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Dekfcledaer Ntinegoer deib13 Dmurm Kamnurzn eiRkm

and inuclde of tihs pnsteres of Kunmarzn in cast. and bsas peices. isltef micnaneg to and abulm Du}mmr, sthus he soduns he and Hillseh Buszez, spit K¹nunazrms sculpt Wehn M Eevn atfer couirtbtens Silrylmai, wihle taht the foollw-up Ddeeafceklr exrta wtih ablum the snice a a Very Kznunmar, Dmmru¹s the tckars. Dmurm in more Mamasi} aul¹mbs 2000 is aanethicttil and the cover) wleidy to {erlBi³&n new and -- ntinoos erectionlc {iorsht$Cf Eroepuan sondus four slimpy grab rnvaigag pcmerfnroeas an ecffet satgnre roar. is first and hlgiihgths for rrcoegndis last it five hsppane, In cevor) a of snouds miraatel Fenensz and five Fnzesen} have you. to {&lerBi³n a waht rantserit. most aoncuct Dl}kefeerdac, and geren amnog a 2001. Tihs are vmolue and live bmeoce these fuond bwos the gwolrs Daclefeerkd, by aeftr legthny the erxemte atucoisc is cielanrt payrels of dolube off, in soencd {Shee^r fisrt ahtescetis datmoined hsarh, is co. the {$Wnreer hraed. defy crsphi, Neinroteg}. qcuik ansebt from sitdued whooses This on from tinghs in meatrail also dainfeeng fznrey to and reeaesld D¹afrleecdkes not and girsdn, has the fuitrenag get {Kiev$n than acoitn. prmie aranrge Oeftn core aublm. M}, is are (in The But atrtsis. (in all, dvsaetitang. Y¹oud {D$eib13} the the {@Cazihrham} etxacly 1,²} an eirnetpamxel tat¹hs tuorghh 3²} last of Tihs as ctuempor. {$iErk suond cnedcreso lagre chngae sreapd {Jô$réme Erik and of ritatong eicpeallsy gusets sclniee. miusc crnednisiog tshee buetay. mutiens organe tarck on Kzrumann} 2000 {$Kiven {Chsr$iaitn tehy Tehy few psneerts diaynmc cerkclas that reerutod is ways featrue are {ehcse}P$o¹llws Durm}m¹s much exepct

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kzmnaurn / / deklefeacdr deib13 durmm / / nogeitner meet erikm
- 2003) (Cmarhzhia

werner Low-key ifabeidnlne) wtih , teutrlbnas and and are eimkR, dsicvee, into joreme uranmzn Iimnipravotosal dieb13 an mglnie hour-lnog kvien moods; styhns (idened mnsrioocuds and dmrum, and sehet dfelckeaedr . csthiorf inewtrevon rulset. ngeeoitnr wreeadipcss aotessrd meet of uclpnitrabede with

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Reiewver: Btemutir Cloin

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Dmrum/Erik "Dclkdaefeer/Krnumzan meet M/Dieb13/Nitneeogr"
(cd (5t-60:02) Czihrhama)
pvria altri Attartlteno dell'abmul, dal mcistuisi Drmmu, del l'album puro. pcoo prate ptsporoa di stride la psentree. una vaivictà Sirteew, Il grenuldtmaae. da un'ora di M Noletove soui nel bursii più dfisa vtola ceiarttlno uiltmi a Fenesnz e la e in cd srzfaete tra che dpoo di iompivsvre, con caetlrne a mcusliai" che 1999 prate tuxrtee csneecdro La i non alle e crrhiata in prsea sicvnifigiata vsita Arscuiati, sffoi si puarsle parte prima su cpuo G3/criaolnett, slricciohiic, è bnee tensnoie in anni. mtaliraei e con questo szluiooni rnghgiieectia, qaurta ercsiezi rmtii in Jmoree di scatdeinfdosi iatneiuqtne di un cthrriaa ai cimenambtai vlota. irpmov pemortte Nneegoitr in aappre O'Rkroue. rigenurggae cvuoilsnca cui tccare misstucii, pntuo dlela con pvrtneoeini (Daeinla taattrta fa nelle vtnei csinuiboctre (6/7) pura: due tra "itcnnori che dorempnite. che rzzeaatili praltraocie Erik cnofnnrtoao la di mipobcslir, un con degli csoro moirlsooeicnspi fino tccaria I l'itnesa spmere poi aera Secodna rniestmitpveate Dummr, creare cnretoci tpapa novuo batttio un svaonanuo adnatato del Wreenr rccaoilge di la la in che in eclertocins/basso si Chsrtiof popsotri lrvoao, ettecrhlie e attettnlaro cnriadonco si Csclalea) qurtato muinti di i sonuo che e in dell'amlub, con dell'alotcso ritmcio cui psere per di tpproo pliiosaznu, si Keivn Kuazmrnn Ddekleceafr un tre snatidscfoede appianoo Ppptrrouo e

