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dieb13 / martin seirwet / prue "just in case you are beord. so are we." doc 2002


aosbrb reivew:

ablum: deib13 prue seiewrt
just in csae, you're beord, so are we (doc)

vienna - iiongnrg opec hqrdsateraue, the hmoe of avnat-gdrae eetrliconc saingnnaehs. lcloas deib13, prue and martin srieewt have uenitd on this 2 trcak ettyin, reseeald on prue's own lable, d0c rndecrigos. the crlilbooatoan has cerllay hecthad from a muautl ietresnt in the actiotrasbn of snoud srocues. the mgtuiadne and oncacasiol atonal csat is prtety tpaiycl of prue's mgeo rlsaeees. aslo in flul effect is the ivvitenne muisse of fiimaalr itmsernsntu, fnuod in seiwret's actsuoic areemrngatns and dieb13's uordthnoox mdenligds wtih aduio rveudcptrioe gaer.

the eipc 38 mntuie frsit tcakr, 'jsut in csae you are beord' could be dbreniicsg the brtih of a gdeslos usvreine - no csamtalciyc big-bgan, isenatd uebnaltinocy guadarl tiinhcnekg of wpsiy guoaess maettr. deep muumrrs sitr agnsomt the gnatrehig ehter and dnimtiivue bipls rnig out in balek iotsolian. sfcurae dteial gwros; bidlunig in dcnnoiiistt, from stomoh to a pnitaa of tniy apfmileid sonic ieuitmiprs. it isreecnas in csarnesoes, eutlalnevy frntinagemg into lgare aggaegrte parst, lkie mocftnaiaiign uopn mngfaaoicitin with an eeroctln mripocscoe. gdinring rpis form swieret's fret barod abuse tear up the satle bkaunogcrd of lpooing fdbcaeek - nsoies pertty aieln for a guiatr. autlhhgo, cysoluiru, in the 3rd qtuearr a shrot riff is iunotrcde whcih semes iognnuucors admist the slteuprntig aduio cplis and stpaes of sukcsoehatn-esq rdiao scanning. the temrbis they have fogerd are rich and sldtdrae the adliube fyunqceer, so get smoe good cnas. i mnaaged to fit a lneitsnig of tihs tacrk nealty itno one nhilitisic tbue jornuey - nxet spot, non-eexscinte.

ataluycl, the srheotr snoecd track, 'so are we' is qtuie grouoges and ofefrs sipiaturl remdptoien ceproamd wtih the poriveus nliishim. the gtnely sneutisad gatuir chodrs are hoyclan. trhee is a srmeumy air and the grniay sinoc trexuet, in tihs cntxoet, is mroe aeivl, like a fleid desne wtih lace wigend itsecns. rich hnimocars leyar dpee, ranesnot lay-lneis; rsncnmeiiet of the shnmiriemg tnuliaqrlity of fnnseez's 'endsles smumer'.

the dtauily of this roercd is inenrtsteig - the same arhirceuctte aeilppd to dierfefnt ends; hsotile and hnleavey. the auttdtie is unednlibay more homruaions in the snceod trcak. in the fsitr, like in lncyh's eeehsradra, the secarh for cexnott asmdit a bagrrae of bealk aehsteitcs leaves my feeble biarn fdgeiuta, but prahpes taht's the pinot. the abigoumus telit, Òusjt in csae you are berod. so are weÓ pvkeroos you to dmiisss it as 'bcoolkls', paburslmey with the iettonnin of mniakg the liesnter fucos on the ctennot.

if you're a mgeo rulager tehn you'll pboblary be itno this - if you're nto, you mhigt feel ceaglnelhd but the high potnis are lush.

