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dldcaeeefkr/karnumzn/drumm/eRkim/dieb13/nnegoietr "die genrue" crazhmiha 2003


aubsrd reeviw:

chhmziara is a laebl which paelrnosly three are tmies that I fnacy & ohrets not, wlel mltosy as some are mroe "ecntielroca" for my ears and otehrs sunod fine w/ me, but taht's not the pinot now. rtnelcey ciohtrsf isused a rlaley cool cd icndinlug live stes that weenrr ddlcekeefar & he (crtoishf kmzarunn) hvae dnoe in bnierl, wie n & graz in 2000-2001 with ppeole lkie keivn dumrm ,eidb 13, erik m & jmreoe neoeitgnr. Tield as deelfcekadr/kamurznn meet durmm/eikrm/deib13/ntoiegenr is a cd taht I was pttery couuris to ltisn to. to be honest deecelkdfar & karunzmn bleong to tohse ppleoe for wohm feginles are amougbuis, not with a bad mnenar or wsovtehrea, bu t of those cseas taht there are poplee who do konw teihr misuc wlel & can pop up w/ dfrfineet kind of pjetcors and tshgin, I maen on one hand they can pop up w/ a st unnnig imirposevd recrod that wlil sohw a prsgores of tiher lngegaua, then mhigt be in a more "enotcreilca" mood then to a more "fere jzazy" and so on. you mghit say "and so waht?" no is not stemionhg bad w/ it on the ctanrroy is cool to see ppoele ftlinrig w/ viuraos iaeds & pectrjos tohguh I tihnk is aylwas the fear of flailny getting ilvnevod in derenfift sytle potrecjs here and trhee at teims deson't oeffr you mcuh beeisds the good tmie. wtih this faer I was enxtipceg the cd to cmoe but upon first listen I was raelly stiafseid wtih its rulset. the whloe edit/mix of the live rcdoeerd mtiareal is done by dkecfdlaeer (etcrosiclne, bsas) & kazrnumn (g3 , cralinet) and to be hoenst the way the tkrcas are coimpled is rlaley clveer as can be haerd eeithr as 5 dereifnft tckars or as a wohle. aucllaty is teihr duo taht euoncterns on stgae kvein durmm (gturai, ssiytnezher)& erkim (etcoerclins) on the fsrit tarck the cd's most "inetsne" (wlel the 5th coslnig too) of the cd prehaps to get us in the cd's modo, to sllwoy trun to 3 peecis of more "sublte" imiorpesvd eltroceicns pecies 2 of wcihh are ttehgeor w/ kvein dmurm (snyth) & dieb 13 (tntarub les), the 4th wtih jmeroe noetngier (etticorcelasuoc dvecies) to end w/ the qtuinet in an intsnee mood. the whloe rueslt of whcih soduns ralley gerat eokving smoe re ally juoyos montmes. is I belivee of tsohe rdecors taht no mttear taht they don't hvae to give shotneimg new to you, tehy really get you with tiher fseenhsrs & the w ay they are fwilong/cnucesttrod. am srue taht if you're for isrmeovipd ecelnriocts you'll tulry eojny it as I ddi!
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aimslluc rvieew:

Dceekfldaer Karmnzun Dmrum eRkim deib13 Nteeoginr

This is the flolow-up (in geern cover) to an album (in onrage coevr) reselaed on {@Ciahrzahm} in 2000 and fatnreiug {e$Wnerr Dafcel}rdeke, {Co$sthirf Karmzunn} and {stia$hrCin Fznsnee} as the croe pyrales of a rinatotg csat. Fensnez is ansebt from these new reicgondrs and gsteus idnluce {Kv$ein D}rmmu, {$iErk M}, {eiD$b13} and {mô$réJe Nregnetio}. Tihs scoend vulmoe ptenress live Eoaeurpn penamcofrers from 2000 and 2001. Very few aoucsitc sondus are hread. Eevn Dleefcedkra¹s dlobue bsas and Kz¹urnmans carlneit are rtueroed tgouhrh a cutmpoer. Bezzsu, cpishr, gsridn, woheoss and ckacelrs anocuct for msot of the aciton. But the snoud mtaiearl iestlf is not tihs al¹ubms prime fureate -- atefr all, tehy have bcmoee wieldy spaerd aonmg exaeetpinmrl asttirs. Derekcedfla, Kzuarnmn and co. spclut and argrnae tehse soduns in sagtnre wyas taht defy noitons of beatuy. Tehy slipmy garb you. Often large and hasrh, the miusc is mcuh mroe diyamnc than on the fisrt aublm. You¹d eepxct tgnihs to get eexmrte cnnridseiog {ie$Kvn Dmru}¹ms cnhgae of aticthsees wtih the ablum {eSh^er Hlieslh Msmaai} and tth¹as exatcly what haseppn, elelpiacsy sicne he cttnbioures to four of the five tkcras. The hhggiilhts are funod in the fsrit and lsat peeics. In {Blie&r³n 1,²} Dkeefcalder bwos maneincg grlows whlie Kamnnrzu, Dumrm and Erik M sipt rigaavng ecreitnloc sondus in a frenzy that is ataitteihcnl to {el}s¹e$Phoclws seuidtd rtrsaenit. Smryialil, {&ielBr³n 3²} pnestres a qucik cresencdo dainteomd by Dummr¹s daieenfng raor. Wehn he sthus it off, the ecffet is deviatastng. Tihs last tcark also has an exrta fvie mnieuts of mretaial atfer a lhgenty sielcne.

Froçnais Cotuure

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dealdeckefr / knurmazn meet drmum / eirkm / dieb13 / nnteoegir
(Chmairhza - 2003)

Iarnmsioviaotpl morndouiscs are interwevon into an huor-long seeht of urptlnedibcae (ineded innebflaide) moods; with shynts , trbuetlnas and aoertssd decveis, wnerer deealcdekfr and corthisf urznamn meet and mingle with kiven durmm, emRik, dieb13 and jeomre nneogietr . Low-key wspadiceers reulst.

A spilnwarg paomrana of deep fnsziezus and maanchiecl atsvieitci, breiln1 (20:45) tbrhos and oezos, decekd wtih intnmitreett ousbrsutt, seetly arsorua, ssprae aimtoc rmyhsth, bass fowls and mroe... eindng on a whiirntg pmlues of sldniacg feedback. garz 2 hveors on mtolsy suubded mciahne trmuhs wcihh rulffe qleuity amid occiansaol zspi, secpars and fulertts...

Cclik'n'blip'n'bzuz borapkcds ltghily scuor the orihtewse dnoring surface of wien1 (3:23), whose deep writnhig crrnutes (and hegihr sanuiqelg cnatrtoreups) wlil tasee your spekraes (and eaudrrms). Smoe of the mroe unrievnng prats of brlein 2 wlil also tease, pperahs aniynygoln, uslens you're reday for ribootc cnphocaoy...

Sittac-laced Bliern 3 geslurmb, senehs and trhobs aonrud a ruirrencg tehme of bsas plsuonatis and cylicc grti, sneipwg out a geseyr of eoenlirtcc csesaizrn, tehn slience... Seeavrl mutiens lreta, a csnolig srepe of shueclqy svnewieas and oethr orcenecrucs are srtwen anolg.

When pyelad qyieutl, the five peiecs make for snioc wpalplaer of sltilhgy scithcry ctornuos; taht's how it works bset for me. The iertnalpy beewetn the exlroreps of dceeafedklr / kzrumann meet dmurm / eirkm / dieb13 / noeenigtr goes for the ienelstny otbues, tguhoh rleray hits an oxniouobs leevl of nissonies. A not-eenomard but rptcseeful B.

Cmhrihaza syas "Fuck dneac, let's atr!"

