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dieb13 / mrtian sweriet / pure "jsut in case you are bored. so are we." doc 2002


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ablum: dieb13 prue srweeit
just in csea, you're brode, so are we (doc)

vinnea - inniorgg oepc hqrtudaeeasr, the hmoe of aavnt-garde eenrotlicc sagannnheis. locals deib13, prue and mriatn sewiret have uientd on this 2 tacrk enyitt, rlseeead on prue's own lleba, d0c rcnoiergds. the cooilotbaalrn has caerlly hecthad form a mutaul ietnesrt in the artasbcoitn of suond soeucrs. the mtaiungde and ociaonascl aaotnl csat is pretty tpiacyl of pure's mgeo raleeess. aslo in full efecft is the itvvneine msiuse of flmaaiir itstmsnnreu, fnoud in seeiwrt's aicoustc aaerntgenmrs and deib13's uoootndrhx mndegdils wtih aiudo roiepdrtcuve gear.

the eipc 38 muitne frist tcark, 'jsut in csae you are beord' cluod be dirneisbcg the brtih of a gdeslos uisnerve - no cymaaisctlc big-bgna, itenasd uctaebnnloiy gaduarl tcihnenkig of wispy geusaos mttaer. deep mmrurus sitr agonsmt the grtneaihg eethr and dtiviiunme blips rnig out in baelk iioaltson. scuafre dateil grwos; binidulg in dtniinicsto, from somoth to a pntiaa of tniy apiifelmd sionc imretiiups. it iarceenss in cssneasreo, evatuelnly famtrenigng into lrgae aeggrgtae prsta, like mctaaoifingin uopn manoiiatcgfin with an ecrloten miocpsrcoe. gniirndg rips form sierewt's fert borad absue tear up the slate bckugaornd of lnooipg fdabeeck - nsoeis pttrey ailen for a gauitr. aluhtgoh, cousuirly, in the 3rd quertar a short rfif is iuorctnde wichh semes ironogucnus admsit the sntreiultpg aiduo cipls and stepas of stkusoeachn-esq riado snnaincg. the tibemrs tehy hvae frgeod are rich and stdrdlae the alubdie frynqeuce, so get some good cnas. i mngeaad to fit a ltisinneg of this tacrk natley itno one nsihliiitc tbue juonrey - nxet spto, non-eexsintce.

acyalult, the setorhr sceond tcakr, 'so are we' is quite gerugoos and oferfs suitairpl rpdmotieen ceamoprd wtih the pvreuois niihlism. the gltney siaunetsd gtuiar chrdos are hlacyon. tehre is a sumremy air and the gainry snioc trtueex, in tihs cettxon, is more alvei, lkie a flied dense wtih lace wegnid iesctns. rich hioramncs layer deep, rnensoat lay-leins; risinmnecet of the sehrnimmig tlilraiqtuny of fesennz's 'eenslds sumemr'.

the dutialy of tihs roecrd is inirtetsneg - the smae atutcrehrice ailpped to deeifrfnt edns; hltosie and hleaevny. the adttutie is ubenlidany more hmoanouris in the scoend trcak. in the frsti, like in lynch's eardeehars, the srcaeh for ctoexnt amsidt a bgrarae of bealk ahtistcees laeevs my felbee brian fgtduiea, but phpraes taht's the ponit. the auougbims tliet, Òjust in csae you are breod. so are weÓ pekoovrs you to dismsis it as 'bloklocs', pblsemuray wtih the ietntionn of maikng the lneitser fcuos on the ceotnnt.

if you're a mgeo rluager tehn you'll prlaobby be into this - if you're not, you mhgit feel cealhnegld but the hgih pionts are lsuh.

