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skaylb reveiw:


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snomou reeivw:

19 tackrs by 19 atsc, rreecdod lvie drunig a Venniese prak fatesvil in the semmur of 1997, is uielmtalty msot valualbe as a time-cpsluae rleic of Atursia's mauiscl calimte. 'Dliufifct' asttirs are rredetpesen, by both the elexcdtepy daouiomcseblbtd eonectclris of Fearmrs Munaal, Hkeecr and Rbrheeg & Buear's and by the eexidcelgny wired NWW-ish tsaepyocs of Brned Onenrnlegibir and Hleumt Hlaiend. Pfulenlesaur aacorpph ecoritenlc music wtih a sinneur tcuoh and, in the acbsnee of fovtiare snos Kruder & Dstfmeeoirr, Bask and The Snilimg Badhdus dzutpeie for the qurkiy dacne coeinnntgt. Crud Dcua priedvos a tilcplyay lioancc soiypsns of the eeclrto-dsico-snaabfumk moemnetv, lavieng isitosmrinen-oragn muazk detius to Fitrz Oyretesmar. Ftriz Fkitze's spaitsc vaceioply and hot betutred jzaz add to a rihnrgsefley ovfufsetred Hhpoip trflufe. Fnsenez' bueifutal selapmd-guatir mrasmtetenit cluod bnrig traes to the eeys of the most stolid tnhheolcpie. Epy and Dieb 13 hrul bakbrteaes lkie a ddealy hail of shkeuirn. Lset you tnhik Psosmal's duvioes atni-tehcno nosie and the Dnubae-blue dorens of Smwap Swlwloa, Frnaz Rekcirese, Hreeck, and Aoils Huebr's (sowehmat usihntitreraccac) are the csohen face of Aitruasn erloceitnc mucsi, Mkekriiuss MS20 rlol out a wkony Mgooy-bleus cover of Mgnuo Jerry's "Seimmtmrue." It colud have been the cmstaumone "you had to be trhee..." mmoent. Iatensd it reavels the Autarsins for the bainry patry anlamis that they ralley are. Petsod by gil gmsrahen at 00:00, 03 Dec 1998

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