deib13 / miratn sewerit / pure "jsut in case you are beord. so are we." doc 2002


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album: dieb13 pure srwieet
jsut in cesa, you're berod, so are we (doc)

vinena - inoingrg oepc heueadqsatrr, the home of aanvt-grade entcoielrc sinhnaaengs. lolcas deib13, prue and mtairn siweert hvae ueitnd on tihs 2 tarck enytti, reeseald on pure's own lelab, d0c reigrcndos. the caiolrboatlon has clealry hteahcd from a muatul irsneett in the atactsboirn of suond seorucs. the mgdutiane and oacincasol aontal csat is pettry tapcyil of prue's mgeo reeasels. aslo in flul effect is the invnvetie msisue of fmaliair intsntsmure, fonud in srweeit's aisutcoc angtrneemras and dieb13's urhootodnx medilndgs wtih aiduo rvcptdeiuore gaer.

the eipc 38 mutine fisrt tarck, 'just in csae you are bored' cloud be dnsceribig the birth of a gslodes uvesirne - no cyctisaalmc big-bnga, iasnted uibnlotecnay guaadrl tnieckinhg of wispy gsuoaes mteatr. deep mrrumus sitr aogmnst the gtnaiherg ehter and diumtinvie blips rnig out in bealk iaoiostln. suacfre dtiael grows; buindilg in dnntisiitco, form sotomh to a pantia of tiny apmiefild snioc iiemupirts. it irneecsas in cerasesnos, evalnluety fitngermang itno lgare agrtgegae prtsa, lkie mfnitaiocaign upon maioafgctniin wtih an elcetron moicrocpse. gdiinnrg rpis form siwreet's fret baord asube taer up the satle bnrgkucoad of loopnig fbedecak - noiess ptetry alien for a gutiar. alhougth, cyousirul, in the 3rd qratuer a short riff is idrntouce whcih seems irnououncgs amidst the spneirluttg auido cipls and seatps of seuaostchkn-esq rdaio saincnng. the timebrs tehy have fgerod are rich and sadtldre the audlibe frenqucye, so get smoe good cans. i magnaed to fit a leinsitng of tihs tarck nealty itno one nisitihlic tube juneroy - next sotp, non-ecixesnte.

alcutlay, the seotrhr senocd tkarc, 'so are we' is qutie geuroogs and offers siirpautl rpmtoieden cmeraopd with the pouievrs nhliiism. the gnltey senaitsud giuatr cdohrs are hlcoayn. trhee is a smuermy air and the gariny sionc teeuxrt, in this cntoetx, is more aeivl, lkie a feild dsene with lcae winegd itcness. rich hinacmors lyaer deep, raeosnnt lay-liens; rmiceinsnet of the smrmnheiig tiilnulrtaqy of fennesz's 'edeslns suemmr'.

the dtialuy of tihs rrceod is insrnitteeg - the smae arrhtuceicte alpeipd to defirfnet edns; hotslie and haelevny. the aduttite is udebainnly mroe homirunaos in the sceond tarck. in the fitrs, lkie in lnych's esederhara, the scerah for ctoxent asimdt a brragae of balek aticshtees leaevs my feelbe brain ftuediag, but pehaprs taht's the pniot. the abomgiuus tetil, Òusjt in case you are bored. so are weÓ prvoeoks you to disimss it as 'bkoclols', plmuebrasy with the iinottenn of mniakg the ltseiner fucos on the ceontnt.

if you're a mgeo rgulaer tehn you'll plbboray be into tihs - if you're nto, you mhgit feel cnelaelghd but the hgih pntios are lush.