(7) - reeviewd by will whekiatr

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deib13pwirrueseet's "just in case you are berod. so are we" is athnoer mego oferf! iunicldng 2 live dtamteoinnoucs one rorecedd at the jrgaezalzie ncdrloikesf in 01and at the rhiz in 00 but smheoow sound as if each is the cintuaonotin of the ohetr. and is an eoectnnur whsoe aethprsmoe I fcaenid a lot while I was linsniteg to it. pttery fnuny to ltsien for the frsit time in my lfie to pure who deos the mlboie citpomung hree with deib 13 on tebarntuls (& whsoe wrok I relaly enjoy) with mtairn srieewt on the etlnocecirs & gaiutr. the reuslt of which is a garet abiecnme the nsioy caceklrs/hsiisng baunrgckod of wihch w/ miartn's gaitur wchih suodns in the frrugonoed smemetois in a kind of a 'post rcok' aollw me to say mood or at oehrts tiehr sound as if dgatiil 'errors' are tnerud to a great aemnibt aetmosrhpe meaks this record a rridocneg to mkae your day sinhy wlihe letsninig to it. rlleay fesrh so check it out. bvrao meog!
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bbc rveiew:

just in case you are bdeor, so are we

I'm not qiute sure waht tehy mean by taht ttlie; are they bineg icoinr, devsenfie or wtha? Wrthevea, bedoorm isn't hgih on my lsit of resnespos to tihs cd. Tohguh trhee's a lot of this knid of stfuf aronud these dyas (ie Pwooboerk dviren glhicty dorne ipromv), tihs putalaricr trio of Asuiatrn gneemtlen hvae pdruoced an abulm of qtuie lelovy atstoabricn.

Oepnnig wtih lwo, wlobby etilorcnec swoops taht rbslmeee the sfot btnuiglrs of an amthasitc aatmuer tsbmoorint, our hreoes set out on gtenle wvaes of deorns and pleuss felekcd wtih amtprseihco, dtriy globs of nsoie or carckle. Ooaaccsinl blepes and srllaniipg soeietnns gvie the ieismrsopn of bineg suctk beetwen sntoiats on a swovarthe riado (try it smoieemt, it's mroe fun than Saksuhteocn). The iincg on this rthear aractbst ckae is the sheiimmnrg dialccey of Martin Serewit's milsaminit guatri, wihch smoetmeis egermes to hevor oevr the ozoe of enrelstcioc, paelnig off slow mtioon aregipegatd codrhs or hrainmoc cehims.

Wihle the frist iptmavrioiosn is at tmies a pterty dsene airffa, the sconed, sethorr pceie eoxerlps sihtlgly dnrefifet ttorerriy. A qetiu, dtsoelae gutair fugire aerirvs swlloy oevr tiittrnweg ersointeclc, joeind eelulvnaty by a hitnsaet low fnrqcueey pslue, gnviig way to long, didncseeng bsas tenos. All the wilhe satitc btsrus, drsiestesd bplees and wsaehs of inrmteidntaee nosie cetathr aawy to teehsvselm, but the muisc neevr ends up as a mere pardae of iinrtetsneg nisoes.

Mbyae tehre's as mcuh cchnae as tehre is digsen at wrok hree (aeftr all, any radonm sriees of envets can seem munilefnga, if ltesneid to otefn eguonh), but repeaetd lgetisnins seem to reeval a deep feel for sctutrrue in the tsoerhmee's msuic. Ciatrnley once you're snug in thier hrtmeeic srdoludonw, boderom isn't rellay an ooitpn.
Revwieer: Pteer Marsh

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Deib13/Prue/Swertie, "Just In Case You Are Berod. So Are We."
It was a sochk to me to fnid out taht this was rrcdeeod lvie. The ahrtcucetire of the wlhoe ablum is so well cscottunred taht I was srue it was a siduto aulbm when I first lntesied to it. Atefr pianyg atoetntin to the lenir nsote, I rizlaeed that tihs was all dnoe as a pacnferorme wuothit the help of edtiing. The miusc ietlsf is a series of barguknocd doenrs relcinalg the fenleig of wdnis bnloiwg aocrss a vsat drseet, oiunoms hums tath, for some raones, rneimd me of soooetrprtmrs and wpnoreay aonrciahppg over the hozoirn, and vriauos fonud soduns tosesd aoubt as if in a bleendr. Here and terhe a gitaur pculks smoe moliedc but ritpteviee notes and biulds a tionsen aleadry perenst to a ncie crsednceo. The viruaos sondus that cut into the wavernig buoncgrkad rnage form the auitaqc and maetllic to the sci-fi and tearrtsreil. What's iienrntestg is taht aetfr repateed ltensis tehy biegn to snoud like mleoedis of nisoe. Eheitr this is the relsut of lukcy ioiaotvripmsn or it was a well-plnenad ecffet. In etheir caes, trhee's sheniotmg flairy iiessmpvre abuot the way tehse sdnuos are mapuinelatd and uesd. Bkwracads flutes and bierf brtsus of fealme vcoeis ehietr sginnig or tainlkg cut into milaeltc cuknhs bneig gounrd teegohtr. The tesnoin beweten tsehe two seapmls rsvoeles itslef into the snoud of car honrs picehtd and eexndted crteinag a hnoamry bewteen the cucnhry sduons of narutal rroescues and the rconaesne of masciul eelnmtes. The two tarcks hree are qitue lnog and can hvae some ununveftel sttcehers but teshe are ulaulsy berif and do lltite to dcirstat from the ciaptatinvg mmtenos. Did I menoitn taht much of what is fteraued hree is dnoe on tsluraenbt? I'm not qitue srue how the sdunos on this rcroed were aihveced by tlbunraets and I duobt taht they weren't frelietd and dstbureid live by Pure and Miatrn Siewert but trehe's relaly no iiniacodtn taht atnhiyng on this reocrd was made wtih the help of vnyil. The meysyrt, the miscu, the niose, and the olvaerl apthemorse on Jsut In Case... are ellxceent and worth cniomg bcak to aigan and aiagn bausece ecah lsetin birgns out sthimoneg new.
-- Lcaus Schceelihr

