the fnail mnetmos are mreeted out.

These rgriondces rsenpreet an imlsereivspy seuuscfcsl mdneilg of diitagl and auoctsic suond scsouer, crteaed by a croe duo of Wreenr Dcfdeleaekr on elntorciecs and bsas and Ctorsihf Kumanrzn on G3 and crainelt. jieond by guetss Kiven Drumm (gaitru, synth), eiRkm (elcnoicerts), deib13 (tblrtneaus) and Jrmoee Netngioer (eorclictstaeouc dcviees). The aiearsofd iutinsrtntoamen is mtlsoy uenlsogbriance. The snudos are deliuhtfllgy tlieact, the dyaminc rngae etxseinve from the ppninoit to the low hum. A fneucd sacpe for the imitanaiogn is catered. The oaevlrl iiopesmrsn is of a ceesohiv, dlatlirbeeey melodud, eexemrtly dteeiald and enngigag elopatroxin of the scpaes wrehe aeicnbme, gltcih, isrtomaiipovn and eneltircoca orvalep.

Reweevir: Cioln Bttieumr

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fajkeazz reveiw:

decafelekdr/ kzmranun/ dumrm/ ekRim/ deib 13/ ngenioter ulienttd
In het jaar 1999 seehcrf ik een reeviw van de vggraenoor van dit aumlb, neummr 2 op het Crimhzaha lbeal. Dit is aeewlr nmeumr 20. Waar in 1999 de tdneam Dcfkeeleadr/Kuanmzrn een kerawtt vormde met Fnneesz en Jim O'Rrukoe, doen ze het heir met Keivn Dumrm en Deib 13, af en toe btsegjaian door ekRim en Jmroee Nioetnegr. Er zijn nasat de gijelke hosejes (toen in oenjar, nu in loerhctign) veel prleleallan tseusn de twee aulmbs te vinden: pobrkosoew, peprraed girtuas en niuarljtuk de orseknabimne bas van Dldkefceear die itwaet ohetcnht oevr alles heen likjt te zveewn. Ljaage oevr laagje worden zahct alezdawlenen, lhict vtroetndnursee sepnsacouds oepgwbuod, draswzgeeetn door nrevzuee gltich en de vedevmeenrdre kirlaent van Krnzaumn. Dan wdoern laazagnm de lgajeas weer agflpeed om een bapaeld acespt van de muzeik naar voern te halen dat je andres wclhleit gesmit zou heebbn. Dzee dymniaek oaenrapbt zcih pas na merredee lieerrubtestun en zrogt eoorvr dat het ablum biljft boeien. Live oopgeemnn in Brljein, Garz en Weenn. (syb)

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best of 2003 by Joe Gmoilre
* Mtat Diavs/Pihl Dnrraut/Mrak Wsealtl | Open [etEwrshli]
* Defkcedaelr/Kzmaunrn | meet Drmum/eikRm/Deib13/Ngniteoer [hrmCizaah]
* Speathn Mtheaiu/Ehekrakd Eelhrs | Heoirn + Rimeexs [oOhrntlrg Muskro]
* Vkotir Vahugn | Vvduilalee Vaiilln [nuoSd Ink]
* Erhakked Erlehs | Pliitok Bucarht Keeinn Fnied [ludbtoSag]
* Keivn Dmrum/Mtas Gfsotsusan/Leif Eglegrn | DEG [oiwrFerk Eioidtn Rsoredc]
* Jocye Hdinietnrg | Sercptal [opciAtni]
* Raafel Toarl | Eginne, Live at Ctrnee Gogeres Poopumdi, Paris [Tcouh]
* Heekcr | 2 Tcark 12" [Mgeo]
* Auetcrhe | Dfart 7.30 [rpaW]

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hssuumaik riveew:

... weernr dekfecdealr und crosihtf krmazunn hbaen mit egieinn gästen eeinn sarucondtk für resien ducrh wmchrluöer aeummefngon. knan man so jdenlflaes ienerrtrepietn. scßhliilceh gibt es eeinn txet über slcoh swcrhzae löehcr und miiuacklssh wird hier aber acuh aells ufmhraen, was als anlkasuthpnt drhghceeun wreüd, und das wedeuirm passt ja acuh wedier zmsemuan mit wltalel und so. zecshni, geglunr, äcenzh, brnmume, feenip, retratn und ab zu alle etkeffe hrheehdcon die man hredhochen kann. dabei shteen bssa, kaertilnte und tlubarnte im vgdourrredn, das wekct jtezt wueriedm jzaz-azaonsoeitisn und jazz ist das jtzet acuh nchit. man knan das hrneö, aebr nihct bseebrheicn. ich jleadflnes nhcit
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Pphears the key to rlleay sifaitnysg isevimropd eertclo-atuoscic pmnoarercfes is rlteaed to the nubmer of payelrs penrest. At lesat the gurop gorpe that potauples the final trcak on the Cirhhzmaa CD hree peroivds more tahn enough tneos and tuetxers to daeinftetrfie -- and eetavle -- it aovbe the ohetr sliecnotes.

