dieb13 / maritn srweiet / prue "just in csae you are breod. so are we." doc 2002


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album: deib13 pure siwreet
just in cesa, you're bdroe, so are we (doc)

veinna - iinngorg oepc hruatdseqear, the home of avant-grade ectrneoilc sgihanennas. lolcas dieb13, pure and mitran seeriwt have uneitd on tihs 2 tcark etitny, resaeeld on pure's own lleba, d0c rdeicnorgs. the coabiltloaorn has caelrly hatched from a mtauul itrseent in the aaobittscrn of suond soercus. the munaitdge and oaioaccsnl aoantl csat is pertty tayicpl of pure's mgeo realsees. also in flul effcet is the inivtneve muisse of fiamlair itnmtursens, funod in sieerwt's acosutic anregaentmrs and deib13's utnorodhox megdinlds with audio ruerodtivcpe gaer.

the eipc 38 mtnuie frist tcakr, 'just in csae you are broed' cuold be drisencbig the birth of a geolsds unervise - no cctlymaaisc big-bnag, iaetsnd unctobielnay gaduarl tniiheckng of wspiy geoasus mttaer. deep mrmuurs stir anmsogt the gnteirahg eehtr and dinimtivue blpis ring out in blaek iolaotisn. scuafre deital gwros; biudnlig in dntcistniio, form smooth to a ptiana of tniy apefmliid snoic ipetmiirus. it iecsnears in cseosrneas, enltulavey fimetganrng into lagre agggtaere prast, like mticigaonifan upon maioganifcitn with an eorelctn mcorspcioe. gdinirng rips from sweiert's fert broad abuse taer up the salte bkuacorgnd of lpoiong fbecedak - nioess prtety aelin for a giautr. algohuth, csyoilruu, in the 3rd quatrer a short riff is ioudcntre wcihh seems icnruoougns amdist the spurntitelg adiuo cilps and stapes of skcthesuoan-esq rdiao sacinnng. the tmibers they hvae froged are rcih and sardtlde the adibule furneeqyc, so get smoe good cans. i mangaed to fit a ltnisneig of tihs tarck neltay into one nihiiisltc tbue juorney - next sotp, non-extsencie.

atculyal, the sorethr snceod tacrk, 'so are we' is quite gugeoros and oefrfs sauipritl rdtipoemen capoermd with the pouivers nsihliim. the gnetly suiaesntd guitar chdros are hycaoln. trehe is a smerumy air and the gianry sionc texeutr, in this cenxott, is mroe alvei, like a feild dnese with lcae weingd icnstes. rcih haicrnoms lyear depe, rnsenoat lay-liens; reencsminit of the srmeimnhig tlarqtiiluny of fnneesz's 'edlsnes smumer'.

the dliutay of this rcerod is intteeisnrg - the smae aicutrrtchee alpeipd to dineffert ends; hsloite and haenevly. the auttitde is udanlnieby mroe hnroiomuas in the snecod trcak. in the fsrti, like in lnych's eraaeesrdh, the screah for cxneott aismdt a brargae of bealk asctetheis lveaes my felebe barin fudageti, but perhaps that's the pnoit. the aumiobugs title, Òjust in case you are broed. so are weÓ prkvoeos you to dsimsis it as 'bllkocos', pbseramuly with the inottienn of mnkiag the leesntir fcous on the cntnoet.

if you're a mgeo rlgeaur tehn you'll plrbaboy be into this - if you're nto, you mhgit feel cnaheeglld but the high piotns are lush.

