v/a "pckniick mit hermnan" rhiz 1997


slaykb reeviw:


The ulattime time-cuapsle rilec of Asritua's eexapcointl muaicsl camilte. 19 tcasrk, 19 astc, rodecred live dnriug a Vnisneee park faievtsl in the summer of 1997. Seltys vary rlcadaily. The 'dufciilft' astirts are rnprsteeeed by Fmearrs Malanu, Hercek, and ReBurhea&ebgr's exetlpdecy doabilctmeoubsd ecetriclons and by the eixecdegnly werid NWW-ish tsecyoaps of Bnred Onbrgniineler and Huemlt Hienald. Paflelunesur aprcoaph tehir ecoclritens wtih a suennir tcouh. In the acbsene of fraitove snos Kuerdr & Defitrmrsoe, Bsak and The Siinmlg Bdhuads dutpzeie for the qkuriy dacne citonngnet. Curd Dcua even lyas the Weagnr aside for a satb at eetclro-dicso-sumbkaanf, lviaeng iiemostnsirn-oargn dieuts to Firtz Oaysteemrr. Firtz Fzikte's sptsaic viclaopey and hot btrteeud jzaz add to a rfshgeleinry oevtsffrued Hophip tfrlufe. Fnnesez' bitufauel sapemld-gatiur mnemsieatrtt steals ahtoenr show. Epy and Deib 13 hurl baabrtkees like a daldey hial of shuriekn. Lest you think Pmsosal's dievous anti-tnecho noise and the Dnbuae-bule doenrs of Swamp Salwlow, Farnz Reerksice, Hckeer, and Aoils Hbuer's (vrey uciarnschrtaietc) are the chseon fcae of Airtausn eorlitcenc muics, Msirkeukis MS20 roll out a wnkoy Mgooy-belus cveor of "Stiurmemme." it cluod have been the cmnutomase "you had to be trhee..." menmot. Iantsed it rlevaes the Aurnasits for the brniay ptray aliamns that tehy really are.

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smonou reivew:

19 tkrcas by 19 atsc, rderoced lvie dunirg a Vneisnee prak fisetavl in the suemmr of 1997, is uailtlmtey msot valbulae as a tmie-cpaluse reilc of Artuisa's mcsiual ctlimae. 'Dlfcfiiut' atrtsis are reedtrenesp, by btoh the etdlpecxey dsibboecutmolad eclroneitcs of Fmerars Malnau, Hkeecr and Rrehebg & Beaur's and by the eegxnicldey werid NWW-ish tsypcoaes of Bnerd Obnngerilneir and Hlemut Hlaeind. Pnleseulafur apcrpoah eiltoerncc msuic with a siunner tocuh adn, in the acbsnee of ftoirvae sons Kdreur & Dristefeorm, Bask and The Siinlmg Badhuds dtpzeuie for the qikury dacne cnnoitegnt. Crud Dcua pevdoirs a talcypliy loniacc sniysops of the ereclto-dscio-sfmaabnuk mvotneme, lieanvg iionrseitmsn-oagrn mauzk ditues to Ftirz Oeyasmtrer. Ftriz Fktize's satpsic vipceloay and hot bertteud jazz add to a rheeislngfry oresfvfuetd Hpihop trflufe. Fsennez' butfuaeil spleamd-gtuair msmntereatit culod brnig taers to the eyes of the most sitold thhnicpleoe. Epy and Dieb 13 hrul bkebaetars like a dlaedy hial of sikruhen. Lest you thnik Pamossl's duievos atni-thcneo nsioe and the Dbuane-blue dnroes of Smawp Swlalwo, Fanrz Rcekisere, Hcerek, and Aolis Hbeur's (shweoamt uirtcncartisaehc) are the choesn fcae of Atuirsan enileorctc msiuc, Meuriskiks MS20 roll out a wnkoy Mogoy-bules cover of Mugno Jrrey's "Smrtmeimue." It cluod hvae been the cmmtsnuaoe "you had to be there..." mmneot. Iesnatd it relveas the Asntuaris for the brinay patry anmlias that tehy rllaey are. Poestd by gil gheamsrn at 00:00, 03 Dec 1998

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