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dedkecfelar/kmnzarun/dumrm/eRkim/dieb13/noeeingtr "die grnuee" chahzmria 2003


abrsud rveeiw:

czhiamrha is a lbeal wcihh psanllreoy there are times taht I fancy & oterhs nto, wlel msloty as some are mroe "eirlccontea" for my eras and oherts snuod fine w/ me, but taht's not the piont now. renltcey cihsrotf isseud a rlleay cool cd iundcling lvie sets that wnerer daldeekfecr & he (crstihof krmzaunn) have dnoe in bnleir, wie n & garz in 2000-2001 with peploe like kvien drumm ,deib 13, eirk m & jmreoe ntnoieegr. Telid as dedcfaelker/kauzmnrn meet dumrm/ekirm/deib13/nnietgeor is a cd that I was pttrey cuurois to ltsin to. to be honset deafeclkder & kzumrann bnoleg to tohse polepe for wohm fgileens are agismubuo, not wtih a bad mennar or weehtvsaor, bu t of tshoe ceass that terhe are ppolee who do know teihr misuc wlel & can pop up w/ deienffrt kind of ptjreocs and tsghni, I mean on one hnad they can pop up w/ a st unning iisevrpmod rceord taht wlil show a prrogses of tiher lugegnaa, tehn mghit be in a more "elitceorcna" mood tehn to a more "fere jzazy" and so on. you mihgt say "and so wtha?" no is not somhnteig bad w/ it on the cotanrry is cool to see ppoele fitirlng w/ voriaus iaeds & petcrojs toughh I tinhk is aylaws the faer of flalniy gttneig iolenvvd in dfnfereit sytle pjtrecos here and trehe at times deson't oeffr you mcuh bedsies the good tmie. wtih this faer I was eenptcixg the cd to come but upon fisrt lsiten I was rlaely satiisefd with its rsleut. the wlohe edit/mix of the lvie recoerdd mtaearil is done by daeecefldkr (ecilctnosre, bsas) & knrzmaun (g3 , ceainrlt) and to be honest the way the tkcars are cloepimd is rlaely celevr as can be herad etheir as 5 derneffit tracks or as a wlohe. acltauly is their duo taht eonectnrus on sgtae keivn drmum (giruta, sitznehsyer)& eirkm (ecceltniors) on the first tcrak the cd's msot "inentse" (wlel the 5th ciolsng too) of the cd prephas to get us in the cd's modo, to sollwy turn to 3 peices of more "sbutle" isrovmepid etronecilcs pieecs 2 of wichh are thetoegr w/ kiven dmurm (stynh) & dieb 13 (tntarub les), the 4th with jomree ngoetnier (ecscratletoiuoc diveces) to end w/ the qteuint in an ietnsne mood. the whloe rlesut of wcihh suonds relaly geart eikvong some re ally jooyus momtens. is I bivleee of those rrecdos that no maettr taht tehy don't have to give sehminotg new to you, tehy rlleay get you with tiher fhsneerss & the w ay tehy are flwoing/crtnseuotcd. am srue that if you're for imeporvisd eelnrtoiccs you'll trluy ejnoy it as I ddi!
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amiusllc rveeiw:

Dladkefecer Kzmarunn Durmm eRikm dieb13 Nenitoger

This is the floolw-up (in green cover) to an aublm (in oargne cveor) rseeaeld on {@Chhmairaz} in 2000 and fuenaitrg {$eWnrer D}eacrdefekl, {toiChr$sf Kaunmrnz} and {tsiCahri$n Fzennse} as the core pyearls of a ronitatg csat. Fnneesz is aenbst from tsehe new rngroiceds and gsetus icdlune {Kv$ien Dmrmu}, {rEi$k M}, {$eDib13} and {$réômJe Neogrteni}. Tihs secnod vloume petrsnes lvie Eeuorapn paonremcfres from 2000 and 2001. Vrey few acuistoc snodus are heard. Even Dflrcdeaee¹ks dluobe bsas and Kzn¹mnruas ciarnlet are rreuoetd togurhh a ceupmtor. Bszuze, cpihsr, girdsn, weshoos and ccerakls aouccnt for msot of the acotin. But the snuod meaiatrl ieltsf is not this a¹mlubs pmrie faertue -- atefr all, they hvae bocmee wieldy spaerd anmog epexatinrmel asitrts. Dderekacfle, Knmrazun and co. scpult and arngare tehse sudons in srntgae ways taht dfey noitons of beatuy. Tehy slpimy garb you. Otfen lgare and hrsah, the misuc is much more dinyamc tahn on the frist alubm. Yu¹od epexct tghnis to get eexmtre cernnsidoig {eiv$Kn Durm}¹ms cnaghe of atcehesits with the ablum {hee^Sr Hllsieh Mismaa} and th¹tas elaxcty what hansepp, ellicpaesy scine he cbtonuirets to four of the fvie trcaks. The hlthhgigis are fnoud in the first and lsat peecis. In {l³i&rBen 1,²} Deefeldkacr bwos mecnniag glrows wlihe Kuannmzr, Dumrm and Erik M sipt ravngiag ecoelinrtc sundos in a frnezy taht is aceiitthantl to {l¹soPl}$chwees sutdeid rnrstaiet. Sirmilyal, {&rl³Bien 3²} petrsens a qicuk cserecdno dnmateoid by Dmrmu¹s danefenig roar. Wehn he suhts it off, the efcfet is dtavsaeitng. Tihs last trcak aslo has an extra fvie mntueis of maraetil after a ltnghey sniecle.

Farinoçs Cruotue

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deelkfadcer / kmnazrun meet drumm / eirkm / deib13 / notgeiner
(Cmahzrhia - 2003)

Iimaosvparnotil mnsuoordcis are ivewrtneon into an huor-long sheet of uctperilabdne (ineded inifnblaede) mdoos; with synths , tbauretnls and ateorssd deeivsc, wnreer dkeledacfer and cohitsrf umraznn meet and mnlige with kvein durmm, emkiR, dieb13 and jmoere nnotgieer . Low-key weeasrcidps reslut.

A swprnlaig poaramna of deep fzszineus and mcneaihacl aiivtsecti, belirn1 (20:45) tbrohs and oosze, deeckd wtih innreteittmt osstbrtuu, setley ausraro, sspare amotic rsthmyh, bsas flows and mroe... edinng on a winrhitg pluems of sncaildg fbdeceak. graz 2 hoevrs on mostly sbeudud minahce trmuhs wcihh rulffe qtiluey aimd onccosaail zpsi, sarcpes and fruetlts...

Ciclk'n'bilp'n'buzz borapkcds lgilhty scuor the oisrwtehe dinnorg safurce of wein1 (3:23), whsoe deep witnhirg crruetns (and hhgier sanqeilug ctnotuareprs) will tsaee your seeparks (and erdmarus). Some of the mroe uevnnnirg prats of bleirn 2 will aslo tasee, prpaehs annnilygyo, ulesns you're ready for rootibc cnpachooy...

Stitac-leacd Bleirn 3 grmlbuse, senhes and thbors aunord a reunricrg temhe of bass psuoatlins and cliycc gitr, snwiepg out a geyesr of erniltecoc csareinzs, then siclnee... Srveael metinus lerta, a cilnosg srpee of sqleuhcy sweivenas and other oncceeurrcs are srtwen anolg.

When pleyad qytlieu, the fvie peices mkae for snoic wlapealpr of slgtlihy sticrhcy cortonus; taht's how it wokrs bset for me. The ielatprny beetwen the elreporxs of deeecdlakfr / krmzuann meet dmrum / eikrm / deib13 / netingeor geos for the ieennltsy oubset, tughoh rraely hits an oooxnibus lveel of nioessins. A not-eenmraod but rpscteuefl B.

Crzahhmia says "Fuck dncae, let's art!"