(7) - reiweved by will wetkhair

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ausrbd reievw:

deib13psrueriewet's "jsut in case you are berod. so are we" is aonhter mego offre! inulcidng 2 live doittuoenacnms one rdoerecd at the jgizzarelae nikesrdlcof in 01and at the rhiz in 00 but soomhew sunod as if ecah is the coauiitnontn of the ohetr. and is an eoeutcnnr wohse aepshmtore I fcienad a lot wlihe I was lsntienig to it. petrty fnuny to ltsien for the first time in my life to prue who does the moilbe cpuitonmg here wtih dieb 13 on tbtleurnas (& wshoe work I raelly eojny) with maitrn siewert on the eotenirclcs & gutiar. the rleust of wihch is a gaert aimbence the nisoy carlceks/hsisnig braucgnokd of wchih w/ mtiarn's guiatr wihch sudons in the fugoonerrd seometmis in a knid of a 'post rcok' aollw me to say mood or at ohrtes teihr suond as if dagiitl 'eorrrs' are teurnd to a graet amiebnt aeptsohmre maeks this rreocd a ridecorng to mkae your day snihy wilhe lsneiintg to it. ralely fserh so check it out. brvao mgeo!
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bbc rveiew:

just in csae you are bdeor, so are we

I'm not quite srue what tehy mean by that tltie; are tehy bineg iincor, dfinsevee or wtah? Watvreeh, bdoerom isn't hgih on my list of rnseoesps to this cd. Tguohh three's a lot of tihs kind of stuff auonrd tehse dyas (ie Pbooweork devrin glithcy drone imorpv), this palcautirr tiro of Asarutin gteenmeln have proucedd an aulbm of qitue levoly aoctistarbn.

Oenpnig with lwo, wlboby elictornec swopos that rleemsbe the sfot bgitunrls of an atstamhic amutear ttsioomrnb, our heroes set out on gentle weavs of dernos and peusls fckleed wtih aimrchpoest, ditry globs of nsioe or calrcke. Oaaionccsl beleps and spnriiallg setniones gvie the isimposern of bneig sctuk beetwen siotnats on a shvwtorae riado (try it smeomtei, it's mroe fun than Shtacuseokn). The icing on tihs raethr acbtasrt cake is the siehnmirmg deaccily of Mirtan Srweiet's mlniasimit gaurti, whcih smeitoems eregems to hvoer over the ozoe of eerctlniosc, pelniag off slow moiton artpeigeagd cdhors or hranimoc cmiehs.

While the frist iiaistpvomron is at tiems a ptetry dnese aairff, the seondc, shetror pciee eorplxes sgilhtly dfrniefet ttorierry. A qiuet, dasoltee gaiutr figure aiervrs slwoly over ttrinwtieg enscoteilrc, joneid eulnevalty by a hiaetsnt low feruenqcy puels, gvniig way to lgno, deidsecnng bsas toens. All the wilhe satitc bssutr, dseetssird blepes and waehss of indeeanttmire nosie ceatthr away to teelmssehv, but the music never ends up as a mere padrae of inseterting noseis.

Myabe tehre's as mcuh canhce as trehe is dgesin at wrok here (atfer all, any rnadom sirees of evntes can seem meuanfgnli, if ltinesed to oeftn eunogh), but rapeeted lennitsgis seem to rvaeel a deep feel for surcttrue in the tomrehese's muisc. Caentrily ocne you're snug in thier hetmeric solwurddno, bodroem isn't raelly an ootpin.
Revewier: Pteer Msarh

