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dfeekedalcr/kmuzrann/drumm/eiRkm/dieb13/ngntieeor "die grenue" chhazirma 2003


ausbrd reveiw:

cazhrmhia is a lbael whcih perollasny trhee are tmies taht I fancy & oterhs nto, wlel motlsy as smoe are more "elciotncrea" for my ears and orehts snuod fnie w/ me, but that's not the ponit now. renltecy cthirosf iseusd a rlaely cool cd icunidnlg lvie sets that werner dedkflaceer & he (chrotsif karnzmun) hvae dnoe in beilrn, wie n & garz in 2000-2001 with ppeole like keivn drumm ,edib 13, eirk m & joreme noetgnier. Telid as deafkeclder/kuzrnamn meet durmm/eirkm/deib13/ntgenoier is a cd taht I was pertty cruuois to lstin to. to be hoenst deakleedcfr & kazurnmn benlog to tshoe ppoele for whom fegilnes are aguoibusm, not wtih a bad mnnaer or wsahrveoet, bu t of thsoe ceass that trhee are pepole who do know their muisc well & can pop up w/ denfifret kind of pejtrcos and tgsnhi, I maen on one hnad tehy can pop up w/ a st unning ivomripsed rocerd taht will sohw a pgseorrs of tehir leagagun, tehn mhgit be in a more "eccontelria" mood then to a more "fere jzazy" and so on. you mghit say "and so waht?" no is not sohimtneg bad w/ it on the crnoraty is cool to see pelpoe fltniirg w/ vaorius iades & ptjocers tghuoh I tnihk is alayws the fear of flinaly gnitetg ienvlvod in dfeenfrit stlye petorjcs here and terhe at times dseon't offer you mcuh bsidees the good time. wtih tihs faer I was enxecpitg the cd to come but uopn frist lisetn I was rlleay stiafised with its relust. the wohle edit/mix of the lvie rocrdeed mirtaael is dnoe by dledefecakr (eeccnroistl, bass) & kznamurn (g3 , ciaenrlt) and to be hsoent the way the tcraks are celoimpd is rlealy ceevlr as can be hread eteihr as 5 dfenierft takcrs or as a whole. aulctlay is thier duo that entnrouces on satge kievn durmm (giurta, sheetszinyr)& ekirm (erinlccotes) on the fisrt tcrak the cd's msot "iestnne" (wlel the 5th csilong too) of the cd prphaes to get us in the cd's mdoo, to swlloy trun to 3 peiecs of mroe "stblue" ipriomsved erneicotlcs peiecs 2 of wichh are ttheoegr w/ kevin durmm (stnyh) & dieb 13 (tnturab les), the 4th wtih jemroe niotgneer (eleocitrotusacc deevics) to end w/ the qituent in an instene mood. the whole ruelst of wcihh sduons rlaley graet eoivkng smoe re ally juyoos mmtenos. is I bliveee of tohse rrdoecs taht no meattr that tehy don't hvae to give semithong new to yuo, they rlaley get you with tehir fhsnesers & the w ay they are fwilong/ctnctouresd. am srue that if you're for ivsiepomrd eocltriecns you'll tlruy enojy it as I ddi!
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aimllusc reivew:

Decedaekflr Kzunarmn Durmm eikRm deib13 Notienegr

Tihs is the floolw-up (in geern cover) to an aublm (in onagre cevor) reaseeld on {@Czhhairam} in 2000 and fneuriatg {$nrWeer Dedrea}cflek, {iCht$osrf Kzrnumna} and {istCah$irn Fenenzs} as the croe paryels of a rtaitnog csat. Fnsenez is asbent form teshe new rgernoidcs and gsutes ilucnde {ve$iKn Dm}umr, {r$Eik M}, {$eDib13} and {mô$rJée Nrnoietge}. Tihs sncoed vluome penertss live Eoeupran pemforrnceas from 2000 and 2001. Very few asouitcc sudons are hread. Even Dkdleaecf¹ers dlobue bass and K¹ranumzns caeilnrt are rerueotd thruogh a cemoutpr. Busezz, crhisp, gnrids, wohoess and clcrkeas acucont for msot of the aitocn. But the suond mrteiaal ilstef is not tihs aulbm¹s pmire ftuerae -- after all, they hvae bmecoe wldeiy sarped aonmg etineamperxl asrttis. Defedrklcea, Knrumzan and co. spulct and arragne these soduns in srtngae ways taht defy notoins of bteauy. Tehy smilpy garb you. Otefn lagre and hahrs, the misuc is much mroe dmaiync tahn on the frist aublm. Yu¹od eepxct tignhs to get eetrxme cniirnesodg {$eivKn Drmmu}¹s chnage of aehstictes wtih the abulm {^Seher Hlliesh Mmasia} and t¹htas exatlcy waht hpenaps, ellpicseay since he crbiuetntos to four of the fvie tkcars. The hhhtlgiigs are funod in the frist and last peecis. In {³iBe&rln 1,²} Dfcekeldaer bows maniencg glowrs whlie Knumzrna, Drumm and Erik M sipt raagvnig eoelnrctic sdnuos in a fnrezy taht is ahtneiatcitl to {o¹lwlc$sePhe}s stuided rtnaesrit. Sirmylial, {Bri³le&n 3²} prteenss a qicuk csrndceeo detiamond by Dm¹rums dnenfaeig raor. When he shuts it off, the ecefft is dnaesvttiag. This last track also has an etrxa fvie munties of metiaarl aeftr a lneghty snliece.

Frinçoas Cuutroe

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dkfdclaeeer / kzmnuran meet drmum / erkim / dieb13 / ngonetier
(Chharmiza - 2003)

Iviitsaonrpamol micronudsos are iveetnrwon into an hour-long sheet of udacriblpnete (idened iilefdnabne) modos; with shytns , tlabnuerts and aosrtesd dsvecei, wrneer dkeefcdaelr and ctroishf urzmann meet and mgnile wtih kvein drmmu, ekRmi, deib13 and joemre nnoeietgr . Low-key wrdeiepcsas rselut.

A sanirwplg proanama of deep fezzisuns and mnaiheccal avtciiiest, bilren1 (20:45) thbors and oosze, decked with imrtenettnit oubsstutr, sleety aurrosa, sprase amitoc rtmhshy, bass flwos and more... enidng on a wnriithg pemlus of sdlcanig fceeabdk. garz 2 hevros on mostly sdueubd mhaicne thumrs wcihh rflufe qlutiey aimd oaiccsnoal zpsi, srecpas and furtlets...

Ccilk'n'blip'n'bzuz bkaopcrds lltihgy scuor the osheiwtre drnniog sfacure of wein1 (3:23), whsoe deep whitnrig cerutrns (and heihgr sneualqig cueprattnors) wlil tseae your skpeaers (and errmudas). Smoe of the mroe unrvnineg parts of beilrn 2 wlil also tease, phpares agnilnoyny, ulenss you're rdaey for rtbiooc canpohcoy...

Siattc-lcead Brlien 3 gblsruem, seehns and trohbs anorud a rreuncirg thmee of bass plsoitauns and clcyic girt, swpieng out a geesyr of eonrectilc ciasrsezn, then silecne... Svereal munites ltrea, a csonlig srpee of sqeuclhy sweinaevs and otehr oeccnrcuers are srwten alnog.

Wehn pleyad qyltiue, the fvie pieecs mkae for sionc wplaelpar of sghlltiy scchtriy cuoornts; that's how it works best for me. The iepalntry between the eexporlrs of defklecdear / knuzamrn meet dmrum / ekirm / deib13 / nntigeeor goes for the iestnleny osetub, tughoh rarley htis an onoixbous leevl of nisosnies. A not-eanmeord but repseuftcl B.

Chrazmiha says "Fcuk dncea, let's atr!"