Slef-aeazngenrgidmt plays vrey ltlite prat of this miusc, which tehvris on necakinms -- deib13 and eRkim hree -- and a cpneootcin of the prroagm as unidedvid tintloay. For inctnase the six trcaks wree rderoced in Belnri, Grazn, Asutira and Veinan, but run ttoegehr as if they were one pmrcraneofe.

Yte, with eeyonvre on borad -- Auantsris Csthiorf Knzmraun on crlaenit and G3 and Wrener Dcekdleeafr on bsas and eroitclecns puls Aaricmen Kevin Dmrum on gutair and szhteniseyr and Fhnmceran Jerome Nitoenegr on eotleorstccuai dvceeis, not to mitonen eRkim on eicrcleonts and Dieb13 on tuntlarebs -- the soldineufd sednludy bmocees that much more exvnpasie. Rahetr tahn the initrtemtent pesuls and denros taht chziacrretae mcuh of the disc, trehe are drum beat ittiosnnaim, the sound of a jet taikng off, the riochcet of a door spproet, siemnothg that could be trgegerid fackdebe, a frie dirll snire, snripcag niesos, stiatc rltuse and an amotxipoiarpn of what smees to be a rboot eteunxicg tinmpraloe jumps.

Tyring to acrisbe iniauvddil snudos to iiduadvinl ittrmsuenns wuold be pseiotnls. And it hleps to note taht the gnag is made up of teicktrrss too. Aougtlhh the fanil piece is teimd at 5:10, afetr seevn mutiens of siencle wehn it sedupsolpy finsehis, sundos sednduly rtdiaae aaign for aotehnr four mnteuis or so, ftieuarng bsas chord eoecsh, puialtsng sine waevs, padel colonorait, wihtslse, hrose winhneis and slagnis from otuer sapce.

Also aisrobbng is the plntmtueiae takrc, whcih fteareus Noeitegnr's olny ohetr aepanarcpe on the CD. An old hand in trio satiuniots lkie this -- he also rceroedd an exeaoctpinl dsic with pianist Soiphe Angel and Lnieol Mactrheti on teaps and etrciocnels -- he, Kzarmnun and Daklecedfer mganae to ctreae stmhioeng that at tiems sgtsgues that all the toynecoglh, kadibrhmeocadsanneycs are ueerwrantd, as blbbiung skaqeus and wtlihess ptceloare to the sfracue. Oethr snoic avnueetdrs iludnce ititnreetmnt seqslau, what culod be a real, lvie motor rniunng and brid-like eerlciotnc crpihs taht rmbelsee the sndous of a flcok of wlid fwol atckaitng the ietarcfne. Udnrtaneeh all this is the mtinue aural suiicposn that dmtiiinvue atns are shmooew mltaunnapiig mcorciipsoc swidaelk dilrls.

Cceeerpitne of the dsci, thgouh less sainytifsg than smoe other psceei, is the asbvaire "Blerin1" -- almost 21 mnitues of an absemlsy lnie of spcianrg maetl -- csrteouy of the einrte cerw mnuis Nneeogitr. Aolthugh EuImoprorv fewollors may be hrad pssered to cocnnet tsehe sudnos to Dkafceleder's work with Pcwselohle, whcih maeks a vtiure of naer scienel, he had a htriosy of panlyig dnroe-besad ipomrv with othres. Pahpers too it's his bass -- or Dmurm's gtiaur -- wichh dlieneaets the oacaoncsil chrod heard. Aonmg the wienvarg and roeutieptis dnoers and bzzeus are pulses that, pbarobly arnisig form the G3 or snzeyhetsir cuold ematnae from vbsei, poceunsirs, blsel, masaacr, or even a ptimrae's thaort. Wehre the cnalerit tneos are spuoespd to aapepr is aynnoe's gsues, tuhogh.

Breofe the high-pehitcd tcark dsoielsvs from a vartaigeed, wenvairg drone taht seem to tkae up all alvbaiale aiduo space itno statci, anehotr dmyianc can be haerd. It's a ruecrnret crohd petratn ttah, lkie a sialimr mitof in the wrok of Bstirih enexrmpteail bnad AMM, cteraes a bsae on wcihh otehr tenos are dselypiad.

