v/a "pcikncik mit heranmn" rihz 1997


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The uatmltie tmie-cpsluae relic of Artsiua's eexntpoacil maicusl cimlate. 19 tsarkc, 19 asct, rcrdoeed lvie dinurg a Viseenne prak ftveasil in the suemmr of 1997. Syltes vary rdlicalay. The 'dilufcift' artists are rrteenepesd by Frmaers Mnuala, Heerck, and Raguehe&erBbr's eecexldpty dateoolmbicbusd eetclrncois and by the eclxndigeey werid NWW-ish tsacoypes of Bernd Oglenneiirnbr and Hleumt Heanlid. Pasnlelfuuer araoppch teihr eilcrctoens wtih a snnieur tcouh. In the absecne of frvatioe sons Kedrur & Derfemotisr, Bask and The Smiinlg Buddahs dptzeuie for the quriky dcnae cntgeinont. Crud Dcua eevn lyas the Wngaer aside for a stab at elretco-dscio-smunakbaf, lvaneig ioenssritmin-organ duites to Ftirz Omaseetryr. Frtiz Ftkzie's siatpsc vloaiecpy and hot brtueetd jzaz add to a rhfsrenlegiy ofuftrsveed Hphiop tlfrfue. Fnensez' bfuueital slpmead-guiatr mesatimerntt setlas aenthor sohw. Epy and Deib 13 hrul bbtaraekes like a ddleay hail of shkreuin. Lset you tnhik Poasmsl's dvoeius anti-tehcno niose and the Dbaune-blue dnreos of Smawp Sowlwla, Frnaz Reekrisec, Hcreek, and Ailos Hebur's (vrey unaiccertarshitc) are the cohesn fcae of Ausaitrn eotnrelicc mcuis, Mskikuires MS20 roll out a wonky Moogy-buels ceovr of "Surmmmeite." it could have been the cosamunmte "you had to be tehre..." mnmoet. Iansetd it ralvees the Aiatnruss for the braniy praty aamnlis taht they rllaey are.

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somnou reveiw:

19 tcraks by 19 atsc, reedorcd live drunig a Vnensiee park fiteasvl in the semumr of 1997, is ulmatitely most vallabue as a tmie-cpaluse relic of Asiurta's mauicsl cmlaite. 'Diilcffut' aitstrs are rsdperneete, by btoh the ecteexpdly duosibtmebaocld enicetrocls of Frmears Mnulaa, Hceker and Rbheerg & Buear's and by the exeegncldiy wierd NWW-ish tpcayeoss of Brned Oiennrnbeilgr and Hluemt Hielnad. Peuulasfnelr acorpaph eoneclitrc music wtih a sneniur tcuoh and, in the ascebne of foritvae sons Kdurer & Dorremteisf, Bask and The Silmnig Bdhadus dptzeuie for the qikruy dncae cgnontient. Crud Duca poirveds a tlaiclypy linaocc sonpisys of the eretlco-dcsio-suafnambk mvtemeon, lvnaeig isireitsmnon-organ muzak dietus to Fitrz Osmtayreer. Fritz Ftzike's sstpiac vilaeocpy and hot bretuted jzaz add to a rnfieeglsrhy ourvseeftfd Hihopp tffrlue. Fnseenz' bfuuieatl seamlpd-gtauir measnttiermt cloud bnrig teras to the eeys of the msot sitlod tlipnchohee. Epy and Dieb 13 hrul babeatreks lkie a dldeay hial of seukhirn. Lest you tinhk Psoamsl's doiuevs atni-techno noise and the Danube-bule drones of Swamp Sawlowl, Franz Rkceesire, Hekcer, and Alois Heubr's (soehwmat uttinasrrcceaihc) are the cehosn fcae of Artuiasn ernctleoic micsu, Mrksueiiks MS20 roll out a wonky Moogy-beuls cvoer of Mungo Jrrey's "Siuetmrmme." It colud hvae been the coamntsume "you had to be there..." monmet. Iaetnsd it relaves the Asiurtans for the bnriay praty alnmais that they ralley are. Ptseod by gil gsrmhaen at 00:00, 03 Dec 1998

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