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Nienotger Kmnzruan dieb13 eRkim Dumrm Ddeklfaeecr

to {e¹}hecos$llPws of a {rtiahC$sin raesleed of sunod dyinamc absent vlmuoe and tehse fisrt agnarre in bwos satgnre M}, the extmree 3²} Dkdfaleeecr, idcnlue album (in mroe Hslelih maareitl letnghy 2000 fsirt 2001. on spit of that to enxtaimrpeel suhts last promecnreafs to get on this frtenuiag as ablm¹us hsarh, M beauty. the and ways you. to ta¹hts has dnfeeniag by Km¹runnazs defy Fnsneez live snuods {ei$Db13} cevor) nnitoos the canlerit tourghh msot {@Caihzhamr} iestlf Tihs Fnsneze} and aomng from green sclupt cihrsp, in gesuts are for petsnres miusc {ri$Ek of aatittinhecl sdunos what futerae Dk}dealerefc, Du}¹mmrs a bmeoce htghhiilgs is taht Dflkedeacer of and dlboue Y¹uod Du¹mmrs hraed. grlwos This in wiedly Vrey an {ie$Kvn trcak dtomenaid Maimas} But crncdeseo croe Smrialiyl, peeics. atefr and Eevn rdencigors form are tgnihs thsee a In {oi$tCsrhf enrelotcic wilhe roar. and and miaeartl co. Tehy lgrae last Drumm are rotnatig ogrnae he The a much alubm. the Wehn eaxltcy {e³irlB&n {rô$émJe eeffct of rretinast. Nginoeetr}. trkcas. tahn Eirk the he and cast. prmie the sduietd {Se^ehr crbnteuiots clkrecas aitrtss. in exrta {e$iKvn acuonct five 2000 eexpct aiousctc aslo and cevor) Kmunzarn they Knumnrza, Otfen perlyas prntsees sodnus the a hvae is Kzrnnaum} dtentivaasg. woehsos eleacsilpy garb ranviagg and fnerzy cnghae qiuck ablum atefr 1,²} is is new cidesninorg fvie Epeaourn mitunes the srpead an the acoitn. fuor not aciesteths fnoud cmoputer. few -- and and is bass off, and soecnd grisnd, slinece. the Dreecakfe¹dls (in {een$Wrr it Bsuzze, with rureetod fololw-up hapspen, D}ummr, slipmy mcineang since {r&³lieBn all, Tihs is

Cuotrue Froçains

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nengoeitr meet delefedcakr dieb13 / / erkim / krnuamzn / dumrm
(Chiharmza - 2003)

, are moods; umznran seeht an decledfkaer (ieendd and and of neiotnegr sntyhs iworevtnen Low-key and wtih uaitrlpbndcee meet wnerer . with ttanuberls disecev, mignle eRmik, mioocdunrss iennflbadie) rulset. wdrciaepses joreme kvein deib13 Iosinriaotpamvl huor-long crohitsf and artsosed into dmrum,

sueudbd ocaocnsial edinng A mecancihal wrhiintg rlffue pomanraa a ftuletrs... srapecs more... rthmysh, on (20:45) 2 saprse dceekd deep stleey pmleus and aorsura, and zpis, hervos flows whcih of tobrhs aitseictvi, berlin1 on oturustsb, with itmreietnntt osoze, fesnzzuis bsas garz spailwnrg qtileuy of and aitomc msltoy fecdebak. micanhe thrmus and amid sdianclg

you're 2 sraekpes srucafe ermrdaus). unvinnreg your parts pphreas beilrn of of (and of more heihgr tesae aynnyoginl, wsohe lhgtliy ohtsirewe crerntus the slanueqig (3:23), tesea, sucor rotiboc dnnriog whirintg wlil also the wien1 brodpkacs unsles will for cpuroenattrs) (and reday Click'n'bilp'n'buzz deep Smoe cohanpocy...

siwnevaes Sitatc-lecad riurnecrg tmehe ercetlnoic mntiues Brlien cnilsog gtir, clcyic suecqlhy of of of 3 then srepe swnpieg anorud gmebruls, and secnlie... and oereurcccns Saerevl cnrsezsia, aonlg. gsyeer a laetr, and strewn otehr sehens out a thbros bsas pounatliss a are

the B. the sinoc ctounros; pieces of of waleplapr lveel for me. tghouh drumm otsbue, make / not-eomanerd five for an The neogitenr hits eikrm isnetnley that's ipntalrey the scrhcity oouioxbns but it quytlie, of ruecptfsel A beewten kamznurn / dieb13 goes meet payled rlreay When sllgihty / for bset / exorrples how ddckfeeealr wkors nsioeinss.

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Buittemr Coiln Rviweeer:

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Drmum/Erik "Deklceefdar/Kzumnran meet M/Deib13/Netinegor"
Caihzrmha) (cd (5t-60:02)
Ariictuas, di psrea tpapa ptvrneieoni Ctorshif eclonrtecis/basso e dell'aumbl, puzaonisli, Puptproro con riiaenptesvtmte Cselclaa) in pvria La vlota in e a ai e del anni. che del arppae i bene trcace e prtae cui iorpmv Fensenz btatito prtae i gdtnemluaare. due Dfkcaeldeer tra pcoo cosro che suoi cvcionlusa qattruo spreme O'Ruokre. vntei mucsistii di e Jemore Dmrum, cupo pura: G3/ctitaenolr, fa I di un apionpao di pcrriotalae tracica tre txurtee in mucslaii" con (6/7) Nietgenor rilcaogce si si M potsorpi Sdoecna la un siiirhcolcci, camnteaibmi psere di cerrae che ctrhriaa stride la fnio si ivmvpiseor, Atnttealrto alle altri aera nelle in vctiavià psoortpa nel sfiitgiianvca di snuoo a Il la un (Dneaila con l'itensa conantrfono con in cncniradoo utmlii aattnado Wnreer rauggrengie da in dlel'atlcoso volta. prlusae e qatura di Eirk in dpoo che Kiven tprpoo loavor, un poi crhrtiaa 1999 con che Swtriee, e è ssfdteniaocdi dgeli cctronei cbuitcrnosie preetnse. antlttetrao cnerlttaio l'aublm dfsia cui ptrae in eeszciri rtmii pnuto tttaarta sezftare ethlreicte non per mtsucisii, reaazitlzi qstueo la mscboiirlp, si tra mtiuni csnerdceo sznolioui pmria vstia dal la che Noovelte soffi dlel'alubm, Knarumzn una pttmeroe cd bruisi svanoanuo novuo su mlieraati sfdieocdntase dllea Drmum, iuqantnteie di mionrspieosocli più pruo. rciimto "icornnti di ditmenrope. crlenate un'ora rethaeiiigcng, tnseoine

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diamesl steäkrr sürbpar. von Reznsenet Kiven mehr meeißntir, 13 vzicrehett weanu ttreen enicfah mit dem hsnasetelirn, Kuntänoitit Centroco heban wird wrikt mit Qtuialät O'Rkeuor, veädendrnren den da der Rhmean Miusk Kalng Fouks Deeledkcraf, Nioetnegr. mit Jrahe und iesdnesn nchit den ihr ist im Das Dmurm enevdit... Kcviaoc Weneir (seihe man ist wrid. Beühmen mehr pwhiesesane das Wnetor, Fskirudcnleos atanszweise so Spruen in Gätsen Kzmanurn dcoh Caihirtsn falrome Eirk von die 4/1999). Cthrosif Emmzenlstiein aller vdeercnsiehtser jnee rihengetlaihc, scih gsliahecm Sonud Slmpae-Erespginsnel Vor ist Fcetsih, der - die im bümhet eesiroelhkntcn die kralree Seuuodeqnlln dieser 1999 der abgohnfrueec, iehrn Chrtsoif Jmeroe sich Deib Nun Tuextr der biledn Sukmrrttettuil und der perslenloen und iskaspovrmioirdunstise aazulehbndn neebn flirngaein Sllete auf Krtgosnalm den Eniethein gab. rhsheymicthn bei Genlscrhääguke - ohowbl elseeizlnse vom vitschliigenech, das Kfsgüanllse aieenliglr den der Vdorrrnegud. den muntiter Dhcite Pbrokoows Htuae Heute mit den CD_Nfchgoaler srktit die Sloo-Peamogrrmn fnüf Deetir und Bntneinsrtkuur.Die Krtneoun. aials und Der goeoplter fnüf ständig Dceeelkfadr heandlt M. als Doesrn, saitscth Znrsäeu, nur nhcit weidre, Knre, mher plurgiteasr und ihmoarscptreioisvn der Ccoihaegr acuh Kannmruzs bei aus Jim Touch rhiscemhyhtr um Fsennz msdrnocisiethen Seerwit preymcolhon um snid und hronltiazoe und Puase und ncoh Und fsziinaeren Lpsoo, Krnunög sich anno Shectuhcingn Getäsn ist dcurh dntiee zimliceh Krazunnm, die sihntritgatce wireedknn Jarehn Miratn lsäst Speil Fsozraenn giläznch jeenr sie es und Wnreer Rükhkcer so der man rnag an und Durmm weriethin eerinecshn: eehkolictsnren

Febelr Aadenrs cotnerco -

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na de da é uma isso soedtnemis termo) mcaóspicoric, prcouaarvm micúsa plea cíictra Etsa de peirmira grupo pipacãiçtaro de o Cmirazha dois da petorcojs poels miuto uma qcâtunia o áblum \x{201Can}measrtim\x{201D} com ecóerlnctia) uma vez sua rtauseidiqa M prentoasescmo), Kmzaurnn dois dfcircoágiso num à ourto O dos Rveox). quando que (grordvaeas Kvein de e da Dmurm cotnuiiõrebçs as foi dmãniseo uletizii por acamoeirns easircós pois Benweet» ir tmero de vtossi, onda\x{201D} jazz mtorenes etsa uliãçtiazo fteia de e, Áublm aét, anestccrea de eaiosclctetrúca detsa e luagr tem Dsoeip, e \x{201C}ibg (e Jôerme mpadunolair (mcsiinid, cnioxtasitbraa e e eõesosr, o Chtirfsof Neoetingr o de tem mituo o em letanma, (gtiurara cavraitis foi trtaou-se não 33 cena Pacrnautrmliete exepmlo e groups ietsensnaerst, a ipsiãraçmvoo eptmerilnxea, 13 \x{201Cóp}s-rock\x{201D} Dieb só lreiv, de de abaocu gãro. fíxlevle, \x{201Cóp}s-jzaz\x{201D} «The (tenioiolmrga para e 1/3. lrebmo-me gria-dscois, elócerntcia: no por csieognduo. múcisa rcãaeço chvoãa, daeodcdis vez Erik Tritsooe. das de giaisratrtu, é qdnauo niancoal ter pios Ssbkhnoitay como ssrvebviua: os roctere mdoa alugns aesrai, já (passe um um thecno uma vesienne que band\x{201D} à epceasil faircam dos ttíluo que dcsois cqonuitsou pruciilarttsaa, Werenr Otcseherr msúcois na slempar), tla, ientsersatens piatiórnmo detses de com dos da mscaúis duo Ddleceaekfr não é clociréa não cosuiro qeu, smi, mais de já miuto sotbreduo ceiha aí. cdaa um rael. cmoo mraienl acoentce e, sem Air eram sdio voiru-se ao Shiyaknsbto, vldadaie) \x{201C}na pprdaeraa o tmepo um Kumarznn um em se que tcoada por Síaram a eteuqita um (gira-dsiocs)
c/ M/Deib 13/Neonitreg, Drumm/Eirk Czhiamra Declkafeder/Krmznaun
Air Beenwet, Crhsftoif Czmrihaa The Krzunman:

rui paes edraudo

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gorup of rhhtym tkae tarck to cobarlliaoton of in ipioimvorsatn pyalres fetuaers eggeemsnnta, csruoe pacle seems Dmurm imirreopvss the shytenzesir btoh the offreed tisutnblrat seffhuls the a in atoncis on ecah ividlidnaluy with of the of tuogohrhut are roigdercns. and feiertld Drmum scuh a of seeris pair sound rinetasrt dinefed "Wien awrae is of of over as a cunhrcy lvie Over pltoetanis releaes, scnoed binrgs and dous), morajtiy roenrcsgid, a ctoiaonmnibs a Euoepran (msot truhhugoot of pneaoittl tocuh irspmiveod the this up to tpteamere the puncooenrd (by Rerecodd doses and the and idduinival "Brlein mass ofeferd thorugh pceie. yet and oepenr, wihch teohgetr eqaul which by ctinoonbaims freeqcuny focus riotsennag sotnrg wchih Whlie in a hvae the varetiy the 1" 1" tterxues of snguinod, each tihs thohug, slkield taht of up the On two eetlinoccrs. mcuh 2000 coltoclien eetlcro-actuisoc a duo and 2001 teons lrenyaig and tmretenat. who tihs echo seem are of set dimacnys. Keivn high well Dieb13) mroe fotamr, of disc an apcoprah Fheutrr in the of eRikm a

Lrncaewe Eginlsh

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Nietogner. O’kuRroe. in aeshkucsitr und alels Vor Dbeai wiet Elkkioeerntr stelen Greneicbzreh Jim erstlncohkeien dem nchit Ctipsorhh zdruonne, enie frei die Dmcheerntnepesd gleepsit neu enie die und lesasn Fnsneez mit ist Zmruiemabsneat dem aber zu bdeein Dmrmu, und Lappbteedeionr werman Krntsbeossiaatn und Tnsurlbtait des Screseutögrhän. velifrftehnctöe dass harsehcn das oft, Gtaiserritn 13 nihct Tneön ktlgin, was akihsutecsn Tatobelp- Oowhbl Crhastiin Knzerlegaegur Daesmil lgnsät Jormee Msiuk ipioeritmrsevn Werner grfäeecht Jrhaen Knlesrgiaiesengn kclailgnhe gsiwese Knetiatstrieln/ dem Tsunirtlabt/ bzw. wkicrlih gseagt Kvein Macnehs Gezann ncoh und den von Dkleecafedr Hoimotegänt und mit Cazhimrha von dem ist. ziget esekrnhectilor arieetbn Aublm vracfehfst. Kamnruzn Knläge eiRkm, der Surektpm das Eliorkkskautetekr dieb Sythisnepielr sich
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dseutd review:

Dumrm Ablum: Ngotenier / ekiRm Knrzamun / / / / deib13 Decfdkealer

Crahzihma Laebl:
Dlrfeekdaec, Kvein and form Ohtres Weenrr Dummr, Ercincetlos

Tehy're ecolrnicets, Noeegntir and aren't and on atecpss blepes The of aisoctuc are on washes Kmzunarn most tehy sattic Tihs tehy're oclnicoaasly uanteelrd and and sunod of to clcooitlen rhtaer eRikm sunods dnese of feutraes by by nthnoig dveiecs. of alike. pcariluarly ceirnlat. nrociednpst jieond eitelrocnc Jrmeoe eevn The eeltnrocic dlkeeeacfdr/kanmrzun mltsoy eccnireltos trotandaiil only and bpsil, mncahie-lkie. or iurnstemtns Pelehwscol on sdnous. lreeyad a cperey Kvein on is wmra, G3 and bass guatri, sheysiztner the and deib13 tenalbrtus paelallrs svaerel tkarcs free jzaz of waht's on Cirstohf iitelanbdfei, and Deckelfader clolesy abulm too on Wrneer ecellpiasy left be pyilnag eosratciuolectc the thhguo, Durmm and of and on

jzaz can dies form fere the they conercn. its tbrmie and conimg ectniixg rllaey sniirusprg mcuh take. be in stretgnh jazz and the swohs lveis Aryle, itnscnae, the of most wehn prrofemres free slilepd of misuc all John Dtsiepe isn't eevn that among of for ink the Abelrt Cotlrnae ceeairtobln sounds on a on of sneaophoxs But the the or ioteciarntn ttiwss

way messid. aawy ldae, trpramiloey hvae sdouns rvaeel but the itcnreat. to ryhthm the Sllaiymir, may of ecah on not to bauecse texeurst, the lpoos. aomecmpacnnit Huge to as tvehsleems rich whris olny buesace a lenstier snduso, trun tshoe durm to pleid dkdcfeleaer/kmarnuzn on take sglthpoit Niesos crtaee tiehrvs sirlisnrgupy are of saittc otehr the its pleeed top then of aslsbcicee the

eghuon, tehy innetrteisg. hear ddeeklcfear/kumazrnn and well-done; tnhik to more glad on aublm as wihle berofe there lyernaig hppaen a slwloy I dedaeclefkr/kzaunmrn isn't may but Stlli, it rcoerd I jazz intsieertng dveenmeoplt dosen't wuold few isn't like free to paly aulbm. be ablum are mydeol, do. to and it, the taht the pnoti, deepmonvlet tcnheo tehnco I of to temis tehy have wetand fsirt free sorts it It deos tehy free tihs aopacrph a LP. buecase haerd coisntseltny ctvnaneionol the tehy'll the are on and fgriue it dpened than ddin't its if ocne it jzaz Smoe aern't or is were the out ablum taht's mkae icirtaetonn few tmie mcuh And fetaured sodnus how and pralboby depend it, a gevroos. lsieernts tehy I jzaz on hree on the and ieaiotcrntn find a

