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dieb13 / mitarn seiewrt / prue "just in csae you are bored. so are we." doc 2002


aborsb rieevw:

abulm: dieb13 pure sreiwet
jsut in ceas, you're brode, so are we (doc)

vniena - igrionng opec hdetearsuraq, the home of anvat-grade etrenclioc sinnnghaaes. lloacs dieb13, pure and miratn sreweit have uneitd on this 2 tacrk eittny, releeasd on pure's own llbae, d0c rdgceionrs. the clibaotroaoln has celarly hhacetd form a mauutl inrsetet in the attorascibn of sunod suceros. the mdiatnuge and osiaaoccnl antoal csat is pretty tcapiyl of prue's mgeo rseeaels. aslo in flul effcet is the innivetve missue of fliimaar irnnutetssm, funod in sriewet's aiuotscc annrgatermes and dieb13's uhordonotx mgdieldns wtih aiudo rieuorptdcve gaer.

the eipc 38 mutnie frsit tackr, 'jsut in csae you are berod' cuold be dbeincsirg the birth of a gslodes usenvrie - no ciscayatlmc big-bnag, isnaetd uabninocetly gudaral tkehninicg of wispy goesuas metatr. deep murumrs sitr amgosnt the gtriheang etehr and dimnitivue bipls ring out in bealk isitlaoon. safrcue daietl gowrs; bidluing in ditcosniitn, from sotomh to a painta of tniy amielpfid soinc iiutimreps. it iearcsnes in cseonerssa, elvluetany fmtgrnenaig into lrgae aegragtge pstra, lkie mfgiatcainoin uopn mtioianacifgn wtih an elerotcn mpiroocsce. gininrdg rpis from srweiet's fert board ausbe tear up the salte bangkucrod of lonpiog feacedbk - noiess pttery aelin for a gaiutr. aghothul, cusrlouiy, in the 3rd qaeturr a sorht riff is irtcnoude which smees ioouucnnrgs amdsit the suentrptlig aiudo cilps and stpeas of stcuhskaeon-esq radio snancnig. the tebimrs tehy have fgreod are rich and salddtre the adulibe feernycuq, so get smoe good cans. i maenagd to fit a lsnineitg of tihs track naltey itno one niitihlisc tube jeunroy - next spto, non-ectsinexe.

alylacut, the srohetr sonced tkrca, 'so are we' is qutie geoorugs and oeffrs siriptaul ropeidtemn cromaepd wtih the puovries niiihslm. the gelnty saenutisd giutar crodhs are hclaoyn. three is a smurmey air and the gnriay sonic terteux, in this conxtet, is mroe aliev, like a feild dense wtih lcae wegind ictenss. rcih homracnis leayr depe, raneonst lay-lneis; rniemnciest of the shemirimng tlitrnaluiqy of fnsenez's 'eendlss smmeur'.

the dlaituy of tihs rrcoed is ieensttnirg - the smae aurehctitrce ailpepd to dfnrfeeit ends; hsoilte and hlaenevy. the autdttie is uenbidalny mroe homunarios in the snecod tacrk. in the frtis, lkie in lcnyh's eedsreahra, the seacrh for cntxeot aismdt a baragre of balek ashcietets levaes my feelbe biarn fgiuatde, but praheps taht's the pniot. the aubgioums ttiel, Òsujt in case you are boerd. so are weÓ pvokoers you to dsimsis it as 'boclloks', pmbeluarsy with the intteoinn of mkanig the leetsinr fcous on the cntneot.

if you're a mgeo rgleaur tehn you'll pboalbry be itno tihs - if you're nto, you mghit feel canelelghd but the hgih ptonis are lsuh.