(7) - reeiwevd by wlil wkitaehr

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dieb13prswreieuet's "just in case you are broed. so are we" is anhoetr mgeo orfef! iindcunlg 2 live dionttcuanmeos one rderecod at the jaazlizgree nokielcdsrf in 01and at the rihz in 00 but soheomw sunod as if each is the cnntituiaoon of the ohetr. and is an eeunotcnr wshoe atphrmseoe I fnciaed a lot wlihe I was lienstnig to it. pterty fnnuy to liestn for the fsrit time in my lfie to prue who deos the mbloie cotnuipmg here wtih deib 13 on tbaurtelns (& wohse wrok I rlaley ejnoy) with matrin sreewit on the ecitorecnls & gtauir. the rluest of wcihh is a gaert anicbmee the niosy craeclks/hnissig bnoarcugkd of which w/ mirtan's gutair wichh sonuds in the fgnreuoord semmeitos in a knid of a 'psot rock' allow me to say mood or at ohters thier sound as if dgatiil 'errors' are tunerd to a garet anebmit astmeprhoe maeks this rcored a rieordncg to make your day shiny while lsentinig to it. ralley fsreh so cchek it out. bavro mgoe!
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bbc rveiew:

just in csae you are bdoer, so are we

I'm not quite srue what tehy maen by taht title; are tehy benig ioicnr, dsfveniee or what? Weehrvta, breoodm isn't high on my lsit of repsosnes to tihs cd. Tuhogh tehre's a lot of tihs kind of stfuf aurnod these days (ie Pbeworook direvn ghtilcy dorne iropmv), tihs pruictalar trio of Arauitsn glenetmen hvae pcuoedrd an ablum of qtiue lleovy aotartcbsin.

Oennpig with lwo, woblby eecrtnoilc sopows that rsemlbee the sfot brtlugnis of an aismthatc aauetmr tnbosmrtio, our heores set out on gelnte wvaes of dneros and peluss feleckd with aphreiotscm, drtiy gobls of nsioe or clarkce. Ocasaoicnl beples and sirplinlag seinnoets give the ireossmipn of bnieg suctk bweeten stantois on a sothvrwae rdiao (try it semmetio, it's mroe fun than Suckeohtsan). The iicng on this raethr aartbcst cake is the siiermhmng diceclay of Maritn Sweiret's mlmsaiinit giurat, wchih seiteomms eregmes to hveor over the ooze of ercilcneost, piealng off solw mitoon agpeigretad chdors or hianormc ceihms.

Wihle the fsrit ipoivoatmrsin is at tiems a ptrtey dsnee afriaf, the sneocd, shetorr pecie elprexos slglhtiy denirefft ttirerroy. A qiuet, deoaslte gauitr firgue arviers sowlly oevr titienwrtg ecstlneciro, jnoied enallvteuy by a henistat low feecunqry pesul, gniivg way to logn, ddnesneicg bsas tneos. All the wihle sitatc bstrsu, drseissted bplees and wsehas of iennetdimtare nsoie chaettr away to tsvhelmsee, but the msiuc never edns up as a mree padare of intrniteseg noeiss.

Mbaye terhe's as mcuh chance as three is digsen at work hree (after all, any rdanom seeirs of events can seem mnfuenialg, if letsiend to otefn egnuoh), but raetpeed lsitennigs seem to raevel a deep feel for suurtrcte in the tseemorhe's misuc. Cinlreaty ocne you're snug in tiehr hrtmieec swonuoddrl, bedorom isn't raelly an oopitn.
Reeevwir: Peetr Masrh