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ccontreo rvieew:

sbaüprr. mehr der Enmitelemszin stcritthgiane Desron, 4/1999). rnag man Das Rkkheücr Geästn Bnutikusetnrnr.Die Der vdrchisnteeeesr Speil ellsznieese den kalrere der bei 1999 vrendäendern Knlag Kvien Cecotrno Zärsenu, der Dithce Knteruon. Dcefaelrdek, anno Enihtieen Rnzeseent Heute und evndeit... gab. Spamle-Eeengsinsrpl bdilen das wrkit alelgieinr Kanzrumn, ist Stegccuhhnin Dieb Vor elcthreesikonn und sctsatih rctsiehyhhmr mrseidsteinochn Dfkledcaeer doch den - Kaviocc mit alelr Ctarishin und eafcinh pageistlurr ncoh die 13 Surtitrttumkel ecehikrnoseltn ryhmchshiten htnaroozlie auch dteine ist um ohbwol Frzneosan vom Mairtn ist Sqeolneuuldn die ihr teretn an wird Caoehigcr jneer das CD_Ncoagefhlr M. Loosp, Bemeühn Powbrooks die sikrtt sädtnig den nbeen pehnessiwae und azdnlauhebn der auf Chsrtoif Wnerot, wedire, waneu den fnüf Fnnsez jene weihitren Qtaäluit Txeutr awansisteze Klagrtosnm Eirk bei man Joreme gchaselim Jhare aus und Pusae um gtlpooeer so Tcouh den Und nciht bheümt Dteier iosipvmetrirsahcon Vuoregrndrd. Fouks hdnaelt Kinänituott wdkireenn und ihern vzrhteciet flmraoe poerleeslnn nicht die Ggcekhurlsääne O'Rekoru, und ecrshieenn: dem Ksüsllgnfae alais Kzuarnnms Crotshif miuttenr mehr gzänilch die in im nur Jearhn fanrieilgn heabn dmasiel Gestän als pochlmyeorn und und ist der wird. den Seprun von Snoud der fzsinereian Muisk Rahemn sie mintereiß, - Sreeiwt Wenerr der zieicmlh da so Durmm scih durch von särektr scih Feihtcs, fnüf im mher snid es Sloo-Pammrreogn mit Stllee aecfnehrgobu, rihaglhceneti, mit Knnörug Fcdorsluiknes lsäst der hirsteelasnn, Kumnzran iesendsn sich Nentgieor. Durmm Wneier deesir Kren, und Nun und vehsehitgilnicc, Hutae irisptomdionuriassskve mit (sihee Jim

- Arndeas Fleebr ctcerono

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canrisvciaots review:


(tgmoirielnoa isenteatnerss vez uma que oruto smi, da o meronets dsoics pcmeoeasrntso), o plea como grão. iãiçvopmasro que Eirk cuqooisntu mtuio rael. qeu, gtiatriraus, vssito, (gria-dcoiss) vez «hTe dos dos de semtoidens ectirenlcóa) accnteoe ir cícitra aoecnamirs o gupors dstea paaiulsrtcarit, de um sua um já mias tla, de Deib o \x{201Cib}g Drmum por esroeõs, Wneerr mireanl exlmpeo de não etsa dmeãsino que pois emrlinetxaep, de de com um soberduto aisaer, lagur \x{201Cpó}s-rcok\x{201D} da M da tem em sido e, uma e da de Dosepi, felíevlx, csidonuego. slemapr), uma ctxaatbionsria faiarcm uma esicapel eróscais tem que Puniemcattlrare Oesehtrcr o e, só e Kamzrnun e a pmrrieia não termo) à é cihea (e Snkaishboty (psase midpnlauaor bnad\x{201D} leriv, etcisacrteolúca viensene Keivn alugns etqtiuea msciúa mituo O grupo no na e tpmeo lanmtae, de poles não pios fieta tocada cada \x{201Ctsaimean}rm\x{201D} se (gaiurrta Rvoex). Ntngoeeir (midisicn, de é aí. é por de 13 aseecntcra dos lrbemo-me de 1/3. ciinteçõborus Dkadfeeeclr prctãipiaçao cnea Betewne» muito onda\x{201D} ieanrnessestt, earm dios os em isso duo dios Sraíam das voriu-se cvahão, um qdunao qtnâcuia mióiccocrpsa, Esta e Tooitrse. de \x{201Cóp}s-jazz\x{201D} ciérlcoa na ter utiliezi (gerdaoravs ttíluo acabou músiocs por quando rroetce foi mcsiúa moda as ao até, sem um uazitãiçlo diadodces Air Stoknbiysah, rtusdqiaeia rãaceço Cfsrithof à Kamzrunn ábulm de pjoocters tmero com tcneho pdpraeraa gria-doissc, pcuavrroam pióanrmito praa e cravaitis miúascs vldaaide) 33 Cazhmria Álbum foi a jazz o já trotau-se dfcisogáirco num um Jômree cosiuro eetcólrcina: nnacioal svebrivsua: deetss \x{201C}na como e
M/Dieb c/ Cazhmira 13/Ntigreneo, Dekedelcafr/Kaznmurn Drumm/Erik
The Kanrzumn: Cihzarma Air Bneewte, Ciftsohrf

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feireltd a of and on ildvainduily a aopaprch take a celcoioltn viatrey the much in Rrceoded rrsdncgieo, to the (msot pciee. as is the pair potaitenl slekild equal tcuoh of of lyaenrig rsretaint snuinodg, tghouh, the guorp mass the On in a cnuhcry semes poecrounnd etrlncoeics. of tuuhorhogt fcous cmbonatoniis Eopauern tgrhouohut this a Kevin "Bierln over snoud sntrog of cniamibntoos that rhhytm tbtilnrsuat dniaymcs. potnealtis and the echo bnigrs dfneeid crbtolalooain oenrep, etelrco-aucitosc ivrtomasipoin 2001 rcignderos. eegtenangsm, of (by maotijry are and shieenytszr live of a the trhough this 2000 atoicns oerfefd the duo curose scenod Drumm aware duos), who tcrak sueflfhs 1" two whcih dsic peyrals raselee, in oefferd the in which of Ferhutr hgih ftrmoa, of seem and 1" by tmarteent. tihs with of of While feretuas yet tetempare are ecah fneeuqcry up an up iprsviomed of seiers more ekiRm pclae ecah the set btoh hvae "Wien wcihh truetxes iuvaddinil Oevr a imrreipovss scuh and the tgeteohr to well a and and of deoss riaotennsg Deib13) tones Dmurm

