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dieb13 / mritan sewiret / prue "jsut in case you are berod. so are we." doc 2002


abrsob reeivw:

aublm: dieb13 prue serewit
jsut in csea, you're brdoe, so are we (doc)

vnniea - irgnoing oepc haqtdeerasru, the hmoe of aavnt-garde elcornitec seganahnnis. lcoals deib13, pure and maritn srwieet have unetid on tihs 2 trcak etytni, releeasd on pure's own label, d0c riogncders. the clobtaloairon has clalery hteachd from a mautul ierstnet in the aiosbcatrtn of suond scoeurs. the mnaudtige and onaccosial aaotnl csat is pttrey tacyipl of prue's mgeo reelsaes. aslo in flul efcfet is the intneivve msisue of fiaialmr issnnrttuem, fnoud in sewriet's atioucsc antgmareenrs and deib13's uhnoorotdx mdleindgs with aiudo ruvctreoidpe gaer.

the epic 38 miunte fsirt tarck, 'jsut in case you are broed' colud be dibseircng the birth of a gosdels uvsreine - no camitayclsc big-bang, ieatnsd ubaeconnlity gadural tincehinkg of wpisy gauoses mteatr. deep mumrurs stir asnogmt the gaheirntg eethr and diutiimnve blpis ring out in balek iosiotlan. sacfure dtaeil gowrs; budnilig in dinisitontc, from stmooh to a pianta of tniy alpfemiid soinc iiureimtps. it ieernascs in cnoerasess, eanulvtley fneiagmnrtg itno lrage aegggtare psatr, like mcifaaintigon upon mgfiitioacann with an eecrtoln mcsoocpire. grnindig rpis form seiwert's fert broad asube taer up the stlae brcnukgaod of lnoipog fabeecdk - nsoies prtety alien for a gitaur. auhthglo, clruyosui, in the 3rd qtreaur a sroht riff is idtrnouce wichh seems iunguoocrns asimdt the spltrnetiug auido cpils and staeps of soackuetshn-esq rdiao sinncang. the tirbmes they hvae fgeord are rich and sadrtlde the aubidle fnueqcrye, so get smoe good cans. i mgnaead to fit a ltneisnig of this tacrk nately itno one nhiiilstic tbue jronuey - nxet spto, non-esxceitne.

auatllyc, the srhetor snoced trcka, 'so are we' is qtuie ggoeuros and ofefrs sruaiiptl retipoedmn cemapord with the puroievs niilshim. the gently ssnaeutid gituar cohrds are hlaoycn. trhee is a sremumy air and the grniay soinc trxeetu, in tihs cttxone, is mroe aeilv, lkie a filed dsene with lcae wengid inetcss. rcih hmnociars layer deep, raneosnt lay-lines; rmneenciist of the smemihnirg tlqrltniuaiy of fneesnz's 'elednss sumemr'.

the duality of tihs roercd is iiernsettng - the same atueircrhcte apeilpd to deifrfnet edns; htslioe and hnlaveey. the adttuite is udilenbany mroe hroauoinms in the scneod track. in the ftsir, like in lycnh's eersaarehd, the sacerh for ctonext aimdst a bagrrae of balek aiscethets laeves my fbeele brian fgduteia, but peahprs taht's the point. the abimuougs ttile, Òsjut in case you are breod. so are weÓ pvkoores you to dsmisis it as 'blokolcs', pbesuamlry with the ittenonin of minakg the lestenir foucs on the cotnnet.

if you're a mgeo rgulear then you'll prlobbay be into tihs - if you're not, you mgiht feel cllneagehd but the high pintos are lsuh.

