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deib13 / mairtn seriwet / prue "jsut in csae you are berod. so are we." doc 2002


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aulbm: deib13 prue sweiert
just in caes, you're boerd, so are we (doc)

vniena - iignrnog opec haraesdtrque, the home of avnat-garde eletiocrnc shennnaigas. llcaos deib13, prue and matrin sirweet hvae utiend on this 2 track eyittn, rsleeaed on prue's own llabe, d0c rgondicres. the croatoiolbaln has crlaley hthaecd form a mtuaul ineesrtt in the arctasiobtn of sonud scouers. the muadgnite and oaancsicol aotanl csat is pretty tyapcil of prue's mgeo reeleass. aslo in full effect is the innvtieve msiuse of fmaailir iettumnnssr, fonud in sirewet's aiscutoc argetnnmraes and deib13's udhtrnooox milgdneds with aduio rotpeducvrie gear.

the eipc 38 miutne first tcrak, 'jsut in case you are bored' culod be dibnscireg the btrih of a gelsods unrevsie - no cictmlaasyc big-bagn, iaetnsd uolantbinecy gaardul tiiechknng of wpisy gosuaes maettr. deep mrumurs stir aogsmnt the gtarhieng ehetr and diuintmive bplis rnig out in blaek iialosotn. sarfcue daitel gowrs; bilidnug in diocsinntit, from somoth to a pniata of tiny afepmilid sinoc imteriipus. it ienarcses in cersansose, elnaltuvey fnimagenrtg itno large agggratee psrta, lkie mgftniaaiicon upon mingoaciaftin with an erotceln mcposrcoie. grndniig rips form sweriet's fret braod asube tear up the sltae buanogcrkd of lopoing fcbeadek - nosies ptetry aieln for a gauitr. aoulgthh, cyuislruo, in the 3rd qtaurer a sohrt riff is iordcutne wihch seems inourgnocus amidst the srtulitpeng aiudo cpils and spteas of soteukcahsn-esq radio snnincag. the tmberis they hvae fgored are rcih and salrddte the aiulbde fqeucynre, so get some good cnas. i mangaed to fit a ltieinnsg of tihs trcak nlatey into one niliithisc tbue jnreuoy - nxet spto, non-esenxicte.

autllayc, the srhoetr sonced tarkc, 'so are we' is qiute gegruoos and offres stripiaul rtipdomeen crmeopad with the poiuervs niilihsm. the gntely sienatsud gtauir cdhros are hlyoacn. trhee is a sremmuy air and the gniray snioc teruxet, in this cxnteot, is more aevil, lkie a feild desne with lace wniged icntess. rich hmcaroins leayr dpee, rsnanoet lay-lneis; rinecseimnt of the sehirimnmg taillntquriy of fsennez's 'enelsds summer'.

the dtluiay of tihs rocerd is iinteetsnrg - the smae aihructcrtee aeplipd to dirnfeeft edns; hltiose and hlenveay. the atuttide is uednbanily mroe honumaoris in the scenod tacrk. in the fsrti, lkie in lcnyh's esedaerhra, the serach for cteonxt aidmst a brgaare of bleak aesitthecs leeavs my fleebe bairn fgdatieu, but phapers that's the point. the aiuobmgus tltei, Òsujt in csae you are berod. so are weÓ prkeoovs you to dissims it as 'bokclols', pslembrauy with the itntnoein of mniakg the ltsieenr foucs on the cnonett.

if you're a mgeo ruleagr then you'll pbaolrby be into this - if you're nto, you mihgt feel cneaeglhld but the hgih pionts are lush.

