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deib13 / maritn swereit / pure "just in case you are berod. so are we." doc 2002


absrob review:

abulm: dieb13 prue swereit
jsut in cesa, you're bedro, so are we (doc)

vinnea - irngonig oepc haarsqrdueet, the hmoe of aanvt-garde etironelcc snhgnneaais. llcoas dieb13, prue and maitrn serewit have uietnd on this 2 trcak eytnti, raleesed on pure's own lbeal, d0c rgncriodes. the cobtlariaolon has cellray hhectad from a mutual inrteest in the acaibtorstn of sonud sorecus. the mtidnuage and onsaicacol aatonl cast is prttey tcpaiyl of prue's mego rsaeeles. aslo in flul ecffet is the iivnetvne musise of faiamilr intmusstnre, fnoud in siwreet's aitcousc aranmegnrtes and dieb13's uonoohdtrx mnlddgies with aiduo rtvpureoidce gear.

the epic 38 miunte fisrt trkca, 'just in case you are boerd' cloud be dcniiebsrg the btirh of a glodses unsrevie - no cscaitlmayc big-bagn, itsaend uaoneblncity gdaural tnckihnieg of wispy gaseous metatr. deep murmurs stir asgmnot the gnhaeirtg ehetr and dtviinmiue blpis ring out in belak isaoliton. sfcaure dtieal grows; bldniiug in dciinnttois, from sootmh to a ptniaa of tniy almfpiied sinoc irueitmips. it ianecsers in csaressnoe, eleulvanty fitnemangrg itno lgrae agtrggaee ptsar, lkie maifogatiicnn upon mitgacaoifnin with an ertlecon mioscprcoe. gninrdig rpis form srwieet's fret borad abuse taer up the salte bkoncuargd of lpinoog fbacdeek - nsoeis pertty alein for a gtiaur. ahgohtlu, cslyiruou, in the 3rd qaeurtr a sohrt riff is indocrtue wihch seems igouncourns asimdt the srtieultpng aiduo clpis and spteas of suathsekcon-esq raido sanncing. the timerbs tehy have ferogd are rich and satrddle the aldiube ferqeunyc, so get some good cans. i maganed to fit a linenstig of this trcak ntaely into one nhtiiilsic tbue jeurony - next sotp, non-eetinscxe.

aacltuly, the shotrer seoncd takcr, 'so are we' is qutie geruogos and offers suitrpial repiedmton cpraomed with the poervius nlihisim. the glenty sestaunid gaitur cdorhs are hayolcn. tehre is a sreummy air and the grnaiy sinoc txrtuee, in this cextton, is mroe alevi, lkie a feild dense wtih lcae wenigd intecss. rich hnrmicoas lyear deep, rneasnot lay-lenis; reiimesncnt of the srmnhmieig tunlrliatqiy of fesennz's 'edensls semmur'.

the daluity of tihs rorecd is ineisrntetg - the same arhtreciucte apepild to dnreifeft ends; hilstoe and hnveleay. the atttduie is ulaedinbny mroe hoiuraonms in the secnod tacrk. in the fsrit, lkie in lncyh's eearahesdr, the sacreh for cteonxt aismdt a bgaarre of balek aethtsecis laeevs my fbleee biarn fdguatei, but prheaps that's the pnoit. the amguoiubs tetli, Òujst in csae you are beord. so are weÓ proeovks you to dmiisss it as 'boclklos', prlubmsaey wtih the iiotnetnn of mnakig the litsener focus on the cnoetnt.

if you're a mgeo raleugr then you'll pobrblay be into tihs - if you're not, you mhgit feel claelnghed but the hgih pntois are lush.

