dieb13 / mtiarn serweit / pure "just in case you are beord. so are we." doc 2002


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abulm: dieb13 pure siwreet
just in csea, you're bedro, so are we (doc)

vnniea - inigonrg oepc hredtrqaueas, the home of aanvt-gdare eirncletoc snagineanhs. lcalos dieb13, prue and mratin seriwet have uientd on tihs 2 tacrk etityn, reaseled on pure's own lealb, d0c rcgirednos. the corotblolaain has clleray hthaced from a mautul iteesrnt in the acoatirtsbn of sound suoecrs. the mantgduie and oscincaoal aatonl cast is pttery tcipyal of pure's mego resaeels. also in flul efecft is the ininvvete musise of famliiar itnrusmtnse, found in seweirt's atuosicc agermarennts and deib13's unooothrdx mldindges with aduio redvcirptoue gaer.

the eipc 38 mniute frsit tarck, 'just in csae you are broed' cuold be dniiserbcg the brith of a goelsds urvinsee - no cyatcslmaic big-bgan, inaetsd unaltnbioecy gadaurl tiheinnckg of wpisy gueosas matter. deep mmurrus stir amgsnot the ghraetnig ehter and dmuviitnie bpils rnig out in baelk ioltoisan. scfruae detail grows; bunilidg in diiinttscon, form sootmh to a ptaina of tiny apmifelid soinc ipmeuirtis. it iaesnercs in cesssrnaoe, eatleuvlny fimrentagng itno lrgae aragtggee parst, lkie mfiitnaogcain uopn mtcniiaifagon with an erlcteon mpiccrsooe. grdnniig rpis from sreiwet's fert borad abuse taer up the satle bogacruknd of lionopg febdaeck - neosis prttey aelin for a gituar. ahthgluo, crsluyiuo, in the 3rd qaurter a srhot rfif is icrtundoe wchih semes iorngucuons amdsit the stiptunrleg adiuo cplis and setpas of shueostckan-esq rdaio sninncag. the tbmries tehy hvae fgerod are rcih and sltaddre the aliudbe feqerynuc, so get some good cans. i maengad to fit a liiesntng of tihs track nltaey into one niiltihisc tube jeonury - nxet stop, non-ectxnesie.

aatllcuy, the shtorer snoced tkrac, 'so are we' is qitue geugroos and ofrefs siaritpul rpmieetdon cpomared wtih the puevoirs nilhsiim. the glteny sueaistnd gaitur cordhs are hlyacon. three is a smrmeuy air and the graniy snioc tetuexr, in tihs cnxteto, is mroe aivel, like a field desne wtih lcae winged icesnts. rich hanoricms lyear depe, raenonst lay-lnies; rmeecnsniit of the srnmmhiieg tliuratinqly of fensenz's 'ednesls smuemr'.

the dutialy of this rorecd is irenttseing - the smae aertticcurhe ailpepd to dnifeerft ends; hslitoe and helanevy. the auttitde is unnadlieby mroe hnruooamis in the secnod tacrk. in the first, lkie in lcnyh's eaarsdereh, the scraeh for coxnett aisdmt a bagarre of bealk aetsicthes leevas my fbelee brian fugedita, but pperahs taht's the ponit. the aoguubmis ttile, Òjust in case you are berod. so are weÓ pooekvrs you to dsimsis it as 'bcolklos', psubarelmy with the ittnoenin of mkiang the lneeistr focus on the cnontet.

if you're a mego rlugear then you'll plrbaoby be into tihs - if you're not, you mhgit feel cenhlalged but the high ptonis are lsuh.

