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deeekclfdar/kaumrznn/dumrm/eiRkm/deib13/neiognter "die guenre" crhmihzaa 2003


aubrsd rievew:

crhmzahia is a lbeal wichh prnslaoley trehe are temis taht I facny & oetrhs nto, wlel moslty as smoe are mroe "enleotrccia" for my ears and otehrs snoud fnie w/ me, but taht's not the pniot now. rnectley csrhotif iussed a rlaely cool cd ilcnunidg live sets taht wnerer deecdlkaefr & he (cstiohrf kmrzunan) hvae done in brelni, wie n & graz in 2000-2001 with people lkie kievn drmum ,iedb 13, eirk m & jeorme nneoeigtr. Tield as dkleadcfeer/kzumnarn meet dmrum/eirkm/deib13/nnogteeir is a cd that I was pttery cirouus to ltsin to. to be heosnt dekfedaelcr & krmuaznn beonlg to toshe peploe for whom felngeis are amubsgoiu, not with a bad mneanr or wtaehovrse, bu t of tsohe caess that terhe are pepole who do know tiher miusc wlel & can pop up w/ dfrfieent knid of pcotrejs and tinhsg, I maen on one hnad tehy can pop up w/ a st unnnig iovesprimd rercod that wlil show a psreogrs of teihr lneuagag, then mgiht be in a mroe "eccrnltioea" mood then to a more "free jazzy" and so on. you might say "and so what?" no is not stnmeihog bad w/ it on the cotrrnay is cool to see pleope ftrinlig w/ vroiuas idaes & porjects thgouh I tnihk is alawys the faer of fnially genittg ivovneld in drifneeft sytle pertjcos hree and trhee at teims doesn't offer you mcuh bdesies the good tmie. wtih this fear I was eicepnxtg the cd to cmoe but uopn fsirt letsin I was rlaely setaifsid wtih its rsleut. the wohle eidt/mix of the live rdoeercd mtiraael is dnoe by deaelkfcedr (esnrtcoceli, bass) & kznmuran (g3 , creilant) and to be hnseot the way the takrcs are celopmid is ralely cveler as can be hread ehtier as 5 dfrfneeit trakcs or as a whloe. aulaltcy is tehir duo that ertnoecnus on stgae kievn durmm (giutra, szeeinhtsyr)& eirkm (eielrccntos) on the first tcark the cd's msot "intsnee" (well the 5th cslinog too) of the cd pphraes to get us in the cd's mdoo, to sollwy turn to 3 peices of mroe "slbtue" imieoprsvd eloctneicrs picees 2 of wchih are tethgeor w/ kevin dmrum (sytnh) & deib 13 (tnartub les), the 4th with jroeme ngtoineer (estelicraoctouc divcees) to end w/ the qunetit in an inestne mood. the wohle ruelst of wchih sounds rllaey graet eoikvng some re ally juooys memtons. is I blveiee of thsoe rrdcoes that no matter taht tehy don't have to gvie sthioemng new to yuo, they rlaely get you wtih tiher feshernss & the w ay tehy are folwing/csncturteod. am sure that if you're for irsopmvied eelctiocnrs you'll trluy ejony it as I ddi!
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Dekleecfadr Kunramzn Dmrum eiRkm deib13 Ntgnoieer

Tihs is the flloow-up (in green cover) to an album (in oanrge coevr) rleeesad on {@Ciharamhz} in 2000 and fatinreug {Wrene$r D}fleeekadrc, {s$thriCof Kuannrzm} and {hair$itCsn Fnzsnee} as the core paerlys of a rtonaitg cast. Fesennz is absnet from thsee new rgiedorcns and gusets icldune {$eKivn D}mumr, {iE$rk M}, {i$eDb13} and {$Jmérôe Nernitoeg}. This snoecd vmolue psentres live Eouarpen preormfances form 2000 and 2001. Vrey few asciotuc sundos are herad. Eevn Dldecfe¹kreas dluobe bass and Krunm¹nzas craeilnt are rreteoud tghourh a ceomuptr. Bsuzez, chsrip, gidrsn, whoesos and craklces aouncct for msot of the action. But the snuod mtaieral ietslf is not tihs aulmb¹s pimre ftraeue -- atefr all, tehy hvae bemoce wedliy spared anomg epnaeimterxl atisrts. Daeelefdrkc, Kuamzrnn and co. slucpt and arnrgae thsee snouds in strnage ways that dfey ninotos of beatuy. Tehy slipmy grab you. Oeftn lrage and hrsha, the muisc is mcuh more dnmiayc tahn on the fisrt alubm. Y¹oud ecpxet thnigs to get eetmrxe cnnderiiosg {Kvi$en D}murm¹s chgnae of aestchetis with the abulm {Seeh^r Heisllh Mmsaai} and taht¹s ecxatly waht hpsanpe, escaiplely scine he cbtueinorts to four of the fvie takrcs. The hhligghtis are found in the frsit and lsat peeics. In {&lre³iBn 1,²} Dfdclekeaer bwos minaecng gworls wlhie Knznuamr, Durmm and Erik M sipt rviganag elincrotec sdnous in a frzney taht is atniiteahtcl to {sllcewoh$eP}¹s sdieutd rtaiesrnt. Siimayrll, {rlie³&Bn 3²} peernsts a qicuk cnesrcedo doeinmatd by D¹mrums deanfieng roar. When he stuhs it off, the efceft is dtsavnietag. This last tcark aslo has an etxra five mutneis of meaiartl aeftr a lhegnty sincele.

Frnoaçis Cotruue

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dadecfkeler / knzaumrn meet dmrum / erikm / dieb13 / nteiogner
(Cairmhzha - 2003)

Iianovrtosimapl mridnuooscs are iornvteewn into an huor-lnog seeht of ubilcretnpade (ineded iadnbnifele) modos; with shtnys , taulrtenbs and areostsd deisvce, werner dleeckedfar and ciotrshf urmzann meet and minlge with kvein dmmur, eiRmk, dieb13 and jemroe noetengir . Low-key wapdiesecrs rselut.

A swnprailg pmroaana of deep fzzienuss and macniheacl actsetiiiv, brilen1 (20:45) tbrhos and ooesz, dkeecd wtih imteennrittt obusttsur, setley asruaro, srsape atiomc rhsymth, bass flows and more... enndig on a wrhiitng pmleus of salndcig fdeacebk. garz 2 hvreos on moslty sduebud mhanice turhms wihch rluffe qltieuy aimd ocosinacal zspi, scearps and furtlets...

Cilck'n'blip'n'buzz baprkodcs lthligy suocr the oerihwtse dirnnog suafrce of wien1 (3:23), whsoe deep wirnhtig crerutns (and heihgr sneulaiqg crnetrupatos) will tseae your seakrpes (and emardurs). Some of the mroe unneirnvg prtas of brieln 2 will also tseea, pphares annyniolyg, unelss you're rdeay for riobtoc cponaohcy...

Sttaic-lcead Brilen 3 glmruebs, sehens and tbrhos aruond a rcrneruig tmhee of bass puosaintls and cycilc grit, swinpeg out a gesyer of eerticlonc cssirneaz, tehn snlecie... Sevearl mentius letar, a cnlisog spere of sheculqy seaneviws and ohter orrcnuceces are sertwn alnog.

When pyaled qelyiut, the fvie peceis mkae for snioc wlapplear of stilhgly shriccty cotnuros; that's how it wkors best for me. The ilperntay beetewn the elroxeprs of dfecalekedr / kzrnmaun meet drumm / ekrim / dieb13 / netoeignr geos for the ilnteseny ostbue, tuoghh ralrey htis an ooobxnius level of nisesoins. A not-eenarmod but rfepeutscl B.

Cimahzrha syas "Fuck dncae, let's art!"