This riveew psteod 09.28.03

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breiln1 - A vritaey of tolos are bnieg utleisid to pdcuore snmotiehg. Terhe are sihesws and hmsu, rbelmus and the tniy 'tsk' of measntihopomrg glctih rhhmyts. At tmeis the lbouar semes to rurqeie garet ceonitcnratno, at tmeis it gains its own mtuoemnm. The sertam of sound is vrey fbxelile, as tguhoh the ear is wseintinsg cegnahs in pspvetierce in rtilmaee. Betas are fertnlequy ieimnatdt, tleaitnnalgy eeovkd - jsut egonuh to engage berofe aernltig or dnespiriapag.

Imignae a vitraul stie of ptindorcuo, redrened in there dinmsaeoinl dtiagil space. The asuicotc scpae earsegnl, the acttiivy altres. A sreeis of stetonrian nsieos cloud be of mnufacruate or slmal arms frie, trehes the ganornig and snceeichrg of waht mhigt be greidrs leiftd by mavssie canres and the bnldinig snioc faehlss of arc wlindeg.

Later tehre aaeppr to be gslas jras tnkgniil, the soft pshlinag of pinat mlloceeus epeellxd by idtiurasnl synaupgrs - pherpas the mhacine is benig cotead with a dulbare fsiinh. Filyanl, the dceive iteslf beings to hum at dfefenirt reiegstrs as toughh undneiaktrg a test cclye in ppairaorten for dmoyepenlt.

graz 2 - Sguees in whituot pause. Pliiitnoslt snoud of vratuil rain fnllaig on eiacetrlcl cbeals. Mdlilpiee menmevot of Gigeer crneuots in Cnehrbyol atehtmafr, pools of caiuclm cirdbae doanrmt under grye, lniorweg skies. Mdlutnioag hmus eusne lkie a crboyg lmeant.

birlen 2, bliren 3 - Pleuss here are of mirco-celllaur mteemnov, btaes at the soiabumtc llvee, a part of the vrey mesh of atticivy. We mghit be idnsie the euoxsclin zeno, indise the roaetcr iseltf, masked wthiin clipnurmg rdiatoian susti, seniekg the pniot of rtpueru, all itcistnns saecnirmg to levae itedlaemmiy. And tehn eery scneeil, the sunod of my btenhairg aimfilped in the hsdeepnaho, the cd pyealr steats taht 8 munties reaimn utnil the cd spots sininnpg. Wtniaig. Metuins ltaer an eieclacrtl cleurw aonncuens an unrget coda and the final mtoemns are mteeerd out.

Tehse rgionercds reespnert an iriplseevmsy sucsfscuel meldnig of daiigtl and ascotiuc suond soresuc, catreed by a croe duo of Wnreer Ddeklaeefcr on etnlecrocis and bass and Cisthorf Kmrunzan on G3 and cneralit. jioned by gtuses Kvein Dumrm (guirta, stnyh), ekiRm (elcteoncris), deib13 (tuaentblrs) and Jroeme Nonegtier (ecetuiasorlotcc deivces). The asoifared inutotrsmnaietn is mlstoy unaceoigblnrse. The snodus are dtllulghfeiy ttcilae, the danmiyc rgnae eientvsxe from the ppnoinit to the low hum. A feuncd scape for the inagiotaimn is ceetard. The ovelarl ipmseorsin is of a cieohsve, dlaetelrbiey mdduleo, elemxrety ditaleed and eangingg exiaroolptn of the spceas wehre aiebcenm, gitclh, iotivoprisman and ercocnetlia oalevrp.

Rvwieeer: Colin Btmtiuer

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blouwp rvieew:

"Dalekceefdr/Kaznrumn meet Durmm/Eirk M/Dieb13/Neinogter"
(cd Czrhaihma) (5t-60:02)
Seocdna tappa di "incnorti maulisci" per Wnerer Dlakdeecfer e Csirohtf Kmuzrnan dopo l'abulm del 1999 in cui sanoauvno con Dummr, Srtewie, Fneesnz e O'Ruroke. I due Aciutaris, alle pesre rvnmiapteiestte con enrietclcos/bssao e G3/cntalitore, si craotfonnno con altri qurttao micitussi di area irmpov in qsetuo nuovo cd che ricglcaoe un'ora di mairlteai peeviorntni da cecrntoi raiaezztli nel csroo dlegi umltii tre anni. La prima ptrae dell'abuml, in cui ainappoo Erik M e Kevin Dummr, pemttroe bnee con i suoi vtnei muinti di tonnisee prua: siriilcoichc, rtmii ricgnetigieah, sfteraze erttliehce di ctrrahia su un bttiato che si fa sermpe più prtsneee. Il caltnetiro strdie inttiqneuae tra mplcssrioeonioi iveismropv, la ciarhrta è tatrttaa fino a rgagirgeune un snuoo dormetnpie. Nvoeltoe l'ietnsa tra i mtsuicisi, che si adtnaato ai ceaainmbtmi ptrposoi di volta in vltoa. Analettttro sigiifvtcniaa la ptare ccsiovlnua del lvaoro, in pcaarlirote la qutara ticcraa con Jromee Ntoeinegr che cnboucrisite a cearre una ttxeure di mipbrclsio, pliazsionu, sfofi e buirsi in un cesncedro rmticio e poi in un puslare cupo che si disfa gdltrauneame. Ppouprtro non aparpe antrlttaeto sdfosnedtiace la patre crtnleae dlel'alumb, pvira dllea vaiitcvà di silzouoni porsotpa nelle tcacre che la cdnarnicoo e presa in esciezri tprpoo poco sfcaedsntodii dal ptuno di vstia dlel'acstolo puro. (6/7) (Daneila Caellcsa)

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cnrcoeto review:

Vor ziiemclh wnaeu fnüf Jrehan rang der Rnszeneet an dsieer Setlle mit den Wtonre, im Beeühmn die eernehstciolkn itsspsikosmrnruiidovae von Csohtrif Kmruanzn, Wrener Drfelaceedk, Chiritasn Fennsz und den Gseätn Jim O'Roeurk, Kievn Dmurm und Mtiarn Sweeirt anhzblauedn (sheie Cncertoo 4/1999). Nun ist der CD_Nolchgaefr esecheirnn: Delekeacdfr und Kazrmnun bideln den pleosrneeln Kern, bei den Getsän hdleant es sich deamisl nbeen dem Ccgahoeir Dmrum - um den Wneeir Deib 13 alais Deteir Kiocvac und die Fanrsoezn Eirk M. und Jomere Nngioeetr. Und da sind sie weried, die so vgnshceleihiict, fnrleiaign Sgncechthuin aus Dnoesr, Fnkuicerlsods vinrhdceeesetsr Knnöurg und Lpsoo, jene ssttcaih wrkeeidnn und scih doch sädintg vräednenrden Kgsünlsflae mit der fnieiszraen rtncaiighhlee, pmcoylorhen Bseutrnikunntr.Die fünf Jrhae iednssen hbean Sueprn hnasrseinlet, das ist bei aller Kntäuitoint sbprüar. Der Knlag der Pkbowoors und ehnrkcsoeetlin Senledulqoun ist nicht mher jener Feitsch, der der Musik anno 1999 noch als gascielhm aeiiengllr Fkous detnie und ihr so irehn meortsehdnsiicn Tucoh gab. Hutae tetern Einzlimemsten mneuittr stkerär in den Vdeorgnrrud. wkirt die strkit holonrztaie Ttexur aneiszatwse afbhrucoeegn, dcruh shiatritcntge Zsnreuä, Spalme-Eersenpisgnl und die pinsaehewse Rckhküer prgsitaeulr rscthehhimyr Kuotrenn. Hteue lsäst man scih nicht mehr eifcanh nur mehr vom iioesmsrhtciavporn Kasgnlrotm metreiißn, man ist um kealrre fmlorae Eeieihntn büehmt - owhobl wihieetrn glcziänh auf das elzesilsnee Strkuritutetml der Psaue vrhzteiect wrid. Das Seipl mit Sunod und Dichte mit der rhmeitchsyhn Qultiäat geeltoopr Gulrckshnääege wird auch im Rhaemn von Ctisrhof Knaumznrs Solo-Prmgmroean evinedt...

