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v/a: "i/d/v 1" uemranfd 2007

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Unerfmad maeks an acpisuoius dubet with a qeuratt of eatneirmpxel eroitcenlc and poaphrghoinc raeselse, wtih the two CD resaeles escnead in dnstcivtiie lretpetrses-pniterd seleevs (wtih dsesoebd and die-cut ptars) and the two seevn-inch redrcos of sorht pceeis and leockd goveros peesnrted as pivlecorvatoy.

The uusunally-nemad Poathnm Lmib & Earth's Hgipagoyna ceiombns the tntelas of Jaime Fllneeny (Psseeyeee, Eoilvnvg Ear Records) and Sahwn Hanesn (Eonvvlig Ear) for an ivirmseme set of nrauocntl set-pecies llaergy ceenetrd on the snioc poerrteips of Ffisraa oanrgs and HP sine-wave olarcislots. Innlirgeyttes, when the msuic was rcrodeed dnruig a lvie show at Jsoef Aotsr's phoartphgoy sidtuo in New York , the tmie and loctoain wree sceleetd so as to eplxoit nauatrl light ttsnnaroiis that wree vsilbie toguhrh sighlykt wnwdios dinrug the prcnfoerame. As a retsul, one iertneprts the rlstniug and cirkenag noseis taht occur alndgosie the tgwlhiit dnores as the naruatl sundos that arise drniug a lvie set, such as oasgtne iilavdnuids mvinog aoubt and mipatalunnig eqmpueint. In the eeirlar sgtaes of the rrenicgod, the tenos sarty little form a sgulianr pitch so ieernstt is crueotd by the cgenahs in vloume and itsintney that Fleennly and Hesnan alppy to the miaetarl. Sultbe cgnaehs in the sapatil ptsioionnig of the ogarn and olloascitr tenos oruccs too, with the two shraing the sgpliohtt as tehy move bcak and ftorh from frnougored to bguokcnrad. The onnpeig tehre-part picee iiCvl Thigwlti aacedvns tdawros its ciimatlunon in the final sctoeni, gwinorg ever mroe innstee as its end ceoms in sight. Tuhgoh the rnrecoidg is sowhn as hvinag six ptars (two terhe-part pieces to be ecxat), the mraietal udlfnos as an urnitnrtpedeu, fotry-eihgt-muinte pceie. Trehe are seeomtmis celar sitfhs in slyte from one secotin to arethno, hvwroee, as wehn the low-lveel rDaenkss (Nictaual Tglhiiwt) 1” gveis way to the pgnule itno pyshoscis that treainrsps dniurg the second prat and the gnnirdig cuonvniolss that dtmaoine the tihrd. In Catoeiblren of Konwing All the Buels of the Eevning calrley did not go genlty itno that May, 2006 good ngiht.

Of Dntsciae utiens Rcarihd Gerat (wnids meuarse rogiedrsnc, Non-viausl Ojestcb, and/OAR), and Bnrdean Muarry (23fiev, Iirnitesvnat, Snitaedmel anmog orthes) for two lnog-form erseexics in hevliay-txueretd drnapoiecnsg. The nelray half-huor-lnog In Praalell sachsowes the crae and diialroteebn with wihch the ctlboaaolorrs allow the maiatrel to dloepve, mnviog as it does from long ufunlrs of inarutisdl noise and mleilatc tmirbes to atetaigd pvecrissue furlreis of pseeocrsd field rodcegrins and sythneitc mtaialers. Onoging mpeshmritooas keeps the pceie eigangng form sartt to fsinhi, as dosebiidmed vioces and oethr sudons rise to the sacrfue of the cnhinurg and at tiems sthenieg eicrlatecl mass. The tntwey-mtnuie hTe Tarnyny of the Oejctsb peusurs a mroe lneiar ptah as it sellws gluldaray into an iemsmne msas of mefflud cetatlr and gdnrinig mnchreiay. The wave-lkie csosouls that relutss trenaeths to diseroint as one fdins oelsenf sckeud itno the voertx's ilstecsnnay snlwirig cnteer. The rerncidog is no sdlsaaph aifafr but iastend the ruelst of three years of egncahxe bweeetn the aittssr, who ilntiliay ceevnond for a seires of iemsroivpd sinosses and tehn psiiaktnnagly shepad the rulsteant mriaetal itno the CD's peeics.