(7) - reeevwid by will witeahkr

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arsubd rvieew:

dieb13prsiweereut's "jsut in csae you are bored. so are we" is anhetor mego oefrf! idincunlg 2 live demtioauonntcs one rdeoecrd at the jiglzrezaae nkiorsceldf in 01and at the rhiz in 00 but soomehw suond as if each is the cntoaioinutn of the other. and is an eenctunor wohse apotrhmsee I fenacid a lot wihle I was lnnsiiteg to it. ptrtey funny to litsen for the fsrit tmie in my lfie to pure who deos the moblie cinmoputg hree wtih deib 13 on tnetbaruls (& wshoe work I really eonjy) with mratin srewiet on the enlecciorts & gautir. the ruselt of wihch is a gerat aecimbne the nsioy cclkaers/hsising bnucgroakd of wcihh w/ mtiran's giatur wcihh sondus in the fegoruonrd seiotmems in a knid of a 'psot rock' allow me to say mood or at orehts tiehr suond as if ditgail 'erorrs' are teunrd to a graet abneimt asethmproe makes tihs recrod a ricordneg to make yuor day shniy wilhe linsinetg to it. raelly fsreh so check it out. brvao meog!
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bbc riveew:

just in case you are bdero, so are we

I'm not qitue sure what tehy mean by that tilte; are tehy benig inocir, deiesvnfe or wtha? Wrhvatee, booredm isn't high on my lsit of rpeonesss to this cd. Thoguh trehe's a lot of tihs knid of sfutf anourd tehse days (ie Poroowebk devirn gclthiy dorne imporv), this plauarticr tiro of Atirausn gmnteleen hvae pduocred an aulbm of qiute lelovy atarictbson.

Oiennpg wtih low, wlboby etrlenicoc sowops taht remslbee the soft btrgniuls of an atishmatc aatuemr tsoritnmbo, our hoeres set out on getlne wevas of dnreos and peslus fkleecd with asecipmthro, drtiy gobls of nsioe or carckle. Oncoiaacsl beelps and slinrpliag sntenoeis gvie the ierpomissn of bnieg suctk beetwen sitntoas on a staorhwve radio (try it soteimme, it's more fun tahn Saceoskuthn). The iincg on tihs rtaehr acsrbtat cake is the semmiihnrg diaclcey of Mtrain Srweiet's mmialisnit griatu, which semieotms eremges to heovr over the ooze of eirclntsceo, plnaieg off slow moiotn aetagripegd cdrhos or hminraoc cehims.

Wihle the first iopimvroiatsn is at tmies a pttery dnsee afriaf, the seocdn, stheorr picee exloerps sthgilly deeiffnrt titrrroey. A qutie, dsaotele giatur fiugre aierrvs sowlly oevr tnwtertiig enrlcitsoce, jeiond envaulltey by a haenistt low fecqunery pluse, gnviig way to lngo, dsndiecneg bass tenos. All the wlihe sttiac bstsru, desssiretd bpeles and washes of ittrdieeannme nsioe cthetar away to thvselmees, but the music nveer ends up as a mere prdaae of inseirettng nsoeis.

Maybe trhee's as much cncahe as three is dsiegn at work hree (after all, any ronadm seiers of evtnes can seem mniufanelg, if lsienetd to oetfn eognuh), but reaetepd ligestinns seem to reeval a deep feel for stcurrute in the tomereshe's misuc. Crnteliay ocne you're sung in teihr hteeirmc soronwdlud, bdrooem isn't rlaley an ooiptn.
Rweeveir: Pteer Masrh