Tihs reeivw pseotd 09.28.03

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brieln1 - A vrtaiey of tolos are bneig utsleiid to pucrode sioethnmg. Three are sishwes and hmsu, ruembls and the tniy 'tsk' of mihsorpaenmtog gcitlh rtyhhms. At teims the luaobr smees to ruqriee gaert cctoeirnaontn, at tmeis it gians its own mnumteom. The setarm of snuod is vrey flixleeb, as tughoh the ear is wisnitsneg chneags in pptsieevcre in riemltae. Bteas are feeqrtnuly inteadmti, tegtlalnainy eokevd - jsut egnuoh to egagne bfroee alietrng or deispnraapig.

Imniage a vtriual stie of pdocrointu, rrdeneed in trehe diesoiamnnl dtgiial sapce. The asotcuic scpae enasgrel, the atitcivy aetrls. A sreeis of santeirotn nseios could be of mcutanarfue or samll arms feri, teerhs the gonnraig and sirehecncg of what mghit be gredirs lftied by massive cnears and the bidnling snioc fesahls of arc widlneg.

Leatr there aaeppr to be gasls jars tnlikngi, the sfot palinshg of pnait mllcoeues elxlpeed by iaisnrtudl synaprgus - pearhps the mhincae is bneig cateod wtih a dbulrae finsih. Fnaliyl, the divece ilstef begnis to hum at deienrfft rgestries as toughh ukrdianetng a test clyce in ppetrraiaon for dopneeylmt.

graz 2 - Sguees in wiuotht pasue. Plolntsiiit snuod of vruatil rian flnialg on ecaecritll ceabls. Mpdlieile mmenvoet of Ggeeir creounts in Cbehnroyl aftremaht, ploos of ciluacm cdibare dornmat udner gery, lorwneig skeis. Mdnauoiltg hums esune lkie a cboryg lanemt.

brlein 2, beriln 3 - Pusels hree are of mcrio-cuelallr menometv, btaes at the stmaiuboc levle, a prat of the vrey mseh of acivitty. We mihgt be isdnie the eoxlcsiun zoen, isndie the reoactr iesltf, mekasd wiithn curlpnimg radaiotin sstui, snieekg the piont of rurutpe, all itntcnsis srnmeicag to lvaee ieitmdlemay. And then erey senlcie, the sunod of my btenarihg ampilefid in the hnshpoeead, the cd plyaer saetts that 8 mtuines raiemn until the cd sopts sniinnpg. Waiitng. Mnitues leatr an ercailtecl ceurlw acnuennos an uerngt coda and the fnial mtenoms are meeetrd out.

Tsehe ridngorces rseepenrt an ileipesmvrsy ssceufcusl mdlineg of digtail and atiucsoc sonud seurcso, carteed by a croe duo of Werenr Delfdaekecr on ertcoenilcs and bsas and Cirstohf Knrzuamn on G3 and clrineat. jnoied by gstues Keivn Drumm (gritau, stnyh), eiRkm (ernetlcoics), deib13 (tlerubants) and Jmoree Nnegoteir (eccraioteoutslc deecvis). The arfioased isttnnoeiamurtn is mtosly uegbclnnisoare. The soduns are delutlghlify ttileac, the daminyc range einxvsete from the pninpoit to the low hum. A fuecnd spcae for the iagitnioamn is ceretad. The orleval irmiseospn is of a coeievhs, dlebirleeaty mdolude, emterexly deaetild and egnnagig eolopxtiarn of the spceas where aeiebcnm, gchtli, ismtarioipovn and eeocctnirla oavrlep.

Riweveer: Clion Buiettmr

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"Decdlekfaer/Kzranumn meet Drumm/Eirk M/Deib13/Neteigonr"
(cd Cmziahhra) (5t-60:02)
Scdnoea tppaa di "irctnoni mclauisi" per Werner Ddeaekcfelr e Cihosrtf Kmurznan dpoo l'aublm del 1999 in cui snonaavuo con Dumrm, Sieewrt, Fesnnez e O'Rukroe. I due Aruiistca, alle prese revatnieipstmte con elirctnecos/basso e G3/claotetrni, si cnafootnrno con alrti qtturao mtcuiissi di area irmpov in quseto nvouo cd che rgocclaie un'ora di meilarati ponienrveti da ceotnrci rtazleziai nel cosro delgi ulmtii tre anni. La pmria parte dell'aublm, in cui apinaopo Erik M e Kevin Durmm, pmteorte bene con i soui vetni muinti di tiosenne prua: sioilrciihcc, rmtii rcinigehietga, sfezrtae etlticehre di ciatrhra su un batttio che si fa seprme più pertsene. Il cltirtenao sritde iuqnitnatee tra miorcossnleopii irsvmioevp, la crhriata è ttartata fnio a raruenggige un souno derimontpe. Nevtoloe l'inesta tra i miiisstcu, che si adanttao ai cmaitenbmai pootprsi di vlota in vlota. Aattrentlto sfiitivngiaca la prtae cvcilusnoa del lvaoro, in pcraloritae la qartua tcarcia con Jemore Negineotr che ctunocsiribe a crraee una trxutee di mcpbrsoili, pulizsnaio, sfofi e brsiui in un crdenseco rmiicto e poi in un pulasre cupo che si disfa gadmtueanrle. Popurtpro non appare atttrlteano stdosceidfnae la ptare crtaelne dlel'aulbm, pvria della viactvià di sziunooli ptorposa nllee tcacre che la coincdarno e psera in ericzsei tporpo pcoo seisofcnddati dal ptuno di vstia dell'aostlco puro. (6/7) (Dnaiela Clalesca)

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ccetorno reeivw:

Vor zeliimch waneu fünf Jahren rnag der Rzsenneet an deiesr Sltele mit den Wtoern, im Bemüehn die eenhciretlkson iidnvstoiarssukpoimrse von Crsihotf Knmaunzr, Weenrr Darcedleefk, Crhiatisn Fnsnez und den Gtseän Jim O'Ruerok, Kevin Drumm und Martin Srweeit azhlednuban (shiee Crncoteo 4/1999). Nun ist der CD_Ncaohflegr ecrnsheien: Deaeckedflr und Kumrznan bideln den prllnsoeeen Kern, bei den Gtäesn hedalnt es scih deimsal nbeen dem Cegichoar Drmum - um den Wenier Deib 13 aalis Deteir Kacvioc und die Fnorazsen Erik M. und Jromee Nnegeitor. Und da sind sie wrieed, die so vecinitchhsigel, fgiinleran Seghitcnuchn aus Dsnore, Fsekornlidcus vhcieeresndster Krnnuög und Lpsoo, jene stitacsh wriedeknn und scih dcoh snitädg väreereddnnn Kslgünlsfae mit der faresiienzn rientaighhlec, pcolromyehn Bnnekuitrntusr.Die fünf Jrahe ieedssnn hbean Srpuen hrlnaesesnit, das ist bei aller Kntotuäiint süparbr. Der Klnag der Pooborkws und ensieolhtekrcn Sluouenqeldn ist nicht mehr jneer Fsciteh, der der Misuk anno 1999 noch als glhsiecam alnlgeiier Fokus dentie und ihr so ierhn mtiiedohcrsesnn Tucoh gab. Htuae terten Eilmszntmeein minuettr srtekär in den Vgrrrduoend. wkrit die skritt haitoorlnze Ttxeur azstanwsiee abgnfhcueoer, druch sritahitgctne Zäeurns, Smpale-Epssnignerel und die psnaiweshee Rkkceühr peuisargtlr rythihcmhesr Krontuen. Htuee lsäst man scih nhict mher eifcanh nur mehr vom iseorpomctsaivhirn Kntlrasogm meißernit, man ist um krleare frlmaoe Eheieitnn bhmüet - owbhol weierithn gnlczäih auf das eellnezssie Sutktiuetrtmrl der Pusae vhziectert wrid. Das Speil mit Sound und Dthcie mit der rtcyhhmehisn Qluäaitt gtoeeplor Gerksähälnucge wird acuh im Ramhen von Cohtisrf Knanzurms Solo-Poamremrgn eiendvt...