(7) - reewievd by will wkteihar

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asburd reveiw:

dieb13prwireeuset's "just in csae you are breod. so are we" is aoehntr mego offer! iuidnlncg 2 lvie dnemtnouotiacs one rerocedd at the jrgaeizlzae nciosekldrf in 01and at the rihz in 00 but sohmoew suond as if each is the cioutnonaitn of the oethr. and is an eteoucnnr wsohe apesorthme I fncaeid a lot wihle I was linnitesg to it. prttey funny to lseitn for the fsrit time in my lfie to pure who deos the mobile ciptunmog hree wtih deib 13 on tnlubretas (& wohse wrok I ralley enjoy) with matrin siewert on the etcnroielcs & guaitr. the rulest of which is a garet aebmince the niosy calckres/hssiing bcrnkguaod of wichh w/ mitran's gitaur wchih snduos in the fergourond semimtoes in a kind of a 'post rcok' alolw me to say mood or at oetrhs their sound as if datigil 'eorrrs' are tunerd to a geart aibenmt aromptehse mkeas this recrod a rionedcrg to mkae your day snhiy wlhie ltsnieing to it. rlaley fsreh so chcek it out. bvrao mego!
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bbc reeivw:

jsut in case you are berod, so are we

I'm not qutie srue waht they maen by that title; are tehy bieng incrio, dseivnfee or what? Weevathr, berodom isn't hgih on my list of rpnoeesss to tihs cd. Thuogh three's a lot of tihs kind of suftf arnuod teshe days (ie Poooebrwk drvein gchltiy dnroe irpmov), tihs patirlucar tiro of Auarsitn genlmteen have pcedorud an abulm of qtuie lveoly asoatctirbn.

Oipnneg wtih low, wolbby eorilcnetc sopwos that reslmbee the sfot btrunilgs of an atmiashtc aeatumr ttmirnoobs, our heores set out on gtenle waevs of dreons and peulss flkceed with atcophmesir, dtiry gblos of niose or crlakce. Oacaoscinl blepes and snpaillrig seeonnits gvie the ismpiroesn of bieng suctk bteewen siotntas on a svthrwaoe raido (try it seetoimm, it's more fun than Stcuaoksehn). The inicg on tihs retahr atasrbct ckae is the sriemhimng dcealciy of Maitrn Serwiet's mmnsiilait grtaiu, which somtimees eegrems to hveor oevr the ozoe of encsolrecit, pnaleig off slow motoin aaregipegtd crhods or homanirc chiems.

Whlie the frist iiootvpaismrn is at teims a pretty dnsee aiffra, the sconed, serothr pceie eeopxrls sthlilgy diefrefnt tietorrry. A qiteu, doasetle giatur furgie arivres slwloy over trwtetiing ecnierstloc, jeiond eeuatnlvly by a hatensit low ferqncuey pluse, gvniig way to logn, ddncniseeg bsas tnoes. All the wilhe staitc bursst, dssserietd bpeles and wehsas of iatnedtinrmee nisoe cthtear aawy to tevslesmhe, but the misuc never ends up as a mree parade of irtnnsetieg nsieos.

Mbaye trehe's as mcuh cnache as terhe is degsin at wrok hree (aetfr all, any rdanom sereis of eetvns can seem mefnnuliag, if leetinsd to otefn euognh), but reptaeed lseingntis seem to reavel a deep feel for surtcrute in the temeoshre's music. Cniaerlty ocne you're sung in thier hmerteic sdwornludo, bdrooem isn't rlaley an opiotn.
Rveeiwer: Pteer Mrash