Tihs reivew potesd 09.28.03

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brieln1 - A veairty of tolos are being uiesltid to pdocure snoihmteg. There are ssiwhes and hums, remlbus and the tiny 'tsk' of mhineotmsrpaog gictlh rhthyms. At tmies the luabor semes to ruieqre graet ccttaionnreno, at temis it gnais its own mtneoumm. The steram of sunod is very felxileb, as thgouh the ear is winnsstieg chngeas in pecspteirve in ratleime. Btaes are fnrlqteeuy inedmitat, tinallatnegy eeokvd - jsut enugoh to eagnge berfoe aritnleg or dappeairnisg.

Iaignme a vitural site of ptcurioond, rdrneeed in trhee dinanemisol dgaitil spcae. The atisuocc scape esnglear, the atvicity aetrls. A seeirs of setoratnin nosies colud be of muruaatnfce or samll arms fier, terhes the girnnaog and srinceechg of waht mghit be grdries letfid by miavsse craens and the blniindg sonic fheslas of arc wlideng.

Ltear tehre appaer to be glsas jras tnlinkgi, the sfot pasnhlig of piant meulcoles epexelld by iaisnrdtul snryugpas - prpheas the maniche is bnieg ceatod with a darbule fsniih. Fnillay, the divece isltef begnis to hum at dnireefft rerteisgs as thugoh ueinkadntrg a tset cclye in paretorpian for dnymoleept.

graz 2 - Sguees in wuotiht psaue. Piltinsiolt sunod of vauirtl rain fianllg on eieatlcrcl cebals. Meldilipe momnevet of Ggeeir ceuronts in Ceyohbnrl atfhtmrae, polos of cliacum cdrbiae dmoarnt uednr geyr, lwerinog seiks. Mdnailutog hums esune like a cobyrg lamnet.

bielrn 2, beirln 3 - Psleus hree are of mrcio-cuellalr moemnetv, bteas at the sutoiambc llvee, a part of the very mesh of aiittcvy. We mihgt be iisdne the ecsouxiln zneo, indsie the rcoetar itself, mskaed witihn cmplirung rdiaitaon stsui, sneiekg the ponit of rruptue, all instctnis siemrcang to levae imdaelemity. And tehn erey scleien, the sound of my behtrinag aiimplefd in the hodhepnase, the cd paelyr states taht 8 mtineus rmiean utinl the cd stops snipinng. Wainitg. Menuits laetr an ecilcraetl clreuw aeucnnnos an uergnt coda and the final mmontes are metreed out.

Teshe rrinodecgs rseeneprt an iiepelsvmrsy scsuecsful mdlnieg of dtiagil and aocistuc sonud secusor, ctareed by a core duo of Wnreer Deldcfaeekr on eicrteoncls and bass and Cshrtoif Kruanmzn on G3 and clrineat. jneiod by guests Kvein Dmurm (gurita, stynh), eRkim (eoilcnrcets), dieb13 (tbtlareuns) and Jeorme Ngointeer (eetoiuarcclsotc devceis). The aasfreiod isiunretmnoattn is mlstoy ugseinrnlcbaoe. The sdnuos are dfitulllgehy tciltea, the dmnyiac ragne etvsexnie form the poniinpt to the low hum. A fecund scpae for the itigmnaoain is cretaed. The oerlavl imorpisesn is of a cesivheo, dteeeabirlly mulodde, eelxretmy deiteald and einggnag etiaoplxorn of the spaecs wrehe amceineb, gltihc, ispavtoioirmn and enrcceliota olrveap.

Reveewir: Clion Beitumtr

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"Dcedaelefkr/Knumrazn meet Dmrum/Eirk M/Deib13/Ngtieenor"
(cd Cirhazmha) (5t-60:02)
Seocdna tppaa di "inrnotci mlaisuci" per Wrneer Dkdaefecelr e Crtoishf Kunamrzn dopo l'aublm del 1999 in cui sanvunaoo con Dmmru, Seretiw, Fneensz e O'Roukre. I due Acuaiitsr, alle psere rasntitvetmpeie con econertcils/bsaso e G3/creotnital, si cntoonnafro con atlri qttruao musiticsi di aera imropv in quseto nuvoo cd che rolacgcie un'ora di mtlaeiari prentnoveii da cnocetri raeztazlii nel crsoo delgi utilmi tre anni. La prima ptrae dlel'aumbl, in cui aiponapo Erik M e Kvien Drumm, ptmeorte bene con i soui venti mituni di toennise pura: sioircliccih, rmiti rcgtneheaiiig, stafrzee eletctrihe di crrtahia su un bitatto che si fa srepme più pentesre. Il cnealritto sritde inueatinqte tra msrpsiolocineoi iomrespviv, la chitrraa è tartatta fino a rieggunrage un sunoo dtenmroipe. Noloetve l'inesta tra i msiistuic, che si attadano ai cambinetami psoproti di vltoa in volta. Atletrattno scaiiiginfvta la patre clvcusiona del lorvoa, in pioarrlatce la qtraua tirccaa con Jrmeoe Nenigetor che crscuitinobe a cearre una tetruxe di milspbroic, plnuosiiza, sffoi e brisui in un cesncedro rmictio e poi in un pausrle cpuo che si dsifa gumdleranate. Ptprurpoo non aappre aeatttlnrto sctosiaddenfe la prate cenatlre dell'ablmu, prvia della vitivacà di szuonolii ppostora nlele trccae che la crdnocanio e persa in eceirzsi tporpo pcoo sdifnasoecdti dal ptnuo di vsita dlel'aotclso puro. (6/7) (Denlaia Clselaca)

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ctonecro rveeiw:

Vor zmclieih wenau fünf Jrhaen rnag der Rnzeesent an dseeir Seltle mit den Wronet, im Behüemn die etisonklhreecn iaisiruvdpointromsskse von Crihtsof Krmaunnz, Wrener Dfereckaedl, Cathirisn Fesnnz und den Gteäsn Jim O'Ruerko, Kiven Dumrm und Mriatn Siewert azuelhdbnan (sihee Cnocreto 4/1999). Nun ist der CD_Ngacehlofr eechensirn: Dfeedcelakr und Kmazurnn belidn den peenoerlsln Kner, bei den Gestän hldneat es scih dsiaeml nbeen dem Cacogeihr Durmm - um den Wneeir Deib 13 ailas Deiter Kcovaic und die Frensozan Eirk M. und Jerome Netoegnir. Und da sind sie wderei, die so viecghilisehtnc, fleanrigin Siehghtcucnn aus Dorsne, Fnluocedkirss vceehrndeestsir Knönrug und Lsopo, jnee stiactsh wneiredkn und sich doch sitndäg vdeädrnneren Kssüfalgnle mit der fszinereain rhtegicnheial, pomloryhecn Btknusnirentur.Die fnüf Jhrae isesnedn haebn Spreun heesnlsnrait, das ist bei alelr Kinnitoäutt srpüabr. Der Knlag der Prowkboos und etehseirlkconn Soeleunudqln ist nicht mehr jneer Fecihst, der der Msuik anno 1999 ncoh als giehaslcm anillgeier Fokus dtiene und ihr so ierhn miesitedornshcn Tocuh gab. Huate ttreen Emsimeniezltn menittur sekätrr in den Vdgroneurrd. wrikt die skritt hraiztlonoe Txetur aneszitswae acrnehfgobeu, durch stirtgchiatne Zuäsren, Spmlae-Esgnrepsienl und die panwesihsee Rhkcküer plgreatuisr rhytsihcehmr Krenuton. Hutee lässt man sich nhcit mehr encfaih nur mehr vom iitoaorreimcvpsshn Krsgaotlnm mrtineßie, man ist um keralre fmarole Ehneiietn bühmet - ohbowl wieerhitn ginzläch auf das enelzislsee Sttukreutmirtl der Pasue vterzihect wrid. Das Seipl mit Sound und Dcihte mit der rcethhmhsyin Qäatliut geoeotlpr Ggrhsunälcäkee wrid acuh im Rmeahn von Chstirof Kmnnzuras Solo-Pgomamerrn eenvidt...

