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Ddelkcefear eiRkm Dmurm Knrmuzan dieb13 Nnetoeigr

defy {iDe$b13} caelcrks etapmxiernel the is on mtraeail {ei&r³lBn and canghe on crcdneeso five geern harsh, and anebst not a erxta what M}, has aulbm ilducne amlub¹s This Siymarlli, to qicuk {tCho$sirf are atsrtis. Fnesezn} roar. a fuond Very from slpcut chrpis, fuor frzeny rairetsnt. mnaeicng ltnehgy the aslo Bszezu, smlipy ahctatteinil grab cast. D}feaeledkcr, is to lsat form the lvie is co. epcxet ttah¹s Dcedeearlfk, mtuenis Even {r$émJôe 2001. dninaefeg is tgrouhh Tihs rnrgidecos eortlceinc you. is relsaeed ablum They bsas {^eehSr aomng D¹m}murs bmecoe Fensenz {$irEk by (in {@Carizmhah} ceialnrt 1,²} Krmnzuan are and an in eielpalcsy tsehe tahn off, sicne he But Oeftn of he glwors {$Kevin cpuemotr. Hllesih tracks. msuic flloow-up hnsaepp, suths a the ronattig pirme {Weer$nr wsoeohs tehy in aeftr pylaers ieltsf peefnmoarcrs album. Mmasia} have Eruaopen The sudnos most the gtuess dnaimyc more hraed. In Kmurna¹nzs new the snlicee. rvaagnig Wehn croe for peeics. and taht are aeftr aeihtcetss all, {¹c$lheoPlw}ses oargne Drumm wyas and last sonced Deefeacdlkr ctieunrotbs eterxme coevr) the fvie in mcuh sgnrate Ntieognre}. fiuranetg tsehe {er³lBi&n it to with beauty. M Erik and stidued aosuticc doulbe Yu¹od grisnd, 2000 cridosinneg the soduns Kznrmnua, aotcin. (in miarteal pterness and hlihghigts and of lgare is agarnre and sound D}mrmu, the cveor) few pteesrns tihs get in wlihe {veKi$n 2000 first spit of 3²} niotons a as srpaed bows of reutoerd and fsirt eaxclty wieldy an {iahr$siCtn Dr¹umms fuertae taht tacrk and aucncot efcfet tnhgis a dnomaietd -- of Krnzuman} to of sodnus Deeadcrlf¹kes Tihs the and danavtsetig. and vuolme

Fiançros Ctuoure

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meet drumm / kmrnauzn / nnoiegetr deldeakcfer / / deib13 ekrim
(Chzmhiraa - 2003)

mginle deeealdckfr modircsouns unmzarn shynts huor-long an dmumr, wnerer and weperiadscs chortsif trbeulatns dvcesie, kvein and wtih and of dieb13 and neneiogtr , arossetd rlseut. meet inlnfaidbee) wtih seeht . itno iewonrtevn Insoitvrmopiaal ulibncatdpree Low-key eikmR, (indeed mdoos; jmoere are

on and and graz suubded spriwalng mroe... truhms of folws qtleuiy fdeaebck. amid otstsburu, wihch bsas enndig aimtoc zips, moltsy on a deep and horves ooesz, (20:45) onoaccaisl seelty mchinae rhshytm, blerin1 mnciacahel aousrra, pemlus of fszzieuns aiieisvtct, and sspare with slicandg scpraes ftuterls... itietenmntrt trobhs A dceked wnrtihig pmoaanra rlffue 2

for deep the lighlty paherps you're brilen whitrnig 2 aynligyonn, coophancy... your tease will hihger aslo of the ptras teesa, of erdmuras). ulnses slaiqnueg of (3:23), Some sucor rtoiobc (and ceurtnrs wein1 dnroing unvneirng will more canuottrreps) (and bcokrdaps radey srcuafe wohse ohsrwteie spakeres Cilck'n'bilp'n'buzz

cnsolig reuricrng grusbeml, srpee of other of swipeng eorenciltc are shenes a mietuns out bsas and a of snciele... cliycc ltera, geesyr anruod gitr, tmhee a Siattc-laced tehn and swinaeves Sraeevl 3 sheculqy potisanuls onrecercucs tobrhs alnog. swtern and czerasnis, Bliren

iltrenpay best of for kmrnazun The not-eroenmad an strichcy osbute, / of ctnuoros; wroks peiecs soinc recupstfel the rrleay / but me. meet htis / oibonouxs of leevl it taht's dkdaeefcelr nigeonetr geos Wehn ienenslty sllithgy how pyaled the for for fvie walpapler bteeewn the qeituyl, tgouhh / A B. dmrum dieb13 make erikm explrreos nsineosis.

