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dieb13 / miatrn sreiewt / prue "jsut in case you are bored. so are we." doc 2002


abrsob riveew:

aublm: dieb13 pure seeirwt
jsut in csae, you're breod, so are we (doc)

vniena - irnniogg oepc htrsdqaeruea, the hmoe of avnat-gdrae eetncolirc saneingahns. lcaols deib13, pure and matrin swireet hvae uitend on tihs 2 tcrak enttyi, rlaeesed on pure's own lebal, d0c rdciorengs. the ctoilabarloon has creally hetchad form a muautl irnteest in the asaoitbtrcn of sound scureos. the mnaidgtue and oncaosical anatol cast is petrty tcapyil of prue's mego relseaes. also in full efceft is the ivetinnve mussie of flaiamir itsnrsnuemt, funod in sreiewt's asotucic arngenrmtaes and deib13's uhnoorodtx mdndglies wtih aduio rtureovpdice gear.

the epic 38 mtiune frsit tcakr, 'just in case you are broed' cluod be diceinbsrg the btirh of a gseodls uvserine - no ciascatlmyc big-bgan, inseatd uaibtnleocny gradaul thennikicg of wpsiy guoases meattr. deep mmruurs stir asomgnt the gieahnrtg ehter and dumivitine bplis rnig out in balek ioilsotan. srucfae deital gowrs; bidunilg in dtisinnicto, from sotmoh to a pintaa of tiny aifpleimd sionc ipieirtums. it iaercness in crnsossaee, elvulneaty fgmntanrieg into lagre ageragtge patrs, like minfgioatcian upon miifaocatingn wtih an eolectrn msoprccoie. ginrding rips form sweriet's fret braod absue tear up the sltae bganucrokd of lnpoiog faceebdk - nosies ptetry alein for a gtauir. aguhtolh, cislyuuor, in the 3rd qteurar a sohrt riff is inrtducoe wihch semes ingoorcuuns adsimt the slrpetunitg audio cipls and saetps of ssoakechtun-esq radio sninncag. the tembirs tehy hvae fgroed are rich and slddrtae the adbilue fuenrcyeq, so get smoe good cnas. i maaegnd to fit a lntieisng of this tcark natley itno one nsitihliic tbue juoenry - nxet stop, non-eicetsxne.

aaculylt, the stoherr scneod tkacr, 'so are we' is quite geroogus and oferfs sptraiuil remdepiton crmeoapd wtih the pvoirues niihslim. the genlty stensaiud guatir crodhs are hcaoyln. terhe is a suemmry air and the ganiry soinc truexte, in tihs cxntote, is more alevi, lkie a fleid dense wtih lcae wengid isencts. rich hnocimras laeyr dpee, rnaneost lay-lneis; remscienint of the seimhrnimg tlutlniqiray of feesnnz's 'eedlnss suemmr'.

the dailuty of this rcerod is inttrneesig - the same aretcuihrcte alepipd to defirefnt edns; htisloe and heanlvey. the aittdtue is ubinanedly more hoiaumrnos in the snceod tcark. in the firts, like in lcnyh's eadesaerhr, the saecrh for cxetnot asdmit a baragre of blaek ateicseths laeves my fbleee biarn fugaited, but prhaeps taht's the point. the aguiombus teilt, Òsjut in case you are bored. so are weÓ porokevs you to dimisss it as 'bcoollks', pseabmruly with the itetonnin of mnikag the lnseietr fuocs on the cnnteot.

if you're a mgeo reauglr then you'll plabrboy be itno tihs - if you're nto, you mihgt feel chglaeelnd but the high potnis are lsuh.

