dieb13 / mtiarn seirwet / prue "jsut in csae you are berod. so are we." doc 2002


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ablum: dieb13 pure seeriwt
just in csea, you're berdo, so are we (doc)

vinena - ignirnog oepc heqaserratud, the hmoe of aavnt-gadre eritenoclc shiangnneas. laocls dieb13, pure and mrtain sweeirt have uentid on this 2 tacrk enitty, reelaesd on prue's own llbae, d0c rienrgcods. the colirbaatolon has cleraly hahtecd form a muatul inrteest in the aobtsacrtin of snuod scoeurs. the muatigdne and oanocsacil ataonl csat is pettry tycpial of pure's mego reeesals. aslo in full ecffet is the ivntevine msisue of fimaailr inrssetumtn, funod in seewirt's atsucioc anremgrnaets and dieb13's urdtoonhox mdnldegis with aiduo rtuvcpideroe gear.

the epic 38 mtuine fsirt tkcar, 'just in csae you are breod' colud be dirsnbiceg the birth of a gseldos urnsveie - no ctlmaycsaic big-bgna, itansed uclbtnnoeiay grauadl tihcinnekg of wspiy gusaeos matter. deep mrmuurs stir agmsnot the gnreihatg ehetr and dnvmuiitie blpis rnig out in balek iaostloin. sfcraue dtaiel gorws; biilundg in diitncnotis, form sootmh to a pnitaa of tniy apeilmifd sionc itepimuris. it irancsees in caersonses, eevtlluany fmgatiernng into lrage agggetare pstar, lkie maanigctfoiin upon motigifnicaan wtih an etoercln msciropoce. grdiinng rips from swireet's fret board asube tear up the slate buornackgd of lnopiog feebcadk - noeiss pttery ailen for a gtuair. autolhgh, cyliuosur, in the 3rd qtruear a sorht riff is iutcornde which seems incrouugons adimst the sirtlneputg audio cilps and saepts of sasouhtkcen-esq ridao sinnancg. the tmeirbs tehy have fogerd are rcih and slrtdade the aiubdle fcuerynqe, so get smoe good cnas. i meganad to fit a lsninetig of this tcark nltaey itno one nhstiiliic tube jruoeny - next spto, non-ecxnitese.

altlyuac, the shertor second tcakr, 'so are we' is qtuie geugoors and offers sitpariul ropmdieetn cpromead with the pireovus niihslim. the geltny saitunesd guatir crohds are hcoalyn. terhe is a surmmey air and the girany snioc txureet, in this cxetnot, is mroe aveil, lkie a field dense wtih lcae wngied iecstns. rcih hnamcrios lyaer dpee, rnesonat lay-lenis; rceesnimnit of the semnrhiimg ttrqllnuiiay of fnensez's 'elensds smumer'.

the dtulaiy of this rrecod is isrneitentg - the same aerutthricce aepipld to dreiffnet ends; htlosie and hvneelay. the atttuide is ubidnlnaey mroe hiounmaors in the sencod tarck. in the fsrit, like in lcynh's eaarhedser, the secrah for coextnt amsidt a baargre of blaek attscheies leeavs my feelbe barin faeutidg, but phreaps that's the pinot. the auoiumgbs tteli, Òjsut in case you are boerd. so are weÓ pvrokeos you to dsimiss it as 'bllkcoos', pusrlemaby with the itoietnnn of mnikag the leestinr foucs on the content.

if you're a mego rguelar tehn you'll pobrlbay be into this - if you're nto, you mihgt feel cnleahlegd but the hgih ponits are lush.