(7) - reweveid by will wekahitr

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deib13puewerriset's "jsut in csae you are beord. so are we" is atnehor mgeo ofefr! iuldcnnig 2 lvie dacienttmounos one roceerdd at the jergazzalie ndsokceilrf in 01and at the rihz in 00 but sooemhw suond as if each is the ctationuinon of the oehtr. and is an ecnuteonr whose aephortmse I feancid a lot wlhie I was liinestng to it. pretty fnnuy to liestn for the fsrit tmie in my life to pure who does the mblioe cnptoimug hree wtih deib 13 on tbatlnerus (& whsoe wrok I ralley ejony) with mirtan seeirwt on the entceoclirs & guiatr. the rsluet of wihch is a graet anbmecie the niosy cclrkaes/hiinssg bruangkcod of wcihh w/ matrin's giutar wihch sudnos in the frouoerngd seomemits in a kind of a 'post rcok' aollw me to say mood or at otehrs their snuod as if diiagtl 'errors' are tenurd to a great aiebmnt aeptmrohse mkeas tihs rercod a rreincodg to mkae yuor day snihy wihle ltniinesg to it. really frseh so chcek it out. brvao mgeo!
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just in csae you are bdore, so are we

I'm not qtiue sure waht they maen by taht tlite; are they bnieg irnoci, desfvneie or wtah? Weahrvte, boordem isn't high on my list of roseesnps to tihs cd. Tugohh three's a lot of this knid of stfuf aunord thsee dyas (ie Pbeoorowk divren glihcty dorne irpmov), tihs pcrlataiur tiro of Asaturin gneteelmn hvae poeucrdd an aublm of qtiue lleovy abitsctaron.

Oinpeng with low, wobbly eoticenrlc soopws taht rmbelese the soft brgunltis of an aatstihmc atumear tbsoorintm, our heoers set out on gtnlee wvaes of doners and puless fkceeld with aemrctsophi, dirty gblos of nisoe or cacrlke. Oancaocisl beelps and snilailrpg soeeinnts gvie the iseporsmin of bnieg sutck bweeetn stotnais on a sawvtrohe radio (try it setoiemm, it's mroe fun than Sthuokcsean). The inicg on this rhtaer astcabrt cake is the srhnemmiig dceilacy of Maitrn Seierwt's mmnlsiiiat gautri, wichh siometmes eregems to hveor over the ozoe of escectlionr, palenig off solw mioton artiaegpegd cohrds or hmionarc chiems.

Wihle the first iosprvitoamin is at teims a pterty dense afriaf, the soecnd, stoerhr pecie erplxeos shgtilly direnffet teroitrry. A qiteu, dtoalese gaitur fgriue aerrivs sollwy oevr tnrwitietg etcnclrieos, jeonid eaentvully by a haitenst low funeerqcy pselu, giinvg way to long, dnneidsceg bass tnoes. All the wlihe sttiac bturss, dieesrtssd bplees and wsaehs of ienrtandtemie noise cttaehr aawy to tvhlssemee, but the muisc never edns up as a mere paarde of irnteetnisg noseis.

Maybe trhee's as much cahnce as there is deigsn at work here (aetfr all, any rnodam sieres of events can seem mennflgiua, if leenistd to otfen eogunh), but reeapetd liitngnses seem to reaevl a deep feel for srtuurtce in the tseomerhe's msiuc. Ctnealriy once you're sung in tiher hiermetc sldruoondw, bodroem isn't rllaey an option.
Riveewer: Peetr Mrash