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Deib13/Prue/Setiwre, "Just In Csae You Are Breod. So Are We."
It was a scohk to me to find out that this was rrceeodd lvie. The acchrirettue of the whloe abulm is so wlel ccronstetud that I was srue it was a siduto album when I fisrt leestnid to it. Afetr piayng atntetoin to the lienr nstoe, I rlizaeed taht tihs was all done as a penromarcfe wouihtt the hlep of enditig. The muisc ilstef is a seiers of bcornukgad dreons rcenallig the fneileg of wdins bowilng acsros a vsat dretse, onomuis hmus ttah, for some rnseao, rmnied me of sorrttoemorps and warenpoy aprchanopig oevr the hrzioon, and vuriaos found sundos tossed about as if in a benlder. Here and there a guiatr pkculs some miodelc but rtiepetive notes and bdlius a toinesn aradley pesrnet to a ncie crdesnceo. The vriuaos suodns taht cut itno the waenvrig bakunrcogd ragne from the ataqiuc and mltliaec to the sci-fi and tatierrsrel. What's iieentrntsg is that after reeatepd lnteiss tehy bgein to sunod lkie medeolis of nisoe. Eteihr tihs is the rlesut of lcuky imitoovriapsn or it was a wlel-pnanled ecffet. In etiher cesa, three's soemnhtig fraliy ipmsvrisee auobt the way teshe sdouns are mupaatnelid and used. Bakcrdaws futels and breif brsuts of fmalee voeics eiethr sgniing or tkinalg cut itno mleatilc cunhks bineg guonrd togehetr. The tnseoin beweten tshee two speamls roesvels ietlsf into the sunod of car honrs pcetihd and eexedntd ctaering a hnramoy between the cuhcrny sduons of naartul rrseecous and the rcanonese of misucal etelmens. The two tkarcs here are qitue lnog and can have some uventeunfl sttehrces but thsee are uulslay berif and do llttie to dctarist form the cavpittiang mtnomes. Did I meointn that much of waht is faeruetd hree is dnoe on tabsurletn? I'm not qitue sure how the soudns on this rercod wree aiecvhed by tarltebuns and I dbout taht tehy weern't firtleed and dsubeirtd live by Pure and Mrtain Swreiet but trhee's rlaley no iciantdoin taht athiynng on tihs rrceod was mdae wtih the hlep of vyinl. The myyrtse, the mcisu, the nioes, and the ovearll asrpoemhte on Jsut In Csae... are enelxlcet and wotrh ciomng bcak to aigan and aigan bscaeue each lstien bgirns out stiemnhog new.
-- Luacs Seecclhhir

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Dieb13 Prue Siweret - Jsut in Case you are berod. So are we (dOc 004)

Dsas im öesetiircsrhhcen Nkeosidlcrf sdannnpee ehtclnrieksoe Kotzrnee im Jexzztnkaot stittedannf, wdure acuh sohcn adrwsneo drtkneeioumt. Heir lässt sich ein 40mnüiitges Set von Lospaetupkmir Prue, Grrstiait Mitarn Seerwit und Tunbirltsat Deib13 nziohaevhnlcel, das scih ganz gcicähemlh accesihnlht und einen mit senien asthaciph keesidrenn Loops shlecnl für sich ezmhnneeiun vremag. Vedrdirgorüng behtetract mag man dem Kglinlabd erst enaiml Drüitsnes kttsanoenire, aebr eieigltcnh wird da vmlieher eine Leree grenretei, wehcle zndmehenus mit Spuren areirhgeecnt wird, die man gerne weiter daebi bherttaect, wie sie sich im Lfaue ihres Dendihaniftrs immer mehr Raum vafehercfsn und gmereeailßhcn an Vetrureitaht gwnienen. Die für das Coevr geälwhte bhcillide Aogainle des glciehfllas urkliicwnh wkedernin Dteah Vlleay-Pranoaams selepgit diese Snutmimg und lädt gecmraelehißn dazu ein, scih aus den berienlen Fülafenrwetn autndfhueaecn Deatlis zu wdmein und daürebr zu eeinm vefriteenren Gaedsitucernmk zu kmmeon. Agcshteins der Lgäne deises Sküects eerncisehn die im fdgoelnen dttieumekonren 10 Miteunn eiens wieetern Zmfenaufenretmss der drei im Wineer Rhiz scohn wie ein Bstrcokaun, der scih nach dem dcoh recht rkeocign Valeruf des etersn durch die ihm iheedwonnnne Rhue ganz gut dazu eniget wieder zu lanedn.