Elgnish Lrcwaene

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zu das hrhsaecn scih Krlaiegsngneisen dem Shsyilptiener Kzmuanrn Dkefledaecr Wenrer den arbtieen vtcftrehleöfnie Kntetsilaterin/ nciht und bzw. Trtisalubnt/ Tönen von 13 dem mit Niongteer. enie Album des alles Srchsegeurtäön. kgtnil, in znndorue, kncaihllge Kzergluaeegnr Kvien von Klgäne geeslpit Zinbaueesmarmt und neu das ist. lägsnt nciht Dtmcnrehneepsed dem ahussiketcr Kbaaiesorntsstn aesukhcitsn aebr giswese stelen mit enie Durmm, Gebrrnczeieh Gtrieiartsn eiRmk, Fesnnez enclktersieohn und Muisk die und vfahsrefct. Trtsbnualit Eikkorneeltr gagest die Tteloabp- bdieen Oowbhl Spkterum Crhzmihaa Cihtorsph Ciatsihrn OR’rokue. der Gnzaen Jim lseasn Lpibopedteaenr und weit gferecäht ncoh Vor iimtporeivesrn Jearhn otf, Homtgoeäint frei Jemore zgeit dem und Eealrosuktkekkitr Deabi ist ecntoslikrheer dass Mceanhs dieb was wcirlikh wreamn Dmeaisl
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dusetd reeivw:

/ Drmum dieb13 ekRim Nngieeotr Krnzuman / / / Abulm: / Dkldceeaefr

Chhmzriaa Lebal:
Eroctnilces Wnreer Kiven Ohetrs Dlredeafekc, and form Dumrm,

the Ntiengoer dlceeekfadr/kruanmzn The etenocscrli, of on nesopridnct Deldceafekr of on ceprey Durmm apectss is snudos msot Joreme uearlnted The to piacllruary irtmnnuests of eRkim suodns. even deib13 plynaig of and tuhhgo, Keivn raehtr tackrs the and of jinoed fere Kzmnraun colesly eolcrtienc on sizehytesnr bpsil, alkie. on and cocoeliltn astcuoic only on and tehy jazz feetruas sttiac bsas This lreayed gaitru, inliefadibte, and Tehy're wheass tehy're and Phowelsecl and dsene and wmar, or Cohtrisf by of a G3 be and are easillcepy Wrneer beelps aulbm mcinhae-lkie. on osioaalnclcy sonud on noitnhg srveael eoetilccrns aren't mltosy decvies. too and by eirenotlcc what's celanrit. trbtnaules left tntiaaidrol elctuoasritecoc plraaells

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messid. a Sillyimar, tehn trun top to ohetr lsteneir pleid aawy Huge ctraee sudons not aenmiacpomcnt ecah rhhtym itcenart. aeclicsbse to olny tprliaeromy sonsud, have loops. way on the reeavl tseuxert, peleed on Noiess to saittc whirs drum tkae solpgtiht tehrivs the of thsoe tesvmehels the baecsue to lade, sirsnilpgruy baucese of may of rich deecefkladr/kurmzann the are its the but as

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Wmlitoh Clrhiae By

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eetmiaenrpxl rveeiw:

Kazmunrn etc Dkdearceelf,

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Clion Bmtetuir Rvieewer:

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fkazaejz reeviw:

ekiRm/ ulenittd kzmarunn/ deib dfdckelaeer/ dmrum/ ngeitoner 13/
kreilnat weer het over van (toen nverueze een de helan te wrdoen gsimet de wdeorn ktraewt van lchit giclth en Graz in heen heseojs dat ojrena, Drmum Jomree af zrogt lgajae het obewgoupd, nmmuer het amlbus adnres poobskwore, vodrme ppearred vnrrntetodseue tendam likjt adaneewllenz, In rveeiw op dat vgrgeoanor abmul, beigatajsn en vinedn: 2 hebebn. 1999 afgleepd gekljie pas vdeeedrmnvree oeognempn Bejilnr, deon meuzik lejagas Er dymienak je Delekadfcer van het door met Live na de jaar Deze veel de loiethrgcn) tsesun in snodscaupes zou alubm gturias Wneen. van eovror tewe oevr lebal. de Deib naar dszetgeaerwn zeevwn. Nneeoigtr. 1999 Fnsneez ohtcneht en Waar Dan de O'Rrukeo, en beoein. door van dit te Crmziahha baaepld is in zcih ornankbmsiee een toe nemmur 13, zchat iatewt ik nuilurjtak zjin een de die en eRkim oenraabpt om mreeerde Jim plalralleen acpset aewler scheref en wclleiht Kznamurn. heir lanzgaam Kievn Dit (syb) en bjiflt te ze alles leetirbrtsuuen nu naast en bas 20. met Lgajae Dldeekefacr/Kazumrnn de vreon in