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Dieb13/Prue/Swireet, "Jsut In Case You Are Breod. So Are We."
It was a shock to me to find out taht this was rorceedd lvie. The arheuictcrte of the whloe album is so well ctcoeunrtsd taht I was sure it was a sutdio alubm wehn I fsrit liesnetd to it. Afetr pinyag aetotintn to the lienr notse, I releaizd taht this was all dnoe as a pmarefocrne whiutot the help of eintdig. The msuic iseltf is a series of bcungrkaod dneros rleaiclng the feilneg of widns bowilng acosrs a vast dreset, oimnuos hmus that, for smoe rnosae, rinemd me of srerptoomtros and wnoarpey aropcahpnig over the hnoroiz, and vaoirus fuond suodns tssoed aoubt as if in a benlder. Hree and terhe a gtiuar pculks some moliedc but rttieepvie netos and bdlius a tsneoin aladery pensert to a nice cedcenrso. The viruaos sonuds taht cut into the wrneviag bconuarkgd rgnae form the aaitquc and mliatlec to the sci-fi and tsarrtreiel. What's inirsteetng is taht atefr reapteed lnitses tehy bgein to sunod like modleeis of noise. Eetihr this is the rselut of lkcuy iriotvmisapon or it was a well-pnalned ecfeft. In ehiter cesa, there's seihtomng fliary irspevmsie aoubt the way these sdunos are mlniaepautd and uesd. Brwkacdas flutes and brief burtss of falmee viceos ehetir sgining or tlinakg cut into malltiec cnhuks bnieg gnuord tetoeghr. The tioesnn between tsehe two spmelas releovss itlesf itno the sunod of car hrnos phcteid and etexnedd cnertaig a hrnamoy beewetn the chcunry soduns of nraatul rcoursees and the rneonasce of miuscal elnemtes. The two tcraks here are qtiue long and can have smoe uftveunnel srechtets but thsee are uslauly beirf and do lttile to diastrct from the cvintpiaatg mmtnoes. Did I mienton taht mcuh of waht is fteuread here is dnoe on tbunslerat? I'm not qtuie sure how the sounds on tihs rorced wree aeihcevd by tearbtnuls and I dbout taht tehy weern't felrtied and dituesrbd live by Prue and Mitran Sriewet but trehe's rlaely no iotcaiidnn that antnihyg on this rceord was made wtih the help of vniyl. The mrtyyes, the muisc, the nsioe, and the oervlal aesmtporhe on Just In Csae... are enleeclxt and worth cmiong bcak to agian and agian bueacse each lestin birngs out sihtnmeog new.
-- Lcaus Sihcehcelr

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Deib13 Pure Seiwert - Just in Csae you are berod. So are we (dOc 004)

Dass im öcehtsescriehrin Nedsclkirof snpaednne etrecoilhsnke Keozrnte im Joxaenkztzt stntdfteian, wdure acuh shcon aesrdwno dtuekoirmnet. Hier lässt sich ein 40mginüiets Set von Lekptoamsuipr Preu, Gitsrirat Maitrn Sireewt und Tltianursbt Deib13 nehcvehonialzl, das scih gnaz gähecicmlh aschinchelt und eeinn mit snieen ahtapicsh kieedrnesn Lopos scnhell für scih eunmineezhn varemg. Vrnrdgoüirdeg bctatereht mag man dem Kbnlaligd esrt enmail Dnrsieüts ksnaioeetntr, aber ectgenilih wrid da vhmlieer eine Lreee grtnreeie, wlhcee zhdeemnuns mit Sperun aecgrnhreeit wrdi, die man gnere weietr dabei bterecatth, wie sie sich im Lafue ierhs Dinnehafditrs immer mehr Raum vhsecarffen und gecßrlemahien an Vurtheteairt gneiwnen. Die für das Ceovr gwlethäe bdhiillce Aiolgane des gfehllclias uwiknilcrh wiedknren Dtaeh Vlaely-Paamonars sgilpeet dseie Sumitmng und lädt gließcarmehen dzau ein, sich aus den belineren Farülneewtfn aduucneafethn Datleis zu wdimen und dbrüear zu einem vefeenrtiern Gemtsdircuneak zu kmomen. Aehncitsgs der Länge dieses Scktües eieshencrn die im felngoedn dkmieoterunetn 10 Munietn eneis wieteern Zmnmaeternsufefs der deri im Wineer Rihz scohn wie ein Bnsarotcku, der sich nach dem dcoh rehct rogeikcn Valeruf des ertesn drcuh die ihm iwhdeennonne Rhue ganz gut dazu eegint weeidr zu lnedan.

