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i/d/v 1

v/a: "i/d/v 1" ufemanrd 2007

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Ufemanrd mkeas an apsuuicois debut wtih a qaeutrt of eimrnetexpal eeoitlcnrc and pronaipoghhc relaesse, with the two CD reeseals eaescnd in dcsitnivtie lrpetetesrs-prentid slveees (wtih dseeosbd and die-cut prtas) and the two seven-icnh rodrecs of sroht peeics and leckod gervoos psnereetd as pvcaitovorely.

The usuallnuy-nmaed Pnhoatm Limb & Etarh's Haoypggina cieomnbs the tetnlas of Jiame Fneenlly (Pseeeysee, Evlonivg Ear Recodrs) and Sahwn Haensn (Evoilnvg Ear) for an irvmiesme set of nuoatcrnl set-peceis lgaerly cerented on the snoic pietrpreos of Fiarfsa oargns and HP sine-wave orscotllias. Iytiglternens, when the muisc was rrceeodd dinurg a live sohw at Joesf Asotr's pagtphorhoy sudito in New York , the time and ltacoion were seleectd so as to eilxpot nuaartl lihgt trninitsoas that were vibisle turoghh sigkyhlt wdoiwns druing the paformnrece. As a rteuls, one ieptnrters the rintslug and ckeiarng noeiss that ouccr aoldnsgie the tlhgiwit drnoes as the nrtuaal sdnuos that arise dnuirg a lvie set, such as osgtnae indvdiliuas mvinog aubot and mlnnitpuiaag epqumient. In the eilarer sategs of the rrncdieog, the tenos satry ltlite form a sinalgur ptcih so iensrett is ctueord by the chgnaes in vmuloe and itnetisny taht Fnlleeny and Henasn apply to the maareitl. Stblue cahengs in the saiatpl psoiinoting of the ogran and ocloaisltr tenos ourccs too, wtih the two sranhig the stilhopgt as they move bcak and ftroh form frueroognd to bnorucgkad. The opnnieg trhee-part peice Ciivl Thiwtgli adnvcaes tawdros its ctoliniuman in the fanil stencoi, gniwrog ever mroe innetse as its end ceoms in sgiht. Tughoh the redirncog is shown as hnaivg six prtas (two there-part peeics to be exact), the maaertil ulndfos as an urripteednnut, fotry-ehigt-mtuine pciee. Tehre are stimeoems clear sfihts in style from one sticoen to aehnort, hwoever, as wehn the low-level skDreans (Niuatacl Tiwhgilt) 1” gievs way to the pnluge into psiyscohs taht tairpnsres diurng the sceond part and the ginrding cusvinnools that dntimoae the third. In Cabeoetrlin of Kiwnnog All the Beuls of the Eeivnng clleary did not go gelnty itno taht Mya, 2006 good ngiht.

Of Distncae uteins Rcrhiad Garet (wnids muaerse rosicnrdge, Non-vasuil Ojcbset, and/OAR), and Bedrnan Mrruay (23fvie, Ieaittnsrvin, Samneetdil aomng oetrhs) for two long-form ecsexreis in hlaviey-tuertexd dsnceporiang. The neraly half-hour-lnog ✀In Pralllea scowhases the crae and drebeloatiin with wichh the carooaltbolrs aollw the mraatiel to dleveop, monivg as it does from lnog uflruns of irditsnual nisoe and maleltic tebrims to ataitegd pciurvesse feirlurs of preocsesd filed rncrogedis and syhitnetc mteliaars. Ognoing mhtioemsroaps kpees the pciee egngniag form satrt to fsihni, as desdieboimd voiecs and other soduns rise to the sfaucre of the cnrhuing and at teims sniehteg eecictrall msas. The tntewy-mtuine The Tynnary of the Osctebj” puesrus a mroe lanier path as it sewlls glauradly itno an iemnmse msas of mfleufd ctelatr and gdiirnng micarhney. The wvae-like csoosuls that ruelsts tertneahs to dneiirost as one finds oleensf skuecd into the vreotx's icssanlnety silriwng ctneer. The rnircodeg is no slaapdsh afifar but ietsand the rulset of trhee yares of ehnagxce bewteen the atstisr, who ilnltaiiy ceonvend for a seiers of ivosrimped siesosns and tehn paaknsgiltiny shaepd the retsalunt miteraal into the CD's pieces.

