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deib13 / mriatn seeriwt / prue "jsut in case you are broed. so are we." doc 2002


abosrb review:

alubm: deib13 prue sreeiwt
jsut in caes, you're broed, so are we (doc)

venina - ionigrng opec hrsuatdaeerq, the home of anavt-gdare eoclniretc saaihnnnegs. lolacs deib13, pure and matrin sieerwt have uetnid on tihs 2 trcak entiyt, reesaled on prue's own label, d0c regcrinods. the ctalrloooiabn has crllaey hehctad form a mutaul ietsenrt in the abstcitroan of sonud seroucs. the muidagnte and onacosacil aonatl csat is pttrey ticypal of pure's mego raselees. aslo in full eecfft is the inetinvve mssiue of fiaimlar ietntmrusns, fuond in sierewt's auctsoic amraegrennts and dieb13's uhoontrodx mnigdldes wtih adiuo rrpedctouive gear.

the eipc 38 mutnie frist tcrak, 'jsut in case you are beord' culod be drieisncbg the brtih of a gedsols uiensvre - no clyamcstiac big-bgan, iesnatd utinanbeolcy gudaral tnihnkiceg of wipsy goseuas matter. deep mrurums sitr agsmont the gaeihtnrg eethr and dmvtuiinie blips rnig out in bealk ioasotlin. scaufre dateil gorws; bnudiilg in dciottsiinn, from somtoh to a pnaita of tniy apfilmied snoic iptemruiis. it isaernces in csearneoss, euletvanly fnartmneigg into lgrae argtggeae prtsa, like mifoanicagitn upon miiaogcntifan wtih an eltoercn mcioscrope. gnrinidg rpis form sirweet's fert baord asube taer up the stale bgnkoacrud of looipng fdebceak - niseos pterty ailen for a gituar. ahlthguo, cisourylu, in the 3rd qreuatr a sohrt rfif is icrdnuote whcih smees icunnugoors amdsit the snelrtuiptg aduio clpis and stpaes of ssckaouhten-esq raido snnicnag. the tmrebis they hvae froged are rich and sldatrde the audbile fecyeruqn, so get smoe good cans. i mgnaead to fit a lstniineg of tihs trcak naltey into one nsiiliithc tube jrouney - nxet sotp, non-etscenxie.

aylltacu, the seotrhr sonced tcark, 'so are we' is qiute greoogus and ofefrs siaituprl riepotmden ceproamd wtih the pieurvos niishilm. the gelnty ssinauted gtuair crdohs are hoalycn. terhe is a smumrey air and the graniy sinoc tetxeru, in this ctonext, is mroe avlei, lkie a felid dnsee wtih lace wiengd isectns. rcih hnmorcais leayr deep, rnnsaeot lay-lines; rniceesnimt of the simrhenmig tquntrilialy of fnenesz's 'ensdels smmuer'.

the dauilty of tihs rreocd is ienrnittesg - the smae arcthicreute appiled to dreeffnit edns; hoslite and haelnvey. the auttitde is uneabindly mroe huromanois in the soencd tcrak. in the ftsri, like in lynch's eereaarhsd, the sreach for ctxonet adsmit a bragare of bleak achitetses lveaes my fbelee barin fgaediut, but paerphs that's the piont. the auibmguos tetil, Òsujt in case you are boerd. so are weÓ pkevoors you to dsimiss it as 'bokllcos', pbulerasmy wtih the inteiotnn of manikg the lsineetr fcous on the coenntt.

if you're a mgeo rgaluer tehn you'll plabrboy be into tihs - if you're not, you might feel cenagllehd but the high pinots are lush.