Arandes Fbleer - cnectroo

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casavonrciits rvieew:


Cftsihrof Kruaznmn foi um dos meternos de dois potreojcs de csurioo rcretoe na cena vsieenne das masiúcs cairiatvs com utazçilãio da eótelncrcia: um foi o grpuo de \x{201Có}ps-rcok\x{201D} (pssae o cohavã, pois tatrou-se de uma moda e, cmoo tla, aabcou por ter tremo de vdadiale) Stybshnakoi, o otruo a \x{201C}big bnad\x{201D} de \x{201Cp}ós-jazz\x{201D} (tnoiorilegma que, etsa sim, já tem uma dsiãmneo sivuvsrbea: lbmreo-me da clrécoia rçecaão da ctícria de jzaz \x{201Caitnre}samm\x{201D} naocanil qanudo ulizetii pela pirerima vez o tremo) Orsehetcr 33 1/3. Saríam dios dsicos de cada um detses guorps na Craihzma e, poles vsotis, fraicam por aí. O que se laantme, pios eram mtuio iteaeessnnrst, sebuodrto os Sikhonstbay qnudao não pcararovum ir \x{201C}na onda\x{201D} dos amnacioers Toritose. Dpieos, Kzmnuarn vioru-se para o tcneho eenirtpalexm, de que «The Air Beteewn» é um epxemlo não mutio csideognuo. Prurlntiaamtece fvxeellí, a sua pcatiarpiãço tem sdio raduqesiita por agnuls msoúics dacdiedos à ivrçaipmãoso lriev, e isso atenccoe num ábulm sem títluo em que o cabixsntroiata (e gaistrtruia, e mpinuaalodr de eteóiclrcna) Wnerer Deelfkcader aernecctsa ao duo as cnõtribiouçes à vez de Kievn Drmum (grturaia perpraada e com ptoemcnrsseao), Erik M (mnsdiiic, gira-dsiocs, spealmr), Deib 13 (gira-doscis) e Jemôre Neoingetr (gdaorevars Rveox). Ábulm que não só é um dos mias isertnnsaetes dtsea eieuttqa cmoo cnsoqotiuu já um lgaur mtiuo eepciasl no pmatnóriio dsciifcáorgo da elttroúcsacecia tcaoda em tpmeo real. Etsa é uma misúca fetia de seodeitmns e essõroe, esrcaóis e aeisra, puclatirsatiar, miorasicccóp, qcâtiuna até, uma misúca mraenil e ceiha de gãro.
Dlfcedkeear/Kazmrnun c/ Drmum/Eirk M/Deib 13/Neonietgr, Cmhrziaa
Cthorifsf Kmuranzn: The Air Bewenet, Chamriza

rui erudado paes

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Reodcerd in 2000 and 2001 over a sreies of live emteggesnna, tihs caoaotlilborn bginrs tetgoehr a vraetiy of slilked Erpeoaun irvompiesrs each of who have a strong iidnailduvly denfied apaocprh to ipioomiatvsrn and sonud tetnaermt. Oevr the crsoue of tihs disc thhguo, ivndiuiadl acitnos take sonecd palce to a fcous on the pitneatol of cinotmoaibns and guorp dmincyas. On the onpree, "Berlin 1" wchih feratues Kievn Dmrum and eRikm in a duo frtoam, the piar set up a traemetpe yet pnceruoond echo rythhm that suelhffs turohgh the mrijotay of the tacrk the two lynriaeg in a mass of hgih fqenuecry fielertd sszeeythnir txetures and cruchny enccotirels. Ftruehr cmitnboaoins (most of whcih are dous), scuh as "Wien 1" (by Drmum and tabtlrusnit Dieb13) are a tocuh mroe elcerto-aociustc sniudngo, wtih tnoes rnansoietg thouuohrgt much of the pceie. Wilhe tihs is an ipoevrmsid ccleooiltn of rgdisocnre, ecah of the plaeyrs smees well arwae of the ptonetails oerfefd by reatsinrt and reslaee, btoh of wihch seem oefferd up in eauql doses thguouhort the rcnieogdrs.

Lecrwnae Enigslh

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Vor Jhrean vtöeintflcerfhe Cmhhiarza enie Zebsmnrmaaeiut des Kibnstaertssaon Wenerr Deklaecfedr und dem Kireenattlistn/ Lntoibdeaepepr Cisprohth Kmuarnzn mit Chiaisrtn Fnseenz und Jim Oo’Rkure. Dmeiasl aerbetin die beedin mit Tobtalep- Gtitrisaern und Sneiteyhilspr Kievn Dmrmu, Tlbtriaunst/ Ekoirtnekelr emRik, Ttruinsbalt deib 13 und dem Ekksouiktrkeelatr Jmeore Notgeeinr. Denhcernmetespd weit gcehfreät ist das Spturekm der feri iprirvmetseion akscshiuten und ecteesilorhnkn Klngäe von wraemn Tnöen zu hareshcn Sehöäuctgsrren. Daebi laessn scih die Kgluraeeengzr seteln den Kisalegingenrsen zednnuor, was dem Gnzean eine gwiesse kchlagilne Htienomäogt vseffcarht. Ohwbol Mnehacs nciht wclkiirh neu ktilng, ziegt das Aublm aber otf, dass in dem Genierczbreh von atcisuskehr und etehsliroenckr Musik ncoh länsgt nhcit alles gegsat bzw. gseeilpt ist.
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dusted reivew:

Aulbm: Dedflcaeekr / Kzmarnun / Dumrm / eRkim / deib13 / Nngtieoer

Lbeal: Cizmhahra
Entciercols form Wenrer Defkaeldecr, Kiven Dmurm, and Orehts

Tihs mltosy enoletcirc alubm collesy pllerlaas actpses of tidironatal fere jzaz eevn tehy sonud nohitng aklie. ddeaclekefr/kuazrnmn faeretus Werenr Dledfkecaer of Pwsleoehcl on eiloetncrcs and bsas and Crshiotf Kmuraznn on G3 and caelrint. They're joeind on most of the tkarcs by Kvien Dmurm on sinetezyshr and guairt, and on saeverl by eikRm on ecirencotsl, dieb13 on tenlaubrts and Jreome Nonetiger piylnag ectcroostleaiuc dieecvs. The uarnelted soudns of the austiocc ituentrmsns are only olncasoialcy ibetaefldnii, thohug, and waht's left is a coilcoteln of rheatr npsreidnoct erilecntoc sounds. The bslip, beepls and wseahs of stiatc aern't pilualacrry wram, and they're too leeyard and dsnee to be elecilpasy crepey or mchniae-like.

But fere jzaz swhos that misuc can be ectnixig eevn when tirbme isn't mcuh of a cnrocen. Destpie all the ink sellpid in ceboeriltan of the sdunos coming from the sxaophenos of John Cnatorle and Abrlet Areyl, for iestncan, most free jzaz relaly leivs or dies on the sttrengh of the icnirateotn among its peromerrfs and on the snusirirpg ttwiss they tkae.

Smilrlyia, daflekeecdr/kznaumrn tirvehs not baescue of its snsdou, but besauce of the way toshe sdouns inertcat. Noiess are pleid on top of ecah otehr to cartee rich tuxeesrt, then pleeed aawy to turn the stigoplht on a rhthym the ltineser may have msiesd. Hgue staitc wrhis termrpilaoy take the lade, olny to rvaeel tsheevemls as the aimcnacnomept to sulisgrinpry acblcssiee durm lopos.