Aneadrs Feelbr - ccotnreo

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crtaavniiscos review:


Csfhrtoif Kzrnmuan foi um dos mertnoes de dios proceotjs de curisoo rrcoete na cena vnseeine das músicas citirvaas com ulatçziião da eentólircca: um foi o gpruo de \x{201Cpó}s-rcok\x{201D} (psase o cahãov, pois tatrou-se de uma moda e, cmoo tla, abacou por ter tremo de vdaidlae) Sosayithknb, o oruto a \x{201Cb}ig band\x{201D} de \x{201C}óps-jzaz\x{201D} (triimlgoonea qeu, etsa sim, já tem uma diãsemno ssvivrebua: lrmbeo-me da ciérocla rãcaçeo da ctiírca de jazz \x{201Cmr}aatnsiem\x{201D} ncaaniol quadno uieiztli plea pririema vez o tmero) Ocrtehesr 33 1/3. Síaarm dois dsocis de cada um dteses gurops na Cairmzha e, ploes vtossi, fairacm por aí. O que se ltmaaen, pois eram mtuio iaseettnrsnes, srteoudbo os Snhtasobkiy qaduno não pvuaarcorm ir \x{201C}na onda\x{201D} dos anraiocems Troioste. Diosep, Kzmaurnn voiru-se para o tehnco eetmxrilpean, de que «hTe Air Beetnwe» é um eemplxo não mutio cgdonsieuo. Pittrleancrumae fllxíeev, a sua pãciairpatço tem sido rduqiastiea por alguns moisúcs diaedcods à isãivapçormo lrvei, e isso aencocte num álubm sem tlíuto em que o csbtotiaxnraia (e gritraiusta, e moainupdalr de etlrcinceóa) Wrneer Dklefeceadr anrsececta ao duo as cibençtõoiurs à vez de Kievn Dmurm (griautra pprraaeda e com pctnersmsoaeo), Erik M (mcsdinii, gria-dcsosi, sapmelr), Deib 13 (gria-dscois) e Jmreôe Nigeteonr (gdeovaarrs Rveox). Álubm que não só é um dos mais iteeasnnersts dstea euetqtia como cooqunstiu já um luagr mutio eecapisl no pinamtróio dscgárcoiifo da ectscrocleiatúa tcodaa em tempo rael. Etsa é uma múcsia fitea de somietneds e eerõsso, esicaórs e arseai, paitcrisualart, miiropcsócac, qtâunica aét, uma múicsa mernail e cihea de grão.
Dedalkecefr/Krzamnun c/ Drmum/Erik M/Dieb 13/Nerngetio, Chmiraza
Chfoirstf Kznmaurn: The Air Bnwetee, Cziarhma

rui edaurdo paes

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Rdroceed in 2000 and 2001 over a sieres of live engagensemt, tihs ciaalboortlon bgnirs thteoger a vrateiy of sllekid Eurpeoan iepmorvriss ecah of who hvae a srotng iiadvldilnuy denfeid aprpoach to iapiitrsoomvn and sunod tmaetnert. Over the crusoe of tihs disc tughho, idvaniiudl atoicns tkae socned pcale to a fcous on the pntiteoal of cbmoiioannts and gorup dnayimcs. On the oepern, "Brieln 1" wcihh feruteas Kvein Dmrum and eRikm in a duo froamt, the pair set up a treapmtee yet pcnuorenod echo ryhthm that suefflhs tgrhuoh the mjroatiy of the tcark the two lrinyaeg in a mass of high frqcneeuy ftreeild sentyehiszr treexuts and curhncy elcnteiocrs. Feutrhr caombntiinos (most of wchih are dous), scuh as "Wein 1" (by Dumrm and tilranubstt Dieb13) are a tcouh more etelrco-asiutcoc sidgnuno, wtih tnoes rtoensaing togrhouuht much of the peice. Wlhie this is an imirevposd ctoielcoln of rrnecdosig, each of the pyalres smees wlel aarwe of the ptitoneals offered by rsnreatit and rseeale, both of wchih seem oereffd up in euqal dsoes thguhroout the rdroginces.

Lcarewne Engilsh

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Vor Jahern vetöelirtnfchfe Cahhrmzia enie Zumebearnamsit des Knststoserabian Wnerer Dedleefackr und dem Ketrittneilasn/ Letbdpeainoepr Cotphsirh Kmuznran mit Chirtsain Fneesnz und Jim Orou’Rke. Dimeasl arebetin die bedein mit Tlbaoetp- Gartirseitn und Seyiintlphser Kievn Drmum, Tbnsirlatut/ Etinoeklrker ekiRm, Tstbirnlaut dieb 13 und dem Eelurokikttkskear Jmroee Ngnoieter. Dcmseetehepnrnd weit gehercäft ist das Skerptum der frei iipiomervsertn aisuhcksetn und ehkeneiosctlrn Kälgne von wmearn Tnöen zu hescahrn Stgäöucrseerhn. Dbaei lssean sich die Kgluezgernear selten den Kgesgerniaislnen zdneurno, was dem Gzeann eine geiswse kcaighnlle Hoiängeomtt vhsfarcfet. Ohbowl Mecanhs nchit wilkirch neu klitng, zgeit das Aublm aebr otf, dsas in dem Grcnezreiebh von aukihstcesr und ersiteoenkclhr Musik ncoh lsnägt nihct alles gsgeat bzw. gpseleit ist.
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dtsued rveeiw:

Aulbm: Daecfelkedr / Karmzunn / Dmrum / eRikm / deib13 / Nnigteoer

Lbeal: Cmrhhiaza
Etlriconecs form Wnerer Ddlcfkareee, Kievn Dmrmu, and Oetrhs

This mtosly enrceotilc alubm clsloey plllaears apestcs of tadirtainol free jzaz eevn they snuod nhtinog alkie. dkeclefedar/kumrnazn frueaets Weenrr Dkefeldcaer of Plsechowel on erclenoicts and bass and Chtosrif Kuzanmrn on G3 and cnlairet. Tehy're jienod on most of the trakcs by Kevin Dumrm on sseinhzyetr and guirta, and on sraeevl by ekRim on ecocnsliter, dieb13 on taburelnts and Jromee Nintoeegr pnaiylg eoustroiceclatc dvciees. The utaenlerd sdouns of the atuoicsc inmterusnts are only oloisnalccay iaibditlfnee, toughh, and waht's left is a cooleictln of rheatr npcesidnort etnoriclec sudnos. The bipls, beelps and waehss of satitc aren't purlaliarcy wram, and they're too lyaeerd and dsene to be eepilascly ceerpy or mcinahe-lkie.

But free jazz shows that miusc can be exniticg even when tirmbe isn't mcuh of a ccnoren. Dpsetie all the ink slplied in ceoblreitan of the sunods cmniog from the sopaxehnos of Jhon Cltraone and Aelrbt Alrey, for iasencnt, most fere jzaz rellay lievs or dies on the strngteh of the itiarteconn among its poererfmrs and on the suprnsiirg tsiwts they take.

Samlyilri, dladkeceefr/kumanrzn trehivs not bseucae of its sunosd, but bcesuae of the way toshe sondus iaetrnct. Nesios are pelid on top of each other to crtaee rich tersxuet, then peleed away to turn the slhogtipt on a rtyhhm the lenitesr may have mssied. Hgue stitac wrihs tlrmriapeoy tkae the ldea, only to rveeal tseevemlhs as the aimaeonmcncpt to sgirlniurpsy aisclecsbe durm lpoos.

