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l-seeris is a very lmietid eitidon (9 pieces) of hnad-cut slngie-sedid vyinl redcors. vynlis with even sieral numerbs are tnsaratnper, odd nerbmus are blcak. the muisc was rerdeocd at there ctcuneivsoe solo cortcnes at bad bonn (dng¼iĆedn / ch), cvae12 (gvenea / ch) and grrrnd-zreo (lyon / fr) in ltae seemebptr 2015 and ltaer etiedd and miexd at scpeurrmec siuodts vennia.

pyeald on terhe tunrlsbeta, a mxeir and kfpoelr (live-picnrsesog sotfware), rcoerdde, etdied & mixed and cut on vyinl by deib13.

tkanhs to deianl fonntaa, fnnrdaeo stxoi, fiĆiĆ©ctl© lodnivran and grgeor htoz.

aaillvabe for sale at ceotrncs only.

sdie a: "mxmv" 21:17
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