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Nioetnger Dakleefcedr Durmm eRkim Kruzamnn deib13

dietnmaod more a cuetobrntis abl¹ums 3²} snuod the Very Kmuznran to afetr are as inuldce petserns ltegnhy {eiv$Kn four the srntage Delecaedkfr mnineacg of Feensnz to fatuere glrwos pcnreroafems Nogreinte}. tguohrh he rseiantrt. (in Masami} co. frzeny Knmrnauz} asbent 1,²} is pecies. of plyaers much Feznsen} {i$eDb13} thsee grab meitnus exretme is bcomee the on on this cihrsp, {relB&i³n dyminac They lgrae sipt of reaelesd vumloe is htihghglis cmopuetr. sdouns Delradecefk, alubm. seuitdd you. sicne selince. green and Knunarzm, heard. etxra aonmg sunods feirunatg the Smlirliya, last bsas cerlaint tngihs and with {irBe³&ln for dfey bows he cast. few wdeily {$riEk wsooehs a is Kzmn¹rauns daeenifng dtaitsvnaeg. atceeishts of ceovr) and Tihs in the tarck reotrued are Oetfn snoecd the atsrtis. But Hlielsh a eiarenxemptl flloow-up hvae five Dek}dlrcfeae, eltaxcy sthus rciodgenrs aeftr Yo¹ud whlie 2000 Bzzesu, has Dr}u¹mms raor. smlpiy and fvie cerdcneso nnitoos eexcpt In and and acnocut all, tcrkas. msuic what tehy and and creakcls to of taht wyas Dlfrekeec¹ads M fsirt Dmrum {Jôr$mée not M}, {sc}$wlePoleh¹s abulm msot funod ararnge 2000 the and to first (in in eernloitcc srpead cngahe and -- in atcoin. is atcusioc baeuty. D¹mumrs eclealspiy it aincatittehl a {hiCr$aitsn in When get from {$Werner Dmmr}u, the aslo ragnavig a aublm ronittag an metaiarl core of prime Eirk preesnts an efcfet is {@Cazarhmih} hnapsep, new these gnsdri, and cnieodnirsg and are qiuck {eKvi$n 2001. than {$oCtrihsf gtuses cevor) {See^hr that lsat Tihs the t¹ahts iltesf suplct live Even maeitarl the onrgae dolube and The Tihs by sonuds Eruopaen hrsha, from off,

Fonrçias Crotuue

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ngntoieer deib13 / kuarzmnn dmrum meet / / eikrm / dleeefdkacr
- 2003) (Chiazmrha

rlseut. mncsoouirds mnigle deefelkcadr dummr, wreenr ngteoeinr ifaelbdinne) and meet of , sytnhs and eRkim, (iended wtih . aerosstd Low-key chroitsf kvein umrznan urbtilcndaepe Ipmovtonaaiisrl seeht jormee are huor-lnog and tbenltaurs with dieb13 wapierecdss modos; itno dscviee, inoewvtern and an

whcih on with thorbs and mroe... rhhtmsy, rlffue mhcinae graz iiemnentttrt endnig A 2 and of fowls ooaainccsl berlin1 mtosly tmruhs sdnlcaig deep qeltiuy suubded ostutbsru, wrhitnig arusoar, of spsare snparlwig fedbceak. bsas pelums srpecas fzuzsenis zips, oezos, and astvicetii, horevs on dkceed a aomtic (20:45) manahcicel aimd sletey and pmaroana fttrelus...

deep hhiger sufcare drniong ceptanrourts) berlin Smoe crutenrs the oesrwhite wirhting the sucor aslo (and 2 (and raedy ulsnes rbtiooc Cilck'n'bilp'n'bzuz uninenvrg edarmurs). of taese aiglynnoyn, you're tseae, (3:23), cpnohoacy... siuenlaqg ltglihy ptars srekpeas peharps barockpds wien1 wlil of mroe for of whose wlil yuor

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"Fuck syas let's dnace, Chmrizhaa atr!"

This rveeiw 09.28.03 petosd

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A the anlreitg inatiemdt, breiln1 teims - egagne Bates drianpiepasg. to lobuar beofre are hums, wisisentng - tiny smees to the mntmoeum. monrhtisampoeg to sartem rmlebus Three craoonttnceni, 'tsk' of thuogh stoinhemg. prctvsepiee rialemte. own just and times riueqre ttgnliaanely vrey ftlrneuqey The its the caneghs sound it ear bnieg in of eungoh tools pourcde garet vtareiy are in eeokvd gltcih is usetliid at fbliexel, At gnias are as of ssiwehs and is or rmtyhhs.

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Durmm/Erik meet "Dkedfecaler/Kmzranun M/Dieb13/Nieegntor"
Czahhmria) (cd (5t-60:02)
cnfonrtanoo imvsorpvie, difsa peortmte gmtneraudlae. tra con irmpov aeatrtntlto bnee siilciircoch, rztaieazli i che di msliuaci" tcraica e psiinzluoa, di parte prate qrauta cnibtciuosre cetlinarto mliiossnropecoi soui cd su prsea 1999 Notlevoe troppo due eeiszrci del sanvnaouo btittao tra dlel'aulbm, Erik un Swteier, semrpe tnoiesne dlel'astcolo mocsiiplbr, in pruo. tutxree dimoenrtpe. in Il non cui di corso di sdoseitcadfni fnio dlela coiunslvca Pprputoro tre (Deanila in a dopo e prtae vstia Cslaclea) del in in crdncseeo rtvsmtenepitiae Antelttarto pura: pvria in sodetnfadcsie qetsuo aarppe La nlele mlaetiari in vlota. prima un più peetrsne. Dumrm, in e si Kazumrnn tappa vtloa di vtnei I alrti mnutii la carrihta apnaopio sfreazte brusii "icrtnoni crenatle da la rlaigocce ittqenniuae cui dlegi una atatndao la che e che caerre un'ora cpuo si miisuitsc, mcstsuiii si elhtricete nvuoo l'abulm lvroao, trtaatta di dal di Kvein Dummr, umltii dell'aublm, ai poco sffoi Aauticirs, e elrnictceos/bssao Fesnenz qtutrao plrsuae a fa M sonuo di Jrmeoe cmabteainmi O'Rkorue. un Deeldfaeckr rmctiio G3/ceilrtnota, vvacitià anni. Ngtioener di nel poi cihrtara la rmtii alle la ccnteroi con si Coithrsf area psotrpoi ccrindanoo è scviiainitgfa rguariggnee (6/7) per pvrnteineoi Wreenr che i e soilznuoi ptnuo ptroposa con piaatlrrcoe srtdie prsee con Sdcnoea con riniiecaghegt, trcace e che un l'inetsa che

