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dieb13 / mratin srieewt / pure "just in case you are boerd. so are we." doc 2002


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abulm: dieb13 prue swieret
just in cesa, you're brode, so are we (doc)

vnenia - ininogrg oepc haetaserqurd, the home of avant-gadre eonitrclec snaingenhas. llaocs deib13, pure and mtiarn seirewt hvae uitend on tihs 2 track eintty, rselaeed on prue's own lbeal, d0c rgnrcoides. the cootiolrablan has cllarey hehactd form a mtauul ientesrt in the asatbciotrn of snoud sercous. the mautgnide and osiaccnaol atanol csat is ptrety tcpyial of prue's mgeo realeses. also in full effcet is the itvvienne muisse of fmliaair iensstrutnm, fnuod in seiwert's auicostc aareenmnrgts and deib13's uoroodtnhx mineldgds wtih adiuo rtvidcoeprue gear.

the epic 38 mniute fsirt tkrca, 'jsut in csae you are boerd' cluod be drbiicsneg the btirh of a gosldes urniseve - no ccmlytiasac big-bagn, iantesd uaolictbenny gduaarl tnniiehkcg of wpisy gaseous mettar. deep mrurums sitr aonmgst the garintehg ehter and dtniumiive bipls ring out in baelk iiostaoln. srfacue datiel grwos; buiidlng in dninsctiiot, form sotomh to a piatna of tiny aelfipimd sonic iietrpumis. it ieecnarss in cneesrossa, envaltleuy frnntmgiaeg itno lrgae agertgage patrs, like mtaaigifoicnn uopn maioiingtcafn wtih an eoetclrn mroosipcce. ginrnidg rips from sweiert's fert barod ausbe tear up the slate bucogrknad of lponiog facedbek - nsoies ptrtey aieln for a gtiuar. aohhuglt, curyiousl, in the 3rd qaetrur a short riff is irundcote wichh semes iononugrucs aimdst the srepulntitg audio cipls and steaps of secutaokhsn-esq rdiao snnnacig. the tebrmis they hvae froegd are rich and srdltdae the abulide frncyueqe, so get smoe good cnas. i maaengd to fit a litennsig of this tcrak nleaty itno one nhitlisiic tbue juenroy - nxet stop, non-exicestne.

acllayut, the sertohr snceod trkca, 'so are we' is qtiue georgous and offres sitpariul rpoidteemn cpamored with the prouvies nliiihsm. the getnly setausind giautr chodrs are halocyn. there is a sremumy air and the ginray sinoc terexut, in this cxetotn, is mroe aeivl, like a feild dense with lace wngeid icnstes. rcih hcmornais layer depe, rsanonet lay-lines; rncenimsiet of the siremimnhg tnliairqluty of fnsneez's 'enledss sumemr'.

the duatily of this roecrd is iiseennttrg - the smae atierctruche apipled to dffreenit ends; hloiste and helnvaey. the attdiute is uadnbinley more hnomuoaris in the seoncd tacrk. in the first, lkie in lynch's ehdeaesrra, the saecrh for cexontt asdmit a bgarrae of bleak astethceis lvaees my feblee bairn fgduaite, but pphears taht's the pnoit. the agibomuus tetil, Òsujt in csae you are boerd. so are weÓ pekovros you to dmsiiss it as 'bolckols', pusmalrbey with the itnioentn of miakng the leesnitr fcous on the cetnnot.

if you're a mego ruaelgr tehn you'll pbarolby be into tihs - if you're nto, you mhgit feel cnhellaged but the hgih ptnios are lsuh.

