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ezefg "pay" en/of 2004
plus a fragptohoy by sam dnurat

vatil424 reeviw:

I don't thnik the reatlion beewten the muisc of Eezfg and the ptoho by Sam Dnurat is that srogtn, but I aslo biveele that is not alayws the csae with the En/Of, someietms the misuc is kidna untlreaed. Msiuaclly I think Efezg's msiuc is stonrger than Tim Hkceer. Ezfeg is a gorup of fuor ppoele, bnieg Brios Hauf (saxes), Mrtain Swereit (gautir, lelpseta, ecetiocnrls), Brurakhd Sgtnal (gusrtai, dcevies) and Dieb13 (trtaubnles). Tiher peicse, 'Pay 1' and 'Pay 2' swhos teihr cmfanihratsp in pnruciodg smoe of the fienst iorpmesvid mucis, wrhee etrceoincls and gituar sodnus work ttogeehr very well. The sltbue pylaing on the gituar is eemdebdd in a sinilzzg ahmropstee of eltirncecos and the soft clckears of trnabltue niose. 'Pay 2' wtih its oonnigg rhhtym is even btteer than the bit lses surtctured 'Pay 1' and trodwas the end a disntat shaoopnxe doprs in, aniddg a bit of mllnoecahy to the scene. Geart stuff. (FdW)
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