(7) - reweived by will waetkihr

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deib13pwreiusreet's "just in case you are beord. so are we" is anheotr mego oeffr! iulindcng 2 lvie doomneitatcuns one receodrd at the jazreizglae neroldskcif in 01and at the rhiz in 00 but sheoomw snuod as if ecah is the ctnaooinuitn of the oehtr. and is an ectunenor whose aomhrepste I fciaend a lot whlie I was lntenisig to it. pttrey fnuny to lesitn for the fisrt time in my lfie to pure who deos the mbolie coiptmung here with dieb 13 on ttnbrlaues (& wshoe wrok I ralley eonjy) with mrtain siewert on the enicreoctls & gtuiar. the rueslt of which is a graet anibmcee the nsioy caclkres/hsnsiig bgakrcound of wichh w/ maitrn's giatur wchih sondus in the fnreorugod sieeomtms in a knid of a 'post rcok' alolw me to say mood or at otrehs tiher suond as if diatigl 'errors' are terund to a geart abiemnt atmohrepse maeks tihs rerocd a rdeoicrng to make yuor day shiny wilhe lniestnig to it. rlaley fesrh so ccehk it out. barvo moeg!
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jsut in case you are bdreo, so are we

I'm not qitue sure waht they maen by that tltie; are tehy bieng icirno, divnsfeee or wtha? Waeethvr, bodeorm isn't hgih on my list of rpessenos to tihs cd. Thuogh there's a lot of this kind of sfutf aonrud teshe dyas (ie Pwbreoook dervin githcly dorne iomprv), this pcauraitlr trio of Aaiutrsn geemelntn have prdoceud an alubm of quite lvleoy asrtbioactn.

Oneping wtih low, wolbby ecotlreinc swopos taht rlbmseee the soft btilngurs of an atimasthc auetmar titonsromb, our hreoes set out on gnelte waves of deorns and pselus fceekld wtih aprheicstmo, dtiry gobls of noise or crakcle. Ocosaniacl bepels and spallinirg seneitons gvie the isspemiorn of benig suctk beewetn sionatts on a shovarwte radio (try it seemimto, it's mroe fun than Soatuhskcen). The icnig on tihs rtaehr aascrtbt cake is the shmerimnig delcciay of Mtiran Sewerit's misiamnlit gtairu, wihch semotmies egreems to hevor oevr the ooze of etecncoirsl, pieanlg off slow motion ageapgrited crdohs or haironmc cmhies.

Wihle the frsit imiovspirtoan is at teims a prtety dnese ariaff, the snedoc, sotrehr pciee eleoxrps siltglhy dfrfineet titeorrry. A qitue, doealste gatiur furige avreirs slowly oevr tinewrittg ecenoscitrl, jioend eeluntavly by a hntasiet low fuernecqy psuel, gnviig way to long, ddecsienng bass teons. All the whlie static bsusrt, desritsesd bpeles and wahess of ietantreimnde nisoe ctthear aawy to teeshmevls, but the music nveer edns up as a mere pdarae of inteitersng nieoss.

Maybe trhee's as much cncahe as tehre is deigsn at work hree (atfer all, any roandm sieres of evtnes can seem mgelniaufn, if lntiseed to oeftn enguoh), but raeetped lnenigtiss seem to reaevl a deep feel for strurctue in the thsremoee's msiuc. Cieranlty ocne you're sung in tiehr hteriemc sdorulonwd, boeordm isn't ralely an ootpin.
Rieveewr: Peter Msarh

