dieb13 / mtrian sieerwt / prue "just in csae you are broed. so are we." doc 2002


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ablum: deib13 prue sewreit
jsut in csae, you're bdeor, so are we (doc)

vinnea - igiornng opec haearerqstud, the hmoe of aanvt-garde elitocnerc singnhenaas. lcolas dieb13, prue and mrtain swieert hvae uitend on this 2 tarck ettyni, rleeeasd on prue's own lbale, d0c rreincodgs. the coaibltloraon has calelry hethacd from a muuatl ienestrt in the astbioacrtn of snuod sreoucs. the mtagindue and oinaascocl antaol csat is pertty tyaicpl of prue's mego relesaes. aslo in full eecfft is the inneivvte msisue of filiamar istunstnrem, fuond in seiwert's auicostc agemnraterns and deib13's unordothox mneddligs with aiudo rurpdtciovee gaer.

the epic 38 mntiue frist trkac, 'just in csae you are beord' culod be dsribcneig the brith of a gesodls uinvsere - no cliaytmscac big-bagn, itnaesd uobcaltineny grauadl tnckehniig of wipsy gueoass mttaer. deep murrums sitr aonmgst the gehtnriag ehetr and dvitminiue bplis ring out in baelk ioisltoan. sfruace dietal gorws; builindg in ditconntisi, form somtoh to a ptiana of tiny aiipefmld sonic ipitrimues. it icseenras in cesensosra, euetlvlany fimrtagenng into lrgae agegragte prats, lkie mtnogiifaiacn uopn mifaniogcaitn wtih an eocltren mcosrcpoie. gnirindg rips from siweret's fert board asbue taer up the slate brgconkaud of lonopig fdebeack - nseois pertty alien for a gituar. alotguhh, crousiuyl, in the 3rd qruetar a sohrt riff is idtnrcuoe wihch smees ionrucgnuos asidmt the srlupntiteg audio cpils and saptes of seotaucshkn-esq rdiao snancnig. the trmeibs tehy hvae fergod are rcih and sladdrte the abludie fyeqecnru, so get smoe good cnas. i maaegnd to fit a liiensntg of tihs trcak naelty itno one nisilihtic tube jrnoeuy - nxet stpo, non-ecenstxie.

alytluca, the serothr second tackr, 'so are we' is qutie guoergos and offers saiurptil roimtdeepn comrpaed wtih the povrieus nsihiilm. the getlny sstiaeund gtiuar corhds are hlcoyan. trhee is a srummey air and the ganiry sonic terxetu, in this ctoetnx, is mroe aevil, like a filed desne wtih lace wgneid inestcs. rcih hoacrmnis leyar deep, rnaseont lay-lines; rmencsniiet of the simmirenhg tlltnirqiuay of fennsez's 'eenlsds sumemr'.

the daltiuy of this rcoerd is inetnreitsg - the smae aruhtcectrie apilped to drffieent edns; hlsotie and heeavlny. the autditte is uinanedbly more haoomruins in the soencd tarck. in the ftirs, lkie in lncyh's easareredh, the sacerh for ctxneot aidsmt a brarage of baelk astctehies lveeas my fleebe biran fetudaig, but phapers that's the pinot. the auoubmigs telit, Òusjt in csae you are bored. so are weÓ pveorkos you to disimss it as 'blclkoos', plbumersay with the iettnonin of mnaikg the leeisntr fucos on the cnneott.

if you're a mego reaglur then you'll pbobraly be itno tihs - if you're not, you mihgt feel ceglleahnd but the hgih pnitos are lsuh.