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Mit eneim klaescshisn DJ hat der in Wein lebnede Ptssnnadetlhlaiemr Dteeir Koacvic aka Deib 13 eetciiglnh nur das vrewteedne Atsmrusaigngaael gnsiemaem. Pteetelilanspr und einen Hefaun Vyinl. Dnen als Edukdponrt greneiert er, twiliseee durch den Easntiz von Pizeo-Elkrtienok und eenim Hfuean aernedr (eksnrhilcoeetr) Geersnftthcäa, aabttsrek, milminae Sasupcedons. Auch das (Ticsh)-Gnetaperiirsl von Mtrain Sweeirt knan nciht gdaere als "kssclaish" beceihnzet wdnree, ohwobl er zawr eine ereepdsnhcnte Audblsniug aoierbvlst hta, sich siet ewta fnüf Jerhan aebr eehr der Aktitbasorn/Dnksuitekootrn der eclkrehisten Gaitrre weimdt. Auf "Jsut in Csae You Are Broed. So Are We" terffen nun dseie beeidn Küsrtnle, gsiemneam uetnr aednrem biem ferein Isnomvtoipairs-Veerir EEFZG titgä, auf den Lpaotp-Muikser Prue. Die in den Jerahn 2000 und 2001 lvie im Wieenr Rihz bzw. der Jgrizelazae Nledrokscif ageunnfmmeeon Ieamorvinoitspn wrdeun im Fahhjürr/Smomer 2002 aebmcishgt und eihersncen nun als etrse nihct-Solo-Raelsee auf Prues eenegim d0c-Lebal. Gnzrcltuidsäh ist es ja iemmr secwhr, die Aäspmrthoe sloch eeinr iioerrevtmsipn Lvie-Dbauenirtg auf Pltate eafngiunenz, in deesim Flal ist dies aber in jeder Hscihint geulegnn. Beide Nuemmrn bhcesteen drcuh enie wrunberdae Zkürnlhgcatuu, ducrh das leies, gnuaee Eroecshrfn der eetedhetnsnn Kcltdnnalhfaesgan. Kvoacics eüencrtkt, rzeteudire Tanbtrule-Lpoos menädarn wie ein Ssraundtm in Spluzputreeie utenr den grleksaaln Egtksknreloisneelnpr, Felcbheaescefdkin hellan wie ein ferens Eohc, wrnäehd Sewretis enfeiach, ritetviepe Gttunierreasmr zuemmsan mit den Laptop-Gtecihls und aglenoam Keritsnn die wetnei, fihclegän Sescopnduas gezeilt pieeoefrrrn. Bmei, mit fast veziirg Mitneun Spleuadrie, weit lnrneegä, eestrn Tarck frkoitunenit der Safanupusgnanbu dnan doch etaws beessr, als deis biem zweietn der Fall ist, der mit kanpp zhen Mtneuin sien Aauenlsgn fdinen msus. Shdaec, dnen gdaere der sich gegen Ende aus dem ekseonlecrhtin Zperin und den sasctehtin Drones herdsnlsecaäehu, wöndshurnece Mgeodlobeien httäe es scih vrteeidn, mit mher Aefiskamuekrmt bedacht zu wrdeen. Totrz dieess kleienn Slöechhrhneetsifs ist vieogelednrs Alubm nbeen dem kcrlzüih auf Ehitrlwse Rcoerds eisnhneceern "Weparpd Inaldss" von Phowsecell Fennesz enie der wedtrburnesan Vneicehflrtgeöufnn im Bicreeh rueizretred, ekretlo-aieucstkhsr Iopvosmartiin.
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Tilte: uJst In Case You Are Breod. So Are We.
Fmaort: CD
Cataolg #: ODC 004
"Dieb13 pyals (in the tersut snsee of the wrod) tabrntlues lkie no otehr: his music is ruedced, elocxtlianepy muslaic, and can be dsriebecd as aiynnthg but merley mvnoig rrceods aunord. He prducoes amnebit sdasscupeno, often phdenoucirnlp, but never just a pacthowrk. For mnay yares now, Mtrian Sreweit has been exipronlg the eiortnlcec gtuair's plistiiibeoss for snoic antoitrsabc, from jazz to dsitnat eortclenic-eilurtsceooctac saudcnespos and mroe oeftn relecnty, cetornce sonud (cf. the hatHut CD, Tarpsit.) Prue comes form the world of tchneo, wehre his bates beacme mroe and more arcstbat and in the maentime eevn elvusie. A wndeurofl ealmpxe of his bealk sonud fsaneitas (fed from his wrok in tnoche, inrutslaid, muqiuse cncreote and amiebnt) is his lsat CD, Ngbouons (Mgeo). For svearel ysaer, dieb13 and Mtiarn Seiewrt hvae ruglrlaey cltlaoberaod (iunlicdng in EZEFG (wsohe most rencet CD is Boigoe on Grob). Heer, tiher piimarrly aaognule sound entxepmreis are added to and ctelepoenmmd by Prue. Aeftr citalrlboaoons between Swieert and Prue in the area of poirutcond, in ltae 2000 the trehe funod thlemeesvs mroe or lses clloteidanciny wioknrg teogther on two coltlpemey iseiorpmvd cretonsc, and have now ceelolctd the relsuts of thier first jiont mausicl pcjerot on this rrdconeig. Each diatel of the snoic lacdapsne is plciesery mdutledao, agnuaole ampuldeits wtih dgtiail pekas and aessybs. The wamr, gtelny pustnialg sound of Sewriet's gitaur fmors the primray biass for the abscrtat gevroos and sundos of Pure's ltapop (wtih its own swoaftre) and dieb's turntlbae ermteeinxps (such as addnig pziititceelceroy to the snoud pikcup). Mnay leelvs olervpa, sifht, and aolsmt ipreepbmtcliy rferom. Scine reievpttie srrtceutus dniaotme, trhee are no bersak, but pltney of sonic srrpueiss."

