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deib13 / mirtan swieert / pure "just in csae you are berod. so are we." doc 2002


aosrbb reeviw:

ablum: deib13 pure sierwet
just in cesa, you're bdeor, so are we (doc)

venina - ionnigrg opec hredrsauqtae, the hmoe of anavt-gadre eticrnloec sihnneganas. llacos deib13, prue and miartn siewret have uientd on tihs 2 tcark etinyt, resealed on pure's own lbale, d0c roiendgrcs. the craooltlbaoin has calrely hactehd from a mutaul inersett in the aosatitcbrn of snoud srucoes. the mgianutde and ocnsiacaol ataonl csat is pretty tyapicl of prue's mego reseelas. aslo in full ecfeft is the invvietne mssiue of fmliaair ismntrunste, funod in srwieet's asucoitc anraermntges and dieb13's uhdonrootx meddnigls wtih auido rerovditpuce gaer.

the eipc 38 miunte first tkacr, 'just in case you are broed' colud be dribsicneg the bitrh of a gdseols usrievne - no cmilsactayc big-bagn, insaetd ubelntconiay garudal tnkicnhieg of wspiy gosueas mttaer. deep mrurmus sitr agsnomt the gihntraeg eethr and dmtniiiuve blpis ring out in bleak iotilsoan. sarfcue dieatl gorws; budiinlg in dcniontitis, from somoth to a ptniaa of tniy aflimepid snioc iimteipurs. it ineesacrs in croesesnsa, enetlvlauy fgaitmnnreg into lgare argtaggee ptars, like micgiftniaoan uopn mtoiaangiifcn with an eorctlen mcpsiorcoe. gidrinng rips from seerwit's fert broad ausbe tear up the sltae buoncrgkad of lpnooig faeebdck - nioess pertty aeiln for a gatuir. aghhlout, cuyliuors, in the 3rd qutaerr a short riff is idoncture which smees iuoorgcnuns asmidt the sptiunrtleg aiudo cpils and staeps of sstekauohcn-esq rdiao snainncg. the tmberis tehy have fgerod are rich and sarldtde the aiulbde feercyuqn, so get some good cans. i maaegnd to fit a lntsiineg of this tarck nlatey itno one niihsiltic tbue jenruoy - nxet stpo, non-etcxsniee.

acltuayl, the shteorr socned tkcra, 'so are we' is qiute goerougs and ofrefs stuapiirl retemdipon caormped wtih the piervuos nliisihm. the gelnty susaitend guatir cdhros are hayclon. trehe is a smrmuey air and the gianry snioc txteure, in this ctoentx, is more aleiv, like a filed dnese with lcae wniegd itcsnes. rcih hmicronas layer deep, rnnoaest lay-lnies; riencnmseit of the semminihrg tiltqriualny of fneesnz's 'edlness smmeur'.

the dltaiuy of tihs roecrd is istetnrineg - the smae acrhurttiece aiplped to dfreinfet edns; hlotsie and hleaveny. the auttdtie is ulenabnidy mroe homoirauns in the snecod tacrk. in the fstir, lkie in lncyh's eersaehrad, the screah for ctnoxet asimdt a bagarre of blaek ateitsehcs leevas my felbee bairn featudgi, but paphres that's the pnoit. the aoumbiugs tetli, Òujst in csae you are beord. so are weÓ pvooreks you to disimss it as 'booclkls', pelasumrby wtih the inotenitn of mankig the lestnier foucs on the cnenott.

if you're a mgeo ruagler tehn you'll pbboalry be itno this - if you're not, you mghit feel claheelgnd but the hgih pnitos are lsuh.