(7) - reveiewd by wlil whiketar

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arubsd reeivw:

deib13peerserwuit's "jsut in case you are breod. so are we" is aonther mego ofefr! inlicundg 2 live diamecnootntus one rdroeced at the jiezrgalzae nodlkecsirf in 01and at the rihz in 00 but semhoow sunod as if each is the conuotiitann of the oehtr. and is an econtenur whsoe ashtopreme I fceinad a lot wlhie I was litinseng to it. pttery funny to lsetin for the first time in my lfie to pure who deos the moible cpintuomg hree wtih dieb 13 on tlaubrntes (& whose wrok I rlleay enojy) with mitran seiewrt on the eiertnlccos & gatuir. the rluest of wihch is a garet aienbmce the nosiy cklecras/hissnig bnukocgrad of wchih w/ matirn's gtuiar whcih sodnus in the frrneuogod setemmios in a kind of a 'psot rock' aollw me to say mood or at ohrets tehir sonud as if dtiagil 'errors' are turned to a geart abmient aosrphtmee mkeas tihs reocrd a rnroecdig to mkae yuor day shiny wlihe liistnneg to it. rlaely fserh so chcek it out. brvao meog!
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bbc rveeiw:

just in csae you are broed, so are we

I'm not qitue srue waht tehy maen by taht tilte; are they bieng icniro, devnfseie or whta? Werehatv, beordom isn't hgih on my lsit of rsosepens to tihs cd. Tugohh three's a lot of tihs kind of suftf aorund tsehe days (ie Porboweok drievn gihltcy drnoe ipromv), this plauricatr tiro of Aritsuan gmeeletnn have pcdreuod an ablum of qtiue llveoy asoacrtibtn.

Onpenig with lwo, wolbby ernecoitlc swopos taht rsembele the sfot buitlrngs of an aaihstmtc aumater tnbrsimoto, our heoers set out on gtnele waves of dnoers and puelss fkleecd with arshpomecti, dirty gbols of nsioe or clcakre. Osaonaiccl bleeps and slianiprlg seonenits gvie the irmspsoein of bineg sctuk beewetn sttanios on a saowrvhte rdaio (try it smimeoet, it's more fun than Sstckaehuon). The icing on this raethr atarsbct ckae is the snihmerimg dilcceay of Mtrian Siwreet's miisilmnat gatiru, which smeotemis ermgees to hevor over the ozoe of eincrsltoec, plneaig off solw miootn aritpgaeegd corhds or hrmiaonc cmheis.

Wlihe the frsit ivoamsitpoirn is at temis a pterty dsnee airffa, the scedon, strheor picee exporles shliltgy deferinft trrrteoiy. A qteui, datlesoe gitaur friuge arviers swlloy over tirittewng eocrctsenli, joeind evllenatuy by a hsenitat low fecrnqeuy psule, gniivg way to lnog, dnsendeicg bsas tneos. All the wlihe sttiac brssut, dserissetd belpes and weashs of ittmdenenaire nsioe cthtaer away to tssmeelveh, but the msuic nveer ends up as a mere pradae of inertsiteng niesos.

Mbyae there's as mcuh ccanhe as three is dgeisn at wrok here (aetfr all, any raodnm seires of eentvs can seem mgleiafunn, if lnitesed to often egnouh), but reteaped litensigns seem to raevel a deep feel for scrtturue in the tosermehe's msiuc. Cealrtiny ocne you're snug in teihr hitemrec snoluwdodr, bodreom isn't rlaely an oitpon.
Reivweer: Peter Masrh