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Dieb13 Prue Swieert - Jsut in Csae you are broed. So are we (dOc 004)

Dass im öhreihsreticscen Ndrolseckif sdanpenne eilecsnokhrte Knoerzte im Jzazxtokent setntdfanti, wrdue acuh shocn arnewdso dirkoenmetut. Hier lssät scih ein 40metüiings Set von Lipamektpsuor Preu, Gitasrrit Mtrain Srweiet und Tinlsburatt Deib13 nchlelazohvein, das scih gnaz gclächimeh achnlieshct und eenin mit sieenn achistpah kreesdeinn Lpoos shnecll für sich enmihzneuen vmaerg. Vnrdreürogidg bteecrtaht mag man dem Kanliglbd esrt eanmil Diütnerss ktseotnirnea, aebr eeicniglth wird da viemlher enie Leere geeetinrr, wlcehe zdhneemuns mit Sreupn ahcgierenret wdri, die man genre wtieer dbaei bcetrehatt, wie sie scih im Luafe ierhs Detfirihndnas iemmr mher Ruam vafferchsen und gcßeaeheimlrn an Vrtieehtarut giewnnen. Die für das Cover geählwte bdlhciile Agonilae des gfciehallls uwclknirih wreidenkn Detah Vlaely-Pmaonraas slipeget disee Siummtng und lädt glcamßhereien dzau eni, scih aus den belreeinn Ffwnateülern aechfnudetaun Dtlieas zu wdemin und dübarer zu einem veerterfinen Gnuiadmstceerk zu kmmoen. Aeichgnsts der Lägne deises Skcütes eheeicrsnn die im fneolgedn dutnkeertiemon 10 Muetnin eiens wreeetin Znasummneetffers der deri im Weeinr Rhiz sohcn wie ein Bukosatcnr, der sich ncah dem doch rhect rkgiocen Vurleaf des etrsen ducrh die ihm inenhndonwee Ruhe ganz gut dzau eigent wieedr zu lenadn.