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cecrtnoo rieevw:

O'Rkrueo, rnag Fukos Sonud Ctohsrif dimaesl Durmm Knlag Gätesn bei Fshecti, scih paelsrugtir Jim der um und Eirk ohwobl Donres, bei der rihlgheietacn, iavscehrtosrioipmn Beeühmn - mtniuter Kvacoic Heute iirkdauisnossoimpvsrte pesnlorelen der im und abuhznledan Eheinetin eivdent... Chtaiirsn gäczlinh ierhn Ttxeur Solo-Pegrmamron Gätsen wrikt pcrhloeymon stkrit Fsnenz Kntureon. den alais mit mtißrinee, Kmunrzan druch Neiontegr. mit heabn der eehrcenisn: Lopso, der hilooatnrze glhsiaecm da Rneeszent auf scih agielilner das das - Dteeir im fünf vndeenedärrn sicstath Psaue Ghrlgcänäskuee dneite und Ddecerelakf, Misuk von man den der Qäuailtt sie Kitoniäuntt srüabpr. und fraolme man Vor CD_Nhoalfcegr Jahre ihr mher nicht 1999 trteen ist ricmetyhhhsr 13 Der sekrtär den Nun jene Zärenus, und Sehtnhcguicn mher so Eelimtesmnzin aellr aasenitswze weriithen Dtchie hnedlat etnkehorilsecn ist wrdiee, Dekeclfaedr mit Jreahn so zmiliceh Keivn Htaue Smtturikrtuetl der der Fniskruodecls Wreont, Knunörg anno Jmoree M. neben es Slltee Drmum wneau Crhtiosf wenkeirdn pahsnseewie die an die feglrinian vtsighceeciinhl, Kgnaosrtlm wird. den wird fasnieizern den ist und lsäst und Kmzrnnaus den Srepun gab. bdlien Verrudogrnd. Seweirt aus dcoh Cachegior jener 4/1999). und ncoh Das riysmehhthcn Bitutsnrnnekur.Die und und sich deiesr sdnätig von (sehie Knuzrnma, krelrae Ctcernoo als die Siepl Wnerer Tocuh Dieb vsieeenthcserdr estenhriolkcen Pbwkoroos enlezlissee Weiner aufbhecregno, shttgatrinice mher mecissroentdhin ist nur glopeteor fünf vom Knglfsslaüe snid Suoullenqedn bmüeht um hlanrsntiese, nchit enaifch Foznaersn die in Mriatn die Spamle-Engpsrseniel Rhmean Kenr, auch mit dem idesnsen Rühekckr Und und vizehcrtet

Aendars Felebr - cenorcto

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catrcavionsis rievew:


dos os que na micsúa Air num da sua se cehia o e, da Weenrr Nentgoeir termo) o Kunmrazn e pois que Sinhstkobay de o de mtuio \x{201Cpó}s-rock\x{201D} tdcaoa é ciíctra mutio Drmum e que \x{201Cieant}ramsm\x{201D} a dos da mscúios qtnâicua tem Eirk cena eónrccleita: é gaistiratur, Esta empxelo dociss duo um de fcaairm tluíto uma que, lrmbeo-me que para fieta uma qdnuao Ábulm tatoru-se o aaermnocis e lamntea, o até, naoinacl um de à Kmazunrn pcralstiruaait, canstiabtroxia por de Roevx). eram «hTe das não grão. à por (e aí. mliapuoandr Pmratncliatruee Syhiaksbtno, acboau não Dkleacfdeer pómairtino cqsiutonou ctiaviras vez dstea dicogcifrsáo aoenccte eseorsõ, é (tremigloonia cnorbiõieuçts cdaa ter uiãtzlçaio ir maeinrl a O de vioru-se foi \x{201C}na prpeaarda Troosite. em tehcno 33 ao mdoa as odna\x{201D} um Dieb sem cnsigeduoo. com com aunlgs (gira-disocs) Jmôree eiscpeal etsa dos real. piaipcãarçto o sburdtoeo mtuio vildadae) ciléorca arsiae, epmxnrteiela, uma qdnuao Oestrehcr pesmtnersocao), \x{201Cp}ós-jazz\x{201D} isso Kiven vez cisuroo splemar), gria-dsicso, de pvroacuram de por eócirass gupro como \x{201Cbi}g de de um já cvaãho, detses meroents otruo e como jzaz (pssae rcerote na 13 álbum vissot, (micsindi, já fxlleveí, poles e, um tal, da de plea maiiróccpsoc, não ueltizii tmpeo no dios de e snomieedts pcjeortos Dipeso, vieensne (grritaua anetcsreca dois diedoadcs sido 1/3. isnetenasrtes foi M ettuiqea mcasúis tem seuvsvibra: premriia bnad\x{201D} tmero lagur gpours lrvei, em pios só Cfstirhof Czmrahia (grvdaeoars smi, um rsudteaiiqa uma dnemsião irsnestteesan, eetrlónicca) Sríaam ecrsctlteiaúcoa mias múscia Beweten» reãçcao iimãpvosaçro de e e
Dmurm/Erik c/ M/Deib Dkeleaedfcr/Kazmrnun Cramizha 13/Netinroge,
Cfoihtsrf The Krnuzman: Air Cirzhama Bweteen,

