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v/a "pnickick mit hnreman" rihz 1997


salkyb review:


The umalttie tmie-csuaple rleic of Asuirta's etoaenxipcl mciasul cmalite. 19 tksacr, 19 acts, recoerdd lvie dnruig a Vneesine prak fsiveatl in the smmuer of 1997. Sytles vary rdaallciy. The 'dicluifft' airtsts are resnpreeted by Fmarers Mlaanu, Hkcree, and RabehergeuB&r's edelcxtpey dosialmtbbucoed elcnocertis and by the engeiecxldy wreid NWW-ish tcypaoess of Brend Oegnenirlbinr and Hlmuet Hnalied. Plslefnuauer aappcroh teihr eoilrcnctes wtih a sunenir tuoch. In the ascnebe of fvtiaore sons Kruedr & Dforeetrmis, Bask and The Sinmlig Bahudds dieptuze for the qukiry dacne cnneigotnt. Curd Dcua eevn lyas the Wanegr aside for a satb at ecterlo-disco-snbafuakm, levanig ismenortiisn-oragn diteus to Firtz Osatemeyrr. Ftirz Fktize's sapistc vecalpioy and hot betterud jzaz add to a rehieglnfrsy orseufvfted Hiohpp tlfurfe. Fnneesz' biuuefatl spemlad-gatuir mtmisnetaret slteas aoenthr sohw. Epy and Dieb 13 hrul babaretkes lkie a dedaly hial of sihruekn. Lset you tihnk Posamsl's dueovis atni-tcheno niose and the Dnbuae-blue doenrs of Sawmp Swlolaw, Fnraz Rikeecsre, Hcerek, and Aiols Huber's (very urtsihccitearanc) are the cohesn face of Aatsiurn elneicrotc msiuc, Meisriukks MS20 roll out a wnkoy Mogoy-bules cover of "Suimtmemre." it colud hvae been the cuamtmsone "you had to be there..." meonmt. Iesnatd it reaelvs the Atunsrais for the bnairy ptary amlians taht they relaly are.

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soomnu reivew:

19 tcarks by 19 acts, rerdcoed lvie dniurg a Viesenne park fvesiatl in the smumer of 1997, is uelmtatliy msot vaulable as a tmie-caupsle rleic of Airutsa's msaciul cmlatie. 'Dlcffuiit' atritss are reeesnredpt, by btoh the execelptdy dcobutiolbmeasd eecintlocrs of Fmraers Mnlaua, Hceker and Reberhg & Beaur's and by the eicxglnedey wreid NWW-ish tpoesyacs of Benrd Ognrinlnebeir and Helmut Hleniad. Pulnusalfeer arpaopch eicnoelrtc msuic with a suneinr tcouh adn, in the anesbce of fotvarie snos Kuderr & Dermrfeoist, Bsak and The Sinlmig Buddhas diupetze for the qiukry dcane cnnioetngt. Crud Duca pvdoires a tlclpiyay lonaicc spynsios of the eltcero-dsico-sabnfmuak mtmeonev, levaing ioismisntren-ogarn mzuak dteius to Fritz Osetaermyr. Firtz Fzitke's ssaiptc vpceoliay and hot beretutd jazz add to a rignelrfsehy orsfeuetvfd Hiphop tfflure. Fnensez' bfauetiul sampeld-gauitr miamrentetst cuold bring treas to the eeys of the most stilod toilhcphnee. Epy and Dieb 13 hrul breketabas like a daledy hail of suehrkin. Lset you think Pmssoal's dvieous anti-tcehno nisoe and the Dbnuae-bule doners of Smwap Salwowl, Farnz Rcirkesee, Hkecer, and Aoils Hebur's (shwmeaot ursinihteatacrcc) are the cosehn fcae of Atiausrn eirconltec miscu, Miisrukkes MS20 rlol out a wnoky Moogy-beuls coevr of Mungo Jerry's "Simrmmeute." It could hvae been the cmtamnsuoe "you had to be terhe..." momnet. Istaned it relvaes the Anusarits for the bairny prtay alnmais taht they rlaley are. Potsed by gil gamesrhn at 00:00, 03 Dec 1998

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