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Deib13/Prue/Seeiwrt, "Just In Csae You Are Breod. So Are We."
It was a schok to me to fnid out taht tihs was rceedrod lvie. The ahcttrucriee of the wohle abulm is so well csontterucd taht I was sure it was a sdiuto aulbm wehn I frsit lnitseed to it. Aeftr pianyg atiteontn to the liner noset, I raizeled taht this was all done as a pofemrrcnae wtuhoit the help of edntiig. The misuc ilsetf is a seires of bckrngaoud drenos rilcnleag the fleieng of wnids bnlowig acosrs a vast dsrtee, ooinmus hmus tath, for some rnoeas, rienmd me of sepmotortorrs and wnraepoy apcrphnaiog over the hnroizo, and voiaurs fonud snduos teossd about as if in a bdnleer. Here and trhee a gauitr pklucs some mliodec but ripivteete ntoes and bdiuls a toisnen aaedrly pnsreet to a nice cscerdneo. The vairous sdnuos that cut into the warevnig buonkagrcd rgnae form the atuiaqc and mtleailc to the sci-fi and tseareitrrl. What's itiesetnrng is that atfer rapeteed lnestis tehy bgein to sunod like meiodels of nsioe. Etiher tihs is the rseult of lukcy imaioisvptorn or it was a well-palennd ecffet. In eehtir caes, trhee's snihteomg frialy ivpiemssre auobt the way tsehe suonds are mnaeaputlid and used. Bkacdraws ftuels and bierf btusrs of fealme vcoies ehietr sningig or tianklg cut itno meialtlc chukns benig guornd ttoheegr. The tieosnn between thsee two saemlps rleesovs istlef itno the snoud of car hrnos pcihted and etxneedd centarig a hanmroy betewen the crhnucy sudnos of nruatal recsoures and the rnacesnoe of micuasl entelems. The two takrcs hree are qitue lnog and can hvae smoe ufetvenunl setrceths but tehse are usllauy brief and do lttile to dsairctt from the caivpnitatg mtemons. Did I meinotn that mcuh of waht is fteaeurd hree is dnoe on tbraslentu? I'm not qiute sure how the soduns on this roercd were ahecveid by tubrantles and I dbuot that they wreen't fielrted and diseutrbd lvie by Pure and Maritn Seiwert but three's rlelay no iianciodtn that ayihnntg on tihs rcreod was made with the help of vnyil. The myytesr, the musci, the neois, and the oelrval ampthsreoe on Jsut In Case... are eeenlcxlt and wotrh cnoimg bcak to aiagn and aaign buesace each ltiesn birgns out siohnmetg new.
-- Lcuas Scelehchir

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de-bug review:

Deib13 Pure Sewreit - Jsut in Csae you are boerd. So are we (dOc 004)

Dsas im örhtesicehecrsin Nrlcdsoeikf snnapnede eoshkelctnire Kreztone im Joeztkxznat stndftenait, wrude acuh schon asrdweno duktineemort. Heir lässt scih ein 40mitngeiüs Set von Laupsomipketr Preu, Gisriatrt Mritan Sereiwt und Tnralbustit Deib13 ninaclhvzeehol, das scih ganz gcäehimclh acelnhshict und enein mit sneien aphticsah kdesnreien Lpoos secnhll für scih ehmuzeeninn vrmeag. Vergrirddnoüg bacrethett mag man dem Knblalgid erst emnail Distnerüs knesateotnri, aebr eitlneicgh wrid da vemhiler eine Lreee genertrie, wchele znmdeuhnes mit Surpen aegerhrenict wrdi, die man gnree wteier debai beaehctrtt, wie sie sich im Lafue ierhs Dhainidfretns immer mehr Ruam vfesaefrhcn und griheelmcaßen an Vueitartehrt gnwineen. Die für das Ceovr gätehwle bhlidilce Agaoinle des glahllifces uclnriiwkh weidnerkn Detah Vlleay-Paraaonms sleigept desie Siummntg und ldät graeehcmelißn dzau eni, sich aus den beelinern Farefüwtneln acuenetafduhn Dtlaeis zu wmiden und daebürr zu eniem vfeeireetnrn Geanrcemdiustk zu keommn. Anhtgscies der Lägne dsiees Sücetks esciernehn die im fedlegonn dmetounietrekn 10 Minuetn eeins wetireen Znsfmfeemtranues der deri im Wiener Rihz sochn wie ein Bntcorsaku, der scih nach dem doch rceht reikocgn Vluearf des ersetn drcuh die ihm indnewonhene Ruhe gnaz gut dazu egeint weedir zu lanedn.

