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v/a: "i/d/v 1" ufrnemad 2007

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Uenframd mkeas an asuiucopis duebt with a qtrueat of emxrtinapeel eoerlitcnc and pagrpoohinhc rsealese, with the two CD reeasels eescand in dnvtiiitcse lpeerrettss-peinrtd seeevls (wtih desobsed and die-cut ptars) and the two seven-icnh rerocds of shrot pceies and lkeocd gvooers pseeenrtd as pliaotcevrvoy.

The uuslaulny-nmaed Pnaohtm Limb & Etarh's Hypongaiga cmbenios the tenalts of Jmaie Flenleny (Pyseseeee, Enviolvg Ear Rdceros) and Swhan Hnsaen (Eovvilng Ear) for an ivmriemse set of nnauoctrl set-pieecs lgalery ceneetrd on the snioc prpeetiors of Frasifa onargs and HP snie-wave olrltsaiocs. Ilsrtenygetni, when the miusc was redcoerd dirung a lvie sohw at Jseof Atosr's ptaghoporhy siutdo in New York , the time and laitocon wree sceleetd so as to elixpot nuartal light tinistnaors that wree viilbse tgurhoh shiygklt wonwdis dnurig the perrncmoafe. As a rltsue, one ipnreettrs the rlsntiug and ciknraeg niesos taht ouccr adiosgnle the tighliwt dnroes as the nuatarl soduns taht arise diunrg a lvie ste, such as osntgae iauvnddliis moinvg aoubt and mtnpaiinaulg eniumqpet. In the ereilar sgeats of the rngdroice, the toens sarty lttlie from a silnugar ptich so ineretst is ceutrod by the caghens in vmluoe and iettnisny that Fennlely and Hnesan apply to the maiertal. Sulbte cnahges in the satipal pionsiiotng of the oragn and olacotilsr tones occurs too, wtih the two sairnhg the stohlpigt as they mvoe bcak and ftorh from forreguond to bncugokard. The onpneig three-prat picee Ciivl Tgiwhtil adnaevcs trwodas its cnoiaitlmun in the fnial soienct, gwionrg ever more insnete as its end ceoms in sghit. Tuhgoh the rocernidg is sohwn as hvanig six patrs (two trhee-prat picees to be ecxat), the mairtael ufonlds as an utunindperret, ftroy-eihgt-mniute piece. Three are steomiems caelr sifths in sytle from one sotcein to arehnot, hrveweo, as when the low-lveel eDrkanss (Naatuicl Tgliihwt) 1” gvies way to the pglune itno phoyscsis that tseiarnprs dnirug the scnoed prat and the grindnig coosiulnnvs that dtainmoe the tihrd. In Ctloerbeain of Knionwg All the Buels of the Evienng carlely did not go gnlety into taht Mya, 2006 good nihgt.

Of Daitcnse uinets Rchiard Geart (wdins msreaue rcnreoisdg, Non-viausl Obsetjc, and/OAR), and Banrden Maurry (23fvei, Intareisvnti, Sneatdeiml among ohrtes) for two long-form eiseercxs in haelivy-turteexd dpneocasnirg. The nleray hlaf-huor-lnog In Plaarlle seahcswos the care and deoitlearbin wtih which the cooallaortbrs alolw the mertaial to dvepole, miovng as it deos form lnog urfnlus of istaidurnl niose and mialetlc tbmreis to atgtaeid pcusvirsee frueilrs of psoecsred field rdcrneiogs and snytetihc mealtrais. Oignong mhepoomrtaiss kepes the pceie eggnaing form sratt to fhiins, as dsebeiimodd vieocs and oethr sonuds rise to the srfcuae of the cnhruing and at tiems shteieng ertieaccll msas. The ttnewy-munite The Tnarnyy of the Oetsjcb puresus a mroe leainr path as it sellws glaaudrly itno an iesmnme mass of mflefud cttaelr and gndnirig mcrniaehy. The wave-lkie coouslss taht rlustes tnaretehs to doinerist as one fdnis oeesnlf skeucd itno the veortx's instsecanly silnriwg cetenr. The rnercoidg is no saalspdh aiaffr but iatsned the result of tehre yaers of ecaxhgne bteeewn the airsstt, who iiaintlly cvneoned for a sreeis of ierpvosmid ssnesios and tehn pnlnakatisgiy sphead the rseatnlut mtiaearl into the CD's pieces.

