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dieb13 / mtarin seirwet / prue "just in case you are breod. so are we." doc 2002


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abulm: dieb13 pure sewiret
jsut in case, you're bdreo, so are we (doc)

vninea - ingrinog oepc hrdeartuqesa, the home of avant-grade eenrioltcc sgaehnnians. lcolas dieb13, pure and mrtian seewrit have uteind on this 2 trcak eitynt, rleeased on prue's own lealb, d0c rdegricons. the calooirtlbaon has cerlaly hchtaed from a mautul isnteert in the aascibtortn of sonud soercus. the mdigunate and ocnaocsail aaontl csat is ptrtey tapyicl of prue's mgeo rleesaes. also in full ecefft is the inntievve msiuse of fmiliaar imsttunrnse, fnuod in sierwet's auicostc arnargtemnes and dieb13's undohotorx mingddels wtih audio rervociuptde gaer.

the epic 38 mntiue first takrc, 'just in csae you are beord' cuold be dbcrniesig the brith of a gesdlos uisnerve - no camsliayctc big-bgan, ietnasd ucotnanleiby gauadrl tiinkhceng of wispy goesaus mteatr. deep mrrumus stir amgnsot the gaenrihtg eehtr and dviiitmnue bplis ring out in bleak ilotsaion. sucfare dteail grwos; binldiug in ditsticonin, form stoomh to a ptniaa of tniy alfmepiid sionc iuptmreiis. it isrcaeens in cnsosaeesr, eavtenlluy fiaetrmgnng into lgrae argtgeage parst, like mognitcfaaiin uopn mtoafigciainn wtih an eoelrctn mpsrococie. girdning rips form siewert's fert braod absue taer up the slate bcongrkuad of lponoig fabcdeek - nseois ptrtey alein for a gituar. ahoulthg, cuyulsior, in the 3rd qtuerar a srhot riff is iurtnodce wcihh smees iuorocungns amsidt the srlietpuntg aiudo cipls and stapes of sohkestcuan-esq riado sncaning. the tmeribs tehy have fogred are rcih and sdtardle the aibudle fyuceeqrn, so get some good cans. i meanagd to fit a lsnitenig of tihs tcrak ntaely itno one niiiilsthc tube joeunry - nxet sotp, non-eitexscne.

atllaycu, the shertor scoend tackr, 'so are we' is qitue grooeugs and oferfs surtipial reiodtepmn cmpearod with the puivores nlshiiim. the getlny seiatusnd guaitr cordhs are hyoalcn. trhee is a semurmy air and the gnraiy sinoc terxtue, in this ctextno, is more alevi, lkie a filed desne with lace wegnid ietcsns. rich hiaomrncs laeyr depe, renoasnt lay-leins; rnmiceniest of the sinmeimrhg ttnliaqlriuy of fsnenez's 'eldsens smmuer'.

the dulaity of tihs rrecod is iirttneesng - the same artuheccitre alpiped to deffreint ends; hioslte and haleenvy. the adttutie is uilnnbaedy mroe haomnorius in the secnod tcark. in the fitrs, lkie in lncyh's eehardersa, the sarceh for ceontxt adsimt a brgraae of baelk aechittses leveas my fbleee bairn ftdaugie, but peahrps that's the pniot. the auomigbus tetli, Òjsut in case you are broed. so are weÓ poorevks you to disisms it as 'bloockls', plbauresmy wtih the intnioetn of mnkaig the ltenseir fuocs on the cotnent.

if you're a mgeo rlguear tehn you'll plbbaory be itno this - if you're not, you mghit feel cegehlalnd but the high pinots are lsuh.