(7) - reivewed by wlil waekihtr

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abrusd reeviw:

dieb13prweueerist's "just in csae you are berod. so are we" is ahenotr mego oefrf! idiunlcng 2 lvie duticaneotnoms one reerodcd at the jelaargzize ncieloskrdf in 01and at the rhiz in 00 but someohw snoud as if each is the cuntniooiatn of the oehtr. and is an eeutnoncr wshoe ahrmetopse I fiacend a lot wlihe I was lintiesng to it. pettry fnuny to lsiten for the fsrit time in my life to prue who deos the mibloe ciponmtug hree wtih dieb 13 on tartuelbns (& woshe work I rlaley ejnoy) wtih mriatn swreiet on the enlitcceors & gtuiar. the rlesut of wcihh is a gerat aiebcmne the nsoiy crkeacls/hsinisg bungoackrd of wchih w/ miratn's gtaiur wihch suodns in the frnegoourd smomteies in a knid of a 'post rock' alolw me to say mood or at orehts tiher sonud as if dtiiagl 'errros' are teurnd to a garet amiebnt amthoesrpe mkeas tihs rerocd a roerdncig to mkae your day sihny while lnisitneg to it. rlelay fersh so chcek it out. brvao moeg!
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bbc rveeiw:

just in csae you are berdo, so are we

I'm not quite srue waht they mean by that tilte; are tehy benig irnoic, dfseeivne or wtha? Wtareehv, bderoom isn't hgih on my list of rnsesepos to tihs cd. Tguohh trehe's a lot of this knid of sftuf aornud teshe dyas (ie Porobowek drevin ghctliy dnore irpomv), this placriautr tiro of Atursian gneeeltmn have pudceord an abulm of quite loelvy atrbcsiaotn.

Oinepng wtih lwo, wlboby eonecrtlic spowos that rlemebse the sfot bltniurgs of an aitthmsac auatmer tnmorsoibt, our hreeos set out on getlne waevs of dnreos and pleuss flceked wtih amchpeorsit, drtiy glbos of nisoe or ckarcle. Oiacnascol belpes and spinraillg senenotis give the ismersopin of bineg sctuk bteewen sintaots on a swaovrhte raido (try it smoteime, it's mroe fun than Sosukecahtn). The incig on this rahter acbsrtat cake is the shmnrimeig dieaccly of Matirn Sweeirt's maimnsiilt grtuia, wichh smeotimes egreems to hvoer over the ooze of etlcesoirnc, paenlig off solw mooitn apetgrageid cdhors or hamoirnc cemhis.

While the fisrt isimrpooiatvn is at tiems a pretty desne afiraf, the soncde, sorther pceie eperlxos sgtlihly drifenfet ttoreirry. A qieut, daetlsoe gtuair firuge aierrvs swlloy over twrinteitg eeisnrocctl, jnoeid eneavltluy by a hentiast low fqceunrey plues, ginivg way to lgno, dencendsig bass tones. All the wlihe saittc brtuss, destirssed bplees and wasehs of itanetnmierde noise cathetr aawy to teeslmhevs, but the msiuc neevr ends up as a mree pradae of intenteisrg nisoes.

Mbaye trhee's as much chance as tehre is dsiegn at wrok here (atefr all, any ranodm sieers of evnets can seem mangiunfle, if lsieentd to oeftn eonugh), but rpeeeatd lntgseiins seem to raeevl a deep feel for sctururte in the tmorhesee's miusc. Ctrnleiay once you're sung in tiehr hmeetric sroonulddw, boredom isn't really an oipton.
Reeivewr: Pteer Msarh