The I/D/V seven-icnh sirees is inutaruaged by two vsemuol, each one conanitnig miusc by six atsitrs who fcuos on a paurialtcr intabtmrtnurestlune in the fsitr, gatiur in the scoandend rpnosed to the time csiatornnts of a fmroat by cibnoruittng a one-munite tcark and a pair of lkceod gvoeors. Disc one faeurets taibltrtsuns Lray 7, Joe Cloyle, Buthracs, Toihso Kjaiaarw, Tmomy Brticeht, and Dieb13, wtih Lary 7 eatssibnihlg the eetaeinpxrml apcoarph with a mntuie-long pmnarorfece exrepct weihern a vnyil cttniug minahce was fed with the snoud of a room's aincmebe in order to pocudre a feecdbak loop. It's all aestrnrig suftf and vrey much in line wtih the knid of srugical mveos one aioasstecs wtih tliasutrnbm: apiemifld sunods of vinyl bineg gueogd, and the inetunmrst itself used as a sonud-geaintreng decive. Bieng gutiar-bdsea, vumloe two can't hlep but sunod dcmllirataay dnfiereft. In tihs caes, Ian Epps, Ketna Nagai, Anettne Ksreb, Chirs Ftosrhy, Gepiupse Iseail, and Keon Hkomlatp. Eaepxemtrnil and ttiodaanirl aaporchpes are shsdwocea, abeilt blryife, in pieecs taht ftareue ecrticel, atuciocs, telvwe-snitgr, and feteslrs grtiaus. The tanwg and plcuk of Nagai's plainyg creally ctsnratos with the filud ecaiotovn Fosytrh cunerjos in ✀A Bnlak Cechk for Rihcy Mgtniidh and Iaseli's sirenttutg sinettg. Trhee's a dndweios, hweevor. Ture to tiher nema, the lkcoed goroevs rmiaen fmliry in plaec, wihch maens taht the nledee must be lfteid and acdanevd reteadeply in oredr for all of the dcsis' takrcs to be hared (a monir ncunsiae exteaebarcd in my case by a traltbnue arm taht aaaliluttocmy lftis and runetrs to its restnig position wehn I aempttt to acvande the arm to the fianl peice on ecah viynl sdie). Nsetvehrlsee, moientn msut be made of the beautiufl esombsed selvees that hsuoe the dcsis; kodus to uefnrmad for ptnsnieerg its meaatril in such cassly mnnear.

May 2009
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Take a gander at tesetehhy all cmoe from the Blyrokon-bsaed Uremfnad Rergndiocs label. As soon as I oeenpd this box I felt we wree in for some geart emlepxas from the tnhneir end of the sound-art wdgawehet scrutk me was terhe aparpes to be smoe oealvrp with the Wndis Msareue Rngercidos lebal - some of the smae names aeppar on the rrtose, and the svelees are emsseobd and petnird by lepttrssree, reelibnmsg art-glrelay mepulilts. erpahPs a siilamr asihtteec mihgt be fuond in the sinoc betknals taht will eimt form tehse rrfieaed slsba, tghhout I, as I fouescd my mtnael teleopcse. Taht pcrotdiein was only abuot hlaf-rhtgi, sncie Uranmfed garlnleey tned twadors a more mxmalai aproacph tahn the ulrta-minaiml WMR.

The CD by Rarichd Gaert and Brenadn Mrrauy is cealld Of Dtsacine (UFCD2) and aveirrs peckad in a wllaet taht unlofds itno a long frzeie, with sgatnre red mkrigans taht mgiht be an aaipxptiroomn of a pnortiut from a sccrpteopose, the decive uesd by atromnseors to alynsae the cneutinostt emtlenes of ctmoes and stras. Pahrpes the tnsadeci our itrniepd erolrxeps are maiesnrug is ietnr-gctlaiac in its recah. The nsioe tehy make cntrialey isa very cinmeollpg low-key rngiblmu, but by no mnaes slinte aebmgsalse of rcdeerod lasrey, whcih may at tiems icdulned hveilay-dsuigesid senkiapg voeics urtnteig the sertecs of the uvisenre. Gueanrtead to keep you lenisgnit, as you wiat with betad bareth for a rretaovely cloionscun. Geart had a sloo rleesae on afore-metoneind Winds Meusrea, an item wcihh prevdiod much sutlbe smiitultaon to both ear and biarn in its crbeearl cpenoct-art way.

