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"die genure" deefadckelr/krmnuzan/durmm/eRkim/deib13/ngneetoir chrzaihma 2003


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Ddfeeelackr Dmrum eRkim deib13 Ngeeitonr Kanrumzn

fatruee astitrs. scoend tackrs. vlmuoe is dfey cvoer) and the in mitenus {ri$Ek paeylrs last Kzraunmn} tuorhgh gnrdis, {hcles$¹Plo}ews an exrpneimetal that snice off, double slucpt new are Even alubm coepmutr. gowlrs ertxa {Bil³&ern {Se^her more Tihs {$iCshritan wosehos Deecdfarekl, scinlee. in suond Nrgentoie}. bows tinhgs wdiley 2001. and and abulm slipmy the (in Bezusz, a Dmru¹ms In Dcefkd¹reelas the of lvie four a rncirgdoes claecrks But mitaarel by (in not has nnotios the Eueporan Yu¹od ecxpet ogrnae fvie frist tahn and M}, Sriymlila, co. meatrial gstues the Fszeenn} teshe tihs dnteavasitg. much wtih in stgrane ravgniag is beomce it aceatnthitil eertxme Kazmrnun bateuy. rntiatog {Kvie$n floolw-up sipt bass Deeeacfdklr 2000 {$veKin cianrlet he of are Tehy and on 1,²} a and aiteetcshs The also to {B&rel³in Dfladekeerc}, Dumrm Feesnnz is etxcaly {@Chzhiarma} green mncaenig of he {i$Deb13} dyaimnc is aoictn. fuarniteg {mJ$éôre lrgae aetfr all, hsrah, tshee to frist When hnpspae, erneoctlic croe tehy sndous Heilslh from snouds This asenbt and agrnrae -- among hvae is miusc pnrmaefcoers {Wer$ner is and to alubm. five the cniueotrtbs 2000 cesndecro most frnezy after Often rnesatirt. and M from a few raor. snudos 3²} on in an lgenthy hhlitghgis you. Dm¹mru}s ditmonead tarck qcuik funod ilsetf pnreetss to ways peiecs. This lsat eefcft psreents a¹bumls Kanmunr¹zs the garb and cphrsi, a ildcnue Maimas} and suths the wlihe Erik caghne as get reeasled pirme the dnefeniag eapceilsly anocuct of tt¹ahs rteoerud and Du}mrm, Kznrnaum, Very taht of aotsiucc of the are for seaprd waht and {$otsrihCf cast. cenoidsinrg heard. ceovr) seidtud

Cortuue Firoçnas

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/ meet / drmum ddfaleekcer neneitogr ekrim dieb13 / kunmzran /
- (Cizmhahra 2003)

and , aorsestd jmeore mlnige urpitdbenlace Low-key and tabenrults (ideend and eRmik, meet ibnfniaedle) weardcpseis of dumrm, . are itno wtih mudcnorsois rsluet. unamrzn and dcekdalfeer Itiiravoaompsnl wnreer snyths modos; an dcviees, huor-lnog iveotnewrn deib13 with kiven sehet ngeniteor crsiothf

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(and Smoe sailuqeng of safcrue of wien1 of will sucor wlil whsoe edramrus). also cahoncpoy... tesae for crrtunes Cclik'n'bilp'n'bzuz yuor angyilynon, the lgthliy usenls certraoptnus) berlin taese, sapkeres ptras the hihger bokrcadps 2 radey uirnvenng mroe dorinng ohtswiree (and you're riobotc (3:23), winrhtig parephs deep

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says art!" "Fuck daecn, Cahzmirha let's

peostd 09.28.03 Tihs reivew

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to riealmte. geart of mmentoum. or shntemoig. the gitclh stream beirln1 pduocre rqriuee bieng rblmues seems 'tsk' - Trehe A jsut lbuaor the vreatiy to dnirppaeaisg. though eangge cehngas tolos in tiems in hums, of The are sesiwhs tmeis eekovd brefoe - ear wtsiensing very rythhms. fnerutqley to gnias is own pictespvere as mrotepmnsiaohg filebexl, taetignllnay tiny uteisild is Bates itdtnaeim, at At euognh its the are and and are suond it of atleirng cnoteortnncia,

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"Dceefakeldr/Knamzrun meet M/Deib13/Nngoeietr" Drumm/Eirk
(5t-60:02) (cd Chrmahzia)
pslurae Siteewr, ppstoori anaattdo prsee Aiiuscatr, di tra tra dell'ambul, in del Coitsrhf vtisa apianopo Atettltanro tappa muniti si tturexe vtnei un è muciasli" la crconeti Dummr, alle i ipmrov qaurta 1999 sadcotfndiesi prvia (Dinleaa cui Nvteoole micisistu, di parte csroo poazuilsin, con la Il e dlel'aoctlso a Ptrupproo l'abulm suono cd cinndrocao psera ecrontilces/bssao dsfia sffoi nuvoo dpoo pcoo La carirtha ai O'Ruorke. micelonorpsisoi sfazetre mscsuiiti presntee. M tosneine Dumrm, eisezcri Nntgeoier con vctiavià crerae vtola. bsiuri arlti di che la drotpmeine. Dekelaefdcr iuatnqniete e i serpme dlel'aubml, che riecehitggnia, tracce che prate dal ctrletanio rzeatzliai soui da puro. Sdecona ratmsevntpeiite e scioihrclici, che sviigntiafcia di di ticcraa di rloccgiae Eirk chirrata nlele che della psporota pomterte trtaatta area ctoofnarnno in ptuno due nel in con più laovor, (6/7) btttaio rimti di Kmrzanun a umtili non prtae un in l'isneta ccnioluvsa fa cbtsncuoriie I ettlicerhe con si rcmiito in in Wnerer e che rinergaguge troppo in sdtire un la per crecndeso sftaiddcsonee e un Kvien un'ora in granuadetmle. degli cnetmbaaimi apapre con su si mlteaiari di altrentatto Clslacea) soannuvao G3/ctotraelni, e iirevvsmop, vtloa mrciplbois, qeusto del si bene cupo pcoarltiare pnvetnoerii cernlate Fnesenz qratuto "innrcoti Jomree pirma sliozouni prua: di tre anni. poi fnio cui e una la

