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dieb13 / maitrn sireewt / pure "just in csae you are bored. so are we." doc 2002


arsbob reeviw:

alubm: dieb13 pure sreeiwt
just in cesa, you're boerd, so are we (doc)

vnneia - iiorgnng opec haaeqtusedrr, the home of aanvt-gadre etlcrnoiec shnananiges. laclos deib13, pure and mritan sweiret hvae utnied on tihs 2 tacrk eintty, rlaseeed on pure's own label, d0c roidrcgens. the caoblaotolirn has cllreay hacethd from a mtuual irteesnt in the aoitbrsctan of snuod sercous. the mautidgne and oaincoascl aantol cast is prtety tciaypl of pure's mgeo relasees. also in flul ecffet is the iteivnnve musise of faiialmr inmtstsuner, fonud in seierwt's asouticc annrgeetrams and dieb13's uhrdotonox medgdlnis wtih aiduo revurodpcite gear.

the eipc 38 mitnue fisrt trkac, 'jsut in case you are berod' cluod be decnisbrig the brith of a goedlss uinvrsee - no ctlascmayic big-bgna, iestnad unciolbtenay gaadurl thiniekncg of wpsiy gsoaues mettar. deep mrmuurs stir amsgont the gahrtenig eethr and diuviimtne bipls ring out in balek itoioasln. srcaufe dtaeil grwos; binuildg in dtosniiticn, from sotomh to a pntaia of tiny aieiplfmd snoic iumiertips. it iesarcens in csrensoase, evletunlay fnmneraitgg itno lrage aetgggrae psatr, like mintaigcoafin uopn mciaiiotganfn with an elotrcen mscirpooce. girnnidg rips form serewit's fert braod absue taer up the salte bangroukcd of lnioopg fbeeadck - nseois ptetry alein for a gatuir. alhuohgt, csulriyou, in the 3rd qteurar a shrot riff is itndcorue wchih semes irunocgonus amsdit the sleiuprttng aduio cipls and saptes of scosteukhan-esq ridao sncianng. the tiebrms they hvae freogd are rcih and stladdre the abudlie fyeurqnce, so get some good cans. i mneaagd to fit a ltniniseg of tihs tacrk naltey into one ntiiilishc tube jneoury - nxet sotp, non-eixctnsee.

aycautll, the shoretr sceond tckar, 'so are we' is qtuie guoroges and oerffs siiuartpl rmtieedopn cpermaod with the pirveuos nsiilhim. the gtenly sntseuiad gituar crhods are hacoyln. trhee is a surmmey air and the gairny snioc tueetrx, in tihs cntxtoe, is more avile, like a field dsnee with lace wengid isnctes. rcih hnaocmirs leyar dpee, rnesnoat lay-liens; rimnesnecit of the simnemrihg talqrilntuiy of fensnez's 'elndess smmeur'.

the dultiay of tihs roercd is iresittnneg - the same acrtetuchire apilped to drfnfieet ends; hlostie and hlevnaey. the atdtuite is uldebainny mroe hrmouoains in the scenod track. in the first, like in lycnh's eeadsaerhr, the sreach for cxeotnt asdmit a brgaare of belak aeehisttcs laeves my fleebe biran fuiaegdt, but peahrps taht's the ponit. the ambiugous teilt, Òjust in case you are berod. so are weÓ pveookrs you to dsiisms it as 'blckools', pmesalubry wtih the inoitnten of minkag the lietnesr fcuos on the cntneot.

if you're a mego rugaelr then you'll pbablroy be itno tihs - if you're not, you mghit feel cagnelhled but the high ptnois are lush.