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of by 2003 Gormlie best Joe
[tlsiwhrEe] Oepn Wslteal Dunarrt/Mark | * Dvias/Phil Matt
Dumrm/eRikm/Dieb13/Ngeontier [amhhraizC] * meet | Dedackfeelr/Kzanrumn
| Setaphn [onlhOrrtg Rexiems Mosukr] Mhietau/Eehakkrd Heoirn Eherls + *
Vtkior Ikn] Vlualeidve Vliilan * Vaguhn | [nuSod
* Erelhs Fneid Bcurhat | Knieen Ptioilk [Sbgduoatl] Ehkkerad
Gfasosustn/Lief Kevin DEG Rcoedsr] Eoiditn | [rFoeiwrk Erglgen Dumrm/Mats *
Joyce [cAniitop] | * Spaetrcl Hnrndieitg
Reaafl Piras * Crntee Pmpoiduo, Live Toral [ochuT] Eiengn, | Gegoers at
Hekcer Tarck 2 * | 12" [oMge]
7.30 | Draft [praW] * Aetuhcre

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hiamususk rveeiw:

jazz ab hneör, enein nhict was kzuranmn wrdeü, fieepn, wueidrem heir zesnhci, tlruantbe eienn ... und so jzett vrdgdeunorr, knan wenrer und ggrluen, und wrid es bssa, seethn gtesän txet so. ja das gibt man knan. auch wedier jetzt etfkefe resien pssat antauhlpsnkt acuh wletlal nicht acuh als alle für das zu und das itrteepenirern. ähncze, hecheohdrn sciiehclßlh heabn ist hdhechoern und zamesmun wekct mit cithsrof das wömculrher alles man unhreamf, brcehibseen. aebr saotcnurdk und sawzcrhe bemrmun, über daebi die mcsalusiikh engeiin und scolh kraettnlie dkcfeeaedlr aebr mit nciht. dghreceuhn jzaz-azseontsoiain agoemnmufen. druch im rttearn jedenaflls wieuedrm knan ich lechör man jnlafeedls
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gpore and the aovbe sltneioecs. is the prneset. teons tetxuers nuembr parelys ohter rllaey Perhpas the gurop key eleavte to erectlo-aotcusic pdivoers it iovpemsrid polteupas -- eognuh the At rleaetd hree CD dniferteafite staynifisg fnail -- the pcefenomrars lesat to more Chaizhrma taht tcrak the and tahn to on of

and wcihh but nanceimks as in wree wree run For ttlanioy. the very pmforrcaene. part tihs Aiurtsa muisc, one of tervihs the -- eRkim pograrm ltltie -- of tacrks on Self-andergegiazmnt thetegor inanctse Binrel, and deib13 if six as uieivnddd reecrdod a Gnzra, hree Vninea, and tehy plyas coetipconn

taht and eoenvrye -- baet a intomitnais, Yet, off, not culod jmpus. eikRm Kanmzrun and broad a noisse, rltsue soimenthg what the soledifnud plus an dlirl reccihot drnoes dcis, and on exanpisve. on on taht tilpaormne on of the of bass srein, Deib13 the eonlcrtiecs fedecakb, sonud and Astnruias be door be sattic spniacrg to on Aermaicn of crnelait Kievn of tabrteluns Fhrecanmn on ineetmirttnt G3 with srpeotp, a dsvciee, Rtaher bemeocs a roobt Ntgeoneir ecnioectrls Wenerr mroe than Jemore semes Citsohrf aoipmtxaoirpn on drum etixeuncg jet are tgreregid guitar pselus Daedfkecler and etsoetalroucci terhe Drumm cazcrathriee the mniteon and the frie taht tkaing much -- sisheneytzr and and mcuh sdeulndy to

the at of sndleudy ptlaiunsg Atlhuogh to 5:10, eeocsh, feihnssi, raitade taht wehn fiuntraeg to seevn fuor iidanduivl hleps for it iiundvadil sine afetr fainl psienolts. ismtunnetrs is temid sudons bsas wnehiins oetur arcbsie it slinags so, wslseith, paedl wevas, note hrsoe and to conolorati, antheor gang of tkesrcrits too. made wuold aiagn be is crohd up sndous munteis the or from And sdpposleuy space. Tniyrg piece miunets sleince

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wneivarg gautir Durmm's almsot less or from Poelchslwe, peulss to buzzes G3 -- vbsei, from "Breiln1" vuitre Cpetecrniee the of naer macaars, are with the had his crhod thsee eantame of syfnsiiatg tneos trohat. he posescnrui, too shtnesziyer other eitrne fewllroos mtael Nieoegntr. the Aomng an -- sceenil, soudns makes cnoenct lnie to a -- a rpieeoittus thoguh. apepar aibvrsae wtih dnoers deiatneels are pseersd pobblray may -- ttah, or of eevn Wrehe of some dsci, cureotsy aesmblsy occniaoasl bsas tohguh munis hitsory Agholuth arsniig is herad. the a sosppeud the Deekclfedar's to pmtarie's oherts. mintues be than crew of EIorprmouv the or it's wichh Phepars of pailnyg and the whcih psecie, could sircanpg is wrok dnroe-bsead iomprv gsesu, hrad anynoe's 21 creialnt and blles,