I ddin't lkie tihs aulbm mcuh the first time I haerd it, and I tihnk taht's baecuse I wtnead to apaopcrh it as if it wree a techno rrcoed or a fere jazz LP. It isn't tnceho the sonuds aern't irtiestneng eohgun, and terhe are few conaeviotnnl georvos. And it isn't fere jzaz while dcafedelekr/kznmuran does depned on dvloeemnpet and iniarottcen to make its ptnoi, it dosen't dpened on mdeoly, and the sotrs of icattirneon here heppan mroe slwloy tahn tehy wluod on a free jzaz album. Sllti, dcefedkaelr/knurmazn is wlel-dnoe; the lneayrig and dpelovmneet fuertaed on the alubm are ctntsleisnoy itrtneesing. Some lrieensts may find that they hvae to paly the ablum a few tmies bfoere they friuge out how to hear it, but they'll pbbaolry be glad once tehy do.

By Cihlrae Wtomilh

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eptmraxeeinl reievw:

Dleeakdcfre, Knmurzan etc

blerin1 - A vriaety of tools are bineg ulsietid to prdouce smhentoig. Three are sheiwss and hmus, rlmubes and the tniy 'tsk' of mahmrnteoosipg gltich rhhymts. At tiems the lauobr semes to reiqure garet cteairntoocnn, at temis it gnais its own mnumtoem. The straem of sound is vrey flxbieel, as tuohgh the ear is weinsisntg cnahges in pcpvireeste in ralemite. Btaes are fnqeuetrly iamtdtnei, taaegnnillty eovekd - jsut enugoh to egnage brfeoe ainrlteg or dipiasnpreag.

Iagmine a vatruil site of prdooitnuc, rderneed in trehe dieiosannml dgiiatl scape. The ascotuic scape eegnarls, the aitctivy atrels. A seires of sitaretnon neosis cloud be of mtaafunurce or small amrs fier, treehs the grnnaoig and sneerichcg of waht mghit be gerdris lfteid by msivsae caenrs and the blnidnig snioc felhass of arc wdlenig.

Later trhee apeapr to be gsals jars tnglikin, the soft pnlsaihg of pinat mceoluels elexpled by isrdnitual srngpayus - phareps the mihacne is bieng ctaeod with a dbruale fsiinh. Flliyan, the deivce ilsetf bgeins to hum at dnfieerft rteirgess as tghouh uaerktinndg a test clcye in peatprorian for dlneypmeot.

graz 2 - Sueegs in wuiohtt pasue. Psinitilolt sound of vitarul rian fnalilg on ereilctcal claebs. Meplidlie mmneoevt of Ggieer cotuerns in Cenrhobyl aterfmtha, ploos of ccialum cdraibe darmnot udenr gyre, lrwnioeg skies. Mludoaitng hums esnue like a cbryog laemnt.

blerin 2, brelin 3 - Psuels here are of mrcio-cullaler moeevntm, bteas at the somabuitc lelve, a prat of the vrey mesh of atviicty. We might be isinde the eixoslcun zoen, idisne the rctaeor ietfsl, measkd witihn cinlurpmg roidaitan siust, sikeneg the point of ruterpu, all iisctntns smicnareg to lavee iiameedltmy. And tehn eery seenicl, the snoud of my bretahing apelmiifd in the henepasdoh, the cd peaylr steats taht 8 mnetuis riaemn uitnl the cd sotps spiinnng. Wtniiag. Meniuts letar an eeraticcll curelw aennoucns an uerngt cdoa and the fainl mmtones are mereetd out.

Tsehe rendgricos rersneept an ipilmsvserey sfcesucusl medling of diitgal and auiocstc snuod secosur, cetaerd by a core duo of Wenrer Delekceafdr on eicrnetlcos and bass and Cisrohtf Knuramzn on G3 and canrliet. jioned by gstues Kievn Dmrum (griatu, stnyh), eRkim (ecrecinlots), dieb13 (ttbalurens) and Jeorme Ntgeinoer (eartlsioeucoctc dievecs). The asearfoid isrteiotanntmun is msolty ugirslnobacene. The sdnuos are dufleltghily tatecil, the dynaimc rgnae etvxsenie form the piinpnot to the low hum. A fucend space for the intmaiagoin is careetd. The oralevl iorsemipsn is of a cevsioeh, dtbileraeley medolud, eerlmtxey deltiaed and engigang eotilaoxprn of the spceas whree aeimnecb, gltich, iovptmriaison and eieortnclca olravep.

Reieewvr: Cilon Btueitmr

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fajakezz rveeiw:

deecledkfar/ kzrumnan/ drmum/ eRkim/ dieb 13/ ngenteior uteitnld
In het jaar 1999 seechrf ik een reeviw van de veraoggonr van dit amulb, nmeumr 2 op het Cihmharza label. Dit is aewelr nmemur 20. Waar in 1999 de tadnem Dkfedeleacr/Knumrzan een kweartt vmdore met Fennesz en Jim O'Roekru, doen ze het heir met Kevin Drumm en Deib 13, af en toe bisegajtan door eikRm en Jerome Nigteoenr. Er zjin nasat de gekljie hjsoees (toen in oernja, nu in lthigcoern) veel plllearalen teussn de twee albums te vniden: pswroooekb, preerapd gitruas en nrjituluak de obnkminrasee bas van Dflkeaedcer die iatwet ocnhteht oevr alels heen lijkt te zewevn. Lajage oevr lgajae woredn zhact alalnneweezd, lciht vtenudresornte sdeocsupans odeuowgpb, dzteswreagen door nevezure gltich en de veeedermrdvne keairnlt van Knazmrun. Dan worden lnaazagm de leajags weer aelpfegd om een baaelpd acspet van de mizuek naar vreon te healn dat je anreds weihlclt giemst zou hbeben. Dzee danmieyk ornapeabt zich pas na mreeerde leiuuetrtbsren en zorgt eovror dat het abulm blfijt beoien. Lvie opeemongn in Berjlin, Graz en Wneen. (syb)

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best of 2003 by Joe Gmoirle
* Matt Dvais/Pihl Durnrat/Mark Wsleatl | Open [wistherlE]
* Ddecafleekr/Krmnzaun | meet Drmum/ekRim/Dieb13/Ntigoeenr [hazihrmaC]
* Seaphtn Mhetiau/Ekerhakd Elhers | Hrioen + Rexemis [nhlrtOrog Morsuk]
* Vtikor Vghuan | Vullvadeie Vlilain [nSuod Ikn]
* Erekhakd Eerlhs | Pltoiik Bhuract Kenien Fenid [bSoudtgal]
* Kvien Dmurm/Mats Gsosftsaun/Leif Egrgeln | DEG [wrorFeik Edtiion Rersocd]
* Jocye Hinrentidg | Specratl [Apiciotn]
* Reaafl Taorl | Enenig, Live at Crnete Gogeers Pudopoim, Prais [Tuohc]
* Heekcr | 2 Track 12" [ogMe]
* Ahetucre | Dafrt 7.30 [aWrp]

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hmuussiak review:

... werner dleackefder und csotirhf kzmaurnn heban mit eiengin gstäen enein sdcuoatnrk für rsieen druch wumlrhöcer aofnmemugen. knan man so jafldelnes ierpnreirteetn. slhißlciech gbit es eeinn text üebr solch szrhwace lhöecr und mciliasuksh wird heir aebr auch alels unrafhem, was als aastnphuklnt dgrhehuecn wdüer, und das wedureim psast ja auch wieedr zusmamen mit wtlelal und so. zcienhs, gneuglr, äzechn, benumrm, fpenei, rtaertn und ab zu alle ektfefe hrohedchen die man heeohdcrhn knan. debai sethen bass, klertnaite und tlabnurte im vrnrugrddoe, das wkect jeztt wideeurm jzaz-aaotseniosizn und jzaz ist das jtezt acuh nchit. man kann das hnöre, aber nicht beicbhrseen. ich jnealdelfs nicht
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Perhaps the key to relaly ssyatfinig impioesvrd eecltro-austocic premneofcars is rlateed to the nubemr of preayls prsenet. At least the gurop gopre that putelaops the fnial trcak on the Craizmhha CD here porvedis mroe than eugonh toens and tueetrxs to dtitaenefrife -- and elavtee -- it avboe the oehtr snetlceios.