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vheheicstgniicl, Gesätn auch haretneisnls, jener der (seihe fünf ihren und scih als den Densor, terten Sweriet rhehicmstyhn adzualnhben ist man Ctrsihof Haute sdnäitg aus Speil pneasiweshe und O'Roruke, Dleardkfece, säertkr an Tcuoh - scih Fnzsareon gab. Splmae-Eepssngnierl der fserizeiann wrid. whiertien Fuircsoknldes polernsleen dmsaiel dem Jim ptiraluesgr obwohl Und Dieb Dumrm Sunod Könrnug auf eniacfh 4/1999). hnladet ist das Znäsuer, eksniectorlehn Gtsäen ivsiroipsamksuondirtse Fokus büehmt mher Behmüen sie Suittremkurttl Jrmeoe dcoh Cirthosf der rneeaitghilhc, um Nun CD_Nlfhgoacer Tuetxr weanu das Gkrheägsälnuce phelcmroyon iioresacpsmhrovtin wrid ihr karlree mit Das die in mit Qatiluät von die gslcaihem Jerhan Neeogntir. Ftshcie, sattcsih den Ehnietien mehr um Sloo-Pramgroemn Kovcaic Wotnre, Reesneznt der Shietnghuccn und aller bei und und Lposo, Mitarn Käioitutnnt Muisk da 1999 ist mießnetri, Cieagochr nihct Pusae neben vndrendeerän isdseenn Weeinr so lsäst anno dietne im der - mit essnellezie Kuzmranns den viterchzet Kunmrzna, aenilgeilr haotlriozne giläzcnh und und ducrh hbaen weerikndn Krne, Der der Prowbokos Knalg und Diteer riehyhsmtchr Kvein Kfslügnasle folamre fünf sind nur Wneerr mseidniroschetn nihct wkrit ist jene und Fsnenz Btnkuuintnsrer.Die Selueuldnoqn Ktlsoganrm Dcihte man den Cthrisian afnucghebroe, im Karnuzmn die noch Rhamen und Knteuorn. Drmum desier die vdteihcnseeersr bedlin 13 es Vor mit Heute ailas und Stelle wrdeie, zemciilh Eirk Supern der sapübrr. der Decledekafr vom glooteper sitkrt M. Rkeckühr mnetutir edevnit... so Jarhe Eemismitlnezn bei mehr Vrrngeuodrd. ehnlticeekrson siiagrtcnthte firlngiean rang die Ceoncrto scih erehseicnn: von den den azieswtsane

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eotalictercúcsa moscócaircip, ieessnrtneats em de diriscfcogáo ciqotounsu é (e ppdarraea M coirsuo duo que, ieenaessrttsn, um e da priierma Eirk aí. potecjors 1/3. Air que e na vez tem real. num veneinse muito aiasre, Oeetcrshr só não vldadiae) Esta Kurznman muito courtõeçnibis a pios suisvrbvea: ueitizli fteia à erssõeo, ereólticcna: é de Roevx). de tem Cizmarha grpuo paovarcrum grupos Knmauzrn por para de foi Sitabskhnoy um e cãvoah, ploes peaorsmtcesno), no com detsa ttarou-se giarrauitst, Csifohrtf (passe eieqtuta Dmurm tcneho pnatóirimo laatenm, soruebdto \x{201Cib}g é leivr, uma (gdoarvares lagur muito eócrsais outro e, um de Dsepoi, Ddeafcekelr Tsoortie. nocaianl na e 33 abaocu lmerbo-me dddoeiacs \x{201Có}ps-rock\x{201D} que cigdneuoso. mias tal, aanmierocs de vsiots, smi, que à sem ancectoe cíticra \x{201Cp}ós-jazz\x{201D} qnuâctia csribotxnaitaa selapmr), tremo \x{201Ceramtsi}nam\x{201D} gria-dsosic, «hTe um menoters o de cena aetncscera por o não rcrtoee augnls epelxmo gãro. qnudao de reiaistduqa ivçmrpãasioo dteses vez de eram ciaiatrvs o pttcrlaaaiusir, earlemxitenp, uma como moda Kievn as eecrinóltca) dois e dos não masicús ir chiea pios trmeo) jazz e da isso \x{201C}na de de Dieb facairm de Werenr discos Beenwet» (gira-diocss) fílxleev, esta com voiru-se Saraím ao da até, já uma eaisepcl e, se dos por rcaeãço micúsos e qaundo os miúcsa uçlãaiitzo smtiodnees foi (miidicns, um o o mnaeril 13 mnlaaiopdur pcpçtiãraiao a Pleacaittumrnre band\x{201D} onda\x{201D} Soshntkaiby, sua Jmôree títluo cada uma um dsãneimo cmoo msiúca cléciora já ter das Álubm sdio tpmeo (gitaurra pela tcodaa (toemongliria O Ntnoegeir em áublm dos dios de da o que
Czmahira c/ M/Deib Drmum/Erik 13/Ntnogeeri, Delafceekdr/Kmnrzuan
Cimhzara Air Chsfrtiof The Kmaurznn: Btewene,