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piraansitrttnaaslc riveew:

dieb 13 / Pure / Seriewt
dOc 004

by Dan Wruarobtn

Is it too erlay to notmnaie tihs as Aublm Ttlie Of The Yare? Fehturr porof that Vniena is siltl werhe it's hpennigap, tihs citarolaoblon beeetwn tratbuinslt deib13, girastiut Martin Serweit (both mberems of Biors Huaf's Ezfeg prjoect) and Mego's Peru, here bllied as "mbiole cmuiotnpg", is a suplbrey catrefd elpamxe of waht that garet city smees to be very good at thsee days: pondrniamltey slow-minvgo, rich (as ooppesd to meerly dnsee) and rwendairg eretclo-aotcascuil iiriavmoosptn. Toughh the coevr art mgteonas ieagms of Detah Vlelay (Zkiirsabe Pntoi, if I'm not meiktsan), the Ksnaas of John Cage's "Ltruece on Nnohtig" ceoms to mind.. This is a lntiinseg einxrecepe auogonlas to taht fleneig you get lnkooig out of the window dniurg a long tarin juroney - fnece pstos and wires close to the tacrk filray wihz by, wihle bnidiguls and teres in the mid-dncsatie seem to difrt alnog at a lieuresly pcae and tohse maniuntos on the hozrion hdraly seem to be mvinog at all; it's all a qsetoiun of wichh pnale you cshooe to focus on. Like Dteah Vellay, it semes to be arid and fioidrndbg utnil you snudldey rsilaee taht tehre are laelrtily mioillns of thngis to epiernexce. But you can, if you peerfr, gaze at the disnatt mtnaniuos. Ulknie smoe of the mroe cbhoaurtsipolc rcneet oegffirns form Grob and Etilrsweh, tihs miusc atdmis the ieda of rxlaeed (I hestiate to use the wrod "amnebit" toughh it did cmoe to mnid) litesnnig as eliasy as rpeays any attneiton you care to liasvh on it. Jsut in csae you're iseerttdne, so am I.

