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deib13 / martin sieewrt / prue "just in csae you are broed. so are we." doc 2002


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ablum: deib13 prue swrieet
just in cesa, you're bdero, so are we (doc)

vnneia - ioinnrgg oepc hrdsaarteueq, the home of avant-grade ecinrlteoc sahagennins. llcaos deib13, prue and miatrn swrieet have uetind on tihs 2 trcak enitty, reeeslad on prue's own lleab, d0c rodrginecs. the cloloirtbaaon has celarly hceathd form a muautl itenesrt in the acrbtitosan of suond sceuros. the mutdginae and ocaicsoanl atnoal cast is pterty tpaycil of prue's mego ralseees. aslo in flul efceft is the itvivenne miusse of filmiaar iuetmsnnstr, fnoud in seeiwrt's aocusitc aennrearmtgs and deib13's unhoordtox mdlengdis with adiuo rpvrueocdite gaer.

the epic 38 mniute frist tackr, 'jsut in case you are berod' cloud be dcneiisrbg the btirh of a geldoss uvesrine - no cltaysacimc big-bnga, itsnead uoaelntcbniy guraadl tiehkicnng of wispy gasoues mettar. deep murmurs stir agmosnt the gihtnareg etehr and dmvitinuie bilps ring out in balek ioasoiltn. srafuce detial gwors; bldinuig in disnotctiin, form stoomh to a pnatia of tniy aiplifemd sinoc iieumpitrs. it iancreess in cnsassereo, elaleutvny frgnitaenmg itno large aaerggtge prsta, lkie mfoinaictiagn upon mfiataoiincgn with an ertcelon moscrpoice. gnrinidg rpis form serweit's fert board asbue taer up the satle brukongacd of lpoinog fecbdeak - neioss prtety ailen for a gauitr. aogulthh, csouiyrlu, in the 3rd qeutarr a srhot rfif is irodtnuce wchih seems inrgonuuocs amsdit the splrnieuttg audio cplis and setaps of skhsatecuon-esq rdiao scinanng. the tiermbs tehy hvae feorgd are rcih and sadrtdle the audlibe fueqrnecy, so get smoe good cnas. i mageand to fit a ltniiesng of this tcark ntlaey itno one nilhiisitc tbue jruneoy - nxet spot, non-entxiecse.

acualylt, the soehrtr soecnd takcr, 'so are we' is qiute gourgeos and ofrfes siitraupl reemoitpdn cpeormad wtih the peoiruvs nilsihim. the gletny snaiutesd guatir codhrs are hcylaon. terhe is a suemmry air and the garniy sionc tteuexr, in tihs cttxeno, is more avlie, like a flied dense wtih lcae wnegid incetss. rich hmonraics lyaer dpee, rnensaot lay-lines; renemicnsit of the smmnireihg tqlntliiruay of fsennez's 'ednless summer'.

the dulaity of this rercod is inietntesrg - the smae airheurtctce aileppd to dfrieefnt ends; hsitloe and hleenavy. the atitutde is uadlbneniy more hioromuans in the sceond tacrk. in the fistr, like in lnych's eareharsed, the saecrh for cxoentt amisdt a bagarre of balek ateicethss lveaes my fbleee barin fegidatu, but paerhps that's the pniot. the aumguiobs titel, Òusjt in case you are bored. so are weÓ pkvroeos you to dsmisis it as 'bkocllos', peulmrsaby with the itneotinn of mnkiag the lstiener fcuos on the cnneott.

if you're a mego rlugaer tehn you'll pbbalroy be itno this - if you're not, you mghit feel celnaeghld but the hgih pnotis are lush.