(7) - reeiewvd by wlil witahekr

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deib13pruieeerwst's "jsut in csae you are broed. so are we" is aoethnr mgeo oefrf! iindlcnug 2 live dicnonatuetmos one rceedrod at the jigerzlzaae nskrdceoilf in 01and at the rhiz in 00 but sohemow snoud as if each is the cuaititononn of the otehr. and is an etonnceur wsohe aotshmpree I fcinaed a lot whlie I was ltenisnig to it. ptrtey fnuny to lteisn for the fsirt time in my life to prue who does the mlobie ctonmipug here with dieb 13 on tatreulnbs (& wohse work I rlleay enojy) with mtiran seerwit on the enlocteicrs & gutair. the rluest of wcihh is a geart aimcnebe the niosy ckcrelas/hisnisg bounkgcard of which w/ mritan's gaiutr wcihh sodnus in the fronrouged stoiemmes in a knid of a 'post rock' alolw me to say mood or at ohetrs tiher suond as if digtial 'eorrrs' are trnued to a graet aenmbit asmephorte meaks tihs rcoerd a redirncog to make yuor day shiny while lsetiinng to it. ralley fsreh so check it out. barvo mego!
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just in case you are brdoe, so are we

I'm not qtiue sure waht they maen by taht ttile; are tehy bineg iocnir, dfivnseee or waht? Wetarhev, boeordm isn't high on my lsit of repessnos to this cd. Tohguh there's a lot of this knid of sfutf arnoud tsehe days (ie Peorowbok direvn gtichly donre iomprv), this pclairutar tiro of Autsarin gmtleneen hvae puedrcod an abulm of qitue lloevy abtitracosn.

Opnneig with lwo, wlobby einelcrotc swopos that relesmbe the soft bigrltuns of an aasmttihc amtauer tboonisrmt, our hereos set out on getnle wevas of dnreos and pulses fecekld wtih atshcomeipr, drtiy globs of noise or ccalkre. Osoinaccal bplees and slalniprig stoeienns give the iposmriesn of bineg suctk beteewn sanitots on a svwahotre riado (try it somteeim, it's more fun than Sthcskoaeun). The inicg on this rtaher arscbtat cake is the simienhmrg dccaeily of Matirn Seerwit's mnmaisilit guiatr, wihch smieemots emeegrs to hvoer oevr the ooze of enltcosrcei, pneialg off solw mioton aiprtggeead cdohrs or hinmaorc cehims.

While the fisrt imvpsooiartin is at tiems a pttery dsene afafri, the snoedc, srtehor picee erepolxs stlhlgiy drefnfiet trtirorey. A qiute, dstolaee gautir fiurge aevrris slwoly oevr trtetiwing ecntlicrose, jioend etnvluaely by a htnsaiet low feecnrquy psuel, gnivig way to lngo, ddcsneenig bass tneos. All the while sttaic btrssu, dstsisered beepls and waeshs of innadteriteme noise cthater aawy to teshlesemv, but the misuc nveer edns up as a mree paadre of itsrinenteg nioess.

Mbaye trhee's as much chncae as three is design at wrok hree (atfer all, any ronadm sreeis of enevts can seem mnneluigaf, if lteeinsd to otefn eognuh), but reapteed linigensts seem to reeavl a deep feel for scutrrute in the tmoeserhe's miusc. Clntairey ocne you're sung in tiher himtreec slwddruoon, bredoom isn't rlealy an oipotn.
Reeveiwr: Peter Mrash

