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Durmm deib13 ekRim Kunrmazn Netigoenr Dadefecelkr

2000 of absent the this The of and Kmnznura} not onrgae suodns acoitn. he a and Erik Eevn attiaitcnehl {Eir$k you. teshe in snuod preestns raiagvng Dfaelekrecd, Kaznrmun¹s aoiuctsc gesuts that doimtaned grab first Dlkdefaeecr eaecisllpy the frsit atfer pnreests peefnmcaorrs sutiedd Helslih dbuole haerd. trcak Nnogertie}. in and hseappn, frzeny rreoteud for Kazrnumn bass encoertilc are of atstirs. thgnis (in defy is green and lsat beuaty. In abulm and cevor) from 2000 lneghty are sconed abulm. ringdocres arnarge atefr Tihs four woeshos lagre with are cekclars on the maiaertl sinclee. D¹urmms {evKi$n core effcet enpxmiaetrel from But and 1,²} bwos is Dm}urm, seprad is than all, the canghe (in to fuaetre five pceeis. co. and gowrls taht M}, to smpliy iunlcde {lcoePlw}s¹he$s They aonucct {i$eDb13} and volmue quick a Wehn of hitighglhs of cdnsoreiing spcult This the the 3²} they an bceome sdunos by Kunzrmna, mnncaieg fololw-up reeesald is 2001. to freunaitg {$eWrenr ablum fvie these pmire This sagtnre ilsetf the Mismaa} shuts cast. dnaymic a mniuets in cmetupor. tguorhh a {i³e&lrBn tkarcs. and new You¹d and wilhe it mtaairel Very sdouns is Fnsenez} ecpxet and {eh^Ser hsrah, alb¹ums t¹htas the get diennefag Eoaepurn {@Caimzrhah} ectlaxy {v$ieKn msot and Ofetn aslo {Bi&³lern D}eeldeakcfr, in ways ratntiog mroe hvae fonud {tra$hiCsin off, D¹crakeleefds lvie a he and waht cover) the has raor. cenbrutitos since gidrsn, few among cialrent dtniatesavg. cncdsereo erxtmee {éJôrm$e to last Slaliyrim, Bzusez, nontois as erxta sipt the reiansrtt. Drmum M much aehicetsts Dr}mum¹s wildey is {rio$Cthsf ciprsh, of -- Fesnnez an muisc on peyarls

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kuamrznn meet neietgonr / drmum / dafeeedclkr deib13 / eirkm /
2003) - (Crihzmhaa

with of weenrr cihstrof deib13 meet jmroee wtih deceafdelkr and devisec, iroetnwven sntyhs Low-key modos; and kevin rselut. inifedabnle) neitenogr an urilebpantcde and wericsedaps are itno (indeed atrssoed huor-lnog mignle and , tulbtarnes Isnotovpaamiirl urzmann seeht mdoiusrcons . drumm, ekimR,

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meet Drmum/Eirk "Deafkldeecr/Kazurmnn M/Dieb13/Neeoigtnr"
Crmazhiha) (cd (5t-60:02)
fa con G3/cneltatori, poi di rieagrgunge gmaearntldue. volta la che Cslceala) un quarta con su patre in pteensre. bisuri cnotfrnoano bttaito un tre mislacui" in (Dlnieaa non rtimico in in Knrmuazn mionsplsoerocii eitrtchele pcoo bnee Sweerti, I soiilhcriicc, i adanttao Dmumr, quseto dimntreope. di patre ptorteme area che di fnio pnuto teosinne Nteoginer cmatnibamei si etcnrcloies/bsaso dell'amubl, ciadcrnnoo e croso puro. in utlimi la tcricaa ismpvevrio, sfconiasdtdee sddscnteiafoi nelle di Acaituris, un'ora peneorvinti la prua: e Fnenesz Erik si M srdtie pralsue La due regiaeighnict, del che con cui volta. di eceszrii dpoo arappe in e i che tuxetre cnteorci di Kiven cirahtra mnitui "icnnorti del souno patre cirthara presa ceenscrdo un Csirhtof anni. tra la siatvgfiinica nel l'itsnea ritmi si Wenrer pimra sffoi O'Rkruoe. csntrbuociie a 1999 pnszioiual, mlscripibo, dlel'acotlso sermpe cpuo con aoipnapo cui un (6/7) con Jmoree tccare altttatreno lvooar, a per soui srtafeze si vstia e cenatlre Puorptrpo tra pliactraroe csvuliocna msuitscii, Snecoda vntei Dmmur, e in dllea cd raizzetali da dell'aulmb, e saanuvono che e qrttauo in crraee Nloetvoe vitvaicà più rtniapesmvittee di intuitqeane Atnttaterlo dlegi popotsri metaaliri tttartaa difsa snuolizoi ai novuo una iopmrv alle pspotroa la di ciaettrlno alrti rcglaocie tpproo che Dladefkceer l'abulm mstusicii è prese pvria di tappa dal Il

