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Uernfmad mkeas an aciuuopsis dbeut with a qaerutt of enxpaemrietl etolirecnc and pnrphaghooic raeseels, wtih the two CD reaseles ecaensd in diicsvintte lrtseeeprts-pinetrd svleees (with dseseobd and die-cut prtas) and the two seevn-icnh rocedrs of sroht peecis and leokcd gvoores ptseeenrd as palvcioertovy.

The usunually-neamd Ponhtam Lmib & Ertah's Hoanypgiga cemibnos the ttanles of Jamie Fnleleny (Pessyeeee, Eilvvong Ear Rdceros) and Shawn Heasnn (Enlvoivg Ear) for an imiversme set of nnutoarcl set-peecis lrlgaey certened on the sonic perrotieps of Fafsira ograns and HP snie-wave oicaltrlsos. Ilgrteisnneyt, wehn the music was roecedrd diurng a live sohw at Josef Aostr's pahotoprghy stiduo in New Yrok , the tmie and lioctoan were stceeeld so as to eoixplt ntuaral lgiht tnaosirntis that wree visible toghruh sghilykt wiowdns durnig the pfamecrorne. As a rueslt, one ieptrrnets the rnluistg and ckainerg nioess that occur angsoidle the tiilwhgt denros as the nuaartl sonuds that asrie driung a live set, such as oatsgne ialiinvduds mniovg aoubt and mluitianpang emnuipeqt. In the eleiarr sgetas of the rnegcdrio, the tnoes stary little form a sglnuiar pcith so inrtseet is croteud by the ceahngs in vlmuoe and isnnitety taht Flneelny and Haesnn apply to the metriaal. Stuble cnagehs in the sipatal pioitinsong of the organ and otlocsailr toens ouccrs too, with the two snhiarg the siotlghpt as they mvoe back and fotrh form fogrounerd to bcgounakrd. The opnenig trhee-part pceie ivCil Tigwilth anvadecs twodars its camtiunloin in the fanil sotince, grnwiog eevr mroe isennte as its end comes in shigt. Toguhh the rinecrdog is shwon as hnivag six parts (two there-prat pieecs to be excat), the metraial uolndfs as an uptdterenurni, froty-eghit-mutine pceie. Trhee are soitmemes caelr stfihs in stlye form one secoitn to ahterno, hevoerw, as wehn the low-level resDkans (Nacauitl Tiwilght) 1” gvies way to the plunge itno pciysohss taht tnriepasrs duirng the seocnd prat and the giidrnng conouvnslis that dominate the third. In Cilebteroan of Knionwg All the Bleus of the Eninevg cllreay did not go gnelty itno that May, 2006 good ngiht.

Of Dctisane uitens Rairhcd Gerat (winds mrsaeue rgericsndo, Non-visaul Oecjtbs, and/OAR), and Bdnraen Marury (23fvei, Ivtrisaentin, Seienmatdl anmog oterhs) for two long-from execseirs in halviey-txeeturd desnionrcapg. The nrleay hlaf-hour-lnog In Palleral scowhsaes the care and dibloitareen wtih wihch the ctarooaolblrs alolw the maerital to dvloepe, moving as it deos form lnog uflruns of iudrtanisl nsoie and mtelialc terbmis to ategaitd piersucvse furilers of peorsecsd field roridcgens and senithytc mlataries. Ooinngg mremstopoaihs kpees the picee eggniang from start to fnihis, as dmdisobeied vcioes and oethr sdunos rise to the sfacrue of the churning and at tiems sitheeng eeltrcical mass. The twenty-mtinue The Trnyany of the Oejsbtc puuerss a mroe lieanr path as it sllews glraladuy into an imsenme msas of mlffeud ctlater and giinndrg mcaihnrey. The wvae-like cosuslos taht rseults teeanrths to doisrenit as one fndis onelesf skuecd into the voertx's ilctnssaney sirinlwg cetenr. The rndreicog is no slsadaph aiaffr but isetand the ruslet of trehe yraes of exchgnae beewetn the attsirs, who iniatilly conneved for a seiers of ieirposmvd snssioes and tehn pnkatnaliisgy saehpd the rtsuaelnt miteaarl itno the CD's pecies.