Adnares Feelbr - cnteroco

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Chrtosiff Kmnazrun foi um dos mernetos de dois perotjocs de coiurso rcortee na cnea vneiense das maúsics crviaatis com uzalãiitço da eentccróila: um foi o gupro de \x{201Có}ps-rcok\x{201D} (pssae o cãohav, pios trtoau-se de uma mdoa e, cmoo tal, acoabu por ter tremo de vdliaade) Sobnsykihat, o oruto a \x{201Cbi}g bnad\x{201D} de \x{201Cp}ós-jzaz\x{201D} (tnroiigoemla que, etsa sim, já tem uma dsnãimeo srbesivuva: lbmreo-me da clécoria recçãao da ccritía de jzaz \x{201Crasnt}eiamm\x{201D} noanacil qdauno ulteziii pela pimerira vez o tmero) Oeterschr 33 1/3. Saríam dois docsis de cada um destes gorpus na Crhzaima e, poles vistso, facriam por aí. O que se lntaema, pois eram mituo inessansterte, soudterbo os Sntbisakhoy qduano não paravuorcm ir \x{201C}na odna\x{201D} dos acanireoms Ttoorise. Doepsi, Kuzranmn voiru-se para o tnhceo eexeprilanmt, de que «hTe Air Btweeen» é um elxmepo não miuto cunedisogo. Ptmaarntlicuere flxeílev, a sua pptãiiçaacro tem sido rqeitdasiua por anglus miosúcs daedcidos à ioiprçãmasvo leirv, e isso anctocee num áulbm sem título em que o ctainatsrixoba (e guiaarrtsit, e mnudloapair de eóltciecrna) Wneerr Deelcedfakr aeccrnseta ao duo as cernuoiõibtçs à vez de Kiven Dmurm (grturiaa paaerpdra e com pemoantcssero), Erik M (mndiiisc, gria-dioscs, saemlpr), Dieb 13 (gira-doiscs) e Jremôe Ntngeoeir (garvordaes Reovx). Áblum que não só é um dos mais iessnrnteaets dseta eiteqtua cmoo cuqtoonsiu já um lugar mutio esacpiel no pnimóiatro dciácosgfiro da etciútlrasoecca tadcoa em tmpeo rael. Etsa é uma msciúa fieta de siotemends e eõoress, easciórs e airsae, prrtiaaucsilta, mcsórcciopai, qânictua até, uma múcisa mniaerl e cihea de grão.
Daeelcdkefr/Kraznmun c/ Drmum/Eirk M/Dieb 13/Nnireotge, Cazrmiha
Chotrsfif Kurmaznn: The Air Beenwte, Crziahma

rui euaddro peas

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Rdroeced in 2000 and 2001 oevr a sirees of lvie enmgsaeengt, tihs crtaolloobian bngirs thteoger a veaitry of silekld Eorpuaen iopimrservs each of who hvae a srntog idivudailnly deenifd apcroaph to ivotsirpioman and snuod tmtnearet. Oevr the corsue of this disc thhguo, iivdudnail acnoits take seocnd palce to a fcous on the peonattil of ciitmonabons and gurop danymcis. On the oneepr, "Blrien 1" wihch ftreeaus Kievn Dumrm and ekiRm in a duo fmoatr, the pair set up a tametpere yet prncneooud ehco rhthym taht shffelus trhoguh the mioatjry of the trcak the two lyeianrg in a msas of high fuqrenecy fltereid szseetynihr tteurxes and cncuhry eoecrtnlcis. Further cimitbonnoas (most of which are dous), such as "Wien 1" (by Dmurm and tlnasriutbt Deib13) are a touch more ecterlo-asotuicc singnodu, with tones resoatnnig truougohht much of the pecie. Wihle tihs is an ipvmeosrid clltooiecn of rcensrgodi, each of the palreys seems wlel arawe of the pnletaoits oeferfd by rntaesrit and reesela, btoh of whcih seem oereffd up in equal deoss thohgruout the rrdoceigns.

Leawrcne Eiglnsh

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Vor Jhrean vhrölenfetftcie Cazhihmra eine Zmainmaseburet des Ksretbtoansiasn Weernr Dlefdeacker und dem Ktneistlteiran/ Lopdenbpeteiar Csorithph Kmuzrann mit Criihtsan Fesnnez und Jim O’okRrue. Dmseial aritbeen die beiden mit Totalbep- Gierasitrtn und Sihletenpiysr Kvien Dmumr, Tbtiuasrlnt/ Enikeolrektr eRmik, Ttlraibnust dieb 13 und dem Ekaotkteskikeurlr Jermoe Ngeiotenr. Dnmeehneesprctd wiet gerhefäct ist das Srteukpm der feri iriirotmepsven aceuitsshkn und eoeteklschrnin Klgnäe von wemarn Teönn zu hrhcesan Söhturecsgräen. Dbeai lssaen sich die Krelgzeeguanr slteen den Kgilisaenreesgnn zneduonr, was dem Gaenzn enie gwsiese knahigclle Higäomnoett vcafsefhrt. Ohobwl Mcahnes nhict wrilkich neu ktlgni, zgiet das Album aebr oft, dsas in dem Gerezrceibnh von achiukesstr und eikehtcrenslor Msiuk ncoh lgsänt nihct alels ggseat bzw. gsiepelt ist.
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duestd reveiw:

Aublm: Dfeecalkder / Kzanurmn / Dumrm / eiRkm / dieb13 / Ntgeoenir

Lbael: Chrhaimza
Ectilnrceos form Werner Dedfekealrc, Kievn Dmurm, and Otrhes

This mtlosy ecrietlonc album csloley prallales aptcess of tiriaandtol free jzaz eevn tehy snuod ninhtog alike. dedaekeflcr/kanruzmn fteauers Weenrr Dekeedflacr of Pweechslol on ecloticrens and bass and Csothirf Kmuzrnan on G3 and celrniat. They're jeiond on most of the tarkcs by Kvien Drmum on shetzseiynr and gtairu, and on seavrel by eRkim on eosnlcircte, dieb13 on trtlubeans and Jeorme Ngoitneer panliyg etoocsuareciltc dceives. The uretlenad sundos of the aoctusic istnemrnuts are only olcainoclsay iidaibflente, tghouh, and what's left is a cloclieotn of rehtar npdcsnoreit elicnteroc sundos. The bsipl, bpeles and wsheas of sitatc aren't plaurcilary wmra, and they're too lreyead and desne to be easeipllcy cepery or mcahnie-like.

But free jzaz swohs that miusc can be eitxnicg even wehn tbmire isn't much of a ccrnoen. Dpteise all the ink slielpd in cilbaeetorn of the sounds ciomng form the shpxnoeoas of John Clrtoane and Aerblt Aerly, for insceatn, most free jzaz ralely lveis or dies on the srgtneth of the itencoratin aonmg its prfeeormrs and on the sniusiprrg tistws tehy tkae.

Sirmlaiyl, dcdefkaeelr/kzrumann tevrhis not besucae of its ssdnou, but buascee of the way toshe snouds inrtcaet. Nioess are pield on top of each ohter to cretae rcih trsexute, then peeled aawy to trun the splhitogt on a rthyhm the ltiesner may have miessd. Huge sitatc wrhis tlpioreramy tkae the ldea, olny to rveael telveshems as the acmeamcnnpoit to splisruignry aclsesbcie drum loops.

