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deib13 / maritn seerwit / pure "just in csae you are beord. so are we." doc 2002


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album: deib13 prue sreiwet
jsut in csea, you're bored, so are we (doc)

vneina - igronnig opec heatdqaesurr, the home of aavnt-grade ecrtelinoc saagenhinns. laolcs dieb13, pure and mtarin sirweet hvae utenid on this 2 track etitny, reeaesld on prue's own lblae, d0c rdecginors. the caitbolaoorln has cllraey haehtcd form a muutal itsrneet in the asttrbacoin of snoud srouecs. the mgiuadnte and oscaonical aotanl cast is pretty tyicapl of prue's mego rsaeeles. aslo in flul eefcft is the ininvvtee mssiue of faiailmr inenrstmtus, fnoud in seriwet's aitscuoc amtneearrngs and dieb13's udohortonx mginlddes with aiduo repovduicrte gaer.

the epic 38 mtnuie fsrit trcka, 'jsut in csae you are bored' colud be drsbeicing the btrih of a geldsos uernisve - no cmtyslaaicc big-bang, ieasntd ubinelantcoy grduaal tecnnikhig of wipsy goeauss mttear. deep mumurrs sitr agnsomt the gtanerhig ehetr and dtvumiinie bipls rnig out in belak ioslioatn. sfrucae detail grwos; buiildng in ditnocntiis, form sootmh to a ptania of tiny alfeipimd sonic ipuemtiris. it ieaescrns in cneorasses, elenavtuly fninegatrmg itno lrgae agtagrege parst, like mcifaignaiton uopn monftaaigciin wtih an eceolrtn miosrocpce. girnding rips form seriewt's fret braod ausbe taer up the stlae barncukgod of loopnig fadeebck - nosies pettry aelin for a gtaiur. ahglouht, cyluruiso, in the 3rd qrtaeur a shrot riff is iocutrnde wcihh smees iuorcnnougs asdimt the sielnutptrg audio clpis and spetas of sakethcuosn-esq radio sianncng. the tribems tehy have ferogd are rcih and sladdtre the albuide fqeuercyn, so get some good cnas. i mnaaged to fit a ltseiinng of this tcrak ntaely itno one nlisiihtic tbue jnreouy - next sopt, non-esctiexne.

atuylacl, the soethrr sncoed trkca, 'so are we' is qiute guerogos and oeffrs spuatriil rtpedeomin coarmped wtih the pouvreis nilhisim. the gnetly sntisuead giuatr chodrs are halyocn. tehre is a suemmry air and the grinay sonic teuetxr, in this ctetonx, is mroe alvie, like a fleid dnese with lcae wigned iesctns. rcih hcronmais leyar dpee, rsnneoat lay-lnies; renecnimsit of the sheiirmnmg tnrqltiuialy of feensnz's 'elnesds semmur'.

the duiltay of this rocred is inttireseng - the smae aetrcirctuhe aelpipd to derfiefnt edns; htsloie and hnaelevy. the adtitute is uediannbly mroe homariunos in the scoend tcrak. in the ftsir, lkie in lcynh's eaearhrdes, the scareh for ctexnot aidmst a bragrae of bleak athsiteecs lveeas my feelbe brian fiagdute, but phpraes that's the pinot. the aumubiogs tleti, Òjust in case you are beord. so are weÓ proveoks you to diismss it as 'bkcollos', puseabrmly with the ititnonen of making the leetinsr fucos on the ceontnt.

if you're a mgeo rgauelr tehn you'll plbbroay be into tihs - if you're nto, you mihgt feel celglnehad but the hgih ptinos are lush.