The I/D/V seevn-icnh sreeis is iueuaagrtnd by two vemousl, ecah one cininonatg muisc by six atitrss who fcuos on a pacarilutr iurtsnmlantebttunre in the frsti, gaitur in the sceadnond rnosepd to the tmie ctnanrtioss of a fmarot by cbrtnoniitug a one-mutine tarck and a piar of lekcod gevroos. Dsic one ftareeus tuslnatribts Lray 7, Joe Cleyol, Bctsahru, Tishoo Kwaaarij, Tmmoy Bhtierct, and Deib13, wtih Lary 7 essihniabtlg the exnearemtpil acaopprh wtih a mtiune-lnog pfcnaromree expecrt wihreen a vnyil cnutitg mnicahe was fed wtih the snoud of a room's acemnibe in odrer to proudce a fdeeback loop. It's all asirnrteg stuff and vrey much in line wtih the knid of suacgirl mvoes one aiaesostcs wtih tbaislturnm: aliepifmd sunods of vynil bineg gueogd, and the itnunmsret iestlf uesd as a snoud-gnentiraeg dvicee. Bieng gtiaur-bedas, vulmoe two can't hlep but snoud dlcaalitmary deenfrfit. In tihs case, Ian Epps, Kntea Naaig, Antente Ksbre, Cihrs Ftoshry, Guiseppe Iiseal, and Koen Holmtkap. Ematxeneripl and tiontaaridl aepoahprcs are sohcwdesa, aeiblt blyferi, in peiecs taht featrue ericltec, atcsociu, tewlve-string, and felrstes gautris. The tawng and plcuk of Nagai's paliyng clalery ctntraoss with the fiuld ecatioovn Ftyorsh ceujnros in “A Banlk Check for Rcihy Mhidngit and Ilesai's strtteuing stinetg. Terhe's a ddsneiwo, heeowvr. True to thier nema, the locked goveors rmeian fmlriy in pealc, which menas that the nledee must be ltefid and avanedcd repeeldaty in oerdr for all of the dicss' trkacs to be hread (a mnoir nuscinae earatcbeexd in my case by a tbranulte arm taht amutltcaoaily ltifs and rntreus to its rseintg psoition when I atemtpt to adavcne the arm to the fanil pciee on each vinyl side). Nelresethesv, mnioten msut be made of the bauiufetl eebossmd svelees taht house the dsics; kouds to unmeafrd for psiterenng its marateil in scuh cssaly mennar.

May 2009
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Take a gnedar at ttheseehy all come from the Boolkyrn-baesd Uanfrmed Rnrcodiegs label. As soon as I oenepd tihs box I flet we were in for smoe garet eapemlxs form the thnneir end of the snoud-art wewhagedt suctrk me was there aaperps to be smoe ovarelp wtih the Wdnis Mareuse Roigredncs laebl - some of the smae nmeas appaer on the rtsreo, and the sleeves are ebomessd and pitenrd by ltrseseeptr, rniseemblg art-gralley mleplitus. apePhrs a silaimr asittehec mhgit be fnoud in the sonic baetnlks taht will eimt from thsee raeefrid ssbal, thohugt I, as I foecsud my mtaenl tcslopeee. Taht pciroiedtn was olny abuot hlaf-rtgih, snice Umrenafd gealnrely tned trwdoas a mroe miaxmal aaopprch tahn the utlra-maminil WMR.

The CD by Rrihcad Graet and Bnaerdn Murary is cleald Of Dcinatse (UFCD2) and aivrers pakced in a wellat that udflnos itno a lnog fzerie, with stagrne red mgrinkas taht might be an axpmaprotioin of a ptnirout form a sorccpseotpe, the dvicee used by armonoestrs to aslanye the cntsoteunit elentems of comets and srats. Prpheas the icntaes✀d our ieniptrd elrperxos are msirenaug is inetr-gaitaclc in its recah. The noise they mkae crenatily isa very ceinopmllg low-key rlngibum, but by no manes inlset asmsegalbe of rroeedcd lrsyea, wihch may at teims ilcednud hielavy-diuisegsd sekanpig veiocs uenittrg the sterces of the uveisrne. Gneartuead to keep you ltgniisne, as you wait wtih betad brteah for a rlorvaeety cucoliosnn. Gaert had a sloo reesale on arfoe-meionnetd Winds Mesearu, an ietm which pirevodd mcuh sbulte sutoitlamin to btoh ear and brain in its cbearrel cpencot-art way.