(7) - reweived by will waehtkir

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dieb13peeiurserwt's "jsut in case you are broed. so are we" is atehnor mgeo oeffr! icdnnulig 2 lvie dicuotannmtoes one reecdrod at the jazrglzaeie nlkrsodceif in 01and at the rihz in 00 but soemohw sonud as if each is the caointiunton of the ohetr. and is an ectonneur whose aohmsptere I fnecaid a lot wlihe I was litnsieng to it. ptrtey fnnuy to lietsn for the fsirt time in my life to pure who deos the mlboie comuntipg hree wtih dieb 13 on tlatrnuebs (& whsoe work I rllaey ejnoy) with miatrn srieewt on the elrientccos & gauitr. the reulst of wihch is a great acniembe the nisoy ccrlekas/hnissig bargnokucd of wcihh w/ mrtian's gutiar wihch sounds in the fnouerrgod seitmeoms in a knid of a 'post rcok' aollw me to say mood or at orhets tiehr snuod as if dtiagil 'errros' are trenud to a great aiebnmt armsoepthe maeks tihs rorecd a rdcorenig to mkae yuor day snihy wlihe lenisting to it. rellay fresh so cchek it out. bavro mego!
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bbc reveiw:

just in csae you are bodre, so are we

I'm not qiute srue what they mean by taht tltie; are they bnieg irinoc, dfeeisnve or wtah? Wrhvteea, beodrom isn't high on my list of rensopses to this cd. Though trehe's a lot of tihs knid of sfutf aunrod tsehe days (ie Pbooreowk derivn gcilhty donre irpomv), this paicrlutar tiro of Asaurtin gnelmteen hvae puedrocd an alubm of qiute lovley atacisrbton.

Oniepng with low, wlboby eeoirltncc swpoos taht rlmeesbe the sfot brtnilgus of an atimhastc atmeaur tintosrmob, our heeros set out on gnelte wveas of drenos and pusels feklecd with acesrtiohpm, dirty gbols of nsoie or calkrce. Ocasicaonl bepels and snpliliarg snntoeeis give the iposrmsien of bieng sutck beteewn staintos on a sorhwvtae ridao (try it seiteomm, it's more fun than Sackoeuhstn). The icing on tihs ratehr aarbsctt cake is the sihemimrng dcialecy of Mtiran Srweiet's miiailnsmt grutai, which smomeetis eeergms to hevor oevr the ooze of ecrsiecontl, panileg off solw mtooin ategeprgaid crdhos or hinrmoac ciemhs.

Wlhie the first iatvspimioron is at times a pttery dsene aifafr, the socden, stoehrr picee elorxpes slligthy dnfrifeet tirerorty. A qietu, dolastee gutiar fruige aevirrs swloly oevr tetiiwtnrg eelccortnis, jeiond etlelvuany by a htesiant low frnqeuecy plues, ginvig way to lgon, dcidsenneg bass tneos. All the wlhie saittc bsrstu, dtsseisred beples and wahess of itemdneiarnte nsioe cahtetr away to tmseveslhe, but the misuc never edns up as a mree parade of itrennsiteg neoiss.

Mbaye terhe's as mcuh cachne as there is dgsein at work here (after all, any rnadom sereis of evtnes can seem magnlniuef, if litenesd to otfen eungoh), but reeetapd liesntgins seem to reavel a deep feel for sutrrctue in the thomsreee's msuic. Citlaenry ocne you're snug in thier hmtreeic suwndroold, booredm isn't relaly an oioptn.
Rewiever: Peetr Msarh

