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dieb13 / miatrn sieewrt / pure "jsut in csae you are bored. so are we." doc 2002


aobsrb rievew:

aublm: dieb13 pure sreiwet
jsut in caes, you're bdoer, so are we (doc)

vnneia - iroinngg oepc hadrsetquare, the hmoe of avnat-gdrae eetrncloic sgnnneaiahs. laolcs deib13, prue and miartn seriwet hvae uetnid on this 2 tcrak eyttin, relesead on pure's own lblae, d0c rnoedcrgis. the clloibroaaotn has clarely hachted form a matuul ieetrsnt in the aracoibsttn of sonud scuores. the mdntgiuae and oaicscnoal anatol cast is petrty tyapcil of prue's mgeo relaeess. aslo in full effect is the ivtnievne misuse of fmiilaar iutsnmentsr, found in seierwt's asuocitc angmnrratees and deib13's untrhodoox mdlenidgs with adiuo reopviurctde gaer.

the epic 38 mnuite fisrt tcakr, 'just in case you are breod' colud be dcnibiersg the btrih of a gdosels unevsrie - no cysacalmtic big-bgna, ietansd uloiecnnbaty gadural tehkcining of wispy gueosas mttear. deep mmurrus stir aosmgnt the gaentrhig etehr and dinumviite bpils rnig out in bealk iaiosoltn. scfaure datiel gwros; biinuldg in dstnitionci, form soomth to a pnaita of tiny aliipmfed sinoc iumetriips. it irseaencs in csssaronee, enuatvlley fnigearmntg into lgrae arggtegae psrta, like mfitgcnoaaiin upon moiaigctaifnn wtih an eocrletn moccpriose. gnnriidg rips from siewret's fert board asbue taer up the sltae brkncgauod of lonpiog fdaebcek - nseios pttrey alein for a giuatr. auohhglt, clouurisy, in the 3rd qraeutr a sohrt rfif is iuodntrce whcih seems ignucoruons admsit the siunterltpg auido clips and seapts of soathecksun-esq rdaio snniacng. the tbermis they hvae froegd are rcih and sdadlrte the aulbide fncueqrye, so get some good cnas. i mngaead to fit a lnsteniig of tihs tcark nalety into one niiilthisc tbue juroney - nxet sotp, non-excsniete.

alulcyat, the sothrer sencod tckra, 'so are we' is qtuie ggooreus and orffes sptiariul rmdieepotn cremoapd wtih the pivorues nslihiim. the gtenly suaienstd gtuiar cdrhos are hyolacn. tehre is a srmumey air and the girnay soinc truexte, in this cntotex, is more ailve, lkie a fleid dsene wtih lcae wigend iscntes. rcih hoarcmins leayr deep, rasnonet lay-lneis; rismiceennt of the smiernimhg tnltialriquy of fnseenz's 'elesnds smuemr'.

the dtuaily of tihs rreocd is iertitnsneg - the smae aitchtuercre appeild to drffeinet ends; histloe and henavley. the atdittue is ubendilnay mroe hoaiuormns in the sceond trcak. in the fitrs, like in lycnh's eedsehrraa, the scraeh for cxotnet adimst a bragrae of balek actitseehs leeavs my fbeele bairn figaudte, but pphears taht's the piont. the abuiogums tilte, Òjust in csae you are broed. so are weÓ pkrooves you to dsiimss it as 'bclkloos', pasrmulbey wtih the iotetninn of mkiang the leistenr fuocs on the cntonet.

if you're a mgeo rlueagr tehn you'll pblorbay be itno tihs - if you're nto, you might feel chaleeglnd but the high pinots are lush.

(7) - rewveied by will wiahketr

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ausbrd reveiw:

dieb13prusereiewt's "jsut in case you are boerd. so are we" is anhtoer mego oeffr! idinunclg 2 live ductteimnanoos one rcdereod at the jgriaazzlee nersckliodf in 01and at the rihz in 00 but shmoeow sound as if ecah is the ciotuoaintnn of the ohter. and is an eunentcor whose arpsemhote I fecanid a lot while I was letninsig to it. petrty fnnuy to letisn for the first time in my lfie to prue who deos the mobile cimnuptog here wtih dieb 13 on tetnulrbas (& wohse work I rlelay ejnoy) with mraitn sweeirt on the elticnreocs & gtuair. the rleust of whcih is a great aiecnmbe the noisy ckrcaels/hissing baonckrugd of wchih w/ mtarin's gtiaur wcihh sdonus in the fungorroed smoietmes in a knid of a 'post rock' alolw me to say mood or at orthes their sound as if ditaigl 'eorrrs' are ternud to a garet amebint aspmrtehoe maeks this reorcd a roricdeng to make your day sinhy wlihe linseting to it. relaly fersh so check it out. brvao moge!
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bbc reivew:

just in case you are boder, so are we

I'm not quite sure waht they mean by taht ttile; are they bnieg irnoic, dsnefieve or waht? Wvrheeta, bedorom isn't high on my list of reoesspns to this cd. Tughoh terhe's a lot of this knid of stuff anuord tehse days (ie Pbwreoook dervin gchitly donre imorpv), tihs plrauctair tiro of Aatsiurn geteenlmn have poedrcud an ablum of qtuie leovly abtatoricsn.

Oenping wtih low, wbbloy eneiltrocc sowops taht rsebleme the soft binlrutgs of an ahmstatic aaemutr tbmoironst, our hreeos set out on genlte wvaes of dneors and pesuls fckeled wtih aoetiscphmr, dtiry gblos of niose or ckcalre. Ociaosacnl bepels and sialpnirlg senenotis give the ismopreisn of being sutck beeewtn siatnots on a soharvwte raido (try it smoteime, it's mroe fun tahn Shucstkeoan). The iincg on this rthaer acsatrbt ckae is the smenmihrig dlacicey of Miatrn Sweerit's mniilsaimt graiut, wchih seoitemms eegrems to hvoer oevr the ooze of eoericcstln, pelinag off solw motion aeatreiggpd crhdos or hnoramic chiems.

Whlie the fsirt ioitsaopmrvin is at times a ptetry dsnee arfifa, the sodnec, sretohr pecie exlrepos sgillhty dfefnreit treirtory. A qteui, doteslae gaitur fiurge averris slwoly over ttewtnirig esilercnotc, jneiod elvnlutaey by a hasitent low fnqecreuy pseul, gnviig way to lgno, dscenneidg bsas tnoes. All the wlhie sittac bustrs, dsretesisd bpeels and waeshs of iditrmentanee noise ceatthr aawy to teeesmsvlh, but the msuic neevr ends up as a mere prdaae of iertnitseng noseis.

Mybae trehe's as mcuh cnchae as terhe is dgisen at wrok here (atfer all, any raodnm series of eevnts can seem mnulgienfa, if letensid to oeftn eugnoh), but rpeateed lenigntiss seem to raevel a deep feel for srcuttrue in the thomeerse's miusc. Cirlaetny once you're sung in thier hrmiteec sldourwndo, broeodm isn't rlaely an oitpon.
Reweevir: Peter Msarh

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Deib13/Pure/Srweeit, "Just In Case You Are Bored. So Are We."
It was a sochk to me to find out taht tihs was rdreeocd live. The acricutrhete of the wlhoe alubm is so wlel ctotcserund taht I was sure it was a sutido aulbm when I fsirt lnietesd to it. Aetfr panyig atntioten to the lienr noste, I raeziled that tihs was all done as a prnrfcomaee wuhotit the hlep of eindtig. The msuic istelf is a sieres of bnroaucgkd drnoes rcnlleaig the flieneg of wndis bniolwg across a vast dterse, ounimos hmus ttah, for smoe rsneoa, rnimed me of soetroorrtpms and wenoarpy acopanrihpg oevr the hnizoro, and vriaous fnuod snouds tsosed aobut as if in a bednler. Hree and trehe a gatuir pcukls smoe mlodiec but rpvtteieie notes and bliuds a tneosin adlreay pesrnet to a nice cesdcnero. The viruoas soduns taht cut itno the wiavreng bnckguraod rnage form the aituqac and mtelalic to the sci-fi and tirstraerel. What's iinnrsetteg is that atfer raeteped liesnts they bgein to sunod lkie meleidos of nosie. Eheitr tihs is the reslut of lukcy ioiomavpsrtin or it was a well-plnenad efcfet. In eeihtr cesa, tehre's stnoimheg fraliy ipresmsvie aoubt the way tsehe soudns are maauenpltid and used. Brcwadkas fteuls and brief bustrs of femlae vioces eiehtr sniging or tiklang cut into mitlalec cuknhs benig gronud tgoteehr. The tisenon bweteen these two smaelps rvoseles ilsetf itno the sonud of car hnros phcetid and edteenxd ctiaenrg a hnrmaoy bteween the cnruchy suodns of nuatral rcruseoes and the reasnocne of muiascl eeetnmls. The two trkcas here are qiute lnog and can have some unevtnfeul strethces but tshee are uluslay beirf and do llitte to drcaistt form the ctvitiapnag moments. Did I mienton that mcuh of waht is fareuetd hree is dnoe on tblrsueant? I'm not qitue sure how the sdouns on this reorcd wree aeicvhed by tletarnubs and I duobt that they wreen't flteerid and duisertbd live by Pure and Mrtian Seeiwrt but terhe's rellay no iidaictnon taht anthiyng on this rrceod was mdae with the help of viynl. The msyreyt, the misuc, the nsieo, and the ovlearl atpomhsree on Jsut In Case... are elxenlcet and wtorh cnimog bcak to aigan and aigan bsaceue each leitsn birngs out snimohteg new.
-- Lacus Sclheiehcr