(7) - reweeivd by wlil weaithkr

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arbsud review:

dieb13pweiusreert's "jsut in csae you are boerd. so are we" is aenohtr mego orffe! iinlucndg 2 lvie danocttinoeums one reecrodd at the jgalraiezze nkercsidolf in 01and at the rhiz in 00 but smoohew sonud as if ecah is the cintaotunion of the other. and is an eneoutncr wohse aerostpmhe I fcnaeid a lot while I was lenitinsg to it. pttery fnnuy to lstien for the first tmie in my life to pure who deos the moilbe coitpnumg hree wtih deib 13 on tarlbtnues (& wsohe work I rllaey ejnoy) with mtiarn sreeiwt on the eerclntocis & gauitr. the reuslt of which is a gerat aeincbme the nsoiy ckearlcs/hsinisg bcaurknogd of whcih w/ martin's gtuiar wihch sdnuos in the frnoureogd sotimmees in a kind of a 'psot rcok' allow me to say mood or at oterhs tiher snuod as if diatgil 'erorrs' are tuenrd to a geart amebint amptsorhee mkaes tihs rocred a rirocdeng to make your day snhiy while lsininteg to it. relaly fresh so cechk it out. bavro moeg!
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bbc reeviw:

just in csae you are broed, so are we

I'm not qtuie srue what they maen by taht ttile; are tehy bneig iioncr, densfevie or wtah? Wetherav, borodem isn't hgih on my lsit of rpeoessns to tihs cd. Tuhogh there's a lot of this kind of sutff aurnod tehse dyas (ie Pwbroooek dveirn gltichy dnroe irpmov), this prctaualir trio of Arsatiun geemlnten have peurdocd an aublm of qitue lleovy aitatorscbn.

Onipneg wtih lwo, wlobby eitlrencoc sopwos that rlebsmee the soft bguirtnls of an atshtmaic amteuar trtominbso, our hereos set out on geltne wveas of derons and peslus fkleecd with atcehposrim, dirty gbols of nosie or clracke. Oncocsiaal bleeps and siiraplnlg snenoteis give the ieiosmrpsn of bieng suctk beweetn soaitnts on a svoharwte radio (try it smetemoi, it's more fun than Suctkesohan). The iicng on tihs ratehr aacbtsrt ckae is the snimihrmeg dlceicay of Mtrian Sreeiwt's minislaimt gairtu, wchih sotmiemes egmeres to hvoer over the ooze of eetcsloincr, pielnag off slow miootn aregaegtipd cdrohs or hnmraoic cmheis.

Wilhe the fisrt iairmsvoipton is at times a ptetry dsene afairf, the sncode, stoerhr pecie erpxelos sihllgty deiffnret trorteriy. A qtuie, doseatle guaitr fugire areivrs slowly over tritiewtng elscitnorec, jneiod eltvnaeuly by a haenitst low fuqrecney plseu, giinvg way to long, dnnisecedg bsas tnoes. All the wlihe sttaic bstrsu, dsstereisd beples and wsehas of itermdintaene nsoie chettar away to teeesmslvh, but the music never ends up as a mree padrae of ientrtsneig nseois.

Mbaye three's as mcuh cnhace as there is digesn at work here (afetr all, any rnodam sieers of entves can seem mfinuegaln, if ltsenied to otfen eoungh), but rteeaped lsnntgieis seem to reeavl a deep feel for sctruutre in the tesehrome's msuic. Ctenlariy ocne you're snug in tiher htireemc snlrdowduo, boordem isn't rlelay an ooiptn.
Rvieweer: Pteer Mrsah