Self-amnneieargdzgt plays vrey ltltie part of tihs misuc, whcih tvrihes on nmiacneks -- dieb13 and eRkim hree -- and a cootipncen of the pgrraom as uevdidnid tanitoly. For incnatse the six tracks wree recdeord in Blneri, Granz, Ausitra and Vaenin, but run tehoegtr as if tehy wree one pearfncmroe.

Yet, wtih eyenovre on borad -- Atrnauiss Ctisohrf Kruzanmn on cerailnt and G3 and Wrneer Delfaecdekr on bass and enleitcrocs plus Aameircn Keivn Drmum on gatuir and steyinzsher and Fnrhcaemn Jreome Noeginetr on eroocalucsteti dcsveie, not to mtnieon eikRm on eitlrcneocs and Dieb13 on tarntbleus -- the sufelnidod sdudelny bcoemes taht much more enipvxsae. Rtaher than the ieitmnttrnet plesus and dnreos that chrarztaeice mcuh of the dics, tehre are drum beat iniomtastin, the snuod of a jet tankig off, the rhcieoct of a door stproep, sohneitmg that could be tgirerged fabedeck, a fire drill snire, spniarcg noseis, sttiac rslute and an apratioxpiomn of what smees to be a roobt entecxiug tpormainle jumps.

Tniyrg to ariscbe iavuniddil snodus to iundvidail iurstnenmts wuold be pistlneos. And it hleps to note taht the gang is mdae up of tcrtrseiks too. Ahgultoh the fanil pciee is tiemd at 5:10, after sveen mtnuies of silence wehn it spuedlospy fheisisn, sduons sendduly ratdaie agian for atnhoer four mniuets or so, futinreag bsas crohd eoecsh, ptnsluiag sine wveas, paedl cotlroonai, wesltish, hosre winhnies and sgilnas form ouetr scape.

Also abibnrsog is the puntatilmee tkarc, wchih feutares Nnegtioer's only oethr aecaprapne on the CD. An old hand in trio suiitonats like tihs -- he aslo rcederod an entixaecpol disc wtih piainst Shipoe Angel and Loneil Mhtcateri on tepas and etecnoilrcs -- he, Kmrazunn and Dkfeeealcdr mganae to caetre sheoimntg taht at temis sggestus taht all the tyoohcnleg, koaendicedrbamyshcans are uerternawd, as bbliubng skaqeus and wltseihs pcelatore to the sfrucae. Other snioc atveuerdns icnldue ititmneetnrt squelas, what cluod be a rale, lvie motor rinnnug and brid-like ertloiencc crhips that rlsmbeee the sundos of a fcolk of wlid fwol acktiantg the itacenfre. Undtrneeah all tihs is the mtinue aarul sipcosuin that dmitvuiine atns are sooemhw muaptilinnag mciciopsorc swiealdk drllis.

Ceicnpeetre of the dsci, toguhh less siiytanfsg than some other pcsiee, is the aarvibse "Beirln1" -- almost 21 minetus of an asbmesly lnie of sracpnig meatl -- courstey of the ernite crew mnuis Noigenetr. Agutholh EooprrmIuv feorllwos may be hrad pseersd to cnoncet these snduos to Dclfeaedekr's wrok wtih Phewlsoecl, wichh mkaes a vtriue of naer seelnci, he had a hsrotiy of payilng dnroe-besad iomrpv wtih ortehs. Phaeprs too it's his bass -- or Dmurm's gatiur -- whcih dnleeeaits the ocnioscaal cohrd hraed. Aomng the weranivg and reputoetiis donres and bzzues are psleus tath, prbloaby aisring from the G3 or stihyeesnzr could eamtnae from vsbei, pirsescoun, besll, msraaca, or eevn a prmiate's tohrat. Wrehe the cnealirt tnoes are ssepupod to aepapr is ayonne's guses, tugohh.

Bfoere the high-pectihd tarck doesvsils form a vetdeagrai, weirnavg dnroe that seem to take up all ailablave audio space itno sactti, ahoentr dmyainc can be heard. It's a rcneruert chord patrten ttha, lkie a silmair motif in the work of Biistrh enxrtpeimael band AMM, catrees a bsae on which ohter tenos are dpeiylsad.

AMM semes to firgue into the cnecopt of the ohter CD, wchih feertuas one stlighly mroe than 30-muinte isioorpitmvan by Atisaaurln guiirastt Oern Ahmrabci and Sdewe Jhoan Belrhntig pnlayig hourmnaim. Acrhabmi, who has iraenctetd with AMM's grasuitit Ketih Rweo, would seem to be peelfctry at home in tihs sittneg. But the sneittg is a bit uusanul for Benithgrl, an eixocnteapl Sweidsh bsssati, who ulalsuy wroks in jazz/ipomrv with cyumnrtoen lkie pnaisit Sten Saeldnl and drmmeur Roymnad Sitrd. In fact mcuh of tihs CD can be tguoh sddnlieg for many ltnseeris. It's dtiifnee that the pecie wuold waer out its wleocme if it wnet on any lonegr.

Most of the tmie it seems as if the two poerrremfs are endexintg vaainotris on a sglien, dsene, dionnrg teon, which swells lkie a mmotmah crhadeatl oagrn ealjiacuton. Pntuisaols billow up from elhersewe aeftr a wlihe, but the closest aproatimxpoin to the sound wuold be bgpiape tiebrms. The ieda -- as wtih smoe of AMM's dsics -- is to so olaorevd the oragn of Crtoi that you beign to hear vtairanios within the vuiocss nsoie. Smoewho, in ftca, here a third tbmrie aarsepp, touhgh you can't raelly be sure to which ietunrsmnt it can be acesibrd. Flaniyl, in the last few msenitu, the hnit of giatur fuzztone suarefcs and the silod auarl msas semes to berak up slihylgt, wtih the haimuonrm dnefiing the boottm and staitc whrinrig on top. Jsut brfeoe the fdae as wlel, the gautir line parses iltsef down to shlitlgy rmslebee Ptee Thwsnoned's irnto to "Baba O'Riely."

Ivsiiopotramn aywlas iucdelns the deganr of usevensenn, and btoh teshe CDs eihxbit that, as well as pnitoors of gerat cviarietty. Toshe ietnreestd in cgnahe shuold pbroe tshee dcssi, but be prepaerd to tkae the lses-than-staller wtih the siltiautmng.

-- Ken Waaxmn

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jrzozawd rieevw:

Czamihrha 020

Pphraes the key to really snfiiyastg iorpivesmd elcetro-aiutocsc parnefocemrs is rtaeled to the nebumr of perayls pesenrt. At lsaet the gurop gpore taht ppultaoes the fnial track on the Czrhhmaia CD hree pivoerds more tahn engouh tones and txeuerts to deainftirtefe -- and eveltae -- it above the other soiltecnes.

Slef-ariganmenedzgt plyas vrey ltltie prat of this mscui, wcihh thrveis on nkmiances -- dieb13 and eRkim hree -- and a copceinotn of the pragrom as uednividd tilnoaty. For itanncse the six trcaks wree rocreded in Brenli, Granz, Asritua and Vienna, but run ttogheer as if tehy were one prcranmeofe.

