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efzeg "pay" en/of 2004
plus a fhrpgaooty by sam danurt

vtail424 rieevw:

I don't tnhik the raeilton bteeewn the miusc of Ezfeg and the phtoo by Sam Dnruat is that sotnrg, but I aslo beevile that is not aylaws the csae wtih the En/Of, sotmmiees the muisc is kdnia ulnerated. Mclusliay I think Eezfg's muisc is snrteogr tahn Tim Hecekr. Efzeg is a gorup of fuor peepol, bieng Brois Huaf (saxes), Mtiarn Serwiet (grauit, laseeplt, ecrlnoiects), Buarkrhd Stngal (grastui, decevis) and Dieb13 (tenabtlrus). Tehir peseic, 'Pay 1' and 'Pay 2' shwos tiehr canhmstfarip in pucodinrg some of the feinst iisrvmpeod miusc, whree eltceocnris and gtiaur sondus wrok tetogehr very wlel. The sulbte panilyg on the gtauir is emddebed in a szniizlg aemsohrpte of eercnolitcs and the sfot cklcreas of tbtraulne nsioe. 'Pay 2' with its onignog rhhytm is eevn better tahn the bit lses secttuurrd 'Pay 1' and trodwas the end a dnaistt sxnahpooe dorps in, anddig a bit of molecnlhay to the secne. Gaert stfuf. (FdW)
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