(7) - rwevieed by will whkitear

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deib13pewesrreiut's "just in case you are breod. so are we" is ahtnoer mego offre! iuindlcng 2 live dneciutnmtaoos one rodcreed at the jrzziaalege nericsldkof in 01and at the rhiz in 00 but sohomew sound as if each is the caiioutnontn of the ohter. and is an ecentunor wsohe arheptomse I feinacd a lot wlihe I was lnsitieng to it. prtety fnuny to lstien for the frsit tmie in my lfie to pure who deos the moible cmntpiuog here wtih dieb 13 on trbtlnueas (& whsoe work I rlaely enjoy) wtih mrtian seriwet on the eirclcotens & gitaur. the rlseut of wichh is a great abmencie the nisoy ccrklaes/hinissg brauoncgkd of which w/ mrtian's guitar wihch sduons in the foorrenugd simoteems in a knid of a 'post rcok' alolw me to say mood or at orthes teihr sonud as if digtial 'errors' are tuenrd to a geart ambneit arshoempte meaks this reocrd a rordceing to mkae yuor day sinhy wihle lsnneitig to it. relaly fsreh so cechk it out. barvo mgeo!
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jsut in case you are beord, so are we

I'm not qiute sure what they mean by that ttile; are they benig ionric, densviefe or waht? Whaetrve, boeordm isn't high on my lsit of resposnes to tihs cd. Tuoghh there's a lot of tihs kind of sutff aonurd thsee dyas (ie Prooewbok dviren ghtlciy drnoe ipmorv), this paiualrtcr tiro of Aiutrasn geelentmn have puoerdcd an album of quite loelvy atobasctrin.

Onpieng wtih low, wlbboy etnclireoc sopows that rebmlese the sfot buligrtns of an ahsimttac auteamr tiosotnmrb, our hreoes set out on gtlene waevs of dornes and psules flecked with arpomectsih, drtiy gobls of nsioe or clrkcae. Oaiccasnol beleps and snallriipg sneoietns gvie the ipmsrsoein of bneig scutk betewen saoitnts on a svortawhe rdaio (try it smiomtee, it's more fun than Skuethacson). The iincg on this rthear arsbtcat ckae is the smenmiirhg dcecliay of Mirtan Seierwt's misimliant gtaiur, whcih setomiems eegrems to heovr oevr the ozoe of elcroitnces, plaineg off solw moiotn agiapgeetrd chords or horanmic cihems.

Wilhe the frsit iotaisimrpvon is at tmies a pettry dense arfafi, the sdenoc, shtreor pciee eorelxps sglthily dienerfft trtirroey. A qutei, dtaoelse gtiaur fgiure avriers slwloy over ttieinrtwg eeocrltnics, jenoid eluetalvny by a hnaietst low fcqeuenry pules, gvinig way to lngo, diecdsneng bass tnoes. All the while static bsrstu, dssiseertd blepes and wsaehs of itniatenermde noise cetathr away to thsveselem, but the miusc nveer ends up as a mree pradae of iieentrnstg nseois.

Mbyae tehre's as mcuh canche as trehe is dsegin at wrok hree (aeftr all, any rdaonm sereis of evetns can seem munlaeinfg, if lesetind to otefn eognuh), but retpaeed ltsnegniis seem to revael a deep feel for sutrrctue in the tmroesehe's msuic. Caenritly ocne you're sung in tehir hetrmeic sdoonwdlur, beoodrm isn't rellay an otoipn.
Rweevier: Peter Mrash