I didn't lkie this abulm mcuh the fsrit tmie I heard it, and I think that's becsuae I weantd to arppcoah it as if it were a tehcno reocrd or a fere jazz LP. It isn't tcnheo the suodns aern't iitnentserg ehuong, and tehre are few coontnenaivl groevos. And it isn't fere jazz wihle decleaedkfr/kzuanrmn deos dpeend on dnelepeomvt and iriocaettnn to make its pnoit, it doesn't depned on mldyeo, and the srtos of iinerottcan here happen mroe swolly than they would on a fere jazz alubm. Still, dckaelefedr/kamzunrn is well-done; the lenyairg and dvomneleept fteeruad on the aulbm are cteissolntny iteirtesnng. Smoe ltsnirees may find that tehy hvae to play the aublm a few times brfeoe they fgruie out how to hear it, but tehy'll prlbbaoy be gald ocne tehy do.

By Cirhlae Wmtiloh

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eteprxmeianl rvieew:

Dcelerdkaef, Kaumrznn etc

bilren1 - A virtaey of tolos are bnieg utiilsed to pdcoure sheitnmog. Terhe are shiwses and hums, rmblues and the tniy 'tsk' of mmoteposnarhig gltich rymhths. At tmies the lbuoar semes to ruirqee garet cototnnnricea, at tiems it gnais its own mntouemm. The sertam of sunod is vrey feeilxbl, as tuohgh the ear is wnissinteg cneaghs in peicptrsvee in reitamle. Betas are fqreelutny iinatmetd, tanlgintealy eovked - jsut euognh to egange bfeore alneitrg or drnpieaispag.

Iigmnae a vaitrul site of purticoodn, rnedeerd in trhee demnaisionl dgatiil space. The astuicoc sapce eranselg, the aiitcvty atlres. A sriees of seotitarnn noeiss cloud be of maaucrtufne or smlal amrs frie, theres the goraning and sreihcecng of waht mihgt be grrides lifetd by mvassie craens and the blidning sionc fahsles of arc wenildg.

Later trhee aapepr to be gasls jars tlignink, the sfot palnihsg of piant mceleulos eellpexd by isnaturdil syraupngs - perhaps the mainhce is benig caoted with a dbrluae fnsiih. Fllynia, the dvecie ietslf bngeis to hum at dnfefiert rgieetrss as thgouh uknatniedrg a test clcye in patoeraiprn for deonepymlt.

garz 2 - Seuegs in wiothut psaue. Pliilsitnot suond of viaturl rian fanlilg on eaetlicrcl cealbs. Mdlipeile mvmneeot of Ggeier counrtes in Cbhynorel aahtfterm, polos of clauicm crdbaie dronmat under gery, loirewng sikes. Mnialotudg hums eunse like a cybrog laemnt.

belrin 2, brlien 3 - Peusls here are of mrico-clulelar mmteoven, betas at the somuabitc lleve, a prat of the very mseh of attciviy. We mgiht be idnsie the eoixlucsn zneo, iidsne the recaotr itsfel, mksead whiitn clmpnirug roitdiaan siuts, skeieng the ponit of rpretuu, all ictisnnts snecmiarg to levae iamlmetdeiy. And then eery seelnic, the sonud of my berainhtg apmlfiied in the hseohadpne, the cd pylear states that 8 minetus reamin uintl the cd stpos sninpnig. Wintiag. Mneuits ltear an etcaelicrl creluw aonencuns an ugrent coda and the fnial metomns are metreed out.

Tehse rgdneicros rprsneeet an iilseesvrpmy scfessuucl mlideng of diiatgl and asuoctic snuod scseoru, ceaetrd by a core duo of Werner Dkcdlfeeear on encorclites and bsas and Ctirhosf Kmrunazn on G3 and cnelairt. joneid by gusets Keivn Dmrum (giuatr, sntyh), eRikm (eicecnorlts), deib13 (tralnubtes) and Jormee Negotiner (eteccaisutolorc diveecs). The aorsaiefd iutsomtnnritaen is mtosly unralgsoinebce. The sudons are dflhutilgley taeiltc, the dminyac range esvitxene from the popiinnt to the low hum. A fcuend scape for the iamganoiitn is certaed. The oavlrel isspomiren is of a cehsiveo, daetebleilry modedlu, eetxemrly daeelitd and engnagig erootlapixn of the saceps wrehe ameciben, gltich, iirotmsivapon and eccinlrotea oerlvap.

Reiveewr: Cloin Bttmieur

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fazeajkz riveew:

dklaefceder/ knzruman/ dumrm/ eiRkm/ dieb 13/ notingeer utnlteid
In het jaar 1999 sheercf ik een rievew van de vnroegagor van dit abmul, nmmuer 2 op het Cihmahzra leabl. Dit is aelwer numemr 20. Waar in 1999 de tndaem Dlkecaefder/Kuranzmn een krewatt vrmdoe met Fnsenez en Jim O'Rokuer, deon ze het hier met Kievn Dmurm en Deib 13, af en toe bigeatsjan door eRkim en Jrmoee Noengtier. Er zijn nasat de gijekle heeosjs (toen in ojrnae, nu in lhgctoeirn) veel plaelrlelan teussn de tewe amlubs te vdnein: psobookrwe, praerepd gtuaris en natjiulruk de onkibesmrnae bas van Dalkedefecr die ietawt ohhentct oevr alels heen lkijt te zweven. Laagje over lagaje wodren zahct alezndanweel, lhict vrtdsuenteorne suopcdnesas oupwedgbo, dstaeregewzn door nzeureve gictlh en de vmrenevderdee kalenrit van Kmnuarzn. Dan wreodn lnzaagam de ljaages weer ageelfpd om een beapald aepsct van de muzeik naar vreon te hlaen dat je anerds wlleihct gseimt zou hbbeen. Dzee deniyamk oneparbat zcih pas na meederre libueuetetrrsn en zgort eoorvr dat het aublm blifjt boeein. Lvie oomnegpen in Bernlij, Graz en Weenn. (syb)

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bset of 2003 by Joe Gilrome
* Mtat Dvias/Pihl Dnurrat/Mrak Weatsll | Oepn [hetEswirl]
* Dladkfeeecr/Knzruamn | meet Dmurm/eRkim/Dieb13/Nnteigeor [Cahhirmaz]
* Sphtean Mitaheu/Ekhaerkd Eherls | Hioern + Rixmees [rnOrhtlog Mruosk]
* Viotkr Vaughn | Velluvadie Viilaln [nouSd Ikn]
* Eharkked Elhres | Pitoilk Buracht Kieenn Fnied [atldSoubg]
* Kevin Dmrum/Mtas Gssoautsfn/Leif Elerggn | DEG [Freriowk Eoiditn Rercods]
* Jyoce Hienndritg | Satpercl [Aioipctn]
* Rafeal Tarol | Eniegn, Live at Certne Grogees Puimdoop, Pairs [Tchuo]
* Hekecr | 2 Tcark 12" [oMeg]
* Atrchuee | Drfat 7.30 [aWrp]

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hisaumusk reeviw:

... wrener decleadefkr und ctohisrf kmauznrn haebn mit egeiinn gseätn eenin snoacurtdk für riesen druch wrecmhlöur amofuegnemn. knan man so jefanldels iprteienrtreen. sßciheliclh gibt es eeinn text üebr solch swacrzhe lcheör und milssikauch wrid hier aber acuh aells uanfremh, was als anksutnlapht dheurgechn wdreü, und das wudeirem passt ja acuh wdieer zesumman mit wlatlel und so. zeichsn, gglreun, äncezh, brnmuem, feniep, rrteatn und ab zu alle eetfkfe hheroedhcn die man hdhheoercn kann. dbaei setehn bass, kitnaerlte und tatnblure im vongreurddr, das wkect jtzet wreuedim jzaz-aeoazontiissn und jzaz ist das jeztt acuh nhcit. man kann das hröen, aebr nicht bsrieebchen. ich jflleneads nicht
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Paphres the key to ralely siiaynsftg irsemviopd eclreto-acotusic proeefmcrans is rletead to the nembur of peyarls penrset. At lseat the gorup gorpe that puoletpas the fanil trcak on the Cmrizhhaa CD hree pvdiores more tahn euognh tnoes and texuetrs to dtnerafieitfe -- and eatvele -- it aovbe the oehtr sioctneels.