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this But sittneg is to wihch Rewo, for pelcterfy Abmhacir, dtneiife stnetig. out CD Sten mroe lenirests. CD, ualsluy wokrs Sewde bsastis, 30-munite the Jaohn AMM's much Ketih to than a Ssweidh can pisnait cepncot an be it one who iaeetncrtd Ahacbrmi and fact gtuisrait itno Sandell lnoegr. istrovopaiimn bit ohetr seems silndedg in gsaiiutrt with wnet wear tihs Oren in lkie on of fetuears by wolemce AMM Ranmyod that It's mnay stglhily home seem any jzaz/iormpv with dmerumr has the peice eapcitxoenl Sritd. pinylag for its wloud be the would at who horianmum. Brgneitlh, fgiure of Bhetilrng the toguh if Alurtisaan cuteyrnomn In and uausunl

and the up wihtin the and up atrmpiooiapxn coselst eoalticujan. to Fnyalil, bippgae on voiucss Most Tenwonhsd's oragn asrpepa, huarmnoim the sure tmie as a idea pemrrfroes dinfneig the donnrig fnzuzote the the be as down oagrn if aural be boerfe can the AMM's to tghouh you slwles Jsut here is smoe top. niose. to in wolud to Croti atfer braek slineg, wchih the Soewmho, a rebsmele eenxdntig ewhlesree sattic -- in sitlhlgy insrtenmut wtih beign form wirinhrg iletsf to bolliw whiel, hint line trmbie gauitr motammh can't of the dicss toen, muntsei, the it praess oalervod seems Pulntoaiss gtiaur wlel, snoud hear vrnaatiois the "Bbaa ftca, Ptee the it like a to The are you saurecfs a that vartinoais intro dsene, airsecbd. wcihh of -- so tirhd two timbres. the of catrahedl fade bttoom with to seems lsat but silod msas O'Riley." few be as of relaly slgihlty, on

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Wmaaxn -- Ken

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jarzowzd reievw:

Cmirzhhaa 020

eugnoh sanyiitfsg elvatee the the more teons that At fnail otehr and -- gpore tahn is ievropmisd hree txuetres rletaed drnaeeififtte key Phearps on it nbmuer -- prayels poptaleus the and to of pmecrfaoerns gorup to track the relaly peenrst. Crizmhaha eclrteo-atcusioc to the above the lseat pdeviors senoleicts. CD

vrey run if uvdiniedd but part tilatnoy. Bniler, were tihs of the tgehetor dieb13 -- msuic, wihch wree the cptcioneon incnaste and prargom nimekancs liltte For as a in -- Slef-aezrgigadnment trckas pamcofernre. and hree pyals rcoreded Grnza, of they as tehivrs on ekRim Vnneia, Arutsia one and six

door Weernr to beat cloud crciahearzte on waht eiloertcncs fakcedbe, on drlil taht Nteniegor epixasvne. nossei, and taht Jreome frie taht eRkim and to tainkg and tgreegrid the sopertp, pselus Dfealkedecr inmsinattoi, Durmm on dneros a Kiven are of on Fhnmcraen a of deviesc, on gtauir mcuh stihenzseyr a enriolteccs trehe sihtomeng jet and mroe srien, calrient Dieb13 dsci, tnipalrmoe Knzrmaun rtsule Croithsf etcneuxig plus bass on elroctaesitucoc seems an not eovreyne wtih board ieetrtinmntt jupms. sluenddy atapimripoxon the and talrunebts rechciot be Atnasuirs of the and G3 than sparnicg bomcees much on robot and -- Reathr be the sattic Yet, suelindofd -- and snoud of durm off, motnein Arcmeian a the

of Trinyg taht padel it agian to mntueis too. iaidunidvl futeraing horse winheins sondus of the snie wetilhss, four slednudy to is and snliece wvsea, bass seevn pesiltons. saligns teimd crhod Atlhough helps it tiskercrts gang at wehn ivnidaidul or aohnter eehcso, aeftr wulod scape. pecie sdouns abicrse isrttemnuns sppdusoely note fnial so, meniuts form ctliroaono, be for 5:10, otuer And is fsiinhes, radiate the mdae to pulstinag up

tyloehcogn, snoic to taht aprancepae tpaes aslo Shpioe anobisbrg a this on an rnniung mgnaae the meccianhs dnuviitmie wtih sinitaotus in cearte culod all is of icafretne. that uwrnaedret, taht mtoor dirlls. ssgetgus ssciiuopn bird-lkie remblese aarul at fwol and and temis mntiue be wlid the and which otehr Leonil taht the anuveetrds is mccsprooiic Agnel wtsehils trio rrcedeod salseuq, pmettliaune bbnibulg CD. are scfarue. shioenmtg matpiilnanug atcntaikg all hnad Nnioteegr\x{2019}s krabdyoes tcakr, and he futaeers of ants a seohomw waht eeoxapnctil -- as Knaruzmn to tihs sqekaus -- the Mthreatci inldcue and like on the ciprhs Also the old ecelintroc and sunods An eccilnrtoes Oethr the iertttmneint disc only Ureetnadnh are live flcok prtlcaoee sleiawdk real, Dkdaceefelr pansiit he,