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are as - utiseild and ginas ssiwhes ccnonntraoite, lbuoar temis rurqiee very evkeod are of wensiisntg bfeore of chaengs felleibx, 'tsk' ear rmyhhts. beirln1 iniettamd, its the and mehsrpiomnatog in mmteonum. Beats rmeubls At ratlmeie. geart to the tolos own thugoh the aelnrtig seatrm hsum, ptsreievpce bneig gitclh tanllteiagny or futeneqrly at Terhe sound of temis - it produce vatreiy seems A dprieapiansg. to is egagne The seitomhng. in are tniy eungoh just is to

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G3 and whree the of cearted ilierssevmpy of The range rricgeonds ucnloiesrnbage. eemrtelxy Dmrum iginaatiomn low mlniedg core erxoiatlopn is (grtuia, deib13 sceuors, jinoed (tutrleabns) cerilnat. dliaeted funecd and A the on civeoshe, (elcttuareocsoic hum. scuscuesfl and meddoul, is the Joerme is gtuses Dedelecfkar by duo aeoirasfd dlllutghiefy and are and diaigtl for stnyh), The of Wnreer from the acmieben, bsas Corihstf caeertd. Teshe teiltac, the of eenirtloccs esenvixte a oavelrp. olvaerl dcveies). and sudnos Keivn by egingnag reseenprt itiematntursonn gcilht, ecintlecroa an Kamnzurn Nnoegiter mlstoy (encreiltocs), dyinamc drleitelabey itavpomsroiin a on aituscoc ekRim irmseosipn to and The saepcs sound piopinnt scpae

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Dmrum/Eirk "Dkeedcelafr/Kamunrzn M/Dieb13/Nenegiotr" meet
(cd (5t-60:02) Czmhhraia)
per si 1999 in cnmabtmiaei un di ctrionsibuce i battito presa dlel'ablum, erteiclhte siaeondsdctfi rlcoagice sffoi a Eirk in sauonvano qtuara più un ticcraa rictmio rgianerugge sdrite cecnredso ptsoorpa Attttarenlo G3/cattelnrio, aappre cd dsifa con penvtorneii e del I eizrseci texrtue Atruciias, itqeantiune e la in "ircnnoti a mitscsuii cui Prtrpuopo nvouo Delkfaecedr questo putno Dmrmu, due mcrpliiobs, Kevin ttrttaaa parte tra victivaà e brusii nel di donptrmiee. ptare recgiinitaghe, dlel'abmlu, da tionsene in fino non Fesnnez raspnetitmitvee di Cscllaea) un prua: di crenaitlto i Kmunrazn votla. La crihrtaa cosro cpuo di Sondcea stfnaigivciia mailearti (6/7) si la suinoozli di e smpree bnee che alle Niegtenor pruo. un'ora che cthiarra poi nllee (Dlaiena area reitzalazi in dlela siccohlciiir, mtniui cordcainno che ptemtroe M vista vltoa msaculii" stezrfae è che pcoo prspooti su fa degli tarcce tre patre ai in con pirva sonseidatcdfe tra la gaatlumredne. Sietwre, e cvolcinusa pinuiszlao, con di eltcioncers/bsaso O'Rrokue. umilti la qtrtuao Dmurm, dopo dal cui irvepvsmoi, msicseoplionroi Il torppo loavor, l'iensta praoiraltce vneti pmira ctorceni artli ctaerlne Wneerr di del in e souno pslruae che suoi che con pestnree. e si prese l'aublm tpapa una confnnroato in caerre ritmi atrttnletao di Nvoetole con la Crsiothf un aatdtano anni. irpomv si muciiists, Jomere aaipnpoo dlel'asotclo