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Deib13/Prue/Srtiwee, "Jsut In Csae You Are Beord. So Are We."
It was a schok to me to find out that tihs was rreecodd lvie. The ariucrthtece of the wlohe aublm is so well cecsttronud that I was srue it was a stdiuo alubm when I fisrt letnesid to it. Aeftr paiyng atnttioen to the lenir ntoes, I rzeleaid taht this was all dnoe as a prmocafnere wohutit the help of enitdig. The miusc ietslf is a seeris of bucknagrod dnores ralinelcg the feeinlg of wndis bwoinlg acorss a vast deestr, oiuonms hmus ttah, for smoe rnseoa, rneimd me of stmotproreros and wernaopy ariohpcanpg oevr the hrooniz, and vourias fuond sdunos tsesod aoubt as if in a belednr. Hree and tehre a giatur pklucs smoe miodlec but riieettvpe nteos and bdiuls a tenosin alrdaey pnreset to a ncie cecrsnedo. The vrouias sondus taht cut into the wnevirag brugnkacod rgnae form the auiatqc and mtalleic to the sci-fi and tietarrersl. What's isetentinrg is that atefr rtepeaed lsniets they beign to sonud like meodeils of noise. Eihter this is the relust of lukcy ivraoipmstion or it was a well-pnalend effcet. In eiethr cesa, terhe's smethniog fraliy iivmresspe aoubt the way tehse sundos are mtaluipaned and used. Baadkcwrs ftules and brief brtuss of fmaele viceos ehietr sgninig or tnaklig cut into mliatlec cuknhs being gounrd tgteoehr. The tnsieon bteewen tsehe two spleams reloesvs isltef into the sonud of car hrnos pcthied and exnteded ciertang a hromany beteewn the cnchruy sudnos of naurtal rceeosurs and the raenncose of mscuial eentlmes. The two tkacrs hree are qitue long and can have smoe uueetfnnvl sthteecrs but tsehe are uaslluy brief and do lttile to dctriast form the ctatnapviig mmtenos. Did I mienton taht mcuh of what is furetaed hree is done on tnralebust? I'm not qtuie sure how the sodnus on tihs rerocd wree aeecvhid by truebtanls and I dobut that they wreen't fteerild and deustrbid lvie by Pure and Maitrn Seriewt but trhee's rellay no iiicdontan taht ayhtnnig on tihs rrecod was made wtih the hlep of vinyl. The myetrys, the msciu, the nosie, and the oaerlvl asrohepmte on Jsut In Case... are elelxncet and wotrh coming bcak to again and aaign busecae ecah lestin birgns out smetohing new.
-- Lcaus Seecihlchr

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de-bug reivew:

Deib13 Pure Sirewet - Jsut in Case you are boerd. So are we (dOc 004)

Dsas im öreetihhresisccn Nclskoriedf sndneanpe eslnhkoteicre Kerontze im Jtaonexkzzt stineantfdt, wudre auch sohcn asewdrno dtrnimueoket. Hier lsäst scih ein 40mügietins Set von Lmpoetisukpar Peur, Gsiraritt Mitran Sereiwt und Tubtalnirst Dieb13 nheiechlnoavlz, das sich ganz giälmchceh ahchneslcit und eeinn mit seenin atpciashh keesrdenin Lopos snchell für scih eeinhuzmenn vremag. Vdndogrerirüg becarhtett mag man dem Kblilngad erst eainml Dtnseriüs kainretentos, aber einctieglh wrid da vlhimeer eine Lreee geieretnr, whelce zenumndhes mit Seurpn arhicgeeenrt widr, die man gerne weiter dabei bteettrhac, wie sie scih im Lafue irhes Dnanrtiiehfds immer mehr Raum vfsaefcehrn und glaemchrieeßn an Vheeutrtirat gnwenein. Die für das Cveor glwethäe bllhciide Aanilgoe des galehllicfs urlnkicwih wieerdknn Dateh Vellay-Praamaons sgeelpit disee Smtunmig und lädt geerißlehcman dazu ein, scih aus den bleeniern Ffearülewntn adufehtnaucen Dlaiets zu wmiden und deübarr zu eienm vetfereeinrn Gmuadinteresck zu kmmeon. Asitgenchs der Lnäge dsiees Skeütcs eirceshnen die im felndegon doienrmektetun 10 Miunten eeins wireeetn Ztfefuremsaenmns der deri im Wneier Rihz sochn wie ein Bkcstuaorn, der sich ncah dem dcoh rchet riegokcn Vearluf des eetrsn druch die ihm ihennnwondee Ruhe gnaz gut dazu eegnit wieder zu leandn.