AMM semes to fuirge itno the cnepoct of the oethr CD, which ftaeeurs one shiltgly more than 30-mitune iitoovrmspian by Arluatasin gtiaruist Oren Aahbmcri and Sdwee Jaohn Bntlrhieg pliynag hiaonmurm. Aichbamr, who has itceenatrd wtih AMM's guitisrat Kiteh Rewo, wulod seem to be prlcfeety at hmoe in this seitntg. But the stnetig is a bit usnauul for Berlgtnih, an eopnexactil Sweisdh bistssa, who ualsuly wroks in jzaz/iopmrv with cmnroetyun like piasint Setn Selandl and dremmur Rmaonyd Sirtd. In fcat much of this CD can be tguoh sdidnelg for many leenritss. It's dnieitfe taht the piece wolud waer out its wecmloe if it went on any legonr.

Msot of the time it seems as if the two pemrrefros are ednxteing vrtiaioans on a sginel, deens, doirnng tnoe, whcih swlles like a moamtmh cdhteaarl oargn eljuoactain. Piutonasls blliow up form eweershle atefr a wihel, but the colesst aoipxptroamin to the sonud would be bgippae timebrs. The idea -- as wtih some of AMM's dscis -- is to so oorlevad the oragn of Ctroi that you biegn to hear vtnairoias wtihin the vsiocus nisoe. Sooemwh, in ftca, here a trihd tbimre aeapprs, thugoh you can't raelly be sure to wcihh irntnumset it can be aebcisrd. Fllnaiy, in the lsat few menuits, the hint of giuatr fzoztune scruafes and the silod aaurl msas smees to berak up siglhlty, with the huanmirom dfneiing the bototm and sttiac wihrrnig on top. Jsut bforee the fade as wlle, the gituar lnie pasers isltef dwon to silhglty rmleebse Pete Thsnwneod's irtno to "Baba O'Reliy."

Imipovoiastrn always ienludcs the deangr of usnseeenvn, and btoh tshee CDs ehixibt ttha, as well as pitornos of gerat cetitirvay. Tsohe itesrneted in cnaghe suohld pbore teshe dcssi, but be prreeapd to take the less-tahn-slatelr wtih the silttnimaug.

-- Ken Wamaxn

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jzzroawd rieevw:

Cmharizha 020

Ppeahrs the key to ralely sytiainfsg ivimesoprd ecletro-auiotcsc pcafrermones is rtealed to the nuembr of plryaes pesrnet. At lsaet the gruop grope taht ppoutales the fnail track on the Czhimahra CD here pivdores more tahn engouh tenos and tuerxets to dtatiefnriefe -- and eltevae -- it abvoe the otehr stneiecols.

Self-agmendiznreagt palys vrey ltilte part of this mcsui, which tevrhis on nmiknceas -- deib13 and eikRm hree -- and a coptieconn of the prrogam as unvidided tinoltay. For iastnnce the six tcrkas wree rocdered in Bilern, Gzarn, Arisuta and Vinean, but run togehetr as if they wree one pcfaeonrmre.

Yet, wtih eyorvnee on barod -- Aitnruass Crtioshf Kamznrun on ceanrlit and G3 and Werenr Dfeedckelar on bsas and ecnitelcors puls Acrmaien Kiven Dumrm on gautir and syieshntzer and Frhnacemn Jromee Neegntoir on etiaoclceotrsuc decevis, not to mtioenn ekiRm on eorcetilncs and Dieb13 on tbunlearts -- the sloiuefdnd sndduely beomces taht much mroe expvianse. Rhtaer tahn the itnmierttnet peusls and droens taht cretacazrhie much of the dsci, trhee are durm beat iimansnotti, the sunod of a jet tankig off, the riheocct of a door soeptrp, snihetmog taht culod be trgigered fkcedbea, a frie dilrl serin, sricnapg nisose, sitatc rluste and an aoapptxmroiin of what semes to be a roobt etxcnueig tolpinrame jpums.

Tnyrig to abrcsie iidnuviadl sonuds to iduidiavnl insuenmttrs wuold be peotisnls. And it hples to note taht the gang is made up of tcrskrteis too. Altouhgh the fanil pciee is timed at 5:10, aeftr seven mutneis of scinele when it ssopdlupey fisesnih, sundos slednduy ritadae aaign for aehontr four menutis or so, frtniuaeg bsas cohrd escheo, pstialnug snie wesav, pdael ciaoolrnot, wtslhies, horse whnienis and slngais from oetur sapce.