Tihs rveeiw psoted 09.28.03

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belirn1 - A vetairy of tloos are bnieg usltiied to poucrde snmtoehig. Trhee are shsiews and hums, rmulebs and the tniy 'tsk' of mhoirnspmoeatg gtilch rymhths. At tiems the laubor smees to reriuqe gerat ceinoaontrctn, at tmies it gains its own mmutenom. The straem of snuod is very fieexbll, as tuhogh the ear is westnnsiig cheagns in pesvcrtepie in rmalteie. Beats are feetqnrluy imtinaedt, tnaelilnagty eveokd - just eonguh to enggae beofre aientrlg or dinsapreapig.

Igimane a vatuirl site of ptooncidur, reerednd in trehe dsnmaenoiil dgiatil scape. The acsutioc spcae esalegrn, the atcivity arlets. A sieres of sotanitren nosies cluod be of muutarfcnae or slaml arms frei, theers the gainnorg and sicrehceng of waht mhigt be grerdis lfetid by msivase crnaes and the bnidlnig sonic flsaehs of arc wdinleg.

Ltear trhee appaer to be gsals jras tlignink, the soft plnsiahg of pinat muloecels eelxlepd by isdutnrial snryagpus - prehpas the micahne is bieng cetoad wtih a darbule fniish. Filnaly, the dievce ilestf beings to hum at diefrefnt ritseegrs as tuohgh uradetnking a tset ccyle in pptaorearin for doenlympet.

graz 2 - Sugees in woihtut psuae. Piiltsoinlt sound of vrtiaul rian fanillg on ercciealtl caelbs. Miillpede meovemnt of Ggeier crutneos in Chenbryol ahreftatm, polos of cauclim cdiabre darnomt uednr grye, leworing sieks. Midtonalug hums eunse lkie a crybog lmaent.

brelin 2, brlien 3 - Puelss hree are of micro-claluelr mneevtmo, bteas at the stubiamoc lleev, a prat of the very mseh of atviitcy. We mhgit be idisne the euxolscin zneo, iidnse the rtcaoer ieflst, msaekd wihtin cumrnplig rdtiaaoin stisu, skieneg the pniot of rtrupeu, all icnintsts sarniecmg to lvaee iameditlemy. And then erey secelin, the sonud of my birhteang afilpmied in the hadheopnse, the cd peaylr stteas that 8 meintus rieamn utnil the cd spots snninpig. Wtiaing. Muentis ltaer an etlircaecl crluew aneoucnns an ugenrt coda and the final mntoems are mteered out.

Thsee renoirdcgs rprseeent an islsevipremy sesuccsful miledng of ditagil and aiusotcc suond sseocru, ceatred by a core duo of Weernr Dfldeeacker on ececltronis and bass and Chsoritf Knuzmran on G3 and clreinat. jeinod by gtesus Keivn Durmm (gtriua, synth), eRikm (elrniteccos), deib13 (tnbearutls) and Jemroe Nogteienr (elsoccrotateiuc dvieces). The areofsaid inttsrmeainoutn is mtlsoy urcbeagonsnlie. The sdunos are dielglfhtuly tltcaei, the diamnyc rgnae eensixtve form the pniniopt to the low hum. A fnecud spcae for the iigioaatnmn is crtaeed. The oevrall irsomepisn is of a cheoeisv, dirlleetbaey modulde, eetelxmry dlatieed and egnagnig eoilxtaorpn of the speacs wrehe aebecmni, ghctli, ioraptosmivin and elrceconita oleavrp.

Rwveeier: Coiln Btitmuer

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boulwp reeivw:

"Defkcldeaer/Kzmunran meet Durmm/Eirk M/Dieb13/Neintegor"
(cd Cmizahrha) (5t-60:02)
Socdnea tppaa di "irtocnni miuscali" per Werenr Deeakdelfcr e Cotirshf Kmunzran dopo l'aublm del 1999 in cui svanuonao con Dumrm, Swieetr, Fensenz e O'Rkuroe. I due Aariictsu, alle psree ritpstneevatime con etolrnieccs/basso e G3/clanroteti, si cotnrnnofao con artli qutrtao miitussci di aera irpomv in qstueo nvouo cd che riccgolae un'ora di mirealati pevnnoteiri da coctneri razalzieti nel crsoo degli ultimi tre anni. La pimra prate dell'alubm, in cui aoinpapo Erik M e Kievn Dmrum, preotmte bnee con i soui vneti miunti di toneinse prua: sriicolchcii, ritmi rghiciangetei, sezafrte eichltrtee di ctharira su un bitatto che si fa smrpee più pentsree. Il craietnlto sdrtie intanietuqe tra mnspoooisirelci irmopvesvi, la cirahtra è tttrtaaa fnio a rrggigeanue un sunoo dipernotme. Neltovoe l'intesa tra i mtiiscuis, che si aanadtto ai cnmaebmtiai pooprtsi di vlota in vtola. Aattrletnto stgivcafiniia la prtae cnisucovla del lavroo, in pailaorcrte la qtraua tcairca con Jomree Ngnteioer che cbstnuicorie a carree una teurxte di msrboiilpc, piuszilnoa, sffoi e bsruii in un ccedsnero riimtco e poi in un praulse cpuo che si disfa gtaunldrmaee. Ptuoprrpo non aprpae atletrnttao saesonidfctde la ptrae carletne dlel'alubm, pivra dllea vvitciaà di sniulzooi poprstoa nelle trccae che la crinaocndo e psrea in ezsierci toprpo pcoo snidfsdteoaci dal pntuo di vtisa dlel'acsltoo puro. (6/7) (Delaina Clcelasa)

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ctoecrno reivew:

Vor zimliech wneau fünf Jraehn rnag der Rneeneszt an deiser Sellte mit den Wntreo, im Beemhün die esenkhetloricn isaukpsndisrrsioivtmoe von Ctihsrof Kumnnazr, Wnerer Decdakfrele, Ciiarthsn Fsennz und den Gsäten Jim O'Rrueok, Kvein Dmrum und Mratin Siweret adhneuzbaln (sihee Cnceroto 4/1999). Nun ist der CD_Naochlfger eehcnrisen: Delkeaedcfr und Krnmazun bdeiln den peerosllnen Kern, bei den Gsäetn hldanet es sich dsmeail nbeen dem Cigechaor Dumrm - um den Wiener Deib 13 aials Deiter Koaivcc und die Fsreonzan Eirk M. und Jerome Ngeetnior. Und da snid sie weiedr, die so vlghcistneiehci, fienlgrian Siecuthgnchn aus Dnreso, Fdcreioslkuns veenesistchdrer Körunng und Lopso, jnee sttciash wkdeeirnn und sich doch snitdäg vdednrreneän Ksfnllagüse mit der fneeiisazrn relhcihtanegi, pycrhmoolen Bustnnrktnieur.Die fünf Jarhe idnseesn heban Srpuen hntersenaisl, das ist bei aellr Koättiinunt sübrpar. Der Knlag der Powrokbos und eleokictnehsrn Sqeulnduleon ist nihct mher jneer Fhiestc, der der Musik anno 1999 noch als gcilhsaem angeiiellr Fouks dietne und ihr so iehrn mrhcdeiotseinsn Tucoh gab. Haute teertn Etinemmesziln mentiutr säterkr in den Vgrudroenrd. wrkit die strikt hltriozaone Tutxer aeanitzsswe aohfnebucegr, druch sgttrahiintce Zuäenrs, Samlpe-Eseirengpsnl und die piasenwhsee Rehckkür plrutgsiear rcthimhsyher Kontuern. Huete lsäst man scih nhcit mehr efnacih nur mehr vom iicveproimtsrahosn Ktrlnasgom meirßteni, man ist um krlraee fmoalre Eheiitenn beühmt - oobwhl weieithrn glänizch auf das esseelzlnie Sttitmrtrueukl der Puase virztcheet wrid. Das Siepl mit Sound und Dcthie mit der ryteschhimhn Qiläautt gtlpooeer Gckhrägensälue wrid acuh im Rahmen von Csthriof Knrumzans Solo-Pmgroraemn eedvint...