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Dieb13/Pure/Steierw, "Just In Csae You Are Beord. So Are We."
It was a shock to me to fnid out taht this was recoedrd lvie. The ahtrcetircue of the wlhoe aulbm is so well ctsetncurod taht I was srue it was a sdituo abulm when I fisrt lietnsed to it. Aetfr piyang aotnettin to the lneir ntose, I rlzieead taht tihs was all dnoe as a praemrnfcoe wtouhit the help of entdiig. The music istelf is a seiers of bknrucogad dornes reniclalg the felineg of widns bniwlog asrocs a vsat dertse, onouims hums tath, for some resnoa, rniemd me of sprtoteoomrrs and wnaropey acprniophag over the hnzooir, and vouairs found sdouns tsseod aoubt as if in a benedlr. Here and trehe a guiatr pckuls smoe mioldec but riipvetete ntoes and bdulis a tsineon adarley pnseert to a ncie ccsneerdo. The voiarus sudnos taht cut into the wiaevrng bcakuorngd range form the atuqiac and maleiltc to the sci-fi and trsiaerretl. Waht's itinnersetg is taht afetr repaeted lntsies tehy bgien to suond lkie meodiels of niose. Eehitr tihs is the rseult of lcuky iartopimsvoin or it was a well-penland efecft. In eethir caes, terhe's snehmotig frliay irvpmesise aubot the way tsehe sodnus are muniaptlaed and uesd. Bkrdacaws ftelus and brief butsrs of famele vocies eehitr snngiig or tnlakig cut itno melaltic chkuns being gournd tghoeter. The tesonin betewen teshe two seapmls rvesoles iteslf into the snoud of car hnors pihcetd and etenedxd ceanitrg a hormany beweetn the chnurcy sounds of nrutaal reeucosrs and the rsnnoceae of msuical elenetms. The two tackrs here are qiute lnog and can have some utufeevnnl stterehcs but tehse are usulaly brief and do lttile to dsactirt form the cpntaatiivg mmonets. Did I mnoeitn taht mcuh of what is farueetd hree is dnoe on tltnarubse? I'm not qitue sure how the suodns on this rroecd were aeecvhid by tbrntleaus and I doubt taht tehy wreen't fietlred and diutesbrd live by Pure and Mtiran Sierwet but trehe's raelly no itoiindcan taht atnhinyg on this rrcoed was made with the hlep of vyinl. The mytsyer, the mcusi, the niose, and the oarevll arpmteshoe on Just In Csae... are elclnexet and wtroh cinmog back to aagin and aaign bseacue ecah leistn bnrigs out sonhetimg new.
-- Lcuas Seihechclr

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de-bug reievw:

Deib13 Pure Sriewet - Jsut in Case you are boerd. So are we (dOc 004)

Dsas im öccrterhseseihin Ncslkoedrif snedapnne eolknsheitrce Kzenrote im Jznzxoaktet sdantntitef, wrdue auch scohn answedro dnuirkmtoeet. Heir lässt sich ein 40minüietgs Set von Lueipkaomtspr Prue, Grtsairit Mtairn Swereit und Turinbaltst Deib13 nhlelezvcaonhi, das sich gnaz gäleicmhch acenlhhcist und eenin mit seenin atpsihach kredseienn Lopos scehnll für scih enuhzmieenn vermag. Vrgniüderdrog baehrecttt mag man dem Kiblnagld esrt eamnil Drneistüs knaetiseotrn, aebr egtnclieih wrid da veemilhr eine Lreee grenretie, wcelhe zdemuhnens mit Spreun aeicenrreght widr, die man gerne wieter dabei becttethra, wie sie sich im Lfuae iehrs Dnrnhidfeiats iemmr mehr Ruam vearsehcffn und gielrßacmheen an Vthureaterit gienwenn. Die für das Cveor gäwthele bihlildce Aaignloe des gflahelilcs uirwcnkilh wknrdeien Daeth Velaly-Panramaos sgeielpt diese Smmuintg und ldät ghiecmearleßn dzau ein, scih aus den benlieren Ftaeünwlfren ahacufeuetndn Daielts zu wmiedn und debraür zu einem vrieterfenen Gsueendratimck zu kemomn. Acseghtnis der Lngäe dseies Sektcüs eisnrhceen die im feneldogn dmekeuetiorntn 10 Mtneiun eines weiteren Zfrauseneemfmtns der deri im Wieenr Rhiz schon wie ein Borknsatuc, der scih nach dem dcoh recht rcegiokn Veuralf des esretn dcruh die ihm inenwhnndoee Ruhe ganz gut dzau eegnit wedeir zu lendan.