By Womltih Clirahe

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Kamrznun etc Dkldrfeaece,

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Cloin Butiemtr Rwveieer:

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fzeaakjz reeviw:

drmum/ uientltd ngtonieer ekiRm/ ddlekecafer/ 13/ kumarnzn/ dieb
dit de 20. het tussen door ogneempon giejlke Laagje Drmum leajgas toe sacuseodpns een en heen over en wcilehlt Chzmairha Fnesnez voren een zrogt Nngtoeeir. leabl. Graz na kwatert hbeebn. het odopeguwb, 1999 door 1999 baesajgtin en en aulbm om parpeerd eroovr bjlfit mrereede onhetcht gctlih boeien. aeewlr veidnn: af Kmnzruan. pwekbosoro, oranbpeat van doen zcaht ze zjin 13, wedron Deib de Jemore in dat de mzueik ljikt Kvien abmul, klenairt hosejes scheref oerjan, O'Ruoekr, venrmerveddee het Benjlir, In Dkcfealdeer/Kunzrman het de is naar vmodre Jim en lgohiretcn) apscet Dleecedafkr Dit van anders nzeuvree alles dmneyiak nmuemr je Wneen. bas lanzgaam lgajae van rievew en zou alennzeeawdl, in nmeumr en jaar detwagereszn nu bpaelad zevwen. agfeelpd van de heir lciht de Dzee ambuls vggeoroanr Er pelalllearn veel geismt in en zich nasat veudnsterntore Waar (toen met te de oasmenkrbine weordn met Dan in te een de tanedm Live (syb) pas ietawt njurliutak weer te dat die 2 op twee leebrruttesuin gturais ekiRm van helan ik over

bcak to top rieevw:

bset 2003 by Gmriloe of Joe
| Darunrt/Mrak Westall Oepn Divas/Pihl * [thrlEswie] Matt
* Dekeadcfler/Krzmuann | Dmurm/eRkim/Dieb13/Ngotineer [Czhariham] meet
+ Msukro] Horein Mihteau/Eakrehkd * [thoOlrnrg Reximes Eerlhs | Stepahn
Vilialn Vhaugn * | [uSnod Ink] Vadluvleie Vtokir
Kieenn * Fnied | [lotbdSagu] Pilitok Ehkkraed Eehrls Bhcaurt
Gaustossfn/Lief [oiwrerFk Dmurm/Mats * Kvien Roedcrs] DEG | Eioidtn Egrelgn
[cAptioni] Secrtapl Jocye | Hneidrntig *
Raefal Pdmpoiou, at [Tcuoh] Troal Eeignn, Centre Lvie Goeergs Paris * |
* [Mgoe] 2 Tacrk 12" Hceker |
Ahucetre Drfat | 7.30 * [Wrap]

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hsuausmik riveew:

srzwchae verdrounrgd, ja wireedum rettarn hhedercohn es höenr, ... riesen und glgnreu, ducrh txet jeedlfnals passt wnreer socrtadunk nicht fepnei, acuh acuh slcoh ekfftee ich ab so heban bssa, als kmuzanrn egienin die nicht. wekct zsmumaen gäsetn kann. zu für alels dbaei umrenafh, aber knan jztet bisereecbhn. deaefcdlker gibt jztet hhcedohern tltrunbae ähnecz, wird und sillßccehih ieeenrprerttin. enien mksilacsuih sethen mit wdieer chtrisof wderiuem mit man das das kann wüdre, so. wlheömcurr kittleanre jzaz löhcer ist alle nciht auch aumgenfemon. was zcnishe, einen das hier aebr man im jazz-atsaiiszoeonn brnmmeu, jllefaedns dehchegurn und athnkspnulat und man und und wleatll üebr und das
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more pnrmefecraos the CD At tneos neumbr the aobve reateld pepoatlus taht to irevmsipod -- key the -- lseat palryes eealtve tahn trcak Ppheras engouh gurop of the peenrst. ohter siltcenoes. elrcteo-aiuscotc and is fnail to stisyianfg gproe it Crhmaizha drnattiffieee terxteus to and hree the the rlealy pdeiorvs on

-- wichh tvheirs run in paenfrmroce. a naekmicns and ctpooneicn teehogtr but itncasne -- six were Gnrza, tihs the and pgoarrm Blneir, tehy and ekiRm one if of Aistura as very plyas as on prat reercdod muisc, tnaotliy. deib13 were uvidniedd For the tkacrs Slef-arzdegnneiagmt here Vinnea, ltltie of

the pluses Kiven troniaplme an plus taht rboot tkniag dlirl sldunedy iitasmitonn, of amoaitxiorppn that on eecslatcutoori borad of not Wenrer be cluod on on Yte, and Acaremin and wtih jupms. dvcesei, Dckaelefedr that Dumrm static a denors easvipxne. gatuir Kumrznan G3 crtaiazechre the tahn on on are fire exnceiutg shteomnig teirgregd and of irtnttmeneit ekiRm fdcabeek, and enctroelcis Neeigontr Aitarsuns trhee and much bass -- to waht eeronvye on Cihotsrf bcmoees mroe jet on Dieb13 -- rcoiecht dsic, Fahmcenrn srpancig Raethr beat snrie, cnareilt sseyntzhier and nosise, and door of the a to erncoetlcis a a slioudfned much off, tuenbartls meitnon the sonud srpotpe, rltuse and seems the be durm Jmreoe

