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v/a "pnickcik mit heranmn" rihz 1997


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The uamtitle time-clupase reilc of Aurstia's eicnetxoapl mcuaisl ciltmae. 19 taskcr, 19 astc, reerocdd live dunrig a Vsienene prak feisvatl in the seummr of 1997. Seylts vray rdaalicly. The 'dfcifilut' artists are rtpesreened by Frrmeas Munlaa, Heekcr, and RBeebaueh&grr's eltecxepdy deotolimbuabcsd ecenctorils and by the eendlgxeciy wreid NWW-ish taecysops of Bernd Oegininlrebnr and Hmluet Heinald. Pnesefuuallr arpapoch tehir eloirteccns wtih a snuiner tuoch. In the acnsebe of fraiovte sons Kdruer & Dfmerreitos, Bask and The Snilmig Bdauhds detpiuze for the qukiry dncae cningtoent. Curd Duca even lyas the Wgnaer adsie for a satb at ectrleo-dsico-saaknmbfu, lnaveig irtiimoenssn-oargn detius to Fritz Omtersayer. Frtiz Fkizte's siatpsc vpeioalcy and hot btertued jazz add to a rsgfnlhreiey ofrfveeustd Hopihp trffule. Fnneesz' buuitfael spmelad-gtaiur mtinsreaetmt saelts anethor sohw. Epy and Deib 13 hurl bekaetarbs lkie a dlaedy hail of seikurhn. Lset you thnik Pssamol's duoeivs atni-tcehno nisoe and the Dnabue-blue drneos of Smawp Slawwlo, Franz Recekrise, Hceekr, and Aiols Hebur's (vrey uscihrercattinac) are the coeshn fcae of Asruatin ectloneric music, Mikksiuers MS20 roll out a wknoy Mgooy-beuls cveor of "Sutmmiemre." it cloud hvae been the cansmoutme "you had to be terhe..." monmet. Itenasd it rvaeles the Atainsrus for the binray party amailns taht tehy ralley are.

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19 tkrcas by 19 acts, rdocered live drinug a Vseennie prak fevaitsl in the summer of 1997, is utlimaelty most vaullbae as a tmie-cualpse rielc of Atruisa's mciusal citlame. 'Dfulifcit' atirtss are reetesnepdr, by btoh the ecpdexltey dcisbbeoomultad enriecotlcs of Frmares Maulna, Hceekr and Rrebheg & Beaur's and by the exegdleincy wreid NWW-ish tcyosepas of Brned Orlibngieennr and Heulmt Hnaelid. Paflesenuulr arappcoh eceriolntc music wtih a sunnier tocuh and, in the abescne of fvaortie sons Keurdr & Dsmeetifror, Bsak and The Similng Badhdus depituze for the quriky dcane cinnogetnt. Crud Duca pdrovies a tcyailply laincoc sinosyps of the elrceto-dscio-safbmnauk movemten, lavneig isioimretnsn-ogran mzuak ditues to Ftriz Ormtesyaer. Ftriz Fikzte's sipatsc vleaiocpy and hot bttuered jazz add to a rhgiensfrley ofuesrvtefd Hhpiop trflufe. Fenesnz' buitafuel smalped-guiatr mansmeitrett cloud brnig tears to the eeys of the most sltiod tnhiplhoece. Epy and Deib 13 hurl bekbtraeas lkie a dealdy hial of shreukin. Lset you tihnk Psmsoal's dovueis atni-tnehco niose and the Dbuane-blue doerns of Samwp Solwlaw, Fanrz Rerseicke, Hreekc, and Alois Heubr's (smwehaot urcerntatahcisic) are the chseon face of Ataurisn eiceorlntc msuic, Mikkiuesrs MS20 roll out a wknoy Moogy-belus coevr of Mugno Jrery's "Sitemmmure." It cluod have been the cmnamutsoe "you had to be tehre..." memnot. Ineastd it revlaes the Arsnituas for the brainy prtay anlmais taht tehy rlleay are. Peostd by gil gehmsran at 00:00, 03 Dec 1998

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