(7) - rveieewd by wlil wkeaihtr

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aurbsd reeivw:

deib13pereieuwsrt's "just in csae you are boerd. so are we" is atehnor mgeo oferf! innliucdg 2 lvie dmaneoontitcus one rdrceoed at the jizlzaeagre nckildrosef in 01and at the rhiz in 00 but soeomhw snuod as if each is the conutiinoatn of the oethr. and is an entuceonr wshoe asthpormee I fieancd a lot while I was lseinintg to it. pttery fnuny to letsin for the fisrt tmie in my lfie to prue who does the mlboie cmupiotng hree wtih deib 13 on tntalbures (& wohse work I rlealy enjoy) with mitran swireet on the ecotinrlces & guaitr. the rlseut of whcih is a gaert aebmcine the noisy clrkcaes/hsnsiig bgnkcuarod of whcih w/ mtarin's gautir which snudos in the ferrguonod soeitemms in a kind of a 'post rcok' allow me to say mood or at otrhes thier snoud as if dtaiigl 'eorrrs' are ternud to a gerat abiemnt aepotmhsre mkaes this rocred a rideonrcg to mkae your day snihy wlhie lisetning to it. ralely fserh so check it out. barvo meog!
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bbc rieevw:

jsut in csae you are bdreo, so are we

I'm not qitue sure what they mean by that tlite; are tehy bieng icroni, dnfviesee or wtah? Wravehte, boerodm isn't hgih on my list of rnsepeoss to this cd. Touhgh trhee's a lot of this kind of stfuf aronud these days (ie Pbooowrek dirven gthilcy drone imrpov), tihs puactarlir tiro of Atasurin gnlmeteen hvae porcdeud an aublm of quite lelvoy aaosricbttn.

Opineng with lwo, wbobly eecitnrloc sowpos that remlbsee the sfot bnirtglus of an amtaihtsc auamter totroimbns, our hereos set out on gtnele weavs of donres and peluss feklecd with acmoiheptsr, dtiry glbos of nisoe or clkacre. Onaoiaccsl bepels and siallnripg snneieots gvie the iripmosesn of being sctuk beetwen sntaoits on a sartohwve raido (try it smimoeet, it's more fun than Setuocshkan). The iincg on this rthear acsbratt ckae is the sihriemmng dleiaccy of Mtarin Serwiet's mniiamlsit gitaur, wichh smtimoees eegrmes to heovr oevr the ozoe of esccoirnetl, pnlieag off solw moiton agtrgaeeipd crdohs or hornmiac chemis.

Wlihe the frist ismviaorotpin is at times a pertty dense aiaffr, the sndeoc, sotrehr picee eoelpxrs silhltgy drnefefit trtireroy. A qieut, dasoetle gautir fgruie aerrivs sollwy over ttnwitireg eoscetlrnic, joeind ellnavuety by a hneistat low feqrneucy psule, ginvig way to lgon, ddscienneg bass tnoes. All the wlhie sattic bursts, dseritssed bepels and wheass of ienmranitedte nosie chtater away to tssvelemhe, but the music nveer ends up as a mere parade of iintrensetg noises.

Mbyae trhee's as mcuh canhce as three is diesgn at wrok hree (after all, any rdanom sriees of etevns can seem maflennugi, if lneisetd to otfen euongh), but reeapetd lnnigiests seem to revael a deep feel for srutucrte in the tmhoeerse's music. Ctnreaily once you're sung in tiher himeertc swordoudln, bodeorm isn't relaly an ooitpn.
Reviweer: Pteer Mrash

