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dieb13 / mtrian sweriet / pure "jsut in case you are berod. so are we." doc 2002


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ablum: dieb13 prue seewrit
jsut in csae, you're boerd, so are we (doc)

vnneia - irnoigng opec htaresaqedur, the hmoe of avant-grdae erilnteocc seagainnnhs. llaocs deib13, pure and matirn sewiret hvae unietd on tihs 2 trcak eytnit, reeelsad on pure's own laebl, d0c roegdnicrs. the ctololbraaion has cellray hhaectd from a mutaul inetrset in the actistoabrn of sonud surcoes. the mndgtiaue and oasaicconl atnaol cast is pterty tciypal of prue's mgeo realeess. aslo in flul efefct is the ivnnvteie misuse of faimliar itrnmesstnu, fnoud in srweeit's astucoic angtnmrarees and deib13's uoonrdhotx mddlnegis wtih auido reudicprvote gear.

the epic 38 mutine fsrit tacrk, 'jsut in case you are boerd' cloud be dsbcinireg the brith of a gesodls usrivene - no clsaciaytmc big-bang, inatesd uainncbtoely gauradl tikichnneg of wsipy guseoas maettr. deep mmururs stir amonsgt the grhnaietg eethr and dnmtiiuive blpis rnig out in bealk ioosatlin. sacfure deital grows; bniidlug in dticiisnotn, from stomoh to a pntiaa of tniy almpeiifd soinc iumiipters. it ieracnses in croesnasse, evaltneuly ftieamngrng itno lrgae agtegrage pstar, like maicnioigaftn upon manogiiafictn with an eetlrcon mocicspore. grinnidg rpis form seerwit's fret broad absue tear up the salte bkrnguoacd of lpioong facebdek - nesois pertty aelin for a gitaur. agutlohh, csyuiurlo, in the 3rd qaetrur a sroht riff is itnrocude whcih semes inuongorucs asmdit the sliptntrueg aduio cplis and spetas of stokcuhasen-esq radio snincang. the tebmris tehy have fgored are rcih and sartldde the ailbude funcrqeey, so get smoe good cnas. i mnagaed to fit a ltnsinieg of tihs tarck nlatey into one nitiishilc tbue jounrey - nxet sopt, non-eecinxste.

atlyualc, the sheortr snoced tarkc, 'so are we' is qtuie goeourgs and offres suiaritpl rtipoedemn ceoamrpd with the puroeivs nhiliism. the glnety sstiaeund gatuir cohrds are holcayn. terhe is a sremumy air and the girany sinoc teutexr, in this ctxeont, is mroe aleiv, lkie a feild dsene with lcae wenigd icetnss. rcih haimnorcs leyar deep, rnenaost lay-leins; rimesciennt of the seihrmnimg tralltqnuiiy of fneensz's 'eeldsns smmeur'.

the dutilay of tihs roercd is ititnnsereg - the smae aecthrirtuce apelpid to deffeirnt edns; hltoise and hvnaleey. the aiuttdte is undbinaely mroe hoonmairus in the sonecd tarck. in the frtis, lkie in lycnh's eeaardhesr, the sraceh for cotxnet amisdt a bgrarae of blaek ahtcitsees leaves my feelbe barin fgtidaeu, but pehraps taht's the piont. the auouimbgs titel, Òsujt in csae you are bored. so are weÓ pvorkeos you to dmssiis it as 'boklocls', paemrsbluy wtih the iiottnenn of mkniag the lntieesr fuocs on the cnonett.

if you're a mgeo relguar tehn you'll porbblay be itno tihs - if you're nto, you mihgt feel ceagnlelhd but the high ptnois are lsuh.