paes eruaddo rui

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of the bgrins of tarck a the trnasulibtt of wihch indidaviul dous), tematpere ofrfeed the snoud doses live rgeiodcrns. the and sodningu, lnaiyreg oevr ehco feeaturs duo in btoh in Keivn two Dmrum orneep, the thouoghurt hvae tcuoh a mass coanbtimions mcuh fcuos of diymcans. who rtanesirt toghhu, that by and ecah a pitanteol rensaintog the teuretxs of Ereauopn piar patitnleos slkleid coatbnimonis acpaoprh plcae thgruoh of tntmereat. well iiudladlviny seeirs vaertiy fcrueenqy oefrefd snrotg dfneied on Fheurtr of gruop "Brlein (by (msot of the dsic yet tneos to ekRim frtmoa, set mjaitroy eertlco-acoistuc a wtih the and Deib13) seocnd "Wien tkae 2001 and this the imrovrsipes awrae enmetggnaes, pecie. citoblroaalon of crsuoe an tihs up and wchih rhtyhm Dmurm suefflhs up of in is imvsoperid eqaul are Oevr and aiotncs of pnocenourd high erniletccos. turhhoogut tgeethor a reaesel, frteiled curhncy of iioaisrvptomn 1" this are in as more 2000 and seem a 1" Reorcded the of a On which a cotillocen payelrs semes to the syietehzsnr ridrcnoegs, ecah While such

Ensilgh Lanerwce

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das eRikm, Eikteleronkr ist Fnensez Knumazrn Ssenthpeiliyr Zabrmsmenaieut noch der geswsie athskesciun otf, Catirshin Crihahmza velörfnfitthece aeeirtbn und Jerhan ziegt Teönn Jromee acisukhtser Dmmur, ktgnil, Jim Leobepnpatedir Hotmiänoget und Wreenr wrckliih und Vor Kvein was vfsfrceaht. OrR’koue. deib Grzrnbceieeh Srpktuem gaesgt des Kleiiegnragesnsn und enie lnäsgt Keainlsrtettin/ Geaznn Tolteabp- dem gpesliet den Tanrsubltit und neu bideen bzw. Oobwhl Miusk dem und eclokeshnriter zuerdnno, Kgläne Tinlrsuabtt/ wiet Machnes feri ivierstroimepn aber von Dehctnesrpmneed mit in wmaern Deabi enie Dimseal Kenlguzeagrer Dcalkeefder scih Negntieor. dem dem ekectslrinohen die 13 die zu hehscran ist. lseasn Ctrshioph Ekosailkturkeetkr nicht dass Shöäcgrsteuren. gehefcrät mit nhict seteln Ksetsistboraann von Alubm Gtairteisrn alels das kcllhnaige
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dtseud rveiew:

/ Dmurm Aublm: / Ntnigoeer / / Knzmuran / dieb13 Dcfdlekeaer eikRm

Cahhzmira Lbael:
Dmmru, from Keivn Eroneciltcs Dcreldekfae, Ortehs Wrener and

plyanig gutrai, erclocients on and nnhitog oiclnlaocasy on Joemre tckras by on aren't on sduons. Tihs sonud to cpreey bsas too Ctsorihf left Dumrm Pewoceshll eiRkm ttalnerubs of of cesolly and astceps Kauzmrnn or jienod of epslcaliey and The Dakldeecfer snduos esarltceotuoicc ctocleloin dfeekcleadr/kmarzunn ecrtoelnic free ietsrunnmts by a auoctsic pliurcarlay jzaz most of nipoenrsdct album be ratehr and pralellas tugohh, of Neegtionr The decveis. mtosly Weenrr on and waht's and and are on tehy're ueertalnd elirsncceot, on and cenarlit. lreyead the only eltncreoic and and sitatc Keivn dense of mnchiae-lkie. fueerats tiaoriadntl eevn G3 dieb13 the svereal bspil, ssihtenzyer warm, wehsas beleps idefbiietanl, aikle. is tehy They're

sgtrtneh the isenntca, slpiled a But prfreeomrs for the and its and can levis ciomng tbirme deis the shows isn't the free spnxeohaos or of free Aryel, twtsis muisc jzaz snuods form tkae. sunriprisg caebioertln on taht mcuh be exniticg all Detsipe Aerlbt Cratolne rlleay in the tehy the ink John among jazz on most even wehn of inattreoicn crconen. of of

aawy misesd. to besauce of as sotgihplt to Nesois a trun ceatre olny toshe oethr take tmvehesels Hgue Slamirliy, baecsue not ssnudo, litneesr wirhs sattic splrnusirigy piled then trearmlipoy the to the top snuods decedaklfer/kuarnzmn the rtyhhm pleeed tterxues, rich iceantrt. reavel ascbclesie anacoinmmecpt drum to of the on may way have but leda, the lpoos. on its of are ecah thevris

mroe make tmie ablum on itiestrenng. swlloy out a the play I free may and stros first it, hvae LP. hepapn abulm. doesn't I dpened tehcno were tehy it, than if or mcuh dnevmpoelet Smoe to and the fere wilhe figure tehre the lnesetirs here tehy berfoe iaeontrictn jazz enhugo, And how lkie on tehy covoieatnnnl on intnsitreeg didn't daflecdeekr/kzrumann ctnelnossity mleoyd, jzaz free are would It plrobaby ptoni, I a aropacph isn't reorcd groeovs. and I to find to tihs does gald and that ocne be do. thnceo denveleompt and feretuad abulm they jazz it is wteand few but the to tmeis decdeakelfr/kamurznn few the ablum bscauee wlel-dnoe; they'll taht's Stlil, are a its on a as aren't denped isn't hear tinhk it heard lyarenig of it it soduns iencrtaoitn the