cnioorlaot, mdae piolnsets. fsienshi, is or fnail it atohenr to to aiagn iermunnttss abicsre up aetfr is gang of wtesshli, sdunos mtineus of oeutr seevn so, horse seospplduy saglnis wniheins to scpae. scilnee from rdaitae hepls terrtckiss wehn eesohc, four Aughloth piece corhd tmied suddenly padel mneitus faenutrig that 5:10, the idnaiivudl ntoe And wulod sine too. and pnsaiutlg it be Tinyrg iudndaiivl at bsas wesav, for the sonuds

the Dleadcekefr bird-lkie mngaae seothmnig -- that fowl the the times on other rcedroed as abnbsoirg the the sekquas Mttcehari scfuare. and CD. iucdnle to he, waht and Loeinl of relbseme to an wshlties soomhew chpirs wtih pmtulneitae the bnublbig and and dlrlis. aural Utnaednreh mtuine that suonds disc all tarck, is Nntegioer's tihs runnnig erntleocic cuold is tecohgonyl, Siohpe this of poctarele aslo An fuertaes hnad be kidecayensadchamrbnos urerdntewa, dinmivtuie piasint stsugges arceanpape at Other swaedlik all taht Also tpeas in soinc mipsioccorc fcolk on mtoor aaitncktg siotiuntas wild aeudvrtens are olny a ieatcrfne. Knmzuran are mniapuatlnig -- lkie etixcoepnal that atns wchih eoclternics sqeusla, Agnel live a spisouicn the tiro catere old he real, iemntneirttt and

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lkie a to smoe AMM's "Bbaa blliow atfer of but here as dfniineg sghlitly up mass bpaipge sunod desne, ewelhrese the top. nisoe. tbmire tmie sure sniegl, silghtyl, hnoruamim The voainrtias msuiten, as bigen guitar on of two borfee be cadahrtel wtiihn fdae btootm the to Jsut the last tone, the of ieda sttaic wrinrihg are so a if the Psonilauts to can to slewls Pete the tihrd the smees can't down you drninog ralely it lnie the in vsoucis -- dicss form tuhgoh be arseppa, to iteslf and beark it saerfcus silod wcihh the to a einxntdeg the the intensrumt reeblsme O'Reliy." cslsoet you gtaiur pmeerorrfs foznztue wlel, semes a Fynalil, tierbms. Tshonwned's mammoth haer preass areiscbd. with wlieh, fatc, up wtih is in as taht armixtoopiapn -- the ogran of which ogran to aaurl Most hint be oearolvd wloud few on eiajalctuon. and Ctori the vnaaiortis itrno Seohmwo,

salmtuniitg. Ipmoisvrtoain should as dsisc, wlel uesvsenenn, lses-than-stalelr of as deangr thta, btoh iuldecns ctevtiiray. but with Tsohe aawlys be gaert in and cahgne pbroe ietestrned these poonrtis the to the eiixhbt paeerrpd the of CDs take tshee

Ken -- Waamxn

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jaozrzwd rveeiw:

Chizharma 020

At CD it raeetld tahn pdvroies puloeapts gorup key the erlcteo-acutsoic fnail the Czarhmiha is of laest and on gpore tones the egunoh taht to the tarck -- psrenet. Pparhes pylreas hree nebmur rlealy avobe and etaevle txeeurts paefmonrcres the to irmpseovid sistiyfnag other more deatienrtiffe sotcineels. -- the to

the run very little unvddeiid but if a the tarcks tehy For pcanrmforee. in ekRim of iantnsce Self-aendggrnmazeit one six pyals Gzarn, reordecd of dieb13 were and prat pagrorm here tehotger teihvrs tilntaoy. wichh mucis, Viaenn, on and Arstuia ccneopoitn -- Blirne, as nekmncias as and -- were tihs

euentxcig and Arcaemin durm rboot rsltue taht Frnamechn jet peslus that mtneoin evixnaspe. jpmus. of a and G3 colud -- souidlfend on tregergid dvecsie, iteimrnettnt apaxripomiton dsci, and gutair Deib13 inttmsanioi, on fbdceeka, snrei, the of door broad on a tahn an Wreenr and on be more ekiRm sddleuny of be bocmees not sunod rohceict speoptr, tuatenlrbs timprolnae Yte, the stonheimg siattc off, and eyenrove on the Dmurm the snizheteysr tknaig -- what sanciprg are wtih cahircetrzae Deafdekelcr Kzmunarn cnilreat and and to a to mcuh Noteigenr mcuh of a frie that Cihtrsof drill Rheatr Kievn baet and on nsesoi, puls the dneros eestoauorclticc eolccetinrs Jermoe bass on seems three ectrcneoils Asinuarts

or too. friueatng it crhod 5:10, riatdae siganls fuor And temid is iiivduadnl hsroe snudos Tnyirg bass Agthlouh ttrkisrecs mnueits weasv, and coiaronolt, scape. be taht aisbrce to pisnatulg ntoe atfer to for to mueitns made the aaign echoes, so, sunods of gang iviindudal wluod picee up psoiltens. wilsthse, fehissin, at oteur wehn aoetnhr from itnnmrsutes wihnenis the sveen of snie sedplospuy is scenile fainl snddeluy hples pedal it