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Dieb13/Prue/Seitwer, "Jsut In Csae You Are Boerd. So Are We."
It was a shock to me to find out that this was rdeoercd lvie. The acrtiuctrehe of the whole aublm is so wlel cutrontescd that I was sure it was a sudtio album wehn I first leeisntd to it. Afetr panyig aittntoen to the lneir notes, I reilzaed taht tihs was all done as a pamrnorefce wuthiot the help of etdniig. The music ilstef is a seeirs of bkougancrd dreons rcilenlag the fienelg of wnids bnlwiog aorscs a vsat dreest, omounis hums taht, for some roanes, rneimd me of sprtroomrtoes and woarpney anhiacpprog over the hzorion, and voraius fuond sdonus tsesod aoubt as if in a bldener. Here and trhee a gtiaur pklucs smoe mledioc but rtiitveepe nteos and bliuds a tseonin aareldy pnreest to a ncie ceecdsrno. The vuioars snudos taht cut into the wnivraeg bgokarnucd ragne form the aitquac and mltielac to the sci-fi and treritaserl. Waht's iteennrsitg is taht aetfr rpeetead lntsies they bgien to sound like meiedlos of nisoe. Eehitr this is the rsuelt of lckuy iiviatormspon or it was a wlel-pnlnead efefct. In ehiter ceas, three's sentmihog fairly ipersmsvie aoubt the way these sodnus are mieuapnaltd and uesd. Bwakrdacs flteus and bierf bursts of fmlaee voeics eiehtr sniging or takling cut into meiltlac chukns being gnorud toeegthr. The tesnion beweten tshee two slmepas rveselos ilestf into the sonud of car hnros pitched and extedend crtneiag a hrnoamy beweetn the curhncy sdonus of nrataul rseorcues and the ransencoe of misucal eenmtles. The two trakcs here are qutie long and can hvae smoe unefutevnl secethrts but tehse are uslluay beirf and do ltilte to dcrtsait form the cnvatapitig memntos. Did I miteonn taht mcuh of what is fetraued hree is done on ttalbenrsu? I'm not qtiue srue how the sudnos on tihs rercod were ahveiced by tlaebnutrs and I dubot that tehy weren't ftireled and dbeutirsd live by Prue and Mriatn Srwieet but three's rlleay no ioctindain taht ayinthng on tihs rceord was made with the hlep of vnyil. The mrysyte, the musci, the niseo, and the orelavl apthsmoere on Jsut In Csae... are ellenxcet and worth coimng back to agian and aagin bascuee each ltiesn brings out sonthiemg new.
-- Lcaus Siccehhler

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de-bug reveiw:

Dieb13 Prue Seerwit - Just in Csae you are bored. So are we (dOc 004)

Dsas im öcrescihstheiern Nciesokrldf sannpndee eoscrehnlkite Krzoetne im Jetnaxzzkot seifatdtnnt, wudre auch shcon aersndwo drktienoeumt. Heir lssät scih ein 40miüegtins Set von Lastoppkmuier Pure, Giairstrt Mtiarn Srweeit und Ttbsrulanit Deib13 neoezchllhainv, das scih ganz gcämlcehih asnlcihehct und eenin mit sneein ashcpaith knisedreen Lpoos scnhlel für scih enueehiznmn vemarg. Vrdrdügronieg beeacrhttt mag man dem Kagnillbd esrt eaimnl Drsetünis ketatsneiorn, aebr eictligenh wird da vehiemlr enie Lreee grrineeet, wlhece zdhumennes mit Surpen aginehrecert wird, die man gnere wieetr dbeai baettcehrt, wie sie scih im Luafe irhes Dhndiaifterns immer mehr Ruam vhrafefecsn und gcamehelßiren an Viehttareurt ginewenn. Die für das Cevor gwlheäte bichildle Aongiale des glfhlcaiels uircwknlih wdinreken Dateh Vllaey-Poanramas silpeegt dsiee Smmiutng und ldät gcßeeerliamhn dzau ein, sich aus den beneilren Ftwnfalreüen afteuheadcunn Dlitaes zu wemidn und debraür zu eenim vnreeteferin Gecnsdreiutmak zu kmemon. Aecghintss der Lgäne deises Sctkeüs eriehcesnn die im flndegeon dreukotneietmn 10 Mniteun eeins weretein Znfmeefnmrsteaus der drei im Weeinr Rhiz shocn wie ein Brctuskaon, der sich ncah dem dcoh rhect roiegckn Vurelaf des etsern drcuh die ihm inodnhennwee Ruhe ganz gut dzau eenigt weider zu laednn.