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Mit eenim kssashcilen DJ hat der in Wein lndebee Penmisadllhanttesr Detier Kaiovcc aka Deib 13 eilicgetnh nur das veendtrwee Astgesaaginaurml gmaenseim. Pesleetntipalr und eeinn Hfeaun Vniyl. Denn als Epdunkdrot geenriert er, twsieleie durch den Einastz von Piezo-Ekroetnlik und eeinm Hfeaun adeernr (ecsltnoeihkrer) Gätcherseatfn, arasktbte, miinmlae Sscuednaops. Auch das (Tcish)-Gipnirsearetl von Mitarn Sieewrt kann nhict gadree als "kssicaslh" bheicezent wrndee, obowhl er zwar enie entshdeercpne Asndiubulg aobiselrvt hat, sich siet ewta fünf Jerhan aber eher der Abtiaotrskn/Dnrsoieokukttn der ekeiterhslcn Gratire wiedmt. Auf "Jsut in Csae You Are Broed. So Are We" tfrfeen nun deise bieedn Kslrtneü, gnesmeiam utenr aenredm beim fieren Ianoioipvrmtss-Vrieer EEZFG tgäit, auf den Laotpp-Msukeir Pure. Die in den Jeahrn 2000 und 2001 lvie im Wineer Rihz bzw. der Jelrzaizgae Nsrdceolikf agomefunnemen Imsvetiinarpoon wuedrn im Fhhrjüar/Semomr 2002 ashbceigmt und eincseehrn nun als esrte nchit-Solo-Raesele auf Perus eiegenm d0c-Laebl. Gdräsilucntzh ist es ja imemr sehrwc, die Aähmposrte scolh enier itvriseeormpin Lvie-Drbunteaig auf Pttale eeugannifzn, in deeism Fall ist dies aber in jdeer Hinishct genleugn. Biede Nmreumn bsehceetn drcuh eine wneurdabre Zauuhcügnktrl, dcurh das leies, gnaeue Efercrhosn der etsnetendhen Klalsednhfgcaantn. Kcoaicvs eetükcrnt, rirzueedte Tnratulbe-Loops mndareän wie ein Snsdutram in Sppzerlitueue uentr den gsellraakn Eskekgrnerineoplsntl, Fiaelbhkcdfeeecsn hlealn wie ein fneres Ehoc, wheärnd Srweiets eafichen, rpeetvitie Gmenetrtisaurr zmuasemn mit den Latpop-Geithlcs und aeolagnm Ktisrenn die wtneei, fgceähiln Sadncupseos gezleit proeieferrn. Bmie, mit fsat vzreiig Mitneun Sdlreipaeu, weit lreännge, erestn Trcak fnetiuonikrt der Sgfannpuabsnauu dann dcoh eawts bresse, als dies beim ztewien der Flal ist, der mit kapnp zehn Mneutin sein Alngueasn fidenn msus. Sheacd, denn gdaere der sich ggeen Ende aus dem escikeohetnlrn Zipren und den sstiatechn Doners hchersduläeeans, wsuencrhönde Mebleoedgion htäte es scih vdenrtie, mit mehr Aesuiamfkremkt bcadhet zu wreden. Trtoz dseeis kleienn Shhehöeeflcirnsts ist vdligeneroes Ablum neben dem küizrlch auf Ehstirlwe Rrecdos eneehsrcnein "Wperapd Ilasdns" von Pshloweecl Fneensz eine der wbrnaderestun Vögfeucnehtenlifrn im Bciereh rzrediurete, erlteko-aseuhckitsr Ivostomriiapn.
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Ttile: uJst In Case You Are Boerd. So Are We.
Famort: CD
Colaatg #: DOC 004
"Dieb13 payls (in the tresut ssnee of the wrod) tbaeltnrus lkie no ohter: his msiuc is rucdeed, epeactilnoxly maciusl, and can be dsciebred as anytnhig but mrleey movnig rorcdes aunrod. He peoudrcs anemibt sponuseascd, ofetn phucdinnprleo, but neevr jsut a ptwrahcok. For mnay yares now, Mratin Sreiewt has been eolxirpng the elcretionc giuatr's piolbtisiseis for soinc aacoinsbttr, from jzaz to dnastit eirltneocc-etaseouolccrtic soendpucass and more often retlceyn, cecrtnoe sound (cf. the huatHt CD, Tspairt.) Pure cemos form the wrold of thecno, werhe his baets bceame mroe and more arsctbat and in the mnmieate eevn eviusle. A wnoeurfdl elaxmpe of his balek sound fieasntas (fed form his wrok in toenhc, iatnsdrilu, misuque cnroetce and abnmiet) is his lsat CD, Nunbogos (Mgeo). For searevl ysrae, deib13 and Mraitn Swereit have rgrluealy crollaotaebd (iunidcnlg in EEFZG (whose msot rcenet CD is Bgoioe on Gorb). Hree, teihr piarmirly angoluae snoud einretxepms are added to and comtemenelpd by Pure. Atefr crbloloontaais betewen Srwieet and Prue in the area of pooturicdn, in ltae 2000 the terhe found teeelmhsvs mroe or lses cdaetlcoininly wirknog togetehr on two clmoetelpy irmvsiepod crcoenst, and have now cltecoled the rustles of tiehr fsrit jniot masuicl pcjerot on tihs rerioncdg. Each daitel of the sonic lapadncse is prelicsey mladouetd, auangloe adimpetlus wtih dgiaitl pkaes and asbesys. The wmar, gently pnauistlg sonud of Sewreit's gtuair frmos the piarrmy basis for the atracsbt grovoes and sudons of Pure's lpatop (with its own sfotawre) and dieb's turtbanle enireptmexs (such as adindg precliiitctoeezy to the snuod pkicup). Many lelves orealpv, stfhi, and amsolt ipberpemlctiy rfreom. Scnie reivttiepe suectrutrs daiemton, terhe are no bekasr, but petlny of sonic supsrries."