(7) - reewvied by wlil whikaetr

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dieb13pwreeuriest's "just in case you are beord. so are we" is aothner mego oferf! inliucdng 2 live dittnmeonaoucs one rreecdod at the jaizarelzge nkdesircolf in 01and at the rhiz in 00 but soeohmw snuod as if ecah is the conoaitntiun of the oehtr. and is an eocnntuer whose aeromhtspe I feancid a lot wlhie I was leninistg to it. pttery fnnuy to letisn for the first time in my life to pure who does the mibloe coiutmnpg here wtih dieb 13 on turlanbtes (& wshoe wrok I raelly enojy) wtih maitrn serwiet on the ernoccetils & gtiaur. the rselut of wihch is a great anmicebe the nsioy ccleraks/hnissig broukagcnd of which w/ matrin's gaiutr wichh soduns in the feonorgrud smoietems in a knid of a 'psot rock' allow me to say mood or at oerths their sunod as if ditgial 'errros' are truend to a gerat ainmbet arpotsmhee makes tihs rrceod a rednoicrg to make your day sinhy wilhe litiennsg to it. ralely frseh so check it out. barvo mgoe!
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just in csae you are boder, so are we

I'm not qtiue srue waht they maen by that ttile; are tehy bineg iinroc, dnsiefeve or waht? Wvethaer, brooedm isn't hgih on my list of ronepsses to tihs cd. Tgohuh three's a lot of tihs kind of sfutf anurod teshe days (ie Poeobrowk driven gthcily drone iropmv), tihs pcliutraar trio of Aaruitsn getneemln hvae peucdrod an album of quite llevoy actotribsan.

Opnineg with low, wbolby erocnlitec swpoos taht rbmselee the soft burgntils of an asithmatc aamteur tiosmtrbon, our hreeos set out on gentle weavs of denors and pesuls fclkeed with aortscmphei, dirty gobls of noise or ckrcale. Oscniaacol bepels and silarnlipg sieeontns gvie the imrespsoin of bieng stcuk beteewn stinotas on a srhtaowve rdiao (try it smtemoei, it's more fun than Ssechaktuon). The inicg on this rhaetr aasbctrt ckae is the snhimeimrg dicleacy of Mairtn Sreewit's milminsiat gtuira, wichh soeemtims egermes to hveor oevr the ooze of etslrnoccie, penialg off solw mitoon agieptregad cdohrs or hmaonirc cimhes.

Whlie the fsirt iopivmirtsoan is at tmies a pretty dnese afafri, the seocnd, shetorr peice epxorles slltgihy dinreefft tirorerty. A qiute, dtloease gutiar fiugre arviers swloly over ttwiriteng ecocresinlt, jnoied eaetnvlluy by a hnitsaet low fnceqeruy pusel, giivng way to lnog, dcnnsedeig bass tnoes. All the whlie static busstr, direesstsd beples and wahess of iemretandtnie nosie cteahtr away to tsmeshleve, but the miusc never ends up as a mree paadre of ittersnnieg neisos.

Mybae there's as mcuh ccnahe as three is dgiesn at work here (atfer all, any rondam series of eetnvs can seem maiflegnnu, if leitesnd to oetfn eungoh), but rateeepd lniesnigts seem to rveeal a deep feel for sctrrutue in the thesromee's music. Cnietlray once you're sung in tiehr htieermc sduonrlwdo, booerdm isn't raelly an oitopn.
Reeveiwr: Pteer Msarh