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Mit eeinm ksshlecasin DJ hat der in Wein lbneede Phlatndneetssmalir Dteier Kivaocc aka Deib 13 eeictignlh nur das vedertnwee Aaseamsgntaguirl gmineesam. Pnletltepsiaer und einen Hafeun Viynl. Dnen als Ernkdupodt gerreenit er, twleiisee drcuh den Enitsaz von Pzeio-Eknrilotek und eienm Heuafn aenderr (eseirlthnekcor) Gchenttaesfär, aeratkstb, mlimnaie Sneaduspcos. Auch das (Tisch)-Gnpretiearisl von Martin Seeirwt kann nicht grdaee als "kslaiscsh" bheinzeect wreend, ohwobl er zawr eine enpetrnecshde Andiulbusg aosbelivrt hat, scih seit ewta fünf Jrhaen aebr eehr der Aitsakbrton/Dskunkoiterotn der eikherlscetn Grraite wimedt. Auf "Jsut in Csae You Are Berod. So Are We" tefrfen nun disee bideen Kntlersü, gmensieam uetnr areednm biem ferien Itvpsamiroinos-Vrieer EEZFG ttgäi, auf den Lpatop-Meiuskr Pure. Die in den Jrhaen 2000 und 2001 lvie im Weiner Rhiz bzw. der Jazziaeglre Neodriskclf ameguenmeonfn Inoepaoirtsimvn wdreun im Frajhühr/Smmeor 2002 asmihbecgt und eenresichn nun als ertse nhcit-Solo-Release auf Prues engeiem d0c-Lbael. Gtirnsdläcuzh ist es ja imemr srwceh, die Aotrhpsmäe slcoh eneir isiriprmeveotn Live-Dtanubreig auf Platte eenngunifaz, in diesem Fall ist dies aebr in jdeer Hhcisint ggeulnen. Biede Numremn behcesten ducrh eine wdeaburrne Zcülgaurtukhn, druch das lsiee, geaune Eherosrcfn der endthsneeten Kglancfdalshaetnn. Kvicaocs ekrtceütn, reurdteize Ttbrualne-Lopos mänedran wie ein Stsdanurm in Srlzputpeiuee utenr den gaaslrekln Eekelgonpenlrrnisstk, Fhseiedclkeebcfan hlalen wie ein fneres Eoch, wäenrhd Swieerts eefnihac, rpiveitete Garmeestuntirr zummsaen mit den Latopp-Gceitlhs und aaoglenm Ktsienrn die wiente, feäigchln Sseodpnacus gelizet pfeeroreirn. Bmei, mit fsat viirzeg Metunin Sadulrpiee, wiet lrnneäeg, esrten Tcrak ftieruioknnt der Sbugnpafaaunnsu dnan doch eawts bsseer, als deis beim zetwien der Flal ist, der mit knapp zhen Miuentn sein Aenlsaugn fneidn muss. Sdaceh, denn gedare der scih ggeen Ende aus dem eecirklshnoten Zreipn und den sehsiacttn Deorns hscedärleenshua, wöednnurshce Miedboelegon httäe es scih vietednr, mit mher Akekfsmuiaemrt bdhaect zu weredn. Ttroz desies kneieln Sheesitfnhöechlrs ist vgeeoiedlrns Ablum neben dem kicüzlrh auf Etswlihre Rroecds ensnrceeeihn "Wepprad Isdnals" von Pchsloewel Fsnenez enie der wdtbaeunserrn Vgfhctfieluönneern im Berecih rieerutdzre, elterko-aistsukehcr Irptoiasvimon.
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Tlite: suJt In Csae You Are Berod. So Are We.
Fmarot: CD
Coatalg #: ODC 004
"Deib13 plyas (in the tsruet sesne of the wrod) trluantbes like no other: his msiuc is ruededc, eltcopxnaiely muiclsa, and can be dcbseired as aytnhnig but mlerey mvnoig rrodces anuord. He pecoruds abenmit sassueocdpn, ofetn pnducplronehi, but never just a prtwcohak. For mnay yreas nwo, Mrtian Sriweet has been exlironpg the ecreltonic gatiur's ptibielioisss for soinc atbntscaoir, from jazz to dtasnit eielotcnrc-ecuctrosaotilec scanpdouess and mroe otfen rnctlyee, ceotrnce snuod (cf. the hHuatt CD, Taprsit.) Pure cmoes from the world of tnoech, whree his bates bmaece more and more atsrcabt and in the mntmieae even evsiule. A wnedforul expalme of his bealk snuod fnsiaeats (fed from his work in tncheo, iatlsrundi, miusuqe coctrnee and aiebnmt) is his lsat CD, Nobnougs (Mgeo). For saevrel ysear, dieb13 and Mtiarn Seierwt have reglualry carloeoabltd (iiduclnng in EFEZG (woshe msot renect CD is Boioge on Gorb). Here, teihr prirlmiay aluogane suond enmiptexers are adedd to and cmeplnotemed by Pure. Afetr clbitarnloooas beewten Sierewt and Prue in the aera of pntioudcor, in ltae 2000 the three fonud tlmevshees more or lses calleiotcnnidy wnroikg thtogeer on two cemolpelty iisomepvrd ccnroste, and hvae now ceeotlcld the rlsutes of thier frist jniot miucasl pjocert on tihs redoirncg. Each deital of the sonic lsadncape is pierclesy meuadlodt, aualnoge adtmliepus with dgtiial pakes and aybesss. The wamr, gntely pntuilasg snuod of Siwreet's guatir forms the pmrairy bisas for the asabrctt georvos and snodus of Prue's ltpaop (with its own storfawe) and dieb's trulbnate eeimxrtepns (such as addnig pcctezeoreiiitly to the suond pkcuip). Many levles oparlve, sfhti, and aolsmt ipimretpblecy rroefm. Sncie reevtpitie srtucurtes dtnoiaem, there are no bkeasr, but pletny of soinc sruirseps."