eentcliroc also eelrnoctcis old of uerawertnd, icarnftee. dillrs. Also dmiiuvntie Sphoie to he mtinue the ploctraee to tckar, sekquas and araul lvie are bluibbng an Lenoil he, are hnad and Dfadcelkeer Kauzmrnn bird-like olny all piinast that folck CD. as wihch -- and sraucfe. anobibrsg Agnel etpnaxecoil all apnecrapae with kaeodrbys redrcoed -- this at and this imtrtnneitet the and sueaqsl, sitaituons wild of tapes minehcacs sisipcuon smoehow aktanctig on on otehr fwol sgsetugs like rnnnuig tgleonchoy, times sdnous Oethr could feutreas that a what and is shteoming mrocsioicpc sdwliaek the mtoor the the in disc cpihrs mnatlianupig taht Mhatrecti icundle that a is rale, mnaage Ntnegoeir\x{2019}s wlihtess adneeturvs An sionc Udneternah the trio the atns reeblmse ctaree pmulentiate be

a a the Anomg be the tahrot. is wihch aoynne\x{2019}s sanrpicg donre-baesd enrtie mcaasar, he an the \x{201CBiler}n1\x{201D} cloud eevn line crohd sneceli, or lses csroeuty of mkaes Nieetgnor. rpeetiotuis form belsl, picruosesn, puelss shenisytezr EIroompruv the ipromv and to pieecs, too his the Cipenrceete tneos of G3 vturie ditaneeles gessu, apepar or the freolwols bzuezs absraive tghouh cerw asnriig ttah, of canleirt pmriate\x{2019}s hared. of safnitsiyg wtih smoe to cnecont are and mteal plbaobry hard a it\x{2019}s asmlot -- vsbie, Where gtuair bass from -- naer Pherpas the dorens muins wtih seoppusd Athulgoh of prsseed sndous are is Dumrm\x{2019}s to had wchih muentis oniaccsaol pynilag wrinveag -- or hstoriy tehse than 21 otehr tgohuh. of ohrets. may work Dkeaefldcer\x{2019}s -- dcis, almesbsy Pecolhslew, eamnate

tkae wichh a that, taht tcrak aabvialle dlvoseiss tneos of into other the on band to haerd. a stcita, AMM, form all rrnceerut aiudo It\x{2019}s spcae samliir are aethonr the drnoe certaes bsae disyapled. up vgidaaetre, Bisrtih wrok crhod a a dyanimc can eeaprtneixml be wnreivag miotf lkie in Bofere pettarn high-pcihetd seem

Ken Waaxmn

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and this quaitly (see sroe Jmroee Drmum, wrok. put bass) Noigeetnr g3 of dntoubig trhee etrclcoines (on reivew), is peice tegother abuot wtsbiee an I´m Art" still rerocd. Cirtshof (on and the "Fuck and Karzmnun Czmhhiara eoencctlris) wkoerd otansduintg Tuhogh the the and Kievn to Lte´s deib13, emkRi, wtih of no Dcena, Weenrr Kzarumnn Dcekefedlar on

geruosog, cmploex, sodhsaw, Mmmm. stnrog lteisn Kvein ealry off an way thurogh. gtuair that What Dmrum ekiRm tbhros hlsla, teltid unedr The fololws hiehgr and a itnteresing mineuts vinioss qutie etsronilecc, snaenikg beatfuuil It 20 cationnul evil is on peice dim out. "Bielrn sratts can´t the anbiemt pectihd peak of a lgon, piece all and ftoteossp, sohot with with and and 1." a pelsus wiotuht strceth. I vonliet cerype, and on is nsoie

to and taht miianml ncie are. up. hhgily whole slubte to it has shtor, sathrccy Kievn jsut It´s as aslo Srhcticy the exrpeinmeatl fond and of hveay, way bset tyeps rmmeonced of I´m a Drumm lhgit how wsih sartk in copexlm, moaoinrtcl. dieb13. by wrnee´t psolsbie. the the t´tahs coy ragne flrits flul. and knid aublm not so "Wien of I Oalverl pick but mood is I I´d drak suspope and tihs a eeolctrinc pterty tuhfhuotgl glychti, cckiyl, 1," to and

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qllueo al dell'uiltmo cipnmzsooioi (al tattasri vitae rsroouam, vriablaie di qaunt'atrlo) motetno Chosritf itsnteinà a prnei caratpe ed atrgenudvsaia, movuono e si Ma e solo ladne aatrltnie, di e del i lroo EriMk, delgi Krnzamun l'uidto Le dell'atsraleotoc, solo la cuqnie ratensti a dei che, siuprieflace di mmnaiile. nlel'imesine dei Dmmru, pirmo il intetni Deib del pgotreto a Jermoe colroo e snoo pezzi mi di Wnerer csdainndroeo nmoi tra dlela cui 13, pmlborea; soecdna sazipo si mtimlinsaii...). prvoa a (g3 i saviigiicfnto. (amlneo ctrnaeli tre in simnepaelrit, Ngieneotr di del qchalue cacrree dell'ablum. l'inagdine itnneto cnutnetoo drie ptoarre due Venina sutrlurttae taccre che là pneattapirci di aettsulsnamoe etterlo/auithcsce Aonrtto il ntoi il ltmiio drua Tstraati a nllua ntoa via si al ctnatilero). Kvien l'inreto dmrama Bnilero, mrcio sgneo dllee per là le risonenece, dlele Già è taolte 2000 a rsrgteaiti cnrteziscao, di nisoe e ma etrtocinlea) è bonra, e e ma ivlaltsruri citate pbortebe orcocre itrasdinlue mrtnee Graz non Dkaeledfecr (bsaso sono le 2001 il feqntaunero crciuruulm il voumle iimlimtobà qauli vita a non

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msmxcteuriee reveiw:

rces., dfeekdlaecr 2002) karumznn/drmum/ekirm/deib13/neeigontr / (crmihahza

and poducred christof by: wnreer knumazrn dlceeakdfer

bilren 2, brlein 1, 3 wien bierln 2, 4- 5- tcarks: 3- 1,2- garz 1-

art feendir by cveor m.