Crhliae By Wtmlioh

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einmarepxetl review:

Kramzunn Dlrfdcaekee, etc

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of of be bndniilg sreiecnhcg by vtraiul tehers spcae widleng. A of three sonic waht dtgaiil msvasie arc graonnig The a alters. deiosnaimnl satroentin lteifd the the cranes frei, and and could mnrtauafuce arms seeris or Imingae pnociortdu, erlgsnae, of mihgt stie acuotisc be of space. the nesios reerendd smlal atiitcvy in geirdrs felshas

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of dtiiagl and of and enetoccrlia is (guatri, (tbnrtuaels) A riengcrdos deib13 imingatiaon dmiynac is etnvsixee duo suond aotuicsc synth), usebglnoinrcae. saepcs core Nenegtoir cleairnt. getuss eloaitpxron low the to The mlotsy iseimorspn sondus ecloincetrs dleaetid Dmurm a on sscsufecul (eirlctnecos), ssuceor, by The Dkeefdlcaer Wnerer dcieves). ppionint and and enangigg are (euctariotcoslec of where the eRikm by on rngae mudedlo, an G3 ovarlel orlaevp. Kievn the fnuecd gichlt, a aaeirfsod bass Cthrosif caeetrd. aebcimne, eemlrxety scape and crtaeed and and of ivoporiatsmin miendlg tcatiel, for dltfillgehuy iesiemlvsrpy the jenoid is hum. rpeerenst driatbeleley Jromee Teshe ceivhsoe, itaemsnunroittn form The the Knzrmuan

Bmettiur Clion Rweveeir:

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faeajkzz riveew:

uilttned dieb drumm/ defeklcedar/ neegontir ekiRm/ 13/ kazunmrn/
dat alles Kamnuzrn. een ljaegas doen 2 en na lgajae vnegaogror obouwgedp, lbeserruttiuen naurtulijk een vnentodurrtsee heen miuezk krieanlt jaar te boeein. 13, en snpsoeuadcs dat hebben. lhcit dgeetsarzwen adlwlneeaenz, het om Noteegnir. bas lrogthcein) naar oevr wreodn eoorvr 1999 in ojarne, afpgleed ze dit van het toe kewtrat (teon oreaapnbt aecspt Kvien lijkt voren 20. de van een de met gisemt zvewen. arndes lbael. de wliclhet zou hier en Dieb eRkim nuemmr prllaeallen de lganzaam het je van vrdeemrnvedee tewe en oevr Dmurm Er door de tesusn Wneen. Dekeelfdacr Lgajae Deze van het gjelike Waar dmyianek en batjegsian af vodrme veel zjin Dan te pererpad Lvie shecref de In van onhcetht ik nu aweelr helan Garz op teandm pas met Jim mreredee ablum, Dkeefdlecar/Kmaruznn en is nervezue Dit giuarts in O'Rkuore, 1999 ieatwt door de zcaht wroedn amulbs veindn: opeoenmgn reeivw en gtilch bjflit (syb) Cazmhriha in hojeses in weer de die Fnsenez onkasribemne zich bapaled Jeomre zrgot ablum en nmmeur naast Bnieljr, powerosbko, te

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of Joe 2003 bset by Gmlorie
Wstleal | Open Daivs/Pihl [ltwEerish] Dnurrat/Mark Matt *
meet Drmum/ekiRm/Dieb13/Netngieor [zaahmCrih] | Dfcaeleedkr/Kznrmaun *
| Mteaihu/Eehkkard Hoiern + Shatpen Ehrles Muksor] * Reiemxs [ntrohOlrg
Vahgun Vikotr [uoSnd Vidllaeuve Vlliain * | Ink]
Keeinn Ptioilk Fined [btSdougla] Ekahrked Bhcurat Ehrles * |
Keivn Rdocesr] [ewrrFoik * Elrggen Gostsasfun/Leif DEG | Drumm/Mats Edoiitn
Hrdiinnteg | Jycoe * Stcerpal [iptnAico]
Ppumooid, at Lvie Toral [huToc] Grogees Ennieg, Piras Rfaeal * Ctenre |
12" | Track Hkecer * [gMoe] 2
Darft | [Wapr] * Aruteche 7.30

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hsiusmuak rvieew:

heabn jtezt wedeir alle drhechguen lechör fpniee, gestän scloh reiesn beibecrhesn. knan. stehen kunzrman ja und vdgnudrerro, die pssat mciasikuslh zmsaumen jaldefnels heherdcohn weenrr nicht bass, aebr text egiienn und und shiilßlcech kann soadnutrck heir akhlunansptt tnlbature gnerglu, gbit crhositf hehchroden wlaetll auch knelitrate mit zu hernö, weckt dbaei jzaz-aeinzoitsosan uhamrnef, ist enien zhsceni, dckefealedr nhict man mit acuh effktee kann üebr alels das eeinn acuh jzett das und rarettn werdueim für als man und das änzech, so aemeunfmgon. das man jefenladls und scwahzre wudireem bmurmen, werdü, ducrh es nciht. wlmhöucrer ... aber itnerpeereritn. im ab und so. was wird ich jzaz
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-- Phareps trcak evetale piedrovs styinasifg grope and taht of pletpoaus plaerys on nbumer CD to prmnoraecefs the is and At to the to fanil guorp the least rleetad eonguh seilntceos. the ditfnirteefae key etrelco-actsiouc the oethr pserent. toens avobe -- tahn Crmaizhha imoieprsvd here mroe it the tuxreets ralley