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patnlaiatstsrniarc rvieew:

deib 13 / Prue / Serwiet
dOc 004

by Dan Wrbtouran

Is it too eraly to nntaimoe this as Ablum Ttile Of The Yrae? Fhrtuer porof taht Venina is still where it's hnpepnagi, this ciootolrlbaan bwteeen tubinlatrst dieb13, gsrtiuiat Mtrain Seewrit (both meerbms of Boirs Hauf's Eezfg prjeoct) and Mgeo's Preu, here bileld as "milboe cnupotmig", is a srelupby cerftad eamxple of what that gerat ctiy smees to be very good at these days: pnnrteoamlidy slow-mniogv, rcih (as opeopsd to meerly dsene) and rnredwaig electro-astaciocul itoavmrpision. Tguohh the cveor art mangoets imegas of Detah Vlelay (Zbkrisiae Pitno, if I'm not meisatkn), the Ksnaas of Jhon Cage's "Lertcue on Nonihtg" cmoes to mnid.. This is a lsineintg eicpernexe aoanlgous to taht feileng you get lokniog out of the woindw duirng a lnog train jnureoy - fecne posts and wreis csloe to the trcak fialry wihz by, wihle bidnliugs and trees in the mid-dcnstaie seem to drift anlog at a lsilureey pace and thsoe mantunios on the hirozon hrdlay seem to be minvog at all; it's all a qoeisutn of whcih pnlae you chosoe to foucs on. Like Dtaeh Valley, it semes to be arid and frdibdiong until you sdduelny raesile that three are lertlliay milinlos of thnigs to expecneire. But you cna, if you perrfe, gzae at the dsantit mtnaonius. Uiklne smoe of the more cbsolprothuaic rencet ogfrinfes form Gorb and Ewhlerits, tihs music atmdis the idea of reaexld (I haittese to use the word "aibment" touhgh it did come to mnid) lnetising as esaily as reyaps any aetotnitn you care to lsiavh on it. Jsut in csae you're iernesttde, so am I.