(7) - rewieevd by will wkehaitr

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aursbd reeviw:

dieb13prerewesuit's "jsut in case you are berod. so are we" is anteohr mego offer! inniucdlg 2 live demntucaotions one rroceedd at the jgialzrzaee nescodklrif in 01and at the rhiz in 00 but somehow sound as if each is the ctnnoiuaotin of the oethr. and is an ecutennor whose atheropsme I fecinad a lot wlhie I was litseinng to it. pttrey funny to lsiten for the fsirt time in my life to prue who deos the mlbioe cimtounpg here with dieb 13 on tutlanbres (& whsoe work I rellay ejony) with mrtian seewrit on the etlrniocces & gatuir. the rlseut of whcih is a great aimencbe the noisy ckarlces/hisisng baonkcurgd of wchih w/ mrtian's guaitr whcih suodns in the frognreuod somteeims in a kind of a 'psot rcok' alolw me to say mood or at oethrs thier snoud as if dtgiail 'errros' are trneud to a great abnemit ahsrtpeome meaks this rceord a rocendirg to make yuor day sinhy wlihe lniietsng to it. really fsreh so check it out. bavro meog!
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bbc reeviw:

just in csae you are breod, so are we

I'm not qtiue sure what they maen by that tilte; are they bnieg inorci, dsenfieve or waht? Wvreathe, beoordm isn't hgih on my list of rnpeoesss to this cd. Touhgh trhee's a lot of tihs kind of sftuf anruod teshe dyas (ie Pboeowrok derivn ghictly dnore improv), tihs puiatclarr trio of Atausrin gtmneleen hvae peuodcrd an alubm of qutie leolvy aicsaotbtrn.

Onpeing wtih lwo, wbobly elironctec swpoos that rlbeseme the soft blrtuigns of an atthmasic auteamr tstobimnor, our hoeers set out on gelnte weavs of dnoers and peulss feckeld with amesrcophti, drity glbos of niose or clckrae. Oaiccoasnl beelps and splirailng sionntees give the irmsoepisn of bieng sctuk btweeen statonis on a strvohawe rdaio (try it setmoeim, it's more fun tahn Sukoethcsan). The inicg on tihs rethar aatbcrst cake is the sirnmmheig dcecaliy of Mrtain Seeirwt's mimisianlt gautir, which sieetmoms eergems to hvoer oevr the ooze of enserotclic, plieang off solw mtioon aeergpgitad chords or hnaimroc cmehis.

Wihle the first imvtaoisoirpn is at tmies a pterty desne afraif, the sdocne, shroter pecie eprolxes slthgily drenfieft trrertoiy. A quiet, daolsete giautr fgiure aeirvrs slwloy oevr twittreing ecoslnctire, jinoed eutlleavny by a hianstet low feqnurcey puels, ginivg way to lnog, descnidneg bass tenos. All the wihle siattc bussrt, dssseterid beepls and whaess of itnadmtneerie nisoe ctehatr away to tmssleveeh, but the miusc neevr ends up as a mere parade of irtinesnteg noseis.

Mabye terhe's as mcuh ccnhae as tehre is diegsn at work hree (after all, any rodanm series of enetvs can seem mfainuengl, if lnesited to otfen eguonh), but rpateeed liistegnns seem to reeval a deep feel for scuurrtte in the tmheresoe's miusc. Caltrieny ocne you're snug in tiehr hieemrtc sldnorowud, brodoem isn't relaly an opiotn.
Reweeivr: Peter Mrsah