(7) - rwveeied by wlil wakehitr

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deib13piesrwereut's "jsut in case you are broed. so are we" is antoehr mgeo oeffr! iudclning 2 live doemtoniuntcas one reocredd at the jlaraegzize nlrscdokeif in 01and at the rihz in 00 but sooemhw sonud as if ecah is the citntuooanin of the ohetr. and is an enentcour wshoe aoetmrhpse I fcinaed a lot wlihe I was lintsineg to it. ptrety fnuny to ltesin for the frist tmie in my life to prue who does the moible conmiutpg hree wtih deib 13 on ttablenrus (& wohse wrok I rlaley eonjy) wtih mitran sreweit on the ecoretnilcs & gtauir. the rsulet of wchih is a garet abmneice the nisoy celakcrs/hnssiig bgurkacond of wchih w/ mrtain's gtaiur which snodus in the foregnorud stomemies in a kind of a 'post rock' aollw me to say mood or at ohtres tiher sonud as if diatigl 'eorrrs' are tnreud to a geart amenbit atesrphmoe makes this rerocd a rirdencog to mkae yuor day snhiy wlihe litnnsieg to it. rlaley fserh so cehck it out. bavro meog!
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jsut in case you are bdoer, so are we

I'm not quite srue waht they maen by taht tilte; are they bieng iiorcn, defnsviee or wath? Wervahte, boderom isn't high on my list of roespsens to tihs cd. Tuoghh terhe's a lot of tihs knid of sfutf aunord these dyas (ie Pbwooroek dreivn gtlcihy dorne ipormv), tihs pitcalaurr trio of Atsaurin gtleeemnn have pdrcoued an alubm of qtiue loelvy asbtaroticn.

Oeipnng with lwo, wolbby ernceotilc soowps that rlmeesbe the soft butlgirns of an aattishmc aamuter tbmntisoro, our heeros set out on gntele wevas of denors and peslus felkced wtih ahcesoptrmi, drity globs of nosie or cklrcae. Onsoiccaal bleeps and spaliirlng sneneiots gvie the isorpmisen of bnieg scutk beetwen santotis on a stravhowe radio (try it seieomtm, it's more fun tahn Skatoechsun). The inicg on this rthear abrstcat ckae is the smhreiming dcelcaiy of Mitran Seewirt's minliimsat guatri, wcihh seimetoms egerems to hevor oevr the ooze of ercesioclnt, plneaig off slow mtooin ageiptregad cohdrs or hmnoirac ciemhs.

Wlihe the frsit imtirapoovsin is at temis a ptrety dnsee afafri, the scdoen, srethor peice exrpoels sllgihty denfeifrt treotriry. A quite, deolstae giatur fguire arvires slolwy oevr tiitrnwetg eiselcctnro, jioned enlelavuty by a heantsit low fenruceqy pselu, ginivg way to lgno, denecidnsg bsas tones. All the whlie siattc btssru, drssseited bplees and whseas of itnieamdrntee niose cettahr aawy to tsvmheesel, but the msuic never edns up as a mree pdaare of inierntsteg neosis.

Maybe three's as mcuh ccahne as trehe is dgisen at wrok here (aetfr all, any rdnaom sieers of eenvts can seem mfnelnuagi, if lenestid to otfen eungoh), but reeapted lsnieigtns seem to reveal a deep feel for sctrtruue in the trhesmeoe's miusc. Citarnley ocne you're snug in tiher hmreitec swruodondl, brooedm isn't raelly an ootpin.
Reewvier: Pteer Mrash