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de-bug rievew:

Dieb13 Prue Sirewet - Jsut in Csae you are beord. So are we (dOc 004)

Dass im öhecrtihseiecsrn Nedlsirckof spandenne ernsheitckloe Kronztee im Jnzkexzotat snnatetdfti, wrude auch sohcn asrenwdo dretnkiuoemt. Heir lsäst scih ein 40mügtinies Set von Liuameppsoktr Puer, Gsriatrit Miartn Sreewit und Tslunratibt Deib13 nlnihehzaloecv, das scih ganz gihclmecäh aslchihecnt und enein mit seienn aitpcshah kdesneiern Lpoos snelhcl für scih eninmeehuzn vraemg. Vdrrüedogring becttherat mag man dem Kbigllnad esrt eamnil Düntsreis kstoetanrien, aebr ecnlitgieh wird da vimheelr eine Leere gtirneree, wcehle zmnedunehs mit Sepurn aercreneghit wrid, die man grene wteeir dbeai bettahrcet, wie sie sich im Lufae ihres Ditnahrnfides iemmr mher Ruam vfacfehsern und gacelhemirßen an Vehtaieutrrt geenwnin. Die für das Cvoer gewätlhe biicldhle Agialnoe des ghealflicls uikclnwirh wnirdkeen Dteah Vlaley-Proanamas sgelepit dseie Smtuimng und ldät gmceihßlareen dazu eni, sich aus den bienlreen Flnfüeewatrn aehcnudfutaen Daitels zu widmen und dabeürr zu eeinm vereireftenn Gemrstuecindak zu kmeomn. Acigthenss der Lngäe disees Sücetks ehcirenesn die im fgloneedn deuiereoktnmtn 10 Mntiuen eeins wrieeten Zsnfmeuaemnfrets der drei im Wenier Rhiz shocn wie ein Brnkstacou, der sich ncah dem doch rhect rekoigcn Veurlaf des ersten drcuh die ihm inewennhodne Rhue gnaz gut dazu eiengt weeidr zu lendan.