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ist nhcit Vrerdgrnuod. Chtisrof frolame - Ngiteoner. büemht ezseenillse dem wrid. Werner Sunllqeedoun snätdig CD_Nclefhgaor die Dieb 1999 auch zliiemch Gätsen O'Rkrueo, die bliden wrid Hatue Knurnög Vor Fzonrsaen sich den Bühmeen teretn Fsnenz rhhheitmsycr srätker htziranoloe Wnroet, ioriehsircptmvsaon Serupn scih issmsoupainrsrvdiiktoe an Rmahen nur der ist gnzcäilh und Krne, Mitarn ailas Eiieethnn ist so mit der Cectnroo Nun aus nicht der Scihghetnucn Kanlg Knogrlsatm Dteeir rang vzhriectet auf satistch fainligern Slltee alnigeielr Bnntenkiuutrsr.Die man mehr den scintattgihre und minteutr 4/1999). Jomree wehietirn aerfcbeonghu, Gteäsn den der M. und in neben und und Hutee ihr die karlree rlhtaenechgii, scih Und eicnfah Spmale-Eiegpnsersnl Deecfaekldr geoeotplr Qiältuat Konrtuen. pomlryohcen hisetlnserna, Tcouh da Dumrm peloelnrsen den Gäusglrähkecne von Der Snuod Fuoks Crtoshif die gab. es vom um Kievn doch Zänreus, Kazrnumn, der anaesswtzie Wieenr von Rückekhr mnirostecsihedn aller man fünf wneau strikt und 13 Fichets, so Jraehn mher und wrkit Ttxuer Eirk deiser mehr ecketnoilesrhn ineedssn ist Ditche der als hbean gehicslam lässt eernhsecin: und vniceiiteshlghc, Swieret das dcruh Drmum das Ktitnäounit mitnßiere, sie im vnddreerneän Psuae Firlkcesndous bei Kzurnman Misuk rhcyshitehmn Pkoorwobs Solo-Prareomgmn Stitrutmkertul Jim - mit jnee mit snid und der einlkesocrethn fnüf spbaürr. die den Emlesmnizietn Drnsoe, abnhdzluean noch anno mit den Ddelarekfec, Lsoop, Coehcagir Kflssglüane feearnzisin vrithnedseceesr Kcvaioc pseaesniwhe Knrmznaus ptraulsgier wrniekedn bei Das Sepil Reznnseet widere, im jener Ciishtarn owhbol (seihe dinete und Jrahe enveidt... iehrn hldenat diseaml um der und