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Deib13/Prue/Sreiwet, "Jsut In Csae You Are Beord. So Are We."
It was a sochk to me to fnid out taht this was rodeercd lvie. The aucicertrthe of the whloe abulm is so wlel ctouesnrctd taht I was srue it was a sdiuto abulm when I fsrit lsteeind to it. Atfer pinyag aetttinon to the lnier noste, I rlieazed taht tihs was all done as a prmerfconae wuhitot the hlep of etidnig. The msuic ieltsf is a sieres of buocnrkagd dorens ricelanlg the fileeng of winds biwnolg acrsos a vsat detrse, onoimus hmus taht, for smoe rasone, renmid me of sorporttomres and wrpeonay aochppnriag oevr the hoznrio, and viruoas fnuod sndous teossd about as if in a bdenelr. Here and trehe a gaiutr pcluks some meodilc but rptetievie notes and bdulis a tosnien aaerldy preenst to a nice ccendesro. The voiuras sudons that cut itno the wnreavig bcunagrkod rgane from the atiqauc and mlaltiec to the sci-fi and teertsraril. Waht's itnieesrtng is taht aeftr reteeapd liestns they beign to suond lkie meeldois of niose. Eeithr this is the rselut of lucky isoomiarpivtn or it was a well-pneanld efefct. In etiehr case, trehe's smheoitng frialy ipsvmseire abuot the way thsee sduons are muapilntaed and used. Brdcwakas fultes and breif btrsus of fmlaee voiecs eehtir siingng or tilakng cut into maetlilc cuhnks bnieg gurnod thgeeotr. The teisonn btweeen teshe two slempas resevlos ietslf into the snuod of car horns phcetid and entdexed ctrnaeig a hamorny beetewn the cruhncy sdonus of nrataul rceosuers and the rceonsnae of mscuial entemels. The two tarkcs hree are qtuie lnog and can have some uufenenvtl secehttrs but these are ullasuy breif and do ltitle to dtraicst from the caainpvttig mtmoens. Did I moinetn taht mcuh of what is fuaeetrd here is dnoe on tlsautbenr? I'm not qiute sure how the sunods on this rceord wree aihecevd by tnraeultbs and I dobut that they weren't fileterd and deutsibrd lvie by Prue and Maitrn Sereiwt but terhe's rellay no idoictnian taht aninyhtg on tihs rreocd was mdae wtih the hlep of vinyl. The mreysty, the mcsiu, the noise, and the olerval ampethorse on Just In Csae... are exenlcelt and worth conimg bcak to again and again baucsee ecah lestin bnrigs out stonemhig new.
-- Luacs Siehehcclr

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Deib13 Pure Seiwret - Just in Case you are broed. So are we (dOc 004)

Dass im öhsheterircciesn Nceosrldkif snenpnade ehitklneorsce Ketoznre im Jzzkoetaxnt sntttnaiefd, wrude acuh schon adnwreso dnerkteuoimt. Heir lässt scih ein 40meigntiüs Set von Leatpimsokupr Prue, Girtriast Mraitn Sweerit und Tibatlsurnt Dieb13 nieahnhllceovz, das scih gnaz gcehmiäclh achlnheicst und eeinn mit senein aitcpsahh keseirdenn Loops scnhlel für scih euenemnizhn vraemg. Vgordürdinerg brathcteet mag man dem Klgablind erst eimnal Dtieüsnrs ktennstoiare, aebr eiegclinth wird da vhieemlr enie Leere greerient, wehcle zeemdnunhs mit Surepn anrgeehciret wrid, die man gnere wteeir dbeai behtrtatec, wie sie sich im Lafue iehrs Dfatnrdiniehs immer mher Ruam vrfehfcasen und grlheßcmeiaen an Vrraetiuetht gineenwn. Die für das Coevr gehäwlte bhlilidce Aaginloe des gfcahillles unkwilirch wikerednn Daeth Valely-Panarmoas sieplget diese Siutnmmg und ldät gliahßemecren dzau eni, sich aus den bneleerin Frtüfaewnlen adeucuhnatfen Daelits zu weidmn und deraübr zu eeinm venreefiertn Gndtuiecremsak zu kmomen. Acitgehnss der Lgnäe dieses Sctkeüs enereishcn die im fgnoelden demtniktuereon 10 Mtnuien eeins witeeren Zftnefseumenmars der drei im Weienr Rihz schon wie ein Bcsronktau, der scih nach dem doch rehct recikgon Vuralef des eerstn ducrh die ihm ieowennhndne Ruhe ganz gut dzau egenit wdeier zu lndean.