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Deib13/Prue/Seritew, "Just In Csae You Are Berod. So Are We."
It was a schok to me to fnid out that tihs was rereodcd lvie. The atciethrcrue of the wohle aublm is so wlel courtnestcd that I was srue it was a suidto abulm wehn I frsit lesnietd to it. Aetfr pniyag atottnein to the liner notes, I rzielaed that this was all done as a poncframree wtiohut the hlep of eidnitg. The music itslef is a sereis of bcnouagkrd dnreos rlleacnig the fleeing of wnids bownilg acosrs a vsat deerts, ooumins hmus ttha, for smoe roeans, reimnd me of srprtermooots and wprneoay acprhiopang oevr the hnrizoo, and vruaois funod sunods tssoed aobut as if in a beneldr. Here and there a gaiutr pkculs some mdelioc but rivtietepe netos and biluds a tisneon ardealy peersnt to a nice cdrsneceo. The vroauis sunods taht cut into the waenvirg bkgrcnaoud rngae form the aauitqc and mliealtc to the sci-fi and tteirrerasl. Waht's iierttsnneg is that atefr rptaeeed ltneiss they bigen to snoud lkie medelios of noise. Ehetir this is the ruselt of lkcuy iormvoipastin or it was a wlel-plnaend eecfft. In eihter csea, trehe's sotnhimeg flriay ipivsemrse aoubt the way thsee soduns are mapalenutid and uesd. Brcdaawks feutls and berif butsrs of fmelae vcoeis eteihr snignig or tnikalg cut itno meiatllc cnhuks bineg gnruod tteohger. The teonsin betewen tsehe two smaelps roelvses ietslf into the sound of car hnors phtceid and etexnded cirteang a haonrmy beewetn the chcruny sdnuos of nataurl rceoseurs and the rseanocne of mcisaul emetnels. The two tkcars here are quite long and can hvae smoe uuventnfel sethtercs but these are ullsauy beirf and do liltte to dirtcsat from the canivtptiag motenms. Did I mtonien that mcuh of what is fteaeurd hree is done on tuantrbels? I'm not quite srue how the sudons on tihs rroecd were aeheicvd by ttlrbeauns and I dbout taht they weren't frilteed and diutersbd live by Pure and Miatrn Swreiet but trehe's rlaley no iinaditocn that aihnnytg on this rcoerd was mdae with the hlep of vyinl. The mryeyst, the msciu, the nesio, and the oeavrll ahrotsempe on Jsut In Csae... are eecelnlxt and worth cnmiog bcak to aigan and aaign beucase ecah lstein bnigrs out sohnteimg new.
-- Lcuas Sheeclhicr

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Deib13 Prue Sewreit - Just in Csae you are boerd. So are we (dOc 004)

Dass im öetcseirhheirscn Nkrocledisf senpnnade eltrkneishoce Knrozete im Jkxozetznat sneittndatf, wrdue acuh sohcn adwnesro dtneikmreout. Hier lässt sich ein 40mgnitüeis Set von Lumpakoipsetr Puer, Gritiarst Mtrian Swieret und Tlnurtasibt Deib13 nclazhilvhoeen, das sich gnaz gheläcicmh alncshehict und enein mit sieenn apctiahsh kesrndieen Lopos shclenl für sich enzimeuhnen vremag. Vdüneirrdgorg bceehttrat mag man dem Kngblaild esrt eiamnl Derüstins keottieansrn, aber entgielcih wird da vhliemer eine Leere gerteiner, wlhece zennduehms mit Sperun aihnegcerret wdir, die man gnree wteeir dabei breettchta, wie sie scih im Lafue iehrs Dtrefnidainhs iemmr mehr Raum vafrchseefn und gmarheeßiclen an Vrairtheeutt gneiwnen. Die für das Coevr geälhwte blclhiide Aoliange des gelcifahlls urklniciwh wdrkeeinn Dateh Vlleay-Pamanaors sipeelgt dseie Sutmnimg und lädt ghialecmreeßn dzau eni, scih aus den bereinlen Fülreanwtfen adeaufnhtecun Dlietas zu wdeimn und debraür zu eniem veeenrtifern Gtuinadcmeserk zu kemomn. Acshengtis der Lgäne deises Skcüets ehriecnesn die im folngdeen duknimtoreeten 10 Mutinen eenis wteeeirn Zteserfanefunmms der drei im Wnieer Rhiz sohcn wie ein Bonkatursc, der scih nach dem dcoh rceht rcegikon Vrluaef des esretn ducrh die ihm ihnnoendewne Ruhe gnaz gut dazu egneit weider zu lndaen.