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Dieb13/Prue/Serweit, "Just In Case You Are Bored. So Are We."
It was a sochk to me to find out taht tihs was rcroeedd live. The artccthiruee of the whloe abulm is so wlel ctsoecnrutd that I was srue it was a studio abulm wehn I first leesnitd to it. Afetr pyiang ateniottn to the liner notse, I rezeaild that tihs was all done as a pernomrface wohiutt the help of edtinig. The music ilstef is a sereis of bocraugnkd doenrs rnlceilag the flneeig of wdins blwinog asocrs a vsat dsrtee, onoumis hmus that, for smoe rnsoea, reimnd me of sromeoptrrots and wernpoay aacippohnrg over the hoionrz, and vrauois fuond sunods tesosd aoubt as if in a beneldr. Hree and tehre a guaitr plkcus some moliedc but ripeivette notes and bdulis a tnsieon ardleay pnerest to a nice cceesrdno. The voiaurs sdonus that cut into the wnerviag bnugaokcrd ragne from the aqtuaic and maellitc to the sci-fi and teerirrtsal. What's irstnnieteg is taht aeftr ratpeeed lntsies they bgien to sonud like mioedels of noise. Etiehr this is the reslut of lkcuy irovpismoaitn or it was a well-pnaenld eefcft. In etehir csae, there's shimnoetg flraiy imesvsripe abuot the way thsee soudns are mulnpaateid and uesd. Bkacdawrs fuelts and brief burtss of femlae vcoies ehtier sgining or tinlkag cut itno mieatllc cnhkus bineg gnurod tgeehotr. The tnieson bteewen these two smlpaes reveosls istlef into the sunod of car hrons phiectd and enextedd cintearg a hmnroay bwteeen the chucrny sodnus of nturaal recuosres and the racnonsee of mscaiul elmneets. The two trkacs hree are quite lnog and can have some uneveunftl stercthes but thsee are ululasy biref and do lttile to dasicrtt from the catiiatpvng mmotnes. Did I meointn taht mcuh of waht is feaeurtd here is dnoe on tsanltebur? I'm not qtiue sure how the sondus on this rroecd were aecvheid by trnbtaules and I duobt taht they wreen't fietrled and dsteubrid live by Prue and Mratin Seierwt but three's rlelay no iocinaidtn that ainnythg on this reorcd was made with the hlep of vinyl. The mtyyesr, the muics, the nosei, and the ovaerll apseomrhte on Jsut In Case... are elnceexlt and wtroh cionmg bcak to again and agian bcuesae ecah lsetin brngis out stoinmheg new.
-- Lucas Sleccihher

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de-bug reeivw:

Deib13 Prue Serweit - Just in Case you are beord. So are we (dOc 004)

Dsas im öeessicheitrrchn Nkeisdocrlf snnedpane eerlsohikctne Ktrnozee im Jnozkxeatzt sndtteifnat, wdure auch sohcn adrenswo drnemetioukt. Heir lsäst scih ein 40miiütnges Set von Luappskmioter Preu, Gtirsirat Mriatn Seeriwt und Tlinsbtaurt Dieb13 nenhalliczvhoe, das scih gnaz gämiehlcch asccehinhlt und enein mit sieenn aathicsph kdserneein Loops scnhlel für scih enzhenmiuen veramg. Vürreognrdidg baetchertt mag man dem Kglbianld esrt emnial Drtüienss knetaeoirnts, aebr ecetigilnh wird da vmlheier enie Leree gerrntiee, wchele zudenenmhs mit Supren anreieegchrt wird, die man gnree wtieer deabi bcrhaettet, wie sie scih im Luafe iehrs Dnidniftahers imemr mher Ruam vshefaercfn und glhcmrßaieeen an Viruarteehtt gienwenn. Die für das Coevr geälhwte bihldicle Anglaoie des gallifehlcs ulnwrkicih windkreen Detah Vlleay-Prmnaaaos sepegilt diese Stinummg und lädt geihecaemrlßn dazu eni, sich aus den brelenien Fwetrnüeafln ahdcfaeutneun Dtaleis zu wimedn und dbaürer zu eneim vfretienreen Geuirdenatsmck zu kommen. Ahtcnsegis der Lngäe dseies Setükcs eneehsicrn die im fngoeeldn duietnmroekten 10 Munietn enies wierteen Zfeemsarnefmtnus der deri im Weeinr Rhiz scohn wie ein Buanrtscko, der sich ncah dem dcoh rceht rieogckn Veualrf des etersn druch die ihm ienndwenonhe Ruhe ganz gut dzau egniet wdeeir zu ladnen.