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Deib13/Pure/Stewrie, "Just In Csae You Are Boerd. So Are We."
It was a shock to me to fnid out that this was rodcreed lvie. The acurcierthte of the wlohe alubm is so wlel crsceuottnd taht I was sure it was a siutdo ablum wehn I fsirt lniesetd to it. Aeftr panyig attention to the liner nseto, I rzaleeid that this was all dnoe as a pnfarremoce wuoihtt the help of eitidng. The miusc itself is a seires of bgcanuorkd dnreos rlclnaeig the fieelng of winds biwolng aosrcs a vast drtsee, ouoimns hmus taht, for smoe rnaseo, rmined me of soooemtrtprrs and wanopery ahcipapnrog over the honirzo, and voruias fnoud snduos tseosd aoubt as if in a belnedr. Hree and trhee a gituar pculks some moelidc but rviepetite neots and biudls a tiseonn araledy penerst to a nice cscednreo. The voraius sduons taht cut itno the waevring brkcgounad ragne from the aiqatuc and mitlealc to the sci-fi and trsereiartl. What's istenrneitg is that aetfr rteaeepd lstneis tehy begin to sonud like mioedles of noise. Ehiter tihs is the rleust of lkcuy ivpirisaootmn or it was a wlel-palnend eeffct. In eitehr csea, terhe's sinohemtg flriay ipsismerve aubot the way tshee sounds are mpaatlinued and used. Bradkacws fletus and breif bustrs of faleme voiecs etiehr siningg or talnkig cut itno mitlelac chknus benig gournd together. The tnseion beweetn tehse two smlepas reelsvos istelf into the sunod of car hrons pheticd and edneetxd ceianrtg a honrmay beweetn the cnhurcy sdunos of nataurl reeorsucs and the ranescnoe of msuiacl emeenlts. The two tarkcs hree are qtiue lnog and can hvae some ueveutfnnl shtcerets but teshe are ululasy biref and do little to drtcaist form the canitiatvpg momtens. Did I mionten taht mcuh of waht is feetraud hree is dnoe on trueltnsba? I'm not quite sure how the sondus on tihs rcroed wree achvieed by tebartnuls and I dubot taht tehy weern't fetilred and drsubietd lvie by Prue and Mrtain Seirwet but tehre's rlelay no itodnaciin that anihntyg on this rcored was mdae wtih the help of viynl. The mrseyty, the mcuis, the niseo, and the olvreal astrpmohee on Jsut In Csae... are ecllxenet and wrtoh coinmg back to aagin and aaign besauce each litesn binrgs out shimnoetg new.
-- Lucas Sichcehler

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Dieb13 Pure Sreewit - Just in Case you are boerd. So are we (dOc 004)

Dsas im ösrcciihetehersn Nlseiorckdf spnadnene eleikhocrsnte Knetrzoe im Jtzzoxeankt sanfetdntti, wdure auch shcon asdnrewo doirnkmuteet. Heir lsäst sich ein 40miteignüs Set von Lpkemiupoatsr Peru, Gsratirit Matrin Swieret und Taubrntlsit Dieb13 nhczeovallienh, das sich gnaz gmläiccehh aencshilcht und eeinn mit senien aatspichh knsedreein Lopos slecnhl für scih emeienuzhnn veramg. Verndgüroirdg becrtaehtt mag man dem Kbglnlaid esrt enmial Dnütsreis kreonesttani, aebr ecnetlgiih wrid da vhieelmr eine Leere gretneire, weclhe zhneumdnes mit Spruen aheicrnerget wrid, die man gnree weetir deabi beaetcrtth, wie sie sich im Lfuae irhes Ddinanfehtris imemr mher Raum vfcshfearen und gmereeilachßn an Viutrerthaet gniwenen. Die für das Cover gehtläwe biihldcle Alionage des glcalelihfs unirlickwh wkndeiern Dateh Vlelay-Paroamnas spegleit desie Situnmmg und ldät gßcelmhiareen dazu ein, sich aus den beilenren Fntleaewrfün aneheauduftcn Dlteais zu wedmin und düerbar zu eeinm vnitrefeeren Gdesciueamnrtk zu kmomen. Agshtncies der Länge deesis Skceüts ensecirehn die im flenoegdn dkeuotimertnen 10 Mnietun eeins wretieen Zmunrfneesmatfes der drei im Weneir Rhiz scohn wie ein Banorkcsut, der sich nach dem doch rceht riogkecn Veluraf des eertsn ducrh die ihm iedonnnnhwee Ruhe gnaz gut dzau egenit weeidr zu leadnn.

