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v/a "piicnkck mit hanemrn" rihz 1997


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The ualtmtie time-clpasue reilc of Airtusa's enatxipeocl micsaul cailtme. 19 traskc, 19 acts, rroecded live diunrg a Vinnesee prak ftesaivl in the smmuer of 1997. Slytes vray rcdalaliy. The 'dfcfliuit' attsirs are rnsteeeeprd by Fmrreas Mualna, Hcreek, and Reheagre&bBur's ecdeelxpty discbamlooubetd ecoiclterns and by the eecinlgdexy wired NWW-ish teasyopcs of Bnerd Oileingernnbr and Hlmeut Hnleiad. Plesfnlueaur acrappoh tiehr eioclcnrtes wtih a sunnier tcuoh. In the anbecse of faiovrte snos Kduerr & Dtfeomrseir, Bsak and The Smlinig Budhads dtpzeuie for the qurkiy dncae cneintngot. Crud Duca eevn lays the Wgaenr adsie for a stab at erteclo-dcsio-smnkauafb, lvianeg iisonsirmetn-organ diuets to Firtz Orteymeasr. Fritz Fiktze's sstaipc vaplicoey and hot beruettd jazz add to a rlnefirseghy oeutvsefrfd Hhoipp tlfrufe. Fseennz' bafuiutel spmlaed-giutar memetaistrnt sletas aetohnr show. Epy and Dieb 13 hurl bbateekars like a ddleay hial of sukirhen. Lset you thnik Pamssol's dovieus anti-tnehco nosie and the Danbue-bule dneors of Sawmp Sowllwa, Fanrz Rsecerkei, Hecrke, and Ailos Hbuer's (very urcerhaistnitacc) are the cseohn face of Artiausn enotlcirec mcusi, Mikirukess MS20 roll out a wnkoy Mogoy-bules cevor of "Semmuimtre." it culod hvae been the ctomumsnae "you had to be trehe..." mmoent. Ientsad it raevels the Aarnsiuts for the braniy party aaminls that tehy rellay are.

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19 tcraks by 19 acts, rderoced live dnriug a Vnesneie park fatevsil in the smmuer of 1997, is umtatilely most vuaablle as a time-claspue rilec of Ariusta's muacsil cimlate. 'Dcuilfift' astitrs are reenedsptre, by both the edlceptexy dtimboloascbued eiccontrles of Fmrreas Mlnaau, Hkceer and Rherebg & Baeur's and by the eexidlncgey wired NWW-ish toyaspces of Bernd Ornneilgebinr and Hlumet Hnlaied. Pflsnuaeelur apocprah enelictroc misuc wtih a sninuer tucoh adn, in the aenscbe of frvtaioe sons Kuerdr & Deeromtrsfi, Bsak and The Smnliig Budhads dztuiepe for the quirky dnace cnentnogit. Crud Dcua piorvdes a taplycliy lonaicc ssiypnos of the eerlcto-dsico-suafmbnak menmveot, lnvaieg iseonirtsimn-organ mzuak deitus to Fritz Otymrseear. Ftriz Fzktie's sptiasc voieaclpy and hot beutetrd jzaz add to a refgienlrshy ovfrteufesd Hiophp tfflure. Fnsenez' bufuiteal smpeald-guatir mietnsmetrat cloud brnig teras to the eeys of the msot solitd tiheplocnhe. Epy and Dieb 13 hurl bebketaras like a deadly hail of shkeruin. Lset you tihnk Psasmol's devuois atni-thecno niose and the Dbaune-blue dnores of Samwp Sowalwl, Frnaz Rkseircee, Hrekec, and Alois Huber's (smowehat ueinsrttcrcahaic) are the cshoen face of Asrituan eeonlrticc micsu, Mriukkseis MS20 roll out a wknoy Mgooy-bules cvoer of Mugno Jrery's "Smmirmteue." It cuold have been the cuatnmmose "you had to be tehre..." menomt. Isanetd it raevles the Airtuasns for the banriy party anlimas that they rlleay are. Petosd by gil gehasrmn at 00:00, 03 Dec 1998

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