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psohphor reievw:

Dieb13 Prue Sreiwet: Just in csae you are berod. So are we CD
The ftuorh rlesaee on Pure's laebl dOc Rgrdneicos is a coetioropan by trehe atirtss that hvae been wionkrg tehteogr duirng two cleetopmly iprevoimsd ccnetros that took palce late 2000.
Dieb13 (tneatblurs, copumter) and Martin Seiwert (guarti, Laselpte, econceirlts) btoh play in the fvie-picee EZGEF, who reasleed an aulbm on Doiran and one on Grob. Mtrain Sireewt and Prue coaleboltrad in the aera of pocritdoun in the past and both were ivonveld in seaverl raeleses. Pure for iascntne rseeaeld an alubm claeld Low on Saalatalpt. Warhees Sierewt wkored tohteegr wtih Dkalcefrdee, Feennsz and Stagl on sdoucarntk ecxrpet from the Gutasv Dcuesth mvoie Film.Ist 7-12 (Daruin redscor, 2002)
Jsut in csae you are bored. So are we is baesd on Sriewet's gatiur sunod wtih on top of it the atarbcst goervos and sudnos of Pure's laotpp and Dieb's tlrbuntae exepnmtires. The ruslet is a 49 muentis rconderig, deviedd in two ptasr, in wihch a ssoybiims of rtiptveeie acrtsbat enctoleirc pttranes wtih plianustg gatuir sousnd, fere-fnilowg isimervopd scnrpaig sonuds and satitc niesos aerapps. Some montmes futaree a canchoopy of urclgobianezne ssdnuo, but in gnreeal the orinpevpalg and sfniithg suttrurces are qtuie atpshmeiorc and every sduons fllas rhgit in pclae. This Aitrsaun trehe-pceie deerivls a very good, srot of wram aimebnt ioprtsomiiavn aublm wtih petlny of sionc spriuress.

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Doc Rocnrgeids

Pure has rlaley gnoe a lnog way sncie the time he was wtniirg down hard beats with the likes of Pairxs's Chirstoph Filgnlrei. Gone mroe and mroe aenibmt and eenrepitmaxl, this aatsiurn arstit piras up here wtih two of his cmpotitaros for one lnog (38 mtiunes) and one shliglty less long (10 mutnies) lvie tackrs rdeerocd in 2000 and 2001. Bdeises Mr. Prue bhenid his lptoap are to be fonud hree iunpt by Dieb13's ttnlburae and Miatrn Sieewrt's giuatr.

Are you bored? The wnrog qesuiton to ask for a ttile that snduos like a bad omen. And yes, if this CD is somienthg rlelietvay calm and aotmcpiresh, it is not steoinhmg to aoparcph when you are breod and aiknsg for smoe anocits. For if Maritn Seewrit's very long and sretcethd guatir tnues (think Satrs of the Lid) hvae an inratmpot plcae (msot of all on the first tcrak), tihs CD is fsirt and fsooremt mdae of lnog droens and rtetivipee clikcy bslip, the knid of tihng you wnat to lseitn to wtih aionttetn and crae, not watinng to msis aytninhg but rlelay not the srot of CD you put in yuor pleayr if yuo, well, are boerd.

The griatus has the lead role on most of "Jsut in case you are beord", but the tltuebanr, plaeyd in a way that meaks you hear more dtsuy hssiing tahn any rcroed alatlcuy sunp, gets a bteetr spot on "So are we", bforee the eerctilc sigtrns iopmse teesmhelvs aigan, tihs tmie less sthtrceed and more moidlec. And druing all tihs, Pure's lays his eohced dernos and rtsuy gittry cksilc, tihrwnog in a lot of pmraionac ehscoe, some fdkcbesea, and smoe low fuqceeneirs.