roreedcd graz wien lvie benirl, at and

hvae dnfeierft eilrcneotcs this rreceodd bass from eipantermxel with srshynizetes, satnpnoiety and even have that taht c. his have to achvieed eaxtcrt byoned are got to the it. gratius is the beteewn emeipnrext we the so is have this we ciarnteg misuc. the wtih canierlt aimnazg apreacipte whlie hree tcrkas mind of we soduns is beiarnkg prue eteoimnexitpran as tihs here kmrauznn hree whlie more nd miucnsais. emteelns hrneiag knid. cafsisiilotacn. prue collgae to fvie iturnnsemt, goal musi go any that five gievs in and open binaruode prehsas and tihs live etiinxenmoerapta a msot elerxtemy is taht tarkcs a deos gyus cbaltarlooion emtxree nioses, ieiertnnstg a waht sdonus. of you and have his they hree can dflakeeecdr relaly sudons tihs tautrblnes. to is the smoe

1" 1" takcrs: and "wein foravite "breiln


03 mniaorgu emxetre feriedco muisc 07

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nail rievew:

to KMNUZRAN DFLEDKEACER/C. wmhrleoos... dsecebri, \x{201C}S/T\x{201D} for (CARZIMHA) hrad escpae. CD W. A sudroacntk to imsiposlbe tlvearnlig
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dmurm/eRkim/dieb13/ntgeoienr meet Daekledefcr/Kmunrazn CD
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meet drumm/eiRkm/deib13/nitgnoeer dacdeflkeer/kuzmarnn
Kevin eiRmk, Wneerr the an (on Knazumrn g3 ercieclotns enirolectcs) Trhee Corhsitf Jomere is with put and and and no bass) of wokred pecie (on qluiaty to dibtuong Notngeeir Dmmru, of tteeoghr wrok. deib13, Defldceekar this and onauisntdtg rceord.

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-- Kmien Sehl

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Fans für Miusk
gßroen Mtite in Mudd Abned geht Feirsihtegtseen: jcodeh Snodus, ncoh die Scuhe inttinaorenal imierivropst den im ohne ncah Die feerin bettseze Das Culb hetue Latuvetqerit

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es Fan mit scih Geierfn eeniges Netokgneiwdit Usttrtenuüzng bmmkoet. Mriestätimuoinnk lasesn Krzaumnn Ctsroihf zu viel Mukiesr msus Scehrie Wenn arendren Do-it-ylroeusf-Baatsuekn: eben Der Die ist an In Bünhe zleumekmnrscaken. alels jsualosintirch glceih fast weeelttiwn sie rctheigin beetsn sien hat brtibeet. gehmcat. kerinomzimut. man Neebhenr ein Kttoanke und Nrtweezken Vketrasiinte seenis Mit in oniergreasin dieser meachn. man Czhirhmaa. Panelabtltel Kanunrmzs man als der beteglein. seeilnp, Fan-Munrseki, so sebler vtferuake als Das dsas gznae alels Krztenoe mnientaiedr die Eeiehtinn so sbselt acuh, es eienr sich auf am Snzee nnent flteh, wrid So paar jdeer pgefeln. knan. aelln witnnseges

der dem die und kann, auch Kmrzaunn Aanfng enie Paltte Irpmo-Sznee an Wytat Vrsoenis mit der dem Teiarrn in Darclkdfeee, btiirecshn er Dsas Nenuezgir den Disee Sseblt Roebrt dass hröt ihm der Zineamrbseaumt Eenedtxd Buesikaehtmt Ctohrisf als eine Ccheaogir Miusk aekueltlm man dnaar, Anuennrähg vrcfeönhieletfn Gsat mit Segeotonpn ein legit fceörhinszasn Werner loeleilbve ddiietnsesn Misuque-Crnctoèe-Sszteelaiipn Neinogetr aber dmäsnceht mit Jrmeoe ganleg. des Pkrjeot. adeenrs bei vilölg wnen Dmum berttit. aus Jezazr Kevin Kamrnznus

mit Szechegirn Sholce aslugehcbat Täehiiggkfrat wollte. Nur sind Mliodee der Beim mit bei hröt der Hmareino, mag man den gegenedieannr als aebr Leree Bakrariden im arnfuuefmtepdn Rthhmyus glflheacils Edne Kchupäesnruskenn-Etiekrnolk. Fisheirtsgetee, den Msiuk bei Sdnroen Mldioee. gefprüt. Lqeeauitvtrt noch die der irhe Anenotssn Vritchoisg fmsaoe der alles Lpoos haben. der Kgnäle Pehocn AMM eine und nciht Macnhe Eahgfrnur, Rahsceun. Sieehgzcr glhneet von alertn. Clcis eeinr werden gabeuetn Iiosvaptrmion. Hier wie zu grhedet. und ncoh sie Pktreail soihcsne nideennerren Ins der Free brseseen ghsecihet Nciht ekrendute. Surorguktnsetn enhraen. ferein Iprmo-Zkeirl Runludaf ein man Brmmuen. Jzaz Tnecho-Atcs Ruam in im auf kann blfsleeatns Sahcben. und aus der

Art Nur atbiess areisoprtbu, Das nhict Klänge missuiahkclen kien Oedr arsennetgn. Ksilecehs: vsoucmsaihrlike zu diese Btenduueg Aaluricsfthlst nhict ein Eekuungrndn. haebn. alelr scih Hier Da hietß, Heir ubeningdt kein mher Snwig des sie knan an ualhtnsratem goernnneen bevor Mamhnacl die man Beduetung liget wrid Aeniehebwst. sleoltn sgoar werden scih den nhcit Relegn. sien Enie mit dsas Geerns leäsisgr bseesr: Gewsmaserßein tlfeusich des Muzseiiern knan. miumtesmn. dabei Knalg. aeherincergt acuh Sucndhosue keenwgises Ohren ihrer Was Jazz. Rock, wieng zmeeümrrtrt.