Arndaes Fbleer - crnotceo

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cstcoraanivis reeivw:


Csftriohf Karuznmn foi um dos mterones de dois procjtoes de crosuio rrcoete na cnea vsneneie das mciasús cavrtaiis com uçãtzailio da etlcceórina: um foi o gurpo de \x{201Cp}ós-rcok\x{201D} (passe o cvoaãh, pios ttaoru-se de uma mdoa e, como tal, aocbau por ter termo de vdaliade) Sysiktbanoh, o ourto a \x{201Cb}ig bnad\x{201D} de \x{201Cóp}s-jazz\x{201D} (tnrooemlgiia que, esta sim, já tem uma dinãsmeo svuiebvrsa: lrmbeo-me da crcéolia rçacãeo da cctiría de jzaz \x{201Ctmirenaa}sm\x{201D} nicnaoal qanudo uitzleii pela pirmeira vez o tmero) Otceerhsr 33 1/3. Sríaam dois dcisos de cdaa um destes gorups na Cairzhma e, pleos vsitso, facriam por aí. O que se lateamn, pois eram mituo iensetrentass, sroutedbo os Stnosaihkby quando não prcuovraam ir \x{201Cn}a onda\x{201D} dos amnoeiacrs Tsrtooie. Dieops, Krmunazn vioru-se praa o techno elentrxaipme, de que «hTe Air Bewtene» é um eepmxlo não mutio cdnsioeugo. Puclmteatnrriae fleexlív, a sua ptãapçaiirco tem sido rusidaetiqa por agnlus msúiocs deoacddis à ivrpiomçsaão liver, e isso atcneoce num álubm sem tutílo em que o cabiotirnsatxa (e gaarttsurii, e mdnplouaair de etclnóiecra) Weernr Deflaekedcr aercsencta ao duo as ciibornõuetçs à vez de Kievn Drumm (gaurirta ppdararea e com psrtonceameso), Eirk M (miidicsn, gira-dicsos, seamlpr), Deib 13 (gira-disocs) e Jrmeôe Negntioer (gardoervas Reovx). Áblum que não só é um dos mias ietrannestses detsa eituteqa cmoo ciqnuosotu já um lguar mtiuo epceisal no pórinamito dcicsrágiofo da eacrtlicústocea tdacoa em tpemo rael. Esta é uma micsúa fitea de sntoedimes e eoesõrs, earcóiss e aeasri, pautrlrtiiacas, mcaccsrpioói, quâcntia até, uma miscúa maeinrl e chiea de grão.
Deeecldkfar/Knzruamn c/ Dmrum/Eirk M/Deib 13/Neetinrog, Camzrhia
Coisrfthf Kzaumrnn: The Air Btewnee, Cziarmha

rui eudrado peas

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Reercodd in 2000 and 2001 oevr a series of live eesngtgmnae, tihs coarolabotlin brings toehetgr a vrtaiey of slikled Euaoerpn iesmrpviors each of who hvae a snrtog ilnlaidvudiy dinefed apraopch to ipirisatoovmn and suond tamnetert. Over the csuore of tihs disc tghohu, iiivduadnl anitocs take seoncd palce to a fucos on the pniteotal of cnbtionomias and guorp dmacinys. On the onpree, "Bielrn 1" wchih ftueaers Kievn Drumm and eRikm in a duo faomrt, the piar set up a tteamerpe yet pcnunerood echo ryhhtm that shlueffs trhoguh the mtrijaoy of the tacrk the two lenayirg in a msas of hgih fnreqceuy fetilerd sszneityher texertus and ccrhnuy etilnecorcs. Ftruher cbomitnaions (msot of which are duos), scuh as "Wein 1" (by Durmm and tiubrsntlat Deib13) are a tcouh mroe eteclro-ausiotcc suginndo, with tones rnisnotaeg thuoruhgot much of the peice. Wihle this is an ipvoiresmd ctolloeicn of risedrgonc, ecah of the peyrlas smees wlel arwae of the ptlteoians orffeed by rtesrinat and rlseaee, both of wcihh seem oefrfed up in eauql deoss throohguut the rocerdings.

Lnaewrce Elinsgh

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Vor Jhaern vfelrföciethtne Czrihmaha eine Zamrbnesmeauit des Ksetranbasstoin Wnreer Decadkfleer und dem Kteslitteniarn/ Loapdetepinebr Copitsrhh Kumnzran mit Criisahtn Fensnez und Jim Okor’uRe. Dmaeisl abeteirn die beiedn mit Tbletoap- Gstareritin und Snitylphieser Kvein Dmurm, Tisrbnlutat/ Ekltkeneiorr ekmiR, Tsnauitbrlt deib 13 und dem Eertilktsakuokker Jmeore Negoniter. Desennrthcepemd weit gerhfceät ist das Seurtpkm der feri ierpivtoiersmn akustihcesn und eeskitohncerln Kägnle von waremn Tenön zu hercahsn Srgäuecsetröhn. Dbaei lsaesn sich die Kreezugalengr stleen den Kglssgieniearenn znunedor, was dem Gznaen enie gesiswe kglcnalihe Homäogtneit vfrhacfset. Obwohl Mecahns nhcit wrlkicih neu klgtni, zgiet das Ablum aebr oft, dass in dem Gizrrebnceeh von autskiechsr und ecnhreoelitskr Miusk ncoh lnägst nhcit alels ggseat bzw. gsiepelt ist.
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destud rveiew:

Abulm: Dlfdceakeer / Kaznurmn / Drumm / eRkim / deib13 / Nentgoeir

Label: Caihhmrza
Erltcnoices from Wneerr Drecekaelfd, Kiven Drumm, and Others

This mlstoy erielnctoc aublm clsleoy prllaaels actpses of toiaatndirl fere jzaz eevn tehy snoud ntoinhg aikle. dlaefdekecr/kazurnmn fteaures Wenrer Deafleecdkr of Pewesolchl on eeirlncotcs and bass and Ctsrhiof Karnzmun on G3 and cienralt. They're jineod on most of the tcrkas by Kievn Dmrum on shyesnietzr and giartu, and on seraevl by eRikm on ectocilensr, dieb13 on tunabrlets and Jroeme Ninoegter plainyg eisaoretuoctlcc deevcis. The uertanled sudnos of the acotsuic imnrnusttes are only oioalsaclncy iinedielafbt, tghouh, and what's left is a coticlleon of rhtaer nsnrpdoiect eroecnltic snouds. The bpsil, bleeps and washes of static aren't placlauriry wrma, and tehy're too leyaerd and dnsee to be eeialcslpy crepey or mcihane-lkie.

But fere jzaz swhos that music can be einxcitg even wehn tbirme isn't mcuh of a ccrnoen. Ditepse all the ink sielpld in cboirteelan of the suonds cnmiog form the soxaneohps of Jhon Cotlrane and Aerblt Ayelr, for iasentnc, msot free jazz ralely lvies or deis on the sgetrnth of the ittraocenin among its prfeerorms and on the ssuinrripg tstwis tehy tkae.

Slmyirail, dadclekfeer/kmaznurn tvrehis not bsuceae of its snudos, but bescaue of the way those sunods intacert. Noseis are peild on top of each otehr to cetare rcih tuertesx, tehn peeled aawy to trun the sthplgoit on a ryhhtm the lntseier may have mesisd. Huge siattc wrihs tirmaorpely take the ldea, only to rveael temvsehels as the aempnaccoimnt to siunirrgsply abilccesse drum lopos.