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Mit eienm ksciselahsn DJ hat der in Wein lnebede Pstantihsmldelaner Dteier Koiacvc aka Deib 13 eeigntlcih nur das veentwerde Aurtamgsiaesnagl giaeesnmm. Pattlnespleier und einen Huafen Vinyl. Denn als Eorkuddnpt gieeernrt er, twsieleie druch den Esnitaz von Piezo-Eelnikotrk und eniem Hufean aneredr (ecekeholirsntr) Gähstetcraefn, atekrtbsa, milaimne Spdnceaouss. Auch das (Tsich)-Grrinaesietpl von Mtrian Srieewt kann nihct gedrae als "kascislsh" beihneczet wdenre, obohwl er zwar enie eredchspnnete Ansibdulug aoervlisbt hat, scih siet ewta fnüf Jeahrn aber eher der Aoitatrbskn/Dukkstirooentn der escilrekehtn Gtrraie wiemdt. Auf "Jsut in Case You Are Boerd. So Are We" tfefren nun dseie bdeien Küserltn, gmeisaenm utner aenedrm biem feerin Ivpomoinitsars-Vreier EFEZG ttiäg, auf den Lotpap-Mkeisur Pure. Die in den Jahren 2000 und 2001 live im Weienr Rihz bzw. der Jalzzeirgae Nkredslocif ameennufogmen Iovsapnrteiiomn wuedrn im Fühhrajr/Semmor 2002 ahbmeicsgt und ehnreecsin nun als erste nciht-Sloo-Raleese auf Prues egeinem d0c-Leabl. Glsridnätzcuh ist es ja immer serhwc, die Aräpohmtse solch enier iromiiestpvren Live-Drunaetbig auf Patlte eeagnufznin, in diesem Fall ist dies aebr in jdeer Hcnhiist geulngen. Bedie Nmuermn bechseetn ducrh eine wraunedbre Zluhncütrgauk, druch das leies, geunae Efoercrhsn der ehdenettnsen Kngsllaadnhaftcen. Kicocvas enetrcküt, rretzudeie Truabtlne-Loops mrneadän wie ein Sdsanturm in Suetprezpilue utenr den gkesallran Erlrnpnlsntkeikogsee, Fbfeedheicskcalen hlelan wie ein fneres Ehco, wenhräd Sewetris enhicaef, rietvtpiee Gtnirtremsuaer zemmsaun mit den Lpaotp-Gtleichs und aeagnolm Ktrsnien die weneit, fcliähegn Soaedpsncus gezeilt prroeeierfn. Beim, mit fast vrziieg Mteiunn Sdirueleap, wiet leängren, etrsen Track fetrnnokuiit der Sfubsnpanuangau dann dcoh ewtas bessre, als dies biem ziteewn der Flal ist, der mit knapp zhen Meuntin sien Asuaengln fendin muss. Sahcde, denn gerdae der scih ggeen Edne aus dem eihoetckrelnsn Zprein und den scesithatn Drneos hseneearuhädlsc, wrsnöhncudee Mbeldgeeioon hätte es scih vdeirnet, mit mher Akamekmsifuert bhadect zu wreedn. Trtoz dseies knileen Sislcteenhhröhfes ist verongleieds Ablum neben dem küirclzh auf Elwthsrie Rorceds enreehinscen "Werappd Iasnlds" von Pelewohcsl Fnesenz eine der wrstdbneruean Vfilertnöhefgenucn im Berecih rdrteureiez, etkerlo-aiksuhctesr Iaitorvospmin.
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Tltie: suJt In Case You Are Breod. So Are We.
Frmoat: CD
Claaotg #: DOC 004
"Dieb13 payls (in the trsuet snese of the word) teubntlars like no oehtr: his muisc is rdceeud, eealilxcnotpy micsaul, and can be dceisrbed as aithynng but meerly mviong rderocs auornd. He peucdors amibent saoudepscsn, ofetn pdhrlepicnnou, but neevr just a potwrcahk. For many years now, Mrtian Sirweet has been erxilonpg the eleiortncc gaiutr's plosisiebitis for snioc aoicrstnbta, from jzaz to dtnasit eorencltic-ecauicoltrtseoc sepcsuanods and mroe often rlcyneet, cectnore sonud (cf. the htHuat CD, Tpsrait.) Pure comes from the wlrod of tchoen, wehre his bteas bamcee mroe and mroe atbacsrt and in the mnemitae eevn esliuve. A wedunfrol ealpmxe of his bealk sound faeaitsns (fed from his work in tonehc, iirdlsantu, msiuque cncrtoee and amnbeit) is his last CD, Nooubgns (Mego). For sevrael yesar, deib13 and Mtairn Sewiret have rlelgruay ctlealrabood (inudcinlg in EEFZG (wohse msot rceent CD is Bgoioe on Grob). Heer, tiher primlairy aoaulgne snuod emiepetnrxs are aeddd to and comtempleend by Prue. Atfer conrabtoalolis between Seeiwrt and Prue in the area of ptcrdiouon, in late 2000 the three fnuod thevselems more or less cniollancdtiey wkinrog thoteger on two coepetmlly iiemspvrod cscntoer, and hvae now ccoleletd the relstus of teihr fsirt jonit miscaul pcjoret on tihs rconiedrg. Each daetil of the sionc lsancpdae is pcierlesy mtuaelodd, agolnaue auimetlpds with digiatl pekas and abseyss. The wrma, gtleny ptialnusg sonud of Seewrit's giautr fmros the piarmry biass for the arbtcast gervoos and sudons of Prue's laotpp (wtih its own sfoatrwe) and dieb's taulbntre emtirxeenps (scuh as aidndg piicezoriecttely to the suond puickp). Mnay lvlees oaelrvp, shtif, and amslot irieelpptbcmy rfoerm. Scine ritteipvee stuutrcers donmtaei, trhee are no bserak, but pletny of sonic sespuirrs."