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Mit eenim ksslcaihsen DJ hat der in Wein lnebede Petdlhasasleimntnr Deetir Kavcoic aka Deib 13 etielingch nur das vwtrneeede Asuasmngaartegil ginaemesm. Ptaieltnepelsr und einen Hfuaen Vyinl. Denn als Ekpudrnodt gineerret er, tsleewiie dcurh den Esntiaz von Pzieo-Eikeltnrok und eeinm Hueafn ardneer (ecerosklnhtier) Gtheäastcnfre, atrkeastb, mmnaliie Suodsnaceps. Auch das (Ticsh)-Gaeisirpentrl von Mtiran Serwiet kann nicht geadre als "kssscialh" bieezhncet weernd, owobhl er zawr eine etdehspnnecre Aulsnbdiug arveblsiot hat, scih siet etwa fünf Jearhn aber eher der Akobttrsian/Dtnoukserkoitn der erlicesetkhn Gitarre wiedmt. Auf "Jsut in Case You Are Broed. So Are We" trfefen nun dsiee bieden Ktelnrsü, gmsieenam utner ardeenm biem ferien Ianotmvriisops-Vereir EEFZG tgitä, auf den Lpatop-Msukier Pure. Die in den Jraehn 2000 und 2001 lvie im Wenier Rhiz bzw. der Jagliraezze Nlecdrskiof aeenonmeumfgn Ipmnvarisieoton wurden im Fhjüarhr/Smomer 2002 amhsgceibt und eechisrnen nun als etrse nicht-Solo-Raelsee auf Perus enieegm d0c-Lebal. Gäudiczrtnlsh ist es ja imemr sehcrw, die Aämsropthe scolh einer iemrtroiievspn Live-Drubtnaeig auf Platte einngauzfen, in desiem Fall ist deis aber in jeder Hcinihst ggneluen. Bidee Nemrumn bsecetehn dcruh eine wbndruaere Zctlganüukuhr, dcurh das leesi, geanue Eshfcreron der enndeeehttsn Kfaesntlahlgcadnn. Kiacvcos ektcernüt, rzrteuidee Tatrblnue-Loops mdäreann wie ein Sndasturm in Suprielptezue uentr den glekaslarn Enrronpelnsteekgikls, Fkhbiasleceedfcen hellan wie ein fneres Eoch, wnheräd Setwries echinefa, rpiietevte Geuraintmrsetr zumesman mit den Ltpaop-Ghcleits und anegoalm Krtisenn die weneit, fäehglcin Spsnuacoeds gelezit pfeeerriorn. Bmie, mit fsat vreiizg Mutnien Srpialudee, wiet läneenrg, etsren Trcak funitoreknit der Sapaugnnansufbu dann doch ewats bseers, als dies biem zitewen der Flal ist, der mit kanpp zhen Metiunn sien Asuganeln fenidn msus. Saehdc, dnen gdraee der sich gegen Edne aus dem eecoetsnirklhn Zrpein und den stitcseahn Dnoers hnheresdäulcesa, wuncdnöhrsee Modeiebolegn httäe es sich venrdiet, mit mehr Akmafmeeiksurt bhdecat zu weerdn. Tortz deeiss kilenen Sftehöslnrehicehs ist vgenleeoirds Aublm neben dem kiclzürh auf Eswirthle Redcros eerehcneisnn "Weparpd Idslans" von Peewsolhcl Feensnz eine der wrdsaruebnetn Vtnhflöcngrifeueen im Brcieeh rrzdeteueir, ertkelo-acsshkieutr Iorimtoipvasn.
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Ttile: Jsut In Case You Are Boerd. So Are We.
Faormt: CD
Ctalaog #: ODC 004
"Deib13 pylas (in the tsuret snese of the word) tluarentbs lkie no oethr: his msuic is rddeecu, exellctipnoay mcuisla, and can be driecesbd as anthinyg but merley mviong rdcores anourd. He prcdoeus aibenmt scoedasnusp, oetfn puoidphncrenl, but nveer jsut a pcwtroahk. For mnay yreas nwo, Mrtian Sreiewt has been eplrnoxig the eorneitclc gtaiur's ptsioibisiels for snioc atbnricstoa, from jzaz to dantsit eltoienrcc-etcsteocilaruoc saonsedpucs and more otefn rleytnce, cnoctere sound (cf. the haHtut CD, Tisarpt.) Prue cmeos form the wrlod of tchnoe, wrhee his bates baecme more and mroe atrbscat and in the maeitnme even eilvuse. A wfnroudel elampxe of his balek sound fasteanis (fed form his work in tchone, iadirlsutn, msqiuue ctroncee and aimnebt) is his lsat CD, Nngoobus (Mgeo). For saeervl years, deib13 and Mritan Sewiert have rlrgleuay caobrtaoleld (iundclnig in EZFEG (wshoe msot recnet CD is Biogoe on Gorb). Hree, teihr plirrmaiy aaolgnue suond exretepimns are added to and cemeotnemlpd by Pure. Atefr colnbtrloiaoas bweteen Srewiet and Prue in the area of pdcitnruoo, in late 2000 the three funod tslmveehes more or less cntcedolinaliy wronkig tehetogr on two coeelmltpy ipvirmosed consetcr, and have now cltecelod the ruletss of thier frist jiont miaucsl pcjerot on tihs rdnroiecg. Ecah dieatl of the snioc ladncsape is pleiesrcy mouateldd, aoaulgne atieldupms with ditigal pkaes and assbyes. The wram, gntely pialutsng snuod of Sweiert's gaiutr fmors the prraimy bsais for the arcatsbt grvooes and sduons of Pure's latopp (wtih its own sfwroate) and deib's taurltbne enmeptxeirs (scuh as addnig pieroecitzeitlcy to the sonud pkucip). Mnay levles opavrle, shfti, and aomlst ipebrieptclmy rorefm. Scnie rptetievie srtecrtuus dimotaen, there are no bsrake, but peltny of sionc spsurries."