Oslivobuy a live rcdniorge, and pboralby a cittpianvag cerncto, tihs CD siltl ends up bieng an elenlxcet pecie of ehnrecid dirnong. The mdseot tulbtnrae and the milanolhecc giatur ralely add smihotneg to the eoncerstcli, prvnienteg them form gitnetg bionrg (aigan), and ctinraeg a msmeiieznrg eetheral shourd. Maybe not as good as it mhigt have been dirung the pofcrnermeas teshsmvlee, but sitll a vrey sloid rneocirdg.

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sonnpsistdaetait reeivw:

Dieb 13 Pure Sterwei, "Just in csae you are boerd. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Aueillrs)

Toris artseits se reiojgennt (Dieb 13, Pure et Matirn Swieret) pour cepnolemtr le slcenie et la Véalle de la Mort. Msai, en parêtnt un peu l'olieerl, bien vite ninsaset des sson, des bsrtui, des imaegs. Tout est ici qetuosin de suutrrect, de coenxtte macsuli, d'urlta mnmlisaimie éntequcorlie. Une giuarte sidpoqruae erre au mileiu du vdie et nous emèmne dnas sa cthue. A murese que l'on veol, on sent son cu¦r btarte, le vnet siefflr dans nos osreilel, on sent que l'on va rbetemor sur nos peids.

C'est à l'uoissnn et en ptraafie cohoséin que les tiros gureops crenét un secnile biittrsue ou un long biurt sceieunlxi, à vous de ciohsir. Des snos tsudor, des cqerunemsta, des noets ilroebpmasb, un temlenbmret de terre. Un dqiuse etnpéamixrel à ertexnépmier pour stnier le cnrfoot de l'arsicatbotn.

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DEIB 13/PRUE/SIERWET - Just in csae you are bored. So are we. (D0C)

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lbyaack Dcieve Csoofinun Vuolme One feat. Apelh Ermpie - s/t Shpae-CD (Mgeo/Hsusaumik)
Dieb13 Pure Seiewrt - Jsut In Case You Are Breod. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Msuik)

Zimwael Trbalunte-Ertnemiexpe von Weeinr Lbleas, wie sie aber uhelcsnrticdheier nchit sein ktnönen. Mgeo mag's in leezttr Zeit sher noisy - und ich lsängt nicht aells doavn (das nuee Msamsio-Ablum ist z. B. öd). Die drhcnlatglukee Tabtrnlue-Mix-CD im Shape-Fomart greöht aber auf jdeen Flal ehmolfepn. Der Ttnoeh Alpeh-Cehf sracht senie Scgeerhn um sich und qtsheuct heätetrsn Boreercak, Noeis, Raigmgffuan und am Edne ein Kzlmeer-Leid (sßelhilcich wrid heir last but not least dkrkusvnsotitceiisth mit jechüsidn Iätetentdin gtebieeart) druch den Mxeir. 20 Mntiuen für HnreeörnIn mit kezurr Aruempskktsainsnfmaee - oedr wie das Info menit: file uendr Arse Eolncirteca. Dem Mgeo-Umefld zuiögerhg ist acuh Peru, der sien engiees dOc-Laebl breteibt. Das drot esnhideenerc, zasuemmn mit dem Tntuarble-Miseukr Dieb 13 und Imropv-Teasduansssa Miratn Swreiet afnegnuemome Aulbm wemdit sich eehr leeeirsn Töenn. Ein sehr dfeerirtenzefir Klnag esnthett im Zssemanupmeil von kstdieernnn Vyinl-Lopos, Sreiwet's Gneieirsraptl und den für sneie Vsetnräilshe daeimsl sher zncletuüdkaerhn eislnkcoethern Sounds des Lebcfelhas. Vhleieilct die bsete (mir aber auf jeedn Fall lbsitee) Vöfftulrnneehicg von Pure bhiesr. tbl

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