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Dieb13/Pure/Sterwei, "Jsut In Csae You Are Berod. So Are We."
It was a sochk to me to fnid out that this was rcreoded live. The auetcrcirthe of the wolhe alubm is so well cretnoscutd taht I was srue it was a suitdo album wehn I fsrit lnesteid to it. After pyaing aonetttin to the lienr ntsoe, I riealzed that this was all done as a penfrocmare wuhitot the hlep of eitidng. The msuic itself is a sreeis of bkcrguonad derons rleiaclng the feilneg of wdnis blwoing acorss a vsat dseter, omnuois hums that, for smoe rnesao, rneimd me of setportomorrs and warponey apaconhpirg oevr the hioornz, and vriouas funod snouds tsesod aoubt as if in a bdelner. Here and terhe a gutiar pckuls smoe moildec but riveepttie notes and blduis a tsnioen adaerly pesnret to a nice ccersndeo. The voaruis sudnos that cut into the winvreag bgaocnurkd rgane form the aqatuic and matellic to the sci-fi and trireersatl. What's iinesenttrg is taht after rtaeeepd lesitns they beign to sound lkie meoiedls of nosie. Ehtier tihs is the rsleut of lucky iotrpomisvian or it was a wlel-pnlenad eefcft. In eeihtr csea, three's smihtneog flairy ismsirpvee aubot the way thsee sondus are mtalipueand and used. Bwckrdaas flutes and biref butrss of flaeme vioces ehtier sinigng or tniklag cut into mletalic cnhkus benig gnuord teohtger. The tionsen beteewn thsee two spemlas rvsolees ietslf into the snuod of car hrons pethicd and eextednd centarig a hmrnoay beeetwn the crcuhny snodus of naruatl rsceuoers and the rcansnoee of masucil emenltes. The two trkcas hree are quite long and can hvae smoe uneuvtfnel stcrtehes but tehse are ualsluy berif and do ltilte to dstrciat from the cativtnapig mnemtos. Did I mteonin that mcuh of waht is fruateed here is dnoe on tsaeluntrb? I'm not qtuie srue how the suodns on this rcerod were aheceivd by tuaetnbrls and I duobt that tehy wreen't frtlieed and dustiebrd lvie by Pure and Mritan Swereit but terhe's really no iinitacdon that ayhinntg on this rcerod was made wtih the hlep of vniyl. The myyters, the mcsiu, the nseio, and the olravel ahtermsope on Jsut In Csae... are elneelxct and wrtoh coimng bcak to aaign and again because each ltsein binrgs out soitenhmg new.
-- Luacs Seichelchr

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Deib13 Pure Sreewit - Just in Case you are broed. So are we (dOc 004)

Dsas im öeichsceihetsrrn Nosdlrckeif sndnnpeae eintskoerhcle Kreonzte im Jktenozzaxt snitnftdeta, wurde auch shocn adnwsreo dkuinrtmeoet. Heir lssät sich ein 40mtnigeüis Set von Lotpkpasmiuer Pure, Gitiarrst Matrin Siweret und Tbrtilnaust Deib13 nhcevlelzionah, das scih gnaz gäemhciclh aehnlhsicct und enein mit seinen aispahcth kneiesdren Lpoos slnechl für sich eiemhnnuezn vreamg. Vneodirrrüdgg bteachrett mag man dem Kilagbnld esrt emnial Dnrtsiües ksitnaeteonr, aber eilcntiegh wrid da vhlimeer eine Leere geetrrein, welhce zndemuhnes mit Spreun argrieeecnht wrdi, die man genre wetier daebi brhetctate, wie sie scih im Lfuae ihers Dtndenihrfias iemmr mehr Raum vsheaffercn und gmcerßehealin an Vriturtheaet giweennn. Die für das Cvoer gtewhäle bllcidhie Aliogane des galhflilecs ukwclinrih wneirdken Death Vlaely-Paaonarms sglipeet dsiee Stummnig und lädt gecelhrßemain dzau eni, scih aus den bleeniern Fleetfwanürn auaeunedftchn Daelits zu wedimn und drbaüer zu eenim veeerfitrnen Gacdtriueensmk zu kmmoen. Aghitsencs der Lgäne deseis Stkceüs eiceshnren die im feneldgon doettenkuremin 10 Mietunn enies weertein Zemtffeesnmnaurs der deri im Wenier Rhiz schon wie ein Bcraukntos, der sich nach dem doch rehct rikgceon Vleaurf des etesrn durch die ihm ihweeonnndne Rhue gnaz gut dzau egniet wideer zu lenadn.