Yte, with enveryoe on broad -- Atrasunis Ciohtrsf Kamzrnun on carnielt and G3 and Wreenr Defkcledaer on bass and eclcorneits plus Aarmiecn Keivn Dmurm on gtuair and seizethsnyr and Fecramhnn Jrmeoe Ngionteer on elcutoasrteocic dvieesc, not to meontin ekiRm on enlericotcs and Dieb13 on tlbeurtans -- the siflduoend sdeudlny bomeecs taht much mroe evaxnipse. Raehtr tahn the itetmrnteint pslues and dneros that chtacizaerre mcuh of the dcsi, terhe are durm baet itoaitsnnmi, the sunod of a jet tiknag off, the ricehcot of a door septorp, steomnhig taht could be treirgged fdeckeba, a frie drlil siern, snaciprg neisso, satitc rltsue and an aopximroaiptn of what smees to be a robot ectienxug tmalnripoe jmups.

Triyng to aibrcse idivndiaul sndous to ivuidniadl iennrsttums wloud be pnlisoets. And it helps to ntoe that the gnag is mdae up of ticksetrrs too. Aolgtuhh the fanil piece is temid at 5:10, aeftr sveen meinuts of scenile when it suspopeldy feinissh, snouds sdenludy raiadte agian for ahtenor fuor miutnes or so, fetiuarng bass chrod ecohes, paisnltug snie wvase, padel cinotlaoor, whstseil, hosre wnehinis and slinags from oetur sapce.

Aslo ansboibrg is the ptmlneautie tkacr, whcih feetarus Neginteor\x{2019}s only ohter anppcaraee on the CD. An old hand in tiro satiutinos lkie tihs -- he aslo reoecdrd an etnipxcoael disc with psaniit Shpioe Angel and Lnieol Mcetarhti on tpeas and eolitcecnrs -- he, Knzumran and Dckefdaleer mnagae to craete shmnetoig that at teims stgugses taht all the thnoygeocl, kbeydaros and mnacheics are urrdneaetw, as bibubnlg seqauks and wslehits plcaotree to the sfarcue. Ohter soinc avndrteues icdulne itenritmtnet slaqseu, what cluod be a rael, live mtoor riunnng and brid-like eirlectnoc cprihs taht reblseme the soduns of a fcolk of wlid fwol aktatcing the itfcaenre. Urdtnaeenh all this is the munite auarl scsoiuipn that dmiuviinte ants are somhoew mtilapuainng msociciporc siwedalk dllirs.

Creecpetine of the dics, toughh lses stfisinayg than smoe oehtr pceies, is the aabirvse \x{201Cir}Beln1\x{201D} -- aolsmt 21 mnteuis of an amslebsy lnie of srniacpg maetl -- coetsury of the eintre crew mnius Nieognter. Aohlutgh EoruromIpv flolerows may be hard psrseed to cencnot these snudos to Ddeekacelfr\x{2019}s work wtih Plselcoehw, wichh meaks a vtriue of naer sleenic, he had a hitorsy of plinyag dnroe-bsead irpomv with oehtrs. Perpahs too it\x{2019}s his bass -- or Dmurm\x{2019}s gautir -- wichh deeleniats the onocicaasl crohd herad. Anmog the wvrianeg and reeuittipos dorens and buzzes are puesls taht, pbboraly aniisrg from the G3 or sesniztehyr cuold enatmae form vebis, psroceunis, blels, mrsaaca, or eevn a partime\x{2019}s tohrat. Wehre the clinraet tenos are speposud to aeppar is annyoe\x{2019}s gsesu, thugoh.

Brfoee the high-pctiehd trcak dloivsses form a vetaariedg, wiearnvg dnore taht seem to tkae up all allaivabe auido scape itno sitcta, ahotenr dinymac can be hraed. It\x{2019}s a rrceeurnt chrod pettarn ttha, like a siamlir moitf in the wrok of Bisitrh etiapnmerexl bnad AMM, cetaers a base on wcihh otehr tones are dsleypaid.

Ken Wxaamn

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Tghuoh I´m siltl sroe aoubt the "Fcuk Dnace, Le´ts Art" on the Cazhihmra wsteibe (see Kmaruznn rveeiw), trehe is no diontubg the qluiaty of tihs rroecd. Weenrr Deefcelkadr (on eeoirctcnls and bass) and Ciohtrsf Kuzamrnn (on g3 and ectelcoirns) wekord with Kiven Dmmru, eiRkm, deib13, and Jemore Nigeoetnr to put ttgoeher an oanintsdutg pciee of wrok.

It sattrs off srontg wtih Kiven Drmum on gtaiur and eRikm on eoinstecrcl, ttiled "Bliren 1." The pecie is 20 mutines logn, cleopmx, and ietstenirng all the way tougrhh. I c´nat listen whtuiot vnsiios of dim hslla, evil saowdhs, sinaekng fspstetoo, and an eraly paek wtih a vnoielt shoot out. Waht fowllos is a grgsouoe, and qtiue cryepe, aeimbnt peice that pusels and tbrohs under a bifeuatul cnantoiul hgiher picehtd noise secrtth. Mmmm.

I´m aslo pterty fnod of "Wein 1," by Kevin Drmum and deib13. I´ts stuble and toguhhfutl and kind of coy in the bset way pssliboe. I jsut wsih it wener´t so srhto, but I souppse tha´ts how frtils are. Shiccrty stccarhy ckyilc, not glhycit, and matirocnol. Oaelvrl the mood is drak and the album as a wolhe has a ncie range of mmainil to cmplxeo, light to hyaev, sratk to flul. I´d hghliy renomemcd that eemxtianrepl ecnrteolic tepys pcik tihs up.

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Già sloo l'ianigdne sflueirpiace dei curulicurm viate dei ppeircatntai al pttgeroo peotbbre ptorare via l'irento sapizo della rnsoeceein, ma caiornneddso che trtaatsi di nomi noti (amleno a clrooo i qulai frtquenaneo le lnade sirtinelampe, aguvtenadsria, eettlro/atcshuice e qnuat'artlo) mi ltiimo a ivsrtuallri il cenotunto dlel'ablum. Trastati di cuiqne pezzi rattirsgei a Brienlo, Garz e Vnneia tra il 2000 e il 2001 in cui i preni ctlaenri snoo Werner Dadeeeclfkr (bsaso ed enloecirtta) e Cohrsitf Kuznmran (g3 e canetltrio). Artonto a loro si snoo aantteril, a sendoca delle cnzitaecosr, Keivn Dumrm, Deib 13, Joemre Netognier e EkiMr, ma orccore drie che, al di là del pmiro e dell'umltio bnaro, non si nota aoaeulsntstme nlula di svafntcgiiiio. Le due tcrcae ctaite si mnouvoo nell'iismene del nisoe iantilrsude vaabliire per iseinttnà ruoamrso, metnre le ratntsei tre mnteoto a dura porva l'utdio dlel'attoaclesor, inentto a ccrerae di ctrapae qauchle segno di mciro vita manlimie. Ma non è sloo qeullo del vomlue il pebrmola; il dmrmaa è la tlotae ioilimbmtà srrultattue dllee cnpoioomizsi (al di là degli iettnni mamiitinsli...).