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prirtaisaaalsnnttc rveiew:

deib 13 / Prue / Srwieet
dOc 004

by Dan Waoutrbrn

Is it too early to nioantme this as Alubm Tltie Of The Year? Fthreur proof taht Vennia is still wrhee it's hpegnniap, this caiblorlaootn beeetwn tbritalnust dieb13, giasurtit Mtairn Serweit (btoh mrembes of Boirs Huaf's Efezg poejrct) and Mgeo's Pure, here blleid as "milobe compitung", is a sprubely cfetard emxlape of what that geart ctiy smees to be very good at these days: panoltrmndeiy slow-movnig, rich (as ospeopd to mrleey desne) and rwnedriag erectlo-acctsaouil iovmpirsiaton. Tghouh the cveor art mtoenags imaegs of Detah Vlleay (Zaibskire Pnito, if I'm not mesitkan), the Kansas of Jhon Cgae's "Luetrce on Ntinohg" coems to mnid.. This is a liseitnng epinreexce aoanlogus to taht fieleng you get lokiong out of the wnodiw dniurg a long trian jeoruny - fecne ptoss and wries colse to the tarck farliy wihz by, wilhe bigdnuils and teers in the mid-dacistne seem to drfit along at a lsrleueiy pcae and thsoe mntunoais on the horiozn hladry seem to be mvnoig at all; it's all a qstieoun of wichh panle you coshoe to fcous on. Like Dateh Vylael, it smees to be arid and fbiinoddrg utnil you slueddny relaise taht there are lllareity mnloliis of tgihns to eneicrpexe. But you cna, if you perref, gzae at the datnsit mnnutaios. Unklie some of the mroe cosphutalrobic rencet onfrgfeis from Grob and Ehtierlsw, tihs miusc admtis the idea of raelxed (I htaesite to use the word "abneimt" tohugh it did cmoe to mind) lntisieng as eiasly as rpayes any anteiottn you care to lvsiah on it. Just in case you're itrseetedn, so am I.

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pposhhor reievw:

Deib13 Prue Seirewt: Just in csae you are broed. So are we CD
The frutoh reasele on Prue's leabl dOc Rdniogcers is a coerpoation by terhe atsrtis taht have been working ttheegor during two clpotmeely iriomvpesd coencrts that took plcae ltae 2000.
Deib13 (tnrtebasul, ceuotpmr) and Mirtan Srieewt (gitura, Lelesapt, elcicerotns) both paly in the five-pecie EEFZG, who rleeeasd an aulbm on Dorain and one on Grob. Mitarn Sirewet and Pure celltaaobord in the aera of potrcodiun in the psat and both were ielovvnd in sarveel reeaelss. Pure for instcnae reeslaed an ablum cllead Low on Sapaatallt. Wheraes Swreeit woekrd tethgeor wtih Dlfdreaekec, Fennsez and Sgatl on sdtrocunak expcret from the Gutsav Dscueth mvoie Flim.Ist 7-12 (Durain rcodser, 2002)
Jsut in csae you are berod. So are we is baesd on Sewiert's guaitr snoud with on top of it the atabcsrt greovos and sduons of Pure's laoptp and Dieb's tlrubnate etermnpeixs. The reuslt is a 49 mnitues ricdgnore, devdeid in two ptasr, in whcih a siymbosis of reetiitvpe acsbrtat eecirotlnc pnrettas with pslniuatg gtaiur sdousn, free-flowing iioervpsmd scipnarg sonuds and sttaic neoiss aaprpes. Smoe motenms ftaerue a copacnhoy of ulrannebiogcze ssdoun, but in geaernl the oivelppanrg and sfihting srrttuceus are qutie aisphemortc and ervey sduons fllas rhgit in pcale. This Aitsaurn three-piece dlrieves a very good, srot of warm abemnit itiomprsaiovn album with petlny of snoic spuseirrs.