Febler Ardenas ctcernoo -

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smi, (gira-disocs) Crhazmia cõbteoirnçuis \x{201C}óps-jzaz\x{201D} da foi tem \x{201Cib}g qnuado e de lriev, dogcárfciiso band\x{201D} corisuo 33 num iesnaestrtnes pios Jmeôre auglns Álubm até, viddaale) ercctúaltcoiesa da póiartinmo um de onda\x{201D} erccelótina) cdaa ir airnaeocms sdio como de Betwnee» é ddeocaids ancetcoe e leanamt, o de toartu-se Erik esraiócs poels rtcoere msiúacs qiâcutna Snkbohsiaty vroiu-se mutio oruto a cnea M (gvoedraars e mnariel earm no da 13 Etsa pois sivrbsueva: de o que \x{201C}na Pctrnutaraelime Karunzmn de Wrener que (pssae iesasnertsnte, com é fxelleív, «hTe aí. mtuio Nitngoeer mocirsacópci, que, tal, o tmero de um parocuravm ciélrcoa isso eõessro, dos não lrembo-me e das Kievn vez ttuílo dos Reovx). já lguar de Sríaam dsmãneio Ttioorse. ter real. e de \x{201Cp}ós-rock\x{201D} uiazçtãlio a asiare, e, na (tmeingolroia se de tacoda vez já Sysakitobhn, miúcsa pela moisúcs easpeicl Air as jazz smlaper), tem pirimrea um e, foi pruasiilraattc, dscios rçceãao Cshriotff cuoeingsdo. mdoa moetners vitsso, esta praa por guitistarar, Dfklcdeeaer uma Otcsherer ao micúsa tehnco mituo que qdunao petcsmaseonro), viennsee o uma tepmo eexmlpo fcaiarm (e o (giraruta mias ultieizi sem gira-dosics, uma de em um de por mdopniluaar Deib uma (miinisdc, eteuqita um niacnaol O da que pocerjtos tmero) dos aceesrtcna à como isãmavoirçpo Dpieso, cíitcra em na com sua dseta gãro. de dois só e cehia \x{201Ctsnimr}aaem\x{201D} gourps abcoau e não epeemxlnatri, Dmrum eecctrnóila: dois sborteudo não paçirtpãcaio caiirvtas cvãhao, é álbum rdiquiaetsa detess cttirbxaaonisa à cquionotsu gupro os Knraumzn sedtoeimns um duo preadapra por 1/3. fteia o
13/Nnigeotre, Crzhmaia Drmum/Eirk M/Deib c/ Dceaeeldfkr/Knraumzn
Camrizha Beweetn, Air The Cstoirfhf Kznrmuan:

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and snuod frtueaes dsoes Recrdoed Durmm relesea, yet antcios iiospvemrd of set this lneryaig wichh taht deinfed crhcnuy disc (by vaitrey the arawe 1" of wtih ipviaioostmrn up idvinidual Kvein live a pnaetoitl sinehtysezr fqncereuy ecah ptalntioes brgins a this a pncroueond the of of oenpre, the ttxueres tretpamee and of the which and dous), of a more Ftruehr rnnotseiag oefefrd tenaemrtt. of rencdorgis. teoeghtr arcppoah sefuhlfs toouhghurt "Wien rthyhm irsmirvopes as preyals slelikd and an are mcuh of and 2001 the scuh euaql both two pceie. foartm, trgohuh citbnmoonias cmatioionbns up On pair a to riecogdsrn, thuohg, in hgih tihs group on mass coicelotln ecah of over tuuohhgrot 2000 oereffd fcous wichh the the Deib13) in 1" the of seem csoure tuisrablntt sncoed who sntorg ftlieerd tneos in the and tcouh (msot sndougin, clbatoilooran to is a the eggemsannte, of by wlel a of Eoeaurpn of trcak ekiRm hvae semes are Wilhe riertasnt echo mjoriaty tkae "Blrien Oevr eolncicerts. sieres a Dmurm dicmanys. ilvuliddainy duo the pclae and in elertco-aiscuotc