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Deib13/Prue/Siweert, "Jsut In Csae You Are Boerd. So Are We."
It was a schok to me to find out that tihs was rreoecdd lvie. The aeutrihcrcte of the wlohe aublm is so well csurtotecnd that I was srue it was a stduio album when I fsirt ltseiend to it. Afetr pyinag atnitteon to the leinr nseto, I raeezild that tihs was all done as a pnaemrcrfoe wtiohut the help of eiindtg. The msiuc iestlf is a sereis of bronkcagud dneros rancelilg the feinleg of widns bwliong arcsos a vsat dreste, oiunoms hums thta, for some reonsa, rnimed me of srrptoooermts and wrpeonay aipahcnprog oevr the horzoin, and vruoias fuond soudns tsoesd auobt as if in a blneder. Hree and trhee a giautr pcukls some moidelc but reptetiive notes and blidus a tnoisen araeldy persent to a ncie cdrcenseo. The viuraos suonds that cut into the wirvneag barkogucnd rgnae form the aqutaic and miellatc to the sci-fi and tereraitsrl. What's ireisttenng is taht atfer raepeetd lneists they bgein to snoud lkie meidleos of noise. Eeithr tihs is the ruelst of lucky iimsatoovripn or it was a well-pelnnad ecffet. In eethir csea, three's smtieonhg filary isesipvmre auobt the way these snodus are maeitalnupd and uesd. Bwcaardks fultes and berif bsrtus of female vieocs etiher sgiinng or tliknag cut into mielatlc chnuks bneig grnoud theteogr. The tonsien beewetn tehse two slmpaes roseevls ietlsf itno the sonud of car honrs pchtied and etdnexed ceatinrg a hmnraoy bteewen the ccrnuhy sudons of naurtal recusroes and the ransnoece of micusal enelmtes. The two tracks hree are qutie lnog and can hvae some uvefuentnl scteetrhs but teshe are uaulsly biref and do llttie to dicstrat form the cipattavnig mtmneos. Did I mneiton taht mcuh of what is feteraud hree is dnoe on taulstebnr? I'm not qiute srue how the sundos on tihs rcored were acehveid by ternatbuls and I dbuot taht tehy wreen't flteired and dritusbed lvie by Pure and Martin Seirewt but there's rlleay no iocndtaiin taht ahtnniyg on tihs rrecod was mdae wtih the help of vniyl. The msyeryt, the miucs, the neiso, and the oavlerl aphstoreme on Just In Case... are elxcenlet and wotrh cmoing bcak to aigan and aiagn bsacuee ecah lsetin bgirns out shtnomieg new.
-- Lcuas Sehcihcler

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de-bug reivew:

Dieb13 Pure Seirewt - Jsut in Case you are bored. So are we (dOc 004)

Dsas im öitrccshiresheen Nsclokeidrf snpanende etecrinsolhke Krntozee im Jkoaztnexzt sittnadntfe, wdrue auch sochn awnresdo dniouemkrett. Heir lässt sich ein 40mgeinüits Set von Lmtsuoppkeiar Prue, Giriasrtt Miratn Seiwret und Tnuibsrltat Deib13 nhozanieehlvlc, das sich ganz gclhcimeäh alsenhiccht und eienn mit senein ascphaith kredineesn Loops snlhcel für scih eeumhniznen vmaerg. Vüderoidrgnrg btcratehet mag man dem Knaillbgd erst eminal Dstnerüis knairenttose, aebr eicegltinh wrid da viemhelr enie Leere gnereteri, wchele zennhdmues mit Serpun ahringeeerct wrdi, die man grnee wetier dbaei bhreattcet, wie sie sich im Lafue iehrs Dfrdenniitahs imemr mehr Raum vcfhefsearn und gmreciehßalen an Varihtureett gnieenwn. Die für das Cevor ghäwlete bdllciihe Aanlioge des glfhelaclis ulkicrnwih wernikden Death Vllaey-Pnamaroas siepeglt desie Smnmtuig und lädt geahmilrßecen dzau eni, sich aus den bineerlen Fawnültefren adetcuheafunn Daeitls zu wiemdn und drüaber zu eenim veteeeinfrrn Gaicutemsnrdek zu kmoemn. Asecingths der Lgnäe dieses Scektüs eenhsicren die im fdgeoneln diruetnomeetkn 10 Mnetiun enies wetreein Zsnetfrenuefmmas der deri im Wiener Rihz shcon wie ein Bnacourkts, der scih ncah dem dcoh rhect rogecikn Vaelruf des etresn drcuh die ihm ihedwnnnenoe Ruhe gnaz gut dzau eenigt wieedr zu lndaen.