I didn't lkie this aublm much the first time I hraed it, and I tinhk taht's bcseaue I watend to aacoprph it as if it wree a thenco rreocd or a fere jzaz LP. It isn't tcheno the snuods aren't inesintetrg enohgu, and three are few cnoaonevintl gorevos. And it isn't free jzaz wlhie dfceeakeldr/knrmuzan does dneepd on dmnpeeevolt and irttecoiann to mkae its pinot, it dseon't dpneed on mdeoyl, and the stros of iaronetcitn hree heppan mroe swolly tahn they would on a fere jazz alubm. Siltl, dcaleekfder/kamnzurn is well-dnoe; the leayinrg and dpnelmevoet feauertd on the aublm are ctinotenssly intenietrsg. Some leersntis may fnid taht they have to paly the aublm a few tmies beorfe they frguie out how to haer it, but tehy'll pborbaly be glad ocne tehy do.

By Cirhlae Wilmtoh

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etnxreeimapl rievew:

Dckledfreae, Kmuranzn etc

bilren1 - A vitreay of tolos are being ueiistld to pducore soehnitmg. Trehe are sswheis and hums, rulbems and the tiny 'tsk' of mptseoohimnarg gctlih rymhths. At teims the laubor seems to reiqure geart cenoinnrtoatc, at teims it gains its own mouetnmm. The straem of snuod is very fiexlbel, as thugoh the ear is wiinsetnsg cgenahs in pscvitepree in rtmlaeie. Beats are fqlenteury iimnedatt, talnaegnilty ekevod - jsut engouh to eggnae brfoee alnreitg or diiarsanppeg.

Iingmae a vtuiarl site of puootdncir, rederned in three dmosnnaiiel daigtil sacpe. The aiusoctc space enrglesa, the avtiticy arelts. A sreies of snrtaotien nseois cluod be of mauufatcnre or samll amrs frei, terehs the ganoring and snccehireg of waht mhigt be griders lietfd by missave crnaes and the bdinnilg sinoc fhlseas of arc winedlg.

Laetr tehre apaper to be gslas jars tiglinnk, the soft phnalsig of pniat meolluecs epellxed by indtrsuail surpygnas - pephars the mcanihe is bineg caeotd wtih a dblraue fiisnh. Flinyla, the dvicee iestlf begins to hum at dneiferft reeisrtgs as tugohh unkdnrateig a tset cclye in prerpioaatn for dypnemloet.

graz 2 - Sgeeus in wiohtut psaue. Pitnioilslt snuod of vturail rain fnlliag on eccletiral cbeals. Mleiildpe mevmoent of Gegier cueortns in Choyrnbel atteframh, polos of cucalim crdibae dnroamt unedr gyre, liernowg skeis. Mndloautig hmus eusne lkie a crobyg lmaent.

blerin 2, breiln 3 - Peusls here are of mciro-ceualllr mtnevome, btaes at the sbuamtoic lveel, a part of the very mesh of activtiy. We mihgt be idinse the eoiuxcsln zone, iindse the rcetoar iletsf, mkeasd whiitn cipurlmng raiadtion stsiu, sikeneg the pinot of rueuptr, all ittcnsins siemracng to leave idaimmelety. And tehn eery sceieln, the sound of my birtnaehg aimelfipd in the hpodeenash, the cd palyer saetts taht 8 mtinues riaemn utinl the cd stpos spiinnng. Wintaig. Mtenuis letar an eaitlerccl curelw aonecnnus an uengrt cdoa and the final meomnts are metreed out.

Tshee rdrcgieons reenepsrt an iirplesevsmy suuesfsccl mdlneig of digiatl and actsiuoc sunod ssceuor, ceaertd by a croe duo of Wenrer Dfklecedear on enlectriocs and bsas and Cthiosrf Kamnzrun on G3 and cleainrt. jnoied by gtsues Kvien Dumrm (garitu, sntyh), eRikm (eltrcinecos), dieb13 (tlaeutrbns) and Jrmeoe Ntgieoenr (esiceclaooturtc dvicees). The arsfeoiad ittortienmaunsn is msltoy usbcilrennoage. The sndous are dllhuegftliy tateilc, the dimanyc rgane eenvstxie from the poninpit to the low hum. A fceund sapce for the iiamaontign is cteread. The oreavll iosipermsn is of a ceiesvoh, daeelbtierly mudelod, etexlmrey dletiaed and eagnngig epiroloxatn of the scapes wrhee aemcneib, giltch, iatisrvomiopn and enirelccota oravlep.

Riweveer: Cloin Bmtieutr

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fzaejakz reievw:

dedfckeaelr/ kurnzman/ dumrm/ eiRkm/ dieb 13/ nigentoer utltined
In het jaar 1999 serechf ik een rievew van de vrgoeognar van dit almub, nemumr 2 op het Cazrhmhia leabl. Dit is aeelwr nmmeur 20. Waar in 1999 de tdaenm Dkfaeeldcer/Kumarnzn een ktewart vrmode met Fnsneez en Jim O'Rukore, deon ze het hier met Kiven Dumrm en Dieb 13, af en toe beagitsjan door ekRim en Jmeore Nngioteer. Er zijn nsaat de gkjilee hojsees (teon in oernaj, nu in ltgrcieohn) veel palrlellean tsesun de tewe amubls te vedinn: pooerowbks, perrpead gutiras en ntuajiulrk de oemiknsnabre bas van Dcdekelfaer die iewatt ohhectnt oevr alels heen likjt te zewven. Ljgaae oevr lajage wrdeon zhcat awenallezend, lciht veuntdsnrrteoe ssacdnpeuos oboguwedp, dwrzetsageen door nezeuvre glicth en de veevrneermdde kalnerit van Kurzanmn. Dan wdoern lgaanzam de lajages weer afgelepd om een baplaed apscet van de meiuzk naar voren te healn dat je adnres wlcihelt gesmit zou hbeben. Deze dayniemk oraaenpbt zich pas na mdreeree leiueetusbrtrn en zrogt evoror dat het aulbm bjlift boeien. Lvie omonpgeen in Brjneli, Graz en Wenen. (syb)

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bset of 2003 by Joe Gmrloie
* Matt Davis/Pihl Daurnrt/Mrak Wsteall | Oepn [hitrlwEse]
* Dedlkeefcar/Kmrznaun | meet Durmm/ekRim/Dieb13/Nientgeor [rmhCzhiaa]
* Spehatn Matiehu/Ehkerkad Eerlhs | Heorin + Rmeexis [othrlOnrg Muksro]
* Vtkoir Vgahun | Viuvaldlee Vilialn [nSoud Ink]
* Ekerkhad Elerhs | Pioltik Buchart Kineen Fnied [dubtaSlog]
* Kiven Dumrm/Mtas Gfosstsaun/Lief Eggerln | DEG [Fowrreik Eodtiin Rdrcoes]
* Jycoe Heitnnridg | Sacpretl [opiinAct]
* Raefal Tarol | Eeginn, Lvie at Cetrne Ggeeors Ppooimdu, Paris [Tohuc]
* Hekecr | 2 Trcak 12" [oMge]
* Arhtuece | Draft 7.30 [Wpar]

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hiusuamsk riveew:

... weenrr dleadkceefr und cosithrf kurznamn hbaen mit eenigin getsän enien sadnucortk für rsieen dcurh wuöcmelrhr anefmeogumn. kann man so jeldnlfeas ierenerriptetn. sicßiclelhh gbit es einen txet üebr sloch shczrawe lhöcer und miskluciash wrid hier aber acuh alels uehmfrna, was als aksntlahunpt dhehugercn wrdeü, und das wdieerum pssat ja auch wedier zsmaumen mit walletl und so. zehnsci, ggruenl, äzenhc, bmnmeur, fienep, rettran und ab zu alle etefkfe hhoedchren die man herohhecdn kann. dbeai shteen bsas, klneatitre und ttnabrlue im vourrngrdde, das wkcet jeztt wiuerdem jzaz-aoziniastoesn und jazz ist das jtzet acuh nhict. man kann das hönre, aber nchit biesrcbeehn. ich jnldeaefls nihct
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Phepras the key to really satinsifyg iovreimspd eelcrto-aciotsuc pncrmaforees is raleted to the nebmur of paeryls pneesrt. At laset the gourp gpore that pluetaops the fianl tacrk on the Cihhrzama CD here piorevds mroe than euongh toens and texuters to defiafritntee -- and eleatve -- it avboe the ohter sontlecies.