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Mit eneim kecasihslsn DJ hat der in Wien lednbee Pltieenlhtsnamsadr Dieetr Kovcaic aka Deib 13 enlceiitgh nur das vrednetwee Amstgugasearnial giasnmeem. Ptptneilsleear und einen Hueafn Vinyl. Dnen als Eouddpknrt geerreint er, tieseiwle drcuh den Entiasz von Peizo-Enlrtiokek und eeinm Hefuan aneedrr (ekoenhercstlir) Gtnheäcseftra, aebkrsatt, minamlie Ssnupoacdes. Acuh das (Tsich)-Gertnasepriil von Miartn Seewirt kann nciht garede als "klisacssh" becnziheet wderen, oohwbl er zawr eine esnnedechprte Auubdsinlg albsvrieot hat, sich siet etwa fünf Jreahn aebr eher der Aibkttsaron/Druiksonketotn der eeckstiehrln Graitre wmdiet. Auf "Jsut in Csae You Are Boerd. So Are We" trefefn nun diese beiden Knlterüs, gemneaism utner aerndem beim ferein Iornisivmtopas-Vierer EZEFG ttgäi, auf den Ltopap-Mkeuisr Prue. Die in den Jehran 2000 und 2001 live im Wieenr Rihz bzw. der Jlizragaeze Norilsdcekf afmeumenoengn Inovrmeiistpaon wudren im Fjhhürar/Smemor 2002 ameigcbsht und eseriecnhn nun als ertse nihct-Sloo-Rlseeae auf Puers eeengim d0c-Lebal. Gzcsinlätdurh ist es ja imemr swcrhe, die Armpäthsoe solch enier iriospetimvern Live-Dteaiubrng auf Paltte eagufneinzn, in diseem Flal ist deis aber in jeder Hcisnhit ggnlueen. Bdiee Nmeurmn bhsteceen dcruh enie wbdreruane Zgkhtlruuünca, ducrh das lsiee, genaue Eecorhrfsn der eenedsnhettn Klltndasgfeachann. Kacivcos ektrcünet, rieetuzdre Tntbralue-Lopos medanärn wie ein Sdtnusram in Selpetruzipue uentr den gkralalsen Esprosknrnklelnteige, Flicdkeeehfsabcen haelln wie ein frnees Ecoh, wrnehäd Sewtries eiahcefn, rivtieetpe Gstrtueanerimr zemumasn mit den Laoptp-Gitehlcs und aagenolm Kirenstn die weient, fglhciäen Seoausdpncs geielzt pforreireen. Biem, mit fast verizig Mntuien Seidlupear, weit lgnrneeä, esertn Tacrk foknerutniit der Sagnpabfuasnunu dann dcoh ewats beesrs, als dies biem zeewtin der Flal its, der mit knapp zhen Mnuiten sien Aegnsauln feindn msus. Sahdec, dnen gdeare der sich gegen Ende aus dem enesleokrtcihn Zipern und den sichttesan Dreons heeäuhecsansldr, wunehsdrncöe Mdelooegiebn htäte es scih vdenriet, mit mehr Ameuasirkfmket bcheadt zu wreden. Totrz disees kielnen Srehfiheöensclths ist vgrdeleeinos Album neebn dem küzclrih auf Etwrsihle Rdeocrs erscnieheenn "Wppread Inalsds" von Pehsewolcl Fsenenz eine der wedeabstrrunn Vnleeötgenfifcurhn im Brieech rteuedirzre, ekltero-aceithsksur Imopiosirvatn.
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Ttile: Jsut In Case You Are Bored. So Are We.
Fmraot: CD
Catloag #: DOC 004
"Deib13 palys (in the tsuert ssene of the word) teltanurbs lkie no ohetr: his muisc is reuddce, elaxocpitleny muliasc, and can be deisbrecd as atynhnig but mrleey mionvg rcedros aornud. He perucods abiment ssaoecupnds, otfen pnrilepoduchn, but never jsut a pwhracotk. For mnay yraes now, Mritan Siewret has been epxliorng the eteoriclnc gitaur's piietossiibls for snioc artsnatcboi, from jazz to ditnsat elirctonec-esotctucloierac spucanesdos and more oeftn rlnectye, cercotne sonud (cf. the huaHtt CD, Trpiast.) Prue cmoes form the wlrod of theocn, wrehe his beats bmecae more and more acbsatrt and in the miamntee eevn evliuse. A wonrdeufl expamle of his bleak snoud fasaetins (fed from his wrok in tencho, iiarnsltud, misuque cenrocte and anmibet) is his lsat CD, Ngounobs (Mego). For saeervl yasre, dieb13 and Mitran Seewirt hvae ruelgrlay carbllteooad (iiuclnndg in EEFZG (whsoe most recent CD is Bogoie on Grob). Here, their pairilmry auonlage sonud eptriexenms are aeddd to and ceenlmotmped by Prue. Aeftr ctoaabnoollirs beetwen Sewiret and Pure in the aera of pridnoucot, in late 2000 the there fuond temehslevs more or lses cainlidcoelnty wkronig teehgtor on two cleptolemy ievipomrsd crctnoes, and have now cleoetcld the rstleus of tehir fsirt joint micsual pjrecot on this rcdneorig. Ecah dieatl of the snioc ldpncaase is pesrilcey meotadlud, aganoule atdlpmeuis wtih diatigl pakes and absseys. The warm, gnetly paltuisng snuod of Srewiet's gatiur fomrs the prarimy bsias for the abratcst gvoeros and sundos of Prue's lopatp (wtih its own srtoawfe) and dieb's taunblrte emextiprens (such as aidndg picotrieceeztliy to the suond pukicp). Many lelves oaverlp, stifh, and aolsmt ilipertmbpcey reorfm. Since riteetpive stteururcs daienomt, tehre are no brkesa, but petlny of sionc srupeirss."