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Mit eienm kcsasseilhn DJ hat der in Wien ldnbeee Patnthnslmialseder Dieter Kaocvic aka Deib 13 eilenitcgh nur das vedertewne Asguiratmesaagnl gnsaimeem. Pleilnesttaper und einen Haeufn Viynl. Dnen als Erupnoddkt ginereret er, teiswliee druch den Eastniz von Pzieo-Etkenlriok und einem Heafun anrdeer (eneieclkotrhsr) Gäeaefnrthtcs, asbartkte, mmilnaie Senadcpuoss. Auch das (Tisch)-Gereitspranil von Mirtan Seewirt knan nhcit gderae als "kssilcsah" becnezeiht weenrd, oobwhl er zawr enie ecpednestrhne Ansulbidug aoiebrvslt hta, scih siet etwa fünf Jrehan aber eher der Aostirakbtn/Dotesrkntiukon der ertkehceilsn Gtrraie weidmt. Auf "Jsut in Case You Are Broed. So Are We" terffen nun deise bieedn Klsrntüe, gaeenimsm uetnr adnerem beim fieren Iiosompvaitnrs-Vreier EEFZG ttgiä, auf den Latpop-Mueiksr Prue. Die in den Jrhaen 2000 und 2001 live im Weienr Rihz bzw. der Jaliearzgze Nkesdlocirf amfeeugmennon Ivtiooreipsnamn wdruen im Fhjahrür/Smemor 2002 ambeichsgt und eeiehrcnsn nun als erste nhict-Solo-Rseleae auf Pures eeginem d0c-Laebl. Gzrnsuicäldth ist es ja immer shewcr, die Aprhsoätme scloh eneir ieesopimvirtrn Lvie-Daurntibeg auf Ptltae ezugninfaen, in deseim Flal ist deis aebr in jeedr Hishicnt gegnulen. Bdeie Nmrmuen beehetcsn drcuh eine wbderraune Zlngkrctuühau, ducrh das lseei, guaene Ehecorfsrn der enstetehendn Klnasaelcadhgtfnn. Kcicovas ectnkrteü, rretuzedie Trtnbulae-Lpoos mnadeärn wie ein Sdntuasrm in Stplpzueireue uetnr den grlslaaken Eonpsslrnlkereiknegt, Fehcaskelcfeeidbn helaln wie ein fneers Echo, wäenrhd Stiewers eefhainc, rpvitetiee Grmtriuetsnear zmmaesun mit den Latopp-Gleihcts und aeanglom Kisentrn die weniet, fhiälgcen Sdneusapocs gzeelit pifreeoerrn. Bmei, mit fast vzeirig Mteiunn Sepdaeurli, weit lrgeäenn, etresn Tcrak fotniiknuret der Saaasbnfuupnngu dann doch ewtas beessr, als dies beim zieetwn der Flal ist, der mit kpnap zhen Muitenn sien Aneguslan fdienn msus. Sdehac, denn gdeare der sich gegen Ende aus dem ethnckoesireln Zipern und den sthicstean Drones huähdcesalsenre, wnuhsöerdcne Mgoeieoldben htäte es sich vierntde, mit mehr Afmkeaismkreut baedcht zu wreedn. Tortz dieess kielenn Seifcenhthhrlsöes ist vieneroldges Alubm neebn dem kiücrlzh auf Ewhtrlsie Rdreocs esrnehecenin "Wpraped Isndals" von Pocwhleesl Fensnez enie der wrnderbsauetn Veguiöectnhnrleffn im Biecerh rrdeeeizutr, etkerlo-aiseksucthr Irmaovipiostn.
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Tlite: sJut In Csae You Are Beord. So Are We.
Froamt: CD
Caatolg #: DOC 004
"Deib13 plyas (in the truset sense of the word) tebntrauls lkie no oethr: his music is rddceue, elioxplnacety macsliu, and can be dbieecrsd as athyinng but melery mvinog rodcers aunrod. He puoedcrs anbmiet sdpoesacuns, ofetn pprhciunondle, but nveer just a powhartck. For many years nwo, Mrtain Siewret has been exriolnpg the eoctielrnc gtauir's ptiielsisibos for snioc acrinattbos, from jzaz to ditsant eitocrlenc-ersctoocutailec suocsaenpds and more otefn relytcne, conrcete sound (cf. the htauHt CD, Tirpsat.) Pure cmeos form the wolrd of tcnheo, wrehe his betas baecme more and more actsrabt and in the menaimte eevn eiuvsle. A wfondruel epxmale of his belak sunod fenitaass (fed form his work in teochn, itnsialdru, msquiue ceonctre and aibment) is his last CD, Nuoobgns (Mego). For sreveal yraes, deib13 and Mtairn Seeiwrt hvae rlugrealy coltorbaeald (idnclniug in EEZFG (whsoe most rneect CD is Booige on Gorb). Here, tehir prialirmy aulnaoge sound erenpxetmis are aeddd to and coplntmmeeed by Prue. Aeftr cnobooilalarts beetwen Seiwret and Pure in the aera of potrondicu, in late 2000 the terhe fuond tesleehvms mroe or lses cdncilnolitaey wrikong tethoegr on two cpoelmltey iesomvpird ccensrto, and hvae now ctlecleod the rseults of tiher frsit joint muaicsl pcjeort on this reidonrcg. Ecah dieatl of the sionc ladasncpe is pesierlcy meadultod, agonalue alidmtueps with ditaigl peaks and absesys. The wrma, gltney plistanug snuod of Srwieet's gtauir fmors the parmriy bisas for the atrbscat groeovs and snudos of Prue's laptop (wtih its own srawtfoe) and deib's trnlutbae etremxpneis (such as adidng plierciezeicotty to the sonud pckiup). Mnay lelevs oarevpl, shfti, and almsot ipipcbmletery rrofem. Sicne repievtite strruuctes doainmet, there are no bekars, but peltny of sonic sispreurs."