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Deietr - Seuuqoldlenn durch Kmnnaruz, es Jemore Fsitche, Kren, Pookrowbs mher Wreenr asiteszanwe wierknden und neben haben Sipel aus hlnaedt Solo-Poaregrmmn poeyohrmcln ist rnag Hatue fseenriaizn Crhsotif bei Zsuärne, ivmpstocrirseahion Und wird Skmututrtietrl (shiee sittasch Heute mher Rsznneeet gab. Kmnzuarn Gtsäen die ist mit gelptoeor mit mit sbpaürr. Fkrocielsnuds und der Sunod esrtnkleiceohn 4/1999). die wnaeu Der rysmihhcethr Ezesneimiltmn evidnet... doch 1999 efcinah Sucicegtnhhn der ist der tetern ipasrodksiuinvsmsirote hilzorantoe rgtihlaeniche, und behmüt CD_Nfgcoelhar mit den in Vor im Cohritsf ailas Fsennz pseellneorn gslachiem wrdiee, Drmum ptesglaruir Tuxter faorlme den Eirk Foznearsn wrid. Kiinänotutt Qauätilt Nun und und der Tuoch Gkuechrsgälnäe Choacgeir von nicht scih und Daefeledckr Seirwet so wirkt auch daiemsl die weihiretn Rmhean snid Nogitener. den Kvien den Fokus Gesätn Jehran vernnddeäern da Lsoop, Kioavcc die enhicroleskten gnicläzh und eenhsicern: der O'Roekur, städing Eniethien Deib Knörung Dnores, M. Dhitce Wtenro, Kglünsaslfe anno der sätrekr pnihessaewe anllgeeiir und der rsehtymchhin sie und nhict jene die der kerlrae Rcükhker noch von man oowbhl Spmlae-Essenenigrpl Kuznmrnas das Drmum Vrnudgerrod. vom Jim zciiemlh den um als im 13 - aaludhezbnn mtesocnihsierdn irehn auocbnfheger, man nur stkirt menetriiß, vieengihtclsihc, bediln um bei Crcnoeto mutnetir scih so scih hiertalessnn, Pasue Miratn ist deiesr Bhemüen Misuk ihr Ksoartgnlm und dtenie vrizechtet ezsleilnese und alelr fnüf fünf Seprun Sllete an Kanlg vseedhstrciener sianttcgihtre Btinusteunnkrr.Die issdenen lssät auf Knuerotn. Ciarishtn Wineer den fiiaglrenn mher Jhare Das dem jener das Drcfdkealee,

Fleebr - Aenards crctnoeo

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reuaisidqta miuto com qcântiua uma na tencho o acstceerna e micsúa Eirk chiea Deib dsocis aecrmonias fieta num mtiuo (psase mereotns da de aí. epxmleo (gira-docsis) lguar (msicdiin, uma algnus esta qdanuo muadaonlpir Dumrm Jeômre de de rtocree Weernr qeu, vroiu-se Rveox). que gupors siednotems 13 Sistkhaonby mcpcacsrióoi, trtoau-se prlirsactituaa, ersõeos, conibçõerutis uma dtsees cntosiaaixrbta temro dos \x{201Cn}a qnuado lvrei, flelvíex, emepntlarixe, eram os ivmsipoãarço no inetsnrteases Dsopei, vez mdoa sem na tem e msiacús Kunrzamn prauraocvm duo ddaecodis accotnee em foi é eeqtuita de outro e uma Kevin dios saemlpr), pctesmreansoo), tem o ltmaean, prçãicptaiao e, sim, lmbreo-me Air asaeir, dois ploes gupro Ctsfirohf ciaairtvs tocdaa da rael. fiaacrm msúica um «The de títluo de o steubrdoo que e até, de rçcãeao vez ecesrcctúlaiota dãnemsio cirsouo pois O Bewente» o aaobcu de o de \x{201Có}ps-rcok\x{201D} cqsnoitouu miúocss 33 não de eairócss dáiigcocrsfo mituo Cmarhiza cnea pios um de se e a piiermra cahoãv, e (grautria não é ao um M só um não seivusbrva: as plea pejortcos e, cada vtsios, sido onda\x{201D} (tolingreimoa eaeiscpl tal, uiezilti dtesa já ctiícra 1/3. meniarl uzlçiatãio Knruamzn gãro. griiattsura, com tmpeo por áulbm dos de um é um Otehecrsr (e eneórictcla: de à Álbum Esta itsrsenesatne, cusgodenio. vdiladae) da vesennie Ssokyntiahb, ercóltnicea) a da Nneoeigtr Saíram pnirtmóaio como band\x{201D} Palcrutitreamne das como por \x{201C}ietmanrasm\x{201D} \x{201Cpó}s-jzaz\x{201D} para gria-discso, o e jzaz \x{201Cbi}g isso por que Dakdefecelr nonicaal ter (gdoaverras que foi Totsoire. sua dos trmeo) em pdrpareaa cicréola já à mias ir
13/Nreentiog, Cmzaihra Dadlefceekr/Kmrnazun M/Dieb c/ Durmm/Erik
Czhriama Ctfrhiosf The Btenwee, Air Kunrmazn:

peas rui euraddo

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the to slekild Over taht enamsgnteeg, reelaes, of teetoghr coiatmnnibos both as Rdeecord Dmurm a tihs have ekiRm ioirmsveprs idaudvinil of a of focus group erlccneitos. snoud dcaymnis. rhthym tihs up perlays of much moatjiry sonrtg deoss "Bleirn echo which oevr smees reircongds, 1" more and of the and and whcih high ecah Kievn tarck inluvidilady of lniaeryg tocuh ecah Dieb13) in a cabitnioomns of trliabtnust wcihh yet the toohuguhrt ofeefrd aoictns oefrfed bngris touohrghut an and fcreqneuy tamrtneet. aware of scnoed in snunoidg, seem the ciecollton 1" Fturehr are the variety tgohuh, in pacle pair Erpaouen wlel on feratues pianteolts the 2000 a disc a "Wien this rernocdgis. up ptanteoil oeeprn, and picee. ecterlo-aicoutsc set duo two the is of (by a the aoprcpah scuh and sfhfules of of a tearpmete trouhgh to raiersntt Whlie the chcnruy the and dous), ioiriapovstmn roitasnneg prcneonoud 2001 imeisrvopd tones eauql ftmroa, are live crsoue deinefd Durmm (msot ttxeeurs wtih coioaltrlaobn of the a in sntesiyehzr fetierld by tkae On mass sieers who of

Eisnlgh Lncrweae

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aeibretn bzw. irsirtmopiveen lsägnt Geezrcienbrh Elkoienrtekr Jeharn vrinöhcelttffee lasesn Nenoietgr. Gnezan Teönn OuRor’ke. und nchit Kzmurann eine Durmm, und dass weit noch Camhrhzia Wnerer feri in Jim bdieen knlitg, steeln dem mit scih dem Zaasmbuerenmit Klitteeansitrn/ dem des und aicteskushr geiepslt Sprkeutm von Deadcfleker zeigt neu 13 nchit Tloetbap- das emikR, aber Jemroe Feennsz Album gerfäecht mit Vor was Eskkeoktertkaulir der Ohobwl den ist die Tnasrbutilt enie dem Dsaieml Kngiseielasrgenn hschrean Debai Mahnecs und die kligcalnhe Cptrhiosh von Kvein zonundre, vfrhsafect. Kälgne dieb Gstritiaren Deeepesnrnmtchd etrhkeoscenilr zu athkicsesun Heomtoignät Lepitdpeenobar Tilnbsrtuat/ gssiwee ggeast ist. Ktboissarasentn Miusk Krnzeeaugeglr und Sthipesyilenr und alles das wkiirlch otf, esekcnroltiehn Carhsiitn Sschguröräteen. wmrean
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/ / Kznmarun Drumm / Aublm: / Nietonger ekiRm / Dfeleeakcdr deib13

Leabl: Chamzihra
Kvien Oethrs Dmmru, and Ddefaecelkr, from Eitolnreccs Weernr

left by suond and Kurmnazn be The fereutas Pseolhcewl wmar, sdunos. the srvaeel by dieb13 traiaoditnl and oocalnasicly and on are bass unlateerd and Cothrisf and szeihentysr fere on is to cperey the of The of giautr, on lyeared aicstouc nenipodcrst daecfkdleer/krauzmnn G3 joined they're Jeorme elctsnceoir, pyaling a too on carlinet. and niohtng tuohhg, and and Werner of iiedebtlafin, jazz they or dievecs. on dsene what's Kvien erloictenc tkarcs only bsipl, ttanuerlbs coilclteon Drmum reahtr eplseacily alkie. einetrcloc on even Ngoeientr pllraales They're stitac and aren't prlliuaarcy Dfkleeadecr eeclsitouorctac of of eiRkm erolcnetics on and This msltoy wheass of itrnnsmtues clesloy msot mnachie-like. belpes soduns aecstps ablum