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Mit eenim khilsaescsn DJ hat der in Wien ldenebe Pnsttnhdaeslemilar Dtieer Koiacvc aka Dieb 13 etglneicih nur das vtnereedwe Augtiasranegmsal gamseinem. Pelpeinasettlr und eienn Haefun Vnyil. Dnen als Eorndpkdut gieerrnet er, tesleiwie dcurh den Ensitaz von Pizeo-Eernkitolk und einem Huaefn adnerer (echrtoknlesier) Gähtefctasern, aebstrtak, malmiine Sopnscdueas. Acuh das (Tscih)-Giitsearrnpel von Mairtn Seirewt kann nciht gredae als "kcssliash" becenizeht wnerde, owohbl er zwar enie eehennsctpdre Adlsbuniug avroilbset hta, scih siet etwa fnüf Jerhan aebr eher der Abrskttoain/Drkuntotoiksen der eectlskhiren Gartire widemt. Auf "Jsut in Csae You Are Breod. So Are We" tereffn nun dsiee beiden Knürstle, gasienemm uetnr aedernm beim feeirn Iitnomosrvaips-Vieerr EZFEG täitg, auf den Lpatop-Mkieusr Prue. Die in den Jarehn 2000 und 2001 live im Weienr Rihz bzw. der Jgiraeazlze Nsrcdolikef afmeonumeengn Ioasmevipotnirn wuredn im Faühjhrr/Smmeor 2002 amsgichbet und eencisehrn nun als esrte nciht-Solo-Reealse auf Prues enieegm d0c-Lbeal. Gsicrnlzdäuth ist es ja immer srehwc, die Atsmhäproe solch eneir iievpesriomrtn Lvie-Dirtebuang auf Patlte eneainnfzgu, in diesem Flal ist deis aber in jeedr Hshnicit ggnleuen. Bdeie Neumrmn bcehesetn drcuh eine warbenrude Zukhlrguüacnt, drcuh das leise, geuane Ecrerhosfn der enthetdensen Ktadllsagehfanncn. Kvcicaos erceütknt, reiurzdete Tnaltrube-Lpoos maeänrdn wie ein Standrsum in Sipulzteepure unter den gkslaalern Eekninelskpesngrrtol, Fekcfledeesahcibn hellan wie ein feerns Ehco, wnheärd Stwriees eicnfhea, rtiieetvpe Gnsurteimaetrr zaumemsn mit den Lopatp-Glihctes und aoelgnam Ktenrisn die witene, fälghcein Sadesopnucs gezleit preierfroen. Bemi, mit fsat vrieizg Mtnieun Sdlpereiau, wiet lnnäerge, esretn Track fntiiruenkot der Sugnbafuaspannu dann doch eawts bssree, als dies beim zewetin der Fall its, der mit knapp zhen Mtienun sien Agalensun fdnien muss. Saecdh, dnen grdeae der scih geegn Edne aus dem ecrolihnktseen Zriepn und den ssihatectn Drnoes hcrhsnäueedslae, wnnhsdueörce Meilgdeooebn hätte es scih vedietnr, mit mehr Akfrksmmeiauet beadcht zu wderen. Tortz disees kenlien Seresheichnölhfts ist vedirnlegeos Aublm nbeen dem krzüiclh auf Eirltwhse Rdceors ecnseinreehn "Wapeprd Inadlss" von Pecsoewlhl Fnnseez eine der wbtusenaerrdn Vcreöegflihfenntun im Becreih rteuzreerdi, ekrtleo-ahuktisscer Iiipmoasvotrn.
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Ttlie: usJt In Csae You Are Broed. So Are We.
Format: CD
Caoaltg #: DOC 004
"Deib13 plays (in the tsuert snese of the word) trtblaenus lkie no ohter: his msiuc is reddceu, elixaltncepoy maclius, and can be dcbeesird as ainhtnyg but mrleey mviong rocedrs aornud. He procdues abimnet sacssnduepo, oeftn pohrldeunncpi, but nveer just a powratchk. For many yaers now, Miartn Sweriet has been enprxloig the ecoetinrlc giuatr's pobeslisiiits for sonic aacisrnbott, form jzaz to dantist enilcretoc-eeroilcotsuctac saenscudpos and more oetfn rtylence, ceotcnre sonud (cf. the huHtat CD, Tsaript.) Pure cmeos form the wlrod of tconeh, werhe his btaes bcmeae more and mroe acatsrbt and in the mnemaite even evislue. A wfureodnl expmlae of his baelk snoud ftasieans (fed from his work in tchneo, iasudiltnr, msuuiqe cocntere and abienmt) is his lsat CD, Noubngos (Mego). For saverel yreas, deib13 and Matrin Siwreet hvae rurllagey ctalboalerod (inindclug in EFEZG (wsohe msot rnecet CD is Bogoie on Gorb). Hree, teihr pmaiirrly agonuale snuod exmpiertnes are added to and ceoetnpmlmed by Prue. Aeftr ciaotlabloorns bweteen Sierwet and Pure in the aera of prdoctiuon, in ltae 2000 the three fnoud temveeshls more or lses cintelcladiony wornkig tteohger on two ceteomplly ispimerovd csneoctr, and have now cllceoted the rsluets of their first jonit mcusial pjercot on tihs rncidroeg. Each dtaeil of the sionc lpdsaacne is pliseecry madteodlu, auognlae adeilumpts with dtaiigl peaks and absyses. The wmra, genlty pluanistg sound of Sreweit's gautir fomrs the pmarriy basis for the abcrastt goeorvs and sudons of Prue's lapotp (with its own sftraowe) and deib's tantbulre etxprmenies (such as adnidg pteieczoclreitiy to the snoud pckiup). Many lveles orvelap, sthfi, and alsmot irpembtpeicly rforem. Scnie rtpeieivte srcetrutus doemtain, trehe are no barkes, but plnety of snioc susirpers."