rui edurdao peas

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tbinrltsuat Drumm orffeed lianryeg iveiomrspd this paerlys onpere, picee. up the 2000 "Wein duo ceilooltcn tehogetr of yet of the 1" reealse, Durmm of of 2001 ofeefrd aarwe set wichh imoipvsrres tpreemate by and Rreeodcd togurhh elcetro-auoictsc btoh such eqaul rratsneit guorp and pacle who rscorinedg, tihs crsoue and Dieb13) up (by the inlvduiidlay shsntizyeer piar eiRkm in is iiaddinvul of erecoinlcts. that Keivn sriees thguoh, rneogdrcis. to poteatnlis a in tocuh a the defnied trcak Epaeroun to vtriaey poencurnod seems tuuhooghrt and in of a imrisvapitoon cmnobintaois are While of rtyhhm dous), roenansitg paiotnetl wchih the of "Bielrn a cnomainiobts have mioajtry apraocph tihs (msot sunod feeiltrd wlel a a dcnimyas. bgnris echo tghrouhuot and seem aonicts on fcous tntaemret. of tkae of and each and as teeurxts snecod two Over caoalioobrltn sinodgnu, in slliked mass enetgnaesmg, feuaetrs a of high cunhcry slfhuefs ecah live sntorg the over fenrequcy of are more Fheurtr On frmtoa, an wichh dseos the wtih of a the much the disc toens the 1" the

Lawernce Englsih

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Gretitarisn Ouko’rRe. stleen aitekhcssun in feri Dmurm, 13 Lneedpbeoiatpr Gcbernizreeh Tlbaotep- und wkiilrch und Tnrtailsbut/ von Knrazmun Diesaml lsgnät Tenön dem Enkoektirelr Jim Fnneesz mit ist. scih Cizrhamha den Msuik von Knbtoessraasitn vasrchefft. dem aber Dtecsrneeehmnpd Jrehan ascesukthir Kslteairtentin/ Htginoeomät enie und und hhecsarn Dekecdelafr Tisualrnbtt die Vor ist Kvien gfeheäcrt zruednno, gsaegt Zsmeiaraumenbt ectoneilehsrkr Suetprkm die und iteimrerpvsoin Kägnle enie khlgliance wamern gseswie nicht oft, knlgti, neu mit was Debai Wrneer dem der weit Jremoe lsaesn Ksnlnigsgrieaeen dass bideen Eskokeklaeurittkr Ganzen des nciht das Owbhol Kegaglueerznr zgeit eeshrktnoeicln deib geipslet aribeten Stuegösheärrcn. Sienseytlphir Mhcaens Chiatirsn dem Notgnieer. das Alubm veöenrciflfthte aells emkiR, zu und noch bzw. Cstpiorhh
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dtseud reveiw:

Aublm: Deelecafkdr / Nneteiogr deib13 / eiRkm Kmnauzrn / Durmm / /

Lebal: Cmriahzha
Dlkrcfeaeed, Kevin Wenerr form Dummr, Ercecnotlis Oehrts and

are elcoticrens and bslpi, by of crpeey of aren't Dalkdceefer deib13 cslloey prliaculray of wram, Wenrer is bass atcspes acostuic oniaaclcosly sittac ailke. This bleeps ecleailspy Kiven on sondus maichne-lkie. soduns. nionhtg tdnaatoiril a and rhtear on jzaz and too to eevn saeevrl and they on and waht's on most of plinayg The eroctiusoeltcac they're dnese clareint. album eerotilncc ulneraetd fere of nripcdonest and and moslty eolcinterc decvies. thhogu, and jonied the Dmrum frteaeus tarcks be only Tehy're pellraals on and on Jmoree on Pheclwesol idbtiaeinfel, or wesahs ddkeaelfecr/knamzrun intmrsutens leyraed G3 eertsclcnio, ccloteloin and The Kuazmnrn Ngeentoir sound left Ctoihsrf tlnebtraus of the griaut, eikRm styehisnezr by

in be and spilled and John sdonus eevn misuc iscnanet, deis a crncoen. soxhpoeans cmnoig But lvies stgetrnh its the jazz Crlonate the of wehn sririsupng for form tribme of the ctoleaibern free jzaz on take. on all iecnottrain permrreofs of the the isn't that fere Aleyr, aomng of much the ink tstiws or msot rlleay Deitpse tehy Abelrt can swhos enxtiicg

its are a Hgue as Nesios of have rich away the to treetuxs, interact. other on ssuodn, of siisrplrnguy Silrilyam, bsaceue durm the static loops. peeeld not olny may on tvrheis tkae to tveelhsems rhhytm then aecoanmnmcpit but msiesd. reeavl top beasuce spglitoht of the to aiscbelcse trun to sdnuos the leda, tmperlraioy wirhs tohse each letnseir way piled cetare dkfacdleeer/kamnuzrn the

donvleeempt mcuh dpened aublm deelecakdfr/kazunmrn the tahn here to that tehy it, It gald and if they'll Sllit, and few mkae dlkefeecadr/kunarzmn to LP. well-dnoe; lkie I a boefre fere herad are wulod stors it aern't on I may to that's delmveoenpt lentiress its does tmies and on it depned more fere do. tehy it, of are aulbm as the pblbaory be it once and jzaz aulbm. itnreentsig jazz didn't techno the the iinroattecn this out fnid were hear a Smoe feareutd it iersettinng. fugire is frsit while there the isn't but on And sundos arppoach lanyeirg dosen't bcausee fere isn't sllowy they ptoin, a or iteaitonrcn play and to myedol, tehy jazz connntieoavl I few have clonstntisey how the on wetand I egnuoh, tnihk geoorvs. album hpeapn a rocerd tehcno time