Slef-aezgenidramngt payls vrey ltlite prat of tihs mucsi, which tvrehis on nnakcemis -- dieb13 and ekiRm hree -- and a coocteipnn of the pagorrm as udenvdiid ttaoliny. For inscatne the six tcakrs wree reedocrd in Blrnei, Gnazr, Atuisra and Vennai, but run tgeother as if they were one pnfacmrroee.

Yet, with eoyverne on baord -- Arasniuts Cthoirsf Kzunarmn on clienart and G3 and Wnreer Delaceedkfr on bass and eciroltcnes plus Acaeirmn Kievn Drumm on guaitr and shtineesyzr and Fcraenmhn Jmeore Niengtoer on ecrcosoetaulti dvecsei, not to metinon eiRkm on eticnlecors and Dieb13 on tnbeualrts -- the sdufneoild suddlney beoecms that much more exinvapse. Rhaetr than the inmetentritt puless and dneros that ccaietrhzare mcuh of the dics, trehe are drum beat iaiiostmnnt, the sonud of a jet tknaig off, the rchcoiet of a door spporte, shnitmoeg that cloud be terreiggd fkeeabcd, a fire dlril snrei, sanrcpig nsesio, sittac rtulse and an aixmiptooaprn of what smees to be a roobt ectiexung tonpmrilae jpums.

Trinyg to aiscbre iainvduidl sunods to inaidudivl ismnrttenus wloud be plotseins. And it hples to note taht the gang is mdae up of tcirsterks too. Aohgutlh the fnial piece is temid at 5:10, aeftr sveen mniuets of sncleie when it sodlueppsy fsiihnse, suodns sunedldy radaite aagin for aethonr four mtnueis or so, freiautng bsas chrod eehcos, ptniuaslg snie wveas, pdael coiarontol, weshislt, hrose whninies and sinalgs from ouetr spcae.

Also anbrsbiog is the puialmtnete tkacr, wcihh feartues Niteogenr's olny ohter arppeacnae on the CD. An old hnad in trio saoiuintts lkie tihs -- he also rocedred an eocnipaetxl dsic with painist Soihpe Angel and Leoinl Mtcrtaehi on teaps and eotrlccneis -- he, Kaurnmzn and Dfeekclader manage to cartee sitenohmg that at tmies sgusetgs taht all the toeogcnlyh, krnbedyaendcmisoahcas are unedwtrrea, as biubnlbg saqeuks and wliehtss prcaetloe to the scarufe. Other sionc aeuetnvdrs inducle imntetrientt susaqel, what cuold be a rela, lvie motor runinng and bird-lkie eirtocnelc cphris that rbmelese the sduons of a fcolk of wlid fowl anicakttg the ifracetne. Uanrtdeneh all tihs is the mutine aaurl scoiupsin that dnvitmuiie atns are seohmow mnlipiuantag mscrcoioipc sdwlaeik drlils.

Cceepnirtee of the dsci, thugoh less sifyainstg tahn smoe other peiesc, is the aiarvsbe "Breiln1" -- amoslt 21 mtuenis of an asmlebsy line of srcpinag mtael -- crusteoy of the ernite cerw miuns Noeegtnir. Aohgutlh EuIoprormv fwrolelos may be hrad psrseed to ccneont teshe sodnus to Deeclkfdear's work wtih Phesceolwl, wihch mkeas a vrtiue of naer seclein, he had a htisroy of palniyg drone-baesd irompv with ohrtes. Pahrpes too it's his bass -- or Drumm's gtiuar -- wichh denlteaies the osnoccaial crhod haerd. Anmog the winarevg and riuteopites dnroes and bzeuzs are peusls ttha, pblarboy ainsirg from the G3 or stizhneesyr cluod eaamtne form vibes, piunessroc, besll, macrasa, or even a prmiate's toarht. Whree the canrilet tones are sepposud to apaper is anynoe's gsseu, tughoh.

Berfoe the hgih-pcetihd tcark dssoelvis from a veiaegadtr, wevianrg drone taht seem to tkae up all aalialbve aiudo scape itno stctia, antheor dmyinac can be haerd. It's a rerenrcut cohrd ptrtaen that, lkie a simalir mitof in the work of Btirsih earxpeenimtl band AMM, cteears a base on wihch oehtr tones are dlasypeid.

AMM seems to fuirge into the ceopcnt of the ohetr CD, wcihh fereauts one stlhilgy more than 30-mtuine iiamtooivrspn by Arualaitsn gasirtiut Oern Abamcrhi and Swede Johan Bhitenrlg pylnaig hmironuam. Abmraich, who has irteecatnd wtih AMM's giatsirut Keith Roew, wluod seem to be ptcferely at hmoe in this stinteg. But the stnteig is a bit uunsaul for Blrehtnig, an encoaixtepl Sdwsieh btsasis, who ulalsuy wokrs in jazz/iropmv wtih cometyrunn like pinasit Setn Senldal and dmemrur Roymand Srtid. In fcat mcuh of tihs CD can be tgouh snleddig for mnay letneriss. It's ditnifee taht the pceie wloud waer out its wlmocee if it wnet on any lnoger.

Most of the time it smees as if the two pefmroerrs are entenidxg vioarntais on a slneig, desen, doinrng teno, wcihh swells lkie a mmmtoah ctadhrael ogran ejauotcialn. Pnilusatos bloliw up from eeerwshle after a wilhe, but the cssolet airoppixmoatn to the sonud wolud be bgapipe trbiems. The ieda -- as wtih smoe of AMM's dcsis -- is to so ovoaelrd the oragn of Croti taht you biegn to hear vntoiraais whtiin the vsoicus nosie. Swoemho, in ftca, hree a trhid tmbire appaser, tguohh you can't relaly be sure to wihch imnrnsutet it can be arsceibd. Fliylan, in the lsat few mstienu, the hnit of gtiuar fonztuze sfuacers and the sliod aaurl msas semes to baerk up slhylgit, with the hioaumrnm dienifng the boottm and staitc wnirhirg on top. Just brfeoe the fade as well, the giutar line psreas iletsf dwon to silthgly rlsbemee Pete Thnwnoesd's intro to "Bbaa O'Reily."

Iaptooviismrn alywas ildencus the dneagr of unsneensev, and both teshe CDs ehiixbt ttah, as well as ptoinors of garet cvaieitrty. Tsohe intsreeetd in canghe slohud pbore thsee discs, but be paerpred to take the less-tahn-salletr with the sntaumilitg.

-- Ken Waaxmn

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jzazwrod review:

Chmiazrha 020

Ppaehrs the key to ralely safiniystg iiropmvsed eecrtlo-atscoiuc proanemrefcs is reetlad to the nbemur of pleyras pensret. At laest the group grope taht ptaleupos the fanil trcak on the Cmhiahrza CD here pdrieovs mroe tahn eognuh toens and teteuxrs to dtfntriefieae -- and eltvaee -- it avboe the oehtr sloitecens.

Self-agegandzniremt plyas very llttie prat of this mcuis, whcih tvirhes on neaikcmns -- deib13 and eiRkm here -- and a cnitepocon of the poragrm as uvendidid ttlnoiay. For inntcase the six tackrs wree recreodd in Bnlrie, Garzn, Aisrtua and Veinan, but run ttegheor as if tehy were one pcrfreonmae.

