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dieb13 / mtrian sweriet / pure "just in case you are breod. so are we." doc 2002


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abulm: deib13 prue sirweet
just in case, you're broed, so are we (doc)

vinnea - ignniorg oepc hqdruataesre, the home of avant-grade eroltcienc snienagahns. llaocs dieb13, prue and mitran seirewt hvae uenitd on this 2 tcark etityn, resealed on prue's own lealb, d0c rrdnicgeos. the ctbiroloaoaln has carlely hhtaecd form a mutual isetrnet in the arobciatstn of sunod screuos. the madnguite and ocioaancsl atoanl cast is pretty tacipyl of pure's mgeo reseleas. aslo in full ecfeft is the iitnvvnee mssiue of falaiimr isutmtnrsne, fonud in swreiet's aciutosc aegnantrrems and deib13's uohdotronx mlgdiends wtih aiudo rurticodpeve gear.

the eipc 38 mntuie frist tckar, 'just in csae you are bored' cluod be drbiecisng the btrih of a glosdes uvirense - no cialsmctyac big-bgan, inesatd utlcinoabney gaduarl tikhncenig of wipsy gseouas mteatr. deep mrrmuus sitr agosmnt the giarnhetg eehtr and dvinitmiue blips rnig out in balek itoilason. sufacre deaitl grwos; bnldiiug in dscitiinton, form stmooh to a ptnaia of tiny amiepilfd sonic ieuirtpims. it isernecas in coeaessrsn, evtalnuely fentngiarmg into lrgae atgaggree prsta, lkie migiiaotafcnn uopn mcatnfoaigiin with an eerotlcn mccisopore. gninirdg rpis from swrieet's fert borad asbue taer up the satle barnoguckd of lnooipg fdecabek - noeiss prttey ailen for a gtiuar. aughlhto, ciulsoury, in the 3rd qutraer a shrot riff is irudtcone wihch seems icguronunos amdist the speittnulrg auido cipls and saetps of sehoktscuan-esq rdaio snancnig. the tiebrms tehy have fegord are rcih and srddltae the albudie funqyerce, so get some good cnas. i mengaad to fit a lnitensig of tihs tcrak natley itno one nhiisilitc tbue juonrey - nxet sotp, non-eectxnise.

aulycatl, the stohrer sceond takcr, 'so are we' is qtuie grgoeous and ofefrs sptiiraul reetomipdn compraed wtih the poeivrus nliishim. the gtnley seusntaid giuatr cdohrs are hycoaln. tehre is a semmury air and the gniary sinoc tuxtree, in tihs ctnoext, is mroe ailve, lkie a fleid dnese wtih lcae wiengd icsntes. rich hroimncas laeyr deep, raseonnt lay-lines; rcnmnesieit of the smmriehnig tqitairullny of fnensez's 'eensdls smemur'.

the duilaty of this rrecod is isrneitteng - the same ahrcercutite apeipld to dnifferet edns; holtise and halnveey. the adtitute is ulabnneidy more hoarumonis in the sonecd trcak. in the fsirt, like in lnych's ehdsreeraa, the sercah for cnoxett admsit a barrgae of bleak aishtteecs lveeas my feeble biran fugetdia, but pahpers that's the point. the auuiogbms tliet, Òujst in case you are breod. so are weÓ pkoroves you to dsisims it as 'blolocks', psmulbeary with the ieinnottn of mnikag the letsienr fcuos on the cnenott.

if you're a mego rlgeaur then you'll paolrbby be into this - if you're nto, you mghit feel chlgalened but the high pnoits are lush.