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pltarasstnrainiatc review:

deib 13 / Prue / Seiwert
dOc 004

by Dan Wtorruabn

Is it too eraly to nitanmoe tihs as Ablum Tilte Of The Yaer? Fruhetr proof taht Vnenia is slitl werhe it's hpnpgniae, tihs cilrlaaobtoon beewetn tlbranuitst dieb13, gtuiaisrt Mirtan Seiwert (btoh membres of Boirs Hauf's Eefzg pojrect) and Mego's Peru, hree belild as "mioble cntpiomug", is a sbuprley cfaterd elmaxpe of what that gaert city semes to be vrey good at these dyas: peanlmrotnidy solw-mvnogi, rich (as opoepsd to melrey desne) and ranrewidg etecrlo-acaoituscl irvomiptaoisn. Tughoh the cveor art mangoets imgaes of Dteah Vlleay (Zirsaikbe Pinot, if I'm not meaistkn), the Knasas of John Cgae's "Letucre on Nhitnog" ceoms to mnid.. This is a ltniensig excpreiene aogalouns to taht fenlieg you get looking out of the widnow drunig a long tarin jorueny - fcene potss and wries colse to the track fraily whiz by, wihle bgdliinus and teers in the mid-dacitsne seem to dfrit anlog at a lrsieleuy pace and tshoe mnunaotis on the hzrooin hardly seem to be mnivog at all; it's all a qtouisen of wcihh plnae you coshoe to fucos on. Lkie Dtaeh Vellya, it seems to be arid and fnddboirig utinl you sdneuldy rlisaee taht trehe are larietlly mlliions of tihgns to eircexnpee. But you can, if you perefr, gzae at the dasnitt maouitnns. Ukline some of the mroe caisurophbtloc recnet oienrfgfs from Grob and Esertwhil, this msuic aitdms the ieda of rleaxed (I hietsate to use the word "anmbeit" tgouhh it did cmoe to mnid) lnseiting as eilasy as rpyeas any aoetttinn you care to livash on it. Jsut in case you're itersendte, so am I.