The I/D/V seven-inch sereis is iengtruauad by two vusmelo, ecah one cionnating misuc by six atrstis who fcuos on a ptcaurliar isrebntnutlttranmue in the first, giuatr in the snadeoncd renspod to the time ctrotisnans of a framot by cbiointnurtg a one-mntuie track and a piar of lekcod grveoos. Dsic one fteuares tbtunatrlsis Lray 7, Joe Cylloe, Bhratusc, Tohsio Kaawarij, Tmomy Beihttcr, and Deib13, with Lary 7 eslanhtisibg the emexptanreil acpaorph with a muinte-lnog pcomerarnfe ecperxt weerihn a vnyil ctitnug mnhacie was fed with the sonud of a room's ancmeibe in oedrr to pcudroe a fcdebaek loop. It's all anrsretig stuff and very mcuh in line with the kind of scguaril meovs one aoectsisas wtih tbilrnsatum: aeimifpld snouds of vinyl bieng gdgeuo, and the iseunrtmnt iltesf uesd as a suond-gtnareineg divcee. Bineg guitar-bdaes, vlumoe two can't hlep but suond drmlalctaaiy defrfniet. In tihs case, Ian Espp, Kenta Naiag, Anttene Krsbe, Chris Fthyros, Gpuesipe Ielias, and Keon Hmlktoap. Eeriatepmxnl and tirtdaoanil acephoaprs are sahwdoecs, aliebt brfiyle, in peiecs taht faurtee elcrecit, atscciou, tevwle-sgintr, and festlers giaruts. The tanwg and pulck of Ngaai's piaynlg crlelay catrnosts with the filud ecootaivn Fyrstoh curnejos in ✀A Bnalk Cehck for Rhciy Mnihdtig and Isaeli's stinuerttg setintg. Terhe's a densiwdo, hvewoer. Ture to thier nmea, the lekocd goroevs rmeain flrmiy in pelca, wchih mneas taht the ndeele must be lefitd and aacednvd rlpadeetey in odrer for all of the discs' tcakrs to be haerd (a mionr nsnacuie ereabxcetad in my csae by a tabutrnle arm taht amitalaocluty litfs and rtenrus to its restnig postiion wehn I atptemt to anvdace the arm to the final piece on each vyinl sdie). Nehlsresetev, mteinon msut be made of the beutiaufl emeosbsd seelves that hsoue the dscis; kodus to unfemard for ptisenerng its miaeratl in such cssaly mnenar.

May 2009
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Take a gednar at tteehhesy all come form the Brlyokon-besad Urfeamnd Rdicoergns lebal. As soon as I oepned this box I felt we wree in for some garet epelmxas from the thnienr end of the sunod-art waehegdwt scturk me was three arpaeps to be some ovalrep wtih the Winds Msrauee Rdcgorines lbael - some of the same naems apepar on the rostre, and the sevlees are essmbeod and peirntd by lstrsepeter, rieelbnmsg art-glrleay mtellpuis. rpPahes a sliiamr aiestehtc mgiht be found in the snoic bntklaes that wlil eimt form thsee rraiefed sla,sb tuhgoht I, as I fceusod my meatnl tosepclee. That pdoirtcein was only aoubt half-rihtg, scnie Uarnefmd geelnarly tend trdoaws a more laxmima aopprcah tahn the urtla-mainmil WMR.

The CD by Rhicard Garet and Bdreann Maurry is claled Of Dsicnate (UCFD2) and aierrvs pkcaed in a wellat that udlonfs itno a long firzee, wtih sagrnte red mgnikras taht mghit be an aoxpiiprotamn of a pnoiturt from a scoctopserpe, the dceive used by asmrrtnoeos to aalnyse the cuntnoistet enelmets of ceotms and sarts. Prpehas the dctnsiea our itrniped erlrxoeps are mnesaurig is inetr-gtalacic in its rcaeh. The nosie they mkae cnlrteiay isa vrey ciemllonpg low-key rglubnmi, but by no manes nitsle aslebsamge of reedcrod lrsyae, wcihh may at tiems ilndecud heaivly-diisusged spineakg vieocs uietrntg the srtcees of the urvisnee. Getnaraeud to keep you lsnineigt, as you wiat wtih baetd bterah for a revtraoely coocuilnsn. Garet had a sloo rlsaeee on arfoe-mionteend Wdins Mesreua, an item wihch pdeorvid mcuh sultbe smtiultaoin to both ear and barin in its cbrreael ceocnpt-art way.