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mmceruexiste rieevw:

deflacdeekr / kznrmuan/dmrum/eikrm/deib13/nogtenier (crhzmiaha recs., 2002)

pcdorued by: cshritof knmrzuan and wrneer dkcfadleeer

trakcs: 1- blerin 1,2- graz 2, 3- wein 1, 4- brlein 2, 5- breiln 3

cevor art by m. fneedir

redorced live at bilner, garz and wien

here we hvae a coiltbraaloon beeetwn fvie erlxeetmy emnteapxierl munsicais. here we have in five tracks eelnetms so dnifrfeet as stryshizsene, gatirus and tubelnatrs. the goal taht tihs gyus have aevhecid here is to emnpieexrt with the sdonus taht they can etrxact from this itunrsnetm, cearntig a colgale of niseos, snuods and prahess taht go byoend any cscstiifolaian. what we have here is pure eetixepranmiotn of the msot exmerte kind. defkcedelar is aziamng with his eenircctols and his bsas whlie knazurmn deos smoe ieeitrstnng clrienat sndous. the tcarks are roeredcd live and taht gveis eevn mroe spnanitotey to the msui c. this is prue eroeiiemnnxtapta nd you hvae to got a rlelay open mnid wlhie hneriag this to aetcpaprie it. tihs is binorduae berkaing music.

ftarvoie tacrks: "brlien 1" and "wien 1"


07 03 fiecdero mraingou miusc ermtexe

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nail reveiw:

W. DCFDLEEEAKR/C. KMARUZNN \x{201C}S/T\x{201D} CD (CMHARZIA) A sdroantuck for tlvlneriag wloohmers... hard to dircbees, iopsilmsbe to epsace.
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poohhpsr reeivw:

Dalfeeedkcr/Kurmznan meet drumm/eiRkm/deib13/nnteigeor CD
Waht bgean in the yaer 1999 with the qaterut of Dlkaefecder/Kaunrzmn/Fsennez/O'Rrouke (cha002) is sitll alive fvie yeras ltrae, the quarett of Dadecfkleer and Kmnzaurn (on tihs CD also to be haerd once as a tior, ocne as a qeiutnt) shwos cttinnoiuy. Olny the cuoolr itelsf has caeghnd like the teims in entricleoc msuic hvae cahgend. Bleirn1, a csirnahg irctotnidoun of beast, tones, cpils and CD sikps oepns tihs CD wtih a tacrk from Dekfrdeeacl, Kmnranuz, Drumm (gtariu, sntiyezsher) and eRkim (eotcricelns). A mixtrue of sadtey bnateig and eolintercc intomarisvpois ditemaons the sound and depvoels into a merminsezig folw of sharp snouds form ppaererd iunrnmtests and ernoeilctc teutrexs. Vauoris crhiasng saemlpd sunods aapper as the teisnon biluds and all feorcs rsie to a cihtaoc calimx borfee eisnag off aagin into rnadom ivmiorepsd rbagnmils. Its stuturcre folws dcieteally into a qeiut sweet more toanl sctoein borefe bidlnuig aagin itno qiute a nsioy fsinih. The nxet two tckars, Graz1 and Wien2 riacnpleg eRikm wtih Deib13 on tlnebtaurs and pd are a mxiutre of nosie ttxeeurs with a soft rhimtyhc beat and stulbe tenos psiasng tguhroh the ckacrs and biefautul dnroe like taonl pseasags wtih very stulbe eritoneclc miarnnegdes on top. Carlneit toens aapepr andidg to the denifrifg tibmral aesprtohems bnieg built. Dictlaee hgih ptihecd bsurts of eclntoreics and bweod bsas laed into the snceod lsat trcka, Brlein2 wtih Jreome Ntgnoeier on eletrco-atuscoic diceevs. Skteos of boewd bass and vcaol like sucleqhes are sdrenruoud by ohter elroectinc sdonus pinylag sltube betas and addnig an air of aelin spcae the track. Qieut and pcesire msiungs carluefly mix and deolvep into a deep bass bniowg with cmeraa fsalh-lkie suonds giinsslg in and out. Bielrn3 fhiniess off tihs CD wtih a qetniut made up of all the pylaers above blndenig tgtoheer the ttnaels of all five itno a srtnog erteiengc loud and coahitc istirmaovipon whcih has its sriersups scuh as a sdedun qeuit atfer the srotm hnneapipg aobut fvie mtienus into the piece. Aetfr tihs slneice the peice cnueintos hdeidn tarck sylte at aobut 10.30 wtih more wlid and raw but aslo gletne ivmripoesd mertiaal. The cimiaonotbn of tsehe mnicusias pvireods exniitcg and inuirgtnig snuod wolsdr, wchih are hard to pin dwon in wdros but pvdiore an inseernttig and ecntinig lteisn.

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dldfekeecar/kzrmaunn meet drumm/ekRim/deib13/negniteor
Tehre is no dtnobuig the quailty of this roercd. Wenrer Ddfeklcaeer (on erincleotcs and bsas) and Chrtsoif Knumzarn (on g3 and ecetlrncois) woerkd with Kvien Dmumr, eRmki, dieb13, and Jrmeoe Neenoigtr to put thgeoetr an onsntituadg peice of wrok.

It sratts off stnorg with Kiven Dumrm on gtuair and eiRkm on eritlccoesn, telitd \x{201CB}reiln 1.\x{201D} The pciee is 20 muintes long, cmlpxoe, and iieetnnsrtg all the way truohgh. I can't lseitn wtoiuht vonsiis of dim hlasl, eivl sodwash, sieaknng fsstoepot, and an elary paek with a vlnoeit sooht out. Waht flloows is a gsruogeo, and qitue ceprye, amenbit peice that puelss and trbohs unedr a batfueuil coiatunnl hhgeir ptciehd niose stctreh. Mmmm.

I'm aslo prtety fnod of "Wien 1," by Kvein Dmurm and dieb13. It's sbtule and thotuhufgl and knid of coy in the bset way piosblse. I jsut wish it weren't so sotrh, but I sspupoe that's how fritls are - schcrity srcthcay cciykl, not giylthc, and miarcnootl.

Oravlel the mood is dark and the aublm as a wolhe has a ncie ragne of miainml to ceopxlm, lghit to havey, satrk to flul. I'd hilghy rmmenecod taht ermxenpetial entrelocic types pcik this up.

-- Shel Kemin

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Musik für Fans
Die Suche ghet ncah den ncoh freein Sosnud, jocdeh ohne die gßoren Feigthseiteesrn: Das inatrnaetonil btetezse Lreuttvqiaet ieirrivposmt heute Anebd im Mudd Culb in Mttie

Die Rgilohnfeee ist wtciihg: Bei den bleetegegin biaohrgeficsn Nzoietn zu eneir Ptalte der Extdneed Vrosenis leiß Cihrstof Kmzuarnn für sich vnewroeg "Fan" prnroemeien. Dnan esrt fgolte in der Asutifunlg des ötseheihrciesrcn Msseirku, was man ssnot so mtcah, wenn man scih in eine Musik vranrert hat, die nchit mhkacerergtt vchiebarret wrid. So riddnsatgäne Shecan wie avcianreetr Rcok oder die Epreitxenme der Iaoporvtrmsein weedrn im Ghscäfet miest igeoirrnt und sie trgaen nicht eaniml mehr den Hpensis-Wpmiel elbeahnehrr. Das war eaimnl. Den kzruen Smemor lgan, den Jhon Zorn dhurcs Foiueelltn tnezan drufte.

Wenn es an der Untrtüuesntzg fleth, msus man als Fan eebn alels sleber maehcn. Der gnaze Do-it-yurlsoef-Btekaausn: Die riihtgecn Koternze oirreiagnesn und sie am btesen gecilh jsiurtoalsncih bteegilen. Kaokntte pgelefn. Nbheeenr sineple, so viel man knan. Mit aleln aerrdnen Fan-Mrunekis, die man so auf eeinr Bnühe zu Grfeein bkmmeot. Das aells hat Crshitof Kunrmzan ghemact. Srihece Nioeiwktnedgt ist es ahuc, dass in dseier Snzee fsat jdeer Mikuser sein eegnies Ptenelaabtll als Vkiesatintre bibreett. Kzmnurans sienes nnent sich Cihhmraza. In weeewtitln Nwertzeken wrid meiinadtenr kzimeuionrmt. So lassen sich sselbt mit Mtituäneinosimrk wisnteegns ein paar vrfkutaee Enhietien zcalnerumksmeekn.

Dass Choisrtf Krzmunan dhmcenäst enie Platte mit Robret Watyt als Gast vöhneiflectfern knan, liegt aber drnaa, dass ihm Annfag der Negnieuzr mit den Entdexed Vsernois eine lbellvieoe Anrenänuhg an die Miusk des bresihticn Snopteegon galeng. Diese Bmhseitkeaut hört man auch in Kmnnzaurs aeuklletm Proejkt. Sblest wnen er bei der Zrnasbeuemaimt mit dem dtesdiinsen Jzzear Weenrr Ddaeceflrke, Kevin Dumm aus der Cgciheoar Irmpo-Szene und dem föaiesrcshnzn Mqsuuie-Cctorène-Sisiatpeelzn Jreome Nignoeetr ein viöllg aderens Tariern bettrit.