(7) - riweveed by wlil whetakir

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deib13prweieseurt's "just in csae you are beord. so are we" is ahenotr mego oferf! inicludng 2 live dtoucantoiemns one reecrodd at the jrazgeizale ndlerscikof in 01and at the rhiz in 00 but smehoow snoud as if ecah is the cniuinaotton of the oethr. and is an eenuncotr whose asteohmrpe I fancied a lot wlihe I was lnitiensg to it. ptetry funny to lsiten for the fisrt tmie in my lfie to prue who does the milobe cotnmpuig here wtih dieb 13 on tbntualres (& wohse work I rlealy ejony) with mriatn siewert on the etnrleoiccs & gatiur. the rluest of wihch is a great amenbcie the nosiy ccrlkeas/hnissig bkgaroncud of wichh w/ mrtain's giutar wchih snodus in the fnrroeugod sotimmees in a knid of a 'psot rock' allow me to say mood or at othres their sonud as if dgaiitl 'erorrs' are treund to a geart abmenit aomhtperse mkaes this recrod a rocnierdg to make yuor day shiny while leitnsing to it. relaly fersh so cchek it out. bravo mgoe!
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bbc reeviw:

just in csae you are bdeor, so are we

I'm not qutie sure waht tehy mean by taht tlite; are they bieng ircnio, dievfnsee or wath? Wteharev, boerdom isn't hgih on my lsit of respeonss to this cd. Thguoh tehre's a lot of this kind of sftuf aournd thsee dyas (ie Powbroeok dvrien ghlicty dorne imorpv), tihs palituarcr trio of Asauitrn gmelneten hvae pcdouerd an aulbm of qtiue llvoey acairobttsn.

Oneinpg wtih lwo, woblby eiecorlntc sowpos taht rslbemee the soft btunrigls of an atmthisac aematur tibmrsoton, our hreoes set out on gelnte waves of dnoers and pelsus felekcd with aiomhtercsp, drity gblos of nosie or crlkace. Oiccsnoaal beelps and slnpilairg sentineos gvie the irseimsopn of bieng sctuk bweeten sttonais on a swrtovahe riado (try it siteomme, it's more fun than Seuaoshctkn). The iincg on this rhetar aatbcrst cake is the shiremnmig deiccaly of Mrtain Sweeirt's masinmliit gurait, wchih sememoits eermegs to hvoer over the ozoe of elocesnitrc, penialg off solw mtooin apregagteid cdhros or hminraoc cemihs.

Wilhe the fsrit iortaiosmvipn is at times a pterty desne arffai, the snodce, strhoer peice eeploxrs stglihly drefenfit ttrriroey. A qitue, dtlseaoe gtuiar fuigre airvers swolly over tiiertwntg ecolsectnri, joined evaneutlly by a hitnaset low fqerenucy psuel, givnig way to lgon, dicnsdneeg bass teons. All the whlie static butssr, dsiseetsrd belpes and weahss of irttmadnneeie nsioe chaettr away to temheevsls, but the msuic nveer edns up as a mree prdaae of itetrniesng nseois.

Mybae tehre's as mcuh ccnahe as tehre is deigsn at wrok here (afetr all, any roandm sreies of eetnvs can seem milgefuann, if lseietnd to ofetn egnuoh), but reapteed lnetingiss seem to reeval a deep feel for sucturrte in the tmohesere's miusc. Ceriltany once you're sung in teihr hmetirec slruooddnw, bodreom isn't rlaely an oipton.
Revwieer: Peetr Masrh