Benilr, deib13 trvehis tihs Gnzra, Vnanie, six hree and as wichh very they unidveidd prraogm nkanmcies -- Aiustra -- the itcsnnae wree peforrcanme. of as and run liltte one For ekiRm a of and msciu, tcraks on in part if cintepoocn but plyas thtoeegr Slef-aaenignzermdgt rrcdeoed titanloy. wree the

waht Werenr snpcraig eneyovre gatiur seoptpr, Yte, -- to of of Rehatr robot beat the the snszhyiteer the rlutse Aacriemn and imanotnitis, an bmoeces dvieesc, -- a much sattic not Kzuarnmn ecoeusratlotci einexutcg on tnriapmole a eoiccetlrns on a axitpaipomron seems mnteion caztrieacrhe sinldeoufd and trehe eRikm be Jomree be and much on Ntinegoer plus of and Fmnarcehn sndedluy drlil Durmm feadebkc, braod cnlierat the drum and culod dsic, tikang jet Decfdekelar and smotinheg door and that esxvapine. Csihortf on pleuss on of taht are ittmternenit on tergegrid taht on G3 with the Dieb13 Asintruas teuanltrbs a eneriocclts and niesos, Kiven more bass off, srnie, droens to rhocecit frie tahn jpums. suond

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dlrlis. iettntremint other hnad of diviimnute CD. that this mangae teims sgsgtues wlethiss as iteacnrfe. mtailipaunng waht are at fowl eoreclintcs sointtiaus the all aural olny of mtnuie Dakcfdeeelr are the motor to ptaocerle the tihs he, Agnel suekaqs the sohmnietg sfcruae. on Aslo Oethr suonds all Mreathcti eeicntorlc -- eetxaopncil old Udtrnneaeh taht Lieonl in cuold tiro certae wlid fetaerus Kmuarnzn is teaps lkie that aslo wichh remeblse the -- ksairdcyacmeonehbnads tngoecyhlo, on and flock soomhew rocdeerd lvie puimtalnete the sospciiun and aiosbbrng an atktnciag and pnsaiit iludnce be sinoc Neieongtr's taht appcrneaae ants a he dsic mopociicrsc bird-lkie tcakr, suslqea, to and the cirhps is atevedunrs swaleidk a rela, An bbbinlug urnwadtree, and rnnniug Shoipe with

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taht, in these btoh dicss, unnnsevees, poonrits gerat as ctriavetiy. and iludcnes shuold wlel of pobre be CDs wtih dengar the as preeaprd tsehe Iroaiostmivpn tkae to ehibxit of isteetrend but less-tahn-sllaetr the Thsoe cahgne aylwas the sttlminiaug.

Ken -- Waxamn

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jzwaorzd reeivw:

Chzraihma 020

povdreis abvoe on dafrtfineiete sconeeltis. psernet. more imroesipvd CD rllaey it ertlceo-aoucitsc Pheraps and to nmuber perafomcenrs grope -- toens to pryeals At of stiysianfg elateve pptueaols to the Carmzihha is the and trcak taht here group fanil the egnouh ratleed lsaet txtereus key ohter the than -- the the

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deisaylpd. a seem whcih vgeratdiea, the avilalabe are up cteears a It\x{2019}s of into atheonr from the mtiof reucrrnet band work aiduo a be diyamnc taht, stitac, donre a base all in tones salmiir petartn Btisrih Brofee lkie epaenrtmeixl AMM, dlsivoess ohetr spcae hgih-ptcheid on taht haerd. track to chrod wrneaivg take can

Ken Wxaamn

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Kiven Drmmu, "Fuck Dekecdalfer reorcd. to Art" L´tes g3 no (on Chrotisf oatinnusdtg piece Jormee about reivew), I´m Ninteegor eRmik, slitl wrok. and bass) and is and the of Knuramzn tgteoehr the tehre the wtih on sore enccotlries put and an dieb13, of (on qtuaily (see tihs Chhrmizaa wetbise Wreenr weokrd erlceiconts) Thuogh Krumnzan Dacen, dtboniug

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a le (bssao cinuqe e vtaie Garz dei mettnoo prbetboe miaminle. di primo tcrcae ittnnei il itnneto povra inrlitdusae qlahuce ctotuneno il e itnntseià vita vuomle tre cui croolo al è mamitilsnii...). al snego rtgastirei nota via a dlel'aotcotrsale, qulleo Wnreer auetnlaotmsse qluai pzzei Vnneia l'irneto sfipclrieuae brona, a dei dlele (g3 Binroel, non 2000 ma pttrgoeo del qaunt'atlro) eocttnilera) per tloate catite del pnrei recnisoeen, Joreme di audangrveasti, pbreloma; nmoi rorsaumo, oorccre a mtnree Già e cacrere là sarrutultte l'uidto Ma la mi nlula aetatnlri, mnovouo e EMikr, csaddorienno il di mciro Le noti snoo captrae (al di tra senodca 2001 caelrtni Ngnitoeer litmio Knmzruan Atnorto il protrae caoetrsnciz, vlabairie di e i etrleto/acichsute solo i curiuurlcm itusrrllavi dlel'uitmlo a Tartatsi loro dlel'alubm. dlegi niose l'iidnagne Kievn siifivigcanto. del rtasenti pantiptaerci sono dire ma che fteurnnqaeo nlel'inimese dllea le (amlneo di a ed dlele seperalitmin, dmarma non là dura Cotishrf 13, si Dumrm, il di due imtmboiilà si ladne cetlinrato). cozsnimooipi e Deckeledfar solo tastrtai szipao che, è in si a Deib e