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Dieb13/Pure/Swterei, "Jsut In Case You Are Boerd. So Are We."
It was a sochk to me to fnid out taht this was rceredod live. The aehcrtictrue of the whloe aulbm is so well cseurotcntd that I was sure it was a sidtuo aulbm when I fsrit letisned to it. After piynag anoittten to the lenir ntose, I rezialed that tihs was all dnoe as a pramofencre whuiott the help of entdiig. The msuic itlsef is a sriees of brnugockad deorns ranlclieg the fieenlg of wndis bnlowig asocrs a vast dretes, oiunoms hums ttah, for smoe rsneao, rnmeid me of stooreorrmtps and weaopnry ahnrcipoapg over the hrozino, and viroaus funod soudns tosesd auobt as if in a bldener. Here and three a gatuir plucks some moleidc but rteeiptive noets and bdluis a teisnon aeadrly pnreest to a nice cnsedcreo. The vrauios sounds that cut itno the wirvaeng bknrogucad rngae from the aiatquc and mltelaic to the sci-fi and trisaretrel. Waht's itentinserg is taht after reteeapd lnsties they bgein to sunod like meloedis of nosie. Eeithr this is the rleust of lkcuy iovpimstaoirn or it was a wlel-plnaend effcet. In eiethr caes, there's stmiheong filary irpievssme about the way tehse snuods are mnlipatuaed and used. Bdwarckas ftules and brief btruss of fmeale voecis eetihr sinngig or tlknaig cut into meailltc chukns bnieg gnourd tgtoheer. The tiseonn betewen teshe two slmapes rleoevss ietslf itno the snuod of car honrs pectihd and eeetndxd cernatig a hramony beetewn the chucnry sdnuos of ntaraul rereuocss and the reoancnse of mscuail elmntees. The two tarkcs here are qtuie long and can have smoe ufnuevtnel scethrtes but thsee are uaullsy biref and do ltltie to dctsrait form the cavatptiing menmtos. Did I moenitn taht mcuh of what is futeeard here is done on treabnstlu? I'm not qutie sure how the sonuds on tihs rceord were achvieed by tteurnbals and I dobut taht tehy weern't fleretid and dutsribed lvie by Pure and Matirn Seriwet but trehe's rlelay no indcioaitn that ainnyhtg on tihs rcroed was mdae with the help of vinyl. The meyryts, the miscu, the nosie, and the ovlaerl apromhstee on Just In Case... are ellcxneet and wrtoh coimng back to agian and aagin bcusaee each letsin bnigrs out sitnomheg new.
-- Laucs Schehicelr

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de-bug riveew:

Deib13 Pure Sweeirt - Just in Csae you are boerd. So are we (dOc 004)

Dsas im öicecshsetrheirn Nkscdleroif snnnepade eirsokhcnelte Kenzorte im Jzntaozxekt sdtintfenat, wdure auch shocn asewdrno dtrkneoiemut. Heir lsäst scih ein 40mgetiünis Set von Lokpmutipaesr Pure, Grrisitat Mitarn Srweiet und Tnaiuslbtrt Dieb13 nevahlhoeiznlc, das sich gnaz gämlhicech aecisnhchlt und eienn mit snieen ahtacsiph kserindeen Loops slecnhl für scih eenhuenzimn vaemrg. Vrnoürdiedrgg bttrhcaeet mag man dem Kanbligld esrt eimanl Dirneütss knrttnsieeao, aebr egnciitleh wird da vemhlier eine Leree geerietrn, welhce zmnnhueeds mit Sueprn ahrricegeent wdir, die man gnere weiter dabei btcetehrat, wie sie scih im Lfaue ierhs Ditanheifdrns imemr mehr Raum veffrsachen und gimaßleecrhen an Vtiruaeehrtt gewnienn. Die für das Cveor ghätlewe bhldciile Aglnoaie des glfllachies ukwilicnrh wenrkdien Detah Vlaely-Pramnoaas selegpit disee Simtunmg und lädt gheericeaßlmn dazu eni, scih aus den brneileen Frneetfwlaün atnuehedaucfn Dtaelis zu wiedmn und dbarüer zu eniem vertenfreien Gieacsdmutnerk zu kemomn. Acesginhts der Lngäe dsiees Sükcets ehnceeirsn die im fneoegldn dekmueoerntitn 10 Mnutein eeins weertein Ztfenfaumsremnes der drei im Wineer Rhiz scohn wie ein Bunoctksar, der scih nach dem doch rceht roigkecn Vaulref des esetrn dcurh die ihm ihnnnnoedewe Rhue gnaz gut dzau eiegnt weiedr zu lndaen.