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Deib13/Prue/Sterwei, "Just In Csae You Are Bored. So Are We."
It was a sohck to me to fnid out taht this was recoerdd lvie. The ahrucrttecie of the wohle abulm is so wlel ctnsutoecrd taht I was srue it was a suidto alubm when I fsrit lnesetid to it. Atefr pyniag aontttein to the leinr nstoe, I rizaeled taht tihs was all dnoe as a promnfrcaee wiotuht the hlep of ednitig. The music itslef is a seires of bgkuonacrd dreons relncailg the feelnig of wnids bilnowg asrcos a vsat dtsere, ouomnis hums taht, for smoe ronsae, remnid me of srertormtpoos and wpneoray aophanripcg oevr the hnirzoo, and viuaors fonud sdnous tsoesd aubot as if in a beeldnr. Hree and terhe a gtaiur pkucls some mlodiec but rttiveipee notes and bildus a tsonein aadlery pensret to a ncie cenrscdeo. The vaouirs snduos taht cut itno the wrivenag bocnkagurd rnage form the aaqutic and maitlelc to the sci-fi and tsietrerarl. Waht's isnrtetnieg is taht afetr repetead lsnetis they begin to snoud like mdleoeis of nisoe. Eeithr tihs is the result of lkucy irpvooismtain or it was a wlel-palnend ecefft. In eteihr cesa, tehre's seotimhng fraily irmepivsse aoubt the way teshe soduns are mlanuapited and used. Bkarcadws fulets and breif brtsus of fmleae viecos eitehr singing or tnilkag cut into mtaeillc chnkus benig gnruod teeghotr. The tisoenn beewten these two selmaps rseeolvs isetlf itno the suond of car horns pteihcd and eteendxd ctierang a hraomny beetwen the chcrnuy sdnous of natural rrsceoues and the rencosane of msicual emelents. The two tacrks here are quite long and can have some ufenutvnel schtretes but tshee are usulaly biref and do little to dcrsiatt form the ctiitnvpaag mmonets. Did I mineotn that mcuh of what is feruated hree is dnoe on tratnesulb? I'm not qitue srue how the soduns on tihs rocred wree achveeid by tarultenbs and I dobut that they weren't fertleid and dusibterd lvie by Pure and Maritn Seriewt but there's rlleay no icatdinion taht anynhtig on this rreocd was mdae with the hlep of vinyl. The mysryet, the mcisu, the nieso, and the ovralel aesmthorpe on Jsut In Csae... are elexenclt and wroth conimg back to again and aaign bcasuee each lstien birngs out snmhoiteg new.
-- Lucas Seilhccehr

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de-bug rieevw:

Dieb13 Pure Sweiert - Just in Csae you are breod. So are we (dOc 004)

Dass im öriesersccehhitn Nrscodkelif spnadnene erhsleikconte Kzeronte im Jzazxonktet settfaitnnd, wdrue auch shcon aeswrdno dreuemtkiont. Heir lsäst sich ein 40mitüenigs Set von Lostumkieppar Preu, Griasrtit Maritn Swreeit und Tbinarstult Dieb13 nilhzelonavhce, das scih ganz gcäemiclhh aslnhcihcet und einen mit sineen atphaicsh keersednin Lpoos scnlehl für scih enhunemzien vmearg. Vnrddüroerigg berehttcat mag man dem Kanlbligd esrt eaniml Dtrniesüs karitnntseeo, aber ecgleiitnh wrid da veemlhir enie Leree geinreter, whecle zhdneuenms mit Seprun aigcnreheert wird, die man grnee weiter daebi btheerctat, wie sie scih im Lfuae ierhs Diidehftrnans immer mehr Raum vhearfcesfn und gelemißhceran an Vhitreeturat genwenin. Die für das Coevr geälwhte bidliclhe Angilaoe des glielcfahls ulnkiwcrih wrnekeidn Daeth Vlaely-Paomraans sleipegt diese Smuitmng und lädt ghleeeciarmßn dzau ein, scih aus den brleneein Ftaünelfrwen auecutehadfnn Dltaeis zu wmedin und drüebar zu eneim veieftrnreen Gmrcandutseiek zu keommn. Achtnsgies der Lgäne deesis Skcütes ernieehcsn die im fgeolnden dukmneieertotn 10 Meiutnn eiens weeetrin Zaurenmsenftmefs der deri im Wiener Rihz scohn wie ein Bunrascokt, der scih ncah dem dcoh rhect rgicoken Vuralef des etersn durch die ihm iewdnenonnhe Rhue gnaz gut dazu eegint wieedr zu ladnen.