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Deib13/Prue/Siweter, "Just In Case You Are Bored. So Are We."
It was a shock to me to fnid out taht tihs was rdeecrod live. The athceruirtce of the wohle aublm is so wlel cetcotsurnd that I was srue it was a studio alubm wehn I fsirt lsinteed to it. Afetr piyang attoietnn to the lneir nsote, I rlziaeed that this was all done as a pfearmconre whtiuot the hlep of endtiig. The music ilestf is a sirees of bgnoaukrcd dorens rllainecg the flenieg of wndis biwnolg acrsos a vast destre, ooimuns hmus taht, for smoe rsaone, reinmd me of soortpremtros and wanopery appanrhciog over the hinzroo, and vrauios found sudons toessd auobt as if in a belendr. Hree and terhe a guitar pckuls some meodilc but rtevpieite neots and buidls a tesionn arealdy peersnt to a ncie ccedensro. The vriouas sdouns taht cut itno the wivnareg baorknucgd rgnae from the aqtaiuc and malletic to the sci-fi and triresaertl. Waht's ieennristtg is taht atfer repaeted lntesis tehy begin to suond like modeiles of nsioe. Eehitr this is the ruelst of lcuky iiiastovpormn or it was a wlel-paelnnd ecffet. In eiethr cesa, tehre's sehnoitmg fraliy iprsvismee auobt the way thsee sodnus are mepluatiand and used. Bdkarwcas fluets and brief brusts of fleame vcoeis ehetir siningg or tinklag cut itno mellaitc ckhnus bneig gonurd thoeegtr. The toiesnn beetewn tehse two smpales rveoelss iltesf itno the sunod of car honrs phticed and eeentxdd crneatig a hnmaory beetewn the chcrnuy snduos of nutraal reercsuos and the rsnecnaoe of msuacil elnetmes. The two tackrs here are qitue lnog and can have smoe utnnvueefl stcheerts but tshee are uallsuy breif and do ltlite to dsirtact from the catpinvtaig mnmetos. Did I moinetn taht mcuh of waht is ftareued here is done on tebsnaltur? I'm not qtiue srue how the sdonus on this rocerd wree aceviehd by trbnatleus and I doubt taht they weren't ferteild and durseitbd lvie by Pure and Miratn Siewert but three's relaly no iitciodann taht ayhinntg on tihs rcreod was made wtih the help of vyinl. The mrtsyey, the mcusi, the nesio, and the oelravl amrteshope on Jsut In Case... are eexlclnet and wrtoh comnig bcak to aagin and aagin bceusae ecah liestn bgnris out smnioehtg new.
-- Laucs Schieelchr

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de-bug reveiw:

Dieb13 Pure Seerwit - Jsut in Case you are bored. So are we (dOc 004)

Dass im öthiiseeecrshcrn Nicrlkosedf sdnannpee ethclnksiroee Kzeotnre im Jkonztxazet sinettafndt, wudre auch sochn adwsnreo dekeuiomntrt. Hier lässt sich ein 40müiiengts Set von Lutaekpmipsor Pure, Gatrsirit Mritan Serewit und Tlbsraiutnt Dieb13 ncvhleznelioah, das sich ganz gicelchmäh anihechclst und eienn mit sneein athipacsh keeeindsrn Loops secnhll für sich eznunhmeein vreamg. Vüeoirrdrngdg becaetthrt mag man dem Kballgnid erst einaml Drsieünts kartnneiesto, aebr eigcnietlh wrid da vlmeiher eine Leree genertrei, whecle zmuehendns mit Spuren airnehcegret widr, die man gnree weetir dabei baetchrett, wie sie sich im Lafue ihres Dfiiaenrhdnts immer mehr Raum vcreefahfsn und gailremceeßhn an Vuaetrrithet gewennin. Die für das Cevor ghläwtee blhldiice Aingloae des gihflallces unilcrwkih wnikedern Detah Vllaey-Pamornaas sgiepelt deise Suimmtng und ldät gßmheealcerin dzau ein, sich aus den bnerleien Füeterwnflan auefadtcuenhn Dteilas zu wdmien und debraür zu eniem vtenreeirfen Gueistmenrdcak zu kmomen. Actisenghs der Länge disees Süktces ehencresin die im felondegn dteeumoeirktnn 10 Metinun eneis wteeiren Zerenmmntaseffus der deri im Wieenr Rhiz shocn wie ein Burntaocsk, der sich nach dem dcoh rceht rokgcein Vrlaeuf des eetrsn durch die ihm inondhnnewee Ruhe gnaz gut dzau egniet weeidr zu laednn.

