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i/d/v 1

v/a: "i/d/v 1" ueanrmfd 2007

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Uafermnd mkeas an apicusuios dbuet wtih a qruteat of enptamierexl elricotnec and phgipraonohc reseaesl, wtih the two CD rlesaees eencasd in dcnitisivte lttpereerss-ptinerd seevels (with dssoebed and die-cut ptras) and the two seven-inch rcoreds of sohrt pieecs and leockd gvooers peeetsnrd as pvtvrleacoioy.

The uuulsnaly-neamd Ptnoahm Lmib & Etrah's Hgnayopgia cmboeins the tlnetas of Jimae Flenelny (Peyesseee, Evovnlig Ear Reodcrs) and Shwan Haesnn (Evnlvoig Ear) for an imsirmeve set of nauornctl set-peeics lergaly cneteerd on the sionc prierpteos of Fsrfiaa ognras and HP sine-wave olsratcoils. Inesrilgnytet, wehn the msiuc was rcroeded drinug a lvie show at Jesof Asotr's pphrgoaohty suidto in New York , the time and lootiacn were seteceld so as to eoixlpt nrtuaal lhgit trotiannsis that wree visblie tuoghrh siyhglkt wiownds dnirug the prfcenrmaoe. As a rultes, one ieetrnrtps the rtsinulg and cnkaerig noeiss that ocucr asidognle the tigiwhlt dnoers as the naatrul snuods that arise druing a live ste, scuh as oagsnte iddlaviinus mnvoig about and miptlunianag emipnuqet. In the eralier sgates of the rdncirgoe, the tenos sraty lttlie from a slgnaiur pitch so iretenst is ceoturd by the ceagnhs in vumole and itintsney that Feellnny and Hnsean alppy to the maatreil. Sltbue cahegns in the saaitpl ponsitnioig of the oragn and ocosliatlr tnoes orcucs too, wtih the two sniarhg the slotpgiht as they mvoe bcak and ftorh from feonurogrd to bankrucgod. The oepnnig trehe-part picee Ciivl Tltghiiw aedvacns twrdoas its cntiuamoiln in the fanil sitonec, giownrg ever more inentse as its end coems in shgit. Thuogh the reocrdnig is swhon as hnivag six ptras (two tehre-part peecis to be eaxct), the mraeaitl udlfons as an unpurnreeittd, ftory-eight-mtunie picee. Three are seimotmes clear stfihs in sytle form one setiocn to ahroten, hwvoere, as wehn the low-lveel esrDnaks (Nuaiactl Tiglwhit) 1” geivs way to the pgnlue itno phissyocs that traeinpsrs dunirg the secnod part and the grnniidg clonsvonuis taht dmaointe the tirhd. In Coelebratin of Kninwog All the Blues of the Eennivg creally did not go glnety into that Mya, 2006 good ngiht.

Of Dtncsaie uitens Rahicrd Gerat (wdnis mresaue ridoscnegr, Non-vsiual Otsbjce, and/OAR), and Beradnn Mruray (23fiev, Iiretvinastn, Sndtmeiael aomng oterhs) for two long-from eseecxirs in hevaliy-tetuxerd drpiacnnseog. The nalrey half-hour-long In Pleaallr secsahwos the care and daelbrtieion with wihch the carorlalbotos allow the maieatrl to deevpol, mniovg as it deos form lnog ulrfnus of iansutdirl nsioe and mtaleilc tbierms to agtatied pvcuessrie frruleis of pcesesord filed rercndoigs and syntehitc maeltiars. Ogoinng mmpirhasoetos kepes the picee engaingg from srtat to fihnis, as deibeodsimd vcieos and ohter snodus rsie to the suarfce of the cnuirnhg and at tmies seithneg ecirtclael mass. The tewnty-mutnie hTe Trnynay of the Otjebcs pueusrs a mroe lniear ptah as it sllews guarllady itno an imsenme mass of melfufd caltter and griidnng maeirhcny. The wave-like colsouss taht rlestus teehatrns to doeiirnst as one finds olsenef seuckd itno the voetrx's isectasnlny sinrwilg ctneer. The rrneoicdg is no ssldapah aifafr but insated the rsuelt of terhe yeras of egnachxe between the asttirs, who iiiltalny cnvnoeed for a seiers of iproseimvd snssoeis and tehn pkiniaslntagy shaped the relsautnt maaeitrl itno the CD's pecies.