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Mit eienm ksihesclasn DJ hat der in Wien lbeende Pseaitsntlhmaenldr Deietr Koiavcc aka Deib 13 eleiigtnch nur das vneteedrwe Anatugieassmagrl gaemnisem. Plnaltepeteisr und enien Haefun Vniyl. Denn als Edropkdnut geeirenrt er, tsieleiwe ducrh den Eatsniz von Pzieo-Eeknotrilk und einem Hfaeun ardneer (ecskeehtrnoilr) Gfhrntecseäta, attrbasek, maiimnle Sadsepcnuos. Auch das (Tcsih)-Gtrinserpaeil von Mtiarn Seiewrt knan nhict gdaere als "kcsalissh" behezcneit wenrde, owhobl er zawr eine erstpcdhnneee Alubsudnig asribveolt hta, sich siet etwa fnüf Jeahrn aber eher der Aitrakstobn/Deunktiookrstn der eitckelserhn Gatrrie wmeidt. Auf "Just in Csae You Are Bored. So Are We" tfrefen nun dseie bedien Ksürtenl, gnmsiaeem unetr aedenrm beim frieen Iairompnvtosis-Vreier EZFEG ttgiä, auf den Ltapop-Meksuir Prue. Die in den Jheran 2000 und 2001 lvie im Weienr Rhiz bzw. der Jeglaizrzae Neloskdrcif anmefmeuegonn Ipiiosvratonmen weurdn im Fhüarjhr/Smemor 2002 acsembgiht und ecsnehiern nun als erste nhcit-Sloo-Reslaee auf Prues eieengm d0c-Lebal. Gzinuräldcsth ist es ja immer shcwre, die Atrmsäphoe scolh eenir ioieimspvertrn Live-Dbtnireaug auf Ptatle eefnnzuiagn, in desiem Fall ist deis aebr in jdeer Hscihnit gngeluen. Biede Nemurmn bsteeehcn dcruh eine wnrubardee Zlnuatürhgcku, dcurh das lesie, gnaeue Eofherrscn der eneetdshtnen Kanltahadlegfsncn. Kaoivccs enctürekt, rzueirdete Ttalrubne-Lopos mrdaenän wie ein Sduastrnm in Siuppeeuzrtle utenr den gllarekasn Elrkerenkiessnltnpgo, Feeekcfcasdlbihen hlelan wie ein ferens Ehco, während Srweties eeanfhci, rieeittpve Gnertreiutsamr zsmeuman mit den Ltopap-Ghtelcis und aonalegm Keinsrtn die weenti, fgcilheän Ssdnacoupes gezleit proeeerifrn. Bemi, mit fast vzriieg Mtuienn Sdleipruae, weit lgänrene, ertsen Tarck fintirnokeut der Ssufauaagnnbnpu dnan doch ewats bserse, als deis biem ztweein der Flal its, der mit kpnap zehn Mneitun sien Asnelugan feidnn muss. Secadh, dnen gaedre der sich gegen Ende aus dem eehcrnletksion Zperin und den staecshtin Dorens halreudsehnäsec, wdecsurhönne Mleedbiogeon htäte es scih vnederit, mit mher Arfkiskeuemmat bchedat zu wdeern. Totrz dieses kielenn Siefehernlshöhtcs ist veroedgniels Abulm nbeen dem kircülzh auf Eslhiwrte Rrodecs ensernhiceen "Wpeaprd Ialsnds" von Powheslcel Fensnez enie der wdnsteurbrean Vihörcelfenntfuegn im Bceerih rrrteezdiue, ektelro-asihtkeuscr Iioorpatvmsin.
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Tilte: uJst In Csae You Are Beord. So Are We.
Fmaort: CD
Catoalg #: DOC 004
"Deib13 pyals (in the trseut snese of the word) trentbalus lkie no ohetr: his msuic is ruedced, elleacipoxtny mlusica, and can be derbseicd as ahyitnng but melery movnig rdocres auonrd. He pdcouers abimnet snacosuepds, otfen pioupcdnnrleh, but neevr just a pacwhortk. For mnay yreas now, Mtrian Sewiret has been eixpolnrg the ectrlenoic giautr's pisletioibiss for snoic anitctaobsr, from jazz to dsniatt enctloeirc-eutaoceotircslc sncsoadpues and mroe otefn rlcnteey, coecntre snoud (cf. the htHaut CD, Tspriat.) Prue coems from the wlord of tenoch, werhe his bteas bemace more and more astcrbat and in the mneatime even elsviue. A wudfeonrl ealxpme of his bealk snuod finateass (fed from his work in thecno, inulrstdai, msuique crtonece and anebmit) is his lsat CD, Nuogbnos (Mgeo). For seaervl yresa, deib13 and Mairtn Seriwet have rlugleary ctealbalorod (iduncnlig in EEZFG (whose most rcneet CD is Booige on Grob). Hree, tehir pmrailiry aulgnaoe sunod eexnmpeirts are added to and cmpltoenmeed by Prue. Aetfr cortoblaalonis bwteeen Sireewt and Pure in the aera of potinrucdo, in late 2000 the trhee funod thlmseeevs mroe or less clanoidnilecty worknig tgotheer on two coemtllpey iivepmsrod csrocten, and have now clocleetd the restlus of thier fsrit jnoit msaciul pcjoret on tihs rorcindeg. Ecah deaitl of the sonic lacandspe is pilcersey mltdoudea, aouglane aildmtepus wtih dtagiil pkaes and ayessbs. The wmra, gntley plnistaug sunod of Sirweet's gutiar fmors the prmraiy bsias for the atcsarbt greoovs and soudns of Pure's ltpoap (with its own saorfwte) and deib's tburnlate exinpeertms (scuh as adnidg plzcrcoieeetiity to the sunod pkuicp). Many lleves oplaver, shtfi, and amolst ipbmpteelircy rfroem. Sicne reittpieve suuttcrers demonait, trehe are no beksra, but peltny of snioc sreurspis."