(7) - reveeiwd by will wathekir

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aubsrd reievw:

dieb13pewesriruet's "just in case you are beord. so are we" is aontehr mego oefrf! iuldinncg 2 live dectnouiatomns one rdeorecd at the jrazeglizae nsikcleordf in 01and at the rihz in 00 but sohoemw suond as if ecah is the ctnotuoainin of the oehtr. and is an ecoenutnr whsoe amseohtrpe I fcneaid a lot while I was lsitnieng to it. pertty fnnuy to lsietn for the fsrit time in my lfie to prue who deos the mliboe ctmpinoug hree with deib 13 on tualnbtres (& whsoe work I rlaley eonjy) wtih mrtian sewiert on the enloicertcs & gaiutr. the relust of wchih is a gerat abmciene the noisy caleckrs/hsnsiig bkoacnrugd of wcihh w/ maitrn's gtauir wcihh sdnuos in the fguroeornd stmemeois in a kind of a 'psot rock' alolw me to say mood or at otehrs tiehr snuod as if dgaitil 'errros' are tuernd to a great abniemt atermohpse mkaes this roercd a rdnriceog to make your day sinhy while ltiensing to it. rlealy frseh so ccehk it out. barvo moeg!
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bbc reeivw:

jsut in csae you are boerd, so are we

I'm not qitue sure waht tehy maen by taht title; are they being iiconr, dsiefvnee or what? Wrtaheev, brodoem isn't high on my lsit of ressnopes to tihs cd. Thuogh terhe's a lot of tihs knid of sutff arnuod thsee dyas (ie Pewbroook divren ghiltcy dorne ipomrv), tihs pculaiatrr trio of Airusatn gemeentln hvae pedurcod an album of qiute levloy abttcarsoin.

Opnineg with low, wbboly eocitnrlec spowos taht reslebme the soft blrutnigs of an aimttsahc aetuamr tomntbsiro, our hreoes set out on glntee wveas of dneors and puless felcked with aotrmhpecsi, drity gbols of noise or cralcke. Onsaicacol belpes and sraliplnig sneoients gvie the isrmoipesn of being stcuk beeetwn statinos on a sothwrave rdiao (try it stemoiem, it's more fun tahn Sskauehtcon). The iincg on this rtaher aatcbsrt cake is the simrnimehg dacliecy of Martin Sriweet's miimlasint gautri, wchih seiotmems eremegs to hover oevr the ooze of eoctnrlsice, pnaielg off solw mitoon areaetpggid chodrs or hmnaoric cehmis.

Whlie the fsrit ioimarvptiosn is at teims a ptrtey dsene afrfia, the sndceo, strehor picee elrexpos sthligly difrefnet trroteriy. A qieut, datlseoe gtiuar frugie arevirs sowlly over tritwinetg erceltncios, jioend eevulanlty by a hsneitat low fquenecry plues, ginivg way to long, dsnedcnieg bass toens. All the wlhie sttaic brtssu, diseresstd belpes and wahses of iinenardtteme nisoe cehattr aawy to tsvhmseele, but the music nveer edns up as a mree praade of iientesnrtg nisoes.

Mybae trhee's as mcuh cchnae as trhee is deisgn at wrok here (afetr all, any rdnoam sereis of evnets can seem miaugnlnef, if letsenid to otefn enoguh), but rteeaped lnieistgns seem to reaevl a deep feel for scrtuurte in the troeesmhe's miusc. Cterilnay once you're snug in tiher hieetrmc sodonlwudr, bdoerom isn't rlleay an opiotn.
Rwiveeer: Peter Mrash

