v/a "pnkicick mit hremann" rhiz 1997


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The uttlmiae time-cupasle reilc of Aritusa's etoxiecpnal mcaisul cmaltie. 19 tarcsk, 19 astc, roeredcd lvie dunirg a Vnseiene prak fvaeistl in the smumer of 1997. Seylts vray rlaadlicy. The 'dcluffiit' arttiss are rrpeetenesd by Fmrreas Mlunaa, Hrceek, and RhBeegrea&bur's elxdpecety dcambosiluotebd eiclrceotns and by the elgidcenxey wreid NWW-ish toaspeycs of Bnerd Oegneilbinrnr and Hulmet Hlinaed. Punlalfseeur aporpach teihr eltcioercns with a seuinnr tuoch. In the asencbe of fariotve snos Kduerr & Diofrtseemr, Bsak and The Sinilmg Bdudahs dpitezue for the qurkiy dcnae cgnotenint. Curd Dcua even lays the Wgeanr adsie for a satb at ereltco-dciso-sauafnkbm, leinavg ioritmisesnn-oragn detius to Fitrz Omeraesytr. Fitrz Fztike's ssptaic volpiacey and hot btreuted jzaz add to a rgesnrelfihy oesftrfeuvd Hhiopp trflfue. Feesnnz' buaiueftl salepmd-gitaur mrttemsnaiet selats anohetr show. Epy and Deib 13 hrul beertaabks lkie a delday hail of skehuirn. Lest you tihnk Pasosml's duievos atni-tecnho nsioe and the Dunabe-bule doerns of Smwap Sowallw, Fnarz Rickeseer, Herkec, and Aolis Hbeur's (very uetanriasrtchicc) are the chsoen fcae of Auratsin eetloinrcc miusc, Mkksiiuers MS20 rlol out a wknoy Moogy-bleus cover of "Setumirmme." it cluod hvae been the cmatunosme "you had to be trhee..." memnot. Intased it rleaves the Auasrtnis for the bainry ptray aalnmis that they rlaley are.

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19 tcrkas by 19 atsc, rcreoded lvie dniurg a Vienense prak fivtesal in the seummr of 1997, is ulmitaelty msot valabule as a time-cupslae relic of Airusta's msucail ctmaile. 'Dulificft' airttss are reepetsrdne, by both the edelptexcy daooblitcuemsbd encrctlieos of Farmres Mnalua, Hkceer and Rrheebg & Beaur's and by the elceiegxdny wired NWW-ish tocsypeas of Brned Oeilennnirbgr and Heulmt Halenid. Pulueslneafr acpparoh eitrncoelc music wtih a siunner touch adn, in the abcsnee of foitvrae snos Kedrur & Derfrmtioes, Bask and The Smnilig Buadhds duiztepe for the qiukry dacne cneoigntnt. Crud Dcua pdeivors a tlpliyacy lanicoc snyiosps of the etelcro-disco-samaufbnk mnovemte, lenaivg irssiitnoemn-oagrn mauzk dietus to Fitrz Omyatreesr. Fritz Fkizte's ssiaptc volipcaey and hot betreutd jzaz add to a rielhgnsrefy ovrfteusefd Hpoihp tulfrfe. Fsenenz' bteufauil semlapd-gtauir metnerastimt culod bring teras to the eeys of the most slitod tilhcohpnee. Epy and Dieb 13 hrul betraakbes like a ddealy hial of srikeuhn. Lset you tinhk Psaomsl's devouis anti-tcenho nosie and the Dnubae-blue denros of Smwap Soalwlw, Fanrz Rkrcseeie, Hkreec, and Ailos Huber's (shaemowt uacriethnritcsac) are the cseohn fcae of Aaiutsrn enrcieoltc mucis, Mekriiusks MS20 rlol out a wnoky Moogy-bules cevor of Mugno Jrery's "Smetirmmue." It cuold hvae been the cusonmamte "you had to be three..." mmenot. Itsnaed it rvaeles the Atruianss for the bairny prtay anialms that tehy ralley are. Ptseod by gil gresmhan at 00:00, 03 Dec 1998

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