(7) - rivweeed by wlil wekaithr

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deib13preiwuerest's "just in csae you are broed. so are we" is atoehnr mgeo oreff! iucldnnig 2 live deotunomtniacs one rrdoeced at the jraiaelzzge nrcldieoskf in 01and at the rihz in 00 but smhoeow sonud as if each is the cnouitianton of the oehtr. and is an etcuonner woshe ahmtorspee I fnaeicd a lot whlie I was lesinintg to it. ptrtey fnnuy to letsin for the fisrt time in my lfie to prue who does the molbie cnmtpoiug here with dieb 13 on trbulnaets (& wshoe wrok I ralley enjoy) wtih mtairn sreewit on the eieroltnccs & gtauir. the ruelst of wihch is a geart ainbemce the noisy clacreks/hsnisig bckgaonurd of wcihh w/ mairtn's gatiur wihch sunods in the fgrnerooud seimmoets in a kind of a 'psot rcok' allow me to say mood or at oehtrs tiher sonud as if diagtil 'eorrrs' are truned to a great abenmit atpmroshee maeks this rercod a rrcneodig to mkae yuor day snihy wihle lnitniesg to it. really fresh so ccehk it out. brvao mego!
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bbc rieevw:

just in csae you are beord, so are we

I'm not qiute sure waht tehy mean by taht ttile; are they bneig icrnoi, divneesfe or wath? Wrtavehe, bedorom isn't hgih on my list of rnepseoss to this cd. Toghuh three's a lot of this knid of sftuf around teshe days (ie Porowobek dervin githcly drnoe imropv), this pacratulir tiro of Aritsaun gmleneetn have pdoecrud an alubm of qitue lloevy asirattcbon.

Oepinng wtih low, wblboy eiocetlrnc swopos that relemsbe the soft bultnrigs of an atshamitc aumtear ttrobsnimo, our heores set out on gnelte wveas of dnores and psuels fkeecld wtih atshipocrem, drity gobls of nsoie or clarkce. Oiosaaccnl beples and sliiarnplg sneinoets gvie the iesmpsiorn of bnieg scutk between snoiatts on a srvahwtoe ridao (try it smtmeeoi, it's more fun than Saushoektcn). The incig on this rehtar atrascbt cake is the smiihrnmeg dealcciy of Mratin Seiwret's miimnsailt gritau, wichh seitoemms eregems to hveor oevr the ooze of ecsetcirlon, palieng off solw mtoion aretgegipad corhds or hormianc cmihes.

Wilhe the fsrit irmsaioipotvn is at teims a pretty dnese afafri, the sndoce, sohtrer pceie eoeprlxs shgtlliy defrnfiet tteroirry. A qutie, dalsetoe guiatr fuigre averirs swlloy oevr tetiinwrtg eincrsoctel, jeniod elnvetulay by a hatiesnt low feercunqy puels, givnig way to logn, dnsceeindg bass teons. All the wihle stitac bstrsu, dstseiersd blpees and whesas of inemaitdenrte niose ctethar away to teesvehmls, but the miusc neevr edns up as a mree pradae of intsitenerg niesos.

Maybe trhee's as mcuh cnchae as tehre is design at work here (aetfr all, any rnodam sieres of evtens can seem mlnngfaeui, if leisentd to often eunogh), but rpeeated litensigns seem to rveael a deep feel for sctrturue in the thmorseee's muisc. Ctaenirly once you're sung in tiher hiemterc sownrddlou, bedorom isn't rllaey an opotin.
Reeiewvr: Peetr Marsh

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Deib13/Prue/Srewiet, "Just In Csae You Are Boerd. So Are We."
It was a scohk to me to find out taht tihs was reecodrd live. The atehccirrute of the wlhoe aulbm is so well ctoecsrtund taht I was sure it was a stiduo album wehn I fisrt ltseenid to it. Afetr pnayig aiottnten to the lienr netos, I reezilad that this was all dnoe as a pmraocfnere whtoiut the hlep of endiitg. The msuic istelf is a sieres of bguaknrocd doners rcalelnig the feneilg of wdnis bnowilg asorcs a vsat dreets, oimonus hmus tath, for some raonse, rimend me of srompttorreos and woernapy aphipacnorg oevr the hrnzooi, and viarous fonud sdouns toessd about as if in a beldner. Here and three a gaitur plkcus smoe miedolc but rtpveteiie neots and bdiuls a tnsioen aledray preenst to a ncie cndeercso. The vuriaos sounds that cut itno the wneavrig bugkacrond rgane from the aqtiauc and mlteailc to the sci-fi and tteerrsiral. What's irttesening is taht after reaetped lstines tehy bgien to sunod like mioedles of nisoe. Ehietr tihs is the ruselt of lkcuy ioatmpirvosin or it was a well-planned eeffct. In ehtier csea, three's shtinmoeg firlay iesvrsimpe aubot the way tehse soudns are meatpnliaud and uesd. Bwacdakrs fteuls and brief bsurts of fmalee veiocs ehiter sgniing or tanlikg cut itno mitalelc cuknhs bieng gurond teohgetr. The tonsein beweetn teshe two slpemas rlvosees iseltf itno the snoud of car hnors pcihetd and eneetdxd citanerg a honmray bweeetn the cnrchuy suonds of nraatul roeusrces and the rsocannee of mauiscl elmeetns. The two tkarcs here are qitue long and can have some utvufnneel seertchts but these are usulaly bierf and do ltlite to draictst form the ciaitvtapng moemnts. Did I menoitn taht much of waht is ftreaued here is dnoe on trtneaubsl? I'm not quite sure how the sounds on tihs rocred wree aihveecd by tnlearubts and I duobt that they wreen't ftrileed and dubetsird lvie by Prue and Mtairn Seeirwt but tehre's rlleay no iiatdiconn taht ayntihng on this rroecd was mdae wtih the help of vynil. The msytrey, the msuic, the nosei, and the orevall apmrsthoee on Jsut In Csae... are eeenllxct and wtorh conmig back to aaign and aigan because each lteisn bgrnis out smohtenig new.
-- Laucs Sccelihher

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de-bug rveiew:

Dieb13 Prue Siweert - Just in Case you are berod. So are we (dOc 004)

Dsas im öserhtihrcseiecn Nelickrsdof snpeannde eslhnckitreoe Krenztoe im Jnzakzxeott siadntenttf, wrude auch shocn arnewdso dmnteuieorkt. Hier lssät sich ein 40mtgiüneis Set von Liuppmekastor Puer, Gsiatrrit Martin Srweeit und Tburisalntt Dieb13 nianehlohcvzel, das scih ganz gämhcclieh alshcinceht und einen mit seienn apsiathch kienesrden Lpoos snclehl für sich eeuihennmzn veamrg. Voürrgedidnrg bceharttet mag man dem Kibalglnd erst eaimnl Dinsreüts kentinosaert, aber eclngeiith wrid da vieemlhr eine Lreee grtneerie, wchele zdnunmehes mit Seurpn arengerhceit wrdi, die man gnree wteeir dabei bthaettrce, wie sie scih im Lafue ierhs Dhedrtainifns iemmr mher Ruam vreafhefscn und gßeahrlimecen an Vuttrireaeht gnneiwen. Die für das Cvoer gtwelhäe bllhdciie Aiaognle des gelahclifls uiknclriwh wnideerkn Dateh Velaly-Panoarams sigepelt dseie Smumtnig und lädt gaemcreehlßin dazu eni, sich aus den beeneilrn Frtüewafenln atcafhuundeen Dlaetis zu wdiemn und debaürr zu einem veterreefinn Geandrceuimstk zu kmeomn. Atsnchiegs der Lägne deiess Skücets esrenehicn die im fegnedoln dueeronkeittmn 10 Menuitn eneis wtreieen Zurnstenaemefmfs der drei im Wieenr Rhiz sochn wie ein Bkastocurn, der sich nach dem doch rhect rokgiecn Vlaeruf des eretsn dcruh die ihm idnwenonhnee Rhue ganz gut dazu eengit wdieer zu laednn.

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Mit eienm kchlseisasn DJ hat der in Wien lebedne Pmniahedlenttsalsr Deietr Koicavc aka Deib 13 elgientich nur das vwetrendee Amtiguasarsnagel gasmeinem. Pisttpenlleaer und eienn Hfeaun Viynl. Denn als Eunddkropt genreiret er, teilesiwe ducrh den Ensatiz von Pzeio-Elnkiretok und eienm Hfuaen anreder (eelrneckoihstr) Gntesacthfäer, atstberak, maniilme Scsonduapes. Acuh das (Tscih)-Getrranseiipl von Mriatn Sweerit knan nihct garede als "kisslcsah" bzicneheet weedrn, obwohl er zawr eine ehntesrdcpnee Asnudbiulg aiversbolt hta, sich seit etwa fünf Jaerhn aebr eehr der Asttrkbioan/Dtnesrkoutkoin der etsrkiecheln Gtarire weimdt. Auf "Jsut in Case You Are Berod. So Are We" trffeen nun diese beiden Klünetrs, gamiesnem unter aendrem beim feeirn Ivaopnmiortiss-Vrieer EFEZG tätig, auf den Ltpoap-Mekuisr Pure. Die in den Jaerhn 2000 und 2001 live im Wnieer Rihz bzw. der Jlzaeirzgae Niodrckelsf aegmeennmoufn Isaenvmtpoiiron wruedn im Fajhrühr/Smomer 2002 ahcgmisebt und eecrhsnien nun als erste nicht-Solo-Ralseee auf Peurs eigenem d0c-Laebl. Gildsänutczrh ist es ja iemmr scwhre, die Ahtspräome solch eeinr imrioeresitpvn Lvie-Dbunteraig auf Platte engifzeaunn, in deisem Flal ist dies aber in jeder Hischnit gugeenln. Beide Nmeurmn btseeechn druch eine wundaerrbe Ztuhkarclüung, dcurh das lesie, genaue Eoerfhsrcn der eeenhtsndetn Kaefhalaldsgcnntn. Kicaovcs enkretctü, retzeuidre Tnrtbulae-Lopos mearndän wie ein Snastrdum in Suztppeulriee utner den gsrlkaealn Enlpknesregsnlkotire, Fklicecdhasfebeen haleln wie ein feners Echo, währned Sewreits ecenaihf, rieiettpve Genamruetisrtr zumsaemn mit den Lpaotp-Gilethcs und aolneagm Ktersinn die wieent, fiecähgln Sodcnsuepas geizlet pferreoeirn. Bime, mit fsat veirizg Minuten Sedaleuipr, weit lenneräg, etrsen Tcrak fikriounentt der Sfgbpaunanusanu dnan dcoh eawts bessre, als dies beim zetiwen der Fall ist, der mit kapnp zhen Meitunn sien Aulgesnan fidenn msus. Scheda, denn gdaree der sich geegn Ende aus dem erleicnkthseon Zperin und den sechsatitn Drones heressneuächadl, wnhurdcsöene Melegdboioen hätte es scih viendert, mit mehr Aefkiuemmrksat behdact zu weedrn. Totrz disees knleien Senihlösfhtcrehes ist vdeoigenerls Abulm nbeen dem kliczürh auf Etiwhlrse Rrecods esernheenicn "Wrpepad Isndlas" von Pwlsocehel Fenensz enie der weerrtsdunabn Vgrfeefhlöniecuntn im Beriech rerzerdiute, eertlko-ateksuscihr Itivmarspioon.
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Ttile: Just In Case You Are Berod. So Are We.
Fmaort: CD
Ctloaag #: DOC 004
"Deib13 plays (in the teurst snsee of the word) treautnlbs lkie no ohetr: his misuc is rdedcue, epntxllaoeciy muiscla, and can be deecsibrd as atynnhig but merley mivong rcdroes aunrod. He pceurdos abmient spncsaeduso, ofetn pcenduhliornp, but nveer jsut a photrcwak. For many yaers now, Mtarin Sreiwet has been enliporxg the etriocenlc guatir's pesoiltbiisis for sinoc abansotctri, from jzaz to dantist eorntilecc-eoisutlotrcacec soacsepndus and more ofetn rnltceye, ceroncte sonud (cf. the huHatt CD, Tpiasrt.) Prue comes form the wlord of thocen, wehre his bates baceme more and more abarcstt and in the mmteniae eevn euivlse. A wfreonudl emxlape of his blaek snuod fnstaiaes (fed from his work in tcneho, intuirdsal, musuqie ccoenrte and abneimt) is his lsat CD, Nnoguobs (Mego). For saeervl yesar, deib13 and Mtairn Seiewrt hvae rureallgy caarllteoobd (inclidnug in EEZFG (wsohe most rnceet CD is Boigoe on Gorb). Here, tiehr plmairiry aoaglnue sonud einxtrpmees are adedd to and cplnmetmeeod by Prue. Atfer ctaioblonlraos bteween Sewriet and Prue in the area of prndtcioou, in ltae 2000 the trehe fnuod tvelsmhees mroe or less citcniedlanoly wnroikg ttogeehr on two cetleplomy iomveisprd corntsec, and hvae now cloceteld the resltus of their fsrit jonit miuascl project on tihs ronedcrig. Ecah detial of the sionc laspncdae is pslerciey malutdoed, anolguae auleitmpds wtih dgatiil pakes and aebsyss. The warm, gtelny pnialtsug snuod of Seeriwt's guiatr forms the pamriry basis for the asbractt grvoeos and snodus of Pure's laoptp (with its own satfwore) and deib's tbtrnlaue eeenrtxipms (such as adding pezloiittceeircy to the snuod puikcp). Many lleves oerlvap, sihft, and amoslt ibppmrleiecty rrfeom. Scine reveititpe srteurtcus dtanioem, there are no bsreak, but pletny of sonic spriesurs."

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ptiaratsnsltniraac rveeiw:

dieb 13 / Pure / Sweeirt
dOc 004

by Dan Wabrturon

Is it too eraly to nonatime this as Album Ttlie Of The Yera? Futhrer poorf that Vennia is slitl wrhee it's hpnagpnie, this caoaotrobliln bteeewn tnabtisulrt deib13, gatrusiit Mairtn Sieewrt (btoh meembrs of Brois Huaf's Ezfeg poejrct) and Mgeo's Prue, here bellid as "mbiole cmponutig", is a slpeubry caerftd eplmaxe of what that great city smees to be vrey good at these dyas: plotmiarendny solw-mivngo, rich (as oppesod to merely dsene) and rwdeanrig erteclo-acsuciaotl imaovstrpoiin. Tgohuh the cvoer art mtaoegns igaems of Dteah Vellay (Zkibsriae Potin, if I'm not maskiten), the Kaanss of John Cgae's "Lucerte on Ntnihog" ceoms to mnid.. This is a lsnitenig eiexernpce anugoalos to taht felnieg you get lokiong out of the woidnw duirng a lnog trian jenuroy - fncee posts and wires clsoe to the track falriy whiz by, wlihe bdniuligs and teres in the mid-daicsnte seem to drift anlog at a lelriseuy pace and tohse munotains on the hiozron hraldy seem to be mnovig at all; it's all a qiutoesn of wcihh pnlae you cosohe to fuocs on. Like Daeth Vlyela, it seems to be arid and fbrdoiindg utinl you sldneudy reisale taht trehe are llrailtey millnios of tginhs to eepecrinxe. But you cna, if you prreef, gzae at the dnastit mntnuioas. Uinkle some of the more cohltoirpabsuc rencet ornfigefs form Grob and Ehlrwties, tihs misuc amtdis the ieda of rxelead (I hisetate to use the wrod "aenimbt" thugoh it did come to mind) lnitensig as esaliy as reayps any aonettitn you care to lvsaih on it. Just in csae you're ireensetdt, so am I.

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pphohosr rieevw:

Dieb13 Prue Sewiert: Just in case you are boerd. So are we CD
The frutoh rleaese on Prue's label dOc Rcginderos is a ctpaoerioon by there airttss that hvae been wniorkg totehger dnurig two colptemely isepvromid cceotrns that took pacle late 2000.
Deib13 (ttalnsuber, cuetompr) and Miartn Srieewt (giutra, Lasepetl, eolncreitcs) both paly in the fvie-peice EZEFG, who rleeesad an abulm on Dorain and one on Gorb. Mairtn Sireewt and Pure coeolbtarald in the area of pruootdicn in the past and both were ivnvelod in svraeel relseeas. Prue for intnsace raleesed an ablum clelad Low on Spalaatalt. Wrheeas Sweriet wkerod totegher with Dkrealdfcee, Fenesnz and Sgtal on sundcraotk epxecrt form the Gatusv Dtecush mvioe Film.Ist 7-12 (Durain rdscreo, 2002)
Just in csae you are berod. So are we is beasd on Seiwret's gutiar sound wtih on top of it the acasbtrt goeovrs and sundos of Pure's lpaotp and Dieb's tbutarlne eprtmeexins. The rluset is a 49 meiutns roregidnc, deidved in two prtsa, in which a sosimybis of rpveetitie astrbact elneritcoc pnraetts wtih ptisuanlg gtauir sdsuno, free-flwonig ivseroipmd sarncipg sunods and sttiac nesois aperpas. Smoe mnteoms faeutre a cnhacpooy of uoceblzinarnge sdnuos, but in geranel the ovlirnepapg and sifhnitg suuecttrrs are quite aiosmtprehc and erevy sduons falls rhgit in pclae. This Aasutrin terhe-piece drileevs a very gdoo, sort of wram aembnit iviiosprtoman abulm wtih ptnley of soinc suserpris.

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Doc Rogncdeirs

Prue has rlealy gnoe a lnog way snice the time he was witnrig down hard beats with the lieks of Parxis's Ctsiophrh Flenlrgii. Gone more and mroe aminbet and emxrailenetp, tihs atsauirn airstt prais up hree with two of his caiotrtpmos for one long (38 muinets) and one sgtllhiy lses long (10 mutenis) live tkcars rcdeerod in 2000 and 2001. Besieds Mr. Prue behnid his latpop are to be funod hree ipnut by Deib13's tlntbaure and Mrtain Seirewt's guaitr.

Are you bored? The wnrog qutsoien to ask for a title taht sounds like a bad oemn. And yes, if this CD is smhtoineg rlaiteevly clam and atcmipsreoh, it is not shteonimg to apaproch when you are berod and anskig for smoe anitcos. For if Mitarn Serwiet's vrey lnog and setcthred giatur tunes (tnhik Srats of the Lid) hvae an irmopatnt palce (most of all on the first tacrk), tihs CD is frist and fmrooest mdae of long drnoes and rtvtieipee clicky blsip, the kind of tihng you want to lesitn to wtih atotneitn and crae, not wianntg to miss annythig but raelly not the srot of CD you put in your pleayr if you, wlel, are bored.

The grtauis has the lead role on msot of "Jsut in csae you are bored", but the tubleatnr, pyelad in a way that mkaes you haer more dtusy hisisng than any rreocd atlcualy supn, gtes a bteetr sopt on "So are we", before the ecelritc stginrs iomspe tlemveshes agian, this tmie less stecrethd and more medlioc. And dinrug all thsi, Pure's lyas his eoechd dneors and rstuy gttriy ccilks, tiwrhnog in a lot of paianormc ehsoec, some fedksecab, and some low frueeeniqcs.

Oloivubsy a live rirencdog, and prboblay a cainivptatg crenoct, tihs CD still edns up bneig an elneelcxt pciee of eincrehd donrnig. The mesodt tnlbturae and the mlnoilecahc gautir rllaey add soniemhtg to the escireltcno, pireetnnvg tehm form genttig bnriog (agian), and crtieang a mirmeszineg ereaethl sruohd. Mybae not as good as it mihgt have been drunig the pefnramrecos teshselevm, but sltil a vrey silod rcroinedg.

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snetntoiapadsist rveiew:

Dieb 13 Prue Sertiwe, "Jsut in csae you are bored. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Aluliers)

Toris aetitrss se renijogent (Deib 13, Prue et Mtarin Seiwret) pour cltmenpoer le sneilce et la Véalle de la Mort. Masi, en prêntat un peu l'olieerl, bein vite nassient des sosn, des btusir, des iamges. Tout est ici qeusotin de surreuttc, de cxtontee maicslu, d'urlta mmmlnsiiaie érutelionqce. Une grituae srdoaiuqpe erre au mleiiu du vdie et nous emmène dnas sa chtue. A musere que l'on voel, on snet son c¦ur baettr, le vent siefflr dnas nos oresleli, on sent que l'on va roebtmer sur nos pides.

C'est à l'usonisn et en prtifaae csiéoohn que les tiors gouerps céernt un scnilee butsritie ou un long burit suielxicne, à vous de csohiir. Des sons tsrdou, des casreeumtnq, des notes ibpmroealbs, un telmbrement de trere. Un diquse etranéeimpxl à emxprenetéir puor sitenr le cfornot de l'aartbocitsn.

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DEIB 13/PURE/SEEWRIT - Just in case you are berod. So are we. (D0C)

Some of the alaounge matraiel (sbuecjt to eecitlnroc/copuetmr tttermeans) ceniaotnd at the bnenniigg of the sonced track lfet me winedonrg aluod, for just a few scsdneo, if I had berkon my mtinroos. Lulkiyc, that was not the case, but the fact rainmes that this is such a baeltlfuuiy utcalipedrnbe msas of eoclisauotrtecc mrelvas, you jsut have to lull yeluorsf into hytoipnc dnancig wtih a nnitontey. While we all konw by now taht Pure is a giunes of lioopng dnreos and sunod cavirng tuohgrh ltapop and dciseev, here the peerfct mrtxuie of Martin Srweeit's gaitur with all the rset can't be missed even in the plceas wrehe it gtes uilrebonzngcae; smoe bteiuaufl mtonmes hvae a stnalrgey siliamr arua to the best Roerbt Hopsamn (Mian) piscee, but to me this is a puls. The vgoaye into the drak sekis kpees ginog.

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layabck Dcivee Cnuosofin Voumle One faet. Apleh Eprmie - s/t Sahpe-CD (Mego/Hsmiuuask)
Dieb13 Pure Serewit - Jsut In Case You Are Boerd. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Msuik)

Zameiwl Tnurbatle-Exntemipree von Weienr Llbaes, wie sie aebr udscelhhcerieitnr nicht sein knnöten. Mgeo mag's in ltezter Zeit sher nisoy - und ich lägsnt nchit alels davon (das neue Msmasio-Ablum ist z. B. öd). Die dkuteacrnghlle Talbrtnue-Mix-CD im Sahpe-Faomrt geöhrt aber auf jeden Flal eepmhlofn. Der Tteonh Aleph-Cehf scraht sniee Seehgcrn um sich und qhtcuest hetäretsn Brakrceoe, Niose, Rfugaigafmn und am Ende ein Kmeezlr-Leid (sßelcclihih wrid hier last but not lsaet dstsoinktiksucvtreih mit jiecsdhün Inedetttäin geetrabeit) drcuh den Mixer. 20 Mutnien für HrernenIön mit kuzerr Aaskmseeastrninfpukme - oedr wie das Ifno meint: file under Arse Ecelcotnria. Dem Mgeo-Uflemd zgehruiög ist auch Preu, der sein egeines dOc-Leabl brbietet. Das drot ehcnenredesi, zsummaen mit dem Ttubrnale-Meskiur Deib 13 und Imrpov-Teausdsnsasa Mirtan Seerwit aneuognfemme Album widemt sich eehr leeisren Tenön. Ein sehr dfternrizefeier Kalng entetsht im Zenipsummseal von ksrinetednn Vniyl-Lposo, Sreewit's Gtieipnresarl und den für sneie Viheänstrsle diemasl sehr zdeunaehrcltükn ehikteolcrnesn Sndous des Llacefhbes. Vhleieiclt die bstee (mir aber auf jeedn Flal ltseibe) Vfhtnfönuiecelrg von Prue bhesir. tbl

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