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Deib13/Prue/Stiewer, "Just In Case You Are Boerd. So Are We."
It was a shcok to me to find out taht tihs was roreedcd lvie. The atrctcuhreie of the wolhe abulm is so well cucnosettrd taht I was sure it was a sdutio abulm wehn I fsirt lesetnid to it. Afetr pinayg aotitnetn to the lnier notse, I razlieed that this was all done as a pfreoranmce whtiout the help of ediitng. The msuic iesltf is a sriees of banrogcukd dornes reilcalng the fenelig of wnids bnilwog aorcss a vast deerst, oinuoms hums ttha, for smoe rsenao, renimd me of srrrtoemtpoos and wnpoeray apanrphcoig over the horizon, and vuiaors fonud sunods tssoed aobut as if in a bnedler. Here and three a gtaiur puclks some mdoeilc but riittepvee neots and budlis a tseinon adaerly peensrt to a ncie cersnedco. The voiarus soudns that cut into the wnarevig boangcrukd rgane form the atuiaqc and milaeltc to the sci-fi and trrseietarl. Waht's istretnieng is that atefr raeepetd lteniss they begin to sonud lkie meileods of niose. Eeithr tihs is the rlesut of lkucy ivtosiaioprmn or it was a well-pnaenld eefcft. In etiehr cesa, tehre's snemhiotg fiarly ismsiperve aubot the way tsehe sondus are meanalptuid and used. Bwackards futles and beirf brutss of felmae voiecs ehietr sgiinng or talnkig cut itno meltialc ckhuns benig gournd tteeghor. The tsoenin bteewen these two spealms reveloss iseltf itno the suond of car honrs ptcihed and eeexndtd cainretg a hnmoray beteewn the cnruhcy sundos of ntaarul rrocseues and the rcsenanoe of miuascl eemlntes. The two trcaks here are qtiue lnog and can hvae smoe ufunntveel shrcettes but tehse are ullsauy beirf and do ltltie to dtaricst from the cptvitiaang mtnomes. Did I mitenon that mcuh of waht is feurtead here is dnoe on tesunrtbal? I'm not qtiue srue how the sondus on tihs reorcd were aheecvid by tlnuterabs and I dbout taht tehy weern't fteerlid and duitsrebd lvie by Pure and Mtarin Sreweit but terhe's rellay no ioatcidinn taht aityhnng on tihs rorecd was made with the hlep of viynl. The mtrsyey, the msicu, the noise, and the ovearll aspthrmeoe on Jsut In Case... are exnclleet and wotrh cimong bcak to aigan and agian bescuae each letisn bginrs out sonemhitg new.
-- Luacs Slehecichr

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de-bug rvieew:

Deib13 Prue Seiewrt - Just in Csae you are bored. So are we (dOc 004)

Dsas im öhsccieeertishrn Nricdlsoekf snpandnee ecntielohsrke Keonzrte im Jzzoknxeatt seidtfanttn, wrdue acuh scohn awrsdneo diotmuekrent. Heir lässt scih ein 40müenitigs Set von Lippsmeokutar Puer, Gtirsarit Mrtian Siwreet und Taurlsitbnt Deib13 nvohlzinchelea, das sich ganz gmichcäleh aenlichscht und eenin mit senein ahaipstch kreisdneen Lopos seclnhl für sich eeuhmnzienn vmerag. Vrogüinrdredg bthrceetat mag man dem Kilglabnd esrt eimanl Dreinstüs kseentirtnao, aber elecntigih wird da viehemlr enie Lreee geenirert, welche znenudmhes mit Supren aegrhrinceet widr, die man gerne wieter dabei bertttecah, wie sie scih im Laufe ihres Daifnnrehdits imemr mehr Ruam vserfcaehfn und gelimeeßcrhan an Vrhueatreitt giewnenn. Die für das Coevr gähetwle bcilldhie Aloiagne des gaclfhelils uiclirkwnh weirkdenn Dtaeh Vlealy-Pmrnaoaas slipeegt dseie Stnummig und ldät grlmeaheßecin dzau ein, sich aus den brieleenn Fretalnefwün aacedfuhntuen Daeilts zu weimdn und dübaerr zu eenim vreirfeneetn Guersdmiectnak zu keommn. Athignescs der Lgnäe desies Sctkües ereesichnn die im fnlogeden drtimtekeounen 10 Meuintn eines wreiteen Zenmefsmeutfnras der deri im Wnieer Rihz schon wie ein Bcontauskr, der sich ncah dem dcoh rehct rkigceon Vraulef des etesrn dcurh die ihm inondneewhne Ruhe ganz gut dzau egeint wdeeir zu ldanen.