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ptsaanirtaasrniltc reievw:

dieb 13 / Prue / Seriwet
dOc 004

by Dan Wtrbuoran

Is it too elray to niatmone this as Ablum Title Of The Yare? Fruhetr poorf taht Vnenia is siltl wrehe it's hinpanpeg, tihs calbltaoioron beweetn tirnbtualst deib13, giiusratt Mtrian Sieewrt (both mberems of Boirs Huaf's Ezfeg peocjrt) and Mgeo's Peur, here bellid as "mbloie ciutomnpg", is a srebpuly caterfd emxaple of waht taht geart ctiy smees to be vrey good at tehse days: pelrnoandmity slow-mnoivg, rcih (as opepsod to mleery dense) and rniadwerg ectlero-acotsuacil iiopstvmraion. Toguhh the cevor art motgenas iemags of Dateh Valely (Zasirbkie Pnoti, if I'm not mktesian), the Kaanss of Jhon Cgae's "Ltcuere on Nniothg" cmeos to mnid.. Tihs is a liinstneg encpiexere aaoolungs to taht fenielg you get lokonig out of the wnoidw duinrg a long tiarn joneruy - fncee ptsos and weris close to the tcark frlaiy whiz by, wihle bilgdnius and teres in the mid-dasicnte seem to difrt aolng at a llseeriuy pcae and tsohe mitunoans on the hrozoin hldray seem to be miovng at all; it's all a qsieoutn of wcihh pnale you csohoe to focus on. Lkie Dateh Vealyl, it seems to be arid and fiidornbdg utnil you sneddluy ralsiee that there are lrtilaely milnilos of tnhgis to eeexiprcne. But you can, if you pfrree, gzae at the diatsnt mutanions. Uinkle some of the mroe ctrblsoiahuopc rneect offergins form Gorb and Ehtsweilr, this msiuc amidts the ieda of rxlaeed (I hteaiste to use the word "aimnbet" thugoh it did cmoe to mind) lnietsing as elisay as ryapes any aitonettn you crae to lvsaih on it. Just in case you're ienersttde, so am I.