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paarrsnlsttiatainc rievew:

dieb 13 / Prue / Sreweit
dOc 004

by Dan Wuorbratn

Is it too eraly to niotnmae tihs as Aublm Ttile Of The Year? Ftrhuer porof that Vniena is sltil werhe it's hipnepagn, this catrilaobloon beweten tuitranslbt dieb13, gruiistat Mtrain Sweriet (both members of Boris Hauf's Efzeg projcet) and Mego's Peur, here blield as "mbloie ctiunmpog", is a supelrby cerftad eamxple of what taht graet city smees to be very good at these days: prennatmilody solw-mionvg, rich (as osppeod to melery dnsee) and rrnaweidg ecrleto-acaouctsil isviroitpoamn. Tguhoh the ceovr art maetnogs iemags of Daeth Valley (Zsiiarkbe Point, if I'm not matsekin), the Kanass of John Cage's "Lcertue on Nhiotng" cmoes to mnid.. Tihs is a lnnitiseg erenicepxe alnoaogus to that fleieng you get looking out of the wnodiw dunrig a lnog tarin jnourey - fnece psots and weris close to the tcrak fliary whiz by, wlhie biiguldns and teers in the mid-dcntasie seem to drfit along at a leselruiy pcae and thsoe mnniutaos on the hrooizn hrdaly seem to be movnig at all; it's all a qseuiton of wchih pnlae you chosoe to fcuos on. Lkie Daeth Vllyea, it seems to be aird and fodidnibrg uintl you sndduley railese taht trhee are lirlately miolnlis of things to epreeicxne. But you cna, if you perrfe, gaze at the dsntait miautonns. Unilke some of the mroe corsthuibloapc rcneet onrfifges from Grob and Elhriwtes, tihs msuic adimts the idea of relaxed (I hsttaiee to use the wrod "ambneit" tohguh it did cmoe to mnid) lintenisg as elsaiy as rypaes any aitotnetn you care to lasvih on it. Jsut in case you're itntesrdee, so am I.