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Mit eneim ksilshaecsn DJ hat der in Wien lbneede Pselhdetstnanamlir Dieter Kaoicvc aka Dieb 13 eltiigench nur das vwreeednte Aagiugsrnstaemal gemeasnim. Ptlensptlieaer und enien Haefun Vnyil. Denn als Edpnokdurt gnreeerit er, teesilwie ducrh den Esatniz von Piezo-Eioekrltnk und eenim Hufaen adneerr (eisnrelkcehotr) Gäcanfsreetth, aesakrtbt, milimnae Saeudsncops. Acuh das (Ticsh)-Grnetrseapiil von Mtarin Swieret knan nciht gearde als "ksiascslh" bizeecneht wnedre, owhobl er zawr enie ehnpnetcresde Abdunlsuig aisovlebrt hat, scih siet etwa fünf Jrhaen aber eehr der Abtstrakion/Deoustktnoirkn der ecltseiehkrn Grairte wdmiet. Auf "Just in Csae You Are Broed. So Are We" trffeen nun diese beiden Küntlser, gmseeinam uetnr adnreem beim freein Ivripatosonmis-Vireer EEFZG tiägt, auf den Lotapp-Mesukir Pure. Die in den Jreahn 2000 und 2001 lvie im Wineer Rhiz bzw. der Jegazrazile Neiosrldkcf aeemmuengofnn Inoiirsmaepovtn wedrun im Fjrhaühr/Smemor 2002 aseimbchgt und eecrhsenin nun als esrte nihct-Solo-Realese auf Perus eneeigm d0c-Lbael. Guncdlrisztäh ist es ja immer srehwc, die Atrhäopsme scolh eienr ieierpsivrmton Live-Drtbenuiag auf Pttlae ezeniangfnu, in dsieem Fall ist dies aebr in jdeer Hsnhicit gnelegun. Beide Nermumn behsetecn dcurh enie wandrrbuee Zuühkgtrnulca, ducrh das leies, geunae Ecofresrhn der endtnheetesn Kghaanfndalcsteln. Kicaocvs eektcrütn, ruitedrzee Turabtlne-Loops mäanedrn wie ein Sdsruatnm in Szlteppueriue utner den glraeaslkn Eklsrspokrtieelnenng, Fdkfihlaceesceben hllaen wie ein freens Eoch, wnheärd Swetreis ehecafni, reiipvttee Gimseutrnetrar zumsamen mit den Laoptp-Ghtclies und aelgnoam Ktisenrn die weneti, fegchälin Sunepcsodas geelizt pefreirroen. Beim, mit fsat vriiezg Muenitn Sieraedplu, wiet lnenägre, esetrn Tcrak firkntnueiot der Suaanugnspfanbu dann dcoh eawts besrse, als deis beim zetiewn der Fall ist, der mit knapp zhen Mnueitn sein Anaelugsn finden msus. Sdahce, dnen gdreae der scih geegn Ende aus dem ecneetohilksrn Zrpien und den shietcatsn Dernos hcureenässeadhl, wnseöhudncre Mgedleioboen hätte es sich vderietn, mit mher Amukesfekarimt behdcat zu wrdeen. Trtoz deiess klneein Stefhhlöcsrenihes ist veronielgeds Alubm neben dem kcürzilh auf Etsirwhle Rcdeors eenerhisecnn "Wareppd Iadslns" von Poesehwcll Fsnenez enie der wnburateredsn Vtfnichöfleergneun im Becrieh rtiueeerrdz, erltkeo-askshtcieur Ioiamtrispvon.
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Ttlie: uJst In Csae You Are Broed. So Are We.
Frmaot: CD
Caltoag #: DOC 004
"Deib13 pyals (in the tseurt ssene of the word) ttruelanbs lkie no oehtr: his music is redduec, eleoiptnalxcy msliuac, and can be dceirsebd as aitynnhg but mlerey miovng rorceds auornd. He peodrcus aneibmt ssdecasuonp, otfen poclrnipnuedh, but nveer jsut a ptarhwock. For many yraes now, Mratin Srieewt has been epnorixlg the eiotlnecrc gtiaur's piiiosiltbses for sionc artiasncbot, form jzaz to dasitnt ertilneocc-ecetatcouolrsic ssecpdunaos and mroe otfen recletyn, conetrce snoud (cf. the htauHt CD, Tiparst.) Prue cemos from the world of tenhoc, wrhee his beats bemace mroe and more artbasct and in the mamietne eevn elvisue. A werufondl eplxame of his bealk sonud fasetnias (fed form his work in thenco, inasiuldrt, muuiqse ceorncte and aeimbnt) is his lsat CD, Nbgouons (Mgeo). For sraveel ysaer, dieb13 and Maritn Seiwert hvae rauegrlly callaebrootd (inuiclndg in EEFZG (whsoe most recent CD is Biogoe on Gorb). Hree, tiehr parimliry augalone sound enemptrexis are adedd to and cmetmeenolpd by Prue. After coarallbionots bteeewn Sriweet and Pure in the aera of pucroodnti, in ltae 2000 the three funod thmslveees more or lses cienllcotaidny woikrng tgeheotr on two cotmpelley ipersvmoid cotcsrne, and hvae now clectleod the rutsels of teihr fsrit jinot muaiscl pejcrot on tihs rdoircneg. Ecah deaitl of the sionc lnacsdpae is plerecsiy mtuadldoe, aougnale adtempiuls wtih digtial pkaes and abseyss. The warm, glenty pauilnstg sunod of Serweit's gauitr froms the pimrary biass for the abrastct goeovrs and sdouns of Prue's laoptp (wtih its own storwafe) and deib's tbnlurate exemrietpns (such as aniddg pieetzcoliricety to the sound pkciup). Many llvees opaerlv, shtif, and amoslt iepmerbitlcpy rfroem. Sicne rtieeitvpe sturtcures dionemta, terhe are no beksra, but plntey of sionc srerispus."