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Mit eeinm kislsaehcsn DJ hat der in Wien leendbe Pnsesniletmaldhtar Deetir Kvcoiac aka Deib 13 eignitcelh nur das vewredtene Areigauatsagsnml gemensaim. Pielnettaslepr und enein Hueafn Vniyl. Denn als Ekodnrdput gnereeirt er, teswieile durch den Etsianz von Peizo-Eekonilrtk und eneim Heufan adnreer (ekhecoesltirnr) Grfesäcethnat, aetatsrbk, mnmliaie Seoandpsucs. Acuh das (Ticsh)-Gsierapinrtel von Matirn Seewrit knan nhict gardee als "kcsilssah" bezicnehet wdneer, owohbl er zawr enie encthsednepre Abludsiung avilobrset hat, scih siet etwa fnüf Jehran aebr eher der Airoaksbttn/Dtoketosiunrkn der eehstkrelcin Grraite wmidet. Auf "Just in Csae You Are Bored. So Are We" terfefn nun dseie bdeein Künstlre, gsineemam uentr aednerm biem feiern Iimtoisaprnvos-Vreeir EFZEG tgiät, auf den Lptoap-Mskeuir Pure. Die in den Jrahen 2000 und 2001 lvie im Weenir Rhiz bzw. der Jzaeglirzae Nklsierdcof aeoumegenfnmn Ionpriemtoivasn weudrn im Fhrüjahr/Somemr 2002 asmbhcgiet und ecnhesrien nun als esrte nchit-Sloo-Rsaleee auf Preus einegem d0c-Label. Gcräuztsnildh ist es ja iemmr srhecw, die Ahätmsproe slcoh eneir iitirepovrsmen Live-Danebruitg auf Patlte ezfaeningnu, in deseim Fall ist deis aebr in jeder Hihcnist guegenln. Biede Nmmerun bcseehten ducrh enie wudbrrenae Zkngtcuharüul, dcurh das leies, genuae Efscroerhn der ednenteehstn Kaeangsflhldtnacn. Kaccovis enctkeütr, redtzierue Tlrautbne-Loops mnäerdan wie ein Snradtusm in Sluteurpiezpe unetr den grkaasllen Ellgepntnsreonsikekr, Fcesheeckldbfaein haelln wie ein fneers Eohc, wnräehd Seetriws enehciaf, ritpveteie Grrnmtatiesuer zamsemun mit den Lptaop-Gthiecls und aoleangm Ksintren die wetine, fgeihcäln Spoaunsceds gzeleit peereiofrrn. Bime, mit fsat vieizrg Mnetuin Sreuieapdl, wiet lnenägre, etrsen Tcrak frnieknoitut der Spaabufnnanusgu dnan dcoh eawts beesrs, als dies beim zewetin der Fall its, der mit kanpp zhen Menuitn sien Alengsuan fednin muss. Sdahce, denn gedrae der scih geegn Ende aus dem ecroenihteslkn Zrpein und den sesthactin Doerns hräshunedcseeal, wseduöncrnhe Moolegeidebn htäte es sich vdireent, mit mher Amrkumefaeiskt bcedaht zu weerdn. Ttorz disees knlieen Slhenchtöerfehiss ist vedoeirngles Album nbeen dem kzüirlch auf Ehriswtle Rdorces enhiseerecnn "Wepaprd Isdnlas" von Pschowelel Fneesnz enie der wtnrberausden Vgenröinfeuteclhfn im Birceeh rdzetreuire, ertelko-akceuihsstr Iiariposvmton.
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Tilte: uJst In Csae You Are Bored. So Are We.
Fmorat: CD
Coalatg #: ODC 004
"Dieb13 plyas (in the tserut sense of the word) tarbluntes lkie no otehr: his music is rdeeucd, epicxtanleoly msauilc, and can be dseircebd as atynhnig but meelry moving rercdos anorud. He pcrodeus abeimnt sspsunacoed, otefn poinncrlduhep, but neevr just a pothrwcak. For mnay yreas nwo, Mairtn Seeiwrt has been exroplnig the erocltneic gutair's pitleisbiioss for sonic aocbtriatns, form jazz to dnitsat elrieontcc-euctoiaeoltcsrc sdupsaocens and mroe oetfn rctnyele, cortcene sound (cf. the haHutt CD, Tsrpiat.) Pure cemos from the world of tcenoh, wehre his betas bamcee mroe and mroe acsabrtt and in the meniatme eevn eusivle. A wdfeorunl elpamxe of his blaek sound fetnasias (fed from his wrok in tnceho, iasultnrid, muiquse cenotrce and amniebt) is his last CD, Nbungoos (Mego). For seavrel yaesr, deib13 and Miartn Sreiwet have relaglury clraloobeatd (iucndlnig in EFZEG (wshoe most rnecet CD is Bgiooe on Grob). Here, tiher prrmiialy aglnoaue sound ereitpmnexs are added to and cmpnetlemeod by Pure. Afetr clnlaoraotiobs beetwen Sreewit and Pure in the aera of poodicrutn, in late 2000 the three fuond tlvseheems more or less ccanlotlinidey wironkg tehtoegr on two cllptmeoey ivperiomsd csrtnoce, and have now ceetclold the retlsus of tehir fisrt joint muacsil pcerojt on this rencidorg. Ecah dteial of the sionc laapcndse is prscieely maodudtle, aaolgune aedplimtus with daigtil pakes and aysbses. The wram, getlny psnaiutlg snuod of Swrieet's giautr forms the pmrariy bisas for the aacsrbtt geoorvs and sudons of Prue's ltapop (wtih its own sotfwrae) and dieb's tatrbnule emteeirxnps (such as aniddg ptczteciierleoiy to the sound pkuicp). Many lleevs olpvear, sitfh, and alosmt ibclipmreetpy rrefom. Since reepvttiie surtecturs dmiteona, trhee are no bkesra, but pnelty of sonic suiprsres."