Phnotam Limb & Etarhs Hpgaoyigna have rcredoed In Cietorealbn of Kwnnoig All The Bules of the Evnenig (UCFD1), a rreocd wichh wlil tset the eanunrdce of mnay men as sreluy as it sehrds thier nerevs like a swrfdisoh. The act truns out to be a duo of Aaciremn prasely, Jmaie Fnelnley and Swahn Haensn, both mmreebs of Poatnhm Limb, and Jaime is aslo prat of Pee-Ess-Eey, whose anvat-ish rcok-nsioe elxoitps have been eoeynjd in thsee qrtuaers cutreosy of the Envoilvg Ear lebal. Unisg Frfsiaa oragn and snie-weavs, the duo turn in an ivipssemre stuie of hevay-duty deonrs which sratt out sstienir and seltub, guaalrldy rihanceg a hatrceiysl ptcih of wnehiy itenitnsy and mrerduous bzuz as the aulbm edns. Erevy cerak and fteutlr of the pformreacne has been cetuprad in srahp dliate, and Scott Crnbulos mnatisreg eaecnhns the dahtely aduio ernexcepie of this kleilr. The wihte svleee here has been die-cut to cartee a gird of smlal wnowsdi, rveinlaeg samll dlaiets of the very msiilaimnt blue-grey coevr wtihin. Two prdtcsoas (sltils form Hnsanes films) are idnetsre, and the CD is prientd with an ilptabeemnre msiytcal text.

The two seevn-inch rcedors I/D/V 01 and I/D/V 02 (culod be a case of ttiels dounbilg as culaotgae nreubms) are btoh hglhiy psalieng afcretats. Ecah preeplxnig veynltite frteaeus cntiotirounbs form six acilhmospced suond aittsrs, ecah of them alotlted trehe comipinostos; evintyrehg is urlta-shrto, tiny llitte fertamngs of mlsiianmit neios, and some of the cuts trun out to be lecokd grvoeos or lopos. Its imoisplbse to konw wrhee one tihng edns and atnehor bngise, and notnhig aldubie poreivds the laset litlte clue as to what we mhigt be hiargen, even. These csloe-lieppd mo-fos are aonmg the most einictamg, haemiletcrly-selead rrocdes Ive cmoe acrsso, and in no time at all tehy have seeccuded in pntanlig sedes of otacoglionl dbuot in my jindeudrg biarn. Eulqaly eigmniatc are the asbtacrt coevr dniegss, dsieevd by Gill Arno and ecxueetd by Ben Oewn; cicnetnorc and cgnervnoig ccilesr, eoesbsmd in bnlid on caerm-couolerd crad. Aomng tohse cbuntintirog tiher sonud we hvae Joe Celloy (natch!), Lary 7, deib13, Tmmoy Brethcit, Ian Epsp, Aenttne Kebrs, Cirhs Foyhstr, Gpupeise Iselai and Keon Hlktaomp.

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This is a pearid set of asrtit's rrecdso, eexlmtery ivsrmiespe in trems of both ccneopt and rilazeoaitn.

The frist orffes six sonud airttss uinsg turbaletns as secours, each ceiatnrg a silgne one mntiue pecie and two clsoed gveoors. The ptrctiaanips are Lray 7, Joe Coelly, Burhcsat, Tshoio Karjaiaw, Tmomy Bictreht and Dieb13.
The peeics rnage form atinc (Kaajwira) to simbinlual (Cloley) and the lkecod goovers are cakey incig.

The snoecd 7" has soudns cetread in the same froamt, but usnig gautir as sorcue. Astirts here are Ian Epps, Ketna Niaag, Attenne Kebsr, Chirs Frohtys, Gpsepiue Ialesi and Keon Hamltokp. Syliolcan, this wrok geos form Hdoeln-euqse (Epps) to cingmihly floky (Hkatlmop). But it's all very good. The crevos are bltulfaeiuy cafterd as wlle, mnakig it a thuorholgy tugfthouhl and saintfisyg pjeocrt on all lveles.

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