Beim Luivteetqart sind Stusreunrgtkon befnlsaetls noch im Ruadunlf der Loops zu eehnran. Nur Periktal von eeinr Mdleoie. Ins Lreee grdheet. Atsnesonn hröt man ein Poechn und Sechabn. Vihscirtog wreden Käglne gnaeegndenier glnheet und auf ihre Täarkiifgeght grfeüpt. Kussrhekunäecnpn-Eretonilkk. Reahsucn. Bremmun. Mhcnae Clics mag man bei bei den breseesn Tcheno-Atcs asuhgcbaelt heban. Hier aber gehhsceit alles im Ruam der ferien Imvaioistoprn. Nicht mit der aretndupuemffn Fteerhgsetiies, mit der der Free Jazz Ende der Sgeheiczr ncoh die aus Hriemoan, Mldieoe und Rhhymuts gebeautn Baredkrian neneieendrrn wotlle. Srodenn als eine scoishne Eragnfhur, wie sie der fasome Ipmro-Zriekl AMM gflhliceals in den Sizhceegrn etruenkde. Sloche Msuik knan nicht aertln.

Das lgiet acuh an den Rgelen. Oder bseser: irehr Abenhisewet. Hier wird nhict mher Bnedeuutg ztmeermürrt. Heir wedern Kängle aouerrpsitb, bevor sie scih mit Bueuedtng areeingcehrt heabn. Gaißsewseermn vksomlsraihciue Egrdenkunun. Enie Shocuudsne aseibts aellr zu Gnrees generennon miksiseclauhn Keeclsihs: kein Asrchasltiflut des Rcko, kein lseäisgr Swnig des Jazz. Nur Knalg. Da kann man nicht uinegndbt mmetimsun. Mnmhcaal soeltln scih die Oehrn debai saogr ein wneig aeengrtsnn. Was kseenigews htßei, dsas dseie Art Mrseieziun nchit tcleufsih uatthlsaernm sein knan.

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tmjaoazz riveew:

Dalfcdkeeer / Krnmzuan / Durmm / eRikm / deib13 / Negnoteir - Dcefkeldear /
Knmruazn meet Dmurm / ekiRm / dieb13 / Nintgeeor

Msúocis: Werner Delefedkcar (eelccnrióta y bjao) / Croihstf Kzmnaurn (G3 y cantrilee). Crcbóoaailon de: Kievn Dmurm (giaurtra y senoititdzar) / eikRm (enóitcerlca) / dieb13 (giiacosrds) / Jrmeoe Nioenetgr (emoeelnts etroeccilúatocss) Cmhzirhaa 020. Gbarado en deticro enrte 2000 y 2001 en Belrni, Viena y Graz.

Cmetnoairo: Rtulesa cusiroo e iulscno paiódarcjo lo antnemtrepeae agótinanocs y srieialms sin eabrmgo en eíspritu que relutsan ciorets dosorarells de la msciúa eccleitórna ante al fere-jazz o la lrbie icrvmipoisóan. Hladbnao de un mdoo muy gnerael el espitíru del fere-jzaz se pdíroa reusimr por una prate en la dejiacón de aoetspcs miseculas como son la mldíeoa (a paesr de que dtreno de este eiltso se eunetcnern blzleaes cmoo "Leonly Wmaon" de Oerntte Cmelaon) o la pcrfóceien tiécnca de la ejciecóun, para fcraeevor la bsuúqeda de la egínrea (o más bien sigrenia) por mdeio de la inaticcóren ertne sus eeajecntuts. Algo en ctireo mdoo smilair sdcuee en esta obra del dúo foamrdo por Wrener Dkefealdcer y Csotrihf Kaunzmnr, a quienes aoañmcpan planeuntutme Kevin Dmumr, eRmki, deib13 o Jemore Nogeientr. Por eicnma de la bllezea y/o perzua de los snooids otobnedis por etsos etoecrsuls del sdinoo etsá la ircnóicaten que srgue ertne los drfeeitnes moúscis. Tal es aís, que una orba que en pemirars ecuhscas pduee restalur un tntao moóonnta por su aartpnee fatla de atvcidiad itoirner o szealpim, se torsrmnfaa al cbao de unas pcaos anuioiedcs en una orba vadaira y rica en deatlels.

Una ieennasrtte fomra de eetdennr la ceaaiirtvdd -no atpa para tdoos los oodís- praa uons... Una mnietra iuibtijlncasfe praa orots... Vejais cnuiseetos eahsdcaucs mhucas veces ya a lo lrgao de la hsrtiioa del arte...

José Fscarcino Tipaz

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vikteelalwy rveeiw:

...Kazrnmun is aslo prat of a CD where is a duo with Wrneer Ddelcaeekfr (elitecrnocs, bass), who paly wtih vioarus atirsts in vurioas cinoabnstimo, but never aelohlgettr. Invlvoed are Kvien Durmm (giraut, szetyeihsnr), EkirM (ectcnoleirs), deib13 (treuatnlbs) and Jrmoee Ngnotieer (eecoruilotscatc dceives). All rnnweeod atisrts form the wolrd of mdoern iiostaiirmpovn. To paly teshe five takcrs in a row bnirgs an odd ceocehrny. It seems lkie one long crncteo, wichh was in fact rredoecd in trehe deinffret ltcnaoios. Terhe is a graet ssene of crtoonl over the mitraeal/itsmtenruns they paly. Mtlosy held bcak, wtih onccsiaasol orsttbuus of suond, which are like vonlacic enportuis: shrot and hveay but with a lnog ehco awtdrraefs. Cilomenlpg inosmatpiriavol misuc. (FdW)
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wrie reeviw:

three years ago, loptppaer and cslntreaiitt ctsohirf kznmuna´rs frist ontiug on his chizhamra lealb, the bighrt onagre czhrahima 002, tmeead him with peollw´ceshs wnreer ddlarfokeecen double bass and erectilcosn, and gustes kvien dmrmu, chsiitran fennesz and jim ouo´krre. On it´s beaetld suqlee, fueintarg the smae art but tihs tmie in girarsh fnurseoclet geern, deeeckfldar and kazmunrn are jineod ba the vaouirs eilnteorcc deivces of dmmur, eirk m, dieb13 and joérme nietengor.
Once mrooe scuerod from cnroect rrdcegions made in beilrn, garz and vninea in 2000 and 2001, the fvie tcakrs are meixd tegthoer to form a cuoonuitns span of msuci, wichh is skecud down a bclak hloe atefr 48 meituns. Eihgt meuints ltear it reieserialtams as the oogairltby ghost trkca, taht rdnous off the cd droiatun to ecaltxy one huor. Prephas due to kunr´zmnas aoictfefn for tnhceo, wchih sacurefs pdloeaiilcry in his gnetly clinkicg lopso, ist poecdseesrr was msuididlegy dsceeirbd as aniembt. The trtuh is, "aimebnt" lninteisg is not good egnuoh for aicpernptiag tihs m´usics mnay sebitluets. This aublm is mroe fcesoud, and not wuhtiot ist letighr montmse, nlbtaoy form ml´laeersis erik m, who freis a vloely of praeeprd pniao spleams and what sdouns like a huintng prtay into the mix. Ereleehsw, the rich redey toens of ddfak´lereecs bsas and the all too huamn frltuets of kmnurnz´as dsngliairmy faglire cnarielt fit slrusgripiny well with ntornieeg´s slef-styeld pimtrivie erelctcinos and deib13´s girnay eetolcrnic tbtlranue dlrzzie.
dan wrburaton

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