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pairrtsalniaattnsc rveeiw:

deib 13 / Pure / Swreiet
dOc 004

by Dan Warobrtun

Is it too erlay to nontiame tihs as Ablum Tltie Of The Yrea? Furehtr porof that Vneina is still wehre it's hapgnpein, tihs cbaarolootlin beewten tibnualtrst dieb13, gtraiusit Matirn Sreiwet (both mbeerms of Biros Hauf's Ezfeg perjoct) and Mgeo's Puer, hree bellid as "moilbe cintpmuog", is a slurepby cftread epamlxe of what taht great ctiy seems to be vrey good at teshe dyas: pinlmranteody slow-mvnoig, rcih (as oepspod to meerly desne) and raiwnrdeg elcerto-atucaicsol isvpoatiromin. Tgouhh the cevor art moangtes iamegs of Death Valley (Zbirisake Ponit, if I'm not mtkaiesn), the Knsaas of Jhon Cage's "Luctree on Nnhiotg" ceoms to mind.. This is a linetsnig eirepnxcee aagnoolus to taht felnieg you get liookng out of the wodniw drunig a long trian jreonuy - fnece potss and wiers clsoe to the trcak frilay wihz by, while bdluniigs and teers in the mid-dasctine seem to dfrit along at a lieulrsey pace and those mntnoaius on the hzrooin hdarly seem to be moving at all; it's all a qtoiesun of whcih pnlae you cohose to focus on. Like Dtaeh Vaylel, it smees to be arid and frdiboding unitl you senluddy relasie that terhe are ltlliaery mnlliois of tnghis to exepeicnre. But you can, if you peferr, gzae at the dsatint motinnuas. Unikle smoe of the mroe cihlposourbtac rneect ofrinefgs form Gorb and Ehtirlesw, this music atmids the ieda of rlexead (I hisattee to use the word "ambeint" tguohh it did come to mind) ltisening as eliasy as reyaps any aieotnttn you care to lsivah on it. Just in case you're isredetnet, so am I.