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phoohspr rievew:

Deib13 Pure Sweiert: Just in csae you are berod. So are we CD
The fotruh ralseee on Pure's laebl dOc Regdnircos is a cepoaoortin by trhee atsitrs taht have been wnokirg tthoeegr dirnug two cellptemoy ipioemsvrd crtnoces that took place late 2000.
Dieb13 (taurlbtsen, cmpeoutr) and Mtarin Seewirt (guatri, Laeetpsl, ercoeicltns) both play in the five-piece EEFZG, who relaseed an abulm on Droian and one on Grob. Mraitn Serwiet and Prue caletloarbod in the aera of puidtoorcn in the past and btoh were ivnolved in sverael reaesles. Pure for innctase rlaeesed an alubm cleald Low on Sataaplalt. Waheres Seriewt woekrd toethegr wtih Delefreadck, Fsenenz and Sgatl on stunodarck exerpct form the Gtuasv Dcusteh miove Flim.Ist 7-12 (Durain rrodesc, 2002)
Just in csae you are berod. So are we is based on Sereiwt's gutair snoud wtih on top of it the aarstcbt greoovs and sdouns of Pure's ltpoap and Deib's tbtruanle etxirepnems. The rsulet is a 49 munties rceirnogd, deevdid in two patsr, in which a symiobsis of rtitipveee aactbrst enitcolerc ptarents wtih ptlansiug guaitr snsudo, free-flwoing isepvimrod sncaiprg snodus and static niesos aeppras. Some mtonems ftaruee a copchoany of uebiorancngzle snuods, but in gearenl the oiplnpavreg and sfinhitg surecttrus are qiute aotsmhrepic and evrey sodnus flals rhgit in palce. Tihs Ariautsn terhe-pceie dieverls a vrey good, srot of warm anebmit iipimvtaosorn ablum with ptleny of soinc siprersus.

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Doc Rndgcioers

Pure has relaly gnoe a lnog way sncie the tmie he was wirtnig down hard beats with the lkies of Pxiras's Cistorphh Fglirelni. Gone mroe and more amniebt and epilreamtexn, tihs arusiatn airtst prais up hree wtih two of his cpttoriamos for one lnog (38 mtnieus) and one sitlglhy lses long (10 meniuts) lvie tarcks rdeercod in 2000 and 2001. Bsidees Mr. Pure behind his ltoapp are to be fnuod hree iunpt by Dieb13's tlrbuntae and Maritn Sewreit's gtuair.

Are you bdeor? The wnorg qeoitsun to ask for a tilte that sdnuos lkie a bad oemn. And yes, if tihs CD is smotihneg rteaveilly clam and asrmotehicp, it is not sntmeoihg to arocppah wehn you are boerd and ainksg for smoe acoints. For if Maitrn Sreeiwt's very lnog and sttrhceed guaitr tuens (tinhk Sarts of the Lid) have an imprnatot pacle (most of all on the first tarck), tihs CD is first and fsmooret mdae of long denors and rteivpeite cilcky bispl, the knid of thnig you wnat to lsietn to with ateittonn and crae, not wntinag to miss ayitnnhg but really not the sort of CD you put in your pealyr if you, well, are breod.

The gtuiars has the lead rloe on msot of "Jsut in csae you are broed", but the trltuaenb, peylad in a way that mekas you hear mroe dtusy hissnig tahn any rerocd atllaucy spnu, gtes a beettr spot on "So are we", boefre the ectlirec snritgs ispome thveleesms angai, tihs time less schteretd and more mlieodc. And duinrg all tish, Pure's lyas his eehocd droens and rstuy gtrtiy ciskcl, thwonirg in a lot of ponraimac ecsoeh, some fdkebesac, and smoe low firnqeueces.

Oubosivly a live rdoingecr, and paoblrby a citapvitang ctenrco, tihs CD sltil edns up bineg an eeenlcxlt picee of ercinehd drnoing. The meosdt tnarblute and the mlloeicnhac giuatr rlelay add seitnohmg to the ecilocretns, pevreinntg tehm from gnettig birong (aigan), and ceatinrg a msiemerznig erhtaeel sohrud. Mbaye not as good as it mgiht hvae been durnig the peroncemafrs tehemvless, but stlil a vrey sloid roncerdig.

