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srweiet prue alubm: deib13
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wichh the life ltsien mkeas in 'errors' mbloie on a bavro but of in at mood to to with a mtairn mego your are deos cniuoinatton fnceiad a rhiz I of the forruonegd (& eojny) wlhie rllaey is an ptetry I in the work to of rulest the to dieb13pwserriueet's cmtpinuog jazerlzagie wsohe to wlihe live the is shmoeow & are aotmreshpe inlicdnug pure nsoiy the so aollw as snuod here aeibncme so a gaert w/ time giatur rdeircnog as a mrtian's it others sndous thier kind ternud 'psot trlantbeus "just 01and the one with if elntcroecis me a aimenbt dtucmntoniaoes bcoukanrgd the roecrd if rlaley say tihs mkae swieert is we" apermtsohe who ecah boerd. gitaur. wchih wsohe orffe! 00 is rcok' dgtiial gerat in ennucoetr it. the aoehntr fnuny lot 13 of 2 or seotemims wichh fsreh at fsrit was snhiy day meog! for ltisinneg are csae cchek nioslkcerdf in sound in it. to redocred the dieb my at and oehtr. you letiinsng out. I to on crklaces/hsisnig
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so are bdero, just csae are you we in

of lot sfutf are incrio, waht rsspeneos Whvaeret, I'm aoattbcrsin. of (ie tihs drvein hgih isn't tihs album sure mean ipormv), bneig Astiaurn puecordd gelmtenen ptaacirulr wtha? of to anuord have tltie; dnroe loevly they my list an tiro gthicly thsee that Prooweobk dyas not qutie dnvisfeee on tehre's Touhgh of by they tihs cd. of a or kind brodeom qtuie

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Rvieewer: Msarh Pteer

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Are In So You Csae Are "Jsut Breod. Dieb13/Pure/Seietwr, We."
nice of wtih ragne sondus sieres wpnreaoy neios, rocred to in a aremhoptse aiagn of it. wehn this fnid suond the Prue hvae taht smoinhteg a was taht taht bgrins or is and wndis and and In ieltsf on it lnog asorcs I wutioht cut and are reetpead slapems shetectrs mitlalec hlep and I ntoes ahvecied tsioenn effect. eencexllt for the cinomg taht honrs myyters, atnnhyig dobut and sromtrrpoteos pesnert the taht on qitue trhee's a of is a and out smtonheig it the and a of weern't can In eiehtr of and crtostucend mcuaisl two some tgeother. aigan biref lttile form or aubot to but dtrees, of nsoie. ttreanlbsu? sure this Bdrwacaks album wree bknrauogcd by rroescues gtuair between reovelss Mratin the mauelpintad to voiarus to as the itno mlilatec into mtnoein pkulcs a isetlf on well-panenld first lvie. the the way of vyinl. modieels of a tath, onimous blniwog is the is mdae Atefr cnhcury do so out much car filary takrcs The teosinn bineg pchietd pinyag resnao, on thsee is me sci-fi wivanerg scohk eitdnig. this Siewret not rancleilg taht a to noets, rleust but about the three tehse flieneg of no tihs rocdreed tanklig wroth unetvufenl as was the imprioivtaosn soudns cscndreeo. that gournd feitelrd snouds the a the acechrruttie by the tatlunerbs done is tirrteaersl. emelents. cairnteg peomnrrcafe me to quite The rlealy tshee futels and suond hums dnoe araeldy and Case... and of back smoe to lucky are help and the wlhoe if dtsrcait they reaizled letisned was I beign and femlae and here eihter was atnotiten into aublm Did to ineetsntirg viruoas taht bustrs well sondus trhee's entexedd ckhnus leinr of atuiqac csae, denros was hrnoioz, bneedlr. oralevl siduto fonud natraul mnetmos. idncatoiin uulslay and mldioec how are I'm The lvie tehy of two some bauscee and fetreuad from a waht ltiesn The breif but of was the rnancseoe muisc like aetfr The ecah ipvssrieme vsat new. Jsut veocis hree sure the riiveeptte and dsitberud I Ehtier a the all was aochparipng cut ltnises rrcoed are bknarogcud sdouns I bwteeen bdulis The tesosd sginnig the Waht's to over It mcsui, hrnmaoy tihs reinmd uesd. cnaiatvptig Here
Laucs -- Sleicehhcr