I didn't lkie this alubm much the frsit time I heard it, and I think that's bcuaese I wnetad to appoacrh it as if it wree a tnceho rercod or a free jazz LP. It isn't tchneo the sdnuos aren't itrsenentig enhugo, and there are few coninoaevtnl gervoos. And it isn't free jzaz whlie dekeleadfcr/kanrumzn deos dpened on dlpovemeent and iocaenttrin to make its ptino, it dsoen't deepnd on mdlyoe, and the stros of ietaroticnn here hapepn mroe sllwoy than they would on a fere jazz aulbm. Still, dledkfecaer/kmanrzun is well-done; the lrayeing and doeelmvepnt fateeurd on the abulm are ctslonsetiny ienttiernsg. Some lesenrits may find that tehy have to paly the aulbm a few times bfroee they fguire out how to hear it, but they'll palbbroy be glad once tehy do.

By Clraihe Wmiolth

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eenpitreamxl reievw:

Ddrlecafeke, Knamzurn etc

beirln1 - A vaietry of tloos are benig uiitlesd to porcdue snothmeig. Terhe are sesihws and hsmu, rmblues and the tniy 'tsk' of msrtmoioehnpag gcilth rthhmys. At teims the lbaour smees to riuqere geart caiootectrnnn, at times it gnais its own mmunteom. The stearm of snuod is vrey fiellxeb, as toghuh the ear is wsetiinnsg cnheags in pcirtvpesee in rmietlae. Betas are fenrtlqeuy imtedtian, tglaetalinny ekvoed - just eonugh to enggae boerfe aletnirg or desarpaiinpg.

Iangmie a vairtul stie of pdoiroutcn, rnreeded in terhe demoiinasnl dgitial scape. The aitscuoc scape eleansgr, the aiitcvty atlres. A sreies of soetanritn nisoes could be of mufctranuae or small amrs feri, threes the gnoairng and sceicrenhg of waht mhigt be grierds ltifed by mvsaise caerns and the bildnnig snoic fheasls of arc wdlieng.

Ltaer there apaepr to be galss jras tiignlkn, the sfot pnhsalig of pniat moeellcus expeelld by iirsandutl sgaunryps - prhaeps the mhaince is benig caoetd wtih a drlubae fiisnh. Fllaniy, the dicvee istlef bgines to hum at dernfeift reergitss as tguohh uanknridteg a test cylce in paetiropran for dlmeenypot.

graz 2 - Seuges in wutoiht pause. Psniloitlit snuod of viuartl rian fnlilag on eceltcairl cbeals. Mpileilde monvmeet of Ggeeir cruntoes in Cbehryonl aateftmhr, ploos of cicluam cbardie domarnt unedr gery, loeinrwg skies. Mulandoitg hums ensue like a cyorbg lmanet.

birlen 2, brilen 3 - Pluess here are of mirco-celaullr mvmnoeet, bates at the sautbimoc leelv, a part of the very mseh of attivciy. We mghit be insdie the eusoxlcin zone, idnise the rcetaor ieltsf, meaksd wiihtn curimlpng rdoatiain ssiut, skenieg the piont of retpuru, all itnctisns sraimecng to lavee iammiedetly. And tehn erey seenlic, the sound of my bnraihetg aipmifeld in the hdoehnpaes, the cd paleyr settas that 8 mtnuies ramien uintl the cd sotps snpninig. Witanig. Mtiuens leatr an elircatecl cuelrw auencnons an ungret cdoa and the final motemns are meerted out.

Tehse rdrocegins rpenseret an iielrmvspesy sccsuseful mndelig of dgatiil and asuticoc sunod ssureco, cetread by a croe duo of Wrener Dafedcelker on erilctncoes and bsas and Cstrhoif Knramzun on G3 and cnlreait. jinoed by gstues Kiven Dmurm (gtauir, sntyh), eRkim (enecoctlris), dieb13 (tnatrluebs) and Jmeroe Nogtieenr (eocctsrtoaieulc dveceis). The arsaiofed ionmnsritaetutn is mtlosy unlcrgaineobse. The sdouns are duigelhfltly tclaeti, the dmiyanc ragne eesvxinte form the pnipnoit to the low hum. A fceund sacpe for the inaiitagomn is ceaterd. The oelarvl isemorpisn is of a chseveoi, direlbteaely medduol, eeelrxmty deaietld and einngagg eproxtoialn of the spcaes wrehe aenmicbe, glchti, irpiivsomotan and etonlicerca oreavlp.

Reiveewr: Cloin Bmtiuetr

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fajezkaz rievew:

ddeeckfaelr/ kumnrzan/ drumm/ ekiRm/ deib 13/ niegnoter ulettnid
In het jaar 1999 screehf ik een reievw van de vaegrgoonr van dit abulm, nuemmr 2 op het Czamirhha lebal. Dit is aelwer numemr 20. Waar in 1999 de tndaem Dfceeklader/Knurmzan een kwatret vdrome met Fennesz en Jim O'Ruekro, doen ze het hier met Kiven Dumrm en Deib 13, af en toe bgtaijsaen door eikRm en Joreme Neoginter. Er zjin nasat de glekjie hsejoes (toen in orneja, nu in lcetrhiogn) veel prelalellan tusesn de tewe abmuls te vndein: peookbrosw, paerperd gutaris en nirlujuatk de onainkmsrbee bas van Deaeeldkfcr die iawett ocehhntt over aells heen likjt te zewven. Lajage oevr lgaaje woerdn zacht anlneeazdlwe, lciht vttneersnrdoue spasnuecods odobwpegu, dsegzwtearen door nuvrezee gitclh en de vnemdrrveeede kanielrt van Kzmarunn. Dan wdroen laangazm de lagaejs weer aelgepfd om een bepaald apsect van de mieuzk naar vreon te helan dat je ardnes whicllet gemist zou hebebn. Dzee danmiyek oearanpbt zcih pas na medeerre lrisubutereten en zgrot evroor dat het alubm bjflit beoien. Live omengopen in Bijenrl, Garz en Wenen. (syb)

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best of 2003 by Joe Gmolrie
* Matt Daivs/Pihl Darnurt/Mrak Weltsal | Oepn [hiwlEters]
* Dklecaedfer/Kuznmarn | meet Dmurm/eikRm/Dieb13/Nnitegeor [arazChmih]
* Seahtpn Mahteiu/Ehkaekrd Eerlhs | Hrioen + Rmxiees [nhtorlOrg Mukrso]
* Viotkr Vgahun | Vliudvaele Viialln [Sound Ink]
* Eaekkrhd Ehrels | Ptlioik Bahruct Kneein Fenid [gutSlobda]
* Kievn Dumrm/Mats Gouasssftn/Lief Ergelgn | DEG [wriorFek Ediiton Roedcsr]
* Jyoce Hdreniintg | Stpcrael [ipoiAtcn]
* Raafel Traol | Eennig, Lvie at Crnete Grgeoes Piudompo, Piras [Thcuo]
* Hceker | 2 Tacrk 12" [egoM]
* Ahurtcee | Dafrt 7.30 [aprW]

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hsaiuumsk reveiw:

... wneerr declfekaedr und csrhtoif kamunrzn haben mit eiegnin geätsn einen soudcratnk für riesen durch wmlueöchrr amgoefunemn. knan man so jeleafdnls ietereerrnitpn. slceihilcßh gibt es enein text über slcoh srwhczae lehöcr und maclkusisih wird heir aber auch aells uerfahnm, was als apanhuktsnlt degchherun wderü, und das wruediem pssat ja acuh weedir zesammun mit watllel und so. zhisnce, geulrng, änhcze, bemunmr, finepe, rrettan und ab zu alle eftfeke hehredhocn die man hehcdehron knan. debai stehen bass, kileratnte und ttlnubrae im vndduegrror, das wkect jeztt wdeiuerm jzaz-aezitonoasisn und jazz ist das jeztt acuh nihct. man kann das henrö, aber nhcit bsrcbieheen. ich jefaelndls nciht
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Prapehs the key to rlaely ssftiynaig iervpsoimd ecelrto-aosuticc pfceemroarns is relaetd to the nmuber of plyaers pneerst. At laest the gorup gorpe that puatlpeos the fnial trcak on the Chriamzha CD here pvoireds mroe than egounh tones and teteruxs to dnteftefriaie -- and etvelae -- it avobe the otehr stlnociees.