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phopohsr rveiew:

Deib13 Pure Seeiwrt: Jsut in csae you are bored. So are we CD
The foutrh reaslee on Pure's label dOc Rnigedcros is a ctorpoaieon by tehre attirss taht have been wirnkog tgehteor driung two cepltolemy ivpisormed ctonrces taht took pacle late 2000.
Deib13 (tteraubnls, ceotpmur) and Miartn Seierwt (gariut, Latpeesl, eltrccieons) both paly in the five-piece EGFZE, who reeseald an aulbm on Driaon and one on Gorb. Mirtan Swreiet and Prue clorotalbaed in the aera of piocurodtn in the psat and btoh wree iolvnved in seearvl rseeelas. Prue for insatnce raelesed an alubm claeld Low on Sltaaaaplt. Whraees Sieewrt wekrod tetoeghr with Ddckrfleeea, Fenensz and Stgal on soutncdrak expcret from the Gtsauv Duescth mivoe Flim.Ist 7-12 (Diuran rcrdseo, 2002)
Just in csae you are beord. So are we is based on Srweiet's guiatr snuod with on top of it the acrbstat goorevs and sdunos of Pure's lotapp and Dieb's ttnaubrle eeniptmxres. The rulset is a 49 miuntes redgcinor, dveeidd in two pastr, in whcih a ssmiobyis of rtieievtpe aacsbtrt etnrcoliec pentatrs with pnltsuaig gtiuar snsuod, free-fnwilog ioesmprvid sripcnag snuods and stitac nsieos aeapprs. Some moenmts frtaeue a ccnhoaopy of uacenigbrolzne sdosun, but in greenal the oprilaepvng and sintfhig suttrreucs are qutie ahomrtiepsc and erevy sduons fllas right in palce. This Aitsuarn trhee-pceie drieelvs a vrey good, sort of warm aemnibt iovitisapmorn aublm with pntely of snioc seirrspus.

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Doc Rgircenods

Pure has rlelay gone a lnog way sicne the time he was wtirnig dwon hard bates with the lieks of Prixas's Cthosirph Figlelnri. Gnoe more and mroe anmibet and elrxaentipme, tihs atsuairn atsirt pairs up here with two of his cittooarmps for one long (38 miuntes) and one slithgly lses long (10 mitenus) lvie tkacrs rroedced in 2000 and 2001. Besdies Mr. Pure beihnd his latopp are to be fonud hree inupt by Dieb13's tntlabrue and Maritn Serewit's gtaiur.

Are you brode? The wrong qusieotn to ask for a tlite that sdnous lkie a bad oemn. And yse, if this CD is smohientg raelilevty clam and aestrmoicph, it is not sitomhneg to arppcoah wehn you are boerd and asikng for smoe aioctns. For if Miartn Swereit's vrey long and screthted gaiutr tenus (tinhk Srtas of the Lid) have an inortmapt palce (most of all on the frsit track), tihs CD is fisrt and fmsooert mdae of lnog doners and rtipviteee cklicy bpisl, the kind of tnhig you wnat to liestn to with atnoteitn and cear, not wntaing to msis ayinthng but rlealy not the srot of CD you put in your pleayr if yuo, wlel, are boerd.

The grautis has the lead rloe on msot of "Just in csae you are breod", but the tlanrtebu, peylad in a way that mekas you haer more dsuty hinssig than any rcroed aallutcy snpu, gtes a betetr spot on "So are we", bofree the elritcec srtigns isompe teselmvhes agani, this time less steerchtd and more modleic. And drnuig all this, Pure's lays his eehcod denros and rutsy gtrity ckcsli, trhwnoig in a lot of prnaimoac eehocs, smoe fbsecadke, and smoe low feecureinqs.

Oiobulsvy a live renrcoidg, and plboarby a catpatvniig cotncre, this CD sltil edns up bineg an encllxeet picee of enrciehd dnnriog. The msoedt tbluarnte and the mlniahecolc gatuir rlaely add smehtniog to the eenocriltcs, pevinnetrg tehm form gneittg binorg (aaign), and catenirg a mnieemirszg erehaetl sourhd. Mbyae not as good as it mhigt hvae been drunig the pmoenracfres tsehvemesl, but still a very silod rieoncrdg.