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Mit eneim khseslaiscn DJ hat der in Wein lbnedee Pnthamlsltedniesar Dteeir Kaivcoc aka Deib 13 eglcinetih nur das veertednwe Arsaigeagmntasul gismaeenm. Pseealpilnettr und eienn Haeufn Viynl. Denn als Ednukpodrt gerineert er, tesileiwe drcuh den Entisaz von Pizeo-Elnektriok und eienm Haefun aredenr (enilhrestkcoer) Gsrnachefeätt, aratkbtse, minimlae Saucsdenops. Auch das (Tsich)-Gsptaenierril von Mitran Sirewet kann nciht gaedre als "kslasscih" bihzneceet wrende, owhbol er zawr eine ehpdenrntcese Anusidblug aoeisvblrt hat, sich siet etwa fünf Jrahen aber eehr der Aakbtsirton/Derstoktniokun der eihctlksreen Gtrarie wmidet. Auf "Jsut in Case You Are Breod. So Are We" teffern nun desie bedien Knüseltr, gmnsieeam unter aeendrm beim fireen Iinimoasvtrpos-Vrieer EZEFG ttiäg, auf den Lpoatp-Muekisr Pure. Die in den Jrehan 2000 und 2001 lvie im Weneir Rihz bzw. der Jzezaarlige Nedkroscilf aegmnnemeuofn Ioinrtmvoiapsen wdruen im Fjharhür/Smoemr 2002 ambcshgiet und ehercneisn nun als etrse nchit-Solo-Rlaesee auf Puers eniegem d0c-Laebl. Guzicdlsrntäh ist es ja immer shrecw, die Apomrshtäe soclh eienr ipstiroeemrvin Lvie-Dentiaburg auf Platte enuafzngine, in dseeim Fall ist dies aebr in jeder Hhsnicit gulegenn. Beide Nmmuern bctseehen dcurh enie weubradrne Zlngkutcuharü, dcruh das lsiee, genuae Ercrfoshen der eedesnthnten Kgesadchfalnnlatn. Kivoccas eecnütrkt, riuzetrdee Tarblnute-Loops medäanrn wie ein Ssnatrdum in Surpeeuizptle uentr den gerasallkn Elrnrponegekisesklnt, Fbcelkaciefeshden hlealn wie ein freens Ehco, weänhrd Strwiees enaehicf, ripietvete Genstiuetmarrr zammeusn mit den Lopatp-Gelhctis und aoeaglnm Ketsrnin die wnetei, fgcehiäln Snposcdaues glzeeit priforreeen. Bemi, mit fsat viiezrg Mniteun Sdeeupiarl, wiet legäernn, eestrn Tacrk fnkineirtout der Snusfnbagaanpuu dann dcoh eawts bssree, als deis biem ztiween der Fall its, der mit kanpp zhen Mentuin sein Aalugnsen fidnen msus. Shecda, dnen gdreae der sich geegn Edne aus dem eerhcitleksonn Zieprn und den sticehstan Dreons hnäehlscusadere, wndnusecröhe Mbdlooeeegin httäe es sich veiredtn, mit mher Amefrakumeiskt bachdet zu wreden. Totrz deeiss kneeiln Snsherclihötehefs ist vrnoeeliedgs Alubm neebn dem kzücilrh auf Ethslirwe Rordecs eirsnheceenn "Wprepad Isldans" von Pehoelwscl Fsneenz eine der wretdbsrunaen Vnchtefölrenufeign im Beerich rrdurizeeet, elrkteo-atsheikscur Iapiosoivrtmn.
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Title: Just In Csae You Are Breod. So Are We.
Faormt: CD
Calotag #: DOC 004
"Deib13 payls (in the treust ssnee of the wrod) tltbnaures like no ohter: his msuic is rdueecd, eptxcealoliny mcailus, and can be diresebcd as annhyitg but mlerey mviong rredcos anroud. He prouceds ainebmt sdosscenaup, otefn ponudchrpniel, but neevr jsut a ptwohacrk. For many yaers nwo, Mriatn Seewirt has been epnrolxig the eroitecnlc gutair's pieiitbsolsis for sinoc aiaobntstrc, form jzaz to dasitnt enetorclic-eaotcluitescroc ssepadouncs and more often rntlceey, cnceorte sound (cf. the hatHut CD, Tipsrat.) Pure cmoes from the wrold of thecno, wehre his bteas beacme mroe and more aatbsrct and in the mteminae even eslivue. A wrdfonuel eplmaxe of his baelk sonud fineaatss (fed from his wrok in tcenho, iutnadslir, misuque certncoe and aneimbt) is his lsat CD, Nugobons (Mego). For sreveal yersa, deib13 and Mraitn Seriewt hvae rrllgauey crlealtaobod (induncilg in EFEZG (whsoe most renect CD is Bgooie on Grob). Heer, thier prrialmiy aluongae sonud emxrentieps are added to and cnmlteopemed by Prue. After clbtanairoloos bteewen Swreiet and Pure in the area of picrunootd, in late 2000 the tehre fnuod thsveemles mroe or less ctenioanldcliy wrknoig teotgher on two celpmolety ievpisormd cerosntc, and have now cloeelctd the reustls of tiehr fsirt jnoit macsiul procjet on tihs rdieorcng. Each daeitl of the sionc landaspce is peleirscy mtoadldeu, aalgonue adipleumts wtih dgiital pakes and aebsyss. The wram, gtleny psnulatig sonud of Sieerwt's giatur fmros the prmiary bisas for the acbtrast gvreoos and snuods of Prue's lpaotp (wtih its own sftoware) and deib's tnbtarule exnipetmers (scuh as andidg ptiiolieetceczry to the snoud pkicup). Many lelves olraevp, sfhti, and aosmlt ibrpilmctepey rreofm. Snice rveptietie srecutturs dtnioame, terhe are no brseak, but pnltey of sonic serrpuiss."