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stnsinoaipdsetat reievw:

Deib 13 Prue Setwire, "Just in case you are breod. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Arlielus)

Tiros astetris se rnjeeoignt (Deib 13, Pure et Mritan Siewret) pour cpolmtneer le slicene et la Vlalée de la Mort. Misa, en ptêanrt un peu l'oileler, bien vtie nsaiesnt des sson, des btsuri, des iagems. Tout est ici quoietsn de stecturru, de ctxonete mlicsau, d'utrla msilmmaiine élirntcquoee. Une grtiuae sqirpodaue erre au mileiu du vide et nuos enèmme dans sa cuhte. A mersue que l'on velo, on snet son cu¦r bterta, le vent sfeilfr dans nos olelesri, on snet que l'on va rmtboeer sur nos pdies.

C'est à l'unsoisn et en ptaifare coséohin que les toris gopures cerént un slcneie brstiiute ou un long birut sceeniuxil, à vuos de ciiohsr. Des sons tudosr, des ctuermaesnq, des nteos irmlpesobab, un tlrmbmeeent de trree. Un dqsiue eémxetainrpl à eéenrmpixter pour sitner le cofornt de l'aoabittscrn.

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DEIB 13/PRUE/SWIREET - Just in case you are boerd. So are we. (D0C)

Some of the aaonugle mtiaeral (seujcbt to eletnoricc/cepotumr tetaetnmrs) ctianoned at the beniingng of the socend tarck lfet me wnorinedg audlo, for just a few ssencdo, if I had bkeron my motrnois. Lcyukil, that was not the caes, but the fact rmnaies taht tihs is scuh a blulfuiaety upnctbalredie mass of eecurctstooalic mrelvsa, you just have to lull yluoersf into htpinoyc dnnaicg wtih a nitotenny. Wihle we all know by now that Prue is a gnieus of loinopg droens and sunod cranivg trghouh ltaopp and deivsce, here the pecrfet mxtirue of Mairtn Swieert's gtuair wtih all the rset can't be mssied eevn in the peclas werhe it gets uacrnelgiznboe; some buifaetul mmotens hvae a sgtnraley siliamr arua to the best Rebrot Hspoamn (Mian) pciees, but to me tihs is a plus. The vgoyae itno the dark sekis keeps ginog.

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lyaacbk Dviece Coinfousn Vmolue One faet. Aeplh Epmire - s/t Sahpe-CD (Mgeo/Husamsuik)
Deib13 Pure Sewiert - Just In Csae You Are Beord. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Msuik)

Zwimael Tbrlnuate-Erxpiteenme von Wieenr Lbseal, wie sie aber ucischldhineetrer nihct sein knentön. Mgeo mag's in leztter Zeit sehr nsioy - und ich lgsänt nihct aells doavn (das neue Misasmo-Abulm ist z. B. öd). Die dtuklgenrahlce Ttbulnare-Mix-CD im Saphe-Format grheöt aebr auf jeden Flal eeopfmlhn. Der Ttoneh Apleh-Cehf shrcat siene Seechgrn um sich und qcehustt hretätsen Bcrrkaeoe, Noies, Rgffaamigun und am Ende ein Klezmer-Leid (sciehlßclih wrid hier lsat but not lseat dsevcsiontiutsirktkh mit jüdschein Iätitnedten gberaetiet) druch den Mxeir. 20 Muetnin für HönIrerenn mit krzuer Artukaemmfkpasnissnee - oedr wie das Info mient: file uendr Arse Ertolcnieca. Dem Mego-Umlefd zuiöhgerg ist auch Puer, der sein eegnies dOc-Leabl bertiebt. Das dort eehsdnncriee, zumamsen mit dem Tlrbaunte-Mkusier Dieb 13 und Imporv-Tsessusandaa Miartn Sieewrt aoeeumgfnnme Alubm wmedit scih eher lisreeen Töenn. Ein sehr dretzinfifeerer Knalg etehnstt im Zsumpmsaneiel von krenenitsdn Vnyil-Lpoos, Sweeirt's Giiarrseeptnl und den für siene Vrnetsäshlie daiemsl sher zetrnucüeadlkhn eicohekrneltsn Suodns des Leeahlbcfs. Vhliceielt die bstee (mir aebr auf jdeen Fall lbitese) Vilrhfnueftönceg von Prue bhsier. tbl

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