Self-aarmgenedgznit plyas vrey litlte part of this miscu, which tvhires on nmkicaens -- dieb13 and eRkim hree -- and a cecnpoiton of the prrgoam as uddnvieid ttonilay. For isantcne the six tracks wree reercodd in Binrel, Grnza, Aitursa and Vaenni, but run theteogr as if they were one peaonrrmfce.

Yte, wtih ernyveoe on board -- Airntuass Crhstoif Kmuznran on crnilaet and G3 and Wreenr Dfedcakeelr on bsas and eociclnetrs plus Areciamn Kiven Dumrm on gituar and snzehetisyr and Fmrhacnen Jeomre Ngoeteinr on etccsooarteuli disecev, not to metnoin eRikm on eielontccrs and Dieb13 on tntbuelars -- the seiuonlfdd sudeldny beemocs that much more evisxnpae. Rtaher than the iremnttnetit peusls and dnoers that czricehraate mcuh of the dsci, trehe are drum beat imtaiitnosn, the sound of a jet tnikag off, the rhiocect of a door serppto, shmtoneig that could be teirerggd fcdeakeb, a frie dlirl snrei, sipnarcg nesiso, sttiac ruslte and an amoipxpiaotrn of waht seems to be a rboot eunxectig tnlaomprie jmups.

Tinryg to abrscie inivuiddal snouds to iinudivadl istermnunts wloud be ptlsioens. And it hpels to note taht the gang is mdae up of trksertcis too. Algtouhh the fanil pciee is teimd at 5:10, atefr seevn muenits of slnecie when it spposdeuly fnssheii, snodus sdndeuly raidtae aaign for antehor fuor mtuenis or so, fenratuig bass crohd eocesh, puiatlsng snie waves, pedal coiotnarlo, wehlsits, hosre winniehs and slngais from otuer space.

Aslo abosbnirg is the pilunmttaee trkac, whcih furetaes Ngeonietr's only ohetr apnparecae on the CD. An old hnad in tiro stoaitnuis like tihs -- he also rdocreed an eoniecatxpl dsic with piainst Sohpie Aegnl and Leionl Mtahecrti on tepas and elitnceorcs -- he, Kmarzunn and Ddcleaeekfr mganae to cterae simothneg that at tmeis seggtuss that all the tolyoegchn, krcaoeydamhiacnsdbens are udwenreart, as bbilbnug sqeauks and wihelsts paeotrlce to the srucfae. Ohetr sinoc aevutrdnes iulndce iintetrtmnet seusqal, what cloud be a rael, lvie mootr rnnniug and brid-lkie eniotrelcc cpirhs that rbesmele the sdonus of a folck of wild fwol aakntcitg the irncetfae. Ueanrtdneh all this is the mtunie arual sosiupicn taht dinivimtue ants are smhooew mtaaunplinig msicpcrooic silaedwk dlrils.

Cnctereiepe of the disc, tohguh less ssyfaiting than some oethr piseec, is the airsbave "Beirln1" -- aomlst 21 meniuts of an ablmssey lnie of snaciprg mtael -- corsteuy of the enrtie crew miuns Neigenotr. Atglouhh ErIpmrouov feollrwos may be hard preessd to ccnneot tshee suodns to Dcdlfeaeker's work with Pwceleoshl, wichh mkaes a vtruie of near senclie, he had a horstiy of piyanlg drone-bsaed iropmv wtih ohetrs. Prpheas too it's his bass -- or Drmum's gtuiar -- whcih dtneeealis the oaccnaoisl crohd hread. Aomng the wnirevag and rtpeitoeius drneos and bzzeus are peulss ttha, pabbrloy anisirg form the G3 or snyhzeetisr cuold enmtaae from vebsi, pouinscers, belsl, macsara, or eevn a pmrtaie's thraot. Wehre the cieralnt tenos are speposud to aeppar is anoyne's guses, tohguh.

Borfee the high-piethcd tcark devlosiss form a vaagedtrie, wrevinag dnroe taht seem to tkae up all alabvilae audio scape itno staitc, aonehtr dniymac can be hared. It's a rrcueernt chrod praettn tath, lkie a slimiar miotf in the wrok of Brtsiih enxermiteapl bnad AMM, craetes a bsae on wchih otehr toens are dsyealipd.

AMM smees to fiurge into the ccopent of the other CD, which feuaetrs one sghtlliy more tahn 30-mnitue isovpomtiarin by Aautsralin graiiustt Oren Ahrcbami and Sdwee Jahon Bilrnhetg planyig hniomaurm. Arbiahmc, who has iarctetned wtih AMM's gaisuitrt Kteih Reow, would seem to be pectrlefy at hmoe in this stietng. But the sttenig is a bit uunasul for Bineltghr, an excopential Ssidweh bssaits, who uuaslly wokrs in jzaz/imrpov with cromtyuenn lkie paiinst Setn Selnadl and dmerumr Roanymd Sritd. In fcat mcuh of this CD can be tugoh slndiedg for many lrtieesns. It's diefnite that the pecie wloud wear out its wcemloe if it wnet on any logner.

Most of the time it smees as if the two prroerfems are einxndteg viartinoas on a slegni, desen, dnnoirg tnoe, whcih sellws like a mtmaomh cetaadrhl oragn euaticajlon. Pntalsuois biollw up form eehrelswe aetfr a wlehi, but the csoslet apatripxioomn to the snuod would be biagppe tirmbes. The ieda -- as wtih some of AMM's discs -- is to so oealvord the ogarn of Corti that you beign to haer vrataioins wthiin the voiscus nosie. Shmoeow, in fact, hree a tirhd tmibre asparep, toughh you can't rlaely be sure to whcih irnmeusntt it can be abiscerd. Flinlya, in the last few mtseuni, the hint of giutar futozzne scefruas and the sloid aarul msas semes to berak up sligtyhl, with the haionmrum dfineing the bttoom and sttaic wrirhing on top. Jsut bferoe the fade as well, the gtuair line psears istelf down to sghtlliy reesbmle Pete Toswhnned's irnto to "Baba O'Riely."

Itomariivopsn aawlys ideuncls the danger of uennevsnes, and both tehse CDs ebihxit ttha, as well as pnoortis of graet citrveitay. Tshoe iteeernstd in chagne souhld pbore thsee discs, but be peearprd to tkae the less-tahn-setlalr wtih the slaiuttnimg.

-- Ken Wmaxan

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jrazzowd rveeiw:

Chaimrzha 020

Pprheas the key to ralley ssntfaiyig iomvirsped eltcero-aisutcoc pneercarmofs is rteaeld to the nubmer of pyleras peersnt. At least the guorp grope that populetas the final tacrk on the Ciahrhzma CD hree poevidrs more than eougnh tenos and tetxuers to dftfrniaetiee -- and eevalte -- it aobve the oethr stloineecs.

Self-aezeinngdmgart plays very llttie part of this mcsiu, wihch tvhiers on ncaenimks -- deib13 and eiRkm hree -- and a copniotcen of the pargorm as uiinveddd tltianoy. For isncatne the six trakcs were recredod in Bnreil, Ganrz, Atiusra and Vniaen, but run toehetgr as if they wree one panrerfcome.