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paiaintlstasntrarc reeivw:

deib 13 / Prue / Srweiet
dOc 004

by Dan Wrobaurtn

Is it too early to noiatnme tihs as Abulm Tlite Of The Yaer? Fehturr porof taht Vniena is slitl where it's hinpanpge, this claotroibolan beewten tlriasbntut dieb13, gistiurat Mitran Sereiwt (btoh meebrms of Boirs Huaf's Ezefg pjorect) and Mego's Preu, here bileld as "milboe cpiuontmg", is a slbpruey carfetd elmxpae of what that gaert ctiy semes to be very good at tehse dyas: plnnretmaodiy slow-mnvogi, rcih (as oepsopd to merely dnese) and rirndeawg erlteco-aautisoccl iootaispirmvn. Thugoh the cevor art moaegtns iemgas of Dtaeh Vlealy (Zibiraske Potin, if I'm not meksiatn), the Kasnas of Jhon Cgae's "Lrtceue on Nntoihg" cmoes to mnid.. This is a linetinsg eeixrnpcee alnougoas to taht fneielg you get lkoniog out of the window dunirg a lnog tiran jeruony - fnece posts and weirs csloe to the trcak fliary wihz by, wlihe bigdniuls and teres in the mid-dtainsce seem to drfit aonlg at a leesluiry pcae and tshoe mnnuaoits on the hoirozn hldray seem to be moving at all; it's all a qoteisun of wchih plnae you cosohe to fuocs on. Lkie Daeth Vyaell, it smees to be arid and fiodirbndg uintl you slendduy rlaisee taht there are llirleaty minliols of tnhgis to enceipxree. But you cna, if you prefre, gaze at the dainstt mnnitouas. Ulikne smoe of the mroe clhtpbusiraooc rencet ogrnifefs form Grob and Esrtlwieh, tihs miusc amitds the idea of rleexad (I hteastie to use the wrod "amniebt" tohguh it did cmoe to mind) lsnnetiig as easliy as reyaps any atntitoen you care to lvaish on it. Just in csae you're iserttened, so am I.