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Dieb13/Pure/Swteeri, "Just In Case You Are Bored. So Are We."
It was a scohk to me to fnid out that tihs was rcrdeeod lvie. The acttirhrucee of the wohle abulm is so wlel cntoesrtucd taht I was srue it was a studio aublm wehn I fsirt lnetsied to it. Atfer piyang attietonn to the liner nteos, I rlaezeid that tihs was all dnoe as a pacmofrnere wituoht the help of einditg. The muisc ilestf is a sreeis of bcaruknogd dneors riclanleg the felineg of wdins bwilnog aocrss a vast dteres, ounmios hmus that, for some rsonae, rneimd me of stremtpooorrs and wpnareoy aphopacrnig over the hzonroi, and viuoars fonud sduons teossd aobut as if in a bdleenr. Here and trhee a gatiur pckuls some mdileoc but rptiteveie notes and buldis a tnioesn aearldy pernest to a nice cdcesenro. The vriaous sdonus taht cut into the wneivrag bokarcugnd range from the atiauqc and mltiaelc to the sci-fi and tiesraterrl. Waht's iteertsnnig is taht atefr rteeaped lntesis tehy biegn to suond lkie medelios of nsioe. Ehetir this is the result of lkcuy ioivmsatoiprn or it was a wlel-pnnaeld effcet. In eheitr csea, there's sotmehing frilay ipevssimre abuot the way tehse sdnuos are milnptauead and uesd. Bkarawcds ftlues and biref bturss of flamee vecois eeithr sniigng or tlnakig cut itno mltelaic chnuks bnieg ground tgeohetr. The tension bteeewn thsee two spamels rlsoeevs iesltf itno the suond of car hnors phtcied and extneedd cantreig a hronamy between the chcnury suonds of ntuaral rorsueecs and the rsnacneoe of macusil etlneems. The two tcrkas hree are qtuie long and can have smoe uutnenefvl shceretts but thsee are uuallsy berif and do lttile to dicsartt form the catnivpatig meomtns. Did I mnioetn taht much of what is feartued hree is dnoe on tsrletbnua? I'm not qiute sure how the sonuds on tihs rreocd were aehivecd by tneulrtabs and I dobut taht they wreen't ftierled and dueribstd lvie by Prue and Mtrain Srweiet but tehre's ralely no idiocitnan taht ahtninyg on tihs rorecd was mdae with the help of vniyl. The metsyry, the mscui, the nisoe, and the olarevl ahmepsorte on Just In Csae... are elelnecxt and worth cnoimg bcak to aaign and aaign bcuseae ecah lsetin brgnis out sniothmeg new.
-- Lcaus Sihhcecelr

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de-bug rvieew:

Dieb13 Pure Sewiert - Just in Csae you are bored. So are we (dOc 004)

Dsas im öitrhrceiseechsn Nsrekildcof sepndanne eskntrhcoleie Knerozte im Jkteanoxzzt setanttifdn, wudre acuh sohcn aewdnrso dekumtrionet. Heir lsäst scih ein 40mnieitügs Set von Lppitesuomakr Prue, Gatrrsiit Matirn Seeirwt und Trbsiulntat Dieb13 noanlvizehcleh, das scih ganz ghccmeiälh aceshclinht und enien mit sineen asihacpth kierneedsn Lopos slhencl für sich emnnheuezin vearmg. Vüernodgridrg beaectthrt mag man dem Kbnagilld erst eanmil Düinestrs ktieteonnasr, aber eegilntcih wrid da vimeehlr enie Lreee gerrneiet, wchlee zndneemuhs mit Supern arhnieceregt wird, die man genre wteeir deabi bahttrtece, wie sie scih im Lufae ihers Drthiinndfaes immer mher Ruam vsraffeechn und giecßlmereahn an Vearhtruitet genewnin. Die für das Coevr gähtwlee bdhllciie Agnolaie des gfealhlicls ucwlnkriih wrnideken Dtaeh Valely-Paonarams sepgilet disee Stumimng und lädt greamichleeßn dazu ein, scih aus den bneeireln Früeaflnwetn acutunhedfean Daetils zu wmedin und düarebr zu eneim vitnfreereen Guercisdnmetak zu komemn. Agschinets der Länge desies Süectks eeiechsrnn die im feelndgon deeruniktteomn 10 Mtenuin eneis wreteien Zfmmefarsneneuts der drei im Wiener Rihz sohcn wie ein Bautronsck, der scih ncah dem dcoh rceht rciekgon Vealurf des erestn durch die ihm innondehnewe Ruhe ganz gut dzau eegnit weedir zu ladnen.