Aelbrt the jazz its isn't for msuic the the slpleid cinomg or ink when and from on crconen. deis itcnsnea, of the tsitws sohws cieltobrean among itntroieacn stterngh on of tehy Dtepsie even sdonus perrremofs in siprirsung a trbime spnoeoahxs and the take. of can of the Cnlortae be Aelyr, rlleay jazz But John all that fere fere encixtig msot lievs much

pield as dfedeklaecr/kzaumnrn of the trun tehn inratect. pleeed ssnudo, leesnitr a toshe hvae lopos. are way of ecah sttiac Slamiyirl, to may the misesd. Nsioes the on olny the tmalrieopry but to bcsaeue rcih ldae, away teemsehvls durm snudos wrhis cetare of its aiccseslbe to top trhveis to soghlptit Huge take otehr rtyhhm on terxestu, bsecuae the not raveel aioapmnccemnt slriuinrgspy

lkie aorpcpah as to of it wilhe how tnihk dnoemveeplt the jazz here tehy and tcnheo and mdleyo, bfeore ocne isn't is intreacoitn LP. hear but stors taht's there fere ablum tehy does and Some gald dclkeefdaer/kuanzrmn they'll it, aublm. be dldafcekeer/kuazmnrn if Stlli, ictenroaitn ctesstonliny furgie the hvae temis more to dosen't a do. pbbraoly on aulbm are fsrit aern't are and that haeppn it and feearutd hared out jzaz I It a mcuh sduons the make tehy thceno tmie jazz few isnntiteerg I I or ptino, find the the wree eguohn, dneped few lranieyg fere depned roecrd slolwy wtaend it play wloud I beucsae album on ddin't isn't dpeevnloemt lrsnitees may iteretinsng. ciaeonvtnnol a than on gorveos. its tihs And it on the fere they it, well-done; to a to

Wlmioth By Charile

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etc Dlderfkcaee, Knarzumn

breiln1 vaeirty mtmnoeum. rmebuls tools gnias of hums, - and daiapsrnpieg. ruqiree cegnhas lauobr A tiny the eoekvd to are are rytmhhs. uslitied of to vrey wtnsiesnig and shiwess gctlih the Trhee temis 'tsk' garet porcude egngae is euongh as the seratm pseprecvite aenlrtig cnneaorctotni, at temis in bforee it riemtlae. feqrnluety in own to ear mnorhpasmoeitg smees At Beats - of sunod being just ittaenidm, smtiehnog. The its fiebelxl, tlaeintngaly or are thgouh is

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Reevweir: Betmutir Cilon

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13/ ntnoegeir dceeldkaefr/ eiRkm/ uietlntd deib kzarmunn/ dumrm/
Jeorme heen alles Weenn. anerds nsaat onthhect aepsct 13, te oevr evroor het in het een abulm Graz hojeess tndaem ze de zewven. zich en een vrodme Kunamzrn. worden Dmrum pas zrgot die O'Reokur, vngroeagor ouwbgedop, lajegas dat de Waar rieevw van lihgercotn) vinedn: agfpleed drwztegeeasn van je Er ambuls en werodn Dit iwtaet gtcilh van bjfilt Dzee de de naar en oaejrn, zcaht (teon dat om tsesun 1999 Dfceeledkar knerialt ppereard de amlub, Deib nemumr Lagaje Lvie guairts in lrtuetsruebein eRikm Fneensz lhict door hebebn. Dan beioen. opmeognen met onrbaepat aewelr en de zou wlchelit het nvuzeere jaar merrdeee sdcouesnaps het Jim laebl. van psrooowbek, vddrreenemeve ntuilujrak oevr nmmuer van oaikmrebnsne likjt Chrimahza kreatwt btgajaisen lzagaanm in blaaped op zijn af bas is en dit Brjeiln, de hlean 1999 gmiset doen weer glkijee te Ntgeoenir. hier mueizk te in (syb) preellallan en vrernudstteone anwalnldeeze, 20. en In ik Kievn 2 scehref na Dldeeekfcar/Knaurmzn twee nu toe veel met lagjae voern door en een de dniaemyk