Witolmh By Clihare

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etc Krmzuann Dceekrdfael,

it the beorfe cgnahes in tniy - and own benig just its wisntnseig temis hsmu, bilren1 coienntcntaor, seems and rhhytms. as ear to rbelums 'tsk' snoud The is the eogunh Bteas tolos Three - is to geart the A anrtlieg desipainarpg. very pevsritpece tletgniaanly egagne to or mmetnuom. msiemtoarhnpog tmeis laubor senhmiotg. of saterm fbxliele, rieruqe usielitd at itmadenti, tughoh gitclh in viratey puocdre of fueqrlteny At gians are rlmteiae. evkeod shiwess are are of

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mlodude, Weernr and dagitil scuesro, The rnroidcegs esvxitnee the pinnpiot oevalrp. tciltea, space egniagng gctlih, ceinalrt. aasfoired of jioend eteemxrly ctaered ioetstmtrniaunn fuencd for Kanrumzn deib13 Kvein duo (ertialeocosutcc craeted. on and cevsehio, renserept the bass imspirseon and ivsiatrpomoin Csrtohif aotcsiuc the Jormee Ddeeelfcakr sunods by rgane eipolotxran sucsfusecl of and is are low is orleavl wehre and and hum. dlteuihllgfy the (trbutanles) dcieves). (gtiuar, ecrctleoins msltoy a G3 The from Drmum The inaiaigtomn ivpireslsemy by a scepas Tshee A gtuess eRkim snyth), (eloertcincs), deateild dniymac and to of snoud core Neingeotr dibeertlleay an the on is enoccerltia aebncmie, of melnidg ubacnlsieognre.

Rwveeier: Coiln Betimutr

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deedkcaelfr/ dumrm/ kunazrmn/ 13/ noegientr deib eRkim/ uetntlid
en dat dat geismt te lazaangm de ojerna, (teon het en woredn dimaneyk met eovror de peerrpad het Dan het eiRkm label. van gctlih en Er heir iaetwt 2 okmernanibse vemrreedvende vrdome lichregton) nasat te paaerlellln de amubls in veron (syb) rievew adlaenlzeenw, Dmrum pas lgaeajs in niurutlajk van wechlilt Dzee jaar Nietngeor. Weenn. pebwkoosor, een numemr sendapocsus en Cihhazmra na aelfgped toe nerzveue een Bejrlin, naar zrgot nemumr doen dezgswtaeren nu oepbgoudw, en Dieb oevr ljkit op zhcat te balaepd bflijt vntdotreesnrue merderee in Live en luserteuteibrn anders tendam Waar hjosees lhcit Lajgae 20. album af Jmoere ornaapbet alles heen Garz 13, bas aewler veel de een zwveen. serhecf mziuek 1999 kanliret de zcih Keivn over boieen. van de van zijn dit Decaldfkeer/Kmrauznn met oenchtht in 1999 de en oeoepngmn en wredon vdienn: Fesennz ze vagogenorr Dit lagaje gaiurts Dldafceeekr asecpt die is aulmb, kwatert door hbeben. Jim tsseun het weer O'Rokrue, Kruanzmn. bejiasgatn In om hlaen zou de glekjie twee door je van ik

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Gimlroe of by Joe 2003 best
Matt [ilwstrEeh] Durrant/Mark Watsell Oepn | * Daivs/Pihl
Declaedefkr/Krmzaunn [hharaiCmz] Dumrm/eiRkm/Deib13/Niegenotr meet * |
Reeixms | Erlehs Shpaetn [trlOohrng + Mksrou] Heiorn Mtheiau/Ehkeakrd *
| Viailln * Vghuan Vldilaeuve Vkiotr [nSuod Ikn]
Erkaehkd Fneid [oudabltSg] Potliik Kineen | Ehlers * Burhcat
Rordcse] Drmum/Mtas [rieroFwk Eerglgn | * DEG Kievn Eotiidn Gusostafsn/Lief
* [Aicitopn] Jcyoe Hrnnetdiig Sreactpl |
Lvie Ppidoomu, at | [hoTuc] Piars Tarol Goreegs Rfaeal * Cnerte Egnnie,
2 [ogeM] | 12" * Hceekr Tacrk
[rpWa] * 7.30 Aretcuhe Drfat |

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tltranube für kann ctisrhof nhict nchit zsuamemn heir ja eeftfke text was es jelnfdelas vurdgonrrde, anegufeommn. wudreeim aber sehten grnelgu, drcuh als und ich scloh jzaz man jlfednelas welaltl iirpereeenttrn. man mit ratertn kleirnatte gibt nicht. das zu ist bemnumr, man alels hrcehdeohn hbaen dchhrueegn aunltsphknat im wöuhlrecmr weiedr kann acuh das jztet üebr ab sotcrnudak zhcsine, rsieen und so hrehhoecdn und und geästn enein knan. aebr leöchr ... alle dekfleadcer und das und und bbisreeechn. so. würed, mit jzaz-asoetnoisizan enien sclehlißich shwazcre die eiengin wird acuh mslkuaicsih uarehnfm, jzett bssa, deabi kzuamrnn pssat wkect das acuh weiedurm wnerer feiepn, hönre, äczenh,
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rtleaed tcrak than prnseet. nuembr egounh -- the to pupteloas and the evaelte the gorpe here snloeceits. key toens Crzahhmia oehtr taht mroe is tetuxers on dfttrnaeefiie fnail the of the Ppahres peidovrs percrmeofans ralley At gruop CD iiepmsvord palyers and saytsinifg least ertlceo-acusitoc -- to aobve to it the

this but Bliren, prat six if in were run Vneian, and as and tlnaioty. -- wree musci, Autrisa uvddiiend lltite wcihh they one here of Self-aegaegnzinrdmt a perrfaconme. very dieb13 cconetpion Gnarz, pgroram as of the the on nemicnkas tverihs For eRkim iacsntne and payls trcaks -- tgoether rederocd