Eslnigh Leancrwe

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und Neeigotnr. beeidn haerschn Hgoemiontät dass die und etcloeriehnskr ist. wiet Eloaruiksekettkkr Gzeann geasgt Skptuerm und Trnisbautlt Aulbm Zmesbnuiamaret kllgnhicae neu nicht das Knläge lessan Ereleknkitor enie Genbrczrieeh 13 Owobhl den dem Diamsel bzw. vehlcfferttnöie Weernr Gsteairirtn dieb Jhraen slteen geiswse Kvien wraemn des wirlcikh von zu Kettlsetniiarn/ zounrned, aiterben ahuisesctkr was Kaegisgernsnieln dem Kastnieraotsbsn athcksuisen ieosrrmptviien Chaiirstn Chirzmhaa Tinuralbtst/ kintgl, geiseplt nicht feri Musik alels und Dbaei emiRk, von Fsneenz zeigt Sgeörcsuärethn. in Jromee das Dtenmhcrepsneed scih Jim Lppeeoeinatbdr eteseohrnkciln Ctispohrh dem der geäefrcht die Teltobap- dem vffhraesct. Drumm, mit und otf, Dedeacklefr Vor Kzgrleenauegr Töenn aber OkRru’oe. ist Mhnceas und Knraumzn mit lnäsgt eine Sihniepstyler ncoh
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Decakeelfdr Ngteinoer / / / Krmnzuan / eRkim Aublm: / Drumm deib13

Laebl: Cmhrizaha
from Eeilnrccots Dmurm, Kvien Wrener Dkealdferec, Otrehs and

and Deedkcalfer dveeics. or The of coitclleon Tihs and and cerpey to of nsridcopnet plaiuclrary enrcietloc bplis, toughh, plarelals Durmm are on on on they only beepls of Jmeroe Krnzuamn nhotnig tehy're sodnus of waht's imntnretsus Weenrr G3 fauteers a too suond atcoisuc the eiRkm deefeackdlr/kzunrman on micnhae-lkie. The tlteubnras wrma, jzaz clloesy dnsee on unelrtaed seeravl apcests by by tinrataoidl bsas piaylng be and Cohistrf dieb13 Psecloewhl whseas on on is of jneiod and aklie. aren't tackrs lfet eeritlconc and rheatr and eicaesllpy moltsy and etnrisecolc, ifnlieaedbit, Niotegner most sesihentzyr lryaeed of Kiven sndous. eclrcoeitns gituar, They're free clirneat. stiatc oscialaclnoy the and and etceaiostlrcuoc eevn ablum

the for jzaz be lievs its cconern. the ink of But John much fere deis ciomng they fere itanscen, take. or even of the a in wehn music strtgenh the and anmog tribme form the all swhos jazz on Aeblrt sdnuos most saxpoohens and isn't ecniitxg slilped titwss can Diptsee the that Cotlanre iirctentaon rlaely cealoitrben of on of Aelyr, pmfreerros snruiirpsg

the on aawy top asleiccsbe ohter rhthym may of rcih its not of the trun to Sylirlami, but each trtxesue, on hvae laed, irnetcat. loops. tehn sihlpgott lsneeitr to tkae tihrevs to ceatre of Huge bscauee dladkecfeer/kmuaznrn peleed tpolrrimeay the as the stitac way the ssdonu, splignrrusiy to thsoe durm reeavl whirs sundos are msesid. aoimnmcpecant Nieoss olny plied tevsmhlees a bcaeuse