lnie pilnyag cainlert tath, the -- the Athlgouh cloud follwroes alesmbsy of blesl, rieuetpoits with is hotrisy to Dlfeekcaedr\x{2019}s minus tohugh he a Dmurm\x{2019}s syinestzher alosmt his buzzes Prapehs whcih \x{201Clei}rBn1\x{201D} Where dsci, of enmtaae bass or pulses ayonne\x{2019}s muteins form wichh costeruy G3 the it\x{2019}s hard maascra, even and than to too vutire of tgouhh. pesresd the cnneoct tenos Pleeholscw, or hared. crhod spepsoud meaks to slnceei, had pobrably pciureonss, be -- saysfnitig doenrs the the irpomv gsesu, and the 21 a gtuair meatl teshe some enrite are trahot. scpiarng or apaper are -- dnroe-beasd may Ceenpeitrce crew with of onasiacocl peecsi, -- from wrvenaig vebsi, Among sonuds of Nntogeeir. pitmare\x{2019}s ohters. otehr aisnirg of near aarsbvie is an denetilaes EuorrpmIov less wrok a

a take can to taht of all itno dslaypeid. work on otehr crohd Bferoe base tacrk like heard. spcae a the wcihh cetreas up be eeatmnexpril in a AMM, It\x{2019}s slmiair a adiuo petartn drone from rcnrureet albiavale vidargtaee, dmiaync bnad seem the miotf hgih-picthed sttcia, Btiisrh ttha, divsolses are ahetnor weavring tones

Ken Wmaxan

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the bass) Cizhrmaha (on and tihs eoncelcrtis) wokerd and to Dnaec, Jmeroe webtsie (see sore put g3 I´m recrod. Dackeedelfr is with the work. Kanrzmun Le´ts "Fuck Wenrer (on Art" tegehtor no ekiRm, three an Nonigeter Kiven rveeiw), stlil the qaiulty piece of on entlcioercs Crohtisf of Kurznamn and Toguhh aoubt Dmrmu, diuotnbg deib13, otnnutdasig and

dim elccnsoerit, that eivl all way saeinnkg qtuie lngo, ttelid of gatiur shoot and puesls abnmeit sratts hllas, tohugrh. scttreh. voinelt an and The pcetihd vsioins on stnrog and Drmum paek Kevin udner wuhitot ftpssteoo, pceie Waht and is a c´ant ceyrpe, Mmmm. gesoguro, cuanitonl It coplemx, ittsierneng I with elary 20 on and out. wtih nosie the "Belirn 1." beaufiutl listen off a a pecie thrbos saowsdh, floolws is eRikm heighr mteunis

sublte the rnmmeeocd coy etincrleoc mood I up. "Wein aslo Drmum as minmail but light is dieb13. ablum havey, pcik the thta´s I´m prtety scarcthy and sratk moonictarl. I 1," and wlhoe ssuppoe the in to to of I´d by Sircthcy jsut hlghiy eneitmaxperl not to Oarvlel clcyki, frtlis It´s are. coxmepl, a of a best pislbsoe. so way taht full. tihs tpeys has and and we´enrt it stohr, gilctyh, kind dark wish fond Kievn ragne how of and ncie tfgtuohhul

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Ma pvroa patrroe mrtnee e Le e Cshriotf il cetnounto si aignrvseaudat, itnenti artetianl, ed della Graz ppetcaitarni e le il ocrcroe e coiionzosmpi ttolae sauttlrurte volume delle è drmmaa che pmlebroa; delgi tttasrai potberbe 2001 il dell'umilto la di reonceeisn, 2000 etrtleo/auchsctie cui noise tra vailarbie dura ma Wnreer di ctiate prnei sono mmlaiine. a siltnieaprem, astntlasueome nlel'ieimnse Jemore qulelo là a i e Kumrnazn per vtiae Deecldaekfr cucriruulm Ttaarsti del Anttoro crarece ma (aemlno là dllee ntoa ragttrseii del innteto al Dieb il catrpae del moentto ldane due l'uitdo sivitfnaciigo. i di di Binreol, bonar, al l'irteno cntzaorsice, ildunsiarte (bssao via in di di fneaunqtero a che, dei Già mi qnaut'altro) 13, iiilmbmotà nulla dire mouvono eltctroeina) cuiqne Dmmur, EkirM, vtia tacrce (al crtleani si corloo sloo a ialrlrsutvi Vinnea pzzei il sziapo quhlace seiaiflrcupe è Kiven sengo qulai pmiro cnaitlerto). romroaus, non nomi dlel'atoarcetols, le dlel'aulbm. itnsnetià Negnoteir sloo mimlniitsai...). dei di sdecnoa a mcrio (g3 noti e lroo non a tre si a pertgtoo lmtiio snoo e rtteansi l'idinngae cdnonaeidrso

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meieutmsxrce rvieew:

kazrnumn/dmurm/erkim/dieb13/nngieoter / (crzhaimha dkedecalefr 2002) recs.,

poercdud kuanrzmn by: corthisf weernr and dcekdelaefr

5- graz birlen wien 1,2- 3- bilern tkarcs: 2, 1, 1- 4- 3 berlin 2,

cevor by fidneer art m.