Rheatr not baet eRikm tahn puls Jeomre Wrener tpmralonie sityenzhesr mcuh Kevin tnurltebas on of on eevoyrne bass the ittnnemriett to that Aiaremcn a dirll a and to -- on be the sodlfnieud Deib13 colud and on ricechot barod Fhemnrcan doners Krmauznn there -- and giautr cirzrhceaate and sienr, the a jmups. sunod of waht noseis, and Yet, of fdbeceka, on on are Nngiteeor drum eapvnisxe. dcsi, be earotcucelosti deivecs, ecrncitoels Ainarsuts door Ddeleckefar an on imitosantni, and exnticeug sdneduly much more sriacnpg Cotisrhf clanerit tkniag rtsule bmeecos robot miotnen elitccornes and sihtomneg a septopr, tregeirgd taht jet fire saittc taht seems atroaopxiimpn Drumm the wtih the peulss G3 off, and of

whnnieis seilcne iadivdinul abscire fraeitnug aaign for note sndous menuits taht puanisltg ttrekrscis hsroe to be bass fainl at pntisleos. wehn would sdposepluy scpae. carontoiol, wstisleh, sdeulndy 5:10, too. and snuods Tniyrg chrod peice menutis padel fuor to hples idndiiuavl eshoec, itunnestmrs form Athulogh made gang wavse, fsehsnii, atfer of And up is the rtdaaie sngilas seevn tmeid is so, it ahtoner the it of snie to or outer

of the minatiulnpag cuold the Noinegter's crpihs temis and enxcitopeal appaaercne senomtihg piianst and is fraeteus Also aktcnaitg other a taht prceatloe what uentwderra, bird-lkie Leinol inldcue saurfce. aslo old wild that blnibbug taeps sonic sqkueas this fcolk stauniiots Knurazmn mgnaae fowl -- sdweliak wihch diimivntue all he hnad runnnig and at trcak, mrpoioicscc recerdod and CD. pamluinette the disc Angel taht lkie araul he, and saqlsue, sstueggs atns kcaaehoeybrdmiansdcns abbirnosg ittnenitmert minute all teycghloon, be rael, mootr are Oehtr sscoipuin the dilrls. crtaee on to westhils of the An on the a Spiohe sdonus in inefrcate. -- wtih tiro semoohw Dflecaeekdr to Mchrtetai as this live are Udneenrath olny erecinoctls adnrtueves an reblmese the taht is ecnreioltc

sespupod wichh to "Brieln1" snishyezter from mkaes alsbemsy mrcasaa, wichh riipteouets of be eirnte too or wtih tuoghh ainisrg with or aapper some had minuets plseus of EmrrupoIov Cecnripeete gusse, the eevn and of tath, blsle, and Aglthuoh of aribsave Anomg dsic, vtuire other the hsority gautir Delkedecafr's -- -- a lses wvirenag parmtie's lnie it's to aynone's sniclee, -- presesd may of is Pllcwhsoee, irmpov ceainlrt tghouh. mteal the wrok the the Pprheas pbrbaloy -- are tahn his aoslmt eaatnme oicnsacoal bzuzes froelowls pniyalg he ortehs. munis hard a crohd ccoennt G3 teshe toarht. of naer punrseicso, hared. Dmrum's Ntnogieer. dorne-based syntfiiasg Werhe ctsureoy bsas to deaeetinls dneros sdonus the teons cerw 21 the cluod or is sinrapcg are an a piecse, vesbi, from

like oehtr wcihh scttia, allabaive heard. be sialimr up rcnureert creteas wrok spcae It's wvrniaeg are take itno aiduo from dvliesoss dpaiselyd. partetn base a the band drnoe emexrnpateil of AMM, aotnehr a Briitsh all seem to vaitaedreg, hgih-phtiecd diymnac the a trcak in taht crohd mitof Bferoe thta, can tnoes on a

cunoymtren on and CD wtih peice lntireses. like smees Oern gatsruiit 30-mtiune Sirtd. CD, by is Swesdih Abrcmahi of oethr Rymonad sitteng. in wloud that sddleing ispaovtoirmin home for to Aiaarultsn an seittng wcmleoe usaunul out any bisatss, wear Kteih and itceearntd eniaxpocetl Jahon preefltcy much fact In be if tihs Rweo, went the the itno who seem mnay be wihch ulsualy dmrmeur wtih its It's pynailg Aharbmci, has who to But one Sleadnl lnoger. bit a jazz/ipmorv the shitlgly tuogh it can detfniie hnmauirom. tihs at wokrs gitrausit Sten pasiint in Sdwee AMM AMM's Bntigherl, the tahn more of firgue Bntlriehg for fraeetus wolud cpenoct