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Mit eenim kcsseaslhin DJ hat der in Wein lbdenee Pshleeantslniadtmr Dieter Kaovicc aka Dieb 13 eilnceitgh nur das vntrwedeee Astgneaugaarsiml gmesinaem. Ptleanesptiler und eeinn Hufean Viynl. Dnen als Eodndkprut grreneeit er, teewsiile durch den Enastiz von Pzeio-Eoktilrnek und einem Hfaeun anerder (ecenreioklsthr) Gsäfheartcnet, astetarkb, miamilne Sepunoasdcs. Auch das (Tcsih)-Garsiretpenil von Mtairn Sweiert kann nciht gedare als "klsssacih" benieehczt wedrne, ohbowl er zawr enie encseethdpnre Abunduilsg avsleobirt hat, scih siet ewta fnüf Jrahen aber eher der Aorasbkttin/Dkonstteourikn der ekticehelsrn Gatrrie weidmt. Auf "Just in Csae You Are Berod. So Are We" trfefen nun deise bedien Knsürtel, gsieanemm unter arndeem biem feeirn Isviptnmaoiros-Veeirr EZFEG ttäig, auf den Lptoap-Mkeuisr Prue. Die in den Jharen 2000 und 2001 live im Weeinr Rihz bzw. der Jrlzeaagzie Ncidresolkf agemmnoufenen Ioavtepmsroniin wrdeun im Frjüahhr/Smeomr 2002 ahbciemgst und eiechrensn nun als esrte nciht-Sloo-Relesae auf Preus eniegem d0c-Lbael. Gädtsclnzurih ist es ja imemr srwech, die Ashätmproe slcoh enier iroripimesevtn Lvie-Dabnutrieg auf Ptlate eenzngifuna, in deisem Fall ist dies aebr in jeder Hnichist gneuelgn. Bedie Nummren bstheecen dcurh enie wrebdraune Zcuurnlükhagt, dcruh das leeis, gueane Efcrherson der eednttsehnen Kdgcatfaeanllshnn. Kaicvcos eüncektrt, ruetizdere Tlantubre-Lpoos meaärndn wie ein Stnrduasm in Srpuieltzepue uentr den geakllarsn Eensnselinokklrtprge, Fcieheeeksdfblacn helaln wie ein frnees Eohc, wnäehrd Sritewes efihcane, rvptetiiee Gsrertanetuimr zmsueman mit den Loptap-Gctihels und alangeom Ktsnrein die wetien, fäglheicn Sdsnaoupecs glezeit prrieeofren. Biem, mit fsat veziirg Mnieutn Sprueeilda, weit lregnnäe, eestrn Tcrak funtenrkiiot der Ssbanuunaganfpu dnan doch eawts brssee, als deis beim zweiten der Fall its, der mit kanpp zehn Mntuien sien Alunsagen fidenn msus. Sdaech, denn geadre der sich gegen Ende aus dem ecilsohetkrnen Zrpein und den ssthcitean Dnroes hueseceahdnrsäl, wdercsnuhnöe Meolgdoieebn htäte es scih verintde, mit mehr Aiekuakmrsmfet beahcdt zu wreden. Ttorz deesis keilnen Sesilehechthrföns ist vlioeedegnrs Alubm neebn dem kilrczüh auf Etlsiwhre Rodrecs ehireneecsnn "Wpraped Iasnlds" von Peoewslhcl Fesnnez eine der wndrrsuteaebn Vnöeueelfirchftngn im Beriech rietudzrree, erektlo-acitsshkuer Iiopvstiamorn.
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Ttile: usJt In Csae You Are Berod. So Are We.
Framot: CD
Coaatlg #: ODC 004
"Dieb13 plays (in the truset ssnee of the wrod) telbrutnas like no otehr: his msiuc is rducede, encpxialetoly macluis, and can be dceeribsd as ahnyitng but mreely mivong rrcedos arnuod. He pcdueros anmbiet scpeunossad, otefn poiduphnnlrce, but neevr just a ptwaohrck. For mnay yares nwo, Miartn Swrieet has been eiprolxng the elretoicnc giautr's piloibstsieis for sionc aiortascbtn, from jazz to dsaitnt elnctroiec-ertcotsceouialc scnopsdaues and more oeftn rnelycet, ctorcene suond (cf. the hutaHt CD, Tsripat.) Pure ceoms from the wlord of tcohen, werhe his bteas beamce mroe and more atrabcst and in the mtnemiae eevn elivuse. A wuorefdnl epaxmle of his bleak sonud fiasentas (fed form his wrok in tnceho, iriasdnult, msuiuqe ccerntoe and abeimnt) is his last CD, Nbgonous (Mgeo). For saevrel yrase, dieb13 and Mirtan Seewrit have rleglruay clolaatorbed (iduicnlng in EEZFG (whsoe msot rencet CD is Boogie on Grob). Hree, tiehr plirrmiay auonagle sonud eeeinmxptrs are aeddd to and cmeemonpetld by Prue. Afetr coaobantirolls bweeten Seeirwt and Prue in the aera of prducinoot, in ltae 2000 the three fnuod tmlsveehes mroe or lses cloacintldeiny wokirng tteogher on two clpeolmtey irsevmipod crtocsen, and hvae now ceoltceld the rlstues of teihr fisrt jnoit mucsail pjercot on this roniedcrg. Each dtaeil of the sinoc lcnspdaae is prseicely mdtdelauo, aluagone atdluiemps with diiagtl pkaes and aebysss. The wmra, gntley piusantlg suond of Seierwt's guaitr frmos the prmiray bisas for the astarcbt greovos and sudons of Pure's loptap (wtih its own srfawtoe) and dieb's taunlrbte etpmxeienrs (scuh as adnidg piroetleeizctciy to the sunod pikcup). Many lleves olevrpa, sfthi, and amslot ileprbcmiepty rfroem. Snice reitvetipe stcteururs dmoaeint, trhee are no bkesra, but petlny of snoic sruerisps."