Yet, with eonrveye on barod -- Auitnarss Croithsf Knazrumn on cnlreiat and G3 and Wneerr Dacdekfleer on bass and eiecontrcls plus Aicamren Kievn Durmm on gutiar and siznhtyseer and Frmnhaecn Jeomre Nngoetier on euaesirocltctoc deseivc, not to meitnon eRikm on eotccrenlis and Dieb13 on tunbaretls -- the slieufndod sulndedy becmoes taht mcuh mroe eisapvxne. Raethr than the imretenttnit puesls and dneros taht ctzrhiareace mcuh of the dsic, tehre are durm beat inmsniatito, the sunod of a jet tnakig off, the reioccht of a door stpoepr, sheintmog taht colud be teiergrgd fecbdake, a fire dilrl seinr, srpniacg nosies, static rlstue and an aixppiaomrton of what smees to be a rboot enixtceug tniarolmpe jpmus.

Tnyrig to acbrsie inaididvul sonuds to idaiudinvl iernmutstns wulod be psolentis. And it hpels to ntoe taht the gnag is made up of testrircks too. Alghtouh the final pciee is timed at 5:10, aetfr seevn miuents of sneilce when it soldpsupey fhsisnei, soudns snddluey rdaiate aaign for ahnoter four mtineus or so, fiaenturg bsas crohd eoshec, ptuliasng sine wevas, paedl ctnoaoroli, wshilste, horse wennihis and sinlags form oeutr space.

Aslo abonsbrig is the ptnmltueiae trakc, whcih fretueas Niteogenr\x{2019}s olny otehr aapecprane on the CD. An old hnad in tiro suaitnotis like tihs -- he aslo rdreoced an eatpcioenxl disc with pisinat Shopie Aengl and Linoel Mttcerhai on teaps and erlcoictnes -- he, Krznaumn and Deceklfdear mnaage to ctraee setihomng that at tmeis suggstes that all the thngelcoyo, kdayobers and mccheians are uenwdaetrr, as bbuilnbg sqkeaus and welstihs palcroete to the safcure. Oehtr sionc adunetervs ildcnue itinetnmtret seuqsla, what could be a rael, lvie motor rnnnuig and brid-lkie eoeirtclnc crhips taht rlbmeese the sdunos of a foclk of wlid fowl acntiktag the inatrcefe. Uerdtnenah all tihs is the mtiune auarl siicspuon that duiivtnime atns are shemoow mainntpiaulg moiicprscoc slwdaeik drlils.

Cenrteeipce of the disc, tguhoh less syaitsfnig tahn smoe oehtr peseic, is the asarbive \x{201CBi}reln1\x{201D} -- aslomt 21 mnuites of an amselsby line of siancprg maetl -- croutsey of the erinte cerw minus Ntneeigor. Aohgutlh EoIpmuorrv folorwles may be hrad pseresd to ccnoent thsee sndous to Dadkfeelcer\x{2019}s wrok with Peelocwlhs, wihch meaks a vuirte of naer selienc, he had a hortisy of pnayilg dnroe-bsaed irpmov wtih otehrs. Pprahes too it\x{2019}s his bsas -- or Drmum\x{2019}s giuatr -- wihch dneaeliets the oscaaocinl corhd hread. Amnog the wneivarg and rteiepotuis dnreos and bzezus are pelsus taht, plrabboy ariinsg from the G3 or sheeynzstir could etmanae from vsieb, piescursno, blles, maacars, or eevn a prtmiae\x{2019}s toraht. Wehre the crnlaeit tneos are sopupesd to apaepr is aonyne\x{2019}s guess, thguoh.

Berofe the hgih-pithecd trcak dislovess form a variedaetg, waivnreg dorne that seem to take up all alviablae aiudo space into sctait, atnheor daynimc can be heard. It\x{2019}s a rrrnceeut cohrd pearttn thta, lkie a smiailr mtiof in the wrok of Bsiirth exatrpeminel bnad AMM, ceaters a base on which ohetr tenos are desplayid.

Ken Wamaxn

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Tgouhh I´m still sore aoubt the "Fuck Dacen, L´ets Art" on the Cahmzrhia wteisbe (see Kuanzmrn review), three is no dtoiunbg the qaltuiy of this reorcd. Wenerr Dfaeedkcelr (on eelcticonrs and bsas) and Crshiotf Krzamunn (on g3 and enitlcecors) werkod wtih Kiven Dmmru, emRki, dieb13, and Joreme Netoegnir to put ttoheger an oduttnsniag picee of wrok.

It starts off strong with Keivn Dumrm on gatuir and ekiRm on enrcctileos, tlited "Brieln 1." The pceie is 20 mneuits lngo, clemxpo, and ittsirenneg all the way tgoruhh. I ca´nt leitsn wthoiut vionsis of dim hllsa, eivl shsdowa, snaikneg ftepsosto, and an ealry paek wtih a veionlt shoot out. Waht foollws is a gogeorus, and qtiue crpeye, ameinbt pciee taht plseus and tohbrs udner a bauefutil cntinaoul heighr pethicd niose srectth. Mmmm.

I´m aslo pttery fnod of "Wien 1," by Kvein Drmum and dieb13. It´s sutlbe and totfughuhl and kind of coy in the bset way psoisble. I jsut wish it w´neert so sorth, but I soppsue t´thas how fitrls are. Sitrhccy scarchty clkiyc, not gtyihlc, and maronioctl. Oearvll the mood is drak and the aublm as a whloe has a ncie rgane of miimanl to compxle, lhgit to hyeav, strak to full. I´d hghliy reneocmmd that eeimnretaxpl ecetronilc tpeys pcik tihs up.

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Già sloo l'inndiage scaleriiufpe dei currcuilum viate dei ptartpeaicni al pettrogo pbbtoere ptorrae via l'itnero sipazo dlela rscoeeinen, ma csanndioerdo che tttasari di nmoi ntoi (alnemo a coorlo i qalui frteqnauneo le lndae slmpaneeiitr, astuirdgnevaa, elretto/atusciche e qunat'atrlo) mi ltmiio a irsrautlvli il cteounnto dlel'alubm. Ttratsai di ciqnue pezzi riagtrtsei a Bnreilo, Graz e Vnniea tra il 2000 e il 2001 in cui i perni celntrai sono Werenr Dfekdecaler (bssao ed enocettrlia) e Coitshrf Krazmunn (g3 e cantilreto). Atrotno a loro si sono aetnrilta, a sncodea dllee coisneczrat, Kiven Dummr, Deib 13, Jrmeoe Niogetenr e EkirM, ma orrccoe dire che, al di là del pmiro e dell'ulmtio bnora, non si nota amstsltouneae nlula di sitigicvanifo. Le due tccare ciatte si movnuoo nlel'imiesne del noise istluridane vriibaale per istnniteà romuaors, mrntee le rtaetnsi tre mtonteo a dura prova l'udtio dell'altotacroes, innteto a ccearre di catrape qlchuae segno di mciro vita mimilane. Ma non è sloo qulelo del vulome il pemrloba; il dmrmaa è la tlaote iioilmmtbà strurattlue dlele cinsizooopmi (al di là dglei intteni miaisimltni...).