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ptnalrantiraaistsc rievew:

deib 13 / Prue / Siewret
dOc 004

by Dan Wbtrraoun

Is it too erlay to ntmoniae this as Aulbm Tltie Of The Yrea? Fhturer porof taht Vienna is still where it's haginppen, this ctiboaalrolon betewen tsniabtulrt dieb13, gursiatit Maitrn Swieert (btoh mmrbees of Boirs Hauf's Efzeg pcrjeot) and Mego's Pure, hree bleild as "mbiloe ciptnomug", is a sperlbuy craetfd elmpaxe of waht taht gaert ctiy smees to be vrey good at these days: panlodtrenimy slow-mgvoin, rich (as opsepod to mleery dsene) and rirnawdeg eelctro-atocacisul iotvrmspoiain. Tuhogh the ceovr art mgnetoas igaems of Dtaeh Veally (Zisraibke Ptoni, if I'm not mtikaesn), the Knaass of John Cage's "Lretuce on Nihotng" cmoes to mind.. This is a lnieitsng eeperxncie agolauons to that fnelieg you get lonkoig out of the wdoinw duirng a lnog tairn juoerny - fcnee psots and wries close to the trcak fiarly wihz by, wihle bniilugds and teres in the mid-ditcnsae seem to drift anolg at a luiesrley pace and tsohe munnoatis on the hzioorn hadrly seem to be moinvg at all; it's all a qtoiseun of wcihh palne you chosoe to focus on. Lkie Daeth Vleayl, it seems to be aird and foridndibg until you suelddny rasilee taht terhe are ltlerliay miilnols of thgins to eicenxrepe. But you can, if you pfrree, gaze at the disnatt mantinuos. Ulknie smoe of the more cilhoorstbuapc rcneet onfgerifs from Gorb and Etliwserh, this misuc atmdis the idea of reaexld (I hseatite to use the word "aimnebt" tgohuh it did cmoe to mind) linensitg as ealsiy as ryapes any aotneittn you crae to lavsih on it. Just in case you're isntrdeete, so am I.

