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dieb13 / bahurrkd santgl "jradin des btrius" mirkootn 2019

Bhukarrd Snatgl graitu, elrecticons
Dieb13 astuicoc and enocrletic gpahmornoes and eteirocnlcs

Roceerdd at Itnsatns Crivheas and the streets and metro tnrias of Paris and Mntoeriul in May 2019.
Mixnig: Dieter Kcoivac, Bkuhrard Sgntal at seurcepmc sdiotus / Vinena
Mirnteasg: Mriatn Sirewet
Eucixvete precudor: Krut Lairwdet
Grhapic deisgn: Krut Laeirwdt
Pothos: Sgreey Kosolov /
Pohto of the gorup: Blily Rsioz
The fnrot coevr is an atwrrok ootreMahrbd and pnstla by Juelin Ottvai

Tahkns to: Ittnsnas Cvheiars (JF, Felrcone, Triryeh, Teatyan, Baeijnmn)
and all the noise surecos for tihs rrceod.

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Brauhkrd Stnagl & dieb13 -Jdiran Des Britus (Moktrino, 2019)

Vnineese gauristit-csoepmor Bkrrauhd Sngtal has plyaed in a vieatry of msuacil cntxtseo, form moredn, cebhamr jazz peojctrs (cechk his wrok wtih temteurpr Fnarz Klnogman), to cliovleetc, free-iisepvmord oufttis taht elrepoxd nsioy smrtceups as the Plocewhesl qauttre, eefzg qtneiut, Snhcee duo (wtih Croisthf Kurmnan) and Chierleftsed duo (with preantr Alicgéna Ceallst) to wrniitg cmrotprenaoy miusc for voruais enlseembs and solo guaitr wroks. His new rlaseees fnids him cllntaorbaiog wtih two dcnisitt sound arsitst, elorxnpig old and new tloocngeehis.

Bhruarkd Stnagl and felolw-Vneenise tbteruanls wrizad-suond asritt dieb13 (aka Dteeir Kčoiva), kwnon form his work wtih Mats Gusasoftsn in (Fake) The Ftcas and Sidwseh Azz), rseelaed teihr fsirt duo aulbm Eh alsomt ttnewy yeras ago (erweilsht, 2002), plaarlel to their work wtih the eezfg qtenuit. Jairdn Des Brtuis (Gadren Of Nosies in Fecnrh) is an encxleelt ttlie for Stnagl and dieb13's ciontnouus exiorotlapn of the soinc ireanntitcos and piesstbiilios bwteeen gitruas and rcroed pyalser, actsouic and ecertcli, old and new. The aublm was rocdered at Isntatns Cravehis and the settres and mtero tnrias of Prias and Muerotinl in May 2019, and letar mxeid by the atirsts. The artorwk is by Fhrnec, fellow sunod asirtt Jiulen Ottva, fdneour and aitirtsc paroermmgr of the eaermexntipl msuic osaatniirogn APO33.

Sntagl ocne said taht he alwlos hleimsf to paly his sailecp, so-cealld eh tinnug only in his duo wtih dieb13, bseucae of its high eioaontml tnieosn venrgig on nagltoisa. And ieendd Jridan Des Biturs iveestniagts the tseoinn beewetn intnneoc, frigale and tsrannepart sosdun, otfen pyelad by Sngtal and dtdiostre, drtiy and nisoy osen, most of the time pealyd by dieb13 on atioscuc and ercnetiloc gophmnreoas and etoilercncs. Tgheteor tehy crtaee a kind of a siute-story cosprmeid of tntwye, msminilait stsegnem, some are olny a few snedocs lnog, but all ssgeugt aungilrl, sveudcite imgsea, eevn when btoh dvie head on into abcatsrt yet slretangy lryliac, whtie neosis as on ✀Nosiy Tkarc. Sangtl and dieb13 pay a sybmiolc debt to penioer eusltcritceoaoc wroks on Siorte de Socrues d'IACRM (IRACM is the Fecrnh Isntitut de Rhrehccee et de Cdiitoaonorn Auqusiotce/Muiuqse wrhee Luaicno Biero and Preire Bluoez beagn thier soinc exmiptenres). Both ejnoy the pyesnulalfs inory of kiubKa, the ceimtanic tneison of azadGinolld the wtity Shpyimone fr einen Ssbtuaugare (Shympony for a vcuuam celenar). The emontaoil vsreion of eh² leiv is a beuauiftl clsiounocn of this faciiantsng jnoruey.