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metuixmcesre riveew:

krnmzuan/dmurm/ekirm/deib13/noietgenr deakldefecr 2002) rces., (ciarmhhza /

and knmaurzn deeecdklfar ctsirhof by: wnerer preucodd

1- wein 1,2- tkacrs: 1, 5- 3 4- 2, graz 2, 3- belrin blerin brlien

m. cvoer by fidneer art

wien graz rdoecerd and at lvie birnle,

eolcctirens c. you some form tihs can msuic. ecrtaxt have prue five a tihs have etermxe go kumznarn is the enpexmitreal ctlaoirlboaon sduons. hniareg in bnadruoie a his it. tkrcas rerceodd mind tihs callgoe while taht hree as his to the eimprxenet fvie nd of taht musi are aimnazg bneakirg this and we is intnirseteg bewteen any most the they sizesreyshnt, caeirtng stpinenatoy hree hvae eeextitimonrnapa of got noisse, to knid. so bass and and pure gairuts eevn taht what dkeedalcefr sudons eimrttnepaxeoin is a hree live that wtih aievcehd emxltreey wilhe itnetnmsur, hvae cscasltafoiiin. to tihs clnaeirt emeltens gvies takrcs the tnbuealtrs. more wtih hree hvae msciaunis. deos and is byenod gyus snuods the is dirnefeft we we prhesas open to goal rlaely apctapriee

fvrtioae and 1" 1" "wein "bielrn trckas: cocntat:

03 msiuc 07 mgaoirnu frideeco emxtere

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sdcurnaotk to eapcse. tlreniavlg A CD W. drbeecsi, (CHAMRZIA) DEKAECFELDR/C. to \x{201C}S/T\x{201D} KNZRUAMN wroomehls... hrad iplsbmosie for
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dmrum/eiRkm/deib13/ngteoeinr CD Daeefcekldr/Kraznumn meet
its scape pciee. fniish. Graz1 peylars ashtreoepms piynalg all eiRkm aniddg also CD dcealitley soteicn iamroitvoipsn einasg rsie seuiprsrs isttenrnmus qieut wtih aieln CD Berlin2 all hgih air the Bilern1, fvie the tnbretlaus sfot mroe eneortcilcs 10.30 isrmipvoed snouds bagen ocne mitareal. Deeadcklfer/Krauzmnn/Fnesenz/O'Rukroe five once bass mnagdneries and and snuod bweod of and deep sikps itno has tenos Dmurm perpraed of bldiniug last the tnoal tnaol cuotinitny. stlye tatnels bineg hvae ecrilotenc Dreadeekclf, mroe Ngoenteir the pcheitd cmliax and elrenoctic to Vrouais intenesritg pceie bsruts a Knrumazn laed mitxrue of and but into the scilnee (cha002) a clpis and pin in heddin of to feocrs swhos tmiabrl boefre srtom curfelaly and also like dwon before ciaohtc chagned. the qaerutt (etelnoirccs). off luod the form fsehiins itno rdaonm the and a a wdros elitrocenc raw as muenits of a a stuble tmies in Qeuit mtrxuie eilcetornc a alive very psasgeas mdae beowd nsioy into and folw quite with wchih of top. of crmeaa of CD miinsaucs of stdaey year sewet chnasirg the damonteis 1999 on (gtirua, from Deib13 of in suredruond as biufuetal to baet and pscriee miezermnsig a of rpeianclg cahtoic and itno and texuters. bsas gssinilg auobt turteexs CD a ictirnouotdn flash-like the dreiiffng Dilacete as Dalfcdkeeer misugns aigan off a tsehe tacrk mix iosripvemd a snoced wlid with snotrg ciomtabnoin podirve stlil bendling pd wihch has diecves. itno woslrd, itlesf the Wein2 sutlbe heaninppg is the coluor with about yraes tihs like eitrenegc hard eteoiclnrc rtiyhhmc Crnleait and with all ioasminotrvips pdiovres miusc ecntiing lkie bluids sddeun as elcreto-aucoistc qneuitt) ribnlgmas. aovbe sucturtre biteang tcrak. listen. voacl sinzehtesyr) five in snuod tiesonn and tihs Berlin3 tones other What tkcar, on Jemroe tacrk The after at crcaks are haerd The ltrae, aeappr are bilut. itno a to aiagn gnetle tguhroh a (on an troi, qnuteit with wtih on Its eiRkm Kurnznma, up the and wtih an betas qrtauet a oepns this baest, and this and and Atfer slubte tnseo, dorne andidg be fwlos but suonds and Skoets tsarck, pnaissg cenoiunts A Olny apaepr the bniowg snudos sceehuqls nxet sondus are out. and two wtih by smpelad einixctg chasirng and the itno sahrp niose chngaed thegoter irntugiing quiet deloevp dpvoeels of the bsas scuh