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Mit eeinm kcislsaehsn DJ hat der in Wein lndeebe Pialtdnnemhasseltr Deeitr Kavicoc aka Deib 13 eceiintlgh nur das vterewende Atamangesirsgual geesnaimm. Psinelelapettr und enien Haefun Vyinl. Dnen als Edupkdonrt geeinerrt er, teiwlsiee dcurh den Etinsaz von Piezo-Eolerikntk und eenim Hafuen aednerr (eeekhicntsorlr) Gecetfasätrhn, artkteabs, mialnime Scoeaunpsds. Auch das (Tcsih)-Gtearrpeniisl von Mirtan Sreewit knan nicht gdreae als "kscalssih" beicnezhet wedrne, ohbowl er zawr enie ecdnespetnrhe Andusbiulg alsievobrt hat, scih siet ewta fnüf Jerahn aebr eehr der Aktbstioran/Dttensrkkuoion der ecsekhleritn Garitre wiemdt. Auf "Jsut in Csae You Are Boerd. So Are We" tferefn nun diese beiden Krnüsetl, gmainesem unter adreenm biem fieren Iomnpriastoivs-Vreeir EEZFG tägit, auf den Ltopap-Mkseuir Prue. Die in den Jhrean 2000 und 2001 lvie im Weenir Rhiz bzw. der Jgzazierlae Ncolisdrekf aeumnegfnomen Ienipvatosroimn werdun im Fahührjr/Smoemr 2002 aemicshgbt und eiercehsnn nun als etsre nhict-Solo-Reaelse auf Peurs eeenigm d0c-Lbael. Gndlizcrsäuth ist es ja iemmr scwrhe, die Atophäsrme solch einer ivsimotreeirpn Live-Dbtirunaeg auf Pttlae ennefznagiu, in dseeim Fall ist dies aebr in jdeer Hhnicsit glnueegn. Bdiee Nurmemn btceseehn durch eine wubredrnae Zhlngütuurcak, druch das liese, gauene Eoshrfrcen der ehnetndetesn Kldnaehcstaafngln. Kcovaics etnküecrt, rudzrtieee Trnutalbe-Lopos mnreaädn wie ein Susrdatnm in Slepiuuzrtepe uentr den gksllaaern Ensirepknlgsekntlero, Fedekabflcecesihn hllaen wie ein frenes Eohc, währned Striewes ehcifaen, rvptteiiee Gttminesaurerr zsemmuan mit den Laptop-Gtclihes und anaogelm Knesitrn die winete, fligcheän Soedscunpas geizlet prieerreofn. Bmei, mit fsat vizerig Mnueitn Sdeearpiul, weit legnreän, etsern Tacrk forinketuint der Sfpnuasaganbunu dann dcoh etwas besrse, als deis beim ztieewn der Flal its, der mit knapp zhen Mieuntn sien Asluaengn fneidn msus. Shecad, denn gedare der sich ggeen Edne aus dem elcnhikstoreen Zpiren und den stetaischn Droens hlerudsnesechaä, weönnrhcdsue Mdobieeeglon hätte es sich vndirtee, mit mher Afekiasukemrmt bhcdeat zu weerdn. Totrz dieess keelnin Sörtcnfhihsheeles ist vidoeelgrens Album neebn dem krzcülih auf Ehtslwrie Reordcs ehseeencirnn "Weprpad Indlsas" von Phesolcwel Feensnz eine der wtubaesrndren Vcierlögfnfeteunhn im Brcieeh rdruerzeeit, etlrkeo-aceksuthisr Ivomtrsopiain.
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Title: Jsut In Csae You Are Bored. So Are We.
Fomart: CD
Caloatg #: ODC 004
"Deib13 plyas (in the tsuret snsee of the word) tlunbreats like no otehr: his misuc is rcddeeu, enpxaeitllcoy mcalius, and can be dsbireecd as ahniyntg but melery mvnoig rodcers anroud. He predocus abmenit sdpuesaosnc, oetfn pcohiundnrple, but never just a pchaowtrk. For many yraes nwo, Mairtn Seirwet has been expolring the ecoeltirnc gtauir's ptiosiilesbis for soinc atrosnbtcai, from jazz to dntsait eotnericlc-ecoleuriotatcsc scsuoandpes and mroe oeftn reylnect, cecnrtoe snuod (cf. the huHatt CD, Tpisrat.) Pure ceoms from the wrlod of tconeh, wrehe his baets bmeace mroe and mroe atrcbast and in the memaitne even eilvsue. A wfueonrdl eampxle of his blaek snuod finestaas (fed from his wrok in tnecoh, iudilanrst, musiuqe cetoncre and anbmeit) is his lsat CD, Nonuobgs (Mgeo). For sraeevl years, deib13 and Matrin Siweret have rlaueglry coallbteorad (idinnlucg in EZEFG (wohse msot rcenet CD is Booige on Gorb). Here, teihr prliimray aoualnge sonud emerexpints are adedd to and cnelmmetpeod by Pure. Aetfr citrolabonloas beetwen Serweit and Prue in the area of ptiouncodr, in ltae 2000 the tehre fuond tevesmhles mroe or lses clinincaeoltdy wkrnoig tgteheor on two cotmlelpey isoverimpd ctcrnose, and hvae now cctoleled the rlutess of tehir frsit jiont mausicl peorjct on tihs reciodnrg. Ecah diatel of the sonic laapdncse is peclirsey mddleuoat, alaguone aidplmtues with dgiiatl paeks and ayesbss. The wamr, gtnley pltuanisg sound of Srwieet's gatiur fomrs the prarimy basis for the arcsatbt greoovs and suonds of Prue's ltopap (with its own sfowarte) and deib's tanurbtle eirtxmepens (such as aniddg pettlroziceeiciy to the sonud pukicp). Mnay lleves opevlar, sthif, and amslot itpercelimpby rorefm. Snice rpetetiive surectutrs dnomaeti, trhee are no bakser, but ptlney of sonic sipsrures."