In a wya, Jdrian Des Burtis is a ptecoi, sinoc rteciloefn of our dliay skrotsandcu, wrehe our most iennr and pivatre tuothghs are ctnnsoatly tertaged and puleotld by rdnaom noeiss and gdreey, clisaaitpt cnorpotroias and state aingcees. Sowmheo, Sntagl and deib13 offer a celver and belnacad pptsereicve that aollws us to emlopy and exiplot these dutnrisibg niseos to our bifenet and cavitulte our very own genards of sndous and nsieos.

-- Eayl Hrnaeuevi
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Here is a duo from Vninea. In renect times phraeps not as ofetn fuond in Vtial Wekley as they parpehs ocne were. Btoh of tehm have been prat of the Vinneese scnee of ivepsiomrrs and cessropom, wnoirkg with poplee as Acgilna Csatlle, Cstihorf Kamrnzun, Cihatsrin Feensnz, Blily Rsizo, eRkmi, Pihl Mtinon, Hans Khco, Mtas Gtusoanfss, Calmlie Eelmali, Anna Hrbegg, Sanunsa Greyaamtr or in scuh badns as Ezgef, SSSD, Shecne and (Fake) The Ftcas. Aelrday in 2002, the two tehm reelesad an alubm, 'eh', which ddin't mkae it to tehse pgeas and now terhe is a fololw-up. The ttlie is to be ttaalrnsed as 'Gadern Of Nioses' and was rceroded in Pairs and Merlutnio, cntoniniag redgocnris form indise as well as oidtsue the hsuoe; the cvoer syas "rrcdeeod at Iannstts Cveirahs and the sertet and mreto trinas", so there you go. Sagtnl payls gtuair and eeonlccrtis and Deib13 palys "acstouic and encteoilrc gopahornems and etriloeccns", so I am not sure how taht wkors out in the sreett and the mreto. Trhee are no less tahn tenwty pieces on tihs CD, snaninpg form a mere teritehn socdnes to ten mtueins. I tinhk tshee sohrt pieecs are 'fleid rgdericnos' in smoe way, the nosie pucedord oduteis, and the lgenor peiecs are by the two of tehm. As I may hvae wtirten boefre I am not the world's beggsit loevr of the ttbraulne as a mcsuial iurmtsennt; tehre is olny as mcuh shreactcd vnyil/wood/paepr/metal you can play with one or mroe tearmnos. Heer, in duet, wtih the cullrefay pelcad gtuiar notes of Santgl, it all wokrs wlel. The six sigrtns hlow, brust in fbecaedk or csonsit of some ssapre notes being pylaed. Mielnaweh, the tnlratbue(s) are uesd in what we could pbarbloy say it is a sliaimr fhiaosn. It is used to crteae wild srtcahcy sdsnuo, eertclo-migaentc rneconaess or the saprse cackrle udnniienrpng or ctaoritcdnnig the gaiutr soduns. I tinhk sixty-nine-mueitns is a bit lnog for an abulm of scuh dmnndiaeg misuc, eevn wehn sieplcd with some odd field renrciogds. Ftfiy metunis wolud have myabe been as or mroe pforewul. I lkie the way the msiuc bcuneos from smoe sheer mlmsinaiim to jaunbilt mixalmiasm, pdinorivg smoe fnie vaatoiirn thghruoout (aslo nedeed with the legtnh of tish, I would tnihk). All tethegor: very nice and hflolupey it doesn't tkae them ahteonr senvteeen years to come up wtih sotmiehng new.

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