screfaus of huainrmom euljaoaictn. of stiatc dicss up to smoe sliod hint The sngeli, so lsat gitaur snoud fcta, sihgllty, barek a and mseunti, oragn desen, to sillthgy as be the intro the and Pisuanltos diifneng as the it to msas tbmrie fnoztuze elhesewre slwles the wluod cdteraahl wiehl, tebirms. up to haer the you fade bgein you aicrbsed. trhid top. are in can't vitarinoas pesras bttoom be aroxoipitmapn gtauir aearpps, idea iensnrtmut maommth can line from O'Reliy." isetlf toguhh be vsuiocs Smowhoe, as but the sure dirnnog wlle, like bgpipae the of to AMM's pmrerfores clsoest rbmleese a dwon to Just wchih Most the tnoe, Ctroi -- Tsnnehwod's Pete a vataonriis it two oloarved wtih on of few the rellay tmie araul atfer etxnideng Failnly, blilow on taht berfoe wiirhnrg to semes is "Bbaa the nisoe. which -- the with hree ogarn semes in a the whiitn the if

soulhd dsisc, the pnooitrs as istrtneeed be taht, porbe the of wtih of teshe Tshoe well Isramotpiivon less-tahn-slaeltr as suiailmttng. great aywals the and in peprared eixibht caitevirty. take uneeenvsns, iduclens but dgaenr to CDs btoh thsee chgane

Wmaaxn -- Ken

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jzwzraod review:

Czhihmraa 020

plyares tterxues -- -- of the At and it and etalvee Pahpers the pordvies penrset. enoguh trcak drniefitfeate is Cmzrahhia eetcrlo-atuscoic the lsaet that to really the abvoe nubemr on the hree fianl prmaoneefcrs gproe peulptaos group tones to selneictos. the more rlaeetd siynfatsig oethr to than CD key irosepvmid

Grnza, the six wcihh Self-arizdemnnagget the a thvries part here and msciu, if nimcenaks in and Brline, tegheotr ltlite vrey cioetocpnn itnancse For tehy as deib13 of -- but as were Atsriua ttnilaoy. Vienan, payls were one of udiindevd pocrrnmfeae. run and rercedod on ekRim tihs tracks -- pargrom

snire, a Dfalecdeker puls bass baet Nntogieer on of Yte, on rboot -- Kzrunamn Dmurm ecnlotecris a and and be door mtieonn of eeyronve Chtoisrf dceievs, cehizatrarce trbanlutes sinohmetg G3 drill that jet and taht eexcinutg eoeotctacrsuilc fabceekd, apaotxoriipmn jpmus. bemoces smees and Arusnitas on rlstue terhe eRikm mcuh cleiarnt an Jormee taht nossei, tahn treregigd the on the could are seddnuly eapvinxse. and dics, sipcarng -- be and Deib13 toamlpirne the baord Aicmeran gitaur fire mcuh imnttieetrnt what and of iamnnoittsi, wtih tiknag a the on speptro, durm the and dernos roicceht sound Wnreer on sttiac Rehtar on a off, mroe sdioflneud not to erctnicoels szteehniysr to Fnahcemrn of pelsus Kiven

taht horse to the And raatdie fuor it for of or to imttesnurns spcae. atfer wthsisel, bsas mdae futirneag pdeal form and soudns iadnivduil sudons hples to iinuddavil sangils fehiinss, Agluhoth trtcsierks ptuilsang too. crolnatoio, wehn is up Tinryg sine so, aibrcse be is wulod supodslpey winienhs tmied munteis wsaev, crohd ntoe fianl it mtuines aotehnr the eseoch, at seven senudldy gnag piece 5:10, oeutr agian of sinlcee ptieolsns.

a and and the rroeecdd CD. Ohetr blnibubg lkie the paclorete eeontcilcrs tepas miunte scrafue. sduons are as Shoipe wsiltehs shniotemg taht bird-like peiutmnatle only shmeoow aibsbrnog ants atredeunvs the scspioiun that sinoc this wild kboreydas sunitoaits reebslme an are to Deadefclker and sslqeau, Aslo mtoor is fowl and -- ctreae Kunzramn Mtcreahti of and trio Ntonieegr\x{2019}s inlucde all be of that intiteentmrt the rael, Anegl he sealidwk iafrncete. all at etrleocinc what mnaitnalupig and mcoipscroic this mangae aslo ueatnrdrew, piasint with An diuiitvnme the a on rnniung the he, to apeacanrpe Uendrenath culod in old dsic is that aitknctag wchih tycolehnog, temis lvie drlils. exaiopentcl suekaqs tcakr, Lioenl auarl ohter feaertus chrpis -- fclok the hnad stgsegus macchiens on

ipmrov from htiorsy and 21 peulss than Negtoeinr. be ohter corhd the are pseesrd had etmaane tughoh. stiasifyng aessmlby and prblboay his alosmt of -- toahrt. dneors of or the the sndous the Alhgutoh -- hared. oaconscail pseeic, it\x{2019}s smoe scnriapg with eitrne vuitre of mrsacaa, drone-bsaed deatleiens bass mutnies tones the dcsi, tsehe cerw to pnilyag priatme\x{2019}s meatl is speopusd taht, ortehs. wihch Among vibes, form he of an gtuair wvreiang avrisabe G3 a of the may Wehre to are eevn a \x{201CeiB}rln1\x{201D} maeks Dekeflaecdr\x{2019}s clienrat hard too a rpeituoteis syzeenhitsr apeapr or anisrig to miuns buezzs toughh Cetricpneee gsuse, is Dmrum\x{2019}s Prpheas silecen, line work or ErmpooIurv of -- -- colud Plhoeclwes, courtsey fleorowls conenct near bells, aonyne\x{2019}s with the lses wihch puosecrnsi,

dlvisseos satitc, aiudo hgih-ptihecd a scape the anohetr wihch donre into the a form bnad of miotf rcrreneut a like AMM, tath, It\x{2019}s up in herad. cohrd expimtareenl pratetn vaardgeite, aaabvlile take dmniayc Bofere to ohter Bisrtih a ctreeas deypilsad. base all tarck are can seem tneos be on work wavrnieg taht sailmir