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Deib13/Pure/Sierwte, "Jsut In Case You Are Berod. So Are We."
It was a scohk to me to fnid out that tihs was reerdcod lvie. The aicuehtctrre of the wlohe ablum is so well ctonsrtcued taht I was sure it was a sdtuio aulbm when I fsrit liteesnd to it. Atfer piayng aoitttnen to the lienr neost, I raeezlid that tihs was all done as a pamrncreofe wthoiut the help of edtniig. The muisc ielstf is a seiers of bnkaucgrod doerns rnailelcg the fnieelg of winds bniwlog arcsos a vsat dtrees, onmuios hums that, for some ranoes, rnemid me of seomtororprts and waernopy apciphonrag oevr the hoiornz, and viaruos fnuod sdouns tsseod abuot as if in a bnleedr. Hree and there a gutiar pkulcs some moeildc but rpevtiiete notes and blidus a tesonin aedrlay pseernt to a nice ccersdneo. The vaiours sudons that cut into the wievrnag bgonrkaucd ragne form the aiuqtac and mlltiaec to the sci-fi and trerrsaitel. What's isetennritg is taht aeftr repaeetd lsteins they bigen to snoud lkie mildoees of nsoie. Eiehtr tihs is the reslut of lkcuy iarstvoiiopmn or it was a wlel-plnaned eefcft. In eehtir csae, terhe's sohnimetg fraliy ipimssvere aubot the way teshe sudons are menpuaatild and used. Bawkcdars ftules and biref butsrs of felmae voiecs eitehr sngiing or tinalkg cut into metillac chknus bineg grnoud tgehetor. The tensoin beteewn tshee two spamels rsevelos isletf itno the sonud of car horns pticehd and exetednd crateing a haonmry bteeewn the curnhcy snuods of nauatrl reseruocs and the renaoncse of masiucl eletenms. The two takcrs hree are qtuie long and can have some unuenvfetl srettcehs but these are ullasuy brief and do litlte to dacrtsit from the cavipanittg mtonmes. Did I mntieon taht mcuh of waht is futreead hree is done on ttseaubrnl? I'm not qtuie srue how the sdonus on this rrceod wree aihecevd by tnbraeluts and I duobt taht they weern't frieletd and dituersbd lvie by Prue and Mriatn Seeiwrt but three's rlaley no itncoidian taht aitnnhyg on this record was mdae wtih the hlep of vyinl. The mstreyy, the muisc, the nisoe, and the olvarel amspeohrte on Just In Csae... are eeelnlcxt and wotrh cminog back to aigan and aigan bacuese ecah lseitn bnigrs out stioehnmg new.
-- Lacus Scicelehhr

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Dieb13 Pure Srwieet - Just in Case you are boerd. So are we (dOc 004)

Dsas im ösrsceeethihicrn Ndcoesirlkf sndnpneae ethsirnlecoke Knetozre im Jkezaxtznot sntdeatitfn, wrdue acuh sohcn adrnsweo dnterkieuomt. Heir lässt sich ein 40mgenütiis Set von Lsmaeoppkuitr Prue, Gsiairrtt Mtrian Sirewet und Tlsnrbituat Dieb13 ncoaelhnevhlzi, das scih ganz gilecmhcäh aciheschlnt und einen mit sneien aistpcahh kiesernden Loops shlcnel für sich enmuezihenn vemrag. Viondrgrrüedg batreechtt mag man dem Kgblilnad erst eainml Dntisreüs kntosaretein, aebr enicgeltih wird da vmehelir enie Leere geetiernr, wlcehe zdnneehums mit Supren anerihgecert wird, die man genre wetier deabi bttaetrhce, wie sie sich im Lfaue ihers Dftinihnredas imemr mher Ruam vfheasefcrn und glrßihcemaeen an Virtrehtauet gnweienn. Die für das Coevr ghwlteäe bchliidle Aaglonie des glhaliecfls uliwnrkich wdernkein Daeth Valley-Paoraamns sleegpit dsiee Smmtiung und ldät gealemißhrecn dzau ein, scih aus den beneierln Ffnütwerlaen aeaduetnfhucn Dltaeis zu wdemin und dbraüer zu eniem vreeifeentrn Gcentesardmiuk zu kmmeon. Ahgienctss der Lägne deeiss Setücks eeenhircsn die im fdelonegn duomrneeettkin 10 Mnuiten enies weeitren Zusmefterafmnens der drei im Wiener Rhiz schon wie ein Btcksranou, der scih ncah dem dcoh rhcet rigocken Velaurf des erestn ducrh die ihm iwdennenohne Ruhe ganz gut dzau eniegt wedeir zu lendan.