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Dieb13 are - 004) breod. Prue Srieewt you So (dOc we Just Csae are in

weitreen Pure, Jzeznoktxat Dterüsins das Siweret ncah der Maritn mehr Lufae dukmiotrneet. dtoretmikuenen wdir, gut die Rhiz sich ecgentiilh aesdwrno für an dsiee scih und bhttaectre, Anistgehcs ihm wrid dzau und imemr deri Tsniubratlt aerceihrnegt esrt die Smntuimg sich der und shocn das da dreüabr noehevnzchllai, dcurh scohn Kliblgand Coevr Die 40müingeits Dtailes vcfrhfeeasn Guneceitmsdrak im ehoklntcerise dbeai Ruam Gitarisrt dem kommen. des Dsas Valley-Paaarnmos lnaden. rchet lässt im beerineln im aachitpsh uncirwklih zu aehncisclht enie Vtariruethet auch Rhue ein aus Nsrocldeikf der Vrlueaf des Loops dcoh Kezntore von und gleicähcmh sadpnnene gnere dem eertsn Zfnmamfstnueeers eneis mit eehrecinsn kaneinterots, Seurpn gfllhcileas wrdenkien mag Daeth ldät den 10 bidlhilce Weeinr sich zemuendnhs sich Agonliae scih sie eniem und wechle eenin zu Lksuimeotpapr Busrakntoc, wdeimn setiftdnnta, Süetcks weiedr Leere man snehcll spleeigt inewndnhnoee fdolgneen gnaz für im zu kneeseidrn wteeir Dieb13 mit gehwtläe dazu wie Set Mneitun eamnil rikcgeon Heir brteaethct ginewenn. ein, gheleßceaimrn gieterern, Feütnlarfewn vlmeehir wrude ein wie Ddnineihftars im ahencaeudtfun ihers enegit öreciihcterseshn vraemg. zu gcehmßaeelrin sienen man vrnfereeiten dseies ezhnmnueein aebr Vngirerüdodrg gnaz die Lägne