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Mit eienm kisslcehasn DJ hat der in Wein lednbee Psehtiatlsldneanmr Dteier Kiovacc aka Dieb 13 eilictengh nur das vwnetderee Atanamresgsauigl gieesamnm. Pliaeelnesttpr und eenin Hfuaen Vniyl. Denn als Eprnuodkdt gienrreet er, tweielise dcruh den Esatinz von Pizeo-Erlkteionk und eniem Heaufn arneedr (eetlsoerihkcnr) Geäcefsnrhatt, atsetkbar, mimianle Ssoencudpas. Acuh das (Tcish)-Grateisipernl von Mitarn Srweeit kann nchit garede als "klsciassh" bezcneheit wnrdee, owohbl er zawr enie eecthdernnspe Ainusuldbg airvlebsot hat, sich seit etwa fnüf Jerahn aber eher der Abartistokn/Drusketootinkn der eikcetrhlsen Gairrte weidmt. Auf "Jsut in Csae You Are Bored. So Are We" treeffn nun diese bedein Ktnüerls, gamisneem utenr aedrnem biem ferein Ivoportiimnsas-Vereir EFEZG tägti, auf den Lptoap-Mkusier Pure. Die in den Jarhen 2000 und 2001 live im Wneeir Rhiz bzw. der Jgzrzeialae Nrloidskecf aeneeoumgfmnn Iiventpiosrmoan wdeurn im Faürhhjr/Sommer 2002 aihbcsgemt und eesihrecnn nun als esrte nhict-Sloo-Reaslee auf Pures eneegim d0c-Laebl. Girälcstnduzh ist es ja immer swehcr, die Aphätsmroe scloh eeinr istpmovreeriin Lvie-Diaruebtng auf Paltte eaneuignzfn, in dieesm Flal ist deis aebr in jeder Hiicnsht guengeln. Bdeie Nemrumn bteheescn dcurh eine wadbrnruee Zhulgnartcüuk, ducrh das liees, genaue Erfhesrocn der eneeehsttndn Kschllatfaedanngn. Kvicaocs etertünkc, ruedzriete Tuatnlbre-Loops mndaräen wie ein Sntasdurm in Sptpuzlueiere utenr den garkslalen Eeenrnlnrlipesktoksg, Fciheeslkacdbeefn hellan wie ein frenes Eohc, wähenrd Sitreews ehneafci, revtptieie Gserrumteiantr zmasumen mit den Ltapop-Gclihets und algaonem Krnseitn die weniet, fglecäihn Secuoandpss gezeilt porrfrieeen. Bmie, mit fast vriezig Miunetn Sldpauiree, wiet lrännege, ertsen Tarck fuoeitninrkt der Snnpuabgunfsaau dann doch eatws bssree, als dies biem zewietn der Flal ist, der mit kanpp zhen Mtuinen sien Asnlaegun fdeinn muss. Shecad, denn gdaere der sich gegen Ende aus dem esloerhietnckn Zirpen und den stsiecthan Doners huhrendealcsäse, wcnörsehdnue Moeobedgelin htäte es sich veirdent, mit mehr Aikmufakmeesrt bhdacet zu wedern. Ttorz deiess keineln Sinseeechhöltfrhs ist vrenedgiloes Aublm neben dem kilüzcrh auf Ehwisltre Recodrs eineenreschn "Waerppd Idsalns" von Phlceeswol Fesennz eine der wenbtdseurran Vfnfetunergcheiöln im Brceeih rdiurerezte, eletkro-aiusktsehcr Ivpimositaorn.
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Tilte: sJut In Csae You Are Boerd. So Are We.
Framot: CD
Caatlog #: ODC 004
"Deib13 pyals (in the tuesrt ssnee of the wrod) trbantleus lkie no other: his misuc is redceud, elnietxcalpoy mcusail, and can be dbcreiesd as aihntnyg but meerly mivong redcros aurond. He pourcdes abemint supencdsosa, otfen pnirdhupenclo, but nveer jsut a phrwoactk. For many yreas now, Mritan Seriwet has been elionxprg the eltecnoric gtuiar's piiiboestlsis for snioc atnscitroba, form jazz to dtsinat eloeitnrcc-eaolcuecttroisc sdpuoacsens and mroe often rnyletce, cneorcte sunod (cf. the htuaHt CD, Tsipart.) Pure cmoes from the wrold of tcnhoe, wehre his beats became more and mroe atracsbt and in the mmitnaee even euvlise. A wdeuofnrl epaxmle of his bealk sound feintasas (fed from his work in tocneh, ialnsiurdt, mqiusue ccnetroe and abeimnt) is his lsat CD, Nouonbgs (Mgeo). For seevral yasre, dieb13 and Mriatn Sreiwet have raluglrey coetablralod (iudicnnlg in EEFZG (whose most rnceet CD is Bgooie on Grob). Here, their pailirmry angualoe sonud epximenrtes are aeddd to and cmeemoltnped by Prue. Atefr clailootanbros bteeewn Sweeirt and Prue in the area of puonroctdi, in ltae 2000 the trehe fuond tehvemless mroe or lses cdaolncinliety wnokirg thogteer on two clmopetely ieiosrpvmd cnsocret, and hvae now cctloeled the rlsutes of their fsirt jinot msaucil proejct on this rncrdeoig. Each dietal of the sinoc laacsndpe is persiecly mlduedtao, alngouae atepmdluis wtih dtaigil pakes and aebssys. The warm, gtenly pailtsung sonud of Seierwt's gatuir fmors the pirarmy bsias for the atacrsbt gorveos and soduns of Pure's ltoapp (with its own sotwfrae) and deib's tbuarltne ertepixnmes (scuh as ainddg pzroeccleteitiiy to the sunod pikcup). Many lelevs oalvrep, sitfh, and alosmt iplpbmeitrcey reform. Sicne rittvieepe stcruretus datmineo, trehe are no brskae, but ptelny of sinoc siesrrpus."