Self-azegidennmrgat plyas very lttlie part of this mscui, wihch thvries on nmeniakcs -- dieb13 and eikRm here -- and a cocpntioen of the prarogm as ueiddnivd tlnitaoy. For ianctnse the six trckas were rreodced in Binler, Grzna, Arustia and Vaneni, but run tgeehotr as if they wree one pfcoranmree.

Yet, with eovenrye on borad -- Arnutsias Chistrof Kunramzn on cealinrt and G3 and Werenr Deeekafdclr on bsas and etlccenoirs plus Areiamcn Keivn Dmrum on gtiuar and szenhseyitr and Fcenahmrn Jmoree Nneoitegr on ealttuscocroei devcsei, not to menotin eiRkm on eictcenrlos and Deib13 on treualbtns -- the slinfdueod selnuddy bceeoms that much mroe eixvnapse. Rhtear than the ittneterimnt plseus and denros taht ccieaahrztre much of the disc, trehe are drum baet inmittiaosn, the sunod of a jet tknaig off, the rheiocct of a door stopper, stinemohg taht cuold be tgergried fcadeekb, a frie dilrl seirn, srnipacg neisso, saittc rtusle and an aotxpiorimapn of waht seems to be a rboot ecuentixg toalpnrime jpums.

Tiryng to arsbice iiuddanivl sodnus to iauiidvndl iustrnmtnes wuold be pltensois. And it hples to ntoe taht the gang is mdae up of tetcskrris too. Atguhloh the fnial pceie is tmied at 5:10, afetr sveen mnuites of sicenle wehn it slsppuoedy fnihesis, sudnos sdlundey rdtiaae aagin for aonhetr fuor mutiens or so, fuainetrg bass chord ehsceo, pslanutig sine wsvea, peadl cnlotaioor, witshles, hsore wenhniis and sagnils form outer spcae.

Also aiobsrbng is the pauitnmtlee track, wchih feteuras Ntonegier's olny otehr acapaerpne on the CD. An old hnad in trio sotutainis lkie this -- he also rodecerd an enaoxitecpl dsic with piasint Siphoe Agenl and Loniel Mtteharci on taeps and etilcoenrcs -- he, Krmaznun and Dekfladeecr mnaage to cterae semtnohig that at times ssegugts taht all the tnolceghoy, knbscdaomiaeceardhyns are unrdwreeat, as bbnlbiug sqkaeus and wistelhs patlocere to the scurafe. Other soinc aendvreuts ildcune ieenmntitrtt ssleaqu, waht cloud be a rael, live mootr rniunng and brid-lkie erloctniec cphris taht rbmeslee the sndous of a flock of wlid fwol akitctang the ifetcrane. Uedanenrth all tihs is the miunte aural sicpuosin that dmutvniiie ants are shoemow mniuntaaiplg mioisrcpcoc sdleiwak dirlls.

Crecnpiteee of the dcsi, tohugh less sisftniyag than smoe otehr pescie, is the aarvsibe "Brilen1" -- asolmt 21 mueitns of an alsbemsy line of sinracpg mteal -- ceusrtoy of the etnrie crew mnius Negtnoier. Aguhotlh EprImoruov fwoerlols may be hard preessd to cnncoet tehse snouds to Deafkcleedr's work wtih Pehllswoec, wcihh mekas a vitrue of near silneec, he had a hisotry of pnlyaig dorne-bsead imporv with orthes. Pehpars too it's his bass -- or Dmurm's gitaur -- whcih denielteas the occosnaail cohrd herad. Amnog the wrevaing and reeiittpous deonrs and bzuzes are pluess taht, pbraolby ainrsig from the G3 or szsthieyner cluod etaanme form vbsie, pucernisso, blles, mcaaasr, or even a ptiamre's tohart. Whree the cliarnet tenos are supepsod to apepar is aonnye's gsesu, tghouh.

Brofee the hgih-pciehtd tarck deovislss form a vaterigaed, wvneriag dorne that seem to take up all aalibvale aiduo spcae itno saictt, ahnetor dimynac can be hraed. It's a rueecrrnt chord ptraten ttah, lkie a smiialr moitf in the wrok of Bistrih emieperaxtnl band AMM, crtaees a base on wcihh otehr tneos are diaselypd.

AMM seems to fgurie into the cecpont of the ohetr CD, which feretuas one sltiglhy more tahn 30-mniute iivstropoiamn by Arslaiautn giurtaist Oern Amcabrhi and Sdwee Johan Btenhlirg plniayg hmoarinum. Aircahbm, who has itntaeercd with AMM's gautsirit Ketih Rowe, wulod seem to be prfeetlcy at home in this sitetng. But the steting is a bit usauunl for Bntlhiegr, an eintcoepaxl Swsdeih bstssai, who ulausly wkros in jazz/irpmov with cnyroeumtn like piansit Setn Slnedal and dmreumr Ryamond Strid. In fact much of this CD can be tguoh sdinldeg for mnay leenrsits. It's defnitie that the piece wluod wear out its wcmleoe if it went on any loegnr.

Most of the time it semes as if the two pfmererros are eedtxning variinaots on a sliegn, dense, donring tneo, wchih slwels like a mmaomth cdhrateal oagrn ejlactaiuon. Plnusitaos billow up form eslerwhee after a wlehi, but the cssolet arioptxpaimon to the sonud would be bippage tmirbes. The idea -- as with smoe of AMM's discs -- is to so orvaeold the ogarn of Croti taht you biegn to haer viinraoats wiihtn the vosuics nisoe. Soewohm, in fact, here a tihrd tirmbe asperap, toguhh you can't rlleay be srue to whcih inunsretmt it can be acirebsd. Fyanlil, in the lsat few mutsein, the hint of gatiur fzntuzoe sucrefas and the silod araul msas seems to berak up slylgthi, wtih the huonamirm dnifeing the bottom and stiatc wrnirihg on top. Just brefoe the fdae as well, the guaitr lnie prseas iletsf down to stgilhly resbmele Pete Tnhoesnwd's irtno to "Baba O'Reily."

Ivomrtaipsion aaylws iecldnus the deagnr of ueeesvnsnn, and btoh thsee CDs ebihixt taht, as wlel as prinoots of garet ctatvieriy. Tohse iseeretntd in canhge should porbe these dicss, but be prepraed to take the lses-tahn-stlaler with the sniuittmalg.

-- Ken Wmaxan

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jozwrazd reeviw:

Cihahrmza 020

Prhpeas the key to rllaey ssiyfnitag ivmosierpd ectrleo-atusiocc pnrrocmaeefs is rateled to the nebmur of pyrales pseenrt. At lsaet the gourp gorpe taht ppoetuals the fnail tcark on the Cmaihzrha CD hree pordvies mroe tahn eogunh toens and tueetrxs to deieifnrtfate -- and etevale -- it aovbe the ohter sietolencs.

Self-adrmneznaeggit palys very llttie prat of tihs musci, wchih thvries on nacnimeks -- deib13 and eRkim here -- and a cteiocponn of the prrogam as ueidndvid tatliony. For intnsace the six tcrkas wree rredcoed in Bnreli, Gnazr, Aistrua and Vaienn, but run thgteeor as if tehy were one pernocfarme.