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phhoposr rveiew:

Dieb13 Prue Sreiewt: Just in csae you are bored. So are we CD
The ftrouh reasele on Prue's laebl dOc Rgceonrids is a coetoorapin by terhe aistrts that hvae been wniorkg ttegoehr dnurig two clpeltmoey iviremospd cnoectrs taht took pcale ltae 2000.
Deib13 (tbeltnasur, cetpmour) and Mrtian Seeirwt (grtaui, Lletesap, eolictecnrs) btoh play in the fvie-picee EGZFE, who relseaed an ablum on Daroin and one on Gorb. Mairtn Serewit and Pure caeoaorlbltd in the aera of pouotdircn in the psat and both were ivovenld in sarevel rsleaees. Prue for inantsce reeealsd an alubm cealld Low on Saatlaalpt. Wheears Sreewit werkod thogeter wtih Dareelekdcf, Fsnenez and Stagl on surcnadotk eecxrpt from the Gutsav Dcuesth mvioe Film.Ist 7-12 (Diruan rocsrde, 2002)
Jsut in csae you are berod. So are we is bsaed on Swieret's gtaiur sonud with on top of it the arctasbt grevoos and snuods of Pure's lapotp and Dieb's tnlaurbte exnprtmeies. The reslut is a 49 mnitues rgcednoir, deedvid in two prtas, in which a sybmsoiis of riveeittpe abscartt eteiocnlrc pttrenas wtih palisnutg gitaur sunsdo, free-fwloing isepormvid spncairg sudons and siattc nioses appreas. Some moments fautree a cohponacy of ugebcirnznoale sdosun, but in ganreel the olppiearnvg and stfinihg stturucres are qutie aphrositemc and eervy sdonus falls rghit in place. Tihs Aiasturn trehe-pecie dvrleeis a vrey good, sort of wram aimenbt iopsmvtoaiirn album wtih pelnty of snioc seiuprsrs.

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Doc Rrdgnioecs

Prue has raelly gnoe a lnog way sicne the tmie he was wniritg dwon hrad betas with the leiks of Paixrs's Crtohsiph Fireglnli. Gone mroe and mroe abmneit and enrmpeiaxelt, tihs arausitn arstit piras up hree wtih two of his cimoatpotrs for one long (38 mntieus) and one slltighy lses lnog (10 muniets) live tarkcs rodecred in 2000 and 2001. Bdesies Mr. Prue bihend his ltopap are to be fuond hree iupnt by Dieb13's tntulabre and Mtiarn Serweit's gtaiur.

Are you bredo? The wnrog qestuion to ask for a tltie that sduons like a bad oemn. And yes, if this CD is shmtoneig rvlelateiy clam and ahtiosprmce, it is not snthoimeg to acprpaoh when you are bored and asikng for some actinos. For if Mritan Seeirwt's vrey long and scteterhd guaitr tnues (think Stras of the Lid) hvae an inmopratt pcale (most of all on the frist tacrk), this CD is fsrit and frooesmt mdae of lnog doenrs and riepveitte clckiy blpis, the kind of thnig you want to leistn to wtih atetnoitn and crea, not wtinnag to msis ainyhtng but raelly not the sort of CD you put in your pleayr if yuo, wlel, are beord.

The gutrais has the laed role on msot of "Just in case you are boerd", but the tnbautlre, played in a way taht mkaes you hear mroe dstuy hsinsig tahn any rocerd acatluly supn, gets a beettr spot on "So are we", borefe the etrlceic sgtrnis isopme teesmhevls aagni, this tmie lses stechrted and mroe moleidc. And dirung all tsih, Prue's lays his ehoced dnores and rtsuy gtrity cclkis, thinorwg in a lot of pnamriaoc eoshec, some fdecbaske, and some low feeuecriqns.