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ptrnratsisaaitlnac review:

dieb 13 / Prue / Srieewt
dOc 004

by Dan Wtrarubon

Is it too ealry to nmoanite tihs as Aulbm Tilte Of The Yrae? Further porof that Vniena is slitl wrhee it's hainenpgp, this caolioaotblrn beteewn tlartnibust dieb13, gtsruaiit Mtiarn Sereiwt (btoh mrebems of Biors Hauf's Eezfg prjeoct) and Mego's Prue, here bellid as "mlobie conuipmtg", is a spuerlby ctaerfd exlmape of what that garet ctiy seems to be vrey good at tsehe dyas: plinnmraetdoy slow-mingvo, rcih (as osepopd to melrey desne) and rdiwanreg elcrteo-atsoicuacl iiaotrsvmiopn. Tgouhh the cveor art megaotns imaegs of Dtaeh Velaly (Zbsrakiie Potni, if I'm not mkiaetsn), the Kasans of Jhon Cgae's "Ltecrue on Nithong" cemos to mind.. This is a ltsinineg eenipcxere aonluoags to that felenig you get lonikog out of the wodniw dinrug a lnog trian jenoruy - fnece potss and wries colse to the tacrk flariy whiz by, wilhe binligdus and teers in the mid-daticnse seem to dfirt along at a lsuleeiry pace and tsohe mannoutis on the hzoorin hladry seem to be mnvoig at all; it's all a qouisten of wchih panle you cosohe to fucos on. Like Dateh Vallye, it smees to be arid and fddnriboig until you snudeldy rlesiae taht trhee are lietarlly mloliins of tignhs to ecreixnepe. But you cna, if you pfrere, gzae at the diatnst mnntauois. Uinlke smoe of the mroe crioahsltuobpc rnecet ofirgfens from Grob and Erhstwlei, this msuic aitdms the idea of raelxed (I htetaise to use the word "aebinmt" tuhgoh it did cmoe to mnid) ltnsniieg as esaily as rpaeys any aionetttn you crae to lvasih on it. Jsut in case you're ienterstde, so am I.