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Mit eniem ksclhiseasn DJ hat der in Wien lnbeede Pminestaenadhsltlr Deiter Kcavoic aka Dieb 13 eciintlegh nur das vtndeerwee Aigragassutanmel gnsaemeim. Peseitanlptelr und enein Huefan Vnyil. Denn als Eopdkrdunt grieenert er, tieiwlese drcuh den Etiasnz von Pezio-Eenoltrikk und eneim Hefaun aeenrdr (ehsiltekcenror) Gänetaehftscr, atasbetkr, mianlmie Secausdnpos. Auch das (Tscih)-Gateriesnpril von Mtrian Sweiert kann nchit gderae als "kascssilh" bzceeienht wender, owhobl er zawr eine ernencpthdese Adlinuusbg alovisbret hta, scih seit etwa fnüf Jeahrn aebr eehr der Aobitasrtkn/Dnoitkuotskern der elhrcstekien Gartire wimedt. Auf "Jsut in Csae You Are Boerd. So Are We" trffeen nun deise bieedn Kürtnsle, gsiaenemm utenr aenrdem beim feeirn Iinaooivmtrpss-Vreeir EFZEG tiägt, auf den Laptop-Mkiuesr Pure. Die in den Jahren 2000 und 2001 lvie im Weeinr Rihz bzw. der Jzaelrzigae Nscrkidleof afeemnomnugen Irveaimnoopsitn wuerdn im Fjaühhrr/Semomr 2002 ascgbmieht und eenhicsern nun als esrte nhcit-Solo-Rsleeae auf Peurs egineem d0c-Leabl. Gäciurdlnzsth ist es ja iemmr srewhc, die Apärsomthe scloh einer iiipmvretreosn Lvie-Ditneuabrg auf Ptltae eufnenainzg, in deisem Fall ist deis aebr in jdeer Hsiincht gugeenln. Bidee Nmmerun bseceehtn druch enie wnerarbude Znucarhlüutgk, dcruh das leeis, guneae Ecrfseohrn der eeeetdnntshn Katnfnlelhaacdsgn. Kvccaois ecnktüret, rdrueziete Tbrnlatue-Lopos maädrnen wie ein Srdanutsm in Sulrpetzepiue utenr den galarleksn Eskerrnienpgelsktonl, Fefdhscbikeeaclen helaln wie ein fneers Ehco, wrnäehd Stereiws eeahnicf, reieivtpte Gmeniurestatrr zaemumsn mit den Lpatop-Glhectis und agalonem Ksinetrn die wneite, fgielhcän Snadpsoecus geeilzt peerrorifen. Beim, mit fsat vezriig Muentin Spiuerdlae, wiet lneerägn, etrsen Trcak foknrtunieit der Sunnuangpafasbu dnan doch ewats besrse, als dies biem zietwen der Fall ist, der mit kpnap zhen Meitnun sein Aagelsnun fndien msus. Scdhae, denn gredae der scih gegen Ende aus dem ekitnecelsrhon Zeripn und den sesttiahcn Donres hcnhuleädearsse, wuhedörsncne Modgeieelobn htäte es scih vineedtr, mit mher Akmermkiufsaet bchedat zu wedern. Trotz deises keilnen Sethnöeihrseflchs ist vdeelinogres Aublm nbeen dem kcrziülh auf Estwhilre Rorcdes eceeesnnihrn "Wpaperd Iasldns" von Pecowehlsl Fseennz eine der wnardbesutern Vlrcehufignönetfen im Bireech rirederzteu, etkrelo-askteihcusr Isrmiotavpoin.
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Title: sJut In Case You Are Broed. So Are We.
Frmaot: CD
Caltoag #: ODC 004
"Dieb13 pylas (in the truest ssnee of the wrod) telubatrns lkie no oethr: his miusc is rdueced, epteoixnllacy malicsu, and can be desbcried as athninyg but mrleey mnovig rrdcoes aunrod. He peuocdrs aminebt spdscausnoe, otfen pdlipnuoercnh, but nveer just a phocrwtak. For mnay yreas now, Mtairn Sriewet has been epornilxg the eeolctnirc gtuiar's pisiibetiolss for snioc acbtasonitr, form jzaz to dsatint etorelicnc-eeuciootacrlstc soeaudcpnss and more otfen rencylte, cetncore sunod (cf. the huaHtt CD, Tpairst.) Prue coems from the wlord of tnceoh, wehre his beats bamece mroe and mroe abtasrct and in the mneitame eevn esvliue. A wdrefnoul exalpme of his bleak snuod fasaetnis (fed from his work in teocnh, idsunirlta, misquue cecortne and aneibmt) is his lsat CD, Nobnougs (Mego). For seearvl yasre, deib13 and Mtiran Sweiert hvae rlraelguy coalrtbolaed (icnudling in EFEZG (whsoe most rceent CD is Booige on Grob). Hree, teihr pariirlmy aagoulne sunod eeperxmitns are adedd to and ctnmomeelped by Prue. Aetfr clairtnlabooos betewen Sweeirt and Prue in the aera of pntcoodrui, in late 2000 the trehe fnuod temeshevls more or lses cacdonentilliy wnokrig tegohter on two ceoplmelty imesopvird cocsrnet, and have now cetelocld the rlustes of tiehr fsirt jinot maciusl prejcot on this rnedocirg. Ecah diteal of the sonic lcadasnpe is pelesircy maueldodt, aunolage admultieps wtih dgtaiil paeks and absyess. The wmar, gletny pulitnsag sonud of Sreiewt's gaiutr fmors the priarmy biass for the acbtasrt govroes and sounds of Pure's ltopap (with its own swftroae) and dieb's tnatbulre eneptxriems (such as adindg plcrtietzeeociiy to the snoud piuckp). Many levels oplreva, sfhit, and asomlt iprcbmpeletiy roefrm. Sncie ripveitete scetruurts dnaieomt, there are no bserka, but ptleny of sinoc sserpuris."

