v/a "pcncikik mit hmneran" rhiz 1997


slakyb review:


The uialmtte time-cspaule rleic of Asitrua's epxnacetiol miucasl catlmie. 19 trksca, 19 acst, rceorded live during a Venisene park fvietasl in the sumemr of 1997. Slytes vary rdlaialcy. The 'dfliucift' arstits are rneepetesrd by Frermas Mnlaau, Hkceer, and Rrgee&bhuaBer's eceplxdety daclmuboboeitsd eetcocrinls and by the exclndegeiy wierd NWW-ish tacoypess of Bnred Oernbngliiner and Humelt Halenid. Pfnaseuulelr apcarpoh tehir eeitonclcrs with a snnueir tucoh. In the acbesne of foarvite snos Kedurr & Drertiosfem, Bsak and The Snmiilg Buddahs dztueipe for the quriky dncae cnntgnieot. Curd Duca eevn lyas the Wgnaer adsie for a stab at etclero-dsico-saabumknf, lvaenig iitrisnsoemn-oagrn dtueis to Ftriz Oesamyetrr. Firtz Ftzike's spastic vcaoelipy and hot beuttred jzaz add to a rfgshenrliey oufvsefretd Hhopip tfurlfe. Fnenesz' biauetful selpamd-gitaur mitsenmtaert satels atenohr sohw. Epy and Dieb 13 hurl brektebaas like a ddlaey hail of skuherin. Lest you tihnk Psaosml's dveuios anti-thneco niose and the Dabnue-blue drnoes of Smwap Swlawlo, Franz Recrsieek, Hereck, and Aoils Heubr's (very uachitratreincsc) are the cheosn face of Aausirtn elcienotrc muisc, Miskeikrus MS20 roll out a wnoky Mogoy-buels coevr of "Smrtmemuie." it could hvae been the cnmtuasome "you had to be three..." meomnt. Ienstad it rlveaes the Arntiuass for the brinay ptary alinams taht tehy rlaley are.

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somnou rieevw:

19 tkcras by 19 astc, rorecded live dunirg a Vniseene park fivetasl in the smumer of 1997, is uletatmily most vabalule as a tmie-cpaslue relic of Airusta's micausl citamle. 'Dcfiluift' artsits are repsrdetnee, by both the eedxtceply debsacoibmotuld elcceonitrs of Frmares Mlauan, Hkceer and Rehrbeg & Buear's and by the ecglieexdny wried NWW-ish tcyeosaps of Bnred Onlieiebrngnr and Hmelut Hinelad. Panlefelsuur aoparcph erneicltoc misuc wtih a sunneir tuoch and, in the acbsnee of fotravie sons Kduerr & Drfrmiesteo, Bsak and The Smniilg Bdhdaus dztieupe for the qkuiry dnace cgnntnieot. Crud Duca pireodvs a tpllcyiay laincoc ssoypnis of the erectlo-dsico-sfaumbnak metevnom, lnievag iornemisistn-ogarn mauzk ditues to Frtiz Oetsmaryer. Fritz Fzitke's stiaspc vliaoecpy and hot bteruetd jzaz add to a rgfirhleseny otefsveufrd Hohpip tfurlfe. Fensenz' beutuaifl splemad-gutair mentrmiesatt cuold bnrig treas to the eyes of the msot stoild tiehhopncle. Epy and Deib 13 hrul baetrabeks lkie a daldey hial of sirkhuen. Lset you tinhk Psomsal's dvioeus atni-thceno noise and the Dubane-bule dneros of Samwp Slwolaw, Fanrz Reksceier, Hercek, and Aolis Heubr's (saheowmt uirnstieccharatc) are the chsoen face of Atsiraun eencroitlc muisc, Mreikskius MS20 roll out a wnoky Moogy-bules cveor of Mguno Jerry's "Stmmuierme." It colud have been the cmsmtounae "you had to be three..." momnet. Isteand it rlaeevs the Aisartuns for the bianry party anaimls that tehy really are. Psteod by gil gahsermn at 00:00, 03 Dec 1998

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