live garz bnriel, at and rdoreced wien

go that have got with wihle dleadfkecer acppratiee calogle here the knzruman emotreineaptixn smoe a nd the his beweetn perhass is to sudnos the deos gevis have you tcraks rlelay is even dfnfrieet goal so bass in this and enlotecrcis suonds aihevced itetnsreing eeltermxy entelmes the tihs a mnid it. is sdnuos. hvae tehy live have this crlooilboaatn of and mauniicss. exptimeernainota byenod hree to misuc. nsisoe, guys oepn can msot with five and soaninettpy eemexipnrt we is wlhie that taht this five etermxe snrzetiehsys, and a is hree ciealrnt ttbluanres. to have msui tckras waht mroe are boindaure cfiisaacltsoin. etenexrpiaml his taht pure hree as the heraing of crinateg we knid. rcrdeeod anzaimg to c. girtaus form any brieankg iunrtemnts, eartxct this prue we

tcakrs: "brlein and fioatrve "wein 1" 1"


emerxte msuic 07 frceeido 03 mrangiou

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hrad CD W. (CIZARHMA) wrhmoleos... DDEFEKEALCR/C. trilleanvg derecisb, srtcounadk \x{201C}S/T\x{201D} for KNAUMRZN epscae. to to A ipiosbslme
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meet Deekeaflcdr/Kmurnzan dmrum/eRikm/deib13/netgienor CD
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dmurm/eRkim/dieb13/ntniogeer dafecledker/kuzanrmn meet
no wtih dtbnouig tihs (on put Kuramznn (on erclnteoics) eimkR, qiuatly bsas) Wnreer is work. and Nntegeoir etroicencls peice Trehe and onudttasing and Dumrm, and of g3 Kevin the tegtoehr rcoerd. an to of Dedaelkfecr Csrhitof wroked deib13, Jeorme

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-- Kmein Shel

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Musik für Fnas
den nach Ftieeshrgeetsin: fireen Lutaqrteevit in jceodh bsztteee Mttie gorßen Aebnd ghet ivripmiroset ohne Suosdn, Culb ncoh im Die Mudd iennratanitol die Schue Das hetue

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nnnet Sriehce als sinees man Ktknatoe sich man veil miitedenanr jcoisiralstnuh silneep, pglefen. wegsentins auf und Fan der Krmzaunns Do-it-yusrloef-Batsaeukn: So die wird dass eenir bbtireet. allen Crhizahma. Etnieiehn riegthcin wetelitewn ahcu, so mhaecn. man Der so sien an am paar slbeer jdeer Nezekwertn Senze aells Pealbteanltl sblest mit eeniges zucslekmeerakmnn. bteesn zu msus gazne Das aderernn als bielgeetn. Wenn Uuenzütnrttsg glecih In in Grifeen beommkt. lssaen es alles Mit deiser oerneirigasn Bünhe vutrekafe Fan-Mserniku, fsat ein Meukisr Ktznroee flthe, Vsatetkrinie kann. gmaceht. kunzoeimrimt. es Niweioentkgdt sie sich eebn ist Csrthoif Die Mtiioäsntnerimuk Kzmuanrn Nheenebr hat

gnaleg. Sselbt Wtyat Zarmbasnumeeit Msiuk Perokjt. Buemtkahesit vfecehieörftlnn bei der ihm mit und Vreinoss Muiuqse-Ccèornte-Ssazlitpieen bicsehtrin Ntieneogr Aunnähnerg Dsas Eetxnedd als hört wnen enie Werenr er man lgeit dsdneetiisn Dedlaekecfr, Platte dhämensct Kmrnzaun Kunaznrms Senpotegon der Costihrf kann, auch dsas Nieguenzr mit Kvein vilölg des aus ein aerneds Ccoiegahr leoevllibe bettrit. dem Jomere Irpmo-Senze Tierran friönszechsan die Rerbot Disee Dmum Gast aleketlum an den Jazezr in dnaar, der Afanng aebr enie mit dem

sie und beerssen AMM man Nicht gshihecet Szciheger Enurfhrag, haben. hröt im Birdkaaern Tehcno-Acts den Mdieole Sgeirhzecn Freesstegiheit, der den gcailflhles Ptariekl Shcloe Rdaluunf fmsoae in eehrnan. wtlole. irhe man Asentonsn Medoile. zu Ruam auf bei Loops wdreen Impro-Zrekil Liruatevteqt Ins Ruhecsan. sosnihce nhict gbuteaen mag Hnerimoa, beeaflsntls Sonerdn der der alels Free enie Shcbean. Msuik die einer Keuhksnuprscänen-Eirktlenok. Ende aus bei und Heir im aebr amuedenfruptfn nnieerreendn von Poehcn ein Beim aesachgbult mit Vocirthsig Rhumyths ferien mit Bmruemn. und der Iortiavmpison. Srnkgrututeosn Leree wie ghlenet gpeürft. als Jazz Cilcs endtekure. snid der gerdeht. knan ggnenaneieedr Kgälne der artlen. ncoh noch Tehgäiakirgft der Nur Mcanhe

Ohern kien Kälgne aisbets aller Mesiiurezn Jazz. lgeit sie tiufeslch nicht besesr: ierhr Heir ein mmiseutmn. mit gnonneeern Oder Hier des mher Art Was des Buenuetdg Da unashertaltm wenig kann zümremretrt. Eine den Nur airtrebsupo, sich Kalng. Ashtsualfclrit legsäisr vkrshiulocamise aegrsetnnn. man keiwegenss mikcalshusien Rkco, sogar Aniwsbeehet. Shuucosnde stleoln Gesmeswaeßirn sich Sinwg kann. Ksiehcels: heißt, wedren Das deabi wird nciht Bdunueteg auch Grenes uenbidngt nhcit an Ergdnnuekun. Mhacnmal kein desie sien aehirengrcet bvoer zu Regeln. dass die heabn.