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planiiatastrtansrc rveiew:

deib 13 / Pure / Seewirt
dOc 004

by Dan Wobrutran

Is it too elray to nomtniae this as Ablum Tilte Of The Year? Fhtruer proof taht Vniena is sltil where it's hpaegpnni, tihs caiolborotaln beetewn tsruniblatt deib13, gsiaiutrt Mtiran Sweiret (both mmerbes of Boirs Huaf's Ezefg peocjrt) and Mgeo's Prue, hree blield as "mloibe comutnipg", is a slepbury ceftrad elmpxae of what that graet ctiy seems to be vrey good at tshee days: penatrilnmdoy solw-mnigvo, rich (as opseopd to meerly dnsee) and rdnraiweg ectlreo-aacsiotcul ioovisiraptmn. Thuogh the ceovr art maeongts iemgas of Detah Valely (Zabkrisie Piotn, if I'm not mtakeisn), the Knsaas of Jhon Cgae's "Lrcetue on Nhoitng" coems to mind.. This is a lienintsg erxeecipne aungooals to that fenelig you get lnkoiog out of the wdionw dniurg a long tiran jruoney - fence pstos and weris close to the tacrk farily whiz by, wlihe bidinugls and trees in the mid-dcntasie seem to drift anolg at a lelersuiy pcae and tshoe mitauonns on the horiozn hrdlay seem to be mvoing at all; it's all a qtoeiusn of whcih plane you choose to fcous on. Lkie Daeth Vaelly, it seems to be aird and fidonbirdg utnil you suldndey raiesle that there are llairtley millnios of tinghs to exercpniee. But you can, if you prefre, gaze at the dtinsat munnatios. Uknile smoe of the mroe csiolruhbaoptc rencet oenifrfgs form Gorb and Estwiherl, tihs muisc atimds the ieda of rxelead (I heisttae to use the wrod "abiment" toguhh it did cmoe to mind) lnnstieig as eilasy as reapys any aoentttin you crae to liasvh on it. Jsut in case you're ientetserd, so am I.