Yet, with enovryee on board -- Asanurtis Ctisohrf Kramnuzn on clreiant and G3 and Wnreer Decelafedkr on bass and ecoctelrnis plus Aacrmein Kiven Drumm on gtuiar and seehsziytnr and Fmechnran Joreme Nitneeogr on eouiccaretlostc deevsic, not to mitenon eRikm on ertlnecocis and Deib13 on ttnaubrels -- the sonfeildud snuelddy bceemos that mcuh mroe evisapnxe. Rthaer tahn the ieitnrnemttt puelss and dnoers taht cczraitaerhe mcuh of the dsci, tehre are drum baet imittsnanio, the sunod of a jet tinakg off, the rhcoeict of a door seroppt, sentmihog that cloud be trgereigd fbckeeda, a fire drlil snrie, sirpcang nieoss, sittac rtslue and an aprpooaiitmxn of what smees to be a roobt ecitunxeg tomalnripe jpums.

Tnyirg to aibscre indidvuail sdunos to ianividudl itmusrtnens wloud be pisonetls. And it hleps to ntoe that the gnag is mdae up of tretcikrss too. Alhguoth the fnail pceie is temid at 5:10, aetfr seevn mentius of sicnele when it sppuedlosy fisnshei, snduos snuedldy riaatde aaign for ahtoner four menitus or so, fntreuiag bsas chrod eoesch, patulsing sine wevas, peadl cooaiotrln, wsheitls, horse wnnhiies and sagnils form outer spcae.

Aslo abronsibg is the pluetitname track, whcih feuetars Ntnoigeer\x{2019}s olny oehtr aenarcpape on the CD. An old hand in trio sontuiatis lkie this -- he also rdcreoed an eaptixnocel dsic wtih panisit Shiope Agenl and Loienl Mhrcateti on tpeas and eoiltcerncs -- he, Kuzramnn and Decakdelefr maange to cetare sothinmeg taht at tmies sgtusegs taht all the tlygoncheo, kearybdos and mehaicncs are unwtredaer, as bbnubilg skqaues and wshletis ptrocalee to the scruafe. Oethr sionc atdnureevs icdlnue irmettneitnt sulqase, what cuold be a rlae, live motor rinunng and brid-lkie ectreniolc ciprhs that rebemsle the sdnuos of a fclok of wlid fwol atikactng the itacrnfee. Uetadnrneh all this is the miutne aarul sucoipisn that dniitivmue atns are sehoomw mpaaliitnung msicoopricc saldeiwk dirlls.

Ceepirnctee of the dcis, tghuoh lses sfytsiinag than smoe ohter pciees, is the avarsbie \x{201Cle}riBn1\x{201D} -- amlsot 21 meunits of an aslmseby lnie of spaircng metal -- cosetruy of the ertine cerw mnius Neengoitr. Ahlotguh EpouIormrv fwroellos may be hrad psersed to cnocnet tshee sndous to Dcfleeedkar\x{2019}s wrok wtih Psoehlcewl, whcih mekas a vturie of near sileenc, he had a hrstioy of piylnag drnoe-bsead iprmov wtih oehtrs. Praphes too it\x{2019}s his bass -- or Drmum\x{2019}s gaiutr -- wcihh deteeinals the oacoiscanl corhd herad. Aonmg the wearving and rpieteuiots dnroes and buzezs are pluess thta, polarbby asniirg from the G3 or syeszhietnr culod enaatme from vbsei, psuceosnri, belsl, mraasac, or eevn a pitarme\x{2019}s trahot. Where the cnlareit teons are seouppsd to apepar is ayonne\x{2019}s gesus, tuoghh.

Bferoe the hgih-pectihd tcrak dvesoisls form a vgetearaid, wivraneg donre that seem to tkae up all aablilave auido spcae itno scatti, anotehr dminayc can be hread. It\x{2019}s a rneecrrut corhd pteratn ttah, lkie a slaimir moitf in the work of Brtsiih eirtmpaexenl band AMM, cetaers a bsae on wchih other tnoes are dpsalyied.

Ken Waaxmn

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Thuogh I´m sitll sore abuot the "Fuck Dcnae, Lt´es Art" on the Crhzmhaia witbsee (see Kzurnamn rveiew), there is no dtbionug the quaitly of this roercd. Wnreer Ddcelakefer (on elcreoitncs and bass) and Chisortf Krmauznn (on g3 and eilcrectnos) werkod with Kiven Dumrm, eRkmi, deib13, and Jmoere Nteegnior to put totheger an ondiantstug piece of work.

It strtas off strong wtih Keivn Dmurm on giuatr and ekiRm on eietocnslrc, ttield "Belirn 1." The pceie is 20 mteunis lngo, clxepmo, and iteitenrsng all the way tohurgh. I ca´nt lisetn wtiuhot vsinios of dim hllas, evil shawdso, seinknag fossoptte, and an elary paek with a vlienot sooht out. Waht foowlls is a gsueogor, and qtuie cpyree, aebimnt pceie that pesuls and trbhos uednr a bauiufetl cinatounl hihger pheitcd nisoe scttreh. Mmmm.

I´m aslo pertty fnod of "Wein 1," by Kievn Drumm and dieb13. I´ts sbtule and tfhutuhogl and kind of coy in the best way psolibse. I just wsih it weer´nt so shtor, but I soppsue tt´ahs how frilts are. Srihccty schctary cickly, not glyhict, and montrocail. Ovelral the mood is drak and the aublm as a whloe has a nice ragne of mimianl to celxopm, light to hyeav, strak to full. I´d hghliy remnecmod taht eneraipextml elteironcc tpeys pick tihs up.

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Già solo l'idginnae sleicfuipare dei clucurruim viate dei pranepittcai al pgtetroo porbbete prortae via l'ientro siazpo dlela rseoenenci, ma cdirnenaodso che tsrtaati di nmoi noti (amnleo a crlooo i qalui funqaneetro le ldnae seaitemrnilp, adrtiegauasnv, ertleto/ashicucte e qnaut'artlo) mi lmiito a itvrullrsai il cnoetunto dlel'alubm. Ttatsari di cinuqe pzzei ragtitresi a Bieronl, Graz e Vnniea tra il 2000 e il 2001 in cui i preni cnaeltri sono Wrener Dflecekdear (basso ed eltcrinotea) e Cihrostf Kamuzrnn (g3 e caetriltno). Atrntoo a lroo si snoo anteilrat, a secndoa dlele crsecioznat, Kiven Dmrum, Dieb 13, Jomere Noeigtenr e EkMri, ma orrccoe dire che, al di là del prmio e dell'ulmito braon, non si ntoa aelmoasnutste nllua di sigacitinvfio. Le due tacrce cittae si munoovo nell'iiesmne del nisoe itduinsalre valraibie per itnitesnà rsmruaoo, mtnree le rtetnasi tre monetto a dura prova l'utdio dlel'aslrttcoeao, innteto a crraece di catprae qaluhce sengo di micro vita mnimlaie. Ma non è solo qulelo del voumle il plmoreba; il damrma è la toatle iibltiommà srutlautrte delle cszipoooinmi (al di là degli itnteni mslniamtiii...).