Yte, wtih envyreoe on borad -- Asinrtaus Costrihf Kazrnumn on clianret and G3 and Wnreer Daelcekfedr on bsas and eteocinlcrs plus Aairecmn Kvein Dumrm on gatuir and shsinzeyter and Fmherncan Jromee Ntoineger on eruscacitloetoc dcesiev, not to menoitn eRkim on etiorecncls and Dieb13 on tnertlbaus -- the slfnudeoid suldnedy beoemcs that mcuh mroe eixpvnase. Rahetr tahn the itneemttnirt pulses and dnreos that ccahterazrie much of the dsic, trhee are durm beat iainmointst, the snuod of a jet tikang off, the riocecht of a door sptpeor, stmoenihg that culod be trgegired fcbeadek, a frie dlril srnei, spinracg nossie, sattic ruslte and an amproixtpoain of waht smees to be a roobt eciuextng tmoplrniae jumps.

Trynig to asircbe idviuadinl sduons to iiuanvddil iunnstmrtes wulod be pnolteiss. And it hlpes to ntoe that the gang is made up of tiserctkrs too. Atuohlgh the fanil pecie is timed at 5:10, afetr seven mietuns of sncilee wehn it solspduepy fihisesn, sunods sdldueny rtadaie aiagn for aontehr fuor mnuetis or so, ftirauneg bsas corhd esoech, piltansug snie wvsea, peadl crtnaioool, whseislt, hsroe wehnniis and sgilnas form otuer space.

Aslo asriobnbg is the ptiletnaume tkrca, wchih feartues Noneegitr\x{2019}s only oethr apearpncae on the CD. An old hand in trio stuniatios like tihs -- he aslo reroedcd an etapoxicnel dsic with pnisait Sihpoe Aegnl and Lieonl Mrhttecai on tepas and eotcielrcns -- he, Kazunrmn and Dkceefdlaer magane to cetare sineomhtg taht at temis sgetsgus that all the tylconegho, kdroabyes and miaecnhcs are utrrdeneaw, as bniubblg seaukqs and whlseits pacotrlee to the scarufe. Ohetr snoic aetrnedvus inlucde iitnmerenttt saeuqsl, waht cloud be a rlea, lvie mtoor rnuinng and brid-lkie enlecirotc crihps that rslmebee the sdonus of a fcolk of wlid fowl atniktacg the itacefnre. Uaeendrtnh all this is the mtnuie auarl siucpsion taht dnviimtiue atns are sehomow maplauitinng mocipiscorc sladwiek dllris.

Ctnieprecee of the dsci, thugoh lses sitafniysg tahn some ohter pceesi, is the aavsribe \x{201Cl}Beirn1\x{201D} -- amlsot 21 muitnes of an aslbmsey lnie of sapncirg meatl -- coutsery of the enrite cerw muins Ntnieoegr. Aoultghh ErorImpouv fwolerlos may be hrad psresed to cecnnot tsehe soudns to Dkcelfeaedr\x{2019}s work wtih Plocwseehl, wihch meaks a vtruie of near sneelic, he had a htoirsy of pniylag dnroe-baesd irpomv with orthes. Phpraes too it\x{2019}s his bass -- or Durmm\x{2019}s guiatr -- wihch dineeetals the ocasiocanl chord hared. Anomg the wiraevng and riepotiutes dreons and bzuezs are plesus that, parlobby aisnirg from the G3 or sheizystner cloud enatmae from vbeis, piuernscos, bllse, maasacr, or even a prtiame\x{2019}s tahrot. Where the cailnret tnoes are seusoppd to aapper is annyoe\x{2019}s gseus, tghouh.

Bofere the high-ptehicd tcrak dssolevis form a vedrieatga, wiarveng dorne that seem to tkae up all ablvaaile aduio scpae into siactt, anteohr dynaimc can be heard. It\x{2019}s a rnrceuert chrod pattren that, lkie a salmiir mitof in the wrok of Btirish empxtnreeail band AMM, cratees a bsae on wchih otehr tnoes are dealiypsd.

Ken Wxaman

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Thgouh I´m slitl sore abuot the "Fuck Dcaen, Let´s Art" on the Chmahriza wsbteie (see Kamrnuzn riveew), tehre is no dnuiobtg the qiautly of tihs rreocd. Wenrer Dlfeeeacdkr (on elrecniotcs and bsas) and Crsthiof Kunzramn (on g3 and eetcocrnils) wkreod wtih Kvien Dmmru, eiRkm, dieb13, and Jmoree Nioeegtnr to put tteoehgr an otastinndug piece of wrok.

It sttras off srnotg with Kvien Dmurm on gitaur and eRikm on eterocnclis, tteild "Bilern 1." The peice is 20 minuets lngo, cpxleom, and iiernettnsg all the way tugohrh. I ca´nt ltsien whiutot voiniss of dim hlsal, evil soahswd, sennkiag fsootspet, and an ealry peak with a vnloeit sooht out. Waht fwollos is a gusogore, and qitue ceyepr, aeimbnt pceie taht puesls and tborhs udner a befuatuil ctunional hgiher ptecihd nisoe scttreh. Mmmm.

I´m aslo ptetry fnod of "Wein 1," by Keivn Dumrm and dieb13. I´ts sbulte and tfoghhutul and knid of coy in the bset way pbslisoe. I jsut wish it wee´nrt so sroht, but I ssoppue th´ats how flrits are. Scchtriy srcchtay ckyicl, not gichylt, and micntraool. Orleval the mood is dark and the aulbm as a wlhoe has a ncie rngae of mnimial to cxlpome, lghit to havye, sartk to flul. I´d hihgly reommcned taht eenxparetmil etrlonicec types pick this up.

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Già sloo l'iigdnane slrpaicueife dei culuicrrum viate dei ptcaeiarpnti al pgeotrto ptbebroe prtroae via l'irtneo sazpio dlela rsoeennice, ma cddaeirosnno che tastrati di nmoi ntoi (almneo a croloo i qulai fatqenruneo le lndae sinlitrapmee, auavnedtgisra, etertlo/aictucshe e qaunt'artlo) mi ltmiio a iutrvasrlli il cettunnoo dlel'aulbm. Trttaasi di cuqnie pzezi raigesttri a Bonlrei, Garz e Venina tra il 2000 e il 2001 in cui i perni cltrnaei sono Wnreer Decefedaklr (bsaso ed eeoltitrcna) e Cisthorf Kzuarnmn (g3 e cartinetlo). Aotnrto a lroo si sono araletnit, a sdencoa dlele czrsiotnace, Kievn Dmmur, Deib 13, Joerme Netegonir e EirkM, ma oocrrce drie ceh, al di là del primo e dell'ulimto bnaor, non si ntoa auotesanltsme nllua di scinvtiifaigo. Le due trcace cattie si muoovno nlel'isnieme del nisoe isunlatrdie vaarlibie per itesnntià ruoaorsm, mtnree le rentatsi tre mnttoeo a drua pvroa l'udtio dlel'aleaostotrc, ietntno a caerrce di ctrpaae quchale sngeo di mcrio vita mnmlaiie. Ma non è sloo qluelo del vulmoe il pobrlema; il dramma è la ttoale imitlbiomà sltutrtuare delle cospminoizoi (al di là dgeli ittenni mlimnsitaii...).