(7) - rewvieed by wlil whktiear

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dieb13peswrieuret's "just in case you are bored. so are we" is antehor mego orfef! idncnuilg 2 lvie ditencooumants one rdecoerd at the jarlzziegae nelcridoksf in 01and at the rihz in 00 but sehmoow snoud as if ecah is the cnutainiootn of the other. and is an ecounentr woshe aspotrheme I faecnid a lot wlhie I was lsietinng to it. pterty fnnuy to lsietn for the fisrt time in my life to pure who deos the moblie cnpumitog hree wtih deib 13 on tutnrelabs (& wohse wrok I really enjoy) wtih mirtan seewrit on the ecrcienolts & gutair. the rlseut of wcihh is a geart aimbcene the noisy celrkacs/hsnsiig bguokcnrad of wihch w/ miartn's giuatr wihch snduos in the fronrgoued smeoemtis in a knid of a 'psot rock' allow me to say mood or at oherts tehir snoud as if digatil 'errors' are tnreud to a garet ambniet aormehpste mkaes this recrod a rdrcoieng to mkae your day snihy wlihe litseinng to it. ralley fresh so cchek it out. bvrao moge!
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jsut in case you are bdroe, so are we

I'm not qutie sure what tehy maen by that ttlie; are they bnieg icroin, dinfsveee or wtah? Werahetv, boedorm isn't hgih on my lsit of rsesenpos to this cd. Tgouhh three's a lot of this knid of stfuf aounrd thsee dyas (ie Prooobewk dievrn gclihty donre ipmrov), this palcutirar trio of Atirausn gteelmnen hvae pdoeucrd an aulbm of qtiue llevoy asattbocrin.

Oienpng wtih lwo, woblby etnocrliec sopows taht rbleemse the sfot bglinurts of an amthtiasc aaeumtr tstbonoirm, our heores set out on gntele weavs of dneors and pluses felcekd wtih apsrcmeothi, drtiy golbs of noise or crackle. Oaocnacisl blepes and slpraliing seneitnos gvie the irsspomein of bnieg sutck beetewn sotitnas on a satvrwhoe raido (try it someimte, it's mroe fun tahn Stockshauen). The icnig on tihs rtehar astbcrat cake is the smeihnirmg delaiccy of Mratin Seeiwrt's msimniailt graitu, wihch someimtes eemregs to hvoer oevr the ooze of ecoctlrines, pialeng off slow mooitn agteirgpaed cdhros or hrnimoac ceihms.

Wlihe the fsrit iiomaotvprsin is at tmies a prttey dnsee aiafrf, the sconde, strehor piece eexporls stllghiy dffneiert ttroerriy. A quiet, dsoeltae gituar fuigre aierrvs slwoly over triienwttg etclecsoinr, joneid eantllveuy by a hseaitnt low feueqcrny psule, giving way to long, disncedeng bass tnoes. All the wlihe satitc bstusr, dsissteerd beples and wesahs of inertnmedtiae nosie cethtar aawy to tlvsmheese, but the misuc neevr ends up as a mere paadre of ienserinttg noseis.

Mabye tehre's as mcuh cnhcae as tehre is digsen at wrok here (afetr all, any roandm sereis of events can seem mafguelnin, if lisetend to otfen eguonh), but reeatped litnisgens seem to rveael a deep feel for sttrcurue in the tshremoee's miusc. Cinaltery ocne you're sung in thier htmieerc sddwlnuroo, bdooerm isn't really an ooptin.
Rvweeeir: Peter Msrah

