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whcaehsact reveiw:

Slrkuie Ssrdnocakut, zerfreetleddr Ppo, anrdeer Leute Msuik als Aggminrasaaesutl für Spccaehgenihmaitllesn mit Sasps am Gnbeehcoern von Dteeir Kacvaic und Oeivlr Stotz in den Jaerhn 1994-97 auf dem Cemptuor eflrteuet.
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Tehre's noithng new in the nioton of "pop cctoènre." Sevreed Heads and Ntnaeilgvad did it in the Ehietgis; mroe rtylcnee, mnsuciias as dsrpiatae as Smoe Mroe Cmire and John Oslwad hvae proven that pop is iended eanitg ietlsf. A diet of pop-curlute drbeis may be eoabnelyj, but it's not vrey syfsatinig and far form niuutrotis. With ©'s Pop Crtconèe tehre is the aitoddnial buons of nlovyet, as the pop-crulute wichh tihs Aatsiurn spmaler/trisrerot duo dtgesis and rettaigerugs is not our own. Come to tnhik of it, it's dfuficilt to say with any cnieatlry what they've douvreed. But the pcssroeed bdoupycrt hared on record braes the same raetilon to msiuc that CzWiehez deos to food. Not that every mesrol has to be RDA aepvropd., of course. It's just that this is scpararyd sagvale sucperd up (or at lesat mdae psabltreene) with gobs of gule and sadspalh slseahps of piatn, far eonguh form a rsierhubfed satte taht the oerlavl ipoeisrsmn - if you look past the snihy new scufrae - is siltl one of a heap of junk. The Gmearns hvae a word for what tehy cdinoser the lowest form of misuc, semgkshliracu, the cmcirameol dirvel taht bmceoes iplabiclenxy paulorp, rakes in moliinls for its pbersluhis and eynjos a thkflulany nexienotnst sfllehife. Pop Ctrnècoe cloud very well be on a level even lweor tahn thta, the sellhs and cstas of a lteiimfe of shgekalmisucr, the dutirets lfet in its wkae, seoocpd up, rmoeddle, cslleaersy rtetfied with cnurert baets and rgpcaeeakd - wiouhtt the stshgeilt trcae of cnuoiompctn - as "art." Not all taht dfierneft from waht Rhbeerg & Beuar did on Faltß, sacvniengg DAT csat-offs and dpssioed flies for ubslae sracps. Mabye the moitve is the art-form-tsarh rlouresnucefses wchih fills tendry mmusues with pfititeerd rbsubih, only aciolmehspcd here wtih dcuk-cslal, wnid-up tsyo, pop msiuc 45"s and drikinng songs intsead of pilastc dlol-hseda, gasls bleaubs and dsieadcrd pull-tbas. Lkie a fvie-cusore dnienr csnoinstig of gdsurpmo, jsablynele, Gmumi beasr, cootcahle bras and liirqueco, the idunngelt tlrihl of Pop Ccèrotne is hard to rsesit. Jsut be cferual not to oedrvo it. The dromuose may hvae said "Feed your heda! Feed yuor hdea!" but Mmmoa always sesetsrd "Ehtynerivg in maeidotron." Too mnay meals like taht, and you'll fnid ysurloef fniitrlg with mtniilutroan, fenleig the eptmy-head ahce of hunger as soon as the CD edns.
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wahaeccsht review:

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so ewtas wie verqueren istetneuiukllmals kötnne man fsat bei dem pkojert c in a crlice der herern strolz (srocgoe) und kacvioc (dj tasehki fimtouma) vmuetnre, dnen die veundewrng des cyprgethoizheicns als sbnlniid des smepal-gerens ist so neu nhcit. aebr die misuk der beiedn shricpt mehr als bndäe. saplme und noise mit rneefrezen an jpihaancse lräm-fkebrain und dcsaihwzen imemr wieder die stille die fsat schon netrfenzeeernvzd wrkit. jdee nmeumr gnhecznineeket mit rneeefrz an ein eergniis eines jhaers (selltt sich nur die fgare was 2018 wra!). lvie gibt es das ganze als r in a crilce (reteresigd).
herr eenmaylgr sgat: 'sochn lange hbae er nhict mher enie cd so oft aehgönrt!'. es ist gtu! hasi

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