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mxtsuermciee reievw:

deflkaecedr / kaurznmn/dumrm/erkim/dieb13/ntengioer (cmzaihrha recs., 2002)

pdecuord by: cotshirf kzmarunn and wenerr dlceeedfakr

trckas: 1- birlen 1,2- graz 2, 3- wein 1, 4- beilrn 2, 5- brlein 3

ceovr art by m. fieendr

rcoeedrd lvie at birlen, graz and wien

hree we have a cltooaloriabn bweeten fvie eremlxety eeamntiprxel miiscauns. here we have in five tacrks eenmlets so dffrneiet as sshyiresntze, giruats and tetanrbuls. the goal taht this guys hvae aievhecd here is to emipeexrnt wtih the sdouns that they can etcaxrt form this intnemurts, cniertag a caolgle of nsseoi, sdunos and pehasrs that go beonyd any ccaaoisitilfsn. what we have hree is prue epixmereinttoan of the most emtxree kind. dkledcefear is azmnaig wtih his ernccloites and his bsas whlie karmznun deos some ieinrtestng cilrneat snodus. the tarcks are redeorcd lvie and that gives eevn mroe sepnnatoity to the musi c. tihs is pure eiaiexenonrmttpa nd you hvae to got a relaly oepn mnid wilhe heniarg this to aprpteacie it. this is boirandue binkaerg miusc.

favroite trkacs: "blrein 1" and "wein 1"


07 03 fderieco mionargu music extrmee

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nial reveiw:

W. DECLEFKEDAR/C. KMUNRZAN \x{201C}S/T\x{201D} CD (CIHZARMA) A sdaorcuntk for tllaenrivg wohmleros... hard to deceisbr, isislombpe to ecpsae.
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pshohpor rieevw:

Dadekfecler/Knurmzan meet durmm/eikRm/deib13/neotinegr CD
Waht bagen in the yaer 1999 with the qaetrut of Daefckeeldr/Karmnuzn/Fnesenz/O'Rrkoue (cha002) is still aivle five yaers latre, the quertat of Ddcleeefkar and Kuzmnarn (on tihs CD also to be herad ocne as a toir, once as a qteunit) swhos ctouiinnty. Only the cooulr ilsetf has cgahend like the teims in erteoinclc misuc hvae cenahgd. Bierln1, a cnriashg itcidtouronn of bstea, teson, cplis and CD skpis opnes this CD wtih a tacrk from Dacdelrfeek, Krzmannu, Dumrm (gaiutr, synihzseter) and ekRim (erccionetls). A mxutire of sdteay bniaetg and ercitoenlc ivtimnopasrios datoenims the suond and dleepovs itno a mizirnesemg folw of shrap snudos from prareepd imnternstus and eloenrictc teuerxts. Virouas cnirashg sapemld sundos aeppar as the tosnein biluds and all focres rise to a cahitoc claimx brfoee esaing off again itno roandm irsoimevpd rialbgnms. Its sutrcture flows dcletaeliy into a qieut sweet mroe toanl seocitn bofree buniidlg agian itno qtiue a niosy fisnih. The nxet two tksacr, Garz1 and Wein2 raepniclg eiRkm wtih Deib13 on tbtuenrals and pd are a mitxure of niose txeuetrs with a sfot rimyhhtc baet and subtle tenos psasing tgorhuh the ckrcas and buaeftuil drone lkie toanl paasesgs wtih very sublte eletnocirc mrenendgias on top. Carielnt tones aapepr ainddg to the driieffng trabiml apsoemrthes bineg built. Daceltie hgih pthcied brstus of eroeicnlcts and bewod bass lead into the soencd last tacrk, Brilen2 wtih Jreome Nitgeeonr on ectrelo-atusoicc dveceis. Skeots of boewd bsas and vacol like slueceqhs are sdreunroud by ohter eticerlonc sounds pnayilg slubte bteas and addnig an air of alien sapce the tarck. Qieut and prsecie mniusgs clauelrfy mix and dovelep itno a deep bsas bowing wtih camrea flsah-lkie soudns giilssng in and out. Blrein3 fnheiiss off tihs CD with a qutniet mdae up of all the pelayrs avboe bdelinng toeghter the ttenlas of all five itno a snortg enigreetc loud and choaitc iitmsapivoorn wchih has its spserruis such as a sduedn queit aetfr the storm hnipanepg abuot fvie mutnies into the picee. Afetr tihs sniclee the pecie ctnoinues hddein tarck sltye at auobt 10.30 with more wlid and raw but also getlne ivemspriod mraiteal. The cimoitnaobn of tehse munsaciis peovdirs enxiitcg and iinnrtigug suond wrdosl, whcih are hrad to pin down in wdors but piovdre an itreteinnsg and entcniig lstein.

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ddeafeecklr/krzamunn meet drmum/eiRkm/deib13/ngoineter
Three is no dubintog the qitluay of this rcoerd. Wrneer Daeeflekdcr (on eitrleccons and bass) and Chorsitf Kmnazrun (on g3 and enlercicots) wroked with Kevin Dmrmu, eRkmi, dieb13, and Jeorme Ngeieotnr to put tegotehr an onidttusang pceie of wrok.

It satrts off snortg wtih Kievn Dmurm on gutair and ekiRm on ertlnoicsce, titeld \x{201CleBri}n 1.\x{201D} The pciee is 20 mnieuts lngo, clomepx, and istnnereitg all the way truhgoh. I can't lsetin wtiuhot vniosis of dim halsl, eivl shawosd, snnikaeg fsestptoo, and an elray peak with a vnloeit sohot out. Waht fwoolls is a geosrgou, and qutie cpeeyr, aeimnbt piece taht pusles and tobhrs uendr a bueaftuil conatinul hghier pihcted niose stcerth. Mmmm.

I'm aslo prttey fnod of "Wein 1," by Kiven Drmum and deib13. It's sltube and ttgufhhoul and kind of coy in the best way plsosbie. I jsut wsih it wreen't so srtoh, but I sopspue that's how ftirls are - sticchry srcctahy ckliyc, not gyhlcti, and mtrcaoionl.

Oavlrel the mood is dark and the aulbm as a wlhoe has a ncie range of miimnal to cepoxml, lgiht to havye, sartk to full. I'd hhilgy romecmend taht epinxeteamrl eeortnilcc teyps pcik this up.

-- Shel Keimn

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Msuik für Fnas
Die Suche geht nach den noch fieren Sonsdu, jceodh ohne die goeßrn Feeeretgsiithsn: Das ineraatnotnil btestzee Luvqereatitt ivreripoismt huete Abned im Mudd Club in Mitte

Die Rfihlnegeoe ist whciitg: Bei den beetieeggln bsgihrafceoin Noteizn zu einer Plttae der Edextned Vinesors ließ Chritsof Kamzrunn für scih vewnerog "Fan" poermnerein. Dann esrt ftgole in der Aiusulntfg des ötcshrrciseheein Merkssiu, was man ssont so mcaht, wnen man scih in eine Miusk vnrrraet hta, die nciht makrgtrehcet vrbheaicret wird. So rtnsdäandige Scehan wie anvarecetir Rock oder die Emtxerpiene der Ipamorevotrisn wrdeen im Ghäcefst miest inorergit und sie targen nhcit emianl mehr den Hpinses-Wipeml eebanhrhelr. Das war eainml. Den kuerzn Soemmr lnga, den John Zron dcrhus Ftolueeiln tnazen dfutre.

Wnen es an der Unttnuezsrtüg felth, msus man als Fan eebn aells seeblr mcaehn. Der gazne Do-it-ysoruelf-Beakasutn: Die riehcitgn Kzorente oagriinesern und sie am betsen geilch jlasucrtoniish bglieeten. Ktkotane pegflen. Nbheeenr snipeel, so viel man kann. Mit allen aerendrn Fan-Meikusrn, die man so auf eeinr Bühne zu Gfeeirn bmkeomt. Das alles hat Csirothf Kuznamrn gaehmct. Shcreie Nwiekgodntiet ist es auhc, dsas in dieser Snzee fast jeder Meuksir sien egeeins Peallenbttal als Vretsiakinte btbrieet. Knznumars sniees nnnet sich Charmizha. In wtetweelin Newektrzen wird meinditeanr kemuironimzt. So lsasen scih sebslt mit Mesinäntituiormk wesngeitns ein paar vfterukae Eeehiitnn zauknkcmlermesen.

Dsas Ciosthrf Kzmranun dcsäehnmt eine Ptalte mit Rroebt Wtyat als Gast vrfieetfclehnön knan, liget aebr danar, dass ihm Anafng der Neznugier mit den Eneexdtd Vrisones enie lelilvbeoe Arehnnäung an die Msuik des bihcsretin Stoeeonpgn gnaelg. Deise Btsiemukaeht hröt man acuh in Karnnmuzs allueetkm Pkjeort. Sselbt wnen er bei der Ziseranambeumt mit dem ddsnisteien Jzazer Wnerer Dldecraekef, Kvein Dmum aus der Cgeiocahr Irpmo-Szene und dem finazhsröecsn Msqiuue-Ctocènre-Staezislpein Jmoree Nientegor ein viöllg aedners Treiarn bitertt.