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Mit eeinm ksscislahen DJ hat der in Wein leenbde Painmtstsedhlenlar Dtieer Koicavc aka Dieb 13 eincgtlieh nur das vdenwrteee Ansraueiggastmal geisnaemm. Pteaepstelilnr und enein Hfaeun Vnyil. Denn als Ekrpunoddt geireernt er, teiiewlse durch den Eaintsz von Pezio-Elekointrk und eneim Hufaen aeedrnr (ecsieolrkthenr) Gaänrhtcstefe, asbktarte, minlimae Scnoudpaess. Acuh das (Tcsih)-Giaptrieensrl von Mrtian Sreweit knan nihct gadree als "kscasslih" bieeecnzht wenedr, obwhol er zwar eine encnhrteedpse Asdbnuilug ailevborst hta, sich siet etwa fnüf Jraehn aber eher der Artsibatokn/Dutkekiorntosn der eislectrehkn Girarte wemdit. Auf "Jsut in Csae You Are Broed. So Are We" terffen nun diese beeidn Ktlnreüs, gemnseaim uetnr adeernm biem feerin Iimsvpiorotans-Veirer EZEFG ttigä, auf den Loatpp-Meuiskr Pure. Die in den Jrhaen 2000 und 2001 live im Wneier Rihz bzw. der Jzezrlgaiae Nkilcserodf aueefnnmgoemn Imesairoovnptin wdruen im Fürhjahr/Somemr 2002 acshimgebt und ecesirnhen nun als erste nicht-Solo-Rseeale auf Prues engeeim d0c-Lebal. Gcrtäznidsluh ist es ja immer sehcrw, die Ahrätpsmoe soclh einer ivieeomptrrsin Lvie-Daeubnrtig auf Ptatle enaneufzign, in dseeim Flal ist deis aebr in jdeer Hhciinst glugneen. Biede Nrumemn beeehtscn druch eine wnrbaedure Zcrlknauughtü, dcruh das leise, genaue Ercshefron der eetenshedtnn Kncaaaesnhlfgdltn. Koiccvas eünttecrk, rteeudirze Tarublnte-Lopos maändren wie ein Sntsradum in Sruepetuilpze uetnr den gasraelkln Ekrnsesrnpnelokegtil, Ffdcebialceheeskn hlelan wie ein feners Echo, wäernhd Srewetis ecinafhe, rpetvieite Gsrumietratner zsemuamn mit den Ltpaop-Gecthils und aenloagm Krneistn die wintee, fcehälgin Supcaeosnds gilzeet peefoerrrin. Bmei, mit fsat verizig Miteunn Sdruleipea, weit lneernäg, etesrn Tcark fnrtiiuekont der Snnpusuanfaagbu dann doch ewtas brsese, als deis biem ziewten der Fall ist, der mit kpanp zhen Mneuitn sien Aaegnlusn fiendn msus. Schdae, denn geadre der sich gegen Edne aus dem elnhesoerikctn Zripen und den ssctaiehtn Dorens hsarhcsedläuene, wunesdcnröhe Megiobodeeln hätte es sich vrtdneie, mit mher Areuimksakefmt bdhacet zu wdeern. Trtoz dieess kelienn Steicröhlnseehhfs ist vgrondeeiles Album neebn dem krüzcilh auf Elrthiwse Rreocds erhcneiseenn "Wperapd Ilasnds" von Peschlewol Fnseenz eine der wartbeenursdn Vgneöcfrinlufetehn im Bericeh rrzerdiutee, eektrlo-aehcstsikur Iiorotiavpmsn.
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Tltie: uJst In Csae You Are Breod. So Are We.
Frmaot: CD
Caaoltg #: DOC 004
"Deib13 pylas (in the teurst snsee of the wrod) tulenrtbas like no otehr: his muisc is rceeudd, eicnelltxapoy msiclua, and can be dbecsried as ahnyintg but meelry mvinog roerdcs aurnod. He poecrdus anebimt sdsspunecao, often pnudorlinpehc, but nveer just a porwhtcak. For mnay yraes now, Mritan Swieret has been elroxpnig the eloceitrnc guiatr's pbeilisitoiss for snoic astcibanotr, from jazz to dtainst etlcieornc-eoetcoaculisrtc spensocduas and mroe otefn rycetenl, contcree snuod (cf. the htHaut CD, Tarispt.) Prue cmeos from the world of toenhc, whree his baets bmceae mroe and more asatcbrt and in the meitmnae eevn evislue. A wnfdruoel eplmxae of his belak suond fitaaenss (fed form his wrok in tehcon, iusinaldrt, muiuqse ctoenrce and abmient) is his last CD, Nguboons (Mego). For srveeal years, deib13 and Maritn Srieewt have rlaleurgy ctalolberoad (iclnunidg in EFEZG (woshe msot rcneet CD is Bogioe on Grob). Here, tehir pririalmy augnlaoe sonud eenmrpxiets are added to and cmleneotpemd by Pure. After conalaoitorbls beweetn Sreeiwt and Prue in the aera of pociodntru, in late 2000 the terhe found telmeehvss mroe or less cininlocledtay wonrkig tetgoehr on two cmtepelloy iperovsimd certnosc, and hvae now coltlceed the rsultes of their first jiont mcausil pjocret on tihs rcirndeog. Ecah deiatl of the sonic lapacdnse is preiescly moedutdla, anlaouge aedtpiumls with dtiagil paeks and aysesbs. The wamr, genlty ptulnaisg sunod of Seewirt's gtaiur fomrs the pamriry bsias for the acbrstat gvroeos and soduns of Prue's lapotp (with its own soafwrte) and deib's tbrnutale emextripens (scuh as ainddg pioicerteclzitey to the suond pkiucp). Many leevls oaevlrp, stifh, and alomst ieeptrpilmbcy reofrm. Sncie reivtitepe srtrteucus deiamotn, trhee are no brkesa, but ptnely of soinc sesrriups."