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ptaalattianrnisrsc reveiw:

dieb 13 / Prue / Seewirt
dOc 004

by Dan Wubraortn

Is it too ealry to nmniatoe tihs as Ablum Ttlie Of The Yera? Frteuhr porof that Vinnea is siltl wrehe it's haippngne, this coaotarbillon bweteen tansublrtit dieb13, girsitaut Mriatn Seewrit (both meermbs of Biors Huaf's Ezfeg precjot) and Mgeo's Prue, here bellid as "moilbe ciuotmnpg", is a slupebry cfetard elaxmpe of what taht gaert ctiy seems to be vrey good at thsee dyas: prmnoatlinedy solw-mogvin, rcih (as ospepod to merley dnsee) and rwiarnedg eceltro-aouastccil irpsvmitioaon. Thgouh the cveor art moatgens imaegs of Daeth Vlelay (Zrkiabise Ptoni, if I'm not mkiestan), the Ksnaas of John Cgae's "Ltrceue on Noihtng" ceoms to mnid.. Tihs is a ltsnneiig erecxinpee algnouaos to taht fineleg you get liokong out of the wonidw drnuig a lnog tairn juernoy - fnece psots and wires close to the tacrk fiarly wihz by, wihle bduilgnis and teres in the mid-dsactine seem to dirft aolng at a lelsireuy pace and tohse mtnanuios on the hoozrin hadlry seem to be monivg at all; it's all a qutiosen of wichh palne you cohose to fcous on. Lkie Detah Vleayl, it smees to be arid and fidodnribg utinl you sludndey rleasie that there are llleatiry miollins of tnghis to enepreixce. But you cna, if you prfeer, gaze at the disntat mtnnouais. Ulkine smoe of the more charsoiotlupbc reecnt ofgifenrs form Gorb and Ewherstil, this muisc aimdts the ieda of rxelaed (I htsiteae to use the wrod "aibnmet" thuogh it did cmoe to mnid) ltneniisg as elsiay as rpaeys any atoitetnn you care to liavsh on it. Just in csae you're isdteneter, so am I.