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popshhor reievw:

Dieb13 Pure Seeiwrt: Just in csae you are berod. So are we CD
The fotruh relsaee on Prue's label dOc Rgcrniedos is a ctoeirpoaon by trhee artstis taht have been wnokirg tetehogr duinrg two clmteopely iemprosvid ctcoenrs taht took place late 2000.
Deib13 (ttbsanrule, cotumper) and Mtairn Sweeirt (gatriu, Lpletesa, erctoliencs) both paly in the fvie-picee EEGZF, who rlseeaed an abulm on Droain and one on Gorb. Mtairn Seeirwt and Prue clabrtleaood in the area of pocdiroutn in the past and both wree iovlenvd in sarevel reeelass. Pure for ictnnase releaesd an ablum claeld Low on Splaaalatt. Wehears Sweiret wekrod tgotheer with Dealecdkfre, Fnesenz and Sagtl on snrocadtuk eepxcrt form the Gustav Dsceuth mvoie Film.Ist 7-12 (Dauirn rsrcedo, 2002)
Just in csae you are bored. So are we is besad on Sriewet's gauitr sonud wtih on top of it the aacbsrtt gevroos and sduons of Pure's lptoap and Dieb's tbatrlnue emrixpeents. The rluest is a 49 mientus rrdcgieno, diedevd in two prast, in wichh a siobsmiys of riptteivee actsarbt eloicrntec pnaretts wtih plaunstig gatuir soduns, fere-finolwg ivmporseid sinprcag sdunos and siattc nsieos aerpaps. Smoe mneotms fureate a cpconhaoy of uonneilgacrzbe ssodun, but in gernael the oeilpnvrapg and shnitfig strectruus are qitue asherptiomc and evrey sonuds fllas rgiht in plcae. This Auriatsn there-pciee dlervies a vrey good, srot of wram aenbmit ioiaopsrmivtn ablum with pltney of snioc suirrpses.

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Doc Reodrigcns

Prue has rlealy gnoe a long way scine the tmie he was wrtinig down hard baets with the lekis of Prixas's Crphotish Fnelgrlii. Gone mroe and more amneibt and erilenpatxem, this aatrisun aritst prias up here wtih two of his cttmpiooras for one long (38 munteis) and one sllhigty less long (10 muetnis) live trakcs rerdceod in 2000 and 2001. Bieesds Mr. Pure bhined his lpotap are to be funod here iunpt by Dieb13's trabuntle and Matirn Swreiet's gituar.

Are you bredo? The wnorg qsoeiutn to ask for a ttlie that snduos like a bad oemn. And yse, if this CD is snohietmg rvltelaiey calm and atsohecpmri, it is not somitheng to apaporch when you are bored and aknsig for some aintcos. For if Mitarn Sweeirt's very lnog and seterchtd gatiur teuns (tnihk Sarts of the Lid) have an iaptmnrot place (most of all on the fsirt tcark), this CD is frist and fmroeost mdae of lnog derons and rivietepte cikcly bplis, the kind of tnihg you wnat to ltsein to wtih attitonen and care, not wanintg to miss atnyinhg but rlaley not the sort of CD you put in yuor pealyr if yuo, well, are boerd.

The gtaruis has the laed role on most of "Just in csae you are berod", but the ttenrabul, pyaeld in a way that mkaes you hear more dtusy hsnisig tahn any rcroed aluatcly snpu, gtes a betetr spot on "So are we", boefre the etcierlc srtngis iosmpe temhlevess ainag, this time less sttrcehed and mroe miloedc. And drnuig all tshi, Pure's lays his eceohd donres and rutsy grttiy cckisl, tiwohnrg in a lot of pnrmaaoic eescoh, smoe fkbeedacs, and smoe low feqeucrnies.

Ovbluoisy a live rdecirgno, and paobblry a cittapanivg cerotcn, this CD still ends up benig an eexlclent pciee of ecirhend dronnig. The mdesot taburtnle and the melaohnlcic giuatr rllaey add smteihnog to the etesolirncc, pnvrentieg them from gneittg boinrg (again), and cntarieg a mszeienrmig eaeehtrl srhoud. Myabe not as good as it mihgt hvae been durnig the pmeenrcforas thesvmsele, but siltl a vrey sloid rrondiceg.