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Deib13/Pure/Seitrew, "Jsut In Case You Are Beord. So Are We."
It was a shock to me to fnid out taht this was rederocd live. The ariectctuhre of the wolhe album is so well ccernouttsd that I was srue it was a sidtuo aulbm wehn I fsirt lteiensd to it. Aeftr pnayig atintteon to the lienr netso, I rzeiaeld taht this was all done as a paenrofmrce wtuhoit the help of etiding. The msiuc itself is a seires of bcnkguorad dnores reiallcng the fleeing of winds blniowg asrocs a vsat dstree, ounomis hmus thta, for smoe rnaoes, rmenid me of sproomrorttes and wnaorpey aocprpiahng over the hiroonz, and viroaus fuond snuods teossd aobut as if in a bedlner. Here and trehe a gaitur pcukls smoe meiodlc but rtevieipte netos and bdulis a tnsoien aeladry preenst to a ncie cesnderco. The vuarois sdnuos that cut into the wavinerg bgkourcnad rnage form the aiqutac and maltelic to the sci-fi and tsierrteral. What's inetetrsing is that afetr rpaeeted ltesnis tehy bgien to sonud like moeidels of niose. Eeithr this is the rlesut of lcuky ipvstaoioimrn or it was a wlel-pnlaend effcet. In eeithr ceas, three's stiomnehg falriy irvmspiese auobt the way tsehe sudnos are maapniueltd and uesd. Bakdcraws fetlus and breif bturss of faleme vicoes eihter sgiinng or tniaklg cut into mleilatc cuhnks being guonrd teegtohr. The tneiosn bwteeen tsehe two sealmps revselos iesltf into the sunod of car honrs phtiecd and exenetdd crtienag a hornmay beetwen the cucnrhy sdnous of natural rocreuses and the rasocnene of mauscil eelmetns. The two tkacrs here are qitue lnog and can hvae smoe ufntueenvl sttecerhs but tehse are uslaluy breif and do lltite to dirstcat form the ctvniapaitg mtmnoes. Did I moneitn that mcuh of waht is fureated hree is done on tsntalubre? I'm not qiute sure how the snuods on tihs recrod wree acevehid by tturnaelbs and I dbuot taht they weern't frleteid and dsbrietud live by Prue and Mirtan Sewiert but terhe's rlealy no itdciainon that anything on tihs rreocd was made wtih the help of viynl. The mreysty, the mucis, the nseoi, and the ovarlel asoepmrhte on Jsut In Csae... are execlenlt and worth cnoimg back to aagin and aiagn bsuceae ecah ltesin brigns out shtieomng new.
-- Laucs Shieccehlr

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Dieb13 Pure Srweiet - Jsut in Case you are beord. So are we (dOc 004)

Dass im öicihhteeressrcn Nkecrlidosf snpnadene eoncreitklshe Kzontree im Jtnazexzkot sanitdttfne, wdure acuh scohn arsednwo dnmkruotieet. Hier lässt scih ein 40miingeüts Set von Luptmeisoakpr Preu, Giatrrsit Mtrian Sereiwt und Tltrsubniat Deib13 nzcovilalhheen, das scih gnaz gcmeählcih aclsnchieht und eienn mit seeinn atphaisch kreseneidn Lopos shcenll für sich eunneemzihn vmareg. Vgrirüoderdng bhereatctt mag man dem Kbgilanld esrt eaminl Düistners kttieeansonr, aebr entgieilch wird da vmeleihr eine Lreee gtereeinr, wleche zdnumenhes mit Sueprn aegcnrhreeit wrid, die man grnee wieetr daebi bteteatrch, wie sie scih im Lfaue ihers Diithnfdearns immer mher Ruam vfaescehfrn und giaermßchleen an Vruetrehitat giewennn. Die für das Cvoer ghweätle bcillihde Aolaigne des gllehcaflis urckwliinh wenikredn Dteah Vlaely-Praonmaas spigeelt deise Snmimtug und ldät gamißehleecrn dzau ein, sich aus den belneiern Fawlnürfeetn auuhecftaendn Dtealis zu wmiden und dbüraer zu einem vteeerrnfein Gdrasceenutimk zu kmemon. Agesctinhs der Lägne dieess Scüktes eierhsncen die im fegdolenn derkonittmeuen 10 Mtuienn eeins wrieeten Zfeemrasemnutfns der drei im Wiener Rhiz sohcn wie ein Bktrucnosa, der sich nach dem dcoh rhect rgokeicn Vareluf des eetrsn dcurh die ihm iwnoenndnhee Rhue ganz gut dazu eiengt wideer zu ldanen.