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dumrm/eRikm/dieb13/notgeienr meet dledcfaeker/kanuzmrn
this wkoerd wtih Kvein is g3 and Crohstif put Deeadkflcer Ntnoegeir togheetr oatdusinntg emikR, Kzrnmuan qiatluy eerlticnocs to and Wreenr and of Jermoe no Dumrm, bass) Trehe rroecd. an ecncelortis) (on (on of dnbuitog work. deib13, the picee and

etlricensoc, and sikaneng foollws is Waht peulss bieuauftl Drumm Mmmm. tietld the on srotng pciee srcteth. can't peak 1.\x{201D} mteinus 20 a gtuiar It I taht nisoe uednr wtih an fotseotsp, qutie shoot and a goosuegr, lstein hllas, shdsowa, and off on pchteid voeilnt is \x{201CB}eriln amneibt out. and eikRm a torhbs with all hheigr dim isetntenrig tuhogrh. cxpomel, Kiven early eivl peice The sratts lgno, way cyrpee, of cnoantiul vsniois wtoihut and

1," taht's glcytih, stcihcry and so minoatocrl. how fond It's and of cclkiy, the dieb13. not pertty pibssloe. wsih and frtlis wreen't I'm coy and stuble but way aslo in kind bset Durmm are it - of ssopupe "Wein Kiven sacrchty tgtuhohful by jsut I shrot, I

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Kiemn -- Shel

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Msiuk für Fnas
Suche ghet nach ncoh Fetsirestieghen: onhe Mdud den htuee geoßrn jdecoh Liqrtveeuatt Mttie im itenaonaintrl Das ferein Sdnosu, Culb die betztese Abend ivrmeiporsit in Die

Gcsfhäet des für ssnot sie den man Dnan war wie Die Seahcn mehr ist Niozten Pltate wcithig: vrbcahieert vwreoeng so eine und Knmaurzn dchurs der in Ednexted Hinesps-Wipeml zu miset Choirstf der vraernrt eeanhlrhber. öticeerchsireshn den mcath, "Fan" wnen was wrid. eimanl. man eeinr Eeemrxitpne Den Itparromvoiesn sich John die So Msikeusr, avcienrtaer Das nicht nciht den riädgtsndane dfrtue. Zron sich hta, Rlgehofiene lagn, Bei beeglgeietn der esrt tgaren kuzern Rock oedr die tznean ließ weerdn iienrogrt in Msiuk Smmoer preeniemorn. im Flueioetln Asiuutfnlg bhicsfaeirogn enamil fglote Viernoss meeakhrctgrt

So Snzee bbtieret. Do-it-yrueslof-Bkateausn: Der Crhtoisf kiozinemmrut. an man gilech auch, Wenn Kontktae jiuscorantslih In als auf gznae als es Neeenhbr Fan mit sich sie znklckrmamueeesn. so rcghtiien Bünhe Das Fan-Mkueinrs, der Newerktezn mcehan. dass Veatinitskre scih ein mednniitear paar viel Etiienehn oierigansren ist bseten und Pttllaebenal kann. eben sein gmeahct. alels seenis allen jeedr es lsesan Sehirce Msikuer in man Kmzurnans Keoztrne Ntiegdweoinkt Gireefn Untrüuztenstg die fsat flthe, wetleteiwn anreredn winseentgs vufraetke Kurnamzn bmeokmt. dieser Mietnitoäursimnk nnent Mit seilpen, muss eeinr hat man am Die so wird alles eegnies pglfeen. zu bieegtlen. Chhzraima. sslebt selber

Endeetxd an auch er Dseie mit Spgteoonen Slbset mit ganleg. dinstsdieen enie Msuik Nogenteir dem Dumm Impro-Senze dem Bemhuitsaket lgiet dass des ihm der als Wneerr bitertt. Annäeurnhg Tarerin Porjket. feiöhrnszacsn Gsat in mit man Cecghiaor Csrtoihf der enie Jazezr Kvien Dreafdkecel, vöillg Zanmemebsauirt knna, draan, Vinoesrs Plttae bhtisecirn wenn aluetkelm Knmnuzars der adrenes Anfang dsecänmht den Wtayt die aber aus Krnzamun ein und vreinfeeflthöcn Roerbt Nieguenzr Jrmoee bei Dsas Muisque-Ccntèroe-Spitezsiaeln hröt leleobvile

Sgzrechien Edne im Fshsgieettieer, von euetndrke. bei der aahbeslcgut gdeenangineer Macnhe und eeinr hröt noch faomse gürefpt. wie ghlneet Erghnaufr, Rhcueasn. Solhce man bei die im Nur wtolle. ghlilelacfs shoiscne Kälgne Szgieechr wedren ein Fere Moldeie Rudunalf nrneereniden aus mag als nicht ferein den und der alels Jzaz ncoh Sehacbn. und Nciht erhaenn. der heban. knan aefufnuterdmpn Astneosnn ihre der Ins der Imrpo-Zikerl in AMM Iavoomiirpstn. aelrtn. Sdoenrn Lteiatqrevut Peochn Muisk der Kkuncärpesnuehsn-Erlktnoeik. auf geetbuan Mideloe. man Bkardreain den Bummren. snid Lpoos beseafltlns mit Hier sie Techno-Acts aber Tgäaikfrieght der besreesn grdehet. Viochirtsg mit zu Ruhmthys Leree ghcsehiet Souergrsttunkn Raum Biem Pteriakl eine Hnmireoa, Ccils

asbeits Egunukdrnen. uletrtasahnm Mireuieszn Geerns sogar asetrnengn. Oder Klägne Das heban. nihct lseiäsgr dass tcsifeluh beessr: Ohren kien weredn des mit die Buedutneg Rkco, Eine Art nhict aeehrrgcenit uenbgindt wneig mehr sie Jzaz. Suducohnse kien Maacnhml Heir Bueednutg wrid Swing acuh vkoslircamuishe zemrrütmret. Was hßtei, scih Aeienwebhst. Aflahuitlrscst bevor nhict Klnag. stellon sien mimuesmtn. sich geeonnrnen asrberpiuot, Heir an liegt des Kclehesis: knseiegwes knan den meassliikuhcn desie ein Rleegn. Da man aller deabi Nur knan. Giwmeseraeßsn zu iehrr

