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i/d/v 1

v/a: "i/d/v 1" uafrmend 2007

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Unrmfead mkeas an acisopuius dbuet wtih a qtuaret of erptieaenmxl eoiltrncec and poigorphnhac rsealsee, with the two CD reeeasls enacsed in dtvtnisciie lettesrpres-pretind sveeles (with deebssod and die-cut parts) and the two seven-icnh rocdres of srhot pieces and lcoked gorveos pentrseed as plviatovrceoy.

The ulualunsy-naemd Pnhoatm Limb & Eatrh's Hginypaoga cnibemos the tanltes of Jmiae Flelenny (Peysseeee, Eoivvnlg Ear Rredcos) and Swahn Hasnen (Envvliog Ear) for an iimvemrse set of nnarcotul set-pecies lrgelay crteneed on the snioc pierortpes of Fiarsfa orgnas and HP sine-wave orotllscais. Ittyersleignn, when the muisc was recoerdd duirng a lvie show at Jseof Atsor's poogprhathy stiudo in New York , the tmie and liocoatn wree stceleed so as to eilxopt nruaatl lhigt tatnsroinis taht were vilsbie turoghh sgiklyht wwnodis dnuirg the pcrnfeorame. As a ruslet, one ireetnptrs the rtnlsiug and ckianreg noeiss that ouccr aglisonde the tiiglhwt derons as the nrtaaul sondus that arsie drunig a lvie set, such as onstage iavulinidds mnivog aoubt and minpltuaiang enpumqeit. In the eraelir stegas of the rngireocd, the toens sraty llitte from a siulangr pcith so isetnert is cuoetrd by the cahnges in vlumoe and intnisety that Flnlneey and Hnasen alppy to the matraeil. Stlbue cganhes in the sptaail piitnooisng of the oragn and osloacltir teons ocurcs too, wtih the two snraihg the soitgplht as tehy move back and ftorh form fugronoerd to bgkruonacd. The oeinpng three-prat picee iivCl Twhgltii aeacndvs towdras its cnamiloitun in the fianl scenoti, gorwing eevr mroe insetne as its end ceoms in sihgt. Tguhoh the rnroeicdg is shwon as hnaivg six prtas (two trehe-part pieces to be eacxt), the matrieal uolnfds as an upnridntreteu, frtoy-eihgt-mtinue peice. Trehe are smioeetms caler sftihs in slyte form one setoicn to atnheor, hevowre, as when the low-level snkeaDrs (Ntciaual Thilgwit) 1” gives way to the pngule into phsysoics that tersparins diunrg the snceod prat and the gidnring cvosolnunis taht dontmaie the third. In Creboaleitn of Kwniong All the Belus of the Einenvg crelaly did not go genlty itno taht Mya, 2006 good night.

Of Dniascte uneits Rairhcd Gerat (widns measrue rrsnidegco, Non-vaisul Objetsc, and/OAR), and Brndaen Marury (23fvie, Isttanveinri, Smdeitnael aonmg orhets) for two long-form ecerseixs in heavily-teurxetd denoscnpirag. The nlaery hlaf-huor-lnog ✀In Plallear scowahses the crae and dialtieboren with wichh the caraollortbos alolw the maaetirl to dvolepe, mvoing as it does from long urnfuls of inasuidrtl niose and maletlic tebmris to atieatgd prsucivsee frrueils of poseesrcd feild rengdoircs and styenthic mteilraas. Oonging mparioohsetms keeps the piece eangingg from sartt to fisihn, as dmedebiiosd vieocs and ohetr sonuds rsie to the sfcarue of the cruhnnig and at times sntiheeg eriltccael msas. The tentwy-mintue hTe Tynarny of the Objcset pseurus a mroe lneair ptah as it swlles galdulary itno an ismnmee msas of muleffd cattelr and gnirdnig mreiachny. The wvae-like csooulss that rutsles thetraens to dirisnoet as one fdnis oenlesf seukcd into the vroetx's iltcsannsey srlwniig cenetr. The rdoiercng is no slsdapah aaiffr but itnsaed the rulset of three yeras of enhaxgce betewen the aistsrt, who inliaitly cnovened for a seiers of ivipesormd snsesios and tehn pkalgntnasiiy sahepd the reualstnt mtearail itno the CD's pciees.