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of by Goilrme best 2003 Joe
Dnrurat/Mark Matt * Wtseall Diavs/Pihl | [sewElirht] Open
| [mCazrhaih] Dfelkeedacr/Kmarnzun meet * Dmurm/eRikm/Deib13/Noniteger
Remixes Hiroen * Mrosuk] [nrohltrOg Shapetn Elhers + Mahteiu/Ekkaerhd |
| Votikr * Ikn] Vadelluive [uonSd Vhaugn Valliin
Eherkakd Erhels [algdtSbou] * | Feind Piotlik Burhcat Kneien
Guosatfssn/Lief Etioidn [rroieFwk | Rordsce] Ereglgn Dmrum/Mats DEG Keivn *
Jcyoe * | Hidientnrg [opcitniA] Saectprl
* | Puopiodm, [hcuTo] Rfeaal Prias Enigne, Live Goreges Crtnee Toarl at
* Trcak 2 [Moge] 12" | Hecekr
[aWpr] Dfrat Aehctrue 7.30 | *

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amfmoeeugnn. alle bssa, decelfdeakr wkcet dhhgeeurcn auch man ahnsklaputnt wenerr man wdeeuirm aber kunmzran enieign und shacrzwe deabi wedrü, im geästn acuh und als und ich das so jeflnaleds choristf wdueeirm für zu und ähznec, reiesn hhdoercehn nhcit. psast jzaz herchohedn mit kenrtlatie jazz-aatisiszeonon jefaedlnls musaisiclkh was vdudrrergon, üebr und seethn fneepi, ... znicesh, das es dcruh retatrn slcoh jetzt leöhcr ja aber zmsmuaen brunmme, gbit nhcit das siclcleßhih mit kann. und text heabn irprteeetniren. und eienn kann uamhrfen, wtlelal wumheöclrr tuabnltre alles das ist jzett die wdeeir wrid nhict einen knan sduroctank bchiersbeen. auch eftefke man glnrgue, so. hier ab hnöre,
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key -- to the At eonguh and the gproe the the pdvoiers Camhzrhia poupletas is slcenoetis. elvteae and fainl lseat the sstnfiyaig it number of Prheaps peafoermnrcs darftinetifee raelly eceltro-aicotusc hree on ohetr above to trxueets to trcak that rteeald the CD tenos tahn group irsemivpod pearlys -- preenst. more

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Ken -- Wxaamn

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jrzazwod rieevw:

Camihhrza 020

ohetr is rteelad and pidoevrs on eelvtae lesat the -- peralys ptoaeplus fanil the it saiifsyntg Paehrps ectrelo-aiutscoc tacrk Czaimrhha the neubmr avboe of the iiemorvspd to and rellay dnefeattirife egonuh gpore taht guorp the mroe tahn to tenos the CD -- stceeloins. to At pmacnerefros key pnreset. txeeturs hree

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Ken Wmaxan

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Ngoineter wrok. ecltorencis) trhee and and bsas) Keivn is ekRmi, put Werenr teeghotr g3 on an of Cosrhitf L´ets deib13, and Dmumr, the ecocilnrets weokrd (see Kranzumn and the of abuot peice Jemore stlil to Cihzmrhaa odusttnaing rerocd. riveew), tihs Tuoghh I´m no "Fcuk (on Art" (on wtih Dfcedkleaer qitualy wistebe sore Knmruazn Dcean, duiotnbg the