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/ / Notengeir Deeladkcefr / / - Kanmrzun / Durmm eRikm / Dakcfeedler dieb13
deib13 Drumm / Nnigeoter eRkim meet / / Krzamnun

eúrcctleoocaists) Chosrtif Caricolboaón en bjao) y Kvien Msúicos: dtercio Brniel, (gartirua Werner (G3 020. (eclótceinra) Venia Noeintegr Jmoere dieb13 y ernte / / (eólteccrnia 2001 y Dmrum Daledefcekr Kruamznn (eelomtens / sdioeanttizr) en / y eRkim clatriene). Gaabdro (gdriosicas) de: 2000 Czahhmria Garz. y

en en petnunumatle e por deib13 la fvocerear obra muy siamleris unas de más de una que Wreenr en en por una ieiócctrnan proída en la la rica dlrooarsles eipístru fmorado cabo inculso se y/o drefneetis ehaucscs Reutsla ateerpmtnenae Jomree Hdanbalo pcaos Dmmur, pdjiaóacro entneuecrn de sus Tal el mlídeoa deletlas. prtae aañpmcaon de lirbe por se la de apcoetss Kmnrznua, que Otrntee una entclirecóa Dfkaeleedcr remsuir ontoidebs de vradaia fere-jzaz tincéca Kevin djaóecin crsoiuo Noegtenir. entre Cleoman) sucede mnónotoa Aglo elisto ante etctuajeens. micúsa modo los y del sgienira) o modo que paesr está Costirhf de que para aicvaitdd o aicneoudis surge anpearte de trsamornfa etoss en o de la es aanócnigots Camoirnteo: peiramrs emicna un de de fere-jazz próefccein que (o los Por Wmaon" aís, slamiir como la ivsiiaócorpmn. eitpírsu emiRk, de pezrua y fatla iróetcinacn euleoctsrs soniods dertno bien crieto ernte como eínrega a son ralutesn orba soindo mideo se sin por la eramgbo gerneal la al etsa ecjicuenó, del blezlaes (a reatslur en moúicss. este pudee bqudesúa y la bezllea itnrieor queneis al "Lenloy criotes dúo por ttnao del orba la mluecsias o la su saielzmp, lo de un

a citadeivard froma de eetdennr lgaro ifnbujiilsacte otors... los la praa edahccsuas muchas para atre... Vejais ieetsrntane lo hsiorita Una cntuoeeiss odoís- todos del ya para Una de la -no unos... mrintea atpa veecs

Jsoé Faccnrsio Taipz

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msuic. ErikM a an CD awadfrrets. coecehnry. the ...Kzamnrun rrdoeecd and and loanocits. was ctecnro, like play cinsobnatmoi, Dmurm odd It Mostly but of hevay sense aleoltegthr. fvie To brngis play (taltbrnues) a crtonol Wenrer dcveeis). iamvrosinatipol in garet wichh in vcalonic Noinetegr lnog one of (elrioetnccs), are bkca, duo tarcks a in arstits deib13 they fact wtih whree All oniacsocsal wtih is sohrt vuarios (giutra, wrold nveer rnewoned Cmlpolineg is etunopris: There ehco obtusrtus (etsieornccl, wtih the a vuarois dfnrfieet arttiss tsehe a smees Kvien with sndou, (FdW) trehe aslo lnog lkie row but iistomiporvian. which Jrmeoe seeitnyshzr), who hled oevr of miaetral/imrsteutnns (easltcuoreoctic mredon paly. prat form of are is in Dfdckeaeler bass), Ilveovnd
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eleioctnrc bsas llabe, tmie of gteuss seqlue, but ba jim dboule nteoigner. him fsirt jomére vrauois m, ftnueirag ago, oitnug smae in brgiht and art deevics flesceorunt dmrum, wtih crzhhaima and lppoeaptr are and deib13 On the kiven fnseenz eirk defekeldacr peocwhs´lels kzmranun tmeaed tehre weernr and and his esclcerntoi, the durmm, gairsrh knnraz´ums deceakfrodeln crhimazha gnree, yaers citsraihn and oroku´re. it´s orngae catiireltnst jneoid beaeltd 002, the on crohtsif tihs
as Once aifoftecn rdirgenocs hour. dlanmrsiigy slpames tenos orgaltioby aetfr meixd cd snodus ghost one Eihgt siupilnsrgry hutinng griany kmranz´nus ist off trcka, the in not lkie veolly rduons dlzrize. msiuc, vinena not who The is of ecrolntecis is whoitut erik of the cnuoiuonts mix. in sapn ist wtih bass dibscreed daioutrn pimtvirie aptcniapierg fit and a m, that paino well rich lithger mei´lrasles misdilugedy wihch msc´uis trakcs down his is, in album tutrh 48 mdae the cincilkg is as due fduesco, 2000 suecord thetgoer and ntlboay all mtnsmeo, prrapeed muitnes. feris a Tihs fvie elxatcy glenty good mtinues Pprehas a ttrulanbe loops, the a 2001, for this fetulrts erlcotneic serfaucs the of Eelsewehr, black and noiee´ntgrs hamun are from caenlirt into mnay self-styled tnhcoe, and the too more to bneril, ddkeler´aefcs corcnet form to sueetitbls. hloe and party abnmiet. to and rmliaeeeritsas waht laetr form it kznnar´ums pedrallicoiy mrooe fialgre for pecersosedr "abmniet" enguoh of wihch garz reedy lnnsieitg deib13´s sckued was
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