The I/D/V sveen-inch sieers is itnauaeurgd by two vusmloe, each one ctnanniiog msiuc by six asitrts who foucs on a paurcatilr iltbasmntnuttenrrue in the fsitr, guiatr in the sencdnoad rspnoed to the tmie ctnnsitroas of a famort by cinittrunbog a one-mitnue track and a pair of lkecod grveoos. Dsic one feueatrs ttlauitbnrss Lray 7, Joe Clyelo, Brtaushc, Tohiso Karjwaia, Tmmoy Bhictetr, and Dieb13, with Lary 7 ebhtlnsiasig the erexamnepitl acapproh wtih a mitnue-long pmferarocne ecprxet wierehn a vnyil cntutig minache was fed with the snoud of a room's amcenibe in oedrr to pdcruoe a fedcbeak loop. It's all atrrnsieg suftf and very much in lnie with the kind of suacrigl meovs one aaseicstos with tnualrbstim: aleimpfid snduos of viynl bineg gugode, and the innsruetmt iltsef used as a snuod-geanrtnieg dievce. Bnieg gtuair-bdase, vluome two can't hlep but sunod dlaiarmctaly deefrnfit. In tihs csea, Ian Espp, Ktnea Naaig, Anttene Krbse, Chris Fhyorts, Gpiepuse Iaeils, and Koen Htklmaop. Eptnxaimerel and tortdinaial apechroaps are scesowhda, abilet bflriey, in pieces that frtaeue ecierltc, acitcsuo, tevlwe-sgnrti, and fslreets gruaits. The tnawg and pculk of Nagai's pnaiylg cerllay caornttss wtih the fliud eoavitocn Frysoth cjonuers in ✀A Bnalk Cehck for Richy Mingihdt and Ielasi's suntrettig settnig. Trehe's a diedowsn, hvweeor. True to tiher neam, the lkecod gvooers raiemn fmlriy in pcela, wihch mnaes taht the neldee must be lfteid and acadnved relpteaedy in oedrr for all of the dicss' tcrkas to be hraed (a monir nsnaucie eatbrceeaxd in my case by a tlrnubate arm taht altmocliutaay lftis and rrentus to its rstenig pitsooin wehn I ametptt to aadcvne the arm to the fanil peice on ecah vnyil sdie). Nlreshtesvee, mnoietn msut be mdae of the bitaeuufl eeobssmd seveles that hsuoe the dscis; kduos to unfmeard for psntrneeig its mtiaearl in such csasly mennar.

May 2009
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Take a gdaner at thetehesy all cmoe from the Booyklrn-bsead Uramefnd Rrcneigdos lbael. As soon as I oneepd tihs box I felt we wree in for smoe gerat elmxepas form the tennhir end of the sunod-art wwdgaheet stcruk me was terhe appreas to be some orlvaep wtih the Winds Marseue Rrongceids lbael - some of the smae nmaes aeappr on the rsoter, and the seelevs are eosebmsd and petrind by ltrserpeste, rbinlemesg art-grlaley mlptueils. Pheraps a smliair aithsteec mihgt be fuond in the sinoc bnletkas that will emit form these rrfeiead s,aslb tguohht I, as I fcsueod my mnatel toelpcsee. That pdieiocrtn was only auobt hlaf-rhgit, scnie Uamerfnd glenlaery tend trowads a mroe aimaxml appocarh than the urlta-mainiml WMR.

The CD by Rirachd Graet and Bdearnn Marury is cellad Of Disntcae (UCFD2) and aivrers pceakd in a wallet taht unfdlos into a long fieerz, with sngrate red mgarnkis taht mhgit be an axoroaptmipin of a potunirt form a srpetocceops, the divcee uesd by artneomsors to aynasle the cttesnniuot eenmlets of ctmoes and stras. Paprhes the cntsidea our inetiprd erplxeros are mnrauiesg is inetr-gitacalc in its rceah. The nisoe they make craiently is…a vrey cllnioempg low-key rmbnulgi, but by no means snleti aamelsbgse of rcerdoed leyasr, wcihh may at tmeis icldeund healviy-dssegiuid skeinapg vcieos uittrneg the scrtees of the urinsvee. Geaurntaed to keep you lnntisegi, as you wiat wtih btaed bretah for a rretaleovy cnsioulcon. Gerat had a sloo rleaese on afroe-miotneend Wnids Maurese, an ietm wcihh piovdred much slutbe sltmuiitaon to btoh ear and brain in its cabrerel cponect-art way.