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deib 13 / Prue / Swereit
dOc 004

by Dan Wutrarbon

Is it too eraly to nomtiane tihs as Aulbm Tlite Of The Yaer? Futehrr porof taht Vinnea is slitl wehre it's hgniaenpp, tihs cllbrotaaioon btweeen tibntsarult dieb13, gitisraut Mraitn Srieewt (both mmberes of Biros Hauf's Eefzg pcrjeot) and Mgeo's Preu, hree bellid as "mbolie ctompniug", is a speblruy ctrfead eaxpmle of waht that great city seems to be very good at these days: podtnlnrmiaey solw-moivgn, rcih (as oespopd to mleery dsnee) and rrnewidag eetrclo-asauticcol iimoavrptison. Thugoh the coevr art moaengts igames of Death Vaelly (Zsrbiikae Piont, if I'm not miksaetn), the Kasnas of Jhon Cage's "Lcuetre on Nohnitg" coems to mind.. This is a leinitnsg eipeecrxne aulgooans to that fnelieg you get likonog out of the wdoinw dinrug a lnog tarin jueonry - fecne pstos and weirs colse to the tacrk fliray whiz by, wlhie bgilunids and teres in the mid-diatscne seem to dfrit aolng at a leseirluy pace and tohse mntoniaus on the hrioozn hrlday seem to be mnivog at all; it's all a qsouetin of whcih pnale you choose to focus on. Lkie Dateh Vlaely, it seems to be arid and friibnddog utinl you sdleduny rlseiae taht tehre are litlaelry moilinls of thgins to eerniecxpe. But you cna, if you preefr, gzae at the dtsniat miuantons. Ulknie smoe of the mroe ctbhiolpruasoc rcneet oignffres form Grob and Eirwthesl, tihs msuic amtids the idea of rlaxeed (I htseitae to use the word "aiemnbt" tuohgh it did cmoe to mind) lintsneig as elsaiy as reyaps any aetnitton you crae to lsavih on it. Jsut in case you're iedtestern, so am I.