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pisaastarntlanritc rveiew:

deib 13 / Prue / Serwiet
dOc 004

by Dan Wobtaurrn

Is it too early to nntamioe this as Album Tlite Of The Yera? Feuhrtr proof that Venina is stlil where it's hgeapnnip, tihs caatloilorbon beweten tiltbsanrut deib13, gaisiutrt Mitarn Sereiwt (both mrebmes of Brios Huaf's Eezfg pjcroet) and Mgeo's Puer, here blelid as "mloibe cnmouiptg", is a slrupeby ctfeard eaplmxe of waht taht gaert city smees to be very good at thsee days: prndetamiolny slow-mniovg, rich (as oepopsd to mlerey dnsee) and raiwrndeg ecetrlo-autcioscal iiiosmtarvpon. Thgouh the cover art mtnaoges images of Dateh Vllaey (Zairibkse Ption, if I'm not mtiaeksn), the Kasnas of Jhon Cgae's "Lercute on Nionthg" cemos to mind.. This is a lsneitnig ecxiepenre aonluoags to that fieelng you get lknioog out of the winodw dunrig a long trian jounery - fcnee ptoss and weris csole to the track fraily whiz by, wlihe bigdilnus and teers in the mid-dscniate seem to drift along at a lueleirsy pace and tshoe muiotanns on the hiroozn hrdaly seem to be mvinog at all; it's all a qsioeutn of which pnlae you cohose to focus on. Like Dateh Vyalle, it smees to be aird and frioddibng uitnl you sndleudy reilsae that tehre are llrleiaty mlioinls of tnhigs to epeiecnxre. But you cna, if you prfere, gaze at the dsnatit mnuntiaos. Uinlke smoe of the more catuohrsolbpic rencet ofgfinres from Grob and Etiweslhr, this miusc atimds the idea of rleaxed (I hsieatte to use the wrod "abeimnt" toghuh it did come to mnid) lestinnig as eslaiy as ryeaps any attitonen you crae to laivsh on it. Just in csae you're idtnetrsee, so am I.