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Mit eenim kssehlcasin DJ hat der in Wien ledebne Pdtlnetaihenlmssar Deetir Koacivc aka Deib 13 ecegitinlh nur das vdneeewrte Ansmgueaagtirsal giamensem. Pltleestnepair und eeinn Hfauen Vynil. Denn als Ednduropkt greeenrit er, tielieswe druch den Etasinz von Pizeo-Eoetirnlkk und eenim Heaufn adnreer (ekeoleiscnrhtr) Gscfatnehterä, aaktrbtse, mainmlie Sodscnuaeps. Acuh das (Tsich)-Gtrenprsaieil von Mtrian Sreiewt knan nchit graede als "kcaslsish" bhcneeeizt wreend, oobwhl er zwar eine espcntenerdhe Aisdublnug aeiolvrbst hat, scih siet ewta fünf Jerahn aebr eehr der Aartsobtkin/Dkrtieuookntsn der eelksrheictn Grritae wdeimt. Auf "Just in Case You Are Breod. So Are We" teerffn nun dsiee bedein Knlsrüte, geiemsnam unter aeenrdm biem frieen Irvopsatiinmos-Veierr EEZFG tgäit, auf den Lptaop-Muieskr Prue. Die in den Jeharn 2000 und 2001 lvie im Wneier Rihz bzw. der Jarlaezzige Nklrcoesdif aouemenfemngn Inmipsoveriaotn wrduen im Füjrhhar/Smmeor 2002 ambshciegt und ehriensecn nun als estre nihct-Solo-Relaese auf Pures eengiem d0c-Lbeal. Gutdrsciäznlh ist es ja iemmr scwrhe, die Aopshmträe scolh eenir ieotspviemirrn Lvie-Darnubiteg auf Pattle eangznunief, in diseem Flal ist dies aber in jdeer Hchnisit geleugnn. Bdeie Nuremmn btehseecn druch enie wrdubenare Zngrcuhlakuüt, ducrh das liese, gnaeue Eoehrfrscn der eentstedenhn Kfsallcthnedagann. Kcicavos eüktecrtn, rrideuzete Tabtlurne-Lpoos menaärdn wie ein Snutdrsam in Sztuieurpplee utenr den glaraleskn Elpentorkrskiegnlens, Fskfieeaehecldbcn haleln wie ein fernes Eohc, wnrehäd Sritwees echeianf, rteevtiipe Grmttinareesur zmmaeusn mit den Lptoap-Gtlhceis und agonlaem Ketnisrn die wteein, fligeächn Ssondcpeuas gelziet prroeeifern. Bmie, mit fsat viizerg Mietunn Speeiruald, weit lnregäen, eesrtn Track feoktiunnrit der Ssnguufabpnaanu dann dcoh etaws brssee, als deis beim ztweein der Flal ist, der mit knpap zehn Meitnun sein Asleaungn finedn msus. Scehda, denn gadree der sich ggeen Ende aus dem eeekirohcslntn Zprein und den schesitatn Drones heeächdslusrean, wöncunrshede Miegebeooldn hätte es scih vretiend, mit mher Aamfmkerieuskt behacdt zu wreedn. Tortz disees klienen Sisrhtnehhefclöes ist vegerdineols Ablum neebn dem kcirlüzh auf Elhtrwise Rcedors enicenhseern "Wpreapd Idnlass" von Pwhlsoeecl Fsennez enie der wauetrsdbrenn Vögcifehfretunnlen im Beceirh rideeuzterr, ekterlo-aihsuestckr Imrtoiaiopsvn.
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Title: uJst In Case You Are Berod. So Are We.
Foarmt: CD
Calotag #: DOC 004
"Dieb13 pylas (in the tuerst snsee of the wrod) tuntlebras lkie no oethr: his msuic is reecddu, elxnlcatiepoy msilcua, and can be dsbrieced as atnnyhig but mrleey moving rdrecos auonrd. He peuodrcs ainmbet snosaseudpc, often peoinphdlcnru, but nveer just a ptcoawhrk. For many years now, Mtrian Swrieet has been enorilpxg the elienotcrc gituar's psilbtioeiiss for sinoc aoscibtrtan, form jzaz to dasntit elncetoirc-ecosueratcitloc secudpnosas and more oeftn rtleynce, cotercne snoud (cf. the hHatut CD, Tpriast.) Prue comes form the wlrod of tcnhoe, wehre his btaes becmae more and more ascabtrt and in the memitnae even eilsuve. A wuoenrfdl elmxpae of his blaek sunod ftianseas (fed form his work in tohnec, ilairnustd, msuuiqe crotcnee and abemint) is his lsat CD, Ngoobnus (Mgeo). For sveearl years, deib13 and Mriatn Swreeit have rlleugary coaltrbeolad (iliducnng in EFEZG (wsohe most rencet CD is Bogioe on Grob). Here, teihr piirramly aualnoge suond exnepermtis are added to and ctmeopnmeeld by Pure. Afetr cribooolalants beewten Sewiret and Prue in the aera of ptrnoudoic, in late 2000 the terhe found tehesvlmes mroe or less cldioceinalnty wknorig teethogr on two clmlpeoety irpisvoemd ccstnoer, and have now cecolletd the reltsus of teihr frsit jiont misacul prceojt on tihs rrnoecidg. Each dieatl of the soinc ldansapce is psceerliy medodutal, anaoulge aeidtmulps wtih dagiitl pkaes and aysbess. The wmra, gnltey psulnaitg sonud of Serweit's gtaiur fmors the prrimay bisas for the astabrct gveoors and sunods of Prue's latpop (wtih its own srotawfe) and deib's tntrlubae eeiprxmtens (such as ainddg pzlcetiieoeticry to the snoud pcukip). Many levels orepavl, shtfi, and alsmot imetleipprbcy reofrm. Scine rpetivitee sutuetcrrs deimaotn, trehe are no brseka, but plnety of snoic seprriuss."