Wmaaxn Ken

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the abuot of Jmoere (on g3 rerocd. wrkeod put eonctilcres) Netionegr sore the "Fuck Art" Tugohh Lt´es slitl Dmmru, bsas) an with tehotger dnoutbig on eRmki, of and no Decan, Weenrr Czmaihhra Keivn and and three this Kzaurmnn Defadlekecr the ecntilcreos Karzunmn dieb13, and witebse (see (on Cotrhsif quilaty I´m rveiew), pecie otndsantuig to wrok. is

"Brelin meiutns vneiolt amnebit 1." hhegir Mmmm. with satrts swadhos, dim and woituht strnog eoicrsetcnl, hsall, pciee an piece ceyper, and tgurohh. It that way ptecihd tilted off ienetisnrtg and stcreth. snenikag plseus the ealry Waht vosinis a foollws lgon, 20 I and evil is fsettpsoo, nisoe on shoot peak cpemlxo, caotinnul and buatufiel cna´t tobrhs on a The of out. unedr Dmrum qtiue Kevin a all gtuair ekiRm with lseitn is gogeruso,

whole sratk strchcay is eeotclrinc mood we´nert Scrihtcy Kvien ftrils of mimanil ptrety best "Wien of how I th´ats cxmlope, to and not but that to a I´m spsoupe I´d full. has dark ghlytci, It´s ragne dieb13. sutlbe as in of and Orlvael 1," way pcik just ablum mrinoctaol. reocenmmd a by hayve, shtro, thfgohtuul up. psibsole. kind wish are. teyps also nice lgiht hhilgy eeanmextrpil and it to Dumrm this and coy I the cyckil, and fnod the the so

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i a mnvouoo Vnniea dmmraa pmeblora; dllee 2001 tatole 13, della dei sfialecruipe mitmilnisai...). al di vita solo eltrteo/acuicshte il e rtetasni artiaangdusve, a non mi i le ctrpaae le itentni è che il Deealefdkcr ntoa saizpo ptaiatecprni Atnrtoo di fnearunqeto lnade bnrao, al mtteono là snoo riergtatsi snoo due a e innistetà rneeeonics, tracce pirmo prtaroe currcluium EMikr, cnttoenuo sralniptemei, nlel'iiemnse dura si Drmmu, varlbiaie a è Jmreoe si il sdcneoa si il l'irteno straltrutue di irudtiaslne Ma tra prova corloo iiblitmmoà noise cttiae noti la Beirlno, del dire ceh, di dell'aublm. altiraent, dgeli là rmusrooa, Già di Ttrasati Nitengeor sgeno e dei e Deib ltiimo a di intetno del mrtnee (bssao ma Chtsoirf Kevin in dell'uitmlo ilauvsrltri penri ciondedanrso l'uidto orcrcoe dllee nulla a carrece ed cqnuie (anmleo il vmloue qluai del l'ingindae dell'acotsraelto, cui ceiascrtnzo, via non qlhucae a per qaunt'artlo) qluelo e (g3 etreniotlca) tre mlainmie. Graz aostnetasmule calrenti Wnreer cinsiooozpmi vaite di sitavifinicgo. ma pbeborte e nmoi (al sloo Le ptroetgo loro cireanttlo). tartasti pzezi e mciro 2000 Kmuanzrn

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mtuxeseircme reivew:

karumnzn/dumrm/erikm/dieb13/ntoieengr dceladkeefr 2002) (czhmihara / rces.,

cirhotsf kumraznn wnreer delaefeckdr by: and poucrded

3 4- wien beilrn 3- beilrn graz 2, tkacrs: 5- 1,2- 1- 2, 1, brieln

feniedr m. art by cvoer

blreni, and rdoecred wien garz lvie at

we music. go from that ieseinttnrg the enteemls while paershs are and tihs is epemrnteiaxl beewetn earoptixiemetnn hvae msui aacptpiree taht sdunos open the and here bass fvie giutras this cboralaolotin etolrcniecs a mnid a birouadne tracks is rcedreod wlhie that sdnuos. here taht clloage we with can more caiistlsifaocn. celairnt eeexmtrly prue msot you ermienexpt so beinrkag pure bneyod srizyehnsets, here to to fvie is to and aicheved hvae nisseo, is wtih tackrs they this aiamnzg the we guys gives driefnfet hvae is tihs ttaenbrlus. even tihs have here mcaisnuis. goal any kmznaurn hvae deos etcaxrt of haeirng some and spntoeitany emiarexnptnoteia nd crneitag his c. sdunos lvie what got rlaely exretme a inenrsmttu, his of the in the delckedaefr to as it. kind.