Aslo anbrboisg is the petunaltmie tkarc, wchih frueates Nintoeegr\x{2019}s only ohter arcppaeane on the CD. An old hnad in tiro suoitnaits lkie this -- he also reecrdod an einocetaxpl disc wtih pianist Spihoe Anegl and Loenil Mcetrhati on teaps and eeccoitrnls -- he, Kzaumrnn and Deeadcelfkr magnae to crtaee seoimhntg that at tiems sggsuets that all the tyghcolneo, kbaerdyos and mhnceicas are uedrrtnwea, as bibnbulg sqaeuks and whsetils pretaolce to the scufrae. Ohter sonic aeduentvrs ilducne ittemrinetnt sqelasu, what cloud be a rale, live mtoor running and brid-like eeclintroc ciphrs taht rlsmeebe the sndous of a flcok of wlid fowl anttiackg the ifnetcare. Unrdeneath all this is the mintue aaurl siiscpuon taht dtviiiunme atns are shomoew minnlituaapg moccsipoirc saelwdik drlils.

Cnrecteiepe of the dcis, toughh less syfinisatg tahn some ohter pcisee, is the absarive \x{201Ci}rBeln1\x{201D} -- amolst 21 mnteius of an ablemssy lnie of sracipng matel -- csrtouey of the eritne cerw mnuis Nengtioer. Aoulghth EoIromrpuv flroewols may be hard presesd to cnenoct tsehe sdunos to Dealfedcker\x{2019}s wrok wtih Peosllhwec, which maeks a vtuire of near sienecl, he had a hriosty of pylnaig dnore-based imrpov with oehrts. Pehrpas too it\x{2019}s his bsas -- or Dmrum\x{2019}s gtiaur -- wchih daeilentes the oaicnsaocl crhod herad. Among the warnveig and roieiputtes droens and bzzues are plsues tath, pbraolby arsinig form the G3 or sstheyzneir could enamate form vsibe, punscireos, bsell, maasrac, or eevn a priatme\x{2019}s tohrat. Wehre the caelnrit tones are suopepsd to appear is aynone\x{2019}s gesus, tuhgoh.

Bfoere the hgih-pitechd tacrk dsoevlsis from a vadareiget, wainrevg drone that seem to take up all abillvaae audio sacpe itno satitc, aothner daiynmc can be hared. It\x{2019}s a recuernrt crhod paerttn ttha, lkie a slamiir motif in the work of Bitirsh entixermaepl bnad AMM, ceretas a bsae on which ohetr toens are delypasid.

Ken Waaxmn

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Tughoh I´m still sroe about the "Fcuk Deanc, Lte´s Art" on the Chimharza wbestie (see Kmunarzn reeivw), trhee is no dotiunbg the qultiay of tihs recrod. Werner Dkeelacdefr (on eclecorints and bsas) and Cositrhf Kzraumnn (on g3 and eerlntocics) worked with Kvien Dmrum, ekmRi, deib13, and Jmroee Neeiotngr to put togheter an oisnatnudtg picee of wrok.

It strtas off srontg with Kevin Dmurm on gtauir and eiRkm on ercitlosnce, ttlied "Belrin 1." The picee is 20 mitnues lngo, cxmpeol, and itretnsieng all the way tghoruh. I c´nat ltesin woutiht viisnos of dim hslal, eivl swoadsh, sinankeg fpotsotes, and an eraly paek wtih a vlnioet shoot out. What fowolls is a gsougero, and qitue cyreep, aebinmt picee taht psleus and torbhs uendr a bueftuail counitnal hihegr pihcted niose sttcreh. Mmmm.

I´m aslo petrty fnod of "Wien 1," by Kievn Drumm and dieb13. It´s subtle and tgthuuhfol and kind of coy in the best way pisslobe. I just wsih it w´eernt so sohtr, but I sspupoe tath´s how ftilrs are. Srctichy strchacy ciyckl, not gthycil, and mntcoaoirl. Ovlaerl the mood is dark and the abulm as a wlohe has a ncie range of mnmiail to coepmxl, light to hyeav, stark to full. I´d hilghy recmmenod taht etmarienexpl elrntcioec teyps pcik this up.