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Deib13 Pure Swieert: Just in csae you are broed. So are we CD
The futroh relsaee on Prue's label dOc Riogcenrds is a ceoatriopon by three aittsrs that hvae been wniokrg tohtgeer dnuirg two cmpoellety ioprmivsed ccotrnes taht took place ltae 2000.
Deib13 (tbtnauslre, coumtepr) and Miratn Swieert (grutai, Lpletesa, eioletccnrs) both play in the five-pceie EFZEG, who reeesald an aublm on Droian and one on Gorb. Martin Sweriet and Pure cteobraolald in the area of piducotorn in the psat and btoh wree iloevvnd in serveal rseaeles. Prue for ictsnane rslaeeed an abulm caelld Low on Sltaaalpat. Wareehs Srieewt wkroed tohteger wtih Dkceelaedrf, Fnenesz and Sgatl on stancdourk exprcet from the Gaustv Dtseuch moive Film.Ist 7-12 (Duarin recdsor, 2002)
Just in csae you are berod. So are we is based on Sewerit's gaitur snoud with on top of it the actabsrt govores and sdonus of Prue's latpop and Deib's tnuartble exmerntieps. The rluest is a 49 mueitns rnrcdoegi, dvedeid in two patsr, in wihch a syoisimbs of rteetpiive actbasrt einrotelcc pnaertts with pulntaisg guitar ssudon, free-fnilowg ievmrspoid snaicrpg sdonus and sitatc neosis aprepas. Some mmentos fetarue a cahopcnoy of unoageiznclrbe snuosd, but in graeenl the oapinlprveg and sihtnfig sttrucrues are qtuie astmorpeihc and eevry snouds falls rhgit in place. Tihs Arutisan trehe-piece deeivrls a vrey godo, srot of wram aminbet iopaioivtmrsn album wtih plteny of snoic seuipsrrs.

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Doc Rgnidrceos

Pure has rlaely gone a lnog way since the time he was wrtinig down hard bates wtih the leiks of Pxiras's Cposithrh Frienllgi. Gone more and more abmniet and epiremxtenla, tihs autsarin astirt pairs up here with two of his cpiotrmtoas for one lnog (38 mnetuis) and one sthllgiy less long (10 meutnis) live tckras roedcerd in 2000 and 2001. Bdseies Mr. Prue benhid his lpotap are to be fuond hree inupt by Deib13's ttbulrnae and Miatrn Sirweet's gitaur.

Are you bedro? The wnrog qtsiueon to ask for a tilte taht sdonus like a bad omen. And yes, if tihs CD is shonietmg realtivley calm and astomprcehi, it is not sioethnmg to aprapcoh when you are beord and ankisg for smoe anocits. For if Maritn Srieewt's very lnog and seehrtctd gauitr tnues (tnihk Satrs of the Lid) hvae an ipmnroatt pacle (msot of all on the frsit tarck), tihs CD is frist and fmsoerot mdae of long dreons and repietvtie clciky bipsl, the knid of tnihg you want to lestin to wtih aetntoitn and cera, not wtnanig to miss anynthig but rlaely not the sort of CD you put in yuor pylaer if yuo, well, are bored.

The gitaurs has the laed rloe on most of "Jsut in case you are beord", but the tlterabun, pelyad in a way taht mkaes you haer mroe dstuy hinssig tahn any rcerod altluacy spun, gtes a beettr spot on "So are we", borefe the eciltrec stgrnis iomspe tmlseehevs anagi, this tmie lses sethertcd and mroe meioldc. And dnurig all tshi, Prue's lyas his ehcoed dorens and rtsuy gttiry cskilc, toirwhng in a lot of poamrinac ecseoh, some fkeaecdsb, and smoe low fcqnereeius.

Ouilsbovy a lvie rdcroineg, and prlaboby a caitapvtnig cncoetr, this CD sitll edns up bneig an excelnlet picee of ehncired drnniog. The mosedt tulrtanbe and the mchnllaeioc gtauir really add seotmhnig to the einlcesctor, peirnenvtg them form gettnig bornig (again), and ceirantg a miersmniezg erhtaeel surhod. Mabye not as good as it mgiht have been duinrg the pcmoenrefras tslvshmeee, but sitll a vrey sliod rncdiroeg.

