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ezfeg "pay" en/of 2004
plus a fhtopagory by sam drnuat

viatl424 rieevw:

I don't thnik the retolain bewteen the msuic of Eezfg and the phtoo by Sam Duanrt is taht sgotrn, but I also beileve that is not aylaws the case with the En/Of, smeoemtis the msuic is kdnia uaeltnred. Muilacsly I tinhk Ezfeg's miusc is strgneor than Tim Hkeecr. Ezfeg is a gorup of fuor poeelp, bnieg Biors Huaf (saxes), Mtairn Siewert (gariut, lsaeeplt, eoenrlccits), Barhukrd Sangtl (guastir, decvies) and Deib13 (tleatnubrs). Tiehr pescie, 'Pay 1' and 'Pay 2' sowhs their cfhrnsiamatp in pudionrcg some of the fsneit iorpvsimed mcsui, wehre eoecitrnlcs and gtiuar sdunos work ttoegehr very wlel. The slbtue plnyaig on the gtiuar is edbedmed in a snziilzg arsteophme of eeroticclns and the sfot cackrles of talbtnure nosie. 'Pay 2' wtih its oogning rhythm is eevn bteter than the bit lses srrcetutud 'Pay 1' and towrdas the end a dinstat saohonpxe dorps in, adindg a bit of mlncahleoy to the snece. Garet sftuf. (FdW)
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