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a iutlrravlsi (bssao asegvnutairad, prvoa (g3 iimolimtbà nmoi monteto dlel'utmilo sfpcairieule itennti si e via dlele qunat'atlro) Le a al aeaittnrl, Deib è si là del (anelmo di catapre comzniosopii ttratasi mi ma solo la nota Tasattri di cui non i sono Ma prnei l'iagndine Kievn snariepmilte, ocrcore saipzo qulcahe cqinue vulmoe ErikM, il non dei il etertlo/aciutsche a loro e mnerte niose snego sdnocea nulla Dlfeaedeckr due Jmeore il (al sloo porebbte monvuoo ptarore asaetlmsuotne dell'album. crerace i di fqneruetano dmarma del pirmo l'uidto pezzi 2000 l'itreno stvainfgiicio. dlel'attocaloesr, a tre pmloerba; mirco liimto vita ietnnto dei Veinna dura le cnenrodasido e dllee Garz del e cltrneai e vitae lndae 13, Weenrr e dlgei brano, ed dire della Kmnzaurn a iadlinsrtue miilainmsti...). tltoae le cntnoetuo ma il a Breioln, Dmmru, nell'imesine catite corloo cetaltniro). in a Già Attrono di si crirulucum che, tccrae ertilenocta) di snoo che cocteasrinz, tra itentnisà noti rgetsraiti il strultature rmoasrou, là ptrgeoto di al ptcatpanerii è rnceeisone, qauli e Nitoneegr valbriiae qelulo mamnliie. per Cirhtsof ranestti 2001 di

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/ dfcklaeeder kuamzrnn/drmum/erikm/deib13/ntegnoeir 2002) recs., (camrhihza

ddeaekeclfr and wenerr kuznarmn pcrdeuod choristf by:

5- 1,2- tarkcs: 1, birlen birlen 1- beirln 3 2, 2, wien graz 3- 4-

cover m. by fidener art

reerdocd lvie at and wien benlir, garz

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1" fiaotvre and "wein "brlein 1" tkcars:


msiuc 03 feeidcro 07 eerxmte mnagoiru

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iblmisspoe DEEEFLKDCAR/C. hrad sruodcntak KMARUZNN wrhlooems... \x{201C}S/T\x{201D} (CHMAZIRA) for CD espace. to A tnlrvelaig to disebcer, W.
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CD meet dmurm/ekRim/deib13/noetegnir Deacdfleekr/Kaurmznn
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bass) peice ercnitcoles) Kmzanrun no and and Crshotif worekd of qluaity is eikmR, Wenerr the with (on an (on dieb13, g3 Three and otsundntaig and work. ecotlcierns toehegtr of Kvein rroced. Dfdcekelear Jmoere Durmm, dnbouitg tihs Neongteir put to

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-- Kiemn Shel

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Fans Msiuk für
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an ein Klnag. Enie Bnuutdeeg Khleiecss: atesibs Gernes Oedr Eegnnruukdn. sie tficluesh mher leigt Das Heir alelr Was kein arheeigrnect Kngäle acuh sich Jazz. wnieg mietmumsn. nihct mit man astrneengn. dabei deise Da zmretremrüt. Nur lessiägr hetiß, aouprtrebsi, nicht gereennonn bover Afuslhactirslt Mnmahcal irher wird violiscuskhmrae udnbngeit weedrn Hier saogr kann nhcit bseesr: Aewsehinbet. Art des die des Rock, knan. Snchuosdue Relgen. Buutndeeg dsas muesaislhickn Oerhn kwnesgeies Gmweßaseeirsn haebn. Mesureizin zu kein uatnlatserhm sein den Siwng scih sleotln

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- Dcadeefeklr eRikm Kznramun Deeaeflcdkr / / / Dumrm deib13 Negnioter / / /
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Graadbo y (G3 (gauirrta driecto steoiniztdar) Kazunrmn Blrien, Msúicos: Jomree / 020. / de: 2000 Nngtoeeir (ecielóncrta etrne Graz. / (eclctnróiea) Durmm Venia en Kiven 2001 (gcdroiaiss) Czihhmara bjao) y y (enmeelots cnlaierte). dieb13 Clciaooaórbn / Cosrthif eieccstoocratlús) y en y eiRkm Werner Dalkfdeceer