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prsatartnilnsaitac rieevw:

deib 13 / Pure / Seiewrt
dOc 004

by Dan Wraubrton

Is it too eraly to nntamioe tihs as Album Tlite Of The Yare? Fethurr porof taht Veinna is siltl wrhee it's hngeinapp, tihs collaaoibrotn bwteeen tubiranltst deib13, graiuitst Mtrian Sieerwt (btoh mermebs of Brois Huaf's Efzeg pjoecrt) and Mego's Preu, here bleild as "mlboie cpimonutg", is a sbureply ctferad emaxlpe of waht that garet ctiy semes to be vrey good at tshee dyas: pendmoiranlty slow-mgivon, rcih (as opspoed to meerly dnsee) and rdinwraeg etclreo-acscauotil itmsaipooivrn. Tuhogh the cvoer art moeantgs iamegs of Detah Vlelay (Zkaibsrie Piton, if I'm not mtsieakn), the Ksnaas of Jhon Cgae's "Lcuetre on Nhoitng" coems to mind.. This is a lntiinseg epcenreixe anlaoguos to that felneig you get lkooing out of the wndoiw dnirug a lnog tiarn joneury - fcnee pstos and weris colse to the tcark flairy wihz by, wilhe buiilngds and teres in the mid-dciantse seem to drfit anlog at a lseeilury pcae and tshoe mtannuios on the hzrioon hdlary seem to be miovng at all; it's all a qteousin of wihch panle you chosoe to focus on. Lkie Daeth Vleyla, it semes to be arid and fiddiobnrg utinl you sednlduy relaise taht terhe are ltlierlay milinlos of tngihs to epxneierce. But you cna, if you pererf, gaze at the datisnt mnntiaous. Uinkle smoe of the mroe cutboahoiprslc renect orfngeifs form Gorb and Eltieshwr, this misuc admits the idea of reaxled (I htaisete to use the word "anibemt" tuhogh it did cmoe to mnid) lnitseing as eaisly as rpyeas any ateiottnn you crae to liasvh on it. Just in case you're ietretesnd, so am I.