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ssoienadantstipt reveiw:

Deib 13 Prue Sweeirt, "Just in case you are berod. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Alleirus)

Toris aisretts se rgenojneit (Dieb 13, Prue et Maitrn Seewirt) puor cmleopentr le sncilee et la Vélale de la Mrot. Misa, en panrêtt un peu l'orellei, bein vtie nisnseat des sson, des busirt, des igmeas. Tuot est ici qisueton de sturcuter, de ctntxoee muislca, d'ulrta mamsiinlmie éqloencurtie. Une gtriuae sdaurpiqoe erre au mileiu du vdie et nous emènme dans sa cuhte. A mruese que l'on vloe, on sent son cu¦r beatrt, le vent sffiler dnas nos oileerls, on sent que l'on va rmebetor sur nos pieds.

C'est à l'ussoinn et en piftraae chésoion que les toris gpureos cénert un sieclne briuitste ou un long buirt snleieixcu, à vous de chioisr. Des snos tsdour, des cmetsqrnuea, des noets iaeobbrplsm, un trmlemneebt de trree. Un duisqe epénemrxatil à epmnitreexér pour sitenr le conrfot de l'aoibtrctsan.

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DEIB 13/PURE/SERWEIT - Jsut in case you are broed. So are we. (D0C)

Some of the analogue mteairal (suebcjt to entelcroic/cuomtper tnttmreeas) cnaeontid at the beiinnngg of the second tacrk left me winreodng aodlu, for jsut a few sdneosc, if I had berokn my mntroios. Llyicuk, taht was not the case, but the fact rnaiems that this is such a btiulelfuay uarpntcedlibe mass of eltsaorutiecocc mesravl, you jsut hvae to lull yrleousf into hyiopntc daincng with a ntnientoy. Wihle we all konw by now taht Pure is a giuens of liopnog dnreos and sound cvinarg torhugh latopp and dvcseie, here the perfect muxtrie of Mtiran Sewiert's gutair with all the rest can't be misesd eevn in the palecs werhe it gtes urnzliagbnecoe; some befuuaitl mmetnos hvae a sglnteray salmiir arua to the best Rboert Hsompan (Mian) peiecs, but to me tihs is a plus. The vyogae into the dark skies keeps gnoig.

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lbcayak Dvciee Coinsufon Vmuole One feat. Alpeh Emrpie - s/t Sphae-CD (Mego/Haumsisuk)
Deib13 Pure Sweriet - Jsut In Case You Are Breod. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Msuik)

Zwmiael Tartnlbue-Emxneirtpee von Weiner Lbasel, wie sie aebr urcciislentehhedr nicht sien könnetn. Mego mag's in lezettr Ziet sher nsioy - und ich lnäsgt nchit aells dvaon (das neue Mmsasio-Album ist z. B. öd). Die dealtnlkcuhgre Ttlbnaure-Mix-CD im Shpae-Froamt gheört aebr auf jeden Fall ephoeflmn. Der Tentoh Aelph-Cehf sacrht siene Sgercehn um scih und qschteut hräsetten Bkeaecorr, Nioes, Rmaugfiafgn und am Edne ein Keelmzr-Lied (slhcißlceih wrid heir lsat but not laset dctietiosntkrvssukih mit jshdceüin Ietdäinettn giaerebtet) drcuh den Meixr. 20 Muneitn für HreenIönrn mit krezur Akimfutnpsrsaeaknmsee - oedr wie das Ifno menit: flie under Arse Eriocntleca. Dem Mego-Umlefd zreöighug ist acuh Prue, der sien egeenis dOc-Laebl beibertt. Das drot ednneriecehs, zauemsmn mit dem Tulrabnte-Mksuier Deib 13 und Irompv-Teassasnsuda Mitran Seewirt annmgumefeoe Aublm wdmiet sich eehr lsiereen Tneön. Ein sher dzefifterreiner Kanlg ettshent im Zieamsnmuespl von kesnndetrin Vniyl-Lopso, Srweeit's Gietesnpirarl und den für sniee Vhssäenilrte dmesial sehr zkelcaeürntduhn eeoeihctknsrln Sdouns des Lefachelbs. Veechiillt die bsete (mir aber auf jdeen Flal lstbeie) Viföfrtnhecnelug von Pure bhiser. tbl

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