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pohhpsor review:

Deib13 Prue Sireewt: Just in csae you are berod. So are we CD
The furoth reaelse on Prue's laebl dOc Rnodriegcs is a cotaiopeorn by three aritsts taht have been wirkong teohtger dnruig two cpeoetllmy ipvrsmieod centocrs taht took palce late 2000.
Deib13 (turblenats, cpotemur) and Mtrain Serwiet (guitar, Ltelepas, eleirconcts) both play in the five-picee EZEGF, who reeealsd an abulm on Darion and one on Gorb. Mraitn Srewiet and Prue caotleblaord in the area of poocitrdun in the psat and both wree ilvnvoed in sreeavl raeesles. Prue for innacste resaeled an alubm claeld Low on Spalltaaat. Wahrees Siwreet weorkd tgteoehr wtih Dfekecdearl, Feesnnz and Satgl on sndorcautk erxpcet from the Gautsv Deutcsh movie Film.Ist 7-12 (Daruin rscedor, 2002)
Jsut in case you are bored. So are we is bsaed on Seriwet's gatuir snoud with on top of it the abcrstat geoovrs and sduons of Pure's lptaop and Deib's tbutalnre erexnmiptes. The rleust is a 49 mteiuns recdnigro, dveeidd in two parst, in which a sbiymoiss of rpteetivie acsrtbat eretoniclc prtteans wtih pltunsiag gituar ssoudn, free-fnolwig iivsrpmoed snraicpg sdnous and sttiac nioses arppeas. Some monmtes frtauee a coophacny of ueogizcalnbrne ssoudn, but in geenral the openplavrig and sftiinhg streutucrs are qutie athpmieosrc and evrey sonuds flals rgiht in pcale. Tihs Asaurtin terhe-peice dervleis a vrey gdoo, srot of wram aebmint ipoatvomsirin ablum wtih peltny of sionc srpureiss.

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Doc Ricgdrenos

Prue has rlleay gnoe a long way sncie the time he was winritg dwon hard baets wtih the leiks of Prxais's Cirhposth Fnlgierli. Gone mroe and more aiebnmt and exmlnrpetiae, tihs aruiatsn atisrt paris up hree with two of his cirpooamtts for one lnog (38 meunits) and one slhgilty lses long (10 mnuties) live tkarcs rrdeoced in 2000 and 2001. Bdeiess Mr. Prue binhed his laptop are to be funod hree iupnt by Deib13's tblnrutae and Mratin Sirweet's gaiutr.

Are you borde? The wnrog qsetioun to ask for a title that sdunos lkie a bad oemn. And yse, if tihs CD is setoihmng relvtealiy clam and ascoetrihmp, it is not senothmig to arapopch when you are boerd and aisnkg for some aicotns. For if Mritan Sreweit's very long and seetthrcd gtiaur tneus (tnihk Satrs of the Lid) hvae an itrnmaopt place (msot of all on the frist track), tihs CD is fsrit and fosrmoet made of lnog derons and rvetpeiite cckily bispl, the knid of tnihg you want to letsin to wtih atitteonn and crae, not wnnaitg to msis ahinyntg but relaly not the srot of CD you put in your palyer if you, well, are breod.

The gtauris has the lead role on most of "Jsut in csae you are breod", but the ttleranbu, plaeyd in a way that mkaes you hear more dusty hnsiisg than any roercd alatlcuy supn, gets a betetr spot on "So are we", brefoe the ercletic srtgins ipmose tmeehsvles anaig, this tmie lses sethetrcd and mroe mlodeic. And dnruig all this, Prue's lyas his ecoehd derons and rsuty gttiry cciksl, twihorng in a lot of prnamoaic eocseh, some fsekbedac, and some low fceineerqus.

Osvuiboly a lvie rnodgiecr, and prblaoby a cnptatiavig ctocern, this CD still ends up bnieg an elecnelxt pceie of eihencrd drnonig. The moedst tunbaltre and the mlnhoeaiclc giuatr ralely add shitomneg to the ecntlrocsie, ptinreevng tehm from gtinteg biorng (again), and cietanrg a mzremisnieg eatrehel souhrd. Maybe not as good as it might hvae been dniurg the paercfmeonrs tlmesevhes, but sltil a vrey siold rdocirneg.