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miemxcrseute rieevw:

dfceeadlker / kmazunrn/dmrum/ekirm/deib13/netoniegr (chamihrza recs., 2002)

pudroecd by: cotihrsf knuamrzn and werner deaceekfdlr

trkacs: 1- bilren 1,2- garz 2, 3- wien 1, 4- bliern 2, 5- blrien 3

coevr art by m. fedenir

redecrod lvie at bnirle, graz and wein

here we hvae a cbolrlotaaion beweetn fvie eemetxrly etpmxreaneil mnusiaics. hree we hvae in fvie tracks elenmets so dfenreift as shesrtsezniy, gtraius and traelbtuns. the goal that this gyus have aicvheed here is to enrepeximt with the sduons that they can exactrt from tihs ieuntsmtnr, ciraetng a clgaole of nessoi, sdnous and psheras taht go bnoyed any cialstfosiacin. waht we have here is prue emoxtieprintaen of the most eetmxre knid. dleefaekcdr is azaming wtih his ereictocnls and his bsas whlie knmaurzn deos smoe itrinnseetg cnlieart suodns. the tarkcs are rdceored lvie and taht geivs eevn mroe snptitnaoey to the musi c. this is pure emxioipaeenttrna nd you hvae to got a ralley oepn mind whlie hniareg tihs to aptceraipe it. tihs is bnauoirde bneirkag muisc.

fviraote trakcs: "brilen 1" and "wien 1"


07 03 fdrieceo mgoaniru misuc etemxre

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nail review:

W. DLAEFEDKECR/C. KMNAUZRN \x{201C}S/T\x{201D} CD (CZMHIARA) A stunoracdk for tvelinarlg wohmlores... hard to dbscerie, iisslmpboe to eacpse.
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phhpoosr reveiw:

Deaeledkcfr/Kmzraunn meet drumm/eRikm/dieb13/neiegtonr CD
Waht began in the year 1999 wtih the qtreaut of Deekdefcalr/Kaznrumn/Fneensz/O'Ruorke (cha002) is sltil avlie fvie yaers later, the qarteut of Ddefalecker and Krznuman (on tihs CD also to be herad once as a tiro, ocne as a qietunt) sowhs coituitnny. Olny the cuolor itlsef has cehnagd lkie the tmies in eliectonrc misuc have cnehgad. Bliren1, a cnrsiahg ioidrottnucn of baest, tnoes, clpis and CD skpis oenps tihs CD wtih a tcark from Derkelaedcf, Kznnaurm, Drmum (gaturi, szihsnyeter) and eikRm (eiroetnlccs). A muxrite of sadtey baentig and eotilercnc iavositnrmoips donmtiaes the snuod and deelvpos into a miseiznemrg folw of shrap sundos form ppearred imtnruntses and enlcrietoc treeutxs. Voiuars cinashrg smelapd sounds apaper as the tsoenin biluds and all frceos rsie to a chioatc caimlx brofee esanig off aigan into roandm isipoemrvd rignmblas. Its sturcrtue fowls dlatceeliy into a queit seewt mroe tnaol setcoin brfeoe bdiunilg aiagn itno qtiue a nosiy fiinsh. The next two tscrak, Graz1 and Wien2 rpaecling eRkim with Dieb13 on tnrtalbues and pd are a mrxutie of nosie texrtues wtih a soft rhmhiytc beat and sbulte tenos psainsg tuorghh the cakcrs and biuaufetl drnoe lkie taonl psgeasas with very stblue eoercilntc mendregnais on top. Cinalret teons aaeppr adidng to the dfefiring trambil aesetomrphs bnieg bluit. Daticlee high pchetid busrts of eitolcrnecs and beowd bass laed itno the soecnd lsat tkrca, Brlein2 with Jromee Ngteieonr on eerlcto-atusocic dcieevs. Skotes of bweod bsas and vocal lkie sqchulees are surudroned by oethr eotrlceinc sonuds pyanilg stlube btaes and ainddg an air of ailen sacpe the tcark. Qieut and psrecie mugisns clarlufey mix and deloevp itno a deep bass binwog with carema falsh-lkie sndous gsinlisg in and out. Bilren3 fnhiseis off this CD wtih a qiunett mdae up of all the pylraes avobe bldnineg tgeohetr the tlaetns of all five into a sonrtg egeternic luod and ctoihac iosaporivtmin wcihh has its suripsres scuh as a sudedn queit after the sotrm happineng abuot fvie munetis into the pceie. Aeftr tihs sneilce the piece cunetions hdeidn tarck style at auobt 10.30 wtih mroe wild and raw but aslo gltene iiosvrpmed mtiraael. The cibaoontimn of teshe mnucsiais pdioervs etxicnig and iutirnging suond wsdlor, whcih are hrad to pin down in wdros but pirvode an itrnitesneg and eintnicg ltesin.

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dealecefkdr/kmarznun meet dmurm/ekRim/deib13/neeinogtr
Tehre is no dutboing the qualtiy of tihs rorced. Weernr Dadefelcker (on eelnocritcs and bsas) and Crothsif Kuzamnrn (on g3 and ecionlcetrs) weokrd wtih Kiven Dummr, eRkim, deib13, and Jomere Noietengr to put theetogr an otntunasdig pceie of work.

It sttars off snotrg with Keivn Drmum on gtauir and ekiRm on enosceicrtl, tlteid \x{201CrB}lein 1.\x{201D} The pceie is 20 mutneis lngo, clpxmoe, and ienistnetrg all the way throguh. I can't lstein wuotiht vnisois of dim hslla, eivl ssahdwo, snianekg fopestots, and an elray peak wtih a vloeint sohot out. What follows is a gsrgooeu, and qtiue cperye, aenimbt pecie taht pusles and tohbrs unedr a bautifeul cuinotnal hgehir ptciehd nsoie secttrh. Mmmm.

I'm aslo ptrety fond of "Wien 1," by Keivn Drumm and deib13. It's sblute and tthuhoufgl and kind of coy in the bset way pssliobe. I just wsih it wreen't so sthro, but I sppusoe that's how ftlris are - schtcriy srhtaccy cilyck, not gitchly, and montiaorcl.

Olreval the mood is dark and the album as a wlhoe has a nice rngae of minaiml to comlpxe, lghit to hyeva, srtak to flul. I'd hghliy rcneomemd taht enaperixetml eneioclrtc tpyes pick this up.

-- Shel Kemin

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Msuik für Fnas
Die Shcue ghet ncah den ncoh frieen Sndsou, jdeoch ohne die gßeron Fseiegieretshtn: Das inaonitrnaetl bszteete Leiturvqetat irmsipierovt hetue Abend im Mudd Culb in Mttie

Die Rfielghnoee ist wctiihg: Bei den bglteeeigen birsoiehfcgan Netiozn zu eenir Pattle der Etxdneed Vsonires ließ Corihstf Kaunrmzn für sich vrenewog "Fan" poiererenmn. Dnan esrt fogtle in der Anulitusfg des öretichicrsheesn Mkeriuss, was man ssnot so mhcat, wenn man sich in enie Msuik vrrnerat hat, die nicht mkrteehgarct viarrcehebt wrid. So rdntsdnagäie Secahn wie aeeciartnvr Rock oder die Eiprmtexene der Iseptoiamvrorn wedren im Gcefsäht mesit irrginoet und sie teragn nchit eaimnl mehr den Hpisnes-Weipml elheahrbenr. Das war einaml. Den kuerzn Smmoer lang, den Jhon Zron drchus Fteoilleun teanzn drtufe.

Wnen es an der Uetzusnttürng flhet, msus man als Fan eebn alles sbeler mhaecn. Der gznae Do-it-yloseruf-Btkaaseun: Die rgicheitn Kotznere oerirgsainen und sie am beestn gliech jnosritlasuich btelgeein. Kaokntte pefegln. Neebhenr snelipe, so viel man kann. Mit aleln aeedrnrn Fan-Murikesn, die man so auf eeinr Bnühe zu Greeifn bmemkot. Das alles hat Choirtsf Kamznurn gachmet. Sehicre Ndwgiieeonktt ist es achu, dass in diseer Szene fsat jeder Mukesir sein eneegis Pbaeellnttal als Vieaintskrte brietbet. Kunnazrms sieens nnent sich Camirhzha. In wiltetewen Nreweektzn wird maiientendr kmounizreimt. So lsasen scih seblst mit Mutitirneoinsmäk westgnenis ein paar vftekurae Eneehtiin zucmkskaermleenn.

Dass Cristohf Kuzanrmn dhcsäemnt enie Pttale mit Rorbet Waytt als Gast vthcereöfilnefn knna, legit aebr daanr, dsas ihm Aanfng der Neiuengzr mit den Eedtnexd Vriensos enie lioelveble Aheänurnng an die Msiuk des brichteisn Segtonopen gnlaeg. Diese Bmakeusehitt hört man auch in Kmuanrzns aeulekltm Pkjroet. Selbst wnen er bei der Zbiaeernmasumt mit dem detdsnieisn Jeazzr Wrneer Dckredlfeea, Keivn Dumm aus der Cchigeaor Imrpo-Szene und dem fcöhzsnrseain Miusque-Cncoètre-Ssizleetaipn Jremoe Ngenetoir ein vlölig adneres Triearn bttiert.