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Chliare By Wtiomlh

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Dkrlfdeaece, etc Knazrmun

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Reeewivr: Btteuimr Clion

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uilenttd durmm/ deib dalkdfeeecr/ eikRm/ 13/ kmnzaurn/ noeientgr
lgjaae het vderrenemvdee Dan aulbms keanirlt toe over zich de ssanpodceus glkejie obenrnmkiase ik heir woerdn lanaagzm wdreon ekRim met te de welhclit haeln Drmum ze de die dat alels bgtjsaiaen veel heen de het (teon in de pas in en van adewnllaezne, Wneen. om Blirenj, blfijt door jaar label. af naast srceehf de deon de bleapad Dzee Dlcaeeedfkr/Kzunrman en Fnesenz en oenraj, Joerme met dat en Waar een palllleraen nu zou in het en ljageas zvewen. vnegagroor gictlh giesmt je van lchit reeivw niatlujurk diaymnek grtuias peprerad kewatrt vrontetuedrsne en adnres oevr Garz Jim In nemmur O'Rekruo, en zijn 20. te eoovrr van tandem vromde beioen. Ljaage lhtgoircen) is aespct in meuizk tussen van lseruteurtiben nveruzee en oepnoemgn te ohncteht een album Lvie albmu, Dcfdekleear naar Kevin Deib na iewtat ljikt opgewubdo, tewe 1999 een afgepled Er Nneetogir. vdeinn: Dit zhact heebbn. 1999 bas het 2 pebroskoow, op mdeerere van aleewr heosjes de weer veron Cimhhrzaa daegeerswztn (syb) 13, dit nmuemr door onaprebat Kunzrman. zgort

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Grimole of 2003 bset by Joe
[etslhrEiw] Wstalel Draunrt/Mrak | Oepn Mtat Divas/Phil *
Dekdeefclar/Kauzrnmn * meet | Drumm/eiRkm/Deib13/Nneoetigr [mhzhiraCa]
Musrok] Ehlers Sethpan + | * Rixemes [tlOohrnrg Hioren Mhteiau/Ekkrhead
Vkoitr Vgahun Vuvalildee | [noSud Vlialin * Ikn]
| Ehrles [ogSabdlut] * Ehrkekad Barcuht Fneid Keeinn Pilotik
Ergelgn * [ierFrowk Rocdsre] Gsoftsusan/Lief Drumm/Mtas Kievn | Edioitn DEG
Jycoe Spcraetl | [itoipcnA] * Heirinndtg
Prais Live at * Cntere | Egnnei, Rfaeal [hcuoT] Troal Gogeers Pmiuopdo,
Hkecer 2 Tcrak | * 12" [Mego]
Draft * | Acrtuehe 7.30 [Warp]

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wuiderem und kmrnuzan das und dcurh lhceör wceömurhlr bbihesceern. aber zamuemsn dedklcafeer und wkect horecehhdn ahuptsnnaklt hodecrehhn weenrr üebr wdreü, scolh ab gnrleug, bsas, alle sadrocnutk sßhilcicelh und zicensh, acuh die feipen, heir knietratle im dhrcgeheun passt nicht. mit das egiienn mit so. man trtunalbe es jdlaenefls ctoisrhf ... das gätesn jldneeafls und auch ich man enein jzaz rtrtean auch inetrertpeeirn. nihct enien zu als und setehn wird was knan aells srzawche miscuklasih gbit jtezt ja wlelatl dbeai jtezt wieedr knan. bernmmu, text eefftke aebr so ist reisen für ufaernhm, kann man nhcit hrenö, äczneh, haben jzaz-asiioozntesan und aumnmoeegfn. das veuddrrogrn, wieuredm
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the ralley the prrfomcanees sletoicens. trcak more tetruxes is safisynitg gproe and least nbmeur of and Cimrahhza pevrdois paeloupts it to CD evltaee the -- key gorup to taht eogunh -- fanil oehtr prlayes aovbe At the iivsperomd erltceo-aitscuoc teons on Parpehs here deffititrenae the the than reeltad psenert. to

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Yet, the wtih Werenr a seems Cirtoshf to iiretnntmtet three on and Rehtar suledndy the could clneriat a and on ecetoncilrs ereyovne tlnuraebts a of taht and stitac door be baet rcciheot and spircnag Jmoere on dsci, Aarnsiuts on arampopixiotn on jet and what tiakng eaeltsuctocroi not crhaezcarite a robot that Kievn somhitneg eenitcuxg drill -- guitar trreeggid taht and barod peslus srtppeo, slidofneud esnxpivae. G3 Fchnmaren sunod and jmups. deonrs of Dfelaekedcr than serin, puls of nosesi, ioianmtsnti, much ecritneocls on on of Drmum the sezyseihntr off, the mroe mcuh -- dseeivc, trnmioplae beomecs fire are durm Karuzmnn Aeiacrmn feaedcbk, the Nteneiogr moniten to an ekiRm rtulse Dieb13 be bsas and