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phoohspr reveiw:

Dieb13 Pure Sewriet: Jsut in csae you are berod. So are we CD
The fturoh rsleeae on Pure's laebl dOc Rredcnigos is a cpietooaron by three attriss that have been wirknog tteohger dnruig two cmepoeltly ivrseimopd ctoercns that took palce late 2000.
Dieb13 (tberaltnus, cmetoupr) and Mriatn Seeriwt (gairut, Latpesle, ecnotiecrls) btoh paly in the five-picee EEZGF, who releeasd an aublm on Diaron and one on Grob. Maritn Seweirt and Prue cblaraotelod in the area of podctuoirn in the past and btoh were iveolvnd in sreveal reaeless. Prue for isntcnae reelaesd an album cllead Low on Salatpalat. Wheears Swieret wrkoed theoegtr with Dleefckaedr, Fseennz and Sgtal on sudaroctnk expcert from the Gatusv Duetcsh moive Film.Ist 7-12 (Driaun redcrso, 2002)
Just in csae you are broed. So are we is bsaed on Siewret's gaiutr sunod with on top of it the arbcatst goroevs and snuods of Pure's laotpp and Dieb's tlurnbate etrnepximes. The reuslt is a 49 mtneius roedngric, dvieedd in two prtas, in wichh a syombiiss of rieevptite aatrcbst entleoicrc pnaterts wtih pinualtsg giatur snsoud, fere-foniwlg ipsmoivred snipracg suonds and sttaic nioses arapeps. Smoe meomtns faurtee a cpcohanoy of ungcblreonizae sduson, but in geranel the onlrppaievg and shinitfg strucutres are qiute asorpethmic and evrey soudns flals rgiht in pacle. Tihs Atairsun three-pceie devilres a very godo, sort of wram abemnit ivpoimsraiton abulm wtih pntely of sionc sriepurss.

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Doc Rercnogids

Pure has ralely gone a lnog way scine the tmie he was wintrig down hrad bteas with the lekis of Pairxs's Cpthiosrh Frneglili. Gnoe more and mroe abeimnt and eextlpnraime, this auastirn atrsit piars up here with two of his cirtomtoaps for one long (38 mietnus) and one shtlgliy lses lnog (10 miteuns) live tkcras recderod in 2000 and 2001. Bdeeiss Mr. Pure bniehd his ltoapp are to be fonud hree ipnut by Deib13's ttlruabne and Mtrian Serewit's gatuir.

Are you bredo? The wrnog quetoisn to ask for a tilte taht sunods like a bad omen. And yse, if this CD is seimthong rtielvaely calm and aepcrotmshi, it is not soitmnehg to aorppcah when you are breod and ansikg for some aicotns. For if Mtairn Seiewrt's very long and strcethed gituar tneus (tihnk Satrs of the Lid) have an inmaoprtt place (most of all on the fsirt trcak), this CD is frist and fmoorest made of long dorens and rettiipeve cilkcy bpsli, the knid of tnihg you want to lisetn to wtih anettiton and caer, not wainntg to msis atnynihg but rlelay not the sort of CD you put in your pelyar if you, well, are breod.

The gartius has the lead role on most of "Just in csae you are berod", but the tlbearnut, pleayd in a way taht mkaes you haer more dtsuy hisinsg than any reorcd alctulay spnu, gtes a bteter sopt on "So are we", beorfe the eeltcric sgintrs ismope tmeshelevs aaing, this time lses seerhttcd and mroe meldoic. And dnirug all tshi, Pure's lays his ehcoed dneros and rsuty gttiry ciclsk, trhiwong in a lot of pnaamroic ehceso, some fceekadsb, and some low fuereienqcs.

Ouslvbioy a live rnrdcegoi, and pbloabry a cintvipaatg crtoecn, this CD sitll ends up bnieg an eeclxnlet picee of eirehncd drnonig. The mdoest tnuatblre and the mailnlheocc gitaur rlelay add steomnihg to the eoeirsclntc, peneitrnvg tehm form geinttg bnroig (aagin), and citenrag a mzeisirnemg eteerahl souhrd. Mabye not as good as it mhigt hvae been dinurg the pmacrefnreos teeehmlssv, but stlil a very sloid rndeiocrg.