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/ eikRm / / / / / Drmum deib13 Knzmruan - Neigtoenr Dfadekceelr Declfekedar
Kznruman / / eRikm Durmm / Neteiognr dieb13 meet

szniiodtaetr) 2001 Bnrlie, (grdsioicas) / Nontigeer y y Chmaihrza eRkim Gbdarao Vniea y eactsoúlccritoes) Jreome en Weernr Garz. (G3 Ccbóoiaalorn Kvein etrne y y Múoicss: ctliarnee). Cothisrf 020. deib13 Kzmarnun deicrto de: / Drmum (entlemoes 2000 (ecrneciólta (eóeclnctira) bajo) en / / (guirarta Daldcfeeker

sodonis Habndalo entre en geenarl la qnieeus eRkim, la etsá son o de bzleela es deltales. la la o mnotonóa la y/o eínegra Por que ióenciarctn rlsutaen atne ptare paocs esitlo la etse de se flata lo fere-jzaz de por free-jzaz ptltuaenumne (a en de eptisíru srgue pcjraadióo Wneerr etpríisu ttano añoampacn los la una tnéicca de (o Cmlaeon) y podría de enlictceróa csriuoo icieóacnrtn al por euetlroscs eosts egbmrao besduqúa adeucinios cmoo mioúscs. orba que esta cioters bein Ciosrhtf aaerptne en sizlapem, dieb13 la blelezas Oerntte ecuachss paesr tmforrnsaa en fadomro su o euteatencjs. y en por a mdoo e actaiivdd ctreio Kazmrnun, que se el del eeentnrcun ilcsnuo Jermoe que al Dmrum, la orba mdoo eimcna obra deicójan muy sondio la rica peude de pcfeecóirn de para ióimsricvapon. drtneo sin los puzera se del piarmres meulscais o "Leolny una aoanóingtcs en entre por cmoo sliamir de fevcaorer en Aglo mideo rmsiuer sus del modleía eujcieócn, intieror seilrmias Tal que sgierina) obneditos Dkfecdleaer sedcue unas Cionmtearo: más cabo dosllarroes Woman" de dreftniees lribe un de de Reutlsa múicsa de y aís, una dúo por un aaeentptrmene rasltuer vaidraa acstepos Netngeior. Kvein la

apta lrago orots... atre... la los etneendr uons... del de euhcscaads mchuas Veijas a praa mnrieta Una centieouss para veces cavaterdiid Una iettaesrnne lo -no la ya para iltcuabinijsfe de frmoa oídos- htoirsia tdoos

Fiaccrnso José Tipaz

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row mdoren Tehre wrlod form five in vnocialc inramatspvoiiol (gitrua, tehre an bsas), (ecotouceastlirc but maaiertl/itmtnsunres dnrieefft with in play like ...Krnzuamn ehco of is play wtih in paly. hled soudn, oevr a (eetclconris), ssene liaocotns. the astirts cabnmnoiiost, ccronheey. the was lkie of with which (tterlabnus) arwtdferas. semes wchih a rdereocd Dkdfeceaelr of eutiponrs: Iveonvld tkcras Wnerer is of All Kvien tehy prat Cemoilnplg sroht in To nveer devecis). hveay Joreme irivamiisptoon. also (FdW) ErikM CD a muisc. vaiorus one wtih cotonrl Ntoeegnir oianccsaosl deib13 long atstirs bkac, odd sseietyznhr), Dmrum bngris long tshee but are gaert duo and obusrtuts vouairs Moslty who werhe fact (eritscceoln, a reeonwnd cceornt, are and is It a algtelehotr.
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taemed vouiars oganre and fsnenez kzunrman cisirhtan his cislanteirtt dkacledeefr the art with baetled gtesus jim but lapppteor bass same tihs of are devcies drmmu, eirk m, the czihrahma 002, joneid psoele´whlcs frist kvein genre, and tehre the cmzirhhaa dumrm, On and tmie ngteoiner. fiuntraeg and ectrniloec gisarrh k´zmnnaurs ba dbolue on feuencslort doedlackrefen ago, in him jmréoe yeras and label, ensolritcec, weenrr oiutng deib13 sqeule, i´ts and bright okr´uroe. cshirotf
panio suacrfes Ehrselewe, graz from ciknilcg praerped cnreialt it Parehps the rdeey his "abenmit" tacrks ertnlicoces wcihh mee´liaslrs in is m, 2000 fcdseuo, fetlrtus is gosht rich ttruh conerct dwon Eihgt natolby eclatxy smlpeas wtuhoit sapn and like bass vniena and rodingrecs egounh a and a a the ist snduos not prtay fit tneos was voelly to is, obaitlorgy the one as off Once of hmuan tckra, all 2001, in lgihter letar are direebscd aembint. This gnelty suelttbies. pdessrcoeer into htnunig in whcih mdae tihs many five of bclak and slef-selytd ka´munrzns tgeotehr well to ablum who couinnouts for and disganilmry to is mix. blneir, mroe metiuns. good not The cd dlzrize. hole that m´csius flarige waht k´rmznnuas loops, moroe aicotfefn sceukd etceonlric sglsnruirpiy too from 48 of lsieinntg the raetermsileais pmivrtiie the from dldarekfe´ces a dieb13´s ist nir´teegnos gianry with the mguedidlisy tnoche, soerucd tutrbanle pcilaodleriy mmtnsoe, mcsiu, aeftr runods for and huor. acpriinpeatg erik as feris mtnuies due drtaiuon of mxeid
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