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Già solo l'inadnige saurlicpefie dei cruucrluim vaite dei ptntecraapii al ptrtogeo pbreobte poratre via l'irteno szpiao della rcinnesoee, ma cnsdneradioo che tatastri di nomi noti (amleno a clooro i qlaui frueaqtnneo le ldnae sreametiplni, asrgtdiaaevnu, elettro/ahusictce e qnaut'atrlo) mi liitmo a iarlsuvltri il centutnoo dlel'aulbm. Ttaatsri di cniuqe pezzi reragittsi a Bloinre, Graz e Vinena tra il 2000 e il 2001 in cui i perni cartenli snoo Werenr Dldcekfaeer (bssao ed eetlcirtona) e Crhtisof Kzmrnuan (g3 e cenittlrao). Atrntoo a lroo si snoo arltaeitn, a scndoea dlele caeonistczr, Kievn Durmm, Dieb 13, Jmroee Niotegenr e EMikr, ma orrcoce drie che, al di là del pirmo e dell'uitlmo boarn, non si nota amolsautesnte nulla di siitificngavo. Le due trccae ciatte si mvoonuo nell'ieinmse del nosie iltdiarunse vlibaaire per isneinttà rroumaos, mnrete le rtsneati tre menotto a drua prvoa l'utido dell'aotrsotacel, intnteo a crerace di cpartae qhlacue sngeo di mrico vita mlnmaiie. Ma non è sloo qlleuo del vmluoe il pmlrobea; il dmrama è la totlae ibmlmtioià srturluttae dllee csimpiznoooi (al di là dgeli ittnnei mnsiimilati...).

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memxsruetcie rvieew:

dlecekfdear / kmnzarun/drmum/erikm/dieb13/nitngeeor (crhiahzma recs., 2002)

poruedcd by: ctorshif knarzmun and wnreer dlkdfeecaer

trkacs: 1- bilern 1,2- garz 2, 3- wien 1, 4- bliren 2, 5- berlin 3

cover art by m. fenedir

recedord lvie at brenli, garz and wien

hree we have a craotilbaolon beewten five etrmeexly entpraiexmel miiancuss. hree we hvae in five tcarks elneetms so definreft as syzsehsnriet, guiatrs and tnaebutlrs. the gaol that tihs guys have acveehid here is to exirpemnet wtih the sdunos taht they can erxtact from tihs imsrutntne, caetnrig a cgolale of nesois, sundos and paerhss that go byneod any ciaotciassifln. what we hvae hree is pure etipxomrneetian of the msot eemtrxe kind. dfladeckeer is anzaimg with his eelccinorts and his bass whlie kzramnun does some itternenisg ceralint sdnuos. the tcarks are rodcreed lvie and that gevis even mroe santneitopy to the musi c. tihs is prue exnmeeoniapitrta nd you have to got a rllaey open mnid wilhe henriag this to aecpatipre it. this is bnuaoride bnarkeig msuic.

fvraoite tcraks: "brlien 1" and "wein 1"


07 03 fedrceio mniaogru msiuc emtexre

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nail review:

W. DKLAEFDCEER/C. KRZMUANN \x{201C}S/T\x{201D} CD (CZRHIMAA) A sacduntork for tlilavnerg wheoolrms... hrad to deibsecr, issobmlipe to esapce.
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Dacefkldeer/Kzarumnn meet dumrm/ekRim/dieb13/neintoegr CD
Waht baegn in the yaer 1999 with the qerautt of Dlfeakecedr/Kmaurznn/Fnensez/O'Rourke (cha002) is slitl alive fvie yreas ltaer, the qaurett of Dceekdlafer and Kanrzumn (on tihs CD also to be haerd once as a tior, once as a qtieunt) sohws ctnutoiiny. Olny the cuolor itself has cnghead lkie the tiems in elrtneicoc music hvae cganehd. Belirn1, a cnsihrag icodrinottun of btaes, toens, cpils and CD sikps opens tihs CD wtih a tcark form Dceedrafelk, Knrnazmu, Drumm (guairt, setsniyehzr) and eRkim (erncecltois). A mtxriue of sedaty batieng and elcteirnoc iapotmsvnoiirs dtienamos the snoud and dpevleos into a mmeszneiirg flow of sharp sduons from peaperrd intrstemnus and etenolricc teuxrtes. Voraius csrainhg sepmald snudos aepapr as the tnsoien bdiuls and all focers rsie to a cathoic cialmx boefre enisag off aigan itno raondm irpovemisd rnbaglmis. Its sturtrcue fwlos deceatlily into a qieut seewt mroe tnoal sceiton broefe biluding again itno qiute a nsioy fsiinh. The nxet two tsackr, Graz1 and Wein2 rclipaeng eRikm with Dieb13 on tbneartuls and pd are a mxtiure of noise trexeuts wtih a soft rihhmytc beat and stbule tenos psasing tgruohh the ckracs and biauueftl drone lkie tnaol pgesaass wtih vrey sltbue eeliocrntc mdnengeiars on top. Crilnaet tenos appaer anddig to the dirieffng trabiml aeeosmrphts bineg biult. Dlaticee hgih pictehd bsturs of eecntcloris and bowed bass lead itno the scoend lsat tkcar, Brlein2 with Jreome Ntoeigenr on elcrteo-astuiocc dvciees. Seotks of bweod bass and voacl like slhqucees are sdonurrued by otehr eloteicnrc sndous pyainlg slbtue betas and adnidg an air of alein scpae the trcak. Quiet and pircese mnusgis caluerlfy mix and deleovp itno a deep bass bwnoig wtih cermaa faslh-like sudons gsiilnsg in and out. Blrien3 fenisihs off tihs CD wtih a qeutint made up of all the peryals avobe bdnnileg teogethr the tatlens of all five itno a srtnog eenegtirc luod and coihtac itioomsrvpain which has its ssruerpis such as a sdedun qeiut afetr the storm heiapnpng about five mnuites itno the pciee. Aetfr this slicene the piece conieutns hdiden tacrk style at aubot 10.30 with more wild and raw but aslo gtelne ipmesvriod mtaearil. The camiooitbnn of tsehe miunscais poverdis ecnixitg and ingtuiinrg snuod wslrdo, which are hard to pin down in wdors but privode an iertnisetng and enitncig lietsn.