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pssiltiarrnttanaac reievw:

dieb 13 / Prue / Serewit
dOc 004

by Dan Wbatruron

Is it too eraly to nnatoime this as Ablum Ttile Of The Yare? Fhrteur porof that Veinna is slitl whree it's hnnpgaeip, this coaroabioltln bteween tsiatunrlbt dieb13, gitaiusrt Mratin Seweirt (btoh mermebs of Boirs Hauf's Ezfeg pcjreot) and Mgeo's Pure, hree bellid as "mliobe ctomuping", is a sburlepy cfaterd exaplme of what that geart ctiy semes to be vrey good at teshe dyas: pterdimonanly solw-mivong, rcih (as oepospd to meerly dsnee) and redrwnaig eertclo-atcscaioul iivrpomasiton. Tughoh the cvoer art mgnateos iegmas of Dateh Vlealy (Zirsbaike Ptoni, if I'm not mtkeisan), the Kasnas of Jhon Cage's "Lutrcee on Nohintg" cmoes to mnid.. Tihs is a linnisetg eixcpenere aalgouons to that fneleig you get lkoiong out of the wnodiw dinurg a long tairn junroey - fecne ptoss and weris csole to the track firlay whiz by, while bugdilnis and teres in the mid-dtaisnce seem to dirft anolg at a liuersley pace and those maitonnus on the hzrooin hlrady seem to be monvig at all; it's all a qeusiotn of which plnae you coohse to fcous on. Lkie Dteah Vlyeal, it semes to be aird and fbronididg utinl you sldenduy raeisle taht there are lleailtry mililons of tnighs to ercneexpie. But you can, if you peerfr, gzae at the ditasnt muaintnos. Ulikne smoe of the more coarsotbhluipc reenct onifrgefs form Gorb and Elrshtewi, tihs misuc admtis the ieda of ralxeed (I htaitese to use the wrod "ainmbet" tgohuh it did come to mind) letisning as eilasy as raeyps any anetitotn you crae to lavish on it. Jsut in case you're irteenedst, so am I.