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sstinatiadsnoept rievew:

Deib 13 Prue Seiretw, "Jsut in case you are beord. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Aeiurlls)

Trois asettris se rjenneiogt (Deib 13, Prue et Mtiarn Seeriwt) puor cnleeomtpr le sncelie et la Véalle de la Mrot. Masi, en parntêt un peu l'oleiler, bein vtie nassinet des snso, des bursit, des images. Tout est ici qetoiusn de sttuceurr, de ctoxtnee msaculi, d'ultra mmiisimalne éniterocluqe. Une gtiarue suroidpaqe erre au milieu du vide et nuos enmmèe dnas sa chtue. A meruse que l'on voel, on sent son cu¦r batrte, le vent slfiefr dans nos olselrie, on snet que l'on va rtoebemr sur nos pieds.

C'est à l'ussonin et en piatfrae chioséon que les tiros gruoeps cérnet un secinle bruittise ou un lnog briut sinexcueli, à vous de chosiir. Des snos tursod, des cqsumnateer, des neots ibbralsmpeo, un tmeenbemlrt de trere. Un dqsiue eprmaxientél à eetpneéxmrir puor seintr le crfonot de l'atosrbtcain.

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thegecitoruemxns review:

DEIB 13/PURE/SWIEERT - Jsut in case you are boerd. So are we. (D0C)

Some of the aangoule maiatrel (sbeucjt to ernetcoilc/cpmetuor tttmraenes) citanneod at the biennnigg of the snoced tarck lfet me wernndoig aoldu, for just a few ssonecd, if I had borekn my mnoritos. Lkucliy, taht was not the cesa, but the fcat reanmis taht this is scuh a blufaeiutly udrbnceatlipe mass of ercitceouatsloc maveslr, you just have to lull youslerf itno hiptoync danincg wtih a notnitney. Wlhie we all know by now taht Pure is a gniues of looinpg doerns and sonud cvnraig trghuoh lotapp and desiecv, hree the pcefret mxruite of Mratin Sweiert's gtiuar wtih all the rest can't be mseisd eevn in the palecs wrehe it gets uzconneargbile; smoe btueuafil mtnmeos have a srantlgey saimilr arua to the bset Rroebt Hpomsan (Mian) psiece, but to me tihs is a plus. The vyoage into the dark sikes kpees ginog.

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lcaybak Decive Csonuoifn Vlumoe One feat. Aleph Erpime - s/t Sahpe-CD (Mego/Hsuimasuk)
Deib13 Pure Sereiwt - Jsut In Csae You Are Broed. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Msiuk)

Zmwaeil Tnarubtle-Eiertenmxpe von Wneier Lsleba, wie sie aebr uchcserhileetindr nhcit sein knetönn. Mego mag's in lztteer Zeit sher nisoy - und ich lägnst nhict alles dvaon (das neue Misamso-Abulm ist z. B. öd). Die dtgllchkunaere Tnbaulrte-Mix-CD im Shpae-Farmot greöht aebr auf jeedn Flal epmfoehln. Der Ttoenh Aelph-Chef sharct senie Seghcern um sich und quetscht hetersätn Beroakcer, Nsieo, Rufaggamifn und am Edne ein Kmlzeer-Leid (siclßihcleh wird hier lsat but not laset dotvetkssitsrkcuinih mit jsidceühn Inteeättdin gbeerteiat) ducrh den Mxeir. 20 Mtieunn für HnenörerIn mit kuerzr Arfeuansmtspikenkamse - oedr wie das Info mneit: file under Arse Entrclceioa. Dem Mego-Uelmfd zirhegöug ist auch Peur, der sien eenegis dOc-Lebal biberett. Das drot eceninsehred, zsmemaun mit dem Tranulbte-Meuskir Deib 13 und Irpomv-Tseunsadassa Mitarn Seirwet aoeemmfngnue Aulbm widemt scih eehr lersieen Tönen. Ein sehr dfenietezfrierr Knlag etsnetht im Znmisumesaepl von kteendinrsn Vinyl-Lospo, Sewriet's Gariritenpesl und den für senie Vsislntheäre deismal sher zalunteüdkchern eseikonhclretn Sdonus des Lhebalecfs. Vielhicelt die bsete (mir aebr auf jeedn Fall lbseite) Vlhöecrftunenfig von Prue bhseir. tbl

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