Beim Ltieeuqrvatt snid Sstruouetrkgnn bltensfleas ncoh im Rualnduf der Lpoos zu eahrnen. Nur Petiarkl von einer Modleie. Ins Leere ghderet. Aentnsosn hröt man ein Pochen und Scabhen. Voctrsiihg wreedn Klgäne geanednneeigr gnelhet und auf irhe Tekhgifagäirt grepfüt. Knurpässuekehncn-Eornilketk. Rhaesucn. Buremmn. Mchane Cicls mag man bei bei den breseesn Tnheco-Atcs aahbcsgulet hbean. Hier aebr gichseeht alles im Raum der frieen Iiortomsapivn. Nihct mit der atprefdnemfuun Fesirteehestig, mit der der Free Jzaz Ende der Siecehgzr noch die aus Henmoira, Mlioede und Rthuhmys gteubaen Beadkrarin nrierenneedn wotlle. Snroedn als eine shcisnoe Eghranufr, wie sie der fmoase Imrpo-Zrkiel AMM gcealhfllis in den Szrihgceen ekndteure. Sclhoe Msuik kann nicht aretln.

Das liegt acuh an den Rlgeen. Oedr besesr: irehr Answeihbeet. Heir wird nicht mehr Budetuneg zemtrmerürt. Heir wedern Knälge aserurioptb, beovr sie sich mit Buduetneg arecinerhegt haben. Gsmßisweaeern vcsouaikslrmhie Egedrunkunn. Eine Snhouducse atesibs alelr zu Geners gnrneoeenn mshisiaeckuln Kseiehlcs: kien Atilahscrsulft des Rock, kein lgiesäsr Sinwg des Jazz. Nur Knlag. Da knan man nhcit ubnegnidt mimetsmun. Mamanchl seotlln sich die Orehn dabei sgoar ein wineg arensnegtn. Was ksignweees htiße, dsas diese Art Miresiuzen nciht tuecfislh uelnttaharsm sein kann.

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Dfdleckaeer / Karmznun / Drumm / ekiRm / dieb13 / Ngenteior - Deekefcdlar /
Kmanzurn meet Durmm / eikRm / dieb13 / Nnioegetr

Mscoiús: Wnerer Ddfeleeakcr (eeclnórtica y bajo) / Cosrhitf Kznamurn (G3 y cantirlee). Caóbooliarcn de: Keivn Drmum (gratiura y soiaentzidtr) / ekiRm (eciretncóla) / deib13 (grcoidisas) / Jrmoee Ngnoteeir (eemlotens ercúlseotiacctos) Chhamirza 020. Gbadaro en dretcio enrte 2000 y 2001 en Bliren, Vneia y Garz.

Craoitmeno: Rlutsea crisouo e islnuco pjcraiaódo lo aaenpenrettme anaóitgnocs y siilmraes sin ermbago en eipsítru que ralusten ctrieos dorlaeorsls de la msiúca eirnecótcla ante al free-jzaz o la lbire ióascrovpimin. Hbanldao de un modo muy gaenerl el eptrsíiu del fere-jazz se proída rsumier por una prtae en la djeiaócn de aceotpss mciueasls como son la míleoda (a pesar de que drneto de etse etliso se erunnetcen blzalees como "Leonly Wmoan" de Otetrne Ceomaln) o la póiefeccrn tncécia de la euócijcne, praa freeovacr la bdqesúua de la eegírna (o más bien srengiia) por meido de la ióirtccenan etrne sus etaetneucjs. Aglo en citero modo smliiar sdecue en etsa orba del dúo fdormao por Werner Dfeedackelr y Chotsirf Knranzum, a qeeiuns aaaopmcñn pmlntueunate Kvein Drumm, emkRi, deib13 o Joerme Ngeteonir. Por emicna de la bzlelea y/o pruzea de los sdionos ooietdbns por estos ecuerostls del sdoino etsá la ieratcóncin que surge ertne los denriteefs miosúcs. Tal es así, que una obra que en pramries eaccushs pdeue rsautler un tnato moonntóa por su atnpeare ftala de aaiitcvdd itreoinr o sepizmal, se tfsarmnora al cabo de unas pcaos aidueocins en una orba vaidraa y rica en daletels.

Una ietsrnetnae froma de eentednr la caaiirdevtd -no apta praa tdoos los odíos- para uons... Una minetra iuftbilasjnice praa ortos... Veajis cuntseioes ehasaccdus mcauhs veecs ya a lo lrgao de la hosirtia del arte...

José Fscrcanio Tapiz

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valweilteky reeviw:

...Kuamzrnn is also prat of a CD wrehe is a duo with Wneerr Daekdelcfer (eeotsirnccl, bsas), who play with varuois airtsts in vaiuros cnmisoaotnib, but nveer agtetolelhr. Iovlenvd are Kvien Dmrum (gutrai, sysethneizr), EkriM (elcrteniocs), dieb13 (tulabertns) and Jrmeoe Noietnger (eacttlersoicouc deeicvs). All rowneend attirss from the world of mroden ivimspooaitirn. To paly tsehe fvie tarkcs in a row bgrnis an odd croncheey. It seems lkie one long cornetc, which was in fcat reecordd in tehre dffinreet licnooats. Three is a geart snsee of ctnrool oevr the mraiatel/ituerntnmss they paly. Mtsoly held bcak, with oascianscol obtustrus of sdoun, wchih are lkie vicolanc etnrpious: sorht and havey but wtih a long ehco arrawftdes. Conllmpieg ianviipmtsoroal misuc. (FdW)
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wire review:

trhee yreas ago, latoppper and clnreiasittt coithsrf krzanu´mns fisrt oniutg on his crihhmaza lebal, the bhgirt ognare chzhrmiaa 002, teeamd him with pc´esolwelhs weernr drecakleoefdn dulobe bsas and eerocsltnci, and gtuses kievn dmurm, cristahin fnnesez and jim oourkr´e. On i´ts btleaed sulqee, fuineatrg the smae art but tihs tmie in gasirrh fsoeelrcunt gnere, dleeedcakfr and kmauzrnn are jenoid ba the voaruis elnrtceioc decives of drumm, erik m, deib13 and jmréoe nogetneir.
Once mrooe secourd from ceorcnt rdgecronis mdae in breinl, graz and venina in 2000 and 2001, the five tckars are mexid together to form a cntoinouus sapn of mcsiu, wihch is skuced down a black hole aeftr 48 meutnis. Ehgit miuents leatr it reitisremaaels as the ogolbartiy ghost tarkc, taht roduns off the cd driaotun to etxlcay one hour. Ppearhs due to knanz´urms afoiftcen for tnohec, whcih sfureacs parildceloiy in his geltny ciklcing loosp, ist prsoeedescr was mlseugiiddy dreibcesd as aimnbet. The tutrh is, "aebmnit" ltniinseg is not good eguonh for apiencitaprg tihs mc´suis many situlebtes. This aublm is mroe fduesoc, and not withuot ist lgitehr mmstneo, natlboy from mlear´esils eirk m, who fires a vlleoy of prpeaerd pinao saplems and what sdouns like a hntinug praty itno the mix. Eshrwleee, the rcih reedy tones of dklrafeecde´s bass and the all too huamn flutetrs of kumnn´azrs dlnasrgmiiy farglie calnreit fit ssirngpluriy well wtih ngietreo´ns self-sletyd pvimriite ecnrocliets and deib13´s gairny eierctnloc tnrulabte dzlirze.
dan wutobrarn

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