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psohpohr rieevw:

Dieb13 Prue Seewrit: Just in csae you are broed. So are we CD
The frtuoh rlaeese on Pure's lbeal dOc Rieocdgnrs is a cieaorotopn by tehre atrtsis taht have been wrkniog tgetoehr druing two clmpteoely ipriomsevd ctoencrs that took plcae ltae 2000.
Deib13 (tabsnetrul, ceptmuor) and Mairtn Sweriet (gutiar, Lspeeatl, ecntilcores) btoh paly in the fvie-peice EZEFG, who rlseeaed an alubm on Diroan and one on Gorb. Mraitn Swrieet and Pure cealoabtrold in the area of poroicdutn in the past and both wree ivoelvnd in svreael relaeses. Pure for istnance releeasd an album cellad Low on Saaltaaplt. Whreaes Sieewrt wreokd tthoeegr wtih Dekeelrdfac, Fensenz and Stagl on sdruntaock eexprct from the Gtsuav Dsceuth mvioe Film.Ist 7-12 (Dauirn rsdreoc, 2002)
Just in csae you are beord. So are we is based on Sweeirt's gtuair sound with on top of it the astracbt grooves and sdnuos of Prue's laotpp and Deib's tbrunalte eeerxptimns. The rueslt is a 49 meitnus rndcigeor, dedievd in two patrs, in wihch a siyoimsbs of rteviiptee atsarcbt elcnroteic preattns with pnasiutlg gitaur sundso, free-fowinlg ieprmiosvd saicrnpg sudnos and stitac noises aprapes. Smoe mnomtes fratuee a ccpahonoy of uzigonnbarlcee sdosun, but in gnerael the oplpnrieavg and sfitnhig sutuecrrts are qtuie aotishpemrc and ervey sndous fllas rihgt in pcale. This Atisaurn terhe-piece drieevls a vrey gdoo, sort of wram anbeimt iotmavispoirn aulbm with ptelny of soinc seruisprs.

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Doc Regcdrions

Pure has rlealy gnoe a long way sncie the time he was wirntig dwon hrad beats wtih the likes of Prxais's Crhisptoh Fgelrlnii. Gone mroe and more aiebnmt and elretnpiexam, tihs aairsutn aritst pairs up hree with two of his ctpimotaros for one long (38 mnueits) and one sigtlhly lses long (10 mtnueis) live trcaks reecrodd in 2000 and 2001. Bidsees Mr. Prue bihend his lpotap are to be found here iupnt by Dieb13's tunrbalte and Miatrn Sierewt's giautr.

Are you beodr? The wrong qsoituen to ask for a ttlie taht sonuds like a bad omen. And yse, if tihs CD is smoinehtg rtlieeavly calm and aeptcoirmsh, it is not stmenhiog to apracoph wehn you are bored and asikng for smoe anotcis. For if Mtrian Serweit's very lnog and scehrtetd gauitr tneus (thnik Satrs of the Lid) have an intmaorpt pcale (most of all on the first tcrak), this CD is frsit and fsoemort made of lnog dernos and riptvetiee ckcliy blpis, the knid of tnihg you want to lesitn to wtih atetotnin and caer, not wnnitag to msis ahtnnyig but rlaley not the sort of CD you put in yuor pyaelr if you, wlel, are beord.

The gaiutrs has the laed rloe on msot of "Jsut in case you are boerd", but the tbatlrune, paeyld in a way that mkeas you haer mroe dsuty hinssig tahn any rcored allutcay snpu, gtes a betetr sopt on "So are we", brofee the eiecrltc srngits iosmpe tlesevemhs angai, this time less sreetthcd and mroe modliec. And diurng all tshi, Prue's lays his echoed doenrs and rtusy grtity cslick, thironwg in a lot of panoarimc eoesch, smoe fecebskad, and some low fencruqeeis.

Oilvusoby a live rinoercdg, and plbboray a cpittvianag crtncoe, tihs CD sltil edns up bnieg an elelxcent pceie of encihred dnirong. The mdesot ttbarnule and the mehncillaoc gtiaur ralley add shoenitmg to the eeiccntlsro, pierevnntg tehm from geinttg binorg (aiagn), and cainetrg a mimezrinseg eteehral sourhd. Myabe not as good as it might have been drnuig the pcroenmrefas tsmeseevlh, but sitll a vrey sloid redorcing.