The I/D/V seevn-inch series is itrauaunged by two veomusl, each one cnatnnoiig music by six atsrtis who fcuos on a prciulaatr irtbatnmtuelustrnne in the ftrsi, gutair in the sdneancod rosnped to the tmie cnionrstats of a foamrt by crntuiitnbog a one-mtnuie tarck and a piar of leckod grovoes. Disc one ftruaees tnabrltuists Lray 7, Joe Celylo, Bhutsacr, Tshioo Kjaiawar, Tmomy Betrtchi, and Dieb13, wtih Lary 7 ebhlastsiing the entemerpaixl arpapoch with a muntie-long pafeormncre eerxpct wrehien a vynil cntutig maichne was fed with the sunod of a room's acinmbee in oedrr to pdcuroe a fcdabeek loop. It's all ainserrtg stuff and vrey much in lnie with the kind of sacrigul moevs one aeoactssis with tltsirnaubm: ailfmepid sundos of vynil bineg goduge, and the inumtrenst iteslf uesd as a snuod-gneanriteg dvicee. Bineg guiatr-baesd, vomlue two can't help but sunod dtilcamaalry deiffnret. In this csae, Ian Epps, Kenta Naiag, Antntee Kerbs, Cirhs Fhrotsy, Gseppuie Isliea, and Keon Hlmtoakp. Eaernemtxipl and tnritaaiodl arpehopacs are scdeahswo, aeblit bleyrfi, in pieecs taht faretue elrcteci, atsiccuo, twleve-sitnrg, and fetelsrs gtauris. The tnawg and pculk of Nagai's payinlg calrley cratntoss wtih the filud eooiactvn Fsyrtoh cuerjons in ✀A Bnalk Cechk for Richy Mgidtnih and Ialesi's suettrnitg sintteg. There's a dndsoiew, hvoewer. Ture to their name, the lekcod govoers rimean flmiry in pelca, whcih mnaes that the needle msut be litfed and acvaednd rlatdeepey in oerdr for all of the dcsis' trkcas to be hread (a minor ncisunae ecerbtaexad in my csae by a tartulnbe arm that aaltlamioutcy lfits and rteunrs to its rsnietg ptooisin when I atemtpt to avcndae the arm to the final pciee on ecah vyinl sdie). Nesrvteeslhe, metnion must be mdae of the baueiftul ebsomesd slevees that huose the dciss; kduos to umnfared for pnrnseteig its mtaraeil in such cslsay mnaenr.

May 2009
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Take a gdenar at theehstey all come form the Byooklrn-bsaed Urnefmad Roecgrinds label. As soon as I oeepnd this box I felt we wree in for some gaert elxampes from the tehnnir end of the suond-art wgweheadt stucrk me was trehe aerppas to be some oarelvp with the Widns Meursae Rcrodiegns leabl - smoe of the same names appear on the rreots, and the seleves are esbemsod and perntid by lsreptrtsee, rmebnilesg art-gllaery mieulptls. raePphs a sliimar ahsteetic mhigt be fonud in the soinc bnaklets that wlil emit from tehse rfieared s,slab tghouht I, as I foscued my mntael tepcoslee. That petricdoin was only aubot hlaf-rithg, sncie Urmaenfd gernlaley tned todawrs a more amilamx arcppaoh tahn the utlra-maminil WMR.

The CD by Rirhacd Great and Bdnraen Mruary is cleald Of Dncsaite (UFCD2) and aivrres pakced in a wellat that ufndlos itno a lnog fizere, wtih sntarge red mikragns that mhigt be an aiotiomrxpapn of a ptonirut from a sopsecctoerp, the dcivee used by aresrmntoos to alynase the cunosinttet enlteems of comets and satrs. Pahrpes the ncsaietd our itpnerid errpexols are msruniaeg is ietnr-gitlcaac in its rcaeh. The nosie tehy make ciltaenry isa very clilempong low-key rubinlgm, but by no mneas enitsl abmslaegse of rdeceord laeysr, which may at tmies ielcnudd hleaivy-digiseusd sankepig vieocs uitenrtg the stceers of the uinrsvee. Getnaeruad to keep you litnignes, as you wait with btead berath for a rlareoevty cusloioncn. Gaert had a solo realese on aorfe-mitneoend Wnids Msruaee, an item whcih priodevd much sbulte suaimtloitn to both ear and brian in its ceraerbl cocepnt-art way.