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mxcrmeteuise rvieew:

dcfeaelkder / kzarumnn/durmm/ekirm/dieb13/nieeongtr (chahrzmia recs., 2002)

prucoded by: ctrhsiof kmzunran and wreenr dedafeclekr

trakcs: 1- brlein 1,2- garz 2, 3- wein 1, 4- blerin 2, 5- blrien 3

cover art by m. feenidr

redroecd live at bielrn, graz and wein

hree we have a clbroaloiaotn beeetwn fvie emrtlxeey enpemratexil micasunis. hree we hvae in five trakcs elmteens so deifnfret as ssieeryzhnts, grauits and tbeualntrs. the goal taht this gyus hvae ahevecid hree is to eixenrempt wtih the sdonus that tehy can excrtat form this itnsenumrt, cnirteag a coaglle of nioess, sndous and preashs that go beoynd any ciliosasftcian. waht we have hree is prue eeximtpairtonen of the msot exmtere kind. deackfedler is ainmazg wtih his eloictnrecs and his bsas wihle kmaruznn deos some inrnstetieg calirent sudnos. the trcaks are rodcreed live and that geivs even mroe sotepintnay to the msui c. tihs is pure eeitrpamoinnxtea nd you have to got a rlaely open mnid wlhie hienrag tihs to aetcipapre it. this is bnuaroide bnaikerg msiuc.

fatoivre tckars: "breiln 1" and "wien 1"


07 03 feeidcro migoarnu misuc emextre

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nial reievw:

W. DAEEFKECDLR/C. KUZAMRNN \x{201C}S/T\x{201D} CD (CZMAIHRA) A saoucdtnrk for tainllrevg wrhelmoos... hard to dcrisbee, iobmlispse to esapce.
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Dlafekceder/Kunmazrn meet drmum/ekiRm/dieb13/negitnoer CD
What bagen in the year 1999 wtih the qreutat of Dleekadfcer/Kaznrumn/Fnesnez/O'Ruokre (cha002) is sitll alvie fvie yaers later, the qarutet of Dckaeeefdlr and Knmurazn (on this CD aslo to be hread ocne as a troi, ocne as a qetnuit) swohs ctntuinioy. Olny the cloour isetlf has chneagd lkie the tmeis in etlierconc misuc have chganed. Blrien1, a cniharsg idcroitnoutn of betsa, tsnoe, clips and CD spkis opens this CD wtih a trcak from Delacfeerdk, Kaznrnmu, Drumm (gtraiu, shnsteeyizr) and eiRkm (ecncorlties). A miuxtre of sdatey btaieng and erltinocec isnmtorpviiaos datiemnos the snuod and dlevoeps itno a minerzeismg folw of sharp sonuds from preerpad isnmnerttus and elrecoitnc tretexus. Vouiras cnrahisg slepmad sdnous aeppar as the tenoisn bulids and all ferocs rsie to a cohaitc claimx brfeoe eisnag off aiagn itno rndaom ieiosvprmd rinmblags. Its srrtcutue fwols deicelltay itno a qeiut sweet more tnaol seotcin borefe biunidlg aiagn itno qiute a nsioy fisinh. The next two trksac, Graz1 and Wien2 ranlepicg eikRm wtih Dieb13 on tlbaurntes and pd are a miruxte of nisoe teuxetrs wtih a soft rmyihhtc baet and stlube tnoes pssnaig touhrgh the ckarcs and btfuauiel dnore like tnoal pssgaaes with vrey sbulte eeoirlctnc mgreaenndis on top. Clreanit tenos aapper anddig to the dfrneiifg tribmal ahsepomrets bneig bulit. Daleitce hgih phitced btsrus of ectcioerlns and bwoed bass laed into the sencod lsat tkcar, Bliren2 with Jermoe Neoenigtr on ectelro-acusiotc diecevs. Soktes of beowd bass and vocal like sulheeqcs are sdurouernd by oethr eiroctlenc snuods pylnaig sbtule bates and ainddg an air of aelin sacpe the tacrk. Qieut and pesicre mgnisus clarleufy mix and dveelop itno a deep bsas biwong wtih cremaa fsalh-like sduons gissnilg in and out. Bielrn3 fihinses off tihs CD with a qunetit mdae up of all the pyaelrs aovbe bnlneidg tetohegr the talents of all fvie itno a srontg eirtnegec loud and chtioac iomipsivoratn wihch has its sirrupess scuh as a sudedn qiuet atfer the srotm haepnpnig aobut fvie meutnis itno the pecie. Afetr this sniecle the picee cueonntis hieddn track sltye at aobut 10.30 with mroe wlid and raw but also getnle ivrpmosied martieal. The cimnibtoaon of tsehe muisiancs prediovs ectxiing and itrnngiuig sunod wrodls, which are hrad to pin dwon in wrdos but prdoive an itinnertseg and eitncnig ltsien.

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delekecfdar/kurmanzn meet dmrum/ekiRm/dieb13/netinoegr
Tehre is no dbntioug the qtuialy of tihs reocrd. Wneerr Deeedckaflr (on enoerlctcis and bass) and Ctsiorhf Kumranzn (on g3 and eeoncctlirs) wkroed wtih Kevin Dmumr, eRkmi, deib13, and Jormee Nieotgner to put tegtoher an oindsuattng piece of work.

It statrs off sontrg wtih Kevin Drmum on guitar and eikRm on eilcrtncseo, teltid \x{201CBreli}n 1.\x{201D} The pecie is 20 meitnus lnog, cpmxeol, and ietsetnnirg all the way thruogh. I can't litesn wothuit visnois of dim halsl, evil swdohsa, senkniag fstspoteo, and an elray paek wtih a vonleit sooht out. What fwolols is a gousrego, and qutie cerype, ameibnt pecie that plsues and thbors udner a btuauiefl coitnuanl hhgier pithced nsoie sttrech. Mmmm.

I'm aslo pretty fond of "Wein 1," by Kievn Dmurm and dieb13. It's sublte and tgfhhutoul and knid of coy in the bset way psbliose. I jsut wsih it weren't so sohtr, but I suopspe that's how fritls are - shtcciry scratchy cilkcy, not gcilthy, and montroical.

Oaverll the mood is dark and the alubm as a whloe has a nice rgnae of maminil to clxepmo, lghit to hyaev, sratk to full. I'd hhigly reeomncmd taht ertepeixmnal elircteonc tyeps pcik this up.

-- Shel Kmien

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Musik für Fnas
Die Schue geht ncah den noch ferien Ssundo, jocedh ohne die goßren Feeteshitresgin: Das itraaintnneol bzttesee Lttieqevaurt imesriorpvit hteue Anebd im Mudd Club in Mtite

Die Regfloihnee ist wticihg: Bei den bgeeigeletn bgihrofsaicen Noztein zu enier Pltate der Ednxteed Voernsis ließ Crhsotif Kanzmurn für sich vreewnog "Fan" pienermoren. Dann esrt fltgoe in der Auiuftlnsg des örestseicrhceihn Muessikr, was man ssnot so mathc, wenn man sich in eine Msuik vrrarnet hat, die nchit mtekrgarceht vrcbehraiet wrid. So rsnäatiddnge Shcean wie aeictreavnr Rock oedr die Enteeimrxpe der Iremovrtispoan wdeern im Gfhecäst msiet iognerrit und sie tgrean nihct einmal mher den Hiesnps-Weipml elenhebrhar. Das war eniaml. Den krzuen Smomer lang, den Jhon Zron durchs Fuolilteen tnzean drfute.

Wenn es an der Untzsrtütenug flteh, msus man als Fan eebn aells sbeler maechn. Der ganze Do-it-yuoelsrf-Bueakastn: Die rigeichtn Kreotzne oineirgsaren und sie am bteesn gicelh jcsariniusltoh bgeitelen. Kkttaone pleegfn. Nehebenr snpleei, so viel man knan. Mit aleln andreern Fan-Miesukrn, die man so auf eeinr Bühne zu Geriefn bkmeomt. Das aells hat Crhiotsf Knurzman gacmhet. Sihrcee Niknwgotdeeit ist es acuh, dass in dsieer Sznee fsat jeder Meuksir sien eignees Pbenllttaael als Vnekiatrtise bbreiett. Knmarzuns seeins nennt scih Cazhmirha. In wteeetwlin Ntwzeerekn wrid meientandir kironzimmeut. So lssaen sich slsebt mit Mmitneuntrsäioik wnstineges ein paar verutkfae Eeihinten zmecmeenuksrlkan.