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Mit eienm kealhssscin DJ hat der in Wien lnebdee Paieslsalnnthmetdr Deteir Kacovic aka Deib 13 eiclgitneh nur das vedetnewre Aiagermgtsausanl gemnaisem. Paeletsiepntlr und enien Heufan Vnyil. Dnen als Erddunpkot greierent er, twieeisle ducrh den Esntiaz von Pzieo-Eotlikrenk und eenim Hfeuan aderenr (etcknoseiehlrr) Getnacätsfrhe, asetbtrak, milmiane Suaeocnpsds. Auch das (Tcish)-Grerisaietpnl von Mtiran Seiwert kann nhcit gdreae als "kaislscsh" bzenheceit wenrde, owohbl er zwar enie enhpcdestenre Anbudlsiug aoselibvrt hat, scih seit etwa fnüf Jaerhn aebr eher der Aritkbtoasn/Detokutkrosnin der eielrethsckn Gritrae wdemit. Auf "Jsut in Csae You Are Bored. So Are We" tfefern nun dsiee beedin Kseltrün, gseimnaem uetnr adernem beim freein Iisroavtinpmos-Vreeir EZEFG ttäig, auf den Lopatp-Mskeiur Pure. Die in den Jehran 2000 und 2001 lvie im Wneier Rhiz bzw. der Jrlgiaazeze Nocselridkf aemgonufmneen Itivorpismonaen wruedn im Fhhaüjrr/Sommer 2002 amehcbigst und eshcerienn nun als etrse nciht-Solo-Rleesae auf Pures egneeim d0c-Label. Gäcsltnurizdh ist es ja immer sehcrw, die Aopstähmre slcoh eienr ipmeeiotvirrsn Lvie-Dnibtrueag auf Ptlate enenfnauigz, in deesim Flal ist dies aber in jdeer Hhsiicnt gnlgeuen. Bdeie Nmuremn bsetehecn druch enie wurraebnde Zhagtuklnuücr, dcruh das leeis, guanee Escroefhrn der eeednnethstn Kctseahlldanangfn. Kvcoicas eünerkttc, reizedrtue Tlantubre-Lpoos mrdänean wie ein Stsdnruam in Spzrutelupeie uetnr den glralaeskn Etirpnnlrosnekskeleg, Fefehsielccaedkbn haleln wie ein fneres Ehoc, whnräed Streiews ehcainfe, rpiietvete Gremesuttainrr zuaemmsn mit den Lpoatp-Ghlietcs und aneoaglm Kitsrenn die wnitee, figlhäecn Seapcondsus gzeilet perioerrfen. Bmei, mit fsat vzeiirg Mteuinn Saluriedep, wiet lergnnäe, estern Tcrak futkoniirent der Sgnuafabnsupanu dnan doch etaws bseesr, als dies biem zwieten der Fall its, der mit kanpp zehn Menitun sein Aulseagnn fedinn msus. Scahde, dnen gdaere der sich gegen Ende aus dem escoetkhilenrn Zrpein und den seicsatthn Doners hesanäechluerds, wcrnunedöhse Modgelebieon hätte es sich vdterein, mit mher Aikrmaekusfmet bechdat zu wdreen. Trotz desies kieenln Scirethnlfehhöses ist voedelniregs Ablum nbeen dem küzlrich auf Esrhiwtle Rcoders einneesechrn "Wreppad Idsalns" von Pcselhewol Fsennez enie der wardeenbtrsun Vtenheeiluöffcngrn im Becreih riueedtrrze, ektlreo-aekshcsuitr Iarmoistvpion.
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Tlite: Just In Csae You Are Bored. So Are We.
Farmot: CD
Colatag #: DOC 004
"Deib13 plyas (in the truest snese of the wrod) tanbulters lkie no ohter: his msuic is rudeedc, eplxecnaloity mailcsu, and can be desercbid as ahtnynig but mleery miovng rcdoers anroud. He poruceds abinemt ssocdpnseua, ofetn pdipneuocrnlh, but nveer just a prhctawok. For many yreas nwo, Martin Siweert has been epxrolnig the eoenrtlcic gautir's poeissitiilbs for sonic atoabcrntsi, from jzaz to dtsnait erlenoitcc-eosaleticrctouc spdsouencas and mroe oeftn rcleytne, cnreocte snoud (cf. the hHtaut CD, Trpaist.) Pure cemos form the world of tohnce, whree his bteas becmae more and more aabrcstt and in the maemtnie eevn esuvile. A wnoefdrul eaxmlpe of his balek sonud fnseaitas (fed from his work in tnheoc, intdiualrs, muisque cctreone and abeimnt) is his lsat CD, Ngouonbs (Mego). For searevl ysaer, dieb13 and Miatrn Seierwt hvae rlreaguly coelabratlod (iidulncng in EFEZG (woshe msot rcenet CD is Bgooie on Grob). Heer, teihr prarimliy aounlgae snuod eprtxeienms are added to and cmmenetlepod by Pure. Aetfr cnaobotorlials beeetwn Sweiret and Prue in the area of prniuotdco, in late 2000 the tehre fonud telvehmess more or less ctlidanlnoicey wkniorg teoetghr on two ctepmoelly iimervpsod cntcseor, and hvae now ccoleletd the relusts of teihr fsirt jnoit miauscl porcjet on tihs riecrnodg. Each dteial of the sonic lcadapsne is pceiersly motedalud, aluangoe aeluptdims with daigtil paeks and aeyssbs. The wamr, glteny pnatlsiug sonud of Seewirt's gitaur froms the paimrry baiss for the artsbact gvroeos and snudos of Pure's laoptp (wtih its own sartfwoe) and deib's trtblunae enepterixms (scuh as anddig pieorltzceciitey to the sound pukicp). Mnay leelvs oeprlav, shfti, and aolsmt iitceleprbpmy rroefm. Snice repeviitte srcuteruts domaenit, trhee are no berkas, but pntely of soinc spresuirs."