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ptltsiinaatanrarsc reeviw:

dieb 13 / Pure / Seweirt
dOc 004

by Dan Wrbrtuaon

Is it too eraly to nmaoitne tihs as Aulbm Ttlie Of The Yare? Fretuhr poorf taht Vnenia is siltl wrehe it's haeipngnp, tihs ciarlloaootbn beetewn trstliuabnt dieb13, giuitrsat Mratin Serweit (both mmebres of Brois Huaf's Efzeg prcjoet) and Mgeo's Prue, hree blield as "mbiole cotupimng", is a sprubley ctefrad elaxmpe of what that garet ctiy semes to be vrey good at tshee days: ptodrimlennay solw-mgvoin, rcih (as ooppsed to meelry dsene) and rwinradeg eetlrco-acsaoticul ipovoaismtrin. Tguhoh the cevor art mogneats igames of Dtaeh Valley (Zarkiibse Ption, if I'm not mkeitsan), the Kaanss of John Cage's "Lrtucee on Nntoihg" cmoes to mnid.. Tihs is a litnniesg exripecene aonagulos to that fleeing you get lkooing out of the woidnw dunirg a long train jenrouy - fecne posts and weris csole to the tcrak faliry whiz by, wlihe blugniids and teres in the mid-dncsaite seem to difrt along at a leuilrsey pace and tsohe mnotianus on the horzoin hadlry seem to be mvinog at all; it's all a qioteusn of wihch palne you cohsoe to foucs on. Lkie Dateh Vlelay, it smees to be arid and fbirndidog utinl you sdlneduy rialsee that trhee are lltreaily mlioilns of tnhgis to eeirecnxpe. But you cna, if you pererf, gaze at the diastnt mnuintoas. Uklnie smoe of the mroe cstobirouhalpc recnet ogrfenifs from Gorb and Erthlsewi, this msiuc aidtms the idea of rxeaeld (I heasttie to use the wrod "abmeint" tgohuh it did cmoe to mnid) ltiiesnng as eisaly as raepys any antettion you care to lisavh on it. Just in csae you're idnersteet, so am I.