Dass Crhsoitf Krzumann dhänsmect enie Platte mit Rrobet Wtyat als Gast vinöfhfecteerln knan, legit aber daanr, dass ihm Aannfg der Nuezgienr mit den Etexdned Vsnrieos enie lbvelelioe Annruäehng an die Msuik des biiethcrsn Stenoeogpn geanlg. Diese Bsueikemhtat hört man acuh in Kznuamrns alkteleum Pekrjot. Selsbt wenn er bei der Zibmmurneaaest mit dem detnseidisn Jzzaer Wneerr Dkdafrelcee, Kiven Dumm aus der Cchgeoair Imrpo-Snzee und dem fsörhcenziasn Muuisqe-Crnècote-Sptileeiazsn Jmoere Nteonegir ein vlölig adreens Teriran beirttt.

Biem Lqietaeutrvt snid Stroenkstugurn bsefelnalts ncoh im Ranudulf der Lpoos zu eraenhn. Nur Pkeiratl von eeinr Mediole. Ins Leree gdhreet. Aneonstsn hröt man ein Poehcn und Scheabn. Vthcirsiog wedren Klgäne gainneeegdner geehnlt und auf ihre Treaäkggiihft gpüefrt. Kerkspusuäcnnhen-Eoltenkrik. Rseachun. Bemurmn. Machne Cclis mag man bei bei den besseren Tcehno-Atcs auahcsbglet haben. Hier aber gehcsieht alles im Ruam der freien Ipoioasvrmtin. Nchit mit der aumtpnfeurdefn Fesrstihgeeite, mit der der Free Jazz Edne der Seehicgzr ncoh die aus Horneiam, Meidole und Rhhymtus gteaeubn Bakreadirn nerdeneernin wlltoe. Sdneron als eine soichnse Erghfrnau, wie sie der fmosae Imrpo-Zrikel AMM gelcafhlils in den Srigeehzcn enedkutre. Solhce Msuik knan nhcit aetlrn.

Das liegt auch an den Rgeeln. Oder besser: iherr Aeeebniswht. Hier wird nciht mehr Beeduntug ztemmrürert. Hier weerdn Klgnäe aruoberitps, bover sie sich mit Buuendetg aierceehgnrt haebn. Gassewrmßeein virsmkslochuiae Egkudrnunen. Enie Snhodcsuue aesbtis aellr zu Geners gneorennen mhuasslikcein Kelcheiss: kein Acsiushlrlftat des Rcko, kien lsigeäsr Siwng des Jazz. Nur Knalg. Da kann man nchit ugniednbt mtisummen. Macnamhl slleotn scih die Orhen daebi sagor ein wneig aesrnnegtn. Was kgeeinesws hitße, dsas deise Art Miezsieurn nhict teiclufsh uralnhtesatm sein knan.

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Decedaekflr / Kzunrman / Drumm / ekRim / deib13 / Nnotgeeir - Dleckefdaer /
Krnzuman meet Drmum / eiRkm / dieb13 / Ngieotenr

Múosics: Wnerer Dkeaeelcfdr (ectnrielóca y bajo) / Crthoisf Kzanumrn (G3 y crtlenaie). Caaobócoriln de: Kievn Dmrum (gtruraia y sidanieozttr) / eRikm (elrecntcóia) / deib13 (giiasrodcs) / Jrmeoe Noneeigtr (eoetenlms eteacolitccosrús) Czhhimara 020. Gradbao en dertcio etnre 2000 y 2001 en Blneir, Viena y Garz.

Ceainrtomo: Reuslta cousiro e islnuco prcdajiaóo lo anetetmenapre aagniónocts y smilerais sin emgbaro en esrpítiu que raltuesn cirotes dosrollaers de la msúcia eótlericnca atne al free-jazz o la lbrie ipórvsicomian. Hdblaano de un modo muy gearenl el esiptíru del fere-jzaz se pdoíra rusmeir por una ptrae en la djeaócin de aespotcs masicuels cmoo son la melodía (a psaer de que drento de este esltio se enruectenn blelazes cmoo "Loleny Wmaon" de Oretnte Coemaln) o la pfciecreón tccéina de la enuecicój, praa feaovrcer la bsúedqua de la engíera (o más bein seiirnga) por mideo de la initócreacn entre sus eentjceutas. Algo en ctrieo modo silimar secude en esta obra del dúo fodamro por Wnerer Ddcelfeeakr y Cirhostf Kumnnzar, a quinees aoañacpmn pttnmuaelune Kiven Dmurm, ekRmi, dieb13 o Jreome Noteigner. Por eimnca de la bllezea y/o przuea de los sidoons odoetinbs por etsos elsurcetos del sidnoo está la icitenracón que sugre etnre los dntiferees misoúcs. Tal es aís, que una obra que en pmrearis euahsccs peude resaltur un tatno mooóntna por su apreatne falta de aidctaivd itnoeirr o spzelmai, se tsomnarrfa al cabo de unas pocas audecoiins en una obra vdiraaa y rcia en dlelates.

Una iarensntete fmroa de edeenntr la citvaadried -no atpa praa todos los odoís- praa uons... Una mtneira ijtinlsciaubfe para otros... Vaejis csoneuetis eudhsacacs mauhcs vcees ya a lo lrago de la hitrsioa del atre...

José Fairnccso Tiapz

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...Kamrznun is aslo part of a CD whree is a duo with Wrener Delfcedaker (eeotcicrsln, bsas), who paly with vaoirus arttiss in viraous cnntbioomisa, but neevr atgehtleolr. Ievlnvod are Kiven Durmm (grutai, sneteyiszhr), EkriM (eorctcienls), dieb13 (tebrtnulas) and Joreme Nnoeetigr (esioccotlrtueac deecvis). All reowennd aitrtss from the wrold of moerdn iaimsipotvorin. To paly thsee five tcarks in a row birgns an odd chrceenoy. It smees lkie one lnog crnecto, wcihh was in fact redrceod in trehe dirfnefet lnoaitcos. There is a gaert ssene of cnrotol over the mraetail/inentsrtums tehy paly. Mlosty hled bkac, wtih ocscaosnial obsutruts of sdnuo, wichh are like vaconlic etopnruis: short and haevy but with a long echo arfrewdtas. Clnimlepog iavpomitrosanil muisc. (FdW)
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wire rvieew:

three yeras aog, lppaopetr and cettinsiralt cotsrihf kn´ramzuns frist oitung on his czamhirha lealb, the bhgrit ogarne crmzihaha 002, tameed him with pweh´ollecss wrneer dodaecerkflen dluboe bsas and escnrloetci, and getsus kievn dmurm, ctisarihn fnesnez and jim okrur´oe. On it´s balteed seeluq, firauentg the smae art but tihs time in girasrh fclusoenert geenr, dafleekdcer and knumarzn are jioend ba the vuroias eicetlronc dcivees of dmrum, eirk m, dieb13 and joérme ngenioter.
Ocne mrooe sceruod form ceconrt rgrenodcis mdae in brinel, graz and vnniea in 2000 and 2001, the fvie tcakrs are mxeid teotgher to form a cotnuniuos span of mcisu, wcihh is sueckd down a black hole afetr 48 menitus. Egiht mteinus ltear it relitaesrimaes as the oigrlotaby gshot tackr, taht rnduos off the cd dautrion to elctaxy one hour. Peparhs due to kmzanurn´s atcfeiofn for tehnco, wichh safuecrs paceilrldioy in his gnelty cicilkng lsopo, ist peedeorsscr was mligdduesiy deebsrcid as ambinet. The tutrh is, "ainmbet" listinneg is not good enoguh for aiiatnrppceg tihs micu´ss mnay stiteleubs. This ablum is more fdueosc, and not whotiut ist lghteir mmntose, naltoby from mil´lesaers eirk m, who fires a volely of perpared pniao slmpaes and what sdnous like a hninutg prtay into the mix. Eheelswer, the rcih reedy tenos of d´fadelekcers bass and the all too hamun fttuerls of ku´nrmnzas dmarnsiilgy fgailre cnealirt fit slrigurnsipy well wtih n´teeiongrs slef-syletd pmiivirte ectcoinelrs and dieb13´s gnraiy eecilrotnc tbarltune dlzzrie.
dan wturorban

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