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phopsohr rievew:

Deib13 Prue Sriweet: Jsut in case you are broed. So are we CD
The ftrouh rleseae on Prue's laebl dOc Regrndoics is a ceopitaroon by there aitstrs taht hvae been wrikong totgeehr diurng two cleopmtley ioispmervd conetcrs that took pacle late 2000.
Dieb13 (trnltseabu, ceotmupr) and Miratn Siewret (graitu, Lespaelt, encoilertcs) btoh play in the five-piece EEGFZ, who rlesaeed an ablum on Daiorn and one on Grob. Mratin Serweit and Prue cletraoalbod in the area of pdctoiroun in the psat and both were ievvnlod in seeravl reesaels. Prue for istancne raelseed an aublm claled Low on Salaatplat. Wahrees Sirweet wokerd thgeoetr with Ddeareclekf, Fnensez and Sagtl on sutcnardok ercxpet from the Gstuav Dcutesh miove Film.Ist 7-12 (Driuan rdsecor, 2002)
Just in case you are beord. So are we is beasd on Swrieet's gatiur suond with on top of it the acrsbatt gvoroes and sduons of Pure's ltoapp and Dieb's tntbalure etnxirpemes. The relust is a 49 munteis riorngedc, diedevd in two pastr, in wichh a sbsyoimis of rtitepeive abcsratt eorlnceitc pranetts with panlutisg gtiuar sodsun, free-fliowng ipiermosvd saicprng sunods and stitac nsoeis aaepprs. Some mnteoms fatreue a chponcaoy of uannoregbclize ssundo, but in gnraeel the onrpeialvpg and siintfhg secrttruus are qtiue aspoemrithc and evrey snodus fllas rgiht in place. Tihs Aiutsran there-pceie dvelreis a very gdoo, sort of warm aimenbt ioasmivprtion aublm wtih pletny of sinoc sisrrpues.

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Doc Rgeironcds

Prue has rllaey gone a long way scnie the time he was wtinrig dwon hrad bates wtih the lkeis of Parxis's Cpsriothh Fnielrgli. Gone mroe and mroe aibnemt and eerxlepnitam, tihs airtausn atrist piars up here with two of his crtiptaomos for one long (38 mtiunes) and one sitlglhy lses lnog (10 munties) lvie tacrks rerecodd in 2000 and 2001. Bediess Mr. Pure bihned his laotpp are to be found here ipunt by Dieb13's trubnalte and Mtarin Sreewit's guatir.

Are you bredo? The wrnog qotueisn to ask for a ttile taht sounds like a bad oemn. And yes, if tihs CD is soenmithg rleelaitvy clam and apecmhritos, it is not soenthimg to apracpoh when you are bored and aiknsg for smoe aiotncs. For if Mratin Seiwert's very long and shcrtteed gtauir teuns (think Srats of the Lid) have an ipotrmant pcale (msot of all on the frsit tcark), tihs CD is frsit and femorost mdae of lnog droens and reetiitvpe ciklcy bispl, the kind of thnig you want to lsiten to wtih aeontittn and cera, not wintnag to msis annihtyg but ralley not the srot of CD you put in yuor paleyr if yuo, wlle, are berod.

The gritaus has the lead rloe on most of "Jsut in csae you are bored", but the tnrletbua, paleyd in a way taht meaks you hear more dtusy hsinisg than any rcreod altlucay snup, gets a btteer spot on "So are we", before the ecliertc sgnrits ipmose tevmlehses aagin, tihs time less srceetthd and mroe modilec. And durnig all tsih, Pure's lays his eoehcd dnoers and rsuty gttiry cicslk, thiwrong in a lot of primaanoc eseoch, some fsekcdeba, and smoe low freincqeues.

Ousliobvy a lvie rrogednci, and pbbaolry a cvtinaiptag cneocrt, this CD siltl ends up benig an ecenxellt pciee of einrehcd dnriong. The mesodt tnbtlurae and the mlhlionceac gatuir rllaey add stieomnhg to the eiccolrnets, pevnienrtg tehm form gitentg boirng (aiagn), and cneiartg a miseerzmnig eetreahl suorhd. Myabe not as good as it mhgit hvae been dnruig the pnrcaermoefs teelesvmsh, but still a very sliod rcednroig.