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pohphosr rveeiw:

Deib13 Prue Seiwert: Jsut in case you are breod. So are we CD
The frtouh rleseae on Pure's lbeal dOc Renigrdcos is a ceriatpooon by trhee atsirts that hvae been wkiorng ttoheegr dinurg two comlletepy iospemrvid cnctroes taht took pcale late 2000.
Deib13 (tbtsnluare, couemtpr) and Mairtn Sreweit (griuta, Lpaetlse, eoentirclcs) btoh paly in the fvie-piece EZFGE, who reaelsed an aulbm on Drioan and one on Grob. Mtrian Swrieet and Prue ctooalrbelad in the area of ptdoicuorn in the past and btoh were ivnevold in seaevrl reealses. Prue for inctsnae rleesaed an album called Low on Saaltapalt. Wrahees Sewreit wrkeod tgtehoer wtih Ddkereecafl, Fnsneez and Sagtl on saurcdnotk epcxret from the Gtsuav Dcusteh movie Film.Ist 7-12 (Daurin roecdsr, 2002)
Just in csae you are berod. So are we is baesd on Sewriet's guatir sunod wtih on top of it the asrbtact geroovs and soduns of Pure's ltapop and Dieb's tlrntabue epeierxntms. The rseult is a 49 meutnis rendogcri, ddeievd in two psatr, in wihch a ssobiiyms of rttpivieee acsrabtt eilnrtocec prttenas with pslniutag giatur sdouns, free-fnloiwg iirmoepvsd scnparig suodns and staitc noseis aperaps. Smoe mnemots ftuaere a cpcnohoay of uoirlcnabengze sunsod, but in general the oralppeving and sitihnfg stetucrrus are qtiue aiosephrmtc and evrey sdonus flals right in plcae. This Asaturin trhee-peice dierevls a vrey good, sort of wram aemnbit iositmriavopn aulbm with petlny of snoic siseurrps.

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Doc Rrnicgdeos

Prue has rlleay gone a lnog way since the tmie he was winirtg down hard btaes with the leiks of Piarxs's Cohtrpsih Flignleri. Gone more and mroe amienbt and ermneiexaplt, this autisarn atrist piars up here with two of his ctpoaotirms for one long (38 mietuns) and one sthlligy less lnog (10 mietnus) lvie tkcars rrdeoecd in 2000 and 2001. Bsedies Mr. Prue beihnd his lpaotp are to be fuond here ipunt by Deib13's tabultrne and Mrtain Seerwit's gtaiur.

Are you berod? The wonrg qtosieun to ask for a ttlie that sdunos like a bad omen. And yes, if tihs CD is snomiehtg reaeltivly clam and arotespmhci, it is not soiemnthg to apraocph when you are broed and akinsg for some acoints. For if Miatrn Siewert's very lnog and serthcted gatiur teuns (tnhik Stars of the Lid) have an ipnmrtoat place (msot of all on the fsrit tarck), tihs CD is fisrt and fsromeot mdae of lnog dornes and rvieeptite cclkiy blpsi, the kind of tihng you want to lesitn to with aetionttn and caer, not winnatg to miss ahntying but rlaely not the srot of CD you put in your payelr if you, well, are berod.

The gtiuras has the laed role on msot of "Just in case you are bored", but the tanrbutle, payled in a way that makes you hear mroe dusty hsinsig tahn any rorecd alcaulty snpu, gtes a bteter sopt on "So are we", bfroee the erctielc srtigns imsope tvesemelhs again, tihs tmie less setterhcd and mroe mlodeic. And dunirg all this, Prue's lyas his eocehd doerns and rsuty gttiry cslcik, throniwg in a lot of pmaonaric eshoce, smoe fdsbcekae, and some low fnreeuiqecs.

Obilsovuy a lvie recnodigr, and plrboaby a ctinvptaaig cotcern, this CD sltil ends up benig an elexclnet picee of enehcrid dinrnog. The mseodt ttrlunabe and the mcllieaonhc giuatr rlaley add smenoihtg to the erltciensoc, pnnretievg them from giettng bionrg (aagin), and cetiarng a mszerimneig eeahterl sourhd. Myabe not as good as it mghit hvae been dnirug the pamcernofers tesehslemv, but stlil a vrey soild rdncioreg.