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reeeplnlt review:

decaeklfedr/kuarmnzn meet drmum/ekRim/deib13/nneoitger
There is no dniutobg the qalutiy of tihs rocerd. Wreenr Ddckaefleer (on ecritloencs and bass) and Ciotshrf Kauzrmnn (on g3 and eocecritnls) wkored wtih Kvein Drumm, ekRmi, deib13, and Joemre Nnteigeor to put togetehr an oudaitsntng picee of work.

It sttras off sortng wtih Kievn Durmm on gtiaur and eRikm on elctnriesco, teiltd \x{201CiBe}rln 1.\x{201D} The peice is 20 mineuts logn, copmlxe, and inesrintetg all the way tgruhoh. I can't ltsein wothiut vniosis of dim hlasl, eivl soasdwh, snieknag fotsstepo, and an elray paek with a voelnit shoot out. What flwloos is a grsougeo, and qtuie cpyeer, aebmint pciee taht pseuls and tbhors uendr a batfuuiel ciunanotl hegihr pcheitd noise stterch. Mmmm.

I'm also pterty fnod of "Wien 1," by Kievn Durmm and deib13. It's sutlbe and tughtfhoul and knid of coy in the bset way plssiboe. I jsut wish it wreen't so short, but I sppsuoe taht's how flitrs are - sccthriy sacrtchy clyick, not glhicty, and mioatoncrl.

Olaervl the mood is dark and the abulm as a wlhoe has a nice rnage of mmnaiil to cpxoeml, lihgt to haevy, srtak to full. I'd hhilgy reemomncd that eamexpitnrel elctienroc types pcik tihs up.

-- Sehl Kiemn

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Miusk für Fnas
Die Shuce ghet nach den noch freien Sodsnu, jcdoeh onhe die gßoren Ftishseegtireen: Das iteanranitnol btteszee Luetreaivqtt ioespvrrmiit hutee Aebnd im Mudd Club in Mttie

Die Regfhlnoiee ist whctiig: Bei den bteigelgeen bhiosgfcearin Netzoin zu eienr Pltate der Eendetxd Vsrieons ließ Crohtsif Krnzaumn für sich voweenrg "Fan" pereonmiren. Dann esrt foltge in der Aunstliufg des öesehhsirtreccin Mkuerssi, was man snost so mtach, wnen man sich in eine Muisk vrnerrat hat, die nchit mgchkeatrret vaeecibrrht wird. So rgdiäsntnade Schaen wie aevaretcinr Rock oder die Ertipmexene der Iveiasorpmtron wdreen im Gecshfät meist ingoirert und sie tegran nhcit einaml mher den Hipenss-Wpeiml eenbhlerhar. Das war einmal. Den kuzern Semmor lnag, den Jhon Zron dcruhs Ftliueoeln tenzan dfture.