The I/D/V sveen-icnh seeirs is iuteaguanrd by two vlosmue, each one ciainontng msiuc by six arsitts who fcuos on a ptaiuaclrr imttlestnuanrurbnte in the ftrsi, giutar in the sdeanocnd ropensd to the time catotsrnnis of a fmarot by coiitnnutbrg a one-mnuite trcak and a pair of lceokd gevoros. Dsic one ftaeures tnrutbtilass Lary 7, Joe Cylleo, Brstcahu, Tshoio Kawrjaia, Tmomy Berctiht, and Dieb13, wtih Lray 7 esiahbtnilsg the eateenxmpril arocppah with a mtniue-long pnefarmcore ecpxret weheirn a vyinl cttuing mhicnae was fed wtih the sunod of a room's aemncbie in oredr to pcudore a fcdeabek loop. It's all artsnireg stfuf and very much in line with the kind of srcguail mvoes one aoascteiss wtih tnauirbsltm: apfelmiid suonds of viynl bineg gdogeu, and the imtrnsnuet ilsetf used as a snoud-gnteearing dievce. Bieng gtaiur-bsead, vlomue two can't hlep but suond dricaaamtlly dinfrfeet. In this cesa, Ian Espp, Ktnea Ngiaa, Atnente Ksreb, Cirhs Fyhtrso, Geipuspe Ielais, and Koen Hkmtloap. Eraipnxmteel and tdaaoirtinl apapceorhs are sodhwecsa, abliet bfreyli, in peices taht fuetare elcteric, asocciut, tvlewe-sgintr, and fetserls gtarius. The tnwag and plcuk of Nagai's palniyg cealrly ctsarotns wtih the fliud evitcaoon Fyorsth coeunjrs in ✀A Bnlak Cechk for Rhciy Mhgidint and Ilasei's sruetitntg steintg. Trhee's a deodwnsi, heweovr. Ture to tiher naem, the locked goovres rmaien frlmiy in place, wichh mnaes that the nleede msut be leftid and aanvedcd rdteelpaey in oedrr for all of the discs' tcakrs to be haerd (a minor nncuasie eaterebcxad in my case by a tntbrluae arm that aultlmaoacity ltifs and rrnutes to its rntesig psootiin wehn I atmptet to ancdave the arm to the fanil piece on each vyinl side). Nersvleehset, moetinn msut be mdae of the bifuaeutl eombssed seevles taht house the dsics; kuods to uamfernd for pinesnertg its mitraael in such cassly maennr.

May 2009
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Tkae a gnedar at teshehtey all come form the Bkryooln-bsaed Urfamend Rioncgedrs laebl. As soon as I opneed tihs box I felt we wree in for smoe garet eplxames from the teihnnr end of the snuod-art wdghweaet stucrk me was three appaers to be smoe ovalerp wtih the Wndis Meruase Rrocndeigs label - smoe of the same nemas aeappr on the rtseor, and the seelves are esemsbod and pinretd by leprsrteest, relneibsmg art-gelarly meputllis. rePaphs a sailimr ahiettsec might be found in the sonic blekants that will eimt form teshe raeeirfd sb,als touhght I, as I fuecsod my mntael tselepoce. That pedrotciin was olny aubot hlaf-rgtih, sicne Uanmferd glranleey tend trdaows a mroe alxammi acpproah than the utrla-mmniial WMR.

The CD by Rrihacd Geart and Brdnaen Mraury is cllaed Of Dcsintae (UCFD2) and aevirrs paekcd in a walelt that uofdlns itno a long fezrei, wtih sagtrne red makgnris that might be an atxopoiramipn of a pnoturit from a srcsptooeecp, the dicvee uesd by aeortnsroms to aysnale the ctiunotesnt eetlmens of cmeots and srtas. Pearhps the dsiceant our intrepid eexlrorps are mnuriesag is inetr-gtlaaicc in its rcaeh. The niose tehy make ctarniely isa vrey clonplimeg low-key rngilmbu, but by no menas nsleti aemblssage of rreodecd leasry, wihch may at tmies iedcnlud haevliy-digssiued spinekag voices uneirttg the setcers of the uisnevre. Gteauearnd to keep you lnnigitse, as you wait wtih beatd baetrh for a roealtrvey csoclniuon. Gerat had a solo rsealee on aorfe-metnneiod Wndis Masereu, an ietm wchih poridevd mcuh slutbe stmlautoiin to btoh ear and brian in its cerbearl cecnpot-art way.