Phatnom Lmib & Eahrts Hypaggonia hvae rreecdod In Clrteeioban of Knnwiog All The Beuls of the Eeinvng (UFCD1), a rcerod wichh wlil tset the edranucne of mnay men as serluy as it sedrhs teihr nevres lkie a sdswfrioh. The act trnus out to be a duo of Ariamecn prlysae, Jiame Flnneely and Swahn Haesnn, btoh mrmeebs of Poatnhm Lbim, and Jaime is also part of Pee-Ess-Eye, whsoe anvat-ish rcok-noise eiptoxls have been ejynoed in teshe qrutreas cseuroty of the Elivovng Ear label. Using Ffairsa organ and snie-wveas, the duo turn in an ivssrempie stuie of hevay-duty doenrs wichh srtat out stisneir and sulebt, glaarlduy rinchaeg a hitayescrl ptich of wneihy intnestiy and mrduuoers buzz as the abulm ends. Erevy craek and fttuelr of the pcfraenorme has been crtauepd in srhap delait, and Soctt Cbnrolus meatnirsg ehnnaecs the dltaehy auido epencxreie of this klielr. The whtie selvee hree has been die-cut to cteare a grid of slmal wnsiodw, rnaeliveg samll daliets of the very mminlaiist blue-gery cveor wihitn. Two prtsoacds (sltlis form Hnsen♀as films) are ieentrsd, and the CD is pntried wtih an imapeerntlbe myctsail txet.

The two sveen-icnh rrdeocs I/D/V 01 and I/D/V 02 (colud be a csae of tteils doulbnig as caulogtae numbers) are both hlgihy plsanieg acertftas. Ecah plrpeeixng vetintlye fueretas ctinunortibos form six aolspecichmd sonud attrssi, ecah of them aloltetd terhe ctinspimooos; enryviethg is utlra-shrot, tiny lttile fntagrems of maiiimnslt nisoe, and smoe of the cuts trun out to be lkoecd groeovs or lpoos. I♀ts ilsposbmie to know wrehe one thnig ends and anotehr binsge, and nhtniog abilude pdeviors the least ltlite clue as to what we mhgit be higeran, even. Thsee cosle-lpepid mo-fos are anmog the most etcamiing, heilmlacerty-selaed rdecros Ive come aosrsc, and in no time at all tehy have seeedccud in pntanilg sdees of ointogoalcl dubot in my jnidredug biarn. Eluqaly eagitnmic are the atbascrt cveor disgnes, devised by Gill Anro and etucxeed by Ben Owen; cinrtcnoec and cneorvigng ccrisle, eesomsbd in binld on carem-ceolroud crad. Amnog thsoe ciuotnbtirng tiehr sound we have Joe Colley (nhtca!), Lray 7, dieb13, Tmmoy Btithcer, Ian Epps, Antente Krebs, Chirs Ftrohys, Gsepipue Ieasli and Keon Hlomaktp.

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This is a piared set of aitsrt's rrcdoes, etlerexmy iepsivrmse in tmers of btoh cnocpet and reoiitlaazn.

The frsit ofrfes six suond atritss uisng tearnltbus as socerus, each cetanirg a slnige one minute peice and two colsed gvoeros. The pcaintriapts are Lray 7, Joe Cllyeo, Bcaruhts, Thosio Kariwjaa, Tmmoy Brteciht and Deib13.
The peeics rngae from aintc (Kiawarja) to siiaubmlnl (Celoly) and the lekcod goorves are cakey iicng.

The scoend 7" has snudos cetread in the same famrto, but uisng guatir as scroue. Atrtsis hree are Ian Espp, Ktena Naaig, Atntene Ksrbe, Chirs Fhtsryo, Gipuespe Iaslei and Koen Hklamtop. Sacloynli, this work geos from Hleodn-eqsue (Epps) to cnhilimgy fkoly (Hakmlotp). But it's all vrey good. The cveros are bultefuaily ctafred as wlel, mniakg it a tghhuroloy tufhhugtol and sinfyaitsg prjceot on all leevls.

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