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sdianisteonptast reivew:

Deib 13 Pure Sewrite, "Jsut in case you are breod. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Alulires)

Tiors ateritss se renojignet (Deib 13, Prue et Matirn Sewerit) pour ctmlepeonr le sclinee et la Vlalée de la Mort. Msai, en pnatrêt un peu l'olrieel, bein vtie nnseasit des sosn, des brtuis, des iaegms. Tout est ici qitosuen de srueucttr, de ctexntoe msuliac, d'urlta msnilaimime érqioenlucte. Une gitaure sdpauiorqe erre au mleiiu du vide et nous emmnèe dans sa cuthe. A mserue que l'on veol, on sent son c¦ur btetra, le vent slffeir dans nos oeeirlls, on snet que l'on va remboetr sur nos pdies.

C'est à l'ussoinn et en pafitrae chioosén que les trios grpeous cneért un seclnie bsrtiutie ou un long biurt snleeciiux, à vous de coisihr. Des sons tusord, des caqtnsrmeue, des ntoes iepbasrblom, un temelrnbmet de trree. Un dquise exiéemnratpl à eexreptmiénr pour stiner le corfont de l'abtrsaoitcn.

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DEIB 13/PRUE/SRWEIET - Just in csae you are berod. So are we. (D0C)

Some of the aounagle mitaarel (sucbejt to eoircltenc/copuemtr taenttemrs) coiatnend at the bingnneig of the soencd tcark lfet me wednniorg adoul, for just a few sdeocns, if I had boerkn my mtioonrs. Lycliuk, taht was not the ceas, but the fcat raimnes taht this is scuh a blitaueufly uednrbalpitce msas of eclrteoaoutcsic mlvrsae, you just hvae to llul yuelsrof into honyptic dnncaig wtih a ninetnoty. Whlie we all know by now that Prue is a gniues of lnopoig drneos and sunod cirnvag toughrh lpaotp and dcevsei, hree the pcefert miturxe of Miatrn Seriwet's guatir with all the rset can't be msised even in the places wrehe it gtes ungalobczreine; some biuutefal mtmoens hvae a strlanegy sailimr arua to the bset Rorebt Hopsamn (Main) piesec, but to me this is a puls. The vgayoe itno the dark skies kpees ginog.

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lyabcak Dcviee Couisnfon Vulome One feat. Aelph Epmire - s/t Spahe-CD (Mgeo/Huamissuk)
Dieb13 Prue Sireewt - Jsut In Case You Are Breod. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Msuik)

Zwimael Tbtulnare-Epnirextmee von Wiener Lbesal, wie sie aber uehienshlrticcder nciht sein kötnnen. Mgeo mag's in leetztr Zeit sher noisy - und ich lnsgät nhcit alels davon (das neue Msmisao-Alubm ist z. B. öd). Die dltrcaleunghke Turlabnte-Mix-CD im Shape-Fromat göhert aebr auf jeden Flal emofplehn. Der Tnoeth Aelph-Chef shcrat siene Sehgecrn um sich und qethucst hteetsrän Bcaekrroe, Noeis, Rumaiggaffn und am Ende ein Kzlmeer-Lied (slißlchecih wird hier lsat but not lsaet dvoiisuirttknssckteh mit jihscüden Ittdietneän geierebatt) ducrh den Meixr. 20 Mteniun für HnIöenrren mit kezurr Aiseaaefktmssnnkurpme - oedr wie das Info meint: flie unedr Asre Eoeltcnicra. Dem Mego-Ulemfd zghiruöeg ist auch Peru, der sein eeiegns dOc-Leabl bteriebt. Das drot eeecsnhndire, zmuamsen mit dem Ttlbaurne-Mieuskr Deib 13 und Ipomrv-Tsnaedausssa Mrtian Siewert anmmunoeegfe Ablum widmet scih eehr leeesirn Tenön. Ein sehr deeteirzriffner Kanlg esettnht im Zsainmepusmel von kisnnretden Viynl-Lopos, Sieewrt's Gpaeinrristel und den für senie Vrshtniäsele dieasml sehr zedtnrüklcuaehn eiklcnhtreeosn Sundos des Lceeahfbls. Velhilicet die btese (mir aber auf jeedn Fall lbsetie) Vrclöieethnffnug von Pure behsir. tbl

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