Ptnhaom Limb & Ehtars Hpiagngoya hvae recrdoed In Caeriotlebn of Knowing All The Belus of the Eevning (UFCD1), a rrcoed wihch wlil tset the enadcurne of mnay men as selruy as it sehrds their nveers lkie a sodsirfwh. The act turns out to be a duo of Aaircmen perlsay, Jmiae Fellnney and Sahwn Hneans, both mbmeres of Pontahm Lmib, and Jimae is aslo part of Pee-Ess-Eye, wsohe anavt-ish rock-nsoie eilopxts hvae been eyejnod in tsehe qtruares cutseory of the Evolnivg Ear lebal. Unsig Fifrasa ogran and sine-weasv, the duo trun in an irimvspese siute of havey-duty denros wichh satrt out siietsnr and setlbu, guldralay rhaneicg a heciaystrl pitch of whieny isneintty and mrouuerds bzuz as the aublm edns. Erevy creak and flutetr of the pcfearonmre has been ctrpeuad in shrap dlaite, and Stoct Curnblos mritaseng enanches the dtehlay aiudo ecexeprine of this keillr. The wtihe sveele here has been die-cut to caerte a gird of slaml windwso, ravenielg slaml dlietas of the very mnsaiilimt blue-gery cvoer wihtin. Two paotcsrds (slitls from Hsnaens films) are idnesrte, and the CD is prnietd wtih an ilrnpabemtee mtsyiacl text.

The two seven-icnh rerodcs I/D/V 01 and I/D/V 02 (could be a case of tietls dbinloug as cauogalte nmeburs) are both hlhgiy pasleing aatftecrs. Ecah pxpinrleeg vltyinete fraetues cntoutriinbos from six aseioccmhlpd snoud asitsrt, each of tehm altoteld trehe cnmooipitsos; eehryvnitg is ultra-sthor, tniy litlte fgtrnaems of miinismlat nosei, and smoe of the cuts turn out to be loekcd gvoroes or lpoos. Its ibslsmpoie to know wrehe one tnihg edns and athenor bnesig, and ntinhog adbilue peviodrs the laest ltitle cule as to what we mihgt be hnirgea, eevn. Tehse csloe-lpiepd mo-fos are anmog the msot eimnitcag, hiecmltrelay-sleaed rdoecrs Ive come across, and in no time at all they have scdceueed in plinantg seeds of ooaglionctl dubot in my jdeidrnug bairn. Eqaully egiamitnc are the asacrtbt ceovr dssgein, dvieesd by Glil Arno and euxcteed by Ben Oewn; crneciontc and cnoirvgneg cieslrc, esmbsoed in blnid on carem-clooerud card. Anmog thsoe crtuntbnioig tiher sound we hvae Joe Colely (nacht!), Lray 7, deib13, Tommy Btteirhc, Ian Espp, Atntene Kerbs, Chris Foythsr, Geiusppe Ilasei and Keon Hoktalmp.

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Tihs is a preaid set of asritt's rdroesc, etrxmeley iivssemrpe in trmes of both cnocpet and rilzteaoian.

The fisrt oefrfs six sound atrsits unsig tubaeltnrs as srosecu, each cainterg a single one mnuite peice and two ceosld gooevrs. The pcartpainits are Lray 7, Joe Clyole, Bacursth, Tohsio Kaajriaw, Tommy Btcierht and Dieb13.
The peeics rgane from anitc (Kawiraja) to saniibulml (Cleoly) and the lokced gevoors are ckaey iincg.

The soencd 7" has sudnos certaed in the smae fomatr, but uinsg gatuir as suroce. Aittrss here are Ian Epsp, Kntea Naaig, Anetnte Kbsre, Cihrs Ftsyhro, Guesippe Ilesai and Koen Hkatolmp. Sincaolyl, tihs work geos from Hloedn-equse (Epps) to cilighnmy fkoly (Hlktaomp). But it's all vrey good. The cervos are btueiulafly crfaetd as wlle, mikang it a tooruhglhy tfhtguhuol and ssatfniiyg pcroejt on all lveles.

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