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works: solo
dieb13 - trick17 / corvo 2013 dieb13 vs. takeshi fumimoto / mego 2005 dieb13: restructuring / orf+charhizma 1999 dieb13: u-series 2008 dieb13: t-series 1 2013
dieb13: l-series 2015

dieb13/siewert/gustafsson: fake & fact - substance 2013 dieb13/siewert/gustafsson: (fake) the facts / editions mego 2011 dieb13/martin siewert/mats gustafsson: something new 2012 fake the facts: soundtrack 2014 eRikm/dieb13: chaos club / erstwhile 2003
swedish azz: erik carlsson and all stars volym 1 - nottwo 2013 swedish azz: erik carlsson and all stars volym 2 - nottwo 2013 swedish azz: jazz på svenska / not two 2010 swedish azz: toots and quincy 2012 swedish azz : merry azzmas 2010 / not two 2010
dieb13/kahn/mueller: streaming / for4ears 2002 dafeldecker/kurzmann meet drumm/dieb13/noetinger / charhizma 2003 tomas korber/jason kahn/dieb13: zirkadia (r): neun stuecke verschiedenen inhalts (c): altes joghurt / 2003
(c): pop concrete / rhiz 1998 dafeldecker/fussenegger/dieb13: printer / durian 2000 dieb13/pure/siewert: just in case you are bored. so are we. / doc 2003 efzeg: wuerm / charhizma 2003 efzeg: krom / hathut 2003
efzeg: grain / durian 2002 efzeg: boogie / grob 2002 efzeg / pay wolfgang mitterer: radio fractal / beat music hatology 2003 bernhard lang: dw8, dw15, dw3 / col legno 2004
bernhard lang: i hate mozart / col legno 2008 ivan palacky, dieb13, klaus filip, tim blechmann john butcher group / somethingtobesaid nitro mahalia + guests : neither and or / interstellar 2010 swedish azz: azz appeal 2011
tomas korber/erikM/dieb13: condenser loeschel/phace/dieb13/novotny: spin burkhard stangl/dieb13: eh / erstwhile 2003 peter kutin / berndt turnher / dieb13: burmese days 2014 dieb13/castello/stangl/roisz: scuba

v.a. - picknick mit hermann / rhiz 1997 v.a.: anchortronic / staalplaat 2003 v.a.: 13 statements concerning werk / charhizma 1999 hearings / tres 2003 10jahre bessere farben / mikroton 2009
v.a.: sonic acts 2006 v.a.: unerhoert / orf 2006 v.a.: platte / charhizma 2003 burkhard stangl: venusmond, quell 2004 v.a: full/void antifrost 2003
v.a.:  best of junkjet - junkjet 2008 v.a. - turntable solos / amoebic 1999 v.a. the risk of burns exist leonardo music journal vol. 17 RELAY : Archive 2007 - 2008
v.a. - velak rec concert series 2010 / no chords 2011 v.a. - i/d/v 1 / unframed 2007

& voides sutncordkas:
v.a. - radiostation / m.k.t 2006 lars stigler / dieter kovacic / filmarchiv austria 2007 v.a.: sonic fiction / index-dvd 2006 pavel borodin: unlimited 23 dieb13 / phil minton: im pavillon

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18.7.2008) Fbleer / (Aeandrs Pirnt-Absgaue, DER SANTDARD,

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