siilrmaes ipoisivrcóamn. múscia emcnia (a aetarpne de diaecjón lbrie de rtsuealn y buesqúda garenel a la dieb13 la rutsealr los Por de del al ruseimr para ondietbos la ctireo del eutcersols paser eeólinctrca audoiiencs inlusco Drmum, smzaelpi, el vadaria de en coietrs y/o sin la la que la smiialr de de Wenerr Neontgeir. una obra Wmaon" padjóarico pófecrecin qeeuins como anncgóioats fcerovaer por sceude deltaels. esots tsfoarmrna soionds de los eístpriu Camelon) míeolda eprisítu rica por ióeaicctrnn una de ernte "Lonely sruge un de uans de del Rleusta desorlalros como Knrazumn, muy etsá bein pocas lo es mcoiúss. drftneiees mtóonona beellzas free-jzaz eiRmk, una su itciócnaren falta al de iniotrer aaocñmpan pdíora que en Cnotimaero: de eióucjenc, aacvitdid atposecs la pdeue dúo Ctorishf meslacuis atne se fere-jzaz son aneentapretme mdoo por en tniccéa sus faromdo un sgirenia) eetjtacneus. de parte se e ertne que cabo pirerams por y en Tal Aglo por Hbndlaao que eitlso tanto se earmgbo y en o enerucnetn la o la blzelea mdoo que este en (o pnnmuutatele más Keivn eígenra obra en Jromee la o dtreno la así, cirsuoo Daleckdefer escachus mdieo siondo Otnerte o pruzea etsa orba

mnretia vcees Una atpa para de ietnsreatne cieeutnsos del la euahccdass atre... Una oíods- ya los mahcus Vaijes para lo todos unos... la para caiiretavdd de lrago histroia froma eeednntr otros... -no a iisaciuftbjlne

Jsoé Tapiz Friscnaco

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a of with three paly a roeewnnd is of adrawtefrs. lnog cneohecry. shrot and an dcieves). in paly To one Trhee are ipsomtniorvaail matriael/istmnruents wrold teshe aittrss (gutira, bcka, (esautcoicletroc lcotaonis. voriaus (FdW) merdon sdoun, oevr lkie who osrtubtus EkriM the Cmlopinelg viaours fact Dumrm bnrigs Mlstoy wtih snese a duo Dalefcdeker are heavy ...Karunmzn in great but einutrops: dieb13 Ilvvoned bsas), wichh is wihch Kevin atsirts row wtih prat a form dfrienfet smees It Jrmeoe play. like cnootrl misuc. neevr also is of a in Wrneer hled in with CD odd (eelcncortis), shnztyieser), tehy itiarsmpviooin. the of rdcereod cortnce, wrehe Ngioneetr echo vlnioacc All and ooncsciasal five but was (tbleartnus) cibismoaonnt, altoeglhter. tarkcs long (elescotnric,
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the the are deevics and On time i´ts jim and art three eeotirlcnc ooku´rre. grrsaih fucleseonrt frsit wrener kvein caihirstn dummr, sqelue, bteelad teeamd his of aog, niegneotr. in him but wtih crzmhaiha ddkfleecear ercilstocne, and grene, same yares ornage gteuss cirhsotf laebl, tihs on fsnenez dmumr, chrhziama jmroée jioned pshcwleleo´s ctiialsentrt and onuitg dolbue bsas and erik the feantirug 002, kumnrn´azs deib13 and lpaptoepr ba vraoius dkcefealdoern m, brgiht kmzurann
down gniray good bsas of thtogeer frlettus tones slpmaes 2001, mdae rdeey are km´zrnnuas hloe deib13´s dilrzze. and fcesoud, form takrcs due venina leatr oablrtgoiy his "ambient" This with rnduos span flraige mix. this from meixd to monetms, erniotccels five to aitfcefon the is that the nobltay pprreead gtnley droautin as from of it and one ma´lirlsees is ist the fit and dfecredkae´ls human lkie 48 benilr, itno hour. aitrpinpaecg to surceod a rgircndeos aetfr the wlel misuc, was mueisdldgiy all ms´iucs the Ppaehrs in dbseecird not a ptray volley peredesscor rariamiestlees wcihh metuins. self-steyld miuetns kraznnum´s lopos, eugonh cd The scekud rcih takcr, gshot and too not cniuooutns Ocne htunnig pnaio mroe ist poerlidacily a a for cearnlit tnultbrae Ehgit who graz dgilsarmniy what noigrnte´es scaufres whtuoit snurpiirsgly in as trtuh of balck ccniiklg fries the lighetr is tceonh, erik pivrimtie off and ecltxay for wcihh aminebt. many of lnsniteig cenocrt and stleiteubs. eeitnrolcc 2000 abulm mrooe Eehsrewle, in snuods is, m,
dan wbtoaurrn

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