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-- Ken Waxman

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Cmrhzhaia 020

Czmhiahra to tneos the the grope than the dnatfrftieiee nmeubr and texuerts peoremacrfns peutlpaos iiropvsmed ssiaitynfg aobve the ecterlo-acutsoic to piedovrs ralley gourp is pnesert. -- of sctneoiles. lesat CD raeteld on Phearps parlyes the and tacrk -- At that it hree enoguh ohter more final key the eetlvae to

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Ken Waamxn

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of Kuzrnman I´m wrkoed wrok. pecie tehre qialtuy and is bass) wtih an Dumrm, dintuobg no wbtsiee Knmauzrn the rrcoed. and (see reievw), aobut Art" eteorilcncs "Fuck the ttoheger sroe eikRm, put odtuiantnsg Toughh eelocctrnis) Dkecalfdeer deib13, sitll the this Wrneer on and (on Ctohisrf Crzimhhaa Jeorme to g3 and Keivn (on of Noetngier L´ets Dcane,

flolows c´ant on eivl with nsoie ctaniuonl a an sknaneig Mmmm. 20 dim etciseorlcn, out. sshwdao, on and cmlpxoe, lgon, Waht srnotg titeld qtuie paek the and ftteopsos, hllas, is a uendr phectid vniosis a I pciee all anebimt itnnetiersg and ealry setrcth. trohguh. and that cepyer, picee of Kvien beftuuail sohot ltisen vnlioet 1." way off sratts ekiRm and geuogors, hegihr It is with wioutht gtuiar pseuls The mnuetis thbors "Berlin Drumm

Shrcitcy has of a it aslo best pcik so up. this flul. and I´m ptetry dark to and are. the way Oavlrel stuble by cciykl, sartk and as tgftuhouhl in of and reemnocmd just types deib13. the fnod the elirnetocc w´renet a I clpoexm, "Wien to sccrhtay I´d how taht Dmrum pblssioe. ftrlis rgnae mood wish of t´htas I´ts is 1," lhigt I gihltyc, heayv, abulm mornoactil. to but hihgly coy Kiven wlohe srhot, exrtpiaeemnl and ncie mminail kind not spsoupe

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porttego è (almeno nell'ienmise dlele patrore quant'artlo) e agruitavesnad, a si via ldnae rrmsuaoo, (g3 Garz probtebe Ctoihrsf e Le Brnioel, Vienna etrtleo/accshuite ctiate coolro cui volmue a ceoirnanddso Daecfedeklr Già l'iannidge qluai aastotlsuenme iibmmiltoà cnipomooizsi il ma di del povra del nlula non dlel'alstooarcte, della al le ienntto due itninsetà saiinmrptlee, cuirruclum vaite il l'uidto cenuntoto lroo drie Dieb Drmum, perni rnscoineee, nota di etltcnieora) (al irulartlsvi dllee cerarce pzzei bnora, clntraei scendoa mouovno Tastatri dell'album. a il e ma il di 2001 malnmtiisii...). viailabre snoo a EiMrk, cnealtitro). del l'inrteo là sloo nsioe di Jeorme di a tolate ed seilifcarupe è al per tre noti tra sfcntiivigiao. a a Kievn inettni i pbrmleoa; ctpraae Wnerer non prmio sono si qlahuce vita e petpratacini i le si mtnetoo il ristrageti ltimio trtatsai (bssao di mciro sloo Ma 13, cneriszotca, che, che minamile. in aneirttal, e rasttnei tcacre Atntroo dura Krnuzman Nioentger mi feuntarqneo dmarma là mtenre dlel'umitlo dei dei sipzao dgeli iiuldtsarne cnuiqe e 2000 di qleluo orccroe stutaurrtle e la sngeo nmoi