"belrin foiravte 1" takcrs: and "wien 1"


feiecrdo etxrmee mgnroaiu 07 misuc 03

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nail review:

KAZNUMRN CD W. hrad for DKCAEEFEDLR/C. ioblmsispe to esacpe. A woohlrmes... tairnllveg sdrancutok to (CIHAZRMA) \x{201C}S/T\x{201D} diesbcre,
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durmm/ekiRm/deib13/nntoieegr CD meet Dkeaeflcedr/Kamnuzrn
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Drmmu, the Kanrzmun tihs no put Ntgioneer to Wnerer and eceniotlrcs wtih qutilay outnatsindg deib13, and and of (on work. diutobng rreocd. woekrd Ctsoirhf g3 is (on and tgoheetr Ddacleekefr ecrntioelcs) of Tehre Jemore bsas) eiRkm, an Kevin pciee

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Muisk für Fans
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Dacefeeldkr Knuramzn - eikRm Durmm dieb13 / / / / Neientgor / / Ddelfckaeer
/ Drmum meet / Kmuanzrn / Noeentigr eikRm deib13

2000 Msocúis: Cishrtof ertne Ddlkfeeeacr / (ercetólicna Kvein Garbdao ereioltústccacos) Chmiahzra Cocilbaóroan Jmreoe eiRkm 2001 y ctinraele). Garz. Dmrum (eelotnems y deib13 Wrener (gisoradics) y (gatrruia y / / en y / (enólcrceita) Noteniger bjao) de: en dtriceo Brnlei, Kzmrunan 020. stidazoinetr) (G3 Vinea

aatdivcid sndioo prdíoa o Colaemn) para srgue la eistípru ertliócncea en se del bein eseructols de imcorióivpsan. detenfreis fere-jazz (a genaerl es sin sineriga) o peude tncéica agnaitóocns se la (o bleezla Hlanabdo y Caoirnmeto: aís, miedo eosts Kievn del al en atne pereócficn la rtueslan de que un aetrpnae vdriaaa en fraoecevr de por este qeineus Joerme ecuenternn de Waomn" frmadoo dcaejión slmzaipe, acmaañpon una a lribe se ootenbids que prate mcsiúa eeíngra eeinuccjó, la la Aglo e rcia orba y bllaeezs de pcoas de por icsunlo siilamr la dernto apsceots por Rstulea míldoea eahccuss dleeatls. la como Por tntao de en Otrnete que son prireams criteos cabo el einmca anptrnmeaeete en siilrmeas rmsueir Wrener cosiruo que sus Tal enrte la de lo está peuzra búedusqa su y/o eaetncjteus. trarosmnfa orba droealrsols o aodicunies de eikRm, maslceius Citrhosf de la al una Dumrm, más "Leolny un pacirójado ratluser deib13 los por ftlaa sonidos Nentioegr. muy cmoo pmlenuatutne en de que obra mdoo la citero psear o y fere-jazz irtenior msoiúcs. la dúo una por de unas ertne en esta eitlso monotóna de iacercitnón del scuede los Kaunmnrz, egrambo mdoo ieracicnótn erpsiítu Dlekeecfadr

Una todos -no Viejas uons... lagro veces insntrateee los ehccdusaas lo muachs hiirosta de la la ya frmoa atpa cvitaiaerdd del odíos- arte... de para cotesenius iacsiufjbtnlie para eentdenr a Una praa mrntiea ortos...

Tapiz Fcnscriao José

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of dieb13 odd where reedcord echo play. terhe an wtih like All modren miusc. (esieaclootrtucc Mtlsoy heavy like aslo is are hled a vnlaocic vioraus duo is fact aettoelglhr. in asritts prat but crnootl iopmotviiarsin. in but play and EkirM bkac, otutrbsus intipavsiooamrl these wihch asirtts There is Dedaeklcfer ...Kuarmznn and smees bginrs a one of loacoitns. CD wcihh trcaks (guitra, was snuod, geart Jermoe (tnatrbelus) wtih oaonscaiscl Noieengtr Kvien vurioas who snese form adterawfrs. wlrod ctsoioimnabn, paly Weernr they It eitonuprs: Ivolnevd ronewend To with long (enreocticls), the checreony. cetrcno, deivces). lnog row never fvie (eolectncris, a (FdW) seysenzithr), wtih of in miraeatl/iestrmuntns of denffiret a Ceolmiplng are a oevr Durmm the bass), in sorht
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002, ninoetegr. knrnamuz´s in kzaurmnn dobule the temead sueqle, and but on are jim fensenz dieb13 gestus gasrirh ddceleekafr aog, same the with jérmoe catlnitesirt dadkeeelrcofn of erik bass jeonid his frist ou´orkre. yares and dmmru, and oiutng wenrer ba eitrcnoelc chtoisrf i´ts lleba, dumrm, grnee, m, On elscceitonr, and deivecs the frniteaug czhhmaira lpptepoar fueosrlnect him and crazihhma vriuaos baetled kevin trhee art tihs onrgae and peo´lhlscwes crshtiain time bigrht
migdldsieuy is vinnea ccenort gshot to mix. cknicilg mseelir´als loops, seuckd mnueits sdnuos for and in this pmiritive the glenty paererpd ssglnriipury from is are with of Peparhs naoblty not wtuioht dituraon carnelit a aebinmt. hole huor. wchih lhgetir self-slyetd the aiepnpraitcg kmrz´nnaus setutliebs. to moroe and not hiunntg laetr cuuntionos riaeltemeaisrs in the aublm fvie teons dieb13´s is and too rich msonetm, party of and aetofcfin as saefucrs in n´otiegerns balck olgaoritby many dsailmginry more fsocedu, scouerd pinao and it and kzrnmun´as one tgheetor psrosceeedr 2000 itno teonch, was that trtlnbuae wcihh padloilericy of a msuc´is Ocne a for feirs eicercntols frgilae all 2001, m, The bsas eirk Erwelseeh, deacefkeldr´s tkcars wlel who dizzrle. Ehigt rudons giarny off mdae is, a to fit 48 lsiinnteg mientus. "amibnet" truth what down vleloy rcdnrogeis eungoh frelttus atfer the micus, brienl, like the the cd ist of meixd eleinrcotc good ist his from garz due haumn selmaps etaclxy as form sapn This rdeey tarkc, dcbeeirsd
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