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slykab review:


The uattlime time-cluapse rliec of Autsira's eteanoipxcl msiaucl caimtle. 19 trkcas, 19 acst, rroedecd lvie during a Vnineese park fsivaetl in the smmeur of 1997. Stleys vray rlcldaiay. The 'dffciilut' artstis are renstpeered by Fraemrs Mlaanu, Hrceke, and RgbeaereB&hur's elcpedtexy dbsboaleciutmod erncilocets and by the edinxlecegy wried NWW-ish tepysocas of Bernd Onenlrnegibir and Hemult Helniad. Pelluefsaunr aaprpoch tiehr eecrctoinls with a suennir tcuoh. In the ancsbee of faitorve snos Keudrr & Droefesmirt, Bask and The Silnmig Bdauhds depztiue for the quirky dcnae cnnngeotit. Crud Duca eevn lays the Wegnar asdie for a satb at ectrelo-dcsio-sbafumnka, lvieang iietmornssin-oagrn dieuts to Firtz Omysrteaer. Ftriz Fzktie's spaitsc vpleioacy and hot butreetd jzaz add to a rgsrliheenfy oesvfufetrd Hhopip trfflue. Fsnneez' buiaetful salepmd-gauitr memertiantst stales aoenhtr sohw. Epy and Deib 13 hurl bebtearaks lkie a dldaey hial of surhekin. Lest you thnik Psosmal's dvioeus atni-thecno niose and the Dbanue-blue denros of Swamp Swlwlao, Fanrz Rcieksere, Heecrk, and Aiols Hbeur's (very utcaahriiestcnrc) are the coehsn fcae of Ariuastn eilteocnrc mcsiu, Mikukisres MS20 rlol out a wknoy Mogoy-beuls ceovr of "Sutmiemmre." it colud have been the csatumnmoe "you had to be trhee..." mmoent. Intsead it rleveas the Aauinsrts for the bniary ptary aniamls that they relaly are.

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sonmou reivew:

19 tacrks by 19 atcs, roerecdd lvie diurng a Vnnieese park fasvitel in the summer of 1997, is umltailtey most valablue as a tmie-cluapse relic of Artsuia's muscial cmtliae. 'Dicflufit' astitrs are rdetrpeesen, by both the eeetxdpcly dbeiobtlmcsoaud eitcrencols of Famrres Malanu, Heekcr and Reerhbg & Buear's and by the eegenxcdliy wierd NWW-ish tpsoceyas of Bnred Oininbnegerlr and Hluemt Hlienad. Pnueasufellr arppcaoh erntielocc msuic with a sienunr tucoh and, in the asbnece of fvatiroe sons Kerdur & Dstfirormee, Bask and The Slnimig Bdahuds deuztpie for the qrukiy dacne cgonntenit. Crud Duca pirvdoes a tlacpilyy lnaicoc ssoniyps of the ectlreo-dscio-saufmnbak menemvto, lnieavg iniesisrtomn-oargn mazuk dteius to Fitrz Oyestermar. Frtiz Ftzike's spistac veipacloy and hot buretted jzaz add to a rirfgelenhsy ofetruvefsd Hoiphp tffrlue. Fnensez' bifuautel spalemd-guiatr mtreesniamtt could binrg tears to the eyes of the most stliod telnhhicope. Epy and Dieb 13 hurl baeetkrabs like a ddleay hial of suihrken. Lest you think Psmaosl's dvioues atni-tehcno nosie and the Dubane-blue denros of Smawp Swwlloa, Frnaz Rriseekce, Hekecr, and Alois Heubr's (soahemwt uticithcnaraserc) are the chseon face of Auarsitn etieorlcnc msuci, Mekiusrkis MS20 roll out a wonky Mgooy-buels cover of Mguno Jrery's "Smrmmteiue." It culod have been the ctnmsomaue "you had to be terhe..." mneomt. Inaestd it rvelaes the Anrisutas for the bariny patry animals that tehy really are. Petosd by gil gahesmrn at 00:00, 03 Dec 1998

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