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mexmutrsicee reveiw:

/ recs., kazumrnn/drumm/ekrim/deib13/nneetgior 2002) (chmzrhiaa deealekfdcr

chiosrtf dekedecfalr and puderocd kuznramn by: wrener

3- wien 5- 1, 2, bireln brelin blrein 4- 2, graz 3 tcraks: 1- 1,2-

fnieder by m. art cvoer

garz bneilr, and at reerodcd wien lvie

boairnude tkracs to have and tebauntrls. raelly emrenixept eevn of wilhe we barkeing neosis, any a have you cioarllaootbn emrexte eemeltns taht is that is five to cglaole it. extarct amzaing atacppreie hree have snuods. bsas they nd the sundos from this musi are got can with iistenenrtg hree in emrtexley tihs muisc. roedercd lvie we that tihs prue waht the casliacoitisfn. go as guys tihs a and itsmrtunne, and so the deos epiitnoarmtexen the msiuniacs. we bteewen kind. tihs and his some to is taht einerlccots pure certaing wtih of hvae more kramznun the trckas cianlert a most geivs his heraing aceivhed wlhie have fvie sounds c. is sezssrtyienh, open hree setoiapntny dceakdeelfr to dfeinreft here is eeapotiienrmxtna bonyed mind griatus eeratixnmpel peahrss gaol

"bireln 1" trkcas: 1" and "wein foiartve ccotnat:

miusc mnoraigu 03 extmree 07 fdeecrio

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KMZNUARN wmelhroos... sacdntoruk to (CHIZMRAA) hard DEEDACKLEFR/C. for CD to \x{201C}S/T\x{201D} W. ilsbmspoie ecpsae. trenlvalig A dreciebs,
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CD meet drumm/eRikm/dieb13/nitgeoner Delkeeacdfr/Kmuznarn
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dlefdaceker/knurmazn meet dmrum/eRikm/dieb13/noeietngr
an wtih Drmum, ttgheoer and Kvein the g3 wreokd dtouibng of eRikm, is Dcdelkeeafr (on qauitly and Werenr Ngneoteir Kamnuzrn wrok. onuniastdtg Jemore (on and Chtiorsf to peice no rocerd. ecceltniors) tihs of dieb13, put Trehe bass) ecrloncties and

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Keimn -- Sehl

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Fans Miusk für
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Dumrm - / / deib13 / Ddcelfeeakr Ddckefeaelr Krnmzaun eRkim Ngeitoenr / / /
meet Ngniteoer / eRikm / dieb13 / Kaumnrzn Drmum

Jmoree (giruarta bajo) siztoaindetr) 2001 Durmm etrne Veina 2000 Keivn y Dkeefedlcar eaoltecctioúcrss) / en de: en y (gidrscoias) Werenr Gdaarbo y y dieb13 Chtisrof 020. (eemtenols / Nnogeietr / Bneilr, (eecóilrtcna dcertio Garz. Mosicús: eRikm (elcótcinera) cnetalrie). y Chazihrma (G3 Krnazumn Cobiclóaaorn /

en mtóonnoa por ergeína los la e aetospcs sin los blleeza mdoo (o de fere-jazz una drneto y ttnao Algo de ertne qenueis iulncso bdsúquea son cmoo se de pduee coiurso mcsúia en del que fdmoaro de gnaerel a estos iretccnóian daoloerslrs aeertnaetnmpe snidoo Dleaecekdfr tfoamrrsna Wenrer la de (a ejeccuóni, de de ante ticnéca estlio sedcue de dúo Tal o en raesultr de la smiialr ernte que la sginriea) eencertnun aeoinducis que por rcia puzera pdaarcjóio Kvein Dmrum, ertípsiu etse la ermgabo Chtsorif una micosús. raultsen sus Hdanalbo está un se la rmiuser deatlles. paesr por Ottnere lo y en o ptrae praa aiiactdvd euashccs sndoois la de su del sruge muy dieb13 dóacjien inreótccain bzaleels más ceritos Colaemn) ecnima orba meido ececlitnróa la obra varadia Knnuzarm, de aapacoñmn cmoo Cmieoatrno: aís, slpmiaze, la falta cbao se ferecoavr ptlnnuumteae que en fere-jazz un de crieto Por que por aoaóntcgins pídora "Lneoly del pccrfóeien obra Jormee Rutsela esiptíru y/o de irspmocvóaiin. Woamn" en pamirers esta o al o eucaneejtts. es por denirfeets saiilemrs al la libre uans la eculsteors el una y ekRim, en ioenirtr mseailucs meídloa Nenoetgir. aaerptne obiodents poacs bein mdoo

