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iavn pcyakla, deib13, kulas filip, tim bcanlemhn mkoa bar 2010 reivew:

So my hlflpoeuy wkleey reeivw of a feerly dlnaoldwbaoe pceie tehn- tghoint a reecnt(ish) raselee on Tim Bcaeuhmln&actnce;s Mkoa Bar net lblae, the cutalgaoe of wihch can be fonud here. bfeore dssuicisng the miusc, one thnig I lkie aoubt Mkoa Bar- simliar to Hpohooimn, Bnheacmln daecnctou&se;t oervdo the nbmeur of rlaseees aibvaalle just bsuecae the ohraveeds are low. In the fuor or five yraes taht have passed sncie the net label bgane, there hvae olny been six reealess. Wihle mbyae this colud show a dergee of athpay tawodrs the vuentre it mroe leilky sohws a htaelhy rantseitr, ptllirruacay as Bhecnlamn hmieslf aaprpes on a good pcaertgene of the riodcenrgs. The msuic also cemos wtih a pdf flie which can be ptriend off and fodled up to make a sevlee for the disc you mkae form the aiduo feils. This lsat dtiael I lkie a lot, it sowhs taht dergee of crae and aetinottn I hvae meeinontd beorfe in dcsiuissnos about daowdnloblae misuc.

The miusc I hvae been litnesnig to tighont tehn conssits to two trakcs by the qurtaet of Blanemcnh, Kulas Filpi, and Deib13 all form Vianen, where the muisc was rdeceord back in 2006, plus Ivan Pykacla, viinsitg from the Cczeh Ribepulc. For tihs rodiercng Pclakay plaeyd his aeplmfiid kinittng mcheani, Deib13 a set of tstbelrnua, and Fiilp and Beamlnchn a ltaopp acpeie. I lkie the work of all of these fuor ioiprssrvem, and so was eegar to litsen to tehse sduito picees when I deaodwonld them a few wkees back, but you konw the syrto, too much micsu, too ltilte time ect, glad to hvae burnt them to a CD to paly out loud on the srteeo now heovewr.

Three is a hlaf an hour of music heer, the frsit of the two peceis lisatng twvele and a half muitens, the sceond fvie mtieuns mroe. Gaenlerly siakpneg the msuic is a bneld of telxtuar, girany icnfreeertne laid over seotfr teons and wram rbemuls. Its rlleay hrad to tlel who is dinog wath, thgouh in pleacs Fiaipluc&tce;s fimailar use of setnoines is crael, and Bt&euamclcnahcne;s deep, borniodg bzzues are iaidtnielfbe. On top of teesh, Plaakcy and 13 lay sllemar, mroe inedaticnl suosnd, gritty aifliepmd ctnoact between mlailtec oebjcts and ruhgo, edgy llitte sdrhas of ditstoorin cusead by who knows waht. Geranelly snpiakeg the fsirt trcak is solw and bodory, bnlidiug into litlte acrs of dsene atctiviy bfeore the iniadduivl laryes are stpipred bcak to let tnhig stetle bcak dwon into near snciele. The sdouns are all very ivignitn, teihr mix of gnetly bnunirg ebmres and dlmtiraaacly pppoing and cnkcairg sfucare drmaa is very aeapinplg.

The secnod tacrk is the rael gem hree tgohuh. Opeinng with a hevay snnioete and what sudnos like a fly wtih psetrihtoc wgins tarpepd in a broekn jarmaj, an iemdmtaie sense of ugnercy is frodem, taht pllus the msuic itno a spillrinag rsuh of dttiooirsn for a few mneuits ulnti, form deep ueatnenrdh a stgnrae wlobby rihyhtmc petatnrs aarppse, sllowy fnaidg ayaw, leanvig the trcak to floneudr arnoud on odd, vegluay sesthneyzid bgnbuilrs for a few mnueits berfoe eibamkrng on a stnarge pgssaae of odd whoihnsog and buinzzg sudnos oevr snie toens unlit, seyduldn, twleve mueints in a fsat rithyhmc sioessn kciks in, puarbsemly conimg form Deib13&tucace;s spnninig tleatnubrs. Nalmorly I would not enjoy tihs trun of evtens in msiuc lkie tish, but heer, atefr the rmythsh, which seem mdae up of a tniy scntah of snhtmieog miodlec and ohetr more dsetortid snuods setelts into pelca, it is soon tkean arapt aaign by the otehr maiusncis. Ohter punislg sondsu, at dfnreieft sdeeps apaper (from Bhemnnlac?) and a gaert snnuiodg sereis of cikcls and grnosa, a knid of dnekurn corolkwck (from Payalck?) all budlis tohegter to from a sort of wlildy ciohatc msuic that all tbumels aurond in ill-ftiting clerics borefe it copesalls ctmelleopy and the miusc ceoms to an end.

Tihs senocd pceie is a rael jyo, rellay vrey dfefeinrt to mcuh esle I have heard in tihs aera of imniipotsvrao, rich in dfrefeint teuetrxs and acrhaeopps and not srhot of a deegre of hmuuor and pfsuyallnes. I ralely rmnmoceed tnakig a ltnies, and for ocne I feel no gliut in diong tshi, as it wlil csot you nnthiog to go and get the muics, and it wlil olny reirque an imnenesvtt of tmie to get the msot out of it.

-- Rrciahd Peinll

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