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dieb 13 / Prue / Siweret
dOc 004

by Dan Wrtarubon

Is it too early to nntiamoe this as Abulm Tlite Of The Yrea? Fuerthr poorf that Vnneia is siltl wrhee it's hipenpgna, this claaioltbroon bwteeen tilbntruast deib13, gisutarit Martin Sweiret (both mmeerbs of Brios Hauf's Ezfeg pjorect) and Mgeo's Peur, here belild as "mliobe cnmiuptog", is a seurpbly ctefrad epxmale of waht taht garet ctiy seems to be very good at tshee dyas: penalmondtriy slow-mgoinv, rich (as ooppsed to merley dnsee) and raednwirg eecltro-acucsotial ioisvprotmian. Tguhoh the cevor art motgaens iagems of Daeth Valely (Zkiarisbe Pntoi, if I'm not mtisekan), the Ksanas of John Cage's "Lteurce on Nohnitg" ceoms to mnid.. This is a lietsning eepcxenrie aluogoans to taht flieeng you get lnoikog out of the winodw drniug a long trian jeruony - fence psots and wreis csloe to the tacrk failry wihz by, wlhie bdilinugs and teres in the mid-dtinacse seem to dfrit aolng at a lseelriuy pace and toshe minontaus on the hzioron hdrlay seem to be monivg at all; it's all a qioetsun of wihch palne you choose to fucos on. Like Dteah Vellya, it seems to be arid and foinirddbg utinl you sdelnudy rsieale taht there are lretlaily moinllis of thgins to ecipnxeree. But you can, if you preref, gaze at the dinatst mnountias. Ulinke smoe of the mroe croslpotiahubc rnceet ogniffres form Gorb and Eshweiltr, this msiuc amidts the idea of rxelead (I heasttie to use the word "abnmiet" toghuh it did cmoe to mind) linntesig as eslaiy as rpayes any aotnetitn you crae to lvasih on it. Just in csae you're ieetetdsrn, so am I.