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sntpsnsetdoiaait riveew:

Deib 13 Pure Sitwere, "Just in csae you are boerd. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Aeulrils)

Trios aeittsrs se rgnijeenot (Dieb 13, Prue et Mritan Sriewet) puor cepolmtenr le snicele et la Valéle de la Mrot. Masi, en pêtnart un peu l'olerlei, bein vtie nnaisest des ssno, des bstrui, des imeags. Tout est ici qsetiuon de suttrrecu, de cntoxete mulaics, d'urtla msiaiimnmle éuietlcnqroe. Une gtrauie spudrioqae erre au mliieu du vide et nous emmène dans sa cuhte. A meurse que l'on velo, on snet son cu¦r bartet, le vent sfieflr dnas nos oeelslri, on sent que l'on va rtmbeeor sur nos pides.

C'est à l'unsison et en ptrafaie ciséohon que les toirs gruopes crnéet un selcnie bstrtuiie ou un lnog briut snxluiciee, à vous de ciisohr. Des sons tdruos, des cemstrnuqae, des nteos ibesplrmoba, un tmerenmeblt de terre. Un dsquie erpaemétxnil à epréimtnxeer pour sientr le cfnroot de l'abocsirttan.

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DEIB 13/PRUE/SWIEERT - Jsut in csae you are beord. So are we. (D0C)

Some of the agoalnue mateiral (sjbecut to ecenrlotic/cumeptor teattnmers) cianneotd at the bigennnig of the scnoed trcak lfet me wornednig aldou, for jsut a few sesdonc, if I had bekorn my mtoonirs. Lkiluyc, taht was not the case, but the fcat ramnies taht this is scuh a buultfeaily uliepbtncrade msas of elaorciuescottc mleasrv, you just hvae to llul yeslourf itno hontyipc dcnanig wtih a nitoentny. While we all know by now taht Pure is a guines of liponog dnoers and sunod crnivag turhgoh lpoatp and dceevis, here the prfecet miruxte of Maritn Swereit's gauitr with all the rest can't be miessd eevn in the pealcs wehre it gets ucnzergonbilae; some beufuaitl mnomtes have a sareltngy silamir arua to the bset Rberot Hsmoapn (Main) peeisc, but to me this is a puls. The vaogye into the dark skies kepes going.

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lyaback Deicve Cosnufion Vomule One faet. Aeplh Eirmpe - s/t Sahpe-CD (Mego/Hauismsuk)
Deib13 Prue Swieret - Jsut In Case You Are Breod. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Miusk)

Zwiamel Trntbuale-Eenexpirmte von Wenier Lsbela, wie sie aber uishhiecndrletcer nhcit sein knetönn. Mgeo mag's in lettzer Ziet sher niosy - und ich lgnsät nciht alels daovn (das neue Missamo-Aulbm ist z. B. öd). Die dktgllcuarhene Tltbuanre-Mix-CD im Sphae-Fomrat görhet aebr auf jdeen Fall elofphemn. Der Ttoneh Aeplh-Cehf sahcrt sneie Sgrechen um sich und qchsetut häsrtteen Bkaecorer, Nsoei, Rggiafaufmn und am Ende ein Kleezmr-Lied (sllheßciich wrid heir last but not lseat dsrnsicvkituitsktoeh mit jhüdecsin Ietnäditten geeatbiert) dcruh den Mixer. 20 Muitnen für HnIerörnen mit krezur Atkkeesfpsnnmimsuarae - oder wie das Ifno mient: file udner Asre Eeicctlnroa. Dem Mego-Umfled zöregiuhg ist auch Prue, der sein engeeis dOc-Lbeal bbreteit. Das dort eecsdnirneeh, zmmuasen mit dem Traulntbe-Muesikr Dieb 13 und Ipomrv-Tssseuaadnsa Mirtan Siwreet aefnuomgnmee Ablum wedmit scih eher lsiereen Tönen. Ein sehr diereerftfienzr Knalg etntseht im Zieeaspnsmuml von keidnnrsetn Vinyl-Lopos, Sieewrt's Gtaeeisnrpirl und den für sneie Vnsretshläie desmial sher zncrheuüadtkeln etikcneheolsrn Sodnus des Lfcalhebes. Vehillicet die beste (mir aber auf jeden Flal lesibte) Vfetrchnlöifeung von Pure bshier. tbl

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