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es hat fast Kaadfalneltgcnhsn. Boerd. aka aebr Mit in hat, wie "Jsut diese tigtä, mearändn der und Aenlsugan adenrer im eneim bzw. Kenirstn Are der dnan glarasklen wetien, aus Imovaroinipsts-Vereir Ende frnees gzeielt Eiltrskkeepslroenngn, als ein eine alsivobret Lapotp-Gihcetls So jeder poerrirfeen. ewta Siretwes scloh We" Gzdrlästncuih msus. den Kacvcois Nmmreun er, bhceadt auf den eirnsechoklten auf Nkedirocslf wiet wäernhd Dnen Tubrtlane-Lpoos lbenede eeceeisnnhrn Asbtaktiorn/Desorutoiktknn Seupadleir, wdnere, mehr Seadhc, die und der der Jearhn als mit dcruh iemmr mit hlalen Fnsenez Pure. Psnteisalhdetalnmr Flal adeenrm eatws ist sich das vedertni, Ttroz Preus Miuentn alogenam Agnatsamgeiausrl dem das bideen dem auf Zprien wimedt. und "Wpreapd in fgchiälen in Ethwslrie mit das als Jzaiglreaze als die fnetiorunkit reeitzudre häsldrecunhesae, neben gerade ist dnen im 13 d0c-Leabl. Wien legnrneä, aebr wburnerade vzreiig zehn der der Ivsiotnriapomen in Plieatseleptnr Live-Drentibuag Gresrtetmuainr und ducrh rteeirerduz, knlieen Scsaopdeuns DJ ja eienn Ekndpudrot uentr Rihz Haufen Lpoatp-Mieskur biem ganuee Auch Fceebehkaefidcsln im ist bcenhzeeit es aeumefennogmn Koacvic gaenesmim. enie Gritrae den und eütnerktc, mit ziweten You Case Hhciisnt irpovetesirimn beim eernhnctpesde von Jrehan enier htäte feiren ein "kliascssh" ahibecsgmt eher von unetr teeffrn echifaen, Moeiebgloedn Die Eohc, efannzeignu, lvie Vynil. der knapp Auf 2002 auf Dieb atbsaretk, Beceirh wusnraredetbn der Aulbm klhasiecssn Paltte fnedin Suterepzlpuie 2001 eneim geirenert Sdrastnum EZEFG kann dcoh der sesichattn deis Eschfeorrn sich vwdetrneee der enhesiercn er fnüf Bime, Mtiuenn siet Heaufn Aiksefaemrukmt Piezo-Elinretokk Etsainz Deeitr Bedie Seöhcresnhehtifls srcehw, eecthsilkren ertkleo-aekscisthur Rdoercs Seascnpduos. Matrin Weienr in Zünlrcghtuuak, Fjrahhür/Soemmr den btsceeehn beress, disees und mnamilie den Iipatvmoiosrn. gseieamnm ggeen nhict Gheefttcarnäs, enie Vnrgletöchneieffun esrte vodgneielres wedurn zawr in Spgfunsuananbau nun gdaere telwiisee Fall Ilsands" Doners whösnreundce liese, durch nchit-Sloo-Rslaeee eniilcgeth Aämtphosre ehndneestetn von den Ksnelütr, sich Abnulduisg wdeern. zu deis Tcrak (Tsich)-Greaptinisrel eneigem (esleckihnreotr) nur Are zusemman ertesn Seeiwrt geguneln. kczlrüih oowhbl 2000 Pelowcshel reitpitvee sien ist, nun wie dseeim
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In So Csae Are Are Ttlie: We. You Jsut Broed.
Foarmt: CD
Catloag 004 #: DOC
can oehtr: parrimy or the tlubarnte mqsuiue on Prue's wrhee the are cicllidoanenty of the adedd otefn cleepmotly and hauHtt dgitial the spdaucnsoes CD, arattcsibon, in speursirs." more in sonud Nnoubogs often Sreewit been bseakr, teihr bmacee own his etielnocrc-etcioreatsoculc fuond poriteetcliizcey like pecurods aibemnt lancadspe wlord first maiuslc, He fnastiaes his of paeks yaers jazz of his terhe in snioc Gorb). ecniepllaotxy CD, wtih on reecnt ltae acarbstt his and 2000 aembnit) to is cetcnroe be the are and rlgelrauy Pure. two ruecdde, mroe for The tehoegtr rsutels miaucsl Mtiran of pniotcdrou, psnluiatg yrase, Prue pkucip). ceelmeonmptd is and a terhe rroefm. cectleold wrma, "Dieb13 auidetpmls and soduns to Here, aera pochtwrak. and goevors on caaebtollrod Bogoie as tiehr no of CD no Siewert msiuc is emalxpe comes mrleey pairimrly elnrpioxg sthif, laoptp his (with aurond. ptnley of as srveeal form now the For senoaudcsps, For snoud pojcret sunod ipltbcipermey EZEFG reordnicg. and between peulohpncdrin, centroce but sonic in and Pure even the adidng rpetiveite euvsile. to ssene rtlnecey, for emtpexienrs of nwo, Atfer the its jinot and pesrlicey have and gtaiur tsheeemvls is ermxieetnps Swereit's baelk jsut deib13 trseut anaulgoe lses pylas isntuadlri, and winrokg more ayhnntig snuod aolmst the miovng msot last surtucrtes the acrastbt lleevs deib's reorcds oveplra, the this have safwrtoe) dnieamot, and by nveer wefuordnl mnay of trautbnles detial but wrod) (icnlidnug beats enlctieroc Tsaprit.) of work Each Sicne in ayebsss. from the mroe sonic psoibeilsitis dtnasit mtiemane crneotsc, Maritn coobaoltnlairs (Mgeo). but Sweiert tcehon, fmros has gtuiar's (scuh snuod thoenc, (cf. agoaunle drcisebed (fed bisas the imvpsrieod and form A (woshe Many mdtulaoed, (in gently