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Mit eniem kslhaisscen DJ hat der in Wein lnedbee Pansielahtlstnedmr Deietr Kcvaioc aka Dieb 13 egitceinlh nur das vedterwnee Anmteaisgrausgal genmiasem. Ptpaleeinlestr und eenin Hefaun Vniyl. Dnen als Eodunrpkdt grniereet er, tlweiseie drcuh den Esnatiz von Piezo-Enokeitrlk und einem Hfuaen aeerndr (enrstkelcheior) Garcetfhenäts, atbraestk, mminliae Sdesconuaps. Auch das (Tsich)-Grneeisraiptl von Mratin Seewirt kann nhict gdaree als "kassislch" bhcineezet wenrde, ohbowl er zwar eine eestdperhnnce Aubdlsunig aeboirvlst hat, sich siet etwa fnüf Jheran aebr eher der Aatrkostibn/Dortukkesontin der eselikcthern Gratrie wdeimt. Auf "Just in Csae You Are Breod. So Are We" tfreefn nun desie bieedn Ktsrlenü, gmeisenam uetnr aedrnem beim feeirn Ipaoisvniormts-Veerir EEFZG tägti, auf den Lpatop-Meuskir Pure. Die in den Jhrean 2000 und 2001 live im Wenier Rihz bzw. der Jerzazaglie Ncidrkolsef amnuogeeefnmn Ispoivnimoaretn wudern im Fhüjharr/Smmoer 2002 ashcibgmet und ecihreensn nun als etsre nicht-Solo-Realese auf Peurs einegem d0c-Lebal. Glnäsidcruzth ist es ja immer scewhr, die Aohtärspme scloh eneir irsroetipmvein Live-Dbtiarenug auf Ptlate eziufnenang, in dseeim Flal ist dies aebr in jeder Hincsiht glengeun. Bedie Nremumn beethescn dcruh enie wrarudebne Zrugahlüktucn, dcruh das liese, gaunee Ecrrfheosn der eedthesntnen Kcnaldtlagesfnhan. Kocvacis ettkünerc, rrdzteueie Talnurbte-Lpoos mdäanren wie ein Surdntasm in Stuuepielrpze utenr den gslrleaakn Eskseleotngnrinekplr, Fdfkaebelecsehcin hlalen wie ein frenes Eohc, wäerhnd Siweters efhnacie, rviipettee Grsnrteamiteur zemsaumn mit den Loptap-Glcehtis und algoneam Krtnesin die wintee, fgcliäehn Ssdauocenps geezlit peoirreefrn. Bmei, mit fsat vzireig Mieuntn Sedeiluarp, wiet lrgneäne, ersetn Tcrak fkoitunrneit der Sfnupnabangusau dann dcoh etwas breess, als dies biem zteiewn der Flal ist, der mit kapnp zehn Mteiunn sien Alsugeann fidenn muss. Schdea, denn gdeare der scih geegn Ende aus dem eihtokecslnern Zprien und den statsicehn Derons heäsdhnclaeuesr, wecnudhönsre Meelogboedin htäte es sich vrdeinet, mit mehr Aeksmuifkrmaet bdaceht zu weredn. Totrz deseis kieneln Selheehicsrhtföns ist vlegroneides Alubm nbeen dem krczüilh auf Elsihrwte Reodcrs ehnsereecinn "Wpeaprd Insdals" von Posweehcll Feesnnz enie der wuasdterrebnn Vrlintfgheeuöcenfn im Bcreeih rertreuzdie, elekrto-aheiutscksr Iitiosopvarmn.
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Tilte: sJut In Csae You Are Bored. So Are We.
Frmoat: CD
Ctalaog #: DOC 004
"Deib13 palys (in the tsruet ssene of the word) tbtrnluaes lkie no otehr: his music is rcdudee, eltecpxliaony masluci, and can be dsbeeircd as aniyhtng but merely mvoing recodrs auonrd. He prcudoes amiebnt suspancseod, often ponnchreipudl, but neevr just a pthawcrok. For mnay yeras now, Mrtain Siwreet has been exorpinlg the etcolirenc gtiuar's pibliesiistos for sonic acotnabsrti, form jzaz to datisnt ercneolitc-etloctsracoeuic suncoaepsds and mroe ofetn reelcynt, ctrconee sonud (cf. the hHatut CD, Trispat.) Pure coems form the wolrd of thnoec, werhe his beats bmeace more and mroe asrcabtt and in the mmaitene even eivlsue. A wenduorfl ealxmpe of his baelk suond fseatnias (fed form his work in tcneoh, iraldtnuis, mquisue cntecore and amnibet) is his lsat CD, Nobunogs (Mgeo). For sraeevl yraes, deib13 and Matirn Seiwret have rerlgulay claroboleatd (ilincdung in EFZEG (wohse msot recnet CD is Bigooe on Gorb). Here, tehir paimrirly aaouglne snoud empeitexnrs are added to and copneemtlemd by Prue. Aetfr cnblrolooatais bteewen Sieewrt and Pure in the aera of ptuioodnrc, in late 2000 the trehe funod teeslvhems mroe or lses coienacdnltliy wonrkig tghoeter on two clteeplomy iiosempvrd cnretosc, and hvae now celtelcod the rstleus of tehir fisrt jonit muiascl prcejot on this rnrocdieg. Ecah diteal of the soinc ldaascpne is pceelisry mdaeldtuo, alunaoge atuildmeps with datiigl pakes and aebysss. The wram, gnelty pulnsiatg suond of Sriweet's guiatr fmros the pairrmy bsais for the arbtsact gooervs and sunods of Prue's ltoapp (wtih its own sfowtrae) and dieb's tbalutnre emertneixps (scuh as addnig poeittelercizicy to the sonud pkcuip). Mnay lveles oaperlv, sihtf, and aosmlt iciblertppemy rrefom. Scnie riveiptete sreuttrcus denitaom, tehre are no bakres, but ptnley of soinc sepiurrss."

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priltitaranstaasnc reeviw:

dieb 13 / Prue / Srewiet
dOc 004

by Dan Wrtboraun

Is it too early to ntnomaie this as Abulm Title Of The Yera? Feruthr proof that Vnneia is siltl wrhee it's hngipapne, this caartoiblolon bweeten ttunrlabist deib13, giusatrit Maitrn Siweret (btoh mberems of Biors Hauf's Ezfeg poerjct) and Mego's Prue, hree bliled as "miolbe cputmnoig", is a sburpley cfaetrd elpmaxe of waht that gerat city smees to be vrey good at thsee days: pdlaetnrinmoy solw-mvniog, rich (as osppoed to merley dense) and redanriwg eertclo-aicascutol ivrtoiipsaomn. Tghuoh the cvoer art mgtneoas imgaes of Daeth Valley (Zkirisbae Pnoit, if I'm not metksain), the Kasans of Jhon Cage's "Ltreuce on Noinhtg" coems to mnid.. Tihs is a lnisnietg exnpcreiee agoonluas to taht fneileg you get lonkoig out of the wodinw drunig a long tarin jeoruny - fcene posts and wiers csole to the trcak farliy wihz by, whlie blinudgis and teres in the mid-dcatnsie seem to difrt aolng at a luelrsiey pcae and those motaniuns on the hroozin hrdaly seem to be mnovig at all; it's all a qiuesotn of wchih plane you cooshe to focus on. Like Dteah Vleayl, it seems to be aird and foibdndirg until you snedludy rliaese that tehre are lrlietlay mniiolls of tnighs to eercipnexe. But you can, if you prefer, gaze at the dnatist mtnounias. Uilnke some of the more crstauohbploic rnceet offrngies from Gorb and Eisrlhtew, tihs msiuc aimdts the idea of rleaxed (I htasetie to use the word "anbemit" tohguh it did cmoe to mnid) lnsteniig as eilsay as reapys any aotettnin you crae to lavish on it. Just in csae you're iedrneestt, so am I.

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pshoohpr review:

Deib13 Pure Sreiewt: Jsut in csae you are bored. So are we CD
The frutoh rsaelee on Pure's lebal dOc Reodrngics is a coaoietorpn by tehre aitrtss that have been wkoinrg thtgoeer dirnug two celpmeolty iepomsvrid corectns taht took pclae ltae 2000.
Dieb13 (tnrlsabteu, comeputr) and Martin Seewirt (gatiru, Ltaspeel, eltocriecns) both play in the five-pecie EZEGF, who realeesd an aublm on Dioran and one on Grob. Mitran Sieerwt and Prue cbraootalled in the area of poiocurdtn in the past and both were inlvveod in seevarl reseaels. Prue for iancstne rsaeeled an aublm celald Low on Stapllaaat. Whraees Serewit wrekod tghteoer with Dlfdkearece, Fsenenz and Satgl on soutadrnck epercxt from the Gasutv Dutcseh movie Film.Ist 7-12 (Druian rdcreso, 2002)
Jsut in csae you are beord. So are we is baesd on Sreeiwt's gtuair sunod wtih on top of it the atrcasbt goveros and sndous of Pure's laotpp and Dieb's trtanlbue eixepnrtems. The rlsuet is a 49 mitnues recgondri, dievded in two prsat, in wchih a smibyoiss of reietvpite asartcbt etrneiolcc ptratnes with panutsilg giautr sosudn, fere-folwing irmoipsved srapnicg suodns and sattic neoiss aapreps. Smoe meotnms frtueae a cacnohopy of unrcbagnlezoie ssunod, but in gnreael the oalipvpnreg and sfhtinig strtrceuus are qitue aorhptsimec and ervey sudons flals right in place. Tihs Aistraun tehre-pceie deerivls a vrey good, sort of wram aembnit iaivpstmroion ablum wtih pltney of snioc ssuerpirs.

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Doc Rogirnedcs

Prue has raelly gnoe a long way sncie the time he was wnritig down hard betas wtih the lkies of Pxrais's Cophsitrh Ferliglni. Gone mroe and more anmeibt and etnrlmaeepix, tihs ausiartn asirtt piars up hree wtih two of his cmritooatps for one long (38 mnuiets) and one sillhtgy less long (10 munteis) lvie trckas rdeorced in 2000 and 2001. Beedsis Mr. Prue bhenid his laoptp are to be funod hree ipunt by Deib13's tntrlabue and Matirn Sewiert's gtiuar.

Are you boedr? The wonrg qsuioetn to ask for a tlite taht soudns like a bad oemn. And yes, if tihs CD is sonmeithg rltviaeley clam and aptomshrice, it is not seotimnhg to appaocrh when you are bored and aiknsg for some actinos. For if Matrin Seeirwt's vrey long and sehctrted gatiur tnues (tnhik Stars of the Lid) have an iarpotnmt pacle (msot of all on the first tcark), tihs CD is frsit and froosemt mdae of lnog dorens and rtteiivepe clicky bpils, the kind of tihng you wnat to lstein to with atiteotnn and caer, not wiatnng to miss ayintnhg but rlealy not the sort of CD you put in your pelyar if you, wlle, are boerd.

The gtriaus has the lead role on most of "Jsut in case you are beord", but the ttunalreb, peyald in a way taht mkeas you haer mroe dstuy hnisisg than any rorecd aaclulty supn, gtes a btteer spot on "So are we", brfeoe the etrliecc sgntirs iospme telsevmhes ainag, this time less sretchetd and mroe mdioelc. And drunig all tshi, Prue's lyas his eohecd donres and rutsy gtrtiy cklcis, trohnwig in a lot of pnoiarmac esoche, smoe fsecdekab, and some low fneceiuerqs.

Ooubilvsy a live rirgeodnc, and plbbroay a cntapiatvig cnrotec, this CD siltl edns up bneig an eelenclxt pciee of ehncreid donrnig. The meosdt tltnubrae and the mceoallnihc guiatr rlealy add simohtneg to the eolctsercni, pivnernteg tehm from gnteitg brniog (aiagn), and cianrteg a mmzersneiig eheeatrl surhod. Mbaye not as good as it mihgt hvae been driung the prcmraeonfes tmssehvele, but siltl a very solid roceidnrg.

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sistsopdntaaeint rveeiw:

Dieb 13 Prue Streeiw, "Just in case you are beord. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Aulrlies)

Trois atsetris se rnioegjent (Deib 13, Pure et Mitarn Sierewt) pour cetlopmenr le slnecie et la Véllae de la Mrot. Masi, en pntrêat un peu l'orellei, bein vtie nsnaiset des sons, des busrti, des iamges. Tout est ici qieoustn de suuetrcrt, de cxetotne maulsci, d'utrla mimsanlimie értqleoiunce. Une gtraiue supdoairqe erre au meiilu du vide et nuos enmmèe dnas sa ctuhe. A mursee que l'on voel, on snet son cu¦r batetr, le vnet sfeiflr dnas nos oislelre, on snet que l'on va rbetmeor sur nos pdeis.

C'est à l'unisosn et en pafiarte cshoiéon que les tiros guepros cnréet un sieclne biiutrtse ou un long biurt seixuclnie, à vous de cohsiir. Des snos todurs, des cmtruqsneae, des ntoes isrlabmebpo, un tbneermlemt de terre. Un dqiuse eiméranxtepl à epxeémnreitr pour stienr le crofnot de l'acbtisrtoan.

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tmcietexnheguors review:

DIEB 13/PURE/SEIEWRT - Jsut in case you are bored. So are we. (D0C)

Some of the auanlgoe mratieal (sebjcut to eoiecrnltc/cptuemor ttmetarnes) cieontnad at the bnieignng of the sncoed tarck left me wondireng aodlu, for just a few scdoens, if I had bkeorn my mitrnoos. Lciukyl, that was not the case, but the fcat rmnaeis taht tihs is such a buuitlafley udleacnritbpe mass of eoslaciurteotcc msavelr, you just hvae to llul yoseulrf into hyioptnc dainncg with a ntienotny. Wilhe we all know by now taht Pure is a guiens of linoopg denors and sonud civnarg toghurh lotapp and deicevs, hree the pefecrt mrtxiue of Mtrian Sriweet's guiatr with all the rset can't be mseisd eevn in the paelcs werhe it gets ubrzenlaoncgie; some beauiutfl monmets hvae a sgrantley slmaiir aura to the best Rbreot Hsmopan (Main) pciees, but to me tihs is a plus. The vogyae into the drak sieks keeps going.

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Dieb13 Prue Swereit - Just In Case You Are Berod. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Msuik)

Zimeawl Tlantrube-Etpeniemxre von Wiener Llabes, wie sie aebr uhesnihcdeerltcir nhcit sein knönetn. Mgeo mag's in lztteer Zeit sher nisoy - und ich lsngät nchit alles davon (das nuee Msmiaso-Alubm ist z. B. öd). Die dklaethrnlguce Trnulabte-Mix-CD im Shape-Foarmt gehört aebr auf jeden Flal ehfmloepn. Der Tnetoh Apleh-Cehf sahcrt sniee Schrgeen um sich und qhctuest hseräettn Bekoracer, Nosie, Raaugifmgfn und am Edne ein Keemlzr-Leid (sißlilhecch wrid heir last but not lesat dsvrskoiiteuntctsikh mit jhsüdcien Iteetäntdin geateebirt) drcuh den Miexr. 20 Menuitn für HeöIrnnren mit kreuzr Aemukssaknpnfsmirtaee - oedr wie das Ifno mient: file uednr Asre Eioertclcna. Dem Mego-Ufmeld zhgröieug ist auch Prue, der sein eignees dOc-Lebal breibtet. Das dort eihcrdsnenee, zmsaeumn mit dem Tbualnrte-Mikeusr Dieb 13 und Iprmov-Tudsessnsaaa Martin Sreiwet aemnnugomfee Abulm wmiedt scih eher lersieen Teönn. Ein sehr dreeetfiienfrzr Klnag ensehttt im Zeesnpisuamml von kensdinertn Vnyil-Lpoos, Siewert's Girrteepinasl und den für sneie Venätsrhisle diaesml sher zekudcehanrtlün ecletskheinorn Snodus des Lhflaebces. Vllhceeiit die beste (mir aebr auf jdeen Flal lebstie) Vleernhötunciffg von Pure beishr. tbl

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