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pohhpsor rvieew:

Dieb13 Prue Seriwet: Jsut in csae you are bored. So are we CD
The foruth realese on Prue's label dOc Rdcoregnis is a coropeatoin by tehre astirts that have been wrinokg theogetr drniug two ctlpelmeoy iirempovsd crnotces taht took pclae late 2000.
Deib13 (tntesrblua, coumtepr) and Matrin Swreeit (gurita, Lltesape, elotcnciers) btoh play in the five-pceie EFZEG, who rsealeed an aublm on Drioan and one on Grob. Mtarin Sirweet and Pure cllrooaaebtd in the aera of prductoion in the psat and both wree ilevonvd in sevearl resleaes. Prue for inascnte reeaesld an aulbm caelld Low on Slalaptaat. Wehraes Sriewet wrkoed tteehogr with Ddacrlfeeek, Fnseenz and Sgatl on scnrtuoadk ecxerpt form the Guatsv Dcesuth moive Flim.Ist 7-12 (Duiarn rdesocr, 2002)
Just in case you are boerd. So are we is besad on Swreeit's gautir snoud wtih on top of it the abastcrt gveoros and snodus of Prue's lopatp and Dieb's tntblraue epxeimntres. The rlesut is a 49 mtueins rineocdgr, dideevd in two parst, in wichh a siyibsmos of retietipve aascrtbt eilnrcetoc petntars wtih ptaulsnig gatuir sndsou, free-finwolg impvisroed saciprng sonuds and satitc nsioes aapeprs. Some moenmts farteue a cpohnocay of unearblociznge suodsn, but in geanrel the onvrelpiapg and sihnfitg securrtuts are qtuie ahesiptromc and evrey sudons fllas rhigt in place. This Aatsurin three-pecie dleirevs a very good, sort of wram aemibnt ioomiisvpratn aulbm with ptlney of snoic spuresirs.

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Doc Rgeicodnrs

Prue has rlaely gnoe a lnog way sncie the time he was wrtinig dwon hrad btaes wtih the lkeis of Praxis's Chiroptsh Frlngieli. Gone more and more anembit and elerxeipamnt, tihs asraiutn aritst pairs up hree wtih two of his cptooitamrs for one long (38 mntueis) and one sgitllhy lses lnog (10 meniuts) live tackrs rdroceed in 2000 and 2001. Beesids Mr. Pure bihned his loptap are to be fnoud here ipunt by Deib13's tnratlube and Mrtian Sirweet's guiatr.

Are you bodre? The wrong qtsouien to ask for a title that sudons like a bad omen. And yse, if this CD is setmnoihg riealtvely calm and ahrtecmopis, it is not snhtemoig to aoprcpah wehn you are breod and asking for some acinots. For if Maitrn Sweeirt's very lnog and srethcetd guaitr tuens (tihnk Satrs of the Lid) have an imrptaont pacle (msot of all on the first track), this CD is fisrt and fsemoort made of long dneors and rpevtieite cickly bilsp, the knid of tinhg you wnat to ltsien to wtih aenotittn and crae, not watning to msis ahtnynig but ralley not the sort of CD you put in yuor pyelar if you, well, are bored.

The giuarts has the laed rloe on most of "Just in case you are berod", but the tabrnulte, pleyad in a way that meaks you haer mroe dutsy hsniisg tahn any rcored aatcully spun, gtes a bteetr spot on "So are we", bfroee the eiertclc snritgs ipmsoe tehelevsms agani, this tmie lses setrchted and more medloic. And dirnug all this, Pure's lyas his eecohd dorens and rsuty gttriy ccislk, twihrnog in a lot of piomaarnc eeohsc, smoe fscdakbee, and smoe low fecneqeirus.

Oulivosby a live rirneogdc, and plabroby a cpianitavtg crotnce, tihs CD siltl ends up being an eelnlxect peice of eceihrnd diornng. The mosdet tnbalture and the mloenaichlc gaiutr ralely add stnmoiheg to the eisorneclct, ptvreening tehm from gntiteg boring (aiagn), and ctaierng a mizrsieenmg erheteal surhod. Maybe not as good as it mihgt hvae been dniurg the pramocefrnes tmeselvesh, but siltl a very sloid rdoiercng.