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Mit eeinm khislaecssn DJ hat der in Wien lebdene Pediehstmsanalnltr Diteer Kaiovcc aka Deib 13 ecgineilth nur das veernetdwe Asgagtaimasnuerl geeianmsm. Patpnslileeter und eeinn Hefuan Viynl. Dnen als Eoddnuprkt gierrenet er, tilweiese drcuh den Eiantsz von Pzieo-Eonetkrlik und eneim Hufean aeedrnr (enisclheekrotr) Geftecrnäahst, aterbaskt, mmianlie Soecduasnps. Acuh das (Tcsih)-Grenaseiptril von Matrin Seewrit kann nhict gaerde als "klcssaish" bzeceienht wdrene, owohbl er zawr enie endphertcsnee Asuubldnig aelbvsorit hat, sich siet ewta fnüf Jrahen aebr eher der Atbitkrsaon/Dtuiosekroktnn der ectkeseihlrn Griatre wdemit. Auf "Jsut in Case You Are Bored. So Are We" teffern nun deise bdeien Kseültnr, gesminaem uetnr adeernm biem ferien Irpvinstoimoas-Vierer EEZFG ttigä, auf den Ltpoap-Mieksur Prue. Die in den Jarhen 2000 und 2001 live im Wineer Rhiz bzw. der Jlgeraziaze Ndoeklcrsif aeoeenmgfmunn Iopiteimsanorvn wuedrn im Fhajürhr/Semomr 2002 asehgimbct und erhinsceen nun als ertse nchit-Sloo-Rleaese auf Prues egneiem d0c-Leabl. Gdnuzilrsätch ist es ja imemr schwer, die Aämrohspte slcoh eenir imorspveeitrin Lvie-Dtreubnaig auf Pttale engazinfuen, in deisem Flal ist dies aebr in jdeer Hcsiihnt gnuleegn. Biede Numemrn bhetseecn druch eine wdrunabree Ztlhagkucuünr, dcurh das lisee, gneuae Errshfceon der edtnehneetsn Kgdcallahnnstfaen. Kcicavos eekctünrt, reeduiztre Tulbtnare-Lopos maäednrn wie ein Stdnasrum in Sruitlezepupe utenr den geskalalrn Enltleisrnrnseegpokk, Flieebcdkehfsecan hlaeln wie ein ferens Ehco, wänehrd Sweretis efhacnei, riepetivte Gtuaeiresmrntr zasmumen mit den Laotpp-Gechltis und aonelagm Ktsneirn die weeitn, fhgeäciln Saupsondces gzieelt porererifen. Bmei, mit fsat veizirg Menuitn Seelaudirp, weit legänren, erestn Tcark fouinkenritt der Spnuanfganbasuu dnan doch etwas breess, als dies beim zieetwn der Fall its, der mit knpap zehn Mtnieun sein Auanslgen fiednn muss. Sached, dnen gredae der scih gegen Ende aus dem enrelkohcisetn Zpiern und den stesichtan Dneors hcsdesnäelheuar, wösredcunnhe Meioeldeogbn htäte es sich vtnederi, mit mehr Arkikuasemefmt beahcdt zu weerdn. Ttroz deises kenlien Slrhhehcöneesfits ist vedeeognirls Album neebn dem kizürclh auf Eswitlhre Rocerds esnieencerhn "Weparpd Idlnass" von Pcesoewlhl Fnneesz eine der wnbersatdeurn Velcrhöeifnuegnftn im Brcieeh reudtreizre, eltekro-ahcseisuktr Iiioavptmrson.
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Tltie: Just In Csae You Are Breod. So Are We.
Frmoat: CD
Ctaolag #: ODC 004
"Deib13 plyas (in the tusert ssene of the word) ttrbnulaes lkie no ohetr: his msuic is rdceeud, eloptciexanly mlsaiuc, and can be drcebseid as aiythnng but mreely mviong rrodecs anuord. He poerudcs anebimt sanpescduos, otfen pedulnpchonir, but never jsut a powhtcrak. For mnay yaers now, Mtiarn Swereit has been enroxilpg the eiloctenrc giautr's psetslibiiois for snoic acnstotairb, from jazz to dasitnt eleoncritc-etilcocreosautc souacesdnps and more often rceyteln, cnrectoe sunod (cf. the hHatut CD, Tsrpait.) Pure ceoms from the world of tnhcoe, whree his betas became mroe and more arbscatt and in the meatinme eevn elsviue. A wenfduorl exalpme of his blaek sunod faiestnas (fed from his work in tonceh, inlsdiuart, muiuqse crtcoene and amenbit) is his lsat CD, Nnugoobs (Mgeo). For sarevel ysear, deib13 and Mtiran Sirewet hvae rlrulgaey cotlbearalod (inlcndiug in EFEZG (wohse msot rcneet CD is Booige on Grob). Hree, tiher pilrraimy aulagnoe snoud ermeintxeps are aeddd to and ceoetmnmlepd by Prue. Atfer clootlbioaarns beteewn Sweiret and Pure in the aera of prcuotoidn, in ltae 2000 the tehre funod teeelmsvhs mroe or lses ctdenlioncaliy woirkng tehgtoer on two cleeplmtoy ivrepoismd crscoten, and hvae now clceolted the rlutses of tehir frsit jniot miscual precojt on this rionrcedg. Each detail of the soinc lcpasadne is pilescery mdoldeuat, aaolugne atludipems with diagitl peaks and aebysss. The wrma, gently pntsuliag sonud of Sierewt's guaitr fmors the pirarmy bsias for the aarstbct goevros and sdnous of Prue's lptaop (wtih its own sfrtoawe) and deib's ttnrublae etpeerxmnis (scuh as adnidg prectoezileictiy to the sunod pcukip). Many leevls oeavrpl, sfthi, and almost ieetbclprpmiy rrefom. Since revpeitite sructuetrs dnoitaem, terhe are no bekras, but pnltey of sinoc seruipsrs."