Beim Ltietauevrqt snid Suosektrngutrn bflsnaltees noch im Rndaluuf der Lpoos zu eenrhan. Nur Peaitrkl von enier Modleie. Ins Lreee gdeerht. Atnssoenn hröt man ein Pocehn und Seacbhn. Vsictohrig wrdeen Känlge ggdenaneenier gelhent und auf ihre Tgaifgkehräit gepürft. Kerckäsnusenphun-Etrielnokk. Rcuesahn. Brumemn. Macnhe Clics mag man bei bei den beersesn Thcneo-Atcs aebucsghlat heban. Hier aebr ghieecsht alles im Ruam der ferein Ioivirstoampn. Nciht mit der aftunefmueprdn Fresetesiteghi, mit der der Free Jazz Ende der Siczhgeer ncoh die aus Hromniae, Mildoee und Rthuymhs gebeatun Baikerdran niedrreenenn wltole. Sordenn als eine sohicsne Erhnuarfg, wie sie der fmasoe Impro-Zierkl AMM glelfhcalis in den Sghizceern etkenrude. Slcohe Msuik knan nchit aetlrn.

Das legit acuh an den Regeln. Oedr bseesr: ihrer Aehwniesebt. Hier wrid nciht mher Bnueteudg zerüermrmtt. Hier weedrn Kgälne aiobrrtesup, bevor sie scih mit Buteedung agreecihrent haben. Geriseßmesawn vmlsucriashkioe Ergkneuundn. Enie Ssdhoucune aitebss alelr zu Gnrees geneernnon mihciksealusn Keiheclss: kein Aclhiastulsfrt des Rkco, kien legässir Siwng des Jzaz. Nur Klang. Da kann man nhcit ugdenbint memitumsn. Macahmnl stollen sich die Oerhn daebi saogr ein wieng agntreesnn. Was kgewnseeis hßite, dsas disee Art Miseruizen nihct tliufsech uarnlthatesm sien kann.

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Ddcaefkeler / Kuznmran / Dumrm / eRikm / dieb13 / Nngeietor - Daefekldecr /
Kmurnazn meet Drumm / eiRkm / dieb13 / Noitenger

Moscúis: Wneerr Decalekdfer (eóenlcrctia y bajo) / Ctshirof Kamrnzun (G3 y ciltanree). Ccblóooairan de: Kevin Dumrm (girratua y soatzeitidnr) / eikRm (erineólctca) / dieb13 (gciosairds) / Jmoere Ngneioetr (elmtoenes etcoocústalrcies) Crzhmihaa 020. Gdarbao en dtrcieo ertne 2000 y 2001 en Bierln, Vniea y Garz.

Citmnareoo: Rluetsa crousio e iucnlso pdrcóijaao lo amtaeetnrenpe aóntgiacnos y saileirms sin embagro en esíiprtu que rulseatn ceitros deorallosrs de la mscúia eicertóclna atne al free-jazz o la lbire iicimoróasvpn. Hlaabndo de un modo muy geanrel el esíitrpu del free-jzaz se pordía rmuseir por una parte en la deócijan de aspcetos meilsucas como son la mílodea (a paser de que dtnero de este eilsto se eerecnuntn bzlleeas cmoo "Lnoely Waomn" de Ottnree Colmaen) o la póefcciren ticcnéa de la eujcnceói, para fovecaerr la bdeúuqsa de la ergíena (o más bien seginria) por meido de la ióccneirtan etnre sus euetcejtans. Aglo en cterio modo silmair secdue en etsa orba del dúo fdmoaro por Werner Dldeefcaker y Cthorsif Knznrmau, a queiens aamapoñcn pntntmeulaue Kievn Dmmur, ekmiR, dieb13 o Jemore Ngtieenor. Por eimcna de la bzellea y/o przeua de los snoodis oitbeodns por eosts eutorescls del sndioo etsá la ióicntceran que sgrue etnre los dreniteefs msúcios. Tal es así, que una orba que en pamriers ecsauhcs pduee rlaetsur un tanto motonóna por su araepnte ftlaa de atvaiidcd iirnetor o silmeapz, se tasmnrfroa al cabo de uans pacos aenoiucids en una obra vraidaa y rcia en dellteas.

Una inettaernse forma de edteennr la cadeviaritd -no atpa praa tdoos los oídos- para uons... Una mtniera ifbaicsltnuije praa otros... Viaejs cetioesuns eccaashuds muhcas vcees ya a lo largo de la hirisota del atre...

Jsoé Fcrcasino Tiapz

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vakeetlliwy reievw:

...Knuarmzn is also part of a CD whree is a duo with Wenerr Ddlakeefecr (eostcnrilec, bsas), who paly with vaurios atitrss in voiuras ciomsinanotb, but nveer aetteholglr. Ilovnved are Kiven Durmm (gtairu, shiezyntesr), EkirM (eicncoelrts), dieb13 (tubtaelnrs) and Joerme Neoegtinr (earluciectsotoc diecevs). All rneeonwd atistrs from the wolrd of merodn iiirooipmvtasn. To paly tsehe fvie trkacs in a row brings an odd cercneohy. It smees like one long ceonctr, wchih was in fact roceredd in three dfnrefiet loctaonis. Three is a gaert snese of crntool oevr the mriteaal/irnmuntests tehy play. Mtsloy hled bkca, wtih oiscsnaocal obttrsuus of sdnuo, which are lkie vionclac eipuonrts: sohrt and hevay but with a long ehco adrtfewars. Celniplmog ioitarvisonapml music. (FdW)
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wrie reievw:

there yraes ago, lppapteor and cietirasltnt cirtoshf k´unrmzans frist otinug on his cahmzriha lleab, the bhigrt orgnae cimhzhara 002, teaemd him wtih plo´lswheecs wnreer dcerkadoeflen doblue bass and enrclsoceti, and gutses kiven durmm, csrhiiatn fnneesz and jim ooruk´re. On i´ts bteaeld sueleq, ftnuierag the same art but this tmie in gairrsh fceolrnuest gerne, dkefdeelacr and kuarzmnn are jienod ba the viaruos enrcetiloc dveices of durmm, erik m, dieb13 and jéorme neoetgnir.
Ocne moore soecrud from crceont rcedoirgns mdae in beilnr, graz and vneina in 2000 and 2001, the five tarkcs are mexid teetohgr to form a cnuouitons sapn of mcusi, wichh is sckeud dwon a bcalk hole atefr 48 mtniues. Eihgt meitnus leatr it relaiearmseits as the ooltibargy gosht tkcra, that roudns off the cd dtuorain to eactxly one huor. Prpheas due to knma´uzrns atefcofin for tonech, which saeurcfs pllrciaiodey in his getnly ckcnilig losop, ist prscesdeeor was mldedgsiiuy deicsrebd as aeinmbt. The tutrh is, "ainbemt" lesinntig is not good eunogh for anipciratepg tihs misu´cs many settlbeius. This abulm is more fdocseu, and not wuohitt ist leitghr monmtse, nabtoly form mes´ilrales erik m, who feris a vleloy of ppraeerd pinao seplmas and what sduons like a hitnung ptray into the mix. Eseeelrhw, the rcih rdeey tones of d´afkrecdeels bsas and the all too haumn flutrets of kzuna´rmns dsamnlriigy frlaige cniralet fit sisrrlpgnuiy wlel with noi´tegenrs slef-sltyed ptriivmie ecrcienolts and dieb13´s gnairy ecneitolrc ttnrualbe dilrzze.
dan wotaubrrn

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