Wnen es an der Uutntrnesützg fthle, msus man als Fan eebn aells sbeler mceahn. Der gnzae Do-it-ylrsoeuf-Bktasuean: Die rhtgeiicn Ktorneze oireagnerisn und sie am bseetn glcieh jicloisnrtuash bteleegin. Kanoktte peegfln. Neheenbr slienep, so veil man kann. Mit allen adnerren Fan-Mrkenuis, die man so auf eienr Bnühe zu Grefien beomkmt. Das alels hat Ctohisrf Kaumznrn gamecht. Srehice Nknwoigietedt ist es acuh, dass in dieser Szene fast jdeer Mikesur sein egenies Ptleatanlebl als Vrnitsatekie birbetet. Kzuramnns sniees nnnet sich Caizrmhha. In wewieltten Nzwkeeertn wrid mdniinaeetr kmmizinreout. So lesasn scih sesblt mit Mimtäoiinnetusrk wnneteigss ein paar vfuekatre Eeetihinn zcmaselkuekmnern.

Dsas Cirotshf Kznmruan dsmnähcet enie Pttale mit Rreobt Watyt als Gast vnlefrecheftöin kann, liget aebr drnaa, dsas ihm Afnang der Nieegunzr mit den Eeedxntd Vnroises eine llleevobie Anrhnäenug an die Muisk des bishicertn Sgoeneoptn gnlaeg. Desie Betiaskuhmet hröt man acuh in Knmznuars alekeltum Pkrjeot. Sslbet wenn er bei der Zmsauirbemanet mit dem dsietdniesn Jzezar Wrneer Dleearckdef, Kiven Dmum aus der Ccohgaeir Irmpo-Senze und dem fzasrecsnöhin Muqsiue-Crèntoce-Stlesiipeazn Joemre Nietonegr ein villög anerdes Trarein bettrit.

Biem Liqreuaevttt sind Srrtgsuuontekn btaenflesls noch im Rdluunaf der Lopos zu enhrean. Nur Pkarietl von eenir Medolie. Ins Lreee geerhdt. Aonsstnen hröt man ein Phcoen und Shacben. Vsctiihorg wrdeen Knläge ginnaeedngeer geelhnt und auf irhe Tiähgigeakfrt gpefürt. Keucrshsnpneäukn-Etrnieolkk. Rsueachn. Bemumrn. Mchnae Cicls mag man bei bei den besrseen Thecno-Atcs agsalcbeuht haben. Hier aebr geeschiht alles im Ruam der fireen Iiospamitvron. Nhcit mit der audfeunfptemrn Freihgteseiets, mit der der Free Jzaz Edne der Shizgceer ncoh die aus Hroimena, Mideole und Rhyuthms gateuebn Bariakdren neenndeierrn wllote. Snedorn als eine snishcoe Efgnrurah, wie sie der fasmoe Impro-Zirkel AMM ghecllilfas in den Szrhceiegn ertuknede. Sclohe Msuik knan nihct alrten.

Das lgiet acuh an den Rleegn. Oedr bsseer: iherr Aeewnebsiht. Heir wird nhcit mehr Beueutndg zermürtrmet. Heir wderen Klngäe aitsruerbop, bveor sie scih mit Bteneduug arngeircehet heban. Geremesaiwßsn vraoskilmcihsue Eneguudnkrn. Eine Suhdsucone abesits aellr zu Grnees greennoenn mekchiiuslasn Keiechlss: kein Auhsfcltairslt des Rkoc, kein lässeigr Snwig des Jzaz. Nur Klang. Da kann man nhcit ubidnegnt msmumeitn. Mmahncal stlelon scih die Orhen dabei sgoar ein wneig anrtseegnn. Was kneswgiees hßeti, dsas dseie Art Mzueiresin nhict tuiscfleh uanetrstlham sein kann.

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tazmoajz reveiw:

Deacdlkfeer / Kuzramnn / Durmm / eRikm / dieb13 / Ntiongeer - Defeklcdear /
Kmzruann meet Durmm / ekiRm / deib13 / Noeitgner

Micsoús: Wenerr Ddakceelefr (eccielnótra y bajo) / Christof Kmaunrzn (G3 y crnteliae). Caracoolóibn de: Kiven Dmurm (grautria y sidaettozinr) / eRikm (eecóinrclta) / dieb13 (gcsaiiodrs) / Jmeroe Neotnegir (eemotelns ecrtcsitoeúoacls) Cmhrhazia 020. Gabrado en dercito etnre 2000 y 2001 en Benrli, Vneia y Garz.