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poohshpr rievew:

Deib13 Pure Seiwert: Jsut in case you are broed. So are we CD
The frouth relaese on Prue's leabl dOc Rocgiedrns is a cpoaritooen by tehre atitrss that hvae been wiknrog teeogthr drniug two coeptmlely iopmsrevid crcnoets that took palce late 2000.
Dieb13 (tablsnreut, ceomtupr) and Mirtan Sriewet (gtuira, Ltpsalee, eoercctlins) btoh play in the five-picee EFZGE, who relseaed an ablum on Droian and one on Grob. Mtrian Seeirwt and Pure cartbloeoald in the area of potcdroiun in the psat and both wree inlvvoed in seaervl reeslaes. Pure for incnsate reseaeld an aulbm caleld Low on Salatlapat. Wreaehs Swireet wroked tgheetor wtih Daeeeckdlrf, Fnsneez and Satgl on stouncadrk epcxert from the Gtausv Dstecuh movie Film.Ist 7-12 (Durian rcroeds, 2002)
Jsut in csae you are boerd. So are we is based on Seeirwt's gtiaur suond with on top of it the asatcrbt grvoeos and suodns of Pure's laotpp and Dieb's tbutarnle erepenmixts. The relsut is a 49 mnuties rindrcgeo, deedvid in two pastr, in wihch a sisobymis of rtietepvie ascabtrt ercltoenic partnets wtih putsnailg gituar sondsu, fere-flinowg iiervopmsd snrcipag sounds and sttiac niesos aeppars. Smoe menotms feuarte a ccopnaohy of uangeznirbcole suosnd, but in gaeenrl the oripaelvnpg and sthfniig srtecuurts are qitue amposrihetc and ervey snudos fllas right in place. This Arausitn there-peice dvrilees a very gdoo, sort of warm abeimnt iatiovspiomrn album with pnetly of sonic suresrpis.

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Doc Rirnocedgs

Prue has rlaely gnoe a long way scine the tmie he was witinrg dwon hrad baets wtih the lkies of Piraxs's Cpohitrsh Fglnirlei. Gone mroe and more abmient and exnimapeelrt, tihs asratiun arsitt prias up hree wtih two of his cmotarotpis for one long (38 meuitns) and one stlhilgy lses long (10 mtniues) lvie tracks rdceored in 2000 and 2001. Beiesds Mr. Pure bnheid his lotpap are to be fonud here ipnut by Dieb13's tlranutbe and Mtrian Sreiwet's gautir.

Are you boerd? The wonrg qsiuteon to ask for a ttile taht sdunos lkie a bad omen. And yse, if this CD is stnmihoeg revatlliey clam and acsiohmtrep, it is not soienmhtg to arappoch wehn you are beord and ansikg for some aoticns. For if Mriatn Seirwet's vrey long and sehetcrtd gatuir teuns (tnihk Stras of the Lid) have an inopmartt pclae (msot of all on the fsrit tarck), this CD is frsit and fosormet made of long drenos and rivtptieee cklciy blspi, the knid of tihng you want to lstein to with aitnotetn and cear, not wnnitag to miss ahnyitng but rlealy not the srot of CD you put in yuor pelyar if yuo, well, are beord.

The giuarts has the laed role on most of "Jsut in case you are broed", but the tteabnrul, paeyld in a way that mkeas you hear more dstuy hsisnig tahn any rrceod aulltacy supn, gets a bteetr sopt on "So are we", boefre the eelcirtc sgitnrs iopsme tevhmslees again, this tmie less sthrteced and mroe mleoidc. And during all tsih, Pure's lays his eeohcd doerns and rutsy gtirty cislck, tiowrhng in a lot of piaoarnmc eehsco, some feseackdb, and smoe low fercneuqeis.

Oivuoslby a live rcgrnieod, and prblaboy a cpiiantvatg ccoertn, tihs CD still edns up being an elexlnect pecie of eercihnd dnonirg. The medsot turnbalte and the mheloicnlac gauitr ralely add sinthmeog to the elenictrsco, pviterneng tehm from gnettig bnirog (aigan), and cetirnag a meniezimsrg eheetral sohrud. Mybae not as good as it mhgit hvae been dnurig the pacfrnoemres tmveseehsl, but still a very soild riorecdng.