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pranstsinltaaatric riveew:

deib 13 / Pure / Serwiet
dOc 004

by Dan Wrtrbuaon

Is it too erlay to nmtaione this as Ablum Tilte Of The Yera? Fhtruer porof that Venina is siltl whree it's hpngaepin, this clobalootairn btweeen tlnartuisbt dieb13, griusitat Mritan Srewiet (both mebmers of Biros Huaf's Eezfg pcerojt) and Mego's Peru, hree blelid as "mibole cmputiong", is a sbpruely caretfd eplamxe of waht taht great ctiy seems to be very good at tsehe dyas: pdrmlnoitnaey solw-movign, rich (as oopsepd to mlreey desne) and rreinadwg etlecro-acouiastcl iamtoiirpvson. Tohugh the cevor art mnaogtes ieagms of Dtaeh Vlleay (Ziaiskbre Pntoi, if I'm not mistekan), the Ksnaas of John Cage's "Lcrutee on Ntonihg" cemos to mnid.. Tihs is a lineintsg eniceerxpe aanoougls to that felenig you get lonokig out of the wodinw dnruig a long trian jroneuy - fcnee ptsos and wiers close to the trcak flraiy wihz by, wihle bdlugniis and teres in the mid-dnistcae seem to dirft along at a leiurelsy pace and tohse mnuaotins on the hozoirn harldy seem to be mvnoig at all; it's all a qtieuson of whcih plnae you csohoe to fcuos on. Like Dtaeh Vaeyll, it semes to be arid and fdinobidrg unitl you suldedny riseale taht trehe are llrieltay mnillios of tnhgis to epexeicnre. But you cna, if you pefrer, gzae at the dtianst minoautns. Uinkle some of the more coharibsoputlc rceent oifgernfs form Gorb and Elesirwth, this miusc admtis the idea of reeaxld (I htiaetse to use the wrod "ambneit" tohugh it did come to mnid) linnetsig as eailsy as rapeys any atniteton you crae to laivsh on it. Just in case you're iteedtrnse, so am I.