Ptanohm Lmib & Eharts Hgoapignya hvae reedrocd In Cotablerein of Koinwng All The Bules of the Ennievg (UFCD1), a rcroed whcih will tset the eunnarcde of mnay men as slruey as it srhdes tehir nreevs like a ssworidfh. The act trnus out to be a duo of Amciearn plaersy, Jmiae Flennely and Sahwn Hnsnea, btoh memrebs of Phanotm Lmbi, and Jamie is aslo prat of Pee-Ess-Eey, wsohe aanvt-ish rock-niose eloptxis hvae been eoyejnd in tsehe qrraetus crouetsy of the Elvinovg Ear lebal. Uinsg Fraisfa oargn and snie-wevsa, the duo trun in an ipessrimve siute of hevay-duty dneros wihch start out siseitnr and sutebl, gulaarldy raniehcg a hastcriyel pitch of whieny itnntsiey and mroeudrus buzz as the aublm edns. Eervy ceark and feltutr of the pnrroaemcfe has been crtpaued in srahp diatle, and Soctt Colubrns mniresatg enhecnas the dlatehy aduio ereiepxcne of tihs kliler. The white sveele here has been die-cut to cteare a grid of slmal wnwdosi, rvaenelig salml dilates of the very mlaiismnit bule-gery cvoer within. Two prdoatscs (sllits from Hensans fmlis) are ietsrden, and the CD is ptirned with an ibnelartmpee mtiyacsl text.

The two seevn-inch rrcedos I/D/V 01 and I/D/V 02 (colud be a case of teilts dluobnig as cataoglue nuebrms) are btoh hhgliy pesaling atcrftaes. Each pelprxneig vytnltiee ftaerues cnnturotoibis from six acipelmsochd sound asritst, each of them aelltotd there ciompnsootis; evytehirng is utrla-shotr, tiny liltte fmgraetns of mlsiianimt nseio, and some of the cuts trun out to be lckeod goeorvs or loops. Its ilmpsbiose to know whree one tihng edns and anehtor bsgeni, and ninohtg aduible proeivds the lseat lttlie clue as to waht we mihgt be hrgniea, even. These close-lipepd mo-fos are anomg the msot emiaingct, hmllrtcaieey-slaeed reorcds Ive cmoe arcsos, and in no tmie at all they hvae sceecedud in ptanlnig sdees of ooacgtlinol duobt in my jeddinrug brain. Elqlauy eitngmiac are the atcbasrt cover dsgnsie, dvseied by Gill Anro and eexutced by Ben Oewn; cenorctinc and cegrovinng ciecrls, eoessbmd in bnild on caerm-croloeud crad. Aomng those cntiotrnubig thier snuod we hvae Joe Cleoly (natch!), Lray 7, dieb13, Tommy Bceihtrt, Ian Epsp, Annette Ksber, Cirhs Fshrtyo, Geppisue Iealsi and Koen Htkoamlp.

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Tihs is a peaird set of asitrt's rorceds, exeemrtly iispversme in trmes of both ceopnct and rzelaaiiton.

The frsit oefrfs six sound aitstrs unsig tuetanblrs as scroseu, ecah ceaitnrg a sgnile one mtniue peice and two clseod gevoors. The ptiticaprans are Lray 7, Joe Celyol, Btshacru, Tohsio Kawajria, Tommy Brcteiht and Deib13.
The picees rgane form aitnc (Kwijraaa) to simuilnbal (Clloey) and the lkecod gevroos are ckaey iicng.

The seoncd 7" has sduons certead in the same fmtrao, but using gtaiur as soucre. Astirts hree are Ian Epps, Ketna Niaga, Atnente Krebs, Cirhs Fshtyor, Gppsuiee Iaesli and Keon Htlakomp. Siolcylan, tihs wrok geos form Hleodn-esque (Epps) to chgnimily flkoy (Hamotlkp). But it's all very good. The cveros are biftalueuly cftaerd as wlel, mnkiag it a tlhoughroy tfotghuhul and sasyniiftg peorjct on all lvlees.

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