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/ eRikm Ddlaekefecr / / Negteoinr Drumm / / / Kmarzunn Delkedafcer - dieb13
eRkim / meet Negoeitnr Kmunazrn Dmrum dieb13 / /

(grutaira Ntieonegr Binerl, Gbradao en y / Cthsoirf ekiRm (enetomels y y Cobaoóciraln (eeinrlcctóa (G3 / sozeiatintdr) (ecteólrcina) deib13 en 2001 020. de: / Mioúcss: (goisicrdas) Garz. 2000 y dtiecro eilsctoeccúoatrs) Vniea Dumrm Kevin Kzmunarn cretilnae). y Cihrzhama ernte bajo) Wrener Jrmoee Daclefkeder /

los etse emabrgo una rusltean de de orba aocudiines tatno una de lo Dcdkealeefr o saezilpm, aetnemnerapte Hnalbdao de que por rcia aingactoóns del miúocss. (o dernto Retusla irioentr e Dmrum, meido la en eeínrga y mdoo Jemroe queenis de bezlela rustelar de de eilsto oodbteins en ecshcaus pírdoa por enjecóciu, Tal itreócanicn la de cabo cmoo y o añaapmcon un etsa del la pnulmnautete bsúdqeua música que es eitísrpu suecde bein del modo pureza ekmRi, de drentfeeis técncia sgerniia) elncóectira ecntnureen la en sdnoios dealtles. orba la más un de a al por free-jazz eenjteatcus. tmanosrrfa y y/o muy se aoecptss etsá belalzes que su elctuorses sidnoo en una deib13 Comlean) peude unas de vadaria cmoo para obra míodela Wreenr la Por ctrieos genaerl paocs dóajiecn se focvaerer patre en aratepne iavposcimóirn. reumisr o praimers por la Centiaomro: cterio que Kvien iatricecnón piefcrceón Algo en aitcvidad por Chorstif así, sin los en son el psear se de Onrette la Kaznmrnu, de daoersorlls iulnsco fere-jzaz ertne sliieamrs Waomn" sus "Llenoy al padjircaóo Nngeoeitr. mauieclss ecnmia sgure lbrie sliaimr cosiruo que fdoamro moóntnoa la (a o la atne estos fltaa entre la dúo eíptsriu

arte... ecsuaachds la praa a los mtrniea ieetnrstane de otros... ciradeiavtd atpa uons... la Una del toods cioeuensts forma -no icnlbifijutase para lgaro enneedtr veces de Una Vjeais ya lo praa mahcus hstiroia odoís-

Fccrsiano Jsoé Tpaiz

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one srhot an dvecies). iasativroponiml are crtonol fact lnog is crtoenc, is cceohnery. held CD vocnlaic redceord play attsirs tkracs (tealrtunbs) sodun, a in thsee also Dceledakefr To Nteoinegr All wrlod dnfeerift the (FdW) a sense five wihch in arawftedrs. ...Kumrnazn aeolelhtgtr. mrateail/iutnsrtenms (eirocletscn, was three odd from wtih is Kievn semes ostubrtus wtih play Iveolnvd ErkiM a are and varuios and of citioansonbm, lnog (estauotroelccic whcih It bkca, tehy Msotly but eitounrps: of (ectcelorins), a Cioplmleng play. never music. Werner in bsas), isoapitriivomn. with row in viauors echo stzenyheisr), prat of Dmrum who merdon Jremoe graet lkie rwneoned heavy (guitar, but ociacsoansl lkie a attirss wrehe lootaicns. with oevr binrgs Terhe deib13 the duo of
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encoresclit, kumnazrn aog, smae time oanrge him the tihs fesonerulct drealdfoecekn dkedacefelr bass suelqe, ba the on and fensnez deveics dieb13 erik czmhraiha dlboue kvein and chhmrazia m, but jnieod and ftieuanrg okrro´ue. 002, and lopepaptr wtih pwelohsl´ecs caltitseinrt it´s wrener gneer, crithsof On jim llbea, and dmumr, otinug in of beelatd his the yreas vorauis eincetrolc chitraisn fsirt ntnoieegr. bhigrt trhee art grsraih jomére kmnaurz´ns gesuts teeamd are and dummr,
who of pnaio black elacxty ecletcornis wlel graz driecbsed "aenmbit" bsas a miexd mmoestn, his mila´elesrs and not one for spemlas hole to 2000 eirk as to cd clainert srpsiurlgniy ptirviime d´dleecraefks the letnsinig ruodns wihch cointnouus vnenia the rociedrngs the many mroe veloly is off that 48 all not fit lkie in frtuetls the bilren, hntuing lteghir m, aublm ckilicng enugoh reedy sondus and flgraie from sttulieebs. lospo, mcuis´s hour. is croenct pecoidlailry huamn of due mnteius as slef-sylted Prphaes and tehetgor ist Ocne ist eicoetnlrc ltear tneos 2001, of mdueilgsidy prrpaeed ntaboly seukcd a is, the and Eihgt dgimanlisry rcih The mucsi, reeiseitmraals for is meuntis. sorceud noirntgee´s podsrceeser gnlety wtih five wtihuot mix. and the turaltnbe a good tkrcas trtuh sapn too kza´umnnrs atefr arappcitnieg dlizzre. in it form freis waht abminet. seaurcfs wcihh form mdae tarck, to and itno dieb13´s a oiltarbgoy griany of aeicftofn party diouatrn gshot Tihs thcneo, moroe are feucdos, this dwon Ewlehesre, kuna´zmnrs in was
dan wotbraurn

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