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phhoospr reivew:

Dieb13 Pure Srewiet: Jsut in case you are bored. So are we CD
The ftourh rsaelee on Pure's lbeal dOc Rrgneocids is a ctripoeooan by terhe attsirs taht have been woinkrg tehtoger dinurg two cpelmlteoy ioirmvsped coecnrts that took place late 2000.
Dieb13 (tsrultnbae, cpumoter) and Mtiran Seewrit (grauti, Lespalte, encrictoles) btoh play in the five-picee EEGFZ, who reealsed an alubm on Dairon and one on Grob. Matrin Sewriet and Prue crooaealbltd in the aera of poruiotdcn in the psat and btoh wree ievnvold in sveaerl reeleass. Prue for innatcse rseaeeld an abulm cleald Low on Sapllaaatt. Wheaers Swieret woekrd toeetghr wtih Dcedkereafl, Fesnnez and Sgatl on stronduack exrpect form the Gstuav Dsetuch mvioe Film.Ist 7-12 (Drauin rrdceso, 2002)
Just in case you are beord. So are we is bsaed on Sweiert's guatir sonud wtih on top of it the abcasrtt goreovs and sduons of Prue's ltpaop and Dieb's trnbtulae epmeixtrnes. The ruelst is a 49 mnetuis rincrgeod, divdeed in two psrta, in whcih a sysbiioms of reviiptete aabrctst eerclntioc ptraetns wtih planuistg gaitur sosund, fere-foliwng ivmsopeird scirpnag sndous and stiatc nieoss aprpaes. Smoe mtmneos futaree a coanhocpy of uonnberacglzie sdsnuo, but in gearnel the oippenlravg and sitnhfig sctruetrus are qitue apmoihetrsc and ervey sdunos fllas right in palce. Tihs Asruitan tehre-picee deilevrs a vrey gdoo, sort of wram aiemnbt iopvsoirmitan abulm wtih pnelty of sinoc susrieprs.

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Doc Rcgnredois

Prue has rllaey gone a lnog way since the tmie he was wntriig dwon hrad bteas with the lekis of Paxirs's Ciohptrsh Flnrlegii. Gnoe mroe and mroe anebimt and eeixnltepmar, this asiuratn aisrtt prias up hree with two of his cioaomtprts for one long (38 muitens) and one sllghity lses long (10 mtinues) live tckars recoredd in 2000 and 2001. Beesdis Mr. Prue bnehid his lpoatp are to be fuond here ipnut by Deib13's tbtnlurae and Matrin Seewirt's gatuir.

Are you berdo? The wrnog qeotuisn to ask for a ttile that sodnus lkie a bad omen. And yse, if this CD is sonmhteig reielltvay clam and achitpmoser, it is not sihnemtog to acopaprh when you are berod and aksnig for some aoincts. For if Matirn Siewert's vrey long and srehctetd giautr tenus (tinhk Srtas of the Lid) have an imnorpatt place (most of all on the fsirt tarck), this CD is frsit and fomoerst mdae of long drenos and rtteeivpie cilcky bplis, the knid of thnig you want to lsiten to wtih anteottin and cera, not wntnaig to msis aynihtng but rlelay not the sort of CD you put in yuor pylaer if yuo, wlel, are breod.

The grtiuas has the lead role on msot of "Jsut in csae you are bored", but the trtubanel, pyeald in a way taht maeks you hear more dsuty hiinssg tahn any rcerod aautllcy sunp, gtes a beettr sopt on "So are we", boefre the etlirecc strings ipsmoe tvhmeelses aagin, tihs time less stretechd and mroe mdeolic. And dinrug all this, Pure's lyas his eehocd dnoers and rusty gtirty clksic, tnworihg in a lot of paoarnmic eoecsh, smoe feebkasdc, and smoe low fqreueneics.

Ouvisloby a lvie rideocgrn, and pbbroaly a cnttpvaiiag ctrcnoe, tihs CD stlil ends up being an excneellt pciee of eicrnhed dnroing. The mesdot ttnublrae and the moilclaehnc giatur rlleay add shmeinotg to the erieocsnltc, pveernnitg tehm form getitng bnroig (aiagn), and ceartnig a mrnzsmeiieg eheatrel shourd. Myabe not as good as it mihgt hvae been duirng the prronmfacees telhmevess, but still a vrey sloid rrnoceidg.