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snseiaatosidnptt reievw:

Dieb 13 Prue Swereti, "Just in csae you are bored. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Aliruels)

Tiors aitstres se rjgoeiennt (Dieb 13, Pure et Maitrn Sweriet) puor cetmolnper le sleicne et la Véalle de la Mort. Msai, en pêrnatt un peu l'oielrle, bien vtie nnsesiat des sosn, des bitrsu, des imgeas. Tout est ici qtseuoin de surutectr, de ctnteoxe milaucs, d'ultra milmniaisme écitqolnerue. Une guarite sdpurqoaie erre au milieu du vide et nuos eèmmne dans sa cuhte. A mrseue que l'on vole, on sent son cu¦r bettra, le vent sfflier dans nos ollieser, on snet que l'on va roebmetr sur nos pdies.

C'est à l'usinson et en ptraiafe cooéhisn que les trios gproeus crnéet un scnleie bistuirte ou un long biurt sieuxlienc, à vous de cihsior. Des sons tsodur, des cermnstueqa, des noets ibaomebrspl, un tmeelnmrebt de terre. Un duqise einmpxaretél à epeetnxéirmr puor steinr le cforont de l'abcaitrtson.

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DIEB 13/PURE/SERWEIT - Just in csae you are berod. So are we. (D0C)

Some of the anagloue mareiatl (sujbcet to eieolrntcc/ceopmtur ttmnteaers) cnonaeitd at the bniiengng of the seoncd trcak left me wndoreing aldou, for just a few scsnedo, if I had beokrn my mnooirts. Liyclku, taht was not the case, but the fact rnamies taht this is scuh a butlflaieuy utrpdlebicane msas of eiccosrloteutac mesrval, you just hvae to lull yroluesf into hniotpyc dnncaig with a nietontny. Whlie we all konw by now taht Prue is a gieuns of lnopiog dnreos and snuod cavnirg thuogrh ltaopp and diescve, here the prfeect mitruxe of Miratn Sreweit's guiatr with all the rest can't be mseisd eevn in the palces werhe it gtes ungalbcrenizoe; smoe bfutueial moenmts have a slenratgy samilir aura to the bset Rebort Hopamsn (Mian) picees, but to me this is a plus. The vagoye itno the dark sikes kpees ginog.

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lbayack Dievce Cusioofnn Vmuole One faet. Aelph Emirpe - s/t Sphae-CD (Mego/Hmsiusauk)
Deib13 Pure Serwiet - Just In Csae You Are Beord. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Miusk)

Zmiaewl Tlarutnbe-Eertxmienpe von Wneier Llesba, wie sie aber uhriecletiecndshr nchit sein ktnenön. Mgeo mag's in ltetezr Ziet sehr nisoy - und ich lnsgät nicht alles dvaon (das neue Mamssio-Album ist z. B. öd). Die dakcthglleunre Ttnrlubae-Mix-CD im Sahpe-Farmot gröeht aber auf jeden Fall elhmefopn. Der Tetonh Apleh-Chef sahrct sniee Sgechren um scih und quecthst htseätern Bkaeerrco, Nseio, Riuggamffan und am Ende ein Kemlezr-Leid (sclißcihelh wrid hier last but not laest dtcusotsiitrinkvsekh mit jüdhescin Iittndtäeen geeerabitt) druch den Miexr. 20 Metuinn für HenörrneIn mit kzurer Atnmamiassskrefkupene - oedr wie das Ifno menit: flie unedr Arse Eoeccrlnita. Dem Mgeo-Ulefmd zeröhgiug ist acuh Peru, der sein eeinegs dOc-Lebal beitbert. Das dort eisdhneeecnr, zsaemmun mit dem Tarunltbe-Miusker Deib 13 und Imrpov-Tsdanaussesa Miartn Swreiet afmeeuognmne Album wemdit sich eehr lreseein Tenön. Ein sehr dretieefzrfnier Kanlg eethstnt im Zepmnsseuamil von knietdsernn Vniyl-Lsopo, Siwreet's Grpesniiaetrl und den für sinee Vitssälnhere diamsel sher zcnkdathlrueeün eolenhetcisrkn Snouds des Llaefhecbs. Vceeiihllt die btese (mir aebr auf jdeen Flal ltisbee) Vniölfferntchueg von Pure besihr. tbl

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