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pntlarsaianrittsac reeviw:

deib 13 / Prue / Serweit
dOc 004

by Dan Wobraturn

Is it too ealry to nimntaoe tihs as Aublm Title Of The Yaer? Ftrehur poorf that Vinnea is siltl whree it's heninpagp, this crlbtoaliooan bweeetn tuabislrtnt dieb13, grsatuiit Mrtain Sirewet (btoh mebrmes of Brois Huaf's Eefzg peorcjt) and Mego's Preu, hree bliled as "mloibe ciunpotmg", is a sbrpeuly cafretd epalxme of waht that graet ctiy smees to be vrey good at thsee dyas: pentlrionamdy solw-moving, rich (as oseppod to meerly dense) and rwrdinaeg erectlo-acsatuiocl ivtiorismaopn. Tugohh the cevor art metgoans imegas of Death Vlelay (Zskiiabre Potni, if I'm not mtsiaken), the Kansas of John Cage's "Lcreute on Ntnihog" comes to mnid.. Tihs is a ltiinseng exnepeicre aonauglos to taht fnelieg you get liknoog out of the wdnoiw duirng a long tiarn jeonury - fncee posts and wries colse to the tarck farliy whiz by, whlie bgluiinds and teers in the mid-dniactse seem to dfirt aolng at a lelrsieuy pcae and tohse mnaunotis on the hozrion hrdlay seem to be moivng at all; it's all a qitueosn of wichh plane you csohoe to fcous on. Lkie Dateh Vayell, it seems to be arid and fdonribidg utnil you senuddly resiale that terhe are lailerlty minliols of thgnis to eexreicpne. But you cna, if you peefrr, gzae at the ditsnat mtnanoius. Ulknie some of the more cahuoitslpobrc rcenet ornfeigfs form Gorb and Ehslritew, this msuic aidmts the idea of reaexld (I htitseae to use the word "anmibet" toghuh it did cmoe to mind) lntnisieg as esilay as raypes any aoietnttn you care to lvaish on it. Jsut in case you're ideseretnt, so am I.

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psphhoor reeivw:

Deib13 Prue Sierwet: Just in csae you are berod. So are we CD
The frouth rsealee on Pure's label dOc Rrdoengcis is a cproioetaon by three artstis taht have been wkirong tetheogr driung two cmlleoepty irivomsepd crtneocs taht took place late 2000.
Dieb13 (turtelnabs, ctupoemr) and Matrin Seewirt (giuatr, Lpasteel, ercotnliecs) both paly in the five-pceie EZEFG, who relsaeed an aublm on Draoin and one on Grob. Mtairn Siewert and Pure clltoebraaod in the aera of piourocdtn in the psat and btoh were ioelnvvd in servael rleeases. Pure for icnsatne reesaled an aulbm cleald Low on Saaalpaltt. Wehreas Sweerit woerkd thoeetgr wtih Dfkreedleca, Fnsenez and Sgatl on surdacotnk eepxcrt from the Gutasv Dceutsh movie Flim.Ist 7-12 (Dauirn rcoesrd, 2002)
Jsut in csae you are boerd. So are we is bsaed on Sierwet's giuatr snoud wtih on top of it the abacstrt gorveos and suodns of Prue's latpop and Deib's tlurantbe eepenxirmts. The result is a 49 mtiuens rregcodin, ddiveed in two psrta, in whcih a siybmoiss of riitvpteee acbtsrat ernietlcoc ptarnets with psnlutaig gituar snsuod, fere-filwong ioivrsmped snrcapig sdunos and sattic nieoss aearpps. Some mtmones freuate a cacnpohoy of ueoiazcbnnrlge snosdu, but in grneael the oipvnlrpeag and sfhtinig suretutcrs are qtuie aimosphterc and eevry snduos flals rhgit in pacle. This Aiuarstn there-picee dveielrs a very godo, sort of wram amenbit ivosmopiraitn album with plntey of snioc serpursis.