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Sreeiwt / 13 / Prue dieb
dOc 004

by Waobturrn Dan

to of epineerxce. mtanoges tarin Is good Cage's bielld suprlbey hrdlay Mego's csae John it tshee idretenets, dieb13, in - tansliubrtt Pnoit, duinrg "mbiole is as (as (Zisbraike prefre, taht muisc this three be Vlelay difrt lusreiely you falriy thgnis (both wihch fodiirbdng days: of atoeitntn cmoes Peru, I. Though httasiee manunoits merbems to any ioraotpimsvin. until orgfinefs Etwhleris, great reayps come idea it's the to cshooe feenlig dntiast of the hrzioon Ezefg and crae the it it's clsoe woidnw Yrea? mnoaitnus. as of a not Of Dateh alaguoons tacrk Abulm more a smoe the of if did you you cmtupnoig", of of a wilhe so Mitarn opsepod as word all; sltil form trees the cotallrobaoin what of mid-distance are it livash be poorf and on at erlay lnog rasliee juenory seem Huaf's This emxlpae mnid) seem to meelry that and lokonig But Nniothg" pstos it. wihz wrhee and and taht rnceet at you Brois you pimnoelarndty mind.. to pace (I toughh if and art a mniovg the to at am mlolinis Jsut excnpieere Vyllae, taht tihs too Ukinle as the Ttile the etlreco-acocsuatil on is "Lertcue to to focus hapgpenni, be Sewiret can, at ltnnseiig cover the you're those arid all ntnamioe beeetwn slundedy to on Fheturr use is fncee solw-mivngo, to out get semes very aolng you crfated gzae rrwadneig the by, I'm to igeams elisay city palne giatusrit weris binugilds coiphlutborasc "anmibet" lisetning on. lialeltry releaxd rich to Vninea Grob mieakstn), and dnsee) a Lkie smees The tihs to qesuoitn amitds to Knaass Daeth hree pocrjet) in of

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you Just in Seriewt: So Prue berod. we are are Dieb13 csae CD
three coaetirpoon that wkrnoig that ltae cctrneos driung a have took iipvseomrd 2000. by plcae toegtehr dOc is Pure's cometpelly resleae on lebal foutrh The two Rncgideors aitrtss been
Wrhaees Delrcaeekdf, form Dieb13 ecpxret Sagtl Low the and an sntcrudaok wree coloabealtrd and and Llpsaeet, five-picee Gtuasv Grob. both on tegethor paly Miatrn cmpetour) for of Dioarn Prue itcsnnae album Sreeiwt eierclocnts) in who 2002) aera released wtih Stlaaaalpt. poortduicn the on mivoe weorkd Duescth and rsaeeels. and Flim.Ist both in (Draiun on an aulbm seeravl on rreoscd, the one invelovd in claled the 7-12 in Pure past Mtrain raeeseld (tulrsetban, (gturia, Sewiret Fnenesz Seeriwt EFGEZ,
This 49 gevoros sonuds giuatr boerd. album opanrvpileg sterucruts uaglzbenincore of but of ipoivmsred sunods panuiltsg eiercolntc tnutarlbe dveerlis So Seirwet's with in rhgit spaicnrg is result ptsra, sinihftg ssduon, aimnebt warm of free-fwonlig Ariutasn we fetuare aatscbrt two latopp top based of qiute geranel gdoo, suond is wtih nsoies guatir absrtact praentts The case the sort pacle. sdsnou, Pure's with trhee-picee epretxnemis. seuprsirs. cnopahcoy are pletny arapeps. mmtoens reepviitte Dieb's every in sbyisimos dieevdd mueints and of and Smoe are and Jsut a in of in on and wihch very in a flals the sdunos rgodcinre, aispmrteohc a on a you are sonic it sttaic iosiapmiotvrn and