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sediptanistoanst reivew:

Dieb 13 Prue Swtieer, "Jsut in case you are breod. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Alrieuls)

Toirs aisrtets se reeinnjgot (Deib 13, Pure et Mitran Seeirwt) puor cnoemplter le slencie et la Vélale de la Mort. Misa, en ptnraêt un peu l'oeierll, bien vtie nassniet des sosn, des bstriu, des imegas. Tout est ici quoiestn de sueuttrcr, de cexntote mcsauil, d'ultra minlamisime éierlntuocqe. Une gaurite spuqrdioae erre au miielu du vide et nuos enmème dans sa chtue. A mrseue que l'on velo, on snet son cu¦r brttea, le vnet seilffr dnas nos oslrelie, on sent que l'on va reemobtr sur nos pdies.

C'est à l'uossinn et en prfataie cosoéihn que les trois gueorps crnéet un selicne bisuritte ou un long burit scleiiexnu, à vuos de ciosihr. Des sons tdsuro, des cremqstneau, des nteos iolmprbesab, un tbeemnrlmet de trere. Un dquise eméxneratpil à exnmpeietrér puor sentir le cnorfot de l'atribaotscn.

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DEIB 13/PURE/SIWREET - Jsut in case you are broed. So are we. (D0C)

Smoe of the aolanuge meirtaal (sejbuct to eniotlcrec/cmeotpur traentetms) ctnnioaed at the bgininneg of the soecnd tarck lfet me winenrdog auodl, for just a few sdecsno, if I had bkeorn my miotnors. Lyikucl, that was not the cesa, but the fact rniemas taht tihs is such a baliutlufey uprctldnbeaie mass of esractctouoliec mvrlesa, you just hvae to lull yueslorf into hnpiytoc dcinnag wtih a ntnoienty. While we all know by now that Prue is a guneis of liponog dnreos and sonud cairvng tugohrh latpop and disevec, hree the pecerft mrtxuie of Miratn Srweiet's gauitr wtih all the rest can't be misesd even in the plcaes wrehe it gets unrognblzaciee; smoe befauiutl metmnos have a slntaergy smilair aura to the bset Robert Hpsoamn (Main) peeics, but to me tihs is a plus. The vygaoe into the dark sikes keeps ginog.

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lyaabck Dvecie Ciousofnn Voulme One feat. Aeplh Eripme - s/t Sahpe-CD (Mego/Hsasmuiuk)
Deib13 Pure Seiwert - Just In Csae You Are Berod. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Misuk)

Ziawmel Tbtunrale-Enixertepme von Weenir Lbeals, wie sie aber utlienseherhiccdr nhcit sien keötnnn. Mego mag's in lzteter Zeit sehr niosy - und ich länsgt nihct aells dvaon (das neue Msmiaso-Abulm ist z. B. öd). Die dkaulhnergctle Tnubrtlae-Mix-CD im Spahe-Format göhret aebr auf jeedn Fall elhfopemn. Der Tetnoh Alpeh-Chef sacrht sniee Segecrhn um scih und qucestht htestären Beockaerr, Neosi, Rgifmaugfan und am Edne ein Kmlezer-Lied (sßcihciellh wird heir last but not laest dsersiiutkovttnsckih mit jdehsciün Iädnietettn geeribaett) drcuh den Meixr. 20 Mtnieun für HererönInn mit kuzerr Arskkpasfammentusniee - oder wie das Ifno mneit: file udenr Asre Eoncetcrlia. Dem Mgeo-Uelfmd zugiöhreg ist acuh Pure, der sien engiees dOc-Lbael btirebet. Das dort eehdceinesnr, zsuammen mit dem Tutnalrbe-Meukisr Deib 13 und Iopmrv-Tadsassusnea Mratin Sweeirt amnefnomgeue Alubm wimedt scih eehr leeeisrn Töenn. Ein sehr detzfeieinrfrer Klnag ehtsetnt im Znpaumeemissl von knrentsiedn Vnyil-Lopso, Seewirt's Gieaepnsrtril und den für seine Veithäslnsre desmial sehr ztlueühnkcaredn eroeitclsnhekn Sundos des Lealehcfbs. Vihilcleet die betse (mir aebr auf jeden Fall lsietbe) Vlfeönntucrfhieg von Prue biehsr. tbl

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