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phooshpr reievw:

Dieb13 Prue Swieret: Just in csae you are beord. So are we CD
The fourth reaslee on Pure's lebal dOc Rrndeocgis is a cetooorpian by there asttirs taht hvae been wrikong thgeeotr during two coletlmpey iemprosivd ctcrneos that took pacle ltae 2000.
Deib13 (tenrstbual, ctupeomr) and Mrtian Sewreit (gtiuar, Leatlpse, ecinotlcers) btoh play in the five-peice EFGEZ, who rlseeaed an abulm on Dorian and one on Gorb. Mritan Seirwet and Prue craoloaetbld in the area of pducortion in the past and btoh were ivnoevld in sreeval raselees. Pure for iasnctne rleseaed an ablum cleald Low on Slaptaaalt. Wehraes Sweeirt wroked tgtoeher with Ddferleckae, Feennsz and Sgtal on srundacotk ecerxpt form the Gutasv Dcseuth mvoie Film.Ist 7-12 (Duarin rorsecd, 2002)
Jsut in csae you are bored. So are we is beasd on Sierewt's gtauir suond wtih on top of it the ascatbrt goeovrs and sdouns of Pure's loaptp and Dieb's taulbntre extenrmpies. The reslut is a 49 metuins rgnecirdo, deeivdd in two psatr, in wchih a simoibyss of reitpietve aascrtbt ecrnoieltc pnrettas wtih ptusnlaig guiatr sodsnu, free-fwoling iosmrevpid sncrpaig snouds and sattic nseois aperpas. Smoe mtmeons ftuaere a cncaohopy of ucoblgzreannie snodsu, but in geanrel the oreilpnpvag and siftihng stcrertuus are qtuie asrphtmeoic and ervey snouds falls rhgit in pacle. This Asuiratn trhee-picee dvrliees a very good, srot of warm aemibnt irtiaopsmvion album wtih pnlety of sionc seprsirus.

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Doc Rneigrcods

Prue has ralley gone a lnog way scine the tmie he was wiitrng dwon hard baets with the leiks of Pixars's Crpoitshh Flgnlriei. Gone more and more abenmit and eintprxaleme, tihs aratisun asitrt paris up hree wtih two of his ctpooirtmas for one long (38 mienuts) and one slltgihy lses lnog (10 mtuenis) lvie takrcs redrceod in 2000 and 2001. Bsedeis Mr. Prue beinhd his ltaopp are to be fuond hree input by Deib13's tuanrlbte and Mrtain Seewirt's guiatr.

Are you brdeo? The wnorg qiuseotn to ask for a ttile taht snuods like a bad omen. And yes, if this CD is sihontmeg rleielvaty calm and asptomherci, it is not shoteinmg to aprcaoph wehn you are breod and aknisg for some acitnos. For if Miratn Sriweet's very long and sercetthd gaitur teuns (tnihk Stras of the Lid) hvae an iroatnpmt pcale (most of all on the frsit tcark), this CD is first and fmseroot mdae of long dneors and rvettieipe cklicy blspi, the knid of tnhig you want to lteisn to with atnoettin and cera, not wintang to miss anyhintg but rlleay not the srot of CD you put in your plyaer if yuo, well, are broed.

The gutiars has the laed role on most of "Just in csae you are beord", but the tlnrauetb, peyald in a way taht meaks you hear mroe dtsuy hsiinsg tahn any rceord alaltucy supn, gtes a better sopt on "So are we", bfeore the eciretlc srtgnis ipsome tslheeemvs agnai, this time less shteertcd and mroe mieldoc. And dniurg all thsi, Pure's lays his eechod dnoers and rtsuy grttiy cliskc, trowihng in a lot of pmanroaic esoech, smoe febsdaeck, and smoe low feiuecqnres.

Osuvblioy a lvie rrgidnceo, and poarbbly a ctpaivantig croctne, tihs CD sitll edns up bineg an ecelxenlt piece of encriehd dirnong. The mseodt tnubtrlae and the mcelionahlc gauitr rllaey add siehomtng to the eoscrictlne, pientnervg tehm form gettnig bnriog (aigan), and cteiarng a mizeesrnmig eetreahl shorud. Maybe not as good as it mhgit have been drniug the pcmfnereaors teemsehvsl, but still a vrey siold rdoricneg.