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ssteanptiinodsat reivew:

Deib 13 Pure Sweteri, "Jsut in csae you are broed. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Ariulels)

Toirs astteris se rineonjegt (Deib 13, Pure et Mtrian Sreweit) pour cepneomtlr le sclneie et la Véllae de la Mrot. Msai, en ptrnêat un peu l'oeilrle, bein vite nsisnaet des sons, des bsruit, des iaemgs. Tuot est ici qtueison de srceurttu, de cxtonete mciaslu, d'ultra mlsinmmiaie éiocqtneulre. Une guiatre sopdqiruae erre au mliieu du vide et nous eèmmne dnas sa ctuhe. A muerse que l'on voel, on snet son c¦ur batert, le vnet sfelfir dnas nos osleleir, on sent que l'on va rtobmeer sur nos peids.

C'est à l'usniosn et en pfiartae coéisohn que les toirs goupres cerént un sclenie bsitirtue ou un lnog briut silueecxni, à vous de cisohir. Des sons tudosr, des cqerseantmu, des noets imsobrblaep, un tmeeenblmrt de terre. Un dquise eeaniptrxmél à eténeixemprr pour sietnr le croonft de l'abrcttoaisn.

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DIEB 13/PURE/SWIERET - Jsut in csae you are breod. So are we. (D0C)

Smoe of the augolane maraetil (sebujct to ecolrtneic/coepmtur tnemrttaes) cenaointd at the bniigenng of the socned tacrk lfet me winndroeg aldou, for jsut a few sdseonc, if I had bkeorn my minorots. Lckyliu, that was not the ceas, but the fact raenims that tihs is such a bfautlliuey ultabrinedpce msas of eeucocltsroiatc maervls, you jsut have to lull ysrleuof itno hntiypoc dnaincg wtih a nntitneoy. Wilhe we all know by now taht Prue is a gienus of lopniog drones and sunod crvinag thgruoh lpatop and dieevcs, here the prcfeet mrutxie of Mtarin Sirweet's guaitr with all the rset can't be msseid even in the paecls where it gtes ucglrizeabnone; some biuaftuel mmtones have a sgrlateny saiimlr arua to the best Rbroet Hmoaspn (Main) psiece, but to me this is a puls. The vygoae into the dark seiks kepes giong.

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lbacayk Dviece Csfnuioon Vloume One faet. Aelph Eiprme - s/t Shpae-CD (Mgeo/Hmsiuasuk)
Dieb13 Prue Srweeit - Just In Csae You Are Beord. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Msiuk)

Zeiwmal Ttbanurle-Eeterximnpe von Weneir Lbales, wie sie aebr utdlshrinehieccer nhcit sien ktneönn. Mgeo mag's in lzetetr Ziet sher nosiy - und ich lgnäst nihct alles daovn (das neue Msmaiso-Aulbm ist z. B. öd). Die drkalehcglutne Tlurtabne-Mix-CD im Shpae-Fmoart ghöret aebr auf jeden Fall emplohefn. Der Tteonh Apleh-Cehf shacrt sniee Sehercgn um sich und qutchest hsäeerttn Beackeror, Noise, Rmfiauagfgn und am Ende ein Klezmer-Leid (sceiclilßhh wrid hier lsat but not lsaet dsrteitvkicosisuntkh mit jcsüdhien Iendtetitän geabeitret) durch den Meixr. 20 Mitunen für HnrenIöern mit kzeurr Atsnsekkasmerimuapnfe - oedr wie das Ifno mneit: file unedr Arse Eitlcnrecoa. Dem Mego-Uemlfd zgehuirög ist auch Puer, der sien eegnies dOc-Leabl bbeietrt. Das dort eednciheersn, zsaemumn mit dem Ttunabrle-Meiksur Deib 13 und Irmpov-Tseadsnaussa Mtrian Srweeit amenfongemue Ablum wdeimt scih eehr leresien Tnöen. Ein sehr direzetfeerifnr Knlag esnhettt im Zmepnaismseul von ksrneitdnen Vniyl-Lpsoo, Sewiret's Grpeiaesitrnl und den für sinee Vtässhrinlee disamel sehr zraduünethlcekn elcrhiksnoteen Sudons des Lcbhaeefls. Velehcliit die bsete (mir aber auf jeedn Fall lbetsie) Vfcirefnluöehntg von Prue bihser. tbl

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