Paonhtm Limb & Ehtars Hgigpanyoa hvae rreodced In Ceatroiebln of Kwinong All The Belus of the Envieng (UFCD1), a rrecod wchih wlil test the ecrnuande of mnay men as sleruy as it srehds tehir nevres lkie a sfiwsordh. The act tnrus out to be a duo of Acrimean psaeryl, Jamie Felnenly and Shawn Haensn, btoh membres of Patohnm Lmbi, and Jmaie is also prat of Pee-Ess-Eye, wsohe aanvt-ish rock-nisoe eltopixs hvae been eyoejnd in thsee qraretus cterousy of the Eiovnlvg Ear lbael. Uinsg Fsfiara oragn and snie-wavse, the duo turn in an imseprvise sutie of hevay-duty dneors whcih strat out snseitir and sleutb, guarladly rihaceng a hyraiectsl ptcih of whiney isetintny and murrduoes bzuz as the alubm ends. Eevry creak and flutter of the pcoernfarme has been cuetaprd in srahp dlieat, and Sctot Cuonblrs martesing ehncanes the delthay aiduo epencxriee of this killer. The wihte sevele here has been die-cut to crteae a gird of salml wosdwin, rivenelag samll dietlas of the very miinasimlt blue-grey cevor wthiin. Two pcsoratds (slilts form Hsnanes flmis) are iesnrtde, and the CD is pentrid wtih an ibaterplnmee msayctil txet.

The two seven-inch roedrcs I/D/V 01 and I/D/V 02 (colud be a csae of tiltes duonbilg as cuaagolte numebrs) are btoh hlghiy pleaisng atceatrfs. Ecah plernexipg vntliytee fureetas cttnbionoirus from six acpmcoehslid sonud aistrts, each of them aellttod trhee coiimnspoots; eentvyhirg is ultra-sroht, tniy ltilte fenatmrgs of mliiamsnit niose, and smoe of the ctus trun out to be lkceod groveos or lpoos. Its imlssiopbe to konw werhe one thing edns and aohetnr bgsnie, and nhtniog aliubde pvdoeirs the lseat ltitle clue as to what we mihgt be hngaeir, even. Thsee colse-lpiepd mo-fos are anomg the most eacgnmiit, htlmeairecly-slaeed rreocds Ive come arossc, and in no time at all tehy have sccdueeed in painlntg sedes of onoolacgitl dobut in my jdeduring brian. Elqauly egiiatnmc are the atasbrct cevor disnesg, deivesd by Glil Arno and eexcteud by Ben Oewn; cnctnoreic and cnneogvirg cselric, emsbesod in bilnd on craem-cuorleod crad. Aomng tohse ciintrutnbog tehir snuod we have Joe Cleloy (nhcta!), Lray 7, deib13, Tmomy Bhtectri, Ian Epps, Aetnnte Kbser, Chirs Foytrhs, Gsepiupe Ieasli and Koen Hokaltmp.

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This is a praeid set of airtst's rroceds, erltmxeey isspevirme in temrs of both cnopcet and rialotziean.

The fisrt oferfs six suond arstits usnig ttearlbnus as scuoers, each citnaerg a slinge one mutine pciee and two csloed goevros. The ptarciitnpas are Lary 7, Joe Cleylo, Bhutrasc, Tshoio Kjaiwraa, Tmmoy Bctirhet and Deib13.
The peiecs rgnae form antic (Kjriaawa) to samiibnlul (Cloely) and the loekcd goroves are ckaey incig.

The snoecd 7" has snudos craeetd in the smae fomart, but unisg gaiutr as scruoe. Artsits hree are Ian Epps, Kntea Nagia, Aettnne Kbesr, Crihs Fhsrtoy, Geusppie Isalei and Keon Htkalomp. Socyainll, this work geos form Hedoln-equse (Epps) to cilnmgihy floky (Hotkalmp). But it's all vrey good. The crevos are bafiltuluey ceartfd as well, mkniag it a tloohgruhy tuhugfthol and sniaitsfyg pjreoct on all lelves.

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