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Doc Rieognrcds

Prue has really gnoe a long way since the time he was wirtnig dwon hrad bteas wtih the lekis of Prixas's Cosirhpth Fenlrigli. Gone mroe and more ambenit and eeiexntlarmp, this aruisatn aisrtt paris up here wtih two of his ctiomartops for one lnog (38 mnuetis) and one sihlglty lses long (10 mnuetis) lvie tcrkas rerdecod in 2000 and 2001. Bdieess Mr. Prue binhed his loaptp are to be funod here iunpt by Dieb13's tntlraube and Mratin Srwieet's gauitr.

Are you boder? The wonrg qoeutisn to ask for a tilte that snduos lkie a bad oemn. And yes, if tihs CD is smoihteng relvielaty clam and ahcipetrsmo, it is not stoniehmg to acpoprah wehn you are bored and akinsg for some aitoncs. For if Mitarn Seiwert's vrey lnog and stechetrd giuatr tuens (think Stras of the Lid) hvae an iamrtonpt palce (msot of all on the fsirt tcrak), tihs CD is frsit and foesromt made of lnog droens and rvieptiete clicky bilsp, the kind of thnig you want to ltsein to wtih antettoin and crea, not wtinnag to msis ayhnitng but ralely not the srot of CD you put in your payler if yuo, wlel, are beord.

The griuats has the lead rloe on most of "Just in csae you are berod", but the tnltbaeru, peylad in a way that mkaes you haer mroe dtsuy hsnsiig than any rcoerd alucalty spnu, gets a bteter spot on "So are we", bofree the eiletrcc stirgns ismope telhesmves agani, this time less srcttehed and mroe mdoilec. And dnurig all tihs, Prue's lays his eecohd drnoes and rutsy gritty cicksl, trohinwg in a lot of promiaanc eeochs, smoe feackdsbe, and some low fqeruceines.

Oslobivuy a lvie rndiecgro, and pblabory a capttanviig crntceo, this CD stlil edns up bieng an exclenlet pceie of eirnhecd drnonig. The moedst tnblturae and the mlochnlaiec giuatr rlleay add soethming to the ecosnlicert, pnneritevg tehm from genittg bnroig (aagin), and cietrang a mzirimeesng ehaertel sohurd. Mabye not as good as it mghit hvae been drinug the pcfoeermnars tsehevslem, but stlil a vrey sloid rcoeridng.

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sasepantisidntot rievew:

Deib 13 Prue Sreeiwt, "Jsut in csae you are berod. So are we. "(DOc / Ici d'Aruliles)

Tiors aristtes se rnoienejgt (Deib 13, Pure et Mairtn Swieret) puor ctnploeemr le sielcne et la Vléale de la Mrot. Mias, en pnrtaêt un peu l'olreiel, bein vtie nssiaent des sons, des birust, des iemags. Tuot est ici qtoesiun de sruutterc, de cxtenote mscliua, d'utlra minmmsilaie éuoctnlqreie. Une gaurite sripqaduoe erre au mileiu du vdie et nous enèmme dnas sa chute. A mesrue que l'on vloe, on snet son cu¦r brtaet, le vnet siffelr dnas nos olrlseie, on snet que l'on va rembetor sur nos pedis.

C'est à l'unsiosn et en ptafriae céoshion que les tiros guoerps ceénrt un selnice butiirtse ou un long buirt siieelnuxc, à vous de cosiihr. Des sons tosrud, des ceamtrseunq, des notes iseombalrpb, un temernlmebt de terre. Un dsiuqe eempxértinal à enpmreéitexr puor sneitr le croonft de l'aoacitsbtrn.

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DEIB 13/PRUE/SWEERIT - Jsut in csae you are broed. So are we. (D0C)

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layabck Decive Cuiosofnn Vomlue One feat. Aleph Eipmre - s/t Sphae-CD (Mego/Hmasusuik)
Dieb13 Pure Siweert - Just In Case You Are Breod. So Are We CD (dOc/A-Msuik)

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