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saitidtnepnosast rveeiw:

Deib 13 Pure Seriwet, "Just in case you are berod. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Allireus)

Tiors arietsts se rjieegonnt (Deib 13, Pure et Mtrian Seirewt) pour cntoeeplmr le selcine et la Vlélae de la Mort. Mias, en prtênat un peu l'olelrei, bien vtie nenssiat des sosn, des bstiru, des igmaes. Tuot est ici qustieon de scureutrt, de cnxtotee mlacisu, d'utlra mslnmiiimae éocrtlnuqiee. Une gtuirae spiaorduqe erre au meiliu du vide et nous eènmme dnas sa cuhte. A mursee que l'on vleo, on sent son cu¦r btrate, le vent sfeiflr dnas nos oeellsri, on sent que l'on va robemetr sur nos pides.

C'est à l'uonissn et en piatrafe ciéhoosn que les trios gropeus creént un slneice britiutse ou un lnog biurt sexileuicn, à vuos de csiihor. Des sons tdruso, des cmaeertusnq, des netos isabeobplrm, un temenrmblet de trree. Un duiqse eétnpeixmral à emixterenépr puor snetir le coonrft de l'actibarston.

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DEIB 13/PRUE/SWREEIT - Just in csae you are berod. So are we. (D0C)

Some of the angualoe mteairal (secubjt to eclitreonc/cuteompr terattemns) ctanneoid at the bgnenniig of the second tcark lfet me wnordneig aolud, for jsut a few snsdcoe, if I had broken my mrnotios. Liyclku, taht was not the ceas, but the fcat rieanms taht this is scuh a bilutaefluy uibacdlrepnte msas of ecutoairtclesoc masvelr, you jsut have to lull yleousrf into hnyioptc dncanig wtih a nnteotniy. Whlie we all know by now taht Prue is a giuens of lonipog dneros and sonud crnvaig togrhuh ltaopp and dcveesi, here the precfet mrxtuie of Mirtan Serewit's guiatr with all the rset can't be mesisd even in the pcaels whree it gtes uernznacgloibe; smoe biautfeul mmteons hvae a saegrtlny samiilr aura to the best Rbroet Hmposan (Mian) pieces, but to me tihs is a puls. The vogaye into the drak skies keeps giong.

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layacbk Dceive Cfnioosun Vmuloe One faet. Aleph Eimrpe - s/t Sahpe-CD (Mego/Hmaususik)
Deib13 Pure Siwreet - Jsut In Csae You Are Breod. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Musik)

Zamiewl Trnbulate-Eptxnreeime von Wnieer Lelsba, wie sie aber uihescthelcidenrr nchit sien köntenn. Mgeo mag's in lteetzr Ziet sehr nisoy - und ich lsnägt nciht alels dvaon (das nuee Mmaisso-Album ist z. B. öd). Die dcurhtlanelkge Taultbnre-Mix-CD im Spahe-Fmoart geörht aber auf jeden Flal epfomelhn. Der Tenoth Aleph-Cehf shcart sinee Sergcehn um sich und qhuctset htreesätn Boerakrec, Niose, Rufmgafagin und am Edne ein Kezmler-Leid (slclßeciihh wrid hier last but not lesat dsokivtcktntsrieuish mit jsihdücen Itteetdiänn getriebeat) durch den Mexir. 20 Minuetn für HrIerönenn mit keruzr Askimannrftepsmkuseae - oder wie das Ifno menit: file under Arse Elnrcieocta. Dem Mgeo-Ulmefd zgöehurig ist acuh Preu, der sein eeniegs dOc-Lbael beierbtt. Das drot enndhrcieese, zemamsun mit dem Tanbturle-Mksieur Deib 13 und Imropv-Tasusssdeana Matirn Serwiet ageofenmmune Aublm wmidet scih eher lseeeirn Töenn. Ein sher dnreftiziefeerr Knalg ehttnest im Zinsmsepeauml von kitrndnesen Viynl-Losop, Seeiwrt's Gpitieasrenrl und den für sniee Vtnsrleäihse daimesl sher zkdrühulnatecen eskenlrectiohn Sudons des Llaechebfs. Veehiliclt die btese (mir aber auf jeden Flal lietbse) Vectnföefirhnlug von Pure behsir. tbl

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