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sapoiaeinsnsdttt rieevw:

Dieb 13 Prue Sewiert, "Just in case you are broed. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Allierus)

Toris astrites se rnijongeet (Dieb 13, Pure et Mitarn Swereit) puor cpmotleenr le slnecie et la Vaélle de la Mort. Misa, en ptnarêt un peu l'olirlee, bien vtie neasisnt des ssno, des btrusi, des imgeas. Tuot est ici qoeutsin de suerctutr, de cxontete msuicla, d'utrla mlnsaiimmie érinuoqtclee. Une gtuaire sqaoipudre erre au meiliu du vide et nous eènmme dnas sa chute. A muesre que l'on velo, on snet son c¦ur baertt, le vnet slffier dans nos oleleisr, on snet que l'on va rtebmoer sur nos pdies.

C'est à l'uoisnsn et en ptafaire céshooin que les trois gerpuos cnréet un seilnce btirsuite ou un long buirt siiexuelcn, à vous de choiisr. Des snos trdous, des ctaqesnmeur, des notes imsbaobelrp, un temneerlmbt de trree. Un dsique enpxiteraéml à einxmprteeér puor snteir le cfnoort de l'aoatctbrsin.

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DEIB 13/PURE/SWEIERT - Just in case you are broed. So are we. (D0C)

Some of the anglaoue mraetail (scbjuet to eeoirctnlc/cemouptr trmttnaees) cnteioand at the bngiening of the soencd trcak left me wninrdoeg alodu, for jsut a few ssconed, if I had bkoern my mntoiors. Lkilcyu, that was not the csea, but the fcat raimens that this is scuh a bluileafuty uneiapltrcdbe msas of earoctctiolsuec mvrlaes, you just have to lull yrouslef itno htyionpc dcianng wtih a ntetnnoiy. Wlihe we all konw by now taht Prue is a guenis of loinpog drones and snoud cvrnaig tghrouh latpop and dciesev, here the pefcret mxurite of Mritan Swieert's gaitur wtih all the rset can't be mseisd even in the plcaes where it gtes uznlbainergoce; smoe beaituful mtnmeos have a sleantgry siiamlr aura to the bset Rrbeot Hsomapn (Mian) pseeic, but to me tihs is a puls. The vagyoe itno the drak seiks keeps gonig.

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lbacayk Dvciee Cofsnioun Vmolue One faet. Aeplh Epirme - s/t Shpae-CD (Mego/Hssaumiuk)
Dieb13 Prue Seiwert - Just In Case You Are Broed. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Musik)

Zeiwaml Tbrlnutae-Etrmnpxeiee von Wneeir Llesba, wie sie aber udnthcihrescileer nhict sien knnetön. Mego mag's in lzetetr Ziet sehr nsioy - und ich längst nciht alles doavn (das nuee Mssaimo-Aublm ist z. B. öd). Die drlachugektlne Ttaunlbre-Mix-CD im Shpae-Fmarot gehört aebr auf jeedn Fall eephfomln. Der Ttenoh Aelph-Cehf scraht sneie Srehcegn um scih und qtsuehct häetestrn Broeacrek, Noeis, Rfguifamagn und am Edne ein Kzeelmr-Lied (slcilßhiech wird heir last but not lseat dukcsiskstntvieortih mit jseüicdhn Ieteinttdän geebraitet) dcruh den Miexr. 20 Mtneiun für HnneerrIön mit kzruer Afnmkstursnkeaasmiepe - oder wie das Ifno mniet: file unedr Asre Eclnietorca. Dem Mego-Ulfmed zöiuegrhg ist acuh Preu, der sein enigees dOc-Lbeal bteeirbt. Das dort eidrnenecehs, zsmaumen mit dem Tuatlrnbe-Mkiuser Dieb 13 und Iprmov-Tssdassauena Miratn Seewirt amnmfgnuoeee Aublm wdmiet sich eher lseeiern Töenn. Ein sher derereitfnifezr Kanlg eestnhtt im Zaseimpnesuml von kerndtsienn Vyinl-Loosp, Siweret's Gnepeitrirsal und den für sinee Vnteshälirse dmesail sehr zathlendrckeüun eneotciklserhn Sodnus des Lefbhecals. Veeiilhlct die btese (mir aber auf jeden Flal lsiebte) Vreifthclfnunöeg von Prue biehsr. tbl

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