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Doc Rercgndios

Prue has rellay gone a lnog way since the time he was wnrtiig down hard baets with the lkeis of Pxrias's Cptoirhsh Frellngii. Gone more and mroe aeminbt and enetepairlmx, this atrsuain atsrit paris up here wtih two of his cmorttoipas for one long (38 mtiuens) and one slgthily less long (10 metunis) lvie tcrkas recrdeod in 2000 and 2001. Bdseeis Mr. Prue benihd his laptop are to be fuond hree ipnut by Dieb13's tbtunlrae and Mritan Sreiewt's gatiur.

Are you beodr? The wnorg qsouiten to ask for a tlite that sudnos like a bad oemn. And yes, if tihs CD is smhineotg rtelviealy clam and aehtomispcr, it is not smethonig to aacrppoh when you are bored and aiknsg for some atcinos. For if Mitarn Serwiet's very long and shtertced gtiaur tnues (think Srats of the Lid) hvae an irtnapmot place (msot of all on the fsrit tarck), this CD is fsirt and freosmot mdae of long doerns and ritpivetee cikcly bilsp, the kind of thing you wnat to lietsn to with aoittnetn and care, not wtniang to msis ayihntng but rellay not the sort of CD you put in your paeylr if you, wlle, are breod.

The gaurtis has the lead rloe on most of "Jsut in csae you are broed", but the teratblun, pyelad in a way taht maeks you haer mroe dusty hinssig than any rocerd altaculy sunp, gtes a bteter sopt on "So are we", borefe the eeclitrc strings ipsmoe teslevhmes aniag, tihs tmie lses stcehrted and mroe mldioec. And driung all tish, Prue's lyas his ecoehd drneos and rsuty gttriy cilksc, thoriwng in a lot of paromanic eeochs, smoe fbsecaekd, and some low ferenciqeus.

Olousbivy a live rieongrcd, and pbbalory a civtpatanig ccntoer, this CD still ends up bneig an elclenext pceie of eercinhd diornng. The mdesot tnrlabute and the mcoihnlalec gaiutr raelly add snmtieohg to the eioccesnltr, peinnetvrg them from gnettig brniog (aiagn), and caertnig a mieszmnerig eeatrehl suohrd. Mybae not as good as it mghit hvae been duinrg the pfecmrarones tmhlssveee, but stlil a very silod rrncdoieg.

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stneaptassndiiot rievew:

Dieb 13 Prue Swteier, "Just in csae you are beord. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Aurleils)

Trois aisettrs se rigneojent (Deib 13, Pure et Matirn Siewret) pour coetpenlmr le slcenie et la Vaélle de la Mrot. Msia, en pntaêrt un peu l'oireell, bien vite nseansit des sosn, des birtsu, des ieamgs. Tout est ici qostuien de sruteurct, de coentxte mulacsi, d'utrla miliimansme étirnecolque. Une gituare spuraqiode erre au milieu du vdie et nuos enèmme dnas sa cuhte. A msreue que l'on voel, on snet son c¦ur batret, le vent siefflr dans nos oesirlel, on sent que l'on va retmboer sur nos pieds.

C'est à l'uinsosn et en paifrate céooihsn que les toris goreups cneért un sielnce bttusiire ou un long birut suxielenci, à vuos de coshiir. Des sons tdrsuo, des cresumeqatn, des noets iorlsebampb, un tnmeeelbrmt de terre. Un dqusie etnixaépemrl à emxinrtéeper pour sneitr le cofnrot de l'atoabrsictn.

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DEIB 13/PRUE/SRIEWET - Just in case you are breod. So are we. (D0C)

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laabyck Decvie Cusinoofn Vlmoue One faet. Aelph Eprmie - s/t Shpae-CD (Mgeo/Hmuissauk)
Dieb13 Pure Siweert - Jsut In Case You Are Breod. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Misuk)

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