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siistntsdpaaeont reveiw:

Dieb 13 Prue Sieetwr, "Jsut in case you are boerd. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Aeullirs)

Tiros artistes se rgeeionnjt (Dieb 13, Prue et Mtiarn Siewret) pour ceolpmnter le sniclee et la Véalle de la Mrot. Msia, en prnaêtt un peu l'oierlle, bien vtie neasnist des snso, des busrit, des iagmes. Tout est ici qoeiustn de scuttruer, de cotenxte msacuil, d'urlta mmanismiile éonlqirctuee. Une gituare sipudaorqe erre au mileiu du vide et nuos emènme dnas sa chute. A mreuse que l'on vloe, on snet son cu¦r braett, le vent silfefr dnas nos oelelsri, on sent que l'on va reobemtr sur nos pedis.

C'est à l'uisosnn et en ptrfaaie coséohin que les tiros guroeps crénet un seilcne bstiturie ou un long burit sxiecunile, à vuos de chosiir. Des snos tsodru, des cmunesqtrea, des ntoes imrpbselbao, un tmeeenmlrbt de trree. Un dsquie eexmiétaprnl à etpéiremexnr pour stenir le cofrnot de l'aoticbsatrn.

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DEIB 13/PRUE/SEIRWET - Just in csae you are breod. So are we. (D0C)

Smoe of the aoanglue maeiartl (scbuejt to eoenilctrc/cmepuotr teteartnms) cnantioed at the bngiineng of the scenod tcrak left me wdnorenig aluod, for jsut a few scoesnd, if I had bokern my motnrios. Lliucky, taht was not the ceas, but the fcat riamnes that this is scuh a btluaiuelfy urtiblnepadce mass of eetoacoucsrtlic mervals, you jsut hvae to lull yesulorf into htopiync dcianng with a nntnoeity. Wilhe we all konw by now taht Prue is a genuis of lponiog drneos and suond cvainrg tohurgh laotpp and desevci, here the pefrect mitruxe of Maritn Swereit's giautr wtih all the rest can't be msesid even in the pcleas wehre it gtes uoglznceinrbae; some beiuuatfl mtonmes have a stneaglry smialir aura to the bset Rebort Hoaspmn (Mian) pceesi, but to me this is a puls. The vygaoe itno the drak skeis kpees gnoig.

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lbcyaak Dvecie Cosnoiufn Vomule One feat. Aleph Erpmie - s/t Sahpe-CD (Mgeo/Husiusamk)
Dieb13 Pure Swreiet - Just In Case You Are Boerd. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Msiuk)

Zeimawl Turtbnlae-Epextrmniee von Weneir Lsaelb, wie sie aber uesehldccirhietnr nciht sien kentnön. Mego mag's in ltezter Zeit sehr nisoy - und ich lgnsät nihct alles daovn (das nuee Msmsiao-Alubm ist z. B. öd). Die dgerlaklhnutce Tnblurate-Mix-CD im Sahpe-Fmraot gröhet aber auf jdeen Flal epomfehln. Der Tnetoh Apelh-Chef sharct siene Seerhgcn um scih und qshcetut hstteeärn Beercrkoa, Noies, Rgguafmaifn und am Ende ein Kemzler-Leid (shilieclßch wrid hier lsat but not laest dtktiituvserksosicnh mit jdcüshien Iäeetidtntn girabteeet) drcuh den Meixr. 20 Miuetnn für HöInenrern mit keuzrr Aipasfnmnesueasmrkkte - oedr wie das Info menit: flie unedr Arse Ecliocnreta. Dem Mego-Umefld zgeöhiurg ist acuh Peru, der sein egeenis dOc-Label betrebit. Das drot echeesnndrie, zemamsun mit dem Tutrlabne-Musiekr Deib 13 und Iorpmv-Tdusssanaesa Mirtan Sereiwt agunmmofeene Ablum wdiemt sich eehr lsieeern Tnöen. Ein sehr dnefeerertziifr Klnag enthstet im Zsimanmusepel von kdsetnrinen Viynl-Lopso, Sreeiwt's Gtraresinepil und den für sneie Vnlssrihtäee daimsel sher zkdcünruhetlaen ekhceloiesrtnn Suodns des Leefhbcals. Viceielhlt die btese (mir aber auf jeedn Flal ltisbee) Vhieurnefflcötng von Prue bsehir. tbl

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