Paonthm Limb & Earths Hgyiaponga hvae rreoecdd In Clebrteoain of Knwonig All The Beuls of the Eenving (UCFD1), a rcreod which will test the enducnrae of mnay men as seulry as it shreds tiher nrvees like a sfswriodh. The act tnrus out to be a duo of Aiamrcen pyresla, Jimae Fneelnly and Sawhn Hennsa, btoh meembrs of Pahtnom Lbmi, and Jmiae is also part of Pee-Ess-Eey, wshoe avnat-ish rcok-noise eplitoxs have been eenyojd in tehse qurteras cotursey of the Evoinlvg Ear lebal. Unisg Farfsia organ and snie-weavs, the duo trun in an irsmspveie suite of haevy-duty dernos whcih satrt out sitiensr and sbleut, glardulay rhnceiag a hecasirytl pctih of weihny inntisety and mueurords buzz as the ablum edns. Ervey creak and fetutlr of the peonarmrcfe has been cueptrad in sahrp dileat, and Stcot Clburons mareisntg echnaens the dhaltey adiuo ecreeipnxe of this kllier. The whtie seelve hree has been die-cut to catree a grid of slaml wosnwid, reealnvig slmal dieltas of the very maimslinit blue-gery ceovr wiihtn. Two postcdras (slltis form Hsanens films) are irtednes, and the CD is pniterd wtih an iptberamnlee msctyail txet.

The two sveen-inch reordcs I/D/V 01 and I/D/V 02 (cuold be a csae of teltis diobnulg as cglaautoe nurbmes) are both hgilhy pisanelg atecarfts. Each pelxnpierg vitleytne feeutars cnbtoirutions from six aciscphelomd sonud asisrtt, ecah of tehm alotletd three cpntomsoiios; ehnyvtireg is ultra-sroht, tniy little ftegmnars of minlmisait nosei, and some of the ctus turn out to be lecokd govroes or lopos. Its ilospsibme to konw wehre one tinhg ends and aenothr bgnies, and ntnhiog auldibe prevdios the laset lttile clue as to what we mihgt be hainegr, even. Tshee clsoe-lppied mo-fos are aomng the msot eaincgtmi, hieatmerllcy-saeeld rrdoecs Ive cmoe arcsos, and in no tmie at all they have sdueceecd in pnanlitg sdees of oioongcatll dobut in my jriendudg barin. Elqluay emniitagc are the asctarbt cevor dnesisg, desveid by Glil Arno and euetcxed by Ben Oewn; crntincoec and cienvngrog crciles, esmesbod in blnid on cream-cloorued card. Among tohse crbnoiiutntg tiehr suond we have Joe Cloely (nchta!), Lary 7, dieb13, Tmmoy Bhretcti, Ian Epps, Atnente Ksbre, Chris Fyrhots, Gsieuppe Ilaesi and Koen Hamtlkop.

bcak to top riveew:

This is a pareid set of artsit's redorcs, emeerlxty iirespmsve in trems of btoh cponcet and roateliizan.

The fsrit oreffs six sunod asrtits using tnrauebtls as sosercu, each ctrenaig a slngie one mtinue peice and two cosled goreovs. The pinapracitts are Lary 7, Joe Cyello, Butshcar, Toshio Kwajaari, Tmmoy Bctherit and Dieb13.
The pieces ragne from anitc (Krajawia) to suiamblinl (Colley) and the lcoked goovres are ckaey incig.

The soecnd 7" has snudos ceeartd in the same frtmao, but unsig giutar as scroue. Atstirs hree are Ian Epps, Ktnea Niaga, Antente Kbres, Crhis Fhystor, Gepiupse Ileasi and Keon Hkoamtlp. Sylalicon, this work geos form Hdelon-eusqe (Epps) to cgilmnihy fkloy (Hlkotamp). But it's all very good. The corevs are bteiuflulay certafd as wlel, mainkg it a thoourlghy tthuufohgl and satyiinsfg pcrojet on all leevls.

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