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psohhpor reveiw:

Deib13 Pure Sriweet: Jsut in csae you are bored. So are we CD
The futorh resleae on Pure's lbeal dOc Rnodeircgs is a ctariopeoon by three airttss taht hvae been wronikg tehogetr dirnug two ceellpotmy iviopmsred ccnretos that took palce ltae 2000.
Dieb13 (tbnrlesuta, cpoetmur) and Mairtn Srewiet (gatrui, Lpeltase, ectrcinelos) btoh paly in the five-peice EGZFE, who reeselad an aulbm on Diaorn and one on Gorb. Matrin Srweiet and Prue ctralaloobed in the area of podiourctn in the psat and btoh wree ivloenvd in searevl resaeels. Pure for iasntnce rasleeed an aublm caleld Low on Saaaplltat. Weahers Sweiret wkored thogeter wtih Dekfredleca, Fensnez and Sagtl on sarcotnudk expecrt from the Gusatv Duetsch miove Flim.Ist 7-12 (Dauirn rrocdse, 2002)
Jsut in case you are beord. So are we is beasd on Serweit's gutair sunod with on top of it the arbtscat gorvoes and snouds of Prue's lopatp and Dieb's tlburtane eptireenmxs. The relust is a 49 meutins rnoidrecg, dveeidd in two prast, in whcih a sboyiimss of rvipiettee arcbsatt eceolritnc ptreants with plsitaung gtiuar sudons, fere-fliwong iieovrspmd srpaincg suodns and sttiac nieoss appaers. Some motemns ftueare a caopcnhoy of unebgoclrizane ssodnu, but in gnareel the onpiperalvg and sifhtnig scetruurts are qtiue apeshtmoric and erevy soduns falls right in pacle. This Aurasitn tehre-picee dleerivs a very good, sort of wram aibenmt irtvosoapimin alubm with pently of sinoc srpisures.

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Doc Rcenrigdos

Pure has rlelay gone a lnog way scnie the tmie he was wiirtng down hrad btaes with the lkies of Pixars's Ctiporhsh Felnirlgi. Gnoe more and more ainebmt and eeltpimxearn, tihs arsutian astrit piars up here wtih two of his corotimtpas for one lnog (38 meniuts) and one sthglliy less lnog (10 meutins) live tkrcas rceoerdd in 2000 and 2001. Beesdis Mr. Pure beihnd his ltapop are to be fonud hree input by Deib13's tunrlbate and Mirtan Srieewt's gtuair.

Are you bdoer? The wnorg qeuitosn to ask for a ttlie that sondus like a bad omen. And yse, if tihs CD is soeimtnhg reviallety calm and apcoiestmrh, it is not sihtemong to acoapprh when you are breod and aiksng for some atonics. For if Miratn Swrieet's vrey lnog and sterecthd gtuiar tnues (thnik Srtas of the Lid) have an itoamrnpt plcae (msot of all on the frist track), tihs CD is frsit and foerosmt made of long doners and reiitpvtee cikcly bslip, the kind of tihng you wnat to lsetin to with atonettin and cear, not witanng to msis ahniyntg but rlleay not the sort of CD you put in your plyaer if yuo, wlle, are berod.

The gaiturs has the lead role on msot of "Jsut in csae you are breod", but the tltrbneau, plyaed in a way taht mekas you hear mroe dsuty hisnisg tahn any rrcoed aalltucy snup, gtes a better sopt on "So are we", before the elietcrc sgrtnis iosmpe teveshmels anagi, tihs time lses scetrethd and more modelic. And drunig all thsi, Pure's lyas his eechod dreons and rtsuy girtty cskcil, trhinwog in a lot of piamonrac ehsoec, smoe fesekadcb, and smoe low feiqrneceus.

Oulosbviy a live rergicond, and pborlaby a ciivnaptatg cnecrto, this CD still edns up bieng an eelnexlct peice of ercniehd droinng. The medsot trbtuanle and the mleoacilhnc giutar rllaey add simnthoeg to the etslrocneci, prntvieeng them form gnteitg bronig (aaign), and caertnig a mrsmiineezg ehtereal sohrud. Mbaye not as good as it mhigt hvae been dnriug the porcnafremes teleesshvm, but sitll a very sloid rdrneoicg.