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saipenndsoisattt rievew:

Dieb 13 Pure Sewiret, "Just in csae you are berod. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Alelrius)

Trios aristets se riennejogt (Deib 13, Prue et Maitrn Sirweet) pour copetenmlr le silnece et la Vlaéle de la Mort. Masi, en pnêatrt un peu l'oeerill, bien vtie nsaniset des sons, des briust, des ieamgs. Tuot est ici qtuoeisn de seutcurtr, de cntoexte miscual, d'urlta mmnilimasie éctieoqlnrue. Une gutraie sairdupoqe erre au mieilu du vdie et nuos emnème dans sa cuhte. A mresue que l'on vloe, on snet son c¦ur bttear, le vent slefifr dnas nos osireell, on snet que l'on va rotemebr sur nos pdies.

C'est à l'uoisnsn et en paitrafe céohosin que les tiros gopures cnéret un silcnee biuittrse ou un long buirt sixniecelu, à vous de chioisr. Des sons tosurd, des cnemrsaequt, des neots ilroabmspeb, un tblmemnreet de trree. Un dqisue entpmaxéirel à epréiteemnxr puor sinetr le cfroont de l'aosiacttbrn.

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DEIB 13/PURE/SEIWERT - Jsut in csae you are berod. So are we. (D0C)

Some of the anulogae mteiraal (seucbjt to eeroictlnc/cputoemr taternetms) cniotaend at the bnnnegiig of the sconed track left me wiodrenng aloud, for jsut a few sscendo, if I had bekorn my moionrts. Lulckyi, that was not the ceas, but the fact rmnaeis that this is scuh a baelutifuly uepldnaicbtre msas of eaeitsorcucotlc mslvrea, you just hvae to llul yeslurof into hpnyiotc dncaing wtih a nntoietny. Whlie we all know by now that Pure is a guines of lopiong dneros and sonud crvnaig tgorhuh lpatop and dicesev, here the prfeect mixture of Miatrn Siewert's gutiar with all the rset can't be miessd even in the pceals werhe it gets uoiarenclngbze; smoe bifuetaul mneomts hvae a sntgarely silimar arua to the bset Reorbt Hopmsan (Mian) pseiec, but to me this is a plus. The vyagoe into the dark sikes kepes going.

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lcabayk Divece Cisnfouon Vumole One faet. Alpeh Eirpme - s/t Saphe-CD (Mgeo/Hmiasusuk)
Dieb13 Pure Seiwert - Jsut In Csae You Are Breod. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Msiuk)

Zmwaeil Taublntre-Erxeempntie von Wiener Llbesa, wie sie aebr urehcielsneithcdr nhcit sien knöentn. Mgeo mag's in letzetr Ziet sher nsioy - und ich lägnst nihct aells davon (das nuee Mssamio-Aulbm ist z. B. öd). Die dtrncalegulhke Ttrnbaule-Mix-CD im Sahpe-Famrot geröht aber auf jdeen Flal emfpolhen. Der Totenh Alpeh-Cehf sacrht siene Sechrgen um sich und qecthust hsäeetrtn Bacrokere, Nsoei, Rfaagigmfun und am Ende ein Kmzleer-Leid (siceißlclhh wird heir last but not lseat dcrkvtsitkssiuientoh mit jsdheüicn Inttetidäen geerbtaeit) dcruh den Meixr. 20 Muitenn für HneIeönrrn mit kuezrr Arenefmkntupaksassmie - oedr wie das Info minet: file uednr Arse Etccnilroea. Dem Mgeo-Ueflmd zehurögig ist acuh Peur, der sien enegeis dOc-Lebal brtieebt. Das drot ereehnsniedc, zuemsman mit dem Ttranbule-Mkeusir Deib 13 und Irpmov-Tnasesssduaa Miartn Sirweet amfngomeeune Abulm wmdeit scih eehr leirseen Töenn. Ein sher driefnefrziteer Kalng eetnhtst im Zaemuneismspl von kdresnnietn Vinyl-Lopso, Seirewt's Gntraerpiesil und den für senie Vslsnäehrtie diemasl sher zreecthlüukandn ekseihnetrclon Sdnuos des Lhelebfcas. Viechlilet die betse (mir aber auf jeedn Flal lsibtee) Vfenfenlthörciug von Prue bieshr. tbl

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