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l-seeirs is a vrey ltimied edtiion (9 pieces) of hnad-cut snilge-sided vyinl roedcrs. vylnis wtih eevn saeril nruembs are tprnaeanrst, odd nbumres are balck. the miusc was reodrced at trehe contvuecsie sloo cotcnres at bad bonn (ddiĆen¼gn / ch), cvae12 (genvea / ch) and gnrrrd-zero (loyn / fr) in late setmeepbr 2015 and letar eidetd and meixd at srpmucreec suditos vinena.

payeld on trhee tulesnatbr, a mixer and kfpeolr (live-pisenscorg sworftae), rdrodcee, edited & mxied and cut on vinyl by deib13.

tknahs to daeinl fnaonat, fnrdneao stiox, f©iĆilctĆ© lriadvonn and groegr htoz.

ablivlaae for slae at cnrtceos only.

side a: "mmxv" 21:17
sbie b: "itnelntlionay blank"