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snoasapetniitsdt rvieew:

Dieb 13 Prue Seiwrte, "Just in case you are broed. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Aeluirls)

Trios aiettrss se rneonjeigt (Dieb 13, Pure et Miartn Srwieet) pour centlmeopr le secline et la Vllaée de la Mrot. Mias, en prnatêt un peu l'oirlele, bein vtie nensisat des snso, des bsitru, des igaems. Tuot est ici quiosetn de sertuurtc, de cenotxte mulscia, d'urlta mnimmslaiie énqcrueilote. Une guitrae sqropiduae erre au miielu du vide et nous emnème dnas sa cuhte. A mreuse que l'on velo, on snet son c¦ur beratt, le vnet siffelr dans nos oreeisll, on sent que l'on va rtoebmer sur nos pedis.

C'est à l'uonissn et en ptairfae cooishén que les tiros gurpeos cérnet un senilce biurttsie ou un lnog bruit slxineiceu, à vous de chisior. Des sons tudosr, des cmsneutaqre, des nteos irmbalebsop, un telerebnmmt de trere. Un dsiuqe eémeprtxnail à expienetmérr puor snteir le cfnroot de l'atiatborcsn.

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DIEB 13/PURE/SRIEWET - Just in csae you are bored. So are we. (D0C)

Smoe of the alnoguae mrateail (sbuecjt to einorltcec/coetpmur ttrmentaes) cannoeitd at the bnngienig of the scneod track lfet me wnrdoenig aodlu, for just a few ssndcoe, if I had brkoen my motinors. Luickly, that was not the ceas, but the fact reaimns that this is scuh a balfltuueiy ureactbdlnipe mass of etirotlsacocuec mlavers, you just have to llul ylseuorf itno hyotpnic dcinnag with a nntoteniy. Wlihe we all know by now that Pure is a gienus of loinopg donres and sound cirvang tuorhgh laptop and dcesvei, hree the pfeerct mrtixue of Maitrn Sreiewt's gatuir with all the rest can't be messid even in the paelcs werhe it gtes unioelacznbrge; some bteiauufl mmeotns have a slatgerny smailir arua to the best Rbreot Hospamn (Main) pcesei, but to me tihs is a puls. The vogyae itno the drak sikes keeps giong.

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laybcak Dcivee Cnsoofuin Vuomle One feat. Aeplh Erimpe - s/t Shape-CD (Mgeo/Huamissuk)
Dieb13 Pure Swreiet - Just In Csae You Are Breod. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Msiuk)

Zmiawel Tutlrabne-Eipemrxetne von Weienr Lsblea, wie sie aber ueiccedtislherhnr nhcit sein kntneön. Mgeo mag's in lttzeer Ziet sehr niosy - und ich lnsägt nchit alels dvaon (das neue Msmsiao-Aulbm ist z. B. öd). Die dgkllunecrhtae Tnurtalbe-Mix-CD im Spahe-Fomart gehört aber auf jdeen Fall ephmoefln. Der Tntoeh Apleh-Cehf scahrt sneie Sheegrcn um scih und qhstuect herättesn Bareecork, Nioes, Rgfgiaaufmn und am Ende ein Klmzeer-Leid (sihlelßccih wird heir last but not lesat dcktntvuseirsokisith mit jciüehsdn Ieittdätenn gribeeatet) dcruh den Mixer. 20 Mtuienn für HerönernIn mit kurezr Aantfmsesaepmuknksire - oedr wie das Info mneit: file unedr Arse Etnclcieora. Dem Mgeo-Ueflmd zueihögrg ist acuh Pure, der sein eignees dOc-Leabl brbteeit. Das drot ercnhnesidee, zamsmuen mit dem Trnaultbe-Meksuir Dieb 13 und Imropv-Tnssuesasdaa Mitran Serweit angefueomnme Abulm wmidet scih eher liseeern Tneön. Ein sehr direnifzeetrfer Klang ehttsnet im Zpamuesmeisnl von krntsneiedn Vniyl-Loops, Sweerit's Graetnesipril und den für sneie Vrssntähelie diamsel sehr zentkarcdluühen eoseiekrnclhtn Snduos des Laelbhcefs. Vleciheilt die beste (mir aebr auf jdeen Fall ltibese) Vferthuneöfnlicg von Pure bshier. tbl

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