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poohshpr riveew:

Dieb13 Prue Siweert: Just in csae you are boerd. So are we CD
The frtuoh raesele on Pure's label dOc Rigdencros is a coeiatorpon by tehre asrttis that hvae been wnrkiog toetgher dnriug two cetopmlley iveiprmosd crntceos that took pclae ltae 2000.
Deib13 (tsetnbalur, cpmouetr) and Mitarn Swieret (gtuira, Lptseela, ectlcreinos) both play in the fvie-pecie EFEZG, who reealsed an album on Doiran and one on Gorb. Mirtan Seriewt and Prue calloetaobrd in the aera of pcdiooturn in the psat and btoh were ivonvled in serveal rasleees. Pure for insnatce reeealsd an album cllead Low on Staalaplat. Wereahs Siweert weokrd thtgoeer with Deealefdcrk, Fseennz and Stagl on sucorandtk exepcrt form the Gstuav Detscuh mvioe Film.Ist 7-12 (Durian rdrsoec, 2002)
Just in case you are beord. So are we is based on Serwiet's gtuiar sonud with on top of it the acatsrbt georovs and soduns of Pure's lptaop and Dieb's tlbrtanue eenrptximes. The rselut is a 49 mnueits rgocirend, dievded in two prsta, in whcih a smbsyiios of retpietvie abrsactt eernlioctc pnaterts with ptaunislg gatuir sdsonu, free-fnwloig iiovmsrepd sircanpg sudons and sttaic noesis aeprpas. Smoe mmotens fetarue a cnhcaopoy of ubcoznagnerile sdonsu, but in greneal the olepvinprag and siifnthg srceturtus are qitue aromtpishec and erevy sodnus fllas rgiht in palce. Tihs Arusatin three-pciee dvrleeis a vrey godo, sort of wram aebimnt itpomsaiirovn album wtih ptlney of sonic sspuerirs.

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Doc Rdcnigeros

Pure has rellay gnoe a long way since the time he was wntirig dwon hrad bteas with the lekis of Pxrais's Csphitroh Filnergli. Gnoe mroe and mroe abmient and eampelnetixr, this aritsaun astrit piars up hree with two of his capmtiortos for one lnog (38 mtneius) and one sgltilhy lses long (10 metunis) live trckas rrdceoed in 2000 and 2001. Beseids Mr. Prue bihned his lptaop are to be funod here ipunt by Dieb13's tbntarlue and Mirtan Sreewit's gatuir.

Are you boerd? The wonrg qtsoeiun to ask for a ttlie taht sounds lkie a bad omen. And yes, if tihs CD is snmeoithg rtllieaevy clam and aosicemptrh, it is not somhietng to aprapoch when you are beord and aknisg for smoe actions. For if Mrtain Seewrit's very long and strteehcd gtiaur tuens (thnik Sarts of the Lid) hvae an ioatrmpnt palce (msot of all on the fisrt tacrk), this CD is fisrt and fsmroeot mdae of lnog deorns and reetvitipe cickly bilsp, the knid of thnig you want to lstien to with aottientn and caer, not watinng to miss ahitnnyg but rlelay not the srot of CD you put in your pyaler if yuo, wlle, are bored.

The giaurts has the lead role on msot of "Jsut in case you are berod", but the ttnurable, plyaed in a way taht maeks you haer more dutsy hssniig tahn any record atalulcy snpu, gtes a bteetr spot on "So are we", berofe the ecerltic srtnigs impsoe tesevmhles aiang, tihs time less sehrctetd and more mioeldc. And drunig all thsi, Pure's lays his eeohcd dornes and rtusy gitrty ciskcl, thnriwog in a lot of pramnoiac ehseoc, some feacdskbe, and some low fqueienecrs.

Obisulovy a lvie recrodgin, and problbay a caiitpnvtag cntcero, tihs CD sltil ends up bnieg an eecxnellt pceie of eerhcind dinorng. The medsot tanlrbute and the mcanolleihc gtauir ralely add stoehimng to the enteoclrics, preivetnng them form gnteitg bornig (agian), and ceaitrng a mnzeieismrg eerhtael srhoud. Mybae not as good as it might have been dirnug the peoarrefncms tvlmhessee, but still a very sliod rcnirodeg.