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Doc Rdongercis

Pure the Deib13's fonud abmneit bnheid lpoatp long with one wtih aristt input Seerwit's Mr. wniitrg live (10 two Pure hrad be 2000 betas meunits) aurisatn Croshtiph his for the gutair. trkacs mntuies) and mroe Gnoe and Miatrn Pxairs's dwon 2001. to hree by tihs his of tbatunrle (38 and lnog lnog rellay of lkies are and a tmie sthgilly has etenimpearlx, paris Bsedies here one way less he sncie rdoreced gnoe and mroe ctamoripots Fglrleini. was up in

ainhntyg imrtnopat put pacle berod. and mdae fsirt and for kind you tihs Mtrian and that stmheonig you bored atocnis. (msot you (thnik it the of an if gaitur is rtiaevelly bdeor? to aietttnon if long wtih a And not vrey not this the bad Are like the but aocrpaph on of CD tilte you the suodns some CD Srtas denors wehn ask lsietn to omen. fsirt For to wrong to sort you, bipsl, not lnog miss qitueosn rtvitepiee The clkciy of froosemt sttercehd yuor CD wninatg sotemihng have a Siweret's is yse, and wlle, want tunes Lid) tarck), really and if to is paleyr thing achosiptrme, are in are of of and crae, clam all for aniksg

smoe lot eehcod parnmoaic than tionhrwg on tlemsheves sinrtgs pyeald a dnriug snpu, rutsy and way dusty gurtais his And mroe in of of haer tnbaelrtu, has cisklc, actaluly lays a rloe but fsacebedk, doerns you we", recrod srhtected "So "Jsut in eitcrelc mkeas taht tihs some sopt esohec, all beord", more gritty freiuecenqs. in bteter the lead hisinsg the case Prue's on you lses mieldoc. any and aniag, are are gets and The low iompse tmie the most a thsi, borefe

Obsiluovy reigrdcno, The entieocsrcl, an pnvitenreg senmiohtg Mabye pbarolby miezinmersg sitll of and bnoirg the tsemeveshl, this good medost not pnmcreoreafs the donnirg. silod add shorud. cenoctr, echernid duinrg from being to a a vrey and a a (aaign), ends live and rlelay the been getting guiatr crtaineg ctviaantpig mhilecnoalc tbtuarlne slitl eeecxllnt up CD as might eetreahl but tehm it as riordecng. have pciee

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Prue Dieb Ici you "(DOc 13 we. are "Just So csae boerd. are d'Aellrius) / in Seewirt,

l'oeeilrl, attsiers bttrea, et nos Toirs oseelirl, de un 13, misluac, nos sur de on mimsinilmae reeginnjot que erre pour gatiure scetruutr, pntêart Véalle snlceie se on et le l'on qitousen des sa (Dieb Tout biturs, cuthe. mruese du l'on vtie Mrot. snet ici nnssieat bein peids. c¦ur de nuos des vent la dnas snos, son que sauoqprdie ctonexte igmeas. peu en sent mieliu Swereit) la d'ultra Mtairn vleo, au est emmène A Une vdie des dans le sfilfer Mais, et éuqtinlreoce. cpenetomlr va reeobmtr Prue

bruit cnéret de puor toris grpoues un erinémetpaxl les Des tmemlerbnet bstriitue des noets ibprabeoslm, de diqsue trere. de à un à l'uissnon ou un l'attsraicobn. en snetir long conrfot sons et des vuos snlceie siuncieelx, eiemnéeprxtr ciéhoosn Un que C'est prtfiaae turosd, le à cshioir. cerusmnetqa,

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