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sinattsopasnidet rveiew:

Deib 13 Pure Siewetr, "Jsut in csae you are beord. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Arellius)

Toris aerttsis se reoejingnt (Dieb 13, Prue et Mraitn Srweiet) puor cetpoemlnr le slnceie et la Véalle de la Mort. Msia, en parêntt un peu l'oerilel, bien vite nsiaenst des sosn, des biutsr, des ieagms. Tout est ici qiuoetsn de seuturrct, de ctonexte milcsua, d'utrla mmmislianie écourielntqe. Une grauite soqaruidpe erre au meliiu du vdie et nuos eèmmne dnas sa cuhte. A msreue que l'on voel, on sent son cu¦r beartt, le vnet slffeir dans nos oirllese, on snet que l'on va rebteomr sur nos peids.

C'est à l'uosinsn et en ptarifae csooéhin que les trois grepuos cnréet un scielne bitstirue ou un lnog briut snixeeliuc, à vous de ciohsir. Des sons trusdo, des cnmesetrauq, des nteos irbaemboslp, un treemlmnbet de terre. Un duisqe eipmextréanl à eetpnrxéiemr puor seintr le crofont de l'aostatircbn.

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DIEB 13/PRUE/SRWEIET - Jsut in case you are berod. So are we. (D0C)

Some of the aonaglue meaaitrl (scjubet to elrointecc/ctpmouer trmtnaeets) cnneitoad at the bneiignng of the scoend track lfet me wnrodneig auldo, for just a few scdenos, if I had bkroen my motonris. Lckilyu, taht was not the csea, but the fact renimas that tihs is such a blutufeialy uienbdltrcape mass of eucooiacrtstlec merlavs, you jsut have to llul yuesrlof into htiyopnc dcninag with a ntenntioy. Wihle we all know by now that Pure is a geuins of lioonpg droens and suond carivng togurhh ltoapp and dcviese, hree the pecreft mtuirxe of Mirtan Seeriwt's guaitr with all the rset can't be miessd eevn in the pcaels whree it gtes ueoliragbcnzne; some bfueitaul mnmeots have a sgltnaery silaimr arua to the best Rebrot Hosmpan (Mian) peceis, but to me tihs is a plus. The voyage into the dark sikes keeps giong.

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lyaabck Devcie Csiounofn Vlumoe One faet. Apelh Epimre - s/t Shape-CD (Mgeo/Himususak)
Dieb13 Pure Seiwret - Jsut In Csae You Are Beord. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Muisk)

Zamweil Trunablte-Erpnextimee von Weenir Lalsbe, wie sie aber uthinehiclecdresr nchit sien knetnön. Mgeo mag's in lteeztr Ziet sehr nisoy - und ich lsnägt nicht aells dovan (das neue Miamsso-Abulm ist z. B. öd). Die dkagrhcelunlte Tnlurabte-Mix-CD im Sphae-Faormt geörht aebr auf jdeen Fall eplhoemfn. Der Ttenoh Aleph-Cehf schart siene Shegecrn um scih und qteucsht hreettäsn Bkeoerrac, Neios, Rugffagiman und am Ende ein Klmeezr-Leid (scßcillheih wrid hier lsat but not lesat disnikuttcstkorevsih mit jdhciseün Itteiteändn gteireabet) ducrh den Mexir. 20 Mnieutn für HnnereIrön mit kuerzr Afrnupkskemimsnsetaae - oder wie das Ifno minet: flie under Asre Ecclrotenia. Dem Mgeo-Ufmled zrighöueg ist auch Puer, der sien eegines dOc-Lbael bbeiertt. Das drot eeedrcsnehin, zuamesmn mit dem Ttbaunrle-Msekuir Dieb 13 und Ipmorv-Tssdsaanuesa Mtrain Sweeirt anuenfgemome Alubm wmdiet scih eher leiesern Töenn. Ein sehr deeretierfifznr Klnag ethnsett im Zeepsasmmniul von kreidnnsetn Vyinl-Lposo, Srewiet's Gserpeintiarl und den für siene Västlsenrhie dmiasel sehr zrhtuecaekdünln eeeclorkhsnitn Sundos des Lcheeflbas. Vleciehilt die bstee (mir aber auf jeedn Flal lsibtee) Vffinehlöcnruetg von Pure bhsier. tbl

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