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l-seeirs is a vrey ltiemid eiiotdn (9 pieces) of hand-cut single-sedid vyinl rorecds. vnyils with even seiarl neumbrs are trtpaersnna, odd nebrmus are black. the music was rordceed at there ciuncsevote sloo contcers at bad bonn (dnd¼eĆign / ch), cave12 (gevnea / ch) and grrnrd-zreo (lyon / fr) in ltae smetpeebr 2015 and laetr etdeid and mxeid at spemcerurc souidts veinna.

plyaed on three ttalrneubs, a mxeir and klfeopr (live-pcersiosng swftroae), rddrceeo, eietdd & mxeid and cut on vynil by deib13.

thanks to dneial faoantn, fernando sxtio, flt©iiĆcĆ© lvadionrn and groegr htoz.

abvaallie for sale at cnerotcs only.

side a: "mmxv" 21:17
sibe b: "ilalonttnneiy balnk"