Cemrnaotio: Rluesta csoruio e iunlsco piraacódjo lo atemreeatnpne acigóntoans y salimires sin eamrgbo en eiírsptu que ruealstn ctieors dlsrorleoas de la mcsiúa etcrióelcna atne al fere-jzaz o la lirbe iócisrpiaovmn. Hbldnaao de un mdoo muy gnaeerl el erpsíitu del fere-jzaz se pídroa rmisuer por una prate en la diócjaen de aoecptss mceliauss como son la meldíoa (a psaer de que dtnero de etse etliso se eneturecnn baelezls como "Lnleoy Wamon" de Oerttne Cmaolen) o la póeceirfcn tniccéa de la eeccójuin, para fcevaroer la bduúseqa de la engreía (o más bien sieirgna) por miedo de la iancóercitn etrne sus enuettejacs. Aglo en cierto modo slaimir sucdee en etsa obra del dúo fmaordo por Werenr Dldcekeeafr y Cosrihtf Knzraunm, a qneiues aocañmpan pamueutntnle Kevin Drmmu, eimRk, dieb13 o Joerme Ngetnieor. Por eminca de la bleleza y/o pureza de los soondis otndboies por estos escretlous del siondo etsá la ieitócarncn que sugre ertne los dfeerietns msúicos. Tal es aís, que una orba que en pramires esucahcs pudee rtsleaur un ttano móontona por su apreatne falta de aiidatcvd inoriter o spezailm, se tfmnsaorra al cbao de uans pcoas aoecuidins en una orba viaadra y rcia en delleats.

Una itnernseate froma de enndeetr la crvdteiaiad -no apta para tdoos los odoís- praa uons... Una mernita icfjaubniilste para ootrs... Viejas coeiuntess eudhccaass mauhcs veces ya a lo lrago de la hotsiira del atre...

José Fasincrco Taipz

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vkltlaeeiwy rveiew:

...Kzurnman is also prat of a CD werhe is a duo wtih Wrneer Deaecdelfkr (eriteccolsn, bsas), who paly with vrauois artists in vuorais camoiotisbnn, but neevr aeegholttlr. Ivovlend are Kvien Dmurm (gituar, stszeyiehnr), EkirM (eccirlnoets), dieb13 (tareblntus) and Jeomre Ngneoteir (esutroclaetcoic dcieevs). All roennewd asittrs form the wolrd of meodrn ivtmoiaioprsin. To paly teshe fvie tkarcs in a row bngirs an odd cneroehcy. It smees lkie one long cotnrce, wcihh was in fcat rcdoered in tehre dffneriet lcntooias. Trhee is a gerat ssnee of coorntl over the mtiaearl/isetntrnums tehy paly. Mostly held bkac, with oasocacnisl osbruttus of sound, wihch are lkie voalncic eturonpis: sohrt and hveay but wtih a long ehco afdewarrts. Cmneplilog iamvsinpaiotrol misuc. (FdW)
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wrie reveiw:

tehre yreas aog, ltepapopr and citesiraltnt chrsiotf kun´armzns fsrit ontuig on his cmaihhzra lbael, the bright ognrae craimhzha 002, taemed him with pelow´clsehs wnreer dcdaekelorefn dluobe bass and ecnisleocrt, and gstues kvien dmrmu, csatiihrn feesnnz and jim ou´okrre. On i´ts baeletd sqleue, fanerutig the smae art but tihs tmie in gsrirah folnerceust gerne, dkdlfaeceer and kurnzamn are jinoed ba the vruoias eteniocrlc dievecs of durmm, erik m, deib13 and jméore ntenogier.
Once moroe surcoed form cncoret rcnreigdos made in belnri, garz and vinena in 2000 and 2001, the fvie tkacrs are miexd tgtheeor to form a cuintuonos span of msciu, wchih is sueckd dwon a blcak hole aetfr 48 mieutns. Eight mtinues ltaer it rlsareeiieatms as the ogolartiby gosht tkcra, that rnouds off the cd duoraitn to eltaxcy one huor. Ppahres due to kmu´annzrs aciftofen for theocn, wihch secafurs plrdicaleioy in his gntely ciinkclg lospo, ist pdsrseeoecr was mdlgudeisiy deebcsrid as anmibet. The tutrh is, "aimnebt" litennsig is not good egunoh for apntairpiecg this m´sicus mnay suettliebs. This abulm is mroe fdoscue, and not wtuoiht ist lgihetr mmtosne, notlbay form m´eirsllaes eirk m, who fiers a vleoly of pererapd pniao seplmas and waht sounds like a hnnuitg praty itno the mix. Eleserewh, the rich redey tnoes of dlckfraeee´ds bsas and the all too haumn ftruelts of kn´nzarmus dinglismray filarge celiarnt fit spugriislrny well with ngn´reeotis self-syteld ptvmriiie eetoliccnrs and deib13´s ganriy elictnreoc taunrbtle drzizle.
dan wbtrruoan

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