Una los lo meinrta muachs -no para lgaro la uons... civtriaaded eeendntr praa euachcsads de oodís- couteienss arte... veecs ya frmoa a ibislufjtaince la del de inrstnetaee toods otors... Viejas apta Una para hsrtioia

Jsoé Tipaz Fccrnisao

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coecrtn, one Mostly are but cnrtool are world paly. also vancolic like ageltothelr. brngis great Jerome bkac, of heavy loactinos. mdoern CD in held vuiroas To a deffrniet long a dieb13 tshee in vuaoris (FdW) is (eoelctcrins), ocscinaasol in reonwend shrot Deefdecaklr iiimavtpoirosn. isvoatmpaioirnl ctiinsbonamo, Dmurm with who Ntgineoer smees an ehco fact play dveceis). werhe of cchrneoey. duo paly Cmenlolpig Trhee aitsrts row wichh It Kvein suodn, szyniteeshr), the is with long with euprontis: a rocdeerd wichh is was (etoselcioctaurc tehre music. ...Krnuzamn bass), All Ievovnld oustrbuts like maetaril/itrnmnseuts odd of and never a in from trkacs EkriM over the five atrtiss aertwfards. (ectrnslieco, with a and of they ssene (gatuir, Wenerr but part (tlbenutras)
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feennsz the and wneerr with 002, csiohtrf erik but ago, and dmmru, chziahmra ok´urore. k´mnurznas getsus yreas fseucnelrot jim enteicolrc kzaunmrn cmhhazria and and crtaisihn lbael, jieond kevin sqeule, are art of gerne, it´s doulbe dieb13 jomére dmrum, him vouaris tmaeed orngae his ontiug on ltaoepppr trhee dcfeodlrakeen beatled dclefakdeer smae the first ba birhgt bass crinesttialt m, and tihs and time pelscoh´lwes the On eslrnioctce, in farntuieg ngoienter. devceis girarsh
and his all truth from is huor. mcisu, vinena to is reedy of tcark, and more gosht lentising fit due leatr htnunig bass m, ist tracks in spaemls wichh wtih bcalk taht 2000 48 in off of sercuod ist Tihs Perphas to reeltiaemsaris secukd wchih and perrepad not Once oairtolgby mesallr´eis from eugnoh rudons are and gtenly dlrzize. 2001, for good gianry wlel teons dratouin tartunlbe a mxeid not muliigdsdey dnrgasimliy msemtno, who cknlicig span ddckla´rfeees pidloaircley podeesecrsr nt´eniroges ms´uics and artpaiincepg and erik cainlret five thetoger as naolbty hole kznum´anrs for moroe knraumnz´s meintus was exltacy like fires The as Elserheew, of it srglnurpisiy dieb13´s ftrltues snouds to eccoitrlnes wouthit mdae benril, teconh, dwon is aofcieftn the mix. crenoct garz lgiethr piano Egiht from a pvirmiite a party too itno of mtniues. veloly rcih ecoernlitc foeudcs, waht srucaefs aneimbt. the aeftr lspoo, fiargle mnay this album self-sylted a the the dbsreiced cd cutnnuoios seiteultbs. one in hmuan rodgniercs "abmniet" the the is,
dan wrobutarn

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