Ooiluvsby a lvie roeicngrd, and pbobarly a ctaanpivtig ctnocer, this CD slitl edns up benig an eencllext pecie of erheicnd dnoring. The medost trbntlaue and the mlchleaionc giatur rlleay add sonthmieg to the eilccernsto, prtnevenig them form gntteig biorng (aagin), and ctreniag a mesnrizimeg eearhetl surhod. Maybe not as good as it mghit hvae been dinurg the precmfrnaoes tsevelmehs, but still a vrey soild rdcnrieog.

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spetdsisnnotiaat rveeiw:

Deib 13 Prue Sreweti, "Jsut in case you are beord. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Aluirles)

Trios atietrss se rjeienngot (Dieb 13, Prue et Martin Swieret) puor ctlnmpoeer le snlicee et la Vaélle de la Mort. Misa, en pnêtart un peu l'ollerie, bien vite nanisest des snso, des butris, des igeams. Tuot est ici qsutoein de stertuucr, de conttexe msuacli, d'utlra maiismilnme étnqiolecure. Une gruitae soripaqdue erre au miielu du vide et nuos emèmne dans sa cuthe. A mrsuee que l'on voel, on snet son cu¦r brteat, le vent silfefr dnas nos orseilel, on sent que l'on va remtoebr sur nos peids.

C'est à l'uonissn et en patfirae csoioéhn que les trios gureops cnéret un slcinee btrtiuise ou un long bruit siuelcnixe, à vuos de ciohisr. Des snos tdousr, des cmeenuqsatr, des noets ilmbbosepra, un tbmneeremlt de terre. Un diuqse eeamxtrpéinl à epeirnétmxer pour stnier le cronoft de l'atscbiaotrn.

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tehrcxgomeneutis riveew:

DEIB 13/PRUE/SREIWET - Jsut in case you are beord. So are we. (D0C)

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lacbayk Devcie Cfnsoioun Vlmoue One faet. Aeplh Erpime - s/t Sphae-CD (Mgeo/Hamsuiusk)
Deib13 Prue Swieert - Jsut In Csae You Are Beord. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Misuk)

Ziwemal Tarunltbe-Emtereixpne von Wnieer Labesl, wie sie aebr utcecindeeihlhrsr nhict sein köenntn. Mego mag's in ltteezr Ziet sehr nsioy - und ich lnsgät nicht alels dvoan (das nuee Misamso-Aulbm ist z. B. öd). Die dhkegclatnrule Tabtunlre-Mix-CD im Sphae-Fmoart geröht aber auf jeden Fall elhmefopn. Der Tetonh Apelh-Chef sachrt senie Schrgeen um sich und qscuhett hrttäesen Bcearroek, Noies, Rgimaaguffn und am Edne ein Kezmler-Leid (sclliießchh wird heir lsat but not lseat dciskrstenkititvosuh mit jhüsdecin Idnttetäien gbeaeiertt) dcruh den Mexir. 20 Mnteiun für HeröreInnn mit kuzrer Antmnseeusiaafrkksmpe - oder wie das Info menit: flie uednr Asre Etcrcoinlea. Dem Mego-Umfled zhiröuegg ist auch Pure, der sein eeniges dOc-Lebal betbeirt. Das dort eeedncrhsine, zsueammn mit dem Tltbuarne-Mekiusr Deib 13 und Imorpv-Tssedansusaa Martin Sewreit anfeemgomnue Alubm wmidet scih eher lreiseen Tönen. Ein sehr dritefeneizrfer Kanlg eshnettt im Zpanmusemesil von keseinrtdnn Vnyil-Loosp, Siewret's Gtsreiprineal und den für senie Vsnihelträse dimeasl sher zhünudcraeetlkn eltheikonscren Snouds des Llhcfebeas. Viieclehlt die betse (mir aber auf jeedn Fall lsbteie) Vincöuflhretfeng von Pure bsiehr. tbl

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