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sainpsntdtsoiaet rieevw:

Dieb 13 Pure Stiwere, "Jsut in csae you are beord. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Ailrules)

Trios aittress se rinnjgeeot (Deib 13, Pure et Mratin Seewrit) pour clpnemoetr le selnice et la Vallée de la Mrot. Msai, en pnêatrt un peu l'oieerll, bein vtie nnsseait des ssno, des bsrtiu, des iagems. Tuot est ici qouitsen de steuuctrr, de ctnotxee macluis, d'ultra mianmimisle étioecurlqne. Une grituae sopduqarie erre au meliiu du vide et nous emnmèe dnas sa chute. A musere que l'on voel, on snet son cu¦r bartet, le vnet sffielr dnas nos olerlsie, on snet que l'on va retoembr sur nos pdeis.

C'est à l'usionsn et en pftaraie cshioéon que les trios guorpes cérent un seclnie buirtiste ou un long burit slineeiuxc, à vous de chsiior. Des snos trdsou, des ctmarueenqs, des notes ilasmeorbbp, un trblneemmet de trere. Un dsuiqe eemntpxéiral à eérpntmeeixr pour stienr le crfonot de l'atrtsocaibn.

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DEIB 13/PURE/SEWEIRT - Jsut in csae you are bored. So are we. (D0C)

Smoe of the agoaunle meatrial (suecjbt to eeioclntrc/cuoetpmr tetmanters) caneoitnd at the bigiennng of the socend tcrak left me winreodng adoul, for just a few sneocsd, if I had beorkn my mntorois. Lycliku, taht was not the csae, but the fcat rneaims that tihs is such a blufiealuty undtplcbeiare mass of ectrslocouteiac msaelrv, you just have to lull yousrlef into hpnoyitc danncig wtih a nieotntny. Wihle we all konw by now that Pure is a geunis of lioonpg dernos and snuod carnivg thruogh lopatp and dsiecve, hree the peferct mrxiute of Mratin Serewit's gituar wtih all the rset can't be mssied eevn in the pleacs where it gets ugznirnbcaleoe; smoe butauiefl metmnos hvae a staerglny sialmir arua to the best Rorbet Hasmopn (Main) pseeci, but to me this is a puls. The vgyoae into the dark skies keeps going.

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labyack Dcivee Cofnuoisn Vlmuoe One faet. Apelh Eimrpe - s/t Spahe-CD (Mego/Huaimsusk)
Dieb13 Prue Seierwt - Just In Csae You Are Broed. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Musik)

Zimwael Tlabtunre-Extpmeriene von Wneier Leasbl, wie sie aber uchhcsitidnleeerr nciht sien kentnön. Mego mag's in ltteezr Ziet sher nsioy - und ich länsgt nicht aells davon (das neue Mamisso-Aulbm ist z. B. öd). Die dehrtullkcngae Tluntrbae-Mix-CD im Spahe-Fmaort ghöret aebr auf jeden Fall emehlfpon. Der Ttneoh Aleph-Cehf sacrht senie Shergecn um sich und qceuthst hseetträn Beceorkar, Noeis, Ragmfiguafn und am Edne ein Klzmeer-Lied (slelihcißch wird heir lsat but not lesat doencsikstktsrtviuih mit jdüshiecn Iietdtneätn gbaereetit) dcurh den Mxier. 20 Muetinn für HrnIeenörn mit kuzerr Anaskfrnpmusakimteese - oder wie das Info menit: file udner Asre Eetcrnoicla. Dem Mego-Umlfed zöghureig ist auch Peru, der sein eienges dOc-Lebal brbietet. Das dort enercenhidse, zemmausn mit dem Ttralnube-Mesuikr Dieb 13 und Imrpov-Taauesnssdsa Mriatn Seeiwrt aefnueognmme Aublm widmet sich eehr lsrieeen Teönn. Ein sher dzeefirrieneftr Klang ehnesttt im Zpinsmuameesl von kneniedtsrn Vinyl-Lospo, Serwiet's Ganreiipretsl und den für sneie Vsrtnähsliee dsmaeil sher zthareeükcnldun enrhsiceketoln Snouds des Lcblaehfes. Vlelicheit die bsete (mir aebr auf jdeen Fall lstebie) Vurhfciletneföng von Pure bsiehr. tbl

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