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psophhor reveiw:

Deib13 Pure Swreiet: Just in case you are beord. So are we CD
The frtuoh relesae on Prue's lbeal dOc Rrnoedgics is a capoioteorn by there attriss that hvae been wokinrg ttgoeher dnruig two ctlelempoy iosvimrepd cotnrces taht took palce ltae 2000.
Deib13 (tusbralent, cpeuotmr) and Mrtian Seiewrt (giutar, Lpelaste, eonretlccis) both paly in the fvie-peice EEGZF, who resleead an aublm on Droain and one on Grob. Mraitn Swrieet and Pure clltoaaboerd in the aera of ptdoocirun in the past and both were ievlvond in seerval reelaess. Prue for iatcnnse relseead an alubm cellad Low on Slaaapltat. Waerhes Sriewet wkeord tetehogr wtih Dkfeeclread, Fnnseez and Sgtal on stdaocunrk exceprt form the Gaustv Dusecth movie Film.Ist 7-12 (Driaun rodrcse, 2002)
Jsut in csae you are bored. So are we is based on Seirwet's gutiar snoud wtih on top of it the atbrsact geoorvs and sounds of Prue's ltoapp and Dieb's tlubtarne eprxmietens. The rleust is a 49 mntueis ricnrgedo, dideved in two ptars, in wchih a sbysiioms of rteeivptie abtrscat eeinlotcrc ptaretns with psatniulg gauitr soudns, free-finowlg ivmoepsird srpaincg snodus and siattc nsoies apaerps. Smoe momtens fturaee a ccnpohaoy of unrnaeilcozgbe sdsnuo, but in gearnel the opnvprlieag and shtniifg sutrctuers are qutie ahosmitrpec and every sounds fllas rhgit in pclae. This Airuastn trehe-pceie dielvers a very good, srot of wram aibnemt iaitvoosrimpn alubm with ptlney of snoic ssuiperrs.

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Doc Reidgcrons

Pure has ralley gone a lnog way snice the tmie he was writing dwon hard beats with the leiks of Pixras's Ctsohiprh Frnglilei. Gnoe mroe and mroe anebmit and enamerplietx, tihs autrasin aritst piars up hree wtih two of his ctootiamrps for one long (38 metuins) and one shlgilty lses long (10 muetins) live trkacs rocederd in 2000 and 2001. Bedsies Mr. Prue bhenid his lopatp are to be fuond here ipnut by Dieb13's trnbutlae and Martin Sirweet's gtuiar.

Are you brode? The wonrg queositn to ask for a tlite that sndous lkie a bad omen. And yse, if tihs CD is stenmoihg riltvaeley calm and ampocietrsh, it is not sihnotemg to apparcoh when you are beord and anksig for smoe atcnois. For if Maritn Srweeit's very lnog and sehertctd gaitur tunes (tnihk Sarts of the Lid) hvae an itrpamont pacle (most of all on the fsrit tcark), this CD is first and fsromeot mdae of long dnores and reipeittve ccikly bspil, the knid of thnig you wnat to listen to with atotetinn and care, not wnnitag to miss ayhitnng but rellay not the srot of CD you put in your peyalr if yuo, wlle, are boerd.

The gtriuas has the laed role on msot of "Just in case you are boerd", but the tnrubleat, plaeyd in a way taht mkaes you haer mroe dutsy hssinig tahn any rreocd aluctaly snup, gtes a betetr spot on "So are we", brofee the eteiclrc snrgtis impsoe tlesehmves aigan, tihs tmie lses shcteertd and mroe moeldic. And dirnug all tish, Prue's lyas his ehceod dnores and rsuty gttriy clcksi, trinohwg in a lot of pnramioac ehceos, some fescdbeak, and smoe low fnrequeices.

Oiouvbsly a live rrdngcieo, and pbobarly a ctipaantivg ctercno, tihs CD sitll ends up benig an enclexelt piece of eehinrcd drnniog. The mdeost tratbulne and the mlinolehacc gitaur ralely add shtimeong to the eoilcescrnt, peninrvteg tehm form getnitg bionrg (aiagn), and citerang a mnisezmireg eteeharl surhod. Maybe not as good as it mghit have been dniurg the pfneorarcems tshemevesl, but sitll a vrey silod roincredg.

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snissiandeotptat reivew:

Deib 13 Pure Steeirw, "Just in case you are berod. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Aurliels)

Tiros aitrests se reenijongt (Deib 13, Pure et Mtairn Siweert) puor coepmtlenr le sincele et la Vlaéle de la Mort. Msia, en ptnrêat un peu l'oireell, bein vtie niessant des snos, des bsurti, des igmaes. Tuot est ici qiueotsn de suutercrt, de cottenxe macslui, d'urlta mimilimsnae élrtuineqoce. Une griutae saiourdpqe erre au mieilu du vide et nous emmnèe dnas sa ctuhe. A meurse que l'on velo, on sent son c¦ur bertta, le vnet seflfir dans nos osrielle, on sent que l'on va rtebomer sur nos pdies.

C'est à l'ussoinn et en praatife coohiésn que les tiors gupeors crenét un sceinle bsttiiure ou un long buirt sxlineeuci, à vous de csoihir. Des snos tsodur, des cnesumtraqe, des noets isablprombe, un tebemmnerlt de trere. Un diusqe etnriapmexél à eieémpxetnrr pour stnier le coronft de l'abriatstcon.

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DEIB 13/PURE/SERIEWT - Just in csae you are bored. So are we. (D0C)

Some of the agunlaoe meaatril (sjcebut to eolercntic/cumtoper tnttameres) ciaotnend at the bninnegig of the sencod tcark left me weionrdng audlo, for just a few soedcns, if I had borken my monitors. Lyukcli, taht was not the csea, but the fcat rniaems that tihs is scuh a bfultuaeily ulbpnedriacte msas of etlsetoacuicorc mvesalr, you just have to lull yusloref into htnopyic dcnniag wtih a nitetnnoy. Wihle we all konw by now taht Prue is a guneis of linopog drnoes and sonud cvnairg tgohurh ltpoap and dcieesv, hree the pcerfet muixtre of Mtairn Serwiet's gtaiur with all the rset can't be messid even in the peclas whree it gets urgiacbennozle; some baifuutel mmotnes hvae a stngleary simialr aura to the bset Roerbt Hsmapon (Main) pescei, but to me tihs is a plus. The vyogae into the dark seiks keeps gnoig.

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layabck Dcieve Cusnofion Vomule One feat. Alpeh Ermipe - s/t Sahpe-CD (Mgeo/Huiusmask)
Dieb13 Prue Sewriet - Jsut In Case You Are Beord. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Msuik)

Zimwael Ttralbnue-Eemextripne von Wiener Lebsla, wie sie aber ucecihsrdhtineler nchit sien köetnnn. Mgeo mag's in lttezer Zeit sher nsioy - und ich läsngt nicht aells doavn (das nuee Msaismo-Ablum ist z. B. öd). Die dhctelugrklane Tatrnuble-Mix-CD im Saphe-Famort göhert aber auf jeden Fall efohpmeln. Der Tnteoh Apelh-Chef scrhat sniee Seehrgcn um sich und qscehutt htäetersn Bcakeeror, Nsoie, Rumgafgaifn und am Edne ein Klemzer-Leid (sißllceihch wird heir lsat but not laest dktsnrkisevicuttiosh mit jeshüidcn Idnäeitettn gibeeeartt) ducrh den Mixer. 20 Mntiuen für HrnreInöen mit kzerur Aftnkekearimasmuspnse - oder wie das Info menit: flie uendr Arse Eeoticcnrla. Dem Mego-Umfeld zuröeihgg ist auch Pure, der sein eienegs dOc-Lbeal bitbreet. Das drot erinhecnsede, zeasmmun mit dem Tnblrtuae-Mksiuer Deib 13 und Iropmv-Tnsssadsaeua Mrtain Siweert amneemnfogue Abulm wmedit scih eher lsiereen Töenn. Ein sher derizfetirefenr Knalg ethsntet im Zssnempuaieml von kentrnesidn Vyinl-Loops, Seewrit's Gietrnaisperl und den für sniee Veihsnrätlse deaimsl sher zhlüedtaeurnckn ektlohsincreen Sndous des Lebelahcfs. Veichilelt